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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear George...

Remember George?

He is my stuffed St. Bernard that
I have had since I was 9 years old.
 whenever I wrote in my journal
I always wrote it to George.
He was kinda my substitute for 
"Dear Diary"

I thought it was time to write to him again.
It's OK.
He can keep a secret.

Dear George.

Hi George,

 Long time no write.
 It's not that I don't have anything to say 
(we both know that would never be true)
 it's more like I'm not sure what to say
 or quite how to say it. 
I've been reflecting on the last few weeks 
in the Rob/Kristen fandom 
and trying to put my thoughts into words...
not an easy thing to do sometimes.
I guess the biggest realization is
 'can't win for losing'

I'm STILL a fan of Rob and Kristen.
 Together. Apart. Whatever.
For some reason people have a hard time with this.
I don't know why it matters to
 anyone else who I like
(or don't like)
if I talk about Kristen... 
well then I'm not Rob's fan
if I talk about Rob... 
of course that means I'm betraying Kristen somehow.
 See what I mean, George?
People need to realize that being a fan 
is all about ebb and flow. 
Sometimes there is a lot going on with one...
 over the other 
so naturally that's what you talk about.
Simple logic... right?
At least it should be.
 But alas, nothing is ever simple in this fandom.
 Or logical.
People are strange, George. 

I really haven't said much about 
Robs relationship with Twigs. 
Mostly because there isn't much for me TO say.

But at least I can admit there is a relationship...
 unlike some people.
(Give up on the marriage/baby bullshit already, OK?
Rob and Kristen would NEVER be in a relationship for PR)

I don't hate Twigs... 
I don't particularly like her either.
When I think about her 
I physically shrug my shoulders.

But you know me, George... 
I'm not going to hate on Twigs just  
because Rob is dating her now. 
It really doesn't matter if I like it or not... 
does it? 
Besides... I don't want to be like the 
Robsessed Nonstens who have hated on Kristen 
for the past 6 years.
Who needs all that bitter in their life?

I do find the whole 'Twigbert'
 thing pretty hilarious though
Gotta admit.
All the years of being called a Robsten Shipper
and now to have those same people 
fawning all over Twigs and shipping Rob and her...
Funny shit, George. Hilarious shit.
They are oohing and awing over her every move
because that's what "REAL" fans do.

I saw her on Fallon, George. 
I liked what she did with the huge scarves... very cool. 
Her singing? Not so much. Not my thing.
Can't pretend otherwise.
I wish this meant they would back the hell off Kristen 
(of course they won't...
they still discuss her and 2012 every day. 
Every fucking day. 
I bet a Ninnie somewhere is 
talking 'mini cooper' right now. Wanna bet?)
Everyone knows that 99% of their adoration 
is because she's NOT Kristen. 
You know how it goes, George...

There has been some comparison of Rob/Twigs to 
John Lennon and Yoko Ono 
(and I have to admit, George... 
when I saw recent pics... 
John Lennon did pop into my head)
You KNOW I have been a major Beatles fan 
since I was just a wee lass, 
so I know a bit about the whole Yoko deal... 
and to be honest, George... 
there are a few similarities.
Yoko was blamed for everything.
She supposedly broke up the Beatles!
Well according to disgruntled fans anyway.
Its easy to pin the blame on 
the quirky, weird avant-garde artist
who has seemingly bewitched their beloved hero.
Suddenly they're not the 'same' anymore
 They wear strange clothes. 
They behave differently. 
They don't look like themselves...
And it's all HER fault. 
The thing is.. people change. They grow.
No one remains the same forever... 
and who would want to?
Do I think Rob is influenced by Twigs? 
Aren't we all influenced by 
the people closest to us?
Whether we like it or not.
It is what it is.

I can't tell you how indifferent I am..

How extremely nonchalant 
I am about their relationship.
I was overly invested in Rob/Kristen 
Never again.
Thank GOD I learned my lesson years ago.
It makes things so much easier.
You live.
You learn.

I will ALWAYS love and be grateful 
for all the years that
Rob and Kristen gave us.
It doesn't diminish what 
they shared together.

Memories... light the corners of my mind...

