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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Just Another Manic Monday...

What's new in the ever fascinating
world of internet fandom?

Nothing much.
Same shit.
Different day.
Sometimes its different shit
same day...
But you know how it goes.

Anyway... let's see what we have.

1. Kristen at Sundance

Her film "Certain Women"
was getting wonderful reviews
especially Kristen's performance.
No surprise there.
Sundance and Kristen equal Brilliant.

2. Rob's hair

Rob is working on "Good Time" right now in NY
and I guess he got a perm for the role.
It's hard to really gauge the depth of curliness...
But there was much ado about it.
I would like to see him on set and the perm
in its full glory...

3. Nicholas Hoult

I think he's pretty.
And tall.
Like REALLY tall.
And he's British.
And did I mention how adorable he was?
And tall?
I post about Nicholas Hoult
Some people seem to get all bent about it
But too fucking bad.
I like him.
A lot.
And I'm looking forward to this

oh... and this...

No matter the circumstances of their relationship...
There ain't NOTHING wrong with that.

4. Thomas Sturridge

I adore him completely.
He has a role in "Hollow Crown- War of the Roses"
playing Henry VI.
Stellar cast.
And seriously people...
go watch some of Tom's films.
He's really quite good at what he does.

5. Baby Cray

The Baby Cray have taken it up a notch
to full blown insanity.
Whats new?
As usual... any picture that doesn't fit their 
psychotic agenda is
It's the GO TO excuse.
The ONLY excuse.
I mean... seriously.
How can anyone just sit there and believe that shit?
They argued for days about the pics of Rob getting a perm
Look at the snow!
Look at the lights!
The pics are old!
All to secure their fantasy that Rob was never in London
all this time... with Twigs.
(Don't look at the man behind the curtain)

I'm sorry (not really) that I laugh at this lunacy
I can't seem to help it.
They contradict themselves at every turn
and its quite entertaining.
They ignore all evidence that Rob is with Twigs
and instead pull out pictures of Rob/Kristen
that are YEARS old.

People are being lied to...
And People are most definitely lying.
Liar. Liar. Pants. On. Fire.

No insider 'Cuz'
(alternate personalities don't count)
No super secret sources.
No FBI photo analysts

The whole "if you knew what we know"
really doesn't fly.
(not that it ever did)
Because it's quite obvious that 
You know dick shit.
Kristen said so.

6. Kristen's interview with Variety

You all know by now that Variety 
erroneously (purposely) attributed Kristen's comments to “diversity.”
They have since clarified above that her comments 
were addressing gender equality.

It didn't take long for the hyenas
to come out for the attack.
They smelled blood.
They all wanted a piece of Kristen.
They ripped and shredded.
Even when it was clear what Kristen was referring to...
The hyenas continued their attack.
"Well... she was attacking women.
Does that make it better?"

Except Kristen's views on gender equality
are well known.
She's a feminist.
She works with women on projects
about women starring women
directed by women.

Yeah... maybe she could have worded 
her response a bit better...
(I guess not everyone is as perfect as you are)
But you all know what she meant.
Even the blood thirsty hyenas.
It sucks to want to try and hurt Kristen
time and time again...
yet her career is on FIRE.
And that burns you most of all.

7. Rob fan.

It irritates (some) people that I don't talk enough about Rob.
As I said before...
Not much to say.
Dior ad.
Good Times.
If my ovaries don't burst on every tweet
and in every post...
I must not be a fan anymore!
Well of course that's complete bullshit.
As always...
I don't get why its so important how much I talk about Rob.
or how I talk about Rob.
What's it to you?
I talk about what I want...
and I'm sorry if I don't talk about Twigs
(I don't care about her)
or Rob's perm.
I go see/buy his movies.
That's all I need to do.

Oh. And.
I don't keep my blog name
to annoy idiots out there 
who are somehow offended by it.
Like I would let some random people
dictate what I should do.
Right. OK.

I keep the name because I like it.
And I still like Rob.
Because I've had it for over 7 years
and its mine.
I don't keep it to spite anyone.
Or to garner more 'hits'
because honestly...
I'm guessing if I called it 
Kristen Stewart Intoxication
it would get more.

I've never been about hits...
I don't care.
I write this because I want to
not because I have to.

And in closing...

Kristen Stewart is better than you.
And you.
And definitely you.
And you know who you are

I adore her.
She's not perfect.
She's flawed.
But that's all part of her immense charm.
And you know she has 'something'
that keeps you all hanging on her every move
and her every word.
Admit it.

Robert Pattinson is with FKA Twigs.
I wish he would just marry her already...
and maybe that will shut up the Cray.
Although I'm sure they will find 
some sort of conspiracy theory
to cover it up.

It is interesting to note that the crazy
isn't just in this fandom.
I just read recently where some fans
of 1D won't accept the fact that
one of the boys recently had a baby with someone.
There are pics of her pregnant...
Pics of him with the baby...
It's FAKE.
I mean.
And here we have people 
desperately making fake babies!!!


One last thing.

I loved Rob and Kristen together.
I really did.
I spent a lot of time talking about them
I enjoyed every minute.
But guess what?
I love Rob and Kristen APART
even more.
I think they are better apart.
And they both seem happy with their life.

At least we will always have Paris.
It was sweet...
while it lasted.

But the party's over...
It's time to call it a day.

With acceptance
comes peace.

Until next time.

