"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Rob and Kristen- 24/7

It's been a long week... hasn't it?
Or is it just me.
Probably just me.

Lots of drama.
(like that's news)
Some people always seem to want to
splash everyone around them with their shit...

And one of the biggest dramas this past week was 
last weekend?
Not sure it really matters...

Oh my.
So many opinions.
So much bickering.

Here's my take...

Rob was filming "Life" in Toronto but it appeared that he had a few days off mostly because someone tweeted they were off for the weekend but also because we have been getting set pics of Rob every day that he has been there and POOF for some reason those few days last weekend not a picture was to be found and then of course there were the random tweets that kept rolling in saying he was in NYC but of course always a few that say he was still in Toronto and other places because you know how it goes people just cling to the tweets that best suit what they want to believe and why would Rob even BE in NYC if not for Kristen so that is something to think about but then Kristen was sighted in both LA and NYC and although i personally only saw one tweet that placed her grocery shopping in her neighborhood there were quite a few others placing her in NYC and that does kinda make a bit of sense because Kristen has started filming "Still Alice" in NYC this very day but of course there was all sorts of bickering because the Ninnies didn't want to think that Rob was in the same city as Kristen and the Nonberts hated the thought of Kristen being anywhere near Rob and then you had the people who wanted to believe that Rob and Kristen were in fact in the same city but didn't want to have any hope that it was true so they basically stuck to the Kristen is still in LA scenario but you know how it goes Toronto really is just a hop skip and a jump away from NYC and I realized that people don't want to have hopes to get them dashed and long story short there wasn't any REAL proof that Rob and Kristen were anywhere and I've really become a 'pics or it didn't happen' kinda girl these days and some random tweets really don't do it for me but what you have to realize is that Rob and Kristen are far from over and that's why so many robsessed ninnies were trying so hard to brush off the rumors because deep down inside they are so scared they are true and honestly you shouldn't ever underestimate Rob and Kristen because they will surprise you every fucking time.

How's that?
That was my 'scroll' version.

Rob is completely cute.

This picture has been EVERYWHERE by now.
Rob and the cow.
This image has been photo-shopped into just about
every conceivable situation...
all with hilarious results.
And how can you not smile at Robert?

He's obviously enjoying himself in these pictures...
and I bet even the cow doesn't mind.
And honestly....
Isn't THIS the Rob we have all come to know and love?
The goofy smiley dorky adorable guy
who just happens to be incredibly handsome and charming?
I will take these sort of pictures any day
over some artsy fartsy pics
of Rob wearing shiny leather coats with big spikes
and huge baby pins
wearing guy liner and pirate hats 
and really not looking
very much like Rob... at all.
Oh give me a Rob frolicking in the field with cows
any fucking day of the week.

And for the record?
This is my favorite Rob 'meme' of all time...
Running with the Beatles
in "Hard Days Night"
It finally answers the age old question of
who really is the 5th Beatle.
It's Rob!
I kinda like how Ringo is looking back at him...

(I don't know who made this... 
but all the credit in the world to whoever you are)

Kristen on set for "Still Alice"
Look how fucking happy she is...
It must be because she is back at work
and not because of that green goop in the cup.
A wee bit gross...

But maybe it tastes good?
Good for you?

At least here....
all cute in her beanie
it looks like she has something chocolaty
Why is brown stuff more appealing than green stuff?
If you think about it...
brown isn't so great either.
except chocolate of course.

Kristen on set.
Robert on set.
Makes Rose a happy girl.

I love that we have so much to look forward to.
It makes it a great time
to be a fan.
Something we in this fandom
have gotten used to over the years.

Rob and Kristen.
The gift that keeps on giving.

This post is not brought to you by the the psychotic drama queens
who put the LOON in the Lunatic Fringe.
You thrive on self inflicted drama and create the same tedious bullshit
wherever you go.

You don't care about the truth...
only your twisted agenda.
Here's the thing
Everyone is laughing AT you
Not with you.
You don't ever realize how embarrassing you are...
But everyone else does.

And by the way?
You will notice how I didn't mention any names
nor did I point a finger at anyone in particular.
I never make anything personal
unless I feel I have to defend myself.

