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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confession? Kristen Stewart Loves Robert Pattinson

I'm sitting here on the deck of the lake house.
It's 1am Thursday morning.
It's eerily quiet right now... Sitting here alone.
Too chilly for the bugs that usually make noise.
But the stars....
Oh my...
The stars are incredible.
It's so dark here... So few lights to disturb the black night.
And there are so many stars.
"Bright are the stars that shine... Dark is the sky."
Thank you once again, Sir Paul McCartney.

Why am I sitting on the deck at 1am?
Me and 3 of my closest friends are on our 'last summer fling'
K is sleeping, and B and PJ are playing some ridiculous card game.
It must be fun because their laughter keeps filtering through the screen door.
Me? I prefer to be alone with my thoughts right now...
And as always... I have a lot of them.

So please forgive me any errors or mistakes I may make tonight...
I'm typing this on my iPad and I'm sure autocorrect will fuck something up.

The Twilight universe seems to be all about those confessions lately.
Is it a passing fad? Probably.
I have no doubt that while some of these deep dark secrets are sincere...
(still scares the shit out of me)
I also have no doubt that the lunatic fringe has invaded these sites
And will write disturbing confessions for the 'other' side so they can
Laugh and screech about how 'sad' their opposition is.
That's why what was interesting (albeit somewhat strange) before is now corrupt and has no meaning.
Now they have become another place to hate.
Ah well... To each their own.

Speaking of confessions...
I've been confessing my thoughts and feelings about Rob and/or Kristen for the last 3 years.
This blog is an ongoing confession.
I started out spilling my guts to whoever would listen about my
Bizarre 'obsession' with Robert before Twilight was in theaters.
And have found myself still admitting my complete fascination and utter adoration for both Robert and Kristen to this day.
(and for dear sweet Thomas... Of course)

I've never been more convinced than I am right now that Robert Pattinson absolutely adores Kristen Stewart.
And by adore I mean completely committed and lavishly in love with her.
And his feelings are returned by Kristen in every way.
No doubts.

You know what I find amusing?
That now that Rob has let him be seen (this time) in London...
So much whining how it's only for work.
Right right.
Really people?
Does that ease the pain?
Make it easier to swallow the bitter foam?

I miss my smiley gifs on my computer at home...
Kinda sucks.


This post is brought to you by PR...
Im sure you can squeeze more out of that dried up shit
If you try real hard.
Go on now... Keep trying...
Don't let me down.

Tom Sturridge is green sheep.

Bye for now
X's and O's

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Freddie said...


Thanks for posting when you are away. I hope you have a wonderful "last summer fling" with your friends and family.

I'm loving your confessions. The idea of Rob being "lavishly in love" with Kristen and Kristen returning his feelings in every way, is a lovely description for a lovely couple.

Enjoy your time at the cottage Rose, and thanks for continuing to share your intoxication.

Hello to everyone else in Roseland.

Fio - I'm thinking of you.

IB - let us know how your are doing.

Olivia - I hope things have improved where you are.

Take care all and have a great day.

dottie said...

Hi Rose! I almost felt like I was sitting on the deck w/you when I read today's post. Hope you and your friends are having fun. Thank you for taking time out from your get-away to write something for us. You're a peach!

I had the house all to myself today. I've been reading and cooking and listening to music... Domestic bliss! Eggplant parm is in the oven and I can't wait to dig in when my guys get home. Yum!

Hello to all my friends. I hope everyone is happy and well.

Groovie said...

Short & sweet!
And nicely done from an ipad I must say! I want one of those!

Great words & great pix as usual!

Hello to all the regs that will come post! Hope u are all doing well! :)
Sooo happy tomorrow is Friday! Just wish it would cool down, we have about another month of hellish heat here in Phoenix.

Berry said...

Hello Everyone! Great heart felt post Rose. I so agree that Rob and Kristen are truly in love. It is so part of their appeal to me! Rose have fun with your friends...I will do the same in a few weeks. Have a wonder evening ladies!

RKsoulmates913 said...


Rob let pappz to take his pics IN LONDON! He wanted it.So he got it.
What Rob wants, he gets it.

