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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Still Standing (Together)

Jack is looking pretty good...

Someone sent this to me.
I laughed.
And in case anyone doesn't get 'it'
(and from my emails, 99% of you don't)
That's Leo DiCaprio...
(I'm a fan... big time)
You know...
Jack from "Titanic"
He went down in the ocean...
While Rose hogged the door
Worse part of the movie.
Watching Jack fade into the darkness.
And seeing Leo all healthy and sunny
with "Rose?"
Made me smile.

I'm just Random Rose today.

1. Kristen looking stunning (as always) on a horse
from some set pics from SWATH.
Does this movie look fucking phenomenal or what?
And truly...
Kristen looks like she has been riding all her life.
I love that everything is going so well for her.

Seriously Snow White. Stunning.

Her career.
Her relationship with Rob.
Everything has fallen into place...
And Kristen is on top of it.
SWATH is going to be big.
This petite brunette with the gorgeous green eyes...
She will surprise us all.
Not Rob.
He already knows.

I'm STILL Twirling!

If looks could kill...
2. The last couple of days have shown us pictures
of a somber... annoyed Robert.
I won't even post the picture of him where he looks
completely pissed off.
The one above is from the airport in Toronto.
I have a lot of thoughts about these kind of pictures.
But I won't get on my soap box
(or will I?)

Do I make more sense up here?

I was talking to a close friend.
A good friend.
Did I say close?
We were discussing the Pap pics.
He hates them.
I mean... REALLY hates them.
And it irritates him that I post them...
And discuss them on Twitter.
He says I 'devour and feed'
off the pain of Rob and Kristen.
I admit to posting pap pics.
Of course I do.
99.9% of the pics we see of Rob and Kristen are pap pics.
Pictures that are taken obtrusively... violently
Pictures taken by people who have no problem yelling
obscene and disgusting things at them...
Trying to get a reaction.
People who stalk and chase Rob and Kristen
Who just keep taking picture after picture...
like the first thousand weren't enough.
This is what my friend tells me.
And I know this.
I do.
Is my looking at the pictures...
And giving my opinion about them...
ADDING to the fire?
When I post one of these pictures
(And I do)
Does this benefit the disgusting people who took the pictures?
I don't know.
In the past...
I have wished and hoped for 'one pic' of Rob and Kristen.
But at what cost?
Meet Hard Place.

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag?

3. Let's discuss luggage... OK?
You think whether or not Rob and Kristen share luggage
is a big important deal?
Come on!
You know...
The people who piss and moan about this shit the most
are the ones who can't let it go.
Either its
"So what if he borrows a suitcase?
It doesn't mean anything"
"HAHAHA I love debunking this stuff!"
Debunking whether or not they share luggage
makes your day?
And honestly...
Writing your opinion doesn't 'debunk' anything.
Get a grip.

It can't be the same!!! NOOOOO!
People ALL up in arms...
NO NO NO!!!!

You are overlooking what's really important here.
What.The. Fuck.
Is Rob carrying in that bag???
I may have been joking about the heads...
But seriously.
What do you think?

And stop lamenting that Rob only brought a duffel bag
to Toronto so he couldn't POSSIBLY be going to London from there.
Are you fucking KIDDING me?
LOOK at the size of that thing.
It's HUGE.
I could fit in that bitch.
I don't get how everything is such a cause for worry!
Suitcase? What suitcase?

Have a drink.
Robert knows where he's going next...
Whether or not he has Kristen's bag
or its stuffed with pots and pans...
Nothing we say...
Alters how Rob and Kristen live their lives.
Sit back...
And we will all see soon enough...
(Or will we?)
Eventually we will.

Don't you ever want to just stop going nowhere?

Wow indeed...

4. Wow.
My Tom Sturridge gif of the day.
I fucking LOVE 'Pirate Radio'
It played a huge part in my ongoing addiction to Tom.
I have watched that movie so many times...
It's getting close to 'Twilight'.
And THAT my friends says a lot!
I could watch and listen to Tom all day.
And night.

Shaggy and Scrappy.

Here is where I would normally say
that I would like to see THIS kind of picture.
Both Rob and Tom are all shaggy.
They would both be in London.
Rob and Tom always look like they are having
a good time no matter what they are doing together.
I know its not nice of me to want to see this...
But I'm just being honest.
I do.

Guess what? STILL Twirling!

This post is brought to you by my opinion.
That's right.
Don't get your knickers all wadded up your ass
trying to decipher what I am trying to say.
Don't misinterpret what I am writing...
and then get pissy when you're wrong.
I'm not saying Rob is going ANYWHERE.
Don't put your shitty words in my mouth.

I don't need them...
Or want them.
I have plenty of my own

Bye for now
Don't you know I'm still TWIRLING better than I ever did


bcaceres30 said...

love your post. i can not wait to see SWATH. Kristen is going to be amazing. Kristen is my favorite actress. anyway, i cant wait to see Breaking Dawn and i am buying my ticket on saturday. i think its funny the amount of time the nonnies spend on hating Kristen and trying to debunk pictures of Rob and kristen.

angelica1 said...

Firstly, I have to say that although Kristen never takes a bad picture, that one of her at the Mulberry show is absolutely stunning, she's grown into such a hauntingly beautiful woman.

The luggage thing is even more barking than most of the ..theories....Speaking as one half of a couple, we don't tend to have his or my luggage. We just have a collection of suitcases,holdalls,suit carriers and whatever and we grab whichever happens to be the right size for that particular trip. I'm pretty sure that's what Rob and Kristen do too!

dottie said...
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Groovie said...

Excellent post!
swath looks amazing, I'm always down for a film that includes some sword fighting & dagger throwing!
Kristen is rocking the armor, looking like a beautiful badass, good for her! I hope she is having a great experience with this film & I hope set stalkers aren't interfering or bothering anyone.

Rob has his usual "fuck the papz" face on in the last couple set of pix, can't blame the dude! Hopefully he is done in Toronto soon & can have a bit of a relaxing break before BD promo kicks into high gear. He certainly deserves it, seems like he has been going nonstop since BD started filming!

Hope u are all doing well & having a great day, almost friday!! Wooot! :)

Freddie said...

I everyone,

I’m just stopping in quickly (regretfully, I’m saying that a lot these day). I hope everyone is well.

