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Saturday, September 28, 2013

It Will All Come Out In The Wash...

**Read at your own risk**

The following post discusses tabloid media
and gossip rags.

The Lunatic Fringe.

Welcome to the fandom.

This is what it looks like right now...
Scary huh?

This blurry picture was released a few days ago.
I'm sure you have ALL seen it by now.

Oh my.
Rob is sitting next to Dylan Penn!
Sound the alarms!
Alert the media!

Someone did alert the media.
Of course.

This was taken 3 weeks ago.
For some reason it was released days ago.
Not sure why that is.

All the Rags jumped on the
"Rob is 'supposedly- allegedly- possibly- might be' dating
Dylan Penn.
Based on what, exactly?
One picture?
And this was just DAYS after Rob
was supposedly canoodling some mysterious brunette
at a party.
How many more women can Rob possibly handle?

Lets see...

"an insider told US Weekly that his workout buddy might be more.
She even reportedly escorted the "Water for Elephants" actor to a party
 on Saturday and was regarded as his new love.
The source also dished that the brunette beauty was "heard calling him babe."

the actor, 27, has been linked to model Dylan Penn. 
The blonde beauty, 22, has quite the Hollywood pedigree:
 She's the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright. 
"They've been dating a month or two," 
a Pattinson source confirms to PEOPLE. 
"He's crazy about her." 

So which is it?
Brunette beauty...
or Blonde beauty?
Maybe they need to add a mysterious redhead?


If PEOPLE said it...
Because we all know
that People never gets anything wrong.
That People has never listened to the 'wrong' sources before...

And you know...
I do realize that sometimes celebrity reps
do go through People when they want to
get something out there.
But sorry.
A 'Pattinson source' isn't a rep.
and I can guarantee you
NO ONE close to Rob
told People Magazine...
"He's crazy about her"

And if you have learned anything from
being in this fucked up fandom...
You know that Rob wouldn't start talking
about a relationship to People magazine.
Or anyone else for that matter.

Remember what Rob has said about this topic...

"For one thing, it would be a terrible marketing tool 
and it’s not utilized very well at all. 
People will say anything.
 I’m still amazed that people even believe anything [that’s said about us].
 I mean, it’s one of the craziest things about the whole situation, 
where you can see the whole — is paradigm the right word?
 — of celebrity gossip, celebrity culture type stuff 
that’s literally entirely made up.
 There’s a story line. 
You have a set character and your story line is written for you.
 And it doesn't matter what you do."

 "I always see 'a source said' but I don't know a single source."

Rob or Kristen
are the only 'source'
I will ever believe.

But never fear Haters!
YOU can believe it.
In fact.
I want you to.
Believe that Rob is dating mysterious brunettes and blondes.
Katy. Sia. Riley. Michelle. Sidney. Camille. Dylan.
And whoever else you want to add to the list...

Then can you stop trashing Kristen and/or Rob?
You got what you wanted... right?
You can worship at the
church of the Broken Robsten.

There isn't any more need to constantly obsess
over people you think are no longer
relevant in Rob/Kristen's lives.
No need to harass their friends.
No need to spew lies to the media.
No need to attack people for not agreeing with you.

You've WON!
You can just be the fan you have always
claimed to be!
You can FINALLY focus JUST on
Rob and/or Kristen!
Let's see what kind of REAL FANS
you truly are.

Final thoughts.

1. I've said it once
I will say it again.
I still believe in Rob and Kristen.
That's my prerogative.
I happen to think ...
I happen to know that
they love each other.
What happens from there
is up to them.

And if Rob or Kristen
come out someday
in the company of someone else
again and again and again...
and they look like this..

and this...

and most definitely this..

Then I will think they have 'moved on'.

But until then...
My yacht is full speed ahead!

And if you don't like the ride...

This post is brought to you by the letter B

B for baby bunnies.
If you don't smile at this...
You're not human.

I love bunnies.

B for


Because its really NOT that serious.
No matter where Rob and Kristen go...
It shouldn't affect your life SO much.
You can be a fan.
You can be interested.
You can speculate.
But please.
Enough of the conspiracy theories.
Enough with this being your life's work.
Enough is fucking enough.

Take a deep breath.
Whatever happens
It's not your life...
And you can't live it for them.

It will be OK.

It will all come out in the wash.
Whatever will be...
Will be.

B for Beautiful.

Inside and out.
How fucking cute is she with this dog?

Oh and...

I fucking ADORE Tom Sturridge.


Until next time.

Bye for now

Going with the Flow


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Barb said...

@ Rose Love the BUNNIES! and you! ♥

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I LOVE how adorable K is with that dog !!!! That is too precious !!!!

Yeah...I think the Fandom Equation is ...ROB plus ANY ACTRESS equals SATISFACTION and BIG SALES for " ANY OLE CELEBRITY RAG OUT THERE". Better yet, let's just call it what it really is " A BIG OLE PACK OF LIES"

wig4usc said...

Amen, Sister Rose! How funny is it they choose WFE as the film to reference in the article. I thought that was odd, lived the movie, but lots of others more recent, more known. I wonder how long the loonies will persist. Will they be 70 yr old ladies, still blasting K, whipping out Dior photos, talking about exploding pacemakers? I'm ready for the next chapter, can only imagine how R&K feel!!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Love you Rose
Thank you, as always

marley said...

Well done Rose, well done!!! I loved the pics of K playing with the cute dog as well. she looks so happy in that photo. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Kay said...

Brilliant Rose. :) Whatever will be, will be.

Take care and be safe Rose, Roselanders, and lurkers.

katy said...


Absolutely agree with everything you said!

"It will all come out in the wash.
Whatever will be...
Will be."

Baby bunnies, did put a smile on my face. Adorable!!

And, love the pics of Kristen with the dogs.

Be happy everyone.

Litmom said...

Ah, Rose - I LOVE Baby Bunnies!

And, I'm on your yacht - and it isone sweet ride!

Atticus said...

I'm on the yacht with ya! Can the nonstens just fucking stop with the Kristen nonsense now, since they believe they've won!

rklove said...

A source told me to tell you that you are absolutely right :)

They also told me that the Lunatic fringe, stalkerazzi and pappalieszzies are wrong and their is a nice place waiting for them in a certain mental ward.

The sad truth is, I used to enjoy reading my TL and discussing R/K.
The hatred and lies have made it impossible to be a sane fan. I love reading blogs like yours, Tempest and HKN because there is truth in your words. for the most part, comments in reply are not sarcastic and hatred filled.

Thank you for giving us a level headed blog to come to. Your words are Golden!!

vernistene said...

Great Post!!!!

cjrob said...

@ rklove

I find myself on this and those other blogs more and more. I cant abide the hate from the haters of R or K, and the doubters demanding pics of RK are tiring as well!Its amazing how much stock people put in what they read in tabloids! Rose, I LOVE that quote of Rob's regarding sources! :)

valéria said...

Soooo, the shippers have become nonnies.....so hilarious! and vice-versa, i should say..hahahahaha
But in fact, no truth will be stronger than your fantasy, so be it.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rose! I haven't commented on your board since 'Water for Elephants' days but I always read your posts and you make me laugh, smile, and think. I am always comforted that intelligent people are fans of Rob and Kristen. Your observations are logical, comforting and they remind us their is some truth we know and most of what we are fed is pure speculation or lies.
I believe Rob and Kristen love each other too. I also believe they are human and at a very young age have to live through some impossible things. I became enchanted with them for so many reasons and I am anxious to see what the future holds.
I can see Rob becoming enchanted with Dylan Penn, she seems like a nice girl. If he has moved on with her- it is what it is.
As nice as Dylan seems and whatever her pedigree is- she's no Kristen Stewart and they will always be the case. It will be interesting to see how Dylan handles all the media scrutiny- could anyone handle a tenth of the stuff that was thrown at Kristen, as well as Kristen? Time will tell.
I just know Rose that Kristen and Rob had something special and I honestly believe there will always be something about them that goes together in biology, in their interests, attitudes, love of their pets, personalities, desires and on the screen- their chemistry cannot be beat.

Evelyne-raconte said...

Can you show me where my cabin is on your yacht ?

sue morris said...

