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Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Don't Feed The Beast

 This was sent to me... from a friend (of a friend)
I liked it.
So here you go.

Dear Rose Readers,

I do not follow your "fandom" that much. I think the word fandom is cute. You seem to have developed a few words that are cute such as Robsten. So cute to smoosh their names together that way. Brilliant really.

I do read Rose's blog because I like how she writes and how her brain works. It makes me smile. In so doing, I keep up with some of the drama surrounding Robert and Kristen. For a long time I've wanted to say some things but have held back. This is Rose's blog with her thoughts and who am I, a non-fandom person, to interfere. However, this recent bit of drivel regarding "poor Rob drinking wine alone" well, it wasn't so different from the usual drivel but it set off something. Maybe other things in my life did that also but here we go.  Come along for a ride on the reality train with me. 

Point Number One
Do we really need to review that Kristen and Rob are a couple? Really? I know we do because there are still Nonstens or Ninnies or Hyenas or Nonnies who want to believe they are not together. I have a few issues with these people.  If you are a Nonsten (or that type) read the next few lines v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y  


Are you still a Nonsten?  Go read it again until you realize those lines are the absolute truth.

I'm leaving his love for Kristen out of this part purposely because even if (stress the IF) he were not with Kristen (and he is, quite) ROBERT PATTINSON WOULD NEVER BE WITH YOU.  
How do I know this? Because for a couple years now I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing candy ass kisses and dolphin and the rest of you on twitter and elsewhere. I have seen the nonstens attack people and make fun of them. I've seen them make pornographic manipulations of Rob and his friends. I've seen them threaten to kill or wish death on people who disagree with them and on Kristen.  I've seen them take an Edward Cullen doll on a trip to England to stalk Robert.  I've seen them manipulate pictures to zoom in on Rob's crotch.  I've seen them lie and be discredited and lie some more.  

It is because of these actions that I can assure you, that I would stake my life on the fact that ROBERT PATTINSON IS NOT ONLY DISGUSTED BY YOU BUT WOULD CERTAINLY NEVER, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS, NOT IF YOU WERE THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH, NOT EVER WOULD HE WANT TO SPEND A MINUTE OF HIS TIME WITH YOU. EVER.  You Nonstens are not only annoying and delusional but also very much filled with hate and bitterness. Nothing about Robert is attracted to that. He is attracted to happiness, friendship, respect, intelligence, sweetness, and love.  You Nonstens lack those qualities.  

Point Number Two
Rob and Kristen are very much a couple.  At this point I'm so amazed that some people still doubt it. Now Rose is better at listing the proof but I think anyone who doesn't realize it now is blind or delusional (in which case go back and re-read point one).  The people they work with all know it, their families know it, their friends know it and are sometimes a bit nauseated by how much it is true (but that's for another time-ha).  When you have directors and producers and other actors talking about how they are a couple, how can people still wonder or deny it?  When you have them vacationing together and spending holidays with each other's families, how can you deny it?  When you know they live together, how can you deny it?  The truth is that it is truly undeniable. Look at them. Look at how he looks at her. Look at how he adores her. Look at how she looks at him. Look at how she adores him.  While both are talented, neither is capable of faking that type of love. Its rare and treasured by them both.  If you have a heart and eyes, you see it. Appreciate it because it doesn't happen that often in this world.  Normal people would feel happy just to see two people so in love.  Be normal and enjoy it. 

Point Number Three
Twitter is fucked up.  I just read a tweet that Robert was at a wine bar last night, sitting alone in LA and being sad.  Alrighty, let's think about this because these types of tweets happen daily or maybe hourly.  The problem is you in the fandom believe it and get all worked up about it.  Let's put on our thinking caps please.  Rob is in LA-Hollywood to be precise and he is at a bar that is open to the public on a Thursday night during a holiday week. Lots of people out and about I imagine. This was not Soho House so there's no club mentality where people respect his privacy.  He was sitting there for a long time and was noticed by only one person?  And NOBODY else who was there saw him?  And NOBODY else IN LOS FUCKING ANGELES took his picture?  REALLY?
It doesn't cross your mind when you read this tweet that "hmmmm, that's kind of hard to believe isn't it?"  I mean, the guy is on billboards, newspapers, magazines, and everywhere else his mug can be plastered.  Los Angeles is obsessed with celebrity and yet, one of the most famous faces in the world sits in a bar in Hollywood and nobody takes a picture.  Everyone has a camera phone these days so what happened?  I'll tell you what happened...whoever wrote the tweet either was honestly mistaken or lied.  Not getting into why someone would lie but those are the only possibilities because there is NO FUCKING WAY IN LOS FUCKING ANGELES THAT ROBERT FUCKING PATTINSON WOULD GO TO A FUCKING BAR BY HIMSELF AND NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED.  
 Point Number Four

