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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, January 12, 2015

First Thoughts for 2015

Well hot damn.
It's been a helluva 2015 so far in the fandom.
Huh? Right?
Not really?

What's been happening?
Let's discuss, shall we?

1. For once...
It's not Rob and Twigs all over Internet.
So there are still sightings 
and lame ass articles telling everyone
how Rob's family supposedly ADORES Twigs.
(Is there such a thing as sarcastic goosebumps?)

And for reasons unbeknownst to me...
There seems to be some debate as to where
Rob is these days.
Analyzing pictures.
Looking at the color of the water.
Studying the fringe on the huts on the beach.
Discussing the depth and weight of the sand.

2. I wanted to talk about pics of that actress
who has been in popular movies based on popular books
and who has dated a British guy.

There seems to be some controversy because
she likes to hang out with her BFF...
A lot.

Photo Assumption?

Big Smiles.

She takes her to the Oscars
and parties with her

And oh look...
They hold hands.

They vacation in Hawaii together.
Share a hotel room...
Drink wine and hang out in their PJs.

Get up close.
(See how you could interpret this picture?)

Just hugging it out.

(And they take naked pics together, too
but we won't post those...)

So tell me again why its a big deal?
It's just girlfriends being girlfriends...

Oh shit.
Wrong actress.

The point I'm trying to make?

A. I actually like Jennifer Lawrence.
But I've always found it fascinating how
Jennifer can do many of the same things
that Kristen does...
And doesn't get the same assumptions.

B. I'm not saying Kristen and Alicia 
aren't in a relationship.
I'm not saying they are.
It doesn't matter to me in the least.
It doesn't change how I feel about Kristen.
At all.
And it doesn't change the fact that she
was in a 5 year relationship
with Robert Pattinson, either.

I'm just saying...
(and this is what I've always tried to say)
That you can't judge and label someone
by a few pictures that represent mere seconds
of someone's life.
We don't know what is going on...
is photo assumption and speculation.
All. Of. It.
We Know Nothing.

Someone sent this article to me


"So, hey, speculate away about the existence
 of romance if you absolutely must, 
but let's leave the self-satisfied sexuality stereotypes out of it
 — and stop slapping people with labels 
they haven't chosen for themselves."


This post is brought to you by...

1. Don't you love how some of the 'Rob Onlys'
are all claiming to be 'happy' for Kristen?
Like they are fooling anyone.
Suddenly they are so accepting and wonderful
when it comes to Kristen...
As fucking if.

2.  Oh Pinocchio!
Your nose is growing...
You need to stop with the lies.

No marriage. No baby.
No PR (Ever)
If you have to constantly scramble and make up excuses
every time a new pic of Rob/Twigs shows up
and scream FAKE! OLD! MANIP!
You've got a problem.
It's called...
Here's the deal...
Outside of this fandom
few people really give a shit
who Rob and/or Kristen are dating.
I know they are a big deal to us...
and we care about them.
But everyone else?
Not so much.
There is no need to go to such extreme lengths
to 'protect' their family.
There isn't any conspiracy to shield their 'baby'
The reason you don't see pictures of
Rob and Kristen together
is because... well...
they aren't together.
And the reason you haven't seen any mention
or pictures of "sweet pea"
is because... well...
there is no Sweet Pea.
It's really that simple.

3. Nicholas Hoult

Guess what?
I think he's beyond adorable.
And guess what else?
I still think he and Kristen would be cute together.
But for those with reading comprehension...
let me spell it out.


I might think people are captivating together
(like Sam and Cait)
I might think some couples are beyond charming
(like Andrew and Emma)
But shipping?
Not gonna happen.
Except for Rob and Kristen.
I will always have shipper love for them.
First ship.
Real ship.
I guess there really is no getting over
your first true ship.

4. Tom Sturridge.


Another "EFFIE GRAY" trailer was released.

Tom's voice.
I can't...

And that face.
and that voice.

5. To the Pressed Fringe out there
Thank you for letting me live
inside your head.


Until next time.

