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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Laugh. Twirl. Repeat.


This is the kind of mood I'm in today.

WHY you ask?
Let's just say...

I'm chill.
Good things on the horizon...
Oh wait... did I already say good?
Wonderful things.
Marvelous, Incredible things.

It makes me ALL kinds of twirly.
And yeah... I know some people get all bent
outta shape if I even mention TWIRL
But you know what?
Who gives a shit?

Twirl around Piglet...

Step lightly, Pooh...

This silly ol' dance is perfect for two!

At least I'm happy..
and not foaming at the mouth with bitter hatred.
And honestly...
It's going to get so much worse for those people...

Who you calling Sheep?


Rob and Kristen are always being compared
to other 'celebrity' couples out there.
I guess all couples must behave by some
unknown guidelines to be considered 'real' or not.
Who sets these guidelines?
Well... I think its pretty obvious.

Bear in mind...
There aren't a lot of famous couples out there
who are under the same intense scrutiny and fanaticism
about their relationship.
So comparing Rob and Kristen's actions in public...
To a couple who welcome having their pictures taken...
It's not really quite fair, is it?

A lot of comparison is made to
Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.
I'm sure you've seen it.
Vampire Diaries
(which I not only watch... but enjoy)
Romance found on set.
A brooding vampire and the beautiful human girl...
Yes. Yes.

Point is...
I often hear
"Nina and Ian are doing it RIGHT... Suck that Shippers!"
 And maybe Nina and Ian are doing it right for THEM.
You know?
I happen to like both of them...
And I think they are adorable together.
But every couple I see in magazines and on TV
doesn't immediately bring Rob and Kristen to mind.
And why should it?
Why should the way they handle their relationship
be considered WRONG by people
who have no right to judge them?
Worry about your own relationships...

I thought I would show the absolute hypocrisy
and complete bias when it comes to
Robert and Kristen.

True Love.

Barely Friends.

Airport Walk of Love.

Airport Walk for PR.

Doing it 'right' in public.
They can't possibly like each other!

You see where I'm going here?
Pretty much the same behavior by two couples...
Ian and Nina are MADLY in love and doing it 'right'.
And Rob and Kristen?
They obviously can't stand each other and are
just posing for PR!

No other couple is judged so harshly
and held to such high standards
as Rob and Kristen.
Any other couple who would be together
as much as Rob and Kristen are...
Caught holding hands and kissing...
And all the other things they've done together
over the course of the last 2 1/2 years?
They would be

Thing is...
Rob and Kristen are definitely doing something right.
(Did I mention how twirly I am today?)

I am.

We're happy... just the way we are.

Final thoughts.

1. Please with the "Rob out partying every night" bullshit.
He was at Fallon's party.
That's for sure.
And maybe he was out with his friends
having a few beers...
Nothing wrong with that.
But I don't get what you expect him to do.
Should he just hide away in some corner
until he and Kristen are reunited?
He's not allowed to go out a couple of nights?
I don't understand the NEED for some people
to think of Robert as some sort of
alcoholic manwhore.
If Rob were out carousing and picking up women
it would be ALL over the place.
But as usual.
All we get are a couple of tweets
of seeing Rob in a bar
(and even those are suspect)
quietly having a beer or two.
What's the big deal?

2. And let's get back to the tweet business.
I honestly LOVE how one person can tweet
"closed a bar with Rob Pattinson"
and its truth.
But numerous people tweet about seeing
Rob and Kristen kissing and snuggling

I saw Rob!!

Why are people such idiots?
Why do they eagerly lap up anything
as long as Rob or Kristen's name is attached?

3. Of course Rob has a house.

Him living in hotels for the last 2 1/2 years
is like him being allergic to vaginas.
Not gonna happen.
You don't accumulate a bunch of guitars
and a PUPPY
and live in a hotel.
Thing is...
He shares that house with Kristen
You know he does.

Kristen needs a kitchen...
Rob needs Kristen.

4. Don't you just feel good things happening?
It's like this energy.
This feeling.
It's wonderful.

Gotta get some popcorn.
I think this is going to be so much fun.

This post is brought to you by the letter *P*

P for Popcorn!
Get some.

