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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rob and Kristen- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

This is for all the SHOUTY CAPS emails I get...
You know the ones I mean
I've shared them on occasion.

I'm not sure how these people keep functioning.
I don't know how they function in life at all.
Can some people be that deluded and irrational
and carry on a regular life?
I'm kinda doubting it.

"Rose- Get ready to cry! Rob will never go to London!"

That's gotta sting...

Ah... Who could forget the great Ear Debate of 2012?
It appears that Rob got to London around the same time
as Kristen did... Coincidence?
I think not.

"Rose- Rob is only in London for work and to see his family"

That must hurt a bit...

Rob followed Kristen 2 hours outside of London
to where her press junket was being held.
And they stayed in this hotel nearby...

"Rose-- Rob is in London for his birthday
with his family and friends and SHE isn't there!"

So much ANGST over whether Kristen was at 
Robert's birthday party!
Rob was with her this whole damn time...
and NOW you think Kristen won't show up at his party?
Yes... she almost got in unnoticed...
But the Fandom CSI caught sight of her Nikes 
and her hair.
I'm guessing her BG was hint enough...
But can I be honest?
I only had eyes for Thomas.
(his hair thing is kinda mesmerizing...
not sure if that's good or bad)

But of fucking course she was there.
Where else would she be??

"HAHAHAHA ROSE! The ONLY reason Rob showed up
at the after party was to network.
He wasn't even with her"

Keep digging that grave.
It must really be deep by now...
Like through the center of the earth?

Awww... lookie what we have here.
Not only is Robert sitting with Kristen
But so is his sister!
That must really burn, huh?
So much chatter about how Robert's family
supposedly doesn't like Kristen
(Although they welcomed her into their home during Christmas)
Well... let's face it
If you listened to these lunatics
You would believe that NO ONE likes her.
And if they ever said they did
It was a LIE!!
Or they were on Summit's payroll.
Of course.

Needless to say
Robert spent all his time with Kristen
until she left for Berlin.
I imagine they will reconnect soon enough.
I mean...
Cannes is this coming weekend... yes?

Quick note on the another email 
I received this morning

"Rose- I've heard that Charlize HATES Kristen and
is only pretending to be friends! She ignores her 
when the cameras aren't on them."

THAT is not a 'fake' hug.
Nice try though.
I know you want everyone to be as bitter
and full of foaming bile as you are...
But people who actually KNOW Kristen
ADORE her.
And no one is making Charlize hug Kristen this way
I have a feeling that you don't make 
Charlize do anything she doesn't want to do.

Final thoughts.

Maybe this isn't a popular opinion...
But I didn't 'get' Kristen's dress at the London premiere.
(Not that I know anything about fashion)
Although I did love the back of the dress
She still looked wonderful
and I think Kristen could wear a sack and look gorgeous.
I DO love this red dress from the Berlin promo today...
It suits her body perfectly
and she looks beautiful.
I love the red.
She should wear it more often.
It's a great color on her.

This post is brought to you by ON THE ROAD
I cannot tell you how excited I am for CANNES
and to see more about this movie.

And of course that opinion might be a bit
biased because of my complete adoration of
Thomas Sturridge.
How fucking adorable does he look in this picture??


I'm pretty damn excited about Cosmopolis, too...
I'm thrilled that Robert is getting such a buzz for this movie.

And seeing Robert and Kristen and Thomas
Possibly TOGETHER?

A girl can dream.
If you don't have dreams...
How can they come true?

Until next time.

Bye for now


Kay said...

It's like some of these people are competing for the title of most delusional....unbelievable...and seriously, what exactly is their point in trying to change reality by spewing bullshit??

I'm just happy for all of the happy going on for all of them. :D

Take care and Happy HumpDay everyone! <3

Birdie said...

We often say " I don't want to say I told you so,but..." In this case, one might want to say this in SHOUTY CAPS. Touche'!

Kristen looks amazing in that dress today. I have loved the interviews. She is so coming into her own.

Dottie said...

Rose, That's an excellent dream!

I've enjoyed what I've seen of SWATH promo so far. Kristen looks beautiful as always and seems very relaxed and happy. I hope her foot heals and she has at least a little time to take a breath before heading to Cannes. Can't wait to read all the positive reactions to OTR and Cosmo that are sure to come!

Happy Wednesday to the regs!

Groovie said...

I thought the concept they did for the carpet at the swath premiere was totally cool! The cast seems to get along well and they seemed to enjoy themselves!
Their excitement is palpable and its cool that Rob and their friends/fam came out to show support. I can't wait to see it, looks absoplutely epic!

