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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Perception Isn't Reality

The REAL Rob and Kristen.

What a fascinating couple of days in R/K land... huh?

Let's see...

First we get the bastion of all that is true and good...
putting out some 'exclusive' pics of Kristen.
We've all seen them.

The 'upset emotional' pics of Kristen.
I just see pics of her sitting in a car.

This is what the reliable paparazzi
who has no apparent agenda claimed...

"Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend's apartment, smoking.
 She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour -- 
I'm guessing she was talking to Rob.
 She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. 
She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional," 
our photographer tells us.

Let's break it down, shall we?

So this Pap was watching Kristen for almost an hour...
She 'looked really upset talking on the phone'
Where are the pics of that?
What phone?
He watched her for almost an hour...
Yet not ONE pic of her on the phone looking all upset?

And the crème de la crème?

"I'm guessing she was talking to Rob."

How would this guy KNOW who she was talking to
(on this unsubstantiated phone conversation) 
Did you hear the conversation from outside?
Do you lip read from a distance?
Did you happen to get a shot of her screen and see "ROB"?
First we are to believe that not only did Kristen 
have an animated emotional phone conversation...
But that it was 'probably' with Rob.
Based on what exactly?
This slimy paparazzi's word?
Someone whose whole life is based on rumor and innuendo?
Someone who wants to give the most drama inducing
scenario for what basically turn out to be pretty boring pictures?
Kristen is sitting in a car with her girlfriend.

Is she upset? 
Maybe. Maybe not.
Do we have any fucking clue why?
Absolutely NOT.
Since when is X17 in any way someone
you would turn to for the truth?
Are you serious with that?

They aren't affected by this drama. They laugh at it.

Then we get E trying to tell us what happened...

"They are absolutely still together but are having some difficulties right now,"
 a source told E! News Thursday.
At the root of the issue? "Priorities," the insider says.
 But "they'll be fine. I do not foresee a split, they are just crazy in love. 
This is just another bump in the road."

"He's been hanging out with the boys a lot,
 and she's been with her girlfriends," another source exclusively tells us.
 "They seem to be living separate lives at the moment,
 I haven't seen her around at all."


So the 'insider' say they are CRAZY IN LOVE
but the 'source'  says they SEEM to be living separate lives.


No one who is close to Rob and Kristen
are telling stories out of school.
No one.
No one is calling up any of these tabloids
and telling them intimate details about 
Rob and Kristen's relationship.
This is all speculation based on some sleazy paparazzi's 
biased, uninformed agenda fueled narrative.

Even if it's something you want to hear?
Crazy in Love.
Do you need someone to tell you that?
Just look at these two.

You don't need gossip sites to tell you what is right
in front of your eyes.
You don't need CONSTANT affirmation
that Rob and Kristen remain
There is nothing to indicate otherwise.

We see pictures of Kristen with her friends...
Or see Rob out with friends for dinner...
Those are just brief fucking moments in their lives together.
Don't you get that?
Yes... they might be with their friends on occasion 
for an hour or two..
But riddle me this...
(Hint: T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.)

We see them shopping at stores...
Walking to meet friends for lunch
Coming out of gas stations to their dogs
waiting patiently in the car.
Those aren't dates.
When you live together...
Everything you do isn't a 'date'
It's life.
Their whole fucking life is a date.

Yes. It's REAL and it's SPECTACULAR.

So honestly.
Just because you can't see their lives
Doesn't mean they aren't living them.
Rob and Kristen are strong.
They probably aren't even aware of most of this
mundane bullshit.
They have better things to do.
Its only here in this fandom that
people let insignificant gossip cause drama.

So go ahead, Loony Fringe...
Cling tightly to your August deadline
Cling to your Seer and Blind Items
Cling to your Shit Eater and Trolls
who have nothing better to do
than make themselves look like complete utter fools.
And don't forget you look like idiots, too...
You applaud the lunacy.
You relish in their abhorrent behavior.
What does that say about you?
These are your heroes.
These are the ones you RT and encourage and laugh with...
These are the people who represent your
side of the fandom.

You put the LOON in Lunatics.

This post is brought to you by... lots of things.

1. @bonz245
Who sent me the above picture.
Thank you.

2. Rob and Kristen.
Stop trying to hurt them.
Stop trying to pit one against the other.
They are already strong...
Having people push against them
Only makes them stronger
and more determined than ever.

3. Thank you to the people 
who frequently comment on this blog.
I know I rarely get a chance to respond...
But know that I appreciate 
each and every word you type.
Thank you.

4. Tom Sturridge.
Who always makes me smile.
Who always makes me happy.
I love and adore you.

5. To the good side of the Fandom.
The right side.
The happy side.
The side that cares about the feelings
and well being of Rob and Kristen.
The side that matters.

6. My mantra remains.
Rob and Kristen
End up

Until next time.

Bye for now


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kstewrocks said...

If anyone has talked sense this week, it's you Rose.

Thank you for this post <3

You didn't delve into your own imagination on what might have happened. You just presented it to us all that Rob and Kristen are living, sharing precious or ordinary moments, TOGETHER.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

katy said...

Wise and rational,Rose....excellent post as always!!!!!

Much love and hapiness for Rob and Kristen.

Wish you all a awesome weekend. Take care.

JJ said...

welll like always!! I LOVE YOUR POST!!
well they're humans, regular peoplea normal couple, and like any couple they can fight!!! and that is not our problem!!!
but like u say no matter nothing they love each other!!

Kay said...

Thanks, Rose :)

Take care, be safe and have a fantastic weekend everyone! ❤

JMF said...

Thank you Rose. I am on the sane side of this fandom, standing loud and proud in the winner's circle.

JanBreesmom said...

Thank you.

Nicole said...

I gotta say, Rose, I've read your blog before but never commented. I've always been one of those who sits holding my phone or looking at my computer screen nodding along with every word, but not commenting. Today I am actually saying something. You're totally right. You always are.

I've seen many comments on my twitter timeline in the past couple days, and been extremely frustrated with those who seem to have lost sight of who they're a fan of, all because of the x17 article and the "feelings" they themselves have had recently, along with the fact that certain friends had not posted on instagram in TWO DAYS…which is apparently a long time.

You can probably imagine my expression at some of those comments. The look of horror and disbelief at what I was reading? Yeah. Not pretty. People are totally over-thinking things and working themselves into a paranoid frenzy. Some of them are still stuck in 2012…and not May or October, either. More like in the middle of that, tbh. And I think they should take a break and a breather, maybe read this post…and when we do see R/K again, maybe they'll be reminded why they're a fan in the first place.

Nicole said...

Also, I know my comment is long but this whole situation is just…yeah. I'm so thankful for rational thoughts by people like you, Rose, and I'm glad I follow you on twitter. :)

Pattybg said...




paola fores said...

GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS por hablar siempre del amor. Desde Argentina, Feliz fin de semana para Ud.

suzi cue said...

I always go to your site when I need some SANE reading. I too have never written to you but today you have touched something in me that compels me to respond to your blog.

You have such a unique way of writing and with it comes a sense of calm. There is such madness that is swirling around and about Robert & Kristen at this time and a sense of calm is what we all need.

Thank you for your devotion and dedication to these two incredible people.

Keep on writing as you do,
Suzi Cue

Lyssia denon said...

merci rose tu tapes dans le mille je commente pour la 1 ère fois mais je te suis depuis fort longtemps, tu es perspicace et très intelligente bravo et merci encore pour rallier toutes ces bonnes âmes qui commentent à chacun de tes post et soutiennent sans faille rob et kristen ce couple "unique par leur beauté leur intelligence et leur amour vrai"
vous savez si E et X17 ont pendu cette merde c'est parce qu'ils n'ont pas eu d'informations et de photos sur le BDAY de ROB alors ils utilisent le moyen le plus facile le mensonge et les haineux et certaines fans très faibles de personnalités les aident dans leur merde ce qui crée le drame c'est triste pour eux mais nous les vrais fans savons toujours que rob et kristen sont toujours ensemble.
rose en lisant tes post et tous les commentaires j'ai l'impression d'avoir de grandes amies alors encore une merci

tufenuf55 said...

Hail to the Queen of Robsten sanity, you, Rose!!!

Rob and Kristen always end up together.

bwen said...

I come here and I read the posting and then the comments. At first there is always so much that I want to say. But then I sit here and my mind goes blank because Rose you've said it all and better than I ever could.
Rob and Kristen are living their lives, what that entails we have no idea nor should we. Thanks Rose !

Birdie said...

As always,Rose. No doubt.

