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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bee Leave

Look at this picture.

So much drama out of something so simple.

1.  Rob got pulled over!
(except it doesn't look like anyone is in the police car
Unless its a robot cop car in which case
I suppose anything is possible!)

2. Rob was going to Kristen's house!

3. Rob was coming from Kristen's house!

4. Rob was coming from any number of mysterious
blondes/brunettes/redhead's houses!

5. Endless circles of all colors to show everyone
where Rob really was!!
SEE!! He wasn't near Kristen!!

6. Rob was wearing a hat that Kristen wore
sometime in the near or distant past.
Or she will wear it.

7. Rob was going to the car wash!
(we can only hope)

8. That picture wasn't taken Saturday.
It was Friday. Or Monday.
Or some other day
because for reasons unknown its
a life or death situation to know exactly
WHEN Rob was driving that car.

The point is...
The real focal point of these pictures
is the fucking car!!

It's the CLOWN CAR!

I wasn't even sure he still had that car
let alone still drove it!
Wonder where it was stored ALL this time?

Let's see...
Imagine that you are an 80+ old hag
whose only claim to fame is insulting anyone
who gets you attention.
So you write a book.
It's a 'comedy' book.
No one cares.
Who has a loud and protective fanbase?
Insert Kristen Stewart.

Now here's the deal.
Joan Rivers is a comedian.
Her thing is to insult famous people
as rudely and crudely as possible.
Hey... those who can't...
spew shit at those who can.
Thing is...
If people would just let it go
(And I'm really looking at you Gossip Cop...
was it necessary to retweet that article endlessly?)
It would disappear.
But no.
And now she has said Kristen's lawyers
have contacted her lawyers.

Is this even true?
Or another attention ploy by Joan?
Has anyone but her said anything about this?
Should we take her word for it?
After dealing with 2 years of lame and pathetic insults
Why would she call out Joan Rivers?
It doesn't make much sense to me.
It doesn't seem her 'style' 
I don't know if I believe it.

I mean... if it IS true...
I get where sometimes you just want to fucking
draw that line and say 
'Stop already'
But it still doesn't ring true to me.
I guess time will tell.

The Rover.


I guess the Box Office wasn't that great.
But isn't the important thing
the praise that Rob got playing the part?
Shouldn't that be the focus?

Instead we get...

1. Kristen sued Joan Rivers
JUST to hurt the Rover's box office.
(yes, people really said that)

2.  Endless arguments over whose movies
did worse than his movies that did
better than her movies that made more money
than his movies and were seen by more people
than her movies.

3. It's fairly obvious to me that 
both Rob and Kristen choose movies based on the story
and who they will be working with.
I'm not saying they wouldn't like one of their movies
to be a 'phenomenon' again
(can't you just hear Oprah saying that?)
But they didn't expect Twilight to go that route either.
It's the work that is important.
It's getting recognized for that work.
And I think both Rob and Kristen
are doing just that.

4. Yes you CAN be a fan of both
Rob and Kristen.
Only bitter hags believe otherwise.
Sorry if that particular shoe fits...
But you know how the saying goes.

This could be happening RIGHT now...

Someday Soon...
You will

Let's talk conspiracies!!
YaY!!! FuN!!

1. Rob and Kristen were never together
and just posed all loving and cute for paparazzi
because we all know how much they LOVE the paps
and that they would pimp out their private relationship
for money and promotion.

2. That not only are Rob and Kristen secretly
married... but they have a 3+ month old baby.
(age? sex? location?)
No matter that no one else in the world has EVER
thought Kristen looked remotely pregnant in any way.
Is it odd that no one else noticed?
Two of the most photographed and hounded
celebrities in the world...
and nothing from anyone.
I truly don't give a fuck what people believe...
The only reason I even bring this up is because it came
to my attention that Lamey talked about it on her site.

"I keep getting these emails, usually twice a week,
 from random Twi-Hards (is that redundant?) 
trying to convince me of their latest conspiracy:
 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a secret baby 
and we all missed her pregnancy."

Lainey is a bitch when it comes to Rob and Kristen...
So why write to her about this?
WHY... CHUCK.... WHY???
Good fucking grief.
I swear... Sometimes this fandom puts the Ass in Embarrassing.

3. That Rob is currently going out with either
Rebecca Dayan (a model!)
Imogen Kerr (Dakota's friend?)
(actress? model? No idea)
Rebecca was seen going to THE ROVER premiere
So yeah... that's all it takes.
As for Imogen...
She was seen with Rob one night
(with a group of people)
and somehow its 'confirmed'
So yeah... that's all it takes.
And lets not forget KATY PERRY!!!
Every other day he is hooking up with her!!
And honestly... did he ever break it off with Dylan and Riley??
Remember...they were CONFIRMED too!
Does Rob just rotate on a daily basis?
Rob has his own version of
Sister Girlfriends!
(New this September! Only on E!
Check local listings for channels in your area)
And somehow no one ever gets anything more
than Rob in the same space as these people.
Sometimes not even that.
So yeah... that's all it takes.

This post is brought to you by the word Conspiracy.