Looks like Rob had a nice Bday weekend!
Hope Kristen has safe travels while being shipped around everywhere for promo duties. I keep seeing that she has to go to Mexico for a live video chat..why she has to go all the way to mexico for a VIDEO chat and then turn back around and fly to europe again..I'll never understand. She is a trooper and a better person that me cuz I would have been like "hell no!" Lol!

Hi to all the regs, hope you all have a happy hump day!

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Whenever I read the ramblings of these dimwits, I always think of Goldie Hawn in the group therapy scene at the beginning of Death Becomes Her. After 4 years you'd really think they'd be tired of being wrong but they seem to have made a religion out of it.

There've been so many great things over the last few weeks with lots more to come and it's great to see them enjoying their success together. I loved that red dress Kristen wore today, I love her in bright colours. I really hope they get a bit of a break after Cannes though because her schedule this month is gruelling!

I actuslly love Tom's hair :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE. I saw a comment that Charlize made in a recent interview that said something to the effect that she would like do about anything for Kristen.. That is impressive in my mind and highly complementary to our beautiful girl.

Hi. Guys. Ttyl:)

ali mac said...

Yes I loved the red dress today too. It suited her figure so much and the colour was really good on her.

Angelica you are right about them making a religion out of it or even maybe more like a sect, they have brainwashed themselves into believing something and absolutely nothing no matter how obvious can make them see the truth.

Roll on Cannes...

Hope everyone is having a great day :0)

Melinda said...

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!

At this point I think the haters only do/say things because they know they will get the attention they don't deserve. They thrive on the attention they seek. I don't think it's a bad thing to call out their absurd hate (like Rose does) however I do wish some people wouldn't show (via RT's etc) specific things they say. There really isn't any reason for it. It just keeps the BS spreading!

Moving on...

There has been so much stuff that it's overwhelming! In a good way of course!

I thought the London dress was beautiful in the majority of the details but it wasn't my favorite look. However Kristen herself looked gorge as always! As a side note I did think it was cool that she wore an English designer for the RC.

The Berlin dress is FANTASTIC! I flove the length!!!!!! Something new style wise, color and fit was perfection!!

I'm with Ali Mac. Roll on Cannes!! Excited to see their movies being lauded! May has been a great month so far and I imagine it will only get better!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. Cheers!

katy said...

WOW, don't those delusional that send you those email, ever get tired of being WRONG??

Kristen looked amazing at the SWATH premiere, her gown was beautiful, I thought that there was kinda of a 'fairytale element' to it that I really loved. And today at the Berlin event, she was exquisite, the dress was gorgeous and fit her figure perfectly.

May has been amazing, so far...so many wonderful things happening in ALL things Rob and Kristen, that I feel like dacing, skipping, twirling!!! I am just happy happy for them.

Cannot wait for Cannes!! I am BEYOND excited to see COSMOPOLIS and On the Road. Wishing with all my heart that they will recieve positive reviews, for their performances and the film as well.

Oh my, that pic of Rob in a suit, UNF!!! Rob + Suit = PERFECTION

I hope everyone is well. Take care.

Litmom said...

Hello Rose, et al-
What the ---??? Seriously? These loonies can't quite seem to connect with reality, can they? No matter how much proof is out there. Wow. And the fact that they continue to contact you, Rose, just confuses and tickles the h-e-l-l out of me.

Today's Berlin event was pretty cool - shortish, but sweet. LOVED the red plaid, and those shoes! (hope Kristen's foot is healing - I hear she did eventually put her flats back on) Kristen looked so grown up (do I sound like a mother, or what?).

Can you guys even wait 2 more weeks until SWATH? I'm dying here- those 2 new trailers are awesomely awesome.

Cannes - "cannes't" come soon enough. Cosmopolis - I'm getting antsy and excited! And On the Road? Don't even get me started on how pumped I am for that one.


Leni said...

Thanks for posting, Rose!

These emails are just plain crazy..

I liked the Marchesa dress - something only Kristen could pull off!

Her dress in Berlin looked absolutely stunning! (What I don't get is that they all have to come to Berlin just to sign some autographs and have a couple of pictures taken.. or was there more?)

I'm so excited that we soon get to see SWATH and I just saw a release date for Cosmopolis at my cinema! Sadly, still no word on On the Road, though.

Have a great evening everybody :)

Kenzz said...

Such an exciting (and I'm sure, exhausting) time for them, but I couldn't be looking MORE forward to the upcoming events!!

Happy Wednesday, sweeties!

hugs to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and Syd...

And Melinda, I simply wanted to copy and paste your post as mine... agree with everything you said :)

Barbara Fenwick said...

This past week has been so exciting, filled with so many wonderful things. I couldn't be happier.

I'm not sure how these people keep clinging to these beliefs that Rob and Kristen are not together. They must be delusional. I am so happy just knowing R/K are so happy together, so in love with each other. I hope it last forever.