Bye for now


...a fan said...

You're right, I was wrong. I get sucked in all the time. I wait for information and they buy into the first stuff I get.

Your comparison between Jen and Kristen made me see that.

I saw Alicia and assumed. I saw a bit of a belly and assumed. Done with that and ready to admit, I have no idea what the truth is and may never know. I do know that she seems so much happier these days though.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I love the picture at the top of your blog talk about 6 sexy men.
Anyway, I won't deny I do visit that other blog that claims that there is a baby and such but I find it entertaining but then again I feel bad for the person that is running that blog. The thing is sooner or later it is all going to come out and has even started to with the whole thing about Rob being with someone else.
I am happy for them because they both seem happy. It was wonderful to "ship" R/K while we had it but lately I've gone back to the very first "ship" that I ever liked and have found out that not only were they together on screen but off how fun is that. I would have never known about this back in 1983 but now with the net people know a lot more. I wish that we were still in a world without the net and rampant tabloids but alas we aren't. However, we all have the free will to read what we want and don't want.
Thank you for the great post Rose and for keeping it real even though I do like a bit of fantasy every now and then.

Brenda said...

You are miles ahead of those who still believe all the nonsense. :-)

Brenda said...

Thanks for the Effie Gray trailer, Rose. I had not seen that.

valéria said...

Obviously! Kristen is not a lesbian! but..;why when you see these photos of JenLaw you don't think they sleep together? and Alicia and Kristen's photos together smell like sex? Sad, Kristen is bissexual ,she's with Alicia now, and you should find another girl/avatar bland and average to project your Rob's fantasies. Meanwhile...Rob and his real girlfriend are f....senseless in Maldives.

Lydia Callwood said...

all of you that are robs friends are full of shit all of you laughed in her face acted with her and now youall don't want to have anything to do with her its a shame

MG said...

Believe what you all want to meet your agendas, and just because you do it does not make it so.

Stop with your constant scrutinizing of pictures or anything else related to Kristen, because at the end of the day, you don't know shit.

Let her live her life, she does not owe you anything. Rose I agree 100% with your blog. Enough is enough.

guest one said...

The pictures of Krisen and Alicia walking into Rite Aid ,four or five pictures of Kristen with her arm around Alicia's shoulders and looking for the papps. I don't know what she is up to, so I leave it alone. I think though,, Kristen and Rob had a three year relationship, from 2009 to 2012, unless you count the going back to her until 5/2013, but it makes no difference anymore. I think the longer there are pictures of Rob and T together, all the hate will slowly come to an end. I know HKN has started another baby #2, but if that is what they love to do, it is no one's business but their's. Loved the banner. I hope they stay good friends for life.

Anonymous said...

@guest one-Their relationship started when Kristen was 17 so you need to add a few year to their relationship...it wasn't 2009 when it began. Also I really believe that HKN and the other one that claims that there is a baby are one in the same. Anyway just let them be in the end they are going to have egg on their face when there is never a record of a baby and there is no record of an official marriage. It will come out sooner or later.

@Valeria- I have no clue what you are trying to say but I think you are on the wrong blog. Here we respect Rob and Kristen's choices for who they chose to be with no matter who it is. We understand that they aren't together now...we get it don't know why you have to come here and say anything that we don't already know.

We are here to appreciate Rob and Kristen as individuals and to support them in what makes them happy.

Lydia Callwood said...

Guest I agree with you they need to leave kristen alone she will find someone to love her the way she is faults and all because no one is perfect as rose said he is with twigs now and not kristen apparently he likes the lime light now with kristen he didn,t like the paps he's with twigs now let it all hand out you go boy can,t Waite for him to start making a new movie

Rose said...

@valeria - you see pictures of Kristen/Alicia and they smell like sex?
And you claim to know that Rob /Twigs are fucking senseless in Maldives...
And I'm the one with fantasies?

Sorry... But I don't have Rob OR Kristen fantasies...
But obviously you have enough for everyone!