So if you THINK I'm talking about you...
Then I probably am.
But that's your own paranoid issue
Not mine.
It's not my fault you see yourself
in my words.

to end on a great note.
a wonderful note
an adorable note...

This post is brought to you by Thomas.

Tom and Sienna at some Oscar after parties...
I love her smile here
I don't blame her for smiling so fucking big.
I would be too.
Cute couple is cute.

And Tom with his hat.
I'm thinking he should get some different colors
of the same hat...
Kinda like Pharrell does with his enormous strange Arby's hat.
Imagine it in blue... red... black... green
It would match any occasion!

Oh Thomas.
I do adore you.

Until next time.

Bye for now

P.S. Yes. I still see you.
You're not fooling anyone.


Anonymous said...

Rose- I love this! Great job. You have done a wonderful job on this. I believe in you.

Jeannie said...

Roseeeee! I fucking love this...Your "scroll" is the best. And, I've seen it a million times but again, I stopped, stared and held my breath looking at your Rob and Kristen Vanity Fair pic blog header. So beautiful, so much love even then. Thank You!!!

Kay said...

Reading this I really wanted to say BREATHE Rose! hahaha :D Thanks for the LOLOL...needed that today!

Take care, have fun and be safe everyone! <3

Kami said...

Love, love, love the pictures of Rob and the Cow. And I also love the one of Sienna and Tom, love the smile.

katy said...

Love this post!!! Thanks, Rose!!

Maybe they were both in NY last weekend, maybe they weren't. I guess we will never know. Not gonna lie tough, I like to think they were.

I LOVE the pics of Rob walking the cow ...too cute for words!! Adorable man is fucking adorable.

Best of luck to Kristen with " Still Alice"

Tom seem to like that hat a lot doesn't he? Cutie!

Take care everyone

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose. I love it. All of us "sane" fans appreciate every word you write. I check your blog every day to make sure I don't miss anything.

Love Rob and Kristen. They both look so happy. Thomas also looks extremely happy. So glad for all of them.

Until next time, take care everyone...

Birdie said...

That was one long-ass sentence.They certainly have never been predictable, have they? Part of their charm.
They both look happy and are in their element which means more movies for us. Win-win.
Tom and Sienna look pretty happy,too. I will take Tom's hat over Pharrell's any day.
Thanks for the post,Rose and hope all is peaceful this week. What are the chances?

Kenzz said...

Robert, I missed your Hello from the last blog entry... hope this finds you happy, healthy, and working on that music!!

That was one long-ass run-on sentence, Rose... all the teachers here are cringing I'm sure!

And just going on the record that I'm not laughing AT anyone... Lord knows I've had my share of crazy or unpopular or not-well-thought-out or over-the-top ideas (and not ALL of which were wrong!!) Seriously, wishing everyone the open-mindedness of acting on the tenet: "To each their own"...

Super, I intend to check out that book blog with the ladies here when I get a chance... thanks for the reminder! (I believe I started in the beginning, but got sidetracked with RL) <3

Rose said...

Kenzz- I'm all for 'to each their own'... its a motto I try to live by. But when people maliciously lie and try to hurt people... well then I draw the line and will stand up and say something.
What I was talking about is not the average 'fan' who has a different opinion or over the top theory.
This isn't even about Rob or Kristen.... and that's the scariest part of all of this.

Everyone else... Thank you all for the kind words. Just another tedious drama.
they get boring and redundant after awhile... don't they?


stacy said...

Rose, I actually went back twice looking for punctuation. LOL

They both look so happy and relaxed to be working. We should all be so lucky to love our jobs that much and work with such interesting people. With all these films they're both making, we're going to have so many wonderful career events to cheer on for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night! I love all your comments. Great job!

Lanette said...

Great post. I am glad to see Rob and Kristen working and being happy. I for one don't worry about what the nonnies say. They are just afraid of the truth. Keep up the good work

DreamerKind said...

24/7 is a good sense post, much appreciated.
I agree with everyone, everywhere, every time I do. :)
Playing 24/7 a lot these days myself, and am sleepy enough to stop for now.

“Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.”

― Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I like your scroll... Longest sentence ever haha!! It was hilarious... and spot on... :D

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Love it in scroll !!!

