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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Déjà vu

Truly. Get the FUCK off.

Déjà vu

Literally "already seen"
 is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event
 or experience currently being experienced
 has been experienced in the past, 
whether it has actually happened or not.

How many times have Rob and Kristen broken up now?
It seems to be about every other week.

So who do you believe?
E! and Lainey?
Who claim that Rob and Kristen
(still living together for the ...DOGS no less)
but going through a rough patch
that's only temporary
and they will work it out...


People's version...
That they have 'called it 'quits' (FOR NOW)
 it would not be surprising if the on-and-off-again pair
 got back together again. 

I guess that covers ALL the bases... huh?

I see some people reacting like they did
over the 'break up' in July.
Something I never believed happened then.
Something I don't believe happened now.
But hey...
That's just me.

Do I think that Rob and Kristen have arguments
and fight over stuff that couples fight over?
Most definitely.
They aren't exempt from working on their relationship.
But they have to have every thing play out in public.
Their every move
is scrutinized and analyzed to death.
Some stalker pap takes some pics...
and gives us HIS narrative on what happened.
It wasn't confirmed by Rob or Kristen
or anyone close to them.
THAT much I can guarantee.
So who is the source?
I mean... he was there after all... right?
He 'guessed' that Kristen was talking to Rob
so he can probably make up any scenario he wants.

Even the tabloids aren't being very definite... are they?
For now.
Only Temporary.
Will be back on again.
Not fully over.


Final thought?

I've been busy this weekend
(as usual)
And even though I got DMS and texts like crazy...
I can honestly say that this latest drama didn't faze me.
At all.

It's tedious and draining
having to deal with the ongoing drama
surrounding these two people...
It's tedious and draining having to deal with
the Nervous Nellies who cannot for one minute
see the fucking forest for the trees.
Although the Loony Fringe is no doubt
doing their twisted version of twirling...

They went through this all last summer, didn't they?
We all know how that turned out.

According to the Loonys...
Rob's ALWAYS been single (and pretending)
So I've never understood their constant
bitter hatred and anger
over something they deemed was not real anyway.

So if you want to put all your faith
into some gossip tabloids...
unconfirmed sources and insiders.
Please enjoy.

If you want to put your faith
in two people
who have proven
time and time again
that they love each other
And if you just want
Rob and Kristen to be happy...
That's where I will be.

Because I adore both Rob and Kristen.
Whatever makes them happy.
This isn't about me.
This isn't about what I want.
I have the same faith in them
that I have always had.
They will be OK.

But hey.
That's just me.

This post is brought to you by hypocrisy.

It's amazing that just days ago...
The Fringe called PEOPLE a trashy lying rag.
But now?
The Loony Gospel.

What happens when Rob and Kristen
are seen together again?
(and hey... that's just me)

I personally hope Rob (and Kristen)
go to London for a while.
Lay low.
(sometimes 3 ~or 10 is a crowd...ya know?)
Perhaps deal with things
with some privacy.
Wouldn't that be nice?

I adore you Tom Sturridge.
Aren't you going back to London... too?

Green Fucking Sheep.

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Stella said...

Rose, have I told you lately how much I love your post?
I love your voice of reason.
Your faith.
Your witts.
I love it when you post words that I would love to come out of my mouth if I had the ability to express myself as well as you do.

Ok. Back to lurking mode 'till tomorrow night.

Take care, all.
Rob and Kristen know how to take care of themselves.
Have faith, people.
They deserve it.
You deserve it.

crazy4qaf said...

Dear Rose,

I Love YOU. The end. <33333

Tracybell said...

Soul sisters unite! That's what I'm talking about!


Absolute agree with this post. Whenever it comes to Rob preparing for work (July in this case) the media outlets mouths flap. I hope that RK go to London and just find time to breathe

Kay said...

Thanks, Rose. Take care and be safe, everyone. ❤

RKsoulmates913 said...

"to be honest Edward and Bella's relationship has more problems than the average relationship.And most people when they love each other, they have problems and they kind of work it out. It's the same thing with Edward and Bella, they wanna work through everything TOGETHER, they wanna be TOGETHER.Tehy are willing to fight to be together.It's not like they have this love story where they are in love and everything is great every minute of the day. I don't think that exists, but i definitely think people who mean to each other and they want to fight to mantain a relationship for the rest of their lives. I don't see why that would be a crazy idea" ROBERT PATTINSON



I don't see the reason for people get crazy about lies and more lies that HWlies/X17/E!/People gossip ragmags are spreading. The situation back in July was thousand times worse and heavy, and even there I believe there was no break-up. It's my opinion too.
And I do believe they argue like a normal couple does, thank goodness, they argue, it just proves they are REAL.

"This isn't about me,this is not about what I want.I have the same faith in them that I have always had.RK will be OK"

XO you are an amazing person! I'm thankful for your words more than you realize!

You were the first person I followed on Twitter and one of my wisest choices! <3

walshdf said...

Spot on Rose! You said, in a much more articulate way, exactly what I was thinking!

elena said...

After July I promise myself to accept that my admiration for them should only focus on their careers because what happened affected me in a very personal way and i was sad and upset for weeks. Now I'm not that involved because I learned my lesson but today I still couldn't keep myself together and cry and be sad for them. Why these things happen to good people? Why Rob wouldn't want to celebrate his birthday with Kristen, everything is confused. I love your post but didn't cheer me up

Rhonda S said...

Thank you Rose for summing it all up. Amazing how crazy it gets when there is nothing to report. Got to have some drama every other week.

katy said...

Rose, You are a voice of reason. Thanks for the post!!!

I am on the same side as you...the side where...I just want Rob and Kristen to be happy.

Take care everyone.

Holy said...

ROSE-thanks again.

As I said it before,I don't believed it either.And Rose is right-R/K have proven time and time again that they love each other.This is why I have faith with this two.

Litmom said...

Thanks, Rose. MWAH!

olivia said...

Thank you, dear Rose.
Hear! Hear!
Two little gifties:
First, for those who are worrying:


Next, Karma will get those heartless souls who spread mean and hurtful gossip:


Have a lovely evening, dear Roseland.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Have faith and give them privacy and space.
They are not in working mode.
They are on "private life" time. Let them enjoy.
Life is good.

artemisluvv said...

Love you Rose!!!!

Ho Hum, another day,
another news cycle
for the rags, tabloids, gossip sites & celebrity "news" sites.

Their goal is to make money

off of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's names.

R&K can sell magazines & cause many website hits. With those 2 names in the headlines everyone makes money$$$$$$$$$.

And they all follow each other and jump on the bandwagon so they can all cash in on Rob & Kristen.

Disgusting as usual.

Thanks to Rose and all the other supporters for providing the anti-tabloid view. For being loyal, honest and true to R&K.

natalia oreiro said...

Dear rosee:
I don't care People,, laney or gossip. I have eyes and I see. And I see a girl hunging out with friends everyday, everynight....(lunch, dinner, shooping, car, bar, walking.....). And I don't see Rob with her, with her friends..
Rob went new york but his gilfriend prefered stay with her friends in LA. When they come back to LA kris run to suzie arms.
Laney has information, in september showed us.
I think E!online when talk about priorities. The kris priority are her friends, not rob.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Great post Rose!

bwen said...

Two thumbs up Rose!