Rose said...

@Lydia Callwood- what the HELL are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, Rose. Brilliant comparison with those J Law photos. The only thing that makes me wonder about the K/A photos are those close ups of them sitting on the beach. K looks adoring. And I admit, that made me very happy for them, if they are indeed a "them." But what do I know? Dick shit, that's what :) It sure is nice to see everyone looking happy, though.

I always look forward to hearing from you. Happy 2015 Rose!!

Jan Huether said...

Nicely put Rose:) As always.

I'm ready to close this door, and wish them both all the best. They were my one and only ship as well....never again lol.

Of course, I have to say it made me smile to see you mention Sam and Cait:) I love those books and the new tv series! Think they have a great PROFESSIONAL relationship which enhances their performance together. Very sweet....I feel the pull, but will never go there again. I have a life that needs me more lol.


Lydia Callwood said...

who ever answered my statement on what was said and didn't like what i said to bad i have the right to say om opinion thats how i feel about everything that is said about kristen everybody like isaid is aganist her for cheating is full of shit i didn't say anything bad about rob and his friends sorry if youall didn't like what i said

Birdie said...

Logical as always, Rose. A trait I do admire. Rob and Kristen brought out the romantic in me. They were quite special together but I think they remain special apart.
How unfortunate that you still draw those occasional immature loons,too weird.

Have a great day, Rose and Roseland!

Rae H. said...

valeria You like fantasies? Here's one for you. I see a lady's tent erected years ago, beautiful and bright.

It's got some age on it it now and it's not as full of laughter and joy as it use to be.

Now it's become a place for things like you to come and shit and tell the ladies still here to grin and like it.

You don't even have the good manners of a dog who would turn around and eat it.

You leave your stinking piles around like decorations for other people's life.

You're rude and proud of it.Smug and stupid.

You should be deleted. Erased out of civil people's life.

You're a carbuncle on the ass of this whole site's existence and nothing would please me more than to see you gone. Blocked forever.

Rose can do that you know. She doesn't have to take your shit.


Rose sorry for intruding I won't bother you again.

I really hate what your once beautiful place has become.

I was angry with you earlier for just such instances as IT.

Not everyone is entitled to freedom of expression. As far as I see it each blog belongs to the owner.

This is the United States of Rose.
And Valeria just shit all over Texas.

Rose said...

I agree Rae... It's so easy to get rid of the trash. 💩

Chelsea said...

You can desperately reach with pics of Jen and her friend all you want, but the problem is that both Jen and her BFF are both heterosexual, not bi or gay. They've both always been with men, not women. They're like sisters, and you don't f..k your sister, do you?

No one can say Kristen and Alicia are like sisters, and Alicia has always been an out and proud lesbian, check her tumblr where she gives advice about coming out.

That's the difference in your little JenLaw scenario. Neither she nor her friend are lesbians.

There are pics of Alicia wearing her initial "A" ring from 2013, and Kristen has been wearing it for months, she wore it today in her interview. Alicia has been living in Kristen's home for over a year, they went on a romantic NYE holiday to Hawaii, where they also went over the 4th of July. Looks like that's their place.

You should just be happy that she's happy and has someone to share her life with.

And we all know that Rob and Taliah were at the One and Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives, pics don't lie. I don't think he will ever be photographed with Kristen again, judging by the way he avoided her at the Hollywood Awards. That man is over and done with her, he's moved on and looks more content than ever.

Rose said...

@Chelsea - Are you purposely being thick? I have never seen such reading comprehension problems in my life.
The whole point of putting up the pics of JLaw and her Bff wasn't to show that they are together! Duh.
The point I was trying to make was:
1. It's all about picture assumption and who you are talking about.... And what you want to see.
I'm not desperately reaching for anything.
But you seem to be.
I admitted in my post that Kristen/Alicia could very well be in a relationship... I don't know... Or care.
But you seem hell bent on proving that they are...
You don't know Kristen/Alicia's living arrangements, if their vacations are romantic, nor what the "A" ring means. You are projecting and assuming based on some pictures and what YOU want to see.
So you see... You've made my point. Thanks.