Lucky animals :)


So glad to see you Come out and play more often :)

Happy Tuesday ROSELAND

Kenzz said...

Rose, hope I didn't come across as too preachy, I can't even imagine the amount of insanity you have to deal with that the rest of us will thankfully never see...

Love seeing that Rob & Kris are clearly enjoying filming their newest movies... Can't wait for all the wonderful things to come this year and next- The Rover looks wild, and I recently finished reading Still Alice (so good but so sad, too)- K will be awesome in the role of Lydia.

Happy "Fat Tuesday" !! Sounds like a chilly Mardi Gras this year...

lemoine idiane said...

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ali mac said...

I'm with you Rose on the pics of R and K working are the best kind. It reminds us all the goodies we will have in store for us in the months to come :))

hopesecho said...

Hi Rose, I so agree with the Rob pic. Rob & any animal imo always makes a happy great pic. "of course R/K pics are the best". Kristen too, love seeing her so happy on set. I do feel that we must take care, to not put down some of the over dramatic fans. Some seem so unstable to me, I truly fear they may have suicidal tendencies. No Joke! Though I myself have un-followed so many... even great people on twitter, I have kept a few that I truly worry about. I think your "do not engage" thinking is the way to go with most people. I have even agreed with 1 just to make them feel better, as they were one I worry about. Anyway always love what you have to say and the way you think. :)

...a fan said...

I love your words - I agree with most everything you say Rose. Together/Apart - I really don't care. I am a fan, I just want to work, be happy and thrive. I come here all the time - because you are honest and brave and most importantly - rational.

...a fan said...

OMG - I have been trying to leave a comment for a year!! Finally figured it out. I am so impressed with me right now - just saying

Kami said...

LOL a Fan congratulations! nice to see you finally made it on.

Sophie P said...

Thanks, Rose. I believe your scroll just about covers every conceivable point of view. :D

As for all the negative stuff, "ignorance is bliss" is my motto! I don't go looking for it & am much happier as a result. (I realize you aren't always able to avoid it, Rose, since there are people who bring the drama to you.)

Anyway, Happy Fat Tuesday!
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

lemoine idiane said...

'Les seules vraies personnes pour moi sont les fous ' - Jack Kerouac

'Kristen Stewart fait partie des fous. Mais folle d'une belle manière. Et elle est déterminée à rendre les gens fous. Pour leur montrer qu'elle est plus que Bella dans Twilight. Pour leur montrer qu'elle brûle, et se consume, et qu'elle veut plus dans sa carrière et dans sa vie. Et se consumer.

Dans qu'elle apparaît dans le film Sur La Route, vous ne pouvez détourner votre regard d'elle. En tant que Marylou, quand elle fixe son regard, vous voyez quelqu'un qui va aller aussi loin qu'elle le peut, et le faire aussi follement qu'elle le peut, et vivre et se sentir vivante. Et c'est sexy et effrayant et téméraire et intelligent. Elle peut jouer toutes ces choses. Elle les a toutes au bout des doigts. Elle est seulement au commencement. Elle n'a peur de rien. Et cela peut être bon, et cela peut être très mauvais. Mais elle est assez intelligente pour y faire face.

Pisteuo said...

LOL Rose, I think I pased out reading the scroll. :))

Ain't it grand that both Rob and Kristen are busy working on projects that will entertain and delight us?
So looking forward to all the films and promotions/interviews.

Stay Happy Roseland!! <3

Rose said...

Tangina: Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.

I don't know why but this quote from "Poltergeist" popped into my head....
This must be the light... Because it's so peaceful and serene now.

Welcome ... a fan :)

DreamerKind said...


Yes, Rose!
Even from a horror movie, a clear message was received:

You've Built A Fire Down In My Heart

Dearest, the day that I gazed in your eyes
That was the day that Cupid came
Some joyous feeling makes me realize
My heart is wrapped up in a flame

And you're piling coal of love, honey mine
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Fearing you'll put this fire out

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Dearest, it's burning higher than any house on fire
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All that I ask of you dear in return
Is lots of fuel, honey mine

And if e'er a spark of love should depart
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Honey, I hope the spark travels to you
And sets your heart on fire too


olivia said...

