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Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!


This still remains...
to this day
my very favorite Rob 'walking' 
I don't know
It was at the beginning of all the Twilight madness...
He wasn't polished
He wasn't particularly well groomed
his clothes were wrinkled
his hair was kinda a greasy mess
he was shy... and humble
and adorable.
And he was goofy and unpredictable
and silly and a breath of fresh air.

Rob was the first (and last) 'celebrity' that I actually
wrote a fan letter to.
I never did that before...
wasn't even tempted.
But there was something about Rob that
made me want to.
I asked for an autograph.
He sent me back two.
That was in 2009.

And contrary to some fools opinions...
I still like Rob.
Why wouldn't I?
Just because I don't have as much to say
about him as I have in the past...
Doesn't mean I don't like him.
Just because I don't get all worked up
over every negative comment about him
and go looking for fights...
Doesn't mean I don't like him.
Just because my ovaries remain intact
and I keep breathing...
Doesn't mean I don't like him

How can you not like THIS guy?
Doesn't he make you smile?
He does me.

I have zero reason to dislike him.
There isn't anything Rob has done
to make me not be his fan.

Because Kristen and him are no longer together?
I don't blame him.
(And it actually worked out for the best)
People grow up...
People grow apart.
As Rob said...
"Shit happens"

Because he has moved on
and found love with Twigs?
I'm happy he's found love.

It's hard to believe that Rob is 30 years old.
Where did all the years go?

I've been a fan for 7+ years.
I've come down off that cloud.
And maybe my feelings aren't overwhelming anymore.
Maybe I learned my lesson in being overly
invested in an actors life.
I would hope that I can live and learn
and realize that even though 
some feelings change...
Some always remain.

That's where I am with Robert Pattinson.

I can still look at this gif of him walking...
and smile when he smiles.
And appreciate that no man
has even come close to that walk.

I still wanna know about him.
I'm still interested in his career.
I still want to watch his movies.
That will never change.

This post is brought to you by 
the enduring friendship 
of Robert and Thomas.

And because I wanted to get a picture of Tom
in here somewhere.


I wish him love and happiness
on this day...
and every day

(And it looks like he found both)

Until next time.

Bye for now


dani pitter said...

Happy birthday Rob!! I'll admit my fangirl level has dropped a bit since his last movie came out (MTTS in 2014) but I still like him too. He's 30 OMGG!! Time flies!! I've been a fan since 2008. I also made a bday post on my own blog, ParamoreRKLife. Check it if you want!! :)

Nisan said...

I am still definately a fangirl of Robert Pattinsons. His personal life is not my business. I adored him and Kristen together and if I was honest, it would have been nice if they made it work and lived that happily ever after, just like the books, but alas this is the real world and that's not what happened. So I will continue to support both Robert and Kristen, both wonderful actors and hopefully wonderful people.

ADD said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Wow 30--time flies!

DreamerKind said...

Wow, Rose, you fortunate fangirl, getting autographs back in the day!

Whatever works to safeguard his personal life, he does it, so I say bravo. I did leave a message on the last post, too.

Go Robbie go, on your 30th, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

live guest said...

Happy 30th Birthday Rob. You are one sweet, charming, sexy, humble, nice, charismatic man, did I say sexy....all those things. I have been your fan since Twilight and will continue to be your fan as long as I live. I have watched all of your films. You are a terrific actor and transform yourself into each character. Looking forward to seeing LCOZ and Good Time. Can't wait for them to come out. Keep being yourself, don't ever change and amazing that your fans collected over $17,000 for your Go Go Campaign charity. That money will go a long way in helping the orphans in need. I could say a lot more about you but I will stop. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

melina mf said...

ok... 3 things : happy birthday to robert
I literally melted , Rose, with the photo of your boys, on your twitter account, in Mother's Day and 3rd, I can't read anymore about what the fandom should or should not do , bc, simply there is no fandom. Rob and Kris are not lovers, are not friends and it seems that they do not even talk to each other.

zsuzsip said...

What a wonderful insightful post Rose,no truer words were written,loved it!Rob looks&seems happy & that is all that counts for me as his fan!Hope He had a great & Happy Birthday!

VJ Shoegal said...

I hope Rob enjoyed his birthday with FKA, family and friends! Always, good to see him smile...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Loved the post Rose. " A silly breath of fresh air ." That was it exactly ! Happy belated birthday Rob !

Diane Lola said...

Bravo à Kristen pour son talent tellement fière de notre fille