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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- Random Rose

 Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!
Never mind.
I don't have much to say
and you know how I always say that
and then manage to ramble on forever.
And ever.
And ever too.

You did WHAT?

Ramble One.

Robert was in Berlin to promote Bel Ami...
A movie I'm thinking is more and more likely I will
never see on the BIG screen.

But it was a grand time had by all...

Yeah... I'm about to TWIRL bitches...

 Robert looked phenomenal... of course.
Even with the shorn hair.
But you know how it goes...
People need to piss on everything.
Yes... it's gross.
But it is what it is.
Rob cannot look at his co-stars without supposedly
leering at their cleavage...
Because you know
THAT'S the kinda guy Rob is.
A leering, drooling caveman
who cannot 
under any circumstances
control his inner manwhore.
Even when there are a million people taking his picture.
Imagine that.

Is that what you THINK of him?

 It still boggles my mind that people...
People who supposedly are Robert's fans
People who supposedly find his awkward
self deprecating modesty
part of his many charms
Are so damn eager for him to be some sort
of egotistical tramp.
Bedding co-stars
no matter their relationship status
Bedding ANYone he can get close to.
Endless drunken nights out...
Sitting at bars.
All of that.
is preferable to these 'fans'
Than accepting that Robert loves Kristen.
That Robert prefers quiet nights at home
with the woman he loves.
The ONE woman he has loved for years now...

Cute? Adorably so.

 Which brings me to...

Ramble Two.

Robert bought a house.
Someone showed pics of it.
Someone posted the address online.

I don't get what anyone gets out of knowing
where Rob and Kristen live.
(Yes. Rob AND Kristen. You know its fucking true)
I get that there are idiots out there
that will stop at nothing to find out every intimate
detail that can be found.
And I get that being one of the most famous couples
on the face of the planet right now
will make this knowledge more sought after...
I still don't get what anyone gets out of it.
Didn't we kinda know that Rob had bought a house?
I mean...
The guy is settling down in California.
With Kristen.
Of course.
But do people ever kinda think...
About the impact of divulging this information?
I mean...
Just because you KNOW it
Doesn't mean you have to tell.
Here's the thing.

I don't want to be seen...

People seem to forget that while 
Rob and Kristen may be extremely famous right now...
That the paparazzi and the helicopters
and the lunatic fringe are stalking their every movement.
Why give them a heads up?
Why help the Fringe?
Don't you look at Rob and Kristen...
And see 2 human beings?
People who work hard for what they have...
People who love their fans.
Who love their jobs.
Who give above and beyond for people
who show up at their premieres and public appearances.
People who just want a place to call home.
A place that is safe.
A place that they don't have to worry about the Fringe
trying to get to them.
And we all know there are twisted fuckwads out there
Who are volatile
and messed up.
And who hate Kristen for having what they want.

Almost home...

So riddle me this...
Why do you think Robert came back to LA so fast?
It's all about Kristen.

Whoop De Do
You know where Rob (and Kristen) live.
What does that get you?
It gets them more security.
Less privacy.
And more scary moments...


This post is brought to you by the following picture...

Rob. Kristen.
It's all about what's inside.
Not the madness without.

Are you looking at me??

And finally...
Thomas Sturridge.
I loved him being in NYC looking all happy.
I never mind seeing pictures of him.
No matter what.
As for this picture?
My first impression was 
He's kinda smoldering in this pic...
Looking all kinds of sexy
But then someone said to me...
"He looks confused."
And then I thought...
He kinda does.
"What the fuck AM I looking at?"

Oh Thomas.
I adore you.


Bye for now


kp said...

I've been reading your posts for a few years now, and I always love what you have to say. It's refreshing to see a normal R/K stan.

Birdie said...

Ahhh,Rose, people are such idiots. Always looking for the negative. Rob looked incredibly handsome in Berlin and charming as always.
The house? People are fucking idiots.I do feel so bad that they have the added worry. So intrusive.
Very nice picture, Tom. I am hoping this is from "Effie".

LJ said...

Nice post Rose.

I hope they didn't get the right house...the thought of that makes me sad. Why can't people just leave them the alone. It's not like Robs going to invite them round for afternoon tea so what difference does it make? crazy.