You hit the bull's-eye with this post!
Also, wonderful pics and such a sweet gif.
Thank you.

Life is good.

Sophie P said...

DK, Those lyrics are so very sweet. Your song choices are always A+ :)

DreamerKind said...

@Sophie P
Thanks! That Irving Berlin song is so old and rare, that I could not find any rendition of someone singing it! The lyrics do speak for themselves though.

Barb said...

Hahaha Rose you are so silly! Nexttimethoughit wouldbegoodifyoudiditlikethis. Hehe That gif of Rob is so cute he looks like he is gonna blush any second. ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! Hope all of you are ok. I am still here. Just been busy. I am still your friend. And I am on your side. I love all your comments. Great job. Keep up the good work. DK- I still love all your songs. You have been putting my favorites.
As for the rest of you I am going to bed now. Hugs to you all. Night all. Keep me posted. Keep doing a great job here. Night!

ADD said...

It's great to see Rob and Kristen happy on set!

When I read your 'scroll' version I thought blogger had messed up your post. LOL! I'm an idiot.
I'm also a 'pics or it didn't happen' kind of girl. So I don't even pay attention to twitter sightings.

@...a fan
Welcome! Posting here can be tricky. LOL!

DreamerKind said...

Dancing last night in snow boots was a hoot. We were Fred and Ginger for a while. Today, my arch is calling foul and I recall I am not as lithe as I was last month! Ha, ha. Wine knows no boundaries where dancing and feet are involved. Forever young.

DreamerKind said...

Talking about Rob & Kristen:

They are both working on films, and look very cold and happy. Living their dreams, it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, gargamel, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I love all your comments. Well, I better go to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

DreamerKind said...


Birdie said...

Dancing in snowboots? Only a midwestern girl! Haha!

Lisa Johnson said...

You know, Rose, I think your super long sentence is grammatically correct! Grammatically correct and funny as hell.

I love it and believe it should be required reading for all of the fandom.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, VickMonick, sue, Holy, olivia, super, Katy, Atticus, Kay, Stella, Morning Coffee, Litmom, DK, Pist, kay, gargamel, Elizabeth, RKsoulmate913, sue morris, Ginger, Birdie, Em, artemisluw, PamH, PC, Rose, ADD, and the rest of Roselands! I love all your comments.. Sorry all of you. I have been feeling ok. Doing great for all this week. Then all of sudden I am not feeling good. When it comes to health its one thing or next. I am just going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Friday, all!

Brenda said...

I got to thinking about Rob and Kristen Skyping, which I'm sure they do quite a bit.

Rob: I'm exhausted. I spent the day trudging through snow with a blonde named Daisy.

Kristen: Stop whining. I had to drink vile green liquid for breakfast. I think there was grass in it.

Rob: That's ironic. That's what Daisy had for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I'm telling you, she's an animal!

Kristen: I gotta go. Alec wants to show me new pictures of his baby.

Rob: Speaking of baby, how is ours doing?

Kristen: Still a surprise. I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over though. It's been two years already!!

Rob: It'll be worth it to see everyone's faces. Hey, if it's a boy can we call him Tom? And Oregano if it's a girl?

Kristen: We are NOT naming our baby Tom or Oregano. I'm hanging up now. Don't forget to set your clock forward.

Rob: Love you. See you tomorrow. Glad we're in the same time zone.

Kristen: <3

lemoine idiane said...

love commenter <<MERCI<3

lemoine idiane said...

love commenter <<MERCI<3

...a fan said...

thanks for the kind words. If I had not been so impressed by rose and what appears to be a lovely group of members I would have given up long ago. When rose started defending Kristen and stuck with it so honorably, she became one of my internet heros.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hahaha.... Love it. Lol

Happy Friday ROSELAND

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

Love your avi!

Andrea Gomez Jimenez said...

Kristen is pregnant???

Anonymous said...

Hi super and Brenda! Brenda, I love that. Great job! Hugs to you and Super.

Sophie P said...

Very funny, Brenda. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. ;)

Happy Week-end!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am going to bed early because I am not feeling well. Been feeling dizzy or lightheaded. Plus, have a headache. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night all!