Years of watching them fall in love... 
sharing a life.
No one can ever take that away from them... 
from us.
It was a wonderful ride. 
We had a lot of laughs.
We had a good run... didn't we?
And while Rob and Kristen are 
now riding in separate cars,
It's OK... It really is.
I think they are both where 
they want to be right now.
They both seem happy.
What more can you demand ask?

Misty water-colored memories... of the Way We Were.

And besides... you know how it goes.
There is nothing to say that the road 
they are on right now
won't someday intersect with the other...
You never know, George... You never know.
(This is where I add "love is long"... 
because well... it is)

Love is LONG.

Final Thoughts for the day, George.

1. Thanks for listening. 
You are a captive audience as always.

2. Some people still seem to think its my job 
to police the fandom. 
I'm supposed to "do something" about the hatred 
that is spewed out there. 
Like what exactly? 
Throw them in cyber jail?

I don't remember being given a badge. 
(but it would kinda be cool 
if you have one lying about)

Here's the deal.
I'm not responsible for what other people say.
That goes for people who follow me
 or whom I follow.
Just because I talk to someone 
who has a certain opinion...
Doesn't mean I share that opinion. 
The world is made of of DIFFERING opinions.
That's what makes it interesting.
If I only talked to people who agreed
 with my point of view 
it would not only be incredibly boring... 
but I'm sure the number of people 
I actually talked to would be quite small. 
What fun is that? 
And why would anyone limit yourself 
like that on a SOCIAL PLATFORM?
I am only responsible for my 
own words and actions.
I stand by every one.
I still adore BOTH Rob and Kristen 
and remain a fan of their work... 
and I can guarantee you have 
NEVER seen me disparage either of them. 
And you never will.
If you have a problem with something I have said?
Come talk to me and discuss it like an adult.
If you have a problem with something 
someone else has said?
Don't complain to me. 
Go to the source and deal with it.
Or you can lock and block 
and mute or unfollow.
Whatever floats your boat.

The Queen of Sundance.

3. Kristen attended the 
AFI Indie Contenders Roundtable.
Cool beans, George.
She was in awesome company 
and got to discuss her upcoming incredible movies.
You know, George...
I have always hesitated using 
the word "proud" in relation to people 
I don't personally know...
But dammit.
I'm fucking proud of her.
She's worked so hard. 
She's come so far.
And she deserves every bit of
 praise and admiration she is getting right now.
I'm looking forward to seeing more 
promo for her movies.
I can't wait.
She is endlessly interesting and captivating.
I couldn't be more thrilled 
and happy for her.
I. Adore. Her.

4. Oh dear Rob.
He shaved and cut his hair, George.
I'm wondering what it will look like without the hat.
I kinda feel how Rob looks in this picture.

But there is GOOD news!

BOTH Rob and Kristen are going 
to be at the Hollywood Film Awards this Friday. 
AND it's on TV!!

Unfortunately I already have plans so 
I won't be able to watch "Live"... 
but maybe that's just as well considering 
the drama at just the fact that 
Rob and Kristen would both be attending.

Might as well get used to it.
It's going to happen from time to time.
That's what happens when people 
make movies and go to festivals 
and award shows. 
I'm sure this is only the beginning.

5. I will never forget this... 
and forever want to see it again.

6. I adore shaggy beardy Tom.
Hell. I just adore Tom. Period.

This post has been brought 
to you by acceptance.

It really does bring peace.

Thanks George.

Until next time.

Bye for now


lemoine idiane said...

merci « Ne regarde ni en avant ni en arrière, regarde en toi-même, sans peur ni regret. Nul ne descend en soi tant qu'il demeure esclave du passé ou de l'avenir. »
Émile Michel .....

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Rational, Wise, Rose...Hello!!

My interest in Rob and Twigs relationship is as frigid as the tempeture in Antarctica. Don't care or like Twigs, at all. But not to worry, not gonna open a BLOG to hate on her. I have better things to do with my time.

