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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Anything You Cannes Do... They Cannes Do Better


I don't even know what to say here.
Rob and Kristen OWNED Cannes.
Sorry (not really)
But they did.

There are so many pretty pictures...

I honestly cannot choose...
so I won't.
Because I would be here all damn day.

You can go to the respective Rob/Kristen sites
to get your perfection overload.

Let's just talk about the GOOD.

Both Rob and Kristen got great reviews
for their roles in their movies.
The movies got standing ovations.
They both looked absolutely
and happy
and healthy
And I'm so thrilled for them!

Kristen was only there for a couple of days...
but she owned every minute.
Have you ever seen her so happy and comfortable?
Maybe because she was dressed in something that was very Kristen.
Relaxed yet beautiful.
Quietly stunning.

And Rob?
He seemed to enjoy every moment as well.
And who wears a tux better than him?
But the main thing for me...
Besides all the praise their work was receiving
was the smiles.
The joy.

It was such a POSITIVE experience!

the Lunatic Fringe is always barking about something
or other
But unfortunately... that will never change.
Miserable people wallow in hatred and drama
and try and make everyone as miserable as they are.

They are like those annoying gnats
that buzz around your head on a warm summer day.
Irritating as hell
But insignificant and easily dismissed.
And they know it.

Rob and Kristen had a phenomenal time in Cannes.
They were the King and Queen.

Living well
Doing well
Being well
is the best revenge.

Final Thoughts.

1. This picture brought about an 'end'
to the supposed pregnancy...

Not sure exactly why this one did it...
Kristen hasn't looked pregnant in ANY picture.
But I guess seeing her actual stomach
being flat and baby free
put an end to that speculation.
Never fear.
Now the baby has gone 'ninja'
(Can I just say I hate that fucking word?)
You knew it was coming... right?
Of course you did.
You didn't expect these people to just
admit they were being lied to...
that all their harassment and attacks
on people who didn't agree with them
were all based on an 'inside' source
who never existed.
They claim that no one told then what to believe
They can make up their own minds
blah blah blah
But that's not even the point, is it?
No one really cares what they believe.

You see...
There have been speculations about Kristen being pregnant
for years now.

Made up Gossip.
No one ever pays them any attention.
It's just recycled bullshit.

But some people seem to think that if you
don't believe that Rob and Kristen are having a baby
You are a HATER!
You either hate Rob and want Kristen
or you hate Kristen and want Rob
Or you never were a TRUE fan because
a true fan would want this happiness for Rob and Kristen
and you aren't a real fan and you don't want them together!
If you don't believe you are delusional
and stupid and blind and holier than thou!
Get off your high horse!

Bottom line?

This behavior further fractured a fandom
that was already ripping at the seams.
It's one thing to believe in something
its quite another to go harassing and attacking people
who didn't agree with you.

Many of us were always on the same 'side'
We have faith in Rob and Kristen.
It's sad to see people who were once friends
and could discuss things rationally and calmly
fighting and arguing over something
that is nothing more than fucking gossip.

The truth is right in front of your face.
You see it.
But sometimes people get themselves in so deep
they can't seem to find a way out.

2. No one who knows Rob and/or Kristen
would ever speak about something so personal
and intimate as a pregnancy
and let it get put out there on a blog.
No matter how irrelevant the blog is.
No one close to them would ever reveal
the kind of details that some people claim to know.
They would never claim to be an 'insider'
or a 'source'.
They would never risk their place in Rob/Kristen's lives...
or their happiness and safety.
For what? Why would they do it?
Nothing to gain.
Everything to lose.

Think about it.

3. I still love and adore Tom Sturridge.
I really think he is a brilliant actor.
I can't wait for the day he is the talk of Cannes.
Because I believe that will happen
sooner rather than later.

4. The following 2 gifs
pretty much sum up the
Cannes Experience
for me.

Kristen reacting to seeing a fan's sign.
(All credit to whoever isolated these images)

But isn't this a great way to feel?
Everything was wonderful.
They both did so well...
they are being recognized beyond Twilight.
They are being recognized beyond "Robsten".