Thanks for the post Rose. It provides an enjoyable, much appreciated break in the day.

Stay well all. Hope to chat with you soon.

dottie said...

Hi Rose! I missed you! :)

The pics of Kristen in her Snow White armor are fantastic. It looks to be a huge production! I hope she's having a blast.

Hello to all the regs!

*Sorry for the delete. On re-reading my original comment I decided to edit. :\

Sydney said...

God, that picture of Kristen is just stunning. And you're right Angelica, she doesn't take a bad picture. And the more I see of this movie (SWATH), the more I like.

And wait, I'm confused...the ninnies always say Rob looks SO happy whenever Kristen isn't there. So how could he look SO unhappy in all these new pap pics? Hmmm...something isn't adding up. Could it be that he just doesn't like pap pics period?

The paps would love me, because they would get exactly the reaction they're looking for each and every time, which would be me screeching and cursing them and yelling petty insults at the top of my lungs. I don't know how they handle it with such grace.

And okay, 30...I hope you're reading. This weekend I am going to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park with a girlfriend and we are doing the whole ghost tour thing. I know you're into that stuff like I am!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

bcaceres30 said...

@sydney i just finished reading A Discovery of Witches and i loved it. I cant wait for book 2. call me crazy but i would love for Kristen to play Diana.

Kay said...

SWATH looks amazing so far...really excited to see this film and I am sure that Kristen is going to be fantastic in it.

Hope everyone is having a great week...take care, Roseland. <3

Sydney said...

BC: Isn't that book great? I may have to do a reread because it was just that good. I just downloaded The Night Circus, which I have seen recommended pretty heavily. Have you heard of that?

I am having a really difficult time figuring for casting for Discovery of Witches...I only wish Kristen was in the age range...I think Diana's in her 30's, no? I can't picture who should play her or Matthew.

Berry said...

Hello Everyone! I could not agree more...SWATH looks like it is gonna be amazing! I am super excited about that movie and for Kristen!

Have a good evening ladies!

PS Yes WHAT does Rob have in that duffel bag???lol

Claire said...

I can't fucking wait to see Kristen wielding a sword LOL.

I wonder if Rob will be asking her to keep her armour? PMSL

Hi everyone

Berry said...


Just Read The Night Circus and it was really good! There may be a movie in the future!

bcaceres30 said...

@sydney i just bought the night circus but i have not read it yet. i am reading the Time Traveler's Wife so i will read the night circus when i am finished. i will reread a Discovery of witches next year before the second book comes out.

i dont know who could play matthew. he would have to be handsome but also intellectual.

Berry said...

Ops sorry Sydney I spelled your name wrong!

Sydney said...

Oh good, I'm glad to hear The Night Circus is good. I haven't read it yet either. I have a trip coming in a few weeks, so I think I'll save it for the plane.

Claire said...

Oh, and I went to see Abduction last night.

It's not great but it's not as bad as critics would have you believe.

Sydney said...

Claire: That's good to hear. I think I'll go see it too. I think they were just being mean for the sake of it. Rotten Tomatoes was just vicious. I've seen Taylor act and he has always been pretty convincing to me. Though it took me some time to separate my Jacob hatred from poor Taylor. The kid is just downright a good guy.

deb said...

Ya your right Rose I really love the pic. of Kristen on that horse WHAT A BADASS LOVE IT I would love to see Rob on one. Don't like that PISSOFF face that Robert has But who can blame him LIKE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE Can't wait to see our two new movies come out It's nice to see them into other ones and do a BAD ASS job doing them First Rob with a gun in his new movie now Kristen in armor. Good job Rose got that big fucking smile on my face :) DEB.

Claire said...


Some of the stuff I read in 'reviews' was nothing but bile directed at Taylor.

There's some cheesy dialogue in the movie, but there is in most, if not all action movies.

And from what I've seen, that's how they have promoted it, a blow em up, beat em up action movie.

Sydney said...


Absolutely right...think of the cheesy shit said in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. That's what they're known for...action and kitschy dialogue.

And um, OMG but have you guys seen the pictures of Kristen on set in a GOWN??? If not, head over to Socialelife. Stunning and flawless per usual.

Claire said...

Fuck the armour!! I bet Rob is wanting her to keep this dress o_O


Gorgeous woman

bcaceres30 said...

@sydney what website

Claire said...

Jesus Christ, how much urine can that horse piss?? PMSL

Sydney said...

Pictures are here:


Or at any Kristen blog.

Berry said...

@bcaceres30 I read A Discovery of Withches and loved it also...wish the next one would come sooner than later...yeah I think Kristen would make a good Diana also!

Syd thanks for the website info really cool pics of Kristen! Ditto what Claire said about the armor! hehe!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...Hahaha..How about scrape that salt up off the floor...we will need the extra salt for our margaritas tomorrow night!!!! Drinking and Twirling...who could ask for anything better than that! And what,s up with the luggage...they could share a brown paper bag...doesn't change anything about the dynamics of that relationship...the way he looks at her...THAT says it all:). Happy Thursday everybody!

Hope said...

The pics of Kristen riding the horse on the beach are dazzling...she commands that horse and looks like she could rule the kingdom!
The other shots of her in the off the shoulder gown/costume are striking! GORGEOUS!!


Rhonda said...

Nice post, Rose

Based on what I've seen so far, SWATH is looking incredible. I'm starting to get really excited about this movie. I think Kristen will be amazing in this role.

Angelica- "she's grown into such a hauntingly beautiful woman." Perfect description :)

Hi everyone- I hope all are happy and doing well. Lots of love..

Rhonda said...

Sydney- I forgot to tell you. I finally finished A Discovery of Witches too. I was surprised by how much I liked it, thanks for the recommendation :)

Kenzz said...

Rose, your opening picture was sooo funny... we've all been looking for you and another fabulous, new post! :)

Rotten week for me, so just happy to read your funny words, and see the pretty pics... and truly, what COULD be in Rob's bag?! Thanks for the chuckle...

Hoping everyone near and far, (or fair, as in "the fairest of"...) enjoys their evening...

katy said...

Where did my comment go?...Well, it doesn't matter

Excellent post!

SWATH looks amazing, Kristen looks absolutely gorgeous and she will rock as this role...can't wait!!!