I do adore Rob, very much so, and it's very tough to see people turning their back on him and hating him. As if, it wasn't alraedy fucking unbearable to see the hate Nonnies, said about Kristen and Nonberts said about Rob, now it is the people that were suppose to be fans talking shit about him...I fucking hate it.
I also, don't like the situation, but to go as far to hate Rob...FUCK NO. NEVER!! you don't have to bring one down to bring one up.

But Hey, we have Friday to look foward. And, the way I see, both Kristen and Rob deserve to be there on there own merit. Whatever bulshit media wants to create it's up to each to ignore it...I know, I will.

Love Rob. Love Kristen. Flaws and all. Always.

Take care everyone

coleandrey60 said...

Love both Rob and Kristen and wish them all the luck in their careers.

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie said...

I'm a first time poster on your blog but have followed for several years. Like you, I was over invested in Kristen/Rob. My boss always says "It is what it is". I guess that works here and helps me to find a peaceful place and concentrate on their careers while still holding out hope that Love is Long. How about them Packers!

Rae H. said...

Rose I agree that Rob reminds me of John Lennon to look at. John stood up for a lot of causes my great aunt said. Rob has said over and over that he doesn't want to be responsible for anything. So the similarities stop at the wardrobe; except for one thing they possess/possessed polarizing attraction.

John pulled people in with his talent. Honestly, I don't know how Rob does it. He just draws people to him. That's great if you're an actor. Or an activist. Funny but I can't see Rob in that light though.

I don't know FKA Twigs. But I can't see her being a good influence on anyone; and whatever else people may say about Yoko Ono did she did that well. My aunt says she woke John up to the world and the idea of change. That all people had it in them to make a difference. He tried. So thanks for mentioning him in your post.

By the way, I think I love George.
Can I borrow him?

Hannah Pennick said...

Rae..Once again we're both commenting on RPI.

Regarding that polarizing attraction, I think some people are just born with it. I think Rob's one of them. Kristen is another. Just look at how people rallied around her like Joan of Arc rallying the French troops. That's how fervent we were in our devotion in 2012 when she needed us most. Kristen is strong and she knows it.

Rob is also strong but I don't think he knows how strong yet. He's more aimless, directionless. If he ever focuses on a goal he gets it. But then he turns around and calls it luck. He doesn't believe in himself enough. Not the way Kristen believes in herself.

These two are only in their twenties. What a great impact they could/will make in a long life.

I wish them both well in their careers and their personal life whoever they end up sharing it with.

But I still wish it was with each other.

Laurie Tanner said...

I love your blog never have left you a message but BRAVO you put in to words how I feel as well. Except I'm kinda mad at Rob but sae la vie to each his own. Thanks for your honesty and sharing your George ;)

Andrea Gomez said...
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Andrea Gomez said...

you are pathetic now! Rob doesn't look happy with her, not you see the pictures ?, his gaze is as sad, tired so excuse me but what I see is not happiness

Anonymous said...

Rose, I am reading your thoughts about the Rob and Kristen thing.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are hurt that Rob has moved on with another woman.
Are you hurt because you think Kristen is hurt?
Are you hurt because you feel that Rob and Kristen should stay together forever?
When I am reading your words, I think you are in turmoil over the new reality.
I am sorry, but I just see you in a conflict.
I do not feel like that.
Were you making an analogy that Twigs is Yoko?
Was that what you were saying? Again, I am just trying to understand what you mean.
John never went back to Cyn. You know that.
It's very possible that Rob will not go back to Kristen. And very possible that Kristen has moved on as well. I don't understand the longing you feel that Rob and Kristen will one day find their way back to each other. Can't we just be happy to enjoy their films? The personal stuff ain't our business.
Right? Well, at least I feel like that.
Two days ago I was enjoying Kristen in Camp XRay.
Fabulous little film. She was super.
Please don't be hurt, Rose.

Rose said...

Im not hurt. At all. Wait... That's not quite true...
Your stupidity is painful.
I don't think I've ever had anyone be so completely and utterly fucking wrong in trying to 'understand' what I was saying. Ever. And in six years...
That's saying a lot.
I don't think Kristen is hurt... I think she's having the time of her life and focusing on her career.
In fact the only people who are hurt... Are the ones who are subjected to your pathetic attempt to be all witty and clever. Ouch.
Please don't be hurt, Auj.
Just go away.