Those things don't define them or their careers.
They are working hard on doing work
they can be proud of...
Work they love being a part of.

I know some believe Rob and Kristen are over.
I know some believe they are hiding in some safe house
staring lovingly at each other.
I know some believe they were never together.
I know some believe they were never apart.

I say nothing is that simple.
No relationship is so easy to define.
Rob and Kristen are complicated.
About everything.
Including each other.

Let's enjoy their tremendous careers...
They have so much to show us.
If they want to share anything more
That's entirely up to them.
I'm OK with that.

Wherever they go...
I will follow.

Until next time.

Happy Memorial Day!

Bye for now


Brenda said...

Thanks for being a rational voice, Rose. Let's just enjoy Rob and Kristen's joy. I am so pleased that they both got great reviews and are being recognized for their talent and hard work.

Marilyn Cole said...

Happy Memorial Day to you. A peace seems to have come to me knowing that Rob will be avoiding pics and all the problems that come with a harmless trip to a bar. Thanks for making life easier;-))

sirjaÿmes said...

hi! bless you rose! always a pleasure to read you again! wise words as always, you summed it all :) gah! how much i've always hated mosquitos!! perfect metaphor is perfect (y) bye!:)

Kay said...

Great reviews and accolades, well received films and big smiles on their faces....very happy for both Rob and Kristen.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Take care, be safe and be happy Rose and Roseland. ♥

stacy said...

"Everything was wonderful.
They both did so well...
they are being recognized beyond Twilight.
They are being recognized beyond "Robsten".

Those things don't define them or their careers."

Perfect, Rose. This sums up my feelings. They've both worked hard for the accolades they're receiving. These excellent reviews are for them as actors, not part of a blockbuster franchise, not part of a fairy tale romance, but as two individuals who are excelling at their craft. I really enjoyed reading all of the critics who had to eat their own words. It's gratifying to witness as a fan, so I can only guess how awesome that feels for Rob and Kristen. Thank you for continuing to be THE voice of reason. You rock!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I have been waiting for this post. Thnak you so much ! Those Happy Gifs are all I need to see and know...she is happy and healthy and productive and so is Rob...that's all I want for them. Of course I hope they have children one day...if that is what they want...on their time table...not mine

Thank you again and yes, Tom Sturridge is an amazing actor ! I am happy to follow his progress !

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend..:)

M.Dutche55 said...

Peaceful thoughts, well said Rose.

lemoine idiane said...

Last act before leaving the Croisette May 21 , Robert Pattinson was the guest of the Grand Journal alongside his partner in the sticky The Rover Guy Pearce . Plateau , R- Patz has been twice to face the reality : that of a single man .

Because yes, ladies, Robert Pattinson is a heart to take is the same actor who officially announced faces Antoine de Caunes . It all started with a gag writer Sébastien Thoen , full immersion in the public came in large numbers to attend the show for the barrier. The host says he brought with him a small family Cannes has a question on the lips : Rob is he is single ? Issue also raised by a number of fans , who wonder about the possible return of Kristen Stewart or adventures more or less true with Riley Keough or Katy Perry .

Robert Pattinson said with a mischievous smile, before releasing this "yes" which triggered a mass hysteria among some fans / members of the public . To the delight of Robert Pattinson blushing reaction to this that it should be used , her British sex symbol who electrifies teenage girls from the Twilight saga - now complete.

It does not stop there , since it's Guy Pearce has moved the knife in the wound with malice . Asked about a desire to work with David Cronenberg ( director of Maps to the Stars , in which Pattinson takes a supporting role ), Guy Pearce turned to the end of his response to Rob : "If you holds me an appointment David , I 'd find a girlfriend " dropped Australian actor , sparking laughter from the person concerned.

MG said...

Thank you Rose for stating the obvious, that no one would ever betray their confidence and further more if it was an employee, they would have their walking papers so quick. I think we need to enjoy their current & future projects and stop this bs about the baby being born. They are making a mockery of something special that will happen one day either together or with someone else. Happy memorial day to all.

linese said...

This blog is such a pleasure to visit and comment upon. Thank you Rose once again for an update that reinforces your support of Robert and Kristen without drama just simple heartfelt good wishes.
Happy Memorial Day!

