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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Sugar and Spice


 The post you are about to read is true.
My true opinion.
I'm going to discuss Michael Oregano...
And I know how upset some people get
when Saint Michael 
the martyr of Robsten is discussed in any capacity
other than "he must be a good guy".

So don't read this if your self righteous sensibilities
will get all bent out of shape.
Or do.
It's just a post on a blog after all.
Not etched in fucking stone.

Sad. Stumpy. Spice.

 This is an old picture from the days of 
Wheres Oregano?
You know... the silly little videos where the jar of shorty spice
was always lurking behind Kristen and Robert.

 Maybe it's just me...
But that's all Oregano seemed to do back in the day...
Follow Kristen around.
I guess its not a bad job if you think about it.
If you don't mind being in someone elses shadow...


The reason for this post is a tweet that was
sent to me recently.
I'm sure you all saw it by now...
Supposedly on Kristen's birthday
Michael's cousin made the grand gesture of tweeting
(Her name has been removed because she deleted the tweet
after realizing how bitchy it was)

 Happy birthday #KristinStewart ! 
Say hi to Michael Angarano for me
 oooh wait you dumped my cousin..

Can you imagine the Hub Bub... Bub?
Kristen Stewart had the AUDACITY to dump this girl's cousin!
How dare she!
And then you know what happens... right?

You get the straggler ninnies
(You know... the ones that still cling to their delusions)
who then proceed to go on a rant about how
1. Kristen and Rob cheated on Oregano...
2. Kristen must have realized she was gay
so that's why she broke up with him.
3. Kristen was deliriously happy with Oregano
but Summit made her end the relationship.

Blah blah fucking blah.

Kristen was a teenager when she dated Shorty Spice.
A mere lass.
So... where does it say she can never move on
from a teenage romance?
A high school fling?
She must remain with him out of some sort
of perplexing loyalty?

I know this topic has been done to fucking death.
But good lord.
Kristen was dating the bland dried up spice...
They had a few laughs
But you know what happens when you are a mere lass of 17?
You fucking grow up.
And you move on.

SEE!!! I can look just like him!
It just so happens that Kristen moved on with Robert.
Not a bad move.
Not at all.

So Kristen fell for Robert Pattinson.
Didn't we all?
So she lets go of her childhood infatuation...
and moves on to a more mature
and REAL relationship.
What's wrong with that?
Why must 'cheating' be involved at all?

She was dating Mike Oregano
Then she's not.
She starts dating Robert.

Soapy Oregano? Bwahahaha!

No one wants to be 'dumped'
but it happens to everyone somewhere along the line
doesn't it?
Even Robert got dumped a few times along the way
(and I'm sure the ex's are kicking themselves for that one)
It's not the end of the world...
Shorty Spice is still out there
being bland and diminutive
Still lurking...

Maybe letting others speak for him
every now and then.
If you know what I mean...
And I think that you do.

Robert is definitely Prince Charming... is there a Stumpy Dwarf?

He's not Saint Michael...
He's not some wronged scorned angel
He's a guy who was dating a girl...
And they broke up.
Get over it.

I can guarantee you that Kristen has.

THIS is the face of LOVE.

And one more thing...

Will people ever stop with the bullshit
that Summit dictates every facet of Kristen's (and Rob's) life?

They break up previous relationships
Force 2 actors to pretend to be together for years
Make endless people 'lie' about how wonderful it is
working with Kristen
and about her adorable relationship with Robert.
Pay off cities and states and countries
Make the whole world believe their lies
JUST to promote movies that need no promotion.

But remember...
If Summit has complete and total control over 
every move Robert and Kristen make
(Paddle boarding for PR!!!)

Tell me again why they couldn't stop Kristen from 
cutting her hair for The Runaways?
(Watching it the other day made me think of this again)
They can force her to lose years of her love life
Telling her Who to see
Where to go
What to do
But they can't stop her from something as simple
(and honestly... hair IS something studios do control
Look at Emma Watson and how quickly she cut her
hair after Harry Potter was over)
As NOT cutting her hair?
They wrote all those other life controlling things
into this fictional contract...
But forgot to add the haircut clause!!
Imagine That!

