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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Maybe I'm Amazed

I know some people would like to pretend that this
fandom is all unicorns and rainbows...
But... well...
It's not.
 I don't always like to focus on the negative.
Far from it.
(Rob and Kristen are big time positive)
It's just that I comment on what's happening
on any given day in this fandom.
And come on...
The lunatic fringe are massive entertainment.

So without further ado...
Let me share some of the questions I get in my emails.
Some are just random regular questions...
Some are SHOUTY ALL CAPS questions
But all deserve an answer
Am I right?

Q. Rose, what do you think of what Stevie Nicks
had to say about Kristen and the whole scandal?

A. I think Stevie actually meant well... but sometimes people
just need to stop talking about Kristen's personal life in public.
Stevie has had her share of romantic drama in her past
so I'm sure she thought she was being helpful and supportive...
but 'famous' people should just stop making statements
that usually do more harm than good.
I did enjoy the Lunatic Fringe ranting on and on about what a whore
Stevie is and no wonder she would defend Kristen...
All the while gushing over Kelly Osbourne's attack on Kristen.
You do see where the hypocrisy lies?
Now... say... If Kelly Osbourne 
(Who has NO right to judge anyone in any capacity)
had defended Kristen on that Fashion show...
The Fringe would have said she was a famewhore
and squealed about how Mrs. Oz publicly talked about
how she broke up Ozzie's previous marriage and she
was proud of it and would do it again.
Glass Houses.
We all live in them.

Q. Kristen will never get an Oscar or any other kind of acting award!
You sheep are delusional! Do you really think she will ever get
any kind of award for twitching and stuttering?

A. Hahaha. That burns doesn't it?
I loved the meltdown over Kristen's attendance at the 
Governors Awards.

You see... Kristen was invited. They wanted her there.
And she looked gorgeous.
Will she get any kind of nomination for OTR?
I have to say its a tough field this year
but just to be MENTIONED in the same company?
Lets you know what people in the industry 
think of Kristen's acting ability.
So... if not this time?
Soon enough, dearie.

Q. Do you really think Rob and Kristen are together?
Why would he take her back? What kind of man would forgive
 someone who cheated on him?
She had an affair and fucked that guy in her car!!
She humiliated him!!
She's a home-wrecker and she doesn't even care!

A. Not only do I think Rob and Kristen are back together...
I think they are stronger than ever.
Why would he take her back?
Because he loves her.

And it wasn't really taking her back... 
because I don't believe they were broken up.
Not really.
And please with the home-wrecker bullshit.
She didn't wreck any home.
Ruperv gets the blame for that.
Besides the fact... that they didn't do 
ANYTHING in that car but kiss.
That's all those pictures show...
That's all anyone knows.
Except Kristen.
And Rob.
And Rob has no problem forgiving her
and taking her fully back into his life.
(Including his family and friends)

Any relationship is hard work.
Can you imagine one under constant scrutiny
by gossips rags, paparazzi and lunatic fans?
But yet...
They are working on it.
Not taking anything for granted...
Because when you almost lose something
that's important to you
You do whatever it takes
to never lose it again.

Q. Anyone who is a fan of that girl after what she did to
Rob in public is as much as a whore as she is.
How can you still admire her?

A. Kissing someone in a car doesn't make her a whore.
And making mistakes when you are 22 years old...
Doesn't define who she is.
People make mistakes...
Kristen has had to live hers out in public
and has paid the price.
I'm sorry you don't think she was PUNISHED enough
 for her heinous crimes!
She is the root of ALL evil!
I'm sure you and the rest of the Lunatic Fringe
would be first in line to throw rocks at her public stoning.
Perhaps some burning at the stake would appease your
disgusting desire to see Kristen suffer?
Gossip Rags and Bitter Hags
(Hey! That rhymed!
I kinda like it...
Gossip Rags and Bitter Hags...
Repeat it a few times... it's catchy!)
are the only ones hanging onto this.
Rags because they like to dwell on gossip
and will say anything for the hits...
And the Bitter Hags?
Well because this is all they do.
Kristen is their life.
She owns them.

Like I said before...
No one knows all the facts...
To spread vile bullshit lies and speculation
 to further some bent agenda
only shows your character...not hers.
Rob is the only one in their relationship
who has any right to judge her
on her behavior and actions...
as he is the the one it affected.
Guess what?
He remains by her side.
They are closer than ever.
Living together.
Sharing their lives

Enough said.

Q. why do sheep always have to manip Rob and Kristen together?
Because they never get those pictures in real life!
The pictures sheep make are so so sad. Poor you.

A. Personally... I never got the manip thing.
And the pictures I've included in this post pretty much
shut your shit right down.
Lots of pics of Rob and Kristen being sweet and adorable
and of course...
Holding hands.
If someone wants to manip a baby in their arms? Who cares?
How is that any different than taking out Kristen
and putting in Jen Lawrence or Emma Watson?
Big Fucking Deal.
It doesn't really matter.

Q. Why do you sheep hate all the women Rob has worked with?
Why so jealous of Jennifer Lawrence?
Why can't you admit that Nian is so much hotter
than Robsten will EVER be?

A. First of all...
I don't hate anyone that Rob has worked with.
And most of the people I follow on twitter don't either.
Sure..there are some Fringe who will be all needy and weird
when Rob works with or is seen within any proximity
of another human female...
But that isn't the majority by any stretch of the imagination.
Although I've never been shy about my feelings
for Mrs. McDonald...
I don't hate her, either.

It is fun to poke at her now and then
but lord knows I don't write endless blog posts
or flame forums/tumblr/twitter
hating on her...
That's what the Ninnies do to Kristen.
As for Jennifer Lawrence?
I like her.
And I think its hilarious that Kristen and her
are probably friends.
Nothing against "Nian" either.
Except the name itself.
I think they are cute together.
But Nian is just as bad...
if not worse than Robsten.
In fact...
Now I've see "Haylor"
for some boy band guy and Taylor Swift.
All combined names should be outlawed.
Stupid shit.
You get my point.

Q. Why don't you ever say anything about the real victim 
in all of this, Liberty and their two children?

A.  What's to say?
Hey...I'm sorry if she's married to a slimy perv
I really am.
And I've not criticized her in any capacity
when it would have been easy to do so.
But to put her on some sort of pedestal
as some sort of Heroine...
Is ridiculous.
What happens in their marriage
is between her and her creepy husband.
I'm pretty sick of Kristen getting all the blame
for this 'indiscretion'
When the twice her age married father of two
seems to be skating by...
Typical women.
taking the side of the man.
Boys will be boys... Right?
Blame the girl.

I will be happy when both 
Liberty and Rupert go back into obscurity
where they came from.
They've gone way past their 15 minutes.


This post is brought to you by
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Who remain together and in love...
And continue to show the world
that they don't give a fuck about 
what anybody thinks.
They are living their life...
Their way.

And by Thomas Sturridge

Whom every post is dedicated to...

Until next time.

Bye for now

To Lou and Bert.
Amazing love is amazing.

Paul McCartney said it best...
(he always does)

Baby I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time
Maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you
Baby I'm amazed at the the way you pulled me out of time
Hung me on a line
Maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you

Baby I'm a man and maybe I'm a lonely man
Who's in the middle of something
That he doesn't really understand
Babe I'm a man and maybe you're the only woman
Who could ever help me
Baby wont you help to me understand

Baby I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time
Maybe I'm afraid of the way I leave you
Baby I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song
You right me when I'm wrong
Maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you


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Claire Riese said...


PL said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I think this horse is about dead and just needs to be buried.

Omoiyari said...

why God, WHY?
Robsessed fans ,in all their glory.
These women are out of control .

Kristin Hardy said...

Jesus why don't you just let the summer go. How does it help Kristen almost 5 months later to still be talking about this?

But since you brought it up AGAIN I love how you paint Rob as this all forgiving man. Fact at 22 (same age Kristen is) he was screwing her bff & within months claiming to be into Kristen. He was going after a girl that did in fact have a boyfriend.

Also maybe he knows their real story and that women don't cheat if they are happy at home. JS.

Stella said...

I can not even begin to express how much I love your posts. I keep repeating myself, I know...

Lanette said...

Great post. I can't believe some of the emails you get. People are just so crazy.

qtxtn said...

I loved the song! yeah, Im amazed too that R&K pulled through.

