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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, November 4, 2016

Magic 8

It's been 8 years since I started this blog.
This innocent... naive little blog.
I was intoxicated with Robert Pattinson...
and I really wanted to understand why.
But mostly Why.

Have I learned anything in the last 8 years?
I fucking hope so.

The more things change
The more they stay the same.

Remember when there were "Nonstens"
that HATED everything Kristen...
(well, who am I kidding...they still exist)
and they made up endless excuses
for Rob and her being together?
(and this was years before the 'scandal')
They despised Kristen with the heat of a million suns...
And most definitely did NOT want 
Kristen and Rob to be in a relationship.
They attacked her...
Insulted her...
Basically behaving like bitter, petty, jealous bitches.

The names have changed
(or have they?)
But its the Lunatic Baby Cult
who are screaming the same thing.
Every picture that doesn't fit their agenda?
And instead of hating on Kristen...
They hate on Twigs.
They attack her
They insult her
Basically behaving like
Bitter, Petty, Jealous Bitches.

The common denominator?
Robert Pattinson.
It's pretty obvious that no matter who
the guy hangs out with...
becomes engaged to
or marries
This poor woman will be hated...
just because Robert fell in love with them.
I doubt anyone will ever be 'acceptable'
to these people.
I doubt the hatred will ever stop.
They seem to thrive on it.

 I've learned that Kristen is one strong bitch.

She. Is. Stunning.

 "The public kind of burned me at the stake," she says. 
"But that's OK, I can take it. I'm not dead."

"Lately, I've been doing less of the [assumes whiny cry voice]
 'I'm sooooo sorry.' And more of the [drops several octaves]
 'No. Fuck. Jesus.'"

She is severely judged...
Some people like to think they know
the intimate details of Kristen's life.
Details of her personal relationships...
How she lives her life.
I've never seen so many people
so eager to twist and turn
Kristen's words and actions
and make up complete bullshit
and then pretend its the truth...
AND THEN get angry at her
and judge her
for the shit they made up.

Happy Kristen is the BEST Kristen

"My true personal life,
 as much as people think they know about it,
 they don't know dick shit. 
Who could? By the way, nobody knows."

Is Kristen perfect?
Fuck no.
And I don't care.
Perfection is boring.
And Kristen is anything BUT boring.
I like her.
A lot.
I don't always agree with her.
I don't think she is flawless
and can do no wrong.
I like to think I accept her for who she is...
Sometimes she makes me smile
Sometimes she makes me cringe...
But you know what?
After 8 years
I'm still here.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.


 I've learned that although
my 'intoxication' of Robert Pattinson
has calmed down...
I still like the guy.
I still find him attractive...
I still want to watch his movies...
I still care about what's going on in his life.

Is it just me or does he look pretty damn good here?

Is Rob misjudged?
Most definitely.
Some think he is a perfect idol
that can do no wrong.
Some look for any opportunity to criticize him.
He's far from perfect.
And to be honest?
That's always been one of his most endearing qualities.
He's goofy and charming
and sometimes he says the wrong thing
at the wrong time.
So what?
I've also accepted Rob for who he is...
not what I thought he was.

"I like to see if I'm capable of something,
 and I don't really care what people think,
 even though I read all the reviews.
 If it really mattered, 
it would have destroyed me years ago."

"Shit happens, you know?" he laughs. 
"It's just young people… it's normal! 
And honestly, who gives a shit?"

 Never Ship

I'll be honest here.
I never really heard of 'shipping'
before I fell into this fandom.
I remember looking it up...
and it was

To wish a couple that you like to stay together
 cause you like them or cause they are cute. 
Or to wish two people you like and/or want to be together.

I always thought shipping was attached to
fictional characters..
from books
TV shows

I will always love these two crazy kids...

So when I was all about Rob and Kristen
I just was like...
How is that shipping?

I have learned its best not to give a shit
about who someone you like... is with.
Love can be fleeting
People change.
People grow up.
Most significantly
It's not your damn life.

I will always have a huge soft spot
in my heart for Rob and Kristen.
I spent a lot of time watching
and laughing and enjoying their relationship.

Never again.

If there is ONE thing I've learned
in the past 8 years
that I really think is most important...
Is not to get so damn invested
in someone else's lives.
I don't even know how I got there...
It just sorta happened over time
But I'm so glad I woke up.