Arleen Parkinson said...

artemisluvv- Hi! I have miss you. How are you?

Arleen Parkinson said...

So what does this mean you guys?

gargamel said...

@Sweet Arleen
NOTHING. The ninnies will babble anything that won't mean anything to us because we DON'T SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE. It is called MORONESE. It is very common...you can google it (in edward's accent).

How's your 3-D tv?

Berry said...

Really hate all of the bullshit all over again...good words Rose, just wish that those who should/need to listen would. This is RK's life...they have to live it their way...realizing that they are in a fish bowl...so yeah as much as I'd like to see them I hope we don't! I wish them both well and what will be will be.

Arleen Parkinson said...

There is also a rumor about Rob and Katy Perry. Saying the Rob cheat with Katy Perry on Kristen. That he is away with Katy Perry. And that they have been spending time. I know its now true. Just to let you all know that. It was on GC and tabloids comments. Should I be worried.

Arleen Parkinson said...

gargamel- Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Marion said...

@Arleen,if you believe any garbage about Rob and Katy Perry being more than friends,I've got a bridge to sell you. She is friends to both him and Kristen,so I highly doubt she would go after a good friend's boyfriend. She's been like a big sister to them. So anything you may have seen is compelte rubbish.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Marion- I don't believe it either. I was just letting you all know that. I am relieve you said that. I just want to make sure. Maybe I worried too much. And I agree with you more.

Delle1 said...

You always send out a lifeline Rose,thankyou...
Rob and Kristen love each other,they always end up together.

Luvpattinson said...

I love you.

Holy said...

@gargamel- good and I love it.Right now I'm watching Fast Five with my friend at the same time trying to shop on line.LOL

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - It is Deja vu in so many ways not sure why I have this song in my head but this is what comes to mind

Here we go round the mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush.
Here we go round the mulberry bush
So early in the morning.

i think I will trust the 2 I am a fan of any day over any tab

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, you always know what to say to calm people down. I have faith in Rob and Kristen, and I know how much they love each other...it was plain to see when they returned from New York recently.

I just want Rob and Kristen to be happy, and I don't think they will be happy apart. I will love them whether they are together or apart, although I prefer together. In the meantime I will ignore all the haters who are probably very happy now.

Take care Roselanders. Let us all try to keep the faith.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Barb- Hi! I agree with you. I have been praying for them.

Vanessa Nelson said...

I agree with what you've said.

@ natalia oreiro (other's who believe the same)

This thing where people seem to be blaming Kristen's friends on the state of their relationship (whatever it may be - we DON'T KNOW) is troubling.

They see a couple photos, whose dates aren't even certain, and assume that she must be spending all her time with them and neglecting Rob. Or that she can't balance her relationship with her friendships.

For all we know, she's had most of these friendships throughout the relationship, but because we are now able to stalk all her friends through social media, people make assumptions that she's with them all the time, and run with it as fact.

In terms of the pap photos, the photos we see are a few minutes, seconds even, of their 24 hour day. We have no idea how RK spend most of their time, or how much of it they spend together. However, living together as they do, it's a pretty safe bet they have tons of alone time together.

We also don't know the reason K's been choosing to stay in LA when Rob travels. There are a million possible reasons outside of this belief that people have that she'd rather be with her friends than Rob.

She could be busy taking a million meetings for potential projects. Papa Stew could have had a relapse. Maybe she doesn't want Rob's work trips to become a huge spectacle, which always happens when they travel together. Or maybe she's like me, who just finds my husband's short work trips boring, and not worth the hassle. The list goes on.

I love them both and wish them the best. It just annoys me to see fans get sucked into this thinking that all the fault always lies with Kristen, or her friends, or her family, when we know nothing.

PamH said...

You are the best :)


Arleen Parkinson said...

You guys I cover this from one of the Twitters. This cracks me up. You guys got to check this out.


Super RN Gas Passer said...


I love ya too!!!!!!

Mirah121178 said...

Dear All......

Ginger..where are you? Lainey posted that one actress (I believe it's Kristen) has deal with the papz. I know she hates papz...Lainey also said it. I know Lainey is a gossip blog but she has sources (I believe her sometimes). There's no pictures of them. It's good. Something happened. I don't know it's good or bad. I keep my faith.

Pattybg said...



Arleen Parkinson said...

I am sick and bored. But I enjoy chatting with you guys.

gargamel said...

Shopping...fast-five...friends...and online.
Lol. We can spin a salacious rumor with those 5 words.
Heck tabloids only need 2! Source...and another word.

Oneheart said...

Hi Roseland wow sure was nice to see Rose post today. Smiled the whole time I read it. Rose thank you and I loved this part..

If you want to put your faith
in two people
who have proven
time and time again
that they love each other
And if you just want
Rob and Kristen to be happy...
That's where I will be.

That's where I will be too Rose.

ADD said...

I want Rob and Kristen to be happy. If that's together or apart it's up to them. I hope they can deal with whatever they're going through in private so London seems like a good idea.

Some "fans" are celebrating this news/gossip. That makes me sick!

LizzieD said...

ROSE -- As always, THANK YOU for such a wonderful post. You are always the voice of reason in this crazy fandom of ours.

I hope everyone has a good night, I'm going to bed soon to read. Been working all day, want to read something "fun" while watching the music awards!!


Holy said...

@gargamel- we can be an insider/sources for the rags.LOL

Loui White said...

Okay...I know that I have said this before, but after 26 years of marriage, and 28 years of being with the same person since I was 20 years old -- every day is not a 'love-fest'. There are ups and downs in every relationship. There were days that I sat in my car and literally screamed out in frustration at how my lover/husband was causing me to stress out. It is a NATURAL thing for two people who are incredibly close to disagree over choices. It does not have to mean the 'end of the world'. It may seem like an intense and all-consuming thing at the time, but those who are truly committed to each other....ride it out!
You recognize that, after a few clear-headed moments, your view-point isn't the only thing that is valid. Any reasonable person will put themselves in
'the other person's place' and gain a different perspective, and then act on that.
I sense that Rob and Kristen are very reasonable and down-to-earth people. They are working on their relationship just like every one else. I think of the times that someone could have recorded my reaction to something my husband did that was annoying or upsetting, and I realize what a fucking microscope Rob & Kristen are living under. Please.....everyone needs to a keep a foot in fucking reality. Until Rob and/or Kris SHOW us that THEY have ended their relationship, we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. They certainly have always come across as a very dedicated and loving couple...I for one do not think that has changed.
@Rose....Thank you again for your common-sense approach to this couple and to this fandom. It cannot be easy. Please know that you are appreciated beyond measure for your efforts, your respect of both Rob & Kristen, their family and friends, and this fandom. Please don't ever give up on 'us', though there must be times, (like now), when you consider it.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Ginger, ADD, Stella, K2, DK, Robert, Rose, Intruth, Holy, Pattybg, Mirah121178, Super, PamH, and the rest of you.
ADD- I agree with you. When I found out about those fans celebrating makes me want to puke too. Not only that. But rest of the trashy tabloids as well that makes me sick. I started getting sick when all this started. Right I have a stomach flu bug.
I am not giving up praying for them. I know in my heart they will be together.
And I am not giving up on you guys either. We are like family to me and also friends too.

RKP said...

