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Monday, October 20, 2014

Couple of Thoughts...

1. Kristen was FANTASTIC in CAMP X-RAY!!!
I loved it.
I loved her.
 I loved Peyman Moaadi.
I loved how Kristen can always make me feel
and think... and cry.

2. Rob was AWESOME in The Rover.
I finally got a chance to see it.
And I will admit... Bleak, futuristic stories
aren't usually my cup of tea...
Rob was wonderful.
And yeah... He made me cry, too.

Isn't it wonderful that BOTH
Rob and Kristen
are taking on challenging roles
and getting praise for them?

3. Rob has a new girlfriend.
He does.
You don't have to like it... or her
I don't really care where you stand.
But it is what it is.
He was seen holding hands and smiling
and shopping and stuff.

I will admit that I would prefer
he was hanging out with Kristen
But hey
Rob doesn't take my advice on who he dates.

As far as Twigs go...
I remain indifferent.
She just doesn't matter to me.
She's spending time with Rob
 So I'm supposed to automatically
behave like some of the "Rob Only" fans out there
who SWOOOON and cream their panties over her
and act like her biggest fans?
Yeah. Sure.

Because let's be honest
They don't give a fuck who Rob holds hands with...
as long as it's NOT KRISTEN.
(You know its true.)

I'm not going to hate on Twigs.
I have no reason to.
That's such a Nonsten/Nonbert thing to do.
And who wants to be bitter and angry
all the damn time like they are?

To each their own.

4.  Kristen is in a GREAT place.
Did you listen to her interview with Josh?
She was happy and relaxed and funny.
She looks incredible.
She's getting FANfuckingTASTIC reviews for her movies.

In a recent interview she said:

"I'm really happy right now, overly happy," she says. "I'm definitely not looking furtively — I like to look around at (things). I feel great. I'm not overcoming fear right now."

  "I'm super happy and challenged and inspired and relaxed."

Does she sound like someone who is crying and miserable?
Like someone who is pining away for anyone?
Let me answer that.

"It's silly. 
(Outside judgment) is so transparently a projection.
 It's so insular.
 It has nothing to do with me. 
It's everyone else's hangups."

5. Rob in back in Toronto!!
Idol's Eye!
Robert De Niro!!!
Shaggy is BACK 
(not sure what to make of that shirt, though...)

I'm glad Rob is back on set
and I can't wait to see
what he will look like in character.
And can't WAIT to see all that hair
he is hiding under that beanie...

6. When are the Baby Brigade going to admit they lied?
Rob and Kristen are NOT married with a child.

Isn't that painfully obvious by now?
Instead of admitting that they have been
mind fucking their followers
What do they do?
Well... of course they keep lying!

"Rob is helping Twigs career!"
"Rob and Kristen are Twig's agents!"
"Rob was dealing with a spoiled diva
so that's why he was with her all week"
"Rob is just with Twigs to get attention
away from Kristen and SweetPea"
"Rob and Kristen are just fine!"


Rob and Kristen aren't 'together'.
Say it.
Out loud.
Say it.

Stop with this bullshit.
Rob isn't cheating on Kristen.
Rob isn't hanging out with Twigs
as some sort of PR move for her career.
Rob is dating Twigs.
What happens when Kristen starts dating someone?
Then what?

People need to stop using PR
as their GO TO excuse.
Rob and Kristen were PR.
Rob and Twigs are PR.
Kristen and Nic are PR.

(How many times did I type PR?)
(How many times did I type Twigs?)

It's a TIRED and PATHETIC excuse
to explain away things you don't want to accept.

This post is brought to you by Shippers.

I will always have hope for
Rob and Kristen.
I love Love.
But that's it.
One ship.
Only ship.

Even if Kristen starts hanging out
with Nicholas Hoult
(who I think is quite cute)
Or anyone else for that matter...
I'm not shipping it.

And isn't it amusing how the
"NONSTENS" have now become the SHIPPERS?
But that is funny shit.
All the talk of the EPIC LURVEEEEEE!

Oh man...
You can't make this shit up!

And as always
This post is brought to you by
my complete adoration of Tom Sturridge.
He makes me happy.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

It will be OK.


Anonymous said...

I heart you so much. And you're right, I think people need to start saying things out loud. Like this: "Maybe these two people were no longer happy together. But I want them to be together, because their relationship made ME happy." How crazy does that sound?! I can't imagine wanting my "idol" to be in something that is not fulfilling at the moment, because I like to watch it.

I'm like you, Rose. I will always "ship" them, and always hope that they have a connection that might grow into love again. But for now, if being together does not equal mutual happiness, why would I want that for them?

