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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Déjà vu

November 2008

August 2014

I'll admit it, OK?
I like this Rob.
The shaggy 
slightly greasy
who pulls his fingers through his hair.

I've missed him.
I never really thought we would see him again
to be honest...
Because 'new' Rob was polished
and styled
and yes... handsome.
And don't get me wrong.
That Rob is wonderful.
(oh how I love him in a suit and tie)
But man oh man
I like 2008 Rob.
There's a sentimental spot
in my heart for this guy.
It makes me remember when being in this fandom
was a good thing.
A fun thing.

OK then.
Enough nostalgia.

Couple of thoughts.

1. LOTS of screeching and howling over this.
(And not just from the usual ovary bursting)
I mean...
my ears are fucking bleeding.
Or would that be my eyes?
Either way... get the fuck over it.

This quote seemed to upset people...

“Shit happens, you know?” he laughs. 
“It’s just young people… it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a shit?”

Was he 'dissing' Kristen?
Was he making light of the whole situation?
What was the question?
Does anyone give a shit?
Was he trying to say... "MOVE THE FUCK ON"?

First off.
Rob would never insult Kristen.
So...scratch that one off the list.
Second off.
Why is he still being asked about this SHIT

2 years later?
Third off.
'It's normal'
Do you really believe that?
Does Rob really believe that?
Fourth off.
Who gives a shit?
Maybe magazines and interviewers
need to focus on the subject at hand.
That would be Rob.
Not Kristen.
Not 2012.

Are you new here?
You do realize that everything out of Rob's mouth
should be taken with a block of salt... Right?
Is there some truth to what he says?
I don't know.
Is he allergic to vaginas?

It's a fucking print interview
where you don't get to see Rob actually answer
any questions.
We've been through this SO many times before
And shall go through it again.
So why do people get so bent on this stuff?

But I will say one serious thing here...
People (Rags, Hags and Mags)
really need to let 2012 go.
If you're a fan of Rob's...
Discussing it doesn't help him.
If you're bringing it up over and over again
praying at the alter of those 50 pictures..
Still wallowing in your bitter hatred for Kristen
You need to look at how it affects him...
being that you're a 'true' fan of Rob and all.

Did you see the headlines after the Esquire interview came out?
It wasn't about The Rover.
It wasn't about his career.
It was all about Kristen and 2012.
"Rob finally opens up about the break up"
"Rob talks about Kristen's cheating"
"Rob tells Esquire he doesn't 'give a shit'"

You see what I mean?
How is that good for Rob?
Rob has gotten GREAT reviews for The Rover
THAT should be the fucking headline.
He's worked hard for his future...
Isn't it time we all focused on it?

2. I adore her.
I get a lot of shit on Twitter
and in ALL CAPS emails
because I talk about Kristen
when my blog is 
"Robert Pattinson Intoxication"

Stop asking me to change the name.
It ain't gonna happen.
I think I've made it pretty obvious for the past 6 years
that I'm a fan of BOTH of them.
And if I want to talk about Kristen...
I will.
And if I want to pontificate about the 
glory of Tom Sturridges incredible blue eyes
I will!
(You know it's coming)
Its. My. Fucking. Blog.


3. (is it 3? I've been rambling a bit, haven't I?)

If you believe in Rob and Kristen.
Why must you be so... desperate to prove it?

"Rob and Kristen are married with a baby. It's a FACT."

No. It's not.
Saying something doesn't make it a fact.
Saying you know someone who says its true
doesn't make it a fact.
Facts are proven.

I'm completely on this ship...
Full fucking steam ahead.

I BELIEVE that Rob and Kristen
are still completely connected
and in each others lives.
I BELIEVE that people would be 
shocked and surprised
at just how deep that connection is.
I BELIEVE they still love each other.

I don't believe that Rob flew to Japan
and then turned around and flew back to LA
just so he could fly to London
all to mess with the paps.
I don't believe there is a hidden marriage
that begot a hidden pregnancy
that then became a hidden baby.
I don't believe Kristen signed on to do 
movie after movie
knowing she was going to give birth
and I don't believe she then gave birth
between scenes
and gamely went back to work.
Who would do that?
And Why?
I don't believe the Paps are in some sort of 
conspiracy to hide this marriage/baby from the public
just because they don't want it to be true.
They would be all over this shit.
They would LOVE that story.
I don't believe that someone has a friend
who knows someone's neighbor whose cousin
works for Kristen
who is conveniently spilling intimate details
about Rob and Kristen's lives
that just so happens to back up absurd claims.

I would love it all to be true.
All of it.
Happily ever after.

And maybe someday
It will be.

But right now?
I get the impression that they want us to focus 
on their careers.
So much to be excited about.
So many movies coming out.
So many movies still to be made.

This is GOOD stuff.
Real stuff.

Read their interviews 
(with the salt shaker handy)
Go see their movies.
Enjoy the gorgeous pictures...

Hot Damn
They are pretty people.

(And I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.)

I've said it once
and I'm sure I will say it a million more times.

It will be OK.
I promise.

This post is brought to you by
the letter T

T for Tom Sturridge

I fucking adore him.