And YES ROB loves his girl as much as she loves him back. It's called love and if those 'uglygreensheeps' don't see it after 3 years, it's because they don't wanna see it. It's the worst kind of blindness.It's the way they live their poor unhappy life ~> in DENIAL!

I'm glad I'm not swimming in this river...
I'm glad I'm part of the best part of this fandom. I'm happy my instinct always guide me for nice places, forums, blogs and people.I'm glad I'm reading this blog and I can see how many wonderful people are still out there/here.

Thanks for you lovely words and blog!

We <3 you!

XO from Brazil

gwen said...

Great post Rose. Enjoy your time at the cottage.

Hope said...

Oh Rose...I love your phrase
"lavishly in love" to describe Rob's love for Kristen.

Hope you enjoy your time at the lake...you deserve it.

HI Everyone! Time for dinner.

Freddie said...

Hi dottie, Berry, Groovie, RKSoulmates, gwen and Hope. I hope you are all well.

Kay said...

Thanks for the nice vacation post, Rose - sounds like you are having a wonderful time at the lake, even though it has been chillier than usual these days...enjoy the rest of your "last summer fling"! :)

Happy almost Friday, Roseland - have a wonderful night everyone!! <3


Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I hope you and your friends have a great time at the lake house. A "last summer fling" sounds really nice.

Thanks for a sweet post <3

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day. Lots of love :)

PL said...


It's great that you have time away, girlfriends are the best.

It is no wonder that fans of Twilight are laughed at and made fun of considering the way some of these fans behave. The only consolation is that it is just a very vocal few that are the ridiculous, at least I hope that is the case.


I hope you are finding some relief from whatever is bothering you.


Stay safe.

Hello to everyone else lurker or regular.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, do good of you to post while you are on vacation with your friends. I hope you have a lovely time.

I agree with everything you said. Rob loves Kris and she totally loves him back. The amazing thing is they know how to make it work with their crazy schedules. That is true love.

I hope all Roselanders are having a wonderful week. See you all next time.

Claire said...

I hope you're enjoying your break Rose!!!


I hope everything is good with you.

And it looks like we'll be getting the BD trailer on Tuesday.

I've just seen the poster, and I must say I quite like it. Although I have one grumble, they have photoshopped out Rob's jaw, LEAVE THE JAW ALONE!!!!

PL said...


You are so funny, but I agree. The jaw should be insured or something and it should be in writing that no photoshopping is allowed.

Kenzz said...

Rose, I enjoyed the more simple look of the blog tonite... kinda old school! Although I also get quite a kick out of all of your creative smiley gifs...

So glad to hear you're having a girl's getaway... I can picture you sitting out on the deck, under the stars, listening to the lovely sound of friends having fun, a glass of wine in one hand and your IPad in the other, blogging away!!! lol Yoe are most certainly dedicated to this little piece of the fandom known as Roseland <3

Hoping all of you in the fire-ravaged areas of the south (TX) are safe; Groovie, sending cooling thoughts your way for the oppressive heat in AZ to lift.

"Lavishly in love".. I agree with Freddie and Hope, what a wonderful turn of phrase! And such an apt, and reciprocated, description for the two of them.

Rose, don't ever sober up; your intoxication is just too compelling!

BTW, Smitty must be up-in-arms about the photoshopping of Rob's jaw... you know how she'd like Rose to only write about jawporn (I'm referencing an older post's comments for some of you regs who remember her survey!)

Hi to Freddie and Rhonda (*waves*), dottie, Groovie, Berry, RKsoulmates, Gwen, Hope, Kay, Claire, BarbaraFenwick, PL and other friends who post later (DK, Super, 30?)

Big hugs sent out to Syd, Smitty and Gruff... May your time together remain "lavish"

Freddie said...

Hi Kenzz - sorry I missed you.

Claire, PL and Kenzz - LOL on the jaw photoshopping / "jawporn".

Super - I hope you are feeling better.

Hi Rhonda, Kay and Barbara.

Have a good evening all.

Kenzz said...

Hi Freddie!I thought everyone must have gotten themselves off to bed, since my comment went unrequited for sooo long! haha

How's the job? Have you acclimated to the new demands? And I bet you're happy the weekend is just around the corner..