This post is brought to you by the 'EPIC LOVE'

Looks pretty good to me...

Is it Epic?
That's not for you or me to decide.
That's completely up to them.
We don't get a say.

But it is love.
That much is...

Truth is fucking truth.

And this post is also brought to you by...


Thomas Sturridge.
I can't wait to see what his next move is...

Sugar and Spice...
and EVERYTHING nice.

Until next time

Bye for now

P.S. If you were offended by this post...
All I have to say is

Lighten the fuck up, Francis

It's really not that serious.


Groovie said...

Oregano the martyr hahaha!

Some people are just fucking nuts with their theories and Summit's supposed world domination & control. Its funny! And a bit scary!
Insane how they refuse to accept it as something as simple as it is.

Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!

kstewrocks said...

Definitely not a bad move.

Though I respected that Oregano was Kristen’s boyfriend back then, and thought hey it’s her life and so on; he’s the kind of guy you’d date in school/college or whatever.

Rob is the next step that could be the real deal. Rob is the man.

The Summit part of the post. I agree with you. People paint some fairytale story that Summit were the managers of some evil tower/household/town. Along with two others being baddies, and Rob being the Prince, and Kristen the Damsel in Distress.

yashi said...

gotta tell you Rosie this was excellent i really think there isnt Summit control but i do feel every time i see old pics of Kristen and Bland Oregano, i always felt something was off that "relationship" wasn't much of what the media and some Kristen fans made it to be lets just say like in the beginning of your post, hanging with Kristen was a neat job , it got him the roles he needed after being unemployed for 2 years didnt it , thing is he still does that funny how the only females he is papped with since his little "Ïm Edward impression piggyback ride with the VC paps" 3 years ago , walking with or behind them are former/current costars , funny that i see Bland Oregano MO im saddened that no one else can see he is the Male Form of Nikki Reed, Oh Well ! awesome post as always Rose

yashi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dottie said...

Oh man! I wasn't prepared for Oregano on the sofa... Brilliant!

I agree, this is pretty normal for most young people. You date a bit and then you meet the person you are meant to be with and that's that. Maybe if Mr O stopped dwelling on the past he could find his "meant-to-be" person, too.

Thanks for making me laugh, Rose. I needed it.

Waves to the regs!

Crystal said...

You know, Rob was told not to cut his hair for Water for Elephants, but he still did. Guess Summit forgot his "hair clause" too! LOL. Nonnies are so stupid!

Kay said...

Hehehe :D
I really needed some snark today, thanks Rose!

Have a super happy hump day everyone!!


gaga4stew said...

Rose you crack me up. Alexa put her foot in her mouth with that tweet and she receive the full effect of the krisbians. They can cry over spill milk all they want but it already dried up.

Berry said...

Loved the snark and scarcasim! I find it so freaking odd that people still bring up Oregano...what the hell??? God that was 3 years ago. I know I keep repeating myself but the delusional ninnes need to GET A LIFE!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Freddie said...

The PR story was ridiculous…is ridiculous…will always be ridiculous…Yes, ridiculous. The rest (Oregano) is just history now. Breaking up is hard, as you say Rose, and I’m sure it was a difficult time for Kristen, but I’m sure she (and Rob) handled it the very best way possible. Kristen followed her heart – right move for all involved (including Michael).

Was it fate?… kismet?… I don’t know, but it does sort of seem that Rob and Kristen were meant to find each other and be together. Epic or not, it’s a rather nice thought…..

I hope everyone is having a great day and that we get to chat again soon. Take care.

Leni said...

Brilliant, Rose!
Thanks for making me laugh :)

Wow, that tweet about Kristen is really pathetic after all these years..

Em said...

this is totally random I know but does anyone go by JFK like often? I know there's Annie that lives here in NY but we just drove by a sign that says kiss n fly lol my BF hes like babe u had too much wine lol he's right but only way to fly hahha okay if anyone knows let me know? This is important now cause he's making fun of me! okay I gotta go I swear if we miss this flight it's all his fault for distracting me hahaha bye

Hope said...

