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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Robert and Kristen-- Anyway

Still together after all these years...

I've been kinda busy.
With "real" life...
You know
As opposed to my fake one.
So many lives.
So little time.
You may have noticed I'm not a fan of
That lame line is thrown out there whenever
original thought goes out the window.
I'm alive.
Therefore I live.
A life.
Shut up.


Did you hear about Rob and Kristen?

What's been at the ol' water cooler?
Sometimes I read this stuff
and I don't know whether to laugh at the idiocy
or cry that some of these people actually
inhabit the same planet as I do.
Because they must be fucking aliens.
They have to be.
Let's invade the Twilight fandom!
They will never notice us!

It's like they have no clue what sanity and reason 
is all about...
The Lunatic Fringe of this fandom.

They sit there in front of their computers.
Analyzing every pixel of every picture
Hoping against hope that they will find something
that will prove their point.
They scour the internet...
searching for clues and hints
Harassing anyone who dares to mention
Robert or Kristen
on their twitter... or Facebook.
What does it mean?
What did he say?
What was he wearing?
Did he look happy?
Was she wearing the ring?
Who were they with?
Did they look sad?
Tell me it ain't so...


This kiss was spontaneous.

I get asked a lot of questions about this stuff.
No really...


One of the questions I get asked the most?

"Did Rob and Kristen break up?
Why did he only stay in London for 10 days?
They both look sad like they broke up!"

Oh my.
It's hard to fathom that people worry about this shit.
It really is.
Rob was in London for 10 days.
10 days.
And he was seen out and about with Kristen
for just about every one.
How is that a problem?
People seem to think that Rob was
fucking chased out of London.
"He couldn't WAIT to get away from her"

Robert loves London.
He has family and friends there.
You really think he would have left
if he didn't have to?
And how is spending 10 days with someone...
Rushing away?

And that brings us to the burning questions...

"Why was Rob at Jimmy Fallon's Emmy party?
Some blonde said they were 'bff's' and had drinks!
And Kristen went to a party after the fashion show!
What's going on??"

Finding the truth.

What's. Going. On.
Let's see...

1. Rob went to Fallon's party last year with Tom...
This year he went with Marcus.
(Yes, we all know Marcus was there)
Rob likes Jimmy?
Jimmy likes Rob?
People who were actually AT the party
(this includes Taryn) said

“Rob was really mellow, he mostly kept to himself and the two people he was with, but he definitely was not in party mode,” says an insider. Pattinson had dinner across the street before hitting Jimmy’s shindig around midnight. “He blended in and no one bothered him,” says the insider adding Rob was super “low-key” at Jimmy’s party.

Oh of course there was this one...
OK not so random.
But One tweet.
"LOOK AT ME" tweet.

Another person looking for attention.
Claiming to having drinks with Rob.
Oh golly gee whiz.
Look at that.
Someone trying to promote herself
by attaching Rob's name in her tweet.
Surely if she were "BFF's" 
she wouldn't be broadcasting this over twitter?
No one else saw this intense bonding over jamison and gingers?
Color me shocked.
And really...
We are talking about Robert Pattinson here.
Shy. Quiet. Low-Key.
Someone who didn't want attention...
Just wanted to have a few drinks at the party
of his friend...
With his friends.

Rob loves ME... Not Kristen!

Nothing sinister.
No drama.
No secrets.
Robert is allowed to go out and have a few drinks.
He really is.
Kristen is allowed to go out, too...
It's OK.

I bet Rob wanted to kiss her here. Hell... He probably always wants to kiss her!
See... the thing is...
There is nothing to prove anymore.
There is no drama in Rob and Kristen's life...
It's just on Twitter...
Or on Facebook and Forums.
Rob and Kristen are doing just fine and dandy.
Dandy and fine.
I'm liking the word Dandy right now.
It's almost like someone's name.
Hey! Dandy! Come here and show us how FINE you are!

Truly people.


If some people want to cling to Rob being back in LA
as some sort of 
(It was about time to drag that one out again)
And if these people want to disregard the fact
that Robert did in fact spend 10 glorious days
(That would be 9 glorious nights)
In the company of Miss Stewart
And if they want to continue to excuse all of these
trips and sightings as PR?

Let them!
Let the hyenas have their bone...
It's all they have.
Because when Rob and Kristen are back together again...
(and they always are...)
They will have to continue to make excuses...
Or pretend it didn't happen.
(How many kissing and handholding pics do they deny now?)
They will just add -gate to the end of a word
Or say it was some huge Summit world dominated bullshit...
Let them!
Sit back and enjoy the show!
They really are quite entertaining.
Hoping against hope that when Rob and Kristen
have to be separated for whatever reason...
That they will never come together again.
But... alas...
They always do.

This post is brought to you by excuses.

When 'exit strategy' doesn't work...
Bring out
"Damage control"
And when you can't explain why
Robert and Kristen 
Keep showing up together
Blame it on Tom
Or Summit.
And when you realize that
Robert and Kristen 
are in fact... spending far more time together
than you ever imagined?
(Oh so much more time together)
You can always pull out the dried up "PR"
It is your 'GO TO' excuse.
Even when Rob and Kristen go out of their way
NOT to be seen.
They go above and beyond normal measures
NOT to be photographed together.
Fall back on your strange voodoo 
bizarro PR
The one that tells people to stay out of public view...
To not promote their relationship in any way...


Oh wait.
No public.
No promotion.


Listen to Tom. Tom is wise. And adorable.

He is incredibly lovable...

Bye for now


Claire said...

