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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We'll Always Have Forks...

I've been kinda busy lately.
Life comes at you pretty hard sometimes.
Is that a line from a movie?

There has been LOTS of Rob and Kristen
(and even some Thomas )
in the news.

Rob was at some Dior thingy
Kristen was at some Chanel thingy
They both looked
I mean...
with a fucking capital P.

And be honest...
Did it make you kinda giddy that Dean was there with Rob?
all is right with the world.
Things are as they should be.


Isn't it wonderful that BOTH
Rob and Kristen
are doing so well in their careers?
They are getting wonderful reviews from critics.
They BOTH look incredible.
They seem happy with their lives.
Isn't it great?

I wish it would be so easy and peaceful.
But alas...
We still get the idiots who have to trash one
to build up the other.
And I mean that on all sides of the aisle.
(Can an aisle have more than 2 sides?)

Take this recent incident... for example.
Rob and Kristen were on the SAME FLIGHT
from Paris to LAX.
OH NO!!!!

The angst
The bitterness
The anger
The giddiness
The nostalgia
The laughs
The endless searching of airplane seating charts!
(It was all fucking hilarious... really)

So HKN and LoonLurker and their crew were SOOOO happy!
Truth Bombs People!
Because if you ride on the same flight as someone...
It means
It means
It means you are secretly married with 3 babies
and you are about to SHARE THE TRUTH
with the world!
Who could possibly miss these kind of signs??
Rob and Kristen had cars waiting for them
and they were parked NEXT to each other!!
They walked through the SAME airport
and out the SAME doors!

And don't you know...

That crease...
That crease on her flat tummy
that's PROOF of her having 3 babies!
Some sort of c-section scar...
It's her showing the world that she is
Maybe twins this time!
(Bella and Edward!!)
Babies number 4 and 5!!
It's from sitting on a plane for 11 hours.
(nah... that's too sane)
I mean...
Kristen's Mom Jules LIKED the pic!
That means BABIES!!!

Yeah... pretty fucking CRAZY isn't it?
And it never stops.
No matter that Kristen was on the plane
with her girlfriend, Stella.
Let's just ignore that Stella has been in her life
EVERYWHERE in her life for months.
Let's just ignore all the pictures of Rob and Twigs
that have been out there for years.
Let's just scream PR! PHOTOSHOP!
whenever something comes up that shows
that you are completely delusional.
Let's ignore every rational thought
 and focus on that crease!

And let's not forget the PRessed 'fans' OK?
Some of them were pulling out airplane seating charts...
We can't have Rob sitting near Kristen!!
There had to be other flights!
Rob and/or Kristen wouldn't fly on purpose on the same plane!
Was this some bizarre PR move by Kristen?
Was she trying to 'cash in' on Rob... AGAIN?
It burns their biscuits
that Rob and Kristen were in close proximity
for any length of time
Even though as I mentioned before...
Kristen was with Stella.
(Poor Stella... always thrown aside)
And Rob and Kristen have been broken up for years
There were all these bitter rants...
(My favorite being this one)

No shit?
It was a fucking plane ride, Dickwad.
Why so fucking worried?

No one has any idea what kind of relationship
Rob and Kristen may or may not have.
They could be friendly.
They could talk.
Who knows?
It doesn't mean they are going to run back
into each others arms... 
Does anyone really want that at this point?
(OK... Don't fucking answer that.)
Let's face it...
No matter where they are now
No matter if they talk or not
Even if they hate each others guts...
Kristen will always have so much more of Rob
than you ever will.

There has been an endless showings
of Twilight... New Moon... etc
on TV lately.

I read that some people have a hard time
watching these movies.
I don't feel that way.
I enjoy them.
Twilight and New Moon especially.
They make me smile.
Rob and Kristen make me smile.
They were so in love...
and going through the Twilight Tornado...

Their bond was so strong.
It was fun to watch.
It may be over
but we'll always have Forks.

This post is brought to you by the letter L
and the letter T.

L for
Fucking LET it go.
Stop bitching about Kristen for just ONE day.
Do you think its possible?
Stop insulting Rob for 24 hours...
Can you do it?
Stop comparing Kristen and Twigs
and leave them both alone.
Stop using one as an excuse to bash the other.
Stop pretending you know what is going on
in their personal lives.
You don't.
Stop vomiting bullshit and declaring it the truth.
Just because you say it...
doesn't make it TRUE.

T for...


He's in the play 1984
and let's talk about how quirky and weird Tom is.
I love it.
He's so... Tom.
Part of his ENORMOUS charm.

Green Sheep.
Fucking Forever.

P.S. New Moon is on my TV right now...
and my favorite quote was just on

Jake- I love you
So... Please... don't make me choose.
Because it will be him.
It's always been him.

It's always been him.
I loved Bella and Edward.
I will always miss them.

And then forever.

Until next time

Bye for now.


Adriana Castro said...
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Anonymous said...

This was goddman perfect!!! THANK YOU....My thoughts EXACTLY from start to finish!! It NEEDED to be said!!!!

rolange said...

Lovely post Rose. At first, I had a hard time watching Twilight but once I started watching I just fell in love with the movie all over again because it's always been about the characters for me. I'll always love Bella and Edward. Kristen and Rob were a bonus for a time and it was almost too delicious to last. So it didn't. I do wish they could've remained friends because I thought that that was the best part of them, how they laughed and giggled together, bonded over music and books and movies. But oh well.

Rob looks good.
Kristen looks good. I do hate the hair though.
Tom has his own quirky style but it's nice to see him too.

Thanks again for the post.

Marion said...

