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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, May 11, 2015

Glass Houses

1. Kristen was in Korea for the 
"Chanel Cruise 2016"  last Monday.
How fucking beautiful is she?
I hesitate to say flawless
because no one really is...
And one of the things I adore most
about Kristen
are her flaws.
And how she owns them.
So how about we compromise and say...
Flawed Perfection.

Because I really think that is what she shows us.
Without really trying.

Casually gorgeous.

And there is something about her lately
where she looks so...
And it looks wonderful on her.

2. Rob was at the Met Ball
Rob looked great.
Because honestly
Rob + Tux = Handsome
It's just the way it is.
We all should be used to it by now.
The man cleans up VERY well.

So Rob went with Twigs to the Met Ball.
He looked happy.
They looked happy.
At least I think so.

I guess it was their first 'official' event together...
And if you want to be excited and giddy
Hey... enjoy the moment.

It's been almost 9 months...
and every time new pics of the two of them come out
people act like they've never seen them together before.

Like. Oh my god!!!
When did this happen???
Let's just ignore the last 9 months of pictures
we have seen of them
and pretend this is the very first time!!!
Then the drama and the name calling
And the drama.
And more name calling.
Let's not forget the drama.
And name calling.

And it would be one thing to be happy 
that there are cute pics of a couple you like together
~being Together
I know how that feels.
(Well... I used to know how that feels)

But then we get the Baby Brigade
huffing and puffing
(And trying like hell to blow that house down)
and trying to rationalize why they are together again
You know how it goes...

The pics are photoshopped.
Or old.
Or staged.
(amazingly... EVERY picture is fake in some way)
Rob is married to Kristen
and they have a baby!
Kristen is pregnant with baby #2!!
Poor Rob has to babysit his investment.
Rob is hanging out with Twigs to protect
his privacy with Kristen...
Never mind that celebrities more sought after
than they are have no problems being in a normal
relationship and having a family.
Imagine thinking that Rob and Kristen
are more in demand and need more privacy 
Than the future King of England.
Because he somehow manages to work it all out just fine.
And who is under more scrutiny than he is?

3. Thomas Sturridge.
I wish I could convey how much I adore him.
Or do I?
Does a brief mention at the end of a post 
Make my feelings clear?
Tom is having a great 2015 so far.
"Far from the Madding Crowd"
With Carey Mulligan
Is getting good reviews and getting Tom attention.
And then there is the play
"American Buffalo"
And every thing I read about it
Says what an incredible performance by Tom.
Tom belongs on the stage...
I think he's most at home there.
I think he's so talented...
I can't wait to see whats next.
And just in case the point was missed...

4. I hate to say this
(OK, not really)
But there are just as many shitty Rob fans
As there are shitty Kristen fans.
(to the complete embarrassment of this fandom)
All the vile hate against Twigs and Kristen
is completely uncalled for.
But I'm finding it pretty fucking tedious
when some of these pompous know-it-all Lunatics
try to paint all of Kristen's fans
with the same shitty brush.

But there are plenty of disgruntled Rob fans out there too.
Equal Opportunity Disappointment.
The shit is everywhere.
On every side.
And seriously...
These Fringe fans are so quick to say
"Kristen's Fans are the WORST"
"I can't believe the hatred for Twigs!"
Are you new here?
Many of these same people
not only followed
while she attacked Kristen and anyone
who was associated with her
with vile horrific hater bullshit
They laughed at what she had to say
and encouraged her for more.
How convenient to have forgotten what has been-
And is still being said about Kristen to this day.
Neither Twigs or Kristen deserve the hate spewed at them.

But your fucking glass house has a lot of
 broken windows.

5. Just because I don't want to talk
about Twigs or Alicia very much
doesn't mean I'm in denial.
The reality is I really don't have much
 to say about either of them
because they don't matter to me...
and just because they are the ones
who are closest to Rob and Kristen right now
doesn't mean I have to fawn all over them
to be considered a 'true fan'.
Fuck that noise.

I keep hearing Rosalie's line from Eclipse
in my head when it comes to them..

"I don't hate you...
But I don't particularly like you"

That's about right.

This post has been brought to you
by all the people
who will read my words
And wonder if I'm talking about them.
(I am)

Until next time.

Bye for now.

And just remember...


Karen Czabai said...

Awesome, thanks

Cynspot said...

Very well written, 100% agree. As a Dan of both K & R I support them with any relationship they choose and with whom ever. HKN really is demented and her followers need to open their eyes.