Oh... I still think some people are cute together
and its nice to see people falling in love.
It's fun to speculate...
enjoy major chemistry...
But watching from a great great distance.
If you are arguing over someone elses relationship
on a daily basis...
trying to intrude in their personal life on social media...
You might want to reevaluate your life.
You know who you are.

As it stands right now
I have zero interest
in who Rob and Kristen are now dating.
And it feels
(Try it. You'll like it.)

 I'm capable of liking
Rob and Kristen
even though they no longer remain together.
Amazing huh?
I also like Nicholas Hoult

This is how he fucking looks walking down the street!

Robert Downey Jr
and an incredible array of people.
Imagine that!
Is your mind boggled yet?

 I've learned that you really
can't take this shit seriously.
Believe me.
I have always found myself
particularly protective of Kristen.
I always felt she was unjustly vilified
and harshly criticized
But at some point...
(and this is to both Rob/Kristen fans)
You really gotta let it go.
Not everyone is going to like Kristen
Not everyone is going to like Rob.
And if some random asshat on twitter or tumblr
is doing some ranting...
who cares?
If they aren't truly hurting anyone
and just have an opinion
is it really worth attacking everyone
you don't agree with?
Who has the time?

But it's all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see, you can't please everyone
So ya got to please yourself

People like "HatersNoNothing"
(seriously... NO nothing? HAHAHA)
and her paranoid pack of pinheads

will never admit they are lying liars that lie.
It doesn't matter how many pictures
prove them wrong...
They will always have some sort of
delusional excuse to explain it.
I don't understand
why they cling so heavily to
Rob and Kristen being together...
Why can't they let them go?
And better yet...
Why would ANYONE believe a word they say?
Not one shred of proof in over 3 years.

There are NO insiders.
Come on, man.
Haven't we all learned that lesson long ago?
Do you really think there is a cousin
who shares super secret info
to some nasty vile person
who then posts it on her gross blog?
Do you really think there is a person
who is related to Kristen who rats out her
most personal details?
Do you honestly think that anyone close
to either Rob and/or Kristen
would hurt them in that way?

And to think that Rob and Kristen
would kiss and snuggle with other people
while being supposedly married with not
not two...

I remember thinking when the LOONS came up
with baby #1
that they had jumped the fucking shark...

It's a damn WHALE.
And even that isn't big enough a jump.


Sweet Jesus
People are just plain stupid.
I hope its painful.

This post is brought to you by the number 8
and the fact that
 I still adore Thomas Sturridge.

He makes me happy.

He's the perfect Green Sheep.

I wonder what the next
8 years will bring?

Until next time.

Bye for now.

love is long


melina mf said...

I can not understand why you talk in every single post about hkn since he/she is so unimportant to you. and why, people like me , who do not read him/her, and come here to read something different, get informed about what he says , indirectly , all the time

Cory Ogden said...

It sure looks lonely over here. Melina I can answer that if she won't.But I bet you could answer it yourself.Her only drive now is to point fingers at a healthy group of folks who have a polar opposite belief from her.Nobody at HKN bothers to make any comment about her,yet she attacks them = driven. I'll use her analogy re whale. Rose is Ahab and HKN her white whale.Really simple.

Rose said...

And yet... here Corey is... reading my blog. HAHAHAHAHA.
Sorry Corey... but I don't judge my self worth by how many people leave comments on my blog.
If I cared I would post a lot more. The fact is i write my blog... for me. Not anyone else.
As it is... I bring up HKN because I think she is toxic to this fandom and her bitter vile hatred of Twigs shouldn't be ignored.
It's disgusting... And the very fact that you actually believe you are a 'healthy group of folks' is one of the most delusional
(And hilarious) things I have ever seen written about your motley band of misfits.

Cory Ogden said...

And to which I say,when I was here I was respectful of your blog,EVEN when I shared another view.Your blog,your right.You and your 10 minions,asked me to leave.I did.You have just become more viscous with descriptive adj AND your main focus is directed ALWAYS at HKN,a blog with another pt of view with a healthy following. So the pot just called the kettle black about reading your blog. FIRST time in months,out of boredom, you Ahab,get your ingredients, to stir the pot of rhetoric, from where?? reading HKN no doubt. POINT a finger,two return pointing at you. WHY not be imaginative,and create thoughts totally yours,not based on using somebodies opinion. Take care, and good luck on your whale hunt.

live guest said...

