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Monday, March 10, 2014

Double Vision

I know.
It kinda sounds weird and strange to say...
"I miss them"
But I do.
They are so incredible together.
So yeah...
I miss seeing these sorts of pictures.
It's completely selfish on my part.
I admit it.
But seeing them together makes me happy.
and I think being together makes them happy.
And don't get me wrong...
I believe this sort of stuff does happen.
Because... yeah.

"It's fine. We're fine."

I still believe that.

What happened since last I wrote...
Let's see.

There was an adorable story written by Jennifer Lawrence's
best friend... about going to the Oscars with her.
It was very sweet...
and cute
and funny how she rubbed shoulders with all these famous 
people and was so matter of fact about it all.
So why am I bringing this up?

Just to kinda show another major double standard
when it comes to "JLaw" and Kristen.

Look at the above picture.
Cute, isn't it?
2 BFF's hanging out...having fun.
Nothing wrong with that.
All girls do it.

Except if you're Kristen...
If you're Kristen
and hanging out with your girlfriends
you are called names.
Your friends are called names.
You are called a lesbian.

Imagine a picture of Kristen doing this
with a girlfriend...

Imagine the uproar!
Sitting on a hotel balcony...
in your pajamas
hugging your girlfriend.
Jennifer does it...
and its cute and adorable.
If Kristen did this?
I cannot even fathom the insults 
and innuendo that would be thrown at her.
And her friend.

And before people get all bent...
I. Like. Jennifer. Lawrence.
I really do.
She's quirky and awkward
and says inappropriate things at the wrong time
she's clumsy and has a weird sense of humor.
She flips off the press.
She says odd things in interviews...
And she likes Kristen.

I think Jennifer and Kristen are a lot alike.
All those things I just said about Jen...
You could say about Kristen.

I think its why they like each other.

It's why I like both of them.

I guess I just find the bullshit double standards...

And to all the Ninnie Fringe out there...
the ones who said Kristen's career is over
Painted her with the big scarlet A

and said no one would ever want to work with her again
and that she was finished in Hollywood.

How you liking her now?

2 films finished.
One currently being filmed.
And 2 more on the horizon.

Let's not forget the Balenciaga fragrances
and the upcoming Chanel collection 
that she will star in.

Poor Kristen.

Just goes to show that only the narrow minded fools
think it's OK to judge and condemn someone 
when they don't have all the facts.
And you don't.
You never will.

It's the same lunatic core of people
who hold onto those pictures from almost 2 years ago like grim death.
They probably have them pasted on their ceiling above their beds.
Or have a hidden shrine in the attic somewhere.

Kristen and the rest of the world have moved on...
Kristen wins.
And yes...
she still owns you.
and bottom of the barrel
that you so eagerly scrape.

Wet. Walking. Robert.
I mean...
How is that even fair???

God, I love movie set pics..
There are new and improved walking pics
just about every day!!

and this...

Rob in the vicinity of a small child
is always adorable.
Look at the little guy.
And Rob being all Dad like.
So sweet.

I can't wait for this movie!!!

Speaking of movie sets...
Here is Kristen walking to... from... hers.
And ewww.
The green goop in the cup again.

People keep asking why she has an umbrella.
She's trying to not let the paps take her picture.
No. I don't believe she's hiding anything else.
But a lot was made of the fact she was wearing
a gold band on her... wedding finger.
Does it mean anything?
You would have to ask her...
but I doubt very much she would tell you.
I will admit to having liked the ring she got from Rob.
('everyone already knows')
and it made me smile 
but everything else is just speculation, isn't it?
I still think people focus on things that don't matter.
arbitrary things.
insignificant things.
People are so busy looking at that damn forest...
You miss the fucking trees.


Still one of my favorite pictures of them.

This song has been going through my head all morning

When will I see you again?
When will we share precious moments?
Will I have to wait forever?
Will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through?

I'm not a patient person by nature...
I don't want to wait forever.
But if you are in this fandom
you have to learn patience.
You have no choice.
But good things come to those that wait.
I have no doubt 
good things are coming.

This post is brought to you by Sides.

