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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.

I know I'm supposed to be all manic and upset.
(according to the Robsessed Mommies who follow
my every word...hahaha)
I'm not.
I'm supposed to be in some sort of meltdown
and crying and angry.

I'm not.
Not even close.

So Sorry.

My first reaction when I saw this pic?
It was ambivalence.
I think.

I've been talking to friends for months
about wanting Rob and/or Kristen
to make a fucking MOVE.
Now granted...
This isn't the move I would have wanted
but hey
You don't always get what you want.
(Especially in this fandom)
And it's not about what I want anyway...
Is it?

Living in R/K limbo
isn't a fun place to be... you know?
I'll admit it.
I fucking care about Rob and Kristen.
I do.
I have.
I will.
But after 2012 knocked the air out of me...
there was no way in fucking hell
I was ever going back there again.
I would like to think I learn from my mistakes.
And I have.
At least the mistake of being overly invested
in a relationship of two celebrities
that in all honesty...
doesn't impact my life.

I took a big step back in 2012.
More of a leap back...
I blogged less.
I tweeted less.
I spent less time online.
I made a point of not caring...
as much.
Keeping things at arms length.
Watching from a distance.
And for the most part...
It worked.

That's not to say I wasn't still here
Adoring Rob and Kristen
being interested in their lives
following their careers...
(I am a FAN after all)
Whereas before I got too close to the flame
and got burned...
This time I barely felt the heat.

Now I realize that not everyone is in the same place.
A lot of people are very sad.
Very mad.
Some are very glad.
You are all entitled to whatever it is you feel.
So feel it.

This too shall pass.

Final Thoughts.

1. I think we all realized that things had changed.
We hadn't seen Rob and Kristen
together in quite some time.
Is it THAT much a surprise that they have moved forward?
You can't hate on Rob for living his life.
And you most definitely shouldn't be hating
this Twigs person.
She hasn't done anything wrong.
I mean...
You don't have to like anyone
that's all well and good
But to spew bitter vile hatred
at someone for not behaving the way
you want them to behave?
Shame on you.

2. FKA Twigs
Like I said ...
I never heard of her before.
And truly
I actually find myself physically
shrugging my shoulders
when I read about her.

That's how much I care.
(At least I'm honest about it)
going on Rob's friends Instagrams
and her public accounts
to call her names?
That is beyond disgusting.
And so fucking embarrassing.

And to all you self righteous Robsessed lunatics
pointing fingers about the hate
when YOU have done exactly the same thing
to Kristen for YEARS.
Who do you think you're kidding?
Hate is fucking hate.
Kristen never deserved any of it...
Either does Twigs
or anyone else for that matter.
It's all beyond sane rational behavior.

Here's an idea for everyone...
Stop commenting.
Stop thinking that they care what you have to say.
Stop insulting and harassing
and stalking these people
just because you feel entitled to barge into their lives.
And that goes for the "I'm sorry you have to see this" bullshit.
They aren't your friends... they don't care.
You think you know what they are trying to say.
You don't.
You take simple words
and pictures
you know NOTHING about
and twist it to fit some weird agenda.
--insert Rob/Kristen friend here-- SAID???

In all reality?
(something I don't think some of these people
are in touch with)
Got that?

Get the FUCK off their dicks.

3. Kristen.

I hope you all realize that Kristen
knows what is going on.
She is IN THE LOOP... you know?
And please.
Don't feel sorry for her.
She's not cowering in some corner
rocking back and forth crying.
Come on.
She's been busy working
and looks to be
enjoying her down time doing 
all sorts of fun things.
You have all seen her these past months...
She has looked STUNNING
not sad
or broken.
She's where she wants to be.

Just like Rob is where he wants to be.

And yeah.
I would prefer Rob and Kristen
to remain
Rob and Kristen.
And you know what?
I will always have HOPE
that these 2 people
who have shared so much
who have bonded and 
have such a deep connection
find their way back 

And even though they are on different paths
at the moment...
There is nothing to say
that those paths
won't intersect somewhere down the road...

I'm still on this ship.
After all...
Where else am I going to go?
(Thanks Rob.)

4. Have to wonder...
When certain people will finally admit
that they have been lying to this fandom
for well over a year.
Granted... most saw right through the bullshit
(and got hated on for not agreeing with them)
But now you all know...
There is no CUZ
or super secret EXPERTS
that Rob and Kristen are married
with a child.
Rob is very clearly in some sort of relationship with Twigs.
While we don't know how serious it is...
We know Rob is spending time with her.
Give it up.
The pictures are real...
There is no photoshopping of ears or noses...
And seriously
You look at blurry as fuck pics
taken from a football field away
of Kristen's eye
and determine that its her
You clearly see Rob and Twigs
holding hands and in a car
and you have conspiracy theories?
Good Grief.

It's over.
The fat lady has done sung.

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me
Let me take you down, cos I'm going to
 Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

5. Rob and Kristen 
both have a lot of movies coming out...
So we should be getting more promo
more photoshoots
more interviews
All the good stuff.
ROVER is out on DVD today!!

If it hurts too much to look back...
Look forward.

You never know what's around the next corner.

Love is Long.

This post is brought to you by...

Who else?

I adore you Thomas.

Until next time.

Bye for now


cyncabc said...

Perfect! Although I admit to being a bit sadder than you, it not as devastating as 2012. Completely different circumstances. Like you, as much as its not what I wished for, glad that something has finally happened so we know that our ship is in dry dock....for now. Thanks for putting it so clearly. Hope all will read it.

macel said...


I would prefer Rob and Kristen
to remain
Rob and Kristen.
And you know what?
I will always have HOPE
that these 2 people
who have shared so much
who have bonded and
have such a deep connection
find their way back

And even though they are on different paths
at the moment...
There is nothing to say
that those paths
won't intersect somewhere down the road...

DreamerKind said...


I'm feelin' ya!

"The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing... not healing, not curing..that is a friend who cares." Henri Nouwen

katy said...

Hi Rose!!