DreamerKind said...

They did. You, too.
Rob and Kristen shine brightly! I call it all, good, in the spirit of, for the good of all.
It's not for me to know, anyway. Choosing that which makes me be happy (happiness is the truth in you), in my own way! (Feeling a song coming on)


Pharrell Williams:

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DreamerKind said...

Bread stickss and butter! I can't think of better.
My bath time with a glass of wine! Or instead, a bath in wine, water in a glass. Sundays & holidays remembering all forgotten.

DreamerKind said...

Quote from famous old comedian:

"Why can't everybody leave everybody else the hell alone."
Jimmy Durante

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/jimmy_durante.html#H5Rwix8i0WBqd0DK.99

DreamerKind said...


Nancy Allen said...

Have been waiting for the sanity of your blog! Can't stand going to twitter, the hate and bullshit. Thanks, Rose, always happy to come here. I do believe they are together, but just saying that may bring out the weird ones!!! lol

DreamerKind said...

Liven up to this joyful noise!

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys:

Thanks to/sleepymanbanjoboys

DreamerKind said...

Good intentions = harmony

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Thanks to/That's .Music

Mary said...

Rose, you nailed it!
And I agree with you 100% as far as the 'Hater' label.

Really, what they are saying is, if you don't agree with them, then they hate you. The pregnancy/ninja baby theorists are really the haters.

Birdie said...

You are so sane it is scary(to some anyway). What a success for both of them! They have so earned it. It has to be so gratifying to read all the deserved praise for the talent, hard work and passion they have devoted to these films.

I always get a kick out of all the different interpretations the public and media assume is meant by a gesture, a few words or associations these two may have.

lemoine, your interpretation certainly has a different twist from what I saw and heard. Why, if I didn't know better, I would guess that you are not too fond of Rob. Which makes that kind of an odd comment since we are obviously fond of them both.

Stay happy all you, Roselanders!

zsuzsip said...

Great post Rose,loved R&K in Cannes,looking so stunning&happy,best part was their great reviews,they have a career after Twilight & doing so well!

zsuzsip said...

DK I love that happy song Thank You.

MG You're so right!

Rose:Thank You for being so sane among the delusional!

Anonymous said...


Thank you. We all love you.

I have been waiting to see your comments after Cannes. You say it best. This fracturing of the fans is so sad to me.

I loved seeing them so happy and so successful, so talented. I believe in them. We will see more great things from them.

Still the best love story ever.

Thanks again Rose.

DreamerKind said...

You, too, both of us made happy! :)

DreamerKind said...

Ask and watch what happens

Amanda Palmer:

Kami said...

Rose the Blog we've been waiting for, for months. The picture that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt she's not pregnant, and even though there will be rumors floating around out there about hidden babies, for the most part this puts that ridiculous, made up rumor to rest. I think for those of us attacked constantly for not believing today is a good day.

Happy Memorial day!

**** I take full responsibility for my words, they came from me and no one else, anyone having a problem with those words, please feel free to come to CP and discuss it with me there. Rose is in no way responsible for what I say.*****

...a fan said...

Been checking for this one - when I watched Kristen at Cannes - I said two things to myself - I guess the tattoo is real and she is so not pregnant.

Kudos to both, Kristen - wow.

Arleen P said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am going to bed now.
Rose- Great post. I love it. Sorry I am not in a happy mood right now. Its not you guys. I have been home from church and my friend's house. Found out four them are/were pregnant. Two had their preemies. One had hers at 20 weeks 1 1/2 lbs. Didn't make it. The other one had it at 30 or 32 weeks 2 lbs. He is doing good. Which is good news. Two others are due this weeks. They look like they are going to pop any time. Both in C-sections. One of them her baby have alittle problem. Something to do with some blood that goes to the heard. But she will have to be in Salt Lake because they have the best Children Hospital. Hope they will fix it. The other one is fine. This Tuesday, I have another friend just had her appendix. Her and her hubby doesn't have extended family. So me and my other friends are going to help her just watched her kids on Tuesday and Wednesday morning til 6pm. Til her hubby comes home. You can say I am going to have RL for now. Anyways, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

stacy said...

