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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Friday, April 5, 2013

That's Gotta Sting...

It's been an amusing week...
Capped off by another nail in the Fringe coffin...

I've been getting a lot of emails
and even my very own stalker eggs on Twitter.
You know what I mean... right?

These people make up 'sock' Twitter accounts
just to talk to little ol' me!
It's similar to the emails I get...
"Rob is single!"
"Rose just accept that Rob and Kristen are broken!"
"Rob is living the single life without Kristen!"
"What excuses do you have now, Rose?"

I could go on... but you get the gist.

I'm not sure why they feel the need to haunt this blog
and my twitter account.
(Lord knows I don't chase them around)
It just REEKS of desperation and sadness.

And then what happened?


Rob and Kristen...
Arms linked
Leaning into each other as they walk
And that smile on Rob?

Some things never change, do they?
Happy in love.
Happy together.

And did you know what happened to all those egg accounts?

They're all broken
(for a long time)

We heard the howling...

It must be painful to admit you were wrong.
Isn't it embarrassing to jump and shout about how
single Rob is based on a couple of solo outings?
People seem to focus so much on the few minutes
we get to see of Rob and Kristen.
Together or alone.
What do you think happens when there are no cameras?
No pictures to be had?

Do you think Rob and Kristen just disappear and don't exist
when there isn't a picture?
Sure... Rob went to a lunch meeting without Kristen...
And he met up with some friends at the Chateau Marmont...
And? So?

Who do you think he goes home to?
Whose bed are his shoes under?
(and his shirts and his hats...)

Whose arms did he run into as soon as he was back 
from Australia?
Who does Rob share home(s) with
and dogs...
Just because you don't SEE them together 24/7
It's pretty fucking obvious
Where he lays his head at night.
Next to Kristen.

How many more delusional excuses
 can you possibly come up with?
How many more absurd conspiracy theories?

Yes. I'm sure Nick and Ruth are in some sort of 
PR war to see who can outdo the other.
Uh huh.
Because a picture of Rob hiding under his hood
getting into a car somehow offsets
pictures of Rob smiling with his arm entwined
with Kristen walking down the street?
How does that work?
It just shows Rob living his life.
It shows Rob and Kristen
hanging out with friends
Enjoying their time together.

Face it...
The PR theory doesn't work anymore.
(Not that it ever did)

 The party's over... 
The fat lady is singing.

Just go away.
Go be Rob's fan and ignore Kristen exists
(Hey, it works for some out there)

Rob is going to continue to disappoint you.
He is going to continue to live his life.
With Kristen.

The simple truth is

Rob and Kristen
Fucking always.
End up 


This post is brought to you by the letter C

C for Conspiracy Theories.
Always entertaining.
Always showing how desperate you are
to cling to the scraps of what remains of your sanity.

C for Cuckoo.

This is what happens when you put
your faith in 'seers' and equine beasts.

C for CUTE!

Remember when I said the future looked bright?

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, 
I can see all obstacles in my way 
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind 
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) 
Sun-Shiny day. 

Until next time

Bye for now


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Kay said...

Bitter, bitter fringe will never change...they are too deep in their delusions to give up at this point, or to admit they've wasted years refusing to believe that Rob actually really loves Kristen (obviously).

Happy for the sweet happiness. :)

Take care, be safe and have a nice weekend everyone! ❤

Pisteuo said...

Always, Rose...Al-fucking-ways.

So, stop worrying folks and go out and have an awesome week-end! I'm sure Rob and Kristen will. :)

Hey Roseland!! Hugs!!

Lanette said...

No matter how many times the ninnies see R/K together they are always going to have some stupid reason for it. They will never change. Once crazy, always crazy.

Delle1 said...

I'm sure they're doing just that Rose,having an Awesome weekend with each other,doing what most live-in couples do.

Topaz Emerald said...

To them, Robert is just a piece of tasty meat. They don't care about what he wants. They are obsessed with Kristen and only want to see her get hurt. It is really sick to have this much hate for her when you don't even know her. It has become a sick game for them. The best thing for true fans is to ignore them completely as if they don't exist. Why waste your time with a psychopath? Their brain is all messed up.

Berry said...

Loved the post! Haters gonna hate and always be miserable! So good seeing RK so happy TOGETHER!

Holy said...

Happy Friday.I hope everyone are having a good day.

Rose- I love the new banner.

Twirling all the way.
Robert and Kristen always end up together.

Litmom said...

Love it, Rose! LOVE.IT.

I had my very first taste of the delusional fringe this morning. Happened to see a retweet and connected the dots to a WACKJOB tweeter. OMG. My Eyes! My Eyes! Those people really ARE freaking NUTS!

I'm glad I live in THIS world. The truthisf*ckingtruthrobandkristenalwaysenduptogether world! And this world is AWESOME!

Holy said...

@Ginger- waves and hugs.

I need to vote for Kristen as The Best Hero on MTV or my nephew will kill me.LOL

katy said...

Awesome post, Rose!!

Deseperation is making haters, more psichotic then ever.

And, while these pathetic execuses for human beeing are sad, desperate and bitter, Rob and Kristen are hapilly living their lifes and giving zero fucks about what they think.

"Rob and Kristen
Fucking always.
End up

Much love and hapiness for Rob and Kristen.

Waves, Pisteuo, Kay, topaz, Holy Berry, Lanette and anyone that that may have missed. Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Take care and be happy

Anonymous said...

Rose ~ So happy to see your new blog and those pictures! A day of celebration! I'd walk miles to see those smiles on R&K. Thanks for leading us through as always.

Anonymous said...

Holy - I wasn't able to figure out how to vote for Kristen for the MTV awards. Are the votes only through Twitter?

Stella said...

Good evening, everyone!
Those pictures yesterday really made my day. I know there's a big controversy as to how we should treat pap's photos, but I must admit that I loved those, almost as much as I loved those photos at their back yard last October.

I don't get how some people just can't accept some facts: Rob and Kristen are a couple. They are together. They've stayed together through some very hard times (or what I imagine was very hard times). We can just enjoy seeing them together, because we love them and we love seeing them happy. They are big people, they can decide what's best for them. And they have decided. Not for the sake of their fans, not because that's what their agents want, not for any other reason other than they want to be together. I hope, and I'm very certain that's the case, that they don't give a damn about what everyone says!

Have a great weekend, everyone. It some times seems like weekends are more tiring than week days. I don't know how that happens, but it does LOL
Let's hope this weekend is an exception for me.

Take care!

DreamerKind said...

