"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baby Talk

Read at your own risk...
 I not only talk about my belief
in Robert and Kristen
I also discuss 'The Baby'

You've been warned.

We WILL see this again.

Well another week has flown by...
I mean
It's the middle of March already!
Life does have a way of moving along
even if you wish it would slow down.

What's new in the last week?

1. Rob still looks fantastic in his 50s haircut.
And clothes.
And let's face it... 
The whole look suits him.

So we got a bit of him running
and laughing
and riding motorcycles
and just looking like he's enjoying every minute of LIFE.
Even with the grumpy face above.
Even grumpy Rob face is cute face.

oh and...

How long have we been waiting for THIS???

Then we have Kristen...

She's on set.... working with Julianne Moore.
Kristen looks so happy and in her element.

Both her and Rob look FANfuckingTASTIC.
Maybe being out of L.A. has its benefits?

And truly...
How GORGEOUS is Kristen in the shot with her stylist?
It's pretty obvious they adore each other
and there really isn't anything sweeter than
seeing Kristen laugh...
Except maybe to see Rob laugh.
Or maybe to see Rob and Kristen laugh together?

I know.
I'm all crazy and weird just because 
I believe Rob and Kristen are FAR FROM OVER.
That's just me.
I've said it once...
I will say it again.

I know what I believe
I believe what I know.

oh and...


Each year, fans of actress Kristen Stewart come together and raise money for charity in honor of her birthday, which is April 9th. This year, fans voted and have chosen Alzheimer’s research as the cause they want to contribute to. Kristen is currently filming the movie, Still Alice, based on the book by Lisa Genova which is about a woman who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Many fans have had loved ones also affected by this disease and want to help find a cure.  Our goal is to raise as much money as we can by her birthday. If you make a donation via PayPal or check, please be sure to note Kristen Stewart's name in the memo field.
Thank you to all who contribute to this important cause.
- See more at: http://curealz.org/heroes/fans-kristen-stewart#sthash.m6WuZimX.dpuf

This is a wonderful cause
and a great way to do something good in Kristen's name.
If you can....

Rob seems to like kissing foreheads...

I was going to talk about recent emails in this post
But 95% of them have been 'about the baby'
So not much really new...

How can you not see the baby?

Don't you believe in the baby?

You're just jealous that you weren't the one
who started babygate!

Why are you terrified of the baby?

You don't want to believe in the baby because
you are a hater!

Kristen is definitely having a baby and you
will never have Rob!

Did you see the video of the baby moving?

You have to be blind and stupid not to see the baby!

I love that people are having meltdowns over the baby.

The 'inmates are restless' because of the baby!


It doesn't even look like a real word anymore.
In fact...
None of this seems real.

Couple of things...

No. I'm not terrified of Kristen being pregnant.
If she chooses to have a baby...
I would be thrilled for her.

No. I'm not afraid, blind, stupid,
restless or having a meltdown.
I'm not on a 'high horse'
I just don't agree with you.

Yes. I saw the video of Kristen's blouse moving.

No. I'm not jealous of anything remotely 
connected to this.
Jealous of what exactly?

No. I don't want Rob or Kristen to myself.
I believe they belong to each other.

Yes. I've been pregnant. Twice.
(and I have the 2 most perfect, handsome
smart, adorable boys on the planet,
Thank you very much.)
So I'm pretty sure you can't 
'suck in your stomach'
with a baby in utero 

Kristen doesn't look pregnant to me.
Maybe she does to you.
Whatever floats your boat.

But disagreeing with someone
doesn't make them a hater.
It's not mocking you.
It's not bullying you.
It's a difference of opinion.

No. I don't have another 'secret hater blog'
(because there are only 2 or 3 people who write blogs... right?)
This is the only blog I have.
I say all I need to say right here.
I've never been shy to give my opinion.
The "Book Blog"  is not connected with me.
I have no input in their posts.
They have no input in what I post.
Just because someone comments on a blog
doesn't mean they are involved in writing it.
Sorry to disappoint you.

Yes. I look forward to the day this is over.
It can't be long now.
This has been going on since those
pics of Kristen swimming from Sils Maria.

Taken the last week of September 2013.
That's almost 6 months ago.
And for someone to be noticeably pregnant...
I'm guessing she would have been 10-12 weeks along?

Here's a picture from the last couple of days...
Do you see 6 months difference?

