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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obviously 2

Just pointing out the Obvious...

1. Obviously Kristen's fans are phenomenal.
They raised over $27,000 for Alzheimer's Association
in honor of Kristen's 25th birthday.
 Never underestimate the power of Kristen
and those who adore her.

2. Obviously Rob was with Twigs at Coachella.
Obviously Rob was dancing with Twigs...
Obviously they are together
whether you like it or not.
The pics weren't photoshopped.

Obviously Kristen likes hanging out with Alicia.
Obviously they are very close.

Obviously Twigs and Alicia don't matter to me.
And even if I don't care about them either way...
I don't get why some people need to call them names.
They obviously haven't done anything wrong.

Rob looks happy.
Kristen looks happy.
You can love it or you can hate it.
But the heart fucking
wants what it wants.


3. Obviously Rob's dancing skills are part of his charm.
Don't we all love dorky wonky Rob?
I've kinda become disenchanted with the word 'adorkable"
as of late...
But my goodness
He is SO adorkably cute.

4. OBVIOUSLY some people need to look up
the definition of PARODY (and pregnant)
Rob and/or Kristen aren't sending you 
super secret messages with the fake Scott acct.
It's fake.
A joke.

A parody (/ˈpærədi/; also called spoof, send-up or lampoon),
 in use, is a work created to imitate, make fun of, 
or comment on an original work, its subject,
 author, style, or some other target, 
by means of satiric or ironic imitation.

5. OBVIOUSLY Kristen isn't pregnant...
Never has been pregnant.
And just because she uses the word PREGNANT
in a sentence... doesn't mean she is/was pregnant either.

She's OBVIOUSLY not married to Rob.
It is obviously the most far fetched delusional bullshit
to continue claiming that Rob and Kristen
would go to such extraordinary lengths to hide
something as normal as being together.
The media/haters aren't perpetrating a hoax.
There is no rational reason to do so.

6. OBVIOUSLY Nicholas Hoult is cute as hell.
I like him.
I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward
to seeing him and Kristen in EQUALS.

And the promo.
The Promo.
Obviously I'm looking forward to that.

7. Obviously the Twigberts and assorted
"anyone but Kristen" Rob fans
Loved the bit where Rob and Twigs were dancing.
I get it. Bravo.
But please..
Enough of the
"They're just upset they never got stuff like
that when Rob was with Kristen."

You can't erase it.
You can't rewrite history.
So give it a fucking rest.

8. Obviously I fucking ADORE Tom Sturridge.
For obvious reasons.

9. Obviously Rob and Kristen are gorgeous and talented.
Obviously it's possible to be a fan of both.
Obviously I am.
Why would I fangirl the same way
about two different people?
You don't treat every person in the same way.
What works with one... might not work with another.
It's possible to love the same
only differently.
Obviously I adore them both.
How I choose to show that
is my business.
Obviously its not yours.

10. Obviously this post is pregnant with sarcasm.

This post is brought to you by
Green Sheep.


Until next time.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Obviously you were pregnant when you wrote this post! YOU SAID THE WORD! Can't hide it, Rose. :-)

...a fan said...

sigh, I know. Each is happy and yet I want more. I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet.


katy said...

Great post, Rose!

Love Rob and Kristen. Always.

As for Twigs and Alicia, the sentiment remains the same...indifference.

Take care everyone.

ADD said...

WOW over $27,000 for Alzheimer's Association. That's awesome.

Rob and Kristen look happy. That's all that matters.

Barbara said...

Brilliant Post Rose. At last someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth. "not married not pregnant and both with new loves"
I am disgusted that one of the fan sites that is supposed to support Rob and Kristen can use the most vulgar names to describe Twigs the young woman Rob is with, but Kristen's close friend Alicia is treated with respect. Twigs and Alicia ? I couldn't care a fig about either of them. What irks me is this vile and vulgar name calling by so called fans, it's ugly and repugnant.
thankyou Rose for your stunning post.

Flowergirl said...