Wow, Arleen, that is a lot to deal with, I'm sorry. You are a very good friend and they're lucky to have you on their side for support. Best of wishes to your friends. Take care.

faa said...

I know some believe Rob and Kristen are over.I know some believe they are hiding in some safe housestaring lovingly at each other.I know some believe they were never together.I know some believe they were never apart.

Strange that I experience all of the above, but best of all..I always have faith they are never apart. See Cannes, they are not together but not apart. Thanks Rose for your brilliant post. Wherever whenever whatever, I'm with you on Rob and Kristen. They are making a good career now, so let them be ;-)

Lisa Johnson said...

Lovely post, Rose. I think it should be required reading for everyone at that Other Place.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

P.S. And just for the record, I now cringe at the word ninja, too.

vampsus said...

Thanks Rose. I've been waiting for your reaction to Cannes cause you are one of the people that I love to celebrate R/K with. I've travelled this journey with you over the years and I'm one of the proud ones, too.

Happy Memorial Day to Rose and Roseland!

Anonymous said...

Okay explain why she hadn't worn a shirt that showed her belly for like what 6 or 7 months. Oh and how she lose weigh in the belly area but kept the boobs. I have been saying since April she had the baby at the end of March because the first pics in NOLA looked to me like post baby weigh. Oh by the way lots of women have a baby and go right back to work withing a few weeks,days,even depends on how the woman feels. As for saying that everyone that don't agree with us who believe she was pregnant are haters I never did. After reading your blog today I would say that your as bad as the bullies that don't want them together at all. I guess it will be a wait and see kind of thing. I know that you can read so I know you had to read the many interviews that Rob said he was trying to remove himself from the gossip rags. So why wouldn't they hide something that personal.

Anonymous said...

Chris B....no one has to explain anything to you. If you choose to delude yourself that a hidden pregnancy, media conspiracy, now secret baby exists, no rational thought is going to penetrate your bubble . Head on over to lalaland where people equally share your insane story , you'll be much happier there. None of us know Kristen to state why she does anything she does and instead of speculating to death and then magically making our opinions a fact, most would realize the simplistic a answer is usually it. I for one am glad that 'bump watch' is at least over, even though the idea of a hidden baby and absent parents is equally insane, because the scrutiny and language truly was the most disgusting thing I've seen. That faction is no better than the ninnies were in 2009- onward.

Rose, good to see some common sense still around. I equally loathe the term 'ninja' and I'll throw in 'hobo' as well. I just wish that fans (not fans at all) would stop trying to overshadow truly great moments with all of the bullshit. Both Kristen and Rob are in a good place in their careers and looking happy, so one could assume also in a good place in their lives. I look at them as individuals and I hope that others can be respectful enough to do the same because we'll never know the details of their lives nor will we be experts on them, their career trajectory, friends/family, side projects.....

Cannes was awesome and there's even more to come. I'm the most excited for American Ultra because I love those quirky comedies and the Jesse/Kristen movie pairing!

stacy said...

And sanity shall reign again. FINALLY! It is wonderful to see that many people still embrace logic and have RESPECT for two people who have made it abundantly clear that they share their careers and ONLY their careers with us. It feels like the sun is peeking through after a long, cold winter!

lemoine idiane said...

"I'm just trying to not be in stupid gossip magazines, basically, and I think the best way to do it is never ever be photographed , " R.Pattinson
" I wanted the opportunity to criticize the massive consumption of fake lives created by the media through my character . When you think about it , it's a strange phenomenon , que intellectually benefits no one . " Kristen Stewart
These are two statements of the last days of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.I think we've all been aware of the change of address they gave at the end of the Twilight Saga .... a change of direction which translates simply to exercise their right to live as far possible their privacy of tabloids, paparazzi and rumors.Were six years in which they gave us everything, but ... for some people it is never enough.They show us, once more, the excellent work they do, praised by the best critics . They just show the world that the future belongs to them as actors, as individuals and they just show something more .... away with all speed to be meat of trashtabloids and gossipmedia .So We wonder .... who are you , who are you that are you so interested in keeping this circus around them ? Who are you, that despite the wishes and public opinions of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and you still go on and on maintaining you like a cheap tabloid, all endless rumors and trash around? Who are you? besides being a liar and manipulator. Who ... who are you?... and at the end point of all this ... one last question, who benefits from all this?.....
Three hours of the last post on our blog Coldminds we have few bloks and unfollows .... Translation: you were wrong to follow us, we'll never tell you lies and manipulations. And do not expect insults or threats of us .....
Haters?..... You never will know .... who we really are.A pleasure, coldminds.