Apply this same logic to all the other "sightings" of Rob with models or Kristen with random men.  Its not just a matter of "pics or it didn't happen" but use some common sense.

And apply it to all the models/sluts/strippers that Rob has supposedly been fucking for the last 4 years. He's painted by some of the Nonstens or whatever they are as this manwhore but let's think this one over.  The tabloids would pay HUGE money for a story like this. They paid for Tiger Woods and Ashton and all the other celebs who cheat.  Sleep with the celebrity, tell your tale and you make some serious cash.  So, we are to believe that Robert has and continues to run around London, Hollywood, or wherever else he is, sleeping with hundreds or maybe thousands of women and yet, NOT ONE of these morally-lacking bimbos will sell him out.  WOW Robert must have some magical ability to sniff out the very women who will not only immediately sleep with him but will also never mention it to anyone, ever.  Shit he should stop acting and start teaching this to other celebrities because he could make a fucking fortune.  Oh wait, I know, Robert is actually a serial killer and after he sleeps with them he kills them.  Wonder where he hides the bodies.  Again, that is more likely than believing he has whored his way around for the last four years yet NOT ONE OF HIS CONQUESTS has come forward to earn some quick bucks.  

Point Number Five

Robert and Kristen are only together to promote Twilight.  Ah yes, my favourite excuse is the PR lie.  Rose has discussed this at length but if Rob and Kris were together only to promote a movie does it dawn on you who claim this that they would then be more open about their "fake" relationship?  Seriously, wouldn't they be going out of their way to be all Eddy and Bella-ish?  That would be the logical thing.  Instead they keep it private and guard it fiercely.  Sometimes it leaks out a bit around the edges...he gazes at her too lovingly, she spills over unknowingly in front of a then-unknown reporter about her "English boyfriend" but in general they keep what is private, private.  When, in the history of film has a couple that is actually not together, continued a fauxmance for years and years.  Even when the studios "owned" the actors, they might arrange some publicity dates but living together, family holidays, and NO links with anyone else for years? Really? The PR excuse is lame.  Stop using it.  If you are going to lie at least come up with something that makes sense. This one is beneath even you Nonstens.

Point Number Six

This is for those of you that believe Robert is not good enough for Kristen OR Kristen is not good enough for Robert.  Where to start?  The first issue I have with this type of argument is that it assumes the speaker knows something about Rob and Kristen.  Unless you actually do, in fact, know them, realize that the slice you might see during an interview or public appearance is not enough for you to claim to know what is best for them.  Do you know they send actors to classes to learn how to be interviewed?  Tis true.  So while both are honest (sometimes to a fault where Rob is concerned) they are not the same on Jay Leno as they are when they are off duty and just being themselves.  The second issue is that I find it insulting on behalf of Kris and Rob that you who argue this way seem to think they are too thick to know what they want.  These two are quite intelligent and well-read. They are young but they have both led very adult lives for some time now. They know what they want and they want each other.  Neither is a doormat nor so desperate for the other that they would put up with being treated poorly.  You do not know what is best for them so stop assuming that you do.  They love each other. They treat each other well. They are happy.  Be happy for them or ignore them but don't pretend to play God and send messages about how bad one is for the other. If one were bad for the other, they would end. They have a rare mutual respect and both would not take even the smallest chance of hurting the other.  Are they perfect? No-they have fights but the base of their relationship is respect and love. When they want your input they will ask for it but I wouldn't hold your breath on that request coming in this lifetime. 