We're heading to the lakehouse in Maine for the weekend now that the rains have moved along...if you're stil around, I hope you have a nice day tomorrow <3

Kenzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzz said...

Rose, your Packers are doing really well...my hubs is thrilled as he chose green Bay in his football pool for tonight's game!

Magnolias-blooming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda said...


I hope you enjoy your little weekend away. Sounds peaceful and happy.

Lovely thoughts today. I confess I miss your smiley faces though. They are always perfectly suited to whatever you are speaking of at the time.


A man is not where he lives, but where he loves. ~Latin Proverb

Since my day is almost over I bid you adieu...

Awhile! said...

Thanks Rose! I absolutely love reading your posts! I did, however, get the chance today to sit down and read the full interviews in W and Premiere. Kristen's interview in W read to me as though this was her most comfortable one to date! Then I made the horrible mistake of scrolling down to the comments! I now understand what you mean when referring to foamers, lunatics, nonstens, and all the other people who have a problem with Kristen. They are crazy! I mean they truly need some serious help! I could go on and on but I'm not! But I will say Kristen Stewart is indeed one smart, confident, strong-willed and unique human being! Robert Pattinson came into her life for a reason. They will definitely go far in their lives TOGETHER and I am now 100% convinced that's their plan!

PipDancer said...

I agree that they are completely and very deeply in love with each other, as deeply and committed as humanly possible. So beautiful to see. One of my favorite pictures of them is from this summer, in the car with one of his agents, laughing, so comfortable with each other, subtle touches. They looked like they'd been in bed for days, said to hell with showers, grabbed jeans and tees and went out to dinner with his agent. Completely adorable couple.

Awhile! said...

AND VICE VERSA! There is a reason Kristen Stewart came into his life! Together, they are one AMAZING couple! Watch out Hollywood!

Awhile! said...

Where's Bear? I sware I don't EVEN know that dog... but I love Bear! I really have a soft spot in my heart for that dog! He's so ugly he's cute!!! At first, I thought that dog will eat those people up and their cameras. But, with a mama/papa like Kristen/Rob...that'll never happen!

Awhile! said...

@PipDancer--I have so many favorite pics but I think the one one Premiere cover is my absolute favorite. That pic has been on this website. My favorite interview/quote is from the Harper's Baazar shoot. When the question is asked "who googles themselves more?" Too Funny!

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning!

It's Friday, again, and that's so great.

I like the post style on the IPad, too. Certainly, I agree with you on R & K, to the nth degree!
Also, wish you a fine time with your friends.
(I see there are new pics of Tom & Sienna, as you requested.)

How clever you are to think of my selling my overstock, on a sort of Roseland ebay site. If I only could. But, today I've made great progress....the project continues.

Regards to Smitty, Gruff, & Syd.

Going to sleep early tonight. Hasta la vista.

katy said...

Hello Rose,

Sweet post!

Ohh yes, I also have no doubts that Rob loves Kristen and his fellings are reciprocated by Kristen in the same way.

Hope you enjoy your time at the lake, Rose.

Happy Friday Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Freddie, DK Claire, Melinda, Dottie, Groovie, Gwen, Rhonda, Kay, Hope, Penny, RKSoulmate, Berry, Barbara and everyone else.

sjjw said...

Good morning everyone! I tried to post a comment last nite from my ipad, but I failed. I'm not quite as proficient as Rose it would seem!

I hope all are well this a.m. It's been raining so much here, I forgot what it sounds like when it DOESN'T! I see our lovely couple may have joined another lovely couple (Tom and Sienna) out last nite. I hope all had a great time!

Life is super busy these days, in a good way, so I'm not around as much. Take care and HAPPY FRIDAY!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSE and ROSELAND...

ROSE..What a lovely post! I can just picture the black sky and the stars, the quiet solitude...the simplicity of the post I thought added to the charm...thoughtful, reflective, truthful...confessions, absolute truths..R&K are deeply in love and committed, the lunatics...are...well...lunatics..the more things change, the more they stay the same:)

I continue to have this unrelenting cold...but hopefully, it will "adios" soon. I confess that being sick is something I dont do well...I am a whiner....why me????? I have too much to do to be sick..the nerve! Thanks to All that inquired:)

Well, Thank God its Friday...Have a wonderful day Everybody!

angelica1 said...

