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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Car, Car, Truck, Truck, Car, Car.

 People keep asking me my thoughts on this whole break ...
I think I've made myself pretty clear.

It's kinda like the above picture to me...
Connected. Close.
But looking in different directions.
For now.

Does that mean I believe the bullshit being regurgitated
by the gossip rags?
Don't be fucking ridiculous.

There is SO much speculation right now
and what exactly is it based on?
A couple of pics of Kristen in some room...
Some pics of Kristen driving in a car.
Some pics of Rob driving a truck.
Some more pics of Kristen in a car..
Even more pics of Rob driving in a truck
and then some pics of Kristen
hanging with some friends.
(but leaning on a car...)

Take out the agenda driven narrative given to us
by a pap who makes his living
harassing and stalking Rob and Kristen...
(Thus fueling the Rags and the Hags)
And what do you have?

You have made Harvey Levin of TMZ
say something that actually makes sense...
(and you have NO idea how much that pains me
to even type that)

"You're trying to connect dots
that may not connect."

I think this fandom is not only driven by drama...
But it's addicted to it.

 Final Thoughts.

1. Just like last summer...
This drama has brought out the worst in the Ninnie Fringe.
Even now...
When they 'hope' they have what they want
(and you know they are still worried)

They can't just focus on Rob
like they always complained they want to do...
They still constantly obsess over Kristen
Every hour.
Every day.
Kristen fucking owns you.

2. Tom and Andrew

Cute. Fucking. Cute.
The only thing that could make this better
is to have Rob sandwiched somewhere in-between.
But I will take this.
Any day.
Any where.
Any time.

3. It's the same car.
I see a ring.
Learn to recognize sarcasm.
If some sleazy lowlife was stalking you
you would be pissed off too.
The pics aren't staged.
Everything their Friends tweet/post
doesn't have to do with Rob and Kristen.
There is no conspiracy.
Nick and Ruth aren't at war.
There never was a PR contract.
What you see is misleading...
What you read is 99.9% speculation.
There is no source/insider close
to Rob and Kristen who would ever
speak to the tabloid press about their relationship.
Stop freaking out over every insignificant detail.
I hope Rob and Kristen disappear and no one sees
them for weeks.
It's all good.

 4. Personally I don't care what anyone else believes.
I know what I see.
I know what I know.
And until Rob and Kristen show me otherwise...
I know where I stand.

This post is brought to you by

Another car!


Fascinating... Yes?

The ever spinning never ending saga of
Cars, Trucks and Big White Gates.

Until next time...

Hang in there.

Bye for now.


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Marjorie1211 said...

Rose Knows! Thankyou for always be the voice of reason.

Marjorie1211 said...

Sorry "being not be"

JanBreesmom said...

Once again you hit the nail on the head! If only people would listen.

Fran B said...

have you seen the latest picture of Marlow and Sienna, that baby is soo cute and she looks just like Tom

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - I hope they disappear for a while too mainly for them but also I think we need it too. We know nothing applies more and more everyday and if we are all being honest, they don't now or never did want us to know or be a part of their relationship. I am sick of the friends thing not because I care who their friends are because really 2 adults can figure that out themselves but I am sick of hearing about them. Whining, bitching and preaching but no one asked them to follow them - we as a whole fandom created that monster and put them on the map like they are now - sigh. Fuck the haters - sick of them too...they need to find some damn light in their lives and stop projecting, neither of them did anything to us so people need to stop asking for penitence

PC said...

Even though we are on the outside looking in, I can't imagine either of them finding w/someone else what they have w/each other. I pray they are able to overcome whatever it is that is causing division and be stronger on the other side.
Relationships take work. But let me tell you, it's oh so worth it!
Good luck to Rob and Kristen. May love always prevail.

Kay said...

Always, always so much drama drama drama in this fandom....FFS. o_O

Hoping that Rob and Kristen are able to find and hold on to their happy, however that may be.

Take care, Roseland. ❤

@CrisRK913 said...



I believe what I see and I've been seeing/watching RK for 4 years...so yeah, it's written and their story won't be without a happy ending, they still have beautiful things to live #togethertogether.

The universe conspire with you when you do want something. Rob wanted Kristen since he saw her in a movie ,ITW, and he got her. Their story is written and it's a lovely one. Real and normal like any relationship. They always find their way back to each other's arms. Wait and see.


Holy said...

Rose- your did it again, and I love how you ended your post.
"This post is brought to you by another car".LOL

I chose to believe because I have faith with both Rob and Kristen.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nina - riding my jock as usual - I don't swing that way and my sister wouldn't touch you for money so good luck. You are so sure about her not getting any movies but yet you are here fretting instead of sitting with your loonies licking Rob posters. Again Kristen Kristen Kristen - your inner Jan is showing and she still owns you. She is not the 1st or last person to flip a pap off and guess what - they deserved it and more so please come with something real, she will continue to make movies and be rich - where will you be? KSIBTU

Anonymous said...

Great Job Rose! :)
Hi Fran, Marjorie1211, Ginger, Annie, Holy, Fran B, Intruth, and the rest of Roselands! You rock!

Zkorpiozz HTTCO said...

You make laugh... so hard. Exactly, disappear, jux disappear both PLS. Unfortunately, they've to work, run errands and chill; like all human does.

PamH said...

@ Rose
Car, car, truck, truck, car, car...I Love It!!!
But I'm with you in hoping they'd get away together for awhile.

Anonymous said...

@PC I can't imagine them being with anyone else either.

We all know relationships take nurturing and work. I was looking at the pics of Kristen earlier today and didn't see a ring which pains me. Even last summer, she never took it off.
I do hope that Rose is right that even though they are spending time apart that they are still together in their hearts. I just can't see a relationship that has endured so much and the fact that these two are madly in love just end....like that.

Anonymous said...

I am going to bed soon. Hi to all over of you. I think I am going to have a good dream about them. Just let you all know I will pray for them tonight.
Rose- I like about the Car, Car Truck, Truck, Car, Car. Its really cool.

Delle1 said...

She is wearing a ring,the papps have been tampering with the pics again...
Luv this post Rose it's too funny.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, I enjoy your writing and point of view so much. It's been enlightening for me, and I'm still learning.

Some important comments I want to quote.

Rose - "I think this fandom is not only driven by drama...But it's addicted to it."

Ginger - "We know nothing" applies more and more everyday, and if we are all being honest, they don't now and never did want us to know or be a part of their relationship..."

Ginger - "we as a whole fandom created that monster and put them on the map like they are now - sigh."

Rose - "Stop freaking out over every insignificant detail."

The last one in my new mantra. Peace and happiness to all Roselanders.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, accidentally double posted...

One darn typo too...

I meant ...This is my new mantra:
Rose - "Stop freaking out over every insignificant detail."

Think I will have it tattooed to my forehead!!! LOL!!!

Alba Gutierrez said...

i really hope that they are fine , i wish they go away for a while, we will miss them but they deserved been happy and aaaaway from all the crap. Thank you Rose.

Atticus said...

Great words, Rose. Car, car, truck, truck, car, car...sometimes I wanna get off the roller coaster but then I wanna get back on.

Once again, Kristen is bearing the brunt of this bullshit fiasco. One day, one fucking day, I hope you fucktards and tabtards eat your fucking words! Yeah, I know, when pigs fly, right?