Once more (if it doesn't disappear) with true feeling:


“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see.”

― Muhammad Ali

tufenuf55 said...


I believe you can only vote through twitter, facebook, etc. I was able to vote and hope you can, too.

tufenuf55 said...


Forgot to mention that Kristen is in the lead for Best Hero (SWATH). Wonder if she will attend if she wins? I will be so excited to see her there and to see what she wears.

Birdie said...

ALWAYS. Enough said.

Hello Roseland! One helluva place to be. Hope you all take Pisteuo's advice and have an awesome weekend!

Are you having trouble with that damn word verification Miss DK?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Just got home a raining and cold from work. Good thing I was working in doors.
Love your post Rose!

Anonymous said...

Any things news on Rob and Kristen?

Anonymous said...

What is everyone done?

Anonymous said...

tufenuf - Thanks for the info! I will vote right away. So glad to hear she is ahead!

Hi Arleen - Not much doing today. I'm listening to The Host by Stephanie Meyer on my MP3 player. It's so good.

DreamerKind said...

No, my comment posted and then disappeared. It amused me so much and I needed to share it, so I reposted. Voila, it remains. The word verfs are fun to mangle.

DreamerKind said...

Hullo, All!

You can see it doesn't take much to amuse me.

Birdie said...

You are far more patient than I. Loved the Ali quote, you are such a clever girl.

DreamerKind said...

Go to http://on.mtv.com/XhsEOU to see who’s winning and vote!

DreamerKind said...

I am far too idle and less responsible for family than you are, so time to play abounds. However, I'll take the "girl" remark happily (eyelashes fluttering). Smooch!

Holy said...

@Arte- I voted in twitter.I haven't tried to go to MTV.com.Even if she doesn't attend,I still wants her to win to make my nephew happy.LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Did you guys notice in the gif Rose created on her post.... as they are walking, right after Kristen fixes her hair, she puts her necklace to her lips, and Rob notices that, and he starts smiling, smiling!

Anonymous said...

DreamerKind - Thanks for the link!

Tufenuf - I know I would love to see her there too, but even just winning would be nice. Fun to see what she would wear, I agree.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I feel so happy watching Rob and Kristen together just living their life and being so happy doing normal things.

The nonnies will never change. I think they just get more crazy as time goes by.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I am sure Rob and Kristen will have a wonderful weekend as well.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Very happy to see Rob and Kristen out doing normal things and looking so happy. Makes me feel so good.

The nonnies will never change. They just seem to get more and more crazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am sure Rob and Kristen will.

PamH said...

Amazing post Rose and an amazing banner as well : )

Like everyone is saying the lunatics will never change because they'd actually have to admit WE'VE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG-----Rob and Kristen Always End Up Together

I hope we get to find out what our lovelies do for Kristens BDay.
It would be so great if Rob was collaborating on a song with FatM, or better yet them doing a song he wrote.

Hope everyone has a good weekend

Oneheart said...

Waves to Rose, Kay, Pisteuo, Lanette, Delle, Topaz, Berry, Holy, Litmom, Katy, Artemisluvv. Dreamerkind, Tufenuff, Stella, Birdie, Arleen, Barbara and lurking Robert.

Rose love this post and wow the banner is now my new favorite. Love seeing them out and about doing normal things with friends and most of all love how happy they are. Wishing them many more years filled with happy times. They sure put a smile on all of our faces.

The fat lady is singing loud and clear. You said it perfectly Rose...

"Rob and Kristen
Fucking always.
End up

Let's put our Ray-bans on the future is looking bright.

Oneheart said...

Waves PamH didn't see you here.

Anonymous said...

Oneheart- Hi! Are you still recovering from the Accident. How are you? I know its going to take while to recovered from it.

tufenuf55 said...

Watching Ryan Reynolds in movie Just Friends on Oxygen. Such a funny movie and Ryan is so great!

Oneheart said...

Waves Arleen...I still think about it because it is still in the papers and it is still a local topic. Everyone wishes something could be done to make that mountain safer but you can't stop pockets of fog from quickly developing. There's been suggestions of high fines for those speeding on the mountain but I doubt it would help.

I have to let Lizzied know that I have to eat crow...LOL I was bragging the other night about how nice it was that Spring had arrived in the mountains and snow was gone for the year. LOL Well to the weatherman and all of our surprise we got five inches yesterday. It was a very treacherous ride home from work, but luckily everyone was driving slow and safely. Today it was very warm so all the snow is now gone. Makes me very happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, Kay, Pisteuo, Lanette, Delle, Topaz, Berry, Holy, Litmom, Katy, Artemisluvv. Dreamerkind, Tufenuff, Stella, Birdie, Ginger, Barbara,Ginger, PamH, and lurking Robert!
artemisluvv- Glad you're listening Host by Stephanie Meyer. I am just cooking dinner. And relax. Its raining all day here in Logan, Utah. Which I am enjoying. If it rains tomorrow I am going to relax. Because you know PMS. I don't feel do anything this weekend except for laundry and rest house chores and then relax.

Anonymous said...

Oneheart- Hi! I understand. At least you are alive. And home safe.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - perfectly said and yes the haters took it to a place that even I didn't think they would today but I also watch a few fold their cards and give in (a good choice for everyone involved). They are just happy and I don't understand how anyone could hate that, I think happy looks great on people and they wear content/happy well.

@Bidie - I am in the opposite boat - I need this weekend to be boring with nothing going on after the past couple weeks, although I have the last of my kids B-Days to get through on Monday until next December. She will be 20 and didn't like the suggestion we have her party at Chucky Cheese ;)

Off to drop my son to watch Evil Dead at the scary movie theater Century 16(they have a lot of security there but still I have no desire to go there ever again). Catch you all later

Oh and Hi everyone on, soon to come on, or just reading :)

@Holy - waves

RKP said...

Brilliant Rose, absolutely brilliant!!

Love happy Rob and Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

What does that initial RKP stand for?

LIZZIED said...


BEL AMI is on Showtime tonight at 10:00pm EST == 5 minutes from now!!!

See you all tomorrow,TWIRLING to bed!!!

Birdie said...

Ahhh Ginger, for you I wish awesomely quiet. I remember those days when the kids had me on the run, fun but...
I don't blame her,haha!

Caroline said...

Artemisluvv, you are right about Kristen putting the necklace to her lips! I missed that. Very sweet.

Caroline said...

Actually, no she didn't! It's something else.

tufenuf55 said...

I've wanted to make a post for some time now, but wanted to be sure to say what I mean in the best way possible, so here goes.