Cynspot said...

*Fan not Dan

Linda said...

THANK YOU!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME, THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL: #5 "Just because I don't want to talk about Twigs or Alicia very much doesn't mean I'm in denial. The reality is I really don't have much to say about either of them because they don't matter to me...and just because they are the ones
who are closest to Rob and Kristen right now doesn't mean I have to fawn all over them to be considered a 'true fan'."

Flowergirl said...

Rose...I am in total agreement with Linda.

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara said...

Rose Rob and Kristen had something magical they where beautiful sweet and we all were Enchanted that was a first for me, I had never been interested in movie stars until Rob and Kristen.Now I will still follow their careers and support their movies but the new loves in their life,don't interest me.xxx

DreamerKind said...

Yes, Rose, we choose what we think.

Free To Be You and Me

New Seekers:


Thanks to/Baldeep Dhillon

katie said...

Aw man, I will always love these two kids.. I don't follow them that much anymore but to be honest even Twigs kinda just makes me grin cause so many people wanted Rob to be with someone prettier and more ladylike than Kristen and wanted him to date an english rose like Hermoine. And he pulls another petite, eccentric girl out of his pocket. lol Come on, it's hilarious in that respect cause so many people who denied K and R together always argued she wasn't his type and err...his type seems to be pretty consistent and in line with Stewie. I'll love my twilight babies no matter what. :)

DreamerKind said...

Love sure is long, when it's true. :)

silvermau said...

Nice comments and appropriate quote for the thought. I would respectfully add a quote, or at least a paraphrase from Kristen "keep'um guessing" and let them play their little movie in their head, meaning what tales are being created from tab fodder and paps. You are a bright women, or you appear so, yet you are buying Rob's little movie hook line and sinker. His so called split up must have had a traumatic shock effect on his personality. He has gone from a sweet, funny private person who guards his personal life like treasured gold to a smiley, poser for the paps parading the love of his life around with grins and pda. Wow RDTP=Dr Jeckyle and Hyde, amazing!. Rose you know I infrequently post here, and hope, I always remained respectful cause its your blog. But you are being a bit unkind, with splendid expletives about folks who care about R&K, respect them, but have a different opinion on the R,K,A,T pairings. They do not call you demeaning, or disrespectful names because you believe differently. Frankly you are not mentioned at all. As a matter of fact, I am the only one who made a comment about the demeaning, descriptive adjectives and was chastised for it. We have much more in common then opposed, yet the commonality is not strong enough to over ride the latter. A shame actually because their private lives, the none of our business territory, seems more important to snarl over then their professional lives.

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Denise Almodovar said...

@Silvermau. Rob isn't posing for paps. That's the narrative from hkn. Rob is living his life. Rob hasn't changed. Don't you remember the guy who couldn't keep his mouth shut about his love for Kristen. How he wanted to marry her, how he proposed, how he always tried to be physically demonstrative with Kristen. She is the one who denied their relationship, on camera, "Oh no man...we're friends." Kristen never wanted to be seen holding hands, hugging or kissing Rob. Rob never cared; he only honored Kristen's wishes because he loved her. Remember after the Remember Me premier in the car when he reached to kiss her and she turned her face away and covered her mouth? With Twigs he can simply be himself. I wish his fans would be happy for him and stop with the obviously ludicrous pr narrative. Both Kristen and Rob have made their choice and are living their lives

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@Denise I wanted to address what you said about Kristen not wanting to show PDA with Rob when out and about; I don't agree.

For those of us that have been in this fandom when Twilight was being filmed have a very common knowledge that the STUDIO told Rob and Kristen to not get involved as did Catherine Hardwicke. I won't go in to all the details but it wasn't all Kristen's doing they had rules that they had to follow which were even part of their contract.

I don't know how long you have been in this fandom but one of the reasons it took so long to sign both Rob and Kristen to New Moon was because they were re-negotiating their contracts to give them more freedom to go out and about together although still be careful. Once again, what we began to get during New Moon filming was because this is what they could do.

Now lets move on Eclipse by this time Rob and Kris had a firm grasp on their relationship however with that came the realization that people were now watching their every move this even happened during New Moon. So, Rob and Kris became very protective of their relationship and I don't blame them for not wanting to share it with the world. As for the Water for Elephants premiere where Rob tired to kiss Kristen in the car...she didn't want to go there because she knew what would happen if she did.