@Kristin Hardy maybe NR and him did hook up maybe he was wrong for running after girl with a BF.... they were young. But i believe at what youre saying that they had their share of problems. Im amazed too that Rob can "forgive" her so easily. but thats how they have been, payback or just plainly, true love. Bottomline, they are together coz they want to.

I just rejoice in the present, they are together and thats that. These "bumps" along the road are tests and Im glad theyve gotten through them.

Hope said...

I agree....it is beyond time to drop all of this.
A New Year is upon us and I hope everyone will let it go and move on already!

Sorry Kristen is under the weather...hope she feels better soon.

'Tis the season to be jolly! Have a happy day Roseland!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Rose - Great Post and really it is about the climate we see day to day

@Kristn - I think the whole point is about judgement and making assumptions. We know nothing about any timelines, who was with who, or who did what - past or present. We are observers and since they are not like anyone else they don't hang their dirty laundry on a clothes line for the world to see. Taking what some obscure person that has a lot to gain by talking as fact is crazy. I am not even talking about this summer - people in this fandom have always taken their opinions and strutted them as truths while ignoring what they see in front of their eyes. At the end of the day - there are 2 people in their relationship and only those 2. Real relationships are hard with speed bumps and potholes. The ones that last learn to navigate the speed bumps with cation and fill the potholes in to repair the road. Life is a journey that is not black and white nor is any person in it.I admire a person that can own up to their stumbles and a person can look at that person and not lose who they are in a action. That statement is a 2 way street because they both have stumbled one way or the other - maybe not publicly - because we all trip in life.

Pisteuo said...

Good try Rose. But, people on a mission will not "get it."

I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.

Let's see...all I want for Christmas is for Twitter to malfunction and blow the fuck up.

Okay sooo...world peace would be good too!

Kami said...

All I want for Christmas is for people to realize that the horse is dead and they need to quit beating it. Let's bury the stinking thing and let everyone get on with their lives. Anyone who is still obsessing over this REALLY needs to see about getting professional help because they are WAY to obssessed. Hopefully Rose this will work and we can get rid of that nasty dead horse...if not maybe Pist. will get their Christmas wish!

parker said...

@PL, i agree – moving 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
chasing pavements … it’s done. subjects are happy. move on.

my fervent christmas wish for rob & kristen is that just for even this season, only peace & quiet – no speculations, no ifs or whens, news blockout. one can wish, right?

parker said...

sorry, totally OT but need to get advice from ali mac …
@ali, guess what i’m doing right now … i’m finally trying your cadbury flakes dunked in tea !
so, a few questions – how large is your teacup, what kind of tea do you use, do you dunk then eat or let the flakes melt in the tea.
i usually drink my tea in a 16oz cup with loose-leaf white or green tea.
so my 1st time trying i used white tea cos it’s milder & dunked the flake in but it melted so quickly so i ended up with a real strong chocolate tea & it tasted so chocolatey, i could hardly taste the tea.
is that supposed to be how it is?
or do you just dunk quickly then eat the flake while it’s melting leaving the tea with just a bit of flavor.
i’ve only ever had my tea without anything in it – no milk or sugar, maybe honey sometimes.
so many questions but want to get the best use of my cadbury flakes since i don’t have access to it often :)

irene said...

Spot on, Rose.......

Crazies still even reading and leaving comments too, wish they'd get their facts straight though, instead of repeating the same old gossip, which has been denied by BOTH sides.......

Ho, hum, Merry Christmas to come, esp. for some!

MangaPhan said...

I suppose Rose's heart is in the right but this just seemed like a foray into GossipCop world as in "Let's bring up crazy stuff so crazies can froth up more." Not every dumb gossip story needs to be debunked and not every crazy email needs to be posted and given an "answer". As to the summer, the only answer that any of us can give is the mantra coined by fans who would repeat: WE KNOW NOTHING. That's the only truth that ANY fan should embrace and then move the fck on.

parker said...

@Pisteuo, lol – i love miss congeniality :)

Rose said...

Eh. I just answered the questions in my emails. And thats what most of them were about. Sorry... like I said...its not all unicorns and rainbows. Shit happened. It's going to come up in conversation now and again. Que Sera Sera.

And @Kristen Hardy? Sounds like you don't like Rob very much. SHOCK! You obviously can't let go of poor Oregano and Nikki... :(
How many years has it been now?

katy said...

Hi Rose and Roseland

I completly agree with PL,
"I think this horse is about dead and just needs to be buried."
People should let things that belong in past, stay in the past and start living in the present.
Time to MOVE fucking ON from what happen in July. Rob and Kristen cleary have.

Much love and hapiness for Rob and Kristen.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Take care.

katy said...

Kristin Hardy, can you see my midle finger. STFU

Kami said...

Kristin Hardy, speaking about beating a dead horse, if there are those of us who are sick of hearing about recent events in people's lives, what on earth makes you think that something that happened 4 years ago is something we would give a shit about?

It's been 4 years, if this is still a sore spot with you, and I really hope it's not, then you might want to look into getting a little help letting go. That horse is dead and it is buried and I have no desire to go dig up it's bones.

katy said...

I meant clearly not cleary

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - with the amount of crazy you deal with on a daily basis - I am surprised that is all you vented and that was probably from the tame pile (hell I know it is). Your blog - Your words - you rock it out time and time again.

Kami said...

Ginger, just imagine this, if this is what Rose deals with on a daily basis, multiply it by about 100,000 and that must be what Kristen and Rob have to go through daily. I could certainly understand them wanting to keep the public out of their privat buisness and why they get upset when people pry don't you?

Kami said...

private* sorry

Robert said...

kristin hardy and mangaphan

if your ass fell in the forest and there was nobody there to hear it would anyone actually give a shit?

no.........move along

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - I am sure it is awful for them which is probably why they stay as far from the internet as possible. Hell I still think any celebrity is crazy to have a twitter or to tie themselves to the internet in anyway. There are far less people singing show tunes out there but then again no one forces anyone to read it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - Lack of sleep almost lead me to start cracking inappropriate jokes at that one.

Robert said...


like, does the pope shit in the woods kinda thing?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - ugh I tried to respond but it went to LaLa land with Liz in the Bahama's. I don't think they give a crap what any of us think and nor do I think they should for one second. The hate out there is not exclusive to them and the bottom line is we don't effect it, change it , or have anything to do with it. I would like to hope they ignore the good, the bad, and the ugly and just live their lives.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - no more like if they fell on each other would anyone live to tell kind of thing

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - I have to get it all out now before I have to go to our mandatory sexual harassment class this afternoon.

Pisteuo said...

You are right, Ginger. I'm pretty sure they don't give a flying fuck what people think. BUT, the problem is all the shit stirers and gossip spreaders are making it imposible for the paps to want to leave them alone...especially when it is kept alive and so much interest in their personal lives. Another day, another dollar for the sleezebags of the gossip world.

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I hope everyone is well. I just have a moment, so I'll have to catch up on all the comments later.

Nice song choice Rose. How surprising that it is a Beetles's song. LOL.

Have a good one everyone.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pisteuo - what I find sad is they need the buzz for studios to pick them for roles so it is a never ending cycle - if only it was simple as Hollywood working on merit and ability alone. I bet we would see better movies made if that was the case - hell I might be able to find a TV show on that is not reality based (I used based loosely since most are scripted anyway) or I might be able to watch music on MTV again.

Kami said...

Ginger, yep you're never going to stop people from hating and you're never going to be able to give ninnies common sense.

I think for me, where I get so frustrated is that people, and I am not talking about anyone in general, tend to forget that for all of their celebrity status, and notoriety, these are two normal human beings. They deserve the right to live as much of their lives out of the public eye as they want to. But there are people out there who are operating without brains and/or common sense who seem to look at them as if they are an exhibit in a zoo.

Something there for our pleasure that every once in a while we can walk by and see them in their 'natural environment' and depending upon the kind of person staring at them, we can either throw them peanuts of affection or poke intrusive sticks at them.

What Rob and Kristen do, or do not do is not the problem, it is the people out in the world who feel like they have a right to have a say so in their private lives.

I've been through having an employer decide how our lives were lived and frankly it fucking sucked, because we had no control and whenever we tried to regain control, and have a moment to ourselves...there they were sticking their intrusive noses into our lives and making decisions for us based on what they needed. IT FUCKING SUCKED. I wouldn't wish that on the most vile and disgusting person in the world.