So Rob as flown out of Toronto. I hope he as a safe flight!!

Take care everyone

Kelly said...

Hi Rose! I loved your post today; I laughed so hard. :D You always seem to hit the nail right on the head; I for one admire that about you. Too bad we can't hit certain heads with that nail, maybe it would knock some common sense loose. Or not. It probably wouldn't make a difference anyway. I'm just thankful that those of us with some common sense, have a voice like yours to listen too. It doesn't hurt to have a sense of humor too; I just don't understand why more people don't have one. I think the world would be a much happier place if everyone would just kick back, relax, have a few laughs, and just enjoy life. =) Have a good one, Rose. *Hugs*

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose. Those pictures of Kristen were so stunning. She looks like she has been riding her whole life. I do believe this movie is going to be fantastic. Poor Rob looks mad and sad...I expect he misses Kris. Hopefully they will be together very soon.

I too look at the pap pictures, but always feel guilty because I know how they feel about them.

Take care everyone.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KENZZ...I hope your week improves very significantly!


DREAMER...Where are you this evening?

I just got back from the fair..We go every year and do the exact same things in the exact same order..potatoes with vinegar, a hamburger, the petting zoo, art work, floral arrangements,roosters, chickens, rabbits, ferris wheel, cows, goats, pigs, horses, mules, donkeys, buffalo, etc.....and an "elephant ear" with confectioners sugar sprinkled on top to take home.... :)

Kenzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Kenzz - I'm so sorry that it's been a bad week for you. I hope your son is okay and that the broken hearts will mend quickly. I'm sure you were a big comfort to them, regardless of how helpless you may have felt. I hope the rest of the week and weekend are peaceful and pass by quickly, so that before you know it, your husband will be back. Please take care of yourself. I'll be thinking of you.

Anna said...


You are one classy woman. Today's post was great and on the money as usual. Now I'm thinking he has pots/pans in the duffle bag, especially the way he's so protectively carrying it around...lol. Rob's moon appears to be circling mars right now. It just proves he's human afterall!

Anna said...

Kristen is absolutely beautiful in all these SWATH pictures. I have been looking at the pics coming in all damn day! This is will definitely be a must see "theatre" movie! At first glance, seeing Kristen smiling while filming this movie, kinda shows another completely different side of her. She is so focused on her career!

amara said...

Hi everyone,

Rose, another great post.
I agree, Kristen looks stunning! she is the perfect Snow White. About luggage CSI, still I cannot understand how people invest so much time and energy into something that has no bearing in their lives at all. Then again, nothing should surprise me anymore. At least is good for laughs, right?.

Annie - loved the nursery rhymes. Specially, The Grand Old Duke of York. I sing it to my nephew all the time (he's 1), he loves it. So, after I read your post, I could not get it out of my head. :)

Kenzz - Sorry that you are having a bad week. I hope things will improve soon.

Robert - wishing you all the best.

To all the Roseland ladies and gentlemen, have a great day and take care.

Anna said...

I have to ask? Am I the only one who is having a hard time looking at these pics? These pics of Kristen are mesmerizing on one hand and on the other hand are pics of Rob so unhappy. He's been unhappy since he left London. These two are both focused on their careers. I really believe they have this agreement in their relationship when one is filming, the other understand this is their job and they need to be 100% focused. If Kristen was filming this movie any other place in the world, I don't feel like it would be hitting him this hard.

Groovie said...

I respectfully disagree

All we have seen of Rob are paparazzi pix & 99% of the time he has the same stoic look on his face. Same goes for Kristen.
Why give anything for the papz to make more money off you than they already are?

Plus, I'm sure Rob & Kristen both put 100% into their work but that doesn't seem to have any bearing on the other. They both have visited locations & sets while the other is working. Swath isn't any different.

I would imagine it does kind of suck for Rob to have everyone he loves most in London while he is working in other places. But not much he can do about that! Work obligations & responsibilities have to be fulfilled, regardless of where he is or his significant other is.

Anna said...

You're right, thanks for reminding me of this! I guess that pap pic of Rob arriving in London a few weeks back with that huge smile on his face...lol... made me think he was there for the duration. We know exactly why that huge smile was there and exactly who he was going see!

dottie said...

Kenzz-I'm so sorry you've had such a bad week. I hope next week will be lots better for everyone. Take care.

Wow! I can't get over how beautiful Kristen looks in those pictures. She truly is the fairest of them all!

Groovie-I liked your post. Very well said.

Good night!

wania said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wania said...

I'm not a violent person... but if I was present in the moment in LA or in the Toronto Airport and had seen what these hyenas called paps said to Robert ....huunmmf... certainly I would have jumped on the neck of those paps (my latino blood speaking loud)...
I love happy and smiling Rob... and so he is... he is not a violent person too... but this kind situation... blow up good sense...

About the paps pics... I understand your friend... but ... these pics are necessary... why?... maybe I do not explain right, but this pics... brings us closer to them ... it is as if we shared their pain with us ... do not know if I explained right ... but ... I feel this ... sharing what is heavy in their lives... sharing feelings...

"... Nothing we say... Alters how Rob and Kristen live their lives..."
Great Rose, great! As always!

DK... now! Steve Wonder playing in Rock in Rio... sharing one music with all...


Isn't She Lovely ( to Rob and Kristen in the future... who knows? )

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she wonderfull?
Isn't she precious?
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love

Isn't she pretty?
Truly the angel's best
Boy, I'm so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can't believe what God has donethrough us he's given life to one
But isn't she lovely made from love

Isn't she lovely?
Life and love are the same
Life is Aisha
The meaning of her nameLondie, it could have not been done
Without you who conceived the one
That's so very lovely made from love.

DreamerKind said...

I am here, there and not anywhere. All is well.

Our bldg. elevator was off, so I walked up the five stories to my place. Not a bad way to work off a few drinks along with McD's burger/fries. Maybe would have been smart to walk up 5 more, if they existed.

Hello, you passionate Latina, I heart you for your staunch paps position.
And, I did see that Stevie Wonder video on YT the other day, but did not listen to it. Thanks for posting.

Take heart, we are with you. It's a new day now, too.