Now lets talk about Rob's new relationship. These two aren't followed by paps 24/7 and hounded by fans 24/7 to just get a glimpse of them and there is no contract stating what they can and cannot do. I think that every relationship is different no matter whether you are a "star" or a normal everyday person. The way a person acts in one relationship isn't going to be how they act in another in some cases. I see Rob being Rob. He still isn't selling his personal life to the tabloids...you don't see him doing interviews proclaiming his love for his new lady...just showing up at places and things and letting people write what they want; he doesn't care.

I wasn't ready for Rob and Kristen to be over but that is the reality of life. I even wonder if they might find their way back to each other someday but who knows maybe it is just time for it be over in the sense that they are no longer romantically attached. However that doesn't diminish the reality that the Twilight movies will always be there for future generations to find and to love and maybe even for future generations to find out about the amazing love between their leading stars. And even though bitter sweet, that will endure forever.

live guest said...

Happy 29th Birthday Rob. I see you are in NY celebrating the big event with T and your friends. I bet they have a big party planned for you. I don't question who and what about your personal life. It's obvious. Today is your day, so have a wonderful birthday.

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
silvermau said...

Barb,your comments simply prove my point I made in the last post and previous. I was speaking of respect for other points of view. We all share our interest "commonality" with R and K, that is our binding structure. Whether you believe 1 thing and I another,is no reason to attack, which I call "back-biting" Of course I post at hkn, and you must go there to sneak a peek or your would not comment. I have always been an open book. I presume you ONLY speak on 1 blog? I come here because Rose allows opinion contrary to hers if you remain respectful. I always have been because this is her world. By you snide comments and may I say, bad poetry, and that lovely name "flaky fan", you my friend are surely not respectful of another persons opinion if it does not dance to your tune. Lady, a lot of stuff I have issue with, but you have never seen me attack, because I respect other points of view. Your acid rebuttal confirms the problem with a fractured fandom destroying itself with the "I'm right, your wrong disease. I actually grieve for your rigidity, hope you enjoy the world where all the sheep must go baabaa to the same tune or they are in trouble. Lady, I am as true a fan to R and K as you are. Oh, work on the poetry, its not rhythmic,and full of acid.

DreamerKind said...

Goodbye today! No regret. Don't forget. What we all did.

What I Did For Love

Shirley Bassey (1979):

Thanks to/Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

DreamerKind said...

Rob & Kristen
Only once in every life, someone just like you appears. Thanks for existing in mine.

Never In A Million Years

Linda Scott:

Thanks to/Michael McKenna

Barbara said...

@Miss/Mis/Mrs Silvermau If I offended you I apologise

silvermau said...

Barb, apology accepted. Now lets get on with some commonality. Whether you're here for Rob, Kristen, separate or together, this is a place that focuses on my fav. distraction from reality. That would be the gorgeous, comical,talented blue-eyed man of almost 30. And the lovely,talented, pottie-mouthed, actress and Channel muse. I think we share that interest, so why don't we just enjoy them for whom they allow us to see. I will roll around in the name sake "Intoxication", would you like to take a dip also?

Barbara said...

@Silvermau. hilarious yes yes. I am an unwavering fan of both the talented blue eyed very funny handsome man and the green eyed beautiful potty mouth unique talented best actress of her generation. BTW could you call me Barbara please, only two people called me Barb,my precious Mum and my wonderful friend @sweet flowergirl.xxx more power to both Rob and Kristen.

silvermau said...

Okay, Barbara, you got it.

live guest said...

Why am I the only one that wished Rob a happy birthday. Twitter was full of birthday wishes for him and over $16,000 was given for the Go Campaign in honor of Rob's birthday. Maybe this is a pro Kristen blog after all. I just really surprised no birthday wishes.

Barbara said...

@Live guest I post on hushtruth and we sent Birthday greeting to our sweet and gorgeous Rob. This is a really good Robert Pattinson fan site.Don't be harsh on the posters.

Barbara said...

@Live guest. I meant to say this site is really a good Robert Pattinson fan site. Rose tells it like it is, no crazy crystal ball made up rubbish.

live guest said...

Barbara, I have never heard of hushtruth. Is that a new fan site?

Barbara said...

yes it is and it I a really good one

VJ Shoegal said...

@live guest...I wished Mr. Pattinson a Happy Birthday, but it was on another blog...check out the vid - it was beautiful!


...a fan said...

Damn, I was a little late finding your latest post, but I loved it.

You are just so good. I get caught up in the drama and gossip elsewhere for sheer lack of willpower to stay away but here it all seems so sensible and rational. I, to this day do not know what the truth is, I just know I agree with a lot of what you say and I love the way you say it.

