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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hit The Road... 2013

And don't ya come back.

2013 is done.
I've personally never been of fan of odd years
and OK...
I admit it...
13 still is kinda superstitious to me.
I said it.
I'm glad it's almost over.

And while in terms of my personal life
2013 was actually pretty good...
In this fandom?
Not so much.

Let's take look around
and see what we can most definitely
do without in 2014.


Stupid words like ROBSTEN.
Can we just call Rob and Kristen by their names?
Is it really so hard to type
or even R/K?

I hate smushed names.
One person always gets the short end of the stick
I mean.... Sten?
What the fuck is that?
It's like Jaty (john mayer and Katy perry)
All smushed names suck.
No name smushing in 2014.

Try typing out Rob/Kristen.
It's not so hard.

Its almost natural... isn't it?


People in this fandom are dropping like flies.
and I say
Here's the issue.
Some people aren't really FANS of Rob and/or Kristen.
They are fans of just Rob AND Kristen.
And if they aren't together?
They aren't interested.
It's like the Ninnies...
They claim to be all into Rob...
but ONLY if he's not with Kristen.
Or the Bitter Berts
Who act like they love and adore Kristen
and only Kristen
but can't seem to let go of Robert.

See what I mean?

Can't you just be a fan of whoever...
and not worry about the rest?

I happen to adore BOTH of them.
All around.
I prefer them together.
I hope that is where they will end up...
(I still believe they will)
But if it doesn't work out that way
I will still be here.
I will still go to their movies.
I will still be interested in them.
I will still adore them.


Being over invested in something
you have no control over.

I get it.
I care too.
But some people take it too far.
Like their lives depend on whether
Rob and Kristen spend NYE together.

It will be OK.
Rob and Kristen's lives...
are their own.
And they will figure out what is best for them.
Believe me.

How about we try and focus
on all the exciting work related projects
both Rob and Kristen have coming up?
Sundance is just around the corner.
We have new movies coming out...
Chanel and Dior
Lots of stuff is happening for them.
The rest?
It's all gravy.


Trashy embarrassing fandom psychos need to go.
If you are truly a fan of Robert Pattinson...
How can you possibly condone such vile disgusting behavior?
How does it reflect on Rob?
Pretty pathetic.
Lose the demented haters.
And for all that is holy
on  Kristen/Rob's friends twitter and instagrams.
Only lunatics think they have any impact
on Rob and Kristen's life...
Stop commenting on their friends social media.



Like so much in this fandom.
But the 'wink' face has lost all meaning.
Kinda like the overused tired insults.
"Get a life"
"You need to get laid"
Blah Blah Blah

There is so little originality left in this fandom...
And that goes for people who write blogs
that are a bit...
derivative of my blog.
Imitation is a sincere form of flattery...
but it's still just a second rate copy.


There are no sources.
There isn't anyone 'close' who is talking to the rags.
They have all failed so much this year...
All of them.
Riley Keough and Dylan Penn
are just a couple of the people
and other tabloids
claimed Rob was dating.
And they were wrong.

There are NO sources.

Bear source. Bear smart.

Those who know... Do not speak.
Those who speak... Do not know.

And lastly...
some INS


Rob and Kristen.
No matter the situation
they will always be interesting
and fun to watch
and have careers worth following.

I like to think they will find their way back to each other.
But I will be satisfied knowing
that they are happy.
That's all I want for both of them.
(and yeah, I think that means being together)

People like to shout that both of them have 'moved on'
but I don't see that.
Not at all.
Neither one of them have stepped out with anyone
besides friends... in months.
That's not moving on to me


Tom Sturridge will always be IN for me.
He gives great face.


How about we live and let live?
To each their own.
Is that possible in this fandom?

Does it really matter if that person
over there doesn't agree with you?
Do you really give a shit what they think?

If you believe in something...
then fucking BELIEVE in it.
You shouldn't need constant reassurance to prove anything
or to make you feel better.
Who cares if Silly Sally doesn't share your opinion...
The world is full of opinions.
You don't expect everyone to think alike...
Do you?

Let people think what they want...
As long as they aren't hurting anyone
or trying to hurt Rob and Kristen
Who gives a fuck?

I know what I know.

That is fucking GOOD ENOUGH for me.

I know 2014 will be fanFUCKINGtastic.
Can't you feel it?
So many good things ahead...
A bright shiny new year.
So many possibilities.


I truly hope you all find
Peace and Love
in the upcoming year.

But most of all?
Be happy.
Because Life is fucking GOOD.

Brilliant things are coming.

Until next time.

Bye for now.


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PipDancer said...

I think the "move out" in May was too obvious. They are private people who want their relationship (by whatever definition they've arrived at) to be private. If they truly split I think it would have been privately instead of in broad daylight. My opinion is a staged separation for their careers and taking their relationship private. Remember that Rob has Elvis' security team, they can move around anywhere in the world they want to unseen. They both need to move on from Twilight with other films and continue developing their skills. Hard to do if they're constantly overshadowed by Twilight. Whatever the state of their relationship is, I do believe they still have one. They were entirely too close both in friendship and deeply in love for it to just end with Rob driving away with his dogs and some garbage bags. I am with you Rose, a fan of both of them, their work, and as wonderful people who deserve their privacy to continue their lives in their way. Obsessed fans need to inventory their own lives, whether they are haters or hopefuls, and focus their energy on their own path, as Rob and Kristen are doing. Wonderful people, a fan for life, and on the hopeful side that they are together. The love they shared was obvious and beautiful and I can't imagine that it's over. If it is, I'll continue to follow their movies and wish them the best in life and careers. Happy New Year Rose and thank you for your blog. You're always dead on with your perspectives and very refreshing to read.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I totally agree with every word Rose. I am a fan of both Rob and Kristen, and will support them both. I do hope they are together, and think they are. Happy New Year Roselanders!!

Anonymous said...

I USE to like your blog BUT now you seem to believe they are broken up which they are NOT! Its like you believe the media. How can you hope they get back together when they have never been broken up.

You really should read hatersknownothing because then you would see they are STILL together

Kay said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Rose, Roseland and lurkers out there...wishing all of you an awesome 2014!


Rose said...

No... I don't believe they are broken...
But it's not the same.
I still think they are very much in each other's lives...
But it's not just black and white.
No conspiracies. No rainbows and unicorns.
Just two people working on their relationship.
You don't have to agree with me.
I'm fine with that.

Teresa Holmes said...

Stop listening to tabs they making you stupid. Thanks rob. Relationships are works in progress. You can be married for fifty years and you will still be working on your relationship. Rob and k are not fixing any problems from may because there are no problems. A papas lied to u in may. He actually said k was upset talking to someone on the phone and....... He Guessed it was probably rob. You Guess, you Guess she could have been talking to her mom, dad, brother or friend but the papas guessed it was rob. Wake the heck up rose!

DreamerKind said...

Well, I am just getting home and I can almost read all of this but not quite.

Damn, a lovely bottle of 2010 French something (White Burgundy the last bottle they had), that was dear, fell out of the paper bag bottom which broke into many bits on my fucking doorstep (and I was careful)!

Too sad. Life breaks into bits, surprising us.

Anyways, Rose I see your point, that's why I am here.

Otherwise, I was there drinking Irish car bombs and sharing with a divorced man who said he was happier without the 20 years of marriage/evil wife. Lord, give me patience to love.

La, la, la, Rob & Kristen, doing your thing. Love ya still!

Missing you every one else.

DreamerKind said...

Excitement happened. A darling but a beer influenced man, told his girl that he would leave her for me! She told me. I was clueless.

I told her to rock his world, that he was just awed by such a cool grandmother as I appear to be. I told him to rock her world, if he is not doing that.

Am I flattered? No, I have learned that we do not see ourselves clearly but long for acceptance. Highest of fives, for us all.

DreamerKind said...

Tea awaits. Ears are ringing. Life is a ding-a-linging. I suck at tra-la-la-ing tonight. Yet, we go on.

Hey, I got 3 kisses! Many hugs! It was 1000 times better than drinking at home, alone, although I would not have lost that divine wine. "Comme si comme sa!" No promises, I may return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! Happy New Year! Great Job Rose! I am going to bed now. Sorry, I was tangled up with my hubby. And I am not giving up on them either. They are my favorite people. So I agree with you all there. Well, goodnight. I need rest so I could still get better. Keep me posted. Night!

Anonymous said...

By the way hugs to you all.

DreamerKind said...


I Wish You Love

Gloria Lynne (1963):

Thanks to/jazzysclassicjazz

DreamerKind said...

Dream on there are hills to climb

The Folks Who Live On The Hill

Gloria Lynne:

Many men with lofty aims,
Strive for lofty goals,
Others play at smaller games,
Being simpler souls.

I am of the latter brand;
All I want to do,
Is to find a spot of land,
And live there with you.

Someday we'll build a home on a hilltop high,
You and I,
Shiny and new a cottage that two can fill.
And we'll be pleased to be called,
"The folks who live on the hill".

Someday we may be adding a thing or two,
A wing or two.
We will make changes as any fam'ly will,
But we will always be called,
"The folks who live on the hill".

Our veranda will command a view of meadows green,
The sort of veiw that seems to want to be seen.
And when the kids grow up and leave us,
We'll sit and look at the same old view,
Just we two.

Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill,
The folks who like to be called,
What they have always been called,
"The folks who live on the hill".

Thanks to/TheMercuryProject

DreamerKind said...

Not staying up any longer. Had the good life already. Night, dearies.

Birdie said...

Sorry I missed you,DK. Sounds like you had an entertaining New Year's Eve. Sorry to say I slept through it.

Wishing Rose and all of you here in Roseland a very Happy New Year. Good things to come.

And thank you Rose for always keeping it real!

katy said...

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

I ain't going nowhere. Love and support Rob and Kristen, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everybody

I totally agree with you PipiDancer:) Also Rose, yah, the word "Robsten" should be vanish. They are Kristen and Robert and I truly hope that they can live their lives without all the eyes on them and the obsessive and crazy fans.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Happy new year to all on Roselands hope you have a good one,Rose was another great post you have done once again thankyou for all your posts you have done happy nw year to you,Rob and Kristen wishing you both a happy new year,good things are coming for 2014 everywhere, love to you all and your families,here in England the weather is horrible hope other places weather is good for you ,take be safe and enjoy what you have xx

Jan Huether said...

Thanks for the post Rose! You always put things into perspective. You've been the voice of reason for several of years now. My you have a happy and bright new year.

