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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rob and Kristen- And No One Else

You should be jealous, bitches. ;)

I really don't have much to say (again)
So I just look over my email/DMs and go from there.

Random Thoughts.

1. People are clamoring about some becauseiam person still.
Who? Why?
I don't get it.
I don't get why people let themselves get all worked up over nothing.
I keep getting "Were they together over VD or not??"
What do you want to believe?
This person says they weren't.
And you believe her...why?
Because she 'said' so?
Some random Kristen hater declares that
they weren't together and people go nuts.

I "declare" that they were in fact together...
And spent a very low key evening 
with each other.
I'm pretty sure there aren't pictures
proving one way or the other.
So which is more believable?

Guess what? Kristen is with Rob... not you. Never you.
2.  I swear I try and ignore the same boring bullshit.
I really do.
Because it never GOES anywhere... you know?
EVERYTIME there is a sighting of Rob and Kristen together
It's immediately labeled 'bullshit' or 'PR'.
So... Rob and Kristen supposedly go to a grocery store in the middle
of the night...
and that's for PR?
Come on.
Stop it.
Who goes to a grocery store at midnight in hopes of getting papped?
Who throws a shoe.
(Sorry. Couldn't resist)

Rob and Kristen keep showing up together...
Because they are together.
It's really that simple.
No need to get all worked up over every little thing.
No need for 'proof'.
It's all right there.

The day I see some other girl with Rob
as much as Kristen...
Is the day I will believe that they are no longer together.
Because right now...
It's pretty obvious who Robert wants to spend his time with.
You know the one...
Stunning brunette with green eyes as wide as the moon...
Petite but legs that never quit...
Naturally gorgeous.
And the only girl who has shown up 
in Roberts life-- With Robert
for at least 2 years now.
That be Kristen.

Kristen seems to like to touch Rob's thigh...

3. Oh I've written and deleted about a billion times now.
I keep writing things...
Then thinking that maybe I should just NOT.
It's not worth it.

I mean...
I love to stir the shit as much as the next guy...
But sometimes.
The arm gets tired.
You just want to sit back and enjoy
the upcoming promotion for WFE
And how Gorgeous and Talented Robert is...
Or how Beautiful and Talented Kristen is...
Sometimes you just want to enjoy
the occasional glimpses into Rob and Kristen's life...
(However fleeting)
And just know that you don't need constant validation
for what is right in front of your eyes.
You just don't want to deal with the
Angry. Bitter. Foam.
you just want to sit back and enjoy the show.
Because it really is a good show.
Very entertaining...
(albeit kinda frightening)
and beyond fascinating.
If you like Sci-Fi kinda weirdness
with some psychotic lunacy thrown in.

Sometimes you just want to laugh.
And smile.
And be happy.
Because when you look at Robert's face
whenever he is near Kristen...
You can see how happy he is.
And when Kristen lets you see
an unguarded moment when she looks at Robert
You can see how happy she is, too...
And what's wrong with that?
What's wrong with being happy
That two people have found each other?
Found love.
Found happiness.

Nothings wrong with that.

It's good.
It's grand.
Because that's what love is.

How OLD is that hat?

And to close...

Thomas Sturridge.

What do I have to say?
I watched Pirate Radio for the gazillionth time.
Why don't I get tired of watching you smile?
Why do I melt when you look out with those piercing blue eyes?
Why do I spontaneously combust
when you utter any word...
in the sexiest British accent...

I doe no.
And it's OK.
I don't mind.
At all.

This post is brought to you by the letter *W*

W for

I'm WITH you.
Bye for now


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Kay said...

Poor sad hyenas really need a bath to wash off all of that foam they are spewing, ewwwww......they'd feel so much better.

Have a wonderful day Rose and everyone out there in Roseland. :)

Birdie - thanks for the yummy looking muffin recipe!

Penny Lane said...

I have to think it is the very young that are still concerned about V-Day. They think every holiday has to be a big event.
When 2 people lead hectic lives sometimes just doing nothing is the best way to celebrate.

Anyone else digging out from the snow?

dottie said...

Seriously, those hyenas need new material. The longer Rob & Kristen are TOGETHER, the more ridiculous the excuses sound.

Keep writing the truth, Rose. It's appreciated more than you know!

Have a great Monday, Roseland!

Safe travels, peace, & love to Rob and Kristen!!!

dottie said...

BIRDIE - I'm going to try your muffin recipe. Thanks for sharing :)

Anna said...

I guess I should thank for keeping me away from sad and desperate hyenas, but just for curious... who/what is "becauseiam"? It's a blog, website, forum, twitter, or what?
I'm lost reading about that. :/

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hi Everyone.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are enjoying President’s Day in the US and Family Day for those provinces celebrating it in Canada.

I hope Rob and Kristen have safe travels and are left in relative peace upon arrival in Vancouver sometime over the next few days.

I’ve never read anything this “becauseIam” person has written and by the sounds of things, I don’t think I want to. I don’t need the annoyance. Why does someone enjoy promoting the hate?

Thanks Rose for keeping up with your blog, when, as you say, it would be easier to sit back and just enjoy the show for a change. Know that many of us really appreciate your efforts in support of Rob and Kristen.

I hope everyone has a good rest of the day.

30 said...

I'm with Anna, out of the loop and happy too be there.But the curiosity is killing me and I need a laugh today. So Rose who is this person becauseiam? (Real original name by the way) I really really want too LMFAO on this one! Come on please share with us some details on this newest delusional twitter "insider" Ya know anyone can and do open many twitter names,they find some sick entertainment out of this too fuck with people.

Hope said...

Hi Everyone...No Snow here...High of 75

DK...still giggling over the song you posted
"Lost in the Supermarket"...LOL

Birdie...trying your muffin recipe too. Thanks.

angelica1 said...