You're in my heart and mind today!
Loads of happy vibes out to all, and especially Rose, who faces the dragons everyday.

Warm fuzzies wishes out to Syd, Smitty & Gruff.

DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen

Rule The World

Take That:

You light the skies up above me
A star so bright you blind me
Dont close your eyes
Dont fade away
Dont fade away

Yeah you and me
We can ride on a star
If you stay with me girl
We can rule the world
Yeah you and me

We can light up the sky
If you stay by my side
We can rule the world

If walls break down
I will comfort you
If angels cry
I'll be there for you

You've saved my soul
Dont leave me now
Dont leave me now

We can rule the world
Yeah you and me we can light up the sky
If you stay by my side
We can rule the world

All the stars are coming out tonight
They're lighting up the sky tonight
For you

Thank you/SongLyricsUK

angelica1 said...

Morning everyone.

Wania - By all means jump on the paps and give them a good kicking :)

Kenzz - Sorry you're having a lousy week, I really hope it gets better quickly

DreamerKind said...

Just Breathe

Pearl Jam:

Yes I understand
That every life must end
As we sit alone
I know someday we must go

I'm a lucky man
To count on both hands
The ones I love

Some folks just have one
Others they got none
Stay with me
Lets just breathe

Practiced are my sins
Never gonna let me win
Under everything
Just another human being

Yeah, I don't wanna hurt
There's so much in this world
To make me bleed
Stay with me
You're all I see

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't
I'm a fool, you see
No one knows this
More than me
As I come clean

I wonder everyday
As I look upon your face
Everything you gave
And nothing you would take

Nothing you would take
Everything you gave
Hold me till I die
Meet you on the other side

Thank you/pmpcorrea

DreamerKind said...

Drifting away...see you later.

Omoiyari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Omoiyari said...

funny post!thanks!
Honestly,everybody's going nowhere.
The nonstens are idiots so I'm not amazed. But extreme Robsten cannot accept the fact that Robert is not going to LO.hate vs idealize

I can't wait to see SWATH and I want Robert and Kristen photoshoot for BD...oh please

Freddie said...

Robert - best wishes for your surgery today. Let us know how you are doing when you can.

Kenzz - I hope you see/saw my note from earlier. Take it easy.

Have a good day all.

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- I'm sorry you've had such a bad week. Sometimes life seems to throw everything at us all at once. I hope things get better soon...((Hugs))

Robert- Wishing you the best of luck today. Take care and check in when you can.

Wania- LOL, I loved your comment about jumping on the paps. They need a good dose of their own medicine :)

Morning everyone- Have a great Friday...

*I*Believe* said...

TGIF! I am thrilled that it is the weekend...being back to school makes me very tired.

Another awesome post Rose...I like how you always leave us guessing and thinking about things.

The new pics of Snowstew in the off-the-shoulder dress are very impressive...so too are the pictures of Kristen getting in the water to get wet and it looked like it was cool there.

Kristen is the fairest of them all!

Olivia, how are you doing with school?

Kenzz~hang in there

Super~Did they have boiled peanuts at the fair?

Angelica~how r u feeling?

Howdy to DK, Groovie, Dottie, Katy, Freddie, Rhonda, Annie, 30 and all the regs.

LJ....where are you????

Now go take on the day!

*I*Believe* said...

Forgot to mention Robert....best of luck!

olivia said...

Wishing you a successful surgery and a very speedy recovery.

Hugs for you. Hope you have a lovely weekend and a much better week ahead.

Have a great Friday dear Roselanders.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

olivia said...

Just saw your comment, IB.
School is wonderful, super students, lots of work, not enough time. Hope you are doing well. Will try to peek in more during the weekend.

Super, loved the description of the fair. My mouth is watering for the fries and vinegar.

: )

Annie said...

Good morning all!

Rose: Random Rose just makes my heart sing. Thanks so very much for your wit and commonsense.

I think we all knew we were in for a treat with SWATH after the presentation at Comic-Con. Kristen looks stunning in the set pictures and I am so looking forward to seeing it in cinemas next year.
Robert: Here's to a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Also, I did see Abduction last weekend......... Silly dialogue and ridiculous in parts but that is the norm for 99.9% of the action movies I've seen.
It was not as bad as the critics reviews suggested. That being said..........next time around, Taylor and his team needs to do better. :)

Cheers everybody!

Muse said...

G'morning Rosies...
*sigh* awww Rose, Occam's razor eh?
For what's worth, MHO for R&K is to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Make good use f K's yoga lessons. It will take sometime but it'll go away.

Be sure Rose & her 'army' plus other sane ppl in the fandom are here to back you up.

Robert, I'd like to join Roseland residents in their prayers f/a succesful surgery and a prompt recovery!
To all of you going under the weather, hang in there, it may take sometime but it shall pass.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. F. Nietzsche

Claire said...


Exactly! Would you smile for people who have, from what we have witnessed, made your life a bit of a living hell for the past 3 years? I sure as hell wouldn't.


I like your way of thinking :)


Abduction is by no means Citizen Kane, but I enjoyed it for what it was.


Keeping you in my prayers :)

Kath said...

So, no Rob in London… again.
They really miss each other, lol. You say there are lots of proof they’re together… well, I don’t see any. Since the end of BD filming they’ve been much more time apart than together. If they’re in some kind of relationship, it’s clearly not a serious one.
She’s been in his hometown for 2 months and he went there only for a week (probably he would go there anyway, to visit his family)?
And it looks like they’re not going to be together much during the BD promo either. Rob is going to the Paris premiere with… Ashley! How romantic, haha.
And you say we never see them with other people… We don’t, but that doesn’t mean they’re not with other people outside the public eye, right?
If Rob spent the entire WFE promo flirting with Reese and checking her out in front of everyone, I imagine the fun he must have with other women in private.

Leni said...


"And you say we never see them with other people… We don’t, but that doesn’t mean they’re not with other people outside the public eye, right?" - what makes you think then that Rob and Kristen are not much more often together "outside the public eye" ?

Do you really think Rob stays for fun in L.A. when his family, friends and most importantly his GIRLFRIEND are in the U.K.? It's called work, maybe you don't know what that means, but to make it a little bit clearer for you it means that you have obligations which don't necessarily accord with the things (or in this case places) which you would do/where you would be if it was up to you.