As for Rob / Twigs? I have no doubt that they are together... I never said otherwise.
But it's good to know you're in his texting circle and he keeps you apprised of how he feels about Kristen and his feelngs of contentment.... Or is this just more ASSumptions?
Thought so.

zsuzsip said...

Love the banner Rose,yes R&K were in a real loving relationship for 4 years,who they are with now,its their business as I'll never go there again,just wish them luck in their future&career!

Lydia Callwood said...

This is my opinion on kristen and rob youall need to take down all the pictures of rob and kristen since their not together and talk about rob and twigs. I just think that what Tom and his girlfriend did to kristen is unfair I love both of them and their movies I don,t really see why the whole American world hate kristen like that all these blogs are just writing shit about her calling her a lesbian and all kind of shit I read all these statements that people write on your blog and other blogs are unbelievable I just lost my son he had a heart attack one think I can say I take my hat off to kristen for that she keeps her head up and keep her private life to herself and don,t give the tabloids media rags mags and the people who hates her like that that's how I feel and that's my option love them both


x rose: i got all your thoughts but your problem is the way how you put on wrting dear rose!!!

an exemple: NH, waht does it means what you say?do you really like to see them,so cute?? are you a baby?

what sense has to show pictures of other people to prove what??

why you don't blame your self for this stupid fandom that you create ? to try to prove what??
what you don't know and what every time you say people don't know?

stop to judge the thoughts of other people and think that you drove this story in a very epic an unreal love story!

reality is a bit ,just a bit different
lesbian,gay hetrosexual whatever, girlfriend no girlfriends what does it mean??
it's only a question of human been
i only say that:the love forever in the holliwood fandom is unreal and very very rare the real one! who knows who find it? with a man,with a woman, who know dear rose

Velma Jean said...

Dory Fontane, since your first language clearly isn't English I doubt that you understand Rose as I surely cannot understand you.

CHELSEA may have problems with reading comprehension. But clearly you have trouble understanding ENGLISH.

So what business have you got haranguing Rose or anybody else.
You can't even keep your tenses straight and ten to one you don't know what I mean by that. Clue it's got nothing to do with the number ten.

If you want to be a blog bitch you have to do it in English.
So my suggestion go back to school
English 101 is a good place to start.

Velma Jean said...

Lydia Callwood, You ASSume they're not together and that is your right.

Telling Rose what should be on HER banner is a whole different matter.

I assume since it is HER blog she chooses what SHE likes.

It's more than possible that WHEN she wants input on that subject will be long AFTER she has stopped having a blog for you ill mannered nuts to come to share Your opinions.


Obviously not.

You do not tell the host what her opinion should be, how she should express it or who should or should not be on HER banner.

Idiots. I don't post here but on the blog I do post on you, lady, would not last five minutes.

silvermau said...

Wow tons of backbiting tonight. Was raw meat served for din-din? Before attacking suggest we remember we are blog-guests here. This is Rose's world, she sets how the blog is run, etc. When I do post, I hope I remain polite, although I do not follow Roses' bold proclamation around our posting spot. I believe different, but if I tread into her world, I remain mindful of the general consensus and go from there. Some folks should mind their manners.The fan base is now so splintered we have turned into little groupie gangs.Should I name them? The RK,RT,KA Yes Baby-No-Baby gangs! I'm right, your wrong on the banner we wave proudly. The trouble is none of us know poop. With sincere respect, Rose does not either. We want to believe, but have no proof. Nor should we, not our lives. Please try to save what's left of this fandom and be civil. Off soap box

Lydia Callwood said...

I was not dissing anybody I just voice my opioion and everybody is jumping down my throat I love kristen and rob I just don,t like the way the rags mags tabloids and the people talk about her calling her a lesbian and how she dresses so if I affend anyone I,m sorry deep down in my heart I do think that they are still together I listen to all their inviews and they both really love each other . And now they are saying how they were doing it for pr and everything was a fake and that's not true

Velma Jean said...