I'm pretty much over the baby drama.
I've made myself perfectly clear what I believe.
And even though I've said it AD NAUSEUM
I honestly don't care if you think Kristen
is expecting one baby or alien twins.
Believe what you want.
It matters little to me.
I do hope your bike pedals backwards though...

Just saying.

believe it or not
(babies aside)
we are on the same side.
We have faith in Rob and Kristen.
We feel protective when people try to hurt them.
We even kinda... sorta... want the same thing.
Rob and Kristen.
We just don't see things the same way.
And I'm OK with that.

To each their own.
Go in Peace.

Leave me with my crickets.

And this post is brought to you by...

Walking. Smiley. Tom.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Green Fucking Sheep.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Hang in there...
It's good.
They're good.


Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your post.

It’s three movies she’s finished: Camp X-Ray, Sils Maria, and Anasthesia. But yes, Kristen owns them. Those who she didn’t personally “harm” are not going to care and will still want to work with her as long as she has potential. And man, does she have potential.

And you are so right that to be in this fandom, you have to wait. Perhaps if we didn’t expect something major to happen. I know we’ll have good things, they’re good people and are attached and involved right now in good projects that they’re on their way to completing or have completed. But then as someone who likes them together, it could be better couldn’t it, the cherry on the cake.

It was interesting to read about Jennifer Lawrence and how her best friend got to go to the Oscars and write about it without scrutiny. Kristen and her friends are judged like that. All of them are. As someone who started out as a Kristen fan, maybe I’m biased, but on my Twitter I dread it when we get pictures of Kristen out with her friends, or out on her own wearing certain clothes, or showing off her tattoo. The fandom and its outsiders are very critical of her. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant.

Kay said...

This is great Rose. :)

chirp chirp <3

Lanette said...

Fantastic post as always. Gets right to the heart of the matter.

Pisteuo said...

Rose, great post! They are doing what makes them happy and by that, it should make their fans happy.
It is enough. (for me anyway)

They will be wowing us with their talents on the big screen. We all have so much to look forward to!

Let us rejoice and be HAPPY!! I believe good things DO come to those who wait.

chirp chirp

Pisteuo said...

Oops! double post! Sorry...forgot to sign out first. Wonder why that is....oh well....

Have a nice evening, Rose and Roseland! <3

RoriC said...

Not to mention now the rumors of Kristen as the face of Nike! #HatersGonnaHate

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Great post Rose!

katy said...

Great post, Rose!!

Well I am selfish as well because I also miss those adorable kind of pics, I can't lie. But, I am loving all the gorgeous set pics we are getting from Rob at the "Life" set, and from Kristen at "Still Alice" set even though Kristen should lose the umbrella so we couple have a clear view of a gorgeous face, but that is just me being selfish again. Looking foward for these movies.

"Kristen and the rest of the world have moved on...
Kristen wins.
And yes...
she still owns you.
and bottom of the barrel
that you so eagerly scrape."

Nancy Allen said...

Great read, as always! Love your acceptance of all who believe and love K/R....but to be a little selfish, I could really use a pic of them together!!!! NOW...but I will just wait....and believe!

lemoine idiane said...

glande poste , rose.

Pattybg said...


PATTY :))))


DreamerKind said...


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I might start that water aerobics again. Starting tomorrow. Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays morning. And Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays start walking. I will be right back.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


LOVE this post

LOVE. Rob W A L K I N G wet and with a small child in tow

LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer Lawrence ...I think she is down to earth and personally, I think Jennifer should have won an Oscar for the look on her face in the last scene of Catching Fire !!!!


You are enchanting as usual !!!! I'm fixing to call you....hope you are home :)

DreamerKind said...

It takes one to know one! I get those emoticons by copying them off of the internet. I'm not "techie" enough to make my own!!

kristen lover said...


You are absolutely right on the double standards against Kristen.

The more hate towards Kristen just makes me love her more.

Thank you Rose for bringing up the double standards between lawrence and Kristen.

Birdie said...

It's all good. Thank you,Rose.
Hope everyone is happy and healthy(physically and mentally,haha). Have a good night,Roseland!