I love that Kristen is walking the talk. She said that she was going to let the walls come down; that she wanted to experience life with all that comes with it. Maybe it's just me, but she seems so much more relaxed with Rob. She actually touches his hand in public. Did anyone ever think that would happen? Her new take on life with Rob shows on both their faces. They both appear to be very comfortable and fuck the paps; they are going to live their lives as normal as possible. God Bless them both as they continue their journey together. I, too, have become more relaxed about seeing them because Kristen has relaxed. Just knowing they are together is comforting. But let me say this in conclusion: Wherever their lives take them, together or apart, they gave up so much to bring to us fans a true interpretation of Bella and Edward. I'll always be grateful to them for bringing Stephanie Meyer's books to life.

Loui White said...

I have 3 sons, and I can totally relate to your comment about dropping one off at a place that I am not really comfortable with. Rest assured that our imaginations,(as moms), are usually more creative than reality actually pans out. I will be praying for him, and you, to be safe and sound.

Holy said...


@Arleen- hey there.

@Ginger-hey,LOL,you know she's not going to Chuck and Cheese right?How's the swimming with the kids by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holy and everyone else.
I am drinking that organic raspberry leaf tea. I heard they help with the cramps. Sorry if I am complaining about it. If I have big cramp tomorrow I am not going anywhere. But I hate being bored. I am also taking some of you advice. Tomorrow I might go to the store and get hot pads or hot water bottle. Any more advice?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Loui White - you are so sweet and thank you - I just wish he would pick a different theater than the one that all those people died in - still a little skived they re-opened it.

@Holy - hahaha she gave me stink eye when I asked her if she wanted it at chucky cheese and then said she was going to be creative for my 40th since I said it. I just dropped all the girls off to a indoor pool while I was working so they could have some fun and get out of the house.

@Birdie - I need a vacation from vacation after the kids are done with me

Super RN Gas Passer said...


ROSE. Great post and I love the new pic of the happy couple. It's heartwarming, isn't it..to see a couple so content...that's what I see...and happy...:)

LIZZIED. I went to see The Host last night and I really liked it. My friends thought it was a little sappy in parts but I found it to be very enjoyable and would definitely go see it again :)

Have a good weekend everybody :)

Atticus said...

Love the new banner, Rose. Yes, it must surely sting. Maybe haters can suck the stingers out of each other and choke on every hateful word ever spoken.

Holy said...

@Ginger- Oh boy, now you're in trouble.LOL

DreamerKind said...

You're still up? Just sent you an email. Rest well.

DreamerKind said...

Going tomorrow night, into trendy Chicago, to see that gypsy indie/rock band I saw and mentioned last year, Ode.


DreamerKind said...

Bistro Fada (from Midnight in Paris)

Papillon Swing Trio:
- Gabriele Zolli - violin
- Francesco Traisci - guitar
- Luca Turconi - contrabass


Thank you/akir amelie

Thank you/

DreamerKind said...

Son and new Dil's honeymoon place. Talk about Shangri-La!

(Fiji Islands/only 7400 miles and 16 hours from Chicago) Worth it all, I'm sure.


DreamerKind said...

For Arleen (Feel better)

Fishin' in the Dark

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1987):

Thank you/Alex Davis

DreamerKind said...

Soon popping a cork on a bottle of Rose for a Roger Ebert thank you toast. Join in!

Anonymous said...

DreamerKind- Thanks but I am in more into these. Listen this.

DreamerKind said...

In Honor of Chaz & Roger


The Lettermen (1969):

Your kisses take me to Shangri-la
Each kiss is magic
That makes my little world a Shangri-la

A land of bluebirds and fountains
And nothing to do
But cling to an angel that looks like you

And when you hold me
How warm you are
Be mine my darling
And spend your life with me in Shangri-la
For anywhere you are is Shangri-la

Thank you/egopotato

DreamerKind said...

For us all to go fishin' the dark when times are hard.

Anonymous said...

Dreamerkind- Thanks is true. We are a fish.

DreamerKind said...

Of course, I adore the Mama song, too. Thank you.

Pisteuo said...

Popping in to say G'night Roseland.
Hope everyone had a good day. Have a fun/relaxed weekend!

DK-I just poured a glass of Pinot Noir to go with the Bistro Fada. Thank you, FGM! :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

tufenuf - your comment was beautiful. I agree about the true
interpretation of Bella & Edward's story, an amazing treasure.

I'm listening to the audio book of The Host courtesy of Lizzied! I really love it. There is a quote in the bookthat is so perfect for the
internet crazies.

"I like it when pessimism goes unrewarded."
S. Meyer The Host

The lunatic fringe is going to live in an unrewarded state forever now.

DreamerKind said...

You're so welcome! Pinot Noir from Oregon, France or the fab new Chilean stock?

Anonymous said...

Hi DreamerKind and Arleen - Thanks for the tunes tonight, going to check them out right now.

Hi Atticus - I just read today that that you invited me to drive to Chicago with you and DreamerKind or was it driving to Vancouver BC? Anyway thank you for including me that night, sorry I missed it. I need a passport so badly. I want to go to Canada.

Pisteuo said...

DK- it's St. Innocent. I love the cherry and smokey herb flavors.

Gotta run! Hugs!

DreamerKind said...

Let's get our passports and just go with Atti!
Say, I am reading a historical novel and the name "Artemis" is used as the goddess of the wilderness and hunt.
In real life, I am Diane (Diana)also Dee, and a co-goddess of the forest as are you. We are One. Such fun.

Pisteuo said...

Oh...DK, it's an Oregon Pinot Noir. But, you probably knew that. :)

I must be a robot tonight. Can't seem to win at this verification challenge. LOL!!

DreamerKind said...

Sweet of you to answer. Not a wine snob but a Pinot Noir lover and always jealous to know of and experience, a new one.
Run, run to have fun!
(Talking out loud as usual)
This Rose is one of the newly restored French combos and it had been over 30 years since I last enjoyed one, as they went out of fashion/production in the 70's.

So glad to be alive, alive-oh.

Pisteuo said...

Atre-if you are a US citizen, you don't need a passport to go to Canada.

DreamerKind said...

For Kristen (secret jazz trumpeter)

Here's That Rainy Day

Jon Faddis/Dizzy Gillespie Sextet 77:

Thank you/andiroo

Pisteuo said...

Oh man...sorry, ARTE, I butcherd your name.