I don't.

But hey...
That's just me.

Like I said... believe what you want.
It's matters little to me.
But I am allowed an opinion...
and I did it without calling names
and making it personal.

Imagine that.

This post is brought to you by
The Moon.

Shes got these big green eyes, and they're as wide as the moon.

I have COMPLETE faith in Rob and Kristen.

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.

And by

Tom Sturridge.
Who hangs the moon and the stars.

Final thought.

what you have just read is MY opinion.
I haven't chased anyone down and tried
to make them change their mind.
I don't go harassing people who don't agree with me.
I haven't personally attacked anyone.
(can you say the same?) 
You came here to read my thoughts....
I didn't come to you.
Remember that.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

And don't forget...
LOVE is fucking LONG.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

I agree with you. You are a class act.

I am sorry that so many people think Rob and Kristen's business is their business. Whether true or not it is still not any of their business. They would not like it that some people think it is. In fact I think they would be disppointed by it. I hope they never read any of it.

I believe they are fine and they have done such a good job of being ninjas. I think it was necessary to get their lives and careers where they want them to be.

I anm so impressed by their talent and love for each other and secure within themselves. Six years and still going strong.

Have a great day Rose.......

Kay said...

Thanks for the calm, logical viewpoint Rose....at this point I'm so seriously sick of the fandom thought police FFS.
Only one thing I didn't like in this post....I've got that dang Bieber "Baby" song stuck in my head now. LOL

Take care, be safe and have a great week Roseland! <3

linese said...

A class act, I like that. Yes Rose you are and I really enjoyed the post.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSE and ROSELAND

Quite frankly I wish they would just come out and say Yea or Nay so we could just be DONE with all of this

But.... And this is a big BUT... it's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS......and as I have said ad nauseum, If they wanted to tell us they would....they obviously DO NOT.

In response to some posts from several days back, the book blog has never been " SECRIT"... Again...ad nauseum....it's just a few ladies from early ROSELAND that like to cut up a bit and swap recipes and read books ...yes and sometimes we joke and make critical remarks about things we think are silly or whatever...so what....you aren't forced to read us...but yet you do...

Well we used to be able to have fun over here in the comment section but after the BIG KAHUNA and other blogs closing posters came over here and got all bent out of shape with some of us...to the point that a hand full couldn't say squat without someone crying foul...pun intended :)))

Soooo....ROSELAND comment section continues to evolve and us " troublemakers". Heh...are Happy Little CLUCKERS. ... A name Rose bestowed upon us . We could see the snarky humor in it and decided to make it our own...so to speak:)

Just as ROSE has made it clear that she doesn't bash or single out anybody, many of you out there HAVE done that to her and on behalf of the CLUCKERS I can tell you right now, we take great offense to anybody trashing Rose....at all....she has never done anything to any of you

Now us CLUCKERS , yes, we have been very vocal about how we feel about a great range of subjects. So attack us...because we don't care...but leave Rose alone

On a lighter note, I can't wait to see R on the big screen again and I love K's smile and I love K's pics with Julianne Moore

Why can't we focus on all the good? there is SO MUCH of it !

katy said...

Great post, Rose!!

I am loving getting almost every day pics of Rob and Kristen respective movie sets!! Both of them are looking gorgeous and happy...and them happy makes me happy.

I also don't think Kristen is pregnant, I am sorry to the people that think she is...But, there isn't anything in Kristen "appearance" that would make me even remotely think that she is. I just don't see it.

I still believe in Rob and Kristen.

"LOVE is fucking LONG."

Take care everyone

stacy said...

Wonderful post Rose. I agree with it all, particularly how happy they both appear to be while they're hard at work.

I volunteer as tribute to happily sit astride my high horse in the insane asylum, blind, stupid, shaking in fear, rocking back and forth saying "everyone should have a right to privacy" if it will make all this madness stop. Where do I sign up?

stacy said...
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Caroline Camp said...
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Emma Morgan said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU. I am so sick of people calling me a hater because I don't think kristen is pregnant! Unless kristen is about to give birth to a 3 pounder, it's just not possible!! (more like a food baby than a human baby) Her bump is so small, and considering the fact that Kristen is small period that baby would have to have serious issues if it was this small and going to be born in less than two weeks. Nothing will make me happier than if I am wrong.... but it seems so obvious to me that kristen has gained a small amount of weight and robstenites have seen that and want to believe that she's pregnant. Unfortunately, I don't think that's the case. I am a pretty skinny girl usually (size 00-0) and in the past 6 months I've put on about ten pounds.... it happens, even to people who are naturally very thin! I'm sure my weight will come off and so will kristens... but i think focusing so much on her stomach and analyzing it from every angle is really unfair... i know I would HATE it. Anyway, I hope we're both wrong and Kristen gives birth April 1! But I think within the next few months some people are going to have to be eating their words, unfortunately. (Although with how mean and divisive some of them have been to other robs ten fans, it will be somewhat fun to watch!)