I'll admit it, it would have been nice to see the ring but then we see Rob driving back to their home, the one he supposedly left. Just proves the point, we don't know anything.

At this point, I just want to see them on a movie set, especially Kristen.

DreamerKind said...

It begins to amuse like a farce played out on a stage, in a theatre. Many things are thrown out at the audience, to lead and mislead. Act I & Act II. Finis.

In the end, the audience goes home and puzzles over it all, again and again.

That is very satisfying I think, not having a conclusive ending, or discovering that there are several ways it could go. Life imitates our thoughts, doesn't it?

As you said, "Hmm." I'll add, trains, boats and planes, to the trucks and cars part of the plot.


DreamerKind said...

Some places where the Fairy Godmother likes to imagine herself. Rob & Kristen would, too, I'd bet my usual hundo.


DreamerKind said...

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

William James

Earlier, I chose wine over beer, cookies over cake, potato chips AND pretzels, while the cheese had to stand alone. Ta da, no stress!

DreamerKind said...

Thoughts after watching the mamtani video linked above:
We are power-filled light, projecting everywhere, in our world, throughout the universe, within and without. If we could only believe, we'd see it!
Our Greatest Fear

It is our light
Not our darkness
That most
Frightens us

Our deepest fear
Is not that we are

Our deepest fear is that
We are powerful
Beyond measure

It is our light
Not our darkness
That most frightens us

We ask ourselves
Who am I
To be brilliant, gorgeous
Talented and fabulous

Actually, who are you
Not to be
You are a child of God

Your playing small
Does not
Serve the world

There's nothing enlightened
About shrinking
So that other people
Won't feel insecure around you

We were born to make manifest
The glory of God
That is within us
It's not just in some of us
It's in everyone

And as we let
Our own light shine
We unconsciously give other people
Permission to do the same

As we are liberated
From our own fear
Our presence automatically
Liberates others

— Marianne Williamson

DreamerKind said...

Day Is Done

Peter, Paul & Mary:

Tell me why you're crying, my son
I know you're frightened
Like everyone

Is it the thunder in the distance
You fear?
Will it help
If I stay very near?
I am here

And if you take my hand my son
All will be well
When the day is done
Day is done
Day is done

Do you ask why I'm sighing, my son?
You shall inherit
What mankind has done

In a world filled
With sorrow and woe
If you ask me why this is so
I really don't know

Tell me why you're smiling my son
Is there a secret
You can tell everyone?

Do you know more
Than men that are wise?
Can you see
What we all must disguise
Through your loving eyes?

And if you take my hand
My son
All will be well
When the day is done

Thank you/ppmcsk

tyas titisari said...

Just wonder, the recent pics kristen flippin to papz, I know she hates them, but since july I saw her more cautious in her actions to papz. Even on several sever attacks like at LAX with rob, coachella with rob, after concert with rob, she just ducked her head. What causing her to snapped like that now? As much I want to smack the papz, but by reacting like that, just giving the papz what they want. I thought she knows that.
And I also can see clearly no ring when she flippin to papz with her 2 hands. I'm worried.
We don't know nothing, but I can't help feel a knot in my gut.

DreamerKind said...

Per the above quote:

"As we are liberated
From our own fear
Our presence automatically
Liberates others."

Kristen's freely expressed bird flippin' symbolism, and Rob's unconcerned demeanor while driving those vehicles to places, liberated me to no end today.

Thank you.

mari said...

i love your post rose, i am sticking to your MANTRA


don't pay attention to the tabs & rags

Stella said...

Rose, it's always nice the way you put things into perspective.

In my eyes, "for now" is the key phrase.

We are here. Waiting. Hoping for the best.

Take care.

Haxy Munaf said...

You did it Rose! Awesome post! Love the ending "This post is brought to you by.......... Another car!" LOL. So funny and true!

DreamerKind said...

By paying it forward, I will liberate you from your fear and worry, if I may.
They were letting shine, in their own ways, their own lights, so we will see no FEAR. It's clearly so. :)

"And as we let
Our own light shine
We unconsciously
Give other people permission
To do the same."

tyas titisari said...

I know we should just let them be...*sigh*
Wish them well...*sigh*

DreamerKind said...

This Little Light Of Mine


Many people believe this song stems from work hollers and spirituals, however it was actually written in the 1920s.
The song has been made popular by many artists over the year, gaining the most meaning during the Civil Rights Movement.
Rather than from spirituals, the song is more likely to take its meaning straight from the Bible, which has many allusions to light, candles and empowerment.

Thank you/thelawnet

DreamerKind said...

Well, you're right, it isn't easy. (sigh) & (hugs).

DreamerKind said...

My little light is on a dim setting, still on, but just a moonglow.
So, I'll get myself cozy in the Land of Nod very soon.

But lastly, this inspiration I saw and share.


DreamerKind said...

“Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

― Nathaniel Hawthorne

Helen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen said...

your post is giving hope despite everything, thank you for that.

Birdie said...

Good morning Roseland! Friday, thank God.

Rose, Ginger,DK, you are wise women.

I agree, POOF! gone! Dry those MF's with the cameras right up. Man, do I despise those creepy little parasites.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thank you Rose. "Connected, close, not looking in the same direction, for now" - I 'm going with you with that one.
Whatever happens, I hope they will be happy, and i wish the papz would leave them alone.

Pisteuo said...

Rose, why oh why can't people get it. I honestly believe some people desire to be stupid. I really do.

Tabloid media = Stupid!!!

Roseland, here is a little cartoon that I posted a while back that accurately describes this fandom. It was produced by Walt Disney in the 1930's and I think it rings truer today than it did back then.
Foxy Loxy starring as the media and the rest of the cast as this fandom.
Hope you enjoy the show!


Pisteuo said...

DK, love your litte inspiration.
You are definately on the same page as Kristen. :)

Pisteuo said...

That cartoon was in the 40's....sorry.

katy said...

Great post, Rose!

"we know nothing"

I don't know nothing of what going on between Rob and Kristen and I don't have the right to know.

I adore them and just can only wish them much love and hapiness.

"Find your happy and hold on tight"

Take care everyone

Second Chance said...

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" You nailed it Pisteuo. That video sums up this entire situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! Are you guys saying they still broke up. I hope not. I have been praying that they stay together. Sorry can't sleep after what those trashy tabloids did to them.

Pisteuo said...

Hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend!

No Arleen. Watch the cartoon...all of it.

Anonymous said...

Pist- What cartoon?

Oneheart said...

Hi Roseland and Rose I want to say what an inspiration your post was. I have not yet lost my belief in Rob and Kristen. How could I since the only ones saying anything are the tabloids and I have never believed those rags.

I too would love for Rob and Kristen to go away and spend time alone. Like Ginger said this fandom needs that too.

I think it has always been Kristen that the haters are obcessed with and not Rob. LOL They can't even celebrate the lies that have been printed from obcessing over her. It's a fine line between love and hate and I think that is what is going on with them. Kristen owns them and they love it.

I have faith in love and I have faith in Rob and Kristen to come out of all of this stronger than ever. I want what they want.

Anonymous said...