Maybe I'm having too much fun with this word verification challenge?
I should have left already. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Dreamerkind - That is so interesting Diana goddess of the forest & the hunt I think is the Roman version of Artemis the same goddess for the Greeks. Yes, we are one! Cynthia my real life name is another name for Artemis. We are truly one!! :)

I would love to go traveling with Atti! On the road we go...but after the wedding. Fiji looks like a fantabulous place for a honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Pisteuo - no worries about the name thing - call me anything!

I thought they changed the requirements a few years back, but I've other Oregonians say it's not that strict and one doesn't really need a passport.

DreamerKind said...

Last time I went back and forth between the US and Canada, the border guards were very unkind about birth certs and suggested most strongly that the whole family get passports. That was heading back to the US side, and he and my bro almost came to blows (in 2006). So exciting.

As I am going to England to volunteer somewhere there, I need a renewed passport, so no matter to moi.

Anonymous said...

DreamerKind - Aren't brothers great that way! We can always count on them for some entertainment. Good to know about your experience.

Pisteuo said...

Arte, I think you just need proof of being a US citizen. (birth certificate and social security card)

DreamerKind said...

Yes, the Greek name is part of this story, too. I suggested that Super get the Souls Trilogy and she did on Kindle. I don't know her opinion on them.

I am mesmerized by these vampire & witch love stories by Deborah Harkness, "A Discovery of Witches" and "Shadow of Night".

The movie rights have been sold to Warner Bros. (For once, Rob & Kristen are too young to play the leads.) Boo hoo.

Anonymous said...

DreamerKind & Pisteuo Thanks for the convo! I'm sorry I'm fading out fast. Have fun with your Pinot Noirs! Goodnight ladies.

DreamerKind said...

So funny! My bro is a Vietnam vet, my Sil works for police. I had my paperwork, and my niece is so blond/American bred, what could we be?

The bro asked the guard if we looked like terrorists, and that started the search game and temper tantrums.

For once, I was diplomatic and suggested that the guard call the FBI (for we had clearances, la la) and he said get the f--**! outta here.

We peeled rubber, almost hit a median, so incensed was my bro. Hello, Detroit, Michigan and the Midwest. How can I not adore him?

Ginger with a Soul said...

I only know this because I have some former sister in laws that travel to Mexico for their in laws but they changed the travel requirements a year or so ago. If you fly you have to have a passport to come back into the US from anywhere outside and by driving they require the same or an enhanced driver license (whatever the hell that is) - this was some weird thing they did to help control the boarders and cause their are a ton of fake Driver License's out there now, I thinks kids are the only exception

Oh and Hi LOL just got back from picking the kid up from the movies

@Pam - he said it was all gore and not scary - Evil Dead

DreamerKind said...

Music lovers..I so love some of the songs I post that I have them on repeat. That really slows me down, know what I mean?

Ginger with a Soul said...

I would also like to say I was thankful to the cop I flew by for honking at me to slow down instead of pulling me over cause that was a speeding ticket my ass deserved. I have a lead foot to begin with but trying to get back home quicker to avoid the drunks was almost a really bad choice

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - If I posted the songs on my play list you would probably laugh then ask if I was Sybil after

DreamerKind said...

For Oneheart (who is loved all year)

Spring Is Here

Nat King Cole (1963):

Spring is here
Why doesn't my heart go dancing

Spring is here
Why isn't the waltz entrancing

No desire
No ambition
Leads me

Maybe it's because
Nobody needs me

Spring is here
Why doesn't the breeze
Delight me

Stars appear
Why doesn't the nigh
Invite me

But maybe it's because
Nobody loves me
Spring is here
I hear

Thank you/windmillsofmusic

DreamerKind said...

Now I admit it is a stretch, to tie my classic tunes to present day, although I try, to personalize.

DreamerKind said...

Sweet girl, I get the doing of heavy feet on the pedal and your love of diverse tunes. It is all in the mood, we are getting on, at the time.

DreamerKind said...

My hair will be blue if I don't rinse out this goo or rue. See you in 20.


Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - ha - I should know better - I am pretty sure was doing about 50 in a 35 - it would have been a really bad ticket, I think I should listen to some relaxation music when I drive - it might help

Here are the 1st 5 songs on my playlist

Bowling for Soup - 1985
Cage the Elephant - Aint No Rest for the Wicked
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (yes the who remake)
Mumford and Sons - The Cave
Lumineers - Hey Ho

DreamerKind said...

You are one sophisticate, musically, and perhaps otherwise. I like-a you, and you like-a me. However, to relax on the road, I'd suggest Louis Armstrong and John Denver. You will be amused and smiling, and slower.

When is next year's Coachella? For the benefit of Miss 21!

DreamerKind said...

Touche! The word verf gods have approved me, for I need no numbers nor phrases for my posts, any longer tonight!

Or am I drunk and reflecting one more possible glass of mine?

mari said...

if you're going to ask me a questions such as:

Do you like The Hunger Games? - my answer is-

No, & I am not hungry for them.

Do you like Beautiful Creatures? - my answer is-

Why? Are they beautiful enough?

Do you like The Host? - my answer is-

Well, i am not hosting anything that i don't like.

When these movies came out when the last BD2 was done,
i hate the promotional write-up that says
move -over Twilight.

Excuse me, i think i can always say that Twilight
has the most passionate followers in all ages.
this is my opinion, i am not trying to hurt others
feelings about these new movies after twilight.
and twilight has the best fans ever, that's why
we deserved that award from people's choice
(was it people's choice?, correct me if i am wrong)

i think the photos of rob & kristen walking with
friends was not in los feliz, bec. casbah cafe is
in silver lake. were they just walking there? or
they ate in casbah cafe? i think it's a moroccan
hip restaurant in silver lake.

and rose, i cannot say any words because you have
said it all in a very nice way with dignity. more power. i love reading your words, i even print your
blog and i put it in my album so i can read it every now & then.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - Mid April - you coming? You know I would have a drink waiting for you. Funny thing is Jess's husband won't be 21 until that following June so he can't drink with us - you can have his

DreamerKind said...

Lovely prose and thoughts. Do you also post elsewhere sometimes as Maris? Curious.

DreamerKind said...

Lordy, lordy, I've been set free of the word verf brain twisters that enchant me.

Surely you have not had so much Pinot as to not take up this challenge?

For sure, I adore St Innocent, for aren't we all, both, in the eyes of love?

Who put that quarter in my slot, so able to stop, I'm not.

PamH said...