Nancy Allen said...

Love your site and agree if you don't like it leave!!! You have the right to say whatever you want!!! And I always love ur posts!!! I happen to believe K is preggo but what ever. It doesn't mean I don't want to follow you and love your sanity!!! We should be able to put all this baby stuff aside real soon. I always believe in R/K together!! Love your stuff!

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, you are wonderful, as usual. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, just like all the rest of us.

Rob and Kristen look wonderful, so happy. I too have faith in their love.

Until next time, take care---

M.Dutche55 said...

Love the post Rose, you chose some of the most endearing pictures; they're so precious. Thanks. You are not alone or maybe I'm the one that's alone because I never believe that Rob and Kristen ever broke up no matter what the media reports. I believe Rob and Kristen are untouchable...JMO

M.Dutche55 said...

Love the post Rose, you chose some of the most endearing pictures; they're so precious. Thanks. You are not alone or maybe I'm the one that's alone because I never believe that Rob and Kristen ever broke up no matter what the media reports. I believe Rob and Kristen are untouchable...JMO

Birdie said...

I had a very long day at work and what a treat to find a new post. You never,ever,ever disappoint,Rose!

Hello to all and stay happy, Roseland!

Rose said...

Thanks for all the kind words <3

Pist: I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. Just writing down my thoughts. They can take it or leave it... makes no difference to me.

Santa Claus,The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny... people can believe in whatever they want.

And the beat goes on.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm not going to call you names because you don't see a change but can you explain how her boobs got so big or how her midsection has grown. I for one would like to believe that she has gain weigh because she is pregnant. I've had 3 kids and I know that you can suck in your belly when pregnant but not everyone pops right out there. The pics with her stylist was done by a professional so the camera angle and the cloths cover very well and If you notice there isn't one pic taken from the front she is standing at a side angle in them all. Maybe you haven't seem how much layering she has been doing when the papz have snap there photos of her or why she has had the umbrella in front of her blocking there view. You haven't mention the ring on her ring finger yet either. I don't know if they got married or not but it is there and I don't think it is for the movie. I will read you blog and agree to disagree with you on this. I do enjoy reading your POV even its not mine.

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland, it been while! I miss the Cluckers!! All the drama made this not as fun anymore. I'm so out if it now, I have no idea what the "book blog" is!! LOL. I hope you're all well!

Anonymous said...

Oh one other thing I don't think that anyone who doesn't agree with me or other that she is pregnant are haters. We all know that there are some who pretend to be fans to start stuff with the real fans. If it turns out that she isn't pregnant then I will admit I was wrong just like I hope when it turns out that she is that everyone that don't think she is will admit they were wrong.

debbie nerissa threet said...


debbie nerissa threet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Great job on your Rose!
As for the rest of Roselands, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

Birdie said...

Chris B. or to whom it may concern,
I have really not wanted to comment on this but...Now everyone has a right to their opinion but I personally have always drawn a line.
Weight is kind of a touchy subject for some. See....if I weren't pregnant, it would bother me that people were examining my body and pointing out my weight gain. In fact, it would piss me off. If I were pregnant and people were constantly commenting on where I am putting on weight,well that would piss me off too. But hey, that's just me.
Looking at every picture and not enjoying her photoshoot or filming but focusing on her body is really objectifying. That seems to be all some people can focus on. Under the guise of "being happy for them" there seems to be nothing that is off limits. How about being happy for what they actually do share, movies, photoshoots, interviews etc...
Bottom line, is it anyones's business? Should she ever decide to have a child, I would be thrilled for her and wish her well but would realize it is "her" experience not "mine or ours". And should that happen,I would think they would announce it if they wanted it known otherwise assume they want to keep what is "theirs" their own. I would respect that of anyone. There is a line.
Rob and Kristen are two actors that I enjoy and think they appear to be authentic,cool people. Do I know this for sure? No,because I am not part of their lives. I don't think I should have access to all the private details of their life or feel the need to comment on it every day. Again, it is "theirs" not mine. There is a line and people are leaping over it.
What is really strange is the investment(or over-investment) people have in this story. It has taken on a life of it's own and the emotions involved are really fucking crazy.
I think we are all adults. How I have seen people talk to or attack each other is absolutely mind-boggling. There is alot of shit going on in the real world and I wish people would show some passion for those things that really matter. Because whether she "is or isn't" doesn't really matter. Find a cause that can affect change but this is not a "cause".