Pist.- Hi! Nevermind. I saw it. And you are right. I just hope and pray that they are together. That is all that matters to me. I know in my heart they are.
artemisluvv- Hi! Great comment to Rose. But I still never gave up hope and faith in Rob and Kristen.
Oneheart- Hi! Good to have you hear. I have in faith in Rob and Kristen too.
Atticus- Hi! How are you? I have miss you. And great comment. And I agree don't know anything in their relationship. But in my heart I know they are together.
As for the rest of you I am hoping that they get away. Like camping to release stress and time for themselves. I hope they bbq on this holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good Friday morning! Well I got to get ready for babysitting and work. But I will be home about 12pm. Keep me posted. And I am still here you guys. I am not going anywhere. And I hope you guys don't.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Lurking Robert

Nice long 3 day weekend and I think I am going to use it to disconnect more than normal and enjoy the sun because it will be in the 80's here - woohoo. No work and all play may make this ginger want to stay with the play !!!

In all seriousness, they both have films coming up to film, Rob with Maps and Kristen with Camp X-Ray and The big Shoe, lets be the kind of fans they want us to be and support their careers and let them work out their relationship. No matter what happens it is not about us, for us and most certainly should not effect us. We have never had a say in it and we never will, love is a very powerful thing - it just doesn't go away, it lingers with you for a life time. They are very important to each other and that will always be the case today, tomorrow, and forever. Let's have some fun this weekend !!!!

Tracybell said...

Don't u think rob and Kristen are fucking with us just a wee bit lol. The audacity of him to pull up to Kristen's gate in a CAR...how can he move his shit in a CAR?...bwahaha. another day another speculation. Car? Hmmm. Interesting indeed *insert smirk right here* I'm like you and have always been...until proof to the contrary...they're together.period. this is all much ado about nothing. On another note: do you feel pressure to post when everything is going crazy? I imagine your inbox is overflowing. Well have a wonderful weekend lady.

@dk...square biz

Hey ladies I have something to say. Dk posted a comment by tony Robbins yesterday:

"The more rules you have about how people have to be, how life has to be for you to be happy, the less happy you’re going to be."

This is this fandom in a nutshell. Are we only happy if we apply our rules and the rule is the state of rob and Kristens relationship. No one can lead their life on the basis of another's happiness and be happy themself. Especially the happiness of someone we don't know.

I come on here wanting to read funny and twisted comments by ladies like Pist, Gargamel, Ginger and be inspired by the thoughtfulness of Dreamer, Olivia, Holy. And even the blunt honesty of Robert, you don't comment often but when you do you certainly don't waist ur words. I don't come on here for a rollercoaster ride.

Litmom said...

Hey, Rose!
Thanks for your post - I was expecting one. I've been a sick little girl for about 10 days, but have managed to keep up with what's what this week.

I believe in what these two have, and I believe in you, Rose! Time (and love) is all we need!

I've missed all my friends here for the past week or so, but have been feeling so gross that I can barely manage to do the job I HAVE to do, much less the fun stuff I WANT to do :-/ .

Last day for kids yesterday - 2 workdays and then it's MY SUMMER!!! Hooray for my trip to the UK in 2 1/2 weeks!!!

Tracybell said...

Sorry phone wouldn't let me finish...

Anyway I don't like rollercoaster rides in my life let alone someone else's. Let's let rob and Kristen ride their ride and we just get to watch them every now and then. That's how I see it anyway.

Have a good day ladies. Be kind, be happy and enjoy the rain for those who are getting it....in Oklahoma we gettin plenty.

Kay said...

LOVE that video, Pisteuo - soooo flipping accurate. Sat here wondering if others put me into the same group that I saw myself in....because I sure was seeing different fandom voices in the various groups! hehehe A bit disturbing to watch and think "holy crap, there we all are!"

Take care, be safe and have a fun weekend, everyone! ❤

Robert said...

somebody hand me the lighter fluid this fire needs a little juice

we all know that men are smarter than women naturally [see O J Simpson, Charlie Manson, Adolph Hitler etc,] i mean come on we make all the laws, discover all the neat shit, and invent all the really cool stuff [thanks al gore for inventing the internet] and of course we have all the real winners like donald trump, need i say more [you hope not huh?]

but sometimes you just gotta give it up to women, like

Rose, a brilliantly calming influence in a sea of insanity [corny, i know but you gotta give me points for alliteration]

DK, your wisdom is like a balloon that floats over my head and like a little kid i keep jumping trying to reach it

Ginger, i hope you haven't left yet because i have to tell you i will be stealing your words again, i mean "a paper bag and a borrowed dick" was great but "your inner jan" are you fucking kidding me? wow,

relish it ladies you are in the presence of greatness

and oh by the way... more to come [that's what she said]

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracy - well I enjoy your comments a lot too so we can rock that boat together !!!!. Sunny here and I am ecstatic about it

Hi Ho off to work I go and I will bitch about it a little because it is work and not play, all work and no play make ginger a cranky girl !! - Pam my kids watched The Shining and scared the crap out of themselves, told them not too lol

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - oh I am not going anywhere at all - never, I am just going to enjoy this weekend. You can steal my charming wit anytime and any place, I am well versed in smart ass. You so have to do a top 10 list here soon because can I tell you how much I love them !!!!!!

Robert said...

and it seems to never stop...

tracybell thanks for your kind words,
you know i was thinking, i don't really know what went on in my own relationships, and i have the luxury of hindsight being 20/20 and several years of objectivity and i still cant figure it out. so maybe someone could explain to me how other people seem to have R and K all figured out and when did their private life become any of our business anyway?

just curious

Robert said...

all you had to do was ask

top ten things that piss english professors off on the internet

10. when you take a nap, "you lie down," you don't "lay down."

9. lay means "to put" not to repose, as in "you lay an egg."

8. the speaker "implies," the listener "infers."

7. it's "between you and me," but it is "among you, me, and the stars up above."

6. "there" is used as "over there" or "there seems to be a problem"

5. "their" is possessive as in "their home" or "their car"

4. "they're" is a contraction of the words "they are"

3."who" is subjective in other words, "who" is used as a subject or it replaces a subject, such as Joe Biden, "who" is the vice president.

2. "whom" is objective, or it is the object in a sentence like "For whom the bell tolls"

and drum roll please,

1. "impactful" is not a word

Robert said...

also wanted to say that the web site is in the works

my ex father in law, who is cajun, used to call me "tortue" which means "turtle"


Tracybell said...

Well....I must piss you off a lot! Lol

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen do not have to comment on their personal lives.

If they have broken up or not is their business and no one else's.

Best wishes to both. Together or not.

Anonymous said...

I always think it a marvelous idea the way Katharine Hepburn did not live in LA, Venice or anywhere where the paps hung out. She had a brownstone in NYC and her home in Connecticut. She knew about the paps and the press. Smart lady. I miss her.

Robert said...


of course you don't piss me off, no one on here does

this is just how i have my fun

in fact, i love your posts

Tracybell said...

Lol! Thank you :) but admit it...text speak crawls under your skin and makes you shiver just a little....ha! Seriously, can't wait for ur website.

Robert said...


text-speak would have to exist in my world in order to irritate me


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose and everyone!

My internet was down all morning. Sigh. However, having a few hours away from it forced me to be more productive (I actually finished a chapter I've been working on AND paid my bills. Wow!) Anyway, that little bit of time helped me regain my perspective and my focus. I realize that I once again allowed myself to get swept up in the lives of two people who I do not know, nor am ever likely to know. It's just so damn easy to do! But the truth is that while reading about their lives can be a pleasant form of escapism, it should not take precedence over my real life. I promised myself after the events of last summer that only relationship I was going to obsess on would be my own. And yet ... I found myself once again on same path.