As dear Olivia always says,

Respect Rob and Kristen

Have a nice weekend Roseland!

irene said...

Haters, haters, haters - Out, out, out!!!!!

Waste of space the lot of them.......

Rose, you have my admiration, keep up the great work!!

crisk said...

Of all the gossip and wickedness that this couple is the victim this time was the one that least hit me!! I always get angry and indignant, but this time the source was so absurd, so fragile, I even managed to laugh at this bullshit! To suppose that Kristen is talking with Robert and that they were fighting was a big joke, I made ​​many ironic comments, for those who believed in this clowning!!

LizzieD said...

ROSE, as others have already said, THANK YOU. I wish I had more eloquent words to describe how wonderful YOUR words are and how "spot-on" you are regarding R & K and their togetherness and their careers and their lives. I appreciate you 100% ...

Holy said...

Hello everyone and happy Friday.

ROSE-we thank you for being very supportive to Rob/Kristen and never turn your back when something get tough,especially with what happened last year.And don't forget we also love you okay.

Do we really believe that because we don't see R/K that they are not together .We only see glimpse of lives.What do we think they're doing when their not in the public eye.Hmmmmmmmm.I can only guess.

ROB and KRISTEN always end up together.

@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@CrisRK913 said...

'd like to add that RK don't live in a reality show, they live a REAL LIFE. The most respectful thing a real fan should do is 'give them privacy, let them be'. It's like some 'called fans' think they're EB or that their life is an spectacle, like watching animals in a zoo or watching some presentation at a circus. They forget that RK are real and human beings. They stalk their friends' Twitter/instangram and ask embarrassing questions, when they don't say offensive things to them.

Oh Rose, you have no idea how wonderful is to have someone like you in this fandom. I do love your posts. I'm thankful for people who I follow or follow me on Twitter. They are nice people. 

Xoxo thanks for your words!

A huge group hug. I'm used to reading the girls' comments and they are WONDERFUL. They make Roseland a beautiful place. A place full of love, peace and positive energy.

Vero y Roberto said...

Rose, I always read you but never comment. You are so right.

Oher thing that makes no sense is that Kris has a house, why she would have a fight with Rob in her friends house, in front of a window of all places. Obviously people believing has never been part of a relationship. I can't imagine Rob and Kristen having a heated discussion and don't be able to do it at one of their houses. That is not how relationships work.

God, people are so obtuse.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Great post Rose! Happy Friday weekend!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - Thank you and thank you and thank you

All the craziness makes you sit there with a blink blink face. Yes normal couples live their lives which includes laughter, fights, joy, and normal things - that is life, that is a real relationship. No one pukes rainbows 24/7 but for people to always latch on to the negative constantly is what drives the stories. If the reactions to positive stories were half what the negative gets maybe the tabs would stop writing so much angsty fanfiction because that is what it is. They do not know why or what is the cause of anything - they are as much spectators as we are. Someone said it perfectly yesterday - there are no insiders, no Rob and Kristen on any social media spilling their guts or lives to any of us and why the fuck should they? They owe us nothing. Things in their friends lives do not revolve around Rob and Kristen yet people make it. We have locked ourselves into a bubble too when we think every bit of news somehow must revolve around them or be about them.

Sorry for the soapbox, stepping down and kicking it over.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nicole - thank you for being a sane person that I am so glad to follow on twitter :)

Hi everyone and afternoon - TGIF right

Arleen Parkinson said...

I agree with Ginger! Good job Ginger! I am glad you said what you said.

Intruth said...

Thank you, Rose, for your excellent post. The stuff going around now in this fandom is really difficult to believe. It's like some people have been pretending to be fans of one or the other too long, and at this really inconsequential provocation, this non-event, fictionalized account by a completely untrustworthy source, the dam holding back their various irritations, fears and negative speculations about Rob and/or Kristen have come bursting out and anyone within view is now up to their knees in BS!!! It's gotten to some really lovely people here, and it's gotten to some really questionable people elsewhere. Thankfully, Rose is here with a reality raft and anyone willing can climb onboard.

Waves and hugs to the loyal crew!!! You know who you are!!! Special waves to Ginger... if you hadn't posted when you did, I was going to post a message asking if you were okay. Glad to know you are!!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arleen - :)

@Intruth - lol I was totally here I just was at a complete loss for words over some of the reactions and I am not talking here just in general, felt like I was in the twilight zone and just was like yeah not doing the drama

Ginger with a Soul said...

Oh speaking of fan fiction there is a really good story that is a WIP but it is by far one of the better stories I have read

Fix You by chocaholic123 - it is 37 chapters in and oh so good

@Pam - I have to ask if you are going to see The Purge - saw the prevue and it looks horrifying (same makers as Sinister and has Ethan Hawk in it)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you Rose for your words. You always know what to say to keep everybody calm and sane. I have tried to stay away from all the negative words that have been printed this week. I just wish there was some way to stop it. I wish the haters would move on and leave the sane members of the fandom in peace.

I love Robert and Kristen and you are correct, they always end up together.

I also adore Tom and his darling baby and fiancee. They make an adorable family.

Take care Roselanders, and Rose, thank you for being you.

PamH said...

Thank you, your words are always the sanity amongst the insanity of those believing the negative so easily.

Rob and Kristen are in a real relationship and its not always perfect every moment of every day, that's not even possible unless there's no passion which we all know they very much have. So of coarse they fight and make up. But to believe that was what was going on just from some photos by the papz who know nothing about whats going on in her personal life or that of Robs and their friends...that's crazy.

@ Nicole and all the new commenters
Welcome :) I hope we get to hear more from you in the future.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and good weather to enjoy it in.

Carol said...

Your most welcome for Tom's pic.. always love reading your commentary ...

PamH said...

@ Ginger
I swear my husband and I were just watching a preview for that and I told him I was going to tell you that would be my next scary movie fix lol
Of coarse he has to remind me it's his pick for our next movie and he called The Hangover 3 already....but we shall see which comes to our cinema first :) my luck, his :(
Thanks for the FF rec, I'll check it out . Liz and I have been passing some really good ones back and forth.
Zack is leaving for Rock on the Range after his BF parents get home from work and won't be home till around midnight on Sunday, not sure of all the line up this year.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - Looked at the line up - not that bad - Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Alice in Chains, TDG, and a tone more . I was hoping The Killers would stop here this tour but no such luck :( but so far I have tickets to some decent concerts and waiting for more line ups to come

The new Percy Jackson movie and This is the End look good too

PamH said...

@ Ginger
Zacks seen most of them before but he's more excited for his friend Braden, it's his first big concert experience ever, so for his graduation his parents asked what he wanted and this is what he chose, they let him pick one friend to go and he invited Zack. I'm not sure what type of music his parents like but I hope they're prepared for what they are going to see and hear. You know what I mean :)

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hello everyone! Sorry was checking out of what to the people from old shows like Fullhouse, Step by Step, Family Matters, Punky Brewsters, and that I grew up watching them from I was born. I think.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Rose- I hope you got rid of that troll. That is called dirty pictures. To that person seem to me is a pig to me. And a psycho. And pretty disgusting. I can't stand idiots like that fool.
As for everyone else I hope you all enjoying your weather where you at. In Logan, Utah its raining cats and dogs.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - ahahahaha - I do, I love to watch peoples reactions to their 1st rock concert - there is a reason I have a you have to be over 16 rule for my kids because you see it all. His parent might be in for a real eye opener and he may regret the choice to bring the rents too if that is not their thing

Brighteyes49417 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brighteyes49417 said...

love love love you rose!! And i love your blog keep em coming! ** twirls **

Holy said...

Hello again.

@Ginger- waves.

@gargamel-hey there- you know their ninja suits are definitely off.LOL

Just came back from watching The Great Gatsby.Leo and Tobey were good,but holy shit,Carey's performance is phenomenal.I'm glad she's doing a movie with Rob.I hope someday she will work with Kristen too.

Holy said...

What a good manip.


Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Ginger, Holy, Intruth, Lizzied, and the rest of Roselands. My coughs is going aways. Thank goodness. I had the cold for almost a week. I just hope I don't get what my niece got yesterday. You stomach bug. And right now I am sitting on my bed and on my laptop with you guys and watching The Nanny.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Holy- Great Tumblers.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves :)

@Arleen - I love rain at night when you are going to bed

Arleen Parkinson said...

Ginger- Not yet. I am just kidding back. That is all.

PamH said...

@ Holy
That is one of the best manips I've seen so far. When you look at it you can totally picture that as what it might be like for them someday =D
I wonder if they ever see things like this and what they would say if they did ?