Morning everyone!

Rose - I couldn't agree more!

Claire - It should be illegal to ever photoshop Rob or Kristen, it's so unnecessary :)

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

Angelica & Claire- I agree, photoshop is not needed with these two :)

Super- I hope you get feeling better soon.

Happy Friday! I hope it's a good one :)

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland,

So happy for you Rose that you have some well deserved get away time with your best friends at the lake house. Enjoy these treasured moments of goodness and sanity in such beautiful surroundings.

Super, hoping you are healthy and over that cold as soon as possible. No fun being sick.

Thank you y'all , PL, Kenzz, Freddie, Melinda, DK and any one else I may have missed, for your good wishes for the Southwest chapter of Roseland. For those of you being inundated by all the rain, we would gladly channel it this way if that were possible. Relative humidity the day before yesterday.....11. That's crazy. I don't ever remember a RH reading that low. Must say that the weather yesterday felt beautiful....around 90, again low RH and of course sunny. It is a tragedy however when you see in the news reports about how many new fires have ignited each day and how many homes have burned down. It is frightening because no end is in sight unless a tropical storm/hurricane comes in to break this pattern. There is an excellent daily report,
( click on section 4, down to the bullet called
Daily Situation Report pdf ),
put out by the Texas A&M Agri Life people at:


It is one of the best update sites, other than your local news, if you are in TX. for current news on new hot spots.

Fio, have kept you in my thoughts and prayers, hope you are feeling better. To help with stress, I think yoga and meditative breathing are always worth a try. There are some wonderful videos available if classes in your area are not available. Both are so calming and help to keep you in the present moment and help train you to keep your mind from wandering and overloading. With practice you can create some peaceful, calm, quiet space in the middle of a busy, overwhelming day.

Groovie, wishing you too, some cooler weather. Did you experience those other worldly dust storms? Saw pictures and could not believe the size of the dust clouds.

Take care Roseland.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Hooray for Friday! The weekend is just around the corner. I'm ready.

Claire said...

@Freddie, Angelica, and Rhonda

Butchering that mans jaw is sacrilege IMO LOL

For Syd if he's lurking

The World Cup has started today, good luck to your boys in green, given their last few performances, they certainly need it!!! PMSL

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland.

Olivia: I wish I could send those in the southwest chapter of Roseland, the rain that we are having here( it is so badly needed over there so much more)
Be safe.

Fio: One day at at a time. It might not feel so now, but things always get better.
So happy that Rob and Kristen are having a peaceful time of it in London.
The lunatic fringe and some so called fans can piss off!

I see the 14 year old girl in London whom the pathetic were /are still attacking has articulately put them in their place on YouTube. A virtual high five from me to her.

It'll be an emotional weekend since this weekend is the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001.
Take care everybody and have the best weekend you possibly can.

Birdie said...

Good morning Rose,Smitty, Gruff,Syd, and of course all the lovlies in Roseland,
I hope you have a fantastic time on your "end of summer getaway",Rose.
I hope today finds you all well or at least on the mend(Super and Fio).
I hope that Mother Nature decides to settle down for all of you still suffering her rath.
I hope Rob and Kristen are sooo enjoying their time together.

Have a wonderful day all!

Birdie said...


Fiorels said...

Hi Roseland and Rose,
wow Rose, I'm kinda jealous at the moment..
that must've been beautiful to sit there with stars right above... Just the kind of things I like..
Hope you have a great time and thanks for posting anyway.

Thanks everyone for your words...
I'm better today so guess it's true that only time can heal the pain.

I agree with you about PS... I like very simple things so don't know why they always feel the need to photoshop the posters like that. It's been like that for Eclipse and now BD...
Anyway looks like we are getting a 15 sec trailer preview later today... Hope it won't be just Jacob...

Mel- love that proverb.
Super- hope the cold goes away soon.
Olivia- thanks for the advice. i actually tried with listening some piano music cause it usually really helps me.. When I realized it was not working, I followed the doctor's suggestion and went down in my garage and started bag-punching, so hard that I hurt my knuckles, but I guess that's what i needed.

have a great Friday everyone! <3

Claire said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Fio

Punch the shit out of that bag if it's making you feel better!!! LOL

I hope the rest of you are having a good day.

cookie said...