Point Number Seven

Obsessing over them and their whereabouts.  Now I understand that there are fans who love the idea of them being together and that is great. Who doesn't love to see two people in love and especially when they are attractive, intelligent people. Only here's the thing...they aren't Bella and Edward. You did not buy a movie ticket that entitles you to know every detail of every minute of their lives.  If you are their fans, stop feeding the paparazzi and tabloids who pay photographers to stalk and chase them.  Don't frequent the sites of these sharks.  I realize you want to see them holding hands walking Bear or having dinner out or whatever activity they are doing but, could you possibly deny your desire so that they could have a shot at a more normal life.  It doesn't mean you would NEVER see them but, here's a newsflash, the tabloids and websites know your fandom is a bit wacko.  They KNOW you people will FLOOD their websites or buy their rags if they can snap a picture.  Your fandom is different than others for that fact. The mere hysteria that occurs if one of them is caught buying a guitar is unprecedented.  Please, tone it down.  If you have an inkling of true respect for them, if there is a tiny bit of your soul that actually cares about them and the quality of their lives, back off and stop feeding the very beast that makes them hide.  Does it really matter that much if you get a picture of them eating in a restaurant being videotaped unknowingly by some creature at another table? Was that really necessary or just creepy and sad? What about the pap who took pictures of them inside their flat through a window?  Is that really so important to you that you endorse and support them being stalked?   The constant airport pictures are the same thing.  Do you like the idea of Kristen having to fight through a pack of grown men who shout things at her to get her attention that are lewd and obscene?  Is THAT worth it to YOU?  Last time she went through an airport the photographer was asking "do you like sucking Rob's cock" and "do you swallow?"  Do you think that is something you would enjoy or, if you have children, would you like someone screaming that at your child?  I doubt it and yet, you feed the beast.  You go to the websites and fuel it by looking. They get a million hits and send out 10 more photographers next time who employ even seedier methods.  Stop it, if you care at all about them AT ALL, stop going to the sites and stop feeding the beast.

Point Number Eight

Stop talking about the Golden Child.  Its weird. She's 21 and in the middle of a busy career. Maybe they will have kids someday. Maybe they won't.  For those of you over the age of 14, did you ever date someone and have parents or friends ask when you would marry or whatever. Its awkward.  Cut it out.  

Point Number Nine

The true freaks of this fandom need to stop getting ANY attention.   I understand that at one time there was a little war between those who believed there was a relationship and those who did not. The war is over and the believers won. If you are a believer, congratulations and STOP FIGHTING.  You don't need to go to the tumblers and tweets of those lunatics who carry the Edward dolls and make the horrible manipulations and threaten their lives. Just IGNORE THEM as it will do two good things. First, it will drive the lunatics batshit crazy. Truly they will go mental when they realize how ignored they have become.  Second, your life will be better.  Don't give any of your thoughts, time or energy to anything that depraved and negative.  Ignore them please and be happy in your own lives.  Don't argue and be petty with them. Its over. You won.  Now go live a lovely life.

Bye for now.


valéria said...

yeah ...... yeah, who cares ..... other than that, the crisis of the euro worries me a lot, and I hope that Sarkozy will not be re-elected!

Sydney said...


Freddie said...

What can I say other than BRAVO!.

Thanks Rose and FOAF for sharing those thoughts.

Have a good day all.

LJ said...

Great post.

Makes perfect sense to me but I'd expect nothing less from the author :)

Happy new year to you Rose and all of Roseland. I hope you have an amazing new years eve and 2012 brings you love and happiness in massive amounts.

Liza <3

Groovie said...

Excellent post!!
I completely agree and it was a good read, some definitely need to read it and take it to heart, that's for damn sure!

Hope u all have an amazing New Years weekend!!

Kay said...

Fantastic post FOAF - thanks for sharing, Rose.

Happy New Year to Rose, Roseland and everyone lurking out there...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and much love, peace and happiness in 2012. Take care and be safe! <3

PL said...

I haven't been around here much lately, but I really enjoyed that.

Well done, FOAF.

angelica1 said...

Excellent Post! Absolutely perfectly put!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year

Hi Liza :)

felicity said...

just awesome!!

Dottie said...


Annie said...

Good afternoon Roseland.

That post was brilliant! I agree with every word! It should be required reading!
Take care everybody and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012.