ADD said...

Happy Women's Day Roseland!

stacy said...

ADD, Women's Day, does that mean we can go on hormonal rants and eat chocolate all day long without guilt? Cool, I'm in! LOL

Since I'm now obligated to go on a hormonal rant...It's wonderful that both Rob and Kristen are happily working on their respective films, I'd be okay just knowing that they were hard at work rather than being hounded every day by people taking pictures.

Okay, I've ranted now I'm going to get my chocolate. Guilt free too!

ADD said...

Of course! We can do that and we can also boss men around all day. Oh wait-- we already do that everyday! LOL!

Barb said...

Rose, Gotta say this banner is my very favorite picture of them.

@ a fan I know exactly how you feel!

@Brenda LOL

@Andrea Oh sure Kristen has been preggers for 2 years! Didn't you read Brendas' post? O.o

Rose said...

Oh deer. I've been hearing about a lot of noise and static out 'there'
And all I have to say is...
I fucking LOVE my Crickets!!!

Rose said...

CHIRP CHIRP to everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay, Kami, Pist, Super, Rose, DK, ADD, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am feeling better. And I love all your comments. Great job! Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!

Anonymous said...

By the way, Happy Women's Day! You all are amazing. Night!

Kami said...

chirp chirp Rose

Pisteuo said...

Chirp, chirp...woof woof and cluck cluck!! LOL!!

Birdie said...

Haha! Let sanity reign! Chirp,chirp.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roseland! Hi Kay, Kami, Pist, Super, Rose, DK, ADD, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am up and getting ready for church. Keep me posted.

Pisteuo said...

Here a bump...there a bump...everywhere a bump! I'm getting so fucking paranoid over bumps now! They are literally EVERYWHERE!
I find myself starring at them now...Fuck, I think I'm seeing them on everything! I'm freaking, I think I found one on ME!!

Em said...

Pist hahaha I was just saying the same thing at the cluckers place w all the bump talk we will see bumps everywhere without even looking lol or could be worse the bumps maybe looking for us hahaha

Em said...

forgot to say hi Roseland <333 happy Sunday

Nick Burton said...

You know, I couldn't give two farts in a whirlwind whether Kristen Stewart is pregnant or not.

By the same token I don't see why you care what another blog thinks either.

I also notice those who only comment when there's a chance a fight might break out, have once again showed up for a spot of mockery, jest, and if they get real lucky a good fight.

This is what one of the most respected RK sites has come down to.

Sad ladies, sad. And that's the nicest thing I can say about you.

Kami said...

Uh oh Pist I found a bump, I think there's two...Oh wait it's my boobs

DreamerKind said...

Happy Sunday!

Waiting for the world to change. Meanwhile, getting ready for my trip, is a trip in itself.

Otherwise, most of my words and songs have dammed up, during the tsunami the fandom is experiencing.

Waving the magic wand vigorously, at all times, to find the rainbow connection.

Rainbow Connection

Kermit The Frog:

Thanks to/BestMovieSongs

DreamerKind said...

Glad wine can be had, to escape the all around sad!



1. feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy.

"I was sad and subdued"
synonyms: unhappy, sorrowful, dejected, depressed, downcast, miserable, down, despondent, despairing, disconsolate, desolate, wretched, glum, gloomy, doleful, dismal, melancholy, mournful, woebegone, forlorn, crestfallen, heartbroken, inconsolable; informalblue, down in/at the mouth, down in the dumps, blah

"we felt sad when we left"
causing or characterized by sorrow or regret; unfortunate and regrettable.
"he told her the sad story of his life"

synonyms: tragic, unhappy, unfortunate, awful, miserable, wretched, sorry, pitiful, pathetic, traumatic, heartbreaking, heart-rending, harrowing

2. informal
pathetically inadequate or unfashionable.
"the show is tongue-in-cheek—anyone who takes it seriously is a bit sad"

The possibility of feeling the opposite:

antonyms: Happy, cheerful, fortunate

DreamerKind said...

Ship ahoy! Commencing wine drinking, with a mind that's thinking:

"Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true."

♡ ☆ ☮ ☯ ☺ Ω ♣ ❀

ADD said...