Hi Rose, Once again you always seem to know exactly what to write. We Rob and Kristen fans always knew that they loved each other, like maybe love at first sight? Anyway it's analyzed and scrutinized there's no doubt about it that these two were meant to be together,and only the crazed delutional Rob fans will always be in denial and maybe even if they ever get married or have a little one, they will still be saying it's fixed and PR. They will never ever accept the fact about Rob and Kristen are together. Keep writing, I for one always look forward to it. I,m very excited about their upcoming press for BD. Take care, you're awesome, and I'm sure if Rob or Kristen ever read any of your blogs, they would be very happy and thankful.

Melinda said...

In the words of Rihanna...cheers to the freakin weekend!

Fio- Well...punching a bag is one way of letting it out. Just think you will have some killer arm muscles when it's all over! All joking aside, I hope that it does the trick and you will feel better inside soon.

Claire- I just saw the BD poster this morning. Yeah gotta agree with you. They shouldn't mess with the jaw! I'm guessing it's a man that is doing the artwork for the posters. LOL!

Annie- Will be thinking of you and your fellow New Yorkers this weekend. It's a day marked in sadness but triumphant as well.

Super- I'd hoped by now you would be feeling somewhat better. Sorry your body is cooperating. Hope it passes soon.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FIO...Life is GOOD!!!! Punch that bag a few mmore tmes:) (((((HUG)))))

DK....I have been missing you again. Hope you are well and continue making progress on unpacking. Did you find what you were looking for???a pan that you needed to cook something???

I am in for the evening...will be "around":)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi MELINDA...Thanks...I am having an early dinner then going to get to bed early:)

It is borderline "against the law" to mess with Edwards jaw!

Claire said...

I've just watched the 15 second teaser.

Bella looks ill, REALLY ILL, good job make up department.

WTF is going on Carlisle's hair?? PMSL.

angelica1 said...

Claire - I've just come in. The hair is certainly bright :)

Claire said...


I now see what Rob meant about Peter and his cereal bowl ''he just plops it on'', well he certainly did that morning.

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica- LOL, that was my first thought too...very bright :)

Hi Claire :)

Claire said...

Hi Rhonda

How are you?

Rhonda said...

Claire- I'm great, thanks..hope you are too :)

Claire said...

I'm good, pulling an all nighter as I want to be awake to watch the rugby tomorrow morning.

Rhonda said...

Claire- So, tell me how many times you've watched WFE since getting the dvd? ;)

Claire said...

Five times. PMSL

It's still as beautiful now as when I first saw it. *sigh*

And I keep noticing new things everytime I watch it.

One of Rob's strengths is portraying things through his eyes, and it breaks my heart when the guy is telling Jacob he is foreclosing his house, and Rob's expressions in that scene were perfect, anger for a brief moment and then sadness.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi RHONDA and CLAIRE...I watched the teaser also...What IS wrong with Carlisles hair????? Did the wig department suffer budget cuts??? Hahaha....Im not as upset about that as I am the "jaw" modification on the poster...

Hope you ladies are good this evening. Well for sure I hope you are better than I am:)

word verif achou how appropriate:)

Rhonda said...

Hi Super- I'm sorry you feel so bad :(

Claire- LOL! I agree, though, it is a beautiful movie.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...Thanks..I hope to make a turn around soon.

CLAIRE...You are so lucky to have 24/7 access to Robowski!!!!!

Claire said...


I'm normally very mellow when it comes to posters etc. But I was absolutely foaming that they had the audacity to mess with ''the jaw''. DO.NOT.MESS.WITH.THE.JAWLINE LOL


It certainly is

Freddie said...

I hope everyone is well. Thanks goodness it’s Friday.

Kenzz – sorry I missed you last night. I’ll update you on the job when I connect with you next. I hope you have a wonderful weekend at the lake house in Maine. Enjoy.

Melinda – I loved your quote from last night. Very appropriate.

sj – I hope the rain stops for you soon. You’ve had a tough couple of weeks weather-wise.