Best wishes,

onagee said...

It's good for Rob and Kristen to lose over-invested fans. This blog, too, seems superfluous now. Ever since your odd numbers fixation of the summer, the clear/compelling point of view that makes for good opinion writing is gone. I guess it makes sense that posts here would be murky given Rob and Kristen are providing no leads. Good for them. Bye Rose, best of luck in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Good morning 2014 to all the Roselands! Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! Happy 2014 New Year! I love all your comments. I completely agree with you.

ADD said...

I really hope psychos stop commenting on R/K's friends social media. IMO, it's the most annoying and embarrassing behavior I've ever seen. OUT OUT OUT

I'll believe R/K have moved on when I see them with someone else. Until then, there's hope. I just wish them all the best. Together or apart.

Happy 2014 Roseland!

Anonymous said...

@PipDancer thank you for writing exactly what I have been thinking.

@Rose what you said about them not dating other people etc... is exactly what I've been wondering about.

What ever happened in May was not the same as what happened in the summer of 2012 it just felt different. I truly think that they have chosen to redefine their relationship and do what is best for them and they both aren't sitting home and wallowing about it which means Rob and Kris are fine.
I like what Pip said about them separating for their careers and keeping their relationship (whatever it may be) private.
And you are right Rose, anyone that knows anything about these two isn't going to talk to anyone about it.
Happy New Year Rose and to everyone that lurks and posts here. Let us hope that 2014 is wonderful for all of us and for Rob and Kris.

Annie said...

Happy New Year!

Lisa Johnson said...

Brilliant post, Rose. You nailed it Big Time.

Here's wishing you a wonderful new year!



Natalia Surawska said...

Rose, what's wrong with you? I am very disappointed you, once you loved them together now? I do not think so.

Rose said...

@Natalia I'm sorry... but you must be confusing me with someone else.
I still believe in Rob and Kristen.
The only people who could ever change my mind are Rob and Kristen.

Em said...

good morning Roseland :)) wishing everyone a happy new year <33 guess I should wish for reading comprehension skills n common sense too lol

Dreamer have n amazing new year <3

Stay happy everyone :))

Dolly Parker said...

Whether Rob and Kristen are a couple or not, I still support their careers. I admit that I believe they are better together than apart. It would be sad to see something so special die. They seem like the very definition of "soulmates" - but that's just my opinion.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding some of the comments here but I don't like to think that Rob and Kristen would alter their relationship to further their careers. That seems all wrong to me. I hope they wouldn't choose career over what is truly the only thing that matters in this life. Again, just my opinion and apologies if I'm misunderstanding any of you.
Wishing everyone a Happy 2014!

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Sorry I should proof read

I seriously think there are some people commenting on here who need to take a reading comprehension class. At no point in time did Rose EVER say she didn't believe R/K were together, all she said was that there were elements of this Fanbase who need to quit being so overly vested in whether or not they're a couple. Rose has always been a fan of both of them and anyone who read her post and came away with the conclusion that she was saying she thought they were broken up is wrong. As a matter of fact, she actually said "Personally...
I like to think they will find their way back to each other.
But I will be satisfied knowing
that they are happy.
That's all I want for both of them.
(and yeah, I think that means being together)" So uh back off.

Basically what it all boils down to is this, IF someone says they are a fan of R/K then you need to act like it and do what they have asked you to do which is stop being so interested in their personal lives and mind our own business.

Great Post Rose, seems like some people are going to attack you just for the fun of it...eh I guess you can't fix stupid

Lavendersings said...

Happy New Year Rose and Forum Members wishing you the very best.
I agree with everything you have said Rose and I applaud you. I also agree with PipDancer I could never understand how Rob hauling out with his garbage bags and dogs meant they broke up but I can understand the scrutiny they have been under if this was the Pappz proclamation of a breakup I never believed it. I wish this couple all the best for 2014 and will support them together or apart they are both talented and hardworking individuals who have dealt with a bunch of crap for too long and as a fan I am going to be going to their movies etc. I think they are great.

Nancy Allen said...

Keep blogging Honey!!! Your honesty and sanity has always been what the fandom needs…those of us that are old enough to know the tabs and papz don't know shit…hell they even named the third pup a name they saw on twitter, too funny. I love them both….I believe they are together and hate the public eye. Always have except for movie promos and then just because they must. NO SOURCES. Out of Rob's mouth….anyway happy 2014…blessings to all. And let's hope for a Packer win, it's time to beat the niners!

Virginia Florey said...

I opened up your blog and you had a NEW one. I guess I didn't open up RPI yesterday. Thank you for being so down to earth and so positive. I, too, believe they will get together. I hope the love they had will continue. In the meantime I continue to care deeply for both of them.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Happy New Year ROSE and ROSELAND

In 2014 ! We still can't fix stupid

In 2014 however we can choose to uphold these actors and their projects without having meltdowns about ...are they or aren't they...is she or isn't she....

I'm not sure in the history of mankind as we know it has there ever been so much upset and discord over a celebrity couples PRIVATE LIFE ???


sue morris said...

THANK ROSE FOR A LOVELY POSITIVE POST! I am very optimistic about their future. We do not need to know anything other than what they say or what we see. BUT sometimes you do not know what you see, so I prefer to listen to them ,whenever they do speak! We see many movies coming up and fragrance and fashion commitments also. Both are sweet normal folks who will do what they will do, probably together, and sometimes apart. This is pretty much a independent but loving couple. I feel good about 2014, and am glad Rose does too.

Pisteuo said...

Happy, Happy, Happy freaking New Year Rose and Roseland!!

It really makes ya wonder why people come here only to say how disappointed they are. If you are so freakking disappointed then move the fuck on! Who the fuck really cares if you are disappointed? Probably if you were minding your own business and not worrying about someone else's relationship, ya might be a little happier and wouldn't be reading things that aren't even there.

DK, that freaking sucks that your bottle of burgundy busted. Sounds like you had a great time anyway.
I had an awesome dinner, fireworks, bonfires, champagne, friends, beer and more fireworks!
I hope everyone had an awesome new years eve!

Kami and Super, you guys got that right!
Super, I'm thinking of you and yours at this difficult time. Hugs!

DreamerKind said...

Thanks, I did! You did! Maybe the world did!

Jean Worley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

I see some people have some reading comphrension problems.


Thank you Rose for your always sane, racional posts and keeping things real.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Rose, I've usually enjoyed your posts over the years, and up until quite recently as well. I visit here from RobstenAngels (sorry about the name if it offends....we've had it a long time) on occasion, and after your uncharacteristically judgemental posts last month, I was thru.
Not judging you mind you, but I really don't need to be beat up and snarked on for my harmless speculation. Yes, I'm a fan who thinks Kristen has been looking pregnant of late.
Not saying she is, but my intuition with these two, as a fan, is usually on the money, and my powers of observation as a woman, regarding pregnancy, is also. It's not life or death, it's not an insult, it's just an opinion. I won't fall apart if its not true, it won't make my year if it is...to me it's little more than observation and common sense, i.e., is kristen getting bigger or smaller? is kristen hiding her waistline habitually, is she pooching out around the abdomen - if the answers are affirmative...she's either gaining weight for a role (and only gaining around her waistline) OR, she's pregnant.
So I was pleasantly surprised to see you impart in a post today, that fans shouldn't judge other fans for what they believe, but I would be remiss if I did not point out that it was in direct contradiction to the smackdown you yourself put on the fans who have been saying Kristen looks pregnant.

Rose said...

@scanangel -- smack down? All I said was that I didn't think she was pregnant and I got vilified for not toeing the 'robsten' line. In fact... I have stated again and again that I don't care if people want to believe it or not. So who is smacking down who?
Let me repeat myself--
It doesn't matter to me.
As long as it doesn't hurt Rob and Kristen
People can believe whatever they want...
And I'm not offended by the term 'robsten'
I just think Rob and Kristen have outgrown it.
Again... It's not a smackdown--- just my opinion.

And as long as I'm clearing the air...

I still believe in Rob and Kristen.

ADD said...


I'm sorry but I don't think speculating if Kristen is pregnant or not is harmless. All her recent pictures have been overanalyzed--every inch of her body. As a young woman only two years older than Kristen, I think that's wrong and intrusive. If it was me I'd be very angry.

Anonymous said...


That's your opinion...but if you're out to stop the speculation about Kristen's life or Rob's, you're swimming very hard upstream in a hurricane. Also, to try and pretend that you, as a fan don't partake in gossip and speculation (this very blog, has speculated in the extreme about Rob, Kris and their bodies in fact) - is just about the most disingenuous and hypocritical thing ever.
I think you're being dishonest, if you're actually trying to insist that if you saw a woman that you've come to recognize, admire and know (be it personally, or via the media) and she suddenly appears to have swallowed a pumpkin, you would say nada about it. Let's at least try to be REAL here.
How about this, if Kristen keeps growing in the opposite direction, and one day in the not too distant future, appears as an obviously very pregnant woman...I'll be happy to check in here on occasion to make sure you're staying true to your word, and not uttering one darn peep about it. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Not here to argue with you, or start any drama. Believe it or not, I have a very busy life. I notice things, and I weigh in. I think where fans took offense, is your judges proclamation to those who had noticed her changing silhouette and waistline to essentially shut up about it (your exact words: 'stop obsessing over her body' ) <-- really?! So if I see a person who has a cast on, sprained a wrist, is wearing the hell out of a dress or a pair of jeans, is walking with a limp or has a pregnant-like bump, I need to stifle it? Just how is that different from your regular Tom Sturridge infatuation... and I'm pretty positive I've read you noticing both Rob and Kris' bodies in the past. All I'm saying is, lets not be rude hypocrites to each other. If you truly don't care what some of us happen to think about Kristen these days, then don't snarkily and hypocritically accuse us of 'obsessing' over her body, like that's foreign territory to you.
Afterall, google is just a click away, and I'm pretty sure you've made comments about Kris' body without having a possible pregnant bump as an excuse like some fans do today, so calm down with the sanctimonious orders.
We're women, we notice shite like that..it's no big deal. It doesn't mean we're obsessing, it just means we're not clueless and have eyeballs.

Kay said...

WTF is going on in here? Maybe I didn't get enough caffeine today, or maybe I need to brush up on my reading comprehension skills because I feel like I must have read a completely different post than this year's random visitors...seriously, I am lost why they are jumping on Rose today? It's all just sounding like a bunch of butthurt noise to me...gah, I either need a nap or a glass of wine to change my bitchy attitude....or they do.