The comments you made about Reese and the "fun" he has with other women in private - I don't know how to respond to that.. that's just disgusting & you call yourself a fan..

Sorry for any mistakes - English is not my native language.. I have never commented here but I am lurking for a year now and I just had to comment now because it makes me sick that some trolls come here and disrespect the wonderful work that Rose does in creating this blog.

Robert - we don't know each other, but I feel like in a way I do know you and I will be thinking of you and including you in my prayers :)

dottie said...

It's Friday! I hope everyone is making plans for a fun &/or restful week end. Hope to chat more later.

Leni-Great first post! Welcome.

Claire said...


I mean this with the utmost sincerity....FUCK OFF.

Claire said...

And just the other night I was thinking that this place had been troll free for a while.

Anna said...


YES...FUCK OFF! You are obviously the CONTROLLER in relationships. What is so charming about ROB & KRISTEN is that they allow each other to become the person they were meant to be! No matter what we want, they love and support each other and if you cannot read into their actions then you are just immature, controlling, and will always have trouble in your personal relationships!

Annie said...

Kath is it? Do us all a huge a favor and leave before you embarrass yourself anymore than you already have.

Hit and run insults anywhere are a tactic of those who know that what they have written is idiocy before they even hit the send key on the keyboard!

Now, be a good idiot and go away!

Anna said...

btw, to all my favorite Roseland peeps, I made my life easier and changed all username/pass words to same thing...please don't mistake me for a hit & runner~I used to be Awhile! under here~Have a great weekend everyone~Cheers to the freakin weekend!

Annie said...

Could never mistake you for a "hit and runner"............those fools have an MO that never fails to alert.

Have a great weekend yourself. :)

Kenzz said...

Robert: Hope you can feel the good thoughts being sent your way by so many of us here in "Roseland"... Wishing you the most successful results from today's surgery...

Sydney said...

You go right on ahead and "imagine the fun he must be having with other women in private," Kath. I think that's the point though isn't it? As long as you can convince yourself he's not with Kristen, you can convince yourself you'll be one of "those women."

Come on back when that happens. I'll be sure to hold my breath.

Claire said...

Well said Sydney, and everybody else who responded to her.

Trolls like Kath try not to make their post sound too hateful, but their intentions are just the same as the really hateful one's.

They try to be subtle with the shit they spout, but Kath's post was about as subtle as a baseball bat across the jaw.

Kath, do us and the rest of humanity a huge favour and find the nearest cliff and jump off it, preferably head first onto rocks. Thanks

bcaceres30 said...

ladies who is buying their ticket or tickets for Breaking Dawn tomorow? I am buying my ticket at midnight. i can not wait

Melinda said...

Hey everyone. I've missed so much it seems. :/ I'm finally feeling somewhat human again after being sick this week.

Rose- Wonderful thoughts and pictures to go along as always.

Freddie- It was sweet of you to remember me this past weekend. We had a great time just being together. This was the best present for my mom because she is totally in her element having all the kids and grandkids in one place.

I hope you are doing well! Work is keeping you crazy busy it seems.

Robert- Thinking of you and hoping everything went well today.

Kenzz- I hope your weekend is much better than how your week went. Hang in there!

Hope/Rhonda- The Adele countdown is on. Not too much longer!!

Claire- Oct. 4th can't come soon enough I bet. I saw Bruno Mars is on the BD 1 soundtrack. I'm curious to see how if it fits or not.

Olivia/Berry- I have "The Night Circus" on my kindle to read. It sounds interesting and has gotten great reviews. I just finished "A Stolen Life" by Jaycee Duggard. Hard moments to read in the book but her attitude about what happened is inspiring. The human spirit is more resilient than we realize.

To all the rest of the regs...I hope you are all doing great. Life is good (even when coughing up a lung or two)!

Rhonda said...

Hi Leni- I didn't notice any mistakes, you said that very well ;)

Anna- No worries, we wouldn't confuse you.

Melinda- I'm sorry you've been sick. I'm glad you're feeling some better now. And, yes, the countdown is on!

Hi to everyone...hope to chat with you all soon :)

Leni said...

@ Dottie & Rhonda: thanks for the sweet words :)

Has anyone seen Kristen on the cover of Glamour magazine?? - she looks amazing!

*I*Believe* said...

LOL! I see we have a little troll that stopped bye...at least it seems that the coast is clear and she is gone now. Hit and run.l..lol!

Hi Melinda...sorry I missed you earlier.

How is everyone's Friday going?

Claire said...


Kristen on the cover of Glamour?!?!

*runs to fan sites to have a look*

*prepare for serious fan girling ladies*

Leni said...

@ Claire:

How can she look so perfect??
I actually like this one even slightly better than the W Cover. Don't get me wrong - the W photos are gorgeous and breathtaking and stunning but this one feels so much more like Kristen if you know what I mean :)

Hope said...

Hi Everyone...

Just saw the cover of GLAMOUR!!
WOW...the off the shoulder creme lace dress with the boots!! GORGEOUS!
EACH pic is unbelieveable.
Curious to read the article conducted by Stephanie Meyer.

Melinda...Sorry you have been sick all week. Take care!! Yes...ADELE!!

Robert...Anxious to hear how your surgery went today. Hope you check in when you can.

Hi IB, Rhonda,Claire, Leni

Friday nite out! Hope everyone has a good one.

Birdie said...

Hello ladies!
Yes, Kristen has hit it out of the ballpark again. She is one gorgeous woman! She is more stunning every time I see her. I loved her relationship advice-so Kristen.

I hope your procedure went well. We just had an inservice at work on this procedure and I saw examples of improvements in patients. Amazing and they are doing research to improve it further.

Muse said...

Young, gorgeous, intelligent and...wise!

Don't be mean. Don't take sh*t. Don't settle.

Awww, Miss S, we're so proud of you!

*cough cough* somewhere there's someone showing some furry kids 'look, it's mom!" LOL

Huh huh someone mentioned potatoes w/vinegar? Yummy!

@wania - are you fr Isle Esme too?

Claire said...


Seriously, I know we say it a lot but she is the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Wear lace ALL of the time, ya hear me girl!!!