PL said...

So I went to the store today, grocery shopping. I wanted to buy pork chops and there were 4 men, 2 were store employees the other 2 were "suits". They keep standing in front of the pork section and looking and muttering so I finally go ahead and pick out my few little pork chops. Then I move to the beef looking for a roast. You all know you don't pick the first one you see. Next thing I know one of the "suits" is asking me if I need help. No, I don't need help, just leave me alone to shop. I guess the store was getting inspected for customer service.

This story means nothing but I thought it was better than speculating on whether the horse is dead or just sleeping.

Hi Freddie, Katy, Kami, Ginger and I think I'll call you Pist today.

PL said...

Oops, forgot Hope. Hi Hope!!!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@PL - Morning

RC said...

Great post Rose!

Rob & Kristen could be standing next to them live in person & crazies would swear its a manip. I'm so over the lunaticness I find them hilarious tbh.

bbGirl is sick I hope she feels better quick.

I love how Cosmopolis is getting the attention it deserves as well as OTR & Rob & Kristen's performances. Everything great that happens in their lives happens at the exact same moment for both of them & I love it. A good omen.

I've read some crazy things today. It was "OMG Kristen has the flu & they give you antibiotics when you have the flu which makes birth control pills ineffective TGC is coming!"

No get better Kristen it's "she's pregnant."

Do we know if she cancelled for tonight too? I'm trying to soak up every last thing Rob & Kris go to before they go incognito.

Pisteuo said...

@Ginger-Well, I'm afriad we will just have to agree to disagree there.
I don't for one second think the studios need rabid foaming paparazzi chasing them around in order to pick them for roles.
Yes, they do need to have a fanbase, otherwise why pick them. There are fans and there are fanatics. I think the problem is the fanatics.
I also think it is very possible to be successful without people being all up in your personal business.
It's just all those crazy ass vultues out there trying to make a buck by chasing them down with cameras and making up shit. You will never convince me that the studios need that to make their decisions.
And whether you want to believe it or not, the fans and the fanatics DO have a part in the way the paparazzi behave.

Freddie said...

I tend to agree that we won’t change the hate out there – you can’t influence people who don’t want to hear - but I do think that we do have an influence in the amount of media/tabloid interest in them. Talking about them all the time just signals to others that there is still a big appetite for all things Rob and Kristen. If the fandom stopped caring about their every movement, what their friends are doing, where their hair dresser is going, what the dog walker’s aliases are for their dogs, then perhaps the media will back down. So I do think the fandom needs to own up to its role in the constant intrusion in their lives. I’ll put this out there: as fans, what’s more important? Satisfying our need to talk about them all the time, or giving them their privacy and doing what is right for them?

PL said...

I want to ask a question of whoever is here and tell me if I'm being overly rodent worried.

In the winter while my son is at college I drive his ghetto car, not really ghetto but it has issues. The car has been parked for the last few months and today I went to put groceries in the trunk and there was a pile of shredded insulation or something and around the spare it looked like a nest of sorts. So I was afraid to put my groceries there thinking a mouse would get in the bags. So all the bags went into the back seat invading the dog's personal space which did not please her one bit.

Would you have put your groceries in that trunk?

Just another story cuz I have such an interesting life that is gossip free.

ali mac said...

PARKER lol when I take my flake with tea (I'm and earl grey or breakfast tea girl) I don't dunk it in. I usually just drink it while eating the flake, because your mouth is warm the choc melts in your mouth quickly, I sometimes take a sip of tea when it's in my mouth. (this is sounding a bit racy lol) I don't think it's a good idea to dunk it :)

parker said...

@ali, i just re-read my comment about size of teacups – i am so sorry, i didn’t mean it that way.
i just remembered an episode of big bang theory where penny was giving reasons on why she has not found a guy to settle with & she answered “sometimes they only spin the teacups” to refer to you know what … i can’t believe i asked you that – i wasn’t thinking … :)

Kami said...

PL, I would not put my groceries in there, and I can assure you that if a mouse gets in my house an exterminator will be called in the middle of the night by a hysterical woman who sounds like Minnie Mouse on Helium...with a southern accent of course.

Nana used to laugh at me all the time because for some reason between my Senior year and adulthood I became afraid of mice. One morning, I think Heith and I had been married for 10 years, a mouse ran across the floor, I was wearing pajamas, my hair had not been combed no make up on, and I saw that mouse, jumped up, grabbed my keys, purse and coffee...got to have the coffee, and flew out of the house and quickly drove to her apartment. She laughed at me of course, who wouldn't I looked like Don King's pale sister, and so she told me to drive her to Home Depot which I did, and she ran in and then came back out got in the car and told me to go to my house, so I did, wondering what she had in the bag.

We got there and I have to say Nana was 80 at this point in her life, and so she told me to go in the house, have a nice fresh cup of coffee and she would find the hole the Mice were getting in through. About 10 minutes after we got there, she was in my laundry room and I heard "Ah ha I've got you now" and then there was this noise so I went to see what it was, and my 80 year old gradmother had climbed over my dryer and was behind it, filling in the hole around where the dryer vent was with foam. When she was through she climbed back over the dryer, set out a trap and then we had coffee. When the trap went off she took care of the dead thing and I took her home. lol

parker said...

@ali, seems my connection is a bit slow – didn’t see your comment.
lol – that’s why my tea became a chocolate drink – dang, i wasted a whole flake !

Kami said...

Ali I laughed at your melting chocolate in your mouth by drinking hot Tea. I do that with coffee all the time. I thought i was the only one who did.

PL said...


I knew I could rely on you to agree with the mouse in the car scenario.

Parker and Ali,

What are these chocolate flake thingies you are talking about?

ali mac said...

What I love about so many of the people on this blog we are like minded on this subject. I'm beginning to smell the horse all the way over the Atlantic ocean!! and there was me thinking we had had the funeral :(

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Pisteuo - I said buzz not Paps but unfortunately they need them also too an extent. No they don't need to be nasty, no they don't need to be harmful but getting their picture out here and there is what gets people interests up which normally creates the buzz for ticket sales. The studios don't think of actors as people they are walking dollar signs - if they cared about the actors we wouldn't see a 10th of what we do. We would have a culture that cared more about these people instead of shaming them when they seek help - River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the names go on. The fame game is not for the the thin skinned - I am not condoning it but one hand feeds the other in that whole fish bowl.

Pattybg said...



ali mac said...


This is a better description than I could give you PL

Ginger with a Soul said...

BTW Liz sends her love from St. Thomas and she will be in Grand Turk tomorrow

RC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PL said...

Thank you Ali.




parker said...

@PL, ali’s already pointed you to the flakes.
ali mentioned many blogs ago how she likes to eat her flakes with tea.
i totally misunderstood & dunked my flake instead of just eating it with the hot tea – lol.
so there i was this morning wondering why my white tea looked & tasted so much like hot chocolate :)

Pisteuo said...

@Ginger-Well, all I can say about that is...if it's all about the buzz, then Lindsey Lohan should be rolling in dough.

@PL-LOL!! I would not have put my groceries in there either!

@Kami, Ali and Parker-LOL!! Thanks for the laughs. I needed it!

Hi to PATTY and everyone else!

parker said...

@Kami, you too – with the mouse?
i think i mentioned this before – but they scare the heck out of me.
was having a discussion with someone here that i can twirl a python on my arm & around my neck ala britney spears but mice/rats, ugh, get them away from me …
i close my eyes in movies but … i’m okay with ratatouille or the 3 blind mice on shrek lol.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Pisteuo - she would be if someone gave a shit about her. I know a lot of people don't like her but I think it is sad that so many people (her parents included) are watching her self destruct. I used to shake my head but now I am scared to see news on her because I fear the worst and she is a perfect example of people not treating them human

PL said...

I am waaaaaay more afraid of snakes. I do not want to see a mouse in my house, but I can see one in the yard and it doesn't bother me. A snake though, I will run from any of them, doesn't matter how small. Remember Indiana Jones and the snakes, could not watch.

Robert said...

wow just when i thought she couldn't be any more impressive, now she's going to be on the john stewart show. i just don't know how anyone could not love this girl

Pisteuo said...

And hello to Freddie!

Pisteuo said...

@Ginger- Yep she needs unconditional love and to be able to give it back. Hope she finds it someday before it's too late.

ali mac said...