P for PR!
I love PR couples with exit strategies.
That makes sense!
Oh wait.
It doesn't.
You can't shout PR whenever
Rob and Kristen are together
Then screech
"I'm glad he's done with the PR bullshit
and partying it up"
when he and Kristen are apart.
Which is it?
So if he's DONE with the PR bullshit...
When he and Kristen are seen together again
in a non work related way...
(and they will be)
What will be your excuse then?
Say..for example
The three of them are seen walking Bear...
(and wouldn't THAT be awesome!)
Then what?
No... It can't be... NO!
Get back to me... OK?

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

In your post there is absolutely nothing more to add. The truth and nothing but the truth.I hope all the people who are against the love between Rob and Kristen will be silent once they accept them being together for the long haul.And this day will come for sure.Earlier as they think.He would be stupid and crazy when he would let her go and vice versa.You only get the chance once in life to met your perfect match to make you whole.And they know it.Thanks Rose.

Claire said...

''Worry about your own relationships...''


Although saying that, given the character traits these freaks have shown, I'm sure any guy with anything about him would run a mile.

Nice emoticons again Rose :)

angelica1 said...

You're absolutely right Rose except I don't think these idiots have any relationships to worry about hence they have no idea how they actually work in the real world :)

bcaceres30 said...

to be honest i think its sad all the amount of scrutny that Rob and Kristen's relationship is put under by the haters, some shippers, and the media.

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Well put and impeccable logic, as always. Glad to hear you are having a “twirlishious” day. It’s been a glorious fall day here.

I love the gif of Tom laughing. Pirate Radio was a really fun movie, with such a great cast and really great music.

Your emoticons are hilarious: “Twirl around Piglet”; “Step Lightly, Pooh”; “Who you calling Sheep” ….LOL.

Belated birthday wishes to Bren and Gwen. .

Kenzz – enjoy the fall fair.

Hello to Claire, Angelica, Sweetowl, Super, Olivia, dottie, Rhonda, Robert, bcaceres30, PL, DK, Annie, Hope, Kay, Katy, Groovie, IB, Fio, Birdie, Barbara, Muse, Wania, Sydney, Berry and all the other Roselanders. I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend.

Berry said...

Rose you are so right...never more truth said! I say Soul Mates! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Just finished reading The Night Circus...really a good read!

Vangie said...

Greetings Rose, and you other charming ladies! everyday, is rob and kristen, breakup day, always something negative, now they want kristen to sleep with Chris Hensworth, lust imagine, a married man, these co-call fans, are getting worse and worst, as the day rolls by, i hate it, where is the love?

Claire said...


Totally agree.

They are either very young, been hurt in relationships in the past, or have mental problems.

It's not like Rob has given them anything to work with. Whenever you hear about him being out he's always described as keeping himself to himself.

The manwhore accusations I can sort of laugh off, in Rob's own words on the WFE press tour, ''they're boring'', but when people accuse him of being an alcoholic then I start to get mad, that's not fucking on. Those are the sort of slurs that can seriously damage careers. He's British, we're a nation who likes a drink.........or five LOL.

He goes out with his mates for a few, what's the big fucking deal? It's probably good for him given the fucking craziness that is his life.

angelica1 said...

Claire - Exactly! He behaves like virtually every other 25 year old British male.I have no idea how these fools get their knickers in such a twist!

Claire said...


He's a tall guy, who when he was younger looked older than he really was, he was probably getting into pubs and bars at 16/17, I know I was LOL.

I've never been to North America so I don't know how they view pubs/bars, but as you know, going to a pub or bar over here doesn't automatically mean you're getting sloshed.

They're places to meet your friends for something to eat and socialise.

dottie said...

Great post, Rose. I can't imagine being under so much scrutiny all of the time. I'm amazed that Rob and Kristen have stayed grounded through it all. It just proves how special they are as individuals and as a couple.

Hello to all the regs! I hope you're having a wonderful week end.

Omoiyari said...

Wonderful!If Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are perfect ,Nonstens or crazy people will leave Robert and Kristen in peace.

personally,I don't care about other 'celebrity' couples out there.

Awhile! said...

Thanks for the great post Rose! I hope you keep enjoying the rest of our day! I'm still trying to figure out how buying a bench, desk lamp, and floor lamp constitutes "furniture" where ever Rob is living. I'm pretty sure he's waiting for Kristen to pick out "furniture!" Geeeezzz, that's probably the only thing the poor man has--a bench and light to play his guitar! I LOVE how you added Kristen needs a kitchen!!! That was the best part of today's post. Poor Kristen! My heart goes out to them both!