Rose...there is no doubt that this fandom has changed...a lot. It's good to know that there are still a few people out there that I can relate to.

Lydia Callwood said...

i stop reading your blog before and i happen to read it today and you still trying to tell people that twigs and rob is going together and that you are a fan of theirs that hugwash you are saying that the other blogs are writing shit about rob and kristen and what you are saying is the truth so again like i said before you talk like you know the truth about them how you know that kristen were never pregant can you bet your life on that and everything else this is my opionon about you you want people to believe everything you write is the truth and the other blogs are lying you can say or write what you want but from my observation of twigs and rob together they don't look like 2people that is in love and engaged

Barbara said...

Rose.This fandom is sadly infested by the cuckoos nest escapee's. They scream and rant if fans of Rob and Kristen do not tow the baby married line.Only they alone know more about two famous strangers private lives.

The thought of Rob and Kristen not being together sends them into a frenzy, and those with a different outlook to them are almost run out of town.
What a sad sorry and disturbed fandom it has become.

live guest said...

Everyone that saw Kristen's picture at Coachella with a tummy as flat as an iron and some fans that continually say she is pregnant a second time when she never was pregnant the first time is very disrespectful to Kristen. How could her fans make up this stuff about her. They don't seem to care about her career, only her personal life. Such a shame.

Rae H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia Callwood said...

All you people are full of shit you all want people to believe rose blog and youall get upset when someone come here and say their opinion but it's okay for rose to write what she wants Rae h you don,t need to tell me what blog to go and read and I didn't,t say that Kristen was pregnant I really don,t care if she was or not that's not my business I love both her and rob

Flowergirl said...

Lydia...yes, it is "okay for Rose to write what she wants". After all, it is her blog.

Lydia Callwood said...

Flower girl yes I know it's roses blog but I have the right to my opionon just like everybody else I can read all what you people say youall opionons but I can,t say what I think it,s ashamed,m 65yrs old and I can read between the lines like I said to rose before she writes her column more about rob and twigs like she really knows what going on between them and like I said again rob and twigs don,t look like two people deep in love with each other or two people that is happy to be engage you people on this blog is for rob and not Kristen I love twilight and I know the difference from real and fiction I love rob but I,m going to say this American people don,t stand by their own Americans people youall throw them to the dogs again this is my opionon

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia Callwood said...

Barbara I do not want to run rob or Kristen private life it's not for me to do that I don,t care who they go with I,m married to the same man for 40yrs and I don,t think that they are Edward or Bella and for one think I love all their movies that are already out I have them all both rob and Kristen movies so you are saying that Kristen and rob have new lovers in their life's now so you are saying that Kristen is going with Alicia even though she said that they are just good friends this is my last time coming or reading this blog because youall are full of shit like I said youall want people to believe every thing youall write I love rob but he used Kristen to get his feet back into acting she was okay for the time he needed her one big mistake and goodbye He got what he wanted all that shit he was talking in all those interviews was all bull shit he treated her like nothing later for her I got what I want now. My true soul mate more power to all you so call fans laughing at her youall got me mad so this is how I really about this blog I don,t know any of you again this is my opionon and Good luck to all of you rob so call fans I still going to look at movies he,s a good actor I will stay with Kristen she,s like we people that ,s not perfect we makes mistake. Have a nice blog

Barbara said...

Rose I have deleted my response to Lydia Caldwell. This crazy fandom has lost all of it's fun. What has taken over are a constipated club of pontificating pi-arses.

live guest said...

Lydia, you left out one thing when she humiliated him in front of the whole world and broke his heart then went into hiding while he tried to clean up her mess. Don't you think that has some bearing on his decision to chose someone else? Why can't the fans just be happy that both have moved on with other people.

Lydia Callwood said...

live quest you are on every blog that i have read some time you talk so bad about kristen are you the same person on all these blog yes like i said before we are not perfect we all makes mistakes and she may have made a mistake we don't know what really happen only what the paps and tabloids wrote how you know that she was the one that really apologized for what happen you all believes everything you read in the tabloids and stupid rags no one have any prove to what really happen i love rob and kristen and still wish them luck in anything they do or who they go with becauce it's not my business

live guest said...