Super – take care and I hope you start to feel better tomorrow.

Olivia and Hope – we’ll have to do a Roseland rain dance for you. Here’s hoping you get some rain (not severe storms, but normal rain).

Claire – are you taunting Syd again??…. LOL.

Annie – nice to see you drop by. Like others, I’ll be thinking of you and your fellow New Yorkers on this difficult anniversary.

Fio – glad to hear that you are feeling better. Even though I don’t know what you look like, somehow I have this funny mental image of you/a young woman pounding a punching bag to a pulp. Glad it’s working, but take it easy on the knuckles. Listening to music is less painful.

Hi Katy, Birdie, DK, Angelica, Rhonda and everyone else. Have a good evening.

Claire said...


That I am, and I've been making the most of it. I had a couple of friends over who haven't seen it, it goes without saying that that Robowski left his mark.

I've been getting texts from one of them saying she has been watching his interviews on Youtube, the girl is obsessed!!!

Claire said...



I just hope it doesn't come back to bite me on the arse.

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie :)

Freddie said...

Claire - I'll be watching to see what happens. LOL.

Excuse my ignorance but is the World Cup you referenced for Rugby or Football?

Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda - how's the new job going? Are you enjoying it?

Rhonda said...

Freddie- It's great, I really love it! Thanks, for asking. How's it going for you?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi FREDDIE...Thanks... Im feeling a little better...Advil Cold and Sinus Medicine has become my new best friend:)

CLAIRE...lol..You have another poor soul addicted to R!!!! What a nice thing to do!The Obsession just improves over time. This time 2 years ago I had no idea about any of it really....now look at me...addicted and happy:)

Claire said...




They've always made fun of the fact that I'm sort of emotionally invested in the careers of R/K, after seeing WFE at least one of them is starting to see why.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I wonder if the TRIO is out and about or in for the night....its about 230 over there CLAIRE?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

CLAIRE..dont feel bad...my family makes fun of me all the time...lol...Im sorry if they dont get it...but I do:) and its fun to talk with others that do also!

Freddie said...

Rhonda - that is great. I'm glad to hear it. From what you have said about the hours it sounds like a great change.

Work is good. I'm still waiting to hear whether the girl I'm stepping in for is coming back or not, so things are still uncertain. But all I can do is keep moving forward.

Claire said...


Yep it's just went 2:30

And it is nice to come here an talk to like minded people without the fear of being judged LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE...I assume you are home with the cat and not in a hotel this weekend:)

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I hope things work out for you too. I've no doubts you're doing a wonderful job. Keep me posted.

Freddie said...

Claire - like Super, I've very envious of the DVD you have in your possession. I'd love to see it again.

Super - hope the Advil and sinus meds work. From your earlier comment, I gather that there is truth in the adage that medical professionals make the worst patients. LOL.

And yes, I'm home this weekend, which is great. Tomas is happy as well. He's master of the house again - currently standing on me, kissing my forehead. He's such a suck up (in the best possible way).

Freddie said...

Typo - "I'm very envious"...

Claire said...

When is it released in the US?

I find it strange that it seems to be being released in other countries first, given that it's an American movie.

Rhonda said...

Claire- enjoy the game in the morning :)

Bye ladies, I'm out for now. Have a great night...((Hugs))

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE..hahaha..you are right...we can dish it out, but we cant take it:)

I am home alone with my cat..domestic bliss...except for the cold.

I think Im calling it a night folks. It has been nice. Hope to catch up with everyone again very soon.

Claire said...


I will, only if we win.


Freddie said...

Claire - I think I heard that it's coming out in the US and Canada in November.

Night Rhonda - have a good evening.

Claire said...

Goodnight Super

Freddie said...

Night Super - have a good sleep.

Claire said...


Coincidence that it ties in with Breaking Dawn being released?

PMSL FOX don't miss a trick.

Freddie said...

Claire - I could have that wrong, but that's what I remember. If correct, I agree that the timing is interesting.

My master (Tom the cat) is yelling for me, so I'm going to call it a night. Have a good one Claire. I hope your team wins tomorrow.

Claire said...