Cataleya Bella said...

I don't have anything against FKA....but Goodness gracious....rob and she do not match physically AT ALL. She is not ugly...but I think she matches better with Bruno Mars.

Cataleya Bella said...

Just a thought. I think Rob always wanted to flaunt his relationship with Kristen but Kristen is soooo private that she did not want to be posing for the mean paparazzi. I think Kristen ruled the relationship.

live guest said...

I always loved the Cinderella story where the lowly girl got the prince. All average looking women wish they could have had a good looking man for a boyfriend/husband and it makes me happy that Rob chose T. Her concert such a success. NY Times has already written an article praising her art. She thanks the audience on you tube..FKA Twigs Thank Yous Brooklyn. What a articulate speaker she is and seems very thankful for where she is at. Rob in the Red Nose Charity Champaign on NBC this Thursday. Love that he agreed to participate. It's sad to think that some people don't think T is pretty enough for Rob but I guess it is what Rob thinks that counts.

Cataleya Bella said...

aww, you're trying to defend FKA..no need. of course it's what rob thinks...that counts. I am not a fan of FKA...I don't like her music....I am sure that people only check her music out more so now....because of rob....like me for instance. I checked out her songs...not impressed...not because she is dating rob either. I did not say she was not pretty enough for rob...but come on...look at them....they do not match.

...a fan said...

I too have no issues with FKA. I just don't care about her at all. I love music but her's does not appeal to me. I appreciate beautiful women, but for me she is quite average. I wish her no harm and believe she should never have to experience a racist or denigrating remark - ever.

I do think many of the people following her every move and doing it because of Rob and those that support her loudly are doing it less for her and more because she isn't Kristen.

live guest said...

Cataleya, Who do you think would match with Rob? And how many of us got our "match". I didn't know you had to be a match to love someone.

Anonymous said...

Cataleya, I guess I better tell my husband of 20 years we can't be together anymore because we don't look like we match. I'm white and he's Hawaiian-Filipino, just like Bruno Mars. Those are the kinds of comments that really make Rob fans look bad.

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...


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I thought about the smile & then realized its worth.
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--Author Unknown

ADD said...

Belated Happy Birthday Rob! I'm know it's one week later but I've been very busy.

American Ultra trailer is coming right? Can't wait.

Cataleya Bella said...

FKA is average looking. Rob is not really not THAT gorgeous either. BUT ROB AND FKA DO NOT MATCH. Just my opinion. For those who have reading comprehension problem-----I am just stating my opinion. Rose allows different opinions of this board.

For the person who asked---who matches with Rob....I don't know. Sure I fell in love with Rob and Kristen as a couple---IN MY OPINION..They are beautiful together....BUT I am sure there is someone else out there who matches with Rob. I just don't think he matches with FKA. That's all. Oh BTW---I did not say they should not be together---I JUST DON'T THINK THEY ARE A MATCH. I really hope you understand this time.

Cataleya Bella said...

Rob suffered a confidence hit and FKA stroke his ego and put up with his incessant but adorable silliness? Can their relationship truly survive when his self confidence gets back to normal? Will he wake up suddenly and tell himself...what am I doing with this average girl? Do I really love her? or because I was just betrayed by someone I truly loved?

live guest said...

C Bella, going by your profile, you are a fan of Rob's ex and not Rob or his fiance. Rob chose T for a reason and yes, you can have your opinion along with everyone else but don't disguise being a fan of Rob's when you apparently aren't. Rob would never go back to a person that cheated and broke his heart. I don't think there is any "waking" up on Rob's part. If he is in love with T, then that is his business, not ours.

Chelsea said...

I will never understand why Kristen's fans can't admit that people made comments about WHAT SHE DID.

If they didn't like her, it was because she gave them reasons. Getting caught with Rupert Sanders just confirmed the low opinion people had of her, based on years of watching her act like an arrogant, spoiled brat.

Swearing in front of small children, telling Rob to STFU in public, calling him names in front of fans, acting like she owned him and refusing to admit she was in a relationship with him a that same time.

And then only admitting it in her apology for betraying him in public with another man. Time passed and she went on to say she has no regrets and is comfortable with her mistakes, not that she's sorry for them or that she feels any remorse.

Her attitude has always sucked. In contrast, Twigs has done nothing wrong. She's shown Rob respect in public and told the world he's "the man she loves," and he's 100 percent worth it. Her haters have to fabricate lies about her in order to feed their hate. No one needed to do that with KS.