Anonymous said...

Hi Super, DK, Pattybg, katy, and the rest of you Roselands! YES, I am finally back in water aerobics. I hope everyone is ok.

DreamerKind said...

Let me say that I am A-okay!

I am wearing an Aveda pure-fume fragrance with a botanical "fire" element in it, and am entranced (and enchanting per Super).

Going to buy one for my bff's bday. We'll go to a salon in FL, and she will sniff many botanicals and choose the one that appeals to her senses. Ah, scents that appeal and heal.

DreamerKind said...

Lest I seemed to forget about Rosa & FloraBotanicas; I will treat myself to a rollerball of each, and then hold an alligator (in some nature park or The Everglades) around my neck, in homage of Rob's having done so. I move in happy circles with chillin' folks.

stacy said...

Wonderful post Rose.

DreamerKind said...



Antonio Carlos Jobim/Herbie Hancock/ Ron Carter (Live)

Thanks to/Ed Valenzuela's Nostalgic Music Rediscovered

DreamerKind said...

Forget your troubles with Chopin


Arthur Rubinstein (1 hour +):

Thanks to/pianushko

DreamerKind said...

Delicious like whipped cream

"What good are vitamins?" Mr. Rubinstein demanded, when he was asked, at the age of 75 (died at 95), to explain his youthful vivacity and fire. Eat a lobster, eat a pound of caviar - live!"

"If you are in love with a beautiful blonde with an empty face and no brains at all, don't be afraid. Marry her! Live!"

The great pianist conscientiously applied the prescription to himself, and everything he did was con brio.

There was dash to his rich mode of life, just as there was to his making of sumptuous music.


Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I am going to bed. I am going to bed now. Also, just found out my hubby's grandpa might be leaving. He might going to heaven. I am ok. But My hubby and his family are ok. But I am still worry about them.
DK- I am glad that you are ok. And the rest of Roselands too.
Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

Birdie said...

DK, Are you traveling south? Had eough of our winter? If so, I hope you have a fabulous time.

Arleen, so sorry about your husband's grandfather.

Have a great day, Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight everyone.

DreamerKind said...

Didn't see you! Yes, to Florida for a week. My bff's big birthday celebration.

Prayers for your hubs grandfather and your family are en route.

DreamerKind said...

Now flying away-up and out.


Birdie said...

I hope you have a fabulous trip in the sun. Watch out for all those springbreakers.

Vangie said...

Morning ladies, just a little rumor, NIKE is courting krisyen for their converse so ladies that huge endorsement for her..

Fran B said...

Always enjoy reading your post, if you ask me the difference in the way Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen are treated it's simple Robert. Because he does not have to tells how he feels about her you can see it by the way he looks at her.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose. I agree with you about Jennifer Lawrence. I actually like her, but it upsets me when the press praise her for doing the same things Kristen gets condemned for. It is just not fair.

Take care Roselanders...

ADD said...

I think Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. She and Amy Adams were the best part of American Hustle. I didn't like the movie but their performances were great/hilarious.

Jennifer and Kristen are a lot alike. I guess the media decided to label K as an aloof and ungrateful b*tch. It's frustrating. She's just shy and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I just found out that my grandfather in law just died today. My family and me are in shock and sad. But I will miss him.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am going to bed now. Good night to all the Roselands! Hugs to you all.

Kay said...

So sorry for your loss, Arleen.

Take care Roseland <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kay!
For the rest of Roselands, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all!

Kami said...

Nice post Rose.

Chirp chirp

DreamerKind said...

My condolences to you and the family.

Thanks. I hope to rock it a little with those springbreakers in a nightclub or two. :D

Getting some new snow now, so we'll see what comes forth. I'll be peeking in and so on.

Birdie said...

DK, You rock on!

Arleen, So sorry to to hear about your grandfather-in-law.

Have a nice quiet day, Roseland!

Em said...
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Em said...

Sorry for the delete rose n Roseland :) I'm a bit happy lol n posted in the wrong place

dreamer I was coming to wish u a happy trip but saw u over there :)) hope u have lots of fun

hi Birdie :)) hope u have a calm day too

Em said...