Cory, how can you possibly say that HKN is a healthy group of people when they live to bring down any nasty thing that they can regarding Twigs. If she is PR, they should be supporting her and hope that she will succeed, yet your healthy group of people call her, a human being, the name...IT...and That Thing....so how can you state people are healthy when they have this kind of mindset. Tweeting ugly tweets about Rob's parents being at Twigs show and on and on when it comes to talking about Twigs. How are you and your healthy group going to feel when Rob marries this woman after all the ugly names and comments all of you have said about her. How do you think Rob would feel about all of you then, of course, it's not Rob, it's always his ex that you live your lives through. Good luck with that.

Cory Ogden said...

He won'marry her because he is already married which remains a bone of massive contention,and so be
It. Time is the judge of all speculation. I agree it is unnecessary to bash her,not necessary. IT is an illness some bloggers fall victim to,including Rose.In general I think cheap shots belittle the person. But like.I stated.when here,your blog,your right.Mud slinging is distasteful to me,but these sites the blog owners, like Hkn,RWN, and Rose, seem unable to control the th unsavory side of their personality. HAVING said that,Hkn and we.shippers are correct in what we chose to believe.No one there gives two poops what Rose thinks. Her blog is never mentioned. Rose started this verbal firestorm because of her insistent vitriol spew each posting regarding folks who think differently then her. On one side of her says she no longer cares what is going on with R&K,yet the other side takes that bash opportunity. A bit conflicted I'd say. Second, b4 I go away again,too lonely here, what are u doing in this 2 way conversation anyway. You were one of the go away Cory crowd. If I remember correctly. Are you the designated RI public defender?just curious. Don't bother going over to the site to sneak a peek, it's pretty quiet today. Bye

MissLizzyP said...

I am one of Rose's many readers, but I rarely if ever, post comments. Cory, I can't even begin to tell you how many of us Rob and Kristen fans are embarrassed by HKN, RWN and other bloggers who still insist on Rob and Kristen being married with 3 babies. We just stay quiet (in public) most of the time and follow their careers. The fact that anyone still believes HKN has a cousin who share information with her is beyond crazy. I can't for the life of me understand why people don't question her or ask for actual evidence. You just blindly believe her and Bunny. There are many of us who used to be part of Rob and Kristen blogs, who talk quietly, behind the scenes about the insanity that has of some of RKs fans. You ignore Kristen's own words, her actions, and believe she is scamming the public into believing she is gay, just to hide her family. Do you even understand how wrong that is, and how the Gay community would rake her over the coals for making a mockery out of their lifestyle if that is what she was doing? Do you really believe Kristen is capable of that? You say time is a judge of all speculation, but HKN and her followers have been saying that for 3 years now.... And as for Twigs? I don't like her. Never have and never will, but I try to ignore her and just focus on Rob and Kristens careers.

Cory Ogden said...

Miss Lizzy,believe as you wish, allow me the same without rebuke.That has always been my way. IT'S not that I blindly believe, I have seen enough pics of K pregnant to come to my own conclusion. I am not a sheep. I have the proof I need with my own eyes. try to live with tolerance.

BYE all, won't be answe ring again

live guest said...

Cory, did it ever occur to you that not any of the tabloids, co-stars, camera crews, friends, family never, ever talk about Kstew being pregnant, let alone birthing three children in three years. Does that ever ring a bell, that only one blog believes this and it is HKN. Do you actual believe Rob would romance another woman in public, holding hands and kissing and still be married to someone else? The protecting the family story is getting old and ridiculous. Even the most famous children in the world still get out in public. Wake up and smell the truth.

Diane Lola said...

Bravo mademoiselle les gens sont bêtes d'inventer des grossesses n'importe quoi laisser kristen vivre sa vie arrêtez de raconter des ragots j'adore ce poste merci rose

melina mf said...

ok... the best I read yesterday in fb : " guys , there is still hope : perhaps he ( Trump ) gets a heart attack by viagras .... "

Marion said...

I saw Kristen on Ellen today and it was a very good interview. They discussed her new film "Billy Flynn's Long Half Time Walk" and Ellen asked Kristen how long ago wad it when the whole Twilight cast were on her show? You could tell Kristen didn't look entirely comfortable having to see those old pics again, because they're memories she'd like to forget and she's moved forward with her life as Rob has. Those pics are a reminder that she had to hide her sexuality at the time, because Summit had to protect their precious box office sales. They are who I put most of the blame on, because anyone over fifteen could have accepted it if Kristen had come out back then, but they knew the teenagers wouldn't have been able to handle such a revelation. Let's face it BD part 2 would have made ten cents if they couldn't be able to still "sell"the idea that Rob and Kristen were still a couple. So that charade had to continue for the sake of earning over eight hundred million at the box office. I'm just glad now that they've each gone their own way and continue to respect each other. That's the only silver lining out of all of this.