Rose, sorry for the intrusion. I won't bother you again. It just amazes me what people feel free to say to you and about you as if they were responsible and in charge of this blog instead of you.

There have been differences on many subjects in the past but I have always known that the ladies of these four RK blogs are owed every courtesy. Because you 4 ladies have made this interaction and exchange of opinions and ideas possible that so many of us enjoy on these blogs every day.

Respect and courtesy is your due and people should not take this privilege for granted.

Hannah Pennick said...

Rose, I agree with VJ that this is your blog. Yours is the biggest opinion that counts and all courtesy is due you as it's host.

I've also noticed that most don't even greet you and thank you for the new posts you give them before they start ranting or disagreeing about something.

Baiting the host with what she has to put up with because this is an open blog really pissed me off too.

What horse s#!t. Like Rae I think this blog is open to the public until you ban them from it for misbehavior.

What do they think Blogger is for? To remind them there is no baby, and that's it?

Blogger reminds me that I better walk softly and behave with a modicum of good behavior or I might find myself locked out.

I too think each blog is the ultimate property of the host.
This is the United States of Rose as Rae mentioned and common rules of civility apply.

Many of these people are from RPL and they would not and do not treat those who run things over there like that. They're erased immediately when that happens.

I still ship Rob and Kristen and for many years you did the same.
I consider respect is due a former brother or sister in arms.
Especially when I am on her site.
If some of these go away mad so what? I'd rather read ten good comments than fifty smart ass disrespectful ones.

Most subjects can be discussed amicably unless people set out to be offensive from the very beginning.

Good luck Rose. Sorry I have no desire to talk about Twigs. But I'll listen to anyone who at least tries to express themselves with manners and tact...HANNAH

Andromeda said...

Rose, I don't know what we can expect from each other. Maybe very little. Maybe more.

I remember reading you long ago. before I had the confidence to speak up. I guess one day it got so bad I just spoke up. I didn't see how I could make it worse.

Barbara on DIDY welcomed me I got a Google account and I've been commenting ever sense.

But before all that I was reading your back pages. Tempest's back pages, (archives)

I learned a lot.

I have no idea how this will eventually end up. But I want you to know there have been times when it was a pleasure to have known you.

I'm glad VJ and Rae spoke up.
Though both of them must have been very angry since that isn't the usual tone they comment in.

Take care and I hope people of good sense learn to value this place once again.

Yours Andromeda.

DreamerKind said...

This place is a Rose garden. Flowers, plants and weeds are present. May this garden thrive and sunshine abide.

Good day to you Rose and Roselanders!

Rae H. said...

Hello. Dreamerkind, I have missed you.

Rose, I like your Banner. Those guys made it in the entertainment business. Against all odds these friends made it.

Their success should be celebrated.

Kami said...

Andromeda I think you've found your home over on HKN. You should fit right in.

Andromeda said...

Kami, bless your heart and thank you for your concern but no one has told me where I belong since I was riding in child booster seats.

But since you have spent your opinion on where you think I belong, let me just say I think you would fit in best on Robert Pasttinson Life.

While we're bearing our souls to each other I'd just like to say it's people with bullying attitudes like yours which have hurt this site most, causing many fans to leave to get away from such entitled bluntness as you regularly practice; leaving the door open for the Robsessed.

I almost never comment here. But from now on you can expect at least one comment a week from me unless Rose bans me.

Once again someone from Do I Dazzle You is telling someone from here that Rose is the owner and boss of her own blog. Not her rude tactless commenters.

If you're afraid I'll say something contrary to what Rose believes don't worry. I abide by the rules and ideas of the owner always.

FYI, I like HKN, she's fun to read. She thinks there's a baby. I've never said that.

So chill Kami. Unlike you I am not by nature a disrespectful person.

Have a nice day.