As for Rose, she has her opinions and shares them with us here on HER blog but she has always known where the line is. My suggestion is step back over that line.

Respect Rob and Kristen(thank you, Olivia)

Pattybg said...








Super RN Gas Passer said...


You are truly wonderful !!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

WIG for USC.

I'm so glad to see you. Hope you are doing well HUGS :)

stacy said...

Wonderful comment Birdie and I wholeheartedly agree with every thing you said. You've always been so careful to respect that line, so I'm guessing it was probably difficult to even address the issue at all. Beware you've officially climbed on top of the high horse with all the others who have expressed that it is not 'all in good fun' to disregard personal boundaries. Don't worry you're in very good company, the air is clearer up here and the view is excellent.

We're coming up upon Cannes time. There's excellent buzz for Sils and Maps as well as The Rover. Let's all cross our fingers and toes!

Kami said...

As one of the Cluckers who writes posts for the "Book Blog" (love that by the way) I can assure you Rose is correct we don't ask her for input, and she most certainly doesn't ask us. We don't ask her for permission to post something and vice versa. Just because those of us over in Cluckingham Palace...aka "The Book Blog" Aka "Hell" depending upon your point of view came from here, does not mean the two blogs are connected. Yes we talk from time to time about Rob and Kristen and the gossip, but that's it. Rose is not responsible for our blog, nor us hers. I hope that clears things up.

I'm sorry you get blamed for us Rose. We certainly do not mean for you to.

Kami said...

I know how much you like your chirping crickets Rose so I changed my Avi just for you. LOL

olivia said...

Wow, and super wow! Bravo, dear Birdie!
You stated the facts beautifully, very clearly and honestly.

Wish this could be posted every five minutes where it truly needs to be posted so that it would eventually be understood and internalized. If I may, I would like to at least repeat the second to last paragraph in hopes that the people needing to read it may at least have a second chance.

Birdie wrote:

"I think we are all adults. How I have seen people talk to or attack each other is absolutely mind-boggling. There is alot of shit going on in the real world and I wish people would show some passion for those things that really matter. Because whether she "is or isn't" doesn't really matter. Find a cause that can affect change but this is not a "cause". "

Thank you again, dear Birdie. ((Hugs)) for you.


Thank you, dear Rose. Always the wise and steady voice in this R & K land of blogs. ((Hugs)) for you.
You have stayed sane, respectful and great fun with the right amount of snark and sass. You are appreciated!

Take care, dear Roseland.
Respect Rob and Kristen.

Life is very good!

ali mac said...

Such lovely comments. In the end of the day what everyone on the "book blog" wants for r and k is RESPECT.

Professional projects are plentiful for us to discuss. Let's leave their private life to them.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Not feeling well. Starting to have that 24hr flu bug. Hugs to you all. Night.

Lisa Johnson said...

Baby. Baby. Baby. It doesn't even look like a word anymore.

Gosh, Rose. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it's your sense of humor which pops out in the most unexpected places that makes your posts special.

You gave a big laugh today, and I really needed that.

pierrette said...

Hi , I don't comment on this blog but i really enjoy reading it . i've been following it for 3 yrs now . I also read the comments .LOl.. some are pretty funny . just wanted to say thanks because your blog really make my day when i need a good chuckle .. and sometimes i just laugh at loud . I'm a fan and also a big fan of Rob and kristen looking forward to the great things that will be coming in their future !

Anonymous said...

Good morning Roselands! Happy Spring! Sorry, I am not feeling well. I am having that flu bug. And its kicking my butt. I know its morning. But I am going back to bed. Keep me posted. Hope you all have a great day.

Kay said...