Rob looked great at the Berlin premiere. I'm looking forward to seeing Bel Ami it's out here 9th March I think.

I don't know what the curly locks Tom picture is in aid of but I like it, kinda suits him. Handsome as always.

Love to everyone...hope 2012 is treating you well so far!

Massive love,


Leni said...

Great post Rose!

I feel sorry for Rob.. he can't even be near someone of the opposite sex without some huge fucking drama coming along (the same goes for Kristen).

The thing with the house makes me so fucking angry. I hope it's not the right one but the fact that some people (I cannot even call them "fans")would go so far is just so ridiculous and fucking scary.

To say something positive: Tom looks really really great in that picture and I'm happy for him :)

Have a great day/evening everyone :)

Groovie said...

Nice post!
Sadly, in the social networking/media culture we are in celeb homes are inevitably found & the info spreads. I don't condone it and I'm sure Rob & Kristen aren't happy their home location is now known by fans, but it is what it is. I'm surprised it took this long because like I said, I feel like its inevitable, although that doesn't make it right.
It sucks, but I'd bet their home is safe & secure and they know how to take care of themselves and protect what needs protecting!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your day is going well and is far less busy than mine :)

Kay said...

WTH is wrong with people?!? Such an incredible disregard for their privacy and safety...stupid, frightening and so disturbing! Really, really makes me angry.

Great pictures, Rose. :)

Happy crazy Monday everyone out there in Roseland! <3

xcecilia said...

Why so negative about Bel Ami? Idgi. Srsly, this is your support for Rob?
Maybe you should stick support your 'real' obsession TomStu.

Dottie said...

Thank you for this post, Rose. I feel really bad for Rob and Kristen when I read about the things that the "fringe" does. Thankfully, they have good friends, strong family support, and most of all - each other.

Great to see you here, Miss Liza! <3

Have a great Monday, Roselanders. I'm getting caught up on all the things I neglected over the week end. Jambalaya for dinner tonight! And if I'm feeling really nice, Banana Pudding. :D


Rose said...

Xcecilia- negative about Bel Ami? Seriously?
I'm upset that it's very likely I won't be able to see this movie in a theater... How is that negative about a movie that I really REALLY want to see?

And honestly... My blog. My obsessions.

angelica1 said...

I wonder how these so called "fans" would feel if someone posted their personal information online.I can only assume it makes them feel important in some way to tell people something they didn't know. It speaks volumes for their self-esteem really.

Anyway,hopefully Rob and Kristen can get on with living their lives relatively undisturbed,for as long as possible.

I really like that picture of Tom, he looks ponderous
Hi Liza!

Freddie said...

Happy President's Day to everyone in the US, happy Family Day to those celebrating in Canada and happy Monday to everyone else.

I couldn't agree more with everything you have all already said. I'm incredibly sad for Rob and Kristen if their privacy and safety has been compromised because of stupid fans or unconscionable papps or media. Here's hoping they got it wrong.

As I said on the weekend, I think Rob looked absolutely fantastic in Berlin. That long coat was a killer.

Nice picture choices, Rose.

Hi to Birdie, LJ, dottie, Kay, Leni, Groovie, kp, Angelica and of course Rose.

Stay well all.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Lisa said...
"Rob cannot look at his co-stars without supposedly
leering at their cleavage...
Because you know
THAT'S the kinda guy Rob is.
A leering, drooling caveman
who cannot
under any circumstances
control his inner manwhore.
Even when there are a million people taking his picture.
Imagine that."

Finally someone who doesn't think that it's "normal" that a man in a committed relationship checks out other women in public. I agree, it's not normal, it's gross.

angelica1 said...

Lisa - Obviously irony and sarcasm are lost on you. Not really surprising

Sydney said...

Can one of you ladies here say that your boyfriend, husband, third grade crush never once checked out another woman?

Lisa - I don't know what all-female, sexless colony you come from, but it sounds creepy to me. And I don't ever want to go there.

Hope said...

Rose...Happy to see the new post today...thank you.

LOL...love the pic where Rob is about to twirl!

Freddie....you are so right, Rob looked amazing in that long coat. His family looked gorgeous on the red carpet too.