Omoiyari said...

this post is full of good intentions!this post is a true dream.Only if all the fandom keep to what has been agreed will this be possible.
unfortunately I've learnt that 'The Fandom' is blind and deaf.
Nonstens , Ninnies , Hyenas , Nonnies and RobSten believers are in a state of dependency .They need attention .Nonstens think they are famous .The true freaks of this fandom live in their own little world.
Kristen or Robert's life is the pretext that is always used.

Leni said...

Just brilliant :)

Melinda said...

Perfect post is perfect!

As someone wise once said "find your happy and hold on tight." It appears Rob and Kristen have done just that. I will always be rooting for them. They both are the rare exception in Hollywood and they have my admiration and respect.

Happy New Year's everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous time and be SAFE!!

amara said...

EXCELLENT!!! I wish I would say more except I'm lost for words. Rose and AFOF thank you both for sharing.

Everyone - wishing you a Funtastic & Happy New Year. Be happy, healthy and enjoy everything life has to offer. <3333

Unknown said...
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Marianne said...

That was a great read! All those pictures made me want to cry though! That's why I think point #7 was one that stuck out to me. Those paps are so horrible and to know that they say such terrible things to incite a reaction in them is so sad! I've always wondered if the stress that is caused from people (fans, paps, and lunatics alike) just wanting to see them together will be the thing that tears them apart. I think that it's so true that if we have any respect for them, we'll all cool it. Thank you so much for this post!

Hope said...

Standing Ovation!!!

What a perfect way to end 2011 and usher in the New Year!!!

Happy 2012 to EVERYONE in Roseland!

sjjw said...

thanks FOAF. Standing ovation indeed.....

Hi everyone! happy New Year, almost....

Birdie said...

Rose, thank you for posting this.
As Rose often says truth is truth,so very well said. I hope it is taken to heart.

Everyone gearing up to ring in the New Year?

CarmelaShan said...

My only complaint is that the post lacked Krisbian's attention, because it is the krisbian those living inventing stories about rob. View link http://i42.tinypic.com/aaw5ti.jpg Krisbian is worse than nonsten

Maria in CT said...

AMEN!!! I rarely comment, but I just had to say that. Best post ever. I agree about the "required reading" comment. Happy New Year everyone! ~ Maria

Rhonda said...

FOAF- Brilliant!

Claire said...

*bit.ly/tl5nPk* That is all

Kerri-Lyn said...

That was FANTASTIC!!!!!

Happy New Year :):)

xcecilia said...

And again not even a single word about those Kristen fans who hate Rob on daily basis.

IDK why people turn a blind eye when It's Rob hate. It's sad really. Rob deserve respect as much as Kristen

DreamerKind said...

Wowzer! Yes, times 9! Can do, will do, am doing.
I'll dedicate a song to you!

katy said...

This is a brilliant!! Standing ovation....BRAVO!!!!!

Thank you Rose for posting and thank you especially to 'A' friend (of a friend) for your thoughts.

Wish everyone a very Happy New year!!

Saphire1231 said...

Stamping my feet, clapping, whistling!!!!

Bravo, Bravo!!!

What an outstanding post... FOAF, you put together a true home run... "Hit it right out of the ball park even". Thank You!!!

Rose... thank you for having the breath of character and spirit to share your blog in this way.

God bless to all Roselanders and May 2012 prove to be a wonderful year filled with health, happiness, love and prosperity for your all.... and of course for the wonderful Robert and Kristen & Tom of course...

with love & many lucky Rainbows always.... Chrissie

xcecilia said...



Funny, because Krisbian/nonberts or whatever the hell they call themselves. were the ones who made trouble and spread BS about those Rob bar sightings. They are like an expert at the trouble making. Lately.

There are crazies on both sides but that one side always keep getting ignored. IDGI.

sjjw said...

Hi DK! I've missed talking to you!

sue said...

Amen to every word said!
I hope some out there hear you and realize what they are doing.
I have nothing but respect for these two how they handle themselves, being shouted at by these papfuckers.

Robin said...

FOAF: As others have said, brilliant! And the photos of both Rob and Kris running the gauntlet of foul-spewing paps -- just so the paps can get a reaction for a pic. Even worse, to my thinking are the pics of Rob looking so cowed, like a cornered animal. Deeply sad and disgusting!
Thank you, FOAF for writing this, and thank you, Rose for printing it.

dd said...
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DreamerKind said...