Lydia, I have never talked bad about Kristen and I resent you saying it. You just said in your other comment that all of us are full of sh*t. I think you can have your opinion but you don't want anyone else to have a different one. Sorry you feel the way that you do. I won't be answering you again.

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Debates still go on and on about the origin of this nursery rhyme. No one really knows! The fun of singing it continues.

Ring Around The Rosy

Have a listen:

Ring around the rosy,
Pocket full of posies,
Ashes, ashes, we ALL fall down.

Feel the lovely sunshine
Flowers all around
Hop a little
Hop right off the ground

Feel the lovely sunshine
Flowers all around
Jump a little
Jump right off the ground

Thanks to LittleBabyBum ®

DreamerKind said...


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

DreamerKind said...


Spiritual Truths ‏@TheGodLight

"When the supply of love meets the demand for love, peace will be found, only by giving will you find love in another's heart."

Lydia Callwood said...

Barbara I,m not here to be throwing words at you now you see what other people being writing all that shit about her and nobody defend her for anything everybody is saying how she and Alicia is a couple I,m a fan of both of them see how I just prove my point I wrote all that shit about him and you pulling it up to try any say that I,m not a fan of his but you can believe what you want again I just prove my point when youall write what is on youall minds it,s okay but no one else can do it youall gets upset again this is rose blog and all you people believe everything she writes on her blog I I'm a true fan of rob and Kristen I love them both you can believe it or not that's you right I'm a robsten fan forever

...a fan said...

Okay then...

As the writer of this blog Rose is entitled and obligated to post her thoughts and opinions. What separates her from most, is that she allows you to do the same, providing you do so with some civility.

@Barbara - I feel your pain

@liveguest - I care deeply about Kristen's career. Though you may not speak negatively about Kristen, reminding the world of the "hurt and humiliation" THREE years ago negates anything relevant you do say... at least for me.

@Lydia, I actually agree with some of your thoughts and have always been a bigger fan of Kristen's. I would like to think here, you can not agree with the entire message without shooting the messenger.

@DK - because you remain perfect, I remain a little in awe of you.

Barb said...

DK you are awesome!

Thanks Rose. I always wait for the sanity of your newest blog post.

I believe in fate and that being said I am very happy to see both Rob and Kristen happy. I hope they can be friends. I'm sure that is something we will never know due to their problems with the "press".

Lydia Callwood said...

I wish you all best of luck for the rest of the year I,m waiting for rob and Kristen,s movies to come out this is my last time coming to this blog keep your blog going rose because what write your followers will believe everything you write I,m 65yrs.old and I don,t have time to play games .best of luck to youall I,m finish with all this shit throwing words at each other like people don,t have any sense good-bye

DreamerKind said...

@...a fan


"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes."

-Yoda (Star Wars-1980)

Barbara said...

Rose why did m/s L Callwood need to swear at posters who disagreed with her, she said that your followers? believe everything you post yet she is on a site that has Rob and Kristen married with a child and they all believed it.
To me it is like the Hans Anderson Book "The Emperors New Clothes."
WE do not know what is going on with Rob and Kristen although the new pics of Rob and the singer looking so relaxed and very happy speaks volumes. If Rob and Kristen are no longer in a relationship why are so many "FANS" pretty close to madness,it will not affect their daily lives the world will not end if Rob and Kristen are happy so should the fans.

Denise Almodovar said...

A true fan of Rob and Kristen would accept them as they are. I don't KNOW if Kristen is bisexul,But I believe she is. IF she is, I as a fan should accept her. She is the same actress, has the same degree of talent, the same opinions, the same awkwardness, the same beauty etc. whether she is straight or not. Attitudes are evolving. People are accepting their sons and daughters, family members and celebrities as gay, lesbian, bisexual,transgender, cisgender,transexual, and as having different and alternative views. There is no valid reason not to accept that Kristen and Robert have both meet other partners who have made them very happy. It is disrespectful to both of them to perpetuate a relationship that they have moved on from years ago. I won't even go into the lunatic fringe thinking 2nd pregnancy, managerial pr duties and secret marriage...