It's really not that complicated.
Or serious.

And no matter what happens in the lives of
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
it shouldn't affect yours so profoundly.

Live your life.
You can't live theirs.

And this post is brought to you by...

Tom Sturridge.
Who has managed to be in a relationship
(With high profile Sienna Miller)
and have a real (utterly adorable) child
with relatively little drama.

Bright are the stars that shine..
Dark is the sky.

He is one of those shiny bright stars.

Until next time.

Smile and be happy.


Bye for now.


Kay said...

LOVE the SISTER GIRLFRIENDS! show idea Rose! LOL! You just know someone is pitching the idea to E! in 3, 2, 1......

I'm really happy that The Rover, Rob, Guy and David have gotten the great reviews that they have, really important for all of their careers, IMO. I do wish more indies were released where I live, but I'll see it when I'm able.

All of the rest of the conspiracies and revelations and BS...eh....hoping it really is just blah, blah, blah to them. Wishing them both peace, space and restraining orders as necessary to allow them to live their lives how they want to.

Take care Rose and Roseland!! <33

Mary said...

It seems to me as a fan, shouldn't it be more important to be discussing the rave reviews Rob is getting for his portrayal of Rey in The Rover. Not one bad review, even from critics who didn't particularly care for the movie.

But instead of focusing on that, it is once again picture analysis and the arguments of it is them, no it isn't them. Sheesh. With fans like that, who needs...well, you know the rest.

RPIndie said...

Nice one once again! I appreciated The Rover although it's not my style of film -> Rob did a terrific job.

Yes one can be a fan of BOTH. Why is that such a foreign concept to so many? It would be different if one was out in the media or on twitter trashing the other, but...here a news bulletin:

Kristen's lawyer probably did call Rivers' lawyer to find out what was in the book - that's what good lawyers do -> look out for their clients. I agree that Kristen probably wasn't pushing for that - not her style. Lainey has an opinion but it's worth zero, because guess what - she has zero sources as usual.

(It's silly but I forsee fans hiding the book in stores & taking pics to post. Silly, but funny as hell!)

(BTW, the only Joan that has any significance in Kristen's life is....Jett)

Brenda said...

So great, Rose. You make me laugh. I love sarcasm. Have a bright sunshiny day, all!

ADD said...

I don't know if Kristen's lawyers have contacted Joan Rivers but I kind of wish they did. Rivers tried to diminish Kristen’s career success by attributing it to sexual favors. IMO the "joke" crossed the line.

The Rover's got great reviews and that's what matters. I guess the bad BO performance it's kind of expected, indies seldom make money.

Anonymous said...

You know I have to wonder are you a real fan of Rob and Kristen or are you using their names to get hits on your blog. I believe if you were a real fan you would have know what the whole thing with the police car was about. The papz was at his trainers house waiting for Rob, to arrive and he was told leave and made threats against Harley and his family then reached into his car so he subdue him until the police could get there. Also you are the only one who didn't notice Kristen gaining weight and then as if she had a baby she lost it wow. I would say you have never read an interview Kristen has done she has said many times that she would keep any child she had from the public, and she would never give out there name someone else would. All I know is what I seen with my own eyes and if anyone of you say she didn't look like she did in BD1 then you must need to go back and remember that wasn't a pregnancy. It was really funny how she used umbrella's to cover her front in all the pics while she was doing Still Alice.

stacy said...

Thanks for the post Rose. I agree that many people have figured out that by using Rob and Kristen's names, they can get attention to things that otherwise would have not even been a blip on anyone's radar. Someone long ago washed up is certainly making quite an effort in that regard. It is not the first time we've seen people use their names and, unfortunately, it won't be the last as long as every picture, every movement of any kind, every word that either of them mutter, and every article of clothing is analyzed for hidden meanings.

Chris B, I am sure that you are very upset about whatever it is you are trying to communicate, however I think you may fit in better somewhere else. You might try hunting for somewhere where original thought and the ability to employ logic and reason is discouraged. Of course, there's also the possibility that you are just looking for drama. I believe there are a few places that specialize in what you're looking for. Would you like some recommendations of other blogs that might be more fitting for you since you find Rose distasteful? I'm sure we can help find a place that you'll fit in with like minded people and get that pat on the back you seem to need.

Pisteuo said...

Hi Rose and Roseland!!

Thanks for always putting things in the right perspective, Rose.

Ditto to what Kay and Mary said,

I thought the Rover was a good movie and Guy and Rob were fucking fantastic! So, if you have access to it...GO SEE IT!!
I'm so excited for ALL Rob and Kristen's new projects! Soooo....
Go ROB!!
Go Kristen!!

Chris b, I have to wonder, are you a fan of Rob and Kristen...or, are you using Rose's blog for attention? It would appear that you are more interested in papz pictures and made up theories...than talking about their movies. Kristen said she lost weight for BD...if you had listened to her interviews...you would know this...so, yeah she gained back what she lost. So, believe what you want...but, there is no baby. I honestly wish there was...but, there is not.

Pisteuo said...

Well said, Stacy.

stacy said...

Back at ya, Pist.

coleandrey60 said...