Chrissie! You're a brickhouse, and wonderful. I've got my hat tipped for you.

Me, too, missing you. What to do? Fix that somehow, me, you.

Heading out to dinner, bbl.

Hugs to Rose and Roselanders, Smitts, Gruff, Sydly!

xcecilia said...

Rob and Kristen both are fantastic people who deserve an EQUAL respect and love from fans.

Most of the time there isn't.

deb said...


olivia said...

Thank you Rose for posting "Don't Feed the Beast."

Hear! Hear!
I join the standing ovation.

FOAF, you are a wonderful person, honest, sincere and wise. Thank you for writing this heartfelt message.

Always wishing the very best for Rob and Kristen. May they have happiness, privacy, peace and success. The same for Tom, too.

Hugs for y'all.

hemakesmyeyeshurt said...

I can hear it all over the world now...."You mean he's really not going to marry ME?!?"

ali mac said...

WOW !! Thanks for sharing that Rose.

What a great new years resolution for us all to follow.

My favourite thing about it was recommending ignoring all the twats, whether they come on here looking for attention or whatever other way they use to wind people up, they are craving attention so cut off their supply!

ali mac said...

I forgot to say,

HaPpY NeW yEaR to one and all!!

xcecilia said...

to dd

That's it?
Nonstens screaming 'Kristen is a famewhore, she is a bitch, bad actress, ugly, doesn't deserve Rob etc'

Nonberts screaming 'He is a drunk, loser, stupid, famewhore not good enough for Kristen'

Reactions: You don't know what is best for Kristen. You know nothing about their relationship. Respect her choices etc. etc.

Enough is enough. People need to stop with this ignorance.

It's like the fandom always give a free pass to them. even if the result is the same.

deb said...


hemakesmyeyeshurt said...

That pic of Rob facing the wall, away from the paps is heart-wrenching. Poor thing. He gives so much of himself to the fans but when he's on his own time, it's not really his own. We love you, Rob.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FOAF...Thank you for your sage advice and insight . We here at Roseland agree with all you said. I hope in some small way we have had a positive influence in their young lives....something that erases most of the negative out there...

Great post ROSE....I am so sorry for all the harassment they have to endure...thanks for exposing all of it...

Happy New Year ROSELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angelica1 said...

xcecilia - You're preaching to the converted here and I understand how angry and frustrated it makes you feel. None of us would ever condone hatred or insults directed at either of them but please go back and read point 9 again,it's absolutely right.Most of these dickheads are talking to 5 other people,max and if well-meaning fans would just stop retweeting it, it would never go any further than that.Which then takes us back to point 7, if there's no audience for their disgusting ramblings,it becomes absolutely irrelevant. They want an audience, it makes them feel important, if you cut off the oxygen if attention, they will eventually go away.

Claire said...

angelica - Amen

ADD said...

Great post!
Point number 7 is my favorite part. "You did not buy a movie ticket that entitles you to know every detail of every minute of their lives." I wish needy fans would read this and change their crazy/stalker-ish behavior.

sjjw said...

Well said ADD! It amazes me the feathers this post has ruffled. (I'm seeing it on twitter) the truth hurts, and those that need to see it don't. Sad.

angelica1 said...

ADD - I thought I'd seen it all with these crazy fans but when a group of them actually went to the pub he was going to on Christmas Eve,just to take pics and "report" on his movements, even I was shocked. I mean,Jesus Christ, why aren't you busy with your own family and friends?

Vangie said...

I WAS in total tears, FOAF, i bow to you!oh yes and #7, i saw the video, he pleaded, with the pappz, to leave him, and they just had their cameras in rob's face, he even asked the cops for help, they did not even lift a finger!and those awful haters, came down on rob once again, i will not even repeat what mean things they said about rob, but this post is the best ever, and rose than even Ted's board has this post

Brewski said...

Very fitting and inspired words to close out 2011. Here's hoping that people feel and head their full meaning.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year full of peace, happiness, good health, fortune, andmost of all, lots of love. Cheers!

Brewski said...

Oops that's heed not HEAD! ha ha Guess I need to lay off the brewski's a bit!

Emilia said...

