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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Rose and Rob and Kristen.

Kristen Smiles. You would too...

Hello there!
I have a couple of random thoughts today...
Interesting weekend in Rob/Kristen land.
Well... sorta.


Let's see...

Guess whose waiting at home for me?

Random One.

Kristen was seen with a Balenciaga dress bag.
And I'm dying to see Kristen wear whatever is in that bag.
And to see her wear it next to Robert.
And guess what else?
I actually spelled Balenciaga correctly without looking it up.
I am.
I don't even know how to pronounce that sucker...
And after all this time
I STILL don't know how to spell Oregano's last name
Arbananarama Ding Dong.
Not that it matters.
Oregano suits him...

Life is hard for the Spice after Kristen...

Ah yes...
Where's Oregano.
Those silly videos Trixie and I made...
So much fun was to be had.
I miss you Trixie.

Rob and Kristen ALWAYS end up together....

Random Two.

Oscar Weekend.
So many parties...
So much to do.
And we get to see Rob and Kristen.
Of course.
Yeah... they hung out with other people
(You kinda do that at parties, don't you?)
And oh my ....
Kristen wasn't wearing sneakers
so it must have been WORK!
At least so sayeth the desperate.

Really? You going to stick with that?

Oh to cling so tightly to nothing.
Surely you must feel the ground you trod upon
crumbling and shaking to its core.
The haters are falling and stumbling at an alarming rate now


You see...
If you clear out the foamy bitterness...
There were many tweets about how Rob and Kristen
were holding hands...
being 'loved up'
Next to each other 
ALL night long...
Basically Rob and Kristen
Being Rob and Kristen.
Tweets from people who were there.
Tweets from people in the industry who cover such things.
Not one tweet.
Not two...
And then of course...
You get the ONE tweet from some random person
who claims that Kristen played on her phone ALL night
while Rob drank.
Of course.
I'm sure that happened.
ALL night, mind you.
So yes...
they will CLING desperately to that tweet
PLEASE PLEASE let it be so!!

It's kinda sad, really.
I mean.
At first it was just fun to mock the idiocy.
And don't get me wrong... 
It still has its entertainment value.
But now there is a fair amount of pity involved.
Because they have SO much invested in their
Conspiracy theories
Exit strategies
Damage control plots
PR Propaganda
That they really do look like complete fools.
And the more they hang on...
The more ridiculous they look.

Remember Jerry.
It's not a lie if you believe it.

But they are disappearing...
Slowly but surely.
Retreating. Backpedaling.
Giving up.
Shutting down.


Always. Together.

So not sure if this is Random Three or not...
But will we see Rob and Kristen in Paris?
(Fashion thingy)
(Do I do the underpants thing here? No. OK.)

I hope so.
They could use a nice trip...
This Kiss.

So where does that leave my randoms?
I don't know.

There are some things I do know.

1. Rob and Kristen remain together.
Whether she wears heels or not.
Or they share cigarettes...
Together isn't even a good enough word
to describe what Rob and Kristen are.
It's not ENOUGH...
You know what I mean?
Because they are more than together.
But I guess I will leave that definition up to them.
As always.

2. Rob and Kristen have some houses.
Maybe a house on their own...
Perhaps one or two together.
Why is that a big deal?
If you had that kinda money
and could afford that kind of real estate
Wouldn't you?
It doesn't matter where they are
Because wherever they are together
It's home.
Their home.

Green Fucking Sheep.

3. I absolutely adore Thomas Sturridge.
The more I learn
The more I love.

4. I also wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.
You all made my day that much better.
If I could hug every one of you ...
I would.
Thank You for thinking of me.

This post is brought to you 

Green Sheep.

Until next time.

Bye for now


Groovie said...

Nice one! Hope u had a good birthday Rose :)

Cute pix, true words, and I love all the random smiley things lol!

Rob & Kristen seemed to have a nice & fun weekend out and about, good for them!

Hope u are all having a wonderful Monday, here's to hoping the work week goes by fast :)

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Hope you had a great birthday. Thanks for the post today. I love that top picture of them together....so sweet.

I hope Rob and Kristen enjoyed their evening out. Most accounts of the night suggest as much - except that one anomalous/random one you mentionned. How funny....