I think I am going to take a little breather from these two for awhile. (Maybe Rob and Kristen don’t need a break away from each other as much as I do from them. Lol!)

I’ll be back sometime next week. I want to spend time with my family and not the fandom (much as I adore it!)

… Unless of course, something dramatic happens between R&K! (Insert sheepish grin … HERE.)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tracybell said...

Oh sweet jeebus...do you follow cosmogirl 7481? I just got a notification she started a new story "sanctuary". If u not reading her you seriously must.

Just curious...do u read fanfic?
I'll understand if u plead the 5th C:

Robert said...


when i was in grad school i was forced to read stuff like Harold Bloom's "Agon" and other pretentious literary books. now i am no longer in grad school i read whatever i want.

"girl with the dragon tattoo" is my most recent favorite, the whole series. and anything by harlan coben is outstanding. my top five books of all time.....

5. Moby Dick
4. A Confederacy of Dunces
3. Like Water for Chocolate
2. The House of the Spirits
1. 100 years of Solitude

but to answer your question i am a sucker for romance and while i haven't found one that i enjoy in a good while, i have to admit there were some fan fics that were really very good

i loved "the tour," and "of mustangs and men," and "now she's gone" was pretty decent. i kinda got into the ones that skipped all the vampire stuff and dove into the core of the E and B romance. there are 2 that can never remember the names of but i think one was called "first and ten" edward played quarterback in the NFL, and the one where they are in high school and jacob dies in a motor cycle accident early on.

my two favorites are "these dreams" and "a thousand leaves"

there is also a fic called "down at the lone star which was really going strong up until july of 2012 and then the girl just stopped writing...

so, to answer your question, yes i do and would love some suggestions for more, as long as they are complete

Monica said...

@Ginger, I love that KSIBTU!~

Paps are harassing them to no end. I feel really sorry for them. Together or not, I wish them peace. They are good people and they deserve the best.

Monica from Asia

Nancy Allen said...

Rose....Love your thoughts. You are the voice of sanity in this crazy fandom! Your blog is the best. Always look forward to your words. @ a Crazy old lover of their love and twihard.

Nancy Allen said...

Thanks once again for your words of sanity in this crazy fandom! Love your blog and look forward to it after all the negativity in the crazy rag mags. #crazy old lady in love with love...Kristen and Rob always end up together.

KStew Krew said...

@Robert...I could have sworn, on a stack of bibles even, that "impactful" was a word. I have used it many times in my profession (JK)....for example: geez Mr.____ good thing we are doing your colonoscopy today because your bowels are "impactful"! Seriously though I loved your top ten list. I am going to check into your top five list of novels too. I too have read the GWTDT series and loved them.
@Frannie....I too have thought about a break from the fandom. However, it is so dang hard to stop this addiction. Good luck, I have tried and failed miserably.
I have seen the new pics of Kristen out and about with friends and flipping the papz off. I say good for her. They must have said something very nasty to her and or her friends. I commend her and Rob for holding onto their composure as often as they have in the past. Sometimes though....you just gotta let loose. I am not sure if I saw a ring on her finger, really doesn't matter....OK, yes it does: but I think the pap may be messing with pictures because I think I see a shadow where it is. JMO Not getting too upset because they have not stated or given reason to believe they are having difficulties or separated. So like Rose said (the voice of reason in the back of my head) I will not faulter in my faith until I hear it from their own two mouths.Love is everchanging and relationships are always in the working process.
Have a great weekend everyone!

@Pisteuo....I will watch your video when I can, at work.
@Rose...just about laughed so hard about the post, people at work looking at me funny, had to stifle my laugh. Good thing my patients aren't awake. They just don't understand!!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracy - I saw it all over twitter this am so I am going to read it for sure

@Monica - Hugs, big fat hugs too you and yep this is so bad they are camping her gated community right now.

@Robert - I am horrible with articulating my words coherently - I am a English professors worst nightmare, yo to the do, just look when I get on my sarcastic rolls ha

KStew Krew said...

@Robert...I could have sworn, on a stack of bibles even, that "impactful" was a word. I have used it many times in my profession (JK)....for example: geez Mr.____ good thing we are doing your colonoscopy today because your bowels are "impactful"! Seriously though I loved your top ten list. I am going to check into your top five list of novels too. I too have read the GWTDT series and loved them.
@Frannie....I too have thought about a break from the fandom. However, it is so dang hard to stop this addiction. Good luck, I have tried and failed miserably.
I have seen the new pics of Kristen out and about with friends and flipping the papz off. I say good for her. They must have said something very nasty to her and or her friends. I commend her and Rob for holding onto their composure as often as they have in the past. Sometimes though....you just gotta let loose. I am not sure if I saw a ring on her finger, really doesn't matter....OK, yes it does: but I think the pap may be messing with pictures because I think I see a shadow where it is. JMO Not getting too upset because they have not stated or given reason to believe they are having difficulties or separated. So like Rose said (the voice of reason in the back of my head) I will not faulter in my faith until I hear it from their own two mouths.Love is everchanging and relationships are always in the working process.
Have a great weekend everyone!

@Pisteuo....I will watch your video when I can, at work.
@Rose...just about laughed so hard about the post, people at work looking at me funny, had to stifle my laugh. Good thing my patients aren't awake. They just don't understand!!!

Irish said...

Hi Roseland and to DK, Lit, Kay, Robert, Ginger, Birdie, all who I posted with last summer.

I don't post much anymore, but I wanted to share something I tweeted last night that goes with Pisteou's theme.

Not everything is as it appears.
Please see the following links:



Have a very safe and happy Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. Please take a moment to remember our fallen heroes and the men/women who fought for our freedom.

sue said...

Rose, thank you. Haha, car, car, truck.... If it wasn't for you, some of us, ok yep me, would be banging my/our heads against the wall.

Howdie boys and girls,
can the sky fall down? I'd like to see it from close up. Yep I'd love to see me a miracle.
Sorry had a crazy goofy silly day at work, always good to laugh, life is too short, Yep, I'm throwing the clichés around today.
Rob&Kristen confirming or denying anything? That will be the day, like I said a goddamn miracle, I hope they never do and stay true to their principles. It's a fucking circus out there with the fuckerpapz being the shit stuck under your shoes.
RObert and Kristen just do what you have to do and stay safe.

Bye for now.

PamH said...

Good morning ladies and gent

Nice pic of Rob with friends up at RPL from NYC

@ Ginger
You may be sharing your bed with the kiddos for awhile LOL
But they can't say you didn't warn them. Have fun this weekend with them :)
Love you new pic by the way = D

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend

Wish Rob and Kristen some peace and happiness as well

sue said...

Oh Robert I forgot, First and Ten is from Nolebucgrl.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
PamH- When was that picture taken in NYC. Was it before the Met Gala? And who are those girls by the way.

PamH said...

Congrates to Tom on his award for his work in Orphans.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Ginger, Lizzied, Annie, Tuf, Robert, DK, KK, Tracybell, Oneheart, Holy, Rose, Intruth, and the rest of Roselands.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DreamerKind said...

Hello, everyone!

I am going out soon to look at new places. One might be beyond my means but not my dreams.

Wisdom. That jumping child is filled with it, for even attempting to reach the source of his wondering, is a fearlessly wise act.