Penny - I agree, youngsters don't seem to get that Valentines' day is a normal working day to most of us. We have a coating of snow but hopefully,it'll be gone tomorrow:)

30 - Trust me,you really,really don't won't any part of that sick excuse for a human being and her f**ked up agenda

Karina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Hi, Rose!!

Sometimes the only thing I can do is to laugh off all the foam these haters are spewing and at their meltdowns...how pathetic.

Robert IS a man completely in love with a girl whose green eyes are as wide as the moon :)

Hi, Anna, 30, Freddie!!! becauseiam is a f**king idiot...she doesn't like Kristen. Believe me you better off not knowing her.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

off to dinner....HUGS

Groovie said...


Love that HB pic, both of their faces look like they are saying "mine!" with smug lil smirks!

Wise words as always. Its wonderful to see 2 people that bring love & happiness to each other. That makes me happy to see. Anyone that is bitter over that is not worth anyone's time.

And I must say, PR grocery shopping is a new low for the haters..hahahaha!

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.

And I hope Rob & Kris don't have a hard time with the asshole papz up in VC when they arrive. They deserve peace & privacy, not fuckery.

30 said...

Hi Angelica! Hi ladies! :) This "person" is claiming too be an insider, I assume? And people believe this smelly dog shit right? LOL Shes obviously just another hag with an agenda like you said Angelica.What scares me is how invested these "people" are in two actors personal lives. SAD.

real pr pro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
real pr pro said...

Sorry for the delete -- typos.

Rose, Rose -- how you can be so naive? As any "insider" can tell you, the Ralph's in Sherman Oaks at midnight on a Saturday night is always crawling with paps! It just SCREAMS PR appearance.
Seriously people -- the only places that MIGHT be more deserted and provide less of an opportunity to be seen are the Britney Spears Center for Responsibile Parenting, The Helena Bonham Carter Fashion Consultancy and the Charlie Sheen Cirrhosis Prevention Research Clinic

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your post. You put up with a lot but it's appreciated :)

I don't know who 'becauseiam' is either...I don't want to, because I believe Rob and Kristen were together for VD just like they are everyday.

Birdie- Thanks for the recipe :)

Hi Kay,Penny,Angelica,Freddie,dottie,30,Hope,Katy and anyone else I missed :)

Brenda said...

I don't know anything about becauseiam either and apparently I don't want to. I read another negative comment though on another site from someone who is still ranting that Kristen is a lesbian. I just shake my head. How young and immature are these people? And why so much hate? Good grief. Take a pill.

Freddie, we're doing Family Day here in Ontario -- except that my husband doesn't get it off. How ironic is that?

Freddie said...

Hi Katy, 30, Kay, Groovie, dottie, Penny, Hope, Angelica and everyone else I may have missed.

Hope - I'd take your 75 degrees. Sounds wonderful. How are things?

Penny - sorry to hear you are having it dig out. We lost virtually all our snow on Thursday/Friday last week then woke up to a winter wonderland on Saturday morning. I knew were couldn't be lucky for long. Stay safe.

Freddie said...

Hey Brenda - enjoy your day. Sorry you didn't get to spend it with your husband.

Hi Rhonda - how are you?

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie-

I'm good, thanks. I hope you are as well. I bought a new Blackberry today..now I just need to figure out how to use it. Lol, I'm a little technically challenged.

Anna said...

Hi 30, Katy and Rose's readers.

Even without knowing what it's "becauseiam" only by the comments think I understand more or less what it's about... whatever she usually writes; hatred and delusion, I suppose.

And I agree with Dottie, hyenas need a new material to feed their unending hate and foam.

All these excuses and denials aren't even funny anymore.

justme@30 said...

Rose...I read your blog every single day and altough you ear all kind of praises (and well deserved) just wanted to say once again how your posts are really wonderful!!
You are sincere, honest and an inteligent person. You don´t have afraid to say and write what you think and nowadays these things are rare...
Thank you <3

Hope said...

Freddie....Hey!!!How are you? We had a fun weekend. K had a cheer competition. We are going on a ski trip very soon...to CO. Do you ski?? The Bunny Slope is calling my name.

Rhonda...Hi!! I am with you...anyone who calls themselves
"becauseiam" sounds full of it. LOL

Off to carpool

Groovie said...

Hi Freddie!
Hi Rhonda, Dottie, 30, Hope and everyone else!

I'm sitting in a boring conference call at the moment lol thank god for internet access on my blackberry!

My boss told me she watched "the runaways" twice this weekend and loved it! We had a nice long discussion about Joan's career and the awesomeness of Kris & Dakota.

Freddie said...

Hi Hope, I'm glad you are well. The trip to Colorado sounds wonderful. Actually, I don't ski. The first time I attempted to ski, I had a close encounter with a toboggan that ended by skiing days. So now I enjoy it from the safety of the lounge/bar/ fireplace. LOL

It sounds like you and IB are both involved with cheering with your daughters. Maybe you’ll meet up one day at a competition.

Rhonda – good luck with your new blackberry. I’m technologically challenged as well. I’m sure you will find it really handy.

Angelica - how did the shopping work out the other day?

Sydney said...

Don't know, don't care who this iambecause character is. I know I got the name wrong, I don't think they deserve me looking back at Rose's post to get the name right.

What I do love is how the nonnies get all up in arms over anyone else saying they have "sources," but this know-nothing ass clown comes along and says she knows they weren't together? Please, spare me. I'm gonna say this time: pics or it DID happen!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE..I just had a moment of insight about you and Mr. Sturridge when I looked at THE picture of him you posted today...

SHHH..Now you have to think..WHO does he favor when HE was young???

Your CRUSH for many years..Paul McCartney!

I will not charge you for that psychological analysis...heh...and I am going to admit this to you....the BUSHY eyebrows, the ANGULAR jaw..its a bit of a stretch...Rob/John Lennon, the first man I ever fell in love with....I think women are attracted to men with certain physical characterisitics... and the British accent is SEXY as hell...