Bye for now


Kami said...

Call your blog whatever you want, talk about whatever you want, do whatever you want. It's your blog. The only thing I would change, but then again, it's not my blog, is the constant "Kristen owns your ass" "Kristen is better than you" stuff. I'm not jealous of Kristen, she doesn't own my ass and she's not better than me. She is what she is, and that's perfectly ok

Flowergirl said...

Rose...I haven't posted here or anywhere else in ages. For the sake of my own sanity, I just had to get my head out of this fandom. It' funny that I would check in today, after all this time. Anyway, good post. I agree with all of your points, especially numbers 1 and 7. For a 25 year old woman who is smart, focused and doing what she has always loved doing (and getting recognition for it) I would say she is in a great place right now. As for Rob, I really don't know what to say.

dani pitter said...

I agree Kami, I'm really sick of the fans (not just Rose, but some people in the fandom) using the KSIBTU hashtag, which doesn't respresent Kristen at all. She doesn't come across as someone who wants to be better than anyone. She's just doing her work, and doing her own thing. So what's the point of saying "Kristen Stewart owns your ass" or "she's so much better than you"? That doesn't represent her at all. I still love Kristen and Rob though, it's not their fault.

Rose said...

Well Kami and Dani... I appreciate your point of view...
But when I pull out KSIBTU-- it's aimed at her asshole haters... Not the average fan or non fan.
Why do I say that? Because no matter how much hate and bitter bullshit they throw at her...

"The public kind of burned me at the stake. But that's OK, I can take it. I'm not dead."

She can take it. She's still standing.
And yeah... She is better than every one of those people.

Rose said...

Welcome back, Flowergirl-- I don't blame you for stepping away at all. Makes perfect sense! lol

Super RN Gas Passer said...

K is going to be damned no matter which way she turns so why should she care ? There's no way to win when you are subjected to public scrutiny and then of course everything else is photoshopped and then when you add the loonies what's the point ?

Enjoyed the post Rose and yes welcome Flowergirl and Kami

Nisan said...

I love your blog because you speak the truth. Thanks for that.

Gi Oliveira said...

I really love everything you write...always. I feel well here ��
Thanks for that

No one special said...

It's refreshing to read comments from a 'fan of both' to be not bitter, not making up stories, not unkind to Rob's partner Twigs and accepting what is. It made me chuckle too, so double bonus. Thank you.

live guest said...

Why would it be hard to comment about Rob. All of you loved him once. He is the same Rob, only different girlfriends. He seems to be living his life the way he wants, choosing his films that interest him and enjoying being rich and famous. What's not to like about Rob. I can always find plenty of things to say about what a good, kind, humble person he is and a fine actor.

Rose said...

Thanks for the nice comments ❤️

Live guest: I do comment about Rob. I still like him... There isn't any reason for me not to.
There just doesn't seem to be much to say lately, but I hope that changes soon.

Anni said...

Is still love Kristen and Rob. And also you and your blog, Rose ❤️

Anonymous said...

Keep your blog name. It's yours. I wish Rob would marry her already too. Get it over with so some people can move on. Rip the band aid off. I have to admit, I'm more interested in Kristen's career than I am Rob's. I'm just not interested in what he's doing. The last movie I saw with him was the Rover and it was not to my taste at all. I've since stopped seeing everything he does (or Kristen for that matter) and will only see it if it aligns with my taste.

Pattybg said...



Pattybg said...


Pisteuo said...

Ahhhh....Rose, I see you are still keeping it real.
I'm just checking in...after a long absence. Had to take a break...you understand.
Can't even believe the folks are still on the baby brigade. That's unreal. Oh well...guess ya really can't fix crazy. LOL!!!
Happy, happy, happy!!!

zsuzsip said...

Rose thanks for always keeping it real with a dose of humor,both R&K are lovely young people,&good actors to booth,and so hard to look at!

Rose said...

Pist! Long time no see...
And of course I understand the need for a break.
Everyone can use one every now and then.
Glad to see you made it through the fire.... Hahaha.
Good to see you :)

Pisteuo said...

Uh-Oh! What fire? Was I burned at the stake or something? LOL!!!

Rose said...

The fire from the Hell that is this fandumb.

Pisteuo said...

Oh...the "fandumb" and all it's hell fire...well, it's really easy to escape when you aren't part of the "fandumb" and are just a fan.
I'm really happy to see you still post. :)
Did the book blog go up in flames? I can't find them.
Where's Dreamer? Hope all is well.
Hugs to you, Rose and Roseland! :)

ADD said...

It's been a while. The whole Variety issue proves how little we can trust the press nowadays. We're not talking about a tabloid here, it's Variety and they screwed up.

I'm very happy that "Certain Women" and Kristen got good reviews! After "Clouds of Sils Maria" I'm getting used to all this critical acclaim. Long overdue.

DreamerKind said...


I am always around and well. Thanks for asking. Wishing you love and peace, as ever.

Barb said...

Hey Rose! It is all home month!

I can't believe some "FANS" are still on the baby train!
That is just DUMB!
I'm not wishing Rob would hurry and get married though 'cause I think he tends to fall a little fast. Maybe he needs to take a step back. I'm not saying back to anyone...just back.
I'm always happy to see them (R and or K) doing well. Happy for all their success.

Marjorie1211 said...

Happy Birthday Rose!

ADD said...

Happy Birthday Rose! I wish you all the best!