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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Burn. Burn. Burn.

1. Rob attended the Arbitrage Luncheon.
Handsome as always.
Rubbing shoulders with Richard Gere...

2. Kristen attends the Governors Awards.
Beautiful as always.
Rubbing shoulders with Oscar.

It's pretty apparent that both
Rob and Kristen are moving up and away
with their careers...
Meeting the right people
Going to the right events...
No limits.

And BTW?
Kristen at the Governors Awards?
Looking all kinds of glamorous and gorgeous...
Hanging out with the elite of Hollywood
Is a big fucking deal.

If you looked at my Twitter Timeline...
People were excited and happy
and thrilled for Kristen.

But wait a minute...

Do you smell that?
It reeks of burnt bitter foam...

The Lunatic Fringe's biscuits are burning.
Crispy. Fried.
They can't STAND it.

Kristen was at an Academy function!
How could this be?


Do you have any idea how many pictures they analyzed?
How many hours they spent on twitter/blogs/forums
just to criticize Kristen?
Then endless obsession with her career
What she says.
What people say about her.
Her wardrobe...
Her boyfriend.

They can't stand that Kristen keeps winning.
They can't stand that everything they predict
will happen to Kristen...
They are NEVER right.
She comes out on top
at every turn...
And it burns.
Oh it burns.

Guess what?

Kristen is still standing.
And Robert is right next to her.
Holding her hand.


BD2 is still number one!!!

This post is brought to you by the letter T.

Which we know that is how
Rob and Kristen
end up.

Which is how completely
Kristen owns her 'haters'

T for Tom Sturridge

Whom I completely adore.
Say no more.
Say no more.

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Delle1 said...

Luv it,TY Rose!

Freddie said...

Yosemite Sam's "my biscuits are burnin'" - very cute Rose.

Holy said...

Rose-LOL,the biscuits are burning.Love it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - you speak the truth as always. All the time they invest on Kristen proves who really matters to them - she is under their skin, in their eyes, and on their minds - Always. This happens without her giving any care or second thought to them. They now trash Rob for what - being a real person who decided to do what he feels is best for his life? They always end up together !

I have to tell you - I am glad I found your blog and the words you write as I nod my head along with them. Some of the crap you endure from the crazy people out there amazes me. No one forces them to read your words - you don't chase them down - I just don't get it because I often feel the need to applaud you for being you. I want to tell them to grow up but face it they are grown so I guess the saying you can't teach an old dog a new trick is better suited for the people that run out of much needed medication way to often. Thank you for being a sane positive voice in a sea of drivel, we can always hope the nasty ones will get lost at sea soon.

Lots and Lots of good thing ahead for Rob and Kristen - individually and TOGETHER

PamH said...

Your post cracked me up :) I love Robs smirky smile and the YS cartoon is my hubby's favorite. The gif at the end is priceless, Taylor is adorable.

@ Ginger
I'm with you on the update. I just wanted to yell at her for leaving instead of questioning him what she seen. But I'm anxious to see how it works out next update.

I hope we get to see a part of the letter T ( TomStu ) at some of the OTR events coming up, can't wait to see him and K together again.


Freddie said...

Before I head to bed, I’m carrying over a topic from the last post – for discussion down post.

The “favourite movies” topic was such a hit on the last post, so we started a new category: “favourite Christmas carol or song”?

This was some of mine:

“Silent Night” – there’s a great version by the Manhattan Transfer on their Christmas album

“A Ceremony of Carols” – it is a classical work by Benjamin Britten. It’s a collection of songs for SSA (Soprano, Soprano, Alto) with harp accompaniment. It is very dissonant, but wonderful.

“I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” – it’s just fun

“Merry Christmas Darling” & “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – from the Carpenter’s Christmas album

“First Noel” – by the Wynans from the David Foster Christmas Album

“Coventry Carol” (Lullay Thou Little Tiny Child) – just a beautiful carol

“Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” – another wonderful carol

How about other people???

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I hope he chases her down and explains. Gah

PamH said...

From the video on Robsten Dreams it looks like K also got to be at event with Richard Gere, don't know if they actually meet though. He was at the GG dinner.

@ Ginger
At least smart enough to put two n two together about her seeing the phone messages. Me thinks he needs to have a conversation with one miss Heidi

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I agree on the Heidi part big time.

Not sure if she met him either but the team from the luncheon was all at the dinner as well. The director from Arbitrage was at the dinner talking to Kristen and was with Rob at lunch and with both on Halloween. Kristen gets to be the face of OTR since she seems to be the front runner from the cast to get a nod.

@Freddie for all my love of music talk - I really don't like Christmas music and I am not sure why.

Kami said...

I have to say that even though it's early in the awards season, and lots of things can change between now and Oscar time...not wanting to jinx anything. Every list I've seen of possible females to be nominated, Kristen's on every reputable list along with Anne Hathaway and Sally Field, pretty amazing company. Now whether she will or won't who knows but to be named as one who might is A BIG FUCKING DEAL. lol

Freddie, I love some of the silly songs of Christmas too like "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" and "I'm getting nuttin for Christmas" and of course I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

I also love Reba's version of "Oh Holy night" and because I grew up in Texas Jose Feliciano's version of Feliz Navidad.

I've enjoyed listing movies and songs so thank you Robert for kicking us off with the movies.

Loui White said...


Work was the usual busy chaos. I was ready to actually leave on time, but was asked to stay - so ended up with another 11 hour day. Tis' the season, and hey - overtime isn't a bad thing.
Finally saw BD2, and will definately being seeing again. No surprises for me, but I do love the way Bill Condon facilitated the vision the actors and Stephanie had for the characters and their story. Rob and Kristen totally delivered on behalf of Edward and Bella.
I thought of another 'Christmas movie' - how about the 'Muppet's Christmas Carol'

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Loui - I am glad you finally got to see the movie and that work did not wear you out (extra cash during the holidays is a good thing) :)

Loui White said...

Well Roseland,
I've been up for 21 hours, and have a dental appointment tomorrow that I'm not thrilled about, (prefer the 11 hour work day!). Need to crash, but I want to leave you with this - one of my favorite 'Christmas Songs' by
Reliant K - the 12 Days of
Lots of fun and a great twist on a 'classic'.
Thanks again Rose, for your dedication and inspiration.
Have a great Monday, everyone!

Lanette said...

Love it! I guess the haters are never going to get it no matter what.

DreamerKind said...

A Happy Holiday Season new Rose!

Truth Came Upon A Midnight Clear, oh, yes. Joy To The World, while we Deck The Halls of Roseland!

So lovely to see, read, hear, laugh along with, and enjoy, the presence of those many gathering here.

Fa, la, la, la, la - la, la, la, la.