I love and support Rob and Kristen, so I'M looking foward into the future and focusing only on Rob's and Kristen's carrers. That is all. The rest can fuck it.

Oh, and I also love Mr. Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge, so, yeah, looking foward to see what the future golde for him.

Take care everyone

stacy said...

Rose, You covered it all, and you said it perfectly. Thank you for representing those of us with a brain and a little bit of common fucking sense.

katy said...

holds not golde

DreamerKind said...

"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it."
- Rosalia de Castro

"The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next." - Ursula K. Le Guin

"I love the unknown. I love the discovery of what will be happening and just kind of sitting back and not knowing." - Jennifer Aniston

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." - Mother Teresa


Delle1 said...

Rose,while I loved your post my problem is with the way Rob came out into the public eye when all he's said for the past months is that he's trying to stay out of the mags/rags/news etc..this is the complete opposite of what he's doing,and be as it may,Kristen might be in the loop and fine but she'll be shot straight to no.1 on the papps list now,they'll be worse,she'll be the one taking the hits.I hope its not going to happen but its not looking good for her when she finally arrives into LA,I hope she has her ninja cloak on.

justme@34 said...

I read your blog for a long time, and rarely comment on any of your posts...But I love and agree with most of them.
Today I´m commenting just to say Bravo!And thank you for writing the words that exists on my mind. Thank you so much for being you and for your perfect post!!!

DreamerKind said...

Total strangers, yes. Yet our connectedness with each other, and in all things, exists, despite that fact.

Until my last heartbeat (and ever after), I'll be loving that trio (Rob/Kristen/Tom), wishing them and those they love, health, happiness, and peace of mind.

"Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind."

Shine on like crazy, diamonds!

Aria said...

Your post is probably the most level headed I have seen in a long time. I am a huge Robsten fan and while I saw this coming it still stings. I have read the blogs going on and on that Rob and Kristen are fine and we shouldn't believe the pictures and if we don't believe we will be sorry, blah blah blah. While FKA Twigs is not who I ever would have predicted Rob step out with, if he is happy that is fine. I find myself gravitating more towards Kristen these days and as long as Rob and Kristen are still friends and part of each others lives then there is hope that maybe one day in the hopefully near future there will be a Robsten again because I honestly don't believe that a love like they had can be easily forgotten. So again thank you for not giving people false hope or bullying people into believing the lies that Kristen and Rob are still together.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


There's no way to deny it. It's right in front of our faces. Anybody who doesn't get it is burying their head in the sand ...sorry for them but I prefer to deal with
The Truth...

To any Twi Moms and Havenettes...I implore you ladies, please, just let these young people live their lives. If you want to read fan fiction, go for it but don't please don't live in this world of make believe the end you look like the foolish middle aged women that you's beyond sad. Just because you want something to be true doesn't mean it IS true !

And it doesn't mean that perhaps R and K might find eachother at a different time . Look at Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner They were married, divorced, married others, had children, divorced them and then they remarried many years later Nothing in this life is forever ....nothing Just go live your life

But you know what, the whole experience from seeing Edward walk through that cafeteria to seeing Rob with Twig has been an awesome ride

I love R and K and wish them all the very best !

Lisa Johnson said...

Over the past few days, I have been reading elsewhere. Big mistake. All I got out of that was a monster headache.

So I have to thank you, Rose, for putting everything into crystal clear perspective in just the right way and at just the right time.

You are the best.



Birdie said...

You have such a way with words. Guess that is why I am still here. That and these two still intrigue me.

"If it hurts too much to look back...
Look forward."


Jax said...

Well, that's a sane post, and for that I will say well done, Rosesee.

However, while you chide everyone for throwing "hate" at Twigs, perhaps you should do a little self-reflection as well.

It was just weeks ago, that you said this about her walking next to Rob...

"Well... walk next to Robert Pattinson
and you are guaranteed intense media scrutiny.
She doesn't want that.
This wouldn't be the first time
someone used Rob (or Kristen)
to garner attention."

Immediately questioning why she would be spending time with Rob. Not that I would expect anyone to know they were dating (I sure didn't), but to automatically assume that the woman was using him was beyond unkind.

So look at yourself, too.

zsuzsip said...

Truly perfect post & everyone can support R&K separately & I so agree the morons who said they are big fans, with all the hate towards K,now towards FKA T please get a life hate is a terrible thing,both R&K has moved on long ago & its their lifes & I wish them well & be happy!

Shiran C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shiran C said...

Hey everyone, this is the first time I post a comment but it's definitely not the first time for me here. I've been reading this blog for over a year now and enjoying quietly. Needless to say it hasn't been easy these last couple of days for all of us. I myself feeling quite upset. I know we all want what's best for both rob and kristen, but this really feels to me like I'm mourning on something, with all the feeling you experience when you mourn, like anger, denial and even grief. And I know nobody died, but this is the way I feel. With all that said I do have some hope in me though. I read somewhere that somehow dating someone else gives you a better prospective, if they're really soul mates or their love was just a thing. So I hope that in time, regardless of time and circumstances, they'll be together again.. I don't know anything anymore. I'm just feeling really down right now. Trust me, I know I sound dramatic and insane. I guess I've invested too much of myself in this and didn't learn my lesson like you did. I feel like I need to apologize that I'm not cool about this like everyone here seem to be, but you know what, I won't. Because that's the way I feel (and hopefully I will snap out of it soon). So I hope all of you will be patient and understanding with those who are in the same place as I am. Don't try to make us feel crazy (we already feel that way).

Arleen P said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I have one question to ask. What does this leave us? I don't want to lose any of you. Please do go. I love this and having friends here. Can we still contact. I hope you're not closing this. Can you all respond to me please. I love all of you.

Arleen P said...

I would like continue here. I hope all of you I am talking to DK, Delle1, Super, and the rest of Roselands. I love having friends with you all. I have always support Rob and Kristen. Included their movies. And also include all of you. If it wasn't you all which I am still against all those trashy tabs and media. I have stay away and I will continue to stay away from those trouble makers. I love all of you.