Interesting article speaking about not believing gossip about celebrities. Makes sense.

mari said...

rose, i am with you also with your MANTRA

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Mirah121178 - was at the store. Lainey writes about lots of people and there are a lot of people in Hollywood that hate paps. I don't think it is her and I don't think she would ever make a deal with them to get something she could could hire a PI to get nor do I think she is naive enough not to know how they operate. I can name 5 actresses off the top of my head that this could be about

KStew Krew said...

First of all, who says that Rob and Kristen are having trouble? Fighting or arguing on the phone? Who? A pap and or a rag site source. There is no proof whatsoever that Kristen was on the phone with Rob at her friends house. Can the girl not have a phone conversation. Maybe the pap have planted a bug or listening device in her phone! Someone tell her quick!!!!! Did someone tell Rob and Kristen they are breaking up? I bet they would have something to say about that, on the other hand why would they, they don't talk about their private relationship. Did you get that.....their PRIVATE relationship. Anyone who would celebrate two people ending a long term relationship is sick. Why would you not want love to prevail? I was thinking earlier about Pandora's box....you know, how jealousy and hate got out, but faith, hope, and love escaped too. I prefer to root for faith, hope and love. I have faith in our couple and hope they are happy and always have love in their lives.

Mirah121178 said...

@Ginger.....It's a major news (about their break up). Why some regulars didn't show up to share their feelings.
I love being here.
Ginger or Rose...do you mind to send me an e-mail...(tjok.mirah@gmail.com).
I love them both...I will still love them together or apart. I'm so sad right now but I understand.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi K2! And I agree with you more. I just looked the pictures there no evidence of her making a phone call. And I don't think its on Rob B-day. So I agree with you there.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Mirah121178 - the issue is there have been about 20 different versions of the story with no rep confirmation and I know People try to put faith in People but it is a Gossip mag and not above its bi-line. They got caught with their pants down today in a couple lies and no one that knows them well enough to know what is going on is going to talk to anyone. I know as much as the rest and that is nothing but I have my faith and wish nothing but the best for both. They will be fine

KStew Krew said...

@Rose....surprised to see a post. You are such a voice of reason to so many, I just hope they listen and chill the fuck out. BTW...that pic of Kristen and Tom is on my top 3 favorites! His friends protect her and keep her safe when he can't be there himself, just like her friends! Lord knows Kristen is stalked 24/7 and that can be scary. Crazy fans, crazy paps, looney haters. Funny how it all starts with Kristen. God forbid if Rob should be on the phone and be unhappy....easy, blame Kristen for upsetting him right. See how it goes people. Kristen can not get a fucking break from the hate. It really needs to stop. We as fans need to demand the bullshit stop. Stop contributing to the hate by going to gossip sites...you know who they are. If you do go, post a comment about being responsible journalists and stop fabricating lies. Demand positive posts about these two. Unite together and demand a change. Stop feeding us bullshit....I demand better.
@Vanessa Nelson... I feel ya! Nice post well said.
Shouts to Holy, Art, ginger, super RN, Arleen, Topaz, Liz, Robert, bwen, RKP, DK, Oneheart, gargamel, Litmom, Louis White.....and so many more!!!
Sorry for the rant..got me all worked up cause the bullshit is just that.....bullshit. Better now, I can go to bed now that my mind and heart are lighter. Hugs to all, especially you Rose!

Arleen Parkinson said...

K2- Amen to what you just said. I am about to take a shower and then bed. You know what they say about shower feels better after being sick. Keep me more posted.

dano328 said...

If there is anything amiss between them, I would guess that Rob wants her more to himself. When they are together iits 24x7 pap watch, this bothers them both. I think all those April pics got on both of their nerves. So if Kristen goes to hang with her friends without him, she doesn't have to worry so much about the cameras. The other option is to remain indoors with him and I think that is what is usually happening (and probably now). It would be smart for them to really live off the radar for awhile. The tabloids covering all bases: stay together so as not to tramautize the dogs. This is so funny. Rob has a busy work schedule. But they need a long vacay out of LA --- just the two of them. Other speculation is that one or the other doesn't yet want to give up the 20s lifestyle.

KStew Krew said...

Hey Arleen. Thanks for the support. Paps can fabricate and twist so much that it is sick. Getting this fandom all worked up....for what ..$$$$!!!!!!! Nothing sells better than Rob and Kristen news. Let them make up crap when there is a drought. Haters will suck it up and rejoice. Me, I say show me the proof. Proof from a reputable source....prefer straight from the horse's mouth..Rob or Kristen, or both doing a press release together...and not with a rag mag, includes People. Have a good night.

KStew Krew said...

Ok dano328 educate me...what is 20's lifestyle? Curious!

Holy said...

@Ginger- did you have a good day?

@K2-hello dear and good night.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - I did, how was the movie?

KStew Krew said...

@holy....hey, last minute lurking. Seriously gotta go though, up early to bike, gonna be blazing hot again tomorrow and humid Like today. Almost in the 90's already in Indy. Temp 87 by noon....makes for sweaty hot ride if not out early and the humidity here is ghastly. Ugh. Have a good night and great day tomorrow.

dano328 said...

It's the feeling your always missing something. In my 20s, I thought there was an issue if my best friends didn't see each other for 2 days. Or if they were all doing stuff when I was with my GF. For me, it was a phase that ended when I was about Rob's age now.

And if you know anything about me it's Kristen --- she is the only celeb I ever have rooted for, and Rob by extension. Kristen didn't get to have a college life. I wish she could

Like I said, its only speculation and about as accurate as the reports. I've got nothing more to add.

KStew Krew said...

@dano328....I get ya now. Doesn't seem like either one fits that mold. I too am first and foremost Kristen's fan, duh, Rob by extension yes. But Rob is good for Kristen if he gives her all her heart needs. I have a feeling he does or tries to and vice versa. Not sure if Kristen needs a college lifestyle, God knows she has dealt with the adult world for awhile now. She is a smart cookie. Who knows, maybe she takes online courses. Who knows right. Wouldn't surprise me.

Arleen Parkinson said...

I am watching the Cake Eaters.

dano328 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nina Pearl said...

@Ginger your very hateful and outlandish words don't affect me. I'm secure with who I am. Ever since I said I felt Kristen was a frigid bitch towards Rob BEFORE she cheated on him and that she has no talent, you have felt the need to throw childish insults at me. You twist my words and make up lies on what I've said. That's fine, I will just be over in the corner rolling my eyes, shaking my head and laughing when you finally realize the truth. Its killing all of you to see it coming to an end. And I know you'll never believe that this past six months was staged when the truth comes out, but that's ok too. Just look at all those pictures where Rob puts in no effort towards her advances. My how the tables have turned. I m just waiting for Rob to finally be free of the circus. Then the focus will be where it should and that's his career. Many good things to come. Kristen will be gone and he can finally be known as Rob. As for the Dior add, well I never said anything about orgies or whatever, but I'm sure the add will be sexy. One last thing, I didn't fall asleep last night I have a life and can't be on the net 24/7 like some of you. Id say prepare yourselves for the end,but Rose and her colored glasses keep you all believing in something that is not.

debbie nerissa threet said...

This is a random person leaving a comment, that is not a follower here or a regular or any of that. I just need to express that I truly feel pity for the lady that owns this blog, and would just love for her to try to accept what is. You seem to be old enough to do so. That's all.

gargamel said...