I used to like the word "bump". Now I cringe every time I read it. I blame this creepy fandom for making me crazy.

ADD said...

@Nick Burton
Just because a person doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean that they're trying to pick a fight.

DreamerKind said...


"We rise by lifting others."

-Robert Ingersoll

Pisteuo said...

No sense of humor...sad indeed.

Rose, it wouldn't much matter what I said...someone is always gonna find the negative. And why is it okay for others to see bumps...yet if I see bumps...I'm wanting a fight? Yes, sad...sad indeed.

But, I am seriously seeing fucking bumps everywhere now. LOL!!
Oops! Sorry ADD!

Velma Jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rose said...

@pist I can't tell you how sick I am of people telling me how 'mean' the comments here are... But for some reason they are blind to the rabid attacks me and others have been subjected to just because I don't think someone is pregnant.
I've NEVER attacked or insulted anyone like the people on those 'other' blogs have done. Yet.. Somehow I'm the bad guy? "You have eyes Huntsman... But you do not SEE."

And the word BUMP has lost all meaning.

Rose said...

Too late Velma...

Pisteuo said...

Rose, I am so sorry that you are dragged into everything some of us say in the comments.
I think some people are really pissed that I still comment here.

I have actually tried to avoid talking about a pregnancy...anywhere! It's a personal thing and has no business being discussed everywhere by complete strangers....and that's my opinion on the subject.
I was just trying to make light of all the talk about bumps (by all sides)...and that is all it was...but, like I said...it wouldn't matter what was said...some people just search for negative stuff and twist anything to suit their own agenda.
But, I do stand by everything I say.

Again...sorry people blame you Rose for shit that you have nothing to do with.

ADD said...

No problem. I have a sense of humor and a long list of cringe-worthy words--fandom has ruined a lot of nice ones.


Rose said...

Pist...no need to apologize. People need to lighten the fuck up and realize that not everyone has the same opinions and thoughts. I suppose I could delete every time someone talks about 'bumps'...
but ive never been one to needlessly censor my blog.

I guess 'bumps' and 'crickets' is somehow nastier than 'fuck you you lieing fucking bitch'.

go figure.

DreamerKind said...


Don McLean:

I've got nothing on my mind
Nothing to remember
Nothing to forget
And I've got nothing
To regret

But I'm all tied up on the inside
No one knows quite what I've got
And I know that on the outside
What I used to be
I'm not

You know I've heard
About people like me
But I never made the connection
They walk one road
To set them free

And find they've gone
The wrong direction
But there's no need
For turning back
'Cause all roads lead
To where I stand

And I believe
I'll walk them all
No matter what
I may have planned

Can you remember who I was?
Can you still feel it?
Can you find my pain?
Can you heal it?

Then lay your hands
Upon me now
And cast this darkness
From my soul

You alone
Can light my way
You alone can
Make me whole
Once again

We've walked both sides
Of every street
Through all kinds of windy weather
But that was never our defeat
As long as we
Could walk together

So there's no need
For turning back
'Cause all roads lead
To where we stand

And I believe we'll walk
Them all
No matter what
We may have planned

Thank to/TheVampireist

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

DreamerKind said...

It's a new day for creating new things. In sleep, I'll shape what my thoughts will bring.

Goodnight, Roseland.

lemoine idiane said...

RKRecap 3/9/14
Rien de nouveau aujourd'hui, mais je ne suis pas s'arrêter ici.

Si les gens qui laissent des commentaires ridicules sur les comptes Instagram de l'ami de Kristen lisent ceci, alors j'ai quelque chose d'incroyable à vous apprendre tout sur.

Vous prêt pour cela?

Êtes-vous suuuuure?


Cela va être grand.

3 ...

2 ...

1 ...



Un tel concept simple, et pourtant si difficile pour les gens de comprendre.

Je reçois tout à fait que nous sommes un fandom: une foiré, fou, aliéné, fandom tordu. Mais nous devrions tous connaître nos limites. Bien sûr, ce que nous faisons est bizarre et nous aimons ce que nous faisons et nous aimer les uns les autres, mais il ya toujours une limite aux choses. Ce que je sais ce que RK faire chaque seconde de la journée? NO. Dois-je des photos d'eux partout dans ma maison? NO. Dois-je accueillir ma vie autour d'eux? NO. Dois-je pleure sur le fait que je ne saurai jamais la couleur de leur mur de la salle? HELL NO. Et c'est une belle chose.