Birdie said...

So misunderstood. I am looking forward to Friday. I really want to see what is under that hat. As always,I love seeing them both in legitimate settings and not being stalked on the street. So a win-win.

Have a great day, Rose and Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

OMG-so funny (tears run swift), those last few comments. Take em' down, dear lady.

DreamerKind said...

Don't mean you!

DreamerKind said...

Catching is a RK talent

Time After Time

Eva Cassidy (1996):

Lying in my bed I hear
The clock tick
And think of you

Turning in circles
Is nothing new

Flashback to warm nights
Almost left behind
Suitcases of memories
Time after

Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me
I can't hear
What you've said

Then you say
Go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

If you're lost you can look
And you will find me
Time after time

If you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Time after time

After your picture fades
And darkness has
Turned to gray
Watching through windows
I'm wondering
If you're OK

Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time
You said go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

If you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Time after time

Time after time
Time after time

Thanks to/EvaCassidy

Chelsea said...

I just think it's funny that the 2 pics you use to illustrate the good times show Rob goofing off with a dog while Kristen goes on her merry way, ignoring both of them, and in the other, he's still clutching his cell phone, not holding her hand. She's desperately trying to cling to him the way she always did, and he can't be bothered to put his cell phone in his pocket or shift to the other hand.

What does that tell you, really? He wasn't nearly as invested in that relationship as you wished he was. He knows how to hold hands, he's demonstrated that in the past month. He knows how to open the door for a lady, how to make sure she gets in and out of a car safely, how to be protective. We have new pics showing all these things.

You at least admit you were overinvested, but upon examination, maybe it wasn't nearly all you thought it was. It burnt out a long time before Rupert. And I don't care if you delete this or not. You don't seem like you're up to lying to yourself any more, which is admirable.

Nick Burton said...

@AUJ__Stop being an ass. Rose was wishing Rob and Kristen were still as happy as they use to be.

Have you taken a look at Rob lately?
If that's your idea of a happy man, I take it you have a few chained in your basement.

Don't try to talk like you know more than Rose does. Her dog George has more brains than you do.

Nick Burton said...

Chelsea__So you're an expert at interpreting pictures.

I need to send you copies of the John F. Kennedy assassination files.

You can set the NSA, the FBI, and his family straight on what really happened.

Yeah, right.

Marsha said...

191Good ones, Nick!! LMAO!!

...a fan said...

Sweet Rose,

I agree with you about so many things and I love that I can not agree with you on some things and still be welcome here. I view several blogs and have come to realize if you are not 100% in line with their way of thinking you are not welcome.

If I had a clear understanding of what the real truth was - well I would have the Keys to the Kingdom, wouldn't I?

I am truly not sure of what the truth is - the Twigs thing feels false, the married factor lacks proof and the support of anyone...but Kristen - infuriates me. It is so disrespectful. Anyone is fine as long as it is not Kristen. To imply that she is not worthy is laughable.

Kristen's path seems clear and bright and I wish her only good things. I missed so much in this fandom mostly due to lack of interest but I have always been a fan. Speaking of fans - I am one of yours.

mirelastancu73 said...

Maybe one day we'll see them together again. But until then, I say goodbye to them and I will focus only on their careers. Not on their relationships.

mirelastancu73 said...

Maybe one day we'll see them together again. But until then, I say goodbye to them and I will focus only on their careers. Not on their relationships.

coleandrey60 said...

Funny Chelsea, I still see Rob and Kristen, both as very private people working very hard to keep their lives just that, private. Maybe that is why you never see either of them talk about it. So truthfully, you don't have a clue of what Rob is thinking, feeling and neither do I, but I can appreciate his and Kristen's work ethics and wish them the best and so should you.

You reference pictures of their dogs and holding hands with a cell phone in the way but you didn't mention her birthday party that he was part of or that they went to Conchella together. Or did you forget those. There were PDA's there that you forgot to mention. Even when they were mobbed by the papz. No you are not funny, you are sad.

Anonymous said...

Really, @chelsea? You're really trying to condescend to Rose about HER investment in R/K when it's obvious that you are/were just as rabidly interested as any of us? I hope you are young - cuz it's not cool for an adult to be so lacking in self awareness.