RKP said...

Thanks for the laughs Rose.
So true, as always!


DreamerKind said...

Days Gone By

Susan Sandberg:

Thank you/Henrik Nyander

DreamerKind said...

Haters Really Love Their Obsessions

Burning Love

Elvis Presley:

Lord almighty,
I feel my temperature rising
Higher higher
Its burning through to my soul

Girl, girl, girl
You gonna set me on fire
My brain is flaming
I don't know which way to go

Your kisses lift me higher
Like the sweet song of a choir
You light my morning sky
With burning love

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
I feel my temperature rising
Help me, I'm flaming
I must be a hundred and nine

Burning, burning, burning
And nothing can cool me
I just might turn into smoke
But I feel fine

Cause your kisses lift me higher
Like a sweet song of a choir
And you light my morning sky
With burning love

Its coming closer
The flames are reaching my body

Please wont you help me
I feel like I'm slipping away
Its hard to breath
And my chest is a-heaving

Lord almighty,
I'm burning a hole where I lay
Cause your kisses lift me higher
Like the sweet song of a choir
You light my morning sky
With burning love

With burning love
Ah, ah, burning love
I'm just a hunk
A hunk of burning love

Thank you/mountaindewaddict5

DreamerKind said...

My Favorite Things

John Coltrane/Skip Ad-13:47 mins:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in a white dresses with a blue satin sashes,
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
Silver white winters that melt into springs,
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad

Thank you/theomegleyouhate

Stella said...

Lovely said, Rose, as usual.
Have a nice week all!

ali mac said...

"Oh Holy Night" my all time favourite Carol


Celtic Woman singing this so beautifully. This Carol makes me cry every time I hear it.

Carly said...

favorite Christmas song? well there is one Czech song which i absolutely adore but I doubt anyone would know it. and I like Adam Sandler's Hannukah Song

as for teh post, amazing as always. Kristen looked amazing at the pre-Oscar thingy and it is yet anohter proof that she has a career beyonf twilight because se is talented and dedicated and people are fond of working with her.

and same goes for Robert.

they both know what they want in both their professional and perosnal lifes and they are not letting anyone, some jealous whiners the least, to detter them in any way shape or form.

Does this all mean that Kris may attend the Oscars? maybe we will finally get to see her in green, then *fingers crossed*

DreamerKind said...

@ali mac
Beautiful version you posted!

Welcome! Can certainly post Sandler's song. I'd enjoy a Czech Christmas song, too and I'd play it here, if I can find a You Tube video. Yes? :)

Time to lay down my physical self, so the fairygodmother can take watch over all.


ali mac said...

Sleep tight DK, catch you later :)

Carly said...

@DK, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-2Gd9sS1Ao this is the Czech song, oldie but goldie ;) and sleep tight

and I also like Michael Buble's duet with Thalia of Feliz Navidad. and Glee did a lovely version of Deck the rooftops

I also have to agree with what was said on the last post about $ Christmases being a terrible movie with amazing actors, I really don't understand what went wrong there

parker said...

i hope the loonies get out of the infinite loop that they seem to be stuck in.
it would be miserable to be chasing one’s tail forever.

@ali, i love les mis – looking forward to the movie on xmas day.

@Loui, thanks for the heads up on Trader Joe’s. i do go there but i’m in & out quickly – just to pick up specific items. need to take a closer look at their beer selection next visit.

watched life of pi yesterday.
i loved the movie as much as the book.
ang lee’s film version didn’t deviate much from the book but what he added were the visually stunning CGI which didn’t detract from the same fascination and build up to the events that one got from reading the book and the thought-provoking ending, though already known to those who have read the book, still elicits the same intriguing questions after you’ ve left the theatre.
marvelous piece of storytelling brilliantly adapted on film.

parker said...

@Kami, i really do hope kristen gets the nomination.
am so looking forward to watching OTR.

Litmom said...

Great post, Rose!

Love Yosemite and Bugs - perfect. The ninnies are definitely laughable.

Haters gonna hate, you know? But they'll implode pretty soon.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday so far.

Carly said...

my Monday was going pretty well until I was told that I will need to go back to my old position. I was asked to help in other team during the summer and I really like the posotion and my manager knows it but there is apparently now backlog in the team I'm officially still part of :( I don't want to go back

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ali mac said...

PISTEUO I love both the old black and white version of Little Women and the Winona Ryder version. The one in between is ok but just not as good.

I love the books too. Has any one else read Joe's Boys?

I have to agree about Kate and Emma in S&S, the scene when Elinor thinks Marianne might die are heart wrenching. I think a good movie is one that gets your emotions going in one way or another, whether it's laughing, crying or anything in between.

katy said...

Great post, Rose!

Even if Kristen doesn't get nominated, the fact, that's she's being considered has a possible nominee, it's amazing!!

I am very proud of both Rob and Kristen. They have, bright future ahead of them.

Have a happy Monday, everyone.

PL said...

I absolutely loved the book Little Women,and both the old movie with June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor and the modern with Winona Ryder. I have read Joe's Boys and it wasn't as charming as Little Women, in my opinion.

Hello to all who are stopping in.

Kami said...

Ali I haven't read Jo's boys but I have seen the book. I love all the versions of Little Women too. It is a good story.

Pisteuo I was in my teens when the "Color Purple" came out...and yes that makes me old...lol...but I took my mom to see it as a treat for her birthday, she was not exactly thrilled with my movie choice at first, but by the time the movie was over with she was crying right along with me and saying it was one of the best movies she ever saw and how she didn't want it to end. When she became seriously ill a few years later she would watch movies to pass the time and she watched The color purple so much she kept needing new copies.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Pisteuo there are three versions of the film. The first one has Katerine Hepburn in it as Jo, the second is June Allison as Jo

The second one is, in my opinion better than the one with Katherine Hepburn.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ali mac said...

I have a sentimental attachment to the first version, as it's the first one I watched. I watched it one day at my Grandmothers house ( I was about 8-9) and I cried so much when Beth died!

PL Joe's boys is hard to get into. It took me a couple of goes to read it through. I was glad to read it just to hear about what the characters all went on to do.

PL said...

I'll second that on the Katherine Hepburn one, I didn't like that version either. I really think of all of them the June Allyson version was my favorite. Maybe it's because that was the first one that I saw.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning/Afternoon Ladies - work messes with my frame of time.

Has anyone here watched Catfish? I never watched it before although I have heard of it and as I am working my kid is watching it and all I have to say is wow. I feel bad for the people but wow

ali mac said...