Hope said...

Hi Rose!
Loved the post and had a good laugh at those idiotic emails!

I was not a fan of the London gown either....but looking forward to what she will wear on the red carpet in Cannes.

Just saw an interview at Robstenation where the interviewer says Kristen kisses BOTH the Prince and the Huntsman. I want to see this movie now more than ever.

And I just watched a new SWATH TV spot!!
OMG...,Kristen's accent is fantastic as she yells...
"Who will ride with me? Who will be my BROTHER?!!"
This film will be EPIC!!!

Brie said...

Rose...I just wanted u to know..that I adore you! You are a breath of fresh air! I just get a kick off of ur snarkiness sp?? When ur thoughts give the non-stens a stinging reality slap! And not to mention major face slaps!! I love the little emotions too! You are truly brilliant....better then us Jersey Shore gals in the biatch slapping fest! You put a smile on my face..and I know seeing that pic of Tom put one on yours! I do hope that one day, Kristen, Rob or Tom stumbles across your blog to see a true fan in all aspects of the definition! luv to u and your uniqueness xo

DreamerKind said...

Well said, and many of us agree with you about Rose! Welcome.

Good morning! I am on the correct day today having been one behind yesterday. Ha,ha.

Been watching the Sundance channel tonight and getting caught up in indie movies and songs. Might play one or two songs.

Another divine day, as a R & K fan.

Rhonda said...

Morning all, happy Thursday...

Nice post, Rose. Thanks for sharing the crazy emails. I'm convinced these people know the truth. They're just ridiculous at this point.

It's such a great time to be a fan. So much goodness, and still more to come. I can't wait!

DK- I'm behind, so I apologize if you've already said, but did you ever get moved?

Kenzz- Are you feeling better?

Have a great day everyone. Hope to talk soon. Lots of love...

Dana said...

At this point, there is no way a mentally stable person would believe Rob and Kristen are not together. They have now become trolls, or have are mental by telling themself the same lie over and over again.

Glad Rob got to spend his birthday in London with his family and friends and best girl.:)

Rachel W. said...

Wow, those e-mails are crazy, lol. Don't they get tired of being always wrong?

I'm loving all the SWATH goodies, the movie looks absolutely amazing!
Great interviews, and I think Kristen looks more relaxed than usual with the media.

I'm with you on the premiere dress. I thought that the shape didn’t compliment her figure at all. Made her look flatter and skinnier than she really is, gave the illusion of her having no waist and made her legs look shorter (now, that should be considered a crime, lol). I loved the red dress she wore in Berlin (not completely sure on the length though) and I absolutely adore the dress she’s wearing today in Madrid (blue suits her very well too). And she totally rocked that cool jacket on the junket!
I’m very curious to see what she will wear in Cannes :) I would love to see her in a beautiful gown and with her gorgeous hair down. She ALWAYS wears her hair up in the most glamorous events (what’s up with that, lol? Long hair can be glamorous too) and I don’t think that this kind of hairdo is the most flattering on her (except tat hairdo she wore last year on the MET gala, sooo pretty). She has beautiful delicate features and then she has two strong elements, her eyes and her ears. When her hair is covering (or semi-covering) her ears, the focus is totally on her gorgeous eyes and on her beautiful face, when it’s not the focus is totally on her ears and it makes her face look thinner (which she doesn’t need because she already has a thin face). It’s all about which feature you want to highlight and I would definitely choose her eyes. Ok, sorry for the rant, lol, it’s part of my job to notice these things.
I can’t wait to see OTR, so little was released so far :( I hope we get to see some more footage, with Kristen and Tom too ;)
Cosmopolis looks totally crazy and weird, lol, I can’t wait to see it too.

Rachel W. said...

Just saw the M magazine photoshoot, she looks fabulous <3

beacullen said...

Great post, loooooooove seeing the haters get their stupid statements shot down hahaha. I agree about the dress for the SWATH premiere, the back was beautiful, the front..meh. Thanks Rose for wading through all the stupid and showing R and K ...and T so much love.

DreamerKind said...

What a lovely week it has been, following the lovely, talented, insightful and very real Kristen Stewart on her promo tour!

I tip my hat to her, while I wait for Cannes; so especially then, I will include Rob and Tom. Good things come to those who wait.

Being rather low key these days, as I disperse the mountain of boxes here, and make room for some new striped chairs with tasselled cushions. Da, da, da, da, da.

Yes, dear, I have been in my new place for one week! Thanks for asking. Mwah.

You are a dear, faithful listener and I appreciate you, too.

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight And Go

Imogen Heap:

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Blushing cheeks
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Thank you/fearlessmusicshow

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Wow! This laptop loves that song and posted it three times! Too much, so I deleted.

DreamerKind said...