The house situation is beyond sad. I pray that they will be left alone and in peace.
Rose, so true, as much as they give of themselves to their work and fans...their privacy should be honored.

Hi to everyone!

Freddie said...

Hi Hope and Sydney - I hope you are both well.

LJ said...

Hi to everyone!

(apart from xcecilia, Lisa and anyone else who turns up who is clearly bonkers)

Hope said...

Hi Freddie!

How's the job? I'm off to pick up K from track..she had school today despite the holiday.

Hi Liza!

Annie said...

I love Random Rose. :)
Good grief..........Fools and their judgemental bullshit!

Teeth said...

Well we can only assume that xcecilia can't read.

Hope everyone is doing good.
Man, the year is just flying on by!

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Excellent post, Rose!!

I'm going to detach my retinas of eyerolling SO hard from all the stupid absurd bullshit said (by IDIOTS) about Rob checking out is costars. Just STFU idiots.

About people posting pics and address of Rob and Kristen house, it is disgunsting and a utter disrespect for Rob and Kristen privacy. I hope they got the wrong house. And if it is their home that people, please, will not go their and stalk them.

Rob looked sinfully gorgoeus in Berlin...absolutely amazing!!!!

Tom looks very cute in that pic!!

Lisa, you need READING comprehision or need to grow a brain before you post....you to xcecilia.

Freddie, KP, Hope, Berdie. LiZa, Angelica, Groovie, Annie, Dottie, Sydney, Leni, Kay, Teeth. I hope you are all having a great day. Take care.

Lisa said...

Oh Sydney, I laughed at your comment. And, really, your insults don't affect me at all.
You don't know anything about me or my life. BTW, if you're such a nice person, why are you insulting me? I don't remember insulting anyone here... or even Robert Pattinson, the HW actor that no one here knows pesonally. I gave an (harsh) opinion about something that I think he did, but I didn't insult him.

Answering to your question, of course men check out other women... duh!
I'm sure my boyfriend does it (yes, I've one, imagine that!), and I do not close my eyes either when I see an attractive man (and I'm sure my boyfriend knows that too!).
That's not an issue, because we're respectful enough to not do it in front of the other. Looking is normal, in front of the other is gross. That's my opinion, can I have one? Or do I have to think exactly like you?

Would you like to see pictures of your boyfriend/husband checking out other women, at public events? Knowing that not only you saw it, but many other people saw it too?
Yeah, I know, of course you wouldn't mind at all...!
Anyway, it's my opinion, and I'm entitled to have one, either you like it or not.

But I'm curious, why did my comment upset you so much? Rob didn't check her out, according to you all in this site, so...? (so strange, this is the only site I checked where people didn't see it...)...

You know, Rob checking out other women is not my problem (not yours either) but I can give my opinion about it, if I want. Their house, their dog or their relationship is not anybody's business either, and everyone seems to have an opinion about them too...

katy said...

I meant..gorgeous not gorgoeus

Teeth said...

Is everyone having nice weather?
The rain finally let up over here.

Lisa said...

Katy, don't worry, my brain is just fine! Your manners not, it seems.

Leni said...

Teeth - here, the weather gets better too

katy said...

Puff, I mean 'Will not go there'...not their

Sydney said...

Lisa - perhaps you should go tend to your "boyfriend" then, rather than stalk every Rob Pattinson site on the internet trying to find out if the commenters there are scandalized over the possibility that Rob may have glanced at a co-workers chest, and then harassing them AD NAUSEUM when they don't give a shit what you think.

Freddie said...


Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but you obviously have an objective. You didn’t just come here for the sake of free speech. There are plenty of other places you could have gone to express yourself. So, why here and what’s your motive? You obviously have one, because you were compelled to come here on two separate occasions. Are you trying to get people to agree with you, or to debate you or are you here just to cause trouble? You had to know that your comments were not going to be well received, so this leads me to assume you were trying to stir things up. That’s why you’re not being received with open arms. It has less to do with your opinion but more with what people perceive to be your motives. You seem like an intelligent person, so I’m sure you can understand this.

Lisa said...


Perhaps you should go tend to your "boyfriend" too, rather than coming here to insult me, just because I've a different opinion from you.

