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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Rose

Random Thoughts.
By Rose.

1. Kristen Stewart has achieved something 
no other American actress has before, 
winning a César at France's most prestigious film award show. 

To all the haters out there...
who had their Kristen voodoo doll full of pins

Hoping against hope that Kristen wouldn't win...
SUCKS to be you.

to win the award.

It was such an incredible honor
and so well deserved.


2. Tom and Rob.
(and Sienna too... haha)
I suppose I could hate on Sienna.
(it is the fandom way, after all)
There she is...
sandwiched between two of my favorite people.
But alas.
While I might be a tad bit envious...
(I am human after all)
Hate/Jealousy is so overdone in this fandom 
as it is.
I'm over it.

But Rob and Tom are overwhelmingly adorable.
Wonder what they are all laughing at?

3. According to the 'baby fringe'
This is a woman who is not only pregnant...
but with her second child.
Could her stomach BE any flatter?
I wish I were kidding.
I wish they were kidding.
I wish someone was kidding.

Completely fabricated bullshit.

They were screeching about "PRgate"
The experts.
The insiders.
And lo and behold.
Wrong again.
Just more lame excuses.
There are always more excuses.
Endless excuses.
You know why?
Because there are no sources.
They know dick shit.

4. There was endless drama (as usual)
when Rob flew out of LA after the Oscars
to go to London to be with Twigs.
Where did you think he was going?
Who did you think he was going to?

Rob pretty much did what most
 people expected him to do
and it STILL causes drama.
Why is that?
Rob and Twigs are pictured together...
No matter how many times we've all seen it
No matter how many months its been going on...
There is STILL drama.
Shouldn't it be the 'norm' now?
I mean... 
Come on.

Like it or not
Rob is dating Twigs.
I loved Rob/Kristen too...
But life goes on.
It is what it is.

5. Stop blaming Rob.
Stop blaming Kristen.
Don't you ever get tired of hating
and being bitter and angry all the time?
Especially over this stuff??
I mean... THINK about it.
Does any of this matter in 
the grand scheme
of your life?
Come into 2015.
It's looking to be a good year professionally
for BOTH of them.

(And see if you can go 5 minutes without
mentioning 2012 and Rupert.
I double dog dare you)

6. I don't get the constant scrutiny
about Rob and Kristen's 'look'.
2 recent pictures.
Both of them look GREAT.

It's ridiculous to judge them
for the mere minutes we see of their lives.

"It's like soap opera. I try not to let it mess with me
 because my true personal life,
 as much as people think they know about it, 
they don't know dick shit. Who could? 
By the way, nobody knows.
 Nobody knows what the fuck is going on."

"Your life becomes this stage show,
broadcast for public consumption.
Like, I was probably followed here,
and they're going to photograph every
expression I make, and wonder what it means
and then thats the show thats going 
to be running tonight.
And sometimes they catch something true
but often its rooted in pure falseness."

- Kristen

Listen to her.
In her own words
she is telling you.
Believe her.
Nobody knows what the fuck is going on.

We, as fans...
can only hope they are loved
and safe
and happy.

This post is brought to you by 

Tom Sturridge.
I absolutely adore him.


Green Sheep.

And to Leonard Nimoy

Live Long and Prosper.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

P.S. Maps To The Stars is now out in theaters and VOD.
You love Rob?
Go watch it.


Flowergirl said...

Rose...Karl Lagerfeld is such a talent on so many levels. His photo of Kristen is pure perfection.

Jewels64 said...

love the Chanel picture! So chic!

Lydia Callwood said...

Rose why do you think that your blog is the only true blog and that other blogs are talking shit you keep saying that he's with twigs and this is my opionon in those pictures that I saw from the Brit award don't look like two people that supposed to be so deep in love with each other she even don't smile everybody on your blog can call me what they want to but that's what I see and my opionon love him anyway your blog is all about rob and you only put kristen in to make it look good and for no one to say what I'm saying right now you don't know kristen so how you know that she's not pregnant like I said before you keep saying he's with twigs like you know something that's it for now i,ll be back because I know a lot of your fan are not going to like what I wrote to you I,m 65yrs old and it dozen matter to me what people think I just say what's on on my mind and what I think

Caroline said...