This "Because I am" is reminding me of "Sam I am" from Dr Seuss.."That Sam I Am, that Sam I Am. I DO NOT LIKE that Sam I Am..lol

RHONDA...Youve gone and bought a phone..I love my Blackberry. By the way I saw your text to me...my response, you are probably right!

ANGELICA and everybody else..Happy Monday I am resting my back that I sprained this morning.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Did you check your msgs?

Hope- The ski trip sounds like a lot of fun! I like to ski but I'm not very good at it :)

Groovie- Hopefully it will be over soon :)

Sydney- LOL..

Anonymous said...

Has this Becauseiam person ever been right about certain rumors?

angelica1 said...

Freddie - Was that the dress shopping? I couldn't settle on anything, I'll look while I'm in London. If I can't find anything there, I'll slap myself hard :)

Sydney said...


I don't read this person's twitter or blog or wherever the hell she posts her lies. But as long as I have seen, there has not yet been one nonnie who has ever had a "source" that has been right on any info EVER.

There are various "robstens" who have insider info and I guess they felt they needed to compete. Even if it meant flat out lying.

RPatzz_Spain / Vanee said...

You all should stop this robsten/nonsten crap. The only thing you want to get with this is the attention of another fans and that's pathetic. Robert & Kris are sick of you all 'cos you disturb their PRIVATE life. Instead of create fake stories about Rob or Kris dating mysterious people (to deny their relationship) or giving supposed details about Rob and Kris as a couple, you should spend your time supporting their careers!!! They're actors after all and they want you to support their movies and RESPECT THEIR PRIVATE LIFE...

30 said...

RPatzz.. WTF are you talking about? Just keep running your mouth. Obviously you are lost on this blog and are support for Rob and Kristen careers. All we here is bla fucken bla. And dont come here and reprimand me Rose or anyone else here on this blog. Got it? Rude!

Sydney said...


Perhaps if you stopped by more often, you'd see that we talk about their movies past, present and future all the time. We are all very supportive of their careers. And we don't pry into their private lives. We're here because we respect them.

Also, I see you have your own blog. I'm sure you would not appreciate someone coming onto it and screaming at you that you're doing it wrong. You can blog about whatever you so choose. Perhaps you should offer others' the same courtesy.

beaculen said...

Geez I can't believe some people are still clinging to the PR excuse. So sad, like you said before Rose, those that say they don't care seem to care an awful lot lmao. I can't wait for WFE, it's gonna be soooo good. Happy Monday all. thanks Rose.

ADD said...

Don't be rude. Everyone that posts here (except for the trolls) respects their privacy and supports their careers.

Hope said...

Freddie...Trust me...my main hangout will be the bar/lounge/fireplace!!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Gang!

Hey, who just dropped in from another planet? Just sayin'....

Rhonda said...

I was under the impression we all came here because we adored, respected and supported Rob and Kristen in every way :)

Guess I'm out of the loop again!


Melinda said...

Just dropping by to say hello. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The haters and what they spew is just pathetic rantings from bitter people. We shouldn't give them any attention.

I hope that Rob and Kristen had/have some much needed down time.

Hope the paps and "fans" keep things relatively easy for them in Vancouver.

Wishing Tom good luck on his new play.

For those still battling crappy weather conditions hope it's not too much longer for you.

Have a great rest of the night.

*I*Believe* said...

I like your new little lady avi...she is very pretty:)

Freddie said...

Hope - LOL. Enjoy the "apres ski".

Melinda - Glad to hear you survived the 100+ teenagers.

IB - Hi. Hope you are well.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Freddie!

I am well. Waiting for dinner to be ready so I can feed the troops.

How are you?

Freddie said...

Hi IB, I'm good thank you. I had the day off today and was totally lazy. I'm going to have to get myself going tonight and get some chores done.

Did I see you say that you are off this week? If so, I hope you get to do some thing you enjoy.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~Lazy is good sometimes...we all need a break now and then

Yes, I have the week off...February Break...no big plans just getting a lot of things done...drs., appointments, cleaning etc.

RPatzz_Spain / Vanee said...

my comment (which I wrote at a few other places as well... so yeah, it's a 'generic' comment) is for Rose. She's an inteligent girl and I know she'll get what I'm trying to tell...

Melinda said...

Freddie- I did survive. :) Had a great weekend with a bunch of really cool kids. I led a small group of upper high school girls. Boy they reminded me why I'm glad I'm an adult! Oh the crazy hormones one goes through at that age! Every thing is over dramatic. Still great fun though.

Enjoy being lazy for the rest of the night. Those are sometimes hard to come by.

*I*Believe* said...

I'm so confused:/

Anonymous said...

Hi rose and everyone else out here!

I´ve been reading your blog for months and this is my first time commenting.I have to say you're doing a really great job and your posts always make my day.
I was also wondering who is that "becuseiam" person cus I never heard of her,and I tried to ggl it but didn't find anything.but I don't relly care what she has to say either so I guess the best thing to do with her and all the other nonstens is to ignore them and ,like you said rose,just enjoy the show.
I hope we'll get to see r/k soon 'cus I really miss them and I've already watched all the possible videos/photos/commentary of rob and kristen so I desperately need some new material:)

Kenzz said...

Hi Rose...love the post, as usual...thought your comment about Tom's hat was hysterical!

Hope everyone is off to a great week!

HI Freddie, IB, Rhonda, Melinda, Hope, Sydney, angelica, 30, Super, & a few others I've missed but have propbably gone along their way already!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Fellow Northeast Chapterman!

Are you understanding these comments tonight or am I the only one a bit confused?

Penny Lane said...

Hi Believe,

I think this person is a "super" fan and thinks no one should speculate on her idols lives. She is above all that and not afraid to say so.

Kenzz said...

Hi IB!!!

I must say that I remain blissfully unaware of most of these references...

Rose's blog is my guilty pleasure, but I'm sure (like most of us on here), Real Life takes up 99% of my day! :)

Any special plans for you this week?