@Nini P
Go buy yourself a robert p blow up doll and do a 69-er with it. Estaf stalking ginger...you're swinging left and girl-crushing again.
Or go to sleep...no nightmares will follow you. Those NINJA TURTLES won't be out til 9 MONTHS!

gargamel said...

@random loonies
We give therapeutic lollipops to droolers.
R is lip-hip-and-leg-locked with k stew right now.

kstewrocks said...

Rose, thanks again for the lovely post.

Here are my thoughts. The media has spewed a load of crap. Maybe Rob and Kristen have had issues or do have issues. What couple doesn't. From X17 pictures that tell us nothing, the media has created all week stories up of Rob and Kristen having issues, not being together for his birthday, breaking up, but living together for the dogs because the poor things will get traumatised obviously.....BUT they may get back together. They've covered all angles because they know nothing. Just like we know nothing.

I'm sure there are a lot of people I agree with on here. There is one comment by Vanessa though which I'd like to give a shout out to. If people believe right now that Rob and Kristen are having problems, the fans need to be reasonable enough to quit blaming people who are not in the relationship such as the OG. I saw one person in particular on Twitter and she was basically ranting how much she hates them for some imaginary argument break up between Rob and Kristen. I was about to waste my time telling her to take some pills to chill the f*ck out.

Another thing I'd like to see less of are fans blaming Kristen. It takes two to make a relationship work, two to communicate. AND people need to quit with saying Kristen needs therapy. This fandom needs therapy. Lay off of her.

ikay kikay said...

Oh nina pearl, you are right, just stay in the corner and keep on rolling your eyes until you get a cross eyes. And don't forget to take your pearl pill ok?

Kelly said...

Love you Rose. Have a great week. :)


gargamel said...

This is a UNIQUE blog. It's flocked and followed by an avid fandom that can SQUASH the entire tabloidsphere...why...because it dwells on truth and doesn't rely on PAYDAY.
Rags can only sustain this SHAM until their next mortgage payment...then they have to spin another FAKERY. Haters know they're being played out so they come here for the REAL DEAL TOO...and each time they do...they leave the blog feeling 10X over the IDIOTS they were.

gargamel said...

Miss Rose call it DEJA VU

I call it DEJA MOO. (the feeling that you've heard the same BULL before)



Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Morning to all the Roselands! Hi Ginger, Holy, Barb, and the rest of Roselands. Sorry so short. Going to babysitting my two nieces. Be back. Keep me posted. Later.

Annie said...

Good morning.
Tabloid editors must be screaming with joy over the insecurities in this fandom. Increased sales and advertiser dollars pouring in on the backs of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Annie said...

Many people who are calling themselves fans of both should be ashamed, fucking ashamed!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

@Nina - yet you keep coming back for more no? You seem to forget you came here to start shit, you are so mean shit doesn't work when you get your ass handed to you when you started the strife. The I have a life line is old, tired, and retired - kinda like you as I would hope everyone does, I know the people here do since their obsession is not based on hate but go with your bad self. You go ahead and keep toting the line you are a Rob fan while calling him that sellout, famewhore, fake Hollywood guy that you keep doing but I might suggest you take a lesson in math because where you get 6 months from I have no idea. It was 9 month ago we saw them at the bar but what are facts in your rant of opinions that you attempt to twist into facts. The ad you were clinging so hard didn't drop yesterday did it? Oh and one of the extras said what the shoot was about and oddly left out that it was an orgy porn like you suggested would cause scandal......Does your "girlfriend" know how obsessed you are with Rob? I mean you skeeve me I can't imagine what she thinks if she is real.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - Amazing how they have great fans and yet have the bowls of society chasing them as well. What a life to live as a constant Bitter Betty over a guy that wouldn't want them if they were the last females on earth. Telling someone they are old enough to know better but licking your computer screen over a guy that will never be your is something someone over the age of 15 does?

Time to get the kiddos off to school then work time in the land of rain

LizzieD said...


GINGER -- Keep up the good work of getting rid of the trolls!!

ANNIE -- *WAVES* Hope your day is a good one in NYC!!

DANO -- I was hoping you would stop by, sorry I was sleeping. You and Robert always help us to see "the other side" with all these females here, it's hard to relate sometimes. Your comments are spot on and unfortunately, we'll probably never know what is really happening. I totally agree they probably should get out of town privately ... if that's even possible.

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- STILL TWIRLING because I call BS, BS, BS ....

sika siak said...

Do you know about the tape predicted by Christian Dion?

sue said...

Another day, not much to say (hee I'm a poet and don't know it, ha).
It does all seem to be a bit of deja-vu doesn't it? Glad for women like Rose and Tempest, the voices of sanity.
It is a never ending story for Robert and Kristen, isn't it? When is enough, enough?
Yeah I know I'm being a naive twat. After the shitstorm from last summer, I always had this idle idiotic hope that they might get a break from all the crap somehow.
Witnessing the last months of non stop following, scrutiny, pressure, more ridiculous stories, papz shouting vile things, it just seemed to be getting worse and worse. So for me to say I hope they'll find some peace and quiet is a total joke, they'll never get it unless I had some magic wand so I could bedazzle them to some deserted Island.

@Ginger, a little recap but WTF? I was a little wrapped up in my head yesterday.
Is this Nina thing the one who is harassing you, using your name?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ sika siak - I don't believe in psychics and I really don't believe in ones that are celebrity. Is this the guy that goes back and changes his blogs based on current events? Think I would use my talent if real to win the lottery and feed under privileged children or help fix our failing education system.

@Liz - some people obviously need to find balance in their lives if their entertainment/enjoyment is bashing a 23 yr old and pretending a 27yr actor is their boyfriend. We know nothing applies to them too but yet they think they are special in ways other then the obvious.

Annie said...

Morning Ginger, LizzieD, Sue, Arleen.

Ginger: I must have missed the memo that encouraged being a Bitter Betty, making one's self look like a fool on the internet, objectifying a young man and vilifying his girlfriend.

LizzieD: Fog was heavy over the city this AM but the sun is trying to peek out now. Rain is threatening.
I will have a great day nonetheless. :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - no Nina is not the one , there is one that posts here time to time that thought they would grab my e-mail and use it for things so I pressed charges with the FBI against them. I do however think Nina and her kind are doing other things but it all comes out in the wash.

@Annie - isn't that what you always wanted to be when you grew up? Nothing like chasing a guy that will never know you existed and hating on his girlfriend because she does. That is taking unrequited love to a whole new level. I mean I dreamed I was going to marry a movie star when I was a teenager but if I acted like the adult women or the kids do now my mother would have slapped my ass back to reality............

Annie said...

Ginger: :):) LOL......
You'd lock eyes across the crowded room or should that be on the sidewalk of one of his premieres, all the stars would align and you just know he knows you're the one and he says the words you've longed to hear, convinced yourself that he will one day say to you and only you......"Baby, it's you"......
Then you see how he's looking lovingly at Kristen Stewart and she right back and your dream is fucked, well and truly fucked!........The evolution of Bitter Betty's, Flyby clairvoyants and Fucktards.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - ahaha - you made me spit my coffee out. Glad I am working from home or I would have had a crowd at work laughing with us ;)

Helen said...