And who am I harassing? It looks like YOU are harassing me and making this personal, not me.

Kay said...


It's true that we all have our own opinions. In my opinion, when you post 8 times since Friday about your "opinion" in a place where by your own admission people clearly disagree and did not see the same thing that you did, it seems a lot more like an agenda to me.

You're right, posters here don't know "the HW actor Robert Pattinson" personally. That being said, I would still be willing to bet that he would find your "harsh opinion" to be insulting, even if you don't think it is. I know I would.

Sydney said...

Lisa - you've stated your contrary opinion several different times on several different occasions. We get it. Maybe you could put the hammer down and back away from the horse. It's dead already.

Leni said...

Lisa - If you feel so terribly harassed by Sydney why do you come back here again and again? Because I can guarantee you one thing and that is that no one of the regulars here is going to agree with you or even defend you.

Annie said...

Lisa: You shared your opinion and for the most part people here are ignoring you.

You've quoted Rose, repeated your opinion ad nauseum.... It clearly doesn't change how the majority of us feel.

You have got to know when you've overstayed your welcome and are just being a nuisance.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I have had a LOOOONG day and what a pleasure to come home and have a glass of wine with my dinner and read your new post!!! Thank you so much..what a wonderful way to end the day!

LISA...Need some medical attention? My advice...Take 2 of your antidepressants, 3 of your antipsychotic medicines, 4 of your blood pressure medicines, and 5 of your "I like to irritate people... reverse that"medicine and go lie down and take some deep cleansing breaths:)

Melinda said...

Enjoyed the post and agree wholeheartedly with all of what you said Rose...

I'm thoroughly disgusted with so called "fans" and their behavior lately. Their obsession with Rob and Kristen has become frightening. I hope that the house info is not correct (at least the pictures/address that is supposedly floating around). If it is then I hope Rob and Kristen bulk up security around their place.

Moving on to happier things. I was away for the weekend so I finally caught up with some of the Bel Ami premiere. Rob looked handsome as always! LOVED the long coat. Love how supportive his family is.

I really , really hope it comes somewhere near me so I can see it on the big screen!

Love that picture of Tom wherever it's from. Digging the hair on him...

Super- Sorry to read about your misfortune but glad you and your husband are okay.

Freddie- I recently found out that I maybe vacationing in you neck of the woods in late summer/early fall. If it's a go then I'm going to be chatting you up for some recommendations when it gets closer as I've never been to Canada.

Those of you that watch Downton Abbey. I too watch it and love the series. Anyone wrapping up season 2 enjoy the little BTS they did last night. It was really interesting to me to see how they create some of the stuff. Loved that "shopping list" on the wall. Pretty cool tool way back when.

Hope the week is off to a great start for all (except the trolls, you only get this :/ for your ridiculous thoughts)...

Barbara Fenwick said...

So excited to see your post today. I am so angry about the location of Rob's house being public. They can't seem to catch a break. I feel really bad for them.

I would love to see Bel Ami, but like you, I doubt I will ever see it in a movie theater. The most I can hope for is the DVD. I hate it, because I long to see it.

Rob looked so handsome in Berlin. He also looked happy. It was so good to see him.

I hope everyone has had a good Monday...I am fighting a cold. Oh, the picture of Tom was wonderful. I miss him too since I haven't seen him in awhile.

Lisa said...


My objective was expressing my opinion on this subject, obviously.
And yes, you're right, I was not expecting my comment to be "received with open arms", but that usually doesn't stop me from saying what I think. I wanted to give my perspective on this subject, precisely because I know that it's different from yours (or maybe not...). Blogs are places for debating ideas, as far as I know, and this is a public blog.

Why here? Well, I think it's interesting that last year everybody here acknowledged him doing this same thing, when we got those pictures of him checking out Reese during WFE promo, and now everyone is basically saying that he would not do such thing. I remember reading the comments and thinking that you were not being sincere, because everyone was defending him by basically saying that there's nothing wrong with doing it (in public, that's my point!), every men do it, it's normal, etc. etc.