Tout dans la modération, même modération. Est-il mauvais que nous manquons RK et obtenir tous les étourdis quand nous obtenons les images de quelqu'un que nous ne connaissons même pas? Il semble étrange, mais pas parce que c'est ce que signifie être un fan est sur. Il ya une ligne fine entre être un fan et irrespectueux. Bien sûr, nous pouvons essayer d'obtenir un aperçu de la vie de RK de l'extérieur, mais cela ne signifie pas que nous devrions envahir. Et oui, harcelant leurs amis juste parce qu'ils savent RK est en train d'envahir leur vie.

Nous devons nous rappeler que nous sommes des fans et il ne sera jamais en être autrement. La vérité est, c'est que nous ne serons jamais leurs amis, nous ne serons jamais leur épaule pour pleurer, et nous ne serons jamais leur sœur, peu importe combien certains d'entre nous veulent être. Par le ventilateur de nous sommes des partisans actifs de Rob et Kristen. Nulle part il n'est dit que, en étant un fan, vous devriez commencer à sauter en face d'eux et dire "Hey! Regardez-moi! Je sais plus sur vous que tout le monde donc je sais ce qui est bon et ce qui ne va pas! Écoutez-moi! "Et vous faites exactement ce que en agressant les amis de RK sur Instagram et prétendant connaître leur relation avec eux.

Comme l'un des amis de RK dit: «Mais c'est mignon que vous les gars pense que vous avez tous les nous" sangsues "compris".

Parce que deviner ce que vous les gars? Nous ne le faisons pas. Et laisse garder de cette façon.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi everyone! I am off to work. Keep me posted. Hope you all have a great day.

Flowergirl said...

Pisteuo...I will agree with you on one thing...and that is that I will not directly address the notion of whether Kristen is pregnant or not. It is not my business, and is far too personal for me to discuss on a public forum. However,I would never post thinly veiled comments online mocking those who believe what you do not. Live and let live...that's my motto.

Flowergirl said...

Pisteuo...should have said "what I do not". Anyway, the sentiment is still the same.

Debbie Brechbiel said...

Rose, I used to love your blog, and I still love what you write. Some of the people who comment here are just plain mean and what we call bullies. The people they are criticizing care for and love rob and kristen. I have only read feelings of love and joy for them. Your posters seem to want to criticize and argue wit them. I never read anything nice about rob and kristen just sarcasm about other blogs. You can feel the pleasure you posters get out of being sarcastic and cruel.

Pisteuo said...

Ummmm Flowergirl, show me where I have said what I believe or not...then give your two cents worth...how about that?

Are you also a mind reader?

Just so ya know...it wouldn't matter what I believe...the comments would have still been the same. It is beyond rediculous.

It's not always about what people are saying...sometimes it is...but it's more about the fact that they have made it their life's mission to spread the word...whether that word is true or not. There is where the problem lies with me. It's no different than the tabloid shit that they call trash. It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad gossip...it is ALL gossip and an invasion on someone's private life. But, since they are the ones "talking" about someone else...it's all fun, right?
Then why isn't it so fun when someone is talking about them?

Why do people want to be so fucking serious all the time?
I can't help it that I see the humor in all this. So...sue me! LOL!! I'm pretty sure I will ALWAYS laugh at parts of this fandumb...as long as they are putting it out there to be mocked...it's fair game.

Bottom line Flowergirl, is...you see it your way...I see it mine. Why do you care about mine? I'm not running to your litle corner of the world to give you a piece of my mind...or is this your thinly veiled invitation? If so, I will decline and stay here and one other little place I like to hang out at...where we are mocked daily and called all sorts of vicious things...and even threatened.
I like my playgrounds better...they are nicer and lots more fun than yours. LOL!!!

Pisteuo said...

OMG Rose! You wanna borrow some tissue? How about a pretty pair of pink wellies?

stacy said...