Chelsea said...

And this is for Cat Bella who doesn't understand that beauty is more than skin deep.

First off, there is nothing wrong with Rob's confidence. It takes a very strong, confident man to catch a woman like Twigs. She is a prize, count on it.

Maxim magazine said this week that “Twigs might be the sexiest performer in the world.” She also made Maxim's Hot 100 this year.

And this from Scott Heins:
"@FKAtwigs’s #congregata is astonishing. A multiform display of primal human desire. This is the sort of thing I live in NYC for."

She is a dancer and she has a body most women would kill for. Her whole body is toned beyond belief. She has excellent posture and carriage, you never see her slouching around.

Rob's cool factor went up about a thousand percent when men realized he had Twigs in his bed. To put it in their venacular, "he must have strong dick game to pull Twigs." Trust me, Rob couldn't be any more confident. He's 29, he's not a child. He's an adult who knows what he wants and appears to be happy he found it.

Normal people love her. Rob loves her. The only ones pressed are bitter Kristen Stewart fans. You’re not fooling anyone.

Cataleya Bella said...

I am sooo glad people know rob sooo well that they know EXACTLY HOW he feels. NOT. but keep telling yourselves that.

Chelsea said...

For @wonderfulbliss above, that's a total fairy tale. There was no negotiation for New Moon contracts because they all signed up for 3 films before Twilight was made.

That was the deal for the actors. It was common knowledge at the time. And they sure never negotiated with Summit regarding their private life.

Rob is on record as saying if Summit ever tried to stick their nose in his private life it would give him permission to mess with them.

Cat warned Rob about KS being 17, underage, so he should leave her alone. That's was kind of a joke since she had been sleeping with Michael A. for years by that point.

She didn't dump Michael until after her 19th birthday. And New Moon was filmed right on schedule, there was no delay due to any kind of negotiation. You can stop repeating that fantasy, it simply was impossible because they were already signed on for that film.

And the further proof of that is that the only films that were negotiated for new contracts were BD1 and 2. That happened because the contracts for the first three films were completed and over with.

They were finally free to get new terms and contracts and it didn't include anything about their private life. And as Rob has said, if it were about PR, they were doing it wrong, since they were hardly ever seen out in public when they weren't working together (and they didn't walk the red carpets at each other's indies films, etc.), which they would have done if it had been PR.

Cataleya Bella said...

I like rob. I am not infatuated with him. I am sad that Kristen broke his heart. It sounded as if he forgave her...when he mentioned in one of his interviews that they were very young...and that that was "normal" can't remember which interview. I am not asking Kris haters to forgive her...because forgiveness would require understanding and compassion. that's all

Chelsea said...

Well, Cat Bella, Rob and Twigs have been joined at the hip for at least nine months now. She lives with him in his Hollywood Hills home and he stayed at her flat in Shoreditch when they were in London.

She's said he's "the man she loves," and she's sporting an engagement ring. The engagement was confirmed by both Gossip Cop and People magazine.

They spend every moment together when not working. If I can't assume that Rob is happy and in love, what am I supposed to think?

silvermau said...

C&C with respect, you 2 sound like R&T's agents, with on exception, Nick has inside track on what is truly going on in Rob's life and, as a matter of fact, with whom it is going on. You 2 are spouting opinion, dressed as facts. You have no idea where Rob stays in Hollywood or London and with whom. You read Tab fodder and believe it, and that is your choice of course, as my opinion, is my choice. Frankly when opinion is spouted as facts, it becomes cringe worthy. My humble O is R&K are, and continue to be matched (awkward choice of words).But since I, like you, do not have "the inside track" on R's personal life it remains in the misty world of OPINION. Chelsea if U believe that Tab created "WHAT SHE DID" then, you are the person the Tabs love to feed some more of their half-baked, twisted,lies and fantasy. Before you label me a K fan, I am not particularly a K fan, but that women was held up in the court of public opinion on a platform of Tab lies, and I support anyone unjustly branded. I am a total Rob fan, and whoever he chooses as his life's mate, I support. I feel in my heart, gut, and mind it is not, and will never be T = my opinion of course. ps to say Rob is not good-looking tells me you have never seen him in person. I have and cameras,stupid selfies,and pap crap, will never do that lovely face justice. Off soap box

Cataleya Bella said...

