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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, June 1, 2016



I feel it.
So fucking satisfied.

As a fan of Kristen...
How can I be anything... BUT satisfied?

2016 has been a helluva year so far
hasn't it?
The girl never stops.
And you can't stop looking... can you?

She's fucking magnetic.
You HAVE to see what she is doing.
Who she's with.
You can't help it.
Because we are DRAWN to her.
That's part of what makes her a star.
Part of her CHARM.

Certain Women
Cafe Society
Personal Shopper

I want to see them ALL.

Kristen's stunning beauty is satisfying.
That she is the face of Chanel...
That people care about what she wears.
That she is edgy
And cool
and always gorgeous
without even trying.

You know what else is extremely satisfying?

That all the Bitter Bettys were so wrong about her.
The ones who screeched that her career was over
and no one would ever work with her again...
That she was DONE.
I hope they are choking on the bitter.

Oh how satisfying.
All the critics who love her...
All the praise for her performances


Guess what else is gratifying?
Whenever a picture of Rob and Twigs shows up.

Not because I care about their relationship
(sorry... nope)
But for a couple of reasons.
1. Rob seems happy.
That's cool.
but more so for
The Baby Cray who lose their shit
every time a new picture shows up that
proves them to be fucking liars.

I don't know why...
but there is immense satisfaction 
when they make up excuses
and pretend to 'know something you don't know'
again and again
Rob and Twigs are just living their life
(in NY lately)
and again and again
the Cray

It doesn't matter how many times you claim
they are wearing the same clothes...
or jewelry...
or if they see each others friends socially.
They aren't sending you signs.
There are no talkative cousins.
There are NO sources.
Rob and Kristen are NOT together.
They are NOT hiding 2.5 babies.

They could be in the same State.
Standing side by side.
And it wouldn't make any difference.
Because they are not together.
Don't these people get tired of being wrong
ALL the damn time??
EVERY picture of R/T together is a lie?
EVERY person who sees them together is a liar?
Does that seem logical in any sense of the word?
Why do I bother trying to find logic
with the illogical?

No marriage
No children
Do Not Pass GO
Do not collect $200

And you know what else is incredibly satisfying???

Not giving a flying fuck
(is that like... the mile high club?)
About Rob OR Kristen's relationships.
God... how nice it is to be over that bullshit.
To sit back and laugh at the angst and drama...
From a distance.

Sorry Twigs and Alicia.
But I just don't.
It's not personal.
Maybe it's me...
(but I really think it's you.)
Rob looks happy.
Kristen looks gloriously happy.
And that's truly all that matters.

Is Kristen working her ass off
making lots of interesting movies?
Is she doing lots of promo and events?

Does Rob have sex hair reminiscent of 2009?
Is he making movies at his own pace
and doing what he wants to do?


Tom Sturridge.
Those eyes...


Lets not forget about the extremely satisfying
Nicholas Hoult.
Did I say extremely?
Why yes...
Yes I did.

I can't get no satisfaction
I can't get no satisfaction
'Cause I try 
and I try 
and I try
I can't get no, I can't get no


This post is brought to you 
by being happy
and accepting the truth
when it is right in front of your face.

It will be OK.
The world still spins
even though Rob and Kristen
are no longer together.
Come down to earth
and check it out.

Until next time

Bye for now.

Happy Birthday Marilyn


melina mf said...

whenever I see Kristen with Alicia , there is no difference , if alicia, Cj or Susie is next to her. I am sorry, but I do not see the love and hapiness you see.
I can see that in her professional life , but I don't know if she is happy in her personal life.

Nisan said...

Love your blog, love your pictures, love your insight. I agree, its satisfying to see Kristen doing so well. Sorta feel vindicates :-), not that my opinion mattered to anyone else. I'm a Kristen fan, mistake or no mistakes. Yes, she is everything you describe. Stunning and talented. Like Rob always said, "she amazing".

Anita Swartz said...

Nisan...I just have to say "ditto" to all you said! It's like you were reading my mind, you aren't are you because I would blush! I was just picturing Rob naked, ok I'm alright now!

I can't wait for movies, movies, movies, Rob's and Kristen's. I'm so proud and happy for Kristen, she's got it going on!! Queen of Canes (is it
Canes or Cannes, can never remember) who cares! I will always support these two wonderful, talented people because they are not only talented and gifted but because they are good, kind people.

Rose thank you for your sincere honesty. You keep me sane! Also, you always seem to have a picture that I've yet to see (I'm jealous).
God Bless you all,
Anita (Atwiggs) I had the name before aka, it's my family name!

Cindy said...

Well common sense reason and logic are not hkn and her followers strong points are they 😧 i would love for someone to explain to me how their sick twisted fantasy of Rob and Kristen being married with kids affects theirvlives in any way shape or form 😕

Cindy said...
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Diane Lola said...

Je suis tellement fière de Kristen vraiment la reine de Cannes j'ai hâte de voir des films je ne trouve étonnante comme une jeune femme elle est tellement bien dans sa peau heureuse ça me donne le sourire les gens parlent sur sa vie privée et elle s'en fout elle a tourné la page et à l'avance avec fierté j'aimerais bien que les femmes prenne un exemple Sur elle continuer à vivre et être heureux c'est l'essentiel dans la vie

ADD said...

The baby cray--well I feel sorry for them. I mean you have to be kind of f*cked up to really believe in this. They live in a different world.

Kristen has a lot of interesting movies coming soon. My favorite is Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.

live guest said...

Can't wait to see LCOZ. I think Rob will gather some new fans with this film.

Lifestoshort said...

Awesome Post Rose.... I totally agree.

Lifestoshort said...

Sorry I should have introduced myself. I am a Rob.....Kristen....Tom.....and Nick fan, individually. Love them all. Based solely on their careers. I don't want anyone in my private life so why be in theirs,? With lies non the less? Have you seen the report put up today on Hushtruth.me
It is so good.... It gives a shoutout to you.

live guest said...

What did everyone think of Rob's showing up at the Dior Fashion Show as the VIP guest of honor, siting with the Dior people. He was as handsome as ever, polished and very suave. A four minute video from the Dior site is up about him. I think the only thing that may have irritated him was to wear the cropped suit pants which is the male fashion thing for 2017. I am so proud to be his fan and love how he comes, sees and conquers all at the same time.

DreamerKind said...

In July, a curious lot, it's not bad. I am here, and you?

Who Am I?

Nina Simone

Who am I
Who am I
Was it all planned in advance
Or was I just born by chance in July

Who on earth am I
My friends only think of fun
They're such a curious a lot
Must I be the only one
Who thinks these mysterious thoughts

Some day I'll die
Will I ever live again
As a mountain lion
Or a rooster, a hen
Or a robin, or a wren, or a fly
Oh, who am I

Do you believe in reincarnation
Do you believe in reincarnation
Were you ever here before
Have you ever had dreams
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Some time before in your life
Have you ever had that experience
So you must question

All the truths that you know
All the love and the life
That you know and say
Who am I

Will I ever live again
As a mountain lion
Or a rooster, a hen
Or a robin, or a wren, or a fly

If I'm one of those lives
That have been reincarnated again
And again, and again
Oh, who am I

Thaks to/Rik Hofman

Pattybg said...



live guest said...

This blog used to be about Rob Pattinson at first, but now there is hardly any mention of Rob, so I really have no reason to come back if no one wants to discuss Rob and his career. I loved his movie COAL and his role as Charles was amazing. But there is no use to discuss him if everyone here is on board with only Kristen and Nick Hoult. So it was fun for years when Rob was in discussion here. So long.