DreamerKind said...

@Rae H
Thanks. I am always around but have little to say except that we are all connected, yet we forget that. R & K included. "All for one, and one for all."

silvermau said...

Kami, you just gave all of us a perfect example of the weeds in Roseland. Andromeda I agree with U. Unnecessary snark. Keep posting. As for me I've never gotten off the ship because there is no need. We all hold on to our truths and mine is pretty clear

Rae H. said...

Dreamerkind, lately I haven't had much to say either.

I think you are right we are all connected no matter our differences.

I think some people have trouble being happy within themselves because they stay so busy envying or disliking others.

What does it matter anyway? People don't change to suit anyone's needs but their own.

I was wasting my breath when I made my first comment; but sometimes we all reach the limit of our crap meter.

I like your music BTW. Barbara on DIDY chooses some really neat stuff too.

Catch you later.

Andromeda said...

silvermau ..Thank you for your comment to me and for agreeing that what she said was a bit much.

As for commenting again, I intend to.

The way I see it if people who are at least trying to be polite and positive don't make use of Rose's blog, which was originally an RK blog, then those wishing to push their own agendas will use it to do just that.

With positive input from a few RK fans it will at least have a balanced view again.

Rose believes Rob and Kristen are not together at this time. As far as I know she has never said they'll never be together again.

She says she ships no one. And has banned no one just because they still want to believe.

I refuse to be chased away by ill mannered, small minded bullies who feel entitled to order people around.

I guess what it comes down to for me is I really don't like bullies.

katy said...

Great post, wise, rational Rose!

Take care everyone.

Hannah Pennick said...

Silvermau..I've never gotten off the ship either.

It will always be Kristen and Rob for me until they marry someone else.

I've stopped trying to explain why.

For some reason The Thought of Rob and Kristen making it against the great tide of crap that hit their life is just completely satisfying to me, and makes me happy.

If Rob and Kristen can make it despite all the BS I hold out hope that any couple who truly loves each other can do the same.

silvermau said...

Hannah I view RK as strong enough to survive the cesspool that the papz/tabs are try to dip them into. For no reason I believe leaning on ea.other and playing this silly "taste of your own medicine"game and continue to become stronger,wiser, and craftier to survive the BS part of Hollywood and fame. Stop bothering to voice what most do not wish to hear, because they have viewed the photos(smirk)read the facts and know the truth. a. they don't. b. I don't, c.RK do but won't!
I enjoy the sites, remain respectful, and for the most part, keep my opinion to myself. It's my truth which is enough for me.Now let's run around the deck together in peace. bye all

...a fan said...

wow, lots to catch up on. Even with people voicing their personal opinions I still find this to be one of the classier, less dramatic blogs out there. I still think you can stand by your convictions here regardless of what they are, you just have to do so respectfully.

Good job Rose - on so many levels

DreamerKind said...

I appreciate your thoughts on the music I've posted. When inspired, it is fun indeed.

Yes. Barbara gets a good groove going.

Most folks call me DK, so feel free.

Happy Sunday!

Andromeda said...

This Effie Grey movie looks interesting. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

Pisteuo said...

Hello Rose and Roseland!
Long time...no see.
Hope everyone is having a great start to a new year!
Looks like both Rob and Kristen have started off being happy...and that makes me soooo....happy, happy, happy! They deserve it!

Rose, thanks for always being such a supportive voice for both Rob and Kristen and ALWAYS keeping it real. You rock!

I'll try to get back later to mingle a little more.
A special shout out to the best FGM ever and to Kami, Katy and Birdie!
So many new voices...wow.

Pisteuo said...

Andromeda and silvermau...really?
I think what the both of you have said...is "a bit much".
Name calling is never cool.

If you like that other blog so much...why would you be so offended by someone telling you that they think you've found "your home there"?
If someone told me that Robert Pattinson Intoxication was a good home for me....I'd say...yep, that's right....cause this is where I comment on Rob and Kristen related stuff and with like minds.