I had to google it GINGER, I'd never heard of it lol

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ali - I had only heard the name but didn't know what it was about now that I do holy crap. The one I just saw was a lady who thought she was dating this model for a year that turned out to be a 18 yr old girl. The things people do on line. The guy that does the show had a documentary done when he went to meet his on line love who he thought was like 25 and had pictures - when he met her face to face - 40 something.

I was telling my boss about it (who happens to be a southern gal from TX whom I love to death)and I was like see you can't trust anyone you can't see. Her answer - hell I don't trust most of the people I can see. My answer - oh that is true all serial killers are normal and the nicest people until they go after you.Her answer - the things you think of Michelle.........

PL said...

Here is another simple recipe for you. It's Chex Mix and I know everyone makes it, but this was my grandmother's way of making it from back in the 1950's. This version makes a lot. She called it nuts and bolts.

15 oz bag pretzel sticks
15 oz box Cheerios
15 oz box Rice Chex
15 oz box Corn chex or wheat chex or both
16 oz peanuts, preferably not dry roast, (they didn't have dry roast in the '50's)

1 lb butter
1/4 C worcheshire sauce
1 T Garlic Salt
1 T onion salt
1 T celery salt
1 tsp tobasco sauce (optional)

Melt butter and mix with seasoning.

Place all dry ingredients except peanuts, in large roasting pan or multiple baking pans jelly roll size.
Pour the butter and seasoning over the dry ingredients and mix well.

Bake in 200 degree oven for 2 hrs stirring occasionally. Add nuts after heating and store in zip lock bags or large airtight container.

RC said...

@Ginger yep I've been watching Catfish since it came on. The guy that is on the show helping unite the online daters created a movie/diary about his experience when the woman turned out to be 20 or so yrs older than him. Now he helps other online daters.

Lurking twitter & Rob Kardashian calling Rita Ora a whore for something he just did to his last serious gf is hilariously pissing me off & I didn't know who Rita was until today. Now she's getting her life threatened & is being called every name in the book but her god given one. I just don't get it.

parker said...

@ali, very true – though i also like the 2008 BBC version (hattie morahan/david morrissey) of S&S, i prefer the kate & emma version.
i actually have “little men” and “jo’s boys” in my iPad but haven’t quite gotten to reading them.
from what you’re saying though about jo’s boys, the feeling i might get from it would be similar to reading the sequels to the anne of green gables series about anne’s kids – hard to get into but only interesting because you somehow learn from the original author’s perspective what happened to her children.

i find that spin-offs to really good books aren’t as fascinating to me as the originals. i think that’s why i’ve never gotten into the austen fanfics because well, a lot of them regress into the characters’ bedroom adventures. but also because extending the story to imagine their lives beyond the ending loses the magic for me. i like suspending a story at the point in time that it ends and nothing else follows. it’s done, they’re happy, end of story.

@PL, thanks for the recipe !
the addition of the tabasco sauce, i like – i like spicy :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - I am catching up on the episodes right now that I am intrigued although the superficial part of the people involved is ugh (I laughed a little when the one girls was like he would never lie to me because he is hot).

The shaming of women especially by other women is gross not to mention him airing his dirt on the internet. People never ever learn and when he did it he got a boys will be boys reaction. I still am not sure what is really true with that family and what is not - too much of their lives are written on a TV script.

ali mac said...

PL What is Rice chex, corn chex etc?

PARKER I agree with you it sometimes ends up spoiling the story. The original was finished at that point for a reason I suppose.

ali mac said...

GINGER that is one of my husbands pet peeves he keeps telling me you never know who your talking to. I think you have to still talk to people, just be careful with personal info :)

Dating on-line is another issue altogether. I hope I never have to worry about dating ever again, but if I did I think I'd be too afraid to try it lol

RC said...

Kate Middleton has managed to do what billions of women before her have done...gotten pregnant let the world rejoice. I would seriously hate to have to dress like her it looks depressing.

I will go down in history as the first person to not be impressed by Kate Middleton & Prince (I seriously just forgot his name) LOL!

RC said...

William! William!

Now I know who Harry is, he isn't attractive either but I find him hilarious. Now I'd ship him & Pippa.

ali mac said...

CONGRATULATIONS to William and Kate.

RC millions of women may have done it before, but it doesn't make it any less special when it does happen.

Ginger with a Soul said...

On an Awards note - Lincoln is doing well at NYFCC - Fields and Lewis have won in their categories

RC said...

@ali I never said it wasn't special, but it also doesn't warrant headlines everywhere IMO. It is always special when a woman gets pregnant but when there are crazy ass paparazzi following them around everywhere fighting to get first shots of her baby bump then I wonder how special that will be. They have no boundaries & as long as they get their shot they don't care who they put in danger to get it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - You never ever know anymore - people are so different these days or at least we are more exposed to it. Keep it close to heart is always a good way too go.

PL said...

Rice and Corn Chex are cereals. I don't know what you would have that are the equivalent, or if you can get these where you are.

Here is the website for them so you can at least know what I'm talking about.


ali mac said...

RC let's hope Lord Levison's report will be used to help with how the press behave. I don't believe William will let Kate be exposed to what his mother had to go through, to the best of his ability anyway.

ali mac said...

Thanks PL

ali mac said...

PL we have a product called shreddies which looks very similar, but they just have the wheat version no rice or corn :)

PamH said...

@ ginger
I just watched Catfish late Sat. night, it was the episode were Nev taped his ordeal, man I felt bad for him but then I also felt bad for her because I think she was trying to just escape her life for a little while. I got the feeling that her husband wasn't her match intellectually and caring for his two special needs children was taking a toll on her....but to make up a whole circle of people, some real and some fake, to miss lead someone IS NO EXCUSE. She even lied about having cancer. I couldn't imagine being the model who's photo she used and finding out your on a MTV show and not knowing this has been going on. It did say she cleaned up and changed her account and they are still online friends.
I just goes to show people need to be careful of what you put out or take in online.
But I didn't know he has a show for helping other people, I'll have to check that out.

PL said...


It would still be good with 2 boxes of your shreddies and then the cheerio type and pretzels and nuts. Do you have a corn puff type cereal like Kix because that could work in place of the corn chex too?


Kami said...

RC I completely get your point, and understand what you're saying, not the first time a woman's gotten pregnant won't be the last...but as a woman who hasn't been lucky like billions of other women, I'm very happy for Prince William and Kate. Even if I am a Texas girl who really doesn't have a say in UK affairs lol

RC said...

@Ginger I just noticed I missed an episode of Catfish & I don't understand how these people are so calm about this especially when they just got duped (which they should've known would happen) but still I'm sitting here like please be them please be the person in the pic.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

I have a friend, who calls Facebook "Devilbook" and after the total hell I have had from certain people after the election I am willing to agree with her. I rarely accept a friend's request unless I know the person.