@ Ginger
We've slept with our window open last night so we could listen to it rain, which we've had a lot of lately, at night. We're big fans of listening to the thunder also, not our dog so much...he's a storm scaredy cat.

ADD said...

The paparazzi made something out of nothing. X17 story was based on ASSumptions. Ridiculous.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I love the smell of rain and with a cool breeze that is my type of prime sleeping weather.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone!
My husband is good cook. He just made dinner. And he even brought to me. He gave me a break. Except I am doing the dishes because I like the way I do them. I am watching The Runaway. Its on Fuse channel.

gargamel said...

...and the twirling continues...this time with tutus...

KStew Krew said...

Rose, one word comes to mind when I read your blog....love. Love you, love for Rob and Kristen, love for Tom, love for all the crazy ass people who comment and for those lurking. Rose and all in Roseland....I am so glad we have each other in this insane fandom. I can only hope and pray that Rob and Kristen see beyond the bullshit and hate. Actually I hope they pay no mind. We as fans should focus on all the wonderful private moments Rob and Kristen have shared with us in the past and be thankful for any in the future. I am not talking about rag mags and papz pics either. We need to be mindful of their need for privacy...so what if they aren't seen for awhile.....and the chance to develop and grow in their relationship like normal people. I welcome a drought cause that only means one thing......Ninja Warriors!!!!! I have a feeling that 2013 is gonna be a great year for both R & K, and a good one for us in return for being patient while they deal with life personally and professionally. Just wait and see!

@gargamel....I was checking into a new career.....carpentry, yep, I could build some damn sturdy headboards!
@DK.....Love Shack.....LOL!!! I will never listen to the B-52's the same way again!!! Tiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn roooooooffff.....rusted! Only now it's .... heeeeaaaad boooooaaaaard.....broken!!!!!! Smiles!
Rose, the banner pic is all time fave. Where are Rob's lips? Yep. On Kristen. Even then her look was saying....he is mine, back off bitches.

Pisteuo said...

Heck yeah, Rose...EXACTLY!!
I'm so thankful people listen to you. (wish they would absorb it):)

Word verif. Seriously!
"from theilyR"

Topaz Emerald said...


Ughh, don't tempt me with Carey's performance, LOL :) She is a sweet face girl. Great Gatsby is one of the very few required readings in high school that I actually enjoyed reading and wasn't bored out of my freakin mind. When I first read it, I never really saw it as a love story coz you know Daisy was such a careless bitch, but more about self-identity. My English teacher talked a lot about the symbolisms in that book and after we finished reading it, we saw that old movie version with Redford and Farrow. Funny enough, I always thought my teacher looked a bit like Farrow, just slightly older. But this book brings back memories of my teacher. She was the type who shared a lot about her personal life with us when discussing a book in class. I'll always remember certain things she said such as eloping at the age of 19 to AFrica with her ex-husband and living there for nearly 10 years, and her love of everything Egyptian, and how she thought her son was an ugly infant, but turned out to be a very handsome man.

Anyway, I want to see the new movie for Carey and to compare the two, but my husband refuses to see it at the theater. I just looked at wikipedia, that move opened in the US and Australia so far and has made $72mil out of the 105mil it costs to make it. Is that good or bad? It's certainly not Twilight box office ha ha ha!

Holy said...

@Pam-hello-I know,that's the best manip I've seen so far.Have you seen some of Nettie's work,especially with Kristen's back wearing a hat and hoodie?

@gargamel- hey,no more ribbons then.LOL

@K2-I like your new career choice carpentry,specialized in fixing/restoring broken beds.LOL

@Topaz-have you seen Carey's movie,Never Let me Go and An Education?She was good in that movie too.50-70 millions are pretty good I guess, and after it will be shown worldwide the studio will still make the profit.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Holy, Ginger, Intruth, Lizzied, Annie, Katy, KK, DK, Robert, PamH, and the rest of Roseland!
ADD- Hi! We miss you. How are you?
PamH, Ginger, and Lizzied- Its raining real hard here in Logan, Utah.
I wondering what our couple is doing.

Arleen Parkinson said...

K2- I agree with you what you said to Rose about her blog.
Pisteuo- Hi!

gargamel said...

All's well in the NINJA WORLD!
Let's sit back and wait for future cutie little mutant ninja turtles (wink wink).
I can see myself as a carpenter too! Hammering and sawing back and forth (do they still use those tools? I mean i know it'z all hightech now with electric and batteries and stuffs...)
I should stop. Nite everyone.Have a great weekend.

Raven said...

it's amazing how the paps and some of you know everything about a person just by looking at a pic of them! You really need to work for the CIA or Homeland Security and help protect our country instead of wasting your time on a blog spreading rumors about Rob and Kristen's relationship. The fact is Rob and Kristen are together, happy and in love, rich and successful and nothing you say or do will change that. If you're truly a fan of either one you'll be happy for them and not judge everything little thing they do or don't do based on your own life experiences.

RKP said...

Rose, if it wasn't for you and a couple other genuine true fan blogs that I follow..I would probably think our fandom was only full of crazy, over-obsessed control freaks. You and the lovely Roselanders here truly are a voice of reason and common sense.
I didn't read any tabloid gossip about all this drama, I never do. I am amazed anyone can believe this crap. Really - we are to believe a pap - who claims to have been in K's friends home eavesdropping on her phone convo? Yeah, and pigs fly! The grim faces in pap photos are because of the paps - not likely any other reason. Haven't we all heard enough lies by the tabloids to know they always talk shit?
Even more annoying than tabloid gossip this week, are fans complaining they've had enough of Rob hanging with the OG and they are sick of K's friends being in her life so much. Easy - DON'T STALK THEIR FRIENDS! They don't force anyone to read their Instagram's or Tweets - besides it is no-one's right to have a hissy fit about how often R & K see their friends or what they do with them. I like to know what's happening with Rob and Kristen, like everyone else. But there is a line fans should not cross and which apparently some fans cannot see.

Rose, lovely pic of Tom!

sue said...

Thank you Rose for being the voice of reason.
I've been watching this landslide since monday, wondering what the hell the crisis was. Maybe it's just my laidback attitude to live but all I could think was "oh no here we go the loonies are let out again".
Last night I started reading some comments on GC, yes yes I know I'm a sucker for punishment. Holy hell is all I can say.
You already mentioned it Rose, how does anyone know who's she talking to or know anything abot their lives but also do any of these bitches ever been in a relationship? Was it a Stepford kind of thing? Did they never fight or argue? Did they spend 24/7 in eachother's arms? No other friends?
The assuming, speculating and the scrutinizing is really kind of sick even by us, the ones who love them.
Before I read your post I was wondering if any of you know about an other couple who's been scrutinized so much. I know my girl Jolie got slaughtered by the crazy golden girl Anniston fans, what used make me lash out with a vengeance. Don't touch Jolie.
I bet a lot of Kristen fans used to hate Angie, treated her like scum and now scream bloody murder for the way K is hated.
The reactions are so unreal, not thought through at all. Does a day that consists of 24 hrs not apply to R&K? We see little fractions of their lives and all of a sudden we think we know everything. So what if they had a fight? Why is it when it's about celebrities that reality just flies out of the door, this is not some fucking fairy tale. R&K are two human beings who shit, eat, sleep, cry like the rest of us. I just don't understand this blindness or whatever you want to call it.

Well Rose all I had to say was thank you but I got slightly carried away.

Annie said...

Morning all.

Hmm......Those people are holding on to that pap story like they need air because they have nothing else.
They have screamed End dates, Exit strategies, PR Objectified Rob and Vilified Kristen for YEARS now.
It seems as if they've put their own lives on hold.

Right now they're waiting for the magic month of August because that month will somehow validate their lunacy. Hey, I thought Twilight ending was to bring them that validation but alas.....no!
July 2012 was to be the end, finally the end but again.......no!
People discount how strong love can be and refuse to acknowledge that they don't in any way, shape or form have the full story.

Let them hold on to that pap story (the story with the golf size holes in it) let them erase the letters on their keyboards with nonsense, let them squirm, let them invent whatever story they want.........Rob and Kristen are living their lives together.
I wonder just how much of living these people have let pass them by. How much they have missed out on in their own lives, defaming and slandering others.

I am going to enjoy my weekend because Monday comes around far too quickly. Hope everyone does the same. Have fun! :) :)
Rose: Thanks for your wit and commonsense.........That's all. Thanks!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Morning to all Roselands!
Does anyone know where Rob is? Is he in LA? Just asking.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hello everyone! I am enjoying listening the rain. I bet everyone is out and having fun. You guys sound quiet or maybe sleeping in or working or out.

olivia said...