Arleen just saw about ur father in law :( I'm sorry for ur loss

Pisteuo said...

Arleen, so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to let go of people you love...but, you and your family will always have him in your hearts. Take care. Hugs!!

DK, have fun! <3

Have a great day Rose and Roseland!

Pattybg said...




Pattybg said...


Kami said...

Arleen I'm so sorry for your loss

lemoine idiane said...

De magnifiques photos de Kristen et de sa styliste Tara Swennen pour le top 25 de stylistes. J'adore les tenues que porte Kristen et elle est magnifique !

Gilvia said...

Rose, always, always, always agree with you!!!!!

Gilvia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Thanks everyone for the good trip vibes. I'll be checking in, too.

Barb said...

Rose, I think crickets are awesome! Hi everyone! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I hope you all are ok. Well, I am going to bed now. Thanks for being there for me. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the big day for me and my family. Tomorrow is the funeral. Thanks all of you. I am ok. Hugs to you all. I am going to work. Keep me posted. Have a great day.

...a fan said...

God I love being able to comment right after reading the latest post.

Quick question - what does "green sheep" actually mean?

I love me some Jennifer - became a fan the moment I saw her in WB, but I have always been aware that she is treated so much more fairly by the the world. Hating Kristen has become a part time job for some, a money maker for others and a past-time for the delusional and lonely. Makes me less crazy these days because I realize the more they hate, the more she really means to them. She fascinates them, she holds them - she owns them. Otherwise they would just move on to someone else.

I just love that Rose seems to write in her blog, what I say in my head.

lemoine idiane said...

merci <<merci pour le commenter<magnifique merci....said

Barb said...

Dear Arleen, You are not having a good week are you. Hope it goes better from here onward. ((HUUGGGSS))
Barb ♥

@ ...a fan... LOL glad you can post too!

I SAW A WHOLE FREAKING FLOCK OF ROBINS ON THE WAY HOME FROM WORK TODAY!!! That may not seem like much to some but to me it means SPRING is just around the corner!!! It has been a really long winter in NEPA. Soo ready for some warm weather.


Jane said...

I hate it when a rumor starts and then ends up false, like Nike wanting Kristen but was not true. Nike made a statement that they think she is tom boy and fun for their product but they have not offered her a contract. Radar online started this just like HKN started her being pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the Roselands!
Barb, I am ok. I am sure of you are someone close to you that is gone to heaven or leaving you to heaven. I am sure of you wouldn't take so hard. Its the same way to me. All I know is I am going to miss him. Tomorrow is the big day I will say goodbye to someone in my family. He was a great person and with all good heart. And for welcome me to his family. When I got married to his grandson. I am still married to my hubby and his family. I love them. They have been great to me. I am going to and still cherish that. After tomorrow I will feel better.
As for the rest I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night! :)

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

Having a fun time and am already getting used to the warm weather (ha ha).

Warm wishes to all of you!

lemoine idiane said...

RKRecap 14/03/14


Avant de commencer aujourd'hui, c'est mon premier jour de pause pour les recapitalisations seront plus plus fréquemment, y compris celui-ci.

RK Video Drama

Il ya donc eu un lot de drame sur tout cela. Beaucoup de gens ont demandé pour l'histoire, si elle est ici:

Tôt ce matin, l'un des membres de notre fandom qui a accès à un site avec des vidéos et photos privilégiés qui sont destinés pour les agences et les tabloïds ont trouvé une vidéo de Kristen sur le Still Alice réglé hier soir. Elle a décidé de prendre un risque et l'envoyer à quelques personnes dans le fandom, dont moi était, et nous a fait promettre de ne pas le partager. Plus tard, il a commencé à entrer dans les mains de plus en plus de gens et elle partageait de plus en plus sans fuites. Puis, plus tard dans la journée de quelqu'un posté la vidéo et il s'est propagée comme une traînée de poudre. Ne semble pas si mal, hein? Eh bien, il est.