When I was a teenager my cat used to bring stunned mice into the house. One woke up and escaped into the house and we couldn't find it. That night as my sister and I were sleeping a mad chase started in our bedroom between the mouse and my cat (I let her sleep on my bed) my sister made a mad dive for my bed and the two of us lay holding unto eachother like a pair of silly girls. Eventually after what seemed like 10 mins which in reality was more like 2 mins, the chasing stopped. We eventually got back to sleep. When we woke in the morning the dead mouse was lying on my sisters bed!!! I still don't know why we just lay there and didn't call my mum or dad, I think the fear froze us in bed lol

PL said...


I've always had cats and they never brought mice into the house but would always leave the mouse butts on the front porch. They would eat everything but the hind end. I guess if I were a mouse I wouldn't eat that either.

PL said...

I mean if I were a cat I wouldn't eat the mouse butt either.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - mhmm - people are hoping she gives him a tub of ice cream. Ready for the stones but I like Stewart and I think it will be a good interview for sure.

ali mac said...

PL ha ha, no Mouse butt would be of the menu if I was a cat. My cat liked to bring home the mice she had caught to show off how clever she was, she never killed them only stunned them.

Pattybg said...



Kami said...

RC, please do not take offense to this, I realize you were just going through talking points on things, so this isn't meant to take you to task.

Having said that, is there anyway, that WE the bloggers, not Rose, because she is trying to make a valid point to a wider audience than just us, but to all of us who are posting on this site, can we PLEASE for the love of God not mention anything about the events of this summer?

I say that simply because I think, like we said before that horse is DEAD...it is a rotted bloated disgusting mess laying on the ground and if we keep beating it, it's only going to make it stink that much worse. Let's leave it alone.

Our opinions on what happened (and please no one take offense) or didn't happen with anyone are not helping anything. All they are doing is bringing up a subject that should have been dropped a long time ago.

Bottom line, what did or didn't happen this summer between anyone on the face of the Earth that did not include us, is NONE of our business and I can pretty much bet the farm on the fact that neither Rob, nor Kristen are waiting on tender hooks waiting to see what our decisions is so that they can begin living their lives.

Like Pist said, I seriously doubt they give a fuck.

PL glad my mouse story entertained you. I am a great big baby over mice.

ali mac said...


Kami said...

uh decisions are. I do know proper grammer sometimes.

parker said...

@PL, funny what scares us – i can take pretty much a lot of stuff but have no idea why those little buggers scare me so much.
someday, i might undergo hypnosis to find out why mice/rats give me the creeps.

@ali, i can totally see myself doing the same thing as you & your sister.

@Patty, i’d have fainted touching that FLUFF lol.

Freddie said...

LOL Spiders, mice etc. I’m laughing at all the stories.

PL – “mice butts” LOL. You are on a roll today. And despite SFTU’s annoyance, I would have put the groceries in the back seat as well. No mice-aroni for me.

Ali mac – I am so with you on spiders, but remember: slip your hand in a Kleenex box, smash the spider with the box, then easy clean up. Snakes are another matter for me. If I found one in my house – you know, those horrible stories of people finding them in the back of their closets or bed – I’d be out the door and the “for sale” sign would be up on the lawn the next day, with me never to return. parker – a snake around your neck............yikes.

Pisteuo – Hi back. Hope you’re having a really good day. Any more “ear sex” selections for us today??

Pattybg – cute story.

Hi to Kami, Hope, Katy, parker, Ginger, Robert, Stella, RC and of course, Rose.

RC said...

Anyone not feelin the new interns on Grey's? There is like nothing there.

ali mac said...

Hi Freddie, thanks for the reminder about the Kleenex box. Mind you when the panic hits my mind can't think what to grab lol

Snakes is one thing we don't have to worry about here. Thank you St Patrick ;)

ali mac said...

RC I am watching Grey's but we are only about four episodes in over here so I haven't got to see much of them. Maybe they are not going to be main characters.

Kami said...

on Grey's without giving anything away lol, I like one of the interns, I don't know her name, but it's the girl with long red hair. Two more are growing on me.

parker said...

@Freddie, agree with your comment earlier …
and about the snakes – yes, i’m weird that way.
not saying i’m not afraid of any snake – only if it’s not venomous.

btw, hello to Ginger, katy, Robert, Hope, RC, Stella and everyone else posting & lurking today.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Freddie/Parker - hey. Off to harassment training. It is super freaking cold in this building so I will probably fall asleep.

olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose for the new post.

"Gossip Rags and Bitter Hags" Perfect description.
I cast my vote for moving on and living in the present and future. Enough already!

The vid with Paul, Linda and children is lovely. The song is heavenly. In fact, songs by the Beatles as a group and also individually, for me, are salve for the soul, happiness for the heart, meditation for the mind and take me to a very special place. I am thankful to have been a young teen when they first appeared on Ed Sullivan and have had a lifetime of enjoyment from their music.

Ali Mac, thank you for the link to explain "Cadbury Flakes." I will look for some the next time I am in Houston, at Rice Village where there is a Bristish Shoppe. The Chocablog, by the way, looks wonderful.

PL, I would have done the same as you did, put the groceries inside the car. Oh, my goodness, how hilarious.... little mouse butts left behind. My last kitty did bring me a wee mousey that had squeezed somehow from the garage into the house. She was so very proud of her prize and brought it to me, setting it down by my feet while I was watching TV in the family room. She snatched it up when I made a move to pick it up with a napkin, and proceeded to play with it for several minutes until I was able to take it away from her and bury it outside. Thank goodness I have only had one mouse episode.

Having lived in Texas for 32 years now, my fear of spiders has disappeared. Just smash those suckers when you see them. Now snakes, well those are still very scary....miraculously I have only seen two, both copperheads, down here. The largest snake I have seen in the woods was actually up in Michigan, near Greenville, crossing a path. It must have been at least 4 feet long, maybe a lost pet.

Hoping that Kristen feels better very soon.

Off to make a quick early dinner. Have to work this evening.
Will peek in later.
Take care y'all. Hugs.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Please respect Rob and Kristen.

olivia said...


ali mac said...

Olivia I like that "just smash those suckers" you reminded me of BA in the A Team. Hope you have a good evening at work.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holy said...

Hello everyone.

Rose-brilliant posting as always.

Rob knows the real truth about the incident.And he's not stupid.What we only know was Kristen kissing the pig,that's all.We don't have the right to judge both of them why they're still together,it's they're life and as you can see they're very happy.

I'm glad that Kristen will be in Jon Stewart show.And good for her,for not giving a fuck about what this talk show host thinks.

The lunatics opinion about Kristen's acting is not important.The actors/directors opinions are the one that matters.

Kami said...

Olivia, yep can't live in Texas and not see those silly spiders. I hate them. I'm scared of snakes too, we had diamond backs in West Texas, down here and I hope I never see one, Cotton mouths.

Off to cook dinner.

ladyevenstar22 said...

different day same old BS ! i'd vomit if i wasnt too bored! i can't go back to that yo-yo ride with the loonies! feels like rinse and repeat!

there's only one truth : there are only two people in a relationship , problems arise when outside forces think they have a say or said twosome let outside forces have a say, its a daily battle balancing that!

i'm watching this telenovela o clone from brazil and there's a couple the girl is doing drugs and from a very rich family ,the guy family is working class mom has a bar
he's getting tired of her lies but she keeps saying she's going to get better but it won't happen if he leaves her , they love each other but its straining the relationship ! i don't know if they'll make it

but it shows you realationships are hard and loving your partner or not isnt always the biggest problem you'll face together, does the good outweight the bad, is the realtionship healthy

as much as i'm glad for rob and kris , i'm glad i'm not in their shoes or anyone else! happily single!

PamH said...

Good Evening Everyone

It's your blog so keep writing about whatever you want, most all of us will faithfully read and follow. I LOVE YOUR PIC CHOICES. Sorry you have to deal with all the bullshit people send you.

Tell LIZ hello and I hope she is having a great time.

Freddie said...

Kami – I am such a wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies. As much as I don’t really enjoy the winter anymore, I do like a cold climate for limiting the number of deadly critters. If I see a spider at least I don’t have to worry that it’s poisonous. And while we do have rattlesnakes, for the most part the only snake I’m likely to run into is a garter snake – which is more than enough for me.

ali – you made me laugh with the BA Baracus reference. While I don’t know what Olivia looks like, somehow I’m doubting that she is anything like Mr. T. He could only wish to begin to match her style.