And ooohhhhh the irony at you accusing anyone of lying to themselves about RK. Because for you to cite all the ways Rob has shown himself to be a good boyfriend to his new lady and then claim that he demonstrated none of these things with Kristen is dishonest, at best - deluded, at worst.

BudDaimond said...

I have not commented on this site before.
Nick - I am a huge fan of your comebacks and remarks. Always brighten up my day. Yours and CD's. Thank you!

Sheryl Hamblin said...

Feeling you totally❤

blizzy cat said...

Loved your comments Rose. One thing really bothers me and that is the banner you still have it. I don't think it fits any longer. Do you? But it's your blog and you can do as you please, just asking.

Nick Burton said...

bitchy cat___Do you hand out advice to everyone? Or just the people you want to piss off?

Who gives a shit what bothers you?
Or what you think?

Not this country boy.

Damn right, it's Rose's blog FOR
people who like Rob and Kristen
together. And yes she can do as she pleases.

Since it's plain that you don't like RK what are you even doing here letting your opinions leak all over the place.

The next time you want to pass some shit around try using your sand box.

Bitchy cats always where you don't want them.

blizzy cat said...

Nick, I see that you are a bully and want to push your opinions on everyone else, so if that is what you like to do, so be it. Rose has changed a lot of things when R/K broke up and all I was doing was asking about the banner. Don't you have a job to go to or something instead of on a chit chat site with us old women.

Nick Burton said...

I figured you were of an age to think it was Your Right to be nosy,
pushy, bitchy.

Yeah I got a job, second shift.

Just because you are fortunate enough to have time on your hands, it doesn't mean you have the right to be rude.

If Rose thought the banner was unsuitable, it wouldn't be there, now would it Ms. Cat

Lady, I am from the South, and I know a Southern Belle put down when I hear one; even if you are not in fact from the South.

I stand by my comment.You were being a bitchy cat. Or a catty bitch, whichever you prefer.

Nick Burton said...

Bud Diamond___It's nice to have another guy on site. CD must have other fish to fry.

I enjoyed your critique of Miss Twigs music. I don't care what age you are either music is good or it is not. Her's is not.

If you have to be a certain age to appreciate it then obviously something is being lost in translation or performance.

Catch you later. Time to get ready for work.

Barbara said...

@Nick. Bravo !Bravo! putting the cat back in the box. We ladies on DIDY? adore you, you are OUR favourite Southern Gentleman. Please take a Bow, and remember all the ladies on didy miss you so much.xxxxx

ADD said...

I don't care about Rob and Kristen's relationships. I don't know anything about Rob's new gf. I don't know her age, full name and never listened to her music. I'll do the same with Kristen's next bf. My focus is their job.

Kristen's getting great reviews for Still Alice and COSM. Soooo good...she deserves it all.

DreamerKind said...

Quite the week so far. Friday shall be fabulous! After all, whatever it may bring, it is a Friday!

Light snow is on the ground in my now.

DreamerKind said...

For the wonderfulness of Rob!

The Wonder of You

The Platters:

When no-one else can understand me
When everything I do is wrong
You give me love and consolation
You give me hope to carry on

And you try to show your love
For me
In everything you do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you

And when you smile
The world is brighter
You touch my hand
And I'm a king

Your kiss to me
Is worth a fortune
Your love for me
Is everything

And you're always there
To lend me a hand
In everything
I try to do

Oh, you'll never know
How much I love you
My love for you
Is yours alone

And oh, it's so wonderful
To have you
To have you for
My very own

I'll guess I'll never know
The reason why
You love me like you do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you

Thanks to/DollysMix

DreamerKind said...

The big reveal

All You Need Is Love


Thanks to/MegaSlammaJamma

DreamerKind said...

Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dee! Tweet!

Spiritual Truths @TheGodLight

"You must stand up & be counted, for God needs people with strong hearts to quench the fire of injustice."

DreamerKind said...

Lovers gather 'round

Old Devil Time

Pete Seeger:

Old devil time, I'm goin' to fool you now!
Old devil time, you'd like to bring me down!
When I'm feeling low, my lovers gather 'round
And help me rise to fight you one more time!