Birdie said...

I had to laugh. I am with you on ninjas, hobos,and add wonky legs and adorkable. Maybe they were cute(once or twice)but that was many moons ago. I believe they have moved far past this. Enjoyed your post and glad to see you and several other sane people visiting.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!

ADD said...

Cannes was awesome! I can't keep up with everything that has happened. It's great to see R and K being recognized beyond Twilight. They deserve it.

Great comment. Bravo!

@Chris b
Kristen loves her privacy but she's also very famous. It's impossible to hide a baby or a pregnancy for 9 months. For argument's sake, let's pretend she's pregnant and is trying to hide it. Don't you think your speculation is violating her privacy? Don't you think is wrong to analyze her body to uncover something she wants to protect?
I'll never get it.

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, now it's a hidden baby!?!?

Arleen P said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I just had a fun day today. Anything news?

Kami said...

Hey Arleen! I'm so sorry to hear about the friends you have who are dealing with such horrible things, they are lucky to have a friend in you. Hugs

ChrisB I wasn't going to comment on what you said, but after debating back and forth I finally decided why not? So here goes. Welcome to Roseland where you're allowed to have a differing opinion from the rest of us. We might not agree with your views, but as long as you're respectful to us we'll be respectful to you. Rose and Rose alone dictates what the tone of this blog is, and she has been very good about allowing people to express themselves in any way they choose as long as they do not cross a line. So Believe what you want to believe, it's fine with us, and all we ask for in return is the same respect.

Kami said...

Oh and Arleen...Loving the picture of you in the hat!

Arleen P said...

Thank you Kami!

DreamerKind said...

As you stated, those amusing bits that R & K have shown, are so yesterday's news, versus how R & K now present themselves!
I mostly see their attempts at excellence and two very "good" people, who seem to love on each other "intensely"!

Feeling/praying for your concerns.

Nice to see you!

DreamerKind said...

Now, I am still dancing to oldies that honor my veteran brother! He loves him some oldies. (I do love me some French Rose wine!)

Let The Girl Dance

Billy Bland:

Thanks to/For DooWop

DreamerKind said...

Taking a chance despite the odds

Step By Step

The Crests:

Thanks to/Rockabilly Dave

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all!
Thanks DK!You have been a great friend. Night!

DreamerKind said...

Twist and shout! It was a true revolution in dance back then!

Let's Dance

Chris Montez (watch them groove):

Thanks to/syrennn

DreamerKind said...

Sweaters/skirts/bobby socks/manners

Let's Go Strolling (The Stroll)

The Diamonds (1958):

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Thanks to/MrMemories

Anonymous said...

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."- Greg Anderson

That`s how I try to live my life. It`s completely up to Rob&Kris what they`ll decide to share with us. After all, they are as human as the rest of us,so separating their work and private life is very smart IMHO, so I plan to always respect that. ;)

P.S. Two of them did truly rule Cannes this year. Lets hope for many more years, that are as magnificent as this one has been so far. :D

DreamerKind said...


katy said...

Awesome post, Rose!

Rob and Kristen looked absofuckinglutely amazing at Cannes. Extremely happy for all praise they got. Proud Fan.

"wherever they go I will follow"

Be happy everyone.

DreamerKind said...

Watched the newly released Sage music video today! Very lively and energetic with a tune that's pretty catchy (humming it). Good job Kristen, David Ethan Shapiro, cast and crew!

M.Dutche55 said...

I often stop by just to look at the beautiful pictures you post Rose; thank you. They always seem to brighten up my day.