MissLizzyP said...

The people who believe that Rob and Kristen were never together, or that it was all just a charade to promote movies, are just as bad in my opinion as the people who think Rob and Kristen are married with 3 babies. They were in a relationship. They broke up. They both moved on. Whatever is happening in their lives now, does not negate what they had in the past.

mahaska said...

We don't know if Kristen had a clue about her sexuality them or if it was something that evolved. We also don't know if Kristen is gay or bisexual. It's her business. I don't believe that Rob and Kristen pretended to be in a relationship at all. Why would a young man not see other women for four years just to make a few million more dollars? That's ridiculous. I believe they did love each other and formed a strong bond. You can't fake the love we all saw in their faces when they were first together and throughout their relationship. I don't think K regrets her time with Twilight or Rob.

Diane Lola said...

Je suis 100 % d'accord avec vous et avec tellement d'amour et elle vient trop fort c'est pour ça les gens ils ont du mal à laisser partir cet amour mais l'avenir nous dira ... pour moi ça reste une très très belle histoire d'amour je n'oublierai jamais

Marion said...

You're probably right and I shouldn't let the haters poison the good memories I have of them when they were together. As Rob said it was no one's fault, but it was obviously a very painful breakup for both of them. Well, they've each moved on and are doing well with their lives and that's all that matters.

MariaM said...

LOL, at Corey thinking Kristen has had 3 babies.

Poor Kristen, if she gains a few pounds, if her stomach isn't perfectly flat, then some of her crazy followers automatically think she's pregnant.

Excellent post.

No one special said...

There's no way K has been pregnant. It's not possible to have such a flat tummy. 3 times aswell LOL. Filming, alcohol, smoking and bleaching hair ...be reasonable Cory .. and not 1 mention or sighting on a planet of 7 billion people. HKN, Lurker et al are just trolls looking for friends.

Julia Mimi said...

Obviously, HKN may have psychological problems. I dont mean that as an insult, i mean really. Also, we assume thats a she but it wouldnt be unusual for an obsessed guy to craft an online female alter ego. Long term trolls like this are rarely women. They tend to be men, closeted gay men to be specific. Remember Manti Teo? Also watch the documentary Tickled. This would explain why HKN makes such ignorant statements about pregnancy and doesn't seem to realize that a mother of two toddlers and a premature baby would never spend her evenings a month after the birth in a hookah joint or better yet, be on location filming a movie.

live guest said...

Julia, never has a comment made more sense than yours. I wish HKN reads it and it could make her/him see what a fantasy she is weaving which to me is very disrespectful to both Rob and Kristen.

Cory Ogden said...

Wow,how sweet you hAve something and someone to discredit.BeT this stirs you up.a bit, aND really long paragraphs as well. So let me summerize, Hkn is a gay guy posiNG as a women,and I 'm delusional. Sweet. You would have nothing to chat about here if I hadn't supplied the fint to yr fire. Your welcome all

No one special said...

I've never mentioned it before but HKN being a guy has crossed my mind and now I can't believe someone else thinks the same! I also think Lurker and HKN are the same people. They both spew utter b*llocks and people believe it! Look at it this way, we are looking at fan pics, papz pics, spoken words both on paper and from their mouths (K included), baby crew are referencing 1 stranger on the internet. Now who is delusional and has the agenda? Baby crew WANT RK and babies, most Rob only fans are not bothered who he is with, so why would Rob only fans go to all that trouble of photoshopping and making up accounts (several hundreds by the way). It's just not logical.

No one special said...

Oh yes, pics, tweets and words from celebrities, friends, associates too

No one special said...

Cory re.first post; is that why HKN goes on and on about Twigs? I presume you're CoryRK?

No one special said...

What's with all the "bow down bitches" on Twitter when tweeting about Kristen and Sundance?

Marion said...

Kristen is going to debut her short film that she directed. At least she doesn't let the gossip affect her as it once did and she goes on to make films. Wish some of the old R/K fans could do the same and stop living in the past.

DreamerKind said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!