Old devil fear, you with your icy hands,
Old devil fear, you'd like to freeze me cold!
When I'm sore afraid, my lovers gather 'round
And help me rise to fight you one more time!

Old devil pain, you often pinned me down,
You thought I'd cry, and beg you for the end
But at that very time, my lovers gather 'round
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Old devil hate, I knew you long ago,
Then I found out the poison in your breath.
Now when we hear your lies, my lovers gather 'round
And help me rise to fight you one more time!

No storm nor fire can ever beat us down,
No wind that blows but carries us further on.
And you who fear, oh lovers, gather 'round
And we can rise and sing it one more time!

Thanks to/Luisa Tedde

BudDaimond said...

Thanks Nick. I say it like I found it. You can check out my tumblr for more lengthy observations about other matters regarding this fandom.

For a while I thought this place will pick up and come alive again. What happenned to Rose's message of not policing the fandom/blog, and respecting differing opinions. The very fact that we are all here on this blog forum is saying that not only Rob's and Kristen's work are being discussed, everything else they are showing us are open for discussion. i.e. who Rob is trying to show us too.

Sticking to the career discussion, just watched 'The Rover' DVD this morning, so much to say but then I am not a professional movie critic. Good job Rob! Kristen is finally shutting the critics left right and center for her outstanding performances in all her upcoming movies.

Happy now? Have a good day people!

Hannah Pennick said...

Barbara..I agree. Nick takes no prisoners when it comes to people dissing Rob, Kristen, or the ladies who make it possible to be in this great fan club.

I miss him too.

blizzy cat said...

Nick, I didn't know you had a third job, being police patrol of Rose's blog. I surrender, I surrender.

BudDaimond said...

Blizzy Cat. I am in no way dissing Nick with my comments about policing blog/fandom. It was meant for someone else.

From my analogy of the 'situation' here. We are all in this house of Rose as guests, enjoying her opinions. Just imagine served some free food (food opinions/perspectives).

There are some guests who entered, commented that the walls of the house sucks, and pictures should be replaced because 'it bothered her'. And go on and give personal insults on the decor or other offerings.

Nick is just putting that 'guest' in place. I am just trying to keep the evening interesting with discussion on the food served, but somehow someone suggested that we can only talk about the wine served. Or as frequent guests of the house, dictate that we should only compliment the offerings and not venture out beyond the topics of food being served.Get my drift?

Anyway, I wasted too much time on this. Getting out of here, thanks Rose! Nice of you to open up your house. You (and tempest)have provided me a small sane voice in 2012 amidst the chaos and noise out in the neighborhood, and for that I am grateful. Congrats on your 6 years anniversary!

Nick Burton said...

blizzy cat__How about we both surrender and just go with this is Rose's blog and her choices are her choices.

I have so much respect for these ladies who run these blogs. It's my guess that for every nice thing they receive in their inbox they get ten that find fault or are angry over something.

I would have given up long ago,so
these ladies and Rob and Kristen have my utmost respect.

When it comes to people I like, I guess I sort of live by the Disney quote from Bambi's rabbit friend Thumper, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

I hope we better understand each other now. Have a good day..Nick

PipDancer said...

With the limited info we all have access to, I believe Rob and the Brit Pack are giving a musician friend exposure in the U.S. Some photos show them walking together in a friendly way, until paps are spotted. Then comes the hand holding. Rob looks like a protective big bro, not a man in love, when he's with Twigs. He knows how to work the paps and how to disappear when he wants to. I do believe he and Kristen are still together: privately planned their careers, took their relationship completely private, and once they have achieved their career goals, along with age and maturity, will take the big step. Very wise couple. The reason so many Hollywood marriages don't make it is that they think they're in love while filming but once that's over it doesn't take long for the infatuation to fade.
I've never seen a photo of Rob or Kristen look at anyone the way they look at each other. Their love was real and deep, and frankly rare.
I don't believe there's a baby yet, I saw one photo that Kristen's tummy looked like she might be pregnant but with so much photo manipulation it's hard to believe. I see them as hands on, completely devoted to absorbing every minute of development of their baby once they take that step.
Either way, Kristen is positively glowing with happiness - what fantastic parents she has. Rob looks happy and more confident than ever, except in the off guard photos with his musical friend.
Time will tell. I just wish these young fans would focus on their own lives, making the best of themselves, rather than investing so much energy on hate and on the romantic status of two people they will never know. They aren't Edward and Bella; they are Robert and Kristen. Real people. Living real lives. They are setting an example for others to live by, not argue and obsess over.