Yes, I've read other blogs...who hasn't? But, I don't comment on blogs where I don't agree or respect the owner of the blog or the regulars who do comment. What would be the point?

There is no marriage and there is no baby and there is not another one in the oven. THAT is a FACT...not an opinion.

Kami is a beautiful flower in this garden...THAT is an opinion...MINE!

I'm pretty sure Rose knows who the "weeds" are and perfectly capable of pulling them out of her garden. I know I can spot them...but, this is Rose's garden....so, she gets to decide. WE don't!!

Andromeda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andromeda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andromeda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andromeda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Andromeda, let's be clear here. Pist and I are friends, we are not the same person. A friend told me that you seemed to be confused on that issue and I wanted to make sure you got it straight.

As for what you have said or what you have to say, I must admit that I haven't read any of your comments since I posted a comment to you last week, frankly I don't care what you have to say. First of all you're not that interesting, secondly you've apparently got ulterior motives for posting on this blog since you seem to be one of the morons who believe in make believe babies. I seriously doubt you've come here just because you love what Rose has to say, especially since you seem to be singing the praises of HKN.

You are of absolutely no interest to me, and I am only addressing you now, simply to set the record straight, that I am not Pist, Pist is not me, and frankly I'm getting tired of people accusing us of being the same person.

Now you go lead your life with make believe babies and whatever else floats your boat, and how about you leave my name out of your comments from now on. Ok.

Thank you.

Kami said...

Pist thank you, I appreciate your words.

DreamerKind said...

This FGM appreciates your sentiments and sends her own "happy" back to you.

Am waving the magic wand for us all!

Andromeda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Give it a rest. We get it, you are big and bad and no one tells you what to do.

Happy now.

Pisteuo said...

Andromeda, I take it that you have an agenda for being here. Your tone has been very threatening.
So, you came here looking for attention and drama?
I think we've ALL had enough of that to last a lifetime.
So, if you're here for drama...count me out. I'll gladly stay away cause it was kinda nice here for a while. I think Rose would prefer it quiet vs drama.
So have at it....attack all you want.....well, until Rose gets enough of you.

Oh and by the way....I'm NOBODY'S partner of ANYTHING as far as the internet goes. I just happen to like Kami and I think she's very witty and fun. But, I honestly don't give a fuck what you think. Think whatever makes you happy...it's not going to make a fuck's difference to me.

Pisteuo said...

Andromeda, one more thing....
Sounds like you intend to assume the position of "protecter of the blog".....is that right?

Well, we've had a few of those already and it didn't turn out so good.....but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Andromeda said...

Dreamerkind: I consider you and Do I Dazzle You's Barbara two of the best people in the fan base.

I would not want to offend you in anyway. By your response to Pisteuo it's plain you are displeased with me.

Good enough.

Consider me gone.

Nothing THEY said would have moved me.

But it only takes a hint from someone I like and respect.

Pisteuo said...

For fuck's sake!
Seriously Andromeda? I'm pretty sure DK's comment to me had nothing to do with you...so please, get off her dick!

I'm outta here!

For now.....


DreamerKind said...

Spiritual Truths tweet

"Before you speak, make sure the heart & mind are in accord, so that your words can be come music to the ears."

I am grateful for respect and friendship.

ADD said...

WOW a lot of comments. I'm lazy so I won't even try to read everything. All I know is that I'm soooo happy that Julianne Moore got her Oscar nomination (AMEM)!

Barb said...

Just curious... Anyone know what happened to Arleen? Haven't seen her here in a while.

Hi Rose! Love Ya!!

DreamerKind said...

Arleen stops by but is mostly at HKN and DIDY.

Happy Hump Day!

Caroline said...

Can someone explain to me what Hump Day is?! It is a term I never hear in Australia. I have a whole lot of mental images which I am sure have nothing to do with it ....

Andromeda said...

Hi hags

Rose said...

Gee thanks Andromeda... Very nice.

Andromeda said...

