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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- Once Upon a Time...

I have this girlfriend.
I met her while I was in college.
She is a lovely girl...
Naturally beautiful.
And so incredibly sweet.
Not conceited in the least...
and not high maintenance about her looks.
Her name was Kate.
And although Kate was painfully shy...
We became fast friends.

Most of the other girls on campus 
really liked Kate too...
Kate would go out of her way to help someone
She would go above and beyond to make sure
that everyone around her was OK.

Kate was funny...
and quirky.
And Kate loved animals.
She was smart and compassionate.
But Kate kinda kept to herself.
Being so shy...
She sometimes had a hard time opening up to people.
A lot of people always kinda knew about her...
But didn't really give Kate much thought either way
Mostly because Kate was so quiet and unassuming.

So time goes by...
Kate works hard at school...
Works hard at everything she does.
Gives her all.
And then one day.
One day.

Kate meets the hottest...
the most popular guy on campus.
They fall in love.
At first sight.
It wasn't easy at first...
There were some complications
This guy...
He didn't give up on Kate.
He had to have her.
Roger knew they were meant to be together...
No one else 'got' Roger like Kate did.
No one else made Roger feel the way Kate made him feel.
No one else looked beyond his popularity
and his good looks...
and just treated Roger like he wanted to be treated
Like a regular guy.
Which is how Roger saw himself.

Roger fought hard for Kate.
His love for her never faltered.
But things changed on campus...
All of a sudden the girls who never really noticed Kate
Decided to start hating her.
Who did Kate think she was going out with Roger?
Roger was WAY too good for her.
These girls decided that they knew what was best for Roger
and they knew it wasn't Kate.
They criticized Kate every day.
From her hair...
Down to her shoes.
Every day.

Roger never paid attention to anyone...
Only to Kate
and his heart.
Kate loved Roger back just as fiercely.
And she fought hard for him too.
She knew she could make him happy.
She knew that she was as good for him...
as he was good for her.
Kate knew that Roger was indeed...
Her soulmate.

And what of the girls who decided to hate Kate?
They couldn't forgive her for taking Roger from them.
He was theirs. Not hers.
They were positive that Kate was just using Roger
for his popularity... for the attention
Surely Roger couldn't really LOVE 
someone like Kate?
She wasn't pretty enough.
She didn't smile enough.
She wasn't grateful enough.

But Roger knew the truth.
He knew those horrible girls were just jealous of Kate.
Not only of her stunning beauty
(and Roger couldn't stop looking at her)
but because everyone who really KNEW Kate
loved and adored her almost as much as Roger did.
They knew that Kate's shyness was sometimes
misunderstood for being aloof... 
They knew the truth.
Kate never hurt anyone.
She works hard at her job.
She's a good and loyal friend.
She is kind and sweet...
and tries hard to do the right thing.

Thing is...
Kate never did anything to these girls
for them to hate her so much.
They don't know Kate.
Never even tried to get to know her.
The barely knew she existed before Roger came along.
They hate her because Roger loves her.
Plain and simple.

So they lie about Kate.
They lie about her family...
Her friends.
They make up stories about her sexuality
and her job performance...
They trash her looks and her clothes.
And why?
What has Kate ever done to them?
Roger fell in love with her.
That's why they hate her.

So I guess I'm writing this...
To tell everyone to just 
back the fuck off of Kate.
If you ever met her...
You would feel protective too.
She's a tiny little thing.
And she doesn't deserve any of this hate.
She didn't do ANYthing to you.
Not one thing.
She just wants to love Roger.
In peace.
And that's what Roger wants too.
Because Roger knows they saved each other...
And they are exactly where they are supposed to be.

This post is brought to you by Kristen Stewart.
I adore her.

And of course...
By Thomas Sturridge.

For taking care of her...
and being there when she needs you.
I really don't think anyone could ask for a better friend.

To Kate and Roger...
And Kristen and Robert...

Another favorite movie quote.
From Meet Joe Black.

Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. 
I say, fall head over heels.
 Find someone you can love like crazy and
 who will love you the same way back.
 How do you find him?
 Well, you forget your head, and you listen to your heart.
 And I'm not hearing any heart.
 Cause the truth is, honey, there's no sense living your life without this. 
To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, 
well, you haven't lived a life at all. 
But you have to try, 
cause if you haven't tried, 
you haven't lived.

Until next time.

Bye for now


beacullen said...

Rose, if I could give you a standing ovation right now I would. Truer words have never been spoken. Great post. Happy humpday!