Rose....LMAO....and YES, we know exactly what you mean!

Brilliant post...absolutely perfect!

Litmom said...

Genius, Rose.

Oregano = irrelevant childhood "bf" (we've all had 'em)
Rob = mature soulmate (we all dream of one)

And GAWD - when are the ninnies going to GIVE UP???

ali mac said...

Rose I wasn't around for all the early stuff so I appreciate the picture of "oregano" on the sofa lol class!(I've only been intoxicated by them for the last two and a half years)

How stupid that girl should feel for putting that tweet out there!!

A big hello to all the regs, hope you're all having a great hump day xx

katy said...

Hi Rose,

Excellent post! And that 'Sad. Stumpy. Spice. Oregano pic is simply BRILLIANT...LOL!!

Oregano's cousin should really stop living in the past. This is 2012...2009 is long gone. It was a stupid thing thing to say.

Kristen moved on to a much BETTER man and as Rose said, she moved "to a more mature
and REAL relationship".

I don't know if it's epic either, but it is truly a joy to see two people happy and in love. And I think Rob and Kristen are very lucky to have found each other.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Take care.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Mr. Sturrigde looks cute in that pic!! :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...OMG...Thank you so much...I needed some comic relief and That pic of TOM...jaw dropping HOT! ( OK, I admit I'm on my second hard lemonade so be nice everybody)....

Should we make fun of the "afflicted".. OK, go ahead, I can take it...hahaha...but seriously, I say YES, but if and ONLY IF they have proved themselves to be UNKIND IN THE EXTREME to Kristen...I think they have been...sooooo
Fair game I say...

Em...I hope you didn't miss your plane...be safe

Love to ALL. And I agree that you shouldn't be considered a CHEATER, a LESBIAN, OR WHATEVER because you broke up with a BOYFRIEND in order to go out with a NEW BOYFRIEND....:)

Rhonda said...

Thanks Rose...

I needed a good laugh today and you did not disappoint LOL :D

Litmom- Nice comment, I agree.

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a nice day ;)

PipDancer said...

Thanks for the post, Rose. I get a little tired of everyone victimizing MA. It was a teen romance; very real and serious at one time, but Kristen matured and moved on. When Rob saw Into the Wild, he had to meet Kristen; and he was a goner during the audition. Talking with Rob during the audition, she was gone too. This beautiful soft-spoken Brit could barely speak in her presence. A rare and special kind of connection.

And Rob moved in for the kill. He wanted this girl for himself, forever, and did whatever he could to get her. She wasn’t married she just had a boyfriend. So many thoughts come to mind from the Twilight interviews: waving off the boyfriend and saying who cares?!; the continued kiss behind the scenes in NM after the director cut; his constant praise of Kristen every time a mic was in his face; flirting with that irresistible charm; buying her a guitar for her 18th birthday; the list could continue, of course. He seized every opportunity to have her for himself.

With a cousin like this, MA doesn't need any enemies. Kristen couldn’t have been more respectful. She made dinner for Marylou’s daughter, in part to let her know how graphic some scenes will be. That kind of compassion doesn’t sound like a girl who would just unceremoniously dump a boyfriend. Is anyone even sure this person really is his cousin and not some deranged Kristen hater?

Thanks for the post :>

Freddie said...

Melinda - I saw your note on the other post about your trip to Canada. I'll be pleased to help with whatever information/ suggestions you need.

DK - what a pretty picture of a pretty lady in the hat!

Have a good evening everyone.

Melinda said...

Another great post. Just what we needed in the middle of the week.

I remember when you and your friend did those spice videos a long time ago. They were and still are wickedly funny!

Freddie- Thanks! Will chat when it gets closer.

I hope the week is going well for all. Hopefully we can carve out a chat time soon! Take care...

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post, it made me laugh which is just what I needed. Thanks.

I can't believe people are still going on about Summit controlling Rob and Kristen after all this time. It is totally ridiculous, and you would have to be crazy to believe it.

I saw the tweet from Michael's cousin and couldn't believe it.
Michael should have more pride. He should be over it by now. He should move on.

Kristen made the right decision. I believe Rob and Kristen have something very special, and I hope it last forever.