Now for the interview

She says watching the Twilight movies with Taylor is easy because they're both fans, where as Rob has a different energy. PMSL

I bet he sits through them trolling everyone constantly. LOL

I love the fact that she wants to direct.

''It's amazing to realise that a lot of the insecurities I had when I was younger have disappeared'' I'm legit tearing up LOL. I think a lot of us women go through the same thing in our late teens early twenties.

She's also been taking dialect lessons for her English accent, I bet she's been getting some tips ;)

And I fucking love her view on relationships - ''Don't be an asshole. Don't be mean. Don't take shit. Don't settle.'' Exactly my view on relationships.

Claire said...


As much as I loved the W shoot, this is more her IMO, she is fucking stunning.

I said it when the W pics came out, if Rob isn't on the next flight I might have to start asking some serious questions about our boy. LOL

Leni said...

@ Claire

PMSL.. I seriously wonder sometimes if he buys the mags with his girl on the cover or at least looks at the pics online.. lol

Claire said...


I'm sure he does LOL

Leni said...

@ Claire

Yeah I can kind of picture him doing so :D

Claire said...

Now I'm starting think we probably won't get any Rob covers for Breaking Dawn :( I'd love to be surprised like I was with this.

And I see Christoph Waltz has dislocated his pelvis (OUCH) in a horse riding accident while filming his new movie. I hope Kristen stays safe whilst riding her horse on SWATH.

Claire said...


I bet he's got most of her covers stashed away somewhere in plastic wrapping so they don't get damaged PMSL

Leni said...

I'm still hoping for a surprise Rob/Kristen Cover..

Poor Christoph Waltz.. I really like him.. let alone the fact that he showed the world that people in Austria (where I'm also from) are not all talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.. lol

Hoping Kristen is safe and doesn't get any injuries!

Does anyone know how Reese is doing? I think I read somewhere some time ago that she was in hospital?

Leni said...

@ Claire

Totally.. I can SO picture him doing that! lol

Melinda said...

Thanks for the well wishes. It could be worse. Mother nature could have dropped by this week. ;)

Leni- Couldn't agree with you more about the Glamour cover/article being more her. Maybe because she felt comfortable since it was SM doing the interview.

Love the white dress and the black boots shot. Legs for days....

I just love that she coming into her own....makes me happy for her!

Man oh man have we fans gotten some goodies this week. Love the SWATH pics too. This movie is going to be cool. I can feel it.

Now if we could only get a release date for Bel Ami (unless I've missed it somehow). It's not nice to tease us with a trailer and leave us hanging....

Claire said...


I'd love a surprise cover of Rob or R/K but I get the feeling it isn't going to happen. I'm surprised there isn't a Rob and Kristen one given the fact that Edward and Bella are getting married.

And I too love Christoph Waltz, I hope he recovers soon.

Leni said...

@ Melinda:
I really love the one with the black lace skirt

@ Claire:
Because of the whole Edward/Bella getting married story I somehow think that we will get a Rob/Kristen Cover.. or at least a Rob Cover but who knows..

Leni said...

And Melinda I forgot:

ITA that she was more relaxed because it was Stephenie doing the interview

Claire said...


I hope you're right :)

Melinda said...


Yeah the black lace certainly shows the curves...the whole look is fantastic.

Claire said...


She needs to wear lace more often

Melinda said...

I think it would be cool if there was a joint interview next year, kind of a reflection. The whole full circle.

I love the fact that the BD soundtrack will have Iron and Wine "Flightless Bird" on it for the wedding.

Legit will have tears if that is playing in the background during their first dance as husband and wife.

The "prom scene" still chokes me up to this day....

Leni said...

She definitely looks good in lace ;)

ok I'm off to sleep.. good night :)

dottie said...

Welcome back Melinda! I'm sorry you've not been well. Try to take it easy this week end if you can.

Good grief! Kristen just keeps getting better and better! Beautiful pictures and fantastic interview. Her relationship advice is so smart. I love the way she cuts to the chase. Don't settle, be honest, and be kind to each other. It's as simple as that!

Robert, We are thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Waves to all my Roseland buds!

Melinda said...

Goodnight Leni...

Claire- I started to make a comment about lace but I shall be good....but lace is a good thing...

Hi Dottie- How are you? Did you enjoy your pears that you got to pick yet?

Thanks for the well wishes too!

dottie said...

Melinda - Those pears are the ugliest, tastiest pears I've ever seen/eaten! In fact, we picked more today. I think I'm going to make and freeze loaves of pear/almond bread. I haven't tried making preserves yet because I need to get some jars, but I still plan to.:)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi LENI, CLAIRE, MELINDA and DOTTIE..Just thought I would check the landscape on Roseland:)

MUSE....It was me that mentioned the potatoes:)

MELINDA...I am sorry to hear you are sick. I have finally gotten over my horrible cold...

DOTTIE..I want to come eat some of your pears..the uglier the better...if they are that good:)

LENI..I havent seen the Glamour article...I will go searching for it this weekend:)

KENZZ...Wherever you are this evening, I hope you are smiling and you can enjoy your weekend:)

IB...I confess I didnt see any boiled peanuts at the fair...of course they may have been there just the same:)

Anna said...

@ Claire,

LOL! I bet he does too! I loved when he said Edward was a pu$$y and that he should have thrown the bucket of vomit on Jacob! That is sooo funny!

Anna said...

Looks like our boy disappeared for the moment! This has truly been a great R/K fan filled week! Can't wait to get tickets tonight for BD! It's a tradition that four of us have a girls night out with dinner/movie. Our next one will be Nov. 18th and WE CANNOT WAIT!

Anna said...

I wonder what would happen to Twitter the day Rob & Kristen joined? I mean, could Twitter handle it?

olivia said...

The pictures of Kristen in Glamour are absolutely beautiful. It is IMO one of the best magazine shoots of her solo that she has ever done.

SWatH pictures are amazing.

Always like Rob with a beard.

Saw Abduction.....Taylor did an excellent job. Would like to have been able to cut out the first 15 minutes or so.

Melinda, hope you are feeling much better. Sorry you were sick. ITA about the song "Flightless Bird." Am so excited to see how it will be used in BD.

Have a lovely evening y'all.

DreamerKind said...

Good evening everyone!

It is such an exciting time right now! So looking forward to more of everything Kristen, Rob and Taylor.