@ Ginger
You read my mind again huh
We were looking at movie listings for Evil Dead for tomorrow, we will probably be unimpressed (not a fan of the original) but its hard to find a honestly good horror movie now days anyway. the worst is when they use to much computer gore. It was a toss up between ED or The Heat but I guess it's not playing yet ( here anyway )

@ DK
Yes thank the heavens the verbs are gone for awhile or until our unwanted visitor returns

PamH said...

Oops , I guess word check didn't approve of verfs and decided I meant verb....I really need to learn to proof read one of these days.

DreamerKind said...


Our Lady of Peace:

Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous
Spends his time alone
In the basement
With Lennon and Cobain

A guitar and a stereo
While he wishes he
Could escape this
It all seems so contagious

Not to be yourself and faceless
In a song that has no soul
I remember feeling low

I remember losing hope
I remember all the feelings
And the day they stopped

We are
We are all innocent
We are all innocent
We are, we are

Oh, Tina’s losing faith
In what she knows
Hates her music

Hates all of her clothes
Thinks of surgery
And a new nose
Every calorie is a war

While she wishes
She was a dancer
And that she'd never
Heard of cancer

She wishes God would give her
Some answers
And make her feel beautiful

One day
You'll have to let it go
Oh one day
You'll stand up on your own
You'll stand up
On your own

Remember losing hope
Remember feeling low
Remember all the feelings
And the day they stopped

We are
We are all innocent
One day, you'll have to let it go
We are all innocent

We are
We are all innocent

Thank you/goalie31ak

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - yeah we had that same discussion coming home - I am no fan of the Saws or movies like Hostel - the gore is just a little too much for me. American Histroy X is one of my all time favorite movies but I will leave the room during the curb check (the sound of his teeth gives me the chills).

@DK - the funniest is when I go from Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name of to the The Beatles - Let it Be. Now talk about a 180.

DreamerKind said...

I speak only for myself..no visitor with such a plaintive, desperate call for help can be ignored, only misunderstood because of their sad sense of self. Choose again, I say to us all.

DreamerKind said...

Your heart is made of gumdrops of all flavors.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - :) just not black licorice ones - they are gross

DreamerKind said...

My son said I was a little bit of an ass. I said, how could I disagree with his pov? It is his.

Their wedding stress does not bless them. Now I am helping them to de-stress he said, and madre is less of a mess.

I also bought a FGM dress of deep seafoam green, like the sea, with the ruffles that shall graze the bulk of me, to see. His young friends will dance with me, for I offer that much glee.

DreamerKind said...

I bought all natural gumdrops from Whole Foods. Not any licorice, red or black in the bunch. More like, acai, pomegranate, meyers lemon, cherry, etc.

DreamerKind said...

Okay, for Annie to chide me.

What think you of pastrami and provolone? I testify, delicious. The healthy part, but not the most wonderful one, rolled with no bread.

Hey, hearts of my hearts, I long to meet you.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - Ugh - your son is going to drive himself mad with all this - can May come soon enough for you and him? I like Seafoam green, I bet you will be a doll and your dance card full. I still laugh at the irony that your son and my son in law have the same name while my daughter and your soon to be daughter in law do as well - those are some Vegas odds there.

DreamerKind said...

Heart of my Heart

One Man Barbershop Quartet:

Heart of my heart
I love you
Life would be naught
Without you

Light of my life
My darling I love you
I love you

I can forget you
From you
I ne'er can sever

Say you'll be mine
I love you
Only you

Thank you/danwright32

DreamerKind said...

It is so funny, being that you and me, could be daw and ma, and they sis and bro.

Mine is "den" not "don" for which he has thanked me, don't know why.

Yet, his moniker is BMW which he admires, as most do but mercedes is my dream.

May is the shower and late June, the joining.

I do understand that they are afraid that love will flee.

It won't, they are spellbound at their roots, I do see.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - yup mine is a don. Well I hope it gets at least better after June and sneak a smack to the back of his head from time to time to calm him down. 2 month is nothing compared to how long they have been together and how much longer they have to go after - I am sending you big fat hugs

DreamerKind said...

Flee thee to bed, but send me whisky. Blows to the head make for trouble instead.

Hard as it is, I say I may be wrong, and only the strong survive. May we all find strength in our love. Be at ease, when we please, while together.

Shakespeare calls me to break fast or such tomfoolery.

Like Rose, loving that Tom of thine.



DreamerKind said...

Why not translate your words for Rose? Less confusion, more clarity.

@ MarthaO
¿Por qué no traducir sus palabras a Rose? Menos confusión, más claridad.

DreamerKind said...

I am the all powerful Oz, after my consumption of an apple, maple pecan, all delicious, satisfying pancake.

Leaving this place anon for outerspace. You made me love you. Mostly, we don't want to do that, even though it's great.

Yo soy el todopoderoso Oz, después de mi consumo de una manzana, nuez de arce, todas deliciosas y nutritivas tortitas.

Dejando esto hablaremos lugar para espacio exterior. Me has hecho te amo. Sobre todo, no queremos hacer eso, a pesar de que está muy bien.

PamH said...

Good morning Roseland

Pics of Rob on Robsten Dreams and RPLife shows him out with Vince Vaughn and Joanquin Phoenix......wow what an unexpected grouping...wonder if its future project related or just having fun. No real date of when the photos were taken.
Wonder if Kristen was part of the wedding trip ?

I hope everyone has a great weekend

Em said...

dreamer u made me smile thanks bc I needed it :)just my luck when the weather gets nice I get sick so kinda sucks
Hope u all have n awesome weekend

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all of you.
DreamerKind- Have you ever heard of Karyn White. Check this out. These are one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

DreamerKind- Here is another of Karyn White.

Pattybg said...





sue said...

Sorry guys, I know I pop in at the most inappropriate and stupidest times when the conversation has already moved on, my only excuse is, is that I come from the other side of the world.
Do you guys not think we should be more sympathetic and forgiving and kind to the lunatic fringe, they are going through some rough times lately.

Sorry I just couldn't help myself.

R&K look so damn sweet and adorable and happy. Screw the little sad haters and their little miserable little lives. Are you loved in your little sad lives?.

Rose, I do admire you the way you put up with all the crap you receive and get thrown at you, you are one hell of a lady!

@Ginger, like your 'On the road' music. I'm very responsib
le when I have passengers but when I'm on my own the volume goes way up and so does the km/miles.
I know it's a cliche but I still love Hotel California (Eagles). Radar Love by the Golding Earring (Dutch band). Pink Floyd is always on my playlis. 'Comfortably Numb' and 'Wearing the Inside Out'(this song is just absolutely brilliant) are my absolute fav songs.

Bye my lovelies.