As for team baby - I am watching in amazement. HKN needs to 'fess up, with the whole "cousin" thing. MN, on the other hand - I'm having trouble faulting her too much. I believe that she truly thinks she has valid, expertly-obtained, inside information. She is basing her claims on have seen proof of marriage and baby, and unfortunately, appears quite gullible. I think it's her experts who need to 'fess up that they have been playing her. There is some evidence that they have indeed been playing her.

I love your blog so much. To use the "ship" metaphor - you are the anchor. Much respect.

sassygreeneyes3 said...


Diane said...

I've finally found something that causes me to wonder about Rob. No, it's not who he chooses to date. No, not buying any spurious rumor about who he hangs with or what he does. It's that shirt. It's either the most daring thing he's ever worn or frightening proof that bebe's been working too hard. I am too mind-boggled to judge.

katy said...

Great post, Rose!

I said it before, I'll say it again, I don't care about Twigs at all, I don't like her music and for what I've seen so far, I don't even find her interesting as a person and this as nothing to do with the fact of her being Rob's girlfriend. But like Rose said...To each their one.

Wishing Rob all the luck with Idols Eye. Want pics of him and De Niro, please.

Love Rob And Kristen. ALWAYS!

Take care everyone

Anonymous said...

Hello! it's been at least 2 years since I commented here, because I kinda "left" the fandom.
I loved what you said in here and in previous posts, Rose. You have always been one of the good people in this fandom. Who actually sees things. I feel sorry for the people who are hating on twigs, the ones who are shipping Kristen with Nicholas now(!?), and the ones who still believe R and K are in a relationship, I really can't understand how in this world they keep this thought.
To say I don't miss them is a big lie and like you I'll always have hope that RK will find their way back together. Who knows, right? Have a nice day!

Joy Gail said...

The best think that I have read about Twigs so far is that she went to college to get her A-levels so she could teach a youth class about dance, singing and music. Her teaching title was an artist therapist. She taught this program for almost three years before the government phased it out. She then started concentrating on her music.

DreamerKind said...

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..

“Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

Kami said...

The liars will never admit that there is no baby, no marriage and no relationship any longer. They will keep right on selling their particular brand of BS. As for who is dating whom, frankly don't care, but I do care whenever someone is being singled out for bullying based on race, appearance and other superficial things. I think that shows the kind of people that they are clearer than anything.

The fact that you have taken the stance that you have, shows the kind of person YOU are, and for being that kind of a person I thank you.

zsuzsip said...

Thank You for this sane,great post Rose,as You said it is what it is,its their PLife & they certainly seem very happy & doing just so brilliantly in their careers & who ever wants to support them in their careers, they can,that's my aim!How people would think that Rob,would go public with a new girlfriend,if they were married with a babe,were they ever fan of Rob or Kristen?!They both lovely people,but their life never was Twilight,but thanks for the great 4 year romance Rob&Kristen!

zsuzsip said...

@DK,just love what you wrote,&@Kami sad,but true they'll never admit its not true somehow they feel their life will end then admitting the thuth!

ADD said...

People that believe there's a baby, marriage or even a relationship are delusional. They should seek professional help.

I think Nicholas Hoult is very handsome but I'm not shipping him with Kristen. I really don't care who R and K date anymore. I want them happy.

Great news: 'Clouds of Sils Maria' and 'Still Alice' will screen at L.A.'s afifest in November. \o/

Ps: That shirt is hideous.

DreamerKind said...

Excitedly waiting for Kristen to appear on the Tavis Smiley Show in 7 minutes CST time!

DreamerKind said...

Wrong time for K's interview! It's at midnight but Melissa Etheridge is interesting right now.

Lydia Callwood said...

I don't think it,s fair that Robert did not give kristen a second chance because he was the one I hear say that if two people love each other and want a relationship and willing to stay together they fight to stay together for the rest of their lives I love him to death but I don,t think practice what he preach. I heard a lot of things he said in all his in views about him don,t want to sell his personal live and how he can,t stand the paps . But with his new girlfriend he,,s all over the Europe holding hands and stuff . I still wish him good luck in what he do

Lydia Callwood said...

It,s me again I love the rover can,t Waite for threat I even got my DVD already. This is what I would like to say rose you said that kristen wasn't,t pregnant but she was I have three children all boy,s and anyone that have can,t really say that kristen wasn't,t pregnant 8 months ago I see it from her behavior and her pictures especially the one were she,s sitting in the chair. Rose I love your blog too.

Lydia Callwood said...

Me again I just saw some pictures of rob and kris rose have you see a different from the way he walks with kristen to the way he walk with twig something look fishy something else is bordering me rose I don,t understand how someone can stop loving someone they claim they fell in with before they even meat them from watching a movie with them in it and waited for them to turn 18yrs old to date them I can,t see that she left her boyfriend for them because she fell deep in love with him and look what happen she made mistake and he left her than tells me he was not in love with her at all. Now he have someone and she don,t have her true love.3621

DreamerKind said...