Have a great week Rose and all Roselanders.

Teeth said...


You've got to stop calling Michael "Oregano"

I really started believing that was his real name lol!
I even googled it once.

Idk why, nothing even came up....

Anyways, have a good one World!

Sydney said...

Omg...how did I miss this post? Best in a long line. Well done Rose! No point in beating a dead spice to death so I'll just second everything you said.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Day!

Thursday is not far away, yay!

Thanks, luv. I have 3 more hats to share someday.

Always pleased with a new post with your talented writing.

I read somewhere, grain of salt needed, that Kristen has been writing a novel and is almost finished. Wouldn't that be terrific for her and also her fans?

seymourblogger said...

All I can say about this is that on my twilightirruption blog at blogspot I wrote a post on Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano on 9/5/11 and that one post has 21,550 hits on it. For the life of me I don't understand that. I have many about Kristen and Rob and they get nowhere near that many. If any of you check it out and can figure out why, please comment and let me in on the secret.

mahaska said...

Still not understanding what you have against the guy...I don't see him out there talking trash about Kristen at all. Do you know if he and Kristen are still friends? And if you don't, why would you bad mouth someone she grew up with and loved, and could possibly still be friends with? I just don't understand the purpose of this - it's a bit hight school to me. I guess I am missing the point. Sigh.

Rose said...

@mahaska. And what horrible things did I say about MA?
I said he was short...
And well... That's kinda true.
I said he was bland.
And I happen to think he is.
I said he lurked behind Kristen.
He did.
And I said that they outgrew each other and broke up.
Truth is fucking truth.
So did I REALLY bad mouth him?
Or did I just make some silly comments stemming from his 'cousins' snide remark to Kristen?
Like I said... It was sarcastic...
I guess you didn't heed the warnings.

rolange said...

Lol, this post was gold. Pure gold. I needed the laughs you gave me (I pulled a back muscle on Monday and have been in pain, so yeah, laughing hurts too. But it hurts so good). Thanks for that.

I can't believe Oregano is still being brought up. Really? Let it go already. And really, that was his cousin who tweeted that? Jeez, hasn't he moved on too? Someones bitter.

Who's Francis?

Great post Rose!

Annie said...


All the relevant parties moved on.
This "cousin" seems to be the one stuck in the past...........Do yourself a favour "cousin" and move on from the past too.

Have a great day everybody!

Annie said...

Em: Kiss and Fly does exist..........
When you're dropping someone off at the airport. It operates with the AirTrain.

*I*Believe* said...

Aaahhhh, good old Shorty Spice.....what a walk down memory lane! Oh, and Rose, I did read your warnings...lol.....thanks for posting them.

Have a good day all of you muffalumps!

*I*Believe* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

...........It helps you avoid the often hellish, hair pulling parking nightmare that is parking at JFK airport,

Dottie said...

Hey Hey Roseland beauties! The week end is nearly here!

EM, Safe travels :)

Let's have another chat-fest soon, ok?

Have a good one!

beacullen said...

BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow, waht a bitter cousing lmao. OMG wasn't it like 5 years ago? Geez time to get over it already. I love love loveLOVE this post! It makes me laugh everytime I see something like this, because the haters out there really are running out of excuses for Rob and Kristen being together. Must be LOVE. Thanks so much Rose. Haircut clause hahahaha omg that's great!

sue said...

R. I don't comment very often but I'm always present and I have to tell you girl, I fuckin love your observations and comments. Christ are they ever gonna give up on the basil fellow, don't even want to mention the Summit PR crap. I wonder if those people realize how sad they are but then again it's good entertainment. So keep on going with your silly little petty hatefulness cause your reasons really do crack me up, specially when I get to read Rose's sarcastic posts, it's always good stuff.

seymourblogger said...

mahaska feels the pain experienced in reading this posting of Rose's. It's cruel. Very cruel towards someone who is vulnerable: Michael Angarano.

There just is no reason to be cruel to someone who has done nothing to you to deserve it from you. This boy never had a chance against Rob Pattinson. None.