Rose the last Andromeda comment addressing this site as hags was not from me.

If you check I think you will find that to be true.

Also if I was going to go to the trouble of commenting again, do you really think that I would limit myself to two words?

I'm sorry but someone is bored and looking to cause trouble on your blog.

I look in now and then to see what's being said but I can assure you THE REAL ANDROMEDA is done commenting here.

My guess is one of those lovely people who disliked what I had to say is bored and looking for trouble or else someone has read last weeks to do and was amused by it and wants a repeat.

Sorry that your blog has attracted such a person. But anyone who has ever read my comments knows that I am never brief. It's just not in me. I passed a ten year old's behavior and vocabulary a long time ago.

I would have thought you would have known that if you ever listened to me at all.

Sincerely Yours...ANDROMEDA

silvermau said...

Caroline, dear Aussie, hump day is a USA expression for the middle of the work week ie Wednesday. Think climbing over a camel's hump. The bottom of hump is Monday, Tues. half way up, Wed. top of the hump turning down (toward the end of the work week). Hope that clarifies. Now, tell us Yanks a "saying"Aussies have. Don't 4get to explain it.

Caroline said...

Thanks Silvermau! There must be oodles of Aussie expressions. I guess we mostly use abbreviations (breakfast is brekkie; vegetables are veggies) and there are classic slang words - we could describe Rob as a bonzer (great) bloke; and there are some shockers as well including my two personal favourites, "Fair suck of the sav!' (short for saveloy, a hideous red sausage) and 'fair shake of the sauce bottle!', which both imply an expression of disbelief and to give someone a fair go. Someone who is not too bright can be described as having 'kangaroos loose in the top paddock'! I guess the two I actually use a lot are 'No worries' which basically means 'OK' and describes a lot of situations, and 'she'll be right' or 'she'll be apples', which mean the same thing. Thanks, I've had fun thinking about them!

silvermau said...

Caroline that was so much fun and educational. Maybe some bloggers here can include some good Yank expressions

Rob is most certainly a bonzer bloke
which we would call hottie,hunk,eye candy.

other goodies
1. I fry short of a happy meal or the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. = not too bright
2. That sucks eggs = bad thing or event
3.Face the music = take responsibility
I was taught "no worries" from Guy Pierces interviews. I luv him. He is so sweet and talented
ok your turn. Maybe there are some Brits on this blog, or French folk to add to our international exchange until our Rob, the bonzer, Pattinson resurfaces, shows up = re-appear

DreamerKind said...

Paris and London! Fashion and Romance. Chanel and Dior. Peas in a pod. Blizzards and wizards.

Tuesday. My good news day!

Hooray, I say.

DreamerKind said...

FGM has left the stage to play another day. Ole!


Jewels64 said...


This is seriously a great post Rose! You had me laughing out loud and applauding your JLaw comparison!

Damn girl! Well done!

Birdie said...

Congratulations to Miss Stewart on her Cesar nomination! What a way to start 2015!

DreamerKind said...

Yes! And Rob's for The Rover! Happy news. Best wishes to you, too.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Birthday to all who celebrate in February!


dear velma

yes, ture,BRAVO!! my first language is clearly not english,too easy to get this!
and very stupid too
i just try to expalin myself as much as i'm able to do and if you don't get my point i mean, you can read in between the lines dear VELMA

DreamerKind said...

Happy Tuesday!

DreamerKind said...
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Super RN Gas Passer said...


The pet is so tiny ...it gives a toy chihuahua a run for it's money LOL


I enjoyed the post very much. I look forward to all the new movies coming out this year and as for their personal lives they should be able to live theirs in peace just like everyone wants for themselves and their loved ones

As far as insisting anything, I have come to realize that in these days of manips and rag tales it's all just a bunch of crap. I am not interested in rumors, lies, or fairy tales. I want the truth only but I'm not going to ever get it so I'm totally over it. I wish them all the very best

DreamerKind said...

Ha, ha! Android makes itself happy in that comment I just deleted.