Anonymous said...

Im glad somebody in the Robsten fandom finally realized what a fraud HKN is.

Arleen P said...

Hi Rose, super, DK, Katy, and the rest of Roselands, can I stay here too. You are right we should support them no matter. If it wasn't for any of you I wouldn't stay away for
from those trashy tabs. I attend to keep it that way. I want to stay if it's OK with you all. I love making friends here too.

Jane said...

Delle1...Yes, Rob did say that but then he went to Twigs concert August 13th and was introduced to Twigs and boom, the clicked. He flew her to NY and they still clicked. They both said things but their hearts say different and they went with it. I haven't seen Rob looks this happy in over two years. He is so enjoying being out and about with his girl, holding hands like a normal person and I, for one, am so happy for him that he has found someone, after two years, that he really likes. I am sure Kristen would wish him happiness also. So, don't be upset with Rob because he said one thing and did another. He just didn't see this coming.

...a fan said...

I am surprised how bummed out I am. I never really believed, but I wanted too.

Damn I should know better

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose. I felt after 2012 that something had changed. I too stepped back. Fka Twigs and Rob look good together. Rob looks very happy. After 2012 happened, I never saw Rob look at Kristen in that adoring way of his again. I imagined his family must have felt betrayed. Rob is his own person and makes his own choices. Kristen made her choices too. I wish everyone the best. I hope Rob finds happiness. I hope Twigs is happy, and I hope Kristen is happy with whomever she chooses to be with and that she is accepted if she is bisexual. You love who you love after all...The best to all of you

ADD said...

I agree 100% Rose. Great post!
A piece of advice--If following R and/or K's lives is making you angry or sad maybe you should step away for a bit. Life is too short for you to spent your time on something that'll end up hurting you.

"Look forward." That's perfect--you never know what's coming next. It's something I learned when I read Sidney Sheldon's biography.

"You don't know what can happen tomorrow. Life is like a novel, isn't it? It's filled with suspense. You have no idea what's going to happen until you turn the page. Every day is a different page and they can be full of surprises."

Arleen P said...

Hi ADD! I agree. Its a great post. Just don't leave us. Ok.

KL said...

"If it hurts too much to look back...Look forward."
Wise words. It pretty sums up what I wanna express.

Lavendersings said...

Rose this is a great post and its true we were all mesmerized with the love this young couple had but maybe we as fans helped bring it down with our constant critical ranting of their lives together or not...I think the world of these two young people and want them to have a long and happy life be it together or not.
I don't know if Twig is actually dating Rob or is being hauled in as the girl of the moment by who knows what but she should not be hauled through the dirt because she is or isn't with him...I feel the same way about Kristen whomever she is with is her business and the person in her life should not be hauled through the dirt either. I think if you are a true fan of theirs you would be happy for them and let them live their lives the way they choose ...I don't recall them bashing any of us because they don't like who we are with or what we eat or drink etc... their job was to entertain us and they have for a number of years... so as fans lets love them as we did together or not I think that is all they would want from us.

Arleen P said...

Are you all mad at me or something. I really miss you all! Hey DK can you post some song here?

Wonderfullbliss said...

I'm sorry Rose I can't be as chipper as you are right now. I'm sad...but I'm a realist and I've known for sometime that things were done but this was just a "right in the face" picture and I'm sorry but I can't deal.
So it is time for me to move along. Put my Twilight stuff in storage somewhere and find something new to love. I am sure I will pull them out in the years to come and maybe smile or maybe not.
I kind of think of this quote right now:
'"Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will grieve not; rather find strength in what remains behind."
Those of you that wish for the somewhere down the road for these two I wish you well. Bye

DreamerKind said...

"What matter wounds?
For each time he falls, he shall rise again, and woe to the wicked."

- Cervantes (Don Quixote)

DreamerKind said...

Take it a day at a time. It will be for the good of all.

I need to get to bed soon for I have plans tomorrow. No songs tonight, unless of course, Spirit inspires some.

Arleen P said...

DK, Thanks!

Sue from Holland said...

I used to be hooked on this place when I started out back in march 2010, then there was a time I took some steps back from this fandom as I didn't like the tennismatches that were going on between blogs, whoever was right or wrong. I was having a lot of conflicting thoughts about R&K, things not adding up, clinging onto hope but it was my problem to deal with it and not to force it upon others.
This new post of yours, is like the old times when I used to agree with every word you said, take the words right out of my mouth. In 2012 I was left heartbroken and kicked in the gut, this time I feel sad and a bit lost but not devestated. They had a very deep love and connection but due to growing older, the immense pressure and scrutiny, they sort of grew apart. I Always thought that it wasn't really the tabs that would be the end of them but more so the fans. The endless scrutiny/analyzing/pressure and living in a fishbowl 24/7. It had to have some negative effect on them.
Trying to be objective, Rob looks happy and content and very relaxed and that has to be the main thought also in my head. Kristen will find hers aswell or maybe already did. Of course I wished it was R&K again but you know stranger things have happened. They were such babies and a tad naive when they started out, they are wiser now more aware of what they want from life so who knows. I will Always cherish those beautiful memories that they were willing to give us and we sure as hell did a lot of taking being the greedy bastards we were.

I'm not crawling up your arse or being a slimeball. It's just your words hit me again like they used too and didn't want to overthink my reaction and words to you and bail out again by not commenting.

Velma Jean said...

Sue From Holland I echo your sentiments and maybe I'm getting too old for all this drama. But I will miss a lot of good friends.

Take care and best wishes to you.

Jane said...

Wonderfullbliss...please don't think it is over being a fan for either Rob or Kristen. They also lived in a Twilight bubble and when that bubble was finished, I feel they did not have as much in common as they thought they did. Be happy for them both and follow their careers, go see their movies and that will bring you joy. Just because they didn't make it as a couple, that doesn't mean we turn our back on them as fans. After over a year past and there were no signs of them getting back together, I got more use to it and when I saw the hand holding pictures with Rob and Twigs, I smiled for Rob and I am sure I will smile for Kristen when she decides to find someone knew. One thing for sure, I will keep myself from becoming involved in their private life like I was before.