How do we know that "The Rover" flopped at the box office???? I know that Vermont is not the epicenter for newly released box office hits but wouldn't you think at least one theater in Vermont would be showing it? Absolutely not. If you call A24, the distributor to find out why---they don't know why....they just say watch their wedsite for announcements where it will be popping up in the country....is that anyway to promote this movie????

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Loved the post ! So many things to think about so where to begin?

To me a lot of movies that might not be main stream are very pivotal and allow the actor to hone their craft and can be a game changer in their career

Not every movie is going to be a Blockbuster so get over it. That doesn't mean it has less value

I don't think the average person would believe that Rivers or anybody else is manipulating anything to ruin a movies box office sales. Lol

Uh, let's see...hmmmmm...what else ? I think Joan Rivers hit below the belt ....waaaay below the belt...it's one thing to trash a star because she's this or that...it's another thing entirely to say she has slept her way through " Hollywood"

Do I think JR gives a flying fuck ? No, but those clothes I have bought that she peddles on QVC I will never wear them again nor will I ever order another motherbitching thing from her ....so there ! :)


You are exactly like so many in the fan dumb....you don't know what you're talking about and you don't know that you don't know...but you sure as hell don't. Any and every comment any of you make about the presence of a baby is nothing more than here say. Prove it ! You can't so just put a lid on it.

As for the explanation about the police car, what you said doesn't make sense so I'm assuming English is not your first language


zsuzsip said...

Rover is not a feel good movie,but its just so brilliant,Rob's&Guy's acting is really award worthy!Most indies don't bring in money,but loving all the praises heaped on Rob.
And thank You Rose you're still the sane voice in this fandom!
@Chris B,you believe what you want,I believe Kristen was never pregnant!We can still love her though I feel!

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Great post. Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. Night!

debbie nerissa threet said...

Robert Pattinson was headed to his private gym in that new picture. He must've been shocked to see the police there, following the altercation Chris b mentioned. Check TMZ for the story headlining Harley Pasternak, and involving Robert.

He's mentioned the car a few times over the last few years. According to him, it was parked at his agent's house (Stephanie Ritz) for a long time, and according to an even newer interview from him while promoting The Rover, it was sent to a mechanic and he didn't get it back for "two years". He'd started to believe it had been stolen, until he got it back recently.

I know you ladies love to be chatty, but do a little research and you'll have facts for all of the silly inquiries.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I won't speak for anyone but myself but I really don't care nor do I follow every minute detail of their existence I have waaaY too much going on in my own life

However now if he were arrested. Lol OR hurt in any way then if course I would want to know

Jane said...

I don't see how anyone can predict what the box office will do with the Rover. It's just been out one weekend and has not even opened in several countries. Let's wait until it has finished showing in theaters before we talk about whether it failed or not. More theaters have been added and the foreign total is now over half million dollars. People are really talking about it and telling other people to go see it. I am very optimistic about it.

Anonymous said...

Who needs this blog to get attention. I don't I follow people who actually respect my opinion. As for me asking if she were really a fan of R&K if she would have looked she would have known why the police car happen to be there. As for the papz I believe they should be made to stay at least 500 yards from anyone or go to jail. Super RN Gass Passer English is my first and only Language. You do know what assume means right if you don't go look it up. I would never assume anything about anyone. I have never read a article where Kristen stated that she had to loose weight for BD1 seeing how they shot BD1&2 at the same time that my dear was all CGI. As for her gaining weight for a part that's a no too. I would like to Thank Debbie for clearing up what I was trying to say I just get so pissed sometimes because people can't respect others opinions. I believe that they could have had a baby and know one know about it. there are several that have done it. Either by Adoption or just hiding that they are pregnant. Some never confirm that they aren't or that they are and as private Kristen and Rob are I think they would be the ones to hide it. Just read some of there new articles about how they have found ways around the papz. I guess since I'm unwelcome here I won't be back.

Kami said...

Rose great post.

Chris B I think you've come here hoping that we will all attack you and then you can go crying back to the ones who think like you do about what a bunch of harpies and horrible people inhabit Roseland, how we aren't real fans. Well I will simply say this. A REAL fan allows the person or persons they are a fan of, live their own lives. They accept that they are entitled to live, laugh, love and do whatever they choose to without any input from us. So if you don't like Rose, Roseland or those of us who call this place a home, or second home...then please feel free not to visit.

As for Rose saying "Rover" was a box office flop, she DID NOT...she said "I GUESS the Box Office wasn't that great" that is by NO means calling the movie or Rob a flop.

stacy said...

I could not care less about where and what Rob or Kristen were doing on any particular day or who they were with. However, I was interested in the economics of film making and found this article well written and very informative about how the economic environment of the entertainment sector is evolving in current times. I thought that I'd share in case anyone else has similar interest in a more intellectual discussion than fretting over people's private lives.

Note: Please be forewarned that reading comprehension is a necessary skill as this article is from The Economist. The article does not use pictures and emoticons to convey its message, rather it requires the actual reading of words and the ability to interpret the literal meaning of those words.


stacy said...