Great comment, Birdie! :)

Happy first day of Spring Rose, Roseland and lurkers! <3


Brenda said...

Who here remembers the video behind the scenes of the first Twilight, of Rob and Kristen practicing the apple scene in the cafeteria? Okay, so I started thinking about them seeing each other on the weekends now and that scene came into my mind:
Kristen: Duuude, I really have to go, I'm going to miss my plane!
Rob: One more time, sorry, one more time!

Smirk ;-)

ADD said...

It's awesome that fans are raising money for Alzheimer’s research in honor of K's birthday. It's a great to see fans coming together for a good cause.

Like I've said before, I don't think speculating whether K's pregnant or not is harmless. People overanalyze her whole body. It's creepy.

Barb said...

Weelll Kristen has been preggers for 2 years now I think April 1st would be a GREAT DAY for her to pop that puppy out! Oh man I can't believe anyone would think she would be stooopid enough to get pregnant with all the work she had ahead of herself when the picture in question was taken. It is just like the bozzie picture that was going around. They caught her in mid blink and all of a sudden she is drunk off her ass! Well she isn't pregnant she is talking and laughing and oh my guess what when she does that she has to BREATH! Well I am not a doctor or anything but I think your stomach moves when you BREATH! THEY CAUGHT HER IN THE MIDDLE OF A BREATH! JUST SAYING :):)

Birdie I love you! It would piss me off too! I don't know how she puts up with any of it. No wonder she doesn't have fb or twitter!

Oh on a final note to my rant.. Love the Cluckers and the blog. I can never seem to get in on the books on time to join in....oh well maybe next time.

Kami said...

Hey Barb, the next book we're reading is The Shadow of the Wind. We all just agreed on it in the last couple of days. Feel free to join in.

Gilvia said...

Dear Rose, thanks, thanks, thanks.
I agree with you, forever.

DreamerKind said...

Hello Roselanders!

It's good to be back home again, despite having had a lovely time in FL. Our snow here has melted. We'll see what each day of this new Spring, brings. :)

Well said!

May you get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night! I am almost better. Just had that mild flu bug. Other than that I am ok.
DK- Thanks! Night!

Birdie said...

Welcome home,DK!! I hope you had a wonderful time. Where did you go? Do you have any stories? Have a good sleep and see you later.

Happy Friday, Roseland!

lemoine idiane said...

Allez ... Vous avez tous été à regarder comment obsédé et «fans» NUTS de deux Kristen et Robert sont - et les tabloïds garder leurs émotions ont accéléré pour l'argent.
Ils écrivent ces articles sur Kristenfor la même raison qu'ils continuent à écrire celles concernant Robert avec son en elle - «Est-il manquant Kristen Stewart"
L'OMS fait de l'argent OFF de cette moyenne STUFF!!!
C'est pourquoi vous devriez tous être signez la pétition - pour les fans de ce genre (Robsessed, Krisbians & Robsten, semblables) qui sont évidemment avoir du mal à traiter après si longtemps. Aucun d'entre eux ne serait-ce encore fou si ce n'était pas pour les tabloïds de continuer à manipuler les VOLONTAIREMENT ET les fans JEUNES émotionnellement investis parmi nous pour de l'argent!
Ce n'est pas ce que la «liberté d'expression» ou «liberté de la presse» étaient destinés à - de mentir à JEUNES FILLES de garder leurs émotions fouettée pour l'argent. C'est juste une campagne de dénigrement misogyne pas seulement destinés à salir Kristen Stewart, mais les fans des deux siennes ET / OU de Robert.
Et regardez comment il fonctionne ... Ne sont-ils drôles et regarder les centimes rouler dedans
La pétition ne demande pas de modifier les lois des États-Unis, pas plus qu'il ne plaisante pas avec «Liberté d'expression». Pour cette raison, toute personne de tout âge ou de lieu partout dans le monde peut signer - c'est pour toutes les célébrités et c'est la peine d'essayer. La façon dont Hollywood traite célébrités n'est pas un nouveau sujet de discussion. Partout, les gens ont été nourris avec la façon dont ils sont traités pendant des décennies.
RECHERCHE explaintwilightbreakingdawnending sur blogspot à signer la pétition pour Hollywood de réformer sa propre industrie de la célébrité mauvais traitements - ou remue-méninges pour trouver d'autre qui va travailler quelque chose.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I hope you all love my avi! That red rose was from my hubby's grandfather's grave on last Saturday of the funeral. Each of grandkids get to take a flower on top of the casket. There are red carnations and red roses. Carnations and roses are my favorite flowers. So I choose the red rose. Just a memory. Its special. Thanks for last week. But I am still here. Well good night.