Kenzz said...

Hi PennyLane! Didn't think you were still on tonite...

How much snowfall did you accrue today? We got out easy with just a couple of inches...

30 said...

Rpatzz... I still think you are confused. This is not a news blog.

As many times as Rose has stated this, it just seems too go over some peoples heads. This is HER opinion, her blog. Her feelings on Rob and the people in his life. We here regulars, support her opinions and hence why we come here. If you do not like what she says or when and how she calls out the BS. Maybe it's not the blog for you? And as far as Rob and Kristen's "hating people" like "us" as you stated. I tend too disagree. I would think, and this is just common sense talking, they might hate the ones who "stalk" there every move, make hating blogs about them etc.. etc..Really though, does it matter THAT much what Rose says? Some of you take this way too personal!

30 said...

Hi PL! Hi Kenzz! :) You girls are making me LMAO

I was just doing a drive by but I see the idiocy never ceases from some, and couldn't resist. LOL

I hope all is well with you all.

*I*Believe* said...

Kenzz~No big plans just cleaning, appts. etc.

We received about 4 inches of snow here. A least it covered up all the black yucky snow.

Hello PL~I guess I am just a peon and can only wish to someday reach "super fan" status like some others. How are you? I haven't seen you in a while:)

Kenzz said...

Hi 30!

I just love how you say what you feel...you are one fiesty Roselander!haha

Everyone on here, I'm sure, knows how you have Rose's back, and is always the first to jump in when a fellow follower in Roseland is demeaned or questioned as to their intentions...Keep it up, girl! :)

Hope your week is starting out well...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB,KENZZ, how much snow did u get? Hi 30...Well I just wonder how RPatz KNOWS that Rand K are just SICK of us? (If they are sick of Rose, then I take it as an insult to us all who support her )

30 said...

Thanks Kenzz :) I cant help it, I feel Rose gets undeserved BS thrown at her. Kristen and Rob too of course. I will always have there and of course all of you here's back. :)

I hope Rob and Kristen are safe out there in Vancouver. As I remember the pap (leeches) are relentless in that area. Now, my worry will start for them both. As much as it sucked for us not getting any Twi news from BR, I know they had peace out there and were safe.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Super! I think it's just another wingnut.

We received 4 inches of snow.

What's the weather like in SC?

*I*Believe* said...

Hey 30! How's NJ?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB..Sunny and 70. But WINDY. March has come early! Enjoy your week off...sorry about the snow..AGAIN!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post as usual...you speak nothing but the truth, and the hyenas will just have to accept it (although I know they never will). RobertlovesKristenlovesRobert. Have a good week Roselanders

*I*Believe* said...

Aww, it's always nice to hear from Barbara Fenwick!

Kenzz said...


angelica1 said...

Hi Kenzz :)

Penny - I only pay attention to "uber" fans as they have the right to speculate on whether it's OK to speculate on the speculation regarding those who speculate on whether they hate the speculation about their private lives

Kenzz said...

Hi angelica!

You're very speculative tonite!

(or is it morning in the UK?)

angelica1 said...

Kenzz- well I consider it night since I haven't been to bed yet, it's 1am

Rhonda said...


I agree with you. This is my guilty pleasure, not an obsession.
I mostly come her because of Rose and the way she writes. Her thoughts are so close to my own.

Plus, I have met some fabulous ladies along the way that I rather enjoy talking to :)

Hi Everyone!

Penny Lane said...

Hi Believe, Kenzz and Angelica,

Sorry, I got pulled away for a bit.
We have 10 inches of new snow here for those of you asking.

Don't you love how some people get so righteous in their indignation of what is a proper fan and what is not? WTF is that about?

30 said...

Hi "I" :) NJ is good. Supposedly we are having 1-3 inches of snow tonight. I dont mind too be honest, We kind of skipped February this month weather wise and went too April. Last week it hit 70!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI ANGELICA...How is your back? Did you see the doctor again? RHONDA..I'm just watching another episode of TBlood, then to bed...hopefully

Kenzz said...

Hey Super, how's your back? Are you icing and heating for your sprain?

Get better soooooon!

*I*Believe* said...

Everybody take care....gotta go pick up daw from cheer practice:)

Rhonda said...

Super- You're so funny :)

Hi Penny,Angelica,30,IB and Kenzz..

Melinda- I'm glad you made it through the girls weekend and I hope you a nice time :)

Kenzz said...

Goodnite IB and everyone else on tonight...

I'm watching The Bachelor (I know, my IQ has just dropped by several points!), as well as being quite involved in supervising the huuby making seafood paella for dinner...

Hope to check in tomorrow...have a great evening (or morning to our lovely UK ladies).

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KENZZ..Its hurting..I'm going to doctor it up some more in a few minutes.

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening to You All!
Happy holidays to those who are having any...
Happy Birthday to February folks celebrating them.

Ah, Ha! You are off this week and promised to come and play with the NightOwls, remember? When may we expect your presence?

@Freddie & Hope
I'm all about ski lounging le apres ski style and not doing the deed down the hill either.

@Penny Lane
I consider myself a super fan, too, for I fangirl Super.

I adore how you wrote about speculation and I am still speculating about the whys of why they do it.

To help you get better, I'll continue the wand waving and offer you a copy of my cheat sheet! I'll even post it on RL if enough Roselanders friend me on Facebook , so I win that contest!!! Nag, nag, nag.

Shouting out to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd LWA, Kenzz, Kay, dottie, Anna, Annie, 30, katy, Groovie, realPR, Rhonda, Brenda, justmeat30, Sydney, 905a, Melinda, ADD, R_K, BarbF, AND all of youse.
Phew, done with my typing exercise, so please know I shouted out at YOU, too.

OK, I'm done for the momento. Overdone, too.

Rhonda said...

Bye IB- Hope to talk with you later.

Kenzz- Enjoy The Bachelor and your dinner :)

Super- I really hope the back feels better soon.