Haven't we all been in this terrible, shameful position at least once in our lives. It's why people hide their feelings so cruel birds of prey don't come after them. And since it happens to everyone, everyone learns how to mask their feelings.

May I remind you of Joni Mitchell's song Both Sides Now:

"I've looked at love that way
but now it's just another show,
you leave 'em laughing when you go
and if you care, don't let them know,
don't give yourself away"

seymourblogger said...

Joni had recently been abandoned by Leonard Cohen the master seducer whose music influenced all of hers and she has not too long before she wrote this song, given up her baby girl for adoption.

There is a lot of pain in this song.

Teeth said...

Tf? ^

Feels07 said...

Your words always make me smile. This time they made me laugh out loud but whatever.
I never liked him (for obvious reasons) and probably never will. Sometimes I still have to repeat these words in my head: "respect him, he was part of her life, just accept it" and try to act like a mature person.

Can't wait for your next post :))

Caroline said...

I've been reading Rose's blog for well over two years now and always enjoy her posts, but I've never understood why Michael seems fair game to be attacked. He lost out in love (which hurts) and to my knowledge he has never once publicly said anything about it. He could have dished up all sorts of things about Kristen and probably Rob too, if he was bitter, but he's always maintained a dignified silence. I have a lot of respect for him.

Sydney said...

If you don't know what you're talking about...and many of you posters don't...just don't talk at all.

Dottie said...

Not surprising that this post ruffled a few feathers. But the bottom line is... it's Rose's blog and she gets to write whatever she wants. It's our choice to read it or not. Don't like it? Don't read it! Simple solution! :P

Hi regs! xoxo

Leni said...

It seems like some sensitive souls around here didn't read the warnings at the beginning of this post *eyeroll*

To all the others - hope you are all well :)

*I*Believe* said...

Are you kidding? Cry me a river! If you don't like Rose's opinions then opt out and don't read her post. Just sayin'.....

Tiffa_oo said...

Oh Come On! It's just meant to be fun, Rose warned at the beginning, she's very sarcastic besides she can write whatever she wants because guess what: IT'S HER FREAKING BLOG! If you don't like the post don't read it is not rocket science. It's his cousins' fault anyways because she started all of this with her stupid and bitter comment until that I didn't even remember who MA was lol I respect him because as you mentioned he hasn't said a word about Rob and Kristen and that says a lot about him IMO but some of you are so dramatic it makes me laugh.

DreamerKind said...

Love Knows Its Own Time

I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Nancy LaMott:

Once I was young
Yesterday, perhaps
With Jim and Paul
And kissed
Some other chaps

Once I was young
But never was naive
I thought I had
A trick or two
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But now I know
I was naive
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How sublime it was too

I didn't know
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You held my hand
Warm like the month
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And I'll say
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To be mad
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Grand to see your face
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Thank you/nar5038

DreamerKind said...

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So many hurts that happen everyday
So many heartaches that
Pierce the soul
So much pain that won't ever go away

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What can we do
When there's nothing we can do?

We can be kind
We can take care of each other
We can remember
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And maybe we'll find
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Thank you/barbaraujones

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/MisterRobyRobert

DreamerKind said...

The air this morning is so sweet and the wine smooth, as I like it.

Anyone like port wine? And, port wine cheese rocks me and now it is all gone.

I soon may too, be away, unless someone shows up to chat or make a song request. Or Baileys Irish shows me, the way.

Miss you all, at Twilight time, especially Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & his Love, and including Roselanders Divine.

seymourblogger said...

Tiffa_oo said...
Oh Come On! It's just meant to be fun, Rose warned at the beginning, she's very sarcastic besides she can write whatever she wants because guess what: IT'S HER FREAKING BLOG! If you don't like the post don't read it is not rocket science. It's his cousins' fault anyways because she started all of this with her stupid and bitter comment until that I didn't even remember who MA was lol I respect him because as you mentioned he hasn't said a word about Rob and Kristen and that says a lot about him IMO but some of you are so dramatic it makes me laugh.