Leni said...

Best post ever :)
No more words needed!
Thanks so much, dear Rose <3

Dottie said...

Bravo Rose! Your friend is blessed to have so much love surrounding her. Love is stronger than hate.

Happy HumpDay, Roselandians! xoxo

Groovie said...

Absolutely love this!
When u break it down like this, how can anyone with even a few brain cells remaining not see how absurd and senseless this hate is!

Loved the movie quote too :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!!
Hope its a good one!

katy said...
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katy said...

Wonderful post, Rose!!!!! LOVED this so much!! Thank you.

Hope everyone is well and happy. Take care.

Dottie said...

Hi Katy, Groovie, Leni, Beacullen! Hope you're having a great humpday! :)

Birdie said...

You actually made me tear up, Rose.
I can so feel the emotion in this post. Bravo!

ali mac said...

Go on ya girl ya!! This is exactly what came into my head when I read this post, (you have to say it with an Irish accent though)

Just goes to show just how juvenile all the haters are!! So well written Rose.

Freddie said...

Great post Rose. Roger and Kate are so lucky to have found each other. I hope they continue to hold on fast to the wonderful, precious gift they have and ignore the nonsense from others. The best response would be for them to continue to live happy, fulfilled lives, in love, together (sorry, I'm not as eloquent as Rose)...

Hi to Birdie, dottie, katy, Groovie, Leni, beacullen and all the other regulars. Special call out to Hope and Olivia - I'm glad you and your families are all safe.

Take care all.

Freddie said...

Hi ali mac - you posted while I was typing. Hope you are having a good day as well.

ali mac said...

Hi Freddie, my day is over now, time to snuggle down under the duvet. Enjoy the rest of your day x

angelica1 said...

The irony here of course, is that these self-absorbed losers don't have enough insight to realise that it's precisely because she would never hurt him by taking away that which matters most to him,namely herself because she would put his happiness first, that she is in fact deserving of his love in a way that they could never conceive of, or hope to be.They don't have enough compassion in them to be capable of that kind of unconditional love and for that I pity them.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Lovely ROSE... Girls are just bitches, aren't they?? The more things change, the more they stay the same. I think jealousy is probably the most vile and disgusting of all emotions. It causes people ro say horrible things that they surely don't really mean and it hurts alot of people. I have ALOT of faults, but that's not one of them.... Thank God. Life is hard on everyone. I'm happy for people that are happy. ... It is a cause for celebration. And thanks. But unfortunately, in this life we are all going to swing that heavy pendulum back and forth MANY times. OK, I admit I'm fixing to have a second glass of wine so I'm kind of mellow and sentimental. Lol:)

Hope said...

LOVE, LOVE this post, Rose!

You have spelled out the truth perfectly once again.

Freddie...thanks for thinking of us! How are you?

Wishing everyone a good evening.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Oh ROSE...I meant to say I finished THG and have started the second book. Going to see the movie Friday night. Also I agree it's fantastic but I also don't think anything will ever top the impact that Twilight had on me. I guess I have the rest of my life to try to figure out why... Why??


angelica1 said...

Hi Super :)

Rhonda said...

Brilliant post, Rose <3

Perfectly stated and beautifully written, as always.

Hi all- I hope everyone has enjoyed a nice day..

Paris said...

Brillant post! Thank you Rose!!! I follow you on Twitter and I check your blog daily for new posts ... & while I've enjoyed them all - this post is my favorite!!! You are a kind and remarkable fan to both Rob and Kristen! Standing Ovation for a wonderful and brillant post!

Hope said...

Hi Super!
How's that new car of yours??

Rhonda...hope you had a good day at work.

Litmom said...

Oh, Rose -
What a wonderful story about Kate & Roger. I think I love them - they sound like my kind of folk. And I hate bitchy, jealous girls...always have, always will.
We ( and Kate, Roger, and friends) are lucky to have you...

Teeth said...

To Kate and Roger!

I raise my glass:)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, wonderful post, I really enjoyed Kate and Roger's story. As for Rob and Kristen, they are so happy with each other, living their life, and the haters will never touch them.

Take care Roselanders and dear Rose, until next time.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HOPE... The car is really nice...I'm trying to be very careful...like an old lady driving on Sunday...lol..( fingers crossed)!

Yes, let's ALL raise our glasses TEETH to Kate and Roger...may they live long and love each other passionately 4 EVER!!!!! Amen:)

Litmom said...

Super- what kind of car did you get? So fun for you!

olivia said...