Dear Rose,

You are an intelligent woman, and your love for RK is very wise. Thank you for your all posts. Hope and faith are priceless. But... there is a gigantic difference between "They will be OK" and "Rob and Kristen end up together", isn't it?

I am fan of Kristen and Rob since 2010. What can I say? True love # happy love.

sue - my heart is with you, I feel the same,

Frannie - I hope that you are right,

Ginger - compassion and empathy are qualities I admire in people too,

Topaz - I know what you really feel,

I apologize for my grammar mistakes, english isn't my first language. All Ladies and Robert – you are fantastic people.

Helen said...

Dear Rose,

You are an intelligent woman, and your love for RK is very wise. Thank you for your all posts. Hope and faith are priceless. But... there is a gigantic difference between "They will be OK" and "Rob and Kristen end up together", isn't it?

I am a big fan of Kristen and Rob since 2010. What can I say? True love # happy love.

sue - my heart is with you, I feel the same,

Frannie - I hope that you are right,

Ginger - compassion and empathy are qualities I admire in people too,

I apologize for my grammar mistakes, english isn't my first language.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Helen - :) you did perfect and English is my 1st language and I terrorize it in unfortunate ways all the time. I said bowls earlier when I meant bowels :(

sue said...

@Ginger, thanks for the update. I know you were having problems with someone stealing your name, I thought you found out it was her/him.
Good luck anyway!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hello Ginger, Helen, Rose, Intruth, Holy, and the rest of you. I just got back from babysitting my nieces. Kids are something. Especially, two years old. She is getting to be terrible two's stage. I am trying to tell her what happens if she keeps drinking her bottle now. If she keeps using her bottle her teeth will become black. Any suggestions. I know its my sister in laws duty to do it. But I thought I could help with this one. I know its hard to be a single parents. I don't know what I do if I were in her shoes. The father to is the other things. She can't be a baby all her life.
Helen- No one is perfect on the grammar. People makes mistakes. You are ok.
As for the rest of you. Keep up the good work on taking out the trolls.

frutika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
frutika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - the freak is using frutika as the name now - that is who the person is the was messing with my e-mail

LizzieD said...


There is NO WAY that Rob would move out in public like the media is trying to spin ... no way. He's just moving stuff back and forth between houses and taking the dogs for a ride.

Let's THINK ... we know the paps want to make this something else but I'm pretty sure it's not, just not logical that such a PRIVATE person as Rob would move out in public.


Arleen Parkinson said...

Lizzied- I agree with you more. Something is not right here. And why would Rob wear Kristen's hat too? If they were broken up? If he wasn't wearing Kristen's hat.

Holy said...

Good morning/afternoon everyone.

Nice to see Rob's new pics driving with Bernie.

And the drama begins.I can't wait what the rags stories will be after seeing Rob with all those trash bags in his truck.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz/Holy - the people on my twitter are cracking jokes and laughing - very little fretting going on. It took 3 seconds for people to point Bernie out and how that is "herrrrrrr" dog and then the plants came into play and 5 minutes later. I follow the right folks not because they are joking but they get we know nothing and have learned to not take everything so serious, it is about time. I mean Beyonce was confirmed pregnant by everyone and their brother - guess they forgot to tell Jay-Z oops.

PamH said...

Hey everyone,

It's good to see Rob out and about and see their dogs enjoying a ride along with Dad :)
Hopefully soon we will see our fair Kristen out and about.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Rhonda S said...

OK - trash bags, suitcase, his bicycle in the truck. Am I the only one worried? Too early for vodka and cranberry? Anyone want to join me?

sue said...

Faith? Yes they deserve faith after all the shit they had to endure but is it just me or are we all a bit quiet and stunned?
I'm staring at the screen and keep pressing delete delete.

sue said...

@Rhonda, no you're absolutely not on your own, no matter what's true or not or what they want us to believe those pics mean. Not exactly the best timing for a clean up, then again they never gave a fuck what the media thinks or not. I'm hoping for the best and that things are not gonna turn ugly. Faith, yes.

Helen said...

sue - you are brave and honest person, thank you for that,
it's only our fault, we fell in love with persons which we didn't know

Rhonda S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arleen Parkinson said...

To all the Roselands! I hope everyone is ok! I know some of you are working, sleeping, and probably doing something else. Keep me posted. And I am still here. Like Lizzied said have some faith. Which I am doing.

Rhonda S said...

@Sue Yes, Faith! I have that. I know disagreements are necessary and hopefully some good will come out of it that will bring them even closer.

Helen said...

" What though the radiance
which was once so bright
Be now for ever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass,
of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind;
In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be;
In the soothing thoughts that spring
Out of human suffering;
In the faith that looks through death,
In years that bring the philosophic mind."

-- William Wordsworth, " Splendour in the Grass"

amaltiya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frannie said...

I just saw the pictures of Rob driving his craptastic truck (OMG ... and I though MY son drove a POS! Ya just gotta LOVE this guy.)

My thought's? Well, me thinks he is f-ing with the paps. Yeah, maybe he is going to the dump and taking his boys for a ride. But I think ole Robbie P is actually taking a nice big dump on the whole pap pile. He knows what he is doing. This guy does not have to move his crap out on his own and he does not have to drive himself to the dump either. Some fools think he is doing this so he can make it obvious to the public that they have parted. I just don't think he is that vindictive. (Plus, I don't believe it anyway.) Nope ... this fellow is either playing a game with the paps or he and Kristen are staging things now so they can slip away undected when the timing is right.

Time will tell. Until then, I suggest we settle in for the drama. (Hey at least there's new pics!) Plus it's fun to see how riled up the nonnies can get. Such a lather. And we all know how well "foam" suits them. ;)

Have a great week everyone! XO Frannie

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for enjoying my little poetic ditty about the bridal shower I hosted!

Loved your reply in rhyme!

As I looked at the pics of Rob in an old truck with the dogs and stuff, I found myself thinking I wish I had such a big/handy truck for transporting my crapola, too. Red would be my choice!

Truly no other thoughts entered my head because I know that I don't know nada about what I saw in those pics either. Nice, eh?

No drama for me which is what I like these days, as I've had enough drama so far these past months.

Hey, a new thought! Maybe I am dumber now, what a relief if that is true. Certainly, I'm numb, and that works, you'd be amazed.

Buck up dear fans, to be free of worry/doubt/sadness. Like us, Rob and Kristen need some S-P-A-C-E.

Since I purposefully took worrying about them out of my mind, there's a bit more space in the world for them to play in theirs.

Because I believe that all minds are connected, we can do this for each other, giving mutual peace of mind. Smooches for all.

Arleen Parkinson said...

DK- As long as we keep in touch. I am ok with that. But I don't know what that means for them and us.

DreamerKind said...

Of course we don't know what it means for them. Us, we can take care of that. Send me an email by clicking on my name and we'll stay in touch. Magic!

Ginger with a Soul said...

In between conference calls but my God - all other things aside please take a moment to pray for those children in that elementary school in Oklahoma and that they are ok and get out safely. I hope anyone here that lives in the area is ok or anyone you know - the pictures are absolutely devastating

Arleen Parkinson said...

Ginger- Didn't know you were working today. What is going to happen to us and them. I still want to keep in touch. I don't know what does this means. I mean I like you guys.

DreamerKind said...