Common sense as always from Rose. It makes a pleasant change from the other nonsense out there.

Lydia Callwood said...

Caroline we all have common sense that's a cap out so you saying that only rose have common sense and everybody. Else are stupid

live guest said...

But Rose, you talk about not hating, yet you came out first thing and said..all you haters out there and it sucks to be you. That could have been left off and talk about what was important and that was winning the award. If we all quit using the hate word and say more kind words, maybe the fandom will eventually start to calm down. @Lydia, you know what convinced me that Rob's girlfriend is T is because if he was a husband, he would have flown to France to be by his wife's side in her moment and he could have, but instead, he flew to support T at the Brit Awards and her two nominations. Yes, she is definitely his girlfriend. Just like you, saying what's on my mind. Hope everyone saw MTTS and supported Rob. It was a great movie and he was very good in his part.

DreamerKind said...

"Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are."
Marianne Williamson

"Each day is a new life. Each moment is really a new life. What we call memories are really present thoughts. What we call anticipations are really present thoughts. No one has ever lived in any moment except the present."
Emmet Fox

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy
Who'll decide where to go."
Dr. Seuss
* * * * * * *

Time for wine. No sense can I make after I free my senses.

Happy Saturday!

Lydia Callwood said...

LiveQuest this is for you Do any of you people out their really think that if he had gone with k when she won her awArd the median and the paps and tabloids would have a field day at the award show and forget what they were their for they would be asking questions about their love life just like what they did to him at the airport I,m still a true fan of both of them and I wishes them good luck in whatever they do or who they go with I still say rob and t don,t look like two people in love not by those pic that I see on the internet everybody wants him to go with this girl and not with kristen true love will tell someday and I hope it wouldn't,t be to late but rob and kristen will find their way back to each other I,m just saying look out it's going to happen

silvermau said...

Lydia has a point.Each blog thinks their right and the others wrong.With respect, this one is the same.You can of course say, accept it that Rob and Twigs are a couple,cause it's your blog but sits in the arena of your opinion,not fact. A much truer sentence is nobody knows,to which I add, including you.As humans we fool ourselves often with tunnel vision, we see what we want to see, not what is. I include myself in that arena. However,in my business, I have seen tons of preg.females and no 2 women are alike. I have seen hippos at 6 months, and slight swellings at 7. As you know yourself, be careful when you hold up a pic. as proof in todays world, I question any pic as guilty of manipulation,out date order, true or a manufactured reality.

Lydia Callwood said...

Silvermau you and I think and see the same the picture of kristen on rose blog to me is an old picture of kristen if you notice if kristen is pregnant or not she likes to show her stomach and tie her t-shirt on the sides if you look at her now she keeps her t-shirt full cover over her jeans like I said the pics of rob and twigs don't look like two people deep in love like the tabloids paps and the media wants the public to believe or his true fans you,ll hear from me again I,m waitinG for the award show with rob for mtts he was up for a award for best supporting actor my fingers are gross for him to win

Anonymous said...

There is no baby or babies. There are places you can hang out to share that theory, so why insist on doing it here where Rose isn't on that bandwagon and neither are most? Sure you CAN considering Rose doesn't delete comments just because it conflicts with hers, but why continue when there are those that will entertain your delusions along with you? I refuse to call it an opinion when it reeks of overactive imaginations and desperation to cling onto anything that allows some to never accept reality. "No one knows anything" is right but that doesn't equate to being able to just make shit up under the guise of an opinion.

live guest said...

On a better note, MTTS was fantastic. A dark movie, but still a page turner. Rob was spot on in his role of Jerome, delivering his lines with different emotions which made his character so believable. Please go watch MTTS if there is a theater close to you, if not on VOD, Amazon, ITunes, etc. Have a blessed Sunday.

silvermau said...

to UM at least Rose allows freedom of expression which I admire about her. Too bad, as her like-minded peep, you do not share that quality. I do not intend to belabor my point of view, but do not come to anyone if they do not share your point of view to leave, cause,my friend, unless UM=Rose, you do not have that right. repeat with me Not Your Blog

MG said...