I was coming to wish u guys a happy new year n got caught up reading the blog what lol wait I mean r people really that like insane! All these names n groups is that even like where did they get the names from? I know there was like the whole r they like a couple or not or idk but I guess I'm lost n I think I wanna stay that way! It's all so ridiculous n its so disgusting the hate especially god who would hate like two people u don't even know n why?? It's like idk but the post was good n I hope people can like back the crap up cause they don't deserve all that crap! I mean look at Kris she's so god who would hate her! n rob he's like such a nice guy n he like totally loves her I mean u can u have be blind not to see it! God n the whole golden baby thing is that what they call the baby they want them to have? But they r so young I mean come on that really I mean it totally freaks me out when I hear babies n marriage like u have ur whole life ahead to have that stuff n just lol what I say like stop planning the future so much n just live now lol idk
Okay guys I should go I think I talked too much I have some bubbles lol going up my head hahaha I hope u guys have a great n happy new year lol mine is gonna be really mellow lol maybe even boring lol jk I just needed to chill I swear I haven't slept since November hahaha okay have fun!

dd said...


I don't agree that the Rob hate is ignored by the "fandom". Maybe I read the right blogs and follow the right people ;)
They were definitely called out in this post. And when Rose talks about the "lunatic fringe" in her posts, she's talking about them too.

I just think that you're missing the whole point of this *perfect* post. "Don't Feed The Beast"...

Anyway, I want to wish a very Happy New Year to you all, to Rose and to the friend of her friend that wrote this brilliant post <3

Jennifer1 said...

BRAVO!!! Point #7 was my favorite, followed very closely by point #8. I won't look at the pap photos anymore, haven't for a very long time. Do NOT encourage these crude photographers to interfere in their lives anymore.

ADD said...

I hope people will read this post and really think about it. Hopefully they will reconsider their behavior.
I mean just put yourself in a bizarre situation where paparazzi yell personal attacks and insults. I'd go crazy.

That's just wrong and sick. Some people really need to get a life or maybe get help from a psychiatrist. Things like that make me ashamed to be a part of the twilight fandom.

LIZ said...


This post was AMAZING!!! I hope enough of us read it and remember it. I only want what's best for them.

Liz in NC

wania said...

Brilliant post!!! Perfect! Great 9 points! Thanks for sharing. And thank especially to friend for your thoughts... so similar to Rose. I loved reading this! I'm sure that Robert and Kristen would also like...

Wonderful New Year to everyone, much love, peace and happiness in 2012!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, this post was wonderful. We all need to say a special "thank you" to whoever wrote this. Thanks Rose for posting this. My wish is that everybody in this fandom would read this and finally understand what is being said.

I want to wish all Roselanders a Happy New Year...please enjoy the holiday, take care,and be safe.

See you all next time.

Teeth said...



gwen said...

WOW GREAT POST! Point #7 really is creepy.

Thank you Rose and to FOAF for what an insightful post. Hopefully a lot of people in this crazy fandom can understand what it means.

Have a prosperous New Year to you all!!! 13 more hours to go before 2012!

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

Thanks for sharing this. It's brilliant. Just like you..
Everything said was true and i hope people will come to understand that.

Happy New Year to all in Roseland!!


Julie M said...

What a lovely post. So poetically true.

*I*Believe* said...

@A Friend of A Friend~What words of wisdom! Words to make you think and to live by.

Here is hoping and wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!

I also wish Robert and Kristen peace and happiness.

Katia said...

Best post ever! Congrats!!!

valéria said...

Let these poor Krisbians quiet, they are so few and powerless, I find them funny and touching, with their blind devotion to their idol .... lol!

Fiorels said...

Just AMAZINGLY said!
thanks so much FOAF for taking time and pointing out in words what should be SO obvious to everyone else.
I'm starting to hate all this, like seriously.

Thanks so much for such a post! And thanks Rose for sharing with us!

Wish you all a good day and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE. <3

DreamerKind said...

I'd Love To Change The World

Ten Years After:

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Gigi said...

Rose, Every sentences/word/phrase takes my breath away! -hats off- Your our one and only <33 You inspire me so much :) thanks.. Truly a brilliant and wonderful post (Can't say more).. as always makes perfect sense.

Happy New year to you and to Roseland. Have a good one Ladies.Hugs.

