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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rob and Kristen- My Kingdom for an Ear

Friends, Romans, Countrymen... Lend me your ears.

To Ear is human... To forgive divine.

Ear, There and Everywhere.

Ear comes the sun.

From Ear to Eternity.

You get it.
People were losing it over an ear.


It can't be Kristen's ear!
It's Kristen's ear!

Remember my buddy who likes to send me emails
telling me how I'm going to cry?
You know... she said Rob wasn't going to London.
And yeah...
"Who's Crying Now"
is going through my head.
So yesterday...
After the "EAR" came out
I get this...

KS has a longer ear lol.
 he definitely had someone with dark hair and an ear with him and not KSs ear.
CSI eyes would know that,correct? lol

This just shows you the mentality of these people.
One minute Rob is NEVER going to London!
So when he shows up there...
It's on to the next excuse.

I love the part...
"He definitely had someone with dark hair
and an ear with him"
Someone had an ear!
How Strange!!!
Imagine having an ear.
It would be a dream come true!
Is it possible that this 'someone' 
actually had...
Dare I say it

That is too much to ask for.
Let's not get greedy.
I mean...
After all...
We did get ONE ear.

Come on.
Give it up.

It's OVER.
No matter how you want to explain it away...
No matter the excuses
The rationalizations
Robert chooses to be with Kristen.
Everyday you are hit over the head
with another brick from your crumbling 
conspiracy PR wall.
Aren't you getting tired of it?
How many bricks to the brain does it take
before you just admit what is right in front of your face
and you finally move out of the way
before the whole wall crashes down.

Because you know what?
It's coming down.

Eat Brick.

This post is brought to you by the middle finger.

And by my enduring adoration
of all things Thomas Sturridge.


And final thought?

There is an incredible amount of 
Robert and Kristen 
goodness and wonder
coming our way in the next couple of weeks.

I'm loving it.
Every single second.

To lead a better life
I need my love to be ear.

Until next time.

Bye for now


wig4usc said...

Who knew?? I was out of the loop, or should I say hoop, about Ear-Gate!

Loving all the fun coming our way, and thanks for the schedule, Rose! Happy weekend Roselanders!

ali mac said...

Ear Ear, Rose another great post!!!pointing out the stupidity
of it all :)

Leni said...

Laughing so hard at that email you got!
I seriously admire you for putting up with all of this BS.

Have a great day/evening everybody :)

Groovie said...

Love this post!
Hope Rob & Kristen are enjoying themselves in England and that Kristen isn't working *too* hard and is having some fun with all the press! So much goodness coming our way the next couple weeks, its a good time to be fans of Rob and Kristen :)
Hope Rob has a very happy bday tomorrow surrounded by those he loves!

Hi to all the regs, hope u have a wonderful Saturday! I was up at 8am (which is unheard of on a Sat lol) I'm out and about getting some stuff done on my car...first stop, starbucks.

Litmom said...


Seriously? I CANNOT believe you still get e-mails from that lunatic! That is really hysterical.

I am just shaking my head...m,m,m.

Ear's to you, Rose, for speaking the God Honest Truth. As for the ear-ily strange goofballs who continue to be delusional? Sad, just sad.

Happy Saturday, all!

Dottie said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning, Rose.

There's so much excitement for SWATH and then OTR and Cosmo @ Cannes. I love seeing Rob and Kristen get the recognition they deserve. Happy days ahead!

Hello to all my pals. I hope everyone is enjoying the week end.

Much love!

sue said...

I know it's not what you're asking for but I love your comments. Every day I check whether you posted again or not as you crack me up all the time. I don't comment very often but girl I fuckin love your attitude, your humor, your sarcasm. I applaude your patience, cause I'd be sreaming at these fuckin, ignorent, hating, in denial blind idiots. No wait, not screaming, actually I'd probably get arrested for laughing too loud as it's rather hilarious or sad that these fuckers get a kick out of denying and hating, must be so exhausting to think of excuses all the time.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I Ear YOU! How cute...At least we can laugh in the face of stupidity....I mean, it could have been a young ear, an old ear, a blue ear, a reind...ear... Bwahahaha!!!

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Just when you think they can't get any nuttier..... This post had me laughing out loud, as did Kristen on Graham Norton last night :)

Hope said...



Thanks for the laughs today, Rose!

LIZ said...



Rose, this was so cute, thank you for being so uplifting about such nonsense. I picture Rob having a lovely birthday with Kristen and his family and friends. Let's pray that they are happy.

Liz in NC

Kay said...

Ear-gate really was a riot to see...wonder what their next excuse will be? :)

Happy sunny Saturday everyone!! <3

Addicted to Robsten said...

This post had me laughing so hard..." Dare Insay she might have two ears..." ! Thanks for the laugh!

katy said...

Hi Rose and Roselanders,

This post definitely had me laughing, as well. Thanks!

Wishing much hapiness for Rob and Kristen.

Take care everyone.

Freddie said...

Rose, I think you had way too much fun with this post..LOL. When Rose speaks, everyone is all "ears".....

I was curious how your e-mail troll was going to respond after Rob was shown to be in London. How lucky for him/her that they are such good friends with Kristen that he/she knows the precise measurements of Kristen's ears....

I hope with Kristen's very busy schedule over the next few days that they get a quiet moment to celebrate Rob's birthday.

Hope - LOL. Yes "eariously"

Kenzz - hope you are feeling better and score that great Mother's Day present.