Cute little list of conversational replies from a friend who is an ESL teacher. This grew out of a reading exercise in her class that came from an old Miss Manners article from the newspaper. She then created a follow-up lesson to teach a variety of ways to say the same idea. (Just trying to kindly reach outside the box to emphasize and reinforce a few comments from yesterday.)

Exasperated by certain questions but don’t know how to make them stop? Here are several ways you can let friends know you don’t want to answer their questions:

I don’t want to answer this question.

This doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Please mind your own business.

It’s none of your business.

Uh, why do you need to know this?

I don’t understand.

This is confidential.

This is private.

I do not wish to share this with you.

I don’t have time for this right now.

Sorry, I’m very busy. Let’s talk about it later privately.

Sorry, I don’t really like talking about this subject.

Her students loved first applying these phrases in real life scenarios and then creating mini-dialogues to present to the class. Not only were they learning life skills and manners but also practicing a second language at the same time.

Have a beautiful Saturday.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is good.

ADD said...

@Arleen Parkinson
Hi! I've been kind of busy lately. I was try to make time to read Rose's brilliant posts though.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and lurking Robert

Annie - it is like in school they gave you a series of cartoon picture to write a story about. Projection and Perception is the name of the game and very rarely is it correct - makes you wonder if this is what some people want and therefore it is easy to latch.

@Sue - No way - you mean Cinderella isn't real - dream crusher you lol That is OK because I never wanted Prince Charming ;)

Beautiful day here in sunny Colorado - going to take the kiddos to the park and play like a kid, now that is my version of an awesome fairytale.

Oneheart said...

Hi to all of your here at Roseland hope you all are having a good weekend so far. Rose your post said what so many of us feel. Thank you for speaking not only from your heart buts ours as well.

I follow alot of you on twitter. Ginger I love how you stand up to the bull that is often found there. You have a way with words. LOL I am so proud of how the sane fans try to keep the sanity there.

There are so many fair weather fans out there. As long as everything is going smoothly they are riding high but let the liars post one hint of trouble they go into a tailspin. Why do they have to be reassured constantly? It gets old. I get tired of babysitting those type of fans.

I loved this part of your post Rose

" Moments.

Those aren't dates.

When you live together...

Everything you do isn't a 'date'

It's life.

Their whole fucking life is a date"

You can tell the age of some in this fandom when they refer to them having a date night. ROFLMAO these two are far beyond date nights. Like Rose said they live together when we see them out they are a couple who are living a life together. They don't need to set up a time to meet to go out. They are like all couples who live in the same place, who are in love, you know each other's schedules and everything falls into place. It's not dating it's living a beautiful life together every day.

Have a great weekend everyone Hope Rob and Kristen manage to have more privacy they deserve it.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hello to all Roselands!
I am watching Gremlins. I like Gismo. He is not like the others. But he don't mess around.

Oneheart said...

My OCD isn't going to let me leave without saying that in the first paragraph of this it was suspose to be but not buts. LOL

DreamerKind said...

Ah, Rose, you smell so sweet! By any other name it would be true. Rationality is a boon, through and through. Telling it like it is...
Having my cuppa and enjoying the many well expressed thoughts on perception and reality. We've got the goods here, in plenty.
So proud to be one of those "sane" ones Rose delights in having comment here, along with you all.

Greetings from sunny Naperville, where it rained and flooded, too. Yet, I perceive one special reality as a giddy fan. Rob went door to door sharing himself with fans & families, somewhere right around here. Fact!
Ode to joy, he exists, K does too, here, there and everywhere. :)

DreamerKind said...

Ode To Joy

Mark Cruz (guitar):

DreamerKind said...

More joy!

Ode To Joy
(Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Op. 125)

The Philharmonia Chorus:

Thank you/mdragon180

DreamerKind said...

For Dearest Rose

Here, There and Everywhere

The Beatles:

To lead a better life
I need my love
To be here

Making each day of the year
Changing my life
With a wave of her hand
Nobody can deny
That there's something

Running my hands through her hair
Both of us thinking how good
It can be
Someone is speaking
But she doesn't know
He's there

I want her everywhere
And if she's beside me
I know I need never care
But to love her
Is to need her

Knowing that love is to share
Each one believing
That love never dies
Watching her eyes
And hoping I'm always

To be there
And everywhere
And everywhere

Thank you/BeatlesBootlegs

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi DK! You do enjoy music. You are so good at it.

DreamerKind said...

Joy in action

Gameshow Fear

Bill Tucker (watch video):

Thank you/billtuckerfanclub

DreamerKind said...

Hi back, Arleen. We are music in flesh, all of us. Ain't that just grand! Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Oneheart - :) It has been one hell of a confungled week

@DK - afternoon songstress

tufenuf55 said...


I know just what you mean about the OCD. My cooworkers used to think I was just SOOOO organized. Little did they know!


Always loved Roy & Dale (Trigger, too.)

DreamerKind said...

Ha, ha, ah! Ginger & Tuf! You two are VAST! You contain so much that is unique-YOU nique (and I am not drinking, yet.) No labels do apply to such ones as thou art.

Brewski said...

Good Afternoon Roselanders!

Rose, thanks once again for sharing your sharp insight and bringing calm to the masses. I cannot believe the reaction to a couple of pictures and pap commentary. Sorry, but since when did paps become trustworthy, reliable sources?

I don't understand why everything in this fandom has to be so extreme. It's either love or hate. Never any in between. It's calm or extreme panic. Every picture is over analyized, every word spoken studied for insider meaning. It's really sad.

Having faith in someone or something means you sometimes have to take a chance and believe everything will be allright. I believe!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy life! Cheers!

DreamerKind said...

Faith. Hope. Charity.
I believe, too.
Don't think twice, it's alright!

DreamerKind said...

Or maybe you're "Brew-ski"!!! A lovely name and tasty thing, when spelled well.

DreamerKind said...

Don't Think Twice It's Alright

Bob Dylan (1963):

Thank you/Aditya Raja Kelana

DreamerKind said...

Music for a Saturday afternoon.
Spend some time (any little bit) with Bach
And you'll never go back
to blah:

Bach Cello Suites

Yo-Yo Ma (2 hours +):

Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007
Suite No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008 16:34
Suite No. 3 in C major, BWV 1009 35:35
Suite No. 4 in E-flat major, BWV 1010 55:09
Suite No. 5 in C minor, BWV 1011 1:19:44
Suite No. 6 in D major, BWV 1012 1:43:29

Thank you/messer citraz

DreamerKind said...

Really gone now (in many ways). C U.

Hugs for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and y'all.

Oneheart said...

LOL Tuf no one has any idea how it is to have even a touch of OCD if they don't have it. Everything has to be perfect. I don't have it as bad as some but I do have enough of it to be annoying.LOL

Dreamer you are the Song Whisperer Love your song choices. Hugs

Arleen Parkinson said...

I got one thing to say. After I heard about shooting in Cannes. I am so glad that Rob and Kristen wasn't there. Then it will be a nightmare.

Annie said...

Hi all.
DK: I feel as if it should be 4AM instead of 4PM.....You are here spinning tunes. :)
It is overcast and raining slightly here. I have an umbrella but I needed a light sweater/jacket.
What the heck, I'll suffer through it. :) I hope it's better weather for everybody else.

Holy said...

Hello guys.I hope everyone are having a good Saturday.

@Ginger- hey girl,have fun in the park with the kids.

@gargamel- hello,I can't wait to see those cutie little mutant ninja turtles.LOL

@DK- hello,ahhhh,good music again.Thanks for sharing.

DreamerKind said...

A song whispers into your ear, weaving its way onto your heart.

I love to count stairs, my steps and such, it is comforting fun. However, I try not to count my hairs, years, tears and fears.

Ahhh, indeed. I just ate some bacon with a leftover apple pancake bit and am about to sweep the wooden floors. Maybe even mop them. Ah, the simple acts of living everyday.

What is with me? Following the way I'm taken and inspired earlier these days. Coffee with cream, luv, to warm you.

The poor man's mind must be a nightmare to him and those who love him, too. Glad for all of those safe and did feel pleased they were not there, as you do.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Cheers ... Clink:))))

Arleen Parkinson said...

DK- I am glad its not Rob and Kristen. I mean what is that idiot thinking about shooting someone there.

DreamerKind said...

Soon I'll be clinking with you and Brewski! And many others?

It's a mystery of the mind! I declare it so.

Arleen Parkinson said...

We got a problem. I am worried now. Rob and Kristen broken up. Found out on people magazine. Is it true?

Stella said...