Velma Jean said...

It use to be team Edward or team Jacob.

Now it's team Kristen or team

And that's as pointless now as that contest was then; because the story was never going to be impacted by fan opinion. The story can't be written by us, then or now.

Since Tempest yanked Do I Dazzle You, (archives and all)it's gotten clearer to me this fan base is headed downhill.

The phrase all over but the shouting comes to mind.

I think someone paid Tempest to yank her blog (archives and all) because it was so popular; or because she or someone else wants to someday publish them as a testament to the fan craze Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart caused during the Twilight fan club years. Just like they're now doing with the best of the Twilight fan fiction stories.

I use to think I had a right to my opinion, even that what I thought counted...It never did.

Only Rob and Kristen's thoughts have ever mattered. I hope they choose wisely; and I hope they are happy.

These are my last thoughts on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

I have enjoyed their story immensely: both on the screen and off.

Right in the middle of life, Rob and Kristen gave us a fairy tale.

The problem is we're addicted to happy endings.

We got the one from the five films "and we continued happily into our own little piece of forever." But we the fans are never going to get that.

We will never be invited into Rob and Kristen's happily ever after, when ever and whoever that may be with.

As Kristen said "I won't go there...that's Mine...there are some things that you just don't touch."

So I am done with wondering, and done with thoughts on things that are not, and never have been, any of my business.

To my old friends from Do I Dazzle You, I have become so fond of some of you and you will continue in my thoughts and prayers. As Leonard Nimoy in the words of Spock said,":Live long and prosper."

Barbara said...

@Velma J my sweet dear friend,I have missed you I also have become so fond of you. We are on a very sweet site although no word from Euclid we are concerned about her health, pop over to the site. www.hushtruth.com the girls are so very sweet to us from didy.take care sweet friend.

...a fan said...

@ Velma

most excellent post!!

AfricanSunsets said...

I honestly don't know what is the truth anymore. I love both Kristen and Robert. In my heart, I would like for them to be together and have a child together. But Robert looks happy and relaxed and so does Kristen. I wish one of them can come out and say, yes this is my new partner.To stop all this confusion once and for all. Of course they don't have to. It is madness what is going on. I will continue to support both, whether together or apart. If Twigs make Robert happy then I wish them all the happiness in the world but I will never be a fan of Twigs. Sorry Rob!

Rose said...

I don't usually comment too much on my own blog... but I did want to respond to a couple of comments.

Flowergirl- Same to you :)

Barbara- Thanks :)

Lydia Callwood- What in the hell are you trying to say? Please. Do stop reading my blog.

Live Guest- Seriously... its 2015, not 2012.

Velma Jean- You REALLY think Tempest yanked her blog because it was so popular?
Well, she opened a new blog over on Tumblr and I found it odd that all of her DIDY fans flew over to HushTruth... when Tempest obviously isn't a fan.
She wrote some pretty angry words to them...
Kinda strange.

And for the record... I have nothing against "Hush Truth". At least they don't come across as so angry and bitter. To each their own.

african sunsets- You need a STATEMENT from Rob or Kristen to let you know that they have a new partner? I think Rob has been pretty clear who he is with and who he is spending all his time with.
I think thats a pretty loud statement.

...a fan said...

I like seeing you pop in every now and then. Completely ignorant to the whole DIDY thing. Our interactions were me thanking her for her words and my defense of you.

Thanks, more research work - just what I need ;)

Lydia Callwood said...

rose this is what the hell i'm saying is you diss every other blogs and i feel that you think that your blog is the best and only you tel the truth about rob and kristen every body gets mad because of what i said thats was my opionon and your follwers bite my head off i don't care who go with whom i just like their movies thats all keep writing your blog that yours may god bless you

Rose said...

Lydia...what other blog did I 'diss'.... pray tell?

