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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Yes. No. Maybe So...

All the red circles 
and the pics you condemn
can't put Robsten together again.

I loved Rob and Kristen together.

I wouldn't mind if they ever found their
way back together someday.

I won't lose any sleep over the fact
that they have moved on.

They will always be my one and ONLY ship.

There isn't a marriage.

There isn't a baby girl.

Just because you don't think they are together
it doesn't mean you have 'betrayed' 
Rob or Kristen.
Or that you hate them.
Or that you want them for yourself.

Rob is dating FKA Twigs
and it's not for PR
or to fuck the fandom over
or to teach anyone a lesson
or as part of some great conspiracy with the Paps
to keep their private life 'private'.

People should just realize that
if Rob and Kristen were together...
We would have seen them together by now.
Face the music.

And face the fact that anyone who
claims to KNOW anything
about Rob/Kristen's intimate life...
is a fucking liar.

There is something inherently dreamy
about Rob with a big smile on his face...
wearing sunglasses
in black and white.

There is something incessantly dreamy
about Kristen
rocking a t-shirt and jeans
in black and white.

I don't care about Kristen's sexuality.
It isn't up to me to label her
or judge her
based on a few pictures.
I don't think its up for discussion
unless Kristen talks about it.
It's not my business.
Or yours.

I don't hate Kristen's friends.

I'm not mad at Rob for leaving Kristen.
Because no one knows who left who
or when.
I have my own thoughts on that topic.

The "Rob Onlys" can stop pretending they
are happy for Kristen.
No one buys it.

Kristen hanging with Alicia
doesn't negate the YEARS
she spent living with Rob.
They were in a relationship.
They obviously loved each other.
It is what it is.

I adore Tom.
And I think Jamie is pretty ok too...

Just because I 'fangirl' over other people
doesn't mean you can tell me
what to name my blog...
or whine and bitch about
who I write about.

You should fuck off.

I'm still a fan of Rob's
even if I don't obsess over every infinitesimal detail
of everything he is doing.

I don't care about Twigs.

I'm interested in what he has to say...
and all the promo he does for movies
and actually going to SEE his movies.

That's what a fan does.

All the Rob/Kristen Bulldog Lunatics out there

Should stop cruising social media
looking for any implied insult or criticism
and then arguing with people they don't know
just because they don't love everything
that Rob/Kristen say or do...


Asshat Cowards should stop sending
tabloids and gossip rags
bullshit lies and innuendo
about Rob and Kristen
and quit trying to hurt them and their careers.

Lunatic Fringe
are fucking lunatics.

I will always fucking adore her.

I will always fucking adore him.

I was thrilled that Rob and the Rover
were getting nominated for Australian Film awards.
I thought he thoroughly immersed himself in
that character...
I'm not a fan of bleak, futuristic movies
But Rob was good in that role
and deserved the positive reactions.

I'm thrilled that Kristen is nominated
for a very prestigious Cesar movie award
for "Sils Maria"
Kristen becomes the first American woman to be nominated
 at the French award show in 30 years.
Quite the honor.
Well deserved.

Stop putting Rob and Kristen
in some bizarro career competition.

Rob isn't broke.

Kristen isn't out of work.
You have no idea what projects
she might be working on.

Kristen has at least 4 Movies
coming out this year.
She's signed onto another Chanel campaign.
All of her recent work is being praised
and given wonderful reviews.
She's young.
She's talented.
She's gorgeous.
She's rich.
She's famous.

I can see how horrible her life is right now.

Rob is working on a set in Budapest
for his next movie.
He also has other movies coming up.
LIFE and Queen of the Desert were premiered
at Berlinale Berlin International Film Festival.
His work in the Rover has been praised.
He's young.
He's talented.
He's gorgeous.
He's rich.
He's famous.

I can see how it would suck to be him.

I'm being sarcastic about how
horrible their lives are right now.

I think Nicholas Hoult
is all kinds of cute.

I don't ship him and Kristen.