That gif of Tom just topped off an awesome post Rose. PMSL

Tom is not impressed!!

'Exit strategy' has always been a favourite of mine. WTF?!?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Good post Rose! And I love your smiley icons/gifs.

dottie said...

Hi Rose! There you go, being logical and sane again! It's all so simple, really. I guess some people just get bored w/simple and have to create drama where there is none. Hope your real life is drama free and happy, Rose.

Hi Claire! Are your injuries healing? No more mishaps I hope!

Melinda, Thanks so much for the Pear Preserves recipe. I was happy to see a step by step guide for processing the jars. That's what I am most nervous about. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Hello to all the regs!

Hope said...

Rob chased out of London!?...LMAO!!

And you are right...how MANY hand holding, kissing pics do these idiots need?

Hi to everyone!

Claire...glad you are better!

Hey Dottie!

Freddie...keep missing you!

Claire said...

@dottie and Hope

Fully healed now.

You'd think having a black eye, fat lip, a huge bump on your head, a bust nose, and a scolded foot would evoke some sympathy from your partner right?

He was pissing his pants laughing when he saw my injuries when we skyped. I wanted to jump through the screen and throttle the little shit. LOL

Motherhin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hope said...

Claire...LOL...but I thought your guy was super sweet!
Ahhhh....If he was in town would he have put ice on your eye and rubbed the bump on your head??
If not...yeah..throttle the little shit...lol

Claire said...


99% of the time he's as sweet as can be, but he has his moments where he's an inconsiderate imbecile, and this was one of them LOL

Claire said...


Where did you hear that??

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Somewhere out there, a wonderful young couple is busily enjoying their lives while the usual group of total dingbats give themselves nosebleeds over absolutely f*ck all, as usual.

Claire - Mine doesn't find my (frequent) injuries quite so funny since I turned over in my sleep and smacked him in the face with my cast, last time I broke my hand :)

Claire said...



I've had the displeasure of being caught by somebody's cast and it hurt like hell.

I guess he'll be in the spare room if you have the misfortune of needing a cast again eh?

Hope said...

Claire, Motherhin

Gossip Cop just debunked that rumor from US Weekly saying that "He is not."

Who knows....well, Rose knows.

Hi Angelica

Kay said...

It's always about creating drama, drama, drama.....at least I hope so, because otherwise there is an awful lot of scary, scary crazy out there!!

Take care and have a happy Tuesday, Roseland! <3

angelica1 said...

Claire - I imagine he will, if he hasn't already been relegated there :)

Hi Hope!

Claire said...


Thanks for that clarification.


I like your way of thinking.

Awhile! said...

Thanks Rose for another great post. I love that pic of Rob lightly kissing Kristen's jawline! I had to take my earplugs out to read today's post because the emoticons kept making me giggle. Of course Rob singing in my head trying to read does not help. "Anyway," have a great day and can't wait for Friday!!!!

Freddie said...

Rose, I hope all is well in your real life. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

It was great to catch up with some of you last night.

Hope - yes, we keep missing each other. I hope all is well with you and the family.

Claire - I'm sure your boyfriend will make it up to you when he gets back.

Melinda - I think I remember seeing you make reference to payroll, so if you are in HR or finance I can understand how things would be busy to year end. Hang in there.

Angelica - LOL on the cast wallop

Hey to Claire, dottie, Angelica, tulipfrenzy, motherhin, Kay and everyone else. Have a good day, all.

deb said...

YEP your right Rose just another year of BULLSHIT for the SO WHY NOT ME people out there LIKE Rob would even give them the time of day hahahhaha SO FUCKING FUNNY THEY know whats happening They just DON'T HAVE A LIFE POOR POOR SOULS how sad to live your life through OTHERS and to think they all aren't just young people its the OLD COLD HATRED HAGS out there WELL any way GOOD post we love ya Rose have a good day :) DEB.

Claire said...



He better, I'm gagging for it LOL

Sydney said...

Kristen looking gorgeous at the Fashion show in London. And especially at the afterparty. Had I dream I called her to tell her that. Awkward.

I would love for Rob to record to an album, but I'm a bit skeptical on that one. We shall see.

Claire: ah the imagery on that one. Gagging for it translates literally for us...so...you know. Hilarious.

Claire said...


Two weeks without is way too long, and I've still got ANOTHER two weeks to wait!!!

Freddie said...

Oh Claire - LMAO. Perfect.

PL said...


The imagery of your statement. Just when I thought you couldn't be any more funny then you come up with that.

Good Afternoon to everyone who is popping in. I'm not as nice as Freddie who always manages to mention everyone. I still don't know how she does it.

Groovie said...

Great, logical post!
Good stuff!
Just dropping by quickly to show my appreciation & say hi to everyone!
Hope u are all doing well, I'm having a stressful day at work! I'll need a drink when I get home!

Sydney said...

I'm with you Claire. Absence makes the heart grown hornier.

Freddie said...

PL - thanks, and you are every bit as nice - no question there. Are you still getting some good weather or has it started to turn there?

Hope you are having a good one.

Claire said...

@PL and Sydney

It's serious business though.

Skype and other....erm....things....are no substitute for the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone! Loved the post today Rose! Some folks just need to open their eyes! Loved Tom at the end! Perfect!

Claire glad to hear you are better!

PL said...


It is really nice here today, sunny and about 70 degrees. As I said on the previous post, though, I have to beware of falling acorns because there is a little wind today and it makes it treacherous to be around the trees.

Melinda said...

Love the gifs today! Truly funny and on point.