Just to be clear, I am in no way referring to Rose's posts in my disclaimer, above.

Arleen P said...

Hello to all the Roselands! I am going camping tonight. Be back tomorrow. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Later.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact I don't run between blogs and cry about anything as for you calling us old harpies that is uncalled for it is people like you Kami that gives this fandom a bad name.

Kami said...

Chris B I'm not going to lose one second of sleep worrying about your opinion of me, so feel anyway you like. Frankly I kind of like the thought that people like you don't like me. As for being in a "Fandom" I'm not. I happen to think that Rob and Kristen are talented people. I respect their right to privacy, and their right to make their own decisions about what they do with their lives. My life is not defined by their lives. Unfortunately I don't think you can say the same thing. So thanks for the comment and you have a great life.

nikola6 said...

Hi Rose,

For some time now I've wanted to say that I like your style and especially your ability to cut through the bullshit (and don't ever stop putting Tom's pictures up. Ever) and tonight I've finally decided to do it.
While I've seen no hard evidence in over a year that Rob and Kristen are still together, I cannot rule out the possibility that they still are. Because as you've pointed out, in all of this time neither appears to have moved on (which is usually the first thing on the 'to do' list when a Hollywood couple breaks up). Could they have gone underground with this, trying to take the spotlight off of the tabloid coverage of their relationship and try to get it back on their work? Absolutely. (although as famous, as hunted as they are, in a world of paps, camera phones and twitter, I honestly don't know how they're pulling this off. But if so, for how long? How long do they go on avoiding each other publicly, missing out on important events in each other's careers: Cannes, their film premieres, possibly the Oscars next year for one or both of them?) Or could it be that the breakup was so devastating for them that neither is ready to climb back onto that horse in any kind of serious way? Absolutely. But if so, then that would be a very strong indication that this thing ran so deep that they might not be able to get over it which could lead to what? Reconciliation (Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner reconciled ten years after their divorce with both marrying others and having a child in the interim). Anything is possible. And for the record, I thought they were lovely together and if they can work this out (if that's what they're doing), then I will be so happy for them. But if it's over and this is what they want, then I hope that they'll one day find their happiness. But I haven't tossed the towel in on them just yet.
Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Hi...

Anonymous said...

@nikola- I love what you wrote and totally agree. Rob and Kristen did "pull off" being together for awhile before the media got wind of it and they only did because they began to be a bit more "out there" with it.
I hope you post more often.

nikola6 said...

Chris B,

Kristen absolutely lost weight for BD with Rob commenting that she'd gotten "disturbingly" thin. And she did gain weight for Clouds because Olivier Assayas tweeted that he'd asked her to do so.
When I saw those shots of her on set during Clouds, my first reaction was...holy shit, is that kid pregnant? But then no pregnant belly blossomed, just the same amount of weight gain she'd had in the beginning and so...no baby. And if there had been, then Rob chose a strange time to go running off, leaving the U.S. and staying gone for four months when he didn't have to (he left LA the very beginning of December and didn't report to work on QOTD till the end of January). Leaving her here with a baby in her belly, forcing her to get on planes to go ninjaing around after him? Really? And with the kind of threats that have been leveled at her over the years, does anyone think he'd really go off and leave her in the company of her girlfriends at a time when a woman is the most vulnerable to begin with? And why would he purposely choose to miss out on this experience, watching her body go through the changes of a first pregnancy, seeing the ultrasounds, feeling their baby move. How much sense does this make? And as this apparent due date drew near, she continued to work in one state while he was photographed repeatedly in another, risking the chance of missing seeing his own child born if she'd gone into a sudden early labor? This is ridiculous. And now Lainey has got hold of it because people are fucking emailing her about it? Seriously? Which begs the question, how much longer will it be before it filters out even farther than the walls of this insane asylum...er...fandom? All this drama has done, is still doing, is loading up the guns and handing them over to those who hate them both. We want to blame the paps and the tabs for all of it, but our hands are not exactly clean here either.

(sorry Rose. I probably shouldn't have done this. Especially my first time here)

nikola6 said...

Thank you wonderfulbliss.
I have to watch it though. I'm opinionated and polarizing and even though I rail against the drama, I do allow myself to get drug into it. Like I just did in responding to Chris B. But because I won't choose a side, because I have the ability to see more than one side of an equation (being a 'big picture' kind of gal), I've been called...
* an old hag robsessed who hates Kristen
* a butt hurt krisbian who hates Rob
* a delusional shipper
* a paid member of Kristen's PR team
* an insane, delusional, satanic, lying, psychotic, hypocritical, attention seeking full of herself know it all Queen Bee who's running my own show behind the scenes (Shit. I don't even twitter which apparently, is where all the real action is).
No, I'm just one more anonymous poster with an opinion like everyone else.
But thank you again. That was very sweet.