I think he's a sweet guy
because he went to a few of Kristen's premieres
and spent a lot of time with her
and said a lot of nice things about her.

I don't ship him and Kristen.

If they did get together
It would be kinda cute.

Just because I think they would be cute together.

Some people get all offended
every time I mention Nicholas on Twitter.

They need to stop policing what I say.
Who I talk to.
Who I follow.

 I will ALWAYS love this.
And them.

This post has been brought to you by
The Past.

Move on already.
It's not 2012 anymore.
And while it's always nice to reminisce
about the past...
You really need to live in the NOW.

The past and the future is a joke to me now.
 I see that they're nothing.
 I see they ain't here. 
The only thing that's here is you - and me.

And of course...

To enduring... lasting friendship.

Until next time.

Bye for now


Birdie said...

My sentiments exactly. You say it so well. Have a great day, Rose and Roseland. Grammy fun tonight!

...a fan said...

you made us wait a long time for this one, but I really enjoyed it. You have an amazing ability to cover most of the issues that are on my mind. I allow the people that believe in the marriage and baby thing to have that as their truth, but they make you feel like the worst fan ever if you don't believe as they do. They say they have proof, but will not share it, they say they know things but never back it up.
Of course it's understandable I guess, with the truth comes the end of their Empires.

Rose you dangled a carrot, what are you thoughts on their breakup?

Share if you want, either way, I liked this post a lot. Thank you.

ann smith said...

I have been clicking on your site every day to read the latest entry from you. Brilliant - as always. Thank you.

Lydia Callwood said...

Rose I used to like reading your blog but now I don,t like reading it because you say what you wants to say and no one can,t express their opionon you said that robert and twigs are together how do you know that were did you get that from do you have prove the last time I give my opionon someone took my head.off I,m a true fan of both kristen and robert from the beginning of the twilight saga icould see that they were in love with each other and I listen to their interview were both of them said that they are not selling their private life believe deep down in my heart that they are still together you may not like what I,m saying I don,t believe that he is going with twigs and kristen is not gay and the she is not going with Alicia eigther both kristen and robert are very private people so why would they show all that PDA in public now. Something is not right again so how you are so sure he's going with twigs you are hiding something I can understand if you don,t want to say anything

Anna Schaubhut said...

Pics don't lie....js

zsuzsip said...

Spot on Rose,what a wonderful,sane post,love it&Thanks!;-)))

silvermau said...

Well Rose you got it all nice,tidy,and itemized. It sounds very factual as well.Yet facts do need back-up = proof, so the well framed comments fall into the realm of opinion like most other sites.Which is fine, your world, your right. Only 2 people + inner circle know the truth = we merely speculate as you just did.
To a fan/LC would you value the opinion,then accept the one that embraces your mind set.
To AS = pics do lie and with great photo-shopping energy! Rags&tabs have Master degrees in visual deceit.

DreamerKind said...

It's all a mystery of the mind, in my mind. I don't mind mysteries. Love and its mysteries!

...a fan said...


sorry I don't understand the question.

DreamerKind said...

Got it going Rob!

guest one said...

Reading all the good reviews about QOTD and LIFE and Rob's amazing acting. Loved the clip of LIFE and his NY accent. Signing on for a new movie and what he has already got going on will be a busy year for him.

silvermau said...

to a fan 1. I did not ask a question,just made an observational statement.
2. I believe you asked the question of
Rose "what are your thoughts on their breakup". To which I stated

"would you value the opinion,then accept the one that embraces your mind set." i.e. believe what your gut tells you = translation. Hope this helps

...a fan said...


okay got it. I'm all over the place where these guys are concerned. My opinion changes almost daily. I don't let others dictate what type of fan I am, I know I am a great one. I am curious about Rose's thoughts only because I value her opinion.

So I guess you were spot on

guest one said...

LYDIA, how many pictures have you seen of Rob/Kristen since May, 2013? How man pictures have you seen of Rob and T since August, 2014? How many pictures have you seen of K/Alicia? Like everyday for K/Alicia. It stands to reason as to whom is with whom unless you are blind. Why is it so hard to move on from the Twilight love bubble? That has been over with for a long time.