Sure just having a little fun. Sorry I hurt your heart, I was just funnin around. Cruel is fun ya know. Nothing wrong with being cruel and hurting people. It's just all in fun. Let's torture this little kitten. Let's have some fun with it. Let's tear the wings off this butterfly. All in fun you know.

I thought better of Rose. She's just a "Mean Girl" after all.

I have never imagined Kristen deliberately hurting anyone, have you? She is so sensitive. I guess Rose has a hard shell if she can do this to Angarano. Rob came and took away the girl he loved. That's pain. And to have someone make fun of his name, and make a"cute" photoshopped pic out of it. Why, that's fun too.

Let's all be cruel and have some fun. Ever read Lord of the Flies people. Or see the movie. Some of you are just like those boys.

DreamerKind said...

Bah. Boring! Don't judge. Drop it. Move on. We own this place.

All good advice. We support Rose, Rob, Kristen and Tom to the max, no matter who says nay.

All the rest is moot or moo, if you remember "Friends".

DreamerKind said...

Move On


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Move on (la la la la-la)
How I treasure every minute (la la la la)
Being part of it (la la la la-ah)
Being in it
With the urge to move on

La la la la la la-la, la la la la la la-la, la la la la-la
Like a wind that's always blowing
La la la la la la-la
La la la la la la-la (life is flowing)
La la la la-la (move on)
Like the sunrise in the morning
La la la la la la-la
La la la la la la-la (life is dawning)
La la la la-la (move on)
How I treasure every minute (la la la la)
Being part of it (la la la la-ah)
Being in it
With the urge to move on
La la la la la la-la, la la la la la la-la, la la la la-la
Like a wind that's always blowing

Thank you/AnniTiger

DreamerKind said...

I'm a poor DJ right now for I am too happy to edit (read full of good booze) and I am really loving you all (hippy and old bat, that I am).

Goodnight, my brethren. Peace.

Annie said...

Morning all.
@Seymourblogger: You are obviously an MA fan, your staunch support of him indicates that.
You say you wrote a blogpost about him and Kristen as recent as late 2011. A little late in my opinion but to each their own.
Kristen and MA are no more and life has moved on for both of them. He doesn't seem to be wallowing in self pity.

You obviously read Rose's blog ( I'm positive you just didn't appear out of the blue) therefore you should be familiar with her style of writing - she is witty, charming, snarky, blunt and often sarcastic ( we are duly warned as with this post).

I wonder though were you this outraged and put out when Rose's blogposts dealt with the irrational and hateful comments Kristen gets?

Annie said...

DK: Morning and congratulations on everything.

ali mac said...

Well said Annie

Annie said...

Morning Ali Mac........How are things? :)
It's a beautiful day here. A little cool right now but we!re looking at a weekend in the 70's.

ali mac said...

Hi Annie, Yeah it's a bit cool here too! but dry so not so bad. I'm just back from the hairdresser getting the roots touched up, the bliss of two hours to myself :0)

Annie said...

My hair has a story all it's own.
It isn't that long and I'm at a loss as to what to do with it.

Glad you enjoyed your two hours........rare as it must be.

Annie said...

Hope to be on later. Have a good day everybody.

seymourblogger said...

annie Actually I am NOT an Angarano fan as you will see if you go to my blog post on them. It's on my twilightirruption one. I have been and am a Rob and Kristen fan. I have defended both on many occasions. Maybe you should read before you judge, altho that is pretty typical of theis fandom. Rob deserves better and I give it to him at mine.

That doesn't mean that I can't see cruelty as unworthy of Rob and Kristen fans.

wonder though were you this outraged and put out when Rose's blogposts dealt with the irrational and hateful comments Kristen gets?

Another blow it out of my ass comment from you. Maybe you should read what I said before you spit out vitriol.

Rose said...

Give it up Seymour... ok?
Are you trying to get people to go to your blog?
Well... since you have one...
Why not just go there and defend Oregano?
I know calling him short and boring is SO horrible, isn't it?
Truth is truth...
He is short. He is bland.
My blog. My opinion.
It's not the end of the world...

seymourblogger said...

Rose you seem to have facts and opinions mixed up. They are not the same thing. In fact English calls them different words because they are not the same thing.