Dottie- The recipe sounds yummy so I hope it turns out well. Keep me posted and maybe I'll be adventurous and make it.

Freddie- Payroll belongs to my SIL. She can have that headache. I do everything else office wise for the company (family biz). I just deliver the paychecks (which makes me a favorite person, ha, ha) to the stores. I think for many this time of the year gets busy due to various reasons.

Sydney/Claire- LOL to the both of you!

PL- Since you seem to have a penchant for older (in age) HW actors...what do you think about John Slattery from Mad Men? He gives off a Cary Grant vibe for me so I love him. Very easy on the eyes.

Angelica- how's the back? Any luck with the block?

Kenzz- Meant to say this on the other post but I hope you have fun picking apples with the family.

Hello to everyone else. Hope the day has been good.

katy said...

Hi Rose,

Excellent post as always!!

And, you're right the only drama is the one created on twitter and facebooks...and GOD, it is SO annoying, how everything, no matter how insignificant, is always always followed by some kind of drama!

Sydney, I also would love if Rob recorded an album, but unfortunaly Gossip cop debunked that info. Still hoping to hear some legit info about Rob's next projects...soon.

Robert, I also want to wish you the best of luck with your surgery and a quick recovery. HUGS

Hope everyone is having a great day...take care!

Sydney said...

Just looked through through the posts and just about every one of mine has weird errors. I'm a bit preoccupied, so I apologize. It is tempting to delete them. I hate doing that.

Sydney said...

Damnit, just did another one. I need a drink.

angelica1 said...

Hi Melinda - So far,so good, it's helping :)

Rhonda said...

Nice post, Rose <3

I agree, there is nothing to prove. Rob and kristen are simply living their lives, while the lunatics are going ape shit over nothing.

Claire- LMAO! Gagging, huh? ;)

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day :)

Rhonda said...

Sydney- don't feel bad..I'm one of the worst for typos...:(

That should've been 'Kristen'

Claire said...


Literally climbing the walls ;D

Soleil Anne said...


Direct to the point as always.

I feel sorry for the R/K.
They cannot even talk nor look at the opposite sex bec. of the drama these crazies creates.

I still cannot understand why people who donot like them waste their time following R/K news on twitter & facebook.

Same situation with K dress:
She gets criticize for always wearing strapless minis, then she wears SOMETHING DIFFERENT for the fashion event ...

looking DDG (drop dead gorgeous)

and still gets beaten for wearing
a dress "not fitted" to her.
Its either wrong color, wrong style, too pale etc.
When will these ever stop?

But in the general scheme of things there are MORE positive people out here!

Like US!!!

Loving them for their talents/personalities/character- WHO WILL ALWAYS GIVE THEM PEACE as a fan.

Thanks for your blog.
It always completes my week.

Soleil Germany

Motherhin said...

Well, just learned a lesson in believing in crap you read on the internet. Won't make that mistake again.

PL said...


I just find most of the younger guys immaturely annoying. It's not like any of them are knocking at my door anyway.

John Slattery does give off the old Hollywood vibe. The thing is, he's looked older for years. I checked his IMDB page and he's 49. It must be the premature gray because I thought he was older than that. I do like him though.

wig4usc said...

Did you guys see the pics of Kristen at the fashion show?? Full on Snow White with her dark long hair. She looked stunning! They always end up together, truer words have never been spoken!! Remember the denials about the house in Hollywood? How bout the Paris airport? Vancouver? Set of Bel Ami? New Year celebrations? Shared room in Rio? On and on and on we could go.

Rhonda said...

Angelica, Melinda, PL & Claire- This goes back to what was discussed earlier today, but Colin Firth is my celebrity crush ;)

Claire said...


You can just tell that Colin Firth is a really good man, the type of guy that if you were with you'd be stupid to let go, definitely a keeper.

Rhonda said...

Claire- Yes, I agree. It's a shame he's happily married to a beautiful wife..*story of my life*


sjjw said...

Hey friends....I hope you don't mind if I post a personal anecdote, which Ms.Jameson and Gingers invoked for me, Years ago, in the dark ages, right after graduating from college, I was fortunate enough to be hired by the University of Va. For my first job. My BFF, a brilliant girl from the Medical College of Va. Helped me move in. After our long day's work, we went out to dinner at a local popular pub.(Dave Matthews was a bartender) Upon sitting down, who should walk in but Sam Sheppard (teaching playwriting at the time at UVA and living with Jessica Lange) and with him was Jerry Garcia! Random, I know. Anyway, from that moment forward, although neither Mr. Sheppard one Mr. Garcia acknowledged our presence in any way at all, we, to this day, claim we partied with Garcia and Shappard, on my very first night at old UVA. I could call my friend Leslie right now, and I would say, "Remember that night in Charlottesville when we were bff's with Garcia, Shappard, AND Dave Matthews?"

It's our thing,it's what we do. We are being funny. I am quite certain that girl was being equally funny with her tweet. Some "pepple" in this "fandom" take things WAY too seriously.

And, I still claim BFF status with Sam Shappard, Jerry Garcia ( RIP) and Dave Matthews. They just don't know it,

(all of this was true, yet humorous. If anyone w/o a sense of hi or reads this, please know that)

Love to you all!


sjjw said...

sorry for the typos. iPads do that...

Claire said...

His acceptance speeches for the awards he won for The King's Speech were some of the most genuine I've ever seen given. He and Geoffrey Rush were amazing in that movie, Colin winning those awards was well deserved.

His new movie with Gary Oldman is supposed to be really good too.

Rhonda said...