If I was so against your opinion... I would have deleted your comments long ago.
So... think before you type.

I don't think I'm the only "RIGHT" blog...
I have my opinion... and guess what?
I write about it on MY blog!
What was I thinking????

(and by the way... this comment is dripping with sarcasm... ok?)

...a fan said...


I rarely do this here, but in fairness as long as you remain respectful Rose allows her posters to do not share her exact POV. Everyone that has a blog has one to talk about what they think. She does not believe they are together, others do and some believe she is gay. Because I support Kristen I read a little of what most write. I can find good almost everywhere if I can tune out some of the members comments. I have checked out Hushtruth and I like the gentle way they operate. Though I don't always agree with Rose, hands down, I think she is one of the most rational and fairest. Of course saying that at various blogs does not always go over well, but I like Rose and think she gets a bad wrap for speaking her truth.

just saying....

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia Callwood said...

i used to like your blog rose but lately your comments comes off like what you write is as your blogger stated that the team is 100 certain that their fact about rob and Kristen okay rob is as you said is going with twigs so the fact is that Kristen is gay so like I said you know the truth about what's really going on that's all I,m saying .everybody wants to kill me for my opionon and I do respect other people's opionon I',m not here to argue with anyone they are not my kids I just like them as actors and their movies so youall took everything that I comment on things that I didn't,t like rose I,m not fighting with you it,s your blog and keep up your good work once in awhile I,Il come here but for now I,m staying away have a good summer God bless you like I said before509

Lydia Callwood said...

Barbara you have something with me you don,t know anything about me just like I don,t know anything about rose in my comment before I,m sorry for using the word diss that not what I,really was writing I,m 65yrs old and that's not my style I don,t swear at people some time i,ll used the word shit like everyone else sorry for using the word diss I do respect rose blog and her opionon I was just asking a question from the beginning and all this stuff started everybody came at me for writing what I think about the way they treated Kristen I guest i was wrong for giving my opionon from now on I,lol keep my opionon to myself since my opionon is making everybody upset this is for you Barbara and to rose I will not be back enjoyed youall blog

Lydia Callwood said...

Barbra I,m very upset with what you said I did I never call ms,twigs out of her name I don,t know her to talk about her I don,t even know rob or Kristen I just said that I didn't,t like the way people talk about Kristen and even what they are doing to rob now I,m going to used the word shit I was always a true twilight fan of both of them I really don,t give a shit if they are together or not again like I said youall are saying that Kristen is gay I still love both of them no matter who they are with this is it I,m finish with this shit this is not me sorry for everything that happen I,ll stay off this blog forever to all rose followers I,m sorry enjoy bye

Barbara said...

@L Callwood.I was responding to your post why are you upset with what I said when did I say Kristen was gay? I have never ever said that.I would be one of the most devoted fans of both Rob and Kristen, it just doesn't worry me who they are with privately.
I have followed both their careers right from the beginning.
I will delete all my posts seeing as I have upset you although I can't see how I could have but if it calms you down I will.

Lydia Callwood said...

You don't have to delete your comments you can delete all my comments from rose blog you can believe what you want I,m a true fan of rob and Kristen I didn't, Implied that you said Kristen were gay if that's what you think that's not what meant sorry for that I get very upset when they talk a lot of shit about her and rob that a all sorry for all the misunderstanding rob and Kristen are two lovely young people the media ,tabloids,and the rags need to leave them alone I,m so tired of them Barbara glad we got out of the way again I,m very sorry have a good night

silvermau said...

OMG friends, we are all so ready to be offended. Nothing to get your teeth into, so you turn on each other? I don't get it. Peace brothers and sisters. There are enough haters gnashing their teeth at one or the other without getting offended at every little thing In the words of a wise young women "Calm Your Tits"

Lydia Callwood said...