Hi to katy, addicted to Robsten, Kay, Hope, Angelica, Super, Sue, dottie, LIZ, Litmom, Groovie, ali mac, wig4usc, Leni, and everyone yet to post. Have a great day all.

Kenzz said...

Rose, such fun today from your Saturday post! If I wasn't on Twitter to see some of this lunacy, I swear I'd think you were making it up!

Happy early birthday to Rob, congrats to Kristen on her conquering of London, and a special Happy Mother's Day to all the sweet Moms out there in Roseland!

llh88 said...

LOL Rose, again, you make me laugh. I love reading your ramblings.

Have a fantastic Mother's Day!

Birdie said...

You are a hoot,Rose.
I've just read a stream of compliments on the lovely Kristen Stewart.The press are impressed(no surprise).

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROB...HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!!!! The Mystery of " the EAR ". Is known ONLY by YOU!!! Will you tell us???? We are dying to KNOW!!!! Well, maybe not exactly....lol Have a lovely day!!!!!

olivia said...

Dear Rose and Roseland,

A bit early, but would like to wish all the Roseland Moms a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

Because it is already the 13th across the pond...
Happy, Happy Birthday to Rob! Wishing him every happiness possible. May he have a most wonderful year ahead filled with love, excellent health, and great success.

Finally got to see BA. Rob was superb!

Kristen, in her new Elle US, and in all the SWatH pics from the press interviews.....so very beautiful.

Congratulations to Chris and Elsa on their sweet little baby girl, India Rose.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good.

beacullen said...

BWAHAHAHAHA whew that has to be in the top 5 stupid things I've heard from the ninnies hahaha omg. Someone with an ear? hahha I can't think it without laughing. Thanks for that Rose. lol

Barbara Fenwick said...

I needed a good laugh tonight, and your post definitely brought me a good laugh. I was so thrilled to hear Rob was headed to London to be with Kristen. I am sure this caused a lot of upset with a certain group of people, but I was delighted.

Happy Mother's Day ladies. Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson. Congratulations to Chris Helmsworth on the birth of their baby girl. Good things are happening everywhere. Take care Roselanders, have a good day tomorrow...give your mothers a kiss on their special day.

wania said...
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wania said...

Rose, I really needed to laugh today and you gave me this gift and a lot of laughs with this post ... Fantastic! It's really good laugh and the idiots always providing ...you're always witty and intelligent in his thoughts ... simplesmemte loved it ...
" Robert chooses to be with Kristen.
Everyday you are hit over the head
with another brick from your crumbling
conspiracy PR wall.
Aren't you getting tired of it?
How many bricks to the brain does it take
before you just admit what is right in front of your face
and you finally move out of the way
before the whole wall crashes down.

Because you know what?
It's coming down.

Eat Brick."

You're the best girl!

I wish in my heart that Robert has a birthday full of happiness with "your" Kristen, family and friends ...
Happy birthday Rob! You deserve everything good and better in your life, you're a guy really, really amazing!

DK, always thinking in you…a wonderful day, darling...

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Kelly said...

Great post Rose! I couldn't stop laughing, and the t-ears kept falling down. I too admire you for having to wade through some of the e-mails and what not that you get. I bet you shake your head quite a bit, and laugh your butt off pretty frequently.
That silly girl and her desperate little e-mails is such a hoot!

Luv ya, Rose! Happy Mother's Day to you and all the moms here on RPI. xoxo Kelly1918

Leni said...

Thanks for always making us smile and being yourself <3

I'm wishing all of the great Roseland Moms a Happy Mother's Day :)

Congratulations to Chris Hemsworth and his wife!

Have a happy day everybody :)

ali mac said...

Wishing Rob the happiest of Birthdays!!! I'm so pleased he got to be in London for it and with his girl <3

Happy Mothers day to all the American and Canadian Mothers today, I hope you are all spoiled today xx

katy said...

I am wishing you the happiest of happy birthday, you sweet wonderful man, I hope you realize what an amazing person you are and I couldn't be more proud of you!!! Also Hoping you get to spend this day with your girl, family and friends. Enjoy your day!!

DreamerKind said...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn't it?

Thank you Rose for all you do, and Happy Mother's Day!

Best birthday ever wishes for Rob!

Enjoy this special day, all mothers, everywhere!

Rejoice, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & Luv, and all who tarry here.

DreamerKind said...

Thinking of you, too!

Annie said...

Good morning all.

Happy 26th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers here.

Loved Kristen's photo and interview with Elle US.......GORGEOUS!

Rose: You have got to warn us when you're going to write something this witty.
This was just laugh out loud funny!

Cheers everybody! Ear! Ear! :) :)

Freddie said...


Here's wishing you nothing but the absolute best today and all through the year.

Have a great day everyone.

Birdie said...

Happy Birthday,Mr. Pattinson!
I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and continued success!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Roseland mothers!

*I*Believe* said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Birthday to Rob!!

Happy Ears Day to all?!?

Hope this post finds you all well and happy....rock on Roseland!

Dottie said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Roseland moms!

Happy Birthday to Rob!


Hope said...

Happy MOTHER'S Day!

Wishing all the Roseland Moms a wonderful, relaxing day!

Hope your day is extra special with your boys!

Thinking you will have a new Birthday Post up soon...until then...

Happy Birthday, Rob!
You are BEST!