Lydia Callwood said...

Guest did you ever listen to any of robs interviews he stated himself that he wouldn't,t sell his personal life and that his public life is different from his personal life so you are telling me that he changed that much that he's selling his personal life now even kristen said the same thing too she said in an interview that she was keeping her personal life to herself so again guest you are telling me that the both of them are selling their personal life now so you are saying that kristen is gay that a lot of bullshit I,m 63yrs old and I'm happily married and have 3kids all boys I just lost my 32yr old from a heart attack so I'm not abbesses with them I just don,t like the things they writing about kristen they all need leave her alone like you said twilight is over why when I say my opionon about rob and kristen everybody jump down my throat why is that yes this is rose blog I know that but all I want to know is how she can say that twigs and rob are together what do she know. I love those two young people and everybody is trying to ruin kristen careere that what I read from all these blogs everybody is against kristen and why is that because she made a mistake that no one can forgive not even robert we all make some kind of mistake and I,m sure people forgive them youall talking like youall want Kirsten to kill herself or to dig a hole and go down in it that's my opioion

silvermau said...

Lydia, not everyone hates Kristen, I don't for one.She wears a Scarlet Letter with strength,powerful resolve, a letter that she never earned. Her inner circle protects her,including the love of her life. You need to calm yourself as other folks have other opinions and some try to ram it down everyone's throat. Just be calm in your own believes and let them fly off the handle all they want. Kristen's career is doing fine. She has received tons of kudos for her acting chops of late. Don't worry, cause, here it comes folks, ready,set "they are just fine"

DreamerKind said...

Everything is beautiful in its own way. Who can say "nay" with any sway? Get to giggling today, I say!

...a fan said...


I am sorry to read of your loss. Find solace where ever you can.

guest one said...

Lydia, so sorry for the loss of one of your children. That is something I hope I never have to go through. I am more concerned with your state of mind where these celebrities are concerned. We don't know what they say or how they live, only what we read about them. A lot has changed since the Twilight movies were made. All the cast were very young but now they all have moved on to other things. I don't know why anyone would hate Kristen. She seems to be doing fine with her latest movies and Rob has his own thing going on also. Maybe it's just best if we all stay out of their personal lives and just watch their movies.

Lydia Callwood said...

guest thank you and a fan thank you too guest i:m not in kristen's life i said that as a mother i don:t like how they talk about her like that i see wrost things going on in the public eye that noone is carring on like that and insulting people the way they do kristen i said it before and i will say it again i take my hat off to her for the way she's handling everything they rigth and say about her being gay she is a strong girl for her age thats all i mean nothing else don;t be concern about my mind i,m fine and strong like i said thats my opion silvermau you understand what i,m saying thank you very much i will not worry i feel deep down inside my heart that they are still together their private life is thrie own and the public and the tabloids rags and the media should stop writing shit about them we all have girl friends and boyfriends that we all hang out with that don,t mean that we are gay

silvermau said...

Lydia,you are not alone in your beliefs.Act like a duck, by which I mean,ducks have oily feathers so stuff rolls off of them. That is how I handle the RK cold war. It's a ducky kind of world. Heard good things today with R mouth vomit,so I am preening my feathers at the moment -lol

Lydia Callwood said...

I heard them myself I was on my I was on my iPad reading all his interview I was laughing to myself so rob is back filming again thank you again Silvermau

Lydia Callwood said...

I heard them myself I was on my iPad reading all his interview I was laughing to myself so rob is back filming again thank you again Silvermau

Lolote0073 said...

Thank you so much for this post !

I couldn't have express my feelings in a better way. As sad as I am that our favorite couple is no longer together I don't feel the urge to hide behind a wedding or a baby girl.
Even if it hurt we need to watch the reality in face and move on with our life. Even if my heart will always be owned by that couple and a part of me can't prevent itself from hoping that one day these two will find their way back to each other.

Thank you once again for your no nonsence post and for staying true to who you always had been