Kenzz - thanks for the update. I'm so glad to hear that your son is resting comfortably. I'll hope that he gets home soon.

Hello to everybody else. Have a good rest of the day and I hope to catch up with you all soon. Take care.

Dottie said...

Rose ~ I hope your birthday was special and you got to eat some cake and ice cream.

Loved today's post. Classic Rose!

Happy Monday, everyone! <3

Dottie said...

Hey Freddie and Groovie!

Kenzz, I knew I was forgetting something... Thanks for the info about your son. I'm so happy he is doing ok. Hope you can get some rest and that he can go home soon. ((hugs!))

LoriJ said...

<3 you Rose!! I stole the pic. about being an AssHole!! ;) I need to post it on my facebook!!

Melinda said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts today Rose. People forever being selective in what they believe/read so it fits their agenda. So ridiculous to me.

I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying this downtime they are taking right now. As for Tom here's wishing him happiness always...

Even though I'm not fond of pap pics I have to say as a woman it's lovely to see a guy in his 20's be a gentleman. His parents raised him right.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and has had a great start to the week! Take care...

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I hope you had a wonderful birthday..

Thanks for a great post. You always sum it all up just perfectly <3

I hope Rob and Kristen enjoyed the Oscar parties. Based on the accounts I've read, it seems they did :)

Kenzz- so happy the surgery went well. Keep us posted ((Hugs))

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great Monday.

Rhonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Did the Comments page on blogger change? It looks different. Aside from the format of the page looking different, when I previewed my last comment it didn't appear all together was split in two - part on the right side of the screen and the rest on the left. Is anyone else experiencing problems or is likely just something wrong with my system?

Rhonda said...

Oops, sorry for the delete-I posted twice :(

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie- I'm guessing it did. It looks different to me too..

dd said...

Great post Rose!
Hope you had a nice b-day :)

It was great to see Rob & Kristen at the Oscars (well, kinda! lol), during that "Magic Of The Movies" montage thing. <3

Kay said...

Nice post, Rose. I loved those videos that you and Trixie made together...made me giggle back in the day. Glad you had a happy birthday. :)

Happy Monday Roseland...I hope you are having a good day!

So, did everyone's Blogger get a wonky facelift? I think I'm going to miss the easy way of keeping up with this place if it stays like this....

Have a great week!! <3

Freddie said...

Thanks Rhonda. I don't deal with change well....LOL. I hope it goes back to the way it used to be as it's really difficult to preview comments now...

I hope you are well.

dd said...


It looks different to me too...

Hope said...

Rose....hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration!

Loved that the Twilight Prom Kiss was featured in the Oscars montage of classic movie moments last night!
Forrest Gump, Titanic, Twilight...yay Rob and Kristen!

Kenzz...glad to hear that the surgery went well for your son. Sending him good wishes as he recovers.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

katy said...

Hi Rose, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

I still find Ninnies rationalizations hilarious. Anything but the truth. No matter how complete fools they look.

Rob and Kris always end up together, because they are together...after 3 year the stupid ninnies should already now this.

Rob and Kristen make me ridiculously happy. I'm glad they went out and had fun.

Kenzz, happy that your son surgery went well. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Hope you are well. Take care.

katy said...


Comments page on blogger looks differente to me too.

Take care

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE. I LOVED the SAVAGE CHICKENS quote!! I can think of enough people on one hand that fit that description....maybe 2 hands if I hadn't doubled the vodka in my coke tonight ...

Well guys , the "organizer" came over this afternoon and we re arranged everything in my closet... Whew, what a job but it is DONE and it is amazing. That woman, her name is Sandi is a genius... It's crazy good!!!!

Hope everyone had a great day!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi everyone! I love Random Rose!

My Blogger looks different too!

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Lol change is not always for the better ;)

LIZ said...

Hi Rose & Roseland,

Rose, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I apologize for not realizing it was your birthday.

Did anyone else watch the Oscars red carpet last night? It was fun, would have been MORE fun if R/K had been there but whatever. Woke up this morning, put on the news and all the talk was about what the ladies were all wearing and they were showing clips of all. CHECK OUT THE CLIP of George Clooney & his gal, Stacey Keibler. They don't even look like they are the least bit in love the way R/K do .... Does anyone else see the big difference? Hardly ANY couples look at each other they way R/K do.