Hope said...

Rose...Yes, I feel good things happening too!! Always good things.

Robert...thank you for posting details about the procedure you will undergo on Friday. I will be sending my prayers your way knowing that your doctors and nurses will provide you with the best skill and care possible. Wondering how long until you begin to see improvement...days?

Hi Everyone...hope all is well this first weekend of Fall.

Groovie said...

Excellent post!!
Love all the totally random smiley thingies, they make me laugh lol!

Great pix and very true words as always!
Gonna have an epic nap for a few hours now, working at 6am on a Saturday should be illegal!
hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

PL said...


I love those emoticons. On top of being cute, I bet all the crazies are trying to interpret a hidden meaning behind each one.

Family is coming, gotta scoot.

dozac said...

Great sensible post,Rose.
Love the Twirling!!! Twirl away,girl!!!!!

Kenzz said...

Great and funny post Rose...Like Freddie, I'm very happy to see you so "twirlishious"! The little twirly faces crack me up... I imagine your haters/stalkers put special decoding emphasis upon each and every one! lol

Our local Fall Festival turned into a Summer scorcher!! It was well over 80 here today when the sun finally came out... summer's last hurrah, I guess :)

Hoping everyone has a lovely rest of their weekend... I think I'll go and do some twirling myself!

katy said...

Hi Rose,

You've done it again, another sane and logical post. I can't had nothing to something that is alraedy perfectly said!! Thank you!

I love your emoticons, they are really funny.

Freddie, Claire, Angelica, Groovie, Hope, Dottie, Groovie, Angelica, Berry, Vangie, Bcaceres. to the other roselanders that may stop by and anyone else I may have missed...hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Take care!


Robert said...

hope--how kind of you to inquire about my operation. in answer to your question believe it or not apparently, the change is almost instant

i know, i can't wait

warning: cheesy sports analogy coming up

in the football game that is R&K's relatiopnship. rose is the running back and we are all simply linemen. but you gotta admit, it's fun to watch her carry the ball

sorry i have football on the brain today. i graduated from both LSU and Texas A & M

can you blame me?

Kay said...

Love the twirly post, Rose. :D
I am glad that Rob and Kristen happily keep doing what is best for their relationship....without worrying about the idiots out there that think they know better.

Happy Saturday, everyone...hope you all have a great weekend!

beaculen said...

One of your best posts yet...and that's saying ALOT! lol What happened to "if there's no pictures it didn't happen"? Well there't plenty of pictures of R and K together, I want to see pics of him hanging out drinking all night with random strangers. Oh wait, your cell phone only has a Twitter feature, but no camera? omg it just gets so old. lol thanks so much Rose. Yeah for Saturday Roselanders!

Bren said...

Hello to everyone at Roseland..


I was already in a darn good mood, but after reading your post....let's get the twirling in gear!!!!

Thanx to Birdie and Olivia for the warm wishes...

@ Gwen

Thanx 2u2, I miss u muchacha loca....

@ DK,

Where are you, Little Mama?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...Thank you for the post!!! I am in the middle of "nowhere...observatory"...it quit raining fir a little bit here...it is cool with a light breeze..crickets in the woods...guitars are being strummed...beaufort stew for dinner....yum...I have had one too many but feelin GOOD...mellow...I'm glad to see that Pooh and friends are back and I am ready to TWIRL!!!!!....HELLO FREDDIE and everyone....happy days....where is DK??????

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROB...Just in case you happen to breeze by...I don't think you are a manwhore...YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

Great post Rose. Like I've said before, live and let live....haters back off!

BTW, I flove the little Pinocchio smiley....love the growing nose...how cute!

Robert~hang in there

Be well everyone!

olivia said...

Rose, loved the post. Am twirling along with all of Roseland. Absolutely love the pic of Rob and Kristen at the wedding.

Berry, am on page 93 of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and am enjoying it very much. ( Just after Marco meets Celia at the audition.) Read that Summit has purchased the rights and will make the film version. Does it end with the possibility of a second book?