La femme qui a eu accès à cette bande vidéo était très gentil et a décidé de partager avec quelques personnes quand elle aurait pu gardés à elle-même. Les agences avaient confiance en elle et il a été violé le second, il a été publié. Maintenant, elle est de mauvaise qualité et en paie le prix. C'est son image.

Il ya plus. J'ai passé toute la journée à aider la femme supprimer la vidéo aussi vite que nous le pouvons, mais nous étions trop tard et l'agence a affiché un avis indiquant que des traces de cette vidéo doivent être retirées immédiatement. Ils ont également dit que si cela n'est pas fait et il est une partie de la vidéo postée par vous, alors vous recevrez une lettre C & D et si elle n'est pas retirée, vous serez condamné à une amende, il est matériel protégé par copyright. Donc, si j'étais vous, je voudrais supprimer tout ce que vous reblogué qui avait à voir avec la vidéo . Bien sûr, aimer ce reblogging et aide à passer le mot, mais il ne vous aidera pas. Afin de vous sortir d'un problème, vous devez supprimer quoi que ce soit ayant à voir avec la vidéo et pas seulement reblog et comme ça, il ne vous aidera pas.

Voilà ce qu'il dit dans la vidéo.


Tous les contenus, les médias et les prévisualisations appartiennent aux producteurs. Tout le reste est © 2005-2012 Newspusher & Akamedia. Tous droits réservés.

Ne pas l'ignorer. C'est une grosse affaire.

Quant à mon opinion sur la chose? Oui, je pense que c'était Rob dans la vidéo.

New Kristen Photos




AGHH Je suis tellement excitée pour ce film. Je ne peux pas le contenir.

Beaucoup ont été soulignant un certain anneau de mariage, le couple passé de jours ...


(Crédit @ Windswept333)

Eh bien.

Une. C'est une bande de platine / argent

2. C'est sur son annulaire gauche

3. Son personnage n'est pas marié

Vous décidez. J'ai mes idées ...

Nouveau Rob Photos



Maintenant, juste un rappel amical pour ceux qui prennent ces photos comme preuve que Rob n'était pas à New York.

Ces images n'ont pas été prises en début de matinée et le vol de Toronto-> NYC est de 1,5 heures. Plenty de temps pour lui de se mettre à l'heure.

Rappelez-vous les gars, vérifiez vos Tumblrs et gazouille et assurez-vous que la vidéo de inexistant.

xx, S
# Robsten # rkrecap # Robert Pattinson # encore alice # vie
17 notes


Souffle | via Tumblr aucune We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/106320105

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Had the funeral today. I feel alot better just to let you all know. Thanks All of you. Keep me posted. I am going to bed now. Hugs to you all! Night!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! Where is everyone here? I hope you all are ok. You all seem quiet. Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I hope all are ok. Hugs to you all! Night!

Birdie said...

So quiet. I love the pictures of Kristen with Julianne. Joel Edgerton has joined Life. Such good things to come!
Other than that, no news is good news.

I hope you are having a fantastic time soaking up the sun and fun in Florida!
My youngest is heading there next week forspring break. Yikes!

Have a wonderful week, Rose and Roseland!

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi everyone! I hope everyone is ok here. Because I miss some of you! Well, I better get to work. Keep me posted. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Birdie! There you are. I hope you had a great weekend. I feel better already.

Birdie said...

Good morning, Arleen. Hope things are getting better for you and your family.

I forgot to wish all of you a very Happy St Patrick's Day!
A couple little Irish blessings:

May you have the hindsight to know where you've been
the foresight to know where you're going
and the insight to know when you're going too far.

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks,
May your heart be as light as a song,
May each day bring you bright, happy hours,
That stay with you all the year long.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. You all have done a great job on your comments. And Rose has done a great job on her blog and her comments. Well night all!

DreamerKind said...

Howdy do, folks!

I am too intoxicated to post real feelings, except those of good cheer and goodwill toward all. I will say that deep down I am very calm. Sun will do that methinks. Perhaps after I spend some time in California, I can decide what best suits me. Chicago is home base but the known. Ya know what I mean?

Birdie said...

Yes, I think(haha). Still have the wanderlust?