30- You are quite the defender :)

DreamerKind said...

Have you ever thought about getting out of retail and into a law career, for you would be terrific at defense, luv?

By the way, I am fine, not to worry, when I'm worrying about you.

Melinda said...

I've gotten to the point where I will only shake my head/face palm at the crazy anymore.

The constant "soap box" sermons people keep spewing is quickly getting old. Why people think they know what Robert or Kristen think is beyond me. The only people that know are their inner circle, as it should be.

Obviously we can all speculate on things. Personally I don't think they are bothered by fans who are happy for them. For some they (due to their celebrity) are a guilty pleasure away from real life in a way. That's okay.

When it crosses to an obsession (attacking others for having a different opinion, calculating every little move, dissecting pictures, etc) then people should take a step back. That's when you start looking a little nuts.

angelica1 said...

Hi Rhonda:)

Super - I'm back to se the doctor next week, I'm changing specialist from the neurosurgeon to the orthopaedic siurgeon I think

DK - One can only speculate....

Melinda said...

Rhonda- Thanks I did. Hope you had a great weekend.

Angelica- Hope that switching doctors brings some better news for your back.

I'm getting hungry so I believe I will take off and scramble up something for dinner.

Just wanted to add to the convo on very opinionated people. :)

Have a great night anyone lurking or who comes on later.

angelica1 said...

Melinda,enjoy your dinner :)

Rhonda said...

Hi DK and Melinda :)

Angelica- I got a phone call from the Dry Cleaners today. They said I have sweaters still there from 2009 and did I still want them.

Lol, now who forgets their dry cleaning for 2 years??

DreamerKind said...

You do! The question truly is do you still want them, if not can I have them?

And, did any of the dry cleaning meet the black, sexy requirements I have previously dictated for being a man magnet?

Rhonda said...


LOL! Actually,one of them was black! Maybe that's why my mojo has been a little off. The man magnet has been wasting away at the dry cleaners :)

Who knew??

DreamerKind said...

I did! FGM and man magnet queen of the universe, am I.

Happy to remind you, so your mojo will be working sooner rather than later.

dottie said...

Hellooo everyone!

I would have written sooner but my wrist just recovered from that slapping it got earlier. LOL

Just looking at pictures of the sweethearts in Vancouver. They both look so good. Somehow they just keep getting better and better. I guess being well loved will do that.

I wonder if Vancouver is special to them?

Rhonda said...

Thanks DK!

Now can you do something about my mouth and stop it from over-riding my brain??

DreamerKind said...

I spent an hour or so yesterday, reading becauseiam's blog, for it is something I've never done before, reading a nonnie's blog.

Read, it all, up to date....

It is another side of being logical with an edge of contempt to it. Contempt is not logical.

I surmised that real Life defies logic, time and time again, doesn't it?

For instance, there are people who have miracle healings, and others beating the odds (not logical) and those loving others, even though no one else can prove it.

Life will always one up logic.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ANGELICA...I will be waiting to hear what the Orthopod says... I have my heating pad on my sore spot and hoping I dont have to go back to work tonight. Sweet dreams to you..

DK..thanks for waving the wand again..wave it over to Angelica, too..since you are the FGM Massage Therapist Extraordinaire! Oh, I hope Elvis didnt snore too loud!

RHONDA..I have left things at the dry cleaners before...Out of sight, out of mind...I have some things I need to pick up..thanks

MELINDA...I agree with you, the nonstens or "whatever " they are..need to come up with a new "angle"..it is beyond boring.

FREDDIE..sorry I have been missing you

Im calling it a night..see you all tomorrow..I have to go to the dentist..Im sooo excited..(NOT)..lol

DreamerKind said...

No! Don't change a thing, you are perfect as you are. There will be the One who sees that you are, like we do.

Wrist slapped? Hmm, will you dish some more about that?
Yes, there is magic in Vancouver for all too see, if they will.

lady quinzy said...

hey Rose, got a closer look to that necklace Kristen was wearing when she arrived at LAX & found out it was not the same necklace Rob gave her. it was new one. the pendant is square in shape & it's made of gold.

DreamerKind said...

Certainly the magic wand waves for all healing of all.

If I could get my hands on either of you, as MTE (Massage Therapist X) you would feel better for sure.

Too bad I'm retired and don't fly out for clients anymore.

R & K - Disregard that remark about not flying out for clients, I so would for you two.

Penny Lane said...

I'm just driving by, but what is up with all the argumentative comments by newbie's tonight?

Night all.

Rhonda said...


In my profession I see miracles all the time. And maybe some things we're not supposed to understand, but just believe in the magic :)

Goodnight Super!

Hi dottie!

angelica1 said...

Penny, must be a full moon! Goodnight :)

Rhonda said...

Hi(and bye)Penny :)

dottie said...

Hi DK and Rhonda & anyone else here.

Sorry to be confusing, I was just making a little joke about getting our wrists slapped earlier by the newbie.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- You're a night owl, aren't you?

DreamerKind said...

Walk Right In

The Rooftop Singers-1963
(written by Gus Cannon - 1929)


Walk right in, sit right down
Daddy, let your mind roll on

Everybody's talkin' 'bout a new way of walkin'
Do you want to lose your mind?

Walk right in, sit right down
Daddy, let your mind roll on

Walk right in, sit right down
Baby, let your hair hang down

Everybody's talkin' 'bout a new way of walkin'
Do you want to lose your mind?

Walk right in, sit right down
Baby, let your hair hang down

Thank you/TheVideoJukebox

Penny Lane said...


I wasn't talking about you. There have just been numerous weird comments tonight.

The full moon was Friday so maybe they just had overexposure to the moon beams and it's spilling out tonight.

Now I really am gone.

DreamerKind said...

Moonbeams spilling out, I love the sound of that! Adieu.


You can slap my wrist too, but don't step on my blue suede shoes, as my darling Elvis gets mad at that kind of thing.