Good evening, everyone!
Summer's slowly coming and it's getting really hot here.

The drama created these last few hours is a bit distrurbing, that's for sure. I hope and I'm sure that everything is fine.

Keep smiling, people!
The best is yet to come!

Stella said...

Take care of yourselves.
Rob and Kristen know how to take care of themselves...

tufenuf55 said...

People mag online is reporting that "Rob and Kristen are broken up...for now".

If this is true, I will always, always support both of them and their careers. Only time will tell what will happen. They are both young and have been involved with each other for a very long time. I hope they can work things out if this report has any merit.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Tuff- What does that mean for them and us?

Ginger with a Soul said...

I am going to come off as an asshole and I know it so really I am sorry

Yes - didn't you read all the tab headlines when Rob and Kristen declared their relationship to them in tell all formats? Didn't you watch all their interviews where they sat down and went into full detail about their relationships and what they do all day everyday? Didn't you read and watch all their responses to all the past events for the past 4 years? So of course in the same fashion they are going to go to the tabs to to have an unnamed source say they broke up but will get back together because they love the tabs and welcome them into their private lives. I know nothing, they know nothing, you know nothing - Robert and Kristen only know and I just don't see either disrespecting each other by selling themselves to a tab. Believe or don't believe - support them or don't - it is a fine line but don't dance in the middle so you can jump the fence to be on the side you think it prettier. I am A ok with sitting on the side that I don't believe anything the tabs are saying and that it is all specualtion - they could get it right or wrong at any point. Also I loved all the pictures of Rob at the MetGala that People said he would be attending - exclusively from a source

Arleen Parkinson said...

Are we going to have each other for at the moment? Ginger

Holy said...

How many times did this mags claimed that Rob/Kristen broke-up according to their source,I think,it's been a thousand times already.Good lord, source,source,source,I can claimed that I'm a source also.This 2 never talk to the media about their relationship.And the people from R/K camp will never tell the mags about their personal life.We haven't seen Rob for a while now,he was probably working or doing a re shoot with The Rover.We saw Kristen last 5/14/12,if she was distress about the breakup she will not be smiling like that.
Have faith people they've been through worse.

@DK- bacon with a leftover apple pancake,that's sounds yummy with a cocktail.

Marion said...

All we can do is like we did last year, is sit tight and pray that they get through whatever is going on in their lives. This seems very strange that all of this is born from a pap, that doesn't even know who she was talking to on the phone, yet "guesses" it could have been Rob. We all know how the media likes to spin things and right now Rob and Kristen are laying low from the public eye. They have every right too. So Unless we start to see signs of things have really changed for them, we'll know for sure. I'm going to continue to support them no matter what the future holds. They love each other and that's all that matters.

LizzieD said...

ARLEEN -- We should just wait and see. It appears that People have just picked up what the other rags have been reporting all week.

KEEP IN MIND -- We saw pics of Kristen from a few days ago out with some friends and SHE WAS SMILING and looked HAPPY !!! She would not be looking like that if there was a major problem.

Keep the faith ... STAY POSITIVE!!!

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING AND TWIRLING because we know that R & K are strong people and IF there's a problem, they'll probably work it out.

Holy said...

@Ginger- Amen to that-what pics of Rob at the Met Gala?Did I miss something?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - you missed nothing cause it didn't happen but they sure did say he would be there at the Met per their "source"

Arleen Parkinson said...

Lizzied, Ginger, Rose, Holy, and eveyone else. We need a hugs here. I will keep praying for them. I love them. I thought things were going so well. What has happen here?

LizzieD said...


STELLA -- Don't go away!! think positive!! Ginger is absolutely right.

ARLEEN -- WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! WE ARE HERE FOR THEM, TOGETHER OR SEPARATE. Rose will not leave this blog just because of this BS (Sorry for speaking for you Rose) as she didn't go anywhere last year.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arleen - no offense but I am perfectly fine because I don't see them or anyone they know going to a tab to declare shit. If they broke up they would just do that without telling anyone - you know like what happened with shorty spice.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Ginger- I don't remember about Spice shorty. What about them. And thank you Lizzied, and the rest of you. I will be here. Support them separate and together.

Holy said...

@Ginger- People mags is like any other gossip outlets.Inventing lies to get hits.It's funny that they claimed that Rob attended the Met Gala,that right their is a lie already.

tufenuf55 said...

I didn't mean to start a firestorm with my post. I don't mind anyone kicking my ass for it. lol (honestly and no hard feelings ever). Everyone has their right to voice their opinion and as I said, we'll have to just wait and see what happens. Usually People is reputable, but when it comes to R&K I don't know if even they can be trusted. I just want them both to be happy whether that is together or apart. They both have my loyalty and support.

Stella said...

@Lizzied, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here, lurking, even when my days are too busy to post.
Let's all keep a clear perspective here.
Everyone, take a deep breath.
Thanks to those (Ginger, Lizzied, Holy and everyone else I've missed) that help everyone keep calm.
I'm sure everything is fine and this is just another drama for our fandom with no legitimate cause.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff - psst I didn't see your comment when I left my rant :p They could, they couldn't, they are , and they aren't whatever - They will do what is best for them and I support both no matter what I just don't buy into any mag because I don't see anyone talking to them. They never have and why in the hell would they openly drag themselves into the very thing they despise. They are speculating based on the same shit going around because face it - neither address the tabs good, bad or indifferent.

Holy said...

I'm not feeling anything with this split whatsoever,purely because I think it's BS.

I know that when the article from x17 was posted,all the other rags will follow up with same stories.It's the same cycle all the time.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Well I will keep praying for them. And I am not giving up for them. And we shouldn't give up on them. They are good people.

DreamerKind said...

If my son and his lady were to break up now, only six weeks from their marriage, or if on the day of their marriage, they walk away from each other, then how will I feel?

I'd be crushed for them, but hopeful still. Hopeful that they know what they feel and need to do. It is their journey and hearts.

I can only love them both while I live my own life.

I believe that that way about R & K, and Rose's Land, including you all, dear ones.

Kay said...

Well said, DK.


tufenuf55 said...


I value your opinion nearly as much as Rose's. I think the fans here have proven themselves many times over for the devotion to R&K. I like being here.

Robert said...


i don't know if you are taking requests at this early hour, but if you are, i could use a little Steely Dan right now

how about "Rose Darling" for obvious reasons

DreamerKind said...

For Robert

Rose Darling

Steely Dan:

Rose darling come to me
Snake Mary's gone to bed
All our steaming sounds of love
Cannot disturb her in her night
Or raise her sleeping head

All I ask of you
Is make my wildest dreams come true
No one sees and no one knows
Rose darling come to me
Snake Mary dreams along
I would guess she's in Detroit
With lots of money in the bank

Although I could be wrong
You must know it's right
The spore is on the wind tonight
You won't feel it till it grows

Rose darling my friend
With only you and what I've found
We'll wear the weary hours down

Rose darling come to me
The clock is close at hand
All my empty words of love
Can never screen the flash I feel
Or make you understand

Honey can't you see
I know it's rea
It's got to be
Why not chase it
Where it goes

Thank you/0marigolds

Christina said...

Relationships have their ups and downs, tabloids write fragments or half truths and blow things out of proportions & people always jump to conclusions. That's what we are living now. Truth is we don't know the truth, because we're not close to them. They only know what's the truth. However, as much as legit as People is (which is considered legit), it still remains a tabloid which works with hits. So, although it's article should not be disregarded (like for example a Hollywood Life article should be), it shouldn't be taken as a gospel either.
All in all, I wish & hope all is/will be well between Rob & Kristen, because it's obvious they're different from many other couples - they truly love each other & this is obvious to all of us!

DreamerKind said...

Heading out soon with my hostess, who was a runner in the Boston Marathon, on that fateful day. We will go to a tapas place and celebrate this day. It is what we have and are grateful for.

Back later, shaky. Smooch.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff - :))))))) thanks - I know some of this stuff gets to people which is the whole reason they write it.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Ginger, Lizzied, Tuff, Annie, Holy, and the rest of you. And thanks DK too. You said it that helps. And goes for Ginger. Keep me posted you guys. I love you guys. And so does Rplife. They are saying the same things are you guys say. I believe in you guys and them.

LizzieD said...

I'm sharing this link from Tezza @poptrashmoviee

This is a very FACTUAL post about how the tabloids have created this shitstorm.


Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi to all the Roselands! Its raining here in Logan, Utah.

PamH said...