Rose said...

Scan-- yes.. My words were "I don't think Kristen is pregnant. Stop asking me. Please stop obsessing over her body"
That was in response to the legions of SHOUTY CAPS emails I get demanding answers. Hence the 'stop asking me'. I wasn't judging anyone.... Unless you are prone to writing me ALL CAPS emails asking questions?

Again.... I haven't told you what to say or think...
And I'm pretty sure I haven't demanded you stop doing anything.
I express my opinion. I may be sarcastic in my expression. But I have never once pointed my finger at any one individual or group accusing them of anything...
(Not including the lunatic haters who are fair game)
And I'm pretty sure I don't obsess over anyone's body... But I don't think we define the word in the same way.

Rose said...

Oh and to be perfectly clear...
I still believe in Rob and Kristen.

Pisteuo said...

Scanangle, you came here to attack Rose because she said something that hit a nerve with you...well Cinderella...if that shoe fits...slide that bitch on and keep walking if you don't enjoy this blog.
I doubt there are very many people here that give a fuck what you believe. We just don't appreciate people attacking Rose for stating what the fuck she wants to...on her own fucking blog. Nobody is forcing you to read it.
And time will tell who is right or wrong...so, it might be a good idea to sit back and chill until that time comes and it will come. But, the bottom line is...their private life is NOBODY'S fucking business.

ADD said...


I'm not out to stop the speculation about R/K's life. I just think it's disturbing to speculate/obsess/focus on their bodies. Rose's never wrote a post analyzing it, you're wrong about that.

I just don't see K's "pumpkin" belly. Before you say I must have an eye problem, I actually do--I'm short sighted. For argument's sake let's say that she did gain some weight, pregnancy it's not the only explanation for it. I think some people are seeing what they want to see.

If you're right and K's pregnant, I'll be very happy for her. When you check my posts later you'll read: "She's glowing" or "I think she'll be a great mom". I won't be trying to measure the size of her bump or boobs.

Aurora Roux said...

This has raised a lot of talking lately, but I will say that Rose's opinion on all of this is still consulted and appreciated

Aurora Roux said...

Everybody from the beginning was clear about the fact that she is no insider, but a loyal fan, nothing said here is crazy, unrealistic or offensive. Time will tell became overused in the Ron and Kristen fan base, but it will sure help...

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I am still in recovery. I am still coughing. As for James Avery, Rest in peace.

Anonymous said...


Stop brown nosing, it's embarrassing girl.

Look, I came here to share my opinion about a blogger I am disappointed in of late - I thought she'd like to know why people have stopped coming here. I could have just not chosen to share, and never come back, but I thought I'd explain and here what Rose herself has to say.

I considered the fact that if Rose was like you, she might think she's too cool for school, and who considers discourse with disappointed former site visitors beneath her - not worth her time. But to my surprise she addressed me, and offered an explanation for her order, to 'stop obsessing over her body.' Apparently she is now claiming that was not directed at the fans who are speculating about a pregnancy, but at these so called shouts caps people who are blowing up her inbox she says. Okay, fine. But at least admit that was definitely not apparent if you're a fan reading her blog that has an opinion about a possible pregnancy. It seemed to be addressing no specific group, just anyone/everyone who's weighed in and is leaning towards pregnancy. It seemed harsh. But she says now it wasn't about all of us, so fine..

As for you: I was very tactful and diplomatic in expressing my pov. I don't need some little rabid and rude guard dog, with no mind of her own, nipping at my heels. Attitudes like yours, are the reason why communities and blogs quickly devolve into an 8th grade lunch table full of catty girls worshipping their queen b* - and willing to cut anyone else off at the knees who dare criticize. In short, your embarrassing, and indicative of why some people may no longer feel comfortable here. Get a life. It's really not that necessary that you be first in line for a head pat from Rosé. Down girl.

Kami said...

I am absolutely flabbergasted by the response to this post, because it's Rose's blog and she can say whatever she wants to on it. If the rest of the world doesn't like her opinions or take on things then the solution is simple, don't read it.

Rose has been one of the staunchest supporters of Rob and Kristen, both together and apart, she has stated, I think 20 times in the last few weeks that she believes that they are still a couple. LEAVE HER ALONE ALREADY.

The bottom line is, that people have put so much emphasis on this relationship that they have let it cloud their lives. Time for a reality check everyone. 1. Rob and Kristen being in a relationship is not going to bring about paradise on earth....They're wonderful people, a lovely couple and I hope they are able to be together for 100 years, but the TRUTH is that their relationship is NO ONE'S salvation. 2. IF Rob and Kristen were to announce to the world tomorrow (not that I think it will happen but just fucking play along) that they are no longer a couple...guess what folks? THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO STOP TURNING. IT WILL NOT EXPLODE or IMPLODE...we are not going to be sucked into a vacuum of nothingness. IT WILL BE OK. 3. Regardless of whether or not Rob and Kristen are together, it's THEIR business, and people should leave them alone and let them live their lives. 4.To everyone out there who is on the pregnancy bandwagon, whatever floats your boat, I don't think she's pregnant, that's just me...I doubt I'll go to hell for feeling that way...but just know this...IF AND THAT'S A BIG IF...she is pregnant, their baby is not going to make YOUR life better. Stop living through them.

I think the reason that you all are in such a tizzy about what Rose says and thinks is that you're afraid that she thinks they've broken up WHICH SHE HAS SAID SHE DOESN'T BELIEVE THEY HAVE....and IF they aren't together then your lives are over...do you not see that this is every bit as delusional and ridiculous as the Nonsten lunatics?

The harsh reality of life is, that whatever the state of THEIR relationship, it's their business and they are not going to ask our opinions about it.

Out of respect for Rose and her blog I won't tell you all what I really want to...but I will say the first word starts with "Get"

Kami said...

Scangel or whatever your name is...go away, leave Pisteuo alone, leave Rose alone, no one is impressed by your rhetoric. Just leave.

M Farrow said...

Rose, finaly you jump to the right ship. Rob and Kris are not together. No reading comprehension problem here.
Oh, a lot of people believe that when you're moving on, you need not be with anyone new, you just need to be happy.

Kami said...


Aurora Roux said...

@M Farrow

I don't think reality or fantasy have to be a ship... I don't think i even understand the ship thing, but if anything believing one thing or the other does not make you be in the right ship. I get you trust they are no longer together, I understand, I have seen u in other places too, I think we might have to let this go at some point... its so tiring... I am sure they are calm and happy in any case. At the end of the day the whole purpose was not to let people in. But I can see anyways that we love them and want them to be fine. They sort of were the weird realization that some loves are really possible... it was beautiful to see.

Pisteuo said...

Scanangel, who do you think you are fooling?
You can say what you want...but, your visit here is very apparent.
Call me what you want...if it makes you feel better about yourself. Apparently it does. So go for it! Doesn't bother me because I know who I am.
And you're right, I'm not very diplomatic so, I don't pat myself on the back for attempting to be. However, you seem to be struggling awfully hard there.
But, it's a new year...don't you think it would be better to put your bitterness and jealousy away and give it a rest? It gets very tiring and boring after a while.

Pisteuo said...

And scamangle...if people have stopped coming here...it's not because of what Rose posts on her blog.
Has it ever occured to you that SOME people have decided to stop obsessing over R/K and actually have their own lives?? Imagine that!
Actually I don't think people were upset at Rose for speaking her mind...I think "some" are upset with themselves and just need an outlet and someone to point their finger at.
I think their biggest disappointment is in themselves...beacuse the truth hurts someimes.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I am still here. Night!

Dolly Parker said...

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I just want to say that while it's true Rose has never said that she no longer thinks Rob and Kristen are together, she did say in the latest blog that she hopes they can find their way back to each other. It's not so hard to imagine how some people might get the idea that Rose believes they are apart - as in not together. Otherwise, why would they need to find their way back?

That being said, I think Rose is 100% right that it doesn't matter what anyone believes, as long as we aren't hating on Rob or Kristen. We shouldn't be so defensive or threatened by differing opinions-as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner. And I agree that this is Rose's blog and she can express herself however she chooses. But the other side of that coin is the readers are free to express their opinions of what they have read.

Whether you always agree with Rose or not, she's pretty brave to put herself out there like she does.

Kami said...

Dolly Parker, you made your point in a very nice, respectful manner. I respect that.

I am not going to take you to task for you comments, but I would like to make a point, if I may. People talk about they should be able to express their opinions, but what everyone is forgetting is, THIS is Rose's house. SHE and she alone makes the rules. She has stated emphatically that she believes they're together, that should be enough for people. She has asked that people make their opinions known without attacking her or anyone else, and yet people keep doing so. Not everyone has made their opinions known in as diplomatic manner as you did. My point is, this is Rose's house, her rules and if people aren't happy following the rules, maybe they should consider going elsewhere.

Jean Worley said...

I commented earlier and came to the conclusion it sounded too long winded for a drop in comment as I'm
not a regular.

Just let me say that I enjoy Rose's blog and that I very much agree with PIPDANCER the first commenter...Peace

Dolly Parker said...

Kami, I totally get your point. Nobody is being forced to come here and read Rose's blog. Even though differing opinions are to be expected in a forum like this, it's the way in which they are expressed that makes all the difference, as well as the ability to make a point and then move on (which is what I should do ;))

I'm not a regular commenter here and probably shouldn't have even chimed in. Thanks for the polite response.

Good night!

Kami said...

Dolly, I of course can only speak for myself, and from my experiences on this blog as a whole, but I think that the way you handled yourself is the way that everyone who has a different point of view or just an observation should handle themselves. It has been my experience that Rose has stressed many, many times that as long as people do not attack Rob, Kristen, and Tom and make their comments in a respectful manner, that she welcomes all points of view.

What I think you proved tonight is that we can disagree in principle but if we treat each other respectfully, once the disagreement is over, we can still be friendly.

marley said...

A WAY over due Hello to everyone! Hope everyone had a great new years eve and a great day 1 of the new year.

Rose I loved the post!

I am so excited to see kristen in Camp X-ray as I have been hearing and reading a lot of great things about it. Hope it comes out here. I also really hope The Rover comes out here.

I see some new names as well others that I knew and miss. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a new chapter in 2014.

Anonymous said...

I read “I like to think they will find their way back to each other” as Rose suggesting that they’re not together but she likes to think they’ll reunite. And I absolutely have no problem with that. But I have listened to her and read that she does believe they are together so perhaps she didn’t mean to say that above.