Rhonda said...

Penny- I love it! You're always the voice of reason.

Well ladies, I've had entirely too much to drink and I have to work tomorrow. It's been fun chatting. Talk to y'all later :)


DreamerKind said...

The Logical Song


When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.

And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily,
oh joyfully, oh playfully watching me.

But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible,
logical, oh responsible, practical.

And then they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical.

There are times when all the world's asleep,
the questions run too deep
for such a simple man.

Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am

I said now watch what you say they'll be calling you a radical,
a liberal, oh fanatical, criminal.

Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel you're
acceptable, respectable, oh presentable, a vegetable!
Oh Take it take it yeah!

But at night, when all the world's asleep,
the questions run so deep
for such a simple man.

Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am,
Who I am

Thank you/chaouki4ever1

DreamerKind said...

Fare thee well, and rest. I'll toast on some more for you, as your partner in wine.

DreamerKind said...

You're probs. resting/sleeping, so you'll see this comment much later or tomorrow.

Elvis told me to tell you, "Honey, I do snore, a little, but only afterwards, and you will, a little, too, afterwards.".

Kate Hepburn (whom I channel when she wants to say something) told me to let you know that, "Spencer snored, too, darling, and it didn't matter one iota, there were those, THOSE moments before he commenced snoring, to make it moot."

Apparently, only great lovers snore afterwards, and I'll bet my bippy, it's true, Sup.

*I*Believe* said...

Just returned from cheer pick up and I see pictures from Vancouver!!!!

Rob in his MTV jacket....PRICELESS!
He looks so handsome!! What a gentleman. He strolled through the airport so Kristen could be whisked away. How he loves her:)

Rose now you have some awsome "Rob walking" pictures...we all know how much you love Rob walking!

Bren said...

Little Night Owl,

I do believe your little watch is broken, and you are thinking it is 3 am, and time for you to be giving advice....no, no it is early yet, perhaps you and Elvis should get a few more winks....

Hey Mama,

I am having one of those "Calgon, take me away moments"-----what to do, what to do...

dottie said...

Penny - I didn't think you were talking about me, hon. I was referring to the superfans. :)

*I*Believe* said...


How I have missed you! Yes, yes, I know I promised to visit you night owls but I shall have to plan that later in the week, for I have an early ortho appointment with daw in the AM. Although I am not with you during the wee hours of the AM, I am always with you night owls in Roseland spirit!

Are you well again?
Did I hear that Super hurt her back?

DreamerKind said...

You muffalump, I live a whole 24 hours a day, awake or asleep.

Calgon, hmmmm. You've got to clue me in.

DreamerKind said...

Nice to see you, too. Stop by, if you can, or continue keeping us in mind, whatever works.

Super has wrenched her back, that's true.

I am as well, as I can be, while being a silly billy.

However, I 've been watching live coverage of the New Zealand earthquake and must say I am not feeling so lighthearted right now.

Holding their people in my heart and mind. Hoping for miracles.

Bren said...

Hey Lady,

A Calgon commercial...



Brenda said...

Wow, some pap shots of them landing in Vancouver but they are both lookin Gooooood. I'm liking the preppy Rob.

DreamerKind said...

I watched the video and enjoyed the memory jog but I knew what you meant, and wanted to know why you need a Calgon moment, what's the buzz, etc.?

R & K safe in Vancouver and I hope up on some roof, far from the madding crowd.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, and Taylor arrived, too, and hope he is doing well, also.

DreamerKind said...

Hey, how are you tonight? Are you one of us nightowls perchance?


Bren said...


You crazy mama, next time tell me, why are you having a Calgon moment..lol..I thought maybe you lived in Tahiti during the time that commercial ran, making it quite likely you were not familiar with it...ok, enough drama...

Just having one of those days....

word v...bread----not as good, as the one you got...

DreamerKind said...

This does feel strange chatting with you so early in the evening. I need to get to bed before 5am, so I can get up and have a massage, and be awake for it.

Yes, Bren, Marlon and I were living in Tahiti when the Calgon commericials were in full swing.

I took my leisure in a natural spring, au naturel, naturally with my darling Marlon. (He didn't have any movies to make at the time.)

Kind of like, the Last Tango in Tahiti, like that, just sayin'.

Word verf: "untint" and that means not coloring something just for the hell of it, doesn't it?

Like, DK, tell a story but untint it, make it raw, stark, without coloring it light/dark/fun/not fun, see?

DreamerKind said...

My two most favorite word verifs are:



And the new one from this post is:


I fosess but do not obsess nor confess, and you couldn't care less!

Bren said...

Where's everyone?, does everyone retire this early...

I know it feels really weird, the time, I mean...

So you and Marlon got down and dirty in Tahiti--tell me more..

What time do you have to be (not going there) massaged?

I'm driving Miss Daisy tomorrow morning at 9, so I have to go down for the count early tonight....

DreamerKind said...

Down for the count early tonight means what? Do you want to come back here in a couple of hours instead, or keep on chatting and then get out of here?

Massage is a 4pm, but I should shower, brush teeth, eat and drive there, too, before I get one. So, need to be up by 1pm, that's how I roll, if you can call it that.

Bren said...

The question is do you posess or excess...

DreamerKind said...

No, thousands are lurking with us, but they are shy and the regs are bored with my chitty, chitty, bang, bang, so they stay away, when I'm being Mary Poppins.

Usually, I'd post songs in-between chitting and banging, but you've got my full attention, yes, you do.

DreamerKind said...

Come on, Bren, you know I do both, can there be any doubt? What fess do you do? Robsess?

Word verf: "papul" a paparzzi who oozes pus like a pimple does.

DreamerKind said...

Make that what "sess" not "fess" although I'd like to know that about you also.

Bren said...

I can chat for about 15 min, then I do have to split...I can come back at around midnight...and hang a little bit more...