I think until there is some actual proof that Rob and Kristen are actually broken up we as fans need to just trust in RK that they are fine and are probably having a good laugh over all this nonsense...Kristen is deffinatly keeping them guessing LOL. The kind of love and friendship they've shared for 5 years doesn't add up to Kristen being with her friends and laughing in a photo the very next day after this supposed BDay argument, IT JUST WOULDN'T HAPPEN, I can't see her feeling up to hanging out and smiling if she'd just had a huge fight with Rob like the tabloids keep saying.
If, and it's a big If, they are separated than as their fans we have to respect their decision to do so and just continue to support each one and wish them well.
But keep in mind we've not seen either R or K for at least four days so we have no idea what they are doing or where they are...they could be on a private trip or just doing family time at home.
They will eventually surface either together or by themselves or with friends but either way it'll be good just to see them.

Annie said...

I can't see any source of theirs giving out that information.

Why put out a story saying split for now but will probably be back together? That sounds like a convenient excuse for People magazine to save face if the source is proven wrong.

LizzieD said...

PAMH -- Well said, well said. I agree that we would not see Kristen out and about being carefree & happy IF anything major had happened, that's just not her or him. They have been together and so close for so long that IF they were to split it would be a devastating life-change for both of them.

I also agree that as fans, we should support them either way. BUT, for the record, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!


PamH said...

@ LizzieD
I Don't Believe It Either :) so I'll be TWIRLING with you!!!!

KStew Krew said...

Lol!! Nope, I always say hands on with the hands tools!!!! So naughty!!!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Lizzied, K2, Ginger, Holy, Intruth, PamH, Robert, and the of you. I am with all of you. Keep me posted. On them. Its cold and raining here. I am wondering where they are?

Nina Pearl said...

Hello all! It's been quite sometime. and I'm sure none of you have really missed me, but since it's a special occasion. I know how all your hearts are holding on to that twirling lala land fantasy that was RobSten, but come on your ship has finally sunk. Everything else I said would happen has. Rob's career is on high, and he is getting more praise than I even expected.Then there is your precious BBgurl Kristen. So sad, but I told ya after Twilight she would basically not have a career, and her cheating on Rob only made that worse. It seems no one in Hollywood even wants to work with her. She has been dropped from all of her projects. See most people knew she was talentless, but due to Twilight she was the "it" girl of the moment. People like to jump on the popular train. It brings in revenue.

I still can't believe how you all believed that Rob forgave her so quickly after her "dogging" incident. Rob has made it very clear how he felt about cheating. But as I said there was a lot of money on the line for BD2 and you better believe Rob was told to suck it up. It's Hollywood people and that's how the game is played. It seems April was Kristens month as it was her B-day. It was full of pap pics. Pretty much on a daily basis. But it was all staged. I mean since when are these two papped on a daily basis? We got more pics in one month than four years put together. Do you really believe they never left their homes...RME Then we get Rob's B-day month and what do we have..."chirp chirp chirp" says the cricket. How did you all fall for all those photo ops? Rob was so uninterested in Kristen these past few months. He disregarded her hand holding and never looked interested in her.He was more loving with the dogs.Oh and Cochella!! What a joke that was. Rob completely ignored her and walked away from her when the paps were being idiots. Who came to Kristens rescue...HER friends not Rob. Last but not least the NYC trips. Now that should of been a red flag for ya all. Why wouldn't she go with him. Shes not working and all she did was hang with her friends. Rob went to Tom's play without her. Why would he go without her to he best friends play? I've thought all along since the scandal that Tom wants nothing to do with her. Especially when she was coming a few days later. DUH! They didn't even stay at the same Hotel. You were made to believe they did just like her B-day. Plus these two don't even go in the same vehicle together. I mean remember when Reese Witherspoon said Rob was very good at out smarting the paps, and that she even learned a few tricks from him. Plus how Rob said your really only seen by paps if you want to be. Mmm Hmm. Yeah Rob finally has his freedom. Hopefully he has learned a valuable lessen on how the games are played in Hollywood.So no big wedding and no Golden child EVER! Now all of ya go on and mend your broken twirling hearts in LA LA LAND. I will think happy thoughts for you. There is help available. Just check your local listings for the crisis hotline.

KStew Krew said...

Exactly. People is a rag mag. No brains there. Just like in July last year...exclusive comment from Kristen....I don't think she ever gave a comment last July. They certainly don't know shitt now. Source.....my ass. There are no inside sources....no more Nikki Reed....their friends don't sell out to shit rags. Relax people. This whole crap of lies is fabricated around some lame ass pap and his pic of Kristen. Hope he remembers to shine his crystal ball. That's the only balls he has. The loonies are grasping at straws again. It sure would be nice to read something positive about these two and their realtionship...,,oh, right that shit don't sell...lol!
@Arleen P...,you gotta really get a grip honey. You are gonna worry yourself into the grave. Stress releases cortisol and it ain't a good thing. Find a happy place and go destress!!! We love you and as long as there is a blog for Rob and Kristen, we will be here supporting them together or separately. I for one am dumbfounded by the affect some lame ass pic or pics can have on people. I was just glad to get a glimpse of K. I don't read into or analyze pics of them..,,I simply enjoy seeing them. So, sit back and enjoy our couple. Love to RobandKristenPattiinson....because you know Rob and Kristen always end up TOGETHER!!!!!

Pisteuo said...

Hello Roseland!
Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. I just finished an awesome dinner with family.

ALL magazine/tabloid sites that make money by publishing gossip , including "People" and "Gossip Cop" are RAGS! (in my ever so humble ? opinion) Which one is the worse of the "evils"? You choose! Makes no difference.

And whether Rob and Kristen are on their honeymoon or dividing up their shit...it's NOBODY'S business but THEIRS!

They would probably say...knock yourselves out, believe whatever you want...it's not going to change ANYTHING! "They" are the ones in control of their lives..."nobody" else.

I so agree with Olivia, DK and Ginger (yeah...I know, right?) :)

LizzieD said...

PAMH -- I'm certain that R & K and Bear & Bernie are ALL TWIRLING at home tonight. If this wasn't all so sad, I'd say they're probably having a good laugh.

I see someone left the back door open, oh, well, some people just don't know when they're not welcome.

NINA -- Unlike you, I respect other's opinions. I just don't get why you even bother to visit this blog knowing that we all fans of BOTH Rob & Kristen. You will eventually choke on your own PR theory.

LizzieD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holy said...

@Liz- hello-thanks for that link,(Tezza)it's a good read.

@Pam- hello-we've heard the same shit before.R/K and their people never talk about their personal relationship before and they will not start now.And I'm with you all,I call it BS.

@Annie-hello- exactly- People magazine are covering every angle,to save their faces. I was already expecting that all the rags will follow suit with the story.The rags basically have an agenda to make revenue.


Ginger with a Soul said...

LOL I am in a feisty mood tonight - rawr. I am truly truly a bitch at times (a low rent bitch at that) so I hope you all can turn a blind eye.

So the Black Pearl returns - how is the cobwebs? Bastion of knowledge you are with your lonely cougar ass. I give you props for the laugh since I always laughed at your desperate ass before - kisses though, about the most action you have seen in a while, how is the ex? of that is right doing his new thing

@Pist - geez I am not that disagreeable gah. For real we agree on a lot of things, some not but whatever we can still talk it out which is cool either way :)

KStew Krew said...

Looks like shit, smells liKe shit..,,,OMG IT IS SHIT!!!!! Fabricated BULLshit. People mag lives to eat shit ya know. They like to publish it too, just like all the other rag mags and gossip sites. That shit will make you stupid.....hey, who said that?!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!

Pisteuo said...

Nina Pearl...Dude, do you EVEN know just how fucked up you sound?

I'm not one for drama...but, fuck, you sound desperate and pitiful.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone!
K2- I am calm. I was just praying for me and them. I was just talking to Lizzied early. Like she said have a faith. And I agree with you there. I also believe Rplife too. They are in same boat as us.
Lizzied- Way to go on telling that troll off. She shouldn't be here anyways.
Just keep me posted with you all.

Pisteuo said...

Ginger, yeah...it's all good. :)
(it was meant as an endearment of sorts)

Holy said...

A nasty human being visiting the blog.

KStew Krew said...

@Nina pearl.....did your momma drop you on your head? Cause you are an idiot. A spiteful, vile, sad idiot. Nice fairytale you spin. Do you believe your own shit? You don't have to be a mushroom stuck in the corner and get shitted on anymore. But if you choose to come play in our playground with Rose, you better get your act together and play right or Rose will send you to the corner again you bad person you. So really only one rule....we love and support BOTH Rob and KRISTEN here. If you choose not to support them then Robsessed is just a click away....poof, be gone.