I have not seen rob in person. I am sure he is beyond handsome in person. That is not really the point---if it were---I could also say that K is beyond gorgeous ---she never really take a bad photo---even the rare ones that can be found on the internet===her natural beauty shines thru. Anyway, yes I know that rob is handsome---just not as high in the pedestal as some people put him on---sigh---we could go on and on---
On one aspect of his FRONT life---I think he does care about T---but really---I don't think he loves her enough---sure they are joined by the hip and that they are engaged----but he also wanted K and he wanted to marry her---he let it slip several times during their courtship---you and many thousands of people could see he really was besotted with K---but they broke up....anything can happen....I don't believe that T and R are a good match. that is my O.

Cataleya Bella said...

Chelsea, my dear, stop trying to convince me that T is good enough for rob---just stop---you might pop a vessel. I don't care about T. I don't hate her..I am sure she is good enough for someone. I just don't want to be bothered because she does not matter to me. don't try to convince me --thinking you could change my O about rob and T being a well matched couple---you will definitely burst your vessel.

Cataleya Bella said...

I agree with Linda: Rob and Kris were magical. They are both lovely. I was intoxicated by the aura and fantasy of love between them. I can't seem to get the same type of feeling when I see T and R together. Not even a glimpse. I can only wait for another magical couple who can inspire the feelings that were evoked from other people. Not that people should intentionally 'hook up' for other people to fantasize over them....I would want to be able to witness or feel the same feeling again when Rob and Kris were together.

Barbara said...

@Silvermau. BRAVO! BRAVO! all the rubbish posted by gossip fan sites aimed at the flaky fans who swallow any garbage. These are who the trash sites love.
One didn't need to be a fan of Kristen( I am a fan of both of them) to be appalled at how Kristen was treated, it always reminded me of "A Tale of Two Cities" and the old women knitting watching the beheading. Fandom love is tissue thin,one day they love next day hated.

A friend of ours was at "The Rover" premiere in Sydney and had the pleasure of meeting Rob and getting his autograph, to this day I don't think she has ever recovered. She said forget how good he looks on screen in person he is even more gorgeous, and the most down to earth pleasant and so polite.
CB many of the actors Rob has worked with have also spoken about how gorgeous he is, Julian Moore, Guy Pearce, Peter Facinelli
Reese Witherspoon etc etc. When Guy was interviewed here In Australia he was asked about working with Rob on "The Rover", and he said even with that awful haircut the green teeth his beautiful face shone through.

silvermau said...

Barbara, your friend is so right.Rob has a captivating aura around him.I know Guy P. is spot on. You can smear dirt on his face, butcher that lovely head of hair and it cannot mask his manly beauty.He was 6 inches away from me and my hubby, and I froze when he looked up. Could not speak, just froze, he was gorgeous. Whether it was the NYC lights of the premier, whatever, he glowed. His eyes are so big and brilliant. He was a nervous wreck, fussing with his pants (usual), grabbing his hair (usual)and had a dazed and confused look. Yet, still so lovely.Some people seem a bit magical, he is one. I do not say this lightly. I do not razzle dazzle easily, too jaded in my O. of people, but he can leave you a bit weak. I used to giggle when Guy P. would gush on more then once about Rob (bromanse blooming) you simply can't help yourself = captivating

silvermau said...

Cat. I am not trying to change your opinion. About that match I agree with you. They are not a match because he is already committed. People here know where I stand. I don't need to bother this forum with my beliefs, because Rose does not share the same opinion. That is okay. Let's say the intoxicating love aura is not dead, merely gone under cover.

...a fan said...

Oh Chelsea,

I think you might have taken a wrong turn in Blogville. You needed to turn onto I Only Care About Rob Lane.

The writer of this blog believes they have moved on and in doing so have started new lives. If people here do not share your enthusiasm, well, of anything - I personally don't needed to be reminded of who Kristen is. I accept her, I never stopped. I admire her and I moved on long ago and today celebrate her amazing career. I wish Rob no harm, in fact I want him to do well. However for me, the most interesting thing about Rob, was Kristen. Twigs is barely a blip on my radar. I hope, she does ... whatever she wants. I don't care.

I would not even be responding to this, but there was something incredibly pious and condescending in your tone.

Different opinions accepted here regardless of merit.

live guest said...

I didn't think HKN people went to other boards but I see that a couple of them are here. I respect Rose's opinion because it makes more sense. Never in my life would I understand why a good man like Rob would want to fool the public into thinking he is engaged to T when he, as you HKN ladies state is married to K and they have a child. To me, that is a low opinion of Rob if he did such a thing as to buy an engagement ring for another woman. So, you can see why I think Roses's opinion makes more sense.