That is all!!! Hope R/K will get their big Oscar night someday and hopefully I'll still be alive to see it.

Liz in NC

Freddie said...

dd, katy, Kay, Rhonda - thanks for the info on Blogger. At least this time I didn't screw anything up...

IB - how are you? nice to see you. I hope all is well.

Hi to Groovie, dottie, LoriJ, Melinda, LIZ, Hope and Super. Have a great day ladies.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose--I love Random Rose. I love that Rob and Kristen were out having fun this weekend, and I never saw the negative comment, so I was quite happy. Like you say Rose: Rob and Kristen always end up together.

Happy Birthday Rose, hope you had a good one.

Have a nice weekend Roselanders.

Birdie said...

Thank you for the post,Rose. I hope you enjoyed your birthday.
How nice that Rob and Kristen got to have fun out together this weekend. I just saw the outtakes of Kristen. Amazingly beautiful girl! How the hell do they choose which ones to use?
I hope your son has a speedy recovery.
Nice to see all you Roselanders!

olivia said...


Glad you had a lovely birthday.
The pics of Rob and Kristen are gorgeous.

Kenzz, good to hear that all went well with your son and he is resting. Will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy to see that Rob and Kristen stayed under the radar. Wishing them all the privacy possible.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

Teeth said...

Ummmm, yeah. I don't like the new Blogger format.

Thanks for the post Rose!
You rock my socks.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Dreamer. You are M I A.

DreamerKind said...

Love randomness and lovers of all kinds/things R/K.

I am fine and once again sleep schedule shifting this week, resulting in random sleep, random play. Thanks for caring. :)

So pleased your son is doing well.

My blogger is also weird!

angelica1 said...

Hi Rose.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

I mostly just find the delusionals hilarious these days,their attempts at justification get siller and more desperate by the second. It's good that Rob and Kristen are clearly enjoying their lives, annoying paps not withstanding. Hopefully by the time they resurface for work commitments,some of these idiots will have moved on to annoy someone else.

Kenzz - Glad to hear things are going well with your son

Leni said...

Thanks for the post Rose!

I was annoyed about the pap pics (of course), but thought that it was very sweet how protective Rob is of Kristen <3

Kenzz - so glad that your son is doing well!

Have a great day everyone :)

Blogger is really weird right now..

ali mac said...

Great post Rose, I loved seeing them out and about having a good time !!

I have to agree with Liz, the couples that actually look in love on the red carpet are few and far between, It's one of the things that makes R&K so addictive that there love shines out for everyone to see <3

SUPER I'm very jealous of your organiser!!

KENZZ so pleased to hear that your sons surgery is over safely, I hope he has a speedy recovery xx

I really don't like the new blogger I hope it changes back.

I have to go and try to get a costume for my son to wear to school on Thursday for WORLD BOOK DAY, as if there isn't enough to do!! Have a great week everyone.

Dottie said...

Hello all!

What's up w/blogger? I liked it better when I could just check my email for Roseland comments.We've been spoiled! :P

I hope all of you are happy and well.

DreamerKind said...

I read somewhere, that Blogger has gone mobile, so it is now easier to load/respond from a phone. This may be the permanent format.

*I*Believe* said...

Hope everyone had a great day!

@Freddie~Cheer season is in full swing! I'm very busy with the kids....school is in full swing too. Snow is coming our way so maybe a snowday?

Hope said...


Congrats on your son's job and setting a wedding date! Exciting news...Happy for all of you!

IB.....hope you get a snow day!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...You are entitled to take a night off every now and then....please don't make it a habit!

ALI MAC and ANGELICA.....HELLO LADIES...how goes it over there? And where is CLAIRE??????

IB...I have my fingers crossed for you....SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!!!!!!

KENZZ...How is your son? I hope the surgery is a major success.

Hi HOPE, LENI,DOTTIE, MELINDA, RHONDA, FREDDIE...hello....I don't like the new e blogger either but I LOVE the Absence of the....dare I say it....Shhhh...word verifs.......

SMITTY GRUFF and SYD and ROSE....Hope you guys have had a great day!