Anonymous said...

nickola6, I see you have found a new board to post your craziness on. I like how you stay on the fence and not commit to either side. As for her losing weight for BD1 I will say it again SHE DID NOT LOSE WEIGHT FOR IT BECAUSE THEY SHOT BOTH BD1&2 AT THE SAME TIME. What Rob was referring to is how they made her look so skinny with CGI. In fact in one of there interviews they talked about the sex seen and said when they realize that they started to work out but as soon as that was over they went back to eating whatever they wanted to. She didn't have to gain weight for COSM either why on earth would the director ask her to in the middle of the shoot. As for Rob and Kristen being apart for 2 months where you with them to know they weren't together. Just because there was no pics of him and her together don't mean they weren't. I think that they spent most of DEC and Jan together until they had to report for Job duties.

Kami said...

Chris B...for someone who said you were never visiting here again, you sure do seem to be hanging around a lot. I think it's time Rose begins charging you rent for the soapbox you seem to want to get on, what you don't realize is, no one here actually cares what anyone else thinks, people can speculate, imagine, invent on any story out there but at the end of the day the truth is the truth...and the ONLY two people who know that truth, aren't talking.

Hey if you want to keep coming here and spouting your point of view, more power to you, but if you're going to leave, then please do so otherwise stop saying you are, it gets all of our hopes up and it's kind of mean of you to dash them like that.

...a fan said...

Joan is wrong, you are right and because of your loyalty and level-headedness I will read everything you write -

nikola6 said...

Oops. I forgot one. Crazy. Thank you Chris B. for the reminder.

And you misread me. I've definitely chosen a side and it's the side of Rob and Kristen. I'm for them all the way, in both their careers and in the hope that one day they'll find some peace from this maelstrom they've found themselves in. I'm for them whether they are still together, whether they get back together, whether they move on to others. Whatever makes them happy, I'm good. My point was, I haven't chosen between the two of them and for that, the various warring factions within this fandom have come after me. No, I haven't taken ownership of this relationship because I haven't paid for it. It wasn't for sale (and we can only own that which we've paid for). Wherever their happiness lies, that's what I want them to find. And it doesn't matter a damn what I want because I don't have a vote in any of this. With so little factual information, I've never understood how people can take absolute definite stands, stating their opinions as facts and knowledge. How can we do anything else but sit on a fence about this? I don't know diddly squat about the personal dynamic of their relationship and so no, I cannot make a definitive statement about it. Only speculation and guesses and opinions. And hopes for their happiness.

And once again, it's a matter of public record that Assayas tweeted about asking her to put on a little weight for Clouds. She's playing an unglamorous PA and maybe he wanted her to look more like a real girl and not the beautiful movie star that she is. Ask him. And yes, she lost weight for BD. There were shots of her in those skinny jeans and her little legs looked like stick pins. The pregnancy emaciated Bella and Kristen's face was so thin in some scenes that her face looked long with her pointed chin even more pronounced. They didn't use CGI in every shot. And yes, Rob said she'd gotten "disturbingly" thin. That's a direct quote. Go look it up.

DreamerKind said...

I have returned from meeting in person, my fella blogger Super, after our 4 year blogging/calling relationship. Yes! We are real! A great time was had.

Happy Sunday, Roseland.
Best wishes to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Rob, Kristen and Tom, wherever/whichever we all may be.

nikola6 said...


And I can post anywhere I want. And my reach isn't very far in this fandom.
I've been a reg on Robsessed for five years. And no, not everyone there hates Kristen. Many of us have fought tooth and nail for her. And not all of us are into the Rob porn talk and our ovaries are fully intact. That's just silly fangirling anyway. I love that blog because it is without question the biggest champion of Rob's career in this online fandom. So much so that even David Cronenberg has praised the efforts of the mods.
I posted on GC for awhile because I consider it the town square of the fandom where all factions meet up (many trash GC but I strongly suspect many read GC because how can they trash something if they're not aware of it?). But I bailed on them when they took this embarrassing cat fight to The Hollywood Reporter. You don't take a fan war to one of the most reputable industry blogs on the internet. They did and I said, that's it, I'm done.
I do occasionally post on the Haven but since it's run with Gestapo like tactics, I've pretty much given up. I've never come at them with hate and yet, that's all that's come back at me. Because I don't agree with them, they've labeled me as someone who hates Rob and Kristen and doesn't want them together. And then HKN erases any comments that challenge what she's peddling because what she's peddling cannot stand up to any challenge.

I've been reading Rose's blog for an age and I like her approach. She cuts through the crap and hopes for the best (and she loves Tom Stu). And I've wanted to stop in say hi for some time now. So, I have.

I don't twitter. I don't participate in anything behind the scenes. I've stopped posting at GC and now the Haven. Robsessed has been my home on the internet for five years now and I've stopped in here (whether I'll become a consistent poster, remains to be seen). That is the extent of my reach in this fandom. Considering the approach of some, I'd say mine is pretty tame. My calling card is not the degree of my participation. It's my opinions and the way I express them. Some despise me for them and some admire me for them which has turned me into a polarizing figure and I'm okay with that.

DreamerKind said...

Saw "The Rover"! Greatly enjoyed the visuals, pacing, acting, especially, and the musical score.
Rob was totally convincing as "Rey", and delightfully shocking. Guy is awesome, too. Going to buy the dvd for further study and enjoyment. It merits that, oh yes.