Kami said...

Thank you Rose for taking the stand you did about the...for lack of a nicer word "Idiots" who are going onto social media accounts and calling this young woman names. Horrible names.

I just want to say to anyone who is upset because Rob was in the "Public eye" with Twigs and therefore he's a horrible person because he said he was trying to stay out of the Public eye about his personal life. He went to the grocery store...he was seen driving a car and walking down a very crowded beach. He wasn't at a red carpet event, he wasn't giving interviews about her. What do you expect him to do sit at home and never leave the house? To go in two different vehicles and not look at each other when in public. That's not being fair.

74b0be2a-437d-11e4-afca-5f09aa1e0a8f, I too am proud of Rose for her words about the liars who are talking about babies, marriage and the infamous "Cuz" but this is not a new development. Rose has been taking them on for a long time now, and has suffered a HUGE amount of abuse from those people who drank the Baby, Cuz, Grey Goose flavored koolaid. She's been one of those rare people who hasn't hesitated to tell it like it is, regardless of the backlash.

Sue from Holland said...

@VJ, hi girl long time no see.
Yeah, I often thought I was getting too old for this shit too. It's been one hell of a ride though, hasn't it? I'll always have very fond memories that I'll never forget. I loved them dearly and gave me so much happiness in a dark period of my life back when it all started for me in 2010. They loved hard and deep and it was beautiful to watch.
Deep down I knew they weren't together anymore but you desperately cling on, not wanting to let go and your mind plays tricks on you and you start lying to yourself. Making excuses why there hadn't been a glimpse of seeing them together, not wanting it to be over.
I feel a kind of emptiness and am kinda lost at the moment but I'll snap out of it very quick. Rob looked happy and both of them have probably moved on long ago so hey, at least they are happy and that's what all this should be about. Doesn't mean I can look at lovey dovey pics of them with other. Maybe some day.

@Arleen, I wanted to say hi to you earlier but when it comes to commenting, I get a bit lost. I wish you well and all the good in the world.

Arleen P said...

Velma Jean and Sue from Holland, I wish you didn't have to go. How are we going to keep in touch. I hate to see you leave.

lemoine idiane said...

But the dream ended. ” Today … [ I see ] a beautiful young woman walking alone in the street , head down , fists clenched . She walks quickly surrounded by men with huge pointed at her mouth and chest black cameras . ‘Kristen , how do you feel? ‘ ‘ Kris Mouse ! ‘ ‘Hey, you got it here? ‘ ‘I got it ! I got it ! ‘ The young woman did not cry . Hell not. She did not look up . She learned . She keeps her head down , hands in pockets. Not to mention . Without looking up . Without crying. ”
” This too shall pass”
” My mother always told me , after every injustice , every break , every moment of suffering : ‘ This too will pass. ‘ I hated this sentence. (…) Now , that sounds strange, but true … Finally, everything ends up going . Public horrors of today disappear. And yes, we are no longer the same person. there is less confidence . ‘s not be calculated . It survives. with a little luck , it does not lose its ability to launch his arms in the air and surrender . This is the ultimate ‘ fuck you ‘ and finally , the most beautiful of all the tools of survival. Do not let it take you. “love love kristen

Kathy said...

I've been following these R & K blogs for quite some time and I very rarely comment because of all the backlash a person receives if they say something that doesn't go along with everyone elses opinion. However, in observing things over the past year, I've come to believe, in MY opinion, that Rob and Kristen may have just wanted different things out of life and grown apart. Rob has said that he'd like to be 'a young dad', and that Kristen, to him, was very much 'marriage material'. To ME, Kristen seems to have always been more career oriented rather than getting married and having kids. I'm not saying that this is why they may have broken up, because I don't know. But, the thing is, I'm a hopeless romantic, and I would love nothing more than to see these two get married and have a family. I've always loved the fact that their chemistry was off the charts. I briefly thought that maybe, just maybe what the other sights were saying about them being married and having a baby were true, but if that were the case, Rob would not be holding someone elses hand like that. Yeah, friends can hold hands, but this is different, to me anyway. I'm not a hater and I'm not trying to cause any drama. I'm just trying to be realistic. Believe me, it's very hard to let go of the idea of Rob and Kristen having a happily ever after 'together'. The only thing I can do is enjoy their movies and hope that they are happy, whether it be together or not.

Flowergirl said...

Sue from Holland, VJ, and Arleen...fancy meeting you guys here. Yeah, Rose's post kinda resonated with me, too. Who knows, maybe we'll see each other around again someday.

Kami said...

Kathy you will find that on Rose's blog it's ok to speak your mind as long as you're being respectful, which you most certainly were. So welcome to Roseland

Arleen P said...

I hope all of you can have me here too.
Flowergirl, I wish you didn't have to go. I don't lose you three.

Flowergirl said... seem to have a very full life with a loving family, many friends both online and off, and a job that you enjoy. People come and go from this fandom all the time. Sometimes things change and people need to do what's best for themselves at any particular moment, so please don't take this stuff personally. Enjoy what you have...which from where I am sitting seems to be a lot. Take care.

beacullen said...

Rose, I haven't posted here in foreverrrr, but I had to tell you, what a great post, so perfect. I'm just glad that Rob looks happy, I hope he is and that he's in about a ton of new movies with great roles. And your right, this fandom is so fun, but Damn there is lots o craziness too lol. Thanks for posting Rose.

Gilvia said...