Hi Silvermau I,m not turning on anyone I haven,t heard from you in a while how are things going with you the last time I made a comment on Kristen behalves you were they only one that were nice to me and I had told you that I just lost my 32yr old son they took my comment all the wrong way so I told all of them even rose that I was sorry I,m going to try and stay away from this blog I love both Kristen and rob I will never say anything bad about them I just don,t like the way they talk about Kirsten she took so much shit from the tabloids and the paps and the media it ain't funny I like the way she keep her head up and stay strong no matter what they say and write about her I love her too death now they start on rob I,m saying this to you I,ll keep checking just to see if you are here have a goodnight

AfricanSunsets said...

I know Rose, but like you said. The heart want what it wants :-) Of course Rob and Kristen will always have my respect and my support for careers.

Kstar said...

To those people who threaten to leave this blog and never return, please do so. You will not be missed.

Barbara said...

@Rose thank goodness the wild wind has abated. more power to you Rose this is your blog, if some out there can't handle the truth stay away from RPI.xxx

DreamerKind said...

So many kettles of fish to fry, everyday, in every way, when supporting living beings. Party, come on, fiesta forever!

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)

DreamerKind said...

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"There's a song in my heart for you."

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04. 0:11:38 Placido Domingo / Quando le sere al placido. Verdi
05. 0:16:59 Luciano Pavarotti / Pourquoi Me Reveiller. Massanet
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Anonymous said...

Rose your blog is my sanity in this ever turbulent

I'm not going to deny it, I don't want a statement from Rob or Kris about what is going on but what I would like is for someone that they trust to interview them and for one of them to say something about what happened even if it is just a comment about "I'm seeing someone and I'm glad that Rob is happy" or "I still talk to Kris but I'm with someone new and I still admire her" or whatever. I know that they don't owe us anything honestly I do but can you imagine for one second the power that this would have...blogs would shut down and we'd hear a calm across the wide expanse of this fandom. It would be great. And just about right now, I'd like some people to have to eat crow about what they've been spewing for a few years about the whole baby and marriage thing.

I realize that people in the entertainment industry hide marriages and kids all the time. But honestly, I have to admit that if this whole thing is real it might just be one of the biggest fake outs of all time. I just can't deal with it anymore. Maybe that is a sign that I'm ready to move on.

I will still enjoy the movies that they make and in a distant future when each of them marries because we know that this will happen it will be all a distant blur for everyone.

And just for something fun, I read a psychic prediction somewhere for Rob it said that he would marry 3 times; the first to someone that looks exotic, the second to someone that he falls for very fast and number three was to be a marriage to someone that he has known and admired for years (couldn't help but to think that Kristen would be that last one). As for Kristen, the psychic said that she isn't quick to get married and that when she does it will be to someone that she has loved for a long time but lost (Rob maybe?). Anyway just something to ponder.

Thanks Rose for keeping it real.

live guest said...

I think everyone can move on now that had any doubts about who Rob is with. The beautiful pictures of Rob on the red carpet for the first time with a girlfriend says it all. They don't owe us anything said, they ust show us what is going on. I am happy for him and wish him the best. Hope he gets to start Brimstone soon. Wow, did he ever look old Hollywood handsome in the Dior tux.

DreamerKind said...


"Things that are done, it is needless to speak about...things that are past, it is needless to blame."
- Confucius, The Confucian Analects

"To be able to practice five things everywhere under heaven constitutes perfect virtue...[They are] gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness."
- Confucius, The Confucian Analects

"To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short."
- Confucius, The Confucian Analects

"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it. Life is never dull."
- Oprah Winfrey

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...a fan said...

thanks DK - your thoughts caused a chain reaction.

Barbara said...

Rose there are some "fan sites" that have Rob as a philandering
low down husband and father. The feverish baby bootie knitters screaming for him to return to his wife and baby!!
If any poster dared to disagree with them they were almost burnt at the stake.
Now at the Met Gala, we had the big reveal. Rob smiling and looking like a walking dream on the red carpet. And she who shall not be named holding hands by his side. What will the feverish fools do now and what will they do with all the knitted baby booties? "Oh Stanley that's another fine mess you got me into"

DreamerKind said...

@...a fan
El poder que todos poseemos. (The power we all possess.) May it be for the force called Love. Hugs!