Maybe it was for the best that they cut contact with each other. I think there will always be a mutual respect between them and that's all they'll ever have. Sadly I'm in the group that cannot watch ny of the Twilight movies, because the memories are too painful for me. Maybe in another ten years I'll be able to watch them, because enough time will have passed to get over the tragedy of what happened to Rob and Kristen,but inyhe meantime I can't look at the films. After ten years it won't be as bittersweet and perhaps I can look at them as I once did for fun.

ann smith said...

I have been checking your blog almost every day since April to see if you have written anything new. What a treat we all got today! Fabulous as always. Love the pictures you choose. Love your wit and humour. Thanks for this. You manage to keep it real.

Kelly Pullen said...

Yippeee! Finally, that was way too long.

DreamerKind said...

Some wait for a lifetime, if they love. They're unsinkable!

I'll Never Say No

Harve Presnell
Play here:

live guest said...

Marion, you are the perfect example of people living their lives voraciously through a celebrity. Twilight were fun movies for all and you should be able to watch them anytime you wish, for fun and because Rob and Kristen were fun to watch. It shouldn't be painful for you because they are no longer together. They were thrown together for five years, but when someone else came along, they grew apart. They may still be friends, who knows, but I wish you would think of them as a fun couple in movies, not it being painful for you. Remember, they didn't leave anyone personally, so don't make it personally. Go watch all the Twi films and enjoy them. Life is too short to put things off. I hope you will.

Marion said...

Well the msin reason why I no longer watch the movies, is because I can't sit there like a hypocrite and watch the movies, knowing what we know now about Kristen. So I choose to turn away from watching the movies and for the record I wasn't living in a la la fantasy about Rob and Kristen. I was just commenting on how unfair the circumstances were in how they were torn apart.

live guest said...

I'm sorry if you took my comments the wrong way. What I was trying to say is the movies is different than actual personal lives. Watching a movie shouldn't make you think of them no longer being a couple, it should be, hey, that was a good movie, but each his own. Just trying to help you through to where it would be comfortable for you to watch Twilight whenever you wanted to and that would not be a hypocrite.

Marion said...

Thanks for your support and you're right. I guess it's just taking me a little longer to simply watch the movies for fun. Eventually I'll get there.

Pattybg said...


Marion said...

Everybody is ragging on Rob for not giving what they thought a definitive answer as to whether he's engaged to Twigs or not. Rob doesn't have to justify or clarify his relationship with her to Howard Stern or anybody else for that matter. It's been pretty obvious for the last three years that they've been together and that's not going to change anytime soon. I guess this a knee-jerk reaction because some have still been believing that his relationship with Twigs is just a ruse and that he and Kristen are still together. How many ways does she have to show let alone already have said that she dates women now, for them to get it. As far as still trying to blend Rob and Kristen's news together is beyond moot, because they're virtually back to being strangers to each other as they were ten years ago. So it's really pointless trying to belittle the fact that they have both grown up and moved on. Some old RK shippers should do the same.

DreamerKind said...

Love is in the blood. Theirs.

It's A Family Affair

Sly and the Family Stone:


DreamerKind said...

Can't help it Rob and Kristen, just adore you!


DreamerKind said...

Like this version:


DreamerKind said...

So much fun, Rose! Like old times..very catchy strain.

Isn't It Romantic

Maurice Chevalier:


DreamerKind said...

Curtis says be together for love to make it right. Just a little bit of love.

Curtis Mayfield


DreamerKind said...


Michelle Featherstone


DreamerKind said...

Why? Who can say after all.

Why Did I Choose You

Barbra Streisand


live guest said...

Looks like has Rob a good chance of an Oscar nod for Good Time. Such good reviews from the critics and people that have already seen it.

Marion said...

I just saw Rob on CBS Sunday Morning and it was a good interview. Mainly discussed his preparation for his role in Good Time and now living a more quiet life without a lot of attention zeroed in on him like it was during the Twilight madness. I think if he had it to do over again he would have kept a professional, working relationship with Kristen and perhaps some people could still look at the Twilight movies without any regret. Eventually Kristen was going to come out, so if they hadn't been in an off-camera relationship (the jury is still out whether it was real to begin with), no one would have given a second thought. Did anybody really believe they were going to get married in real life, not to mention someone who wasn't one of his countrywomen? I'm glad that he's now content in his relationship with Twigs and that he's making the movies he chooses to do. As it said at the end of the segment he's a little older, a little wiser and looking ahead.

beacullen said...

I have not been here FOREVER, but I LOVED this post so much. I still watch the movies and they still give me the same feelings they did when I first watched them. I'll always love them and Rob and Kristen for giving us our Bella and Edward. Great post Rose, hope all is good in your world

hopesecho said...

I have not looked or been on Twitter for a year now. can,t remember when I have been on here either.
It was so much fun while it lasted,when it ended everyone got so mean to each other, I could not take it anymore. I love seeing them this way content, with life.
Thank you so very much Rose for keeping us up to date & I pray all is good with you and all who read your blog.

live guest said...

Rose, you used to write about Rob all of the time and now that he is being considered for all these awards for his highly acclaimed film, Good Time, I would think a whole article about him would be forthcoming. I know this is your blog and you can write what you want when you want but I don't want to think that the only time you want to is when Kristen does something to get your full attention and then you may mention Rob. Just remembering way back when you used to write about him all of the time. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

paroleperaria said...

We'll always have Forks... yes, I agree! :)
And I love that New Moon quote too... <3

Flowergirl said...

live guest...you don't want to tell Rose what to write about, but you just did. And why are you bringing up Kristen when you obviously are not her fan? You know you can always start your own blog. Problem solved.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Holidays!

DreamerKind said...

There is a crack in everything


live guest said...

Flowergirl, and you just told me what I needed to do. I thought this was a place where we all have opinions. Apparently, that doesn't apply to you. Have a nice day.