Thanks Rose for reminding us that we do not have to believe anything written by the press and I would rather trust my instincts than read constant made up drama that really never even sounds remotely real. I think of Kristen and Robert have a relationship they do not want prying eyes into. Not ever. And Rolando absolutely screwed the pooch! Pictures of Rob trying hard to calm Kristen at the rock concert and her eyes made me realize they BOTH were past the point of calm. From almost anyone's viewpoint, that was all she wrote. How do you spell hate? I do not think invading a birthday party or their back yard privacy is ever ok. So, I for one can get on board that pretty boat of Rose's and happily get the heck out of Dodge folks with the constant worry-worry drama. Time for some lovely tunes and I love the Beatles and the Eagles. Hotel California anyone? It's a lovely place.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rose! You are always the calming voice of reason. I will always root for Rob and Kristen, they seem to have something and when I look at them together there is just something that if you believe all the theories of attraction etc-they are the perfect match. They are powerful on screen together- I still think the kiss from Twilight is the best screen kiss of all time.
If Dylan and Rob are dating- good luck to them. Even with her 'pedigree' will she be able to handle all the scrutiny that will be thrown at her? Kristen is one of a kind in all she's had to endure. I know we really don't know anything and eventually we may see more and more of Rob and Dylan together- already the ninnies are saying - 'see, he wants to show her off'. This just makes me love and admire Kristen more- something the haters will never, ever understand. I wonder how many articles about Dylan and Rob will include how heartbroken Kristen is. The media has to be the cruelest organization our there, willing to report misinformation of a national consequence when there is breaking news and willing to make up lies about someone in the spotlight daily to get hits.
Thank you for reminding us that there is a truth out there and we don't know what it is, but we can always believe in love. This is true for those of us who know what love is and I've known what love is-and it endures all things.

Morning Coffee said...

Rose if everyone had your perspective, their would be so much less turmoil.

I don't even think it's about Rob and Kristen anymore...from what I see it looks more like One faction of fans or non-fans, or might be fans, out to prove they were the ones who were right all along.

I just wish they would stay the hell out of my happy playground and keep their vile and unsolicited opinions to themselves.

Thank you once again and thanks for the adorable bunnies.

VickMonick said...

Rose, absolutely wonderful post!! Thanks for making it so soon.

So many great points you made. Rob's quote about "sources" was supreme for me.

And...Why are the haters still hating and vilifying Kristen when they believe Rob is dating Dylan or someone else, anyone else.

It will all come out in the wash
Time will tell
What will be will be
(All great classic quotes)

Love the baby bunnies. I've had baby bunnies before, and they are cute, adorable and fun to watch. So playful.

@wig4usc. I, lol at exploding pacemakers, whipping out Dior

That is one beautiful yacht!

Carly said...

a friend of my posted the article saying as it is in People she is more inclined to believe. my reaction is same as yours, Rose. Noone close to Rob (or Kristen for that matter) would confirm or deny anything related to their private life. as I read the article I even dounted Rob a nd Dylan even met. they apparently did. but until I see them holding hands in airports or snuggling at concerts or going to each other premieres, I will use my prerogative to doubt all of it.

Virginia Florey said...

Rose'What a gift! Worked all day on a rough draft of an interview (I write for our local paper) and when I saw a NEW Blog I wanted to shout out loud. You keep me sane. And why all the attention on Dylan Penn? How come nobody is saying anything about Sydney Liebes, the trainer? There will never be a first love like Rob and Kristen had/have. In an interview, Rob said, "I am a one woman man." I can't believe it isn't Kristen. They BELONG together and I'll never stop wishing them together. Thank you for keeping us all together.

silvermau said...

Rose, wait for me, I want on your ride! I also believe they are still strong, silent, and together. No newspaper, tabloid, and lord protect me, People Mag., will bait me again. I was stupid in the past, but I have seen the lying rags that they are and hope they choke up on their own verbal vomit. I love your proclamation! It should be published on all the the fan sites! so funny and so ironically true.

silvermau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carly said...

oh, and I forgot to mention how great it is to see Kristen so happy on the set od Sils Marie. I'm a bit sad Tom is not in the movie after all but she looks glowy and that just warms my heart.

mari said...


RPIndie said...

First time poster after reading for a year or so. Always enjoy the combination of logic & humor here!

Let's face it though, both Riley Keough & Dylan Penn are excellent fodder for the media stampede because they are 2nd/3rd generation "show-biz royalty" - so of course the rumors about them are going to run like a house afire. "People" also quoted/linked the Daily Mail and Life & Style in addition to their unnamed "Pattinson source" - that's Three Strikes against the story right there.

Rob has the right to move on with another/more conventional girl, but I don't get the vibe that he is ready to yet. Kristen should also be saying "I don't need another relationship right now" too. They both have been 'burned', so to speak, by K's indiscretion & the media microscope, & the fan hysteria. But both are determined to be themselves & make their own way, do interesting films & work with high quality directors & actors. I think they will always be connected because of this.

Hang in there, ignore the rumor & hostility, & enjoy their work & interviews. Time will tell!

Kami said...

Valeria, since it truly doesn't matter to me, one way or the other whether or not Rob and Kristen have a relationship...I wish them both well regardless....I feel qualified to tell you that while you think you're causing major trauma with your comments, you're nothing but an insignificant gnat, that is irritating but can be easily ignored and disposed of. I personally find you tedious, idiotic and your only accomplishment has been to bore me to tears. But I'm in a generous mood tonight, so here's a reaction for you. Sweetie you're nothing but a pimple on the ass of humanity and it's time for you to quit being a pain and disappear. Rose nor anyone else here gives a rat's ass about your thoughts or opinions, so GET A LIFE. I find it sad that your only joy in life is attacking a woman you have never met and who, from everything I have seen, has done nothing to you. You're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

@ unknown......

I have to say I am with Rose. I still believe and that is my choice.

Thanks Rose, you always say it just right.

So to all who are of little faith. just try and remember the few insights Rob and Kris have given us into who they are. Rose gave one in this post and it speaks of just that.

I think Rob is a much deeper person than one who would be enchanted by a cute girl he is not dating.

vernistene said...

There are so many who had so much faith just weeks ago. Now they see a picture that is actually months old and oh my goodness the boat starts rocking.
Rose I want a deluxe cabin on that ship. It's going to be smooth sailing and I don't jump ship.
To unknown: stay that way troll. Hook up with Valeria the "unknown" vaginal disease and have at it. You twist words to get your digs in. I SEE YOU!!!!!!!!

NO BUTS.......

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Rose!! Succinct and to the point. Especially this part:
" I've said it once
I will say it again.
I still believe in Rob and Kristen.
That's my prerogative.
I happen to think ...
I happen to know that
they love each other.
What happens from there
is up to them.

And if Rob or Kristen
come out someday
in the company of someone else
again and again and again...
and they look like this..

and this...

and most definitely this..

Then I will think they have 'moved on'.

But until then...
My yacht is full speed ahead!

And if you don't like the ride...

sue morris said...

DEAR ROSE, why is it that there are so many authorities in these actor's lives? I do not believe anything has changed or is different in their lives and they certainly have not notified me of a definite change in their world, so I think I will just trudge along my boring, regular little path and not spend time being concerned with the gossip rats and snakes in the grass. It does not affect my life and really is not my business who is seeing who. I think somebody is just a friend sort of like Kristen has friends in the new movies and present one. But darn it, she is in Europe and they cannot spy and harass Kristen as easily as Rob. Well, at least she can relax a bit. It's almost like the song Private Eyes, by Hall and Oates, that says private eyes are watching you-watching you-watching you--What a miserable experience. It is enough to make somebody leave home and Mother--good gosh-that would really be a bitch, and I would for sure disappear royally. Sorry, no amount of money is worth my privacy. It is a lose-lose prop to me.

rklove said...

Please make room on that *Ship* for me too. Just remember if your floundering in the water, this ship might not have life jackets. If you truly believe, and understand that the trashoids are making money off of the lies, join the crew.

As for me, I believe, R/K are together and are very much in love.

M.Dutche55 said...

Dear Lord it's been awhile but well worth it. Thank you so much this post made my day, made me forget my reality for just a second.
Love the Bunnies too FN cute for words and those pix of R/K gosh who can ever denied what these two souls share; (personally I think they (R/K)have had a commitment ceremony) don't know just a hunch.
Oy those pix of Tom, his eyes always hits me right in the heart like a dagger, his eyes are so infectious; he's beyond beautiful.
Thank you Rose. Great job<3

Oneheart said...

Hi everyone..loved this post Rose. I'm with you, I believe in Rob and Kristen and I'm on the yacht you're on.

I also love Bunnies and especially BABY BUNNIES.

M.Dutche55 said...

Rob's words about "what a disconnect people have with something they have no connection with" (maybe not exactly in those words)always resonate so much with me whenever I see a source and or a delusional fan over reacts to what they think is his personal life. A few years ago it was reported that Rob was hit by a taxi in NYC and when Kristen was interviewed and asked about it, she laughed and said "I would Know and laughed"

M.Dutche55 said...

So funny Rob has fallen/moved on with so many yet Kristen is still wearing her rings, I digress.

Nancy Allen said...

The Bunnies definitely made me smile, your blog always makes me smile!!!! I still don't see Rob in that fuzzy pic but whatever....Kristen and Rob always end up together, I agree with all said. Thanks for your sanity in this fucked up "fandom"!!!

Mama Nails said...

Awww Rose! Perfection! Bunnies and kittens you can't go wrong with either!

As I said today on my tumblr, you'll have to drag me kicking and screaming from My Happy RK World!