I think it's interesting that Rose basically said today that she thinks that a guy doing this, "when there are a million people taking his picture", is a "leering, drooling caveman
who cannot under any circumstances
control his inner manwhore."
The difference is that Rose doesn't think he did it, and I do.
Well, I have to add that I think Rose's words are obviously too strong though, I just think that him doing this in public is disrespectful and embarrasing for Kristen. And I think it's insulting to her or any other women, that everyone seems to think that there's nothing wrong with that behaviour, in public.
I don't have anything against Rob, but I don't have to agree with everything he does or says. Or Kristen, for that matter. I like her, but I don't see her as perfect human being without flaws.

Well, that's it, I'm going now (don't bother to insult me people, I'm not going to reply to you), back to my "all-female sexless colony".

Freddie said...


Thank you for your response. My opinion is unchanged. Your objective in debating this point was to bash Rob for something you perceive he did, and on this point we will have to agree to disagree. I don’t think that Rob was being disrespectful to Kristen, as I am sincere in my belief that Rob did not do what you suggest. It’s not his style. Video angles and photos, which catch a moment in time, can distort things. The guy is tall and to simply look at his co-stars means he has to look down at them. I don’t think he needs cheep thrills and I believe in his professionalism, particularly in this type of public setting. That’s my opinion and all I’ll say on this matter, as it’s giving it more air time than it is due.

Birdie said...

Perfectly stated, Freddie!

Freddie said...

Hope - all is well at work, thanks for asking. I had a nice day off today, but head back tomorrow. It sounds like you are busy as ever. I hope all is well with you. Is track in addition to cheering?

Super - so sorry to hear about your car accident and I'm relieved to hear that you weren't hurt. It must have been pretty startling.

Melinda - I'd be pleased to help with any information you need, should your trip materialize.

Hi Birdie - I hope all is well with you.

Lisa said...


Fair enough.
My objective was expressing my opinion on this subject, as I said, and by doing that I've CRITICISED him, for something I believe he did.
Believe it or not, I'm not the only one thinking he did it.
Maybe I'm wrong and it was just weird camera angles, who knows? I can accept that, and I can accept that other people think differently from me. Really going now.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Melinda and Freddie ... Thanks fo your concern and yea it was a jolt..lol. It happened ao fast it was kind of like.,,"What was that"? And then the realization Sinks in... Deer....$500.00 deductible etc...

Freddie... I said exactly the same thing to L. The other day Just goes to show you... It is fairly impossible to reason with a troll. It's like their brain is stuck and the same recording keeps playiniron their head over and over. It get old real fast

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Sorry for the typos. Trying to use the cell phone again(:

Sydney said...

Freddie - very eloquently put. If only people could just respect the tone of this blog and resist trying to drag it down.

Super - I didn't initially read anything about an accident you were in, but glad to hear you seem to be doing well.

ADD said...

Complete disregard of Rob and Kristen's privacy and safety.I hope their house is in a gated community. There are some real psychos out there.

Claire said...

Lisa - ''You know, Rob checking out other women is not my problem'' It may not be your 'problem', but it certainly seems like an obsession.

I've looked at the pics and seen the video, he wasn't checking anyone out, sweetie.

He was looking at the floor and then looking at a bunch of flowers that were given to Holliday.

Now jog on, little troll. Do something productive with your life instead of trollin this place looking to get a rise out of people.

Motherhin said...

Look I've been married for nine years and that's a pretty solid commitment if you ask me. I've caught my husband looking at women before when we were *gasp* out in public since that's usually where women are. I brought it up once and other times I just blow it off. It's just LOOKING for goodness sake and Lisa, for all you know that one snap of a picture was a nanosecond of what happened so you don't know exactly what you are looking at in full form. It's like opening a book and taking a phrase out of the book and thinking you know all about the plot. It's impossible to know from one picture out of a thousand what happened in it's entirety. Please grow up because claiming you have a "boyfriend" doesn't mean you are the slightest bit mature enough to handle grown up matters.

Teeth said...

Damn, she's still here


Have a good evening pretty ladies
and gentlemen too.
I realized I never include any gentlemen. XD

wig4usc said...