My father in law, bless his heart, believed everyone was truthful on the internet so he sent me a picture this woman sent him and asked my opinion on it, and he said "Sugar, she's not great looking but I could overlook that if her Adam's apple wasn't so big" and I said "Yeah and maybe her knuckles were less hairy" thinking he was kidding and he said "Yeah" so I told him "Uh I hate to burst your bubble but women do not have Adam's apples nor do we, as a rule have hairy knuckles" when he caught on he laughed so hard he could barely breathe. From then on, until he passed away I NEVER let him forget that.

PL said...


As anyone who has ever had any contact with me knows, I refuse to go near facebook. I had an acct for a very brief period of time and all sorts were coming out of the woodwork to friend me. If I wanted them to know what was happening in my life, I'd give them a call or email, so leave me alone.

On a totally different subject. I read that Maggie Smith refuses to play the game and campaign for an Oscar Nomination. I admire that, because even though she is wonderful in everything she does, she doesn't feel the need to have that adulation. I believe I read some time ago that Heath Ledger was the same way.

Kami said...

PL LOL yep knew that about you.

I love Maggie Smith!! Didn't Monique do the same thing a few years ago and refuse to play the game? She still won.

parker said...

@PL, i read the same thing of anthony hopkins for “hitchcock” – refusing to play the game.
quoted as saying Oscar groveling is disgusting.
he already has an Oscar & have proven himself – he doesn’t have to kiss their backsides.

Kami said...

Has anyone seen "Hitchcock"? I've heard that the race for best actor will come down to Sir Anthony Hopkins OR Daniel Day Lewis. Of course both of them have oscars. Doesn't Daniel Day Lewis have 2?

I think a lot of people got worried whenever Eddie Murphy looked like he was a shoe in for Best Supporting Actor for "Dream Girls" and then because of Norbert (or whatever) a lot of people changed their minds. Now whether that's true or not I don't know.

I still think playing the game is kind of I don't know the right word...crass? BUT for those actors and actresses who do, more power to them.

Kami said...

that should have been that they started playing the game after the Eddie Murphy thing happened.

PL said...


I kind of understand the older one's who don't want or care for the recognition, but for someone like Heath Ledger it said a lot about him. He just wanted to act, and didn't care about the praise.

It really makes the whole thing seem like a political campaign and it seems that if it's a Weinstein distribution, it's a given that he's going to push it. So in that light, what does getting an award really mean? Nothing, I'd say. Maybe gets more money for the movie since it drums up interest. But then I'm not in that business so what do I know?

parker said...

@ali, i think it’s wonderful that kate & william are expecting.
they seem so perfectly matched just like another couple we know :)
prince william’s protectiveness over kate reminds me of another brit over his girl :)
anyway, only the whole world has been waiting for this news so am glad that all the speculating is over.

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

@Kami-Devil Book.LOL,you're friend is awesome.


Ginger with a Soul said...

I just got off work so I am catching up

@Pam - yup he has a series on MTV doing for people.

@RC - I just listen to the story and I keep saying oh man - this is going to end so bad. That many years and not real contact. The episode tonight looks bad - real bad because she knows the person who is pretending to be someone else

@ Pisteuo and PL - I have Facebook but I have it as locked down as it can be. It is more for friends and family to get fast access to pictures and updates. I am really horrible about sending pictures of the kids so my dad thinks this is the only way he will get pictures although it backfired on my daughter when he and my aunt found out she got married from her post on there (along with 75% of close friends and other family members).

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves back :)

@Kami - I think it is a really good guess to go with Lewis after NYFCC but then again Lincoln didn't grab best picture so it could go any way.

tufenuf55 said...

I am happy for any couple who want and get pregnant. Congrats to William and Kate. They seem to stay pretty low-key for all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds them.

parker said...

@PL, i agree. it’s admirable for heath ledger who was on his way up to refuse to play the game.
and yes, with all the posturing needed to be nominated, it sort of diminishes the whole award.
so if your film doesn’t have the right lobbyists, it doesn’t make it to the final list, even if it is really good.
anyway, winning an Oscar doesn’t always translate to clout over the meatiest roles.
so i can see how some refuse to play.

DreamerKind said...


I got a kick out of "Catfish", too. Plus I deleted my online dating profile a month ago, too much smoke and mirrors, for too little of anything. No regrets.

Heading out soon to see BD2 by myself, sans liquid spirits, to absorb the finer points, detail by detail.

Good news! Fun is flowing on Roseland.

Kami said...

Holy, Yep you're right my friend is awesome!

I have no idea who will actually win which award, I would personally prefer Anthony Hopkins but that's me and I don't get a vote! lol.

tufenuf55 said...

Prince William left the King Edward VII Hospital in London after visiting Kate Middleton, who was admitted for an acute form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - have fun and be safe :)

PL said...


Hyperemesis is severe vomiting

Gravidarum refers to pregnancy so basically, severe morning sickness.

parker said...

@Ginger, on FB, yup that’s the way to go – the most restrictive privacy settings.
& only accept invites from people you really know & want to keep the lines open.
some have thousands of friends & they probably only communicate with 100.
i read an article that over 60% of FB users surveyed consider FB an annoyance & overwhelming.
and the only reason why they keep it is “how else are you gonna be invited to parties?” :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND

A long day at work...just getting back home...

ROSE...Thanks for the toons today...all of my faves from childhood...every afternoon after school, it would be Looneytoons,Little Rascals and Tarzan !

TUF...Sorry to hear Kate is sick...I was hospitalized twice with hyperemesis with my first pregnancy...I thought morning sickeness was supposed to be...well...MORNING sickness ...boy was I wrong...

PARKER...You mentioned Anthony Hopkins...did anyone mention any scary favorite movies? Silence of the Lambs, Sixth Sense, and The Shining ...omg

KAMI...I haven't seen Hitchcock...but I would love to...I don't think it came here. I was just looking it up and it was released on Nov 23 rd...

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - I have a 100 friends on there - I am leery because my kids pictures on there - we live in a twisted world. I know people that use it as the poster board of where the party is and then I get to hear about the fights they got into while at said parties the next day.

@Super - Evening

Pisteuo said...
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Litmom said...

PL - Love that you posted the old "traditional" Chex Mix recipe. That's been a favorite of our family for years and years. My mother-in-law always made it for the holidays, and when she died Sox's sister took over. Lately my daughter has been the official Chex Mix maker (except she leaves out the onion salt since I'm allergic). Beats the pre-packaged stuff all to heck!

tufenuf55 said...


Thanks for the info, but I already knew what it meant. Just posting to say she must have really been dehyrated to the point of concern due to her pregnancy.

Intruth said...