Gigi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Deep Peace


Deep peace of the running wave to you;
Deep peace of the flowing air to you;
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you;
Deep peace, deep peace.

Deep peace of the sleeping stones to you;
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Deep peace of the Eastern wind to you;
Deep peace of the Western wind to you;
Deep peace of the Northern wind to you;
Blue wind of the South to you;

Pure red of the whirling flame to you;
Pure white of the silver moon to you;
Pure green of the emerald grass to you;
Deep peace, deep peace.

Deep peace of the running wave to you;
Deep peace of the flowing air to you;
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you;
Deep peace, deep peace . . .

Thank you/Adamfulgence

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight, beautiful dreamers. It's my turn.

dee said...

hi everyone happy new year and what a great read today love dee.

Kathy said...

I couldn't have said it any better myself. Thanks for posting that Rose.

Berry said...

WELL Said!! Thanks for sharing Rose!

Been away visiting my family in Florida, now on the way home. Hope everyone has had a good holiday!

Happy New Year Roselanders! See you in 2012!

Anna said...

Happy New Year To Eveyone here! My wish for you all is happiness, health, & prosperity in 2012!

After reading this blog from AFOF, I really hope this "fandom" settles down and finds joy in what Rob & Kristen chooses to share with us. They give us lots of interviews, magazine covers, and appearances at award shows! That should be enough without the paps chasing us down and everyone speculating on where they are and if they are together.

If you are going out and about on NYE, please be safe and don't drink/drive!

Happy New Year my favorite peeps!

Luv London said...

FOAF, Truer words were never spoken! Some of these people that you spoke of really make me fear for our world. Who are they? Why are they so vile? You are a good person to stand up for what is right but I think by posting here you are preaching to the choir! I wish your post could be on the front page of every paper in the world, as well as a few of the worst gossip sites out there!

Happy 2012 to you all and let's toast to the Beast starving in the new year!

katy said...

Happy new year eve Rose and all Roselander's!!

I wish Rob, Kristen and Tom to have a wonderful time, wherever they chose to be. Surrounded by love, peace and happiness.

Take care

olivia said...

Dear Rose and Roseland,

Again, thank you to Rose and FOAF. Yes, I agree, required reading. Should be sent to every blog spot and twitter participant who follows Rob and Kristen. Would be lovely to just respond to any and all intrusions with....see point #_, read, understand, memorize and follow the sage advice so as to honor and respect the privacy of Rob and Kristen.

May everyone here at Roseland have a lovely and safe NYE with family and/or friends. To carry on Texas tradition, it will be black eyed peas in a mushroom ragout served over polenta for us this year. (Found the recipe in the newspaper.)

If any Roselanders are taking in a film this weekend, I have a few recommendations:

War Horse - Yes, I cried a bit. A beautiful film. Everything about it was top notch. Actors, script, photography, costumes, music......all award winning!

My Week with Marilyn - Loved it! ( So happy that it showed up yesterday in one of our local cinemas. I was prepared to drive over to Austin next week to see it.) Eddie Redmayne is one of my favorite actors. (If you haven't seen Pillars of the Earth, please do. Will be hoping that he and Rob may work together one day.) Eddie and Michelle Williams hit it out of the ball park. I do believe that Michelle Williams gave an Oscar winning performance in this film. You will be mesmerized by her portrayal of Marilyn. Dame Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh were superb.

Young Adult - Thoroughly enjoyed it. Charlize and Patton Oswalt perfectly captured the pathos of their individual existence.

Again, stay safe. Please have a designated driver.
Wishing y'all a wonderful and happy New Year!
2012 will be a marvelous year at the movies!
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good!

Lavendersings said...

Thanks FOAF this is the most intelligent thing I've read about all the nonsense going on between Robert and Kristen...You hit the nail on the head and I think you should publish this all over the internet. Too many negative angry people enjoying venting their ugliness about their lives its time to just enjoy them and let them be. Rose great forum and thanks for sharing FOAB's brilliant commentary. :)

Leni said...

Happy New Year Roselanders :)

Dottie said...

Happy New Year, Roseland!


Kenzz said...

I see I'm a bit late to the party, but what a wonderful post by a wise and witty friend... brilliant!