Barb said...

Kami :) I'm in! Sucker for a series!

stacy said...

Barb, Just let us know if you need the link to the blog and one of us will email it to you. We're just getting started reading so it will probably be a couple weeks before we start chatting about the book.

Rose, Crickets are fucking glorious.

Noonoo Karen said...

There's nothing more disturbing than the manips with R/K and a baby! Where are they getting this information from? A crystal ball that is also an ultrasound machine? Kristen looks the same since last September-October, and she supposed to be what, 6-7 months pregnant by now? Some people on Twitter is claiming that Kristen's due next month!

And your post was brilliant as always, thank you.

Rose said...

Man oh man... How I love my crickets!
Silence is golden.
Thank God.

*chirp chirp*

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! I hope you all are ok. I know its a weekend. Hugs to you all! Night!

lemoine idiane said...

« La haine est un sentiment qui ne peut exister que dans l'absence de toute intelligence. »
Tennessee Willi

lemoine idiane said...

Certains en ont assez de faire et de voir les mêmes choses ; les gagne non la haine de la vie mais son ennui, pente où nous glissons, poussés par la philosophie elle-même, en disant : "Jusques à quand les mêmes choses ? Ne vais-je pas me réveiller, dormir, manger, avoir faim, avoir froid, avoir chaud ? Rien n'a de fin, toutes choses s'enchaînent en cercle, fuient et se suivent ; la nuit chasse le jour, le jour la nuit, l'été fait place à l'automne, l'hiver presse l'automne, serré de près par le printemps ; toutes choses passent ainsi pour revenir. Je ne fais rien de nouveau, je ne ois rien de nouveau : on en a parfois jusqu'à la nausée." Nombreux sont-ils pour juger que vivre n'est pas atroce, mais superflu.

lemoine idiane said...

« La seule différence entre un optimiste et un pessimiste c'est que le premier est un imbécile heureux et que le second est un imbécile triste. »
Georges Berna

Anonymous said...

Good after noon to all the Roselands! Happy Sunday! I am leaving for church. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. I hope everyone is ok. Hope you all had or have a great weekend. Later

DreamerKind said...

Happy Sunday to all! May it be peaceful and sunny in our hearts and days.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Roselands! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

DreamerKind said...

Silence. Rightness.

I have no songs to post right now, and that is all right somehow. I follow the light, that's like a sun within me, the reflected light from all.

La Di Da:


Sis boom bah:


Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hope you all have a great day. Keep me posted. Going to my second interview. Hugs to you all.

lemoine idiane said...

Bonne question! Eh bien, je suis devenu un fan à l'origine dans le temps que les gens donnaient sa merde pour l'affaire, et j'ai décidé que j'allais battre son coin, parce que pourquoi sur Terre a été elle devient tout le blâme quand ce gars-là avait une femme et des enfants , vous savez? Après que j'ai commencé à réaliser qu'elle était vraiment cool, et ses entretiens m'a fait rire. De plus, elle est vraiment mignonne et abruti, mais en même temps elle est un mauvais âne total debout pour elle-même contre les paparazzi. Elle a un très joli sourire trop, ça me fait chier que les gens pensent encore qu'elle ne sourit jamais. Quoi qu'il en soit, j'ai juste l'aime parce qu'elle est juste une personne toute impressionnant,

Barb said...

Thanks Stacy I have it bookmarked. I just don't comment much. :)

Barb said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Roselands! Great news. I pass my Food Handling Permit and I got it today. Did I miss anything while I was out?

Birdie said...

First photos of the Chanel ads with Kristen. Stunning! Very cool.


Silence is golden.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Birdie! I listen and watch the video. And I end up pass. Which is good.

DreamerKind said...

Very fascinating photos of Chanel K!


Happy Tuesday!

KStew Krew said...

I donated! Kristen fans are the very best! Great cause and I know that Kristen is just blown away! So fuck you poopscoop and haters.

KStew Krew said...

I donated! Kristen fans are the very best! Great cause and I know that Kristen is just blown away! So fuck you poopscoop and haters.