I'd like to see someone try!

vernisten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

NOW, the plot thickens! E! Online has reported online and during their E! News telecast tonight that Rob and Dylan are NOT an item? Say what?

Despite reports that the pair are dating, however, we’re continuing to hear that it would be premature to label them as anything more than friends at this point.

A source says that the two—who, incidentally, met through Rob’s ex, Kristen Stewart—have hung out (with Kristen I am sure)a few times but are not steadily dating.
I saw this on spunk-ransom.com.
Ready for the back peddling???? There is also a clearer picture of the so called date provided by none other than Annie asshole Packer. The queen bitch of lies and bullshits.

Rob and Kristen are still as one....
NO BUTS........

DreamerKind said...

About to toast bunnies, baby! Smooch.

Happy Sunday, Lovers!

Anonymous said...

i sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from Salt Lake with my friends. I had a great time and now I am tired. Before I go to bed. Did I miss anything while I was out?
Topaz and KK- Welcome back! We have miss you alot. Hope all is well.
Barb- Hi and how are you? Love your comments.
Super- Hi and hugs!
Rose- Great job on your blob. I have to say that I agree with you there.
DK- Hi and hugs.
As for the rest of Roselands I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Night.

DreamerKind said...

Wherever you are...I have converted several to drinking the cilantro vodka. Bwhaaaa! Smooch.

Hugs back at ya.

DreamerKind said...

Easier times ahead

Hard Travelin'

Woody Guthrie (1944):

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Lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com
Thank you/T.A. Sedlak

DreamerKind said...

Newsflash/Media Implodes

Laugh Laugh

Beau Brummels:

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But I told you so
Don't mind my preaching to you

I said "don't trust him", baby
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DreamerKind said...

Zip it up!


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Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay,
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!

Thank you/aviramb75

DreamerKind said...

Watched "Cosmopolis" tonight and will say this: "Brilliant!"
Mesmerized me, Mr. Rob.
Loved the complicated dialogue and putting on my thinking cap (albeit backwards).
Only wish it were longer with every scene in the book (lol).
Would watch 4 hours of it, martinis in hands for courage.

The rats are coming soon, so be prepared.

Be happy instead! Toodles for now.



Birdie said...

Good morning, Roseland!

Good to see you, DK. Love the tunes!

Well, all I can say is "Full Steam Ahead!"

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning! Hi sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I just woke up and getting ready for church. Did I miss anything last night.
DK- I love all three of your songs comments. And hugs back. Since you had drink last night. I had Ice cream last night. Have you ever heard of Niesen's Frozen Custard. There is one in New York too. Its very good. You should try it.
Birdie- Hugs!
MARTHA ORIZ- Hugs too.
I better get ready for church. My ride will be here in a hour. Keep me posted. Hope you all have a great Sundays!

sue morris said...

Good morning Roseland, DK your choices in music are very varied and neat-I have not tried the cilantro vodka, but my daughter says cilantro is great. I am a cranberry and raspberry person, love the sweets. Rose really knows how to cheer us up and the bunnies are beautiful, but Kristen is amazing with doggies-she looks like she has mesmerized the dog with those great big eyes of hers. Rob's eyes are absolutely amazing and he knows how to use them--- how to talk with your eyes without talking. Watching the third Twilight movie on television showing Jacob in his little blue suit and Bella patting his head. You have to admit in Eclipse, you really have a lot of action and it is fun to watch how they did it. Have a beautiful Sunday.

sue said...

I don't comment that often anymore but I'm never far behind and check RPI several times a day.
For the last few weeks I've realized how fucked up this fandom really is. It feels to me that things got worse since May and that the papz have become even more relentless. It is no surprise that R&K went into hiding and trying to get back some normality. April was horrific, specially Coachella where they were about to snap. Yes, I'm still a firm believer in their love!
The last weeks is just madness. Rob being scrutinized for his Dior interviews for not standing up for Kristen. Rob being a dick. But hold on it is ok for being a manwhore?
What the hell is wrong with women these days or is it only the ones in this fandom? Apparently morals and principles are way out of the door.
Apparently Rob has 2 new girlfriends or was it 3? Katy/Sia/Riley/Mischa/Dylan/Brunette/Blond/Redhead.
I don't get it. Manwhore/2 girlfriends the same time/diff one every week. All is ok as long it's not Kristen. WTF?

I have my cabin already picked out if I'm still allowed to be around.

vernistene said...
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vernistene said...

@Sue Morris - Where you from if I may ask? I'm watching the same movie on FX right now in Nashville Tennessee.

MG said...

The bunnies are beautiful! The writing is spot on! I do not know what your profession is, but by God you should be a writer, you are awesome.

ADD said...

I'm sure Rob's blurry pic has been over-analyzed and people are 100% sure it's him. I'm not saying that it isn't him there but I'd never be able to identify that guy as Rob. Maybe it's because I'm nearsighted.

Anyway, I'll believe R/K have moved on when I see them being in love with someone else. Not this gossip BS. Until then, I can still hope they'll make up.

Like Rose said you've won, it's over. Forget Kristen or Rob (I don't know who you hate) and focus on someone you actually like!

Lavendersings said...

Hi Rose thanks for your line of reasoning and your head sitting on your head straight. I don't comment often but I have heard all these Rag Hags and the rest of the loons and they are too much...Gee! Robert is dating Dylan her dad has told him to treat his daughter nice...Duh! still laughing over that one Sean Penn would kick anyone who talked ill about his daughter in a NY minute so we know this is not true...I have believed like many of you that Robert and Kristen are together and have been for ages this is a committed relationship end of story...They just want some privacy like the rest of us...Thanks for your joyful Blog I'm enjoying it very much.:)

Virginia Florey said...

Dear Rose
Have used the photo of Rob, Kristen and Tom in the bar (or wherever) as a screen saver. Just seeing those three, young, goofing off, smiling people makes me happy.

sue morris said...

VERNISTENE; I live outside Tulsa, OK, in a small town named Sapulpa, Ok-- we are about six or seven driving miles apart, as I have family in Memphis, TENN , I made that trip many times. I am afraid I am on a soapbox a lot, but I do not understand why people continue to butt their heads reading gossip blogs just to keep up with the newest crap thrown at Rob and Kristen when they know it is not true! I am watching HOMELAND the first of the new season, and am trying to ignore stupid people who have a great opinion of their opinion. For some reason, folks do not want to let the whole issue of Kristen and Rob just be their business. Sure I think they are a couple, but the constant crap is so painful for any person. I just wish it would stop and it is said less hits to the gossip blogs like HL or Gossip Cop or E will actually slow the gossip and stop a lot of the lies. This is my prayer for tonight that we stop hits to those hateful blogs.

vernistene said...
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vernistene said...

Sue I agree with you totally. I wish I knew why these two individuals were chosen to be the recipient of all this craziness. I join in your prayer. I want them to be able to live their lives as my children do, privately in the private sector and when they are at work, with integrity. People leaving them to live in peace as we all deserve.

Anonymous said...

Hi sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I have been home since from church. And I have cleaning and cooking. Did I miss anything? One I have a comment about pictures of Kristen on one of twitters. About her at the store. I don't know about you guys is it me or is she sad, looked tired, or a cold. I just want to make sure on that part.
KK, vernistene, Topaz, Lavendersings,sue, and sue morris- We all agree one thing here. We don't believe the tabs. Believe that they are still together. Great job on your comments. I love you guys.
vernistene- I am sorry about your grandfather. I know what is like to lose a grandfather. I lost my grandfather about two or three years. Around this time. Hugs.
Virginia Florey- Hugs.
DK- I am finishing my ice cream. While I am talking to you guys.
ADD- Best to thing to do is ignore bullies. Like I said before don't let them win. That troll you're telling her that she win. I don't think so. Why do you think I don't chew out that troll. See Trolls are bullies. So best thing is to ignore the troll/bullies. And walk away from that. I still that that they are still together. And don't give up on our couple.
Birdie- Hugs again.

ikay kikay said...


ikay kikay said...

i heard from a reliable source that robert pattinson is dating an asian girl ( chinese?, taiwanese?vietnamese? Etc. ......for sure that's the next news...lol

VickMonick said...

So many good, insightful and thought provoking comments.

Rose, I agree with @MG...'You should be a writer, you are awesome'. Love the style and tone to your posts. IMHO, you have a great talent.
Hi Arleen, I like the so cute picture of your kitty cat. I have 3 kitties, well, we just acquired #3 a few days ago. A little starving stray that was hanging around. So, we claimed her, and now she's ours. She looks a lot like the picture of your kitty. My daughter named her Heidi, because she finds all these great hidey holes to sleep in.
@Sue Morris, I noticed you told @Vernistern, you live in Sapulpa, Ok. Well, I live in Edmond, Ok., another small town just down the road from you. Small world, huh?

I agree with so many of you, it's like talking, and listening to a bunch of friends. I add my prayers and hopes to all of yours that Rob and Kristen will one day soon have peace, and privacy to live their lives as they so desperately want and need.