The ad nauseum excuses that we have heard about Rob & Kristen not being together at a function have reached its limit. These constant comments that they are married, have a child etc. are disgraceful and insulting to both Rob & Kristen. Because neither would subject the other to such ridicule.

Thank you Rose, for stating the obvious that we can actually see. No analyzing just see it for what it is. Personally I am so proud of Kristen Stewart's work.

...a fan said...

this one kind of snuck up on me. I like that you are posting more often. I am also thrilled for Kristen's win. The haters can detract all they want, but the truth is she is the only one that scored a historical win. Brava!!

I won't call Twigs names and I won't pretend to care about her, but I am not sure about Twigs. I say all the time something feels off there. Just have to wait and see how that plays out. But for the record the bloggers that do call her names and badmouth her in the name of defending their boy or Kristen are doing everyone involved a great disservice. They are lowering themselves to the same level as the haters. A little class goes a long way. I wish they realized it does not further their case unless their sole mission is to garner hits and keep people glued to their websites and twitter accounts.
Take care Rose - thanks as always, for sharing

katy said...

My indiference and deslike for Twigs hasn't change, but this does not make me blind...it's pretty clear that she's part of Rob's life. That Rob and Kristen are (unfortunatly) not together. And that Kristen never was and isn't pregnant. Don't understand why people insist on ridiculous conspiry theories.

I just wish the best of everything for Rob and Kristen.

Take care

linese said...

Great pictures, so happy for Kristen and it's nice to see Rob and Twigs still going strong. Robert seems different in his relationship with Twigs, more open more out there, he and Kristen were more private but whatever as long as they both keep moving forward it's all good.

DreamerKind said...

Kristen again with Jesse, and Woody, after Montana. The phoenix continues to rise and shine!

Rob on the Oscars Party Vanity Fair cover! Kaboom!

...a fan said...


Not 100% sure, but there is buzz that the VF cover is a fake. Photoshopped.

Loving Kristen's news though

DreamerKind said...

...a fan
Thanks! Again I declare kaboom! It applies for either real or photoshopped pics of Rob or Kristen, too.

Kaboom! It's Tuesday! (Again!)

live guest said...

The Vanity Fair is a photo shopped with all the portraits taken. It is not a real picture by Vanity Fair. Kind of like all the jumping Rob's that were used everywhere. But, his VF portrait was a very nice one of Rob. What some people won't do to get attention and the photo got plenty of attention until sites realized it was a fake.

DreamerKind said...

It's very amusing to be in this fandom!

Anonymous said...

So I visit all kinds of blogs on the net related to Rob and Kristen and I enjoy each of them for their own unique take on what is going on. I've given up on the tabloids or paps and my life is much better that way. You know what I find odd is that the person that runs the blog that talks about K having had a baby etc... used to post here or so I believe she did. I have seen that name here a long time ago.

Anyway, the best thing to do is to just enjoy Rob and Kristen and look at the good times and love the projects that they are a part of. I think of how some of my favorite movies in the last 7 years have been from Kristen and Rob. I think of the friends that I have met both in real life and on the net that can enjoy two actors and movies that I do. I also am proud of donating to Kristen's birthday projects. I think that anything and/or anyone that you let in to your life gives you an experience that you wouldn't have had unless you did that so I'm just grateful for all of the wonderful experiences that I have had because of these two and that in the end that is what matters to me the most.
And one more thing to remember, the truth will come out one way or another sometime in the future so until then let us just enjoy Rob and Kristen for their amazing talent and for what we have all had a privilege to witness.

Hope said...

I've got herpes

valéria said...

Hahahaha "a random minutes in someones life" Rupert is a bunny??? god the denial.....Hey Rose, how you doing two years after Rob kicked Kristen's cheating ass and being now engaged to twigs?