Tavis Smiley is my favorite interviewer! He engaged Kristen on so many levels. Brilliant!

Birdie said...

Well, as always, truth is truth!

I've got some catching up to do with the last two films. Can't wait. Onward and upward!

Anonymous said...

I loved Rob and Kristen together - they had been a great couple. It's always nice to see people who are deeply in love, isn't it? It gives us hope and the chance to think about the good things in life.

But sometimes it's just for a period of time - especially when you are young. You grow apart. This is sad, but I'm sure most of us had been there. I think that's all what happend to them.

Now Rob is in a new relationship with a woman. To my mind he looks happy,relaxed and carefree. And isn't that something we should wish for someone we like?

I wish the same for Kristen. Maybe it still happend for her, maybe it will come in the future ...we will see

No matter with whom they are together...to be in love and happy can never be wrong ;)

Anonymous said...
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suebirchall said...

Sanity and intelligence Thank You so much for both ! I have watched this ship sail from the beginning and when it was in its harbour it was a beautiful thing to observe and to cherish Whatever the future for both young people they will always have been inspirational to so many. Love is not easy Love is not blind But it remains in the soul Forever ! That's my take anyway.

Joy Gail said...

Lydia, Do you think Kristen and Rob would act the way they do if they had a child. Be serious and think. Rob is out living his life with a new girlfriend. Kristen is always with her girlfriends. No where is there a baby. Kristen had gained some weight and then went on a juice diet and lost it. I truly think that anyone that is saying this is disrespecting Kristen. Why don't you write her a fan letter and ask her and maybe she will put a stop to her being pregnant.

MG said...

Rose thank you so much for always telling it like it is. I just don't get all the lies from that one group. Thank you.

MG said...

Rose thank you so much for always telling it like it is. I just don't get all the lies from that one group. Thank you.

Flowergirl said...

Rose...I have always respected your blog and your contribution to the fandom. Things are not what we would like them to be at the moment, but if you could find it in yourself to not reference the "baby brigade" in your post's, maybe that would help. I have been saying for awhile now that what they are professing to be true has made no sense to me whatsoever and has hurt the fandom as a whole. I think that is apparent now more than ever. Anyway, it seems no one will ever change their minds, and who am I to tell anyone what to think. Just my two cent's worth.

Rebecca Compton said...

Hi Rose, I'm a lurker and have only commented years ago but have enjoyed years of reading your blog. Yours was my first fan blog I had ever read. I had never followed the lives of celebrities in my life and what got me started I think was the question of are they or aren't they? They kept us guessing even after their relationship was no more. You were always the voice of reason and for me you always hit the nail on the head. It was very seldom that I didn't see the same thing you did and was in agreement. They kept their lives private and I really respected them for that. I became a Kristen fan after seeing her performance in "The Cake Eaters". I knew she was something special. When she played Bella she played her exactly as Ms. Meyers wrote her. Again amazing. With her newest release of "Camp Xray" I was really blown away at what she brought to that character. She has become such a beautiful, intelligent and confident woman and she still keeps us guessing. I look forward to the rest of her movies and to watching her career continue to explode.
Now I become a fan of Rob with his relationship to Kristen and with the Twilight series. I thought he was a private person but with his current behavior with his current girlfriend and now believe it was Kristen's desire for privacy. I wish him the best in his career because I believe he has a lot of talent. But I'll be honest he wasn't quite who I thought he was if Twigs is his current love. I'm sure she is talented but her behavior, lyrics of her songs just really leave me shaking my head. I must be getting old. Give me a great Metallica song any day.
Another thing that I gained by reading your blog was 4 or 5 years ago someone mentioned fan fiction and a story written by Angstgoddess. I read it and a new venue for my love of reading was born. That some of my favorite fan fiction writers have become published authors says a lot about the quality of talent that were encouraged, fine tuned and discovered. I'll continue to check in and lurk but the question of are they or aren't they has been answered. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your talent for writing with us. Many of your posts had me howling in laughter!!

Becca from Texas.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I kind of see the pregnancy thing ending like the Bobby Ewing thing in the TV show Dallas back in the 80's

A whole year of episodes was erased by having the character " wake up" from a dream

Anybody else want to make up a different ending to the madness ? Lol

Kami said...

Super my question is this, what makes someone dream up such a story, sell it to others and even though all evidence points elsewhere, refuse to admit that they were mistaken? What makes people continue to buy into that stuff? You have to question the mental stability of someone who would deliberately concoct such a lie, and then continue to stand by it. Someone who berates and belittles others who cannot see the Pink Elephants in the room just because they're pointing them out to them.