Ah, late to this party, but love the new post, Rose! Especially love the lines:

"Kristen is still standing. And Rob is right next to her. Holding her hand."

So good!

I wanted to thank Mirah121178 for providing the info on the L.A. Times article on Kristen. That was a very good read!

Lots of fun stuff on here to read, everyone! Thanks for the songs-- OH! Freddie! LOVE Manhattan Transer Christmas album!! So right on their "Silent Night"!

My favorite, favorite Christmas album is the soundtrack from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special! I love the jazz, and those real children's voices... just never get tired of it!

Ali Mac and all the Little Women commenters-- Little Women was my ultimate favorite book all through my childhood and teens. I read Jo's Boys and everything else I could by Louisa May, but nothing compared to the warmth and power of Little Women, though the others I read because I fell in love with her "voice" as an author.

As for teh movies, I love the Kathryn Hepburn version the best of all, next the Winona Ryder... June Allison as Jo, not so much. But the color in that one is purty. I still think the penultimate version of this story could yet be made.

Hugs to everyone in Roseland posting and lurking! Parker...*waves*

Intruth said...

Litmom, your avi is hilarious!!!!

tufenuf55 said...

My beloved aunt made me a Sock Monkey many, many years ago when I was only 8. I treasured that gift because I was born on her birthday and she was always my favorite aunt. Unfortunately, my family suffered a home fire when I was only 14 and I lost all of my treasures: BanLon sweaters, stuffed animals from different family members and friends, all of my 45's and more importantly, my first dog, Prince, who would not allow strangers to come near him to get him out. We were in town shopping when it happened. I still miss him so much!!!
Does anyone have the instructions to making the original Sock Monkey made from woolen socks? Please post. It will be appreciated.

Intruth said...

tufenuf55-- that's so sad. I saw a kit at JC Penney for making the sock monkey just a few weeks ago and it's made by the original company-- Red Hill or something like that? So if you can't just get instructions, made you could get a kit?

Intruth said...

I meant maybe, not made.

Robert said...

let's see
favorite horror films:
5.blair witch project [yeah i know the shaky camera was annoying and that they had cell phones back then but i still liked it]
4. frankenstien i don't know if it is the original, but its the one where he comes up on that little girl
4.1 young frankenstien
3. cape fear de niro scared me so badly that i could only get in bed at night if i got as close as possible to the bed and jumped in it while turning out the light switch
2. silence of the lambs
2.1 manhunter, the original silence of the lambs......clarice?
1. a tie between halloween the perfect scary movie and the one i can't remember where that girl comes out of the tv set. it is the scariest thing ever

Robert said...

best christmas songs

5. oh holy night
4. greensleeves
3. the song from charlie browns christmas special
2. happy christmas [john and yoko]
1. please come home for christmas [by charles brown not that crummy remake by the eagles]

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Litmom - evening :)

Robert said...

best songs of all time

5. let it be [the one where john lennon plays the solo]
4. blue sky [allman brothers]
3. reeling in the years
2. layla
1. goin down [freddie king] [which if you've never heard, i suggest you go to i tunes and splurge on the 99 cents and check it out

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - I can play the Horror films with you - Pam loves them too. I Like The Hanukkah Song by Sandler because it is funny but uh yeah X-Mas songs are not a forte

5. The Blair Witch
4. Amity ville Horror
3. The Ring
2. The Shinning (Nicholas version)
1. The Exorcist

Your next list should be movies about bands/musicals

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - noooooooo you have to break it down by some form of genre. I don't think I could even come up with a decent top 25 without missing a good song for the type it is.

Birdie said...

Had to comment on the scary movies. I was just telling my son about De Niro's performance in Cape Fear-creepiest ever.
I love Manhunter,especially the last scene with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.
The Ring has the little girl-that truly disturbed me.

Birdie said...

Layla takes me to my teens and Whiter Shade of Pale.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert the girl climbing out the TV was The Ring - I had nightmares for weeks after seeing it and it took several times before I could watch her climb out of it

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Birdie - Evening !

PL said...

Which Layla? Derek and the Dominoes or the later Eric Clapton solo?

If you are anything like my husband I know what your answer is.

Robert said...

do not take this personally
but i laughed so hard at your ? that i literally fell out of my chair

derek and the dominoes
it is
i told yall that i was a pompous ass

tufenuf55 said...

In truth

Thank you so much for your info and thoughts. I was but 13 yrs. old when the fire happened. I have never, ever stopped remembering my beloved Prince who died in that fire. He was a collie/shepard mix and totally devoted to me.

PL said...

I totally knew what your answer would be.

You have to remember that not everyone here is in a certain age bracket and maybe aren't even aware there were 2 versions.

And, yeah, my husband would be a pompous ass about it too.

Robert said...

wow whiter shade of pale what a great song

completely forgot about the exorcist
you are right, let's say my list was the top 5 songs by blues based rock artists

now here is the really tough one
who are the top 5 greatest rock songwriters of all time

5. neil young
4. bruce springsteen
3. rolling stones
2. bob dylan
1. beatles

and van and joni o hell

Robert said...


I know its like that commercial where the guy is talking to his little sister and she goes "wait a minute,paul Mc Cartney was in another band before wings?"

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I saw Cape Fear....scary as hell....the way the film was, well, filmed...I don't know what you call that...Hitchcock used to film some of his movies like that...lol...

And what is this about a JL version of Let it Be ?

Hi GINGER, PL, KAMI, PISTEUO, BIRDIE, INTRUTH, and TUF...gotta get some shut eye. have a good evening ALL:)

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Kami and ali mac – I went and listened to both versions of O Holy Night. They are both beautiful. In a different life (i.e. in my young and foolish days) I sang in a girls group and we used to sing O Holy Night at the Christmas Eve service. Somehow it was always magical.

Loui White – the Relient K version is definitely a face lift on the original.

DK – Fa la la la la la la la la – right back ‘attcha. I hope you are well and that you enjoy your sober viewing of BD2.

parker and Kami – I’m curious to see “Hitch” after having watched “The Girl” with Sienna Miller, which was about Tippy Hedren’s relationship with Hitchcock. He was definitely not portrayed in a good light in that movie, nor his wife, so I’ll be curious to how they are depicted in “Hitch”. Interesting timing for the two movies.

Pisteuo – you can’t miss with Cate Winslet and Emma Thompson. Great movie choice. And I bop around to Jingle Bell Rock too….

Katy - I hope you are doing well. Loved your comment on the last post about Rob.

PL – my mom used to make “nuts and bolts” as well. I always tried to pick out the cheerios pieces. LOL.

Super – hope you and your husband had a great anniversary celebration.

Pam H – early Happy Anniversary to you, as well. It’ tomorrow isn’t it?