OK, what I think is funny is Lisa still doesn't understand that Rose was being sarcastic!!! My take - he wasn't leering...but even if he was, so what? True story, recently went to a family party, my young son was dancing and in a photo, looked like he was looking up a girls dress. It was funny, especially because we were watching the whole thing and that wasn't what he was doing. The angle of the shot make it look that way. With thousands of pics taken, how many appear out of context??? No need to defend, its beyond silly, silly little teenagers who don't have enough life experience to know better.

marley said...

Wow it's been a busy board today!! Thanks for the new post Rose, it's like you took the thoughts from my head. I am to deeply saddend that psychos might have found their house. This is one reason why I love living in MN, yes we have famous people here but they get their privacy!!!

I'm a huge Twins fan so when we see players like Joe Maur it makes my day but I let them be unless they say hey to me first then I would be blushing but say hi back and tell him to have a good one! My point is that they lead fairly normal lives here. Wish all places could be more like that for Rob &Kristen and other celebs who wish to stay out of the craziness.

But anyways we are getting snow again but my luck it won't last or be enough to take little one out to play in, one of my simple joys to do with her

That's all from me tonight. Night everyone and have a happy Tuesday!!!

marley said...

Sorry just realized I missed the "e" in Joe's last name. It's spelt Mauer, wow

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning!
Best wishes, Roselanders.

All Fringe should be cut off! Sure enjoyed the wagon train graphic. Everyone fights to keep what is theirs.

I lost a post I wrote yesterday, so I'll now say how happy I am that you are okay after the accident. We're getting close to the deer mating season, when more caution is needed. I guess any mating of any kind can be dangerous!

Your trip sounds divine and you are missed. Take your time and enjoy, then hurry back to Roseland.

DreamerKind said...

Takes One To Know One

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Thank you/GerbilGirl

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

Just peeking in quickly before work...

Great post, Rose <3

I don't understand what people would get out of knowing where Rob and Kristen live either. If it's not your home, then you have no right to know this information. I find it sad, and more than a little disturbing, that some people somehow believe they do :(

I love that picture of Tom, he looks great.

I see we had another visit from crazy. Same old, same old..

Have a happy Tuesday everyone. I hope we can catch up soon-((Hugs))

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

Have a great day! See you soon.

DreamerKind said...

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But you ain't going away no more

Laugh and be happy
Don't you ever wear a frown
Don't let
The bastards grind you down

Laugh and be happy
Now listen to what I say
Everything's going to go your way
You'll be on top of the world

Thank you/homerfreak2

DreamerKind said...

Old Song Same Old Thing

Living On A Marble

Jim Capaldi:

1984 might be a good year
But it won't be so good
For you and me
They've already got us surrounded
There's nothin' but disharmony

You don't realize
They got you categorized
So subtle it can't be detected

They got a chain around your brain
And you might as well be lame
It's too late
You're already infected, ha

Universal love can be a good thing
If everybody stays
On their own soil

It's when everybody tries
To get together
That's when the blood
Begins to boil

Birds of a feather
Will always flock together
No matter what the situation

But when they tried to build
The Tower of Babel
It turned out to be
God's damnation! Hey!

Though a man has walked in space
Sent a rocket up to the moon
We're still no nearer to the stars
In fact we're running out of room

Destruction is a black mushroom
Growing out of politicians' hands
This government speaks
About freedom

But they bring nothing
But destruction to the land
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
We need decentralization

Cut down the power
And you'll cut down the size
That's our only salvation, woah!

We're living on a marble
We're living on a marble

There go your feet
There go your knees
There go your hips
There go your waist
There go your elbows
Your shoulders
There goes your heartbeat!

Thank you/carawen99

DreamerKind said...

Gee, I'm on a roll like a marble!

Peace out to you and love in your life, for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and SillyMuffas. Rudilings, too.

Ready to snooze, so I don't lose, my musical muse...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SYDNEY and DK....Thanks for your concern...We got lucky......I do believe in predestination in that when it's ones time to go, you best be ready because you are going...I guess Gods not ready to put up with me yet!

I am home this morning soon to be Home Alone....Ooooh....I LOVE IT!
ANNIE...I made oatmeal for everybody this morning:)


olivia said...

Rob and Kristen,
Wishing you love, love, and more love, forever!
What a beautiful young couple you are.

Hugs for y'all, Smitty, Gruff and Syd too!

Dottie said...