...a fan said...

Liveguest - I bop all over to stay current on Kristen news and allow each blogger their POV. Rose is one of my favorites though.

Rose - I don't tweet but I read - you are "protected" now -
What happened? I enjoyed following you without officially following you.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...
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Barbara said...
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Super RN Gas Passer said...


While everyone is sitting perched on this board, and pointing the finger at Kristen...or Twigs or Rob for that matter or Rose.... I feel compelled to post the following

Lesson of Time KARMA

When a bird is alive...it eats Ants
When the bird is dead...Ants eat the bird.
Time and circumstances can change at any time
Don't devalue or hurt anyone in life
You may be powerful today
But rememeber
TIME is more powerful than YOU
One tree makes a million matchsticks
Only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees...So be good and do good

While I too have gotten too deep into the discussions over the years I regret the arguing...I'm too old and now I'm definitely too tired to pick these people apart bit by bit or individual delusional posters

I would suggest to all of you aside from DK and a few perfect souls that reside here ( no I do not consider myself to be one of those perfect people...I had my fears and worries and I admit I stepped over boundaries to express my fears...all in my head...no proof of any of it ) that we really do not know these people. We do not know what their road has been and why any of them do what they do.

And as for the flip side of the" fandumb " not attacking Rose, some of the ugliest comments I have EVER seen directed at any individual....Ever... have been from that site about Rose

Great post Rose and thanks !

...a fan said...

super RN

loved your karma post, truly.

Andromeda said...

Super RN Gas Passer: I agree with your wise words.

I have also grown tired of the hateful words and the ugly arguments. And for what? We will never know these people's business.

Karma does sort all, and in its own good time. I don't want to be guilty of hurting anyone.

I don't remember saying hurtful words to Rose; but if I ever have in the past: Then Rose please forgive me.

I consider more harm has been done in the name of this three sided fan club than we can ever imagine; and very little good has come of of all this talk.

I now consider these people business nobody's but their own, and I wish them well.

Have a nice day where ever you are in your corner of the world.

DreamerKind said...

Righto! I am purr-fect like my cat! Love ya.

However, my happy thought; I believe that we all are divine beings. No one is excluded. Ever.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...
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Cataleya Bella said...

I wish Rob and Kristen the best and both will find "the One". Although I am a fan of both R & K...I will always follow K because: Hateful shrews tried to break her down but she continued to be strong and she continued to believe in herself. A lesser person would breakdown and turn to alcohol and drugs in order to cope. Instead, K has been steady as a rock...she did not give in to the bullies. She is becoming more known for her art rather than her relationship...I really believe that she is a good example for young women today....despite her mistakes. She has a quiet strength.

Cataleya Bella said...

A man has an easier time in Hollywood...everyone knows that. Rob is no exception. He is handsome and likeable---it does not take a lot of effort to like him....especially is you are a woman.

If Rob cheated, he would not be hated as much as K.....why?
If a man stray ---he is a stud---
If a woman cheats---she is a ho ho
Now====is that fair?
Women, I urge all of you to be more understanding to other women---If you can't then I suspect that you cannot expect understanding yourself---and with this we--(women) perpetuate the problem of a society.

...a fan said...


I am not sure if any of your posts are directed at me or if I have offended you but to set the record straight - I am first and foremost a fan of Kristen's. I like Rob, loved that he gave me such a good Edward, liked a couple of his movies and wish him success and happiness. I found Rose's place because the world turned against Kristen a few years back and my motto became, I support those that support Kristen. True to my word I have never remained quiet when someone had something negative to say about Rose. Never. I give my "hits" and comments to those that favor Kristen. If a site I visit believes her to be with him, moved on from him or with a girl... I respect the blogger's right to their opinion.

I admit, I got caught up in the Rob and Kristen romance. It was special and incredibly romantic. Today I am not sure what the truth is but I have never misled anyone.
And if this had nothing to do with me, then - well, nevermind and sorry for the lengthy explanation.

Barbara said...

@...a fan it was not aimed at you I am annoyed at the fake fans who have admitted they only liked Rob while he was with Kristen.They are the ones who are now spewing vile post.

Barbara said...