Angela said...

I'm sorry Rose you have to deal with those psychopaths. No matter what those idiots see,they are always going to make an excuse. They are just not together. Really?? Dumbasses! Or he's not happy....Really could've swarn I saw a shit eatten grin on his face. He looks happy to me!! These people make me violent! *grabs ahold of their neck*

Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone! Did I miss something? What happen. I heard Kristen is in Texas. Is it true? So what happen? Sorry I was babysitting my two precious nieces.

PamH said...

I guess it's possible Kristen is attending the wedding since her close friends are there ? but don't know for sure. We probably won't find out till its all over. I've even seen some people saying Rob is there also and the pics of him and VV & JP are from last week and not last night...so who knows what's true. Maybe all the twitter ladies will have some info later.

Topaz Emerald said...

PamH, Hi :)

Whose wedding are you talking about?

Sue, Angela,

Your posts made me laugh, ahahahaha!

Pisteuo said...

Happy Saturday Roseland!!

Arte, it seems I was wrong about the documents you would need to get into Canada. Sorry. I just had no problem last time I went there to visit a friend in Toronto. (several years ago) It is true that the US doesn't seem to be as thorough letting people out as they do letting people back in.

DK-About that challenge...only one glass of Pinot Noir...but, I suspect Rose thought we might be having too much fun with the word verifications? LOL!!!

Em-Hope you are feeling better. :)

Have an awesome day EVERYONE!

Holy said...


I'm glad Rob had a good time hanging out with Joaquin P.and Vince V.Nobody knows when was this pics taken.

@Pam-hello- there's a lot of talk in twitter about Rob doing some music with Florence+The Machine,I don't if it's true.I guess we just need to wait and see.We probably not know if Kristen attended the wedding until later.


@Ginger- waves

Anonymous said...

PamH- Thanks. Sorry didn't get back to you. Was watching my two nieces. They are a handful. They were at my house. But I love them. And we had fun. They were watching Disney Junior channel.

LIZZIED said...

HAPPY SATURDAY, ROSELAND!! Wow, a lot going on with rumors about "our kids" and no one REALLY knows, I think it's cute. Hope they'll stay ninja until after the events are over, no matter where they are.

I'm working so only lurking now and then.

Take care, ALL !!! (Still TWIRLING!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Roseland. Happy weekend. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. About to step out. Running errands. And then I will relax. Later. Keep me posted. On how Rob and Kristen are doing.

Barb said...

Rose I get so excited when I see a new banner cause it usually means there is a new post!!! THIS WAS A REALLY GOOD ONE!!!! TAKE THAT LOONIES!!!!!

Em said...

hiii Pist I'm much better after sleeping the whole day away lol now I gotta try to catch up lol so gotta go but hope ur okay n have a good night :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! I am enjoying the storm in Logan, Utah. I am hoping for more in Logan, Utah. But the problem I didn't hear thunder and lightning. Which I love to hear. So what is going on here. Is Kristen and Rob really in Texas. And how fast? Unless they took turns to drive to Texas. When Rob went last night party night out the guys. Was it yesterday or last week that he went. I bit confused here.

Rhonda S said...

Love your blog, Rose!
Now I am hearing on twitter that Kristen is filming a movie in Marfa, TX and Rob is also there. Any one hear anything else on this? Too bad it is 500 miles from me.

Loui White said...


I have the same problem with the 'lead foot', especially since I drive to work every morning at 4:30am and it feels like I have the road to myself. When I want to 'mellow out' I listen to Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic' or anything off of his 'Astral Weeks' cd. His music always puts a smile on my face and in my heart. Maybe it will do the same for you. Glad you had a cop with some compassion, they are few and far between. You must have some excellent karma!

Rhonda S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Atticus said...

To Marfa or not to Marfa...

Hey everyone!

@DK, @arte, to travel between US & Canada, we need an enhanced DL or a passport, well at least for Canadians travelling to US.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Atticus - Marfa you don't say (sorry it still isn't old yet)

@Loui - I was really shocked he didn't pull me over - I will have to add those songs to my playlist cause I like them all

@Rhonda/Arleen - I have heard them all but don't believe the movie one, there were a lot of sightings of both of them so we are either being trolled by the town of Marfa , they are there, or they need some optometrists.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roselanders!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Rose - I just can't stop looking at those wonderful pictures and I'm hypnotized by that gif, just keep staring at it! I don't know where you get all the artwork to go with your blog, it's amazing. I wonder if you make it yourself? Like those little broken eggs with the faces on them. So creative and so funny!

Pisteuo - No worries, I still hear conflicting information from everyone in Oregon too.

Atticus - Hi there! Thanks for the info. The discussion consensus was, like you say, the enhanced DL or the passport are needed for travel to Canada.

Arleen - Hope you got the thunder and lightning you wanted today.

Sue - LOLOLOL!!! Your comment was great!

I really loved The Host audio book. I didn't have any trouble getting into it. I can see why some might not. It's not the intense love story that Twilight was. It's great for a SciFi Romance novel though. Some of the aliens and worlds she created are so awesome.

Holy said...

Too many sightings of R/K in Marfa.This town is going to be famous because of R/K.LOL.I hope they don't have any papz in that town.

Oneheart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oneheart said...

Oneheart said...
Hi Roseland hope you all are enjoying your weekend. @Dreamerkind thank you for my song coming from such a special lady as you makes it even more special.

Anonymous said...

Holy & Pamh - Can you tell me what is going on in Marfa ..is it Texas? Help us Twitter deprived persons if you can. Thanks.

PamH said...

Man all the different where are they(s) going around will make your head spin. I've heard the Rob pics with VV & JP didn't happen last night it was @ the 27 because one of the people in the photos now has a broken jaw..what ? I've seen that Kristen is attending the wedding with her friends while Rob was going out and making music.... also they are at wedding together since dates are wrong on his nights out. But somehow missed the making movie in Marfa one, I wonder what movie it's supposed to be since we've only heard her attached to 2 projects and I didn't think either had start dates yet : /
What a game of where's Waldo for our couple : )

Suzie looked really pretty in her pink dress for the wedding, I'd like to see what Scout wore so I hope she puts some pics up later on.

Anonymous said...

I will be a happy camper that Rob and Kristen are in Texas, Marfa or somewhere. At least they are having a great time together.
artemisluvv- Not yet but I am hoping for some thunder and lightning. That should come first then the rain. That is how I like. But you can't control it on the weather part. It depends on mother nature. Right now its kicking my butt due to pms. I got four more days left til it stop. I know my body. These things don't last one day for me. It last for a week for me. You girls are women. And know how it is. Sorry to all men if we are complaining. Sorry Robert. I know you are a guy. And don't like to hear that. I am sure or I don't know if you're married. I am sure she complains about it. So far back aches, cramping, and some heavy. But that should last til wednesday.
That is when I know it started.