So, I didn't see anything about Tay being with R/K...I don't know I think the paps are going to be ruthless there....if they were all waiting for them today, I dunno, maybe they will put them under tight security....like BR..hope so.

DreamerKind said...

ITA, the paps and obsessed fans will be frantic as filming ends in April and then it will be a while until junkets/comic cons and...stuff.

Money must be made in spades, pretty quick for the dicks.

OK, I do fosess to 15 minutes more and then meeting you around midnight. Don't you fockola me!

Bren said...

You are muy comical, muchacha...

You are saying robsessed as in my Robert, not Kristen's correcto?

Si, mucho sessed....lol

DreamerKind said...

See, we're giving potential nightowls who are still lurking, a sneaky preview of how we behave on the nightshift at Roseland.

Good thing I'm not having a Manhattan, cause I feel the fuck yous are on the verge of blasting out again, and no troll is in sight, so it must be the paps and that is not logical. What gives with that?

DreamerKind said...

Of course, I meant your R for robsessed.

My real problem is that I've wanted french fries and an Italian beef sandwich for a week and have denied myself.

Today, I added wanting a pizza to the deny myself list and that is making me pissy. It seems to me that I am very shallow after all.

Bren said...

Hey you, chitty, chitty, bang, bang, we love you...

You don't have to worry, I will not
fockola you....

(somehow it doesn't sound like the song from the movie--)

DreamerKind said...

Well, it's been more than 15 minutes and hopefully you are gone.

Now, it has struck me that midnight is only 45 minutes from now. So, I'll be back then, for I need to change my attitude from rudiling to darling DK. (Yes, I'm making a cocktail and going to eat a sausage to accomplish that feat)

See you for Act II.

Bren said...


Life is too short to have a deny myself list....

Enjoy all food, but in moderation...

word v...stimula---a word you can relatre to.lol

Bren said...

ok I just screwed up the spelling on the last post...just ignore...

I went 5 min over , but I meant midnight my time, not yours...see you in a hour and a half...more or less..

DreamerKind said...

Bren-You Better Show At Midnight

After You've Gone

Django Reinhardt

After you've gone and left me crying
After you've gone there's no denying

You'll seem blue
You'll feel sad
You'll miss the dearest pal you ever had

There'll come a time, now don't forget it baby
There'll come a time and you'll regret it

Some day when you grow lonely
Your heart will break like mine And you'll want me only

After you've gone

Thank you/mrcmxoner

DreamerKind said...

I fosess to an hour and a half from now, your time, as of course, you are the working stiff of the two of us.

(Boy, I would have thought that you fockolaed me, if I had come back here at my time, and you didn't show-close call, Bren.)

DreamerKind said...

I'd better untint my former remarks...I really don't have a deny me list, that is a game I play with myself.

You see, I can have anything I want to eat, anytime I want, as it is only poor little ole me to consider.

That can get boring, so I tint it up, by pretending to deny myself something, and when I do eat the items I pretend to deny, they are even more satisfying. :0

I'll leave you with my favorite Fairy Godmother joke:

"What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick."

Bren said...

OK Lady,

Where are you?

Funny stuff, magic in the stick...

DreamerKind said...

I am late, as you see....

DreamerKind said...

You know what? I didn't know that the blog I read yesterday, was considered a nonnie one, when I came upon it.

Don't want anyone thinking that. You know me, I am not living my life for drama, dispute or debate, as I'm too lazy and too content, to get involved.

Were you wondering about that?

Bren said...

I went over to RA, cuz they know everything....they are like Sherlock Holmes .lol

It seems one of the angels lives where the earthquake hit today, and they are terribly worried about her, with good reason...my prayers are with that whole community...

DreamerKind said...

I've been there too, and reading about the Angel. Guess there isn't much to tell yet, with power outages and other crises.

Bren said...

Nicole is on phone...brb

DreamerKind said...

Me, too. BRB.

DreamerKind said...

I'm thinking of songs, as usual.

Come back, little sheba.

It's snowing outside, white and clean, but there's ice underneath.


Bren said...

Is the question if I'm wondering why you were reading a nonnie blog?

No, I don't believe you could ever go over to the dark side....

DreamerKind said...

To Each His Own

The Platters:

A rose must remain with the sun and the rain
Or its lovely promise won't come true
To each his own, to each his own
And my own is you

What good is a song if the words just don't belong?
And a dream must be a dream for two
No good alone, to each his own
For me there's you

If a flame is to grow there must be a glow
To open each door there's a key
I need you, I know, I can't let you go
Your touch means too much to me

Two lips must insist on two more to be kissed
Or they'll never know what love can do
To each his own, I've found my own
One and only you

Thank you/iatedmen

DreamerKind said...

Thank you! And may the force (love) be with us, always!

Bren said...

I hate everything about winter, and I don't even live in a place where it snows...have you always lived in that area, and how do you survive all that cold...

I have a nephew and a niece who live in Denver because of the snow and cold...they love being snow bunnies....

DreamerKind said...

You do love the holidays though, right?

I lived in Virginia and Seattle, where the winters used to be mild, not so much anymore.

DreamerKind said...

Wait, it snowed by you several times this season, didn't it?

Bren said...

It snowed twice, once in Dec, and once the first week of Feb.

We also had a couple of wrong forecasts that said snow, but it never did.

DreamerKind said...

That's nice.

Where's our steam, all gone? Got any funny stories to tell me?

Bren said...

What did you get J for her birthday?

Are you all celebrating together, or is it just the two of them..

DreamerKind said...

Won't know until later today when I call J. I am presently out of the loop and in the doghouse as you know, for what you know.

DreamerKind said...


Word verf: "funlint".

Indeed there is great fun to be had with lint, depending upon where it is located, when the fun begins.

DreamerKind said...

Was delayed earlier, so I just ate my Aidell's Portobello sausages, as I said I would, and am drinking a beer, that you didn't know, but might suspect.

Aren't you hungry? We usually snack at the same time.