LizzieD said...

LADIES & ROBERT --- I must go to bed. Computer screen is getting blurry, LOL.

I'm going to dream of waking up to some nice pics HOWEVER, I'm okay without pics also. I know they are okay but hate that they have to put up with this BS.

DK -- Hope you will spin some nice tunes tonight because I imagine you'll have more company than usual!!! Have fun, y'all.


Nina Pearl said...

Hello Ginger. Muwah. My ex is currently on...I believe his 5th this one is 51. She has lots of money.Yeah, our 13 years together will never be matched. He uses these woman for food and shelter.

I'm actually in a relationship with an amazing woman. And because you asked, our sex life is fantastic.

Still not sure what I am so desperate for?

@LizzieD I'm here for research on the before and after affects of Dissociative disorder. It's rather interesting and sad at the same time.

Oh and you all know Rob and Kristen haven't lived together since July right? Yeah, they don't sleep in the same bed every night.

Oh and ROB and KRISTEN won't end up together.

KStew Krew said...

Hey everyone.....I was gonna reread this post and didn't even get past the title...."Perception Isn't Reality".....damn Rose you summed up all this bullshit with just three little words. How obvious, insightful, and brilliant you are. It just makes me wonder how reality looks on Rob and Kristen side....I bet they laugh their asses off at the rag mags and gossip sites and haters. I hope they laugh long and hard, shake their heads and choose to live their lives as close to normal as possible!

Robert said...


thanks, love that song


you are a lot of things, but low rent is not one of them.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Nina - You are a great source of entertainment as always. You know what you wrote as fact how? Oh you read it on a Gossip site and your fellow nags told you - good luck with that :) Tell your girlfriend she is not doing it right or you wouldn't be so happy over a 27 yr olds sex life that would run upon seeing you because you are the type of fan he has laughed about numerous times. Wait maybe you are just frigid (the words you described Kristen as)and that is why you are the way you are. Shrugs - the ex is probably making up for lost time...........

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - :)

Loui White said...

@Ninnie...I mean Nina,
Researching Dissociative Disorder? Based on your rant/comment, you seem to be an expert in that already, dear. You have certainly separated yourself from reality if you truly believe all the bullshit you spew. I'm not an expert in social media, but the FACT that there have been no credible 'sightings' of either Rob or Kristen in the past few days speaks more to them remaining in their private realm, than in anything else. IF the paps had ANYTHING substantive, you can bet they would be shouting it from the rooftops. The FACT that they don't even have a pic of Kristen on the phone and smoking speaks volumes to their credibility. You know what credibility means...right? Based on your ramblings...maybe not.
I am content to just wait and see. Rob and Kristen always seem to do as Rose has said many times....they always end up TOGETHER!
If that changes, I will still support the both of them.

gargamel said...

the DOOMSDAYERS are the one's actually panicking ...for they know NO SIGHTINGS means one thing...the two are holed up TOGETHER. Scared of the golden NINJA TURTLE!
Yea Nini Pearl we TWIRL while you SQUIRM!

Nina Pearl said...

I've never said anything about Robs sex life so that comment is irrelevant. I'm not old enough to be Robs mother so I'm not considered a couger.

I don't know what pictures your talking about and I didn't find out about the faux split from the faux relationship through silly gossip sights. And Kristen gas been photographed twice since she returned fro NY, where as Rob has not been out once. Just like when he was in NY for about two weeks without being papped. Seems he only gets papped now when Kristen is around. No one knows where he is.

gargamel said...

Nini Pearl
How much pills did you swallow today? Your attempt to gross us out of your sex life is comic. Be grateful that you get the attention you itch for. In fact be very very grateful. I wonder how deformed you are to be so hateful of anything beautiful.
Try chugging the ARROGANT BASTARD ALE and wash it down with WOODCHUCK HARD CIDER BEER...then party with yourself. 'Nuf with your imaginary partner blahs. Who u foolin'?

Annie said...

Nina: Rob has been papped since returning from NYC ......Coming out of Chateau Marmot on May 9th,

Ginger with a Soul said...

Nina - your ass is old enough to be a cougar and you should mother your own children - he has a mommy. There were a lot of sightings of him you clueless bitch - see that is what you get for following your kind that like to omit things. She was papped at the Met which is kinda the point right? Otherwise she clearly got into NYC without being seen which blows your theory. She like Rob had a picture taken by someone in the theater when seeing Tom's play (oh and was sitting with Matilda to boot) and when leaving with Rob. Your point is irrelevant because you lack knowledge of what you speak - as a matter of fact we knew more about Rob's going then Kristen's the entire NYC trip. You sit and spin but yet can't even tell the whole story because it doesn't fit you agenda. Here is another interesting tidbit - Rob got photographed going, coming, going, and coming from NYC - what was your point again?

The fact the you follow him and hate on his girlfriend says it all about you Nada - you don't have to come out and say shit the drool on your chin and the harpy dance you tried to pull over a fabricated story says enough. He wouldn't fuck you with a paper bag and a borrowed dick - now that is a fact you can bank on

Loui White said...


You are correct, you did not find out anything 'faux' from any site. By the way, the last actual 'pic' of Rob was of him with a friend/colleague, not Kristen. So, your comment about him only being papped when with Kristen is, as usual, wrong. The FACT that NEITHER one of them have been 'seen' in public just means that they have been careful to avoid and/or mis-direct those that would be following them for profit. If you believe that Rob hasn't been out of his home in the past 8 days, you are more delusional than any of us thought. He and Kristen both know what they must do to avoid paps, and they have a close-knit group of friends that help them. As we have witnessed in the past. Obviously, your life is so empty and pathetic that you take time to spew your hate in places that you hope to infect, unfortunately for you Roseland has been inoculated. Please, stop showing all of us how unimaginative and truly sad your existence has become. If you truly have a lover in your life, (which I somehow doubt), than by all means go and enjoy their love and company...And leave Rob and Kristen alone to enjoy each other without subjecting them to your ugliness.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Nina - I would also like to know how you know those photo's are new? There is no date on them and when was the other time she got papped? I hope you don't count a fan picture or her friends insta a pap picture?

Annie said...

Also if you think it's been a faux relationship for almost five years then your name calling and insults shouldn't be for Kristen alone.
What kind of person does that make Rob? To deceive his family, friends and fans for that length of time all for money and fame?
Do you seriously believe he would sell his soul to the highest bidder?

Pisteuo said...

Nina Pearl...really, you need to give it up.
You say Rob is only photographed when Kristen is around and JUST said she was photographed TWICE and no Rob. You do realize you totally contradict yourself several times in that one little paragraph, don't you?
You might want to "research" your narcissistic rages against Kristen.

Kay said...

All other context aside, "....with a paper bag and a borrowed dick" has been added to my list of all-time favorite insults....LOL, Ginger....literally. :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kay - LOL

Holy said...

@Kay- I almost choke Hahahahaha-"with a paper bag and a borrowed dick"

@Ginger-damn girl,I love how your mind work.

Kelly said...

I haven't commented for a while, but know that I always read your posts. This one was great, as usual.You are truly a wonderful human being, and I appreciate your sanity.
Hope you and yours have a great Sunday.
Love you Rose! :)


ikay kikay said...

@nin pearl
I think you swallowed lots of pearl today, keep it up! You might wake up one day you already wrapped with a white gown n you body.

Arleen Parkinson said...

To all you Roselands! We are together. Keep me posted.
Ginger, Lizzied, and the rest of you I have stop reading those trashy tabloids. I rather hear it from you guys. Because I believe all of you and Rose. And whoever could help and clear it up for us. And hope they will come thru. Good night. Have church tomorrow. Maybe hope that it will the answer to our prayers. Like Lizzied said to have faith.

DreamerKind said...

Welcome home, I say to myself. What is going on, I ask. Oh, crazy again, I answer. Do I have protection from it, why yes, I do. All is right in my world except I ate way too much and sangria is sloshing back and forth somehow, in my mid-section.

We met lots of pirates and their wenches on a pub walk and later saw UFO's (10-20) in the sky over us or maybe they were sky lanterns, someone thought. We survived.

What me worry? About Rob & Kristen? Nah. They'll get along without me and my worrying, very well. Of course they will.

No more songs tonight from me, for I must empty this vessel and dry dock it, before it sinks.

The torpedoes are manned, and depth charges planned. Go home, Nina, it would be wise.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good night everyone! I will keep them in my prayers.

Nina Pearl said...