@...a fan surely you have noticed the fan sites have changed, it used to be such fun being a fan of Rob and Kristen. I have followed them since Twilight I love their movies I support their movies, and together as a couple or now just friends I am still a devoted fan.
What is sad now is that the fun has gone from sites instead the constipated club have taken over,we have on some sites preachers those know alls on all things Rob and Kristen.We now see pics of Rob looking all twisted his face looking like thunder, and the "experts" know that he is furious with miss T!!! how do they know that? the pics look like they have been altered.
What a terrible low the fandom has sunk to that we now have overseers who jump with glee as the tissue fans swallow it.
What was it Kristen said to the papps"you don't deserve to breath the same air as me"
Rob and Kristen are two beautiful famous strangers who the world fell in love with,but only if they are together. What a fickle fickle fandom one day they love next day they hate.
nothing was aimed at you a fan

...a fan said...


Sadly I missed a lot of the whole Robsten experience. Of course I caught what other people saw, the shy glances, the hand holding, the sweet looks of devotion. I assumed they were a couple and pretty much left it at that. I was more invested in them and by them, I mean mostly her, as actors. I don't know if I have ever seen anything like what it turned into though. So divided and each group so sure they are right. I am not sure what the truth is - but I like many get caught up in the all the different theories.

live guest said...

Twilight was such a delight for me. I fell in love with the books, then the movies. Now, it seems tarnished with the way the fandom split when Rob and Kristen split. Why couldn't the fans of both sides just let it go instead of all this hate and pointing fingers. I am slowly releasing my interest in the whole thing when I see the same hate filled comments over and over all over twitter, tumblr,etc. It has ruined Twilight for me forever.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Live guest

I can certainly understand your perspective but try not to let them get to you to that extent. When it was good it was incredible ... I wouldn't want to have missed this ( the good parts ) for anything I loved the books the movies most of the actors and I have made some life long friends so no regrets !

Unfortunately life is yin and yang but it will be alright !

Happy Memorial Day to everyone

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
silvermau said...

I look at this as a crucible. Did you ever have to read the book in HS? Boring read, but cool symbolism. My OPINION as per usual. The fandom fragments are in a crucible of RK's design. The job of this tool is to burn away the crap and leave only the pure substance behind. We are rolling around in so much crap of late, your head spins between lies,fabrications, and RK smoke screens. This nasty time will burn away the impurity. When the fire dies down, we will see what is left. Hopefully, sane, respectful,and decent folks will survive to appreciate both of them and love them enough to allow them their peace and space.

Flowergirl said...

Babs...I don't comment much anymore, but I just had to respond to your last post. Hate for anyone is not acceptable in my book, but your outrage over the "vile names" twigs has been called is misplaced. When she started dating Rob she had to know what was in store for her. She is a performer, and the content of her performances open her up to endless scrutiny from fans, non-fans and critics. This she will have to live with. What she doesn't have to live with are the choices she makes off the stage. Twigs chose to post provocative pics of herself in the tub...she chose to wear the "penis dress" to the Met Ball...she chooses to mention how difficult her relationship with Rob is and she chooses to not ask her friends to not discuss said relationship with the media or on their social networks. Seems to me, she is her own worst enemy if she wants to keep her private life private. As for people being all "giddy and gushy" over pics of Kristen and Alicia, you must have passed over the comments. How about names like "dyke, carpet muncher and fugly", just to name a few.

Hannah Pennick said...

Flowergirl..You have expressed my own point of view exactly. It's nice hearing your voice again...Hannah

TXwagg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flowergirl said...

Hannah...thanks. Seeing that the comment I was responding to was deleted by the author, the context is gone, but I think you got the gist of it. Twigs, Rob and Kristen are public figures due to their chosen professions, so unfortunately, they are going to be subject to online comments, many of them not so nice. But Alicia Cargill is not...yet she garners hate and has people calling her names all the same. And for what? Because she is Kristen's friend? Anyone who thinks that Twigs is being "denigrated" in the media while Alicia is being "accepted" is clearly not living on the same planet that I am.

DreamerKind said...

American Ultra trailer! At last!

...a fan said...

digging the trailer for AU. It actually looks better than I thought it would and I set that bar pretty high.

Go Ms. Stewart!!!!!!

Hannah Pennick said...

a fan..I agree. This is going to be one of those movies I watch the first time then start it again for a second look. Love Kristen and the more I see of Jessie Eisenberg the more of a fan I become.

...a fan said...


Fan of both, in fact fan of most of the cast. I have watched this trailer like 5 times. Cannot get enough. So far the advance buzz has been really good.

Flowergirl said...

Hannah...as much as I love all different types of movies, every once in a while you just want to go grab a burger and catch a fun flick on a Friday night. From the looks of the trailer, AU has the fun flick covered.