Pisteuo – Wow, great choice! I put it on when I got home. What a great vibe. Thanks so much for posting it.

Hey Super – long time no see. Hope you are well.

Barbara Fenwick said...


Lovely post Rose. Like you, I do not think Rob and Kristen ever broke up, and I am so happy to see them still so much in love with each other.

Happy Holidays Roselanders





Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND

Hi FREDDIE...I have been lurking...too tired to post..too much holiday food at work and home....I haven't got time to go look for something to go on top of the Christmas tree even...just too busy, too fat and too tired. Lol

ROSE...Thanks for the post. Hey, it's not your fault what emails you receive. It's " The State of the State"... What are the chances that they will ever come back and say, " Rose...after ALL THESE YEARS I finally see the light...R and K we meant to be together ..I can't believe I could not see what was right in front of my eyes. R and K forever HIGH FIVE !!!!!!!".....Hmmmm...Ain't gonna happen:(

Have a lovely evening ALL

Oneheart said...

Rose thank you for the positive side of all the BS you receive.

Hope all of you here at Roseland are enjoying your holiday season. I know I am. My favoite time of the year. Not because of the presents I receive but for the giving. I love this time of year..you don't always have to give someone a gift..sometimes an act of love towards someone, a kind word, even a smile becomes the most priceless gift you can give someone and give to yourself as well.

God Bless You All here at Roseland and God Bless Rob and Kristen and their families as well.

PamH said...

Does anyone know if Kristen had to cancel for today also ?

I was kinda surprised by her upcoming appearance on John Stewart. Hope he keeps any dairy items to himself.

Oneheart said...

Pardon my spelling in my above post. I'll simply say it was a long day at work today. LOL

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I just got home but have not heard of any cancellations at this point. I will let you know

Ginger with a Soul said...

Saludos Martha

Palabras encantadoras y sí siempre terminan juntos

Espero que dicho derecho como hablo inglés

Holy said...

Hello again.

@Ginger-hey girl,tell Liz hello,I bet she's enjoying herself.

Birdie said...

Good evening Roseland!

I loved all the hand holding, so sweet. These two just hang on tight to what is theirs.
Love this picture of Tom. He looks just a bit dangerous,doesn't he?

Have a good night all.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy and Birdie - Hey guys

@Holy - I sure will

DreamerKind said...

Well, here I am, and I say "Hey!" to anyone around this lovely abode.

DreamerKind said...

Christmas Past

The Christmas Song

Carmen MacRae(1961):

Thank you/overjazzrecords

DreamerKind said...

Life's Choices

Beg Steal Or Borrow

Ray LaMontagne:

So your hometown's bringin' you down
Are you drownin' in the small talk and the chatter?
Are you gonna step into line like your daddy done?
Punchin' the time and climbing life's long ladder

You've been howlin' at the moon like a slack-jawed fool
And breaking every rule they can throw on
Well, one of these days is gonna be right soon
You'll find your legs and go and stay gone

Young man, full of big plans
And thinkin' about tomorrow
Young man, gonna make a stand
You beg, you steal, you borrow
You beg, you steal, you borrow

Pull all the friends that you knew in school
They used to be so cool, now they just bore you
Well look at 'em now, already pullin' the plow
So quick to take to grain like some old mule

Young man, full of big plans
And thinkin' about tomorrow
Young man, gonna make a stand
You beg, you steal, you borrow
You beg, you steal, you borrow

Dreamin' of the day you're gonna pack your bags
Put the miles away
Oh, just grab your girl and go where no one knows you
What will all the old folks say?

So the hometown's bringin' you down
Are you drownin' in the small talk and the chatter?
Are you gonna step into line like your daddy done?
Punchin' the time and climbing life's long ladder

Young man, full of big plans
And thinkin' about tomorrow
Young man, gonna make a stand
You beg, you steal, you borrow
You beg, you steal, you borrow

Thank you/raylamontage

DreamerKind said...

Right This Minute


Norah Jones:

December, come to me
I hope I can see
You're not just in dreams

I will let you be
Why can't you believe
How much you really mean?

December, won't you come
Back with snow, even sun?
Don't say that it's done

I will carry you home
Take you from the loneliest place
You have known

I will carry you home
Take me from the loneliest place
I have known

Thank you/Crayzeehappee

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - Hola

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - she is there pictures are starting to come through just now - they are on Robsten Dreams

Pattybg said...




Holy said...

So Kristen attended the event tonight and she looks hot.

DreamerKind said...

Earthquakes in Japan, sending love.

AE said...

Just perfect like always ...
I could never answer as calmly on these stupid questions...
beautiful pictures! I hope rob and kristen enjoying the few free days.

Thank you Rose! your blog is the best!

Second Chance said...

Count Your Blessings...


Annie said...

Morning all.
@DK: From here too. It seems to be in the same area as the one that hit in April.
So Kristen will be on The Daily show with Jon Stewart.........I know she won't do it but instead of bringing him a tub of ice-cream, she should bring him a book......."How to eat crow."

Take care everybody..

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - LOL - I still can't wait to see how both handle that. They both seem to have that sarcastic humor down. He won't be rude and really I bet he likes her a lot so maybe they will have some fun with it all - not to mention he shares her dads name so I am sure that will come up.

Lots of tweets about Rob being at both the screening and after party with her. She was beautiful but I thought you could see she didn't feel the best in her eyes. She still has a very packed week and a half to go so I hope she gets some rest - having the flu blows. I may hate bugs (I mean every bug) but the Flu is a huge foe of mine - it is time to start carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer for the days I go to the cube farm.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - In Your Room updated - much better chapter.

PamH said...

@ ginger & Annie
I kept thinking when I read about her being on JS she should come out and just say " what, no ice cream for me". It'll be interesting to see how that show goes.

Kristen looked so beautiful even though she didn't feel well. Hopefully she will make it through all her other events a little easier.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC OMG - that receptionist that got duped in that prank in Australia over Kate killed herself. I don't know if they can do anything legally but I hope they sue the shit out of the station, the DJ's and they lose their jobs.

RC said...

@Ginger I was coming here to tell you that OMG that is so sad!

Stella said...

That is so aweful. I really hope people would think the consequences of their acts before they actually do it. Not all of us are strong and with thick skin, unfortunately...

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Stella/RC - it is horrible - the male DJ was bragging about making international headlines yesterday - now he just looks like a complete schmuck.

Tracybell said...

Boy I'm having trouble posting lately so I'll give it another go. First off...love the post. People are weird in their addictions some times and the lengths they'll go to. Yes, not only does Kristen own the haters they are addicted to her lol. Love how you say so much with few words. You must have been a persuasive speaker or just really good at writing essays, because your post is like a beautifully crafted essay. You always have a key word or phrase, you back up that with awesome gifs and photos as evidence and you usually have at least three points lol. Post what's in your heart and the rest will follow. See you next time :)

Tracybell said...

@Ginger - everything you said....word.

@those who think rose is beating a dead horse? Don't worry about it, it's all good.

@Robert - loved your can you hear it in a forest comment. Very appropriate ;)

And Kristen on Tavis, Ferguson and Stewart will be all kinds of win. Although tavis is a wildcard. He's pretty judgemental on morality and I think he might *might* say something about marylou being immoral and we all know how Kristen protects her characters. And he might try and grab some headlines but I don't think he'll say anything about summer. His audience is different *not Leno* so I think it'll be geared to OTR and authors of that generation, stuff like that, at least I hope lol.

My prediction is she'll own Ferguson and Stewart but I'll guess we'll see.

@ginger - I feel horrible about that nurse who killed herself. What no one is saying though is that the hospital itself should be railed for lack of training on how to deal with phone calls on patients such as THE FREAKING ROYAL FAMILY! Seriously? The queen wouldn't call patient information....gawd. I'd like to know if hospital gave her shit after situation. It's just a horrible situation all around.

Have a good day roslanders our girl nailed it last night. Pretty important people seem to want to be in her presence ;)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Tracybell - they tricked a nurse after too who gave out all kinds of information - it is all very weird but the DJ's have both been suspended at this point. I know here with HIPPA they wouldn't have gotten that far but I have no idea what the laws are in Australia. We had a man drown here a long time ago and some DJ's made a joke about it on a morning show - all three DJ's were fired over the joke.