Goodnight Freddie

beaculen said...

Geez theyre back to the PR excuse? bwaahahahahaha! whatever gets em through the day I guess. Cause for sure what gets Rob through the day is Kristen. lol thanks Rose, have fun!

DreamerKind said...

Colour My World


As time goes on
I realize
Just what you mean
To me

And now
Now that you're near
Promise your love
That I've waited to share

And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world
With hope of loving you

Thank you/Gardocki1095

DreamerKind said...

For Renee & Arturo

Blue Spanish Eyes

Elvis Presley:

Blue Spanish eyes
Teardrops are falling
From your Spanish eyes

Please, please don't cry
This is just adios
And not goodbye

Soon I'll return
Bringing you all the love
Your heart can hold

Please say "Si, si"
Say you and your Spanish eyes
Will wait for me

Thank you/utrillov8

DreamerKind said...

Good morning! It's Saturday, a day for play.

Just got home from dining out with my friend Renee, that I've known since high school.

What a time we had drinking my wine club selection and eating a delicious meal!

The best part was tasting various wines, hosted by Arturo, who had the brightest eyes and widest smile. Hombre magnifico!

Certainly, I'd adore to be in a London pub with Kris and Rob, but that won't happen tonight, will it?

This is the moment..for some more music. Twirl Roselanders, along with me.

DreamerKind said...

Up To The Mountain

Kelly Clarkson:

I went up to the mountain
Because you asked me to
Up over the clouds
To where the sky was blue

I could see all around me
I could see all around me

Sometimes I feel like
I've never been nothing but tired
And I'll be working
Till the day I expire

See sometimes I lay down
But no more can I do
But then I go on again
Because you asked me to

Some days I look down
Afraid, afraid I will fall
And though the sun shines
I see nothing at all

But I hear your sweet voice
Come and then go
Come and then go

You're telling me softly
You love me so

Thank you/missone15

DreamerKind said...


Don McLean:

I feel like a spinning top
Or a Dreidel
The spinning don't stop
When you leave the cradle
You just slow down

Round and around the world you go
Spinning through the lives
Of the people you know
We all slow down

How you gonna keep on turning
From day to day
How you gonna keep
From turning your life away

No days you can borrow
No time you can buy
No trust in tomorrow
It's a lie

And I feel like I'm dippin'
And divin'
My sky shoes are spiked
With lead heels

I'm lost in this star car
I'm drivin'
But my air sole
Keeps pushin' big wheels

My world is a constant confusion
My mind is prepared to attack
My past a persuasive illusion
I'm watchin' the future it's black

What do you know
You know just what you perceive
What can you show
Nothing of what you believe

And as you grow
Each thread of life that you leave
Will spin around your deeds
And dictate your needs

As you sell your soul
And you sow your seeds
And you wound yourself
And your loved ones bleed

And your habits grow
And your conscience feeds
On all that you thought
You should be
I never thought
This could happen to me

I feel like a spinning top
Or a dreidel
The spinning don't stop
When you leave the cradle
You just slow down

Thank you/vbvbvb088

DreamerKind said...

For Rose

Moonlight Lady

Julio Iglesias:

There were beggars and kings in a magical sky
There were wings in the air and I learned how to fly

There was me, there was you in a world made for two
Then you were gone

Moonlight lady, come along with me
To the bright city lights, it's all right,
'cause tonight's on me

She was satin and lace on the beach
And her beauty was there to inspire
She was loving the night in the grasp
Of soft lit fire

Every night is so empty without you
I'm so lonely since you went away
If by chance we could dance to the music
Let it play, let me say

Seems it never rains in Southern California
To the bright city lights, it's all right, 'cause tonight's on me

It never rains in California, but girl don't they warn ya
To the bright city lights, it's all right, 'cause tonight's on me

Thank you/ElIndianaJones

DreamerKind said...

You still up, waiting on the rugby?

Did I need some kind of a pan? Was I actually cooking? Wow, bet I found something and did. Get well, little sister.

I heard Misty Love again tonight, in the restaurant. :)

I saw you here, before, so where are you now, later?

Can you feel the love tonight?