Andromeda said...

PipDancer I can't argue with your positive attitude nor with your advice that negative fans would be better off focusing their attention on their own problems instead of the ones they think Rob and Kristen have.

I haven't been a fan near as long as most who comment have been. But from all that I've seen and heard since I've been in this fan base; it is glaringly clear that as obsessed as most of their fans are (me included)that Rob and Kristen can never have a transparent and public life.

They have no option but to go ninja and play their distraction games. Hey whatever keeps the fans talking but comes nowhere close to their Real Life.

Their close friends and associates who never have anything but good things to say about them have my greatest regard. They know the truth about all of this and remain steadfastly loyal to both Rob and Kristen. So to me what is not being said is much more informative than what is being said. Much more.

blizzy cat said...

I am not telling people what to think or say but I don't understand why two people would want to hide the best part of being together and that is being out and about with each other having fun in the world instead of hiding and only being seen with their friends. Just doesn't make sense and the pictures of Rob and Tahliah seemed very real. JMO.

Hannah Pennick said...

blizzy cat..You are of course entitled to your opinion; but what I don't get is why you are posting it on a site dedicated to Rob and Kristen.

Do you think the majority of people here care what anyone's thoughts are on Rob and Miss Twigs? I assure you they don't. While we're on the subject are there not websites dedicated to Miss Twigs and Rob? If so I am sure you're input would be invaluable there.

What you are doing is the equivalent of trying to sell a Nissan car to people fascinated
with a Mercedes Benz. The response will always be, No Sale try next door.

You do know this site was established as a Rob AND Kristen site don't you? To discuss their life and their careers. I for one could not care less what is going on in Miss Twigs life and career. So to sum up my thoughts on the subject, could you please give it a rest?

Sheesh lady how many hints do you need?

Robert said...

hey yall

just stuck my nose in to see what was happening on rose's blog and, no surprise at all, things are raging right along

i think [not that anyone cares] that this is great. think about it this is in a very small way part of what keeps both of them newsworthy.

of course neither one really needs us going at each other, i mean kristen took two whole years off and came back better than she was when she left. hell, both of them are working with people who could be mentors. i have no problem seeing rob carve out a career like guy pearce and likewise kristen with julianne or juliette.

anyway just thought i would check in on guys
nice chatting with you

DreamerKind said...

So good to see your post! Been thinking about you. How's the band/music going?

Robert said...

hey there dk, thanks for asking. good to hear from you again

had to put the music thing on hold for the semester. parkinson's and old age have made it so i can only do or the other

i have a month off for christmas so i'll try to do some music then

how are things on you end?

blizzy cat said...

Hannah, actually this site started as a Rob only site and I am a Rob only fan and you are right, if I am a Rob only fan I don't need to be here. Your comment reference however between a Nissan and Mercedes Benz was low. This site has turned into a Kristen only site, all of just tolerate Rob, so I am off and leave your fantasy to you.

Rose said...

Blizzy... seriously?
Good grief.
Why must you come here just to tell everyone you are leaving?
If you want to leave... then LEAVE.
No announcement is necessary.
And I doubt anyone would have noticed...

Nick Burton said...

Rose, there's just no pleasing some people. You addressed her original gripe which was that the banner of Rob and Kristen together was no longer appropriate.

Then just because Hannah likened the difference in Twiggs and Kristen to the difference between a Nissan and a Mercedes Benz she gets her feathers ruffled again.

On talent and reputation alone Hannah called it right. (Nice call Hannah)

Clearly this cat can't take the fire of being nosy, pushy and bitchy in this fan base; because someone is always going to step on her tail for that. She will not be missed.

Rose said...