Hi Sj- Cute story :)

sjjw said...

late to the patrty, but I love Colin Firth. He is filming a movie now in N.C., my neighbor state!

Claire said...


I know exactly where you're coming from. This girl knew exactly what kind of response she would get by mentioning Rob's name, more followers on her twitter etc. I find it sad that people can just use others names to garner the attention that they so obviously crave.

Rhonda said...

Claire- He seems incredibly sincere and humble. I loved him in The King's Speech too :)

Rhonda said...

Sj- So close, and still so far...;)

sjjw said...

Claire, I agree. she knew, and was being facetious, I hope! Whatever the case, people took it too seriously. I am obviously NOT bff's with Sam, although he is a genius and I'd like to be, it's just al little inside joke with my friend and me. there really does need to be a sarcasm/joke/funny button on twitter for the idiots who don't get it!

angelica1 said...

sj - I think that's exactly what happened, although I'm convinced you and Sam meet up regularly to party :)

Rhonda and Claire - Colin's just such a sweetheart

Claire said...


He certainly does, and he is proof that nice guys don't always finish last. You can still get to the top by being humble, sincere, and an all round good person. Remind you of anyone? *cough* R/K *cough*

sjjw said...

Actually folks, I did meet up with Mr Sam Shapperd quite often during my tenure (ha) at UVA. He once even cut me off at a crowded gas station and took my pump. BAstard! he was stalking me.... I'm convinced. (cue humor button)

Claire said...

Thoughts on Bruno Mars rumored to be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack?

''I'll catch a grenade for ya''

Here ya go Bruno, I'm sending one your way, do us all a favour and make sure you catch it.

Does anybody think that him on the soundtrack just wouldn't work

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL, that does remind me of some people ;)

Bruno Mars? I haven't heard anything about that...

Sj- Absolutely he was stalking you! LOL :)

Claire said...


I seriously hope that it is just a rumour.

The bloke gets right on my nerves.

And when I think of the other OST's for Twilight having him on would be so out of place it wouldn't be funny.

sjjw said...

Please excuse all my misspellings of Mr Sam Sheppard's name. While I was an English major, I am a terrible speller. AND, my iPad does not help me. At. All.

Robert said...

i am completely blown away by you people

you truly are a special group

especially you DK, but i'll come back to you

Rose, we've never met, but you are a superb writer and your fans and followers are some of the most impressive, kind, thoughtful,
intelligent, funny, and amazing people i have ever run across

where to start

i have gone behind the sun because my parkinson's has gotten worse and i am teaching 5 classes so until my surgery is finished i will probably be out of touch for a while

but before i check out==
i am scheduled for pre op friday september 30, after that they will schedule the first leg of the surgery. this is where they drill a hole in my head, stick a tube in there and stimulate that part which causes the PD, then a week later i go back and they plant a pacemaker in my brain with wires that attach it to a magnet behind my collarbone, then they give me a matching magnet which i use to control the amount of juice going yo the pacemaker [you can also use it to land small planes and believe you can even get cable on it]

they say i could be about 90% back to normal. i asked the doctor if i would be able to play the guitar again and she said yes; then i asked if would be able to play basketball again and she said sure; so then i asked her if i would be able to play the violin and she says "can you play it now?" i said "no" and she says "then no"

anyway thanks to all of you for your support and dk you are truly special. i wish you nothing but happiness all day every day

i promise to keepin touch


sjjw said...

God bless you Robert! My father in law had Parkinsons, so I know what you are going through. I wish you well, friend. Let us know how it goes.


Rhonda said...

Robert- Thanks for the update. I wish you nothing but the best with this surgery. I hope it's a success in every way possible. Take care, and stay in touch when you can.

Also, in total agreement on DK, she is very much beloved around here.

Claire said...


I'll be keeping you in my prayers and hoping everything goes smoothly.

angelica1 said...

Claire - I had a mega rant about that bloody stupid grenade song in Tesco a while ago. I mean, it's hardly heroic if the pin's in and if it's out he's just made you a widow! What a muppet!!

Robert, I hope everything goes really well for you.I'll be thinking about you :)

Rhonda said...

Claire & Angelica- LOL, it's the 'Lazy' song that gets on my nerves.

What's Tesco?

Claire said...




All of his songs do my head in.

Tesco is one of the biggest supermarket chains here in the UK.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I enjoyed your post, as usual Rose, it was great. You would think people would get tired of creating all this drama, where none exists. Rob spent 10 days in London with Kristen, they were together every day and night, he had business to attend to or he had to get back to Bear. No drama, just business as usual. Take care everyone.

Robert said...

SJ thank you for your kind words. it is a cruel disease

for example it messes with your balance. i went fishing at a freind's camp this weeked, lost my balance, and fell halfway down a flight of stairs. impressive, no?

i was able to get my hands in front of me to break my fall so now all i have is a hairline fracture of the elbow. i am wearing a sling and dropping loritab

anjelica,rhonda,and claire,thanks to you as well you guys are so sweet

claire, what part of the UK are you from?[if you don't mind me asking]

Claire said...


I'm from the North East, County Durham to be precise. :)

Robert said...


do you get to scotland much? reason i ask is my best friend used to live in aberdeen and i visited him 3 times while he was there.so much fun, the UK is really beautiful

Claire said...


I occasionally get up to Edinburgh for a weekend away with the girls. It's only a few hours drive so it's quite easy to get to.

I haven't been to Aberdeen before unfortunately.

And I agree that the UK is beautiful, especially the countryside when the weather is nice. The Lake District is an area that I would advise anybody visiting the country to check out.