Rosa muchas gracias por todo, te acompaño en tu barco por lo hermoso que vivimos, Dios les bendiga a los dos y TIEMPO al TIEMPO!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Jane- Just wanted to comment on what you said. To be honest, I don't know if I am a fan of Rob and Kristen....I was a fan of Rob and Kristen together. So now that they are no longer together I wish them no ill will of course but just am not interested in following their careers. I wish them both well but I need to move on.
I came back to see what other people's reactions were and that is solely why I am here. I noticed that other blogs have been taken down and locked down after this guess I can't say that I blame them.
I think time and distance will help my wound but then again maybe I'll never be able to watch another Twilight movie or R or K movie. I'm very standfast in my thinking afterall I've never seen the finale of Dawson's Creek because of who Joey ended up with and how many years ago was that...10?

Andromeda said...

Flowergirl VJ and Arleen: You might want to give a look to what Cristopher Dark has to say over on

Something we all overlooked in our shock and worry.

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. I love you all. I got a kid need to be wake up before I go on my five mile walk tomorrow. I have been doing it since last week. I attend to do that every day. Except for the days I work. Night everyone! I am still here.

lemoine idiane said...

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us..."

So where to start..... It's been a few months since I made a video dedicated to Robert and Kristen. I love and respect them both. Together, separately, it doesn't matter to me. They are one of the many subjects I make videos about because I admire them. I respect them, and I aspire to be like them.

I am working on a few videos simultaneously atm, and this is the one I happened to finish first, not the best timing I know since they seem to be in a much better place now. But I hope the positive message at the end comes through. The other videos I am working on are much more upbeat and positive.

I wish for them peace and strength through this whole ordeal, and hope that it makes them both stronger as individuals. If they can survive this, they can survive anything!! :)

Caroline said...

Rose, the voice of reason once again. Well said.

MG said...

Hi Rose, as always reason common sense prevail with your thoughts. Thank you for not spinning what is right in front of our eyes. It is sad but it is life, people changing and moving on. Thank you again.

Lisa Johnson said...

Arleen. Hope you enjoy that five mile walk. What a great way to keep in shape.

Here's wishing everyone a good end of the week.

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! I am off to my morning and then get my house duties down. I will check on you all and talk you all. Hugs and keep me posted.

Arleen P said...

Thanks Lisa!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see a place (Your blog) where there isn't HATE.
I find that stuff so uncomfortable.
I also agree with your post, quoting John Lennon is always cool.
I also think maybe Kristen is crying a little bit. it's natural when you loved someone, I think anyway.
Best wishes to all.

ElizabethMC said...

Rose, you were my daily source of entertainment way back in the good ole days. Thanks for the laughs and smiles.
I will always hope for the best for Rob & Kristen, separately or together. My shipper heart aches but it is what it is.

Robert said...

hey everyone. it's been a while. i have lately been thinking about how naive i am...naive to think that a guy can sit in a movie theater and fall in love with the actress on the screen and then have the good fortune to actually meet this actress and have her fall in love with him, then to have the two of them live happily ever after

or naive to think that an 18 year old girl can be in a 4 year relationship, then follow that with a 5 year relationship and not want to see what its like on the outside of that bubble

so it goes and now it feels like this has always been the way it was going to turn out and i think i am actually relieved for both of them. rob seems to have found someone and kristen's career is on fire [and i'm not saying she and nick are together, but they sure are spending a lot of time together]

so i will miss all of you. especially you DK and of course rose's words. my apologies to anyone i am forgetting...

its been a lot of fun
moving on
Robert [the other one]

Kathy said...

@Robert....I agree with you 100%, and I was just as naive. As I said above, they didn't seem like they wanted the same things. Robert always seemed to want what his parents get married and have a family. Kristen seems to be all about her career (and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that). In the back of my mind I've always felt they weren't on the same page in that sense. I'm so very sad about it. I definately need to step back from all of this and focus on my own life and do a bit of praying to get over the way I'm feeling. It's nice to come here and not get yelled at for expressing the way I feel. Thanks. Hope everyone has a good night.

Arleen P said...

Kathy and Robert, I will miss you two! You have great to me and here. I wish you two didn't leave.

ladyevenstar22 said...

hi ,i'm feeling sad about stuff going on in my real life and i came on here for a blast from the past ya know because i know your header still shows them the way they were !

i'll never regret the time we spent with them , the happiness i felt during the bubble years , that was real and beautiful!
alas 2012 broke my heart , i cried so hard was so upset as if something awful had happened to me and as much as it hurt it also was a wake up call , cold water splash over my head that made me realize how deeply invested i was in 2 strangers life as much as thye never felt like strangers to me , more importantly how unhealthy a shipper relationship i had with them it has informed how i ship ,who i ship and how i interact with other shippers the good /bad/ugly of other fandoms

still ROSE and fellow posters here, you were essentials in smoothing the voyage when the sea got rough , a safe harbor for those nursing a broken heart and who wanted to keep hope alive , even as we had to put things in perspective !

i stopped coming on here often after a while , i guess for my own sanity i had to move on and that meant staying away , because the slightest flicker of hope felt lethal ....

i'm determined not to get involved in an actor's personal life anymore haven't for the past 2 yrs, truly stopped following celeb online sites and started focusing on me , i've started doing fitness dvd workout by jillian michaels from the biggest loser and i've managed to lose 48 lbs in a year !

now when i feel like there's too much chemistry onscreen between actors i pray hard for it to be just that onscreen ,and sigh with relief if they are married or have bf/gf

i have moved on but such a feeling of warmth that surrounded us is hard to forget, still very raw so i keep it in a file locked up tightly in my heart , always there for a peak once in a blue moon !
i've accepted i'm not the same person and they're not the same people either, that's life for you !

i guess this is closure then , happy i found out here as i don't check the rag aisle either at the supermarket !

we'll always have twilight and the experience /world of friends community fanfictions that came with it in common
leaving you all with this lovely quote that i feel capture rob and kristen story
""It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way"

DreamerKind said...