To be honest I’ve seen lately a lot of people being straight with what they really think. I mean, people would say one minute they hoped they would be together for New Year, and then in the next would admit that things obviously aren’t fine between Rob and Kristen (in other words, they’re not together).

Anyway, this year is definitely going to be full of good things. Sundance for Kristen, possibly Cannes as well, ‘American Ultra’ etc. And for Rob all of his films to promote, and maybe he will also be at Cannes. It will be a wonderful year regardless of where their films end up in the way of film festivals.

I also want to say something on the point Rose made about there being no sources. That includes insiders such as the latest one over on Twitter.

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is your regular nonnie but they are a bit more bored and have time on their hands. She mentioned Rose and some other shippers in one of her first tweets. I can’t imagine an insider would be upset enough and know enough of the fandom to give attention to particular people. She also admitted her uncertainty over *cough* ~theories *cough* and got the OG mixed up. It’s also very telling when the individual seems to know that Rob’s friends HATE Kristen, but Kristen’s family and friends LOVE him. Oh and he’s doing wonderful and everything she does is not good enough and makes her look bad.

lemoine idiane said...

«Nous comprenons l'autre sans les mots. Je peux dire à propos de Kristen tous mes problèmes. Mais honnêtement, je n'ai pas à ... parce qu'elle est dans la même position que moi. "- Robert Pattinson
# Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart # # rob kristen x # crépuscule fonte # cette citation est si doux: ')))) # j'ai dû les modifier parce que je leur manque tellement # stuffstuff

DreamerKind said...

We have this moment, another new or ongoing day for living-today! Hooray!

Thinking of you and Mr Super during this time of grieving.

Happy New Year to you!

Snowing non-stop here, and the silence is welcomed by me. Best wishes to all for 2014.

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Good Morning Everyone!!!
It's day 2 of the New Year Let's see how positive an impact we can make on each other and people in our RL. I bet we lay down tonight smiling cause we did good!!!!!
I wanted to tell the ones barking at Rose about one comment that comes to mind from a R/K t-shirt "Get Off (her) My D!@k" but I won't. lol lol
I want to be positive and upbeat.
Rose has always said what she means and meant what she said. There is never any need to dissect what she says. She stays on point. If you read her blogs you know she is and R/K fan and believes they are together. That's that on that. This is her blog, you are a guest, please have manners. You can disagree in a more respectful way. Her wording may not agree with you but it agrees with her.
Happy New Year day 2. Keep it positive and real!!!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

What perfect timing for Scanangel to arrive! She's just the type of overly invested fan that Rose is talking about here.

And in spite of all the pretentious rhetoric, accusing people of brown nosing and implying that they are lap dogs usually isn't such a good idea if you want to persuade them.

Anonymous said...

There will aways be troublemakers on blogs like this and elsewhere. Some of them can't accept even the theoretical possibility that Rob and Kristen are no longer together. It's as if their belief in them is tantamount to ones belief in God. If you were to question or express doubt in that belief, for many devout religious people you would be a sinner or worse and would not be tolerated within their community. Many would villify you as has happened here simply for expressing your opinion. The truth is that Robert and Kristen are people. It is unfair to put their love up on a pedestal. Their obvious love is not eternal; it is not everlasting. They are not Edward and Bella. Their love is a human one with problems, disagreements, different points of view as is typical in any long term loving relationship.Sometimes things happen, feelings get hurt. Sometimes it's jealousy, infidelity, career choices, money, family pressures, etc. That get in the way. A couple may decide to breakup, seperate, or work things out. No one here knows what they will do or have done. It is obvious however that for whatever reason things between them do not APPEAR to be the same thus people will have different opinions as to why. It is fine to express your opinion but have the common courtesy to do so without hostility. The fact is they may have decided to breakup but remain friends, they may have decided to go underground to maintain privacy, they may have decided to work out their issues and may be stronger than ever in their relationship. All of these scenarios are possible. We don't know what their decision is regardless of what we may want or believe. Insulting others because their opinion is different from yours is quite frankly rude,narrow-minded, and makes you appear to be somewhat overly obsessed with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, i was very clear in saying i was a longtime reader who took offense at Rose's seemingly negative and insulting characterization of me and those like me (fans who have speculated about a pregnancy). Rose has now claimed her remarks were not directed at anyone not annoying her with DMs, which im sure even she'd admit was not readily apparent when reading her comment. i decided to take her at her word. End of story. There's not much more to it than that.

I was not trying to 'persuade,' anyone - where do you even get that from what I said? Relax.

Maybe you should work on reading comprehension, or at the very least not be so knee jerk reactionary with readers who have an issue with Rosé.

I'll say it again, I find those that gang up like 8th grade girls protecting their leader, embarrassing.

I started out my post saying I'm the opposite of over-invested, which explains why I don't know half the people in R and Ks so-called respective circles these days that Rose mentions, and am often asking fellow fans to update me. I tend to glaze over when I see those names. I have a life, a busy one, which explains why, unlike you, I only have time to address things that genuinely intrigue me, or, that i personally take offense to. i have no time to 'obsess,' nor to brown nose and be a rabid mean girl for a clique.. like you're doing now.

Calm down, back off, and rest assured Rose can take of herself. Really, it's okaaaaay.

Kami said...

Scanangel it's obvious that you're just coming here to stir the pot. You're sitting back, after making comments where you called Pisteuo a "Brown noser" and a "Rabid, rude guard dog" and acting as if EVERYONE ELSE is wrong and doesn't 'understand your point of view'. You took issue with the way Rose said something, she has cleared that up several times, yet here you are continuing to stir the pot. Frankly I don't care what you believe, but I DO care when you come here and attack Rose, then when she defends herself or someone else defends her you make it personal. You can play the "Everyone is picking on me" card all you want to and it doesn't change the facts. You came here, you attacked Rose for her comments, she explained what she meant and how she really feels and yet you kept on, whenever Pisteuo called you on it, you got personal, at no point in time have you been the innocent victim just wanting to express your feelings so stop acting like you have.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Happy new year and welcome 2014 to all on Roselands,Rose what a great post as always,so looking forward to all the new things for Rob/Kristen for 2014 what that brings to them,well my washing machine has broken and i had a very wet kitchen today so i say out with the old in with new more expense just what i need :((,sending you all lots of love,hope and hugs for 2014 take care be safe xx

Kami said...

I went back and read your comments to Lisa again Scanangel, boy do you sound so smug and condescending. Acting as if "You're above it all" and the rest of us are just bullies waiting for our next victim. Bottom line YOU came HERE...no one hunted you down, no one forced you to read this blog and no one made you comment. You can scream to the heavens all day long that everyone is picking on you, misunderstanding you and misjudging you, but you are the aggressor here not us and you knew the stink you would cause when you came here. You're not dumb, and you knew what would happen, especially if you truly are a long time reader.

As for us being 8th graders ganging up to protect their leader, I would like to point out that several of us communicate off of this blog, and we consider each other friends. Pisteuo wasn't protecting her LEADER she was defending her friend Rose, just as I was defending my friend Pisteuo when I took issue and still do with your comments. It's what friends do, we have each others backs, we're not looking for pats on the head from our 'leader'. We don't want our bellies scratched nor do we want a bone for being a 'good girl'. It's called FRIENDSHIP.

As for telling someone to work on their reading comprehension, which I believe you said to Lisa, I think you need to do a little of that yourself. Rose did not attack you, not at all she was puzzled by your use of the word "Smackdown" and she addressed you. She was not mean, hateful or rude to you in any way.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I don't have time to read all the comments but I will just say this

Bullies can dish it out, but they can't take one bit of it back in stride.

ali mac said...

MARLEY if you manage to see this. It was lovely to see you pop in and I wish you a very happy 2014. I hope everything is good with you!

Pisteuo said...

Wait-a-minuuuute Kami...what!!?? No belly rub??...backrub either? Actually I could use a good backrub or a massage. Ha! I bet Stacy will indulge me with a back rub and maybe a sloppy kiss to go with it! hahaha!!! I wouldn't even mind Rose giving me a pat on the head if she also played with my hair....I kinda like that too!hahaha!! jk...sorta...maybe...maybe not! hahaha!!

Hi Marley!

Super, hugs to you and Mr. Super.

Kami said...

OMG Pist when I read your comment I had a mouth full of crackers, now they are all over the computer screen LOL. Ok...Ok we kind of do like our bellies being scratched....but I would prefer a foot massage to a back massage....or would that be a paw massage? i get so confused!

marley said...

Hey Ali Mac and Pist.

Ali - I've been good. I'm back in school now so I'm staying busy. Hope you are all doing good as well.

stacy said...

Jeesh, I was trying to be a good girl and get some work done.

Pist, I'll indulge you with all the back rubs and sloppy kisses you'd like...but no hugs for you!!!

I've been known to ask people who want to analyze other's lives in great detail to first put their own lives up for us to pick apart. I'd like to extend this request to people who like to analyze other's bodies. If you're so inclined, I would ask that first you put up a series of pics of your belly, boobs, thighs, butt, etc. Be sure that the pics cover a period of a few months. Let us all pick apart your body, analyzing it in great detail. We can talk about if your belly looks like you swallowed a pumpkin; if your boobs have grown, or shrunk, and whether they are being embellished by your choice of bra. We can speculate about the size of your thighs and ass. I'm sure you won't mind, it's not crossing the line, right? You won't feel violated as we pick apart how wearing your clothes, right? And, certainly, you won't mind that we're commenting about your body in a public forum, because it's not creepy at all, right?

So, now that I've pontificated for a while...I have to say that I'm so excited for all of the films that Rob and Kristen have coming out this year. There has been such a great buzz about Camp X-Ray, woo hoo, go Kristen! And, I really, really want to see dirty Rob and those awesome teeth Rob's got going on in The Rover. That alone is so worth the price of admission! LOL

Anonymous said...

There is a picture of Rob at brunch on 31st in NYC with Dakota Fanning(supposedly she is dating Rob's friend Jamie). Check out robstendaily.com and robstendreams.comit got my hope up that Kris might have been there too.

ADD said...

I totally agree! I was trying to make that point when I said it was not harmless to speculate about K's body. Thank you for putting into words, much more eloquently than I did.

stacy said...

ADD, Thanks, but I think you were much more eloquent. I do love the snark though. LOL

Pisteuo said...

Hahaha Stacy. We are gonna just have to discuss that "no hugs for you" thing. hahaha!!
I'm on my way over!

stacy said...