Rhonda said...

Robert- I'm so sorry about your fall, and the fracture. Again, best of luck to you..((Hugs))

amara said...

Hi everyone,
I have not commented for a long time (and I am mostly a lurker), so I don't think anyone would remember me.
I live in Melbourne Australia, and have been a fan of Robert & Kristen after watching 'Twilight' (long before I became aware of their off screen relationship). I only noticed that Robert and Kristen are couple until the 2009 MTV Movie awards.
Last year, during promo leading to the Eclipse premiere, I found Rose's blog by accident, while searching for a Robert Pattinson interview on google. The rest is history, I became a Rose fan.
What I love about this blog is that the people here use common sense and treat each other with respect, and admire and respect Robert & Kristen.
Hope you don't mind me dropping by from time to time. Sorry for the long rant. Best wishes to all

dottie said...

Robert, I will be sure to say a special prayer that the surgery goes even better than expected and your recovery is swift. Take care of that elbow and keep us posted when you're able.

SJ, When I read about the girl who tweeted she is bffs w/Rob, I thought it was exactly as you described. A person who doesn't follow the Twilight madness would have no clue the reaction an innocent tweet like that would receive. She deleted the tweet so I am assuming she meant no harm. People need to count to 10 (or in some cases 100) before having a knee jerk reaction.

Hey everyone!

Kenzz said...

Hello to all of Roseland!!

First and foremost, my best wishes and prayers to Robert for your upcoming surgery,,, although I would never describe myself as either religious nor superstitious, I cannot disregard the power of a community of like-minded souls wishing best results for another... too much good has happened thru Roseland that I am a true believer!!

The apple pie recipes are profoundly appreciated!!!

sjjw: Such a great story...and so telling how a faved anecdote can get sooo twisted via social networking...

Love to IB, Freddie, Super, DK our wonderful FGM, Kay, Sydney, Katy, Rhonda, Hope, PL, Groovie, Melinda, 30, dottie, Bren, gwen, Motherhin, Claire, angelica, and a slew of fab ladies and gents whom I'VE MISSED!!

And especially, my profound respect for a wonderful quartet of Syd, Rose, Gruff, and the always fashionable Smitty!!

In keeping with the scent and flavor of Rose's post, my word verif is "drout"... what an R&K drought we're in!

*I*Believe* said...

Well hello, you Silly Billies and Muffalumps! I feel sooo out of the loop! Boy are my little kiddos keeping my busy!

Rose~Today's post made me think of someone's avi, can't remember who's or when but it said KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON...that needs to be our motto.

Robert~Wishing you well!

FGM DK~Hope you are settling in...things sound good in you neck of the woods!

PL~continue to enjoy your weather...dark and cold here :(

Melinda~Keep on keeping on!

Rhonda and Freddie~Hey Girlfriends!

Super~Glad to see that you even enjoyed dessert in Columbia!

Annie~Where are you?!

Kenzz~How about that NYC Breaking Dawn Roseland Round Up...any news on a NYC premiere?

HI to Dottie, Claire, Katy, Groovie, Hope, Angelica, olivia and everyone else who I didn't mean to skip :)

Melinda said...

Robert- As with all the other ladies I want to send out my best wishes to you for your upcoming surgery and recovery. I hope it does every thing that it's supposed to do and you are able to do things you've had to miss out on because of this disease. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing post-op.

Claire- I hope the Bruno Mars thing is a rumor. If he is on it I guess he will be the Cee lo Green of the Eclipse soundtrack! Which still doesn't make sense.

They need to stick to the indie vibe because while Summit has screwed up on some things (hello wigs, makeup, and horrible photoshopping) they have made up in music.

Since you aren't a Bruno fan did you see his cover of Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" on the MTV VMA's? If you saw it what did you think??

I also get him and B.O.B. mixed up for some reason.

Angelica- Glad the block is working for you. How long does it usually last?

PL- John Slattery is only 49? Thought he was older. I'm with you on old HW men. Maybe that's why I like Rob. He gives off that vibe. My mom saw a picture of him sitting in the hammock (I believe it was the reader's digest shoot or something) and she said he reminded her of Robert Mitchum a bit.

SJ- Cute story about your 3 BFF's! What a trio of talent.

Kenzz said...
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Birdie said...

Always the voice of reason. Why can't people just be more reasonable?
Hello all! So many here today.
I just returned from one bitch of a long day. Whine.
So glad to hear you are having your surgery. It sounds like a deep brain stimulator. I have seen patients that have had those placed(often for tremors) and the results are amazing. Hope this is successful for you!
I love Sam Sheppard. Lucky you to be able to call him a BFF,even if he doesn't know it.Love all those tall,lanky,handsome men.
I am glad you are recovering from your day of mishaps. I am sure your guy would have been horrified if he had been there when it happened.
You little social butterfly. Are you dazzling all your neighbors?
Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

olivia said...

Another wonderful post, Rose. Thank you so much for the logic, sanity and dedication to keeping it real in this Rob, Kristen and Tom intoxication fandom.

Robert, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in the weeks that come for a successful outcome and speedy recovery to the surgery and procedures that you will soon undergo.

Have been super busy with RL. Was out of town this past weekend having a wonderful visit with family. Just catching up now on all the posts from the last several days.

Such a nice treat to see pics of Kristen at the fashion show. Loved the pictures of her with her hair in the braid and the casual tweed jacket from show put together with jeans.

Wishing her and Rob great creative inspiration and energy as they work on their individual projects. Time is flying by and soon they will be together promoting BD.