25abcdefgh said...

I think that for two artists living together at 23 and 27 is just too early. It is looking for trouble. I was surprised to see that they did it again.

DreamerKind said...

ICU! So true about the many ways of seeing. Hugs.

PamH said...

@ Arleen
We assume its while they were in NYC during Met Gala, only because it says NYCfrom whomever posted it. The black haired girl is Tamra Katy P. assistant and friend of R and K. I don't know who the guy or the blonde girl are, but maybe someone else may.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, no! Hash is being rehashed again today, and the mash isn't tasty or creative. Boarishly blah, hash. Boring, to say the most.

Anonymous said...

PamH- Thanks! Good to know. Hugs.
DK- Hi and Hugs.

Kay said...

Oh, I just wanted to say that even though it may seem like I'm dissing the fandom in my frustration with certain aspects of it, I'm really not. I'm actually very protective of it (like the sibling you get to pick on, but no one else can) and I'm truly grateful for so much of what being in this fandom has brought me. One of many things I've been thankful for this week is the exposure to new musicians whose sounds and styles I love - Marcus Foster, Bobby Long and Sam Bradley. If you haven't listened to Sam's EP that came out this week, give it a shot...it is really good.

Olivia White said...

Great post as usual, Rose. We have pledged to only post happy thoughts and positive comments on our TL's this weekend. We know the papz have been manipulating the dates and changing the pictures released to the tabs by airbrushing the ring out, & by airbrushing Rob out of the Kris out w/ friends pics. Too bad they missed some. Just further proof that this whole mess is totally contrived by hater tips, tabs, & Papz. I stand behind Kristen & Rob. They don't deserve this. Don't RT or open any tabs. Protect our sweet couple. Have a happy and safe weekend.

Delle1 said...

Thankyou for noticing the botchup job the papps have done trying to remove the ring from her finger,it is there.

ADD said...

I totally agree with Harvey Levin. Who would have thought?

I wish they could disappear too. It's not going to be easy, the papz are going to be ruthless. They need peace.

Not R/K related. The video below is about Zach Sobiech, a 17 year old diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. It's an amazing video and makes you think about a lot things you take for granted.

Delle1 said...

Tamra is Katy Perry's assistant,she was hanging at K's while in LA,the other girl and guy are friends and yes,this was before the Met gala.

Rhonda S said...

I have always loved John Lennon -love your icon and love John's song
of hope and the end of people who hate and the paps:


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

And thank you Rose for a site I can go to some sanity. I have deleted Twitter on my phone. I am so done with it.

Holy said...

Hello everyone and Happy Friday.

Just came back watching Star Trek Into Darkness,the 1st one was better,but Zachary Quinto was

Congrats to Tom Sturridge is winner of the 2013 Outer Critics Circle Award - Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play ("Orphans")

Holy said...

@Ginger-waves,how are you today?

@DK- hello,I love IT blah,blah,blah.LOL.

WAVES and HUGS--@Tracy/Pam/Atticus/Frannie/Annie/Tuf/Super/Topaz/gargamel/sue/Delle/Arleen and to those I miss.

Holy said...

@Monica- hello there stranger,how are you.

Holy said...

No wonder Kristen was furious and I can't blame her."E! News has learned that Stewart was mobbed in the parking garage by over 20 paparazzi"

vernistene said...

I fuckin love you Rose! You rock!!! You always keep it real and bring back into perspective. I love Rob and Kristen together. But that's all I can say. I can't make their lives what I want it to be. I'm with you whatever it is it's their business and I won't stop caring for these two people. Not "breaking news" but two people who deserve respect. They didn't do anything to us. And Tom you rock!!!!

Barb said...

@ arte Ginger and DK I love your reasoning! So they had a fight BFD! BFD! BFD! Poor kids can't be left alone! If it were me being followed everywhere I wouldn't just be throwing fingers. I would be throwing fecal matter! Yep! SHIT!!! Big pitch forks full of it!!! They wouldn't be able to clean their lenses fast enough!!! :0

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you Rose for being the voice of reason. I just wish people would listen and just calm down.

I am content to wait and see what happens. I believe they are deeply in love, and that love will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

I hope all the fans read Pisteuo's post and watch the Chicken Little video she posted. This is probably the smartest thing I have seen written about this whole crazy b.s. So thank you for bringing that over.

My mother (who passed away a little over a year ago) was an elementary school librarian, and she loved reading Chicken Little to the young ones. And you know, they all seemed to get it. The sky is not really falling. And don't let the fox convince you otherwise.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Can I please add Handsome, Handsome, Handsome to Car, Car, Truck, Truck, Car Car???? ....That first pic of Rob on the floor with K....DAMN IT...that is a good looking man!!! We haven't really talked about that lately :)))))


I love ya...enjoyed all of your posts ....nobody says it better than a college prof from the Bayou named Robert ....nooobody :)))

Forgive me everybody, but I want to be happy and not dwell on things that only a few know the answers to...pure conjecture doesn't mean a bag of beans...

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday weekend and God bless our service people and veterans...it's only because of them that we enjoy the frivolous life we have and sadly too few appreciate it...

J.PattersonPrada said...

You are one crazy bitch but...drink up because he is enough to inebriate any woman. I love your posts...carry on.

J.PattersonPrada said...

You are one crazy bitch but...drink up because he is enough to inebriate any woman. I love your posts...carry on.

Robert said...

kstew krew

you are one of my favorite people commenting on this blog and i know you were probably just playing around with me about "impactful" but you know how nurses, when they come upon the scene of a tragic accident, they are required by law to stop and help, because they have taken an oath. it is the same for english professors who witness a tragedy on the information super highway, we have to stop and help. so you gave the dude a colonoscopy because his bowels were impacted, not impactful, but you already knew that didn't you

Robert said...


what a nice thing to say. love you right back


if you do happen to read my top 5 you should start with like water for chocolate because it is the most fun to read

Barb said...

@ Robert I am reading the "girl" series right now! Love it! I'm working on the last book right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holy, Ginger, Annie, Intruth, Sue, Tracybell, Topaz, Barb, Rose, and the rest of Roselands. Sorry I was out. Anything that I missed. I am hoping for good news not bad news. All I care about is Rob and Kristen are together and ok. That is all I care about. I am still not giving up hope and faith for them.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Robert! How are you?
What going on here? Did I miss something here?

Anonymous said...

Hi DK. This one is for you. I grew with these kinds songs.

mari said...

i hope everything is fine between them, let's just wait & see. just keep on praying.

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone? I hope everyone is ok. You guys sound quiet.

Runningwithnails said...

What to Expect When Joining the RK Fandom
The posting below speaks to the latest drama in the RK fandom…but I wanted to emphasize that this drama will happen again. We have to be strong as we continue on this crazy journey we choose to be a part of and be strong when the next wave hits. There will always be another wave! (current drama…may 2013)
Truthfully, we can certainly blame fellow *fans* for the drama/roller coaster ride…but…we also have to *blame* RK.
I think most of us knew when we signed up that they are not like other celebrity couples. They are going to make us work for it.
If you can’t ignore the tabloids and the pap’s *fiction* then you should really find another fandom to join.
I’m not saying you can’t be *fans* of Kristen &/or Rob…but I see the RK *fandom* as a separate entity. You have to be willing to sit tight and wait for them to *tell* us on their own time table what the fuck is going on with them.
You can’t expect for Ruth or Nick to put out a press release and calm all your fears. NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN
You also can’t expect *Happily Ever After*! We might get it…and if there’s a couple that could deliver it, I think this one has the best shot but they are HUMAN… I repeat…THEY ARE HUMAN. Their life is NOT a movie or a fairy tale it is REAL LIFE. Sometimes REAL LIFE SUCKS!
So, if you can’t DEAL with the fact that the media is going to make shit up about them at EVERY turn then get out now and save your sanity. Might I suggest a more tame and predictable fandom or at the very least next time & I guarantee there will be a next time…take a couple of Xanax & and CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!