Ahhhhh, someone send help quick! Pist is foaming at the mouth and trying to hug me. She must be rabidly in love with me! :D

spankey gold said...

Some food for thought. We can all be thankful that:
1.They each have great friends-many of them are mutual friends.
2.They have successful careers.
3.They have great family support.
4.They work well together.
5.They handle invasion into their lives well.
6.They care for each other and it really is not our business what their relationship status is.
7.They both seem happy.
8.Rose provides a site where we can discuss our thoughts.
Just saying... we offer fodder for the trolls when we attack each other.

spankey gold said...

Some food for thought. We can all be thankful that:
1.They each have great friends-many of them are mutual friends.
2.They have successful careers.
3.They have great family support.
4.They work well together.
5.They handle invasion into their lives well.
6.They care for each other and it really is not our business what their relationship status is.
7.They both seem happy.
8.Rose provides a site where we can discuss our thoughts.
Just saying... we offer fodder for the trolls when we attack each other.

spankey gold said...

Some food for thought. We can all be thankful that:
1.They each have great friends-many of them are mutual friends.
2.They have successful careers.
3.They have great family support.
4.They work well together.
5.They handle invasion into their lives well.
6.They care for each other and it really is not our business what their relationship status is.
7.They both seem happy.
8.Rose provides a site where we can discuss our thoughts.
Just saying... we offer fodder for the trolls when we attack each other.

spankey gold said...

Some food for thought. We can all be thankful that:
1.They each have great friends-many of them are mutual friends.
2.They have successful careers.
3.They have great family support.
4.They work well together.
5.They handle invasion into their lives well.
6.They care for each other and it really is not our business what their relationship status is.
7.They both seem happy.
8.Rose provides a site where we can discuss our thoughts.
Just saying... we offer fodder for the trolls when we attack each other.

Anonymous said...

You people trying to slam me are such hypocrites, if I had a dime for every time some here, incl Rose has commented on Rob's body (and Kristen's!) I'd be pretty wealthy. So that's okay, but notcing something obviously different, be it a cast, or a tattoo, or a bump, is suddenly forbidden? Please. I'll say it again, some of you are predictable, in the way you cat claw anyone who dares say a critical word about Rose's blog. That's not friendship, it's obeisance, and quite pathetic. If the worst you can come up with to justify your pitbull behavior is me characterizing Rose's comment to 'stop obsessing over her body,' as a "smackdown," (of those fans who are speculating pregnancy) then that's one lame excuse for your sad 8th grade girl gang attacks. Anyone else have a shot to get in, step right up and prove my point some more. Lol. I have no problem standing up to bullies. You're being ridiculous, sane people can re-read the thread. I was very clear about my disappointment. Why Rose's remaining visitors are dead-set on alienating everyone, I have no idea. I just know that you're being immature and catty....and yes, some of you seem to have a problem with the mere speculation of pregnancy, that's obvious. Or is it Kristen possible being pregnant that you don't like. Aha. It will be interesting to see how some of you react if it is true. I've always felt there were a lot of fair weathered fans in this fandom, who will be highly judgemental of them should it be true. I think that's fueling the barely contained bitchery, it may not even be that your so protective of your close personal friend, Rose. Lol

Super RN Gas Passer said...


We don't have paws, we have claws !!!! Don't we?


Geez....Since you have so eloquently put us all in our place, might you like to go somewhere else and spread your joy and goodwill:(

Somehow I don't see how admiring Rs good looks and enjoying how he walks...that's what Rose loves...

Is in the same category as micro analyzing someone's abdomen ad nauseum etc. ...but hey if you want to bash us to make yourself feel better about keeping a baby watch then by all means you just go right ahead

Oh and why would we be upset if K were pregnant ? expecting a child is a wonderful thing...we simply believe that her personal business is her own and not ours.

WHY is it ok for you to come here to insult the ever living daylights out of everyone here and then get mad because we defend ourselves ?


Happy New Year !!! Good to see you pop in :)))

ADD, MARLEY, STACY, PIST...waves. And PIST, thanks, we are doing well:)

Rose said...

Why are we still talking about this? I get it.
Scan thinks Kris is pregnant.
I don't.
Why the continued bickering?

It's like people just come here to fucking fight.
Remember when people used to actually have a conversation and a few laughs?

Am I the only one who finds this constant oneupmanship TEDIOUS?

DreamerKind said...

I love the late, late, late night Roseland, where I am usually talking/singing/dancing with myself!
Thanks for having me as your guest.

vernistene said...

Hey Super my dear friend!!!
Happy New Year Day 2!!!
I hope you are well and having a great beginning to what will be a wonderful year in all our lives!!!! Keep twirling and smiling!!!! :0)

Pisteuo said...

Okay...Rose is right. This IS getting fucking Tedious.
We need something else to talk about... And we should not be mean and cruel to our guests....so, how about this?

Scanangel...I really hate that you feel the way you do about us and I would love to make it up to you and embrace you. I think Stacy's idea is brilliant so, why don't you send us a few pictures of yourself and we can all speculate about how your body looks? That way, you can continue to be the center of attention and no harm done...right? A win win? It's possible that you may look like you've swallowed something and we can speculate about what it might be. Some might agree and some not...who knows, you might even get some knitted booties out of it...the possibilities could be endless! It's really not my thing...but hey, if it would make you feel welcomed I'm willing to give it a go. Just don't cheat and send somebody else's photo. That would not be honest. So, what say you? And...
may I offer you a cupcake? I made some today and would love to share with you. I'll even throw in a hug. Don't mind Stacy, she is really a wonderful person...she just had me confused with her "other" personality today...but, we worked it out and everything's cool now. :D

Kami said...

I want a cupcake Pist and I'll even take a hug, maybe an in and out burger, just NO sloppy kisses!

stacy said...

Awww, Pist, okay triple hugs for you and possibly some sloppy kisses too.

DreamerKind said...

Good to see ya!

That Old Gang of Mine

Billy Murray & Ed Smalle (1923):

I've got a longing way down in my heart
For that old gang that has drifted apart
They were the best pals that I ever had
I never thought that I'd want them so bad

Gee but I'd give the world to see
That old gang of mine
I can't forget that old quartet that sang "Sweet Adeline"
Goodbye forever, old fellows and gals
Goodbye forever, old sweethearts and pals
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Gee but I'd give the world to see
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As I gazed at the houses, unchanged by the years
In my throat came a lump and my eyes filled with tears

I looked at the lamppost, the pump and the stoop
And again I could picture us kids in a group
There was Shorty, and Yeller and Skinny and Mike
And the rich kid who had ball bearing skates and a bike

And down near the school I could see the brick wall
Where we used to go for a game of handball
And the crabby old janitor who chased us away
Say, what I wouldn't give to just see him today!

And then came the parties and dances-- that's why
We didn't notice the years going by
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And then came the War
The crowds in the street
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And the gang, that old gang of mine
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But the war is all over and last night as I stood
On the same corner back in that old neighborhood
I couldn't help brushing a tear from my eye
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Gone forever are the pals that I love
There isn't a trace or a sign
Of that regular honest to goodness old bunch
That I call that old gang of mine

Gee but I'd give the world to see
That old gang of mine
I can't forget that old quartet that sang "Sweet Adeline"
Goodbye forever, old fellows and gals
Goodbye forever, old sweethearts and pals
(God bless them)

Thanks to/RDoyleMatthews

DreamerKind said...

Choose your favorites

A Few More Kisses To Go

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But before
We get into our bed
We got
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Thanks to/djcolincruz

DreamerKind said...

Yum! Nom! So dear!

Cuppycake Song


Thanks to/WanderingSoul117

DreamerKind said...

Your Body Is A Wonderland

John Mayer:

Thanks to/johnmayerVEVO

DreamerKind said...

Next week, I'll be one year closer to Medicare! Better live it up while I have private coverage. Ha!

Oh, by the way..Happy Birthday to those who celebrate in January!

We can only hope I don't share too much of my celebrating here, for it can get very silly, as ya'll well know. You are fairly warned, so anyone can avoid my comments.

DreamerKind said...

My body makes me wonder! How does it keep itself alive?

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! Sorry I took so long. I had work, running errands, and having family fun movie night with my laws at their house. We were watching The Ultimate Gift. Its a really great movie. You guys should watch it. It will touch your heart. Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. One thing I with Rose part is that R and K are still together. That is important to me. I am not giving up on them. I have been praying for them. And I trust trouble makers. If you asking what trouble makers. Trolls, haters, nonnies, tabs, all the trashy gossip sites, papz, and all the rest are trouble makers. I don't believe them. Because they bring nothing but lies, hates, and most of all is money. I rather listen to you guys than those trouble makers. Well, I am going to bed. Have to take my babies to animal clinic tomorrow. Keep me posted again. Hugs to you all. Night. I am still not feeling well. But the meds is slowly working. I still need to get better. Night and hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

DK- I love your musics and your comments. Great job!

sue morris said...

THANK YOU ROSE FOR A REALLY GOOD POST! You are clearly very fond of our two young actors and wish them well. You are very clear about everything and I think very positive thinking in a world of very judgmental posters who do not know zip, nada, about R/K real life, they just comment on a bunch of negatives to disturb and annoy this post that has enjoyed a really polite and intelligent post staying away from privacy issues. Everybody is different and being ignorant and not respecting each post as they are all different is just not to be tolerated. I think omitting negative comments and ignoring stupid people is the only sensible way to respond because to intolerant people who just drag on, they are just playing the blame game, a no win solution. We all have very different opinions and perhaps the best goal is to talk just the recent movies and steer away from other subjects here because we all love these two, Rob and Kristen, and really do not know their world, so it is better to not pretend we do. In fact, it is really dopey to think you do.

DreamerKind said...

The World May Never Know

Dr. Dog:

I can't remember what is wrong
I've been happy now
For way too long
And oh, we got a lot more to go

I put a trash can by the road
And filled it up
Just to lighten my load
But oh, I got nowhere to go

Someone alone fell asleep
By the phone
Like a dog for a bone

How can it be
That a fish in the sea
Could feel like
It's completely alone
The world may never know

I know it hurt you
'cause you cried
I know it killed you
But nobody died
And oh, the city
Ain't nothin but show

I found a needle in the hay
I found the sunshine
At the end of the day
And oh, I found a pearl
In the snow

Someone alone
Fell asleep by the phone
Waiting like a dog
For a bone

How can it be
That a fish in the sea
Could feel
Like it's completely alone
The world may never know

Thanks to/LivesofCrime1

DreamerKind said...