Sniffing happily, my new Florabotanica scent, and am about to drift off into a nice long nap.

nikola6 said...

Last thought Chris B.

You said that you THINK Rob and Kristen spent most of Dec. and Jan. together before they went back to work. And there's the rub...you THINK. You have no proof. And no, I have no proof that that they didn't. And I didn't say definitively that they didn't. I posed questions about it. I do question how some think they're spending all of this time together and yet, they're never seen. I question it because they're too famous, too watched, too hunted and I don't know how they're getting away with it. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I am saying that it's highly improbable. Especially for as long as it's gone on. And I'm not just talking paps. I'm talking a world full of cameras phones and twitter with no one seeing anything anywhere. I do question that. And he just stated that he spent two months in London (Dec./Jan.) and it depressed him (friends not there, etc.). So...why did he stay? Why did Kristen have to duck and dodge her way to get to him? Why didn't he just go over for Christmas and then come back to LA which he's now declared as his home? And why was he so depressed in London if Kristen was there with him? You'll have to excuse me but I do possess a somewhat analytical mind (being a Virgo and all) and no, I don't go on just blind faith. I believed they were a couple for four years because I saw evidence that they were. Could they still be even though the evidence has disappeared? Yes. But in my opinion, it's not very likely (in addition to being analytical, I'm also a realist).

Super RN Gas Passer said...


DK and I had quite a lovely weekend. We enjoyed a Chefs tasting 6 course meal with a wine pairing with each course. It was quite incredible and wouldn't you know the soup was " Sweet Pea ". LOL

I found another irony in the fact that the concierge at the hotels name was Edward :)

The hotel was very nice and the interior decor was patterned after designs from Coco Chanel so that was really neat

I wanted to comment on the Rover I went in to this movie with high expectations because Rob P was in it Yes I knew there was going to be blood. Lol so I was prepared for that

I was not prepared for the fact that this is an incredible movie. In it's starkness is beauty in it's desolation is a peek into what happens when a society is in complete collapse and all the people have nothing to live for ... Nothing

DK and I discussed this for a long time last night because this movie leaves you thinking about things in a whole new level.

I will say no more because I don't want to spoil it but please do not hesitate to go see this movie if you have the chance to go

And despite his appearance you can still see me Handsome is still under there ! Lol.

Congratulations ROB on a great great performance ! DK and I love and admire you and your work ! Rock on and I am hoping Maps gets a US release soon !

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Anonymous said...

I normally just lurk instead of commenting (love your blog btw), but I'm commenting this time because I want to reply to Chris b:

A "real fan" of Rob and Kristen follows their careers. Showing an interest in their personal life too is fine, but following every aspect of someones life isn't what makes someone a "real" fan. There's nothing wrong with not knowing the full story behind the police car thing, especially considering it was a paparazzi related incident.

Oh, and the pregnancy thing is completely illogical. Plenty of people gain weight over the holiday season (which is when she did gain weight and it wasn't even that much, it was just more obvious because of how skinny she is normally), especially when they're no longer a teenager able to eat what they want whenever they want without having to worry about weight.

To humour you, lets just say she was pregnant. Why in the world would someone so private sign on to do 2/3 movies and to be the face of a Chanel campaign if they wanted to keep a pregnancy secret?

And yes, I've seen the ridiculous "every woman carries differently! she just carried small!" argument. But Kristen is not psychic. If she found out she was pregnant, she had no way of knowing if she'd have a tiny bump or if she'd look like she was carrying a football team. If she wanted to hide a pregnancy, she would've stayed out of the public eye and not signed on to do a bunch of movies that film in the late stages of her pregnancy (and that's just one of the many flaws in your theory).

If you want to have your own little mental fanfiction where they're married with a secret baby, fine (maybe it will come true somewhere down the line), but it's really irritating when people like you act as if her having a secret baby is in any way logical and that anyone who doesn't believe isn't a real fan.

...a fan said...

As a rule I don't really talk to anyone but the writer of the blog. I visit several blogs that are pro Kristen enjoying each for different reasons. But I will speak to Nicolai with the understanding, I know nothing about you - but yes you can visit and talk on any blog that allows you too. I just saw "someone" here called out on another blog and it did not sit well with me, then I read some of the comments here. At the very worst you were incorrect about Kristen's weight and really in the scheme of things - WTF? You did not harm or defame anyone, you may have just been wrong. If that is the worst thing you do today, you're fine. And if you believe that to be the truth, then...okay. Ultimately we are discussing the careers and personal lives of people we are never going to meet. Everything we comment on, is an opinion. How can one opinion be more valid or important than another?
And for the record, I don't visit a blog based on the amount of comments it generates - I visit blogs based on content, message and tone.

Rose said...

Dear Chris B.
Honestly. It's like you and your pals... don't know how to read or comprehend. It's almost like you are reading a completely different blog.

I did read about the Pap thing at the gym...
but Rob wasn't there. Also... I was referring to other rumors that Rob was pulled over.

I never said Kristen gained or lost weight for a movie. Please don't put words in my mouth.
Believe me... I have plenty of my own words..
And the last thing I would want are yours.