Kristen Loves Madrid

Loving Strangers

Lourdes Hernandez:

Loving strangers
Loving strangers
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Thank you/Frosinaful

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/TDODM

DreamerKind said...

For Kristen & Charlize

You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me

Frank Sinatra:

Every kiss, every hug
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I must have you everyday
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Thank you/qbenstein

DreamerKind said...

It is also my habit to scour the cosmos.

Happy day, Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & Lady, and Ye All!

Cleared for takeoff..


DreamerKind said...

We are all still flying over the cuckoo's nest, I would hope.

Where is Kristen? She is right where she belongs, I'm thinking, and like Rob, always welcome to live "rent free in my head & heart". (Thanks, Rose)!

Later, I'll be champagning it to celebrate life, love and Liberté.


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Everybody

Just got home and decided to get caught up with the SWATH vids on Robstenation....All I can say is a jaw dropping WOW....I am so proud of Kristen...I can't wait to see this movie!!!!!


DreamerKind said...

May you continue having a great time, whatever you are doing.

Lots to see and do in the cinema world these exciting days, ITA.

DreamerKind said...

Weekend Wishes For All

If I Could


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If I could I would
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Thank you/ MaidenVenus101

DreamerKind said...

I'll hold you close through this dark time and know you've loved and are loved.

DreamerKind said...

For Muse & Babe

You Needed Me

Anne Murray:

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Thank you/mytokar

DreamerKind said...

Where are my companions? Must I celebrate this day alone?

Ali Mac, angelica1, Freddie, Kenzz, Sjjw, Rhonda, Super, Mandie, IBelieve, Annie. For we are true companions, here in Roseland.

Oh, sentimental me.

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/PalmBeachTenTwoEight

DreamerKind said...

Have Pity On Us Provincials

Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life

Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy-1930's
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The idle hopes
And joy and burning tears that fall!

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The world is seeking
And 'tis love, and love alone
I've waited for

And my heart has heard
The answer to its calling
For it is love
That rules
Forever More

Thank you/stephenjoeagi

DreamerKind said...

Thus, I am repeating myself and enjoying a mustard Italian Cotto Salami sandwich while doing so.

Repeating my favorite songs and foods, can't do me wrong but I beg your pardon, if I bore.

Just can't keep up with the excitement that Rob, Kristen and Tom seem to conjure up without effort. Nor should I.

Blah, blah, it must be love, oh, what a feeling.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, What A Feeling

Everly Brothers:

It must be love
Oh what a feeling

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I wait here by the phone
I know you'll never call
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The ones you didn't write
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Thank you/Jymster46

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/starryblue04

DreamerKind said...

My meager concert fare is completed. Hope you enjoyed it.

I hear the nightingale singing, calling me away,

Happy day! It's Saturday, ole!

Gracias y buenas dias.

Birdie said...

Loved the concerts you have been giving us DK!

It has been such a feast for the ears and eyes that I can't keep up. Kristen is a trooper and I sure hope she gets a breather before Cannes.
Have a great weekend Roseland!

ali mac said...

Good morning Roseland. Yeah it's the weekend!!

My hubby and son are away on a Beaver Scout adventure day and they will get to meet Bear Gryls :0) So my daughter and I will have to find something girlie to do today (after I've cleaned the house up)

DK you were in fine form with the tunes last night.

I can't believe Kristen is in Mexico City now, they all must be exhausted. I hope they are good at sleeping on planes!

Hope all the regs have a great weekend, the weather here is still crap, damp, cool and breezy. We are all ready for a bit of sunshine now, please!!

ali mac said...

hi Birdie, you are either going to bed late or are up very early!!

Leni said...

Just wanted to wish you all a happy weekend :)

Rhonda said...

Morning all, happy Saturday...

DK- great tunes last night :)

Ali- awww, a mother/daughter day sounds like fun. I hope you all have a great time :)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Lots of love...

Dottie said...

Just popping in to wish you all a Happy Week End!


Melinda said...

Hi gang!

Passing through to say I hope you all have a great weekend. I watched Bel Ami last night. Thought it was very well done for a small film. Enjoyed the performances (esp. Kristen Scott Thomas). All around I thought it was great.

Headed to Disney tomorrow with the nieces. They don't know about it so I can't wait to see their faces.

Ali Mac- Hope you and your daughter have a fun time together today!

DK- Thanks for the tunes. Hope you are enjoying the new place!

Off to read for a little bit before I start cleaning (oh joy). Cheerio!

ali mac said...

Melinda Have a great time at Disney, it doesn't matter what age you are it makes you feel like a child :0)

angelica1 said...

Hi all, I hope everyone's having a good weekend.

DK - I hope you're settling in well to you new place

ali mac and Melinda - I hope you enjoy your girlie outings :)