ASFJ said...

There is a lot of debate whether she has her ring on or not in the pics. I haven't seen them...(the pics). Judging from the comments on some of the sites, more people agree that they have seen them than not. I remember when she took ALL rings off when Rob was filming in Toronto.....so don't despair folks, or rush to any judgements...I have faith and also feel good when I read Rose. Keep the faith.

ASFJ said...

There is a lot of debate whether she has her ring on or not in the pics. I haven't seen them...(the pics). Judging from the comments on some of the sites, more people agree that they have seen them than not. I remember when she took ALL rings off when Rob was filming in Toronto.....so don't despair folks, or rush to any judgements...I have faith and also feel good when I read Rose. Keep the faith.

ASFJ said...

There is a lot of debate whether she has her ring on or not in the pics. I haven't seen them...(the pics). Judging from the comments on some of the sites, more people agree that they have seen them than not. I remember when she took ALL rings off when Rob was filming in Toronto.....so don't despair folks, or rush to any judgements...I have faith and also feel good when I read Rose. Keep the faith.

gargamel said...

...bored of this crap.Despair? nah. That's the haters. Wake us up when the trolls and rags) are done feeding and reading each other.
Just in case the anti-Krist are wondering how an R&K fan feel bout the rags' BIG JOKE ...here: "zzzzznnngggooorrrkk". Yep we sleep til ya'll done with your show.
For all we know R&K are lovingly boinking each other against your liking.
Oh and haters ...watch your behinds...a golden baby might be lurking and just bite your sour asses.

gargamel said...

Swinging on a hammock in lizzie's LA-LA-LAND.
Feel bad for trolls' LA-LA-HELL. Must be hot.

Anonymous said...

Hi gargamel! How are you?

DreamerKind said...

Thanks, dear.

Lead the way, and I'll run along with you or we'll paint each other's nails just for kicks and twirls.

gargamel said...

Resplendidly happy. How bout you?

Anonymous said...

gargamel- Fine. Just waiting for the news our couple. From you guys and the twitter. Just making that they are ok. And tired from the antibiotic you know with my tooth problem. I miss all of you guys on here. I hope they are ok too. And hope they continue stay here. Because I am staying here. Unless something I don't know.

Atticus said...

It's a long weekend for most of you. I love long weekends but alas, already enjoyed mine last weekend.

The ring, the one ring, the emotions this one ring can provoke.

@ADD, Zach Sobiech is an inspiration. The video was both sad and uplifting.

@Pist, saw the video...great message.

@Holy, I'm a trekkie thru and thru. Loved it and want to see it again but our theatre run their movies for a week only. Bummer, the joys of small towns.

@Arleen, you are just too sweet!

DK, Ginger, arte, tuf, intruth, K2, Robert and all Roselanders...waves!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow...Runningwithnails....amazing, profound comment. Thank you for writing that. So true, so real.

Super R N - I agree, about that picture of Rob on that carpet with Kristen. Very handsome man & gorgeous woman. When I looked at the picture to the right of it, I thought there are two of the many sides of Rob, drop dead handsome and ultra fun sense of humor.

Barb - Thanks. And ditto to what you said !

Hi Arleen - It is a quiet night. Surprised you're still awake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Atticus - I loved the last Star Trek too. Hope we both get to see the new one soon. :-)

KStew Krew said...

@Robert.....yes, I was just messing with you! Impactful = fully impacted, not interchangeable you say....darn it! You gotta know we nurses are really twisted, in a good way most of the time. With the shit I have had to do and witness in my career, it is amazing I consider myself to be sane! Just gotta see the flip side of the coin and laugh a lot. My destressing comes from reading funny, insightful, and mostly objective opinions here in Roseland. I bless the day I found Rose and all in Roseland. You too are on of my favorite posters. I will take your advice on reading Like Water for Chocolate first. I am always looking for a good read.

@gargamel...boinking? Anti-Krist? Lol!!! Practice making those mini Ninjas! Ultimate hater revenge would be a golden baby!!!! I hear all haters sizzling in the inferno! You seriously crazy, love ya!

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv- Thanks! I was about to go to bed soon. But just want to make sure all of you are ok. That is all. And I am hoping some good news about our couple. I am hoping they are bbq this weekend.
Atticus- Hi! And thanks.
KK- Hi!
Going to bed. Keep me posted. And don't lose this. I like talking to you guys. And hoping what our couple is doing. Hoping a getaway. But together. Like Lizzie said have some faith. Which I am. And I am going to pray tonight for them. Goodnight and hugs.

KStew Krew said...

Goodnight Arleen, sweet dreams, especially of our couple. Talk with ya later cause I too am off to bed.....long day.

Anni said...

I just love your blog!

gargamel said...

I just read that from fanfic. It's the slang for praying...calling all gods...like "Oh god"..."please god"..." omfgooooood.

gargamel said...

...although the last one sounds like cursing.

sue said...

@Gargamel, hope you're not offended by my declaration but damn girl, I love you. Haha, the things you say.

gargamel said...

not at all...fanfics are terrible. They give you gas. Good gas.

Robert said...


good to know, i have a little experience with nurses, okay i have 15 years of experience with nurses as i was married to one for that exact amount of time. nothing but respect for you and all nurses. i also worked as a bartender and a waiter for 6 years so i know what asshats the public can be

can't wait for you to read that book [and anyone else]

Arleen sorry i didn't get back to you last night watched a dvd and went straight to bed

oh by the way, i highly recommend "Salmon fishing in the Yemen" and last week i saw "mud" also very good.

Robert said...


i almost forgot

i deleted my comment when i realized that i was ruining the ending of the book barb was reading

probably too late

Second Chance said...

What in the world happened to this fandom? Why is everyone so needy all of a sudden? It gets tiresome reading comments like "Are Rob & Kristen ok?" from fans EVERY SINGLE DAY! I honestly didn't think fan reaction could get much worse after July. I was wrong. Why can't people step back a little bit and let them live THEIR lives?

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning to all the Roselands.
Robert- Its ok. I understand.
As for eveyone keep me posted. I will be back later. I am babysitting today. I am going to pick up my nieces and bring them to my house.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


OK. I will download my first assignment this weekend...give me a few weeks for my book report!!!! The Yemen book...is that the new one from the guy that wrote The Kite Runner?

Since I'm a nurse, I hope you won't hold that against me Prof:)))

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

@ Runningwithnails -loved the post and that is the truth

@Second Chances - the reason it is worse is because you are seeing people that have not resolved their feelings about July. This more than anything pisses me off (anyone that has me on twitter can tell you too). Let it go people. Whatever that was we don't know anymore a year later and we will probably never know (I don't want to know cause it is none of my business and something we should have never been privy too in the 1st place). They are real people with real things in their lives. No one walks around with a perfect life without ups/downs/sideways so why the hell do people expect them to. We know nothing at all but I see a lot of fence sitters waiting to point fingers in 10 different direction and play the blame game.