No, Nick... There is no pleasing some people... That's true. But I didn't change my banner because of her or anyone else. I came across the current picture while going through some folders and it made me smile. That's all it takes. I'm fickle when it comes to banner pics.

DreamerKind said...

All is well with me. My daughter gets married in 17 days! Ode to love and joy. May they come to us all or stay if present.

lemoine idiane said...

Dancing In The Dark

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Dancing in the dark by Bruce Springsteen in Born in The USA

Robert said...

congratulations on the wedding news you must be so excited

i have a high school reunion to look forward to, kinda pales in comparison

talk about timing, i just finished burning CDs of my favorite Springsteen songs. took me 7 CDs to get them all on there. the man is one prolific son of a bitch

thank you so much for your beautiful words, once again i'm amazed at your ability to keep posting, especially with all of the crap you have to deal with, i know i could never do it, but I also wanna thank you for giving the rest of us a place to put our two cents in.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


So good to see your comments. It's been awhile. Take care

...a fan said...

Just stopped by to check in and I have to say, I just love this place. It is one of the few sites I visit regularly and I can't get over how civilized it is. I am a huge fan of Rose's. I have long thought she stood high above most other bloggers and continue to think so. She's talented, grounded, sincere and more importantly noble. Rose allows others to come here and share their words even if they differ from her own, very rare these days.

Nick and Robert I have enjoyed reading your posts, so thanks for taking the time. DK, kudos on your daughter's wedding, you by all accounts appear to be a lovely woman and I wish your daughter well.

I am a fan of Tempest's as well but for my money, Rose, you are just the best. In a sea of crazy you outshine everyone.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, I don't know, those class reunions are a gas especially 40 years and beyond. Best wishes!

Thanks. I like you too.

Darcy smiled and said, "You are perfectly right. You have employed your time much better. No one admitted to the privilege of hearing you can think anything wanting. We neither of us perform to strangers."

DreamerKind said...

Might as well party!

Having A Party

Sam Cooke:

Thanks to/Aaron Weeks

DreamerKind said...

What is it about Gershwin's "Porgy & Bess" that enchants me? Is it that a women chooses a man who does his all, to protect her, despite the odds?

"You must sing and dance for two, instead of one. Morningtime, and wintertime and summertime."

Bess, You Is My Woman Now

Leontyne Price, William Warfield: Porgy & Bess duet (1963)

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DreamerKind said...

For Syd!

The Band of the Black Watch

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DreamerKind said...

That's a long time!

The 12th of Never:

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Thanks to/GiseleMacKenzieTunes

DreamerKind said...

The joy every morning would bring! Sunshine in everyone's sky! Every man as free as a bird.

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Harry Secombe (1963):

Thanks to/peterawilliams

Kathy said...

Great post Rose !!! It's nice coming to a blog that is realistic and not filled with the ideas of non-existant marriages and babies. I always hoped that Rob and Kristen would 'make it' as a couple. I'll admit I don't like seeing him with Twigs...at all, but they both seem happy right now. I guess that's all that matters. Thank you Rose for always seeing things so clearly and for keeping it real,and for not being delusional and giving people false hope. Have a good weekend.

DreamerKind said...

Kristen/Rob/Superman/Robin Hood live

I Believe In You

Don Williams:

Thanks to/J.R. Ramos

silvermau said...

wow lots of differences of opinion, but little freedom to express it without backlash. The first sentence from"a fan" was the voice of reason not followed "
I agree with you about so many things and I love that I can not agree with you on some things and still be welcome here. "
Why is always the same thing. If you do not agree I will ask you to leave "my blog" or the person is attacked?
Humans process what they see differently and I respect those differences. I love Rob, but I have a friend who sees things polar opposite of what is going on in his life from the few pictures we have. We totally disagree but I respect she is entitled to her opinion. I just say, time will tell. To the situation of Rob, Kristen, Twig, baby, and marriage, time will tell. ALL the rest is opinion, speculation, or wishful thinking.
Hope I will be allowed to express that opinion without similar backlash. It is for this reason, I rarely comment on what I believe is going on in Roberts life simply because a. I really do not know and b. the backlash is not worth it.