I'm going to have to drink you right now! Be back posthaste, for I could drink a case of you, and still be on my feet, still be on my feet.

DreamerKind said...

New Yorkers & America Rose Up From The Ashes United Nonetheless

The World I Know

Collective Soul:

Has our conscience shown
Has the sweet breeze blown
Has all the kindness gone

Hope still lingers on

I drink myself of newfound pity
Sitting alone in New York City
And I don't know why

Are we listening
To hymns of offering
Have we eyes to see

That love is gathering

All the words that I've been reading
Have now started the act of bleeding

Into one

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below

And I laugh at myself

As the tears roll down
'Cause it's the world I know
It's the world I know

Thank you/AtlanticVideos

DreamerKind said...

Picture This


All I want is a room with a view.
A sight worth seeing, a vision of you.

All I want is a room with a view, oh...
I will give you my finest hour
The one I spent watching you shower.

I will give you my finest hour, oh, yeah.
All I want is a photo in my wallet.
A small remembrance of something more solid.
All I want is a picture of you.

Picture this - a day in December.
Picture this - freezing cold weather.
You got clouds on your lids
And you'd be on the skids
If it weren't for your job at the garage.

If you could only,
Picture this - a sky full of thunder.
Picture this - my telephone number.
One and one is what I'm telling you, oh, yeah.

All I want is 20/20 vision.
A total portrait with no omissions.
All I want is a vision of you, oh...

One and one is what I'm telling you.
Get a pocket computer
Try to do what ya used to do, yeah.

Thank you/FallingDown08

Rhonda said...

Morning Roseland,

Olivia- Thanks for the update on the wildfires. It's really scary, and so sad. Take care..((Hugs))

DK- Great mix of songs last night :)

Melinda- I meant to tell you, I loved the proverb you shared.

Claire- Did your team win?

It's football time, so we're having a tailgate party and then off to the game. Have a great Saturday everyone...Lots of love :)

Claire said...


Yes, but only just.

*I*Believe* said...


Made it through the first half week with the kids. They are a group of cuties with a few challenges, as is par for the course. Here's hoping for a great year.

Rose~Hope you enjoyed your little vacay....thanks for posting.

Wishing everyone well!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hello ROSELAND...I see it is verrr!ry quiet so I will whisper(cant talk anyway with this cold)haha. I finally gave in this morning and have spent the whole day in bed. I may do the same tomorrow if Im not alot better.

ANNIE..You are the only NYC resident that I know of here so I will be thinking of you tomorrow...I think we all feel the sadness of 9/11 all over again..even stronger this year since it has been a decade already.

Everyone have a safe weeked.

olivia said...

Just a quick peek in and out.

Super, please get well. Glad you were able to get a good rest today.

IB, so happy to hear that you have sweet cuties. May they stay that way for the whole year. : )

May we all remember the souls lost to the horrible tragedy a decade ago. Love, thoughts, prayers and wishes for peace in your hearts to everyone who was touched in some way by that day and its aftermath.

Hugs for y'all, dear Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

Claire said...

I'd like to pay my respects to all the victims of the attacks ten years ago. Also to their families and to the brave emergency services who put their lives on the line to try and save others.

angelica1 said...

Morning everyone.

I was just reminiscing about the fact that I flew home from New York on this day last year and remembering the incredible patience and kindness of people bearing in mind that security was so tight everything took about 3 times as long as usual. People were actually allowing those with earlier flights to go ahead,something that would never happen on a normal day. It just proved to me again that ultimately Good will always triumph Evil.

I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Sunday

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

It is a somber day here indeed, as we remember and honor, so many who lost their lives on that terrible day.

Angelica- I agree. It's without question one of the worst days in history, but out of the sadness, resolve prevailed, and we keep on keeping on.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy day. Lots of love :)

Freddie said...

My thoughts go out to everyone on this day of remembrance.

Stay well everyone.

PL said...

Such a quiet, solemn day right now, as it should be.

I just watched several hours of news coverage and found it so emotional to see and hear children of some of the victims reading off the names of victims and ending with the name of their own mother or father.

Hopefully this will refresh in our lawmaker's minds that this country is strongest when we all unite.

DreamerKind said...
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DreamerKind said...

New Post..