Rant over - going to be 80 here and I am going to take advantage of it big time :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm realizing that is a movie...I googled the book I was thinking about ...And the Mountains Echoed...the author is Khaled Hosseini...

I read his book A Thousand Splendid Suns...it was about 70's Afghanistan...the lives of 2 girls...one born as an illegitimate child of a wealthy man and the other born into the family of a college professor. It explains the beginnings of the Taliban and the life of a typical female in that country....It seems depressing but I could NOT put that book down until I finished reading it...It was a great read !

Have a good day everybody:)))

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Good Morning !!! have a wonderful day...I'm out the door myselft. HUGS:)))

Lanette said...

Always enjoy tour posts. Forever the voice of reason in an unreasonable situation.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - Hugs back, I have been waiting for 80 degree weather and with the pools opening - heaven :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger, Super, Intruth, Annie, Topez, Sue, and the rest of Roselands!
I am babysitting my two nieces. And where is everyone?

PamH said...

Good morning everyone

My sons graduation from HS was last night so after a late night with his friends my hubs and I take them all to Ihop for a celebratory breakfast and now they are crashed out in various places of the house to sleep the day away..guess the hubs and I are on our own today LOL

@ ginger
Enjoy your 80 degree day, it's about time you get some great weather :)

@ Arleen
No worries, I think everyone is just enjoying the long weekend and out and about doing thing...some probably working

@ LizzieD
If your lurking I hope you are getting to enjoy some time off = )

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable week :)

sue said...

@Arleen, I'm in a totally different timezone so I'm making dinner at the moment.
Saturday is my Indonesian, Thai, Indian or Chinese cooking day. Tonight I'm making Indonesian.
An Occasional Saturday I throw in making my own pizza's otherwise I'll be too predictable. Well in a way I already am as usually Saturday is my Indonesian.......bla bla day.
I'm gonna have an ice cold beer now and prepare myself for the Championsleague final tonight.

olivia said...

Thank you, dear Rose.
Always the voice of reason and sanity.

Hear! Hear! Thank you for your honest and heartfelt comments that are spot on. I agree with you and wish more people could see your words.

Hugs for you. Yes, that video needs to be viewed, over and over again by many. Take care, dear one.

As a great fan of Magical Realism, may I enthusiastically support your top 5 books. Love, love, love almost everything by Allende and Gabo. May I please add another? The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. This is the first book of a trilogy. It is the best of the three. (For those who read in Spanish, La sombra del viento.) A touch of Mag.Real. but also a bit Gothic in a hauntingly beautiful tale that takes place in old town Barcelona. A lovely read.

I always connect art with literature for my students.
So, as a pre-reading image to help with predictions:


Off for lunch and theraputic distribution of funds. An avid supporter of any and all " Shop Local" movements. : )

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for you, Rose.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen. Leave them alone. Allow them some peace and quiet and private time.
Life is good.
(One more week of school!
Litmom, you must be done by now. Hooray!
IB, **waves** and a ((hug)) for you. You must be getting close to the end of your school year up there. Take care!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Olivia, Ginger, Robert, Pist, PamH, Pattybg, Rose, Intruth, Topaz, Lizzied, Super, DK, KK, and the rest of you.
Sue- Sounds good. I would like recipe of them. My family loves those stuff. And so do I. Do you live in a another country?
Olivia- Thanks! I am not worried. Just make sure everyone is having a great weekend. Included our couple.
Ginger- Sounds like it warm where you at. Here its nice weather here.
Super- Hugs.
As for everyone hope you guys and our couple have a great day.

sue said...

@Arleen, I'm a Dutchie, so yes I live in the Netherlands. You?
I love cooking but sometimes you get lazy and lately it seems I'm cooking the same shite week in week out.
Have to dig my nose into my multiple cookbooks again to get some welcome inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! Actually I love cooking. We just want cooking different foods sometimes. Not always the same.

LizzieD said...

HAPPY SATURDAY, ROSELAND!!! Sorry I've been MIA for a few days as I was working and also out of town. I'm working today but hoping to rest tomorrow and maybe a little on Monday. I feel guilty for not being here to spread the positive thoughts. But it looks like everyone is being pretty positive. I was so happy this morning not to wake up to more pics of an unknown origin and date ... all it does is stir up the "troops" ...

PAMH -- Congrats on your son graduating, I'm certain it was a big day for all of you. We're having lovely weather here though it was 37 this morning!!!

Hello to everyone else, I apologize for not mentioning names ... but my 2 minute break is over!!! Hope to be back later.


tufenuf55 said...

Hi to all of Roseland!

Weather here in Sunny South is 78 and sunny w/mild breeze.

I started the 30-day squat challenge for a better behind. You start with 50 then by 30th day you are doing 250. I am up to 80 and can tell it's working. This is in addition to the regular workout I started Mon. I must be INSANE!!!

Sprayed round-up all all the dandelion bests on the edge of my yard and there was quite the crop! Round-up also all around the perimeter of my yard. Also set out some tomato and cucumber plants as well as new Hosta. Went to gro. store; gas for vehicle. Just got home and I'm going to rest for a while. No news about our couple is good news. Hope they are together, but regardless I hope they are having a great day. Have a wonderful weekend, Roselanders!!! Happy Memorial Day*******

LizzieD said...

TUF -- *WAVES* ... Good for you on the squat challenge. However, as a warning, watch out for the knees!!! Unfortunately, some of the best exercises can be very harsh on the knees. I've experienced this issue while getting ready for ski season. One of the best exercises for that is "sitting on the wall" ... but it hurts my knees pretty bad. So, you'll have the best "behind" in the county, LOL

Wouldn't we all like to have a behind like Kristen's "robust butt" ...

So glad things are quiet :-)))

Holy said...

@Ginger/Tracy/Pam/Atticus/Frannie/Annie/Tuf/Super/Topaz/gargamel/sue/Delle/Arleen/Katy/Kami/Fran and to those I miss.

@Atticus-hey there,yea me too,and I really love Spock.

@gargamel-Hahahaha,dude,your damn funny " boinking each other"and you know they are.

@K2-hello-oh god,I don't want to imagine impacted/impaction.LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi to
Delle,Holy,Katy,Kami,Fran,Robert,DK, KK, and as for the rest of you. Hope all as well. Hope all of you are having a great Saturday.
Holy- We miss you too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday Roselanders!

Doing home office organizing today, so I'm just dropping by for a quick hello to you all.

Lizzied -- Hi girl!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv- Hi! How are you? I just got done babysitting my nieces. We had fun. That is all.

mari said...

i dont have a twitter account, they say on twitter that
rob is hooking up with tali lennox, annie lennox daughter, i hope this is just a FUCKING BULLSHIT

and i dont think kristen will still exchange text with
the PIG



Super RN Gas Passer said...


I am jealous!!!! I tried to do some Tony Little squats a few weeks ago and it has taken me two weeks to recover from " massive injury"...I am not kidding...it nearly killed me... Good luck:))))


Stella said...