Take 10 mins now & listen to this display of power!
(My thanks to Guy Pearce for sharing!)

Jeff Buckley - The Way Young Lovers Do
(Live At Sin-é: Legacy Edition[1993]):


We strolled through fields all wet with rain
And back along the lane again
There in the sunshine
In the sweet summertime
Oh the way that young lovers do

I kissed you on the lips once more
We said goodbye at your front door
There in the nighttime
Love, that's the right time
Oh to feel the way that young lovers do

And we sat on our own star and dreamed of the way that we were and the
Way that we wanted to be
And we sat on our own star and dreamed of the way that I was for you
And that you were for me

And then we longed to dance the night away
Turned to each other, saying 'I love you, baby I love you'
Oh the way that young lovers do
Lovers do...
Do, do, do, do...

The way young lovers do
Do, do, do, do...
The way young lovers do...

And turned to each other, saying 'I love you, baby I love you'
Oh the way...

I held her with her looking down
And I kissed her, with the snow falling down
In the street light
It was a sweet light

And the way that young...
Oh, the way that young lovers...
Oh the way that young... that young lovers...
That young lovers do.

Thank you/Rez Q

DreamerKind said...

Love Laurel & Hardy lines! Thanks. Especially these:

Blockheads - 1938

Stan Laurel: You remember how dumb I used to be?
Oliver Hardy: Yeah?
Stan Laurel: Well, I’m better now.

"I feel good
I knew that I would now
So good, so good."

DreamerKind said...

Oh, forgot to note that me and Confucius go back a LONG way, with our chains reacting. Oprah and I are, well, we just are...

"Oh when you're smilin' keep on smilin'
The whole world smiles with you
Ah when you're laughin' keep on laughin'
The sun comes shinin' through!"

Barbara said...

Glad to find a Laurel and Hardy fan. I have quite a lot of their movies they always lift my spirits.They were two brilliant comedians well ahead of their time."Blockheads" oh I love that movie.xxxxx

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hahahaha. BARBARA

I loved your comment ! Well you know " IT" is just a complete disgrace and it's all " IT's" fault ya know. For some reason that is unfathomable to me R and K have financed this exotic dancer/ singer and Rob has been her almost constant companion for many months now and you know he just looks miserable... Just miserable ! can you imagine ?! Now let's see... Hmmmm.... How many millions of dollars do R and K have between them ? But while we get to see The new Princess Charlotte we cannot have a peek ... Of Sweet Pea...I Can't figure it out Maximum Security ! More than the Queen! More than a new born Princess ! Wowza

live guest said...

I think the Met Ball and Rob doing something so out of character, like walk the red carpet with a date should put this at rest of who he is with and who he seems to want to be with. Enough said.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

You would think so

zsuzsip said...

Thank YOU ROSE for this sane blog,Rob made his statement at Met Gala,wish him & T.all the very best.Supporting both Rob's &Kristen's careers!

Barbara said...

@Super RN Gas Passer.
Hilarious and agree with you. The baby, a vision only seen by those who believe.She is like the Ghost Orchid so rare.
Soon there will be search parties out to find the sweet pea this is getting like looking for Nessie, or even looking for hens with teeth.

Barbara said...

To all the genuine fans of both Rob and Kristen I ask, what have we sunk to.The fandom have decided that Rob is throwing away his career! do they know he has three movies that will be released this year?Oh that's right they ignore that.The bee in their bonnet is the young woman who is with Rob. Miss Twigs has had the most vile vulgar garbage spewed about her.
I do not know her nor am I a fan of her act/music, what I cannot understand is the character assassination, I even saw a nasty tweet from Riley Keough about her what has this woman done to be treated so appallingly. ahh yes he left his wife who is pregnant again and baby sp!!!!.
Lord I need to take a break.

Flowergirl said...

Babs...their are many people in this fandom that seem to have short memories.

Caroline said...

Barbara, pretty sure the Riley Keogh tweet was a fake account. I certainly hope so.

Barbara said...
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