Yes! Yes! Just saw the pics and they need our love and support now.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Ginger and DK- I agree with you about the picture. But does this mean?

Rhonda S said...

OMG - 171,000 people in the tornado's path and an elementary school leveled. How horrible.

Holy said...

Hello again guys.

Our prayers to all that are affected by the Tornado in Oklahoma.

DreamerKind said...

We mean the pics from the tornadoes!

robsten4evuh said...

In honor of Rose's aptly named post, I would like to throw out the lyrics to Deja Vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Yeah, I know Beyonce had a more recent Deja Vu titled song, but this one seems very apropos to me.

Deja Vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

One, two, three, four

If I had ever been here before
I would probably know just what to do, don't you?
If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel
I would probably know just how to deal with all of you

And I feel like I've been here before
Feel like I've been here before
And you know it makes me wonder
What's going on under the ground, hmm

Do you know? Don't you wonder
What's going on down under you?

We have all been here before, we have all been here before
We have all been here before, we have all been here before
We have all been here before, we have all been here before

LizzieD said...

ARLEEN -- Rose isn't going anywhere, I don't believe!!! BUT, you can click on my name and email me ... we can definitely keep in touch.


Arleen Parkinson said...

Thanks Lizzied! And I will keep this too. We are friends and family here. And to support our couple. Like you said I am having faith and believe in my heart they will be ok and together. I have been praying for them.

Frannie said...

This site is called Robert Pattinson Intioxication the last time I checked. I can't imagine Rose giving up the ghost if R&K were to spilt. (Not that I think they have. Because I don't. At. All.)

This is just another blip in their journey, be it real or imaginary.
I love this site. Even though I only made myself known a few months ago, I have been lurking here for years.

Everyone stay safe, take care, and remember ... there are other stories worthy of our prayers and support right now.

Intruth said...

Okay, for anyone wondering, there are cute pictures of Kristen riding with Suzie in her car, smiling and looking really happy posted now on Robsten Dreams. Obviously, things are absolutely fine. I think this is purely imaginary media/fan drama, and nothing more. Rob would never publically move out-- he is far too private for that, as I'm sure we all know.

tufenuf55 said...

Robsten Dreams has posted pics of Kristen riding around LA with Suzie (?). She looks happy; smiling. No date on these pics. Says posted by Ingi whose location is listed as Pakistan (What?!)

Arleen Parkinson said...

Tuff and Intruth- I was just about asking the same thing. I am confused here. What is going on here?

Holy said...

There's a new pics of Kristen smiling and grinning from ear to ear in Popsugar that are taken today.Oh please,she doesn't look like she's heart broken like all the media are saying.

Holy said...

The pics were taken today. This is why I don't believe all the rags BS.

Intruth said...

Hi, Arleen. Sweetie, I think what is going on is the media has all been telling versions of the same made up story about Kristen and Rob breaking up. It seems plain to me, as Holy said, that Kristen is just fine, which would also indicate Rob and Kristen are just fine. No break up. Except in the made up stories of gossip/celebrity media and some "fans".

Holy said...

@Intruth- hello,we have eyes and we can see.R/K are fine.

I'm going to continue to twirl in Liz Lala Land.

Holy said...

@Intuth- E posted an article that yesterday Kristen was so devastated about the break up according to their source.Source my ass.

Intruth said...

@Holy- I just read some "fans" are saying Kristen isn't wearing her ring, which is so stupid because the pictures don't show the hand she wears her ring on. Oh, brother! Yeah, some sources, right? LOL!

Intruth said...

@Holy- forgot to say, twirling with you :)

Holy said...

@Ginger- girl where are you.Good lord,I feel like I'm being punked.LOL

Holy said...

@Intruth- remember when she was not wearing the ring at the Met Gala the fans were panicking then.LOL.We're been twirling for a long time now and will never stop because we believe and have faith.

Annie said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Oklahoma......So much devastation and death.

Second Chance said...

What other people think of me is none of my business - Eleanor Roosevelt

Pisteuo said...

Hey Rose!! Yeppers, I'm with ya!
Ain't going nowhere. :) (yeah I know that ain't proper, Robert)

Roseland...Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I did!!

Now I'm just sitting here wondering if I should laugh about this fandom or be concerned.

Think I'll turn my concern over to something that REALLY matters...like real life tragedies.

Robert said...


mais las what i'm spossed to do. i tole yall agin and agin times

dat aint my deal an here you geaux 'ccusin me o somethin i aint even did

mais las

DreamerKind said...

You be jes too cute.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Lizzied, Ginger, Holy, Robert, DK, KK, Annie, Intruth, and the rest of Roselands! How are you? I hope everyone in Oklahoma are ok. I am watching Dancing with the Stars. I am voting for Derek and that country singer.
And Lizzied, I am feeling better. Except one of my old root canal sorta pop. I was watching my show all of sudden I am starting bleeding from my gums. So I call one of the dentist. I am hoping I get answers. One told me there is nothing to be done. It just means that its draining. Something like that. But it hurts.

Unknown said...

Rose love your blog the only sane place to come to while everyone is spinning stories. I do not believe any of the ugly rumors. It just doesn't make sense. I have chosen to follow you and hopefully all the haters will stay away. I

Pisteuo said...

LOL!!! Robert!

Gotta love that cajun accent!

KStew Krew said...

@Holy....make me go to Popsugar....make me go to Popsugar. Think I will go to RD first.....I fucking hate, hate, hate, hate, hate going to those damned gossip sites, but I really need to see smiling Kristen.
@Ginger.....your soul is too kind to be giving two farts and a fuck about what Nasty Pearl says or thinks.
@gargamel....your line about lip-hip lock with Kristen was the absolute best....I need to go back and reread and memorize that...,classic, fucking classic!!!!!!

PamH said...

Hello everyone,

Was happy to see Rob and now I'm even more happy to see a smiley Kristen :)

Thoughts and prayers to everyone effected by Oklahoma tragedy.

KStew Krew said...

Yep....did someone say "let the shitstorm begin"....are we back onto the ring thing again? Haters just need to find a new angle cause it's old. Agreed?! Agreed.

Holy said...

@K2,hello-when I saw that tweet about Kristen pics.I was tempted to go and click that site. And can't wait for RD and RPL.I'm very,very bad.LOL

KStew Krew said...

Children dead in OK....sad. The destruction two miles wide and 200 mph winds, good Lord. Amazing anyone survived. Teacher saves 3 kids under her, she is found Dead with SUV on top of them. True hero there.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Holy and K2. I am not going to those site except for RD and Rl.

KStew Krew said...

Holy, you been hangin round with gargamel? She naughty too!!!! Bad girls and lovin it! Wonder if DK has a song for us! I always forget about RPL...I like them too.

KStew Krew said...

Howdy Arleen! I have to go to RD and check out a photo op of our BBG! Be back soon. Yea stay away from skank sites.

Robert said...

thanks DK, pist,

I had a feeling you were going to like that. technically speaking that was vernacular not accent

yeah baby yeah
sorry i was channeling austin powers there for a minute

now i could do some bad ass grammar correcting in here if i want. i got one of them PhDs and shit look out now they dont be handing them out to losers on the sidewalk. unh un you got to work fo dat shit

Arleen Parkinson said...

K2- I am also staying away from those trashy tabloids. To me they are haters. I rather stick with you guys, RD, and all other Robsten Twitters. Some of the Robsten twitters are on your side to me. They all love Rob and Kristen.