Hugs for y'all, dear Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff, and Syd, too!
Will peek in tomorrow.
Life is good.

DreamerKind said...

For Rose:

Any Way You Want It


Any way you want it
That's the way you need it
Any way you want it

She loves to laugh
She loves to sing
She does everything

She loves to move
She loves to groove
She loves the lovin' things

Long night, all night
Oh, every night
So hold tight, hold tight
Ooh, baby, hold tight

Oh, she said,
Any way you want it
That's the way you need it
Any way you want it

She said, Any way you want it
That's the way you need it
Any way you want it

I was alone
I never knew
What good love could do

Ooh, then we touched
Then we sang
About the lovin' things

Long night, all night
Oh, every night
So hold tight, hold tight
Ooh baby, hold tight

Oh, she said,
Any way you want it
That's the way you need it
Any way you want it

She said, any way you want it
That's the way you need it
Any way you want it

Any way

Thank you/JourneyVEVO

DreamerKind said...

Hello, Every One Of You!

Add me to the Colin Firth fan club, been a longtime admirer.

Thinking you'll have the best of news, very soon. ((Hugs))

Yes, lets get some VIP passes to LA and all go to the BD1 premiere. Hurry, and plan it. Write to Rob & Kristen's agents, pronto. We can all write. I vote a big "Yes"! Who else is in?

You can whine all you want, you work very hard!
Yes, my neighbors are so dazzled by my antics, for sure.
They have never seen such a dazzling red pushcart, filled from top to bottom, with misc. junque and pushed by someone wearing crystals and capris. Already folks are telling me that they have to get one. One of what, I wonder?

I love the Silly & Muffa words, which were the only gifts we got from the trolls (those rudilings!), that used to troll here. Good comes from all things. Don't stay away so long.

So true, some need a new grip, to get the humor of others.
What harm is done by making light of meeting future famous or current ones, claiming to be bff's, since none is being offended or bothered?
Dave Matthews? Lucky you! Did he make good drinks before he was top of the charts?

I remember you. Welcome back!

Also, loved your R&K security detail dream, which beat my botched breakfast-I was to make for them dream, of months ago.

When I'm feeling blue, all I'll have to do, is think of you and your sweet comments. Your day will come for un hombre magnifico of your ownsome.

DreamerKind said...

For Sj & Her Real/Imagined BFF's

Ants Marching

Dave Matthews Band:

He wakes up in the morning.
Does his teeth, bite to eat and he's rolling
Never changes a thing.
The week ends, the week begins.

She thinks, we look at each other
Wondering what the other is thinking,
But we never say a thing.
And these crimes between us grow deeper.

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time.
Lights down, you up and die.

Goes to visit his mommy
She feeds him well, his concerns
He forgets them.
And remembers being small
Playing under the table and dreaming...

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time
Lights down, you up and die.

Driving along this highway
All these cars and up on the sidewalk
People in every direction
No words exchanged

No time to exchange when
All the little ants are marching.
Red and black antennae waving.
They all do it the same
They all do it the same way

Candyman tempting the thoughts of a
Sweet tooth tortured by weight loss programs
Cutting the corners, there's a
Loose end, loose end, cut cut
On the fence, try not to offend.
Cut cut, cut cut.

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time.
Lights down, you up and die.

Thank you/DaveMatthewsBandVEVO

DreamerKind said...

Take The Risk

My Foolish Heart

Tony Bennett w/Bill Evans-1975:

The scene is set for dreaming
Love's knocking at the door
But oh my heart
I'm reluctant to start
For we've been fooled before

The night is like a lovely tune
Beware, my foolish heart
How white, the ever constant moon
Take care, my foolish heart

There's a line
Between love and fascination
That's hard to see
On an evening such as this

For they both give the very same sensation
When you're lost
In the magic of a kiss

Her lips are much too close
To mine
Beware, my foolish heart

But should our eager lips combine
Then let the fire start
For this time
Tt isn't fascination

Or a dream
That will fade
And fall apart
It's love
This time

It's love
My foolish heart

Thank you/gloriabedoy2001

angelica1 said...

Melinda - They're hoping I'll get about 9 months out of it, just until I'm in a better position to take 3 months or so off work,they've stressed I will still need surgery eventually.

DreamerKind said...

Had a fun time shopping tonight, and found a sleepshirt with 2 owls on it, and the saying "Night Owls". Naturally, I knew it was meant for me.

Also, bought some boyshorts undergarments, which I have never had, and at my age, decided I needed to have them before I couldn't.

How cute they look on me, if cute is the right word to describe it!

Now I can understand how someone might wear their partners clothes, for they are cozy/comfortable and if the two are parted, comforting.

It is alleged that R & K do similar for similar reasons. Oh, the excellent company I keep, so you might say they are my bff's, or I may.

My dream lover encourages me in these fantasies, of course. Thank you, Miles (DL).

DreamerKind said...

For Whenever Needed

Dream Lover

Mariah Carey:

I need a lover to give me
The kind of love
That would last always
I need somebody uplifting
To take me away

I want a lover who knows me
Who understands how I feel inside
Someone to comfort and hold me
Through the long lonely nights
Till the dawn
Why don't you take me away

Dream Lover come rescue me
Take me up
Take me down
Take me anywhere
You want to baby now

I need you so desperately
Won't you please come around
'Cause I wanna share
Forever with you baby

I don't want another pretender
To disillusion me one more time
Whispering words of forever
Playing with my mind

I need someone to hold on to
The kind of love that won't fly away
I just want someone to belong to

Every day
Of my life
So come and take me away

Thank you/stylinstuff108

DreamerKind said...