They are getting better and better, in every way, every day.

What a great thing it is to be their fan, which changed my life for the better, in many ways, over many days.

Why I even became a DJ and a FairyGodmother, don't ya know. And, the many wonderful people here in Roseland, mean a lot to me, too. Welcome, former lurkers, new Roselanders.

Oh, happy days.

Thanks Stephenie, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, the casts, writers, directors, producers of all Twilight movies. Rose, so grateful for your blog.

May all prosper.

DreamerKind said...

When It Don't Come Easy

Patty Griffin:

Red lights are flashing on the highway
I wonder if we're gonna ever get home
I wonder if we're gonna ever get home tonight

Everywhere the water's getting rough
Your best intentions may not be enough
I wonder if we're gonna ever get home tonight

But if you break down
I'll drive out and find you
If you forget my love

I'll try to remind you
And stay by you
When it don't come easy

I don't know nothing except change will come
Year after year what we do is undone
Time keeps moving from a crawl to a run
I wonder if we're gonna ever get home

You're out there walking down a highway
And all of the signs got blown away
Sometimes you wonder if you're walking in the wrong direction

So many things that I had before
That don't matter to me now
Tonight I cry for the love that I've lost
And the love I've never found

When the last bird falls
And the last siren sounds
Someone will say what's been said before
Some love we were looking for

When you break down
I'll drive out and find you
When you forget my love

I'll try to remind you
And stay by you
When it don't come easy
When it don't come easy

Thank you/louisvillepoet

DreamerKind said...

Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News

Mabel King (The Wiz):

When I wake up in the afternoon
Which it pleases me to do
Don't nobody bring me no bad news

'Cause I wake up already negative
And I've wired up my fuse
So don't nobody bring me
No bad news

If we're going to be buddies
Better bone up on the rules
'Cause don't nobody bring me no bad news

You can be my best of friends
As opposed to payin' dues
But don't nobody bring me
No bad news

No bad news
No bad news
Don't you ever bring me no bad news
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That you cannot refuse
So don't nobody bring me
No bad news

When you're talking to me
Don't be cryin' the blues
'Cause don't nobody bring me no bad news

You can verbalize and vocalize
But just bring me the clues
But don't nobody bring me no bad news

Bring some message in your head
Or in something you can't lose
But don't you ever bring me
No bad news

If you're gonna bring me something
Bring me, something I can use
But don't you bring me
No bad news

Thank you/bamafarang

DreamerKind said...

For Rhonda, Kenzz & Melinda:

Here Comes That Rainbow Again

The Highwaymen (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings):

The scene was a small roadside cafe
The waitress was sweepin' the floor
Two truck-drivers drinkin' their coffee
And two okie-kids by the door

How much are them candies, they asked her
How much have you got, she replied
We've only a penny between us
Them's two for a penny, she lied

And the daylight grew heavy with thunder
And the smell of the rain on the wind
Ain't it just like a human
Here comes that rainbow again

One truck driver called to the waitress
After the kids went outside
Them candies ain't two for a penny
So what's it to you, she replied

In silence they finished their coffee
Got up and nodded godbye
She called, hey, you left too much money
So what's it to you, they replied

And the daylight grew heavy with thunder
And the smell of the rain on the wind
Ain't it just like a human
Here comes that rainbow again

Thank you/Undi46

DreamerKind said...

Sound Advice

Mr. Businessman

BJ Thomas:

Itemize the things you covet
As you squander through your life
Bigger cars, bigger houses
Term insurance for your wife

Tuesday evening with your harlot
And on Wednesdays
It's your charlatan analyst
He's high up on your list

You've got air conditioned sinuses
And dark disturbing doubt about religion
And you keep those cards and letter going out

While your secretary's tempting you
Your morals are exempting you from guilt and shame
Heaven knows you're not to blame

You better take care of business
Mr. Businessman
What's your plan man

Get down to business
Mr. Businessman
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And you throw your life away

Did you see your children growing up today
And did you hear the music of their laughter as they set about to play
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Did the morning sunlight warm your soul
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Do you qualify to be alive
Or is the limit of your senses so as only to survive
Hey hey

Spending counterfeit incentive
Wasting precious time and help
Placing value on the worthless
Disregarding priceless wealth

You can wheel and deal the best of them
And steal it from the rest of them
You know the score
Their ethics are a boor

Eighty-six proof antiseptic crutches took you to the top
Where the smiles are all synthetic and the ulcers never stop
When God takes that final inventory
Yours will be the same sad story

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Hey, hey
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Oh yeah

You better get on down to business
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Thank you/hankgwe

DreamerKind said...

Ooh, it's time for some celebrating. Celebrating beauty, art, music, wine, food, literature, health, family, friends, with some fine bubbly.

Anyone around, care to join me?

Taking it easy, but taking it.

DreamerKind said...

You're missing some nice bubbly and chat, since you're not here with me. ;)

I think that Warren Buffet has the best laugh in America, and he's an optimist, when one is needed! Yesterday, I needed to be optimistic, oh, yeah.

Only mentioned this because I was watching Charlie Rose and he was on it tonight. Plus, I woke up to a day filled with Kristen pics, which no guilt was required to view.

See what lengths, I have gone to for amusement, when no lurkers nor Roselanders appeared on late night with me? Forgive?

Even had to eat some popcorn. Oh, the hardships I face.

Will get out to see Abduction very soon. Trusting that I know Taylor is excellent, based on my beliefs about him, and what others have written here about the movie. (Thanks Claire, Annie & Olivia).

Our bldg. elevators are fixed, so I didn't have to hoof it again today. Yesterday, when I did the five floors ascension, a young lady was to join me. She thought that it might kill her, and I assured her that I know CPR, so not to worry.

How funny is that, when I must be about 36 years older than she? It did touch me, of course, for when you are young, you want to grow old, slowly, eventually, gradually, finally. I truly got it, for I have had a good run.

Don't think that I didn't wonder if it would be my last climb. I had to do it, and did, and lived to tell this tale, regardless.

Song is knock, knocking, at my door. Pearl Jam is on Fallon, and I love them, their poignancy.

And, for the first time on Roseland, I admit that I listened to Rob's version of "I Was Broken", maybe 50 times after I first heard it. I praise his singing, Marcus Bradley's singing & writing of it, too. It will be a classic that endures.