Anonymous said...

VickMonick- Thanks. I got her last year the day before thanksgiving when my other two cats died. We got her from the shelter. My husband just told me she is one of the lucky ones. Because just last month or so found they had to put other cats to sleep because there was some cat disease like cat aids. Because last when we got her there was this other kitten was really sick. He was like couldn't barely move. But when I her Angel. That is her name but I called her mamas. Later on found out she had a cold. Stuffy nose and sneezing. We had to take her to the vet to make sure. Found she had a cold. All we had to do was take her with us in the bathroom with us while we are taking a shower. The steams helps her cold. And then she got better. Now she is healthy. And a loving cat. I think this year in November is when it will be a year since we got her.

Anonymous said...

Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I am going to say goodnight. Hope you all have a great Sunday. Keep me posted.
VickMonich- By the way love your comments. And I agree with you too.

Lisa said...
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Lanette said...

Love the post. I don't know why everyone puts stock in what People magazine says its a tabloid just like the others. I for one really don't think that the pic looks like Rob at all. But I could be wrong. Just doesn't look right to me. Keep up the good work,

DreamerKind said...

Bath time for the FGM, along with reading a nice romantic novel. Ha!

Cilantro vodka is divine, combined with Bailey's. Who knew?

Tally ho, and keep the faith. You know.


Anonymous said...

DK- Goodnight and Love your comments. Since I don't drink I just had Ice cream instead. I don't know if you heard of Niesen's Frozen Custard. They is one in New York too or where you live. But its good.

vana said...

Haven't posted here for a while. Love it. Gosh, between RPI, HKN and DIDY it's been wonderful. I too am coming to these sites more and more, they just make sense. Thank you.
One thing about that picture of Rob etc. I've looked at it a lot, and though I know I'm no expert on body language I can't really see anything that would suggest anything amorous. And if there was cozy stuff going on, why didn't they print it? Sorry, can't buy it. Great work Rose.

ASFJ said...

You are the best and sanest thing that has ever happened in this whole insane fandom. Love you and the best, as always, to both Rob and Kristen. And thank you Rose, for always keeping it real.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Welcome and I agree...I think if I ever see R look at another woman the way he looks at K, then I will believe he has moved on....I'm not holding my breath !!!!


I haven't heard you mention your loved one that is sick lately...I hope things have stabilized or greatly improved HUGS to you and again thank you for this wonderful site :)))

Happy Monday ROSELAND:))))

Anonymous said...

Good Monday Morning to all the Roselands! Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I just woke up and getting ready to start cleaning. Did I miss anything while I was a sleep?

Rosy Inda said...

I love nena!! Me encanta lo que escribes siempre♥ Siempre tienes las palabras correctas. Un beso♥

Anonymous said...

Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I was taking my break from cleaning duties and included laundry. Pretty soon I will be eating my lunch. Hope all is well.
Super- Hugs! I agree with you and love your comments.
vana- I agree with Super. Welcome here. I love your comments.
ASFJ- Welcome.
Lanette- Best thing like I do is I walk away from those trashy tabs included People Mags. I just got about my business at the store.
Well I better go eat my lunch. Keep me posted.

VickMonick said...

@Vana, I agree, the 3 posts from RPI, HNK and DIDY made it seem like xmas morning, all the goodies we received. These wonderfully talented ladies are so good to us. Keeping us grounded with common sense views in our belief of Rob and Kristen together. So, for my sanity I read only these sites, including RD. I can't take the continuous hatred spewed at R&K. It's very bothersome to me the lack of common decency, and morals displayed by so many in this screwed up fandome. It's best to stay away from the gossip cesspools, and I am determined not to add one penny to their bank accounts. RPI, HNK & DIDY will keep R&K's true fans informed and up to date on their activities.

@DreamerKind, you know, I love cilantro, use it on almost everything, but I have to tell ya, I never would have considered using it with Vodka. Sounds delish!! It is now at the top of my list of things to try.

Hey Arleen, you must be, 'the fastest typist in the west'. ha,ha The way you spell out the names of the Roseland regulars. It's so sweet and warm. Makes people feel special. It takes me forever to type out a couple sentences.

sue morris said...

DEAR ROSELAND--and a very good day to you. It is almost pumpkin time for sure and the days are cooler, the nights will be a bit earlier, and with any luck at all our friends Rob and Kristen will be ready to tackle Halloween and have a few trick or treats ready for the blasted press pests, or time to not know where they are or who they are or when are they going to show up? Aha--they just cannot stay ahead of the dynamic duo! Not talking about Batman and Robin, no-no. I speak of the dynamic fun duo that you can not see or find because they are right there in your sight but you cannot recognize these two--they just left. Gosh, that means we missed them again! Happy October you guys.

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

It must be extremely furstrating for Rob to see tabloids posting things about new affairs every other day! Why can't they just leave him alone to live the life he wants, with any girl he chooses. I find it so unfair to hang out on a date and have paparazzi shooting him from every corner!

Anonymous said...

for: Anastasia from Natbeesfashion

I don't know why you are on this blog. The tabloid sites are where you should be making these comments. They love commenters who believe their bull.

On this blog Robsten is unbroken. We admire them both. And we believe it will all come out in the wash. It is just a matter of time.

Of course you already know this and that is why you came here.

Kami said...

I don't think Anstasia said anything to warrant being treated like a troll, she just made her feelings knowing in a RESPECTFUL way and didn't say anything negative.

Kami said...

Feelings Known...sorry should have proof read it

vernistene said...

Her feelings are known and It is a slam. "Hang out on a date? Any Girl?" This is a Robsten unbroken site. All opinions are gladly received but digs are digs. Good catch CB.

NO BUTS......

Pisteuo said...

Hey Rose!!! I love reading your post! <3

Hey Roseland! I hope you all are keeping the happy! :)))

Kami is right. Why do people feel threatened when they read an opinion they don't agree with and want people to leave? Why can't people just disagree and go on?
I think people should be the ruler of their own minds and not be influenced by what others think or say. Why do people need to hear or read something to keep them sane??
You are an individual and unique...so, you shouldn't depend on others to think for you. Believe in yourself and your own opinion and just be happy with your choices. You don't need others to think for you!
As far as "Robsten" goes...well, I have never believed in "Robsten" (it's a made up name)...but, I do and always will believe in Rob and Kristian...and they don't have to be a couple for me to feel that way. Are they still a couple? Maybe...maybe not. I do know they love each other. The thing is...it shouldn't affect anyone else's lives whether they "are" or "aren't".
I've said this sooooo many times...but, live "your own" life and leave their private life alone!
It's none of your business!
What IF you do get the proof you are seeking? Is it going to make a difference in your own life? Well, if it does...it shouldn't.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm even bothering to explain this. Guess I felt like rambling....LOL!!!

Just be happy with who "YOU" are and make the most of "YOUR" life and leave "OTHER"S" lives to "THEM" to sort out. You will be a lot happier! :)))

And like Rose says...it's really not that serious. Seriously!! LOL!!!

Kami said...

Pistol, I adore you! As for my comment I stick by it. I will not speak for Rose, this is her site and what she says goes, but from the beginning she has always stressed that varying opinions are welcome here as long as they do not berate Rob, Kristen or each other. Maybe I am not seeing what others are. I will say though, Rob and Kristen are not one unit, they are individuals. Each their own unique person, just because they happened to have been or happen to be in a high profile relationship in no way dimishes them as individuals. Rob is as entitled to his privacy and to being left alone by the media as Kristen is. BOTH of them have lived in a fishbowl for years, with not only the media, but fans, well meaning fans, constantly wanting to know what is happening in their relationship. Both of them have earned their right to privacy both when together and when apart. As for a Robsten blog, the last time I looked the name of this blog was "Robert Pattinson intoxication" where the successes of both Rob and Kristen, together and apart are celebrated and highlighted, not just one or the other.

Pisteuo said...

Rose...if you happen to be lurking.....

Is this in fact a "Robsten is unbroken site" site?

I have always thought it was a "Robert Pattinson Intoxication" site that also adored Tom and Kristen. Have I been delusional all this time? LOL!!

vana said...

Thank you for the lovely welcome Super RN, VickMonick, Arleen you are all so lovely here.
I've never understood why the hatred towards these 2 young people. They gave us so many hours, months, years of joy and the way some have turned bitterly against them has been terrible. Fair enough that people may change their views but why the hatred? I just don't get it. So again I thank you for creating such a positive place.

Rose said...

Pist~ No. This isn't a "robsten is unbroken" site.
I'm not fond of the term ROBSTEN and I'm learning to hate the whole 'unbroken' thing. Way overused.

I adore Rob, Kristen and Tom.
I started this blog with just Rob in mind... but things change. lol

Pisteuo said...

Okay...here's my honest to God opinion in a nut shell. (LOL!! I could be...or as sane as YOU at least)

But, it seems to me...Rob, Kristen and Tom are all very happy right now.