In Truth – I’ll have to listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas special soundtrack. By the way, I was remiss in saying hello earlier and saying welcome. I’ve enjoyed your posts.

Birdie and Robert – I have to agree with Layla (Derek and the Dominoes, along with a Whiter Shade of Pale. Both classics.

Tufenuff – losing your dog that way must have better terrible. I’m so sorry.

Hi to Ginger, Litmom, Holy, RC, Carly, Stella and anyone else I’ve missed.

PamH said...

@ Robert and ginger
My horror favorites are a mixture of both your picks. I would add : Hellraiser (1), IT ( the clown aspect makes me think of John Gacy ), The Decent and The Hills Have Eyes....OH MAN, way to many to chose.

I'm with Ginger on music it would have to be put in genre or I couldn't even start.

Kami said...

Scariest movies...there are a lot of them, but I think the scariest movie ever is "The Exorcist" "The Ring" is a close second and the movie that scared me so badly I will NEVER watch it again. "Jaws"

Freddie said...

Pisteuo – another classic! I’ve been saying that about a number of songs (and movies) today and yesterday, but the Beetles songs just automatically qualify. So where are you going to park that big ‘ol yellow tour bus you’re planning on buying? LOL.

Ginger, Robert, Kami and Pam H - I can't watch those movies. I saw the cheesiest horror movie double feature at a drive-in as a kid (playing "And now the Screaming Starts" and "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things") and I couldn't sleep for days. And I'll never forget the titles. I'm such a wimp.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Robert - ok the blues rock based band songs - our list will probably be so different

5. Black Magic Woman - Fleetwood Mac
4. Closer - Kings of Leon
3. Superstition - Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble
2. Strange Brew -Cream
1. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

PamH said...

@ Freddie
Thank You, and yes it's tomorrow. Together 22 yrs and married for 19.

PL said...

I agree, the Exorcist was the all time scariest. I thought the original Poltergeist was pretty bad too, that cute little girl and the Tv ghosts, creepy.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert _ would never be able to do justice to a top 5 rock writers - my taste in music spans greatly from the 70's to current

I almost did a top 5 Rap songs - I don't like new stuff but have to say I listen to the old stuff

Freddie said...

Hey PL and Kami - how are you both?

Kami said...

Freddie other than being in danger of having a heat stroke because it's in the 80s in December which kind of hacks me off...doing great how bout you?

Robert said...


yeah there were 3 versions of the song: the one in the film that doesn't have any solo to speak of; the very wimpy one played george on the single; and the one on the album which is played to perfection by john

Freddie said...

Kami - I'm good thanks, although we have the opposite problem here, with temperatures down near freezing. With horror, I realized that Christmas is roughly three weeks away and I've done nothing - and have no impulse or drive to do anything. Something's gotta give. Are you ready for Christmas?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Freddie- Hey

Robert said...

hey there freddie

you need to tell us more about this vocal group

hey everyone

Kami said...

Freddie if you listen very carefully you can hear PL laughing and saying to her computer "Is she ready for Christmas!!" I have of course done a little decorating...keeping it at a minimum going very understated this year...STOP LAUGHING PL...I am nearly through shopping. Just like my inlaws and my Aunt and I'm through.

PL if you like I give you permission to tell her how understated the decorations are

Ginger with a Soul said...

Ok I have one - top 5 hair bands

5. Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
4. House of Pain - Faster Pussy Cat
3. Home Sweet Home - Motley Crew
2. Don't you Cry - Gun's n' Rose (Shannon Hoon version)
1. Master of Puppet - Metallica

Pam's #1 will be a Jovi song LOL

Kami said...

Hair Bands:

5. Bon Jovi: Dead or alive
4. Motley Crue: Shout at the Devil
3. Metallica: Sandman
2. Guns n Roses: Welcome to the Jungle.
1. Poison...cause let's face it they had the best hair: Nothing but a good time.

Robert said...

an old whit guys take on rap

5. lose yourself mm
4. changes tupac
3. life goes on tupac
2, hard knock life jay z
1. today was a good day cube

Robert said...


Freddie said...

Oh Robert. I’ve said too much. It was nothing special – totally amateur, but we had a great time together. It was just a bunch of girls who used to sing with guitar. We did cheesy (my word for the day) stuff like weddings, a couple of funerals, senior citizens residences, conventions and Christmas events at the local bank and library etc. Definitely not cool stuff, but we all loved music and making music together (if that makes sense).

Freddie said...

Kami - so how understated is understated? Do tell....

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - LOL ready here is my list

Most of the songs are extremely offensive

5.Dopeman - NWA
4.Keep Ya Head Up - Tu Pac
3.Damn it feels good to be a gangsta - Ghetto Boys
2.Boyz-N-The Hood - NWA
1.Don't Fight The Feeling - Too Short

Pisteuo said...

About the tour bus, Freddie- who said anything about parking it? LOL!! I think a road trip would be cool.

Loui White said...


What about Ratt & Def Leppard?

@Freddie - I am impressed with all the people you were able to offer a response to....and the fact the you had heard the Reliant K version of the 12 Days of Christmas! My boys love that one.

I once 'skimmed' through a biography of Hitchcock in the library and found his childhood to be fascinating, but didn't have a chance to check out the book at that time. I think Anthony Hopkins will be incredible in his portrayal if the previews are accurate.

As far as horror movies go, I remember one that I saw as a child that has stayed with me because of the intensity of fear it instilled, but I don't remember the title. It had Karen Black and a little evil voodoo doll in it. The ending had Karen Black kind of squatting and stabbing the ground with a large knife - it was when she smiled and showed razor sharp teeth that has stayed with me. Scared the shit out of me and I've never forgotten it. If any of you know that one, let me know the title. Not that I'll be watching it again...the first round of nightmares was plenty!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Loui - can't stand Ratt - LOL but Photograph and Rock of Ages is classic oh and yeah Pour some Sugar on me

Kami said...

Well Freddie I have one large tree, it's in the Library (it's not as fancy as it sounds) an then I have 5 small trees that are spread all over the house. I have two decorations that are Wall trees. I have garland everywhere and a Christmas Village. I have 'issues' some people are addicted to drugs, some to shopping, some alcohol and well then there is me. I'm addicted to Christmas decorations.

I loved Def Leppard.

PL said...


Since I was given permission, Kami has multiple decorated trees in her house. When I say multiple, I mean you need more than one hand to count them all. And then there is the Black Friday shopping. Lets say that some of her gifts are bigger than a breadbox, bigger than an appliance, the kind of things you couldn't fit in your average coat closet.


I sure couldn't park that bus. When driving a pickup truck, I only park in spots that I can pull straight out of, no backing up if at all possible.

parker said...

so many convos going on – fun !