World Without Love

Peter & Gordon:

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I don't
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Thanks to/willybeable

kirbe72 said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am often amazed how two people - any celebrity figure, really - can have such a powerful impact on masses. Without question, RK have give so much of themselves to their fans, to our culture and to wonderful causes. Still, what I take away from them is the obvious love and support they share, and the respect they have for each other. They've verbalized it and have shown by action how proud they are of each other. There is a history and a deep love (yes, deep love!) that cannot be taken away, discounted or diminished. Even if, God forbid... no, I can't even finish that sentence...
Naturally it cannot be determined what happens in the privacy of their home yet publicly, not once has a bitter word been whispered. Not once have their choices or decisions been questioned aloud. Not once has there been body/facial language that would even suggest there was any discord. On the contrary, I would count my blessings morning and night to have someone look at me the way they do each other.
All this proves there remains a deep love and respect, which is so very rare today.
It indeed would sting so very deep if this was our new reality. But I have faith in their love.
I tweeted a quote the other day. I am unsure who wrote it, but I liked it and decided to put faith in that, as well. "Everything will be alright in the end. And if it's not alright, then it's not yet the end."

Pisteuo said...

Hi Rose and Roseland!

I hope you all are doing well. I've just been sitting in the back row watching all the drama.

What I see is people getting VERY bent over not being able to make two people live out their fantasy.
Mostly control freaks and attention seekers.!

They never were Bella and Edward...they were two actors that played a part and as a result became very close.
Bella and Edward will live and love FOREVER....while Rob and Kristen will continue to make movies...playing various characters(I hope) and live their lives THEIR way....not the FANS way.

GET USED TO IT! If you love them...go see their movies and praise them for THAT...not their private lives.

With that...Happy, happy, happy Friday! Have an awsome weekend!

lemoine idiane said...

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ermilinda allis said...

I don't usually comment and I hope you don't mind me commenting now.
Rose, you have set a really love tone to your post.
I admit that I always hoped for Rob and Kristen being a couple but I guess things change. What is upsetting is the nastiness but that's because people are hurting I guess. A number of people have accused Rob for being out of character, but is he really. In the early days it was he that let it slip that he and Kristen were dating and it seemed that he became extremely private as a way to protect her because that was what she wanted. He supported her all the way.
Maybe they just had to make the break because people could only see them as Edward and Bella, maybe they wanted to shake that image in order to move forward. Whatever the case, I found the pictures and now the video in your face but maybe that's what's needed in order to break the Edward/Bella image and the people who are serious about following their careers will do just that. Follow their careers.
Sorry everyone, I never comment and now I've just rambled, I guess I'm just trying to handle this, this way. I know that I will always follow Rob's career and will have some interest in Kristen's too. Whatever is happening now 'this too will pass'
Rose, thank you for keeping it real, just in general thank you.

lemoine idiane said...

" She does not want to be an actress when she grows up , do you? "

Disgusted by the fate of Kristen Stewart , Jodie Foster says that "the wages for a given screen performance does not include the right to invade the privacy of any person , to destroy the ego of someone." In this case, she remembers her first encounter with the future star , chosen to embody his daughter in the thriller Fincher : " In 2001, I spent five months with Kristen Stewart on the set of Panic Room , the most often in a large room such as a closet . We talked and laughed for hours , sharing spontaneous mysteries and occupying our boredom. I loved that child. It took 11 years for the shooting and to celebrate , I brought a mariachi band to sing in a taco bar while she blew out the candles . She danced so ungracious about a sombrero with me before heading to play basketball with the technicians of the film. his mother and . watched me run after the ball I asked him : ' She does not want to be an actress when she grows up , do you? ' She replied : 'No ... unfortunately. ' We both smiled and shrugged. ' You can not convince ? ' I asked him . 'Oh, I've tried. She loves it. She really loves it. ' Sighs . We watched run on the ground, silent , lost in our thoughts. I was pregnant at the time and found myself dreaming of the child that I would soon. Would you like Kristen ? Everything this beautiful talent and courage ... "

But the dream ended. " Today ... [ I see ] a beautiful young woman walking alone in the street , head down , fists clenched . She walks quickly surrounded by men with huge pointed at her mouth and chest black cameras . 'Kristen , how do you feel? ' ' Kris Mouse ! ' 'Hey, you got it here? ' 'I got it ! I got it ! ' The young woman did not cry . Hell not. She did not look up . She learned . She keeps her head down , hands in pockets. Not to mention . Without looking up . Without crying. "

" This too shall pass"

" My mother always told me , after every injustice , every break , every moment of suffering : ' This too will pass. ' I hated this sentence. (...) Now , that sounds strange, but true ... Finally, everything ends up going . Public horrors of today disappear. And yes, we are no longer the same person. there is less confidence . 's not be calculated . It survives. with a little luck , it does not lose its ability to launch his arms in the air and surrender . This is the ultimate ' fuck you ' and finally , the most beautiful of all the tools of survival. Do not let it take you. "

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND

Just a few musings

For people that think R or K would be trying to pull one over on about this ...You are pulling one over on YOURSELVES

To fans that were only in on this because they wanted R and K to live happily ever after in their early twenties....unrealistic especially these days and times

To those that are leaving the fandom or this blog because of the actors personal choices and aren't interested in supporting their craft I hope you will reconsider !

If not, I hope you will go see their movies and rememeber that if the roles were reversed how would you feel if complete strangers turned their support away from you and your body of work because of your personal choices ?

Anonymous said...

@RN-I have given a lot of thought to what you said.
I have thought how I would feel if someone would no longer support me just because I chose to not date a certain person any longer or because of a choice that I made.
I do understand what you are saying, but I think many of us just need a lot of time to deal with things. Some of you may be able to see them as two entities, but many of us don't. It takes people time to shift to a new realm of reality and given the time that may or may not happen for people.
I am a fan of movies not actors, so to "follow" Rob and Kristen's careers is not for me. I go to movies because of the plot, not for the actors. I think that Kristen's movie Equals sound intriguing, but the ones Rob has done lately don't matter to me.
Not to sound mean or anything, but I don't see Rob staying in the entertainment business unless it is way behind the scenes. I don't see him having a long career in front of the camera and can see him going back to England and being a family man and maybe owning his own pub. As for Kristen, I see her keep acting because it is what makes her happy. I also see her directing and I don't see her getting married and having kids for a long time if she ever does. And on that note, I think that this is the main reason they broke up because they want different things in life.
For some reason, I have this image in my head of Rob being at his pub in England watching the Oscars and seeing Kristen receive one and just seeing him smile and remember how he loved her so much but that their path was not the same one in this lifetime.
I am also a firm believer that every person that comes into your life is there for a reason. They may not stay a lifetime with you, but they are there to teach you something that you need to know in order to get to where you truly belong.

linese said...