You do not have to be deliberately cruel. If you cannot see that you are in this post then that in itself is unfortunate.

If you cannot take the heat for something you said, then you ought to stay out of the kitchen.

Writers are responsible for what they write. You are responsible for writing cruel things about a boy who never did you any harm. If you don't like what his cousin did to get hits - and that's why she did it you can be sure - then confront her.

But it's so much easier to pick on someone who isn't aware you are making fun of him.

I am saying this because I think you are better than this. At least I have always thought so.

But now I think you are jumping on your own bandwagon for Tom Sturridge who will be the "next big thing" perhaps?

I haven't defended angarano on my blog. Quite the opposite. Maybe you should read it before you jump to conclusions. It's on the twilightirruption one. I always visit people who visit my blogs. How come you've never visited me?

Rose said...

Cruel? Really? Maybe you need to look up words in the dictionary.
And how do you know my reasons for MY OPINIONS? Maybe I have good reason to feel the way I do about Mr. Oregano...
What heat? People can agree or disagree... you are the only person who not only didn't heed my sarcasm warning at the top of this post... You keep throwing in your blog.
We get it.
You have a blog.
Now go post YOUR opinions there.

And you talk about me liking Tom like its a bad thing. You don't have to like him. You don't have to post about him on YOUR blog.
But you might as well get used to seeing his face on mine.

seymourblogger said...

I can see you get het up real quick. Go and steam then.

I know cruel when I hear it, see it, read it. I guess it is a duck after all.

I am sure we will all be seeing a lot of Tom. He is going to be the next big thing eh. Let's start pimping him early for our own mini celebrity.


Melinda said...

I seymour nonsense on Rose's blog.

Also, how is calling Michael boring any different than Rose calling him bland on hers. Yeah I read your post on Kristen and Michael from Sept 2011. That post was all over the place and not sure what you were getting at.

Anyhoo, I suggest you find something better to spend your time on then coming to a blog where you clearly don't like what the blog owner says. What is the point really? One may think you just like hearing yourself talk but who's really listening??

To all the regs (and other happy people) happy Friday the 13th! Off to meet up with a friend for lunch. Toodles...

Dottie said...

Have I somehow stumbled into an infomercial for Seymour's blog? If she keeps pimping it maybe someone will go check it out? haha

"I seymour nonsense on Rose's blog." Clever MELINDA! :D

Keep on keeping on, ROSE!

Lucky Friday the 13th to all the regs!

Sydney said...

Oh that's just sad...all this fuss just so you could plug your blog? Wouldn't be the first time some poser used this blog or Rose's name in a desperate attempt to gain even half her popularity. Nice try.

Litmom said...

Okay...I can't help myself any longer.

seymourblogger... Go.Away. Spare us. You don't need to agree, you don't need to read this. You were warned ahead of time - So.Just.Stop.

Go back to your own blog. Sorry, I doubt if any of us will be joining you.

Leni said...

"It's on the twilightirruption one" We get it. Thanks. No go back there and leave us alone. We're all gladly staying here on Rose's blog ;)

Annie said...

Here I thought I was rather respectful in my comment to you but since you consider it........ " Another blow out your ass comment from me and vitriolic" let me respond in kind.

You decided to come to Rose's blog and seem to be ready to insult your way through your comments here. That tactic has a familiar ring to it, reminiscent of others who've visited here before.
No, I have not visited your site, nor do I care to now. Maybe you're looking for hits being here.....I don't give a shit.

You don't like what Rose had to say?......Too fucking bad.
You were warned in big, red bold letters.
So, get off that holier than thou rant you seem to be on and move on.

Rose continues to entertain us and I am enjoying NYC on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

I suggest you get out and get some air.......It makes life less foggy.

Annie said...

Hello everyone else. :)

beth said...

Hi Rose, Just wanted to say, that i have been following your site for a couple of years now, and enjoy your comments. I couldn't agree with you more on most things you have to say. I think these two are in for the long haul, and the main reason, is they both have a mutual respect for each other, and morals. In this day and age I think the business that they are both in, they are on the right track, and hope they make it as a couple. Anyway, thanks for the honest updates on these two!