Freddie said...

Hi ladies,

DK – I’ve been out of the loop and obviously missed your good news about your son. That’s wonderful. Now you can gradually start to plan what you will wear for the wedding. You also asked if I had any new singers to suggest. I haven’t heard anyone new or interesting, but I’ll keep my ears open.

IB – I’m glad everything is good despite the busy schedule. I hope your daughter’s team is having a good season (but more importantly, that the kids are having fun). We’re expecting some bad weather as well (a weird combination of freezing rain, snow and possibly thunder storms). I hope you don’t get snowed under – it’s too late in the season for that.

Kenzz – I hope that your son is doing well. Please keep us posted when you have a moment.

Super – I’m so impressed that you organized your closet. My closets so need to be done. They have gotten so disorganized that I don’t have the courage to tackle them. Yes, I am a bit of a hoarder.....

It’s official. I really hate the new “cleaner” Blogger. I can’t preview my comments properly and I’m sorry they removed the e-mail functionality. That feature was very convenient.

Hi to Hope, dottie, ali mac, Leni, Angelica, Teeth, Olivia, Birdie and all my other Roseland friends. I hope you are all well. Talk to you soon.

Hope said...

Hi Super and Freddie

Freddie....I am on my iPhone and the email function popped up as an option this time.
Not sure why it did not work yesterday when I was on my iPad. I think DK is right!!

DreamerKind said...

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@Super, Freddie, Hope
Thanks for your sweet remarks!

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DreamerKind said...

Off to see the Wizard of Nod. Have the best Hump Day ever, lovelies!

Thinking of you, Rose, Smitty, Gruff and Syd!

DreamerKind said...

Leaping into sleeping..

ali mac said...

DK I hope you have a peaceful sleep. I love all your little sayings, they make me smile :0)

SUPER things are good over this side of the pond, we are having very mild weather. I don't think we are going to get any winter weather this year!

Happy hump day everyone xx

angelica1 said...

Morning All!

Super - Things are good over hers, it looks like spring has arrived :)

Hi Freddie!

Rhonda said...

Morning all, happy Leap day...

DK- Congrats to your son on the wedding date and new job. That's great news!

IB- good luck with the snow day.

Freddie- I hope your weather improves soon :)

Ali- it's the same here. I don't know what's happened to winter..

Hi to everyone- hope you all have a great Wednesday. We need to catch up soon. Lots of love :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Girls!

Happy Leap Day!!!

I am not happy/use to this new blogger either....

Saw the pictures of Kristen flying out of LAX and I must say she looks beautifully stunning, rested and happy! Have a safe flight!

The weather is odd this year..last year we were snowed in and talking about building igloos...this winter our snow total is only 8 inches....we are suppose to get 10 inches today. I will keep you all posted.

Dottie said...

Happy Leap Day!

ali mac said...

RHONDA I live in Northern Ireland and we have had such a mild winter with about only one week with frost and no snow, plenty of rain unfortunately, Spring is starting to show!

Annie said...

Good afternoon all.

Happy to hear of the great news from everyone......Kenzz, DK.

We're to have some snow here this afternoon which will turn into rain later.

Heading out now. Take care everybody. TTYL.

beacullen said...

Awww Happy Birthday! sorry I missed it. I can't believe Kristen wearing heels means she's working? wtf, that's just...pathetic. wow. Great post Rose, you call it like you see it and I love that!!! thanks Oh Happy Leap Year Birthday! I'm 12 heehee. have a great day!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Everybody

I guess we are heading into Spring! I am going Miami on Friday to a conference. It will be mostly sunny and 84 degrees lol

How sad I was to hear this afternoon that Davy Jpnes of the Monkees died of a heart attack today. When I was in the 6th grade me and my friend Cecelia would go to her house in the afternoons and play the Monkees albums and dance in her living room and the very album that I so loved, More of the Monkees,my hubs just burned a CD of it last week and I have been enjoying it.

Dottie said...

Super, I hope you get some free time to enjoy Miami.

We have had a stormy Leap Day here with a Tornado Watch until 9 P.M. March is coming in like a Lion!

I saw that Miss Kristen is in Paris for the Balenciaga show. It's always exciting to see what she will wear.