@Super, scary movies – lots i think.
sixth sense – that little girl under the bed was scary.
i have to say “the ring” was one of the scariest.
haven’t seen this mentioned but i think “the others” was also scary.

@Loui, never seen it but googled it – says it was an ABC movie called “trilogy of terror”
does that sound familiar?

@Freddie, hitchcock has a limited release, which is surprising since they have big stars.
it seems like a number of Oscar films are only available in limited theatres.
same thing with “the sessions” with helen hunt which is supposed to be really good too.
i caught a glimpse of helen hunt at the governors award so am thinking she could be a nominee for best actress.

maybe these movies will be available on a wider release after the GG or Oscar nominations are in.

@Intruth, waves back at you.

Kami said...

PL, speaks the truth. I am hopeless

parker said...

@Loui, just found some youtube clips of “trilogy of terror”
not gonna dare watch it now after what you just said :)
most of the comments say it’s crazy scary !

Kami said...

PL my youngest niece and nephew just called me so excited, I gave them the link for Santa's Reindeer and they just got to see Santa feed the deer. They are loving the link.

Freddie said...

Pisteuo - haha. Love road trips...

Kami - you could get a job in Christmas interior design. I'm totally impressed. Hey, everyone has to have a hobby...

Freddie said...

parker - thanks for the info on "Hitch".

PamH said...

@ Ginger
You know me so well, and how hard this is for me to pick

1. LivIn' On A Prayer - Runaway - DoA
BON JOVI ( anything )
2. Sweet Child O Mine - Patients - November Rain
Guns n Roses
3. Photograph - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Def Leppard
4. Cherry Pie
5. Sister Christian - Night Ranger / Seventeen - Winger (tie)
6. Talk Dirty To Me - Fallen Angel
Poison ( for the hubby )
7. I Remember You - 18 & Life
Skid Row
8. Don't Treat Me Bad
9. Here I Go...Own - Is This Love
10 Wild Side - Home Sweet Home .
Motley Crue

OMG I have to stop, the list could go on forever!!!!

parker said...

@Kami, speaking of christmas trees, i saw this recently in a christmas store …
a tree that blows fake (styrofoam) snow from the top & gets recycled like a water fountain.
so pretty !

Loui White said...

That's it! Can't believe you found it after all these years - but then the internet is a wonderous and slighty scary kind of place! I don't plan on looking it up either - one time has proven to be enough!

My husband actually worked with two of the original Ratt band members at a popular, national toy store chain before they hit it big. They are kind of a sentimental favorite of his. He always said they were really good guys.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I love Skid Row - Sebastian Bach has one of the most amazing voices. I also have to say anything Telsa is good as gold. Had a huge crush on Kip Winger - I only wanted him to shave that chest hair because there was too much. I couldn't do bands of the 90's (Alternative/Grunge) because that is my oh crap I can only pick 10??? genre I would have to pick by bands

My Favorite all time song right now - Oil and Water - Incubus

PL said...


Don't you know you shouldn't tell Kami about a new kind of Christmas decoration? I bet she's searching the internet right now to see if she can get one.

And Kami,

Thanks for relaying that about your niece and nephew. It's too bad there is no snow right now, but there's always hope that we'll have some closer to Christmas eve because that would make it all seem so much more real

parker said...

@PL, oops, you’re right !
shouldn’t have said that – she’ll prolly need her toes to count her trees now.

Ginger with a Soul said...

That was Tesla - gah - in particular What You Give, Modern Day Cowboy, and Signs

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
parker said...

@Ginger, when you said Tesla, i thought you were talking about that expensive car that runs on pure electric for 140–265 miles on a single charge & goes from 0-60 miles in 5 secs :)

gotta call it a night – take care Roseland !

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - Ha - nah total 80's band

Loui White said...

Tesla actually makes me think of the inventor/physicist.

Calling it a night Roseland.
Have a great one!

DreamerKind said...

Song rocked. Thanks.
I'd be on the road with a tour bus, too. :)

I love the idea of that Christmas tree with falling/recycling fake snow. Wow!

Some vino needed now, to toast us all, and again, the whole Twilight Saga, which changed my life in so many wonderful ways!

BD2 was lovely to look at, faithfully acted, authentically recreated, and delightful to have experienced.

DreamerKind said...

God, could I be anymore behind the groove? I miss you all, every time I say goodbye or you do.

Catch that 47.31 minutes of ear sex that Pist posted. Reminds me of the Rose's Beatles marathon of ye olden days.

I'm still here, living my night life.

DreamerKind said...

Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

Ella Fitzgerald (1956):

Thank you/LibelleRivera

DreamerKind said...

The more Christmas trees surrounding us, the merrier.
I adore trees of all kinds, they seem to be woods spirits, that are so kind and generous, spreading their branches for shade and waving their leaves to cool us. When decked with lights and ornaments, magnificent.

Freddie said...

DK - Beautiful Ella. She was such an incredible talent - what a voice and boy could she interpret a song. Have a good evening DK. I'm off.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Blessed are we all, for the purity of children, who render their gifts to us, in song and love.

Rhema Marvanne is an angel.

Thank you Pisteuo, xoxo.

DreamerKind said...

So true. Have any new songsters on your radar? Nitey, tighty, no bitey.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening miss DK

DreamerKind said...

Evening. I refuse to keep you up late!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - off tomorrow :P reading away now the buggers are sleeping. They have learned new songs for choir so one night you are going to get a random singing telegram on the phone

DreamerKind said...

Can't wait!
I am moving stuff around and around, and what's found gets stored or gets lost at Goodwill or somewhere. Never in my dreams did I see my having so much, thinking I'd make big bucks off it, and instead hoard it. Tee hee. Life surprises the unwary.

DreamerKind said...

Oh so you and everyone knows, I love all of the movies, songs and the camaraderie mentioned here these past few days. I have no distinction or distinguished taste of my own, I follow the crowd, happily ever after.

DreamerKind said...

Follow Me


Thank you/muse

DreamerKind said...

Awake & Aware

The Parting Glass

Ed Sheeran:

Of all the money that e'er I had,
I spent it in good company
And of all the harm that e'er I've done,
Alas it was to none but me

And all I've done for want of wit, to memory now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all

Of all the comrades that e'er I had
They're sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e'er I had
They would wish me one more day to stay

But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise and you should not
I'll gently rise and I'll softly call
"Goodnight and joy be with you all!"

A man may drink and not be drunk, a man may fight and not be slain
A man may court a pretty girl and perhaps be welcomed back again

But since it has so ordered been by a time to rise and a time to fall
Come fill to me the parting glass, good night and joy be with you all
Good night and joy be with you all

(Version Two)
Of all the money e'er I had,
I spent it in good company.
And all the harm I've ever done,
Alas! it was to none but me.