Anonymous said...

PamH - Thanks, you're a dear. One more question whose wedding, and is it in Marfa?

PamH said...

@ Arte
I don't have twitter either. Most all the different stories I've seen came from comments made through RD, RPL and other websites. everyone kept bringing up Kristen being in Texas so at first I figured it was were the wedding was taking place ??? I hadn't seen the movie thing till I read the comments here. I'm as lost as you

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - in one of the sightings they said she was there making a movie. People think it is a wedding based on Scouts insta from the other day and there is a music festival being held there this weekend. If it is a wedding I haven't heard who's it is at all.

PamH said...

The wedding is a friend, if you go to Suzies instagram she has some pics up of them getting ready and some already dressed up.

Anonymous said...

PamH - Brilliant idea! I saw there at Suzie's instagram..nice dresses... and she wrote Nick & Allie's wedding.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - different wedding - that one is in Cali - LOL lots and lots going on

Anonymous said...

Ginger - LOL!!! Guess we will find out laters!

Oh my gosh it is heavenly not to have to type in those numbers and crazy word verifs! Yay!

KStew Krew said...

I knew it! I new when I saw the pics on RobStenDreams that Rose would have a new post...yippee!!!! And a new banner....lol!!! Rose, you are special and you must be a saint. Sorry the fringe tries to target you so, idiots they are. When I first saw these pictures I could imagine all the fringe going nuts....pass the Prozac! Dumbshits. I love the evil looking egg at top of post, can I buy that?!!! Love you Rose, thanks for the smile!
Just an FYI for the music freaks here, Paramore just released new album, it is awesome.
Ok, so I really, really hate, ....HATE.... MTV. Feeling unsure if I should vote or not. Even if Kristen wins (yeah right) I won't watch another show on MTV....EVER. Personally I feel they created this award for the fact that they screwed us out of best kiss nomination and fans are pissed and threatening to boycott the show, which I feel we should cause it is all bullshit. This award does not make it better. I think it is a slap in our face. I don't need to be appeased. I seriously think MTV knows they cut their nose off, dispite their face. I hope Kristen doesn't go. Whoever wins best kiss should thank RK. Sorry for the rant. Just been building up and needed to vent.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arte - it was madness almost all day and people are still super confused over most of it. We will all probably have it figured out in a year

PamH said...

@ Ginger
The girls name is Allie Epstein ( I think ) I've seen her in a lot of pics on the hobo crew instagrams, especially Suzies. When I first seen her I thought maybe she was her sister because they look a little alike but I don't think they are. But I have no idea where this wedding is taking place, Scout just mentions a road trip.
The movie thing is really weird, unless she's doing some secret project her fans don't know about, it's the last thing I'd think someone would say.

PamH said...

@ Ginger
So there is another wedding ? Man this really is confusing lol
Your so right by this time next year we may find out what is really going on : )))
They could both be curled up on the couch with Bear and Bernie watching tv and laughing at everyone guessing where they are right now

Atticus said...

@Ginger, bejesus, you need a graph and pointers just to keep things straight.

Anonymous said...

PamH So true! At home with the dogs, enjoying the evening for all we know!

Robert said...


please don't worry about me, i will survive you talking about your [insert appropriate word here]

now i'm not going to lie to you the adventures of any woman's PMS woes would not qualify as interesting reading to me, but to answer your question i was married for 15 years a long time ago in a galaxy far far away to the most wonderful woman in the world [i am actually serious here] but she never complained about anything unless you count the fact that i was not able to read her mind 24 hours a day/seven days a week


i am behind you 100% on this, forget us, it is insulting to RK, imagine the line of thinking that goes into this: how can we separate ourselves from twilight which we used to think was cool, but now we are embarrassed by our association with it. o how 'bout this we just don't nominate the 4 time defending champs and hope no one will notice even though this years kiss was the hottest one of all five, yeah but we need people to watch, oh i know we'll nominate kristen for best hero and all of her fans will tune in to see that.

but the thing that really pissed me off was last year where not only did they not even nominate her for best actress [which she had won 3 years running] but they had the balls to ask her to present it and of course she had the grace to do it. it was like they were trying to humiliate her

and that pissed me off

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arleen/Pam - there is so much about who each person is and how they are tied it is so hard to work out in writing but yep the Wedding Suzie is at is separate from where ever Scout/Kristen/ and possibly Rob is.

@Rob - I feel like MTV is using her because no one was really voting and people said they were boycotting so what to they do - throw her up for an award. I am so tired of MTV anyway - reality TV killed music video's - The Buggles need to make a new song

Anonymous said...

Robert- Thanks. I understand. And I agree with you about Kristen and the MMA. Maybe I won't watch it either. It will be nice if it will five times in a row about the kissing part. At least they have each other. That is important.

Atticus said...

I'm glad Kristen's getting the votes. Just shows that she still has the draw, in spite of the haters wishes, but at the same time would be so so so happy if MTV's #'s take a super massive nosedive.

KStew Krew said...

Hell yeah. Well said. So...fuck you MTV and eat shit. I am still not voting or watching. Mind made up. Thanks Robert.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are convincing me not to watch the MTV awards. And Ginger you are right about the reality TV killing the music videos. Even watching Josh's interviews with commercials every 30 seconds makes me feel they have become so commercial I can barely stand it.

KStew Krew said...

You know, the right move on MTV part would be to issue a statement and add RK to best kiss nomination list and say...oops, somehow they got left off, but were always supposed to be included. Better than making up some lame ass award to lure fans. MTV has no scruples. And I have no respect for MTV.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arte - I am so over reality TV (and it is all scripted so I am not sure where the real is) and they are the #1 pushers

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ KStew Krew - sad that they knew they needed her and Rob yet skipped them over until ratings became a factor

tufenuf55 said...

Regarding the pics of Rob with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix last week, the ONLY reason the paps were there was because of Rob. Paps don't give a shit about those other guys...just Rob.

Paps are famewhoremasters!

tufenuf55 said...

It's being alleged that Suzie ia at a wedding in Calif. Kristen has been spotted in Marta, Texas by more than one person. Unknown if Rob is with her. Scout is there, also.

Keep in mind that this is alleged reports.

Anonymous said...

