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Sunday, April 9, 2017

27 Years a Kristen.

Happy Birthday

I could easily go on a long winded spiel
about the whys and hows 
of my complete
and utter
Kristen Stewart...

I've decided to just post a few of my 
favorite pictures
and maybe just try to put into words
my thoughts about her.

I'm not sure exactly when
my thoughts about Kristen changed...
Before Twilight I didn't really know much about her.
And I have to admit that I was kinda jealous
when I found out she was BELLA
to Robert's EDWARD.

I guess that's when it began.

When I started watching her and Rob
fall in love.
I became fascinated with her.
She gave these quirky
And I found myself wanting to know more.

 She made movies that I found fascinating.
And I wanted to see more.
She said things that made me think.
And I wanted to hear more.

She marched to the beat
of her own drum...
And she became polarizing.

The more Rob loved Kristen...
The more some people hated her.
No matter what she did.
She didn't have to do anything.
She was constantly
and brutally attacked
on social media.

I found myself defending her.
I'm not even sure why I felt the need
protect her.
But I did.
Here was this tiny little girl...
(and keep in mind a lot of the abuse 
she received was when she was a teenager)
Who wasn't hurting anyone...
Just loving her boyfriend
living her life...

I continued to defend her...
Even when she hurt Robert.
Because no matter how you want to look at it...
We don't know what happened between them.
We only know scattered bits and pieces.
Rob took her back.
Rob forgave her.
Rob still loved her.

Even if I was disappointed...
(I hate to see anyone get hurt)
It wasn't my place to judge her.
She didn't do anything to me.
It wasn't my relationship...

But this was the breaking point for many.
They couldn't get past it.
They behaved as the jilted lover...
The attacks were vile and bitter.

And yet...
I saw a girl who was hurting too.
I still wanted to shield her.
Stop the hate from reaching her.
I couldn't help it.

No one who judged her
(and continues to do so to this day)
can sit back and claim to never
have hurt someone...
To be free from sin
To be free from doing something they regret.

I believe Rob and Kristen truly loved each other
But sometimes that's not enough.
Sometimes you grow up...
and relationships... don't.

One of the things I love about her the most...
is her fierce determination
to just live her life on her terms.

She's not worried if you approve.
She's not concerned if you don't agree.

A lot of people judge her life
based on what THEY would do
in her situation.
But it doesn't work that way.
So what if you would have 'time alone'
after a break up...
So what if you wouldn't want your friends
hanging around all the time...
So what if you disagree with the
way she chooses to live her life.
So what.
You live your life your way...
let Kristen live hers the way she wants to.
You have to realize by now
that Kristen will rarely do what you want 
her to do...
If it upsets you so much
that you get angry and frustrated and judgey
maybe you should ask yourself why.

I have had people ask me why I was such a fan
of Kristen's.

I'm not quite sure I can put it into words.

I find her completely captivating on screen.
I can't look away
and want her to be in every frame.
I love most of her movies.
Even the weird strange roles...
It doesn't matter.
If Kristen is in it?
I want to watch it.

Kristen is devastatingly beautiful.
I mean...

 I realize that's not a reason to admire someone...
But I love that she's so damn gorgeous
and it doesn't seem to matter to her at all.
Like its not that important
in the grand scheme of things..
And I guess that's true.

I love that Kristen's career has been 
on fucking fire for the last coupe of years...
and that she is getting some of the best reviews ever.
She keeps getting better
and better.
And I will admit that I love
that her critics have had to swallow
their bitter pills
when they claimed she was "OVER"
and that she would never work again.

Silly Ninnies.

I love that she's not afraid to try new things.

Starring in a Rolling Stone video.
Shaving off her hair.
Hosting Saturday Night Live.

She's brave.
Even when she knows she might fail...
She still tries.

She's honest.
She says things that she believes...
even when its not always the most popular opinion.

She's flawed.
Like every other human being out there.
But that's part of her incredible charm.

She loves animals.
How can you not love someone
who loves her puppies so damn much?

She's awkward and real
and says how she feels
and sometimes she doesn't express herself
in the best way...
or sometimes she says
or does something I don't agree with.
But I still admire
that she's there
trying to explain what she's thinking.

It's not that easy to do.

I should know.
I just tried to explain how I felt about Kristen
on her 27th birthday...
and I have rambled on and on
trying to make sense of my thoughts.
It's hard to put feelings into words sometimes.

This post is brought to you by 
Kristen Stewart.

Happy 27th Birthday!

I hope you have happiness
and love and peace and joy
this day
and every day.

You deserve all of it.

Until next time

Bye for now.


ADD said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! Wish you all the best!

M.Dutche55 said...

Happy birthday Kristen Wishing you all the best and more. What I love about Kristen is her honesty. Like she said, "honesty is very disarming", it draws you in; so that's why I'm a fan of Kristen Stewart.

Marion said...

Happy birthday, Kristen! Hope you have a great time with family and friends. I can't wait to see what other movies you have lined up next.

Yahs said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! She's amazing and those who don't understand why are missing out.

LizzieD said...

Dusts off keyboard ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristen!! Rose, you said it all here ... What many of us think & feel but don't know how to express. Kristen being "captivating" on the screen is so right, I've always thought the same.

I hope everyone here is well. My life has changed so much since I was last here that I wouldn't know where to begin.

mahaska said...

Happy Birthday, Kristen!

I am so happy about all the accolades she has received recently. I know that praise is not what she seeks, but I still want her to have it.
She deserves every bit of it and more. She's such a special being - and tries with all her heart to be genuine with herself and with others.
I can't wait to see Personal Shopper!
I hope her new year brings continued success and happiness in her work life and personal life.

...a fan said...

Your defense of Kristen is the very thing that brought me here in the first place!

You had the temerity to defend the Whore of Babylon. How could you! Afterall, she had dared to be human. She had dared to make a mistake. She actually chose to live her own life and did not ask our permission. How could she? How could you?

After the smoke cleared, you were calling for cooler heads to prevail. You would not turn against her. In fact, you never backed down, you never sold her out for “hits”. Kristen was much more than clickbait and you knew it. Before our eyes she went from the “unclean” to one of the most respected actors of her generation. And how did Kristen do it – she did it on her own terms She rose above it – she worked hard – she remained true to herself and she did not suffer the assholes gladly.

And because of that Rose, I stand with you and always will.

Pattybg said...


DreamerKind said...

..a fan & Pattybg

Hey aren't our beloved R & K just as outstanding as we knew they would be? Music coming up for our delight from Damsel and Planned Parenthood videos. Not forgetting Personal Shopper or Lost City of Z as I shall ever adore. Forevermore.

DreamerKind said...

Love can be strange but so evocative, truly unruly.


DreamerKind said...

Gosh, I am cock-eyed but not the organ, only optimistic. Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqz73jygRIQ

VJ Shoegal said...

Happy birthday Robert...I hope he enjoyed his time with family and friends!

VJ Shoegal said...

I just found this video and wanted to share with the Rob fans...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Again, happy belated birthday Rob!


Me said...

Rose. Annswer plzese

Me said...

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Me said...

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Me said...

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Me said...

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Me said...

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Me said...

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Me said...

Hhhlo. Ros.

Me said...

Iii kmow yuo. Wagers are yuiio.

DreamerKind said...


Hello, you remind me of someone who used to post often on here. I am known as the music lady from back in the RPI heydays.

Happy day to you!

Kelly Pullen said...

Rose, did you quit the blog?