Olivia, so true, life is so good.

DreamerKind said...

Knock On Wood

Eddie Floyd:

I don't want to lose you
This good thing that I got
'Cause if I do
I will surely, surely lose a lot

'Cause your love is better
Than any love I know
It's like thunder and lightning

The way you love me
Is frightening
You better knock, knock on wood

I'm not superstitious about ya
But I can't take no chance
I got me spinnin', baby
You know I'm in a trance

It's no secret about it
That woman is my loving cup
'Cause she sees to it
That I get enough

Just one touch from her
You know it means so much
It's like thunder and lightning
The way you love me is frightening

You better knock
Knock on wood, baby

Thank you/englishnbloodyproudo

DreamerKind said...

What a good laugh I just had..calling Marcus Foster, Marcus Bradley. Why, methinks that it is a double compliment to Marcus and Sam Bradley, if you think about it.

Might also be a compliment to this French champagne that is kindly dispatching a few brain cells that I truly should lose, if I am to ignore those tiny, little, slight, hardly ever, senior momentos.

So funny!

DreamerKind said...

I have been checking Twitter and so lack the skills to be a real part of it. However, I will give it a whirl, and heart my followers, as they put up with me.

Nothing new that we don't already know. Kristen is beautiful, Rob is ninja, Tom is loved, and people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.

DreamerKind said...

People Need Love

ABBA (Early version):

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith and a helping hand

Man has always wanted a woman
By his side to keep him company
Women always knew that it takes
A man to get matrimonial harmony

Everybody knows that a man who's feeling down
Wants some female sympathy
Gotta have love to carry on living
Gotta have love 'till eternity

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith in a helping hand
La la la la, la la la la-la, la la

Flowers in a desert
Need a drop of rain
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If a man's in love and his woman wants the moon
Then he'll take it down if he can

Somebody who loves you and somebody who cares
Isn't that what you call a friend
Gotta have love to carry on living
Isn't it easy to understand

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith in a helping hand

La la la la, la la la la-la, la la

Thank you/abbagold100

wania said...

DK, angelica1, Rhonda, Claire…thanks girls! Down the paps!

... passionate Latin, DK? LOL...

Muse...me...Isle Esme?...LOL...

Robert, take care and speedy recovery...

Roseland... love ... great people... good vibes here ... ever!

DreamerKind said...

Yes, it was you I meant! Me, Irish/Swede/French, loves wine, cheese, jigs, what's not to love?

Polkas, and where did that come from I wonder?

This feels like an all-nighter. Amazing grace. Oh, how sweet the sound.

DreamerKind said...

For Wania

Ameno Resedá - polka (Instrumental)

Arthur Moreira Lima:

Thank you/stagesix6

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdie said...

Are you still twirling around in the night?

wania said...

Late night ... listening Arthur Moreira Lima ... amazing musician and conductor ... and reading a few verses of Clarice Lispector ... good way to end the night and start the day ... thanks DK, my good friend...

"Surrender, and I surrendered.... Immerse yourself in what you do not know... how I immerse... Do not worry about understanding, life passes all understanding."- Clarice Lispector

Amazing Saturday for all!

Wania (Passionate Latin)

DreamerKind said...

I am still twirling around the night, since I had to eat everything that I desired before I had to sleep. Like brie cheese, a marizpan mini cake, herbs for detox and sleepytime tea.

I sent you a PM earlier.

You're probs. gone now, but we'll meet soon.

Blowing in the wind, that's my answer.

Robert said...

hey everyone, well i survived round one

Claire said...


Tell us what you were thinking.....LOL


That's great news!!!

Good luck with Round 2

angelica1 said...

Robert - that's good to hear!

IB - I'm fine at the moment,thank you :)

Melinda -Sorry you've been ill but glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Hi Claire, I'm off to York to drink wine.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday

Claire said...


That sounds nice. The weather is great here and York isn't too far away so it should be nice weather.

olivia said...

Hooray for you Robert! Thank you for checking in. Am sure that was quite the adventure. Hugs for you!

Would like to add.....both lace outfits are stunning on Kristen in the Glamour photo shoot. Especially like the white lace dress paired with the boots! Perfect for her! Bravo to the stylist, make-up artist, photographer and of course to Kristen!

As always, thank you DK for the wonderful music. I toast to you with a yummy Mozart marzipan. The marzipan candies always remind me of my parents who loved them so very much as they were from Central Europe. They would always include them as Christmas gifts and put them into my Easter basket along with beautiful Italian lollipops that had flower designs pressed into them with different colored sugars.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.
Off to work half a day and then a late lunch with some friends. It is finally in the 80's. What a relief!
Hugs for y'all.
Life is good! : )

Rhonda said...

Hi everyone,

Robert- That's great! Best of luck for Round 2 :)

Angelica- That sounds fun. Have a glass, or two, for me ;)

Claire- I loved all the pics I saw from the Glamour shoot..Wow :)

Okay, I'm at work, so I best get to it. I hope everyone has a great Saturday..((Hugs))

dottie said...

Robert, thanks for checking in. I hope things continue to go well for you!

Happy weekend everyone!

Leni said...

@ Robert:
So happy for you! Good luck for round 2 :)

@ DK:
Thanks for the amazing songs!

ITA with Claire - please tell us your thoughts about the lace.. lol

Happy Saturday everyone :)

katy said...

Robert - Glad round one went well. best of luck for round 2.

Happy Saturday everyone.

Robert said...

ok, that was just a test because i an staying with a friend and,,,

where to begin

dk: i did get your references and i didn't forget because "unforgettable, that's what you are"

2. i love being one of the few male posters here, which enables me to say things like kristen stewart is the hottest woman in the galaxy, because she is, any galaxy, ever. i mean for fug's sake she is wearing a doilie and all i want to do is borrow it for just a second.

now, i think i was a little unclear last time. yesterday was not my surgery day, that will be octber 19.

but, yesterday was bad enough. it wa pre op day which began at 7 am with more psych evaluation,

all fir now more later

Robert said...

i can't help laughing because my first post was done at 4 am and i fell asleep in the middle it. now i have a four hour drive hone but i'll finish it then i promise