KStew Krew said...

Just saw me a happy smiley KStew!!!! She got those glasses on too...remember what she said about those...she can hide behind them....BBG what you hiding from us? No need for walls either, just live your life. Saw that red truck of Rob's...POS is right, makes my son's POS look like a Cadillac! He has the kiddies with him too! Good daddy!! Babysitting the kids while mom is out. Rob and Kristen are messing with the rags and haters!!!! Love it!!! Keep smiling Kristen!

artemisluvv said...

Hi dear Roselanders!

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I kind of tried to take a step back from the fandom, but so it's hard to do.

I love Rob and Kristen, how can I not? When I see those pics of them laughing and walking down the street that Rose used on the blog, it makes me so happy.

But it's a roller coaster ride! The media and the bad fans use them so much. Everyday it's something different

I'm still so glad for Rose's blog and all of you here that support R&K with such dedication.

Have a nice evening Roselanders. I Hope the stars and the moon are shining on you all.

RKP said...

Maybe now all the worriers can stop taking years off their lives and stop stressing out.
I see Kristen smiling so big. Beautiful. Hope the pap fell on his ass trying to get a pic.
I see Rob moving junk in his truck. Got the fur children alongside and boy he looks good.
Life goes on as usual for Rob and Kristen.
There is no drama. Only that which is created by tabloids and believed by the insecure.

Rose, you always see sense. Wish more would.

KStew Krew said...

@Arleen P., I just visited RPLife...now I know why it's not in my bookmarks, too much hate for Kristen there. I made one comment, could not resist cause someone made me mad. Had to try really hard to ignore the hate people have for her and know nothing about her. Ugh. I didn't want to comment about how I feel about Rob on a mostly Rob site, would be a little disrespectful. Don't get me wrong, I like Rob, but he ain't no saint. It takes two to make or break a relationship and a lot of "fans" tend to forget that little truism.

Arleen Parkinson said...

K2- I notice that too. One or two people only like both. I am done with them. I was going to be friend with them. But I guess not. I rather stick you guys and RD. And Robsten Daily too. On their comments not allow drama and or gossips or rumors. Which I don't blame them.

KStew Krew said...

Now that you mention it, it wasn't RPLife but RobstenDaily I like too. Thanks.

RKP said...

@KStew Krew @Arleen P. - The girls who run RPLife do not tolerate hate towards K. Hateful comments are usually deleted. Fans on that site usually chase them off as well. Haven't visited myself today, but every time I've seen trolls on the site they are told to take a hike.

Arleen Parkinson said...

@RKP- I am not sure about that. I'll look at their website. But I am not going to get involve with their comments for now.

Topaz Emerald said...


completely agree with you, can't fucking stand the ones who deify him, as if they knew what was going on in their lives.

I never go to RPL, only when prompted. Never heard of Robstendaily.

Here's my take on this whole stupid drama: The pap agency/tabs have fabricated this whole thing, starting with those x17 pics of a supposed fight between R and K. Now we see pics of Rob supposedly moving out. But heres the thing, supposedly K's house is up for sale and has been since Jan. 3, 2013 according to an article dated on the same day. My theory is they've been thinking/trying to sell K's house ever since they got papped in their backyard. Plus, it doesn't make economical sense to have two houses when you can just live in one together, paying property taxes is a bitch. Plus, more privacy at R's house. Also, I see two bicycles in that truck, plus 2 dogs.....

My instincts tell me this is all complete fabrication, and it all started with those x17 pics which spread like wildfire, and now Rob moving pics. Plus, we don't know the dates to these pics at all and I don't trust the dates to any pics anymore. The paps could have seen both of them moving things in and out of the gate to that gated community, and they only released the pics of R moving out because it suits their sick twisted agenda.

Wait and the truth will reveal itself. I'd rather have faith in them. I won't believe anything until the truth becomes completely obvious.

Pisteuo said...

Kudos to you Topaz!
I'd been waiting to see who would be the first to mention the two bikes.
Maybe that little tidbit of info will cheer up some of those who are taking all this drama so seriously.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good night to all the Roselands. I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Besides I am in pain right now. My left cheek feels like someone punch you there. I think its a root canal problems. So hopefully I get check it out tomorrow. Night.

Pisteuo said...

I visit several R/K blogs and I have to say...in general, I don't see all the hate that some of you claim to see. I just mostly see people that either support them both or not. Of course there are always the ocassional trolls or whatever that try to stir up shit.
I don't post anywhere except here. Mostly because I trust Rose with my info because I'm a very private person and would like to keep it that way.
And when it comes to Twiter...well, I don't have a clue there. LOL!!

Okay...I guess my point is...I wish people would not comment about ALL the hate on other blogs when it's mostly just a difference of opinions.

I support both of them and probably always will whether they are together or not. But, me thinks they are laughing about all this drama and don't give a fuck if people want them together or not. LOL!!!

Em said...

thing w opinions is that everyone has one n I don't think ppl should pay so much attention to what others think but what do I know? Lol
Arleen good night to u too sorry ur not feeling so good

hi Pist good to see u

Dreamer I can't believe ur sleeping lol

Pisteuo said...

Howdy Em! Can't sleep?

Gosh, I'm having trouble with the word verifs. I seem to be a little dyslexic tonight.

"sense ternedo"
Gosh, how creepy is that!

Em said...

Yea can't sleep so I just gave up lol how about u? These word things r crazy tonight beat me once already lol

Pisteuo said...

word verif: "Kinsecu wedding"

Is that good? Anybody know? LOL!!
Yes, I'm bored...obviously.

Pisteuo said...

No I can't sleep, Em.
It happens sometimes. It's either go to the kitchen or get online, so...here I am!

Em said...

Lol I know how that goes same for me so I stopped buying ice cream

tablyia presence

Lol no clue

Pisteuo said...

Em, could me we are being spied on by a tablyia presence...woooo!!
Creepy word verifs! LOL!!

"same uctuom" LOL!!

Pisteuo said...

"be"...not "me"

Could be we are being......

Em said...

hahaha imagine? that wouldn't be good bc my life would make no sense to anyone lol

assess and

Lol there u go

Em said...

n ppl would think we r totally crazy having so much fun w words that make no sense lol

acts chmself

Pisteuo said...

LOL!! loved the "assess and" one!

Hell, sometimes I am totally crazy. And it's usually fun! LOL!!

"drew Hotocnr"

Em said...

okay Pist I should go I'm kinda one hand typing machine at the moment n it's starting to bother me plus the guard is up n asking questions lol see? makes no sense hahaha but thank u for the company :) was fun

Pisteuo said...

"eeryone prob"

I tell ya the verifs are creepy tonight and know it too!

Em said...

Lol crazy is good :) beats boring anyday okay for real going goodnight n sweetest dreams

Pisteuo said...

G'night Em! Sweetdreams!

"considerable dexperar"

mari said...

i dont know if it's true that kristen's house is for sale?
according to ourloveforrobstentumbler. i read that the
house has new pictures on the real estate market list
and a different prize.

i hope that everything is fine between them, the tabloids doesnt know the truth, its more of speculations, according to fucking sources whatever
even us we really dont know the truth.



olivia said...

Good morning, dear Roseland.