Good evening/morning!
How is everyone?
I'm still very busy but at least I feel productive and that's a good thing. I love the fact that I love my work.
When it comes to Rob and Kristen, I'm feeling calm, to be honest. Can't really explain it with all this fuzz that's been going on for the last few days, but it's the way I feel. I can't say I don't feel a bit anxious or a bit worried, but I know that everything will be ok in the end and if it's not ok, then it's not the end (like the motto in EP, if you've read that FF, LOL)
No matter what's happening, or not happening, we have to trust them to work it out, like every other normal couple, because they are only human and humans have problems that needs to be solved.
They deserve our trust, our love, our support and our faith that they'll make it. They deserve to be happy and they deserve to be happy with each other.
Keep an optimistic view, people!
Remember: what people say about us does not reflect who WE are, it reflects who THEY are.
Take care, everyone.
Love is all around us.

tufenuf55 said...

Thanks for the encouragement on the squats. It's been 6 days and I didn't start to feel sore bum until yesterday, so I guess it's starting to work.

Super RN

Oh, no. Sorry your suffered doing Tony Little. The challenge I'm doing is not deep knee squats. If you like I can send you pic of woman doing squats and the challenge. In any event, thanks for your support.


I think you have a good head on your shoulders. If I wake up tomorrow and learn that R&K each have new love interests, I will NOT die! I will accept their choices for what they want now in their lives. Does this mean that they will never be together again, probably not, because once you've been in love like they have, you can never fully let go. Being brave and optimistic, like you.

gargamel said...

Boinking is a Math term. (for the sake of the younger fans). It's the square root of K...divided by R's legs...minus their clothes.
Twirling in Lizzie's LaLaLand.

gargamel said...

...HATERS don't want them to MULTIPLY...so for now we stick to addition. Oh man...im running away.

gargamel said...

....which gets worse when ninnies keep adding 2 UNKNOWNS to the equation.

gargamel said...

Haters and trolls do MATHS with their head. Tsk tsk tsk. With their fingers. Sad....and toes...really sad.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I would love to see it...lol...thank you !!!!

Atticus said...

While some of you are doing the squat challenge, I just wolfed down a heavenly cinnamon bun with all that sinful gooey cream cheese topping. Yum!

I love gargamel's math.

DreamerKind said...

You are so strong on my mind tonight while playing this song!

I Believe In You

Don Williams:

Thank you/livingadream2

Tracybell said...

I'm so fucking sorry I didn't answer back on the fic recommends. I got busy refinishing my kitchen cabinets and have just checked back. I feel like such a bad, bad roselander.

Anyway there are two, no three I can recommend:
1. In To Deep by Edwardsbloodtype
Only because the epilogue made me cry like a fucking baby.

2. A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22
Such perfection I can't even go on about it.

3. Shadowboxer by Nobloodfoul
She quit writing but this is one of the first really deep fics I read. Wish she was still around.
4. Anything by Plummy...anything!

Robert said...

hello to everyone

i typed up a 3 page post with several top 5 lists and other stuff but my computer crashed and i lost it i have to meet some buddies for a beer right now but i will repost the other one tomorrow i promise

Tracybell said...

I lied also read anything by Aftrnoondlight. You won't be disappointed. Her words are complete poetry. I recently discovered mrsspacecowboy. Yes there is smut but her character development and the story behind the story rocks.

Have a good night. Are you playing with ur band tonight? If so hope it was a great gig.

Tracybell said...

Holy shit there u are. Too bad on the computer crash. It was fosho good stuff. You gotta redo it for us man.

Tracybell said...

Omg woman what are you on? Lol

Hey everyone...three beers in and feeling down right feisty!

KStew Krew said...

Oooooooohhhhh GARGAMEL!!!!!!!!!! Hold on a minute...ok better now....had to change my pee pee pants cause you had me laughing so damn hard!!! Holy shit, I wish you could've been my math teacher. I swear I have not heard of anything so freaking funny in s long ass time. You so naughty!!! You know the haters only know how to subtract and divide. Idiots. I love how you look at things with such great humor!

Tracybell said...

I love squats and run and work out regularly. Squats are awesome for the behind and core. I'm 48 and I'm in better shape than most 25 year old's I know. Keep it up it takes a while but it will be so worth it in the end. You'll be amazed what control you have over your body.

Four beers in and feeling wonderful!

Tracybell said...

Welp you must be busy having beers with friends. Have a few more for me....Sam Adams summer ale would be just about right...

ADD said...

He definitely is. It takes someone very special to make beauty out of a devastating situation.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


You are devastating me !!!


THANK YOU FRIEND !!!! What would I do without you???


I never was good with math...I count on my fingers all the time...sad...sooooo sad ...:)

gargamel said...

@Tracy and K2
Im so sorry for the discomfort. Please believe that im tryin to tone down on the innuendos. We have children coming here and faithfully voting for TCA's...
But hey...the infamous Law of Impenetrability is being disputed again.

Anonymous said...

Hi @ ADD, Holy, Ginger, Rose, Intruth, Tracybell, Atticus, Super, GARGAMEL, DK, KK, and the rest of Roselands!
@gargamel- I enjoy reading those fanfictions. Its fun for me. I have my own imaginations.
@DK- I enjoying your musics you tube.
@ADD- We miss you. Hugs. How are you?
As for me I am exhausted. From mostly babysitting. My nieces are handful. But you got to love them.
As for Mari or whoever. Its not true about Kp and Rob. To me it was a troll. I even saw their twitters. I know Rob and Kp are friends. Unless I don't know about.
As for everyone else I hope you have a great weekend.

Tracybell said...

There is nothing wrong with counting on ur fingers hun. It's healthy!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Thank you. I feel better now:)

You ladies have a good evening. I'll check on everyone tomorrow....

gargamel said...

I failed Trigo and Algebra...i suck in math.


Im a huge twi fanfic reader. Unplanned perfection was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

@GARGAMEL- I have a feeling Rob and Kristen might not go to TCA. Because think about it. They didn't go to MMA. And they didn't go to Cannes. What makes you think they would go. Especially after all of the media has happen. So I don't know about that. I would rather choose on relationship then that.

Tracybell said...

Infamous law of impenatrqbilty? Wtf please explain

Tracybell said...

That was quick ;) have a good night listening to Radiohead on Austin city limits...freaking awesome!

DreamerKind said...

I have been grazing on different foods for hours, including kolacky, pretzels, Italian Roast coffee, tea, Argentinian Zinfandel, New Zealand Blanc, Atel pears...

LizzieD said...

ARLEEN, If R & K (or either of them) are in town for the TCA'S, one or the other might attend BECAUSE someday they might want to work with Summit/Lionsgate again. Yea, Twilight is all done but still, if the rest of the cast is going to attend, there might be an obligation to fulfill. It's still 2 more months so we'll have to wait and see. We can always hope, right?

Tracybell said...

Quick...Wats ur #1 fic of all time?

Tracybell said...

Quick...Wats ur #1 fic of all time?

Holy said...

Hello again

@gargamel- thanks for the math lesson today professor.LOL

Tracybell said...

Goodevening lizzied and Arleen...

LizzieD said...

TRACYBELL -- My #1 fic is WIDE AWAKE!!!

Robert said...

ha=i'm back, you know you're old when it only takes 45 minutes to have a few beers

just kidding we actually brought the party [man i hate that word] to my house

so i gotta go, still promise to write more in the morning.

but for now DAMMIT SUPER "devastating" is an adjective not a verb. you can't just go around verbing words. i want you to write on the board 500 times "i promise to stop 'verbing' words."

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