DreamerKind said...

Where are you? We keep asking and don't hear from you. Write me on FB if you'd like, but don't make me call your mother!

Bren said...


Did you eat your sandwich?

We'll have more to discuss R/K wise, after tomorrow...

I don't remember were the paps this bad for New Moon, or is it that the payoff is better for "the shot" this time around..

DreamerKind said...

It wasn't a sandwick, only sausages.

It appears to be getting to a high pitch, faster this time, as it is the last of the productions for the Saga and for all we know, their last co-starring role.

Cha-ching, cha-ching for lots of folks pockets who can get the scoop, every moment of the day/night.

Bren said...

Actually, I just finished a Klondike...but now I need salt...lol

The reporter in Vancouver said R/K were taken to their lovenest...woo-hoo...

word v...neste--perfect

DreamerKind said...

Not too much pressure on this young couple is there?

Hope they are well secluded and are playing Parcheesi and Yahtzee.

I've never been able to spend my entire time, in a nest, loving it up, have you?

Bren said...

My bestie has been trying to get me to go casino hopping with her, but it seems we can't synchronize...I think I'll call her tomorrow and see if we can get together Friday...she was in Philly last week..and I was stuck on the 8-5's...want to go cha-chinging with us?

I know, what happened to Gwenie?

DreamerKind said...

And where might the cha-chinging be ringing?

DreamerKind said...

For Kristen & Rob:

Let The Rest Of The World Go By

Glen Daly:

Is the struggle and strife we find in this life
Really worth while, after all
I've been wishing today I could just run away
Out where the west winds call

With someone like you, a pal good and true
I'd like to leave it all behind and go and find
Some place that's known to God alone

Just a spot to call our own
We'll Find perfect peace, where joys never cease
Out there beneath a kindly sky

We'll build a sweet little nest somewhere in the west
And let the rest of the world go by

Thank you/ILoveJenni47

DreamerKind said...

Hold on a moment, I'm going over to Facebook and see is she's posted there recently. Brb.

DreamerKind said...

She last posted on 2/14, 8 days ago. I posted on her wall to contact us.

DreamerKind said...

Ascot was calling you again today, did you go there?

Bren said...

Has she been on the blog during the day...

I go days without reading comments, I just read what Rose says...

no, I didn't go there, but I will check out.

Bren said...

One thing for sure lady, we have to use the words fockola and untint, all the time...it's almost our duty wouldn't you say? they were given to you for a reason..

DreamerKind said...

Where are you going to do the casino hopping?

Bren said...

Boy, I guess Rose isn't having any problems finding all those cutie-patootie pictures of Tom, huh...such a sweetie...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...Gah! I just went over to RPL to look at R coming in....damn a bear...How the hell can he be sooo hot? Im starting to wonder how much more I can Stand..hopefully ALOT MORE!

word verf chapi

DreamerKind said...

Heaven opened its portals to me, and gave me those words fockola and untint.

You got stimula, and we must add that to our repeated uses of those words, as required.

DreamerKind said...

Are you hurtin'? I mean your back? Is that why you're up so early?

Indeed, Le Rob is special.

Word verf: "cruckin"-watch out I love this one, too!

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I think you're right, Rose knows where to get those Thomas pics.

Why, other little stops I made by surpise, were to a few of Tom's fansites, talk about good pics and videos. I feel so close to him now, tee hee. We bonded.

DreamerKind said...

Six casinos? You guys must be bored in the desert, or very, very swimming in lard. (Nice image, eh?)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...I think those word verifs are TAUNTING you! Hi BREN

Yes I have been tossing and turning all night cant get comfortable. I have a "stitch" in my side ...will soak some more when I get up.

I am going to try to go back to sleep. Just thought I would "fly by" ltr

word verif drippro

DreamerKind said...

I'm hot like Rob, too and I could tell you why that is, if you're interested?

Bren said...

I love cruckin too...

I was just reading some of the comments, you had some weird posters today...trolls?

DreamerKind said...

Put a soft pillow under the opposite hip and lay on it. Try it, you'll like it and the stitch should be stretched out by doing so. Or not.

DreamerKind said...

Lay on your side, I meant, not back. Pillow under opposite hip of stitch side.

Bren said...

Hi Super,

Heard you were hurting.

DreamerKind said...

Everyone wants to give us instruction on how to be Roselanders, and what to discuss or how do it here.

You know we don't take kindly to that, we are already perfectly ourselves.

They weren't trolls, only smarty pants, and since I am one, we don't need any others. One is enough for all of Roseland.

DreamerKind said...

Oops, haven't seen any Gwen comments during the day either.

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Speaking of lard...a sister of my bff G, owns a pig farm in MN, and she was in the local paper.

Along with the photo of the operation, were the comments that the place was very clean, and that lots had changed from the seventies in animal husbandry.

Good news for us, the pigs, too, I guess if you don't think too deeply about that.

DreamerKind said...

It is a very old expression that means "rich".

If you are swimming in lard (pig fat) you had to have money to buy the pig or pigs, to get that lard to be swimming in.

No insult was intended when using that expression, rather it was like a congrats for the state of the lard owners finances.

Bren said...


Do you want to call it a wrap, suddenly I'm feeling really tired..and I do have to drive Miss Daisy in the morn'..

We'll get together tomorrow night.


DreamerKind said...

Sure my computer is geting slow and that means some cleaning up of files is needed.

Take care with Miss Daisy, she is precious.

Sleep well.

Bren said...


I wasn't insulted, I just didn't know what it meant..

I hope the massage makes you feel like a new smarty pantalones...lol


DreamerKind said...

Time for twilight travel, hither and thither and yon....


DreamerKind said...

As Curly of the Three Stooges would say, "Certainly!".

Pantalones y manana.


DreamerKind said...

I won't be joining you early this am for coffee klatching, as I need to be practical :p and get to the bed earlier than I'd like.

Hasta, baby.

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