Don't Break My Heart

UB40 (1985-45 rpm):

You shoot me down in flames
You put me down a lot

I'm giving you my heart
Go on
Take it

Please be careful
Not to break it
Just remember
It's the only one I've got

Don't break my heart - don't break my heart -
Don't break my heart

You make me laugh a lot
And buy me silly things
And I'd rather be with you
Than anyone else

But if you make me mad
You'll wish that you had not

Don't break my heart - don't break my heart -
Don't break my heart

Where are the roses
And whispered sighs
Where are the compliments
And dreaming eyes

It doesn't matter you see
I know you love me
Real basic love never dies

Don't break my heart - don't break my heart -
Don't break my heart

Thank you/mrrk

angelica1 said...

DK - I'm very partial to my other half's hoodies although I occasionally let him borrow one back :)

DreamerKind said...

On My Way Home


I have been given
One moment from heaven
As I am walking
Surrounded by night

Stars high above me
Make a wish
Under moonlight

On my way home
I remember
Only good days
I'm on my way home
I can remember
Every new day

I move in silence
With each step taken
Snow falling round me
Like angels in flight
Far in the distance
Is my wish under moonlight

On my way home
I remember
Only good days

On my way home
I remember
All the best days

I'm on my way home
I can remember
Every new day

On my way home
I remember
All the good days

Thank you/FairyErin77

DreamerKind said...

That's very sweet..you are fortunate and kind in your loving.
Wishing something else, equally remarkable, to come along for you, back-wise. :)

DreamerKind said...

Sweet adieu, to you Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and the dear Billies.


sjjw said...

Hey Kenzz and other East-Coasters as well as all interested parties: There is a big group meeting in DC for BD opening nite, being billed as BD in DC! If anyone wants info., I'll pass it along. It promises to be quite the evening. Some of them are going to the premier in LA as well!

Good morning all. Thank you DK for Ants Marching! I do love that song and DMB.


dd said...

Good morning all :)

Great post Rose, to the point as always. Loving the smiley gifs, lol.

It's fascinating to see all these people speculating and jumping to conclusions about Rob being in LA, when they don't know shit about it. Oh well... I guess some people just get bored with their own lives and have to create a bit of drama to shake things up. Whatever makes you happy...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

TOM IS WISE...TOM IS CUTE!!!! Undoubtedly, Rose:)

ROBERT...I just read an article about a doctor in Florida that has figured out how to give parkinsons patients L-Dopa in high enough doses to alleviate symptoms with no side effects...if you are interested after your surgery in removing any residual symptoms and want more info, just let me know. The doctor adds certain enzymes back in that are disrupted with L-Dopa and his success rate is impressive.

Good Evening to Everyone!

ADD said...

I read that Bruno Mars might be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack? I hope it's not true. Grenade is awful.

This hilarious video sums up my feelings. "Grenade is stupid"

Robert said...


i cannot express my gratitude. you guys are truly special, all of you.


i will keep you in the loop throughout and once i am done with the surgery i will definitely take you up on your offer

thank you so much

olivia said...

Thank you DK for all the beautiful music. After listening to the lovely Enya - On My Way Home, I lingered and played a few more of her soothing yet haunting songs. Came across this, and wanted to share it with you and all the Roselanders. Do not know who the artist is, many say it is not Enya, but whoever she may be, it is so restorative and feeds the spirit. Hugs for y'all. Enjoy:


Oooooh, eeeek....what a cute little verification word.....
"mouse" !!! : )

PL said...

Good evening Roseland,

I have a little ethical question that I need some input on so I'm posing it to all of you.

I went to Target today and made 2 purchases, one of which was face cream. When I checked out the cashier asked if I just had the 2 items and then put the cream in a bag. I used my debit card to pay as a credit. Several hours later I was at home and went to record the purchase in my checkbook and saw that I was only charged for 1 item, not the face cream.

So now what do I do? Target is about 15 miles away, not the end of the earth but not somewhere that I routinely drive near. I don't want to call and give my visa number over the phone to some joker that works in customer service there. Should I just offer to pay for it the next time I go in? Whatever I do they're going to think I'm an idiot.

What would you do?

Muse said...

Good evening Roselanders! Well, since it's been 'drought time', I busied myself reading older posts. My my...the things you've been thru, Rose *sighing* only firm believers wld take all that s**t and stay strong.
And R&K? Unbelieavable. What these two had (and still hv!) to endure *nodding*
But now the end is near...oops!
But there you are Rose, 3 years later and still solid. And them? They grew up and built a life of their own, thru 'fire and ice'.
My old heart sings for them.
May I? Impersonating my dear Soleil Anne and her 'letters' (R&K angels’ board)…
"K, I know you'll be a remarkable SW. A 'period' character demands a different approach in prose & body movements and that's a challenge but I know you’ll kill it because that's who you've been ever since this madness began. Yes, off screen you've been quite the SW you're playing on screen.
After all, ‘you came, you saw, you won’ and yr Prince Charm is just the way it shld be: loving, caring, proud and respectful of the woman you are. And you had no Huntsman to help you eh?
My best compliment is if I’d ever wanted a daughter, I'd be very proud of one like you, soft & strong, sweet & spicy. Go girl! *wink*"
Again, thx Rose. Together w/Tempest's and Bronzehyperion's, your place is a respite far from the madding crowd.
Uh…deff ‘sappy’ mode ON tonight tsk tsk tsk...