Shouldn't that be ENOUGH???
PLEASE allow them to be! And more important...allow yourselves to be!

It's okay if you don't agree with others and it's okay for others not to agree with you. As long as what you believe makes you happy...who cares what somebody else believes? It's that simple...really!

Yes, I have a problem with "know it alls" and "liars" especially when it's stated as a "fact" and not as an "opinion"...there's a difference. Just because you "think" something...doesn't make it a "fact". Right?? LOL!!!

Yeah, I'm just a rambling fool tonight. LOL!!!
But, I know what I'm saying...whether anybody else does or not. LOL!!!

Pisteuo said...

Thank you kindly Rose! <3

And...just so ya know...I abso-fucking-lutely adore you! :)

Rose said...

People are allowed to have differing opinions. I'm ALL for it, in fact.
I don't consider myself narrow minded and I'm always willing to listen to someone else's point of view as long as they don't hate on Rob/Kristen or anyone else.

Yes. I believe Rob and Kristen love each other. But where it goes from there is up to them.
I don't buy the conspiracy theories.
I hate red circles.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if you don't agree with it. It doesn't mean you can call them names and chase them away.
Honestly, I think I've made my thoughts on all of this VERY clear... but somehow it still manages to get twisted and misunderstood.

We are only spectators in their lives... not players.
Get the fuck off the field...
and let them play the game.

Rose said...

Back at ya, Pist <3

Lisa Johnson said...

Well, Rose, I do have one burning question for you: where on earth did you find that Lunatic Fringe face? Every time that face pops up when I click here, I laugh out loud. No, really. I do.

I believe my colleagues are starting to think I'm a lunatic!

Lisa Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

"Life's a Bitch and then we die!!!"
I think it is time to say goodnight.
I believe "lemons into lemonade" and stand up for what is right to you.
When you have people snip at you because you have called them on the bullshit before and like little kids they can't let it go it's time to move on.
Rose you have a wonderful site. You are a smart woman. I loved reading your blogs. They are always on point. Continued success.

ADD said...

I don't understand why haters/nontens still care about Rob and Kristen as a couple if they're sure it's over. That's why I said Valeria should spend he time celebrating instead of bothering us. But you're right, I shouldn't talk to her at all.

I like R/K together or apart. I wish them all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from running errands in time for Dancing with the Stars. I am still voting for Corbin Bleu. One of Kristen's co-stars. So did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

ADD- Why do you think I answer or chew out the person. She is a trolls/haters/nonstens, nonnies, or other idiots. Haters/trolls/nonstens/nonnies, or other idiots are bullies. Like others say don't feed the troll. For me the best thing to do is walk away or ignore the bullies.
Rose- Great job on your comments. Hugs.
vernistene- Love your comments and hugs.
vana- Hi and hugs. And you welcome.
As for everyone else great job on your comments. Keep up the good work.

DreamerKind said...

Free to

Breezin' Along With The Breeze

Josephine Baker (1926):

I have been a rover
Since I was a child
No one to love
Or care for me

Knocked around all over
Kinda grew up wild
My home's wherever
I may be

Ain't no someone yearnin'
Wonderin' where I be
I'm gone
But no one's missin' me

Ain't no light a-burnin'
Ev'ry night for me;
I'm like a bird
That's flyin' free

I'm just breezin'
Along with the breeze,
Trailin' the rails
Roamin' the seas

Like the birdies that
Sing in the trees
Pleasin' to live
Livin' to please

The sky is the only roof
I have over my head
And when I'm weary
Mother Nature makes my bed

I'm just goin' along
As I please
Along with the breeze

Thank you/TheYellowTelevision

DreamerKind said...

I recall that you do not imbibe alcohol but eat ice cream instead when celebrating, especially. Don't know of Niesen's but love frozen custard as you do. :)

I'm thinking of trying it as a scalp purifier treatment or such, like an immersion in cilantro vodka.


Why MIA? Please check in and say!

DreamerKind said...

"All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust."
-Peter Pan

Anonymous said...

DK- Thanks!

Anonymous said...

DK- By the way I love your songs as always.

Rose said...


1. I guess this is why you started your own blog, right?
Now you have opened your very own lemonade stand!

2. Do you realize that the pic you use for your avi is Rob and Emilie de Ravin? It's from "Remember Me"
I got the impression you thought it was Rob and Kristen...
I could be wrong.

DreamerKind said...

Rain or shine-notice flowers

The Rain, the Park and Other Things

The Cowsills (1967):

I saw her sitting in the rain
Raindrops falling on her
She didn't seem to care

She sat there
And smiled at me
And I knew
(I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew)

She could make me happy
(happy, happy)
Flowers in her hair
Flowers everywhere

I love the flower girl
Oh, I don't know just why
She simply caught my eye

I love the flower girl
She seemed so sweet and kind
She crept into my mind

Suddenly the sun broke through
(see the sun)
I turned around she was gone
(where did she go)

And all I had left
Was one
Little flower
From her hair

But I knew
She had
Made me happy

In her hair

Thank you/60otaku3

Pisteuo said...

Vern, you say "Life's a Bitch and then we die!!"...well damn, that is so discouraging and gloom and doom sounding.
And then you say you believe "lemons into lemonade"...well, that's a little more encouraging and not so gloomy. So, which is it?
And then you are talking about people acting like kids and snipping at you and not letting something go? Well, if you are talking about me...and, if not please excuse me...BUT, you couldn't be more wrong. My comment to Rose had NOTHING to do with "past" comments/disagreements...it was a few "present" comments here and there and comments from the fandom as a whole that I was seeking clarification on...so, if in fact you were talking about me...then, I beg to differ...cause it would seem it is YOU who has not let it go.

And by the way...bullshit is still bullshit...no matter what flavor you try to make it.

And AGAIN...it's not that serious!
Really! LOL!!!

Pisteuo said...

Muchas gracious, DK! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I am going to bed soon. Keep me posted.
DK, Pist, Super, Rose, Barb, and cb- Great job on your comments. I am very greatful to you guys. Good job.
DK- As always love all your music. It brings to my heart. Thanks!
Well I am going to bed. Night.

PipDancer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Pistol you're completely right, for us, the spectators...and by the way Rose LOVED your comment "We are only spectators in their lives... not players.
Get the fuck off the field...
and let them play the game." and I'm not alone in that several of us are clucking about it...LOL....but Pistol you're correct, for those of us watching Rob and Kristen from the side lines, it's not a matter of life or death, because it's THEIR reality not ours all we can do, is like several people have said is wish them well and cheer them on whether together or apart.

I've learned something things the hard way this year. The most priceless and precious lesson is that we're given the choice every day of how we want to approach the hard things in life. I've always been one to worry and complain about things that in the grand scheme of life do not matter one iota, but I watched the most amazing young lady, barely 14 years old go through some horrible things in the past 6 months and every day, she would wake up and approach those horrible obstacles in front of her, the loss of her hair, the loss of her energy, and at points the loss of control over her own body with a smile and a laugh, and would always try and make those of us around her laugh at least once during the day. I want to be like her. I haven't reached my goal yet, but I'm trying and all the stuff that is going on the outskirts of my life, are just 'games I watch as a spectator' and regardless of the outcome, it doesn't effect my life at all at the end of the day, but I will cheer while I'm watching and then go home and surround myself with the things that are important to ME.

Kay said...

Rose, this statement ---> "We are only spectators in their lives...not players. Get the fuck off the field...and let them play the game." -- is absolutely perfect.

Take care, be safe and have a happy Tuesday, Rose, Roseland and lurkers, too. ❤

DreamerKind said...

You do inspire.

Long time no hear. Hope you are doing well. The middle of the road has its distractions but we can drive faster.

DreamerKind said...

Love levels the playing field

It's All In The Game

Tommy Edwards (1968):

Many a tear has to fall
But it's all in the game
All in the wonderful game
That we know as love

You have words with him
And your future's looking dim
But these things
Your hearts can rise above

Once in a while he won't call
But it's all in the game
Soon he'll be there at your side
With a sweet bouquet

And he'll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting fingertips
And your hearts will fly away

Thank you/MrRJDB1969

sue morris said...

Dear Roseland- most of us can see fairly well and some need glas ses-r some need hearing aides and some actually blind but I hate to think we are stupid. Nobody really knows what's up with Kristen and Rob, but instinctively I think they love each other, a lot. I think that we harm a lot by trying to predict anything ever. This is not our life. This is not our business. I think it is good to support both and equally.

Kami said...

Thank you Dk for the kind words, but Miss Taylor is the true inspiration! That kid is my hero, closely followed by my sister and brother in law...they are an AMAZINGly funny family...who keep me in stitches daily...I'm so blessed by them.

By the way DK, Taylor has been working on her orgami and can now make a beautiful crane, but she always says "It's not Vee worthy" lol

sue morris said...