Rob and Kristen are truly BLESSED to have found each other.

Arleen P said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I just got home from my work evaluation. And I pass yes.

Kami said...

Congratulations Arleen!!

DreamerKind said...

Robert DeNiro to star with Rob in "Idols Eye" and possibly to be filmed in Chicago (yay!).

Happy news!

Hump day!

Arleen P said...

Thank you DK! Good night everyone! Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. Night!

Anonymous said...

From the beginning there is a huge problem with people who are not real fans of Rob and/or Kristen - even if they think they are. The truth is - they only use them to fill the emptiness in their own lives with excitement, cause they are just bored. Poor Rob and Kristen that they have choosen them. My hope is that they will loose the interest in what they are doing one day. In the future it will not be that easy anymore, cause the projects Rob and Kristen choose now are not for everyone, they are special, like they are. I'm sure these "fake fans" will find some else they can concentrate on . even if I feel sorry for the poor person ;)

lemoine idiane said...

"Smiles even if your smile is sad because there is nothing more sad not to see you smile. "

Arleen P said...

Good morning to the Roselands! I am on my way to work. Keep me posted! Hugs to you all!

DreamerKind said...

RIP, Maya Angelou, poet queen!


Barb said...

Sighhh! Rob in a tux... Sighhh! Only thing better than Rob pictured in a tux is Rob walking in a tux. :)

Kristen looked beautiful. I love her hair that color. It is perfect with her skin and eyes.

I cannot wait for these movies to come out!!!

YAY R and K!!! ♥

Barb said...

A Kristen quote: People always ask me if I'm dating Robert [Pattinson]. It's beyond annoying. What I say is, that, why would I want anything that's private to become entertainment for other people?

Smart young woman.

DreamerKind said...

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Pisteuo said...

Thanks for another awesome post, Rose and for being YOU! <3

Hello Roseland...hope everyone is enjoying their life.

Rob and Kristen are fucking AWESOME! I'm so happy for them and their accomplishments. They both appear to be very happy and that makes me happy. What more could a fan need?

Have a super summer Rose and Roseland!

Kami said...

PIST!!! We've missed you!

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I have a job interview tomorrow with Golden Corral at 10 am. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night everyone!

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! I am on my way to my job interview. Keep me posted. Hope you all stay cool.

Kami said...

Good luck Arleen

lemoine idiane said...

Le film de Cannes ou Kristen nuages ​​de Sils Maria aucun festival officiel, a remporté un prix, mais cela ne signifie pas sa performance et le film lui-même n'a pas laissé une impression. Indiewire demandé critiques de cinéma qui ont assisté à la fête cette année à tous les films et les spectacles qu'ils ont donnés à leur propre évaluation.

Kristen d'eux a obtenu la 1ère place dans la catégorie de la meilleure performance de support (juste une actrice dans un rôle de soutien, les années 50 nominations). Chloe Moretz à la 14ème place dans la même catégorie. Nuages ​​de Sils Maria a remporté la 4ème place du meilleur scénario et 12 placer dans la catégorie du meilleur film . Juliette Binoche s'est terminée sur une belle 5ème place pour la meilleure performance dans un rôle principal. Avec les critiques généraux ne sont pas très heureux car Olivier a pris la 15e place dans le classement des 37 film

lemoine idiane said...

The Cannes Film or Kristen clouds Sils Maria no official festival, won a prize, but that does not mean his performance and the film itself did not leave an impression. Indiewire called film critics who attended the festival this year all movies and shows they put on their own assessment.

Kristen them won 1st place in the category of best supporting performance (just an actress in a supporting role, the 50 nominations). Chloe Moretz in 14th place in the same category. Clouds Sils Maria won 4th place for Best Screenplay and 12 placed in the category of best film. Juliette Binoche ended on a nice 5th place for Best Performance in a Leading Role. With the general criticisms are not very happy because Olivier took 15th place in the ranking of 37 movie

lemoine idiane said...