Rose so many people are thinking about leaving the Fandom because Rob and Kristen "aren't" together. But your site is sticking around right? I mean your site is more than just "Robsten" (ugh I really dislike that nickname)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I understand where you are coming from They are both very young and very talented I certainly hope you are wrong about Rob leaving the big screen ... It suits him soooooo well...:)

I agree totally about people passing through our life... I believe we are all here with a life purpose for sure

Thanks for your comments and take care

DreamerKind said...

Thinking of everyone and wishing you well, while I dog/house sit and watch movies for hours. Wish "Maps To The Stars" was showing here.

Happy Saturday!

lemoine idiane said...

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How to save a life
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Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
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Let him know that you know best
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Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
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DreamerKind said...

Home sweet home!

Joy Grail said...

Every since Rob got direction from Cronenberg, he has gained so much confidence in his acting. I see him with a long acting career. He becomes so involved in the character, like The Rover, he was a powerhouse in that role. It would be a waste if he didn't pursue acting. I want to see MTTS now but I guess I have to wait like everyone else.

Barb said...

Sigh....Looking forward...and maybe backwards too...siiiggghhh. Still love 'em both. Together or apart.

sparklymagpie said...

Love your blog and have been following you for years. I was wondering if you are going to do a blog about all the hate from R&K fans towards twigs. Mostly because you understand about all the crazy driven fans. I know most folks are normal but the haters are just going to force Rob to leave. That's not what true fans spew. We should be happy when R&K are happy.

Joy Grail said...

I am glad Rob doesn't have any social media sites for it would be full of hate like his new girlfriend's site is. I didn't bully Kristen and I won't bully Tahliah. I am part of the fandom for the last 6 years but I am not a part of that fandom. I wish they could be left alone. It took Rob a year and a half to find someone he liked well enough to bring out in public and the nasty fans are making it a living he** for him and Tahliah and that is so wrong.

lemoine idiane said...

I would like to offer a possible scenario to this racial bashing of the singer FKA Twigs. Often times some people seize an opportuinity when it is presented, to capitalize on a situation to further their own agendas. I am not referring too the singer in this situation, but to people who saw an opportunity to push their racial intolerance. What better way to push and further their racial intolerance all the while again being presented with a bit of an oppirtunity for Kristen Stewart bashing. Most are aware of how easy is to establish a twitter account. And what better way to feel free to push one’s own twisted racial intolerance while hiding behind an avi and a manufactured profile of a false R/K supporter. Another possibility, which to me does not seem too far off base is this….many people are aware that there are many associated with the Twilight fandom that have an illogical and intense dislike of anything associated with Kristen Stewart. Whether it be her association with Robert Pattinson, or simply that Kristen Stewart exists. Kristen has been garnering much acclaim within the professionals of the film industry, as well there has been much buzz among film critics citing her recent performances in films presented at some of the recent film fests.

Along this avenue of thought it has been demonstrated in the past by some of the Kristen Stewart haters, and it is no secret to many who I refer to, i.e. Robessed and Non-Stens, have tried previously to capitalize on situations to further their own agendas. Possibly the nonnies stumbled upon “the perfect storm”. These people have, as history has demonstrated, atempted to dictate the outcome of situations, i.e. the petition to prevent Kristen’s attendance at a particular film premier; on occasions, too numerous to count, to proclaim that Kristen’s relationship with Robert to be one of a PR stunt simply being a vehicle to promote a series of movies or the sales of merchandise associated with the franchise. What would make people think that this attack on this singer, that it seems Robert is assisting in getting her launch in the US or simply to further advance her career, wouldn’t not be an ideal opportunity to once again attempt to discredit Kristen professionly and personally, and to showcase her fans as bigoted racists. Why could this not again be their opportunity to link her to these hate mongers and sully her reputation or just to humiliate Kristen. This is not such a far fetched idea. Some of of the people that exist in the Twilight fandom are downright scary, and it is also apparent that many people lurking behind the computer screens with Twilight Avis are mentally unstable.

Therefore when the sanctimonious, selective self-righteous, lead the battle charge, rail against the Kristen Stewart fans they say are lobbing racial epithats at this singer, may be people could take a step off of their soap boxes and possibly see this as an organized operation to once again to discredit Kristen and R/K fans as another opportunity for the haters to push their agenda once again, all the while using this singer. The singer truly becomes the collertal damage, and this also tends to tarnish and draw away from Robert’s professional career and puts him front and center in a tabloid controversy.

C…I think you are spot on about this. I know there are some immature fans out there that are part of the problem. But by far if this girl is getting as much of this as it’s being made out to be I’m certain that it’s not solely coming from Kristen’s fans….we know better than to do this but it’s so easy to make it look like the hate is coming from her camp. It’s sad that haters no matter where they come from are damaging all the parties involved…Kristen, Robert and Twigs.

Nubbin said...

I'm really concerned with the way the fandoms are reacting to the racist abuse that FKA is dealing with. People are pointing fingers, and complaining about the way people have come to Twigs defense when Kristen was attacked for years, etc.

And this is not to say that these arguments are invalid - but they are entirely beside the point! If you make petty fandom politics the PRIMARY focus in a discussion of the racist attacks on FKA Twigs, then you are doing an egregious disservice to the very complex issues at play here.

What I'm saying that this isn't about Rob or Kristen or the Nonstens or the Robstens or the Robsessed or the Krisbians - this is about fucking RACISM. FKA Twigs is being racially abused, OK?! And it doesn't matter WHO is doing it or WHY they are doing it - all that matters is that those that are aware of it show some fucking integrity by IMMEDIATELY CONDEMNING it.