Feeling like a dog with a bone, so shouting out to:

Rose, Rob, Kristen, Tom, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Super, Birdie, Pist, Kami, Stacy, Em, PATTYBG, Freddie, PL, Ali, Annie, Kay, Arleen, Verni, Ginger, Liz, ADD, katy, gwen, Sue M, Tina W, Marley, Olivia, Robert, and other guests, lurkers, others of fair minded, openheartedness.

valéria said...

Rose, the only thing that differentiates you from those weirdos who stalk and comment on the IG accounts of anyone vaguely related to Rob or KS is your langage,designed to look your very dispassionate and deceptively nonchalant language. But nevermind, then, can I take as a solemn promise that you'll stop trying to link romanticaly Rob and KS if one of the two appears with another person publicly, man, woman, anyone? you will give yourself a chance, for you and all those poor old women to have another life than being obsessed with a celebrity couple?

valéria said...

oups, there's one "langage" in excess.

Anonymous said...

Actually Rose, the lemmings are taking their cue from you, and directing at me, the same sanctimonious language and judgement, that you used in your blog last month.

They're acting holier than thou and pretending not a one of them ever commented on Rob's abs (i believe the debate about his back in BD went on for weeks) or Kris in her two piece down in Rio, or any number of other pictorials, candids, or footage.

i mean just stop the madness. It's too easy to prove the hypocrisy...so why are you inviting me to? lol

It's bad enough your doing battle over something so stupid in a play to 'protect' someone who doesn't need it, but how does showing yourselves to be blatant hypocritical liars help Rose?

Hey Rose, remember when you said, 'stop obsessing about her body,' in that self-righteous sanctimonious way that you claimed was for other people, not those that held a differing POV? Well the reaction of your 'followers,' is the precise reason, you turned a lot of us off that day. Whether it was unwitting or not on your part, that split your fans into factions by inviting people to judge each other for their belief. You were clearly siccing your guard dogs on those of us whose opinions differed from yours.

Oh i get it too Rose.

...you know darn well the fandom doesn't have to be of like mind, nor do we have to believe the same things...we very often hold diff views...BUT when those of us with a soapbox decide to look down their noses and judge us personally, we do react...fine, you've already said you were referring to others...

.....but just look at how your devoted lap dogs have picked up right where you left off in that blog post last month, and are now ascribing to ME, the same sentiment you claim was only supposed to be for the so-called constant deluge of annoying DM messages you were receiving.

Witness Pissedoffula posting that I and others are like 1950s admen madmen subjugating and objectifying Kris's body, as sure as a hustler centerfold. Just call me Larry Flynt. Lol ...yeah....if you wonder why I posted in the first place, your sheeple's accusations and attacks should bring it all home, they essentially are mimicking your faux outrage at some of the fans speculation.

Even the characterization of it, talking boobs, and butts and all manner of body parts as if they know what I and others have said on the matter. Even regurgitating my 'swallowed a pumpkin,' line and using it in the wrong context. (To clarify, I said there's no way you would not notice or speculate IF someone had swallowed a pumpkin - i didn't say Kristen appeared that way. If she did. We wouldn't be having this discussion now would we? )

The continued need to mimicking your hypocritical disdain is pretty messed up. They're so blinded by loyalty they can't even see that your comment and its potential to cause this very nasty snarky reaction, is the main reason some fans read your post, and said we were done.

So, yeah, I hope you really do get it.

With that said, I'm done. Have a good New Year. I'm going back to our blog, where we can think and say whatever the hell we want and not have to answer to some judgemental clique bitchery.

The baby shower is in April ladies, invitation only.

Toodles. :)

valéria said...

*"to make you look" damm...

lemoine idiane said...

je comprends chapeliers parfois. ils ont peur du changement , haineux stewart kristen spécialement , ils ont peur de ce qu'elle représente . Kristen apporte une nouvelle génération de femmes qui ne se tiennent pas sur les lignes de côté en sirotant du thé glacé , dans une robe de soleil , ou les femmes qui ont besoin de leurs portes ouvertes et ne peut pas Cary ils sont propres sacs à la voiture . Elle est la fille qui met sur ​​un vieux jeans déchirés , t-shirt avec des mandrins ou des camionnettes , et tourne autour de la ville avec une casquette de baseball sur les courses toute la journée . Après tout cela, elle va ensuite tard dans la nuit et et met sur ​​un vestes sans maquillage et rencontre avec ses potes et ne rechigne pas à faire un peu lil sueur et sale aussi longtemps qu'elle peut faire des choses elle-même . Elle est la femme libre et indépendante d'esprit que nous avons tant lutté à travers les générations en devenir. Ces haineux de peur de la façon dont les autres filles rapides sont en train de changer et de devenir ce que nous appelons " hipsters " de nos jours , les femmes animées gratuites et moins petites princesses se promener avec des robes propres petits d'été et les chaussures assorties et des sacs de mani / pedi fait . Haineux ont peur que ce qu'ils ont passé tout leur temps avec et toute leur énergie et ce qu'ils apprécient vont changer et puis encore une fois ils sont perdus et oubliés et non plus dans la boucle de " ce qui est le droit de regarder . " Il est une chose triste d'imaginer la vie de quelqu'un en étant comme ça, mais la vérité est CHANGE est une chose prometteuse de l'avenir . Je refuse d'être la force de regarder une certaine manière afin d'être accepté dans un cercle de pages blanches tandis que nous buvons du thé sur la glace où le seul sujet qui importe, c'est " j'ai acheté un nouveau sac " comme le point culminant de ma journée . je pense , Kristen se soucie de ce qui est réel , ce qui est brut et la vérité sur la vie . Par conséquent , nous devrions nous sentir désolé pour ceux qui haïssent , parce que quelqu'un change tous les jours et voit la vraie valeur de la vie , de l'importance dans la vie . une fois que nous grandissons, certains d'entre nous passent par une transition où nous réalisons ce qui est important et ce qui est pas . Ceux qui ne déteste pas seulement ...

DreamerKind said...

Oh, why is there nothing stiff in my place when I need it?

DreamerKind said...

Dogs are so loyal

Easy Beat

Dr. Dog:

It's an easy beat of nothing
And we don't need no guitars.
We can run and sing and wreck our cars.

Be careful of the judge inside
His gavel and his stand collide.
But he's only guilty of what's wrong.

Now you can take a feather and pull it from your hat.
You murder all the liars who say they're about to die.

Oh die, die, die, die.
You know that you'll die, die, die, die
I won't let you die, die, die

Oh watch with a liar's degree
They tell you time and time again
It's now or never
But a bird flying out with the breeze
It's a damn good reason
For the change of season (season)

We all lost our dog now
To the hunter and the fog now
Either it's asleep or it's lying
Well, there are many things
That I would love
To turn you on to

We're underneath the sun
But we are cool
Oh, cool, cool, cool, cool
You know that we're cool, cool, cool, cool
You know that we're cool
Cool, cool

Just doing what you can
Lie the chicken in a pan
'cause if you carry on
You're bound to drop it

Thanks to/hfield07

DreamerKind said...

Down for the count. Flailing on the mat. Now up and feinting. Hitting on the break, finally kissing the canvas. Leading with one's chin. It's a majority draw.

DreamerKind said...

Tea and banana bread, and then bed. All three, soft.

vernistene said...

lemoine idiane said...(translated)
I understand hatters sometimes. They are afraid of change , hate kristen stewart specially , they are afraid of what it represents . Kristen brings a new generation of women who were not held on the lines of coast, sipping ice tea , in a robe of sun , or women who need to open their doors and can not Cary they are own bags to the car . ...She is the daughter who puts on ​ ​an old ripped jeans , t-shirt with mandrels or vans , and rotates around the city with a baseball cap on the races throughout the day . After all this, it will then late in the night and and puts on ​ ​a jackets without makeup, and met with his mates and do not begrudge to do a little lil sweat and dirty as long as it can do things itself .It is the free woman and independent of spirit that we both fight through the generations by become. These hate speech for fear of how the other girls are fast changing, and to become what we call "hipsters" of our days , women free animated and less small princesses strolling with dresses own small of summer and the assorted shoes and bags of mani / pedi done Hate speech are afraid that what they have spent all their time with and all their energy and what they like will change and then again once they are lost and forgotten and no longer in the loop of "what is the right to watch ."It is a sad thing to imagine the life of someone by being as ca, but the truth is changed is a promising thing for the future . I refuse to be the force to look at a certain way in order to be accepted in a circle of white pages while we drink tea on the ice or the only subject that is important, it is "I bought a new bag" as the culmination of my day . i think , Kristen cares about what is real, what is gross and the truth about life .Therefore , we should feel sorry for those who hate , because someone changed all the days and sees the true value of life , of the importance in the life . once that we grow up, some of us go through a transition where we realize what is important and what is not . Those who do not hate only ...

vernistene said...

@lemoine idiane - very cool what you said. I totally agree. :0)

@Lemoine idiane - très cool ce que vous avez dit. Je suis tout à fait d'accord !!! :0)

lemoine idiane said...

merci merci vous a voir traduite mon testée merci

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Morning to you all,Arleen sorry you still have bronchitis but hopefully you are on the up and wont take long till it goes yes the inhalers do taste horrible my son has chronic asthma since he was 2 now hes 12 and he has 3 inhalers to take daily and he still says its horrible ,seen the pictures of Rob i dont care whether they were together or not ,with their friends,families,who knows as long as they are happy they dont need to be stuck to each other 24/7,we dont need pictures of them all the time just let them have peace and let them get on with what they need to do they dont need prying eyes all the time i say good luck to the Ninjas, love to you all take care have a good weekend

Lisa Johnson said...

Scanangel, the responses here to your posts are natural. It's called attack and defense. In fact, you are doing the same thing. In your last post you defended yourself against what you believe to be attacks from posters here.

If you keep this up, the cycle will continue.

It's basic.

That said, there are people here who are hilarious. I just knew someone would take that swallowed pumpkin thing and run with it (Pisteou!). How could they not?

Lap dogs, minions, legions of 8th graders--and pumpkin bellies. I'll give you credit for some great metaphors!

Anonymous said...

Scanangel, most normal, mentally balanced people do not seek out things which they dislike or are disappointed in. I can practically see the anger in the venom dripping from your words. I'm not a frequent guest here but from reading your posts, you just seem so angry and hostile. You said what you wanted to say. What is your end goal? If you insult people, you are not going to convince them of anything. I just wanted to ask you to calm down. Share your post with a friend so that maybe you can get a different perspective on how YOU are coming across. I sincerely hope 2014 brings you peace and happiness.