Une fois la montée des marches de Kristen , je restais positionner devant l’hôtel car le chauffeur avait dis qu'elle revenait pour ensuite aller à une soirée , je voulais à tous prix mon autographe sur le magasine les inrockuptibles où Kristen fais la couverture, elle arriva 1 h 30 après,elle sortis de la voiture s'approcha de mon magasine mais à cause d'un papaz la barrière bascula vers l'avant kristen pris peur dis sorry, rendis le marqueur (vous pouvez apercevoir la vidéo sur youtube de cette scène où même Ruth tombe car elle loupa la petite marche en marbre ).
Très frustrée d'avoir eu juste un trait de marqueur je décide d'attendre sa sortie, 1h après elle ressorti enfin vu les paparazzi encore là elle nous regarda avec un haussement d'épaules qui voulait dire : désolé ils sont encore là !!!!!!!
Alors je ne voulais rien lâcher je le voulais tellement cet autographe que moi et mon ami décidons de suivre la voiture, nous courront au moins 800 mètres au premier feu je la regarda et dis please-please KRISTEN elle leva les mains en l'air et me montra que le feu passer au vert cela se fit jusqu'au 3 ème feu où Kristen décida quand même d'ouvrir sa vitre je couru encore plus vite lui donner mon marqueur mais le feu passa au vert et on voyais la voiture repartir et Kristen avec le bras dehors avec le marqueur ( elle aurais pu le lâcher !!!!! ) So cute ma Kristen dis au chauffeur d’arrêter la voiture , pris mon bouquin le signa et me dis : désolé le chauffeur à des ordres on lui répondit OK ! on l'as remercie beaucoup pour ce geste et sa réponse a été : Nice to meet you !!
Mon dernier mot a étais : we love you KRISTEN
Cette scène à durer environ 10 min , cela restera graver dans mon coeur.
Je retiendrais de Kristen qu'elle est plus belle en vrai , sa peau est si blanche et parait si douce et fraîche comme dis mon petit ami : PARFAITE , qu'elle n'est pas en confiance face aux paparazzi et quoi qu'on puisse dire elle est si généreuse avec ses fans.

Je tiens a vous dire ne baisser pas les bras tous les rêves se réalise moi j'ai attendu 4 ans alors vite que la roue tourne pour vous !! ( Mon nom de Facebook : KristenLoves Jaymes )

ADD said...

Congrats to Kristen on winning the Cannes Critics Poll for Best Supporting Performance. That's awesome!

Hey DK! Nice to see you too. Great tunes!

Arleen P said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I just got home in time to make dinner. Today, I did two interviews, and three applying in one day. And I did great. While I am still waiting for both of them to call me. And tomorrow I am applying two more jobs. Hopefully, I get one of them. All I got to do is pray for one of them. Now I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all.

Birdie said...

Thank you for the news,ADD. I cannot wait to see this film and so proud of Kristen!

Good luck, Arleen!

Em said...
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Em said...

Sorry for the delete rose n Roseland :)) I'm kinda out of it lol Hope everyone is okay :)

Hi Arleen good luck :)

Birdie hi hope ur okay

Dreamer <3

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! I am out l
on my getting more job applications. I was just doing a resume. Then after getting all the job application. I am going to a funeral. Because I told you all about my friend had her baby at 21 weeks. Then it died in 30 minutes. So I am also helping her out after I am done with job appplications. Hope you all stay cool. Have a great day.

Pisteuo said...

Hi Rose and Roseland!

Arleen, I'm so sorry about your friend's baby.
I hope you do well in your job search.

Have a happy, happy, happy weekend, EVERYONE!!

Pattybg said...




DreamerKind said...

For Em & J

Wonderland By Night

Anita Bryant/Lew Douglas Orchestra (1960):

Stars hung suspended
Above a floating yellow moon
Two hearts were blended
While angels sang
A lover's tune

And so we kissed
Not knowing if our
Hearts could pay the price

But heaven welcomed
Us to paradise
Blessing our love

Then came the sunrise
Fading the moon
And stars from sight

Recalling always
Our wonderland
By night

The world became a picture
Framed by a jeweled sky
The night that love decided
To unite you and I

And when our lips
That first kiss we kissed
We knew that this was everything
That both our lives had missed

Then with the dawning
As we beheld that thrilling sight
Without a warning
Our wonderland by night

Thanks to/Michael McKenna

DreamerKind said...