Happy New Year to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and especially Syd <3

Take care, my friends, and here's a toast to your health, wealth, and HAPPINESS in 2012!

toncit said...

clap clap

30 said...

Happy New Year Roseland!

I hope and wish a peaceful 2012 for Rob and Kristen. They DESERVE it!

I have too add, I am not missing this fandom.(Only Roseland of course) Rose is the only blog I check from time too time and as suspected nothing has changed with the same lunatics,same obsessions,same delusions and my god they need a life. I agree don't feed the beast!

beacullen said...

That post could not have been more perfect!!! Now if only the haters, and all the spreaders of the ugly would read it and think twice about their actions. Thanks for posting this Rose, and Happy New Year!!!

manjen said...

Happy New Years, Everyone!

I hope all your dreams come true in 2012!

ladyevenstar22 said...

well...that was certainly long and just about sums up what i think also!its been a long journey for me from being obsessive in the beginning to being closer every day to my idea of a true fan of these two!
the thing is not all fans are capable of realizing how obsessed they are and take a few steps back and be the better off for it!

for a sec there i felt like a bad fan as i've reached point where i feel out of the loop for not wondering what robert is up to this week? i don't follow any tweets about them so if not for rose mentionning them i wouldnt know or hear about them as basically its been 2 yrs now i only come here for rob and kris news.
last i heard about rob it was about him getting in a car with a blonde girl mayhem, i was very proud of myself as a fan when i easily stayed away from trying to find out more than that headline i saw on a ew link to people, because at the end of the day if i believe my eyes and know that rob and kris love and respect each other i cannot pay attention to anything that tries to tarnish that belief!
by the way you should try and get this post of yours printed elsewhere like a manifesto, may it spread far and away to the ends of this fandom! i'd like to believe there is hope for a few of these wackos and they can come back from the edges of sanity/insanity where they live

RandomGirl said...

This was amazing!
If anyone knows who she is,just tell her she is brilliant. One of the best fandom posts I've ever read.She trully gets what's going on with our "war" with the hyenas and since she's not part of this fandom,she can actually use her common sense.(Because let's face it.Sometimes we all lose it)

wig4usc said...

Loved the guest posters comments, mirrors what I hear Rose and the regulars here say, just all in one post.

Could we please stop the one person is getting hated more than other crap? Who gives a shit? The lunatics, fringe, crazies, etc are all bad. Period.

Good stuff, fuels me going into 2012, Happy New Year, Roseland!

natnat10 said...

I have never commented before but have read a few things on this blog. I think it is great.

So this post has me wanting to comment for the 1st time.

CLAPS LOUDLY AND CHEERS. Why? because every word is the truth and i will hold my hands up and say GUILTY as charged in some things mentioned.. Do i believe what is written about them on a daily basis HELL NO NEVER!

Do i believe they are together .... only an idiot would still not believe. Do i think they will get married have children and live happily ever after.. I doubt they even know, noone knows what is gonna happen tomorrow or in 5 yrs time so enjoy the now.

Have i worried because there have been no sightings again GUILTY ..

Have i raged over the nasty comments some people think is ok to post all over the web GUILTY AGAIN..

Have i now began to realise that everytime i add another hit on a gossip site i am helping to fuel the gossip train, yes my head is hanging.

Do i now know how much i love these two ( whatever happens in the future) YES

I as a fan have opened my eyes and realised we are all guilty of one thing or another and it does not make us bad people, we just need to step back and stick two fingers up to the haters and gossips and move on by ignoring them.

I am a ROB and Kristen Fan have been for years now BUT after meeting them at UK Premiere i am now an even bigger fan such sweet ppl by the way.. I actually realised they are just ppl and shy ones at that.

They just want to be happy and do what they love so lets allow them to do that..

Forever a Fan.

Thank you for a great post.

Nisan said...

Well said. I agree with all of your comments. Thank you Rose for your brilliant blog and thank you FOAF for this well thought out piece. Hey Peeps - Don't Feed the Beast. Happy New Year!!!!

Maru said...

Gracias por compartir este maravilloso blog, y FOAF por tan acertados pensamientos, no hay que alimentar a esa bestia si realmente admiramos y respetamos a ROB y a KRIS. Querida Rose que tengas un 2012 lleno de bendiciones.
Saludos desde Mexico.