Kami said...

I've been reading about the nurse who was the butt of that horrible practical joke the other day and I am, sick to my stomach about it.

It goes to show that what is harmless fun to one person can be devastating and malicious to someone else. I do not know if this nurse was suffering from depression or if this just embarrassed her so much that she couldn't live with the humiliation.

However regardless of the situation two very important lesson will hopefully be learned from this. First: Always remember that this will pass, hang on and do not go do with this nurse did.

Secondly: You never know how something you or do is going to effect someone else's life. Your joke can have horrible consequences, like with this horrible event.

Tabloids and rabid fans should take heed too, because this is not the first time stupid idiotic disregard for the welfare of another human being has caused a tragedy. Your need to know the personal aspects of someone else's life can lead to devastation. Our own personal amusement should never come at the cost of someone else's need to be left alone.

Tracybell said...

@Ginger - even without hippa you'd think they would have some kind of protocol training on how to handle these situations. Like I said horrible all around. This may sound mean but if the lady hadn't committed suicide then people would still be joking about it and everyone would have their jobs. I'm not blaming the radio station. Comedians make jokes about people all the time. Is Leno, letterman, Conan etc supposed to get suspended or fired for making a joke last night? I'd still like to know what the hospital said or did to her and what actually set her off. Maybe her coworkers were giving her lots of crap. I think the radio station truly had no intention of getting that far and it was all of the cuff. I didn't hear about any of the jokes made afterward but they prob should have kept their mouths shut and enjoyed the 15 minutes you know? Can you imagine her poor family?

Tracybell said...

@ginger - reread your comment and I originally thought it read "we had a man *down* here a long time ago" now that I know it was *drown* yeah I'd fire their asses to being the comment was made after he drowned, what a-holes. Were the jokes about the nurse made before or a after she killed herself?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - they didn't actually make any jokes about her (the receptionist) -I think it may have been a result of being put on the radio and falling into their prank. The nurse they got to after her gave out all kinds of personal information on Kate so she was most likely more scandalized by the prank but it makes you wonder if the hospital took repercussions against both of them and that was the catalyst. I get they will always have their jokes but like when Dane Cook was joking about the theater shooting here - just somethings go without saying should never be touched.

Ginger with a Soul said...


Kristen Will Participate in the 12-12-12 Concert on Dec 12th in NYC to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims

Tracybell said...

@ginger - about Dane cook? That was pretty stupid. And I love when Kristen and rob go to ny and I wonder what she'll do for the benefit. I mean I hope rob goes with her ;) so I have a question. Wouldn't you love a pair of those shoes Kristen had on last night?

Delle1 said...

Um I have it on good authority that NR and Rob never actually hooked up...she wanted him but he never wanted her.

Pattybg said...





Feather said...

Kristin Hardy: honey, you need to stop drinking so much of the Hater-ade. I think maybe you've overdosed at this point.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - I loath heels but I love that shoe type a lot - so yup I would rock them. LOL I bet he goes, would be cool if he does the benefit with her too.

PamH said...

So sad about the nurse, I didn't know till I read everyone's posts.

I LOVED reading the account from Robsten Dreams about Rob covering the window so papz couldn't get any shot inside the car. Protective Rob on the job.

I also hope he does the benefit show with her, it may be a recorded message for donating money or her introducing an artist...who knows.

@ ginger
I need to check my story updates, THANKS for heads up on IN YOUR ROOM

PamH said...

Did everyone see the post on RPLife about the BD2 DVD info, it has an extended version of part 1, commentary with Bill (CRAP!!! no R&K) France release is March 16, they are not sure about US, it still shows possible Feb. 16.

Stella said...

I love protective Rob too...
I also got very excited when I saw Kristen take photographs with Mr. Copola himself. He's something like a legend here, I am thrilled. Very important people want to be in her presence indeed...

Tracybell said...

@ginger - about Dane cook? That was pretty stupid. And I love when Kristen and rob go to ny and I wonder what she'll do for the benefit. I mean I hope rob goes with her ;) so I have a question. Wouldn't you love a pair of those shoes Kristen had on last night?

Tracybell said...

@ginger - reread your comment and I originally thought it read "we had a man *down* here a long time ago" now that I know it was *drown* yeah I'd fire their asses to being the comment was made after he drowned, what a-holes. Were the jokes about the nurse made before or a after she killed herself?

Holy said...

Hello guys.

I pray for the family of the nurse that died.

I'm so proud of Kristen for using her power for a good cause.

Rob was so protective of his girl last night."Garrett, Rob & Kristen rode in the same car to the AP and Rob was using his body as a shield & blocked the window"


Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves back

All the reports say he was right by her all night - I hope whatever she had is better now.

DreamerKind said...

Howdy! Overnight tonight. Catch you soon.


Kelly said...

I love U. That is all. :) xoxo 1918

tufenuf55 said...

I find it amazing that Kristen's head in the OTR pics does seem smaller. But then I look at pics of her and Rob (who is a tall man) and they just seem to mesh together so wonderfully.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Kristen at another screen for OTR at the Skywalker Ranch tonight - boy they have her scheduled everyday for promo's and screenings it seems

Caroline said...

As an Australian, I am deeply shocked, saddened and disgusted by the Australian shock jocks who called the hospital and the poor nurse who subsequently took her life.

It then struck me how incredibly mentally strong Kristen must be to have withstood the bile piled at her for months now and from all levels of society. Human capacity to cope with adversity is so very complex.

RC said...

ABC's Scandal I can't get over this from last night's episode..


Olitz are so effin HOT!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx91ZxWAaa4 :sniffs:

All the Olivia & Fitz (Olitz) scenes are on that youtube channel for anyone interested. Everyone should be watching this show.

Birdie said...

I don't watch alot of TV, so have somehow missed this show. I also wondered what Kerry W was talking about at the Variety event with Kristen. It looks pretty steamy! I will have to check it out. Thanks!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

Just have to do a shout out to John Lennon - he will always be a legend that was taken from us way to early 32 years ago today.


Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try
No people below us, above it's only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do
No need to kill or die for and no religions too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing for the world

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
Take my hand and join us
And the world will live, will live as one

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

I'm just stopping in quickly to wish everyone a good weekend.

Take care all.

parker said...

just saying hello to Roseland !

@Caroline, yes tasteless pranks only seem harmless until it’s not – what a sad & awful ending to a silly mistake.

@Ginger, i dread flu season esp in confined spaces like airplanes. i have this little battery-operated filter that i hang around my neck – it’s supposed to be military grade – at least that’s what the catalogue says, and designed to filter out the germs so you won’t breathe it. don’t know if it really works because every winter, i still catch a cold. and i really hate those peeps who cough without covering their mouths – i am such a germaphobe when i hear someone coughing across the aisle & i bury my face under my scarf or cover my nose/mouth because they won’t.

hi to Freddie, PL, Kami, Birdie, DK, Holy, Tracybell (hey girl!), Patty, Annie, ali & anyone else i missed …
lots to do but hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

ali mac said...

Hi Parker and Freddie, Ginger and Birdie xx

I was running a craft fair at my kids school today. It was a great success and I'm now home with my feet up, exhausted, but glad it went well.

I hope everyone is having a good day so far ♡

Holy said...

Hello guys.I hope everyone are having a good weekend.

Happy Hanukkah to our friends in here who celebrate.

Kristen is so busy with all the OTR promo,no wonder she got the flu.I hope she can rest with Rob after the promo is over.


@Ginger-hey there.

Tracybell said...

@Parker - hey girl back at cha. Having a nice weekend? I'm putting up the tree *finally* wrapping presents and shopping. Already exhausted lol. I already asked ginger this question so I'll ask you too. Would you wear those awesome shoes Kristen wore with the black lace shorts outfit the other night? Ginger said yes but without the heals and I would die for a pair. What can I say? I love shoes ;)

PamH said...

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

This is probably a stupid question but is Skywalker Ranch as in George Lucas or something totally different ? Don't know a lot about Star Wars.

@ Ginger
You were right about Edward redeeming himself in In Your Room.

parker said...

@Tracybell, i do like those black shoes but what i’m seriously coveting are the red heels. they just look so fierce esp for christmas. it’s that particular shade of red that i love. i am itching to find that exact shade now even if it’s not the same style. don’t get me started on shoes :)

@ali, glad you had fun at the craft fair – i like going to those, sometimes just to look. there’s always something interesting to find.