Kenzz, it is so funny.....your Fall Festival scorcher....over 80.....and for us today....94....and everyone coming into the shop was commenting on how beautiful the day was and how cool it felt! I just had to smile about that! : )

Whoop and Gig Em for you!
Did watch the last half....so sad they lost by 3 to OSU.
Here's little miss Reveille to wish you well:


and a bit of the 12th Man spirit to cheer you on these coming weeks:


Have a great evening everyone.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

Birdie said...

Kristen needs a kitchen...
Rob needs Kristen.

I loved this. The picture comparisons really show the hipocrisy of these goofy loons.
Sounds like everyone is having a lovely fall weekend. I spent it in the garden,getting ready to put it to sleep for the winter.
Good to see you! Where are those other two nightowls?
Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone!

DreamerKind said...

@Claire & angelica1
I love the sounds of fans, and vacuums, too.
The fountains outside of my place, lull me off into sleep, and cause me to nap, when I least need or expect it, so powerful for calming, are those sounds.

@Bren, Birdie & Super
Where's DK? What a mystery!
I was here until 1030pm last night, so where were you? Granted I fell asleep early, but I gave fair warning I'd be off. I'm always a bit off, anyway.

You know what you're talking about and it shows. Such a nice way to spend a Saturday night, with your new post and here with the lovelies.

DreamerKind said...

I Hear A Symphony

The Isley Brothers-1966:

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post, as usual. It is very strange, but I feel the same way, that something wonderful is coming. I can't explain it, but I know it is true. So, I am laughing and twirling right along with you. Take care Roselanders---see you next time.

DreamerKind said...

For Rose & Barbara Fenwick:

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Michael Buble:

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So much I want to say

Thank you/MikeOranje

wania said...

Hey Rose! Nice surprise on saturday! New post! Inspired post!

I agree with all what do you said... I don't understand why sometimes people are cruel with our lovely couple... so unfair...
I hate these twitter bullshits... I tired... this week went tiring...

But this post brought me good energy and good feeling gripped me...

These feelings are wonderful... and... I adore popcorn!

So let's go! Enjoy all the good things yet to come...

Thanks for musics... I'm enjoying...

Have a great Sunday... Rose, Roselanders and my dear friend DK!


DreamerKind said...

I Repeat Your Name

Vitas (English Subtitles):

I repeat your name
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This name is farther than the stars
And is sadder than the tired rain
I'm so much afraid of looking like clocks
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I repeat your name
In the silent darkness at night
Will I be able to love you
The same way
As we could love formerly

And what kind will my love be
I know it will be gentle and light
I'm so much afraid of looking like clocks
That have to sing about the past

Thank you/5akuraD1va

DreamerKind said...

Rose's thoughts, the truth of things, and good music, do make a person feel energized and ready for some popcorn. Nice to see you again, my dear friend!

DreamerKind said...

True Love

Grace Kelly & Bing Crosby-1956:

Suntanned, windblown
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Thank you/Nocaro

DreamerKind said...

Fun video links you posted!

You go to my head! I've got you under my skin. Get the message?
Thinking of you.

It's midnight-time for some vino, for the in-between-o. A little break for me.


wig4usc said...

Amen!!! And I love a good twirl...ready to see some good stuff coming!

Soleil Anne said...


I´m having a great weekend!!!

And part of that is YOU, having 2posts I can read.

I love R/K & how they are handling their PRIVATE LIVES.

As a fan I donot need to read how much they love EACH other.

-I know they are together.
-I love their projects.
-I love their CLASS & maturity w/c CANNOT be found in their older HW counterparts.

Supporting & giving them privacy which they value is a better WAY OF BEING A LOYAL R/K FAN!!!


su said...

Beautiful post, and I agree, there's something good in the air...

Rhonda said...

Rose, as always, perfectly stated and spot on...

Happy Sunday :)

Muse said...

Morning Rosiers!
Rose *wink* it's OBVIOUSLY a glorious twirling post!

Well, you hv autumn at yr door? Down Isle Esme it's spring time! Sunshiny days, blue skies, emerald green seas & heat!! Purr-fect for an 'island twirl' JS...ah, be still my heart!
Oh, may I join the 'Emoticons Lovers Ultd Co'? They.Are.Precious.

Hv you all an amazing (Brit accent here pls) twirling Sunday!