And wasn't it all kinds of sweet and wonderful
that he and Marcus showed up for Rob's Rover BFI screening?
That's essential Tom.
True blue friend
And always there for support.

There are so many wonderful things happening
with Rob and Kristen right now..
Be happy.

Until next time.

Bye for now.


Lyssia denon said...


ELZA A.T. said...

Bravo Rose! Loved it. You were really inspired :-)

katy said...

Hi Rose and Roseland

Love this post!!

I love, scruffy, disheveled, unbuttoned Rob as much as sytlist, polish Rob...Oh so HANDSOME!

Unless we have some audio recording of that Esquire interview, we will never know for sure to what Rob was actually
answering. One thing I know for sure...he was NOT insulting Kristen.

Red suits Rob and Kristen.

"There are so many wonderful things happening
with Rob and Kristen right now..
Be happy."

Take care everyone

Barb said...

Rosee I fucking LOVE your mind! That was a perfect post!


...a fan said...

Oh Rose - Geeez I like you. I don't know what is true because despite my silent pleas neither of them call me and ask my opinion or offer any information. But like you, I would be thrilled to find out it was true. In an effort just to read, see and know more, I ventured to other blogs. One I love, two I enjoy, one is a little scary and two I despise. In an attempt to share my voice, it turns out unless you totally agree and have the mis-timing to post when someone they don't like is posting - some cow... labels you trash and a troll. Without knowing anything about you. Without knowing the years you have spent supporting, defending and applauding them (ok mostly her).
A troll - as if.

I will continue to read their words as the sites are public, but I refuse to be part of a group that dismisses loyalty and bullies those that question their truths.

You, kind woman, do not do that and I appreciate you even more now.

Kay said...

Thanks Rose :)

zsuzsip said...

Thank You Rose for this sane & wonderful post,I believe exactly what you believe!Rooting for both of their careers,love Tom St in blue and being a true friend.

ADD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ADD said...

People believe in what they want to hear. It doesn't matter if it's based on anything but facts. This "married with kids" life sounds like fanfic.

Tomorrow we will see Camp X-Ray's trailer. Now that's something to talk about.

Ps: Deleted my first comment--fixed a few typos.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND

The Interviewer says, "Rob, could you hold that thought for a sec? That burrito I had for lunch isn't sitting very well."

Rob says, " Shit happens you know."

The Interviewer says , Hey Rob, did you hear about those teenagers that were mooning the President the other day ?"

Rob says "It's just young people....it's normal "

The Interviewer says "Rob, are you really alllergic to vaginas?"

Rob says " Yeah. I've been allergic to them since I was 13 but honestly, who gives a shit?"

It could have been :)

Jane said...

There are manips being posted by HKN with Kristen's face on the body of someone else. Manips on twitter posted by these same blog that is upsetting people that truly believe that the pictures are real. What is going to happen to these people when they find out it isn't. If you can't post the real thing, why tell a lie? I know one lady that this is going to be detrimental to her mental help when she finds out the pictures are fake. What do you think Rose?

Bobbie V said...

I really liked your post, Hugs BV

Charlottes Web said...

Rose Rose Rose..You actually started your blog on a good note, respectful and all that. Then you had to go and spoil it. FYI..Just because YOU have deemed it impossible for Kristen to have had a baby while filming a movie does not mean it didn't happen. In actuality that is EXACTLY what did happen! And just because YOU have decided that Rob and Kristen are not married does not mean they aren't. Because in fact THEY ARE! I guess it is fine for you to slam others for saying what is true just because you can't wrap your head around it, right? Yes, this is your blog and you can say anything you want, whether true or not and in this case it is not true. Well, this is my comment and I will put it on your blog..where it will remain until unless you decide to delete it. Why can't you even entertain the possibility that what others have said is true? It is the truth. I hope you get to see the evidence of it soon.

Charlottes Web said...

Jane??? Are you the infamous Jane that posts on HKN? I think maybe you are because you sound just like her. The question is what are you and others like you going to do when you find out that Rob and Kristen are indeed married and do have a baby? Chew on that one for a bit.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thanks Rose! :D

Time is what matters... if common sense won't do.
The clock is ticking for all liars and trolls out there.

Charlottes Web said...

WhyIsTheRumAlwaysGone - You are absolutely correct! Time is running out for all the trolls and liars. Are you one of those?

Birdie said...

Lots of wonderful things happening for these two. That is a fact. Always love what you have to say, Rose!

Super, Too funny!

Have a fabulous weekend,Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

Gotcha, Super & Birdie! Your humor and positivity rock my world! Another wonderful day of R & K, hooray!

stacy said...

Rose, Surely the paparazzi and tabloids would pass on all of that money they could be making just so they can save face. They would never contradict themselves for fear that people might start to think that tabloids are full of made up shit. They couldn't have that, after all they are the bastions of journalistic credibility and don't follow the money at all!

And, duh, it makes perfect sense to fly from Tokyo to LA for the sole purpose of giving the paps a pic to throw them off your scent. Then, get right on another place to fly from LA to London. Really, haven't we all sacrificed ourselves in this manner for something we abhor? I mean it's not like traveling 1/2 way around the world is exhausting or something.