Condemn racism without making excuses.

Condemn racism without theorizing about the source.

Condemn racism without blaming or ignoring the victim.

Condemn racism without injecting petty fandom politics into the discussion.

Nubbin said...

*steps off soapbox*

I'm a big fan of both Kristen and Rob. I absolutely loved them together, and for years I struggled against the sappy romantic in me that envisioned a happily ever after for them. Seeing Rob step out with someone else was bittersweet but not a hardship, as I think things ended for him and Kristen back in 2013. I've had plenty of time to make peace with it...and to carefully consider the wisdom of my attachment to them. It was such a great run, though, and wouldn't change a thing. But I also wouldn't want to invest myself similarly in another public figure.

Kami said...

Nubbin BRAVO

Nubbin said...

@Kami - thank you!!

Lisa Johnson said...

And you can add my BRAVO to Kami's.

Nicely put, Nubbins.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Birthday to those who celebrate in October!
Kristen will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday, October 7th.
A new Twilight creation coming soon:

'Twilight' Short-Film Competition Backed By Stephenie ...

The venture, called The Storytellers – New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga, will include films based on a broad spectrum of characters.

Entries will be judged by Meyer, ***Kristen Stewart, Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer, Jennifer Lee, Catherine Hardwicke, Julie Bowen and Women In Film President Cathy Schulman.

Nubbin said...

Also wanted to say that I totally agree with what you said about the criticism aimed at Rob. I feel like many "fans" have implied that he's a hypocrite for being seen with Twigs when he's claimed he wants privacy, but privacy doesn't mean living as a shut in or keeping yourself from public view! When R and K were together, we saw them attend concerts and go on grocery store runs, so it's completely unfair and dishonest to cry "hypocrite" now that we're seeing Rob do these things with someone else.

Privacy is about CHOICE. It means Rob has the right to choose what he shares with people. It means he has the right to unwanted intrusion into his personal life. And I think Rob and Kristen have BOTH exercised that right pretty consistently in the last few years: They are selective about what parts of their personal lives that they share with the public. And there's nothing wrong with that imo. In fact I think that even private citizens function similarly. Don't we all try to control what parts of our lives are shared with the world?

Nubbin said...

Thank you, Lisa :)

zsuzsip said...

@Nubbin I so agre with You!

DreamerKind said...

So exciting!

Robert Pattinson to direct and star in “The Childhood of a Leader”.

"Robert Pattinson is going to direct “The Childhood of a Leader” with a filming start date of May 2015 in France.

The film production schedule has been delayed several times due to Rob’s schedule as he wants proper time to prepare for the project which he will direct and star."

(Posted by Kristin Oct 1, 2014 • Filed in: Internet/Bloggers, Movies, Press, Site News, The Childhood of a Leader

DreamerKind said...

Take my posted above info. with a grain of salt. May only be speculation.

Pisteuo said...

For everyone missing you will have a chance to re-live Bella and Edward thru other people's imagination and not have to suffer lie after lie thru blogs that make stories up of Rob and Kristen.

Bella and Edward lives on!

Who's excited about the New Facebook/Lionsgate/WIF Twilight Saga project?

I think it's gonna be tuff to replace the old cast members...but, hopfully they will do such a good job that it will take some of the heat off the old and more on the new cast. And maybe people will realize it was Bella and Edward ( the characters
) that they projected onto Rob and Kristen that they were so obsessed with. Really, who doesn't love a fairytale ending?
People need to realize that Rob is an actor and never was Edward. And Kristen is an actor and never was Bella in real life...even though as a young girl...she could relate to Bella...just the same as many young AND older women alike, could relate to Bella. I'm pretty sure not many men could EVER relate to Edward. (including Rob) LOL!! Edward is pure fantasy. Not real.

I admit I was beginning to feel a little sad this time of year with no new Twilight movie to look forward to. I remember when the anticipation was so much fun.

I would just be happy if SM finished the books. Not sure she wants to ever re-open that explosion though! LOL!!

Pisteuo said...

DK...sounds good...but, I'll take a bucket. LOL!!

DreamerKind said...

I am keenly interested in the new Twilight Saga writing/film FB project.

That both Kristen and Catherine will be involved in judging entries, well, that makes me doubly so!

Living and learning continually...

ADD said...

It's a very cool project. I was 22 when 'The Twilight Phenomenon' happened. After it was a big hit I always thought: "My kids might see Twilight's remake in the future. Is it going to be as good as the original?" The project will give me a taste of that.

Kate Winslet will be a judge? Is that right? She's the best.

Pisteuo said...

Yes, Kate is supposed to be on board as a mentor/judge. She is as talented as she is beautiful.
This should be a good opportunity for new talent.

It is rare for anything to ever be as good as the original...but, we will see how it goes. I just hope that it succeeds in the things it hopes to accomplish.

DreamerKind said...

Let's make it

All For Love

Sting/Rod Stewart/Bryan Adams:

Thanks to/BryanAdamsVEVO

DreamerKind said...

I have read some incredible fan fics that equal or exceed the originals. There are no boundaries to limit, where fascination and creation meet, despite time and persons. Imagination trumps, yet love is long, as Rose says so often. I concur.

Arleen P said...

DK, Hello! That is my favorite.

DreamerKind said...

Thumbs up!

Arleen P said...

DK, I have been posting that on my google lately.

DreamerKind said...

New post!

Brenda said...

Thanks, Rose, for your posts and for bringing people together. Not sure if you intended this one to be your swan song (Swan...see what I did there). I too found myself backing away and just being more interested in their careers.

I gotta say though -- and this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt -- Rob looks thin and pale and really not so happy, to me anyway. And I'm not even going to go near that hair. Maybe it's for a new role. But Kristen looks fabulous! Wonderful young people, both of them, with their whole lives ahead of them! Hugs, everyone.