Dear Rose and Roseland,
Hear! Hear!
Thank you Rose for the objective and pragmatic telling of Kate and Roger's story. Jealousy and vindictiveness are pathetic, mean, immature actions. The love, honesty, respect and trust that Kate and Roger share make them stronger every day, ever more protective of each other and their relationship, and more secure within the sanctuary that is created by their love for each other, their families and friends. They are a young but extremely mature couple who are not only soul mates but also perfectly matched old souls.

Have a lovely evening dear Roseland.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good.

Kristen is beautiful. The sixth picture down of her is stunning.

Rhonda said...

Hope- it was a good day, thanks. Again, so happy you and Olivia are safe :)

Olivia- you already know this, but I love reading your comments:

"extremely mature couple who are not only soul mates but also perfectly matched old souls."

So true :)

Melinda said...

Good golly that girl is gorgeous! No wonder she captured his heart. They make me sappy. My wish for them is to have a long and happy life together.

Love this post so much Rose! Especially love the movie quote. That movie kills me.

Olivia and Hope- Glad to hear that you are both okay!! Thanks for the update.

Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far. Life is beautiful even though it can be messy sometimes...

jen said...

I loved this post, it's perfect! Yes, here here to roger and kate!

Woody88 said...

I am a regular reader but not a regular poster. I have noticed that an art show honoring Kristen is happening in Hollywood starting Saturday, April 7. The show features the works of 54 artists but seems to be doing a terrible job of promoting themselves among the KS fan community. Google them at "Muchos KSTEW" for more information. Please pass the word!

DreamerKind said...

You shine a light on dark things, and they are brighter, clearer.

Good morning, everyone. I'm just stopping by to say, hey.

Happy day to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, and dear Roselanders.

wig4usc said...

Loved today's post, to the point, so simple, and so clear to those of us who congregate here. I love Roger and Kate, separately, and also together. The sum is greater than the parts! They're an amazing pair, I hope this crazy world doesn't make it too hard for them!

Annie said...

Morning all.

Rose: I've enjoyed every word you've written at this blog since I've been here but this one just hits home with me, maybe sometime I'll share why.
Such gorgeous pictures of Kristen.

I will try to be somewhat eloquent in my comment......All those people who are hating on Kristen with hateful comments, do they ever stop to think that all that hate makes every thing about them unattractive. It seeps into their actions, interactions and words in other areas of their life.

Physical beauty is one thing but it's the beauty/kindness in your heart and the beauty/kindness in your soul that people gravitate to as well.

To Kate and Roger, Kristen and Robert and all the many couples in the world like them, I say live your life, enjoy your love and as Olivia always says here....Life is good!

sjjw said...

Hi all! Beautifully written....

I hope everyone has a great weekend, whatever they are celebrating!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

LITMOM..I'm just seeing your post...it is an Infiniti Fx35 White Pearl is the color...I love the Nissan Murano that I had...this is the higher end version of that...love it...not too big, not too small...JUST RIGHT:)

Have a Good Day Everybody!

Anonymous said...

I think Kate's so lucky to have you as a friend. Betcha she is all emo and teary reading this. You are the best Rose!

olivia said...

"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." ..
Both Rose and Kate and Roger, too, are in the "gold" category. Dedicated and loyal.
((Hug)) for you Smitty! Wishing you and yours great happiness.

Dottie said...

Good morning, Roseland! Or afternoon/evening if that applies.

I'm still in love w/this post.

Dottie said...
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Kay said...

Very sweet post, Rose. What Rob and Kristen so clearly have together is a rare and precious thing...how some can be so blinded by their own bitter jealously that they can't recognize such obvious love and happiness is beyond me.

Take care, Roseland...be happy and safe out there!!


angelica1 said...

Why it's the lovely Smitty!! I hope you and Gruff are well :)

Dani said...

Rose, great post.

Love the story, love the pictures, love the quote, love the blog.


PL said...

Hi all!

Very sweet post!

As others have said so often, I too love to read your comments. So glad to read that you and Hope survived the tornadoes.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

Kenzz said...

Sweet and right on target, Rose.

Kate and Roger will live and love a very long time, I would guess...

Smitty, so good to see you pop in!! Hugs to you and Gruff...

Teeth said...

My two year old nephew has been asking when the Easter bunny is going to come visit him!

I'm so excited to give him his Easter basket- it's a really special one this year!

Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend with your families if you celebrate, I know I will!

ADD said...

Why hate on someone when you don't know them? It doesn't make any sense to me.