*************Anyone reading this comment who has a problem with what I have said, know this, I am responsible for my own word, I have not been told nor asked by anyone to post them, nor have I asked nor will I ask for permission to do so. If my words upset you come to the Chicken coop and address ME.****************

Super RN Gas Passer said...


While I confess I have never lost sleep worrying over "what could people possibly be thinking " the only answer that comes to mind is simply that people are enthralled with love...seeing two people fall in love right before their very eyes ...it's almost orgasmic. Lol

Something about Twilight affected people very deeply and it's a way to "participate" in someone else's experience ...maybe experiences the person did not have ...

I'm not a psychiatrist ...and I never have claimed to be anything I'm NOT...but that's the best I have on the subject.

On the other side of the coin, I would be thrilled if it were all true. How could I NOT be? BUT, I know that young adults these days are not like young adults when I was one...they are in an extended adolescence in their twenties....not usually ready for the life long commitment of love and marriage and a baby carriage

Sarah said...

I think a few people in this fandom are just in love with the attention their "theories" have brought them. They know they're leading people astray and simple don't care as long as those site hits and t-shirt orders come in.

It's sad to me to see people writing Rob off for doing nothing more than moving on with his life. Whatever we hoped for, ultimately it's his life and he has to do what makes HIM happy. I saw more support for Kristen in 2012 than I see for Rob now, and I find that very depressing. I never really believed Nonstens when they insisted most shippers never cared about Rob, but I'm having to admit they had a point now.

Kami said...

Sarah very nicely said.

Super, I think all of us would be happy if the story was true, it would be great, but someone sitting down and making up a story and pushing it down people's throats as the truth whenever all signs point to it not being true, is wrong, creepy and honestly anyone who would do that is mentally ill in my humble opinion, and while I am not a doctor of any kind and am not qualified to make a medical judment, I worked with the mentally ill for years and that kind of behavior fits a profile.

Kami said...

Judgement* I do know how to spell LOL

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! I already applied the second job. Waiting for their phone calls. And I am looking forward to my party tonight.

bunnysue4 said...

Wow, I have finally found a blog that I completely agree with and does not make me uncomfortable with the crazy.

Barb said...

Bwahhhaaaaaaa Twigberts! snort! Really don't care what they do as long as they keep me entertained! Will always love them both, and I'm sure they will always love each other too no mater where their paths lead...

DreamerKind said...

“For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?”

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Happy Friday! I had a great time last night at my work party. Right now I am going out there applying a second job. Keep me posted! Hugs! Wish me luck!

M.Dutche55 said...

Well said Rose. I know I just visit here every once in a while but, it's because I'm so busy with school. However, I always love reading your blog. Always have been always will be a Rob and Kristen fan. I have been fortunate to have seen The Rover, MTTS, and, Camp X-Ray and I must say both R/K are amazing all across the board. I feel like I have a new found respect for both of them.

...a fan said...

You know I am a fan of yours - but I am not sure about this Rose. I like different things about several bloggers and though I can't seem to find one that thinks exactly as I do, you often come pretty close but this time - I can't say I agree with your last post. There is something that does not ring true about all this. Maybe they are together, maybe their not and have no clue about a baby - but I just don't feel like we really know what is going on.

I still love your writing, just this time, I think I will agree to disagree. I'll be the first one to say I am wrong should that be the case.

Joy Gail said...

I wish I could go on any site with an article about Rob or Kristen and the comments were not ugly like they are now. I wish I still felt about Twilight now as I did then. I wish I didn't feel like I have wasted my time with something so beautiful that turned so ugly. Maybe I need to stay off the internet and focus on living my life like it was before I got so hung up on two celebrities that I will never know.

Barbara said...

@Sarah. Bravo!Bravo! I agree with you 100%, there was more support in 2012 when the Kristen witch hunt was at it's peak, I found that behaviour intolerable so much hatred aimed at Kristen a young woman they did not know. But this is worse this vile and vulgar behaviour toward a young actor is treble what went on in 2012,it has now awakened all the ugliness that the fandom and some sites enable.
Rob has always been weary of the thinly disguised Rob "fans"he knows who his genuine fans are.
I have read some of the sites and the melon heads saying they only really liked Rob when he was with Kristen. Do these fools think that Rob and Kristen have severed all contact with each other? what idiots they are and really who would want "fans " as flaky as they are. Rob and Kristen together or not we are still genuine fans. xxx

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I am going to bed now. Sorry I was sick today. I am almost better. Just threw up that is all. I got work tomorrow. Night everyone! Hugs!

DreamerKind said...

Dogs & Monster Rap Video for Halloween!


Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I hope you all miss me here. Sorry I was taking care of rl stuff. I am still here. Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. Hugs!

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Hugs! Keep me posted. I am still here. Night!