I just dont think she EVER looked pregnant.
I never said a thing about weight loss or gain.
So where in the world did you get that from?
And hate to say this... but everyone's weight fluctuates up and down... even famous people.


See what I mean about reading comprehension?
But this is even worse...
You just make up bullshit and in your mind you somehow twist it to apply to me.
None of the things you rant about... Have anything to do with what I've written.

And truly... I give a FUCK what you believe.
This is my blog. I give my opinion.
Don't like it? I don't give a shit.

Go play in the trash.
After a while, I bet you won't even smell the shit.

DreamerKind said...

It's lovely that we have a nice combination of discussions going on here in Roseland. Keeping it interesting!

DreamerKind said...

Hi, dearest Rose!
Time for wine to flow down my hatch.

Rose said...

@... a fan
Some people seem to think the number of comments equals 'hits' (hahaha!) They don't seem to realize that some of the most popular fan blogs who get thousands of hits a day... get few comments on their posts. It only matters to those who want to believe they are relevant... who thrive on any kind of attention.. even though most of it is negative.
I would rather have zero comments than put up with the constant drama by a bunch of hypocrites.
You will notice it is always the same vile people behind the same tired bullshit drama.

DreamerKind said...

For each day that passes; I discover how deeply shallow I am, and continue to be content, nevertheless. Sometimes, less IS more. That's my opinion, certainly, my beliefs, to the depths of my very Being!

Rose said...

Hello DK! :)

...a fan said...

I rarely read but a handful of the comments as I really come to hear what the author has to say. I have noticed both here and at DIDY (whom I like as well) that the comments are from the same people and it always strikes me a close and familiar group of people. I visit a couple others when I am in the mood for a flashier tone occasionally and I have the time - but after today, I will pay closer attention to who says what.

DreamerKind said...

Hello! Sure wish Rose would write a new post every day but alas, she has a real life to distract her. I fill in the hours, days and weeks between with whatever songs or words come to mind, usually R&K related, at least I think often of them, when I comment.

Have I thanked you lately for the years of effort you've given to this blog? For me, it's been four years of variety/camaraderie that changed my life! I send my green sheep emos your way. :)

Rose said...

@... a fan
The ladies at DIDY are always respectful and decent... I can see why you would visit that blog and read their comments.

Rose said...

Thanks DK... I used to write a blog every day!!!
But yeah... my "real" life is more important to me...
So now I try to write once a week. lol

DreamerKind said...

I recall the daily dose of delight, you blasted in the past! In any case, you're the top of the heap, cream rises, kind of blogger, lyrics quoting queen, sharing my flashy fangirling life.

DreamerKind said...

I'd Like To Get To Know You
(Yes, I Would)

Spanky & Our Gang (1968):

Thanks to/Handyman1714 (Prisoner of YouTube)

...a fan said...

Nice to meet you DK - like the feel of you.
I have been reading Rose since July 0f 2012. I was appalled at how Kristen was being treated and vowed to support those that supported her. I wrote to Rose privately off and on for awhile - not because I am special - just because I could not figure out how to reply to her on her blog. Honestly, I'm crazy for Rose and have never looked back. My only complaint is that I have to wait a week for a new fix.

...a fan said...

@ rose

DIDY and you are more alike than you might think - you remind me of each other actually. Not being the same person - you of course have different opinions but at your cores you are quite similar. I find you both quite honorable and brave.

DreamerKind said...

You have deep perception to see my feels or feel them. :)

Getting somewhere with the aid of science & research

All Of You

Fred Astaire/Cyd Charisse (movie/song video-1957):

Thanks to/Graeham Goble

...a fan said...

@ DK

Are you trying to make me adore you. Fred is one of heroes and Cyd was my favorite of his 'women'

DreamerKind said...

You may adore me, if it so pleases!

Kami said...

Rose you hit the nail on the head about reading comprehension and how Chris B is lacking in that skill. I saw it whenever they said that I had called them "old Harpies" when in reality I said that they hoped we would attack them so that they could rush back to their friends and call US harpies. I guess that is probably at the crux of a lot of the problems others seem to be having these days. They read whatever they want to into any given comment, using it as an excuse to berate and attack someone else. I guess it's just the way some people are made.

Arleen P said...

Hello to all the Roselands! I have been home from camping since yesterday I was tired and doing RL stuff. I haven't forgotten you. Hope everyone is ok. Well, I am going to go to bed now. Keep me posted. Night and hugs to you all!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I think they are just " jerking our chains" in a desperate attempt to have someone anyone come back at them

If they truly believe their bullshit then well I feel sorry for them. I would just rather enjoy whatever R and K are willing to give to the public I will say this though

I may be completely wrong and no I don't think they owe any of us a damn thing but I wonder if they haven't just set themselves up for more stalking exactly because they have gone into hiding. The pap who can actually get a together pic of them after a year plus of nada is going to make lots of money and they know it

Either way I feel bad for them that they have this harassment I suppose it's the price of stardom but the price is too high to have to live under cover like a criminal evading the cops or to be yelled taunted and cussed at by the paps.