@ginger Oh my, it seems I've hit a nerve. Such hateful things you say . your attacking me with such vile hateful and untrue words. And I was 9 when Rob was born so it's not even possible for me to be his mother.
I did believe they were together before Kristen cheated on him. I thought she was cold towards him always pushing him away and down talking him, now the tables have turned. I don't believe he really likes her friends, but she needs them around on their "dates" for moral support. I'm sorry to all of you who have believed that Rob and Kristen ever got back together. In the next couple of weeks a lot is going to come out. Let's just say it's going to be spun so Rob looks like the bad guy, but it was Kristen who broke the bubble. Plus they haven't been a couple since July so when things come out this time at least no one really has cheated. You'll be surprised, but then you'll all be like "I knew it all along" which you do but won't admit it.

Of course I don't believe Rob hasn't left his house. That's just ridiculous.

You say you like them together or part but will see how many of you follow through on that. I'm just relieved it's over so we can focus on Robs talent and building career. Because he really is amazing. And now that it's over we can finally get his Dior add.

ikay kikay said...

Duh!nina focus your bum!

ikay kikay said...

The crazy nina! Go to your happy place!

ikay kikay said...

I think nina is bear and bernie's nanny! Heheheam i right nina? It seems that you know what' s going on with rob and kristen life.;

DreamerKind said...

Word verf:

injunction le garybe

French for stop talking the garbage, and it's all garbage, for we don't know gots nor do trashoids.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nina - I think it is I and the rest of these lovely ladies here that hit more than a nerve for you because you keep coming back like a bad rash. I get you have a lot of issue with projections because your ex cheated on you and threw you away on the curb like the trash you are but for you to come here and act like you know any facts at all is laughable - you can't even get recent pictures and events right. So yes I believe you know details about Robs life - you know the same guy you basically just called a sale out, fame whore and liar pretending to be in a relationship for the past year or Kristen who you said yourself you never ever liked and is such a frigid bitch. Hell you tried to say he was dating her best friend last October because he had his arm around her but he hates all of them and Kristen right? You go being his number #1 fan because it shows just how much you think of him and how much you really know. Not sure what Rob did to get a fan like you wowsers - you do understand he will never ever ever ever want to be with you right? You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself

DreamerKind said...

You do make me laugh.

DreamerKind said...

There's a lot of wrecking going on this early am. Checks on checks are definitely in order. Aye, aye.

DreamerKind said...



ary sidd sure

Guess I am repeating what I done already said. Sure.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Dk - ahahaha - how are you doing and holding up with the house stuff?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nina - also since you have the inside deets I need to know about the plants? Are they going to be ok? Will lawyers be involved again to see who gets custody of them? I need to know about the plants - they are such a priority to me. We already know about the dogs because Kristen has a clone version of Bear and Rob is a liar and Bernie is not his even though he said she was so that just leaves the plants - I need to know they will be watered and properly taken care of or I will fret so hard. Please ask your super sekret insider this so I can sleep at night

DreamerKind said...

Another month to go. Meanwhile, I'm partially covered until 6/1. Am taking bids for who wants to put me up. Winner takes all. I sweep floors and mop, too. Will pick wines and make exotic but organic cocktails for health and happiness. We will sing and dance.

You are making me laugh like a braying jackass, which helps slosh the sangria into a more productive place.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - a month isn't too bad but still sucks.

Only thing you can do is laugh because Nina thinks Rob fucked all the models for the Dior campaign - Dior doesn't sell cologne or clothes nope they are taking it to a new level with a orgy sex tape for their new line - classy Ode to Snatch will be the name....Let's hope the plants don't see it or I won't be able to sleep

My sarcasm is off the charts

mari said...

hi fellow roselanders, what is going on with you guys, i know that the news are not good.

DreamerKind said...

What else can one do, as life makes us toss our cookies sometimes.

Worrying about you're not being able to sleep, without knowing about their plants and maintaining their innocence re: sex orgies and tapes/vids within their sight. Alack!

I am feeling sensuous myself although no one can see that (however, there is a plant next to me)for I sprayed a perfume on myself earlier when going out called, "Sensuous Nudes" by Arden? It works it seems and the nudes will follow I suppose.

Word verf may predict my future, it seems:

ftwarns cannot

Fate warns cannot

mari said...

rose, i hope you will not close this website even if rob & kristen is over, you know i don't want to believe it,
nobody confirmed, but as a devoted fan, i will still
follow about them & support both of them, i will still
pray for them as long as i live.

well, not all people who write here are fans? or true
fans of both rob & kristen. i am a true & devoted fan
of rob & kristen.

DreamerKind said...

Sarcasm and silliness abide here in these hallowed halls. They are best buddies, and hang here when onomatopoeia rules in parts of the fandom. Oink!

DreamerKind said...

By golly, we need some jolly! Where are Gilbert & Sullivan when we need them?


DreamerKind said...

I really believe that one of those dozens of models, actresses and fans that have partaken of Rob's manifold charms, would sell out to someone asking leading questions, seeking insinuations, if they had even a teeny bit of credibility, don't you?

DreamerKind said...

The power of the FGM endures. I have talked you Ginger, into a sleep state at last. Was fortunate that I did the same (in person) for my lovely hostess, who agreed that my voice (certainly not what I said) put the idea of sleep foremost in her mind tonight.

Nina Pearl said...

You got my personal life mixed up a bit but that's okay. As long as it makes you feel better about you. I've never seen Rob with his arm around CJ, Susie, Scout, Kassie, Alannah, or Alicia. Those are Her bff. I don't know why you seem to think that I think Rob wants to be with me. After all I'm not the one in denial.
What is this sex tape you are talking about, plus cloned dogs and plants. Are you trying to get a job at Gossip Cop or OK? Your good at twisting people's words and making up stories.

DreamerKind said...

This is cute and very much entertaining at 4am I think:

"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is." (slogan of Alka Seltzer, U.S.)
"Onomatopoeia every time I see ya

My senses tell me hubba

And I just can't disagree.

I get a feeling in my heart that I can't describe. . .

It's sort of whack, whir, wheeze, whine

Sputter, splat, squirt, scrape

Clink, clank, clunk, clatter

Crash, bang, beep, buzz

Ring, rip, roar, retch

Twang, toot, tinkle, thud

Pop, plop, plunk, pow

Snort, snuck, sniff, smack

Screech, splash, squish, squeak

Jingle, rattle, squeal, boing

Honk, hoot, hack, belch."

(Todd Rundgren, "Onomatopoeia")

DreamerKind said...

You are generosity itself. Wanting people to feel better about themselves suggests that.


conclusions tub line

The tub needs scouring

DreamerKind said...

Look what I bought:

One coat, get up and grow mascara. How much taller will I be later today? Can't wait.


Intense smoky I-color for blues.
I will be a new color when I wake up, and happy, not blue.

DreamerKind said...

A charming man who packed my groceries said my blouse was beautiful and added, you, too! I'll happily take it, for it is a double compliment to his and my good taste.
Give and receive.

DreamerKind said...

The bridal shower last week
Went well.
The food was swell.
Our bride did yell
At the gifts galore
They bought out the store.
In a corner I sat.
Was chewing the fat.
With family & friends.
For laughter portends.
Good times
Then it ends.
Like these poorly writ

I'll take my leave now, so no one will see the nudes and sensuous me, flee.

DreamerKind said...

I miss you. Old times linger in my heart. \o/

Robert said...

well this is embarrassing
a paper bag and a borrowed dick was the name of mt band in college......

Robert said...

good night DK

sue said...

What to say, not to say.
I'm gonna be completely honest with you all and that I'm sick to my stomach. When I saw this news an hour ago my stomach flip flopped and turned up side down. Why is that? I don't believe gossip/rags/mags sites but I still have this nagging anxious feeling.
When I wrote my post yesterday, I deleted a big part of it. 'It's more likely yes than no they break up considering their age, priorities, temptations and people do feel out of love even the beautiful love between R&K. That's life, shit happens'.
This morning I kept asking myself to be honest with myself and how I'd feel about that as I convinced myself I wasn't so invested in them anymore since last summer. Well after seeing this 'news', I know exactly.
I know what you're saying that it is all bull and People is a gossip site as well, I know it all but..Did I expect things to go bad but always hoping they stay together forever?
Someone somewhere made a few valid remarks about R&K, things my little voice has been wondering as well. Just like the haters know nothing about their lives, neither do we. All we know is the beautiful moments of love we've witnessed, the adoration in Rob's eyes....I don't know girls/gents, I feel so emotional, sad even though I should know better. Don't be angry with me. Should I post this? Be (too) honest about how I feel? Fuck, I'm sorry for letting you down but I can't explain why I'm sitting here with tears streaming down, sorry for being weak.

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