(P.S. - For those who don't get it, this is sarcasm).

In other news, the Camp XRay trailer is out and looks good! Rob is doing more promo for The Rover, and hopefully more people will put their butts in theater seats. Kristen will be in the September Elle. They both have so many more constructive things for people to focus their energies on.

Linda said...

Hi Rose. I love and have followed your blog since in started, just never posted a comment is all. But just gotta say, the thought of Rob and Kristen having a baby together would be great - in the future!! My own opinion, I don't buy into all the Sweet Pea stuff based on all the pics of Kristen over the last year and all the pics of Rob as always out and about all the time - which is what a normal single childless man does!!! - Blah....no real crucial baby bonding time in the midst of their careers - I don't see them doing that to a child - they appear to be better people than that. Again, just my own opinion.

Rose said...

Dearest Charlotte... Do you not comprehend one word I write? I honestly don't get how you come up with your stunning conclusions. I didn't DEEM anything impossible... I just gave my OPINION. I don't think they are married with a baby. Why is that so hard to swallow? I don't state anything as FACT... Like you and your friends.
I don't agree with you. So what? Get over it.
Like I said... I would LOVE it all to be true... I just don't believe it is. How is that slamming anyone, pray tell?

Rose said...

Jane: I'm not interested in the drama from other blogs...
I enjoy the peace that's here now. So take your drama where it belongs.

Mary Mary 123 said...

Thank you again for another post to the point and so full of TRUTH. I am right on with everything you said.

I only read two blogs. The one you referenced is exactly what you said and I don't read it although I hear plenty about it.
I just don't let those types of people fill my head with drama.

DreamerKind said...

Camp X-Ray trailer! Made me cry! Can't wait for 10/17. "All things can change." Hoping so.

DreamerKind said...

Trust what is

Some Folks Lives Roll Easy

Paul Simon:

Thanks to/silviocast

DreamerKind said...


Questions For The Angels

Paul Simon:

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Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
His sneakers torn

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Their cardboard blankets
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Folded in his backpack pocket
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Who am I in this lonely world?
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Questions for the angels
Who believes in angels?
Fools do
Fools and pilgrims
All over the world

If you shop for love
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And you don't get wha
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If an empty train
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Will I wake up from these violent
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Questions for the angels
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I do
Fools and pilgrims
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If every human on the planet
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Would a zebra grazing
In the African Savannah
Care enough to
Shed one zebra tear
Questions for the angels

Thanks to/music666661

Caroline said...

Well said Rose, as usual.

Pisteuo said...

There is nothing like the TRUTH and Rose you tell it so well.
Thank YOU! <3

It makes me laugh when people start rattling on and on about what they "know" about Rob and Kristen's personal life when they don't "know" anything.

It seems to me if these people were really wanting to support and respect Rob and Kristen...they would shut the fuck up about their personal lives and would start talking about their work and go see their movies. It SHOULD be obvious to all the fans by now that both Rob and Kristen prefer to keep their private life...PRIVATE!!!

I'm so happy the Camp X-Ray trailer is out. I just wish it were longer...it just seemed more of a teaser. Or was it just me? :)

Have a happy, happy, happy weekend, Rose and Roseland!!

...a fan said...

CXR - just under a 1.6 million. Kind of unheard of for a small indie film. So proud!! So because of Kristen!!

wonderfullbliss said...

Love the post Rose, I always seem to though.
I loved seeing the Camp X-ray trailer. This movie is going to be amazing can't wait. Once again, I am amazed by Kristen's acting.
I missed The Rover since it was only in the theater here for like one week. Can't wait to see it on DVD when it comes out.
There are no words for Rob in a suit...none...nope...sigh.
I'm careful where I go online. I like your blog Rose and one other and I am totally content with that.
Thank you for taking the time to entertain us all and for making us all not take the world to seriously.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Are YOU one of those ?! Hmmmm ....

DreamerKind said...


"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

-Robin Williams

Fare thee well, darling soul brother. Fly up, up and away.

DreamerKind said...

Streisand Sings

Barbra Streisand (Live & Rare)-31 mins.

Listen here:

Thanks to/themichael1972

DreamerKind said...

Will be glad to get over this hump day, in a few hours!

Lots of great RK news about their films and festivals.

The world itself, is another story. Peace!

DreamerKind said...

Precious days, rolling by, soon September. More R&K coming our way.

Happy weekend, one and all!

lemoine idiane said...

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DreamerKind said...

Saving it for later

Ain't Misbehavin'

Sarah Vaughan:

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Birdie said...

Good morning, Roseland! Wow,it sure has been quiet, so nice. Although there were some great pictures of Rob from the charity dinner and lovely pictures of Juliette and Kristen. I am waiting for CXR and The Rover to be available. Hopefully soon.
Hope Rose and all of you are enjoying the end of summer!

debbie nerissa threet said...

"But right now?
I get the impression that they want us to focus
on their careers."

Curious, are you saying that at one point they wanted us to focus on their relationship? and that they live their lives based on public reaction?