@Pam, yes Skywalker Ranch is owned by George Lucas. i know someone from work (who is a huge Star Wars fan) whose young daughter is into animation & often talks about hoping that her daughter will be able to intern at Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic in SFO when she grows up. i think Lucas has several ranches in Marin County & Skywalker is only one of them. Skywalker Ranch is supposed to be really huge (like almost 5000 acres but only a tiny portion is developed because the residents in the area have been fighting against development) and it has several theatres for screening in the property. i didn’t even notice that the OTR screening was up in SFO.

PamH said...

Thanks for info, man that would probably be a dream job come true for your co workers daughter.
It seems like the interest showed to OTR by other movie big wigs can only be a positive thing for Kristen and everyone involved in the movie. Maybe Rob got to go and pitch his idea of being in the next Star Wars....LOL

Holy said...

Kristen finally confirmed that she will star with Ben A.in Focus.They're shooting in April.
The movie is comedy.I can't wait.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Hoped over from work and Holy beat me too it. Ben Affleck is funny so that looks very promising not to mention all the buzz around him right now with Argo. I wonder if it is being shot in LA - sounds like both her and Rob will be shooting there at about the same time if so (him with Maps).

@Holy - Hey

@Parker - Howdy

@Pam - Mhmm - much better chapter. I am not sure what is a bigger thing, being at Skywalker Ranch or doing promo with Coppola - I am going to go with Coppola . She has another screening tomorrow but I imagine she with be heading to NY here soon for the Sandy relief and premiere

PamH said...

I'd imagine Kristen is chomping at he bits to start work. I'm sure she will find things to keep her busy till then, hopefully a lot of set visits with Rob, or a project before Focus starts.

Does anyone know if Tom is scheduled to appear for NY ?
I'd love to see him and Kristen together again.

I'm with you on Coppola being the bigger of the two. I'd never heard of Skywalker Ranch but figured it was to much of a coincidence to not have something to do with Lucas. I figure R&K meeting people like that is to them as us meeting R&K.

What's everyone's take on the DVD? I wish we got R&K commentary and was hoping to see all the deleted scenes that we've never got to see as a feature....but as long as it comes out pretty quick I'll be fine.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I am not sure who will be there for the premiere but I hope he is

The DVD - I am going to go with Rob and Kristen didn't want to do it. It is not a dis to the fans just think they are over the Twilight thing. Summit would have twins if they would have done it but they are moving on to different roles and while Bella and Edward might have been important to them for more than one reason they need to separate from them badly. The serious movie going community see them as cheesy teen movies and both are worthy of serious roles and even more so serious accolades. I think this is why we will have to wait a little to see them in a film together again - they would want any future project to be viewed as a Rob and Kristen film not Edward and Bella.

Holy said...

@Ginger-hey,are you still working?

PamH said...

I loved Kristen in the leather pants, jacket and red shoes.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - yeah trying to keep ahead at work since I am off or taking half days most of December.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pisteuo said...

Happy Holidays to Rose and Roseland!!

katy said...

Good morning

Happy to hear Kristen' s "Focus" project as been confirmed. It sounds, really interesting.

Pisteuo, happy Holidays to you too and your loved ones!!!

Happy Sunday to everyone.

Birdie said...

Thanks for the news Holy and Ginger. I read that it is the duo that did Crazy, Stupid,Love. I loved that movie,so am very excited for Kristen. I have really enjoyed the work Ben Affleck has been doing. So, win,win.

Just keep plowing forward, Rob and Kristen. Hopefully some of the crazy will be left in the dust.

Happy Holidays to you, Pisteuo. It is the first day it has felt like they are here. I got up to our first snow, not much, but it is white!

Where for art thou, DK?

Hope said...

Morning Roseland...

Congrats to Kristen on her new project with
Ben A. Very exciting news.
Wishing Kristen all the best this week with her NYC appearances and the OTR Premiere.
Hope to see Tom too!

PISTEUO...yeah, Summit got damn lucky!
Happy Holidays to you too.

BIRDIE...We may get snow flurries tomorrow if the storm pushes south....fingers crossed.

Hi Katy and to everyone who pops in later.

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland.

Hope, ((hugs)) for you.
Batten down the hatches for the Blue Norther that is coming. I have one pipe to wrap this morning. It is always such an event to get flurries down here. No mention of them for us this time.

Got to see Argo and Lincoln. Both are excellent but I preferred Argo.

I was on the edge of my seat through parts of Argo as it transported me back to that time in history in which I remember watching those events on TV as a young wife and mother. Now, years later, I have a much better understanding of the historical background and connections to world events occurring today, I very much appreciate the movie and Ben Affleck's skill at bringing this story to the screen.

Lincoln is a masterful presentation of the struggle to bring about the passing of the 13th Amendment. Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Hall Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones and David Strathairn are marvelous. As some of you have already mentioned, the makeup plus acting by DDL as Lincoln is amazing. Yes, the voice was not what I expected but, for me, added to the uniqueness of the individual. I found that I had to turn on my "lecture" listening mindset in order to absorb and digest every moment of the movie which is dialogue based.

Congratulations to Johnny Manziel. All of Aggieland is celebrating!

Wishing Kristen a wonderful week ahead and great success as she promotes OTR. Can't wait to see it.

Have a lovely Sunday dear Roseland.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd and their family and friends.
Life is good.
Respect Rob and Kristen.

Freddie said...

Hi Birdie, Pisteuo, Katy, Hope and everyone else.

I'll add my congratulations to Kristen on her new role in Focus. I’m sure this will be a very successful project, and will further confirm all the good things people that are saying about her. I wish her safe travels while she finishes her OTR promotion this week. I also hope Rob enjoys his remaining few weeks off before his busy shooting schedule begins.

Katy – I hope all is well with you. Do you have any special traditions for the holidays in Portugal?

Birdie – we still don’t have any snow here yet, but I’m finally getting in the holiday spirit. I started my Christmas shopping yesterday (yes, I terribly late) and with all of the Christmas decorations and holiday music in the stores, I’m starting to look forward to it. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Pisteuo and Hope – I agree. Not only did Summit get lucky, but so did the fans.

So have a great day everyone.

Freddie said...

Hi Olivia - I just missed you. I hope all is well with you. I've never heard of a Blue Norther, but I'm sure the thought of flurries isn't something Texans look forward to.

I hope you and Hope stay safe.

parker said...

glad to hear that kristen is confirmed on Focus.
if it’s a comedy & directed by the same guys who did Crazy, Stupid, Love, it promises to be fun.
i noticed kristen’s sparks of sarcasm & dry humour in some of her interviews.
hope to see some of that amplified in a comedic film – i think she’d be good at it.

@olivia, thank you for that wonderful review of argo and lincoln.
you are always articulate & i enjoy reading your posts very much.

@Tracybell, i just figured out that those red heels are louboutin’s & they’re sold out – ehh, not that i’d spend $700 on a pair if they were available but gosh, i’m obsessed with that color !

@Freddie, if all else fails, there’s always online shopping :)

happy Sunday to everyone !

Hope said...

Hi OLIVIA...sending a warm hug to you. We are excited that cold temps and the chance of flurries are in the forecast. We will be thrilled to turn on our fireplace. LOL
Enjoyed your excellent movie reviews....cannot wait to see Lincoln because DDL is one of my favorite actors.

FREDDIE....waving hello! I'm late getting started on the Christmas shopping too. Hope you had some success yesterday.


Birdie said...

Good morning Freddie,Hope, Olivia,and Katy,

I agree with you about both movies. Argo had me on the edge of my seat also. So well done.
It took me a bit to get into Lincoln and to understand the ? language.

Our snow is still coming down,hooray!

Birdie said...

Hello Parker,
Didn't see you pop in.

Birdie said...

By the way, can you comfortably walk in heels that high? I am jealous.

parker said...

@Birdie, not for a whole day, a couple of hours maybe – i’m like kristen – always carrying flat shoes in my bag to change into (i know why even bother wearing the heels – cos it’s pretty & i’m allowed a bit of shallowness lol). i do think that 3-3.5 in heels is enough & anything more is uncomfortable unless they’re platforms.

@Hope – waves back !