Claire said...


I wouldn't worry about it right now. With it being 15 miles away i'd wait until I'm in the vicinity again then go and sort it out.

Hi everyone :)

Rhonda said...

Hi everyone,

PL- I would probably call the manager and offer to pay the next time I came in.

DK- You're the best..((Hugs))

Hi Amara & Muse- Welcome :)

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

I hope everyone has had a good day.

PL - I'm with Claire. I would let them know the next time that you are in the area.

Olivia - thanks for posting the song. It was lovely.

IB - Hey girlfriend- right back atcha! Hope life is treating you well, despite the hectic pace.

DK - love the boyshorts story. LOL. I'm sure you did look cute.

Hello to all the other Northeast chapter members (Kenzz, Super, Rhonda, Annie, 30) and everybody else out there. Take care.

Rhonda said...

Hi IB- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you out. I know you're busy right now with school. I hope it's started off well...:)

Hi Freddie :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Gang! Just checking in.

PL~About the Target thing...I say fur-get-abot-it!! It was an honest mistake and just look at it as a little bonus. I think your school girl guilt is getting the best of you. LOL Enjoy you free cream :)

amara said...

Hi lovely people,

DK & Rhonda: you are very sweet. Thanks for welcoming me. It's great to be able to drop by again.

Robert: we have not met before, but I hope all goes well. You will be in my prayers.

Muse: that's a beautiful way to describe some of Kristen's character 'soft & strong, sweet & spicy'..just lovely

Rose: that Tom gif is hypnotic..it took me some time to stop looking at it. You are right though, he really is cute and adorable (sigh).

Everyone, have a fantastic day/evening

PL said...


I can't believe that you of all people told me to forget it. You know that Sister Mary Catherine made sure that guilt is ingrained in my very psyche.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL...You will do the right thing...I understand the inconvenience...since they didnt charge you, there is no proof that you took the product home...you wont be happy to drop it...my advice, call them and ask them how they want to handle it...

Hello to All

beaculen said...

Tom! that's so funny! Remember Kristen saying that even if they admitted they were together it wouldn't be enough, they would always want more? Well I think her point has definately been proven. Perfect post Rose. thanks

jlsentangledweb said...

Hi, Rose! I usually just lurk, and smile and smirk at your posts, but I have to tell you that your emoticons are hilarious! I really love the ones that look like they're in the middle of a cat-fight...or more likely, a hyena fight.

*I*Believe* said...

PL~LOL....but with the summer I had (having three people in their 40's pass away and a fourth family friend) I guess I have turned over a new leaf and am subscribing to the "don't sweat the small stuff" motto. Sister Mary Catherine will have to get over it. Really...it WAS their clerks fault not yours...so ENJOY the cream and pay it forward instead :)

Kenzz said...

Good morning! Just a quick drive-by and shout-out to you, Rose and Roselanders...

That gif of Tom is waaayyy too cute!!

Claire said...

Hi peeps

Taylor L's Abduction opens tomorrow, are any of you planning on seeing it??

It's just that I've been reading the reviews and I feel like the guy needs some support.

They haven't critiqued the movie IMO, they have done nothing but a veiled character assassination on Taylor, and in some cases not so veiled. I'm so angry right now.

They're supposed to be reviewing performance's, direction, script etc, not personally attacking a 19 year old guy who no doubt put his heart and soul into what is his first really big project outside of Twilight.

Taylor is relatively inexperienced as an actor, and I just feel the criticism these pricks are directing at him is injust and downright disgraceful.

I really like him as a person, and he's obviously been a very good friend to both Rob and Kristen, and I think it would be great if Rob and Kristen fans could show their support for him this weekend.

This isn't an order btw LOL

PL said...

Thanks to all who gave me input on how to handle my Target problem. I did call the store and I think they were surprised that I would be calling about it. They told me just to pay for it the next time I came in. Obviously, it wasn't a big deal to them that they get their $23.


Concerning Abduction, I do think the critics hate Twilight so much that they are going after both Rob and Taylor unfairly. Roger Ebert tweeted as much concerning WFE.

Taylor is inexperienced and maybe not leading man right now, in my opinion. I know nothing about movie making but wonder if he would be better served in supporting roles to start out and to build credibility. It seems to be a hard transition as Zac Efron is finding out too. I'm confident that Taylor's teen followers will see the movie so it will work out fine for him. Regardless, not every movie will be successful, it's just the nature of the business. His day will come, I'm sure.

Claire said...


I completely agree

What got my back up was that they went after him personally. They are critics, they're not there to critique someones personality, their looks, or anything personal, they're there to review a movie.

I agree that perhaps taking some smaller supporting roles might be a good idea, he can hone his craft out of the spotlight. I know he was mentioned for a part in the Expendable's 2, maybe something will come of that.

I must admit though, I though the vast majority of critics were fair to Rob when reviewing WFE. Some may not have liked the script or the movie overall, but they weren't beyond giving him praise for his performance, which I'll admit I didn't expect, rag on ANYTHING Twilight and all that.

Taylor comes across as a very nice guy, you never hear him bad mouth his peers or anything like that, and I'm just finding the attacks on him uncalled for if I'm being honest.

What I've found is that is usually the smaller bloggers who are the most poisonous (nerdy little bloggers anyone?) These arseholes are probably sat in their basement with food all over their shirt while tossing themselves off to Star Wars or something, like the pricks that they are.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Not that I'm a critic or anything but I will go see the movie and then I will give my honest opinion. I think TL is fantastic though...I really do:). PL....see...you feel better now:)