Roseland the US government has shut down. Now this says to me that two things have happened. (1) the US Congress has lost it (2) that we need new people in congress because the U.S. congress should never dictate that they can have a tantrum and get away with it. Look at what can Happen. This is an ideal time for an attack on the capitol. I hope somebody gets serious and forgets who has to be right and does something right. True Drama, and really stupid people in the House. Because we are open for attack from everywhere, and it is everyone's fault. This is just politics--politicians afraid they will lose their chair in next election, and the insurance law is already funded and went into law today. This is drama folks and we will end up paying for this drama.

DreamerKind said...

Vee would like to make something more for Taylor. Does she wish for a special spirit guide?

@sue morris
I cannot help but believe that Washington plays its own game, much like the media, and it is all already worked out, but they do not want to show their hands. It's called "saving face".

Showing grace would be the highest accord.

We'll see if they can "reach up and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place, if they can.".

Do not fear. Believe in what's good for all! You know, the all in all, being all.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Birthday, you, October beauties!

Happy Birthday Tango

Ricardo Vieira & Tomohiro Hatta

Thank you/Duo MusicOrba

DreamerKind said...

We need to tangle ourselves

Tango Argentina (Watch video):

Thank you/hkpai

DreamerKind said...

Almost 18 million have watched that tango vid. WTH, am I doing here in Chicago?

DreamerKind said...

He moves. She moves. Like magnets.
"Love is like an ocean."

Life is so good. We dance to:

Tango Of Love

Instruments: Two Violins, Two Cellos:

Thank you/musicalbasics

vernistene said...

Rose, I knew it was remember me. I just like the pic. Trying out different things. Broadening my views a bit.
Pist I was not speaking of you I was speaking of how people get bent over every sentence. The quotes were just that quotes. I was talking to a friend and she said "Life's a Bitch the you die. I said Yes but lemons can make great lemonade. Just quotes.
Oh and Rose Cute about the lemonade stand but no I decided to back off all of it. To vested. Getting kinda tired of the drama. My opinion is valuable to me like everyone's should be to them. To sit and let people de-value what you say or do is wrong. We put some on pedestals and rip others down. It's a game but one I am tired of playing. To have a public forum you should be fair minded and treat people with appreciation and equal. The ones who spew the bile and hate should be stopped. It isn't necessary. People always say it's not that serious. Those are the ones who most times it is serious to. I always say NO BUTS. Well today there is a but... But all of this is not that serious to me. I can't make their lives, I can't live their lives, and I'm sure they don't give a damn about my opinion. So you see, it is not that serious. I enjoy life. I love to laugh and spar words in the RL. So answer this or no. I will not be back to your site. Stopped in because a friend e-mailed me and ask me to look at what was said. You are good at what you do. Continued success.

DreamerKind said...

Your light doth shine, no matter, no mind. Yes, it is hard, it glares into our eyes. I see YOU and we are enough, as we are, where we are, when we are, if we are. Carry on, my wayward friend.

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Looking good

Bright Side Of Life

Art Garfunkel:

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.
Some things in life are bad,
They can really make you mad,
Other things just make you swear and curse.

When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble, give a whistle,
This'll help things turn out for the best.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.
Always look on the right side of life.
If life seems jolly-rotten,
There's something you've forgotten,
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing!

When you're feeling in the dumps,
Don't be silly, chumps,
Just purse your lips and whistle,
That's the thing!

So, always look on the bright side of death,
Just before you draw your terminal breath,
Life's a counterfeit,

And when you look at it,
Life's a laugh, and death's the joke,
It's true!
You see, it's all a show,

Keep them laughing as you go,
Just remember the last laugh is on you!
(Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.)

Thank you/TheSpiritualRealm

DreamerKind said...

I am useless on editing right now. Forgive the unedited lyrics, get the song instead. I need some cheese, if you puh-leeze!

Guess what has distracted me. It might just be the overwhelming gratitude I am feeling, for where I post, who created the space, and why.

If I have no personal business for loving Rose, Rob, Kristen, Tom, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, and you all: so then the doors are locked? Am out of business like the government? No way. I stay, here with you.

Although it costs us all, it all goes forth, nevertheless.

Love is all there is, seems to me.
Ever heard this?

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing
That can't be sung

Nothing you can say
But you can learn
How to play the game
It's easy."

DreamerKind said...

Done to a turn! Will fly high, in the sky, to guide towards our home. Cheerios!

Birdie said...

Wow, I don't think I can add a thing. It has all been said and said well. It has been so insane lately and people take all of this so seriously.
Sue M,
I agree. Turn on the news because we have an incredibly pathetic excuse of a congress fucking up our country. Now that is serious. They have a lunatic fringe,too.

Have a happy day, Roseland!
Respect Rob and Kristen

VickMonick said...

Hey, I'm going to deposit my 2 cents, and hope I don't get a NSF charge. After reading @Anastasia's comment I did feel it had a slight negative tone... 'any girl he chooses', 'hang out on a date'. To me that part of her comment indicates she probably believes R&K are single. Okay, fine, no biggie, that's her prerogative. I just ignored her comment. I didn't think the word troll. However, neither, did I think it was a big deal that @cb, or Vernistene called @Anastasia on the carpet for her comment.

@Pisteuo. IMO, you sould post your comments on the gossip rags/mags sites also. They are the ones that really need your words of wisdom.
I think most everyone who posts here already is 'a ruler of their own mind, individual, unique and not depending on others to think for them, or letting it affect our life'. We are here talking to each other because we share a caring bond for 2 lovely people, R&K, and want the best for them. If they decide being single is best, then, so be it. We can still follow their careers. No one here is obsessed, or trying to know their private business.

Vernistene, please don't leave. Your comments are always so interesting and exciting to read. I hope you change your mind.

DreamerKind. Let me know if the scalp purifier treatment works. You can be the guinea pig.

Have a great day everyone.
Thanks, Vicki

Pisteuo said...

Hello VickMonick!
Hmmm...well, I guess you told me, huh? LOL!!!
But, no thanks to trying to run me off to promote more hits for the rags! Who does that?
And you are correct...I too think "most people" on this blog can and do think for themselves...however, there are some that seem to need people to constantly assure them and think the same as they do and keep them sane and grounded.
In case you haven't noticed...this is Rose's blog and she decides who she wants here....not people that fly in here from other blogs and decide what the rules are going to be here and what we can and can not say or to inform the regs here what this blog is for. I'm pretty sure we already know.
And while we are talking about Roses' blog...let me add this...I'm a little sick of having her blog compaired to others. And people that come here trying to promote other blogs that copied her. Rose is a one-of-a-kind. Others have "tried" to copy her...but, she is THE ORIGINAL and nobody even comes close! She IS fair and allows peole to have an original opinion/thought...unlike some blogs I've seen.
Why do you think you are better than people that don't match your own thoughts? And why do you think people need to leave because they have a different opinion? Didn't you read what Rose wrote? Or do you think you are above her?
I'm not sure why you are here and you sure as fuck don't know why I'm here...so, you might want to back the fuck off...or don't and we can drag this out. I'm game if you are! LOL!!!
I swear...people really do need to read Rose's disclaimer! What part of it did you not understand?

Em said...

Hi Pist :)) love it when u wake up full of energy after what looks like n interesting night around here lol I hope ur okay

hi Roseland :))

Pisteuo said...

DK, I'm so Happy, Happy, Happy that you are enjoying the cilantro vodka. :)
Like I said..it could be the answer to World Peace! LOL!!!

Too bad it's not five o'clock right now...huh? LOL!!!

Pisteuo said...

Hi Em!
I'm doing great!
Hope you are staying safe and out of trouble. LOL!! Hugs!!

Em said...

Pist hahaha why do u think I'm a troublemaker? LOL no but I'm good n for sure staying out of trouble or trying at least :)

Pisteuo said...

LOL!! Heck no, Em. I'd never think of you as a roublemaker. LOL!! Just making sure you aren't having too much fun, ya know? LOL!!

Pisteuo said...

LOL!!!....that's Troublemaker...not roublemaker.
Hey, what is a roublemaker? Think I'll google it. LOL!!

Pisteuo said...

Ah...a rouble is a Russian currency...so, would be interesting if you were a roublemaker. LOL!

Em said...

LOL heck yea I could make it rain hahaha beats being a troublemaker for sure but I'm glad u know I'm a good girl ;))

Em said...

Ohh but a little party never killed nobody hahaha that's what I'm going by lol

Kay said...

Good morning troublemakers, I mean Em and Pisteuo. ;) You two sure are perky and sassy this morning! LOL

Gotta run...take care!!

Pisteuo said...

Absolutely, Em. :) And I know I'm an ass sometimes...but, at least I'm not a delusional ass...ya know? LOL!!!

I need to go for now...but, I WILL be back! That is if my internet is not shut down. LOL!!

Hugs, Em and Roseland!

Pisteuo said...