**Waves** and ((hugs)) for you both. dear Pisteuo and Em.

Dos bicicletas, dos perritos felices, y dos enamorados= una vida contenta y bendita.

Have a lovely day.
Hugs for you, dear Rose.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen. Wishing them privacy and happiness.
Life is good.

Em said...

Buenos Dias Olivia muchos abrasos para ti :) sorry not perfect but I'm getting there lol still love to read ur posts hope ur okay

Dreamer I missed u last night

Pist hope u got more sleep than I did :) have my arm in a sling n still not used to it but thank god is my left so I can still do stuff n type lol

Okay guys have a great day n Arleen hope ur feeling better this morning

RKP said...

@Arleen Just checked out RPL and you are right. I will join you in staying away from all of that. Not that I get involved with their comments myself. I prefer it over here. Much nicer.

@Topaz I agree with your take on things. No worries about R & K. They are happy together while silly fans are freaking out about nothing.

Birdie said...

Good morning Roseland!
Pist and Em,
I will bet you two will be dragging today. Sorry about your arm,Em.

My word for today is patience.

I will reiterate what Olivia said, wishing Rob and Kristen privacy, respect and happiness.
You are a wise woman, Olivia.

Nina Pearl said...

I don't know who Christian Dion is.

Nina Pearl said...

Im not sure what your saying here, its a bunch of jibberish. I do know I'm not stalking anyone.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

Was on twitter a little and working and all that crap but was so sad watching the OK stuff, absolutely gutted, I get reporters have a job but so much of that shit is unnecessary to ask those poor people during this time. I felt dirty watching it.

Hi Hoooo Hi Hooo of to take the kids to school and work I go in the land of the rising sun :) have a good one guys

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Morning to all the Roselands. I am watching Rerun Fullhouse. On the Super bowl part.
Em- Thanks. I hope your arm feels better.
Pist- I hope you get some sleep.
RKP- Thanks.
Ginger- I thought you weren't going to read those trashy tabloids. All those idiots I meant the media makes me sick. I almost throw up everytime they are talking crap about our couple.

Tracybell said...

@topaz - thanks for the info on the bikes. I look at stuff from my phone and connection is shitty and slow so most of the time I don't even bother whn it goes to img box or whatever. I also don't need to know that there were two bikes to know the gossip is bullshit. But....it's very interesting that the gossips are saying he moved his "bike". They are either repeating original story and not even looking at pics, or most likely know and don't give a shit because him moving out is more of a seedy gossip story. And...add to that Kristen house for sale? (Which I didn't know either) if you guys know this....they know this.

Wow...US vs. Them hat is so fucking appropriate. No wonder rob had it on.

Have a beautiful day ladies. I live in Oklahoma and actually stayed almost a year in that exact street where tornado hit in Moore. Most of the houses were lower income people and probably need support although Oklahomans know how to take of each other. Toby Keith house is in same area as tornado on that same street just further west. Anyway I can guarantee his presence will be felt. We won't know it and he won't make a big production about it but no one will go without if he has anything to say about it. He is a great guy. An f5 destroyed most of Moore 12 years ago or so so this is really devastating for this town. Please continue to pray.

Keep calm, don't read the gossip and lets look forward to Rose's next kick ass post. IT WILL BE EPIC!

Annie said...

Morning, morning all.

Topaz: I didn't see your hello from the other post until this AM, so a late hello back. :)

Take care everybody.

Arleen Parkinson said...

TracyBell- I know about your Oklahoma. I was watching the news. I heard it not over yet. I hope you are and others are ok.
And I agree with you about our couple. I believe in my heart that they are together. I am not going to looks at the media right now. Its gave me headaches and heartaches too. Plus I don't believe it. Because I pray about it. And I believe all the Robsten twitters and their websites. I am waiting for Justice for Kristen come thru. I hope they are doing some investigations.

Annie said...

Tracybell: Do you still have family/friends in Moore? I watched the news coverage on my phone.
My heart goes out to the people there.......Thoughts and prayers.

Intruth said...

Good morning, Roseland and Rose! Great news about Map to the Stars getting sold at Cannes and now all set to begin shooting July 8! Sounds like such an interesting story!

@Tracybell, praying for Oklahoma. I know what you're saying about people there taking care of each other. My mom is from an area just north of OKCity and most of her family still lives in that area. So hard to be hit again and again, but good to know people will have support by the famous and not so famous. I've heard good things about Reba Macintyre, too, from family there.

Fighting big battles daily in my special needs classroom these days as school winds down. We are over the maximum student level, which is difficult in a general education setting, not to mention a class like ours where every student is high-needs. I'm so glad I have wonderful supportive staff to work with. Friends are so important when things are difficult!

Hugs, ya'll. Oh, @Robert, loved both your personas!!! You had me choking on my coffee this morning!!! And loved the senseless late night word humor, @em and Pist!

KStew Krew said...

@ Topaz Emerald...I like your sound reasoning and very keen eyesight. No wonder Kristen is smiling sooooo big at those nasty paps.
@RKP....I like it here too and will hang out with you in Roseland. RPL can stuff it.

Nina Pearl said...

My ass hasn't been handed to me. Like I said your cold hearted words don't affect me. Ginger, your the only one slinging hateful words. Yes, I am a fan of Rob. I will continue to be a fan of Rob. Hollywood is a game, and sometimes its a cruel one. Six months nine months, honestly it doesn't matter. Its all been a lie. That first bar sighting where Rob was unterested in her until he was told the Paps arrived was the first red flag. She knew they were there looked right at the camara and took his arm. He did nothing then pulled away and walked away she followed. The BD2 tour started in LA with no pictures together except the one with all the big wigs. No pics together in London besides a few with Taylor. By then RobSten fans were panicking. Rob had to act more into it. So by Berlin they seemed all happy again. All the pictures in April where she tried to hold his hand he always pulled away quickly, had Hus fists balled up or his phone in Hus hand.Rob made no effort to comfort her. At Cochella he left her to fend for herself and was protected by her friends.Thst one pucture where it seems she was whispering to him was proven to be fake.We never see them actually drive in a car together. During promo there was always something between them when they were in the car. Sorry but the last NINE months have been an illusion.My believe has nothing to do with tabloids and as for the Dior ad who said anything about it coming out the other day? I said hopefully will get it soon. And, I still don't know why Rose never changed it to RobSten Intoxication. If she closed the sight then she really isn't a Fan of Rob, but a fan of a celebrity relationship that has been manufactured by Hollywood.

sika siak said...

He made 50 predictions for 2013, two of which were about Rob and Kristen. Your arguments sounded like his. This caught my attention.

tufenuf55 said...

Good morning. Pretty much trying to avoid the R&K circus show by rags. I didn't see two bikes in the truck. I saw a bike and something that looked like an exercise bench with metal back. It's really hard to know what all Rob had in his truck. All I know is that until I start seeing them with other people or a statement from their team, I'll believe Robsten is alive and well. I love that we can come to Rose's blog and discuss everything without anyone being dissed. Trolls are trolls and they will be around forever. Much love to Rose for her sanity and her blog.

Tracybell said...

Yes Reba also a great humanitarian. Toby of course has roots in Moore and has a home and raised his kids there. They even went to OU. I love Oklahoma. It's hot and the wind blows like a bitch but I don't know if I'd ever move lol....tornados and all.

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