Rose said...

@scanangel -- You baffle me.
I'm not the one who is arguing about pumpkins... and I know I haven't obsessed over anyone's body.
And stop holding me responsible for what is being said in the comments section of my blog.
I don't censor or delete unless people trash Rob/Kristen or get particularly hateful.
I think I made myself pretty clear.
And I explained why I said what I did. In fact... in my very next post after stating that I didn't believe that Kristen was pregnant
I added this:
"On my last blog post...
I simply stated that I didn't believe Kristen
was pregnant.
(and I still don't believe she is)
All hell broke loose.
I'm not quite sure why.
I have gotten a lot of emails asking
me what I thought about that topic...
So I answered it.
But for reasons I still cannot fathom...
Some people got all bent outta shape over it.
Like it was a personal insult directed at them.
I'm not sorry that I put MY opinion on MY blog.
It's kinda what I do here."

I explained WHO I was reacting to... in the next post. Funny how you STILL think I was somehow attacking you. But see the difference is... YOU are the one with the axe to grind. YOU are the one who cannot accept that someone doesn't agree with you. You didn't see me racing off to Robsten Angels to argue with you... did you? No. Because as I have stated time and time again...
I DON'T CARE if you want to believe Kristen is pregnant. It doesn't matter to me.
So why do my words matter SO MUCH to you?
Needless to say.
If you want to have this fight...
its not with me.
I'm not the one attacking you.
I'm not the one who keeps bringing this topic up.
I'm not in this fight...
and let me repeat why not...
If you and others want to discuss pumpkins and feel the need to try to have the last word.
Go do it on your blog.
I'm sick to death of the fucking drama.
I meant it when I said to each their own... I just wish people would let me have my own, too.

And PS? I still believe in Rob and Kristen. I always have. And if in any time in the future they choose to have a baby... I would be very happy for them.

sue morris said...

ROSELAND, please have a better year and I do think Rose is good and she has the right idea. Some of us may not agree on everything, so we will agree to disagree about some details. The best things in life are free. The two lives are together by choice and in order to have any kind of life, they may have to pretend to be separate or at least stay away from the camera together. I will always see them together in my heart. Have a beautiful weekend. Dreamer kind please never change!

Rose said...

valeria? I'm done explaining to the brain dead what I mean...
I wish I could have reading comprehension as a prerequisite to commenting on this blog.
But alas... I'm stuck with idiots like you.

Rob and Kristen are the only two people I will ever believe when it comes to the status of their relationship.

So please. Kindly go away and fuck off.


Kami said...

Hmm friend of a rabid, rude guard dog, a lemming, sheeple, mindless follower, objectifier of Kristen, 8th grade mean girl, and old woman who is obsessed with a celebrity couple, hypocrite...I'll have to add those to my profile page under "tell us a little about yourself".

I could say a lot but this has become ridiculous so I'll simply say that I hope you don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

JMF said...

I don't post often here. It's a shame what has happened in this fandom. I personally, am AFRAID to post my opinions ANYWHERE. I don't want to be attacked for what I believe about Rob and Kristen. So I stay away and post my thoughts and opinions in emails and DM's. But I see A LOT. And truthfully it makes me sick.
I won't be returning to post anything again, I will stay to my lurker mode. But before I do I just want to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and also respect. I believe in love, I believe in Rob and Kristen.
Best wishes everyone.

ADD said...

I'm sorry you got attacked because of some comments I've made.

Waves back.

I hope you get well soon.

Pisteuo said...

Well damn, I'm just floored, skankangel...uhhh...I mean scanangel.
I extend my hand only to get it snapped off.
My response to you whether you want to believe it or not...had absolutely NOTHING to do with Rose. It was all about YOU and YOUR comments to ME. (excluding my very first comment to you)
Me and Rose are two separate identities and we don't always agree on everything...but, we are okay with it because we have a mutual respect. You are very correct when you said she does not need any help from anyone. She IS very capable of speaking for herself and she does...very well.
And you will be very hard pressed to find where I've talked about anybody's body unless it was to poke fun at someone who did. (yes, I can be an ass)
You talk about hypocrisy...well seems you are the very definition of it. It's okay for you to speculate about someone else...yet you don't seem to like the idea of it happening to you?
Chances are you won't see this...right? Yeah cause as you stated in the very first comment that after the last post Rose wrote that you were "thru"....uh yeah, right! LOL!!
All you have accomplished here is...making a complete and utter fool of yourself. But, if you'd like to come back and try again without attacking people here...you would be welcomed. (by me, anyway...can't speak for everyone)

And... Rose, sorry...but, I just see this as a good debate. I was actually looking forward to more convos with scan and was hoping she would extend her hand. She didn't and for that I'm truely sorry.

JMF, I'm sorry you feel that way. I honestly don't think people in Roseland care what other people believe as long as it's not an outright attack on someone. I think the problem is when someone comes here and voices their opinion and someone questions them about it...they get all hostile and run away crying foul. Maybe if they just stuck around and talked it out without getting all bent out of shape and running off...we COULD reach an understanding and sometimes that is...we just agree to disagree.
Some people just have a need to be right all the time and think evrybody should think like them...and that's never going to happen in a lot of cases. I know I'm a very free spirited person and have never been a "go with the flow" type and would rather see the humor in things instead of taking everything so serious.
There are subjects that are pet peeves of mine and yes, I tend to question things that irritate me...it's just my nature and it's hard for me to change that...but, I will try in the future. I said "try". LOL!!

P.S. I'm am speaking for myself and only for myself. And did not intend to write a freaking book. Sorry!

Rose said...

No need to be sorry Pist and ADD

I'm all for good debate as well... but that's not what this was.
You all can say whatever you please (you already know my rules about that) but I'm not sure why my name keeps being brought up. For some reason just because this is my blog... people assume all the comments made by people are ones I automatically agree with.
Obviously that is not true.
I don't have a horse in this race... No one speaks for me.

I guess I need another disclaimer...

Rose said...


Works for me.

Pisteuo said...

Rose, you were being attacked and no it was not a debate on your part. and she clearly did not want to debate anything...just spew her disappointments. I was speaking on my part.
We were all being attacked for having the nerve to respond and I don't get why your name kept coming up either.
Oh wait...yes I do. Someone is clearly bitter and jealous of you and angry because you don't believe the same things they believe and because you don't delete comments that disagree with you.

Hopefully they will get over it and move on.

Pisteuo said...

I like the new disclaimer by the way...at the risk of "brown nosing".

Rose said...

Agreed Pist.
I'm still not sure why so many people have gotten so bent outta shape over the fact that I don't believe someone is pregnant.
But then again...
I never have followed the leader.

Rose said...


Pisteuo said...

Geez...I'd like to laugh too...but then, it might be construed as a conspiracy!

Rose said...


Pisteuo said...

I've never said what I thought about the pregnacy rumors...in fact I've never even said the word until now. For one thing...it's nobody's business and another thing is...who the fuck cares what I believe!

Pisteuo said...

Okay! THAT did make me LOL!!!
But, that's cause I'm so evil...Hahahaha!!!

Pisteuo said...

Oh God...I do know how to spell "pregnancy"! damnit...I said it again. That will probably come back to bite me in the ass one day. hahaha!!

vernistene said...


Vous êtes donc très bienvenue !!! Je vous aime. Vous dites que les choses le plus cool. Toujours sur ce point et à l'appui de Rob et Kristen

ADD said...

The new disclaimer is great. Let's hope people will read it.

stacy said...

LOVE the disclaimer Rose! Well done.

Does anyone know who do I have to payoff to get that dang Rover trailer?

Kami said...

Don't you just hate it when you have an uninvited guest come over and stay, and stay and stay, then when you've got them out the door and headed on their way, they come back?

Nice disclaimer Rose.

Lisa Johnson said...

You know, Darkvamp, what you sad earlier today about Scanangel's posts dripping with anger and venom was spot on.

I've seen sheer maniacal anger online many times. I'm sure we all have. But Scanangel is an extreme case.

Lisa Johnson said...

Heck. That should be "said" not "sad".

Hate when that happens.

And Kami--that thing about the uninvited guest? Oh, you got that right.

Kami said...

LOL Lisa I just hate it when I hit "Publish" and then see that I should have proofread first!

Wasn't it Benjamin Franklin who said "Guest are like fish, both begin to stink after three days"? I think in some cases the guest walks in the door stinking and isn't happy until they've filled the house with their vile odor.

*****Please note that all comments made by this contributor on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the blog admin. Any complaints suggestions, or general concerns should be directed towards this Blogger and no one else. Thank you and have a great day!*********

DreamerKind said...

Who says you don't have fun on Roseland? Of course, I can only speak for myself! I do.

ADD said...

I heard the trailer was coming soon. But that was two months ago. =\

i just hate people who can't keep their word. They say "I'm done", yet they come back.

Lisa Johnson said...

Ben Franklin it was, Kami! What a great quote.

And it fits perfectly.

Have a great evening, everyone.

Barb said...


@ Rose Bahahaha I freakin' love the new disclaimer!!! Giggle giggle snort snort snort!!! HEHEHEHEHEEE OOOHHHH my stomach HURTS!!! ♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Interestng typo, Lisa because she strikes me as very 'sad' to have that much anger and such a tremendous need for attention. Hers was an overreaction to what she perceived as a direct attack. I think the best strategy is to move on and not give her what she is looking for. Good night all. It's been fun today but lurkdom's calling.

Brenda said...

Maybe somebody said this already and if so I apologize for repeating it. But from the photos of Kristen at the Chanel Metiers d'Art fashion show it's obvious that she is not pregnant. Nothing there. End of story. As for Kristen and Rob, I have no idea what is going on there but something definitely changed in May. Other than that we know nothing.

Brenda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stacy said...

ADD, Soon...what an elusive word. LOL Could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 years depending on what it's in relation to. I used to know an IT guy that used that word for every project thrown his way, regardless of how big or small, it would always be done soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I still have Bronchitis. But I am almost finishing the Prednisone. I am still using the inhaler. But I am still here. Also, today just to let you all know. I was walking from house today to the bus stop. I was carefully walking on the hard freezing ice that is on the street. I accidentally slipped and fell on left side hip. You all know I have arthritis on my left hip for so long. But the slipped made it worst. Its feels like a balloon again. I know its going to leave a mark. But I am ok. These ice especially in the winter can hurt you. Anyways, Did I miss anything while I was out paying my bills and taking my babies to the vet got them spayed. But now they are home and rested.