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

The OTR promo push has got to be rough but from everything she has said well worth it to her. They had her and Garrett on a flight last night so they could make another screening today and we keep getting word of screenings that pop up at the last minute but so goes award season. I am just glad she is getting recognition for a project that she held dear for so long - I am not naive by any means to believe that she would win if nominated and that is only because the role was small but being mentioned and people acknowledging her outside of Bella (a role that seemed to erase all her great work before) is a tremendous thing and she is only 22. Rob has a very packed beginning of the year but that just means good movies to come for us to watch.

Someone said Focus had a very Ocean's Eleven vibe and I loved that movie - ironically Ben's brother Casey was in that one.

Kami said...

Olivia, I cannot WAIT for that Blue Norther to hit down here!!

Hey Freddie, it's not that late in the season, you've got plenty of time....and on an obnoxious note...I'm nearly done. I have 4 gifts left. But I should stipulate that Heith is pretty much the only one I have to shop for so...

Ok a Blue Norther is when a FREEZING wind blows in from the...North or Northeast, dropping the temperature at least 20 degrees in a short period of time.

As for Flurries, we like FLURRIES in Texas, and a lot of us love snow, but unless you live on the panhandle..which is close to Colorado, and Kansas then you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that if we get more than an inch or two of snow that you're going to be stuck where you are until the snow melts. We have no system to do more than put sand on bridges, so lots of wrecks.

ali mac said...

Hi Kami, Freddie, Ginger, Parker, Olivia, Birdie, Hope and Katy xx

In regards to heels, the highest I wear are 5" heels :) and the funny thing is I can actually dance in them better than I can walk in them lol figure that one out.

We are in for a cold week ahead with chances of wintery showers and maybe snow.

Pisteuo said...

Good day Roseland!
I only have a sec but, wanted to ask Ginger a question.-Why do you think by playing Bella it erased all her great work before?
I think it was a plus for her and not a negative thing at all.
She pretty much gets to choose what she wants to do now.
What has hurt her is all the made up lies and gossip.
I'm really busy with real life right now, whew!! The Holidays! So much to do, so little time!
Merry Holidays Roseland!!

ali mac said...

Super and DK missing you both x

ali mac said...

Hi Pisteuo, take sometime to relax and enjoy the Holidays, (easier said than done I know lol)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pisteuo - Honestly - Twilight is viewed as a cheesy teen movie that serious movie critics disregard - there is not a depth to acting there and I am sorry while movies like the Hangover make huge box office revenue it is not a thought provoking movie. Many of the people that decide these awards have viewed Twilight as a negative impact on parts of her because until the last movie Bella is a very 1 dimensional character. The movies themselves were hurdled by peoples loves of the books and honestly by peoples loves of Robert and Kristen. The negative press she has received has more to do with her personal relationship that people would not stop comparing to Edward and Bella and peoples refusal to separate the 2. Her work prior to Twilight is night and day as her work after but people still try to hang her up to that singular role.

I also think all the promo for OTR is doing her tremendous things not to mention having Coppola as an executive producer doing promo with her. Hell she has been at another screening and Q&A with Walter and Garrett all morning/afternoon today which is giving her the exposure as a serious actress that a lot of people try to overlook based on Twilight. The difference between the 2 is box office numbers and critical acclaim, once in a while the two coincide but not very often or often enough.

PamH said...

I know Kristen and everyone envolved in OTR is willing to go anywhere to promote the movie and make it a success.
Kristen will be ready for another break after all the NY events are done. I hope her and Rob have a happy and peaceful holiday.

@ Ginger
Is LIZ having a wonderful time ? I hope she's had great weather. I know you probably got more snow while I've had rain for 2 and a half days.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - Liz is on dry land - just got word from her a little while ago and she is on the road home. While I missed her and got a brief tell everyone Hi and that she was doing good every day - I bet her and her parents had an amazing time which is awesome because Liz works day and night most days.

Holy said...

Happy Sunday everyone.

Good lord,Kristen will have another screening again today.She's so busy,I hope she take cares of herself.

@Ginger-hey there.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - Hey - They have been there most of the day already - Garrett, Walter, and Kristen are going to be tired when all is said and done

Lincoln is killing it on the awards so far which is not a surprise at all

parker said...

@Ginger, i like Ocean’s Eleven – looking forward to seeing Focus & see the chemistry between ben & kristen. one other crime thriller i enjoyed watching is Inside Man – with clive owen, denzel washington, jodie foster & other big names. it’s a cerebral crime thriller that leaves you rooting for the robbers & pondering at the end, does the end justify the means. i liked it a lot.

IFC is sure working kristen on OTR promo – i hope it does really well in its US release so they can break even or exceed the budget allowing her to greenlight more indies. it’s nice to see both rob (cosmopolis) & kristen (OTR) giving it their all to promote their indie films. they really love their indies.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - I can see the love for the Indie's - don't get me wrong I like some of the big production films too just really depends what I looking to get out of them. I hope Lay Down in Darkness gets the go - can't imagine what that will draw in with Danial Day Lewis as the dad.

Holy said...

@Ginger-yea,I know Lincoln is in every awards noms.Holy shit,I hope Daniel L. will be playing the dad for Lay Down in Darkness.

PamH said...

@ Ginger and Holy
I would Love to see Lay Down in Darkness get started with Kristen, and DDL on board a huge plus, I think they could have great chemistry together.

It'll be interesting to see what she chooses to do before Focus starts.

Freddie said...

Geez Ginger, you’re actually making me feel like I should apologize for having enjoyed Twilight. You seem so quick to diminish something that the people involved gave their all to. Somehow, I don’t think the source material – a teen love story – was ever going to garner critical acclaim. It’s not high-brow enough for self-important critics. But the actors must have done something significantly right, to have drawn in so many people, even those outside of the demographics of the books, myself included. And I can’t begin to cite the number of times I read critics comment on Kristen’s noteworthy performances in her movies released during Twilight – so Twilight certainly didn’t erase their positive impressions of her. You know the thing I have never worried about is Kristen’s career. She has received incredible praise from directors, producers, actors and yes, critics. I would argue that she is amongst the top young actresses in Hollywood because of her combined accomplishments – her skill as an actor plus box office draw. Everything with OTR at the moment is just adding to the package.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Freddie - the answer was to what the critics are saying right now - at a time she is vying for award season consideration. They throw her role as Bella in every article like it is a dirty word. Box office appeal and critical acclaim usually do not go hand in hand - most of the best movies ever made are usually small and not seen by many. Do I think the critics get it right - nope but those are all based on opinions and since so many people have different taste some will agree and some won't. I use the example of the Hangover again - huge box office appeal - did I like it nope (I am usually not a fan of the boy humor movies as I call them) but will I see Silver Linings Playbook - yup. Do I think Bradly Cooper should be held to his Hangover Character - nope but there will always be those critics that see him as that guy . I by no means knock Rob or Kristen for Twilight but do I think both are more than those characters (Bigger and more complex acting wise) - I think we all know they are and have shown they are.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Not sure if anyone on here is a fan of Jenny Riveras but they found her plane that went missing earlier and there are no survivors :(

Kami said...

Freddie, I thought I was the only one feeling a little apologetic about liking Twilight.

The truth is, that critics give their thoughts and opinions about movies. A lot of movies are critically acclaimed and go virtually ignored by the public. Awards and great reviews are great, but studios will hire an actor or actress who can put asses in the seat.

No offense meant to you Ginger. I understand your point.

Stella said...

Good evening all!
I love the new banner!

Freddie said...

Ginger - I think critics reference her as Bella in every article because it is the role that the public knows her for best, but I don’t think that the critics who are worth their salt view her only in that way, or penalize her for Twilight. And good news, I think Rob’s role in Cosmpolis has started to turn the tide there as well. Bottom line, I have no worries for Kristen, and I’m equally hopeful for Rob. And Twilight, while cheesy to some critics, had a special magic to it that few have captured and others have tried to recreate.

Rose - beautiful banner.

PamH said...

I didn't recognize the name so I looked her up, I still had no clue who she was but it's sad, she had 5 or 6 children.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - I almost look it like Golden Globes, Oscars vs MTV MMA's and People Choice. They are different for many reasons - popular mainstream vs smaller Indie like movies. Most people don't want to sit in a theater without action, a love story, or major visual effects (not that they exclusive to one or the other). I think a lot of critics are pretentious and probably a little out of touch with normal every day people but then again I don't expect a renowned food critic to ever say they enjoyed a greasy burger from Five Guys either.

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