DK, I have yet to congratulate you on your son's upcoming wedding. We will all enjoy reading about your "mother of the groom" experiences. :)

Take care, lovely people!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose!

Just wanted to say that you must have been reading my mind! I haven't commented in a while although I read every post, but I was thinking how much I missed the little Spice and those funny pics you used to post. And what do I spy???????????????? There he is, Kristen's Old Spice :).......OREGANO!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've truly missed those pics and it brought so much joy to see that.

Thanks for making my day!

Kenzz said...

Please disregard if you don't believe, but. I'm asking for good thoughts sent my way. Z son had surgery Monday, but recovery is not what was expected. Getting home by the weekend is the goal.

Love All you gals (&guys)... Loving Roseland

Freddie said...

Kenzz - I'm sorry to hear that your son's recovery is slower than anticipated. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your son's way. Stay strong and please keep us posted when you next have the chance. You have lots of people here pulling for you both.

DreamerKind said...

Yes, as Freddie said!

Healing thoughts held in minds, produce of their kind.

May it be so, soon, for your dear son.

Hope said...

Kenzz....so sorry your son's recovery is taking longer than expected. Sending my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you both. Keep the faith and trust that he'll be home soon.

Take care and please keep us posted when you can.

olivia said...

Dear Kenzz, son and family,

Healing thoughts and prayers being sent your way.
Stay strong and positive.


Dottie said...

Kenzz, I'm sorry that things are taking longer than expected. You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers. (((Hugs)))

Birdie said...

Sorry to hear your son's recovery is taking longer than anticipated. He is where he needs to be and I hope the staff is able to help him progess to a weekend at home!

Kristen is taking Paris again! She is the definition of "cool".

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- I'm sorry your son's recovery has not gone as well as planned. I hope he improves quickly, take care ((Hugs))

Super- Safe travels to Miami. I hope you enjoy the conference, and have some fun :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I just re read your post from Monday....

I look forward to seeing the dress in that bag also because I LOVE the dresses that she chooses....That black dress that she's wearing where Rob has his hand around her waist and vice versa...(no, that's not why I mentioned THAT DRESS) haha...anyway, it's my favorite...I wish I could see that fabric in person...gorgeous in my humble opinion...

KRISTEN...I hope you have a wonderful trip and wishing that the Paps fall in a puddle or something....

KENZZ...I am so sorry to hear that the going is rough for you guys...I'm sending my most sincere and heartfelt cyber thoughts to you....Take care...

Happy Thursday Everybody...

Leni said...

Kenzz - I'm sending positive thoughts, hugs and prayers your way!

Kristen looks flawless as usual :)

Melinda said...

Happy Thursday morning/afternoon! Trying to catch up on comments since the email option isn't available now (grrrrrr!).

Been waking up to some pretty pictures the last couple of days. Kristen looks happy and confident! Love that for her!

DK- Exciting news on the home front for your son. I second Dottie in that we will enjoy your mother of the groom stories.

Super- Hope you enjoy the Fl sunshine while down here for work. Safe travels!

Kenzz- Healing thoughts are being sent to you. I hope that whatever is causing this setback can be resolved so your son can come home. Hugs!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Dottie said...

Hey Roseland bakers, check this out. So clever and cute!


Have a great Thursday!

ali mac said...

KENZZ Virtual hugs ((())) and thoughts sent your way!!!!

ali mac said...

DOTTIE What a cute cake, wouldn't it be great as a birthday cake for someone with green fingers :0)

Annie said...

Kenzz: My thoughts and prayers are with your son and your family.
Comforting hugs and the most positive of thoughts from across the miles.

angelica1 said...

dottie - I dread to think how that would turn out if I attempted it.LOL

Kenzz - Sending love and good wishes to your son.

Annie said...

I love Kristen's entire look this AM in Paris.
Balenciaga is lucky indeed to have her as the face of their new fragrance.

Dottie said...

Ali Mac, You're right, that cake would be so cute for a gardener.

Angelica, There is no way it would look like that if I made it! LOL

Rose, I read that you've been under the weather. I hope you feel better soon. It seems to be that time of yr. :(

DreamerKind said...

Howdy Doody, it's Friday!