And all I've done for want of wit
To mem'ry now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all.

Oh, all the comrades e'er I had,
They're sorry for my going away,
And all the sweethearts e'er I had,
They'd wish me one more day to stay,

But since it falls unto my lot,
That I should rise and you should not,
I gently rise and softly call,
Good night and joy be with you all.

If I had money enough to spend,
And leisure time to sit awhile,
There is a fair maid in this town,
That sorely has my heart beguiled.

Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips,
I own she has my heart in thrall,
Then fill to me the parting glass,
Good night and joy be with you all

Thank you/fairytalehearts

DreamerKind said...

Going jing-jangling here and there, so catch me as you wish, leaving cookies on my dish (I wish).

Swedish Sugar Cookies


PamH said...

@ ginger
My hubby and son would kill me for leaving out Tesla.
On our 10th anniversary we had a party and we all danced to What You Give, and I LOVE SIGNS and my sons band is learning LOVE SONG.
Yeah, Kip was really cute and Sebastian Bach...man just talking about all these band brings back great memories.

Mirah121178 said...

Hi guys...Ginger, Holy, Kami, PL, Liz, etc. Have you read The Hollywood Reporter for Oscar 2013 nom predictions. On Best Supporting Actress Category...Kristen Stewart is considered as one of major threats for the front runners (anne hathaway, saly field, amy adams and an actress from Silver Lining Playbooks).

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Mirah121178 - I think she has a really solid chance at getting the nod and that is enough of a win - hell being considered is big enough. I think she deserves it - she works hard and really that is what she is in it for - to give us a good movie.

ladyevenstar22 said...

i dreamnt about robert and kristen together , felt like spending a few hrs of a regular day with them ,they went home and next scene they were sleeping and it was raining and then my nephew woke me up bummer...

this was like only the 2nd time this happened , woke up smiling...

and then tonight well a few hrs now i saw BD2 for the fourth time , a friend hadnt seen it and two others wanted to see sinister so we tagged along, and at this point i get a kick out of the crowd reaction at the fight

afterwards we went to the casino next door where i won 30$ which i know i'll spend watching the film again if i have the opportunity not quite ready to say goodbye...

OT but congrats to kate and william on future queen of england/baby to be

ladyevenstar22 said...

ps: love love kristen dress at the governors ball, i know she doesnt try to hard to look glamerous but she should try putting her hair up to change up a bit , but either way she rocks the red carpet and oscar!

Annie said...

Morning all.

Missing out on all the talk of Christmas songs and favourite movies.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Kristen and Rob have the haters imploding, BD2 is still # 1, Award season appearances .............It's great to be a sane fan. :)

Here's to a terrific Tuesday everybody.

Birdie said...

Love the hat! Are things lighter today? I saw BD2 yesterday too. BC did such a great job wrapping up this saga, especially the end.

Loui White,
I remember that show,it really bothered me.

Your music selections are very impressive, although I don't know quite a few(showing my age). I am always up for something new. DK taught me that.

Have a great day all you Roselanders!

Birdie said...

Morning, Annie. I didn't see you there.

Annie said...

Morning Birdie. :)
Just a quick hello before heading out the door. Are you on your way out as well?
Have a great day.

ali mac said...

SUPER I missed saying Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband, I hope you had a lovely day.

PAM Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband for today x

ali mac said...

FREDDIE I love that you were in a girl group :)

When I was a teenager we were made to sing as a group in church quite often, it was quite unpleasant as only my sister and I could sing in tune. One day we took a fit of the giggles in the middle of a song!! we were never asked to sing again lol if I'd known it was that simple I'd have taken the giggles a lot sooner :)

PISTEUO thanks for posting that song.

Kelly said...

Cute, funny, and as always a great post, Rose. Thanks for being you. xoxo 1918EC

katy said...

Hello everyone!

Waves Freddie, I am doing well. :)
So cool, that you were apart of a groupe. You have to tells us more about it. I hope everything is good with you too.

Hi Annie, that pic of Rob and Kristen in that grocery store in that little town in England, and the pics of them walking throught airports, are sure helping the BOX Office success of BD2. #SARCASM

Happy Tuesday

katy said...

Hi Ali, hope you are well.

Take care

Annie said...

Katy: :) :) :) Sarcasm noted.

Hi Ali.

PL said...

Good morning to the early morning shift of Annie, Birdie, Katy.


I'm never here the same time as you. Timezones make it hard. I always enjoy your comments because you always say exactly what you feel, at least it seems that way.

Another dreary, rainy warm day here in the midwest. I hope we don't have 2 years in a row of no white Christmas.

PL said...


Didn't mean to leave you out of my greeting. Hi, Hi!

Annie said...

Morning PL.

Walked out this AM to rainy, damp and dreary weather. The sun is now out and our high today somewhere in the mid 60's. By Thursday however, that temp will be a distant memory and we will be shivering from the plunging temps.

I am one of those who would love it to snow on Christmas morning. Walking through a snow covered Central Park or the other parks around here is fantastic!
I love to take pictures of a snow covered NYC.

ali mac said...

Hi to Katy, Birdie, Annie and PL this morning/afternoon xx

Annie I'm with you for a White Christmas, fingers crossed it would be lovely :)

parker said...

@Annie, i love white christmas too.
do you ever skate at the wollman rink?
everytime i think of wollman rink, i also think of the movie serendipity.
and … serendipity 3 resto’s $1000 grand opulence ice cream sundae ... obscene :)

hi to ali, Birdie, katy, PL …

Pattybg said...







Pattybg said...


ali mac said...



Hi Parker, hope your having a good day so far.

I'm just heading out to visit my new Niece, she was born this afternoon and weighed 8lb 5oz. I'm so excited to see her.

katy said...

Thanks, PL. I probably, at times, overreact, and sometimes, am probably a bit silly, but I always say what I feel...or a least try to(language barrier) :)
I also, enjoy reading, your comments. Witty and honest.


Rhema Marvanne, is amazing, beautiful voice. I also listened to her singing "hallelujha" and "Amazing Grace"...chills.

Hi, Parker, PATTY, Ali, :)

I hope you're all enjoying, your day. Take care everyone

parker said...

@katy, who knew it would take only a M&S sighting to take BD2 over the top :)
someone should tell brad – killing them softly might fare better with jolie/pitt spotted at a 7-11.

parker said...

@ladyevenstar, i love that you’re so enthused about BD2.
i think 3 viewing is my limit as i have to pace myself with all the other movies coming out :)

Kami said...


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Kami said...


Pattybg said...


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