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!!! ❤❤❤

Leni said...

Super - I just read about your car. So sorry about it, but happy nothing happened to you!

Have a great day everyone, I have the day off..since a very very long time :)

Teeth said...

If anyone has ten minutes to kill and wants a good laugh; "The Handsome Men's Club"


ali mac said...

TEETH That was sooooooo funny, let's hope they make another one :0)

Hope said...

Freddie...yes, she is doing both activities...tumbling too.
Glad to hear you are enjoying the job. Is Tomas okay?
We are taking off to see our good friends Mickey, Minnie and Snow White next week. Spring break comes so early for us...more like a Winter break.

Teeth....LOL...that's hysterical especially when Lenny K. starts singing!

Super...forgot to mention earlier that I was sorry about your accident. Thank goodness you were not injured.

kristinson60 said...

OMFG! I have already been upset all day since I found some asshole that Rob & Kristen trusted took a picture of them at a party and then posted it all over Twilight sites today; then I read your blog Rose and find out that some other unbelievable idiots give out the address of their home to everyone on the planet.
Sorry but it just pisses me off so much that this pour young couple just can't seem to get a break. They have to have body guards around them all the time when they are out and about for fear of what some crazy fan or the papps will do but are they going to have to get guards for their home too just because these idiots think they have a right to know what Rob & Kristen do every waking minute of their lives. I love seeing pictures of them together as much as anyone else but don't like seeing them this way. If people are true fans seeing them at movie premier's and such and watching how much they love each other and are so happy should be enough.
Ok, i'm done ranting and raving now just had to get that of my chest.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Rose, and keep your blogs coming they are very enjoyable!

Teeth said...

Lol my favorite was, the end with Ben Affleck.. "You're my handsome, you're my most handsome, you're my big handsome, you're big daddy handsome"
Lmfao, I love Jimmy!

Annie said...

Good evening all.

Super: I hope you enjoyed that oatmeal this AM. :)

Leni: I hope you enjoyed your day off. :)

Everyone else, I hope you all had a good day.


Well, I have never laughed as hard as I have today reading some of the rantings of the delusional and the desperate.

I feel sorry for anyone remotely related to them in anyway........I would be embarrassed by any association.

DreamerKind said...

Tuesday's almost a memory with Wednesday rolling in gangbusters.

Life brings it on and I call it good. Why not, considering the alternative?

Music coming up soon.

DreamerKind said...

Messin' Around Dancin' Dirty

Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs:

A-a-a-a-ah, just a little bit longer
Please, please, please, please
Tell me you're going to

Now, now your daddy don't mind
And your mommy don't mind
If we have another dance
Yeah, just one more
One more time

Oh, won't you stay
Just a little bit longer
Please let me hear
You say that you will
Say you will

Won't you press your sweet lips
To mine
Won't you say you love me
All of the time

Just a little bit longer
Please, please, please, please
Tell me you're going to

Come on, come on, come on and ... yey-yey-yeh
Come on, come on, come on and stay-yey-yey-yeh
Come on, come on, come on and stay, woops!
Come on, come on, come on...

Thank you/534neon

DreamerKind said...

Don't Be!


Nelly Furtado:

Paint my face in your magazines
Make it look whiter than it seems
Paint me over with your dreams
Shove away my ethnicity

Burn every notion that I may have
A flame inside to fight
And say just what is on my mind
Without offending your might

Cuz this life is too short
To live it just for you
But when you feel so powerless
What are you gonna do
So say what you want
Say what you want

I saw her face outside today
Weatherworn, looking all the rage
They took her passion and her gaze
And made a poster

Now it's moccasins we sport
We take the culture and contort
Perhaps only to distort
What we are hiding

Hey you, the one outside
Are you ever gonna get in, get in
Hey you, the one that don't fit in
How ya, how ya gonna get in

Hey you, the one outside
Are you ever gonna get in
With your broken teeth, broken jaw
Broken mojo

Yeah, this life is too short
To live it just for you
But when you feel so poweress
What are you gonna do

Thank you/botogel

DreamerKind said...

