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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Good, The Bad... The Crazy.

It's been a while, hasn't it?
Need to catch up on the fandom hijinks?
 I do.

How about the GOOD
and the CRAZY?

Let's start with Crazy...
always the most entertaining.

JELLY BEAN was born!
Imagine that!!
Rob and Kristen
had another invisible baby!
I mean if you are going to have a 2nd fake baby
invisible is the way to go.
Invisible poopy diapers.
Invisible 2am feedings.
Invisible crying.

And you can travel all over the world
and never have to worry about babysitters!

Here is a picture of Kristen
taken at the end of May 2015
(Could her stomach BE any flatter?)

Supposedly she is heavily pregnant
(over 8 months)
and ready to deliver...
I guess being invisible pregnant
is a plus too!!
No stretch marks.
No weight gain.
No discomfort.
No labor!!
Lucky Kristen!

So far we have a Sweet Pea
And now a Jelly Bean...

What's next?
Peach Pit?

 Little Pumpkin Seed?

I know!!!
Since the Baby Brigade are convinced
the next one will be a boy...
(The "CUZ" magically seems to know this)
And they also seem to have this food obsession...
How about...
They can call him BB for short!
The bouncing baby boy!

 How about some BAD (and some crazy)?

 You've all seen the 'interview' by now.
Kristen's mom Jules Stewart
Was supposed to be interviewed about her wolf project.
And amazingly...
Completely unexpected 
(Please read with major sarcasm)
The talk turned to Kristen.
And her sexuality.
And her millions.
And her relationships.
After it was posted...
Jules denied ever mentioning Kristen.
The reporter made a huge deal about her 'integrity'
(which she obviously never had)
And made claims about proving Jules talked about Kristen.
And then...
No proof.
Who is the liar?
Kinda moot at this point... Isn't it?
It's like pulling out the knife
After stabbing someone...
'Oops sorry!'
But the wound is still there.
Here's the thing...
What was annoying about this whole situation
wasn't Kristen's sexuality.
It's 2015
Why is it even a topic?
Why is it a big deal?
Why was it mentioned at all?
What is irritating is that either Jules
Used her daughter to garner more attention...
Or the reporter used Kristen to garner more attention.
Either way...
It's Kristen being used
and her personal business being talked about...
when there was NO REASON to bring her up.
And that is bullshit.
There wasn't anything shocking or horrible
being said in the article
Kristen isn't hiding her life from anyone...
She's too busy living it to give a fuck
what other people think.
But it's the fandom hyenas who have to

Rip and tear at everything Kristen does...
Even when she hasn't done anything.
They were the most vocal in supporting
this supposed writer...
(of course they were)
They debated the topic for days
And they defended the writer
(and then quickly backtracked)
And as usual they were 
Don't they have other things to focus on?
(Like Rob or his current girlfriend perhaps?)
I mean...
If you want to believe in this interview
Then don't forget that Jules also said...

"She’s still friends with her ex-boyfriend 
and she’s moving forward."

I guess that would shoot down the 
'Rob and Kristen hate each other' theories...

 Bottom line?
This whole drama isn't Kristen's issue.
It's the people who want to poke their noses
Somewhere it doesn't belong
Making assumptions on things they know nothing about.
And people using Kristen's star power
To get attention for themselves.
It seems the whole point of the interview 
was about Kristen all along.
 And That just fucking sucks.


Here is Kristen the same night all this 
Bullshit drama was taking place.
Speaking at 'Women in Film' in L.A.
Looking radiant and happy...
Focused on her work
And not giving a single fuck 
what some online assholes think about her life.
She's doing just FINE.
(And that pisses the hyenas off... Big time)
Better than fine...
Fucking GREAT.
Thank you very much.


 A trailer for Queen Of The Desert.
There's not a lot of Rob...
But what you see looks good.
And I have to admit it was wonderful hearing
him speak with his normal accent.
I've missed hearing his voice.
I'm not usually one for 'epic' type films
but of course
for Robert Pattinson
I will always make an exception.


Drake Doremus tweeted:
"Mixing EQUALS this week!"

Can we have a YAY?

And just who do those fingers