KStew That would be a nice scenario, I doubt if they will ever do it. I wondered why the best hero got added later.

Ginger - you really think it's because the ratings or potential ratings are going to be low?

I really detest reality TV, it's become so disgusting and revolting!

Anonymous said...

tufenuf - Are those tweets from people in Marfa, Texas?

KStew Krew said...

Ha ha, so true! Sad, but true.
I used to want one of those t shirts that said " I want my MTV"...wish I had one now, so I could burn it. Lol. Man, I have an evil streak going tonight. I better say my prayers tonight for sure. Speaking of, it's late and the gym calls early, so time for me to call it a night. Nice chatting with everyone. Have a good night all!

PamH said...

I agree about the reality crap taking over MTV, they need to change their name considering very little music or videos take place there anymore and the only thing worth seeing for me that night will be Mackelmore performing everything else doesn't matter now that they decided to leave out Rob and Kristen in all the categories that they deserve to be in. It would be funny if neither attend and the rating take a nose-dive.

Anonymous said...

KStew Krew - Good night!

KStew Krew said...

That's what I'm hoping will happen. MTV kamikaze taking a nose dive.

Holy said...

MTV knows that Kristen have a very large fan base.Adding her name will give them hits.
MTV is also own by Universal.Now they know that Kristen fans are loyal and will always support her.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and remember at the Academy Awards Kristen & Daniel were mentioned as helping draw a larger audience for the show.

Anonymous said...

So sleepy, Good night Roseland!

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv- Same here. I hope Kristen and Rob are having a great time together.
Good night to all the Roseland!

gargamel said...

I agree! And to be honest, I'm not over yet with MTV's previous crap . So NO MTV for me.

Holy said...

@Gargamel-hello there.I voted for Kristen but I'm not going to watch the show.

gargamel said...

@holy. I voted too

sue said...

Fuck MTV!

Crude but true. Bunch of hypocrites. I like Josh but that's the only thing that's good about MTV. Since 2008 they needed and used R&K and what now they served their purpose let's move on to HG and JL, yeah right I don't think so. Fucking bastards.
I wonder what their motive is not to include R&K for 'The Best Kiss' award. Well they lost me not that I'm a fan of awardshows, I always find them extremely toecringing but I used to tape it and just watch the R&K moments.

JMF said...

Morning all,
Haven't posted in a while, but I lurk. I am madly voting for Kristen @MTV, but won't watch. A group of us will be watching BD1 and chatting on Twitter while the show is airing. They couldn't give Twilight one last kiss nod, so the hell with them.
Waiting patiently for Spring, dealing with real life issues, but loving all the pics of Rob and Kristen, and of course Rose's post. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning to all the Roseland. Got any new posted Rose. I really enjoy them. And any more news on Rob and Kristen?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some of you are sleeping in. I know its Sundays. Me I am enjoying the rain here. I am still on my bed snuggle up. Relaxing. And check how is your Sunday. And our favorite people..

gargamel said...

I only watched that 3-lettered-crap-of-a-show because of twilight. I would've probably watched it even after then IF I Did not NOTICE what JMF is pointing out. I still KNOW what I want. NOBODY WILL TELL ME. They want to win both fan base (greedy). I like HG but I could bypass it if I NEED TO PROVE MY POINT. WIll wait for it on HBO. DEFINITELY NOT BUYING 3 different versions of each DVD's!!!

LIZZIED said...


Wow, Marfa ... I wonder how many hits their Chamber of Commerce got yesterday evening!!! Probably more than they can handle, LOL. Will be interesting to see if we ever know for sure if R & K were both there or just K and her friends or what. Wherever they are, I hope they're having a great time.

tufenuf55 said...

latest post from Kristenforthewin states Rob in LA; Kristen went with Scout and Alicia (at least that’s the people we know about), while Alannah was in Marfa already and now, according to Scout’s tweets, they all must be back in LA already to get ready for Kristen's birthday.

tufenuf55 said...

VotesSnowWhite continues to be trending on Twitter. It started trending as soon as Kristen was nominated for Best Hero. Currently at #2 trending.

tufenuf55 said...

I will watch MTV to see Kristen if she attends. I'm also grateful for Josh Horowitz and how great he has been to R&K&T. If Kristen goes, I hope Josh can interview her.

I used to love MTV and watched it alot in the early days. It enabled me to see many band group videos that I might never have seen. Like Van Halen, Men at Work, Zepplin, Aerosmith, Queen, just to name a few.

I agree that MTV has gone to crap. Don't enjoy it at all. Like others here, I only watched it due to Twilight.

Holy said...

Hello,I hope everyone are having a good weekend.

Kristen is going to be 23yo already.And will be spending her b-day again with her other half Rob.

Robert said...


i tried to post this yesterday but for some reason it never appeared.

i saw pink floyd in 1977. they came out and played the entire animals lp note for note, then they had an intermission

when they came back out they did the wish you were here lp the same way, then a second intermission after which, they did dark side of the moon, once again whole lp note for note

its hard to get me excited but that show was really cool, oh i almost forgot, they had macy's sized animal balloons [dogs pigs and sheep] floating over the crowd for the whole 1st part of the show

Robert said...

okay i'm bored lets play a little game of lists

i'll go first. i'll make up a list and yall can try to top it [beat me at my own game sort of]

name the top 5 songs that people think were written by the artist that made the song famous, but were actually written by someone else....

5. the pointer sisters "fire" [bruce springsteen]

4. janis joplin "me and bobby McGee" [kris kristoferson]

3. aretha franklin "respect" [otis redding]

2. jimi hendrix "all along the watchtower" [bob dylan]

and the indisputable ...
1. whitney houston "i will always love you" [dolly parton]

okay ladies [running to hide behind a row of bushes from DK and ginger]
whatcha got?

Birdie said...

I love old Cat Stevens and this one surprised me:
Cheryl Crow "The First Cut Is The Deepest" (Cat Stevens)Rod Stewart recorded it also.
That's all I got!

Robert said...


you are so right. cat stevens is an incredible songwriter

rod isn't bad either, but he does have 3 other songs that could easily make my list..."reason to believe" [tim harden]; "downtown train" [tom waits]; and have i told you lately that i love you" [van morrison]

Anonymous said...

Hi Roselanders!

tufenuf - That is so great, Kristen trending at number 2! So happy to hear that.

Josh is cool, MTV is not!

Robert - That concert with Pink Floyd sounds amazing, cosmic!

Hi Arleen, Lizzied, gargamel, JMF, sue, Holy and anyone else I missed. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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