Kami said...

Stacy the dreaded "S" word! Speaking of uninvited and unwanted guests, not long ago an old 'friend' of my husbands showed up unannounced on my front doorstep, I had no idea he was coming to visit...but there he was at like 10 in the morning...my hubby was at work, and I told this guy that...he said "I have an appointment soon, mind if I hang around until then?" I didn't like the idea but I said "Sure" and I have no idea when his appointment was, but he was still here at 10 that night, whenever my husband told him "We have to go to bed soon so it's been good seeing you."

yep...uninvited guests who make pests of themselves...then tell you they're leaving soon only to stick around and continue to bug the hell out of you...the worst!

DreamerKind said...

So true. Your story, so funny.

You break my heart with your troubles. Waving the wand for better times during these wintry days.

Anonymous said...

DK- I am such a Clumsy sometimes. Just like Kristen/Bella.

DreamerKind said...

R.I.P Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers (a special part of my youth)!
Got an hour and a half or so?-listen/watch:

The Everly Brothers - Songs of Innocence and Experience (1984):

Thanks to/Daniel Wright

Kami said...

DK, thanks for posting the Everly brothers song in tribute to Phil. Even though they were before my time, my mom loved them, so I grew up listening to them, and it makes me sad that he's passed.

DreamerKind said...

For sure, I am happy to do so, and I am most likely close in age to your mother. Can I adopt you? In spirit and heart?

Kami said...

LOL Dk Sure.

DreamerKind said...


LOL! Call me "Ma" or you can call me "Al".

You Can Call Me Al

Paul Simon:

Thanks to/PaulSimonVEVO

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all.
DK- I love your comments. You are doing a great job. And also I love all your musics.

DreamerKind said...

I live to shake trees so leaves fall at my feet!

Shake My Tree

Cloverdale Page (1993):

Thanks to/mlbloverock

DreamerKind said...

I do fall short but aim to do better

Don't Give Up On Me

Solomon Burke:

Thanks to/Rubber Soul

DreamerKind said...

So my dear ones, I am planning the BIG bday next Friday, mixing a hodgepodge of those who long for love. Hope it works!

Makin' It Work

Doug & the Slugs:

Thanks to/kurdtss

DreamerKind said...

A clue. Martinis and Czech entrees and a place for the dog to crash will make a success of my bday event.

We will wrap the pup in a blanket and bypass $$ fines, which is so worth it in happy times?

I m so excited to be a part of future youthful antics!!!

DreamerKind said...

To conclude-

Do not forget me

Pavarotti - Non ti Scordar Di Me


Thanks to/Liva

olivia said...

You are not forgotten, dear DK.

Wishing you a most wonderful and Happy Birthday this coming week and lovely celebrations all month long!

Will raise a glass in your honor on Friday!

((Hugs)) and stay warm and safe during this deep freeze going on up your way in Chi Town.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, Tracybell, gargamel, vernistene, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! The slipped from yesterday. It did leave a couple marks. You all know I have arthritis on my left hip. I forgot what was called. But it made it worst. Feels like a balloons, warm feelings, tingles, and sore. And on my right thigh sore. But I am ok. I am almost better with that cough. Still coughing those. I believe its slowly dying down. I hope it will go away by next week. Anyways, I am going to Pepperidge Farms. Not to far from where I live. I am going to check it out. Keep me posted. Later.

ali mac said...


Only getting back to you now.

Glad to her all is well with you. Are you enjoying being a student again? What are you studying?

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

Thanks for the sweet comments. They are appreciated. I was translating the song title but did not make that clear. You have a great weekend!

Kami said...

There has been a lot of chatter lately about 'haters' and I would like to say something about this. I hope no one will take my comments as an attack on them or what they personally believe. And as always, my comments are mine, and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinons of this blog or this blog's administrator.

People are throwing around the word "Haters" in this fanbase. Of course that's not new, there have been huge numbers of people who have fallen into that category over the years from Nonsten ninnies to trolls. What is new however is the use of this word in connection to people who are fans of both Kristen and Rob but either do not feel they are in a relationship or are not on the "Baby on board" bandwagon.

I'm not going to go into an endless diatribe about this, but I would simply like to say this: Just because someone, for whatever reason, doesn't believe that they are a couple, or doesn't believe that there is a bundle of joy on the way, doesn't mean that person "Hates" anyone. It just means that they have a different point of view than you do. They don't hate Rob and Kristen together or alone and the certainly would never hate an innocent baby.

The truth is, regardless of what we all might think and speculate about, there are only two people who truly know the truth.

I for one just want them to be happy, whether together or apart, I don't care. I just want them to be happy. They should live their lives for themselves, and no one else, certainly not me or you.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. The meds are starting to kicking in. Night and hugs to you all.

Rae H. said...

Kami, I enjoyed your comment at 11:40
very much. Thank you.

Birdie said...

Birthday month? Wish I could be there to help celebrate but I'm sure you will do it up right.lol

Well said, Kami!

Stay warm everyone!!!

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Hello to everyone this fine Sunday morning , weather has settled here for a while that im so grateful for, hope everyone is well, love to Rob/Kristen hope your both having some peace wherever you are ,take care be safe

Lisa Johnson said...

Kami. What a wonderful way of putting it.

It's as if the who's right and who's wrong battle has now become more important than the actual people.

Has there ever been a more divided fandom?

olivia said...

Beautifully stated. Clear, precise and honest.
I am with you!

Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is very good.

sue morris said...

DEAR ROSELAND, ALL ROSELAND, This is still a beautiful place to read good feelings and honest reactions. I will pray really hard you are over the unusually mean and really spiteful comments from other DISAGREEABLE IDIOTS who came to play naughty this past week. I have read this post for two years and it has been a comfort to me and others that we are all actually hopeful that Kristen and Rob are really fine and doing well. I still believe in the truth that love is long. I never time to folks who enjoy creating drama. I do believe each and everyone of us is blessed with the ability to see and feel truth. Please do have a good new year with all the best.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSELAND


Your comment was spot on...loved it !


We want no more of her...but hey, if she wants to slug it out she just needs to be prepared to get it right back in her face...funny how trolls are though...they can't take it at all

And I certainly noticed a certain train of thought and writing style in that one...how easy it is when you feel you have been deflated ( symptom of a narcissist ) to go on a rampage ....too bad she didn't have the nerve to use the moniker she is best known by )

Jane said...

Until the blog, "Robsten Dreams or Robsten Daily" quit their blogs, then referring to R/K as Robsten will go on. That doesn't bother me in the least. Just like if they are no longer a couple does not bother me. People sometimes outgrow each other and it no longer works. That shouldn't be made a major disaster if they are not a couple. Their careers are what is important to them it seems like now. They both are keeping busy with their movies and I, for one, can't wait to see them. I have always supported their movies. I loved Twilight and the love story it was. But that was Twilight, not Rob and Kristen. So for 2014, I wish each of them the best year ever for their films. Their personal lives should not be anyone's business and all of this bickering about that subject should stop.

ADD said...

It's an elusive word indeed, it's also very frustrating. I'd rather know from the start that the trailer would take forever.

I totally agree.

DreamerKind said...

Pouring a glass of wine before watching the new season of Downton Abbey. Lovers abound there.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! Sorry, I took so long. I had church, make dinner, and now I am relaxed and took motrin and my inhaler. One for my left hip. You all know I have arthritis there. But I slipped and fell on this side it made it worst. So I will call my doctor tomorrow about. As for the cough its slowly going away. Just alittle cough here and there. I heard bronchitis it takes a long time for the lungs to heal. But I am patience. But I am ok. So what did I miss here? Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Night and hugs to you all. And I love all your comments. Except for trolls and haters that I don't listen to. I rather listen to the good ones. Roselands are the good ones. Keep up the good work. Anyways, Night!

Birdie said...

I am taping. I am behind but have been trying to finish Season 3 so I can get caught up. I just checked the temp. -20 without the windchill here. The kids went back to school yesterday so a fire and DA is my plan for the day.

Stay warm everyone!!

DreamerKind said...

We're expecting -16 here today w/o windchill.
I read ahead on the new DA season, at a Brit blog. So, I know the plots of each episode. Keeps me calmer in the long run, knowing all in the beginning.

Happy Monday everyone!

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Afternoon to everyone hope youe having a great day im not, Arleen sorry to hear about your hip hope you get some help from the doctors lots of hugs coming your way, my daughter was in a car crash last night but she ok just shook up but was lucky other driver ok but had no insurance his fault went straight across the junction her car was a write off , not to happy but as long no one was hurt, Barbara your songs are great, loving everyones comments, love to Rob/Kristen keep safe,take care all .

Pisteuo said...

Hello Rose and Roseland!
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

darkvamp, you sound like a very reasonable person. WELCOME!!

Kami, very well said. Now, if only the people that really need to, will actually comprehend it.
I believe miracles happen evryday! LOL!!

Lisa, I agree. It's nuts, isn't it?

Stacy and ADD, I don't know what the holdup is on that trailer...but, it's way over due. I can't wait to see Rob in this role.

Hugs to olivia and Ali!!

Super, We are on the same page there.

Jane, you expressed yourself very well and I respect that.

DK and Birdie, I hope you guys stay warm! Burrrrrr!! (sending you warm hugs)

Hi, Arlene, Tina and lurkers!

Hope everyone is warm and happy, happy, happy!!!

sue morris said...

DEAR ROSE AND ROSELAND LADIE AND GENTS, From where I sit there are no haters in Roseland. There are only idiots who do hate that this post is loving Rob and Kristen and their ever loving buddy who is just beautiful. I do not read more than the pro K/R posts so I am just as happy not knowing who the strange people are I am just glad that Rose is still here talking and calling these guys out. The world is still turning, and we all have our own little worlds of thoughts and we all love our spirited Dreamer, did you catch that DK, SPIRITED! Love you.

sue morris said...

DEAR ROSE AND ROSELAND LADIE AND GENTS, From where I sit there are no haters in Roseland. There are only idiots who do hate that this post is loving Rob and Kristen and their ever loving buddy who is just beautiful. I do not read more than the pro K/R posts so I am just as happy not knowing who the strange people are I am just glad that Rose is still here talking and calling these guys out. The world is still turning, and we all have our own little worlds of thoughts and we all love our spirited Dreamer, did you catch that DK, SPIRITED! Love you.

Kami said...

Sue Morris, nicely said

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