The End (Of A Rainbow)

Earl Grant:

At the end of a rainbow
You'll find a pot of gold
At the end of a story
You'll find it's all been told

But our love has a treasure
Our hearts always spend
And it has a story
Without any end

At the end of a river
The water stops its flow
At the end of a highway
Yhere's no place you can go

But just tell me
You love me
And you are only mine
And our love will go on
'til the end of time

At the end of a river
Yhe water stops its flow
At the end of a highway
There's no place you can go

But just tell me you love me
And you are only mine
And our love will go on
'til the end of time
'Til the end of time

Thanks to/PJDooWop

Arleen P said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am so exhausted because of job hunting especially in a hot weather. I did four applications in one day. Thanks for wishing me good luck. And then I went to one of my friend's funeral. Remember I told you all that one of my friends with their babies. And one of their baby died at 21 weeks. I even saw the pictures. I almost burst into tears. And me and my friend's help her with the funeral and the luncheon or dinner. I feel for her. I am also waiting for the other one that is due today. I am praying for this one is ok. Anyways, I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night everyone!

DreamerKind said...

There is nothing more difficult than offering your strength to those whose suffering has robbed them of their ability to cope. It is a divine gift to give to others. You will be rewarded although that is not your desire. To give and receive is one and the same.

DreamerKind said...

Did I mention congrats to K for her best supporting performance at Cannes? Well, so I am.

DreamerKind said...

All I Do Is Dream Of You

Stacey Kent:

All I do is dream of you
The whole night through
With the dawn
I still go on
Dreaming of you

You're every thought
You're everything
You're every song
I ever sing
Summer, winter
Autumn and spring

Were there more
Than twenty-four hours a day
They'd be spent in sweet content
Dreaming away

When skies are gray
When skies are blue
Morning, noon and nighttime too
All I do the whole day through
Is dream of you

Thanks to/n nigani

lemoine idiane said...

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
On oublie le visage et l'on oublie la voix
Le cœur, quand ça bat plus, c'est pas la peine d'aller
Chercher plus loin, faut laisser faire et c'est très bien

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
L'autre qu'on adorait, qu'on cherchait sous la pluie
L'autre qu'on devinait au détour d'un regard
Entre les mots, entre les lignes et sous le fard
D'un serment maquillé qui s'en va faire sa nuit
Avec le temps tout s'évanouit

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
Mêm' les plus chouett's souv'nirs ça t'as un' de ces gueules
A la gal'rie j'farfouille dans les rayons d'la mort
Le samedi soir quand la tendresse s'en va tout' seule

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
L'autre à qui l'on croyait pour un rhume, pour un rien
L'autre à qui l'on donnait du vent et des bijoux
Pour qui l'on eût vendu son âme pour quelques sous
Devant quoi l'on s'traînait comme traînent les chiens
Avec le temps, va, tout va bien

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
On oublie les passions et l'on oublie les voix
Qui vous disaient tout bas les mots des pauvres gens
Ne rentre pas trop tard, surtout ne prends pas froid

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
Et l'on se sent blanchi comme un cheval fourbu
Et l'on se sent glacé dans un lit de hasard
Et l'on se sent tout seul peut-être mais peinard
Et l'on se sent floué par les années perdues- alors vraiment
Avec le temps on n'aime plus

debbie nerissa threet said...

I would not agree that they are still "passionate" about each other. Think you are pushing it.

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Hugs to you all! Night!

lemoine idiane said...

Hollywood is a cutthroat industry. One day you could be the biggest name in the business, the next you are their biggest enemy. Knowing how to play the game, deal with politics, and talk to those who have been there longer is the only way you survive. Connections made with other stars that tread the same water as you is what will keep your head above water. No one is safe from the paparazzi and their ruthless attacks. Now all you have to decide is how to navigate the shark-infested waters, starting with Hollywood Boulevard.

DreamerKind said...

Sunday is special! Sunday is slow, and easy. May all have it all, on this first Sunday in June.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Birthday to those who celebrate in June!