Shit Pist, I think I forgot to send you the memo that a sense of humor has now been outlawed right along with a person's right to privacy. So sorry, I think I've got it right here. No, crap, that was the memo restricting free thought. I'll find it and forward it to you.

My fault everyone, Pist just wasn't clear that a sense of humor had been outlawed. She's got it now, thank you all for dropping by to share your concern. Can we please go back to crickets chirping now?

Kami said...

I honestly do not understand all of this hoopla that has happened this weekend. Nothing was said here that warrants this kind of reaction.

Here is the truth. Rose is not responsible for what we do or do not say. She has probably wished that some of us, me in particular would shut the hell up from time to time, but since she doesn't police her comment section she lets what's said stay on the blog unless it abusive to her or Rob or Kristen.

I also want to stress that those of us who comment here, for the most part are adults and what we say is on our own shoulders and I promise you Rose does not LET us say anything, we say it, we don't ask for her permission or advice before we do.

There has been exactly 0 comments here that have been snide or hateful towards Rob or Kristen so please don't try and start that rumor.

Now I said this, Rose didn't..she is not responsible for my comments anymore than she is for yours.

Rose said...

I miss my fucking crickets.

I knew it was too good to be true.

Brenda said...

Well said, Kami.

Flowergirl said...

Pisteuo...your response to my comment was totally predictable and exactly what I expected from you. Scroll back through the comments and read your own words. I don't have to be a mind reader to know that when you are referring to "bumps",that is your way of putting down those who think differently than you do. If you don't like the opinion of those who post on the Haven, then don't lurk there (you know you do), but at least be woman enough to own up to it. A wedge is being driven through this fandom and you are one of the people who is swinging the sledgehammer.

Kami said...

This fandom is what it is, and some of us don't want to be what it is, so let it go and move on

Pisteuo said...

Fuck that shit Stacy! LOL!! I refuse to let a little noise keep me from laughing at stuff I find comical. They can go fuck themselves.

I did get the memo and will conform where it is needed. Promise!

Kami said...

And THAT is why I adore you Pist.

Pisteuo said...

Yes...I AM predictable...I'm also a backstabbing bitch, asshole, son-of-a-bitch, motherfucking liar, slut, whore, hater, cricket, dog, chicken and I even eat chicken shit!
Is there any other adjectives you can think of that you'd like to throw in? Feel free!

Kami said...

Sweet, supportive, caring, funny, wonderfully articulate and above all you're a sassy motherclucker Pist.

stacy said...

LOL Pist, you're such a rebel. Could you imagine making it through life without a sense of fucking humor. My God, would it all even be worth the daily struggle without the ability to get out of your own fucking way and just laugh.

hopesecho said...
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hopesecho said...

Most all won't like what I am going to say but thats ok. Our fans use to be the best fans around & all posted pics (or at least looked at pics) with the circles of a ring, clothes, many things between r/k. we blocked the haters & stood up for anyone that was being attacked by someone. Now? We are divided & all because of a debate about someone who may be or might not be having a child. The so called people who call this "air bb", are no better than the ones who have another blog that says there is a bb. Why? 1st off calling this a "air bb" is disrespectful to 1's that believe there could be a child coming.. Who cares what anyone thinks, no one knows for sure. Also they seem to have their own secret blog... "that I just was made aware of" that puts down the ones that started their blog that fights back for what they believe. FACT, the so called "good fans" blog was started over a year ago. Bigger FACT, NO one is better than any one else in this world! As Rose said, Live & Let Live! I fear this will never happen. Everyone at some point dissected pics... even very private pap pics of them at their home. Me included. I wish y'all could just get off your high horses & get along. Which means No talking about others behind their backs.BOTH SIDES! Sorry Rose, did not have another place to put this where all would see.

Debbie Brechbiel said...

Rose. Your blog is wonderful. I have been re,ading it for years. People who comment on it are often crude and insensitive. They are not respecting the fact that it is your blog? I think that bump song someone was singing was totally inappropriate and not funny. We don't even accept this stuff from children, but I guess it is ok for them. I read very little about rob and kristen in their comments just nastiness. I hardly ever say anything, but this is mean and nasty and asking for an argument