I wonder if they had to do it all over again if they would have accepted their twilight roles had they known it would lead to this level of intrusion into their personal life including a whole site dedicated to perpetuating a myth about Sweet Pea.

DreamerKind said...

Howdy, Roseland! Been enjoying my day catching up with family/friends.

Hope R&K are, too.

Happy Tuesday!

DreamerKind said...

Happy Birthday to everyone who celebrates in July!

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Just to let you all know. Last week was my orientations, tours, and going over the rules, plus the schedules. This week I start. Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 4 or 5 pm to closing time. Its parttime. You all know its what I have been looking for. I just wanted you all to know. But other than that I am still here. Talking to all of you.
DK- Same to you too! Hugs!
Night everyone! Hugs to you all! Keep me posted.

Kami said...

As a July Baby, I thank you DK

DreamerKind said...

I am surrounded by those I love, sharing July birthdays (7).

It must be a really special month for precious souls to arrive. For certain, their creators were divinely inspired, nine months before.

Witty Rob, on a national awards show, even thanked his parents for creating him (as we do, too).

I wish you the best ever birthday celebration!

diane771 said...

I have a website neverthink-sayit and post on tumblr, facebook and twitter and there is nothing to support Rob and Kristen are a couple now. Sure of she was an elephant she might still be preggers since the word was out she was. I will eat my words and post I am wrong if it happens. But for now I live in reality
Thanks for letting me post

Bumiputra Juang said...

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Arleen P said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I just been home from six hour shift. Fill me in tomorrow. Right now I am so tired. But it feels so good to work at the restaurant. Busing tables and dishwasher. It just feel so good. Night you all! Hugs! Keep me posted.

Arleen P said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I just been home from six hour shift. Fill me in tomorrow. Right now I am so tired. But it feels so good to work at the restaurant. Busing tables and dishwasher. It just feel so good. Night you all! Hugs! Keep me posted.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Thursday! Soon we'll be at our holiday weekend celebrations.

Be safe and enjoy!

Arleen P said...

Good morning DK! Happy Thursday!

lemoine idiane said...

As I walk on down
I feel like a clown
In a circus of my own
Oh my cover is blown
Feel like I got a heart made of tin
I thought of you this morning

Well I sleep into a state
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I guess I lose
I guess you win
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How could it be any other way?

Now that the chains are off
I'm free to roam
Everywhere I go
I feel like I'm home
Nothing hides
Everything is shown
She is always with me
I'm never alone
I guess you lose
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I thought of you this morning

Well I think about all the other ways I could've played
All the other simple moves I could've made
All the other cards that I could've dealt
All the books I didn't read upon my shelf
All the other ways I could've sung my songs
I've realized that none of it wen't wrong
It was all play
How could it be any other way?
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It was all play
How could it be any other way?
How could it be any other way?

Birdie said...

Happy 4th of July, Rose and Roseland! I hope you all have a fabulous time celebrating.

DK and Super, It sounds like you had a great time in Chicago and you got to see The Rover together. What fun!

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Happy Fourth of July! Stay cool. I work tonight. Hugs to you all!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hi and Happy Fourth ! YES, we enjoyed The Rover and DK pointed out to me that we actually laughed a few times in the movie at exactly the same things...lol

No offense at all intended as I know the subject matter is very solemn however there were just a few times where Rob with a gun was actually ...ok, I will say it....funny :)

Happy Fourth of July ROSELAND !

Lisa Johnson said...

Well, Rose, you've done it again. What am I saying? I'm saying that in spite of it all, you've once again managed to inject a fitting dose of humor into all of the right places. No easy feat!

Just a word to Nikola: I've read some of your posts at The Other Place, and mostly I agree with you; I also have the same questions, so I'm glad you've thrown them out there. Of course those questions will never be answered, and the same old tired name-calling is all you will ever get. But I applaud your efforts!

Happy Fourth of July to all of you!



DreamerKind said...

Happy Fourth of July to all!

Nice to see you again. Think I sent you another email recently.

DreamerKind said...

Sweet Saturday!


Spiritual Truths ‏@TheGodLight 9h

"You are free the moment that you forgive yourself for not knowing better, the past has gone, learn from it & move on."

Arleen P said...

Hello to all the Roselands! Happy Saturday! I am working tonight! From 4 pm to closing time. I get home at the same time as yesterday. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Love all!

DreamerKind said...

Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care, about time?


Thanks to/ersafeguard

lemoine idiane said...

Ma petite critique:

"Je dois dire que j'avais vraiment hâte de voir Sils Maria, et n'ai pas été déçue, du tout. Sils Maria est désormais clairement mon film préféré de Kristen. Il est si bon, vous allez avoir envie de le regarder à nouveau & à nouveau!

Il est intelligent, très drôle, intense, et parfois triste.. avec une forte BO. Le film parle du vieillissement, nous montre le côté humain des acteurs, la cruauté du cinéma.. sans en faire trop dans le mélodramatique ou trop dans les paillettes. Réaliste est le mot que je choisirai pour le décrire.. ou magnétique, authentique.

Pattybg said...