Crazy Beautiful Life


I'm in love alright
With my crazy beautiful life
With the parties, the disasters
With my friends all pretty
And plastered

Every night were down to go out
'Wakin up on a different couch
Till the next night
On the next flight
Yeah I guess we're doin alright

Oh oh ohh
We're fallin in love
Oh oh ohh
Till the suns comin up
Oh oh ohh
Just living a life
Oh oh ohh

Every single night we fight
To get a little high on life
To get a little something right
Something real, at least we try
Time after time

Tried dodging
All the douche bag guys
Tried trading all the wasted times
For something real
In this crazy life

I just hope some people see
There's nothing
That Im trying to be

Let me just stop
All the shit talk
I know Im the new bitch
On the block

I've been through my sketchy phases
Been broke, been a shitty waitress
But I'm not now
Guess it worked out
Got here by running my mouth

Oh oh ohh
We're fallin in love
Oh oh ohh
Till the suns comin up
Oh oh ohh
Just living a life
Oh oh ohh

Thank you/keshahouse

ladyevenstar22 said...

well rose you finally did it!!!!!
you got me to say WOW at a tom sturridge pic you found and posted

like a genuinely thought hmmm sexy! which surprised me, i think he has too much of a girly face not helped by the pouted red lips but here who knows the long hair seems to balance out the too much of that!

as for our, uhh kristen's rob he looked dashing in the long coat, to me those "fans" who think that ill of rob are schizoprhenic or ahve some form of split personality disorder,

i could never reconciled thinking something like that about him with the person he(not hersay or dubious tweet/rumour)has always shown us in interviews , in the way he keeps himself privately and publicly and most importantly in the way he loves kristen, i never doubted his feelings for her from day 1, heck i remember feeling a bit bad for him coz unrequited love sucks , yet hoping he'd somehow woo her or find a way to move on!
the more the brouhaha(noise) around them goes on ,the more i realized how right kristen was and still is, and if some people told them otherwise i'm sure this is proven her right in believing in staying steadfast in her choices

it might be wrong to say this but i hope someone is kinda enough to put bel-ami online, i have even less hope than you rose of seeing it on the big screen and who knows when a dvd will come out!

DreamerKind said...

Rob & Kristen AfterShocks

I Feel The Earth Move

Olivia Ong:

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down
I feel my heart start to trembling
Whenever you're around

Ooh, baby, when I see your face
Mellow as the month of May
Oh, darling, I can't stand it
When you look at me that way

Oh, darling, when you're near me
And you tenderly call my name
I know that my emotions
Are something I just can't tame
I've just got to have you, baby

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down
Down to my very soul

I get a hot and cold all over
I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down
Tumbling down, tumbling down

Thank you/golfmichael

DreamerKind said...

It's A Family Affair

You've Got The Love

Florence & The Machine:

I feel like
Throwing my hands up in the air
I know I can count on you
Sometimes lord I just don't care
But you've got the love I need
To see me through

Sometimes it seems that
The going is just too rough
And things go wrong
No matter what I do

Now and then it seems
That life is just too much
But you've got the love I need
To see me through

When food is gone
You are my daily meal
When friends are gone
I know my saviour's love is real
Your love is real
You got the love
You got the love

Time after time I think
Oh lord what's the use
Time after time
I think it's just no good

Sooner or later in life
The things you love you lose
But you got the love I need
To see me through
You got the love
You got the love

Thank you/MrBoots

DreamerKind said...

Breaking for dawn..and it is hours away. Unless, some regs or lurkers come out to play, I'm away for anon.

Longing for some P & P, Colin and Jennifer, other lovers on reel and real.

Isn't it romantic?

DreamerKind said...

Going My Way?

Your Own Sweet Way

Notting Hillbillies:

There's nothing I can do
Nothing I can say
You'll do what you want to
You'll go your own sweet way

You'll go your own sweet
Your own sweet way
You'll go your own sweet
Your own sweet way

Now I can talk to you serious
I can talk to you nice
But when it comes to love
You won't take good advice

You'll go your own sweet
Your own sweet way
You'll go your own sweet
Your own sweet way

It doesn't matter what I say
What I do or what I think
You can lead a horse to water
You can't make him drink

You'll go your own sweet
Your own sweet way
You'll go your own sweet
Your own sweet way

Thank you/Radi0act1v