Be safe from storms and enjoy this weekend.

BBL, with some tunes.

DreamerKind said...

Holding you fast.

@ali mac
I enjoy you, too.

Watch out, Miami, FUN has arrived in the form of one blonde bombshell!

marley said...

Happy Friday to everyone here in Roseland!!!!
I hope all of you are off to a great start to your weekend.
@Kenzz I'm really sorry that your son is hitting some bumps in recovery but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that any bumps will be very short lived and for him to be back home and better soon.
Rose Great post as usual!!! Wow, kinda crazy how much you miss and are out of the loop, when you are sick for a week. Today I am finally starting to feel a little better. only about 50% better but I will gladly take it since I have things to get done this weekend. My friend and I are taking our girls to Disney on Ice tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. I think we are more excited then the girls. lol shows how much we get out I guess.
I saw on Robstenation all the photo out takes of Kristen, and amazing. my two favorites are the black and red dress and then her in the jean and bare feet. She looks just as great in a pair of jeans and shirt and bare feet. I'm glad they were able to have some fun during Oscars weekend. I'm liking the jacket Kristen is wearing in Paris. Hope she has a safe and enjoyable trip.
@Super I hope you have fun in Florida with that nice warm weather and safe travels!
@DK I don't remember if I already said congrats for your son getting married and also for your new job I see!!
A big HELLO to everyone else as well!

marley said...
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marley said...

Sorry that posted twice!

marley said...

@DK here are some songs in honor of our friend Tom Sturridge. I'm sure you've heard of them but I felt like sharing just in case!!

The Mostar Diving Club - Worlds Apart
Come Back To Me - Color of Clouds
Forever Goodbye - The Mostar Diving Club
Worlds Collide - The Mostar Diving Club

DreamerKind said...

2 Great Davy Versions

Daydream Believer

Davy Jones/The Monkees (1967):

Monkees Reunion/2011:

Oh, I could hide
'neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings
The six o'clock alarm would never ring

ut it rings and I rise
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes
The shavin' razor's cold
And it stings

Cheer up, sleepy Jean
Oh what can it mean
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen

You once thought of me
As a white knight on his steed
Now you know how happy I can be
Oh, and our good times start and end
Without dollar one to spend
But how much baby
Do we really need

Cheer up, sleepy Jean
Oh what can it mean
To a daydream
Believer and a homecoming queen

Thank you/TheVideoJukeBox4 &
Thank you/maggieclarke

DreamerKind said...

Thanks, for your kind comments. I'll listen to your song suggestions, too, and will post them. :)

DreamerKind said...

Something's Got A Hold On Me

Etta James:

Sometimes I get a good feeling
I get a feeling that I never
Never, never
Never had before no, no

And I just wanna tell you right now
That I, I believe
I really do believe that
Something's got a hold on me
(Oh, it must be love)

Something's got
A hold on me right now child
(Oh, it must be love)

Let me tell you now
I got a feeling
I feel so strange
Everything about me
Seems to have changed

Step by step
I got a brand new walk
I even sound sweeter when I talk
I said, Oh
Yeah, oh, it must be love
(You know it must be love)

Let me tell you now
I've never felt like this before
Something's got a hold on me
That won't let go
I believe I'd die
If I only could
I feel so strange
But I sure feel good

Let me tell you now
My heart feels heavy
My feet feel light
I shake all over
But I feel alright

I never felt like this before
Something's got a hold on me
That won't let go

I never thought it could happen to me
Got me heavy when I'm in misery
I never thought it could be this way
Love's sure gonna put a hurting on me

I said, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah
It must be love
(You know it must be love)
Oh, you know it walks like love
(You know it walks like love)

He talks like love
(You know he talks like love)
Make me feel alright
(Make me feel alright)
In the middle of the night
(In the middle of the night)
La, la, la

Thank you/SassyGirrr1420

DreamerKind said...

New late night post!!

@RKsoulmates913 said...

I found it on the NET, and I thought you guys would like to read it:

Ignore this if you want, but I had to do it. It's how I feel and it's in no way meant to victimize Kristen or disrespect Rob. I'm just a fan with a message for someone I support.


Dear Kristen...~> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/isi6k3