Oops! didn't see ya there Kay! Good morning to ya! Hugs!!

Em said...

Hi Kay :)) good morning lol just trying to stay happy n outta trouble lol

Pist ur n adorable ass hahaha :) I just think some ppl don't get it LOL it was good to see u n thanks for talking :)) have n awesome day

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I think the Roublemaker and the Cilantro Vodka would go well together While playing Russian Roulette :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


If you want to see some interesting clothes go to RussianRoulette.com. How can I best describe this?? Hmmm.. Clothes for hard rock, zombie loving, ladies of shall I say in pursuit of high stakes Russian Roulette with maybe a few extra shots of cilantro Vodka thrown in for good measure:)

Have a wonderful day :)))

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to all the Roselands! Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I just woke up and do my duties before I go to my tutoring.
Birdie, Super, Em, Barb, Pist, Kay, VickMonick, and DK- Love your comments. I have to say that I agree with you. Keep up the good work.

Pisteuo said...

Super, not sure how to take that comment...but, Cilantro Vodka while playing Russian Roulette?? I dunno...that sounds kinda like suicidal ideation...not to mention a severe abuse/waste of the Cilantro Vodka...ya know? LOL!!
Sounds like the cilantro vodka does not have the same effect on you as it does Em, DK and myself. Maybe you should stay away from it? LOL!!
By the way...how often do you have these thoughts? :)

Pisteuo said...

Super...high stakes is putting it kinda mildly...wouldn't you say? LOL!!
The clothes would not be much use to you if you lost. LOL!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


My imagination and curiosity and the power of Google lead me into Unchartered waters all the time. I don't consider it life threatening but hey combined with the anesthetic gases I am exposed to you are right to question my sanity:)

Yes the clothes would be a waste :)))

Kami said...

DK, Taylor swears her 'spirit' guide is, and you'll get a HUGE laugh out of this, a rooster....LOL. She was so sick this summer at one point and was seeing things and she kept saying "Father Rooster what now" it scared her Mom and I to death at the time, but now we laugh about it. Please tell Vee for me that I think she is very, very sweet for doing that for Miss Tay.

Rose, I apologize now if I overstep myself here, I will try very hard not to do so, but there is something I would like to say and I hope you don't mind me saying it.

First off, Vern, you're a very passionate person and you seem to care deeply about Rob and Kristen, you are most certainly entitled to your own opinion, however and speaking only for myself and my part in this drama or whatever it is, you sometimes come across as someone who thinks that unless you agree with her opinion you're wrong and not welcome here. I hope that I don't offend you, it is NOT my intention right now, in this moment to pick a fight with you, but I feel the need to point out that there are people who have been on this blog, not for months, but for YEARS and it goes against OUR grain to be told what to think and how to act, what is acceptable here and what isn't, by someone who isn't Rose. That is where the majority of the friction is coming from, especially when we see someone who made a comment and followed the rules ROSE set down being treated like a troll. Trust me that is NOT a troll, we KNOW trolls, bad horrible scary trolls and have been done battle with them in the past. We've fought trolls on this blog for over 3 years now.

On to VickMonick, you're new here and you seem like a nice person, but who are you to tell anyone to leave this blog and go to the gossip sites? You know NOTHING about Pisteuo, NOTHING! She is perfectly capable to speak for herself, but allow me to say that she is one of the funniest, nicest people on this blog and just because she has a differing of opinion from you or anyone else on this subject does not mean that she is a gossip or that she is wrong in her opinions or beliefs. Again, this is not YOUR blog or MY blog this is Rose's blog and she is the ONLY one who has the right to tell someone to leave. So, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, back off my friend.

So that's it, that's what I have to say. If anyone would like to have a discussion not an argument but a discussion about this, please feel free to come to Cluckingham Palace or you can email me. Everything is on my profile and I think that Rose has had enough drama for the day.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I haven't been looking for the C Vodka ... Yet but of course I will. What did you mix it with ?

Pisteuo said...

Hmmm...not sure now what kind of Russian Roulette you are talking about now...but, the only kind I know about is potentionally VERY lethal. LOL!!
Super, I have had mine mixed with lemonade with a twist of lime and also Sprite with a twist of lime...but, I'm sure it would be great with a Bloddy Mary mix as well...with a twist of lime?

Awww Kami, what a sweet thing to say about me. Back at ya! <3
You know, I can be an ass...but, I wasn't tying to be last night...but, some people just like to take what others say and twist it to suit there own agenda sometimes. It's really not a problem to me if somebody wants me to go...cause I'm not going! I was here first! LOL!!! Just kidding...sorta. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Ok, Next month I am will be switching my cellphone to Iphones, smart phones, or droid. So I need opinion. Which one is better?

Kami said...

Ok, this used to be funny, now it's simply irritating so please everyone take note.

I am NOT Pisteuo, PL is NOT Pisteuo. Pistol is her own unique individual, just because we think in like fashions does not mean that we are the same person, and for ANY of you out there still a doubting Thomas I'm sure that both Rose and Em, not to mention Pistol herself can back me up and set EVERYONE'S minds at ease that none of us are on here PRETENDING to be someone we aren't. Got it? Ok Thanks.

Pisteuo said...

LOL!!! Well, not sure if I should be laughing, Kami.
Where do people come up with this shit?
Me thinks somebody must have way too much time on their hands. I'm NOT Kami and Kami is NOT me. I'm not PL and PL is NOT me. LOL!!
I'm NOT Em or Rose...either! LOL!!
Yes, I think Rose can verify this. LOL!!! OH yeah...and I'm NOT Kristen! LOL!! Maybe I'm Scooby=Doo!! Just kidding...or....am I? LOL!!!!
Seriously?? LOL!!!

Em said...

Pist maybe ur taking over the world hahaha my god I know where I am n I know ur not here w me LOL or r u?

Pisteuo said...

Em...I dunno! LOL!! It probably wouldn't matter what we said...some people will still think whatever is in their imagination. Ya know?
Kristen my gurl...I can so feel your pain! LOL!! Not funny really though...huh?

Pisteuo said...

Here's a FACT...some people wouldn't know "REAL" if it jumped up and bit them in the ass! And that IS a fact!

Kami said...

Pistol, Em thank you for assuring everyone that neither of you are just the voices in my head coming out to play. LOL I honestly have more important things to do THESE days than to not only dream up but also carry out an elaborate hoax for whatever God forsaken reason people think I would. I used to have more time to devote to being a devious little shit, but my life has gone through major changes in the last year and frankly I don't have that kind of energy!

Pistol you're completely Right!

Em said...

Pist or lol idk what I should call u hahaha I'm jk but ur last post <3 u know ur my gurl anyway LOL love u

Pisteuo said...

Kami...just posting...so, people will know you can't post me and you at the same time...right? LOL!!

Pisteuo said...

And Em! Good job! LOL!!!

Pisteuo said...

Oh damn...where is PL when you need her? LOL!!
She is not here with me!

Kami said...

LOL Pistol...thanks. PL isn't here with me either! Yikes! Maybe she's fled the country....dum...dumm....dummmmmmm

Pisteuo said...

I wish crazy people would pretend to be sane for a while. That might be nice.

Pisteuo said...

LOL, Kami!
Bet she's happy to be where she is right now and NOT here! LOL!!

Kami said...

Well Pistol you know PL's motto "Happy Happy Happy"! Oh wait maybe that's your's...I get you confused...KIDDING folks.

Em said...

I guess kami must have more than 2 hands n a bunch of computers n phones ready to be posting all over the place hahaha maybe she's superwoman n not kristen?

Pisteuo said...

Or is she kidding? LOL!!

Pisteuo said...

LOL!! This is Cray-zeeee!!!
Folks, I AM who I AM and I'm not, Kami, PL, Em, Kristen, Rose...or anyone else. It's just me...really and truely.
I've never really aspired to be anyone else and others shouldn't want to either. It is enough to just be me, myself and I. Geez...hope that didn't confuse anyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I am getting ready for my tutoring. I will be leave at 12:30pm.
Super, Em, Pist, Kami, and the rest of you. Hugs! I need a nick name for me. Got one for me? I really do missed Robert I hope he is ok. Ginger I missed too. PL of course. Where are they? Well got to eat my lunch then brush my teeth.

Pisteuo said...

Rose, sorry. You didn't ask for this crap.
But, you do love us anyway...right? I mean warts and all? Right?

Em said...

Pist so u mean ur not me? LOL then can u plz tell me who I am hahaha bc ALL this time I thought I was u :)) LOL cray is the right word hahaha

Pisteuo said...

Well Em..I guess in "somebody's" mind...you could be me. LOL!!
If I keep eating muffins...I'm gonna wish I was in somebody else's body for sure! LOL!!
Any takers on mine!!?

Em said...

Lol idk Pist if it's n upgrade from mine then let's switch now hahaha

Pisteuo said...

Hmmm...I dunno Em, you were eating boston creme donuts this morning and me butter pecan muffins...soooo.... it probably wouldn't do either of us much good.
LOL!! Might freak our BFs out though! LOL!!

Okay...I gotta go! Hugs and bye!!

Em said...

LOL ur better keeping urs for sure hahaha after all the junk I been eating yea not the one to switch w lol

Stay outta trouble or not :) as long as ur happy lol bye

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Here is what I said to the twitters. I think and I don't about any of you guys. Because I can't stand politicians. I think the government should cut down or shut down on tabs, papz, and all the gossip sites. That way the lies could stop. Got to go now. Keep me posted. Later.

Kami said...

Arleen wouldn't life be wonderful if they could shut down tabloids and gossip rags? Unfortunately, they hide behind the 1st ammendment darn it! lol I hope you have a wonderful day...Oh and on the phone I have a droid, and it's ok, but I've seen the Iphones and while the new droids might be better, I'd get an Iphone...if it were me...but then again my "Smartphone" isn't very intelligent lol

Litmom said...

DAMN! I missed a ton!

Love y'all. Love Rob. Love Kristen.

All is good. See ya!

Rose said...

Vern~ You said you wont see this, but I'm guessing you will.
I'm sorry you feel the need to 'go'.
I don't understand that thinking.
Because when I say its not serious...
I truly mean it.
That's why I wouldn't let other people dictate my actions.
Imagine what my life would be like if I took EVERY insult to heart?
And believe you me...
I've had more than my share.
But to each their own.
People seem to be able to dish it out...
But they can't seem to take it.

C'est la vie
That's life.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


You and I must be reading each others minds today ...did we get that ability from Edward Cullen?

I said the very thing2 hours ago....its so true...People can dish it out but they can't take one teensy itsy bitsy...well you get my drift...iota of it back in their direction. I'm not pointing fingers, just saying its human nature I guess.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I wonder what the donuts and muffins would taste like if they were fried.

The fair was here last week...they will fry anything...they were frying Oreos and twinkles ..I was afraid to taste them. if I get addicited to anything else it's going to be the Cilantro Vodka:). I confess I had a red velvet cookie with cream cheese frosting a little while ago ...)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


That was supposed to be Twinkies...geez...word speller ...

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I admit to the fact that I do know donuts are already fried but they even took candy bars and fried them too...ugh...can you just imagine the calories and the artery clogging potential ....yikes!!!!

VickMonick said...

@Pisteuo. I've been gone all day, so just read your comment to me. WOW. I really ruffled your feathers didn't, I? Hit a nerve. Anger management, it helps. JS.
Let's get something straightened out here. In no way did I say, nor insinuate that you should leave this blog site. B/S. Defensive much!
I'll repeat what I did say. "IMO, you should post your comments on the gossip rag/mags, ALSO". (get it, ALSO, IN ADDITION TO).( NO THREAT, NOT EVEN ASKING, JUST MY OPINION ) "They are the ones that really need your words of wisdom". See, I even complimented you. Yeah, maybe it was a bit snarky. BooHoo. Put on your big girl panties, and quit whining about someone who doesn't agree w/everything you say. And stop making false accusations.
Who's comment is this?..."It's okay if you don't agree with others, and it's okay if others don't agree with you". As long as what you believe makes you happy...who cares what somebody else believes? It's that simple...really". Sound familar? Here's another one. "Why can't people just disagree and move on." These are things YOU said. You don't practice what you preach. No, you throw a verbiage tantrum. Are you not a ruler of your own mind, an individual, unique and not influenced by what others think or say?
Do not repeat your erronrous B/S. Do not insinuate that I may have compared Rose's blog to others.
I have nothing but praise, and admiration for this RPI blog that Rose has created. I have read comments from people saying how much they like and appreciate RPI, HNK and DIDY. In fact they love these sites. As do I. That isn't comparing, or promoting one over the other.
I have to admit , I didn't know Rose has a disclaimer for her blog. It was never mentioned to me. However, I know she allows...
differing opnions, even encourages it...
Willing to listen to someone else's point of view...
Don't hate on R&K or anyone else...
Everyone is entitled to own opinion even if you don't agree with it...
It doesn't mean you can call names or chase away...
As I read these, IMO, you need a refresher course.
Never on this blog have I indicated that I am more important than you or anyone, or my opinion is more important, or anyone had to agree with me. I gave my opinion. I did not give you an order.
I'm going to use another one of your little quotes...
"I don't know why I'm bothering to explain this".
Now this is my quote... "It's A Waste of My Precious Time".
I won't lower myself to conduct a juvenile back and forth argument with you. You've had your say and I've had mine. Agree to disagree. It's finished.

Kami said...

Vick...I will lower myself one time to say, get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel. KK, vernistene, Elizabeth, Barb, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from tutoring. Did I miss anything?
Kami- So you're telling the government or politicians can these trashy tabs or gossip sites. Can't close them down because the 1st amendment. And you mean to tell me that these idiots can get away with trashy our couple. And all other celebs. Not that sucks.
But I wish they would have them shut down those idiots.

Kami said...

Yeah Arleen, unfortunately the First Ammendment covers freedom of the press and as revolting as these rags are, unfortunately they are 'technically' considered press and therefore can publish these stupid, lame and completely wrong stories, as long as they are careful to cloak their stories with lots of references to the ever mysterious "Source" it sucks, it really sucks. I would LOVE for them to be able to make the paparazzi stay completely away from celebrities, I think they are a HUGE safety issue for stars, but unfortunately they too are covered under the 1st...and as long as they 'obey' the laws of the state they're in...no stopping the vermin.

Anonymous said...

Kami- I couldn't agree with you more. As for press, I say press my ass. More like liars. I don't know about any of you guys. But these idiots are getting worst.

olivia said...

Just a quick peek in.....

Hugs for you dear Rose.

My goodness, sometimes this place starts to feel like....


Thanks Rose, for always setting it right.
Hugs for you and Roseland.

Hugs for the CP gang. Waves to dear Pisteuo.

Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is good.

(DK, what an awesome Tango Argentina vid! The best!)

Kay said...

Vick - since you have kept so many of Pisteuo's comments for reference, I am certain you have seen her views on tabloids/webloids as well. It seems more like direct provocation than just an opinion, to tell someone that has been very clear that they detest the very nature and existence of such places to post there. But that's just MY opinion.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND

As much as I tried to add some comic relief I see I was unsuccessful ....

Having read all the comments, I can see that we all come in with a slightly different view and sometimes communication doesn't come across as smoothly as we hope and a lot of misunderstanding all around us,

I'll just say this...very similar to what I tell my daughter...all this confrontational stuff does nothing but make things worse...nothing good ever comes out of mistreating or demeaning anybody...even trolls...

I'm not suggesting that we all have a group cyber hug but what I am suggesting is a cool down...everyone take a deep breath and relax

Go watch a sunset, go have a lovely dinner with your significant other, go tell a loved one that you love them, go comfort a friend that has just lost their job or just found out they have a heart condition or cancer...

All of this blog stuff is supposed to be fun, nothing to be taken overly serious.

I agree with little bits of everyone's posts but when things start to get too hot under the collar, remember that this is a fan blog, not a matter of life and death...try to put things in perspective and enjoy your life

Ok, I'm over and out ....

VickMonick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Vick, yes I am, and any time you feel like visiting us, you're more than welcome, I promise you we'll be more respectful of you than you've been of us.

Kami said...

Sorry, lied...I am "Co-Chief" cluck at Cluckingham Palace, with PL. While she has fled the country I am the 'acting Chief clucker". I have the title of Princess clucks alot and I am also the Cackle queen. lol And YES I am making light of what was said, it was utterly hysterical.

Pisteuo said...

Hmmm...so VickMonick, if you haven't read the disclaimer....then, you must not read her post very often...just junp to the comments do ya?? Then start ranting about something you know nothing of? (me specifically)Rose's disclaimer is always at the begining of each post. Not sure how you could miss it really.
Sounds like you have a few ruffled feathers there ya self. LOL!!
Sometimes when I post, I'm posting to the fandom in general....not an individual. If you should by chance find it offensive...then, likely it must be a sensitive subject for you and I hit a nerve. But, I sure have never had a problem addressing someone with whom I have an issue with.

It's nice to see you are paying close attention to what I say...it may prevent you from making a fool of yourself in the future.
Just remember, you called me out...so, you are the one with the issues. I'm only adressing your issues with me.
Last night I was basically defending another person's right to have a differing opinion and you are the one that took offense to MY opinions and called me out. And if you ever expect me to just ignore a diatribe...such as the one you just presented to me and me NOT respond to it...well, DREAM ON! LOL!!!

Kami said...

FYI just because something is deleted doesn't mean that there is not a record of it, especially if you sign up for the email. yall have a wonderful night!

Pisteuo said...

Here ya go VickMonick...Rose's disclaimer...so, you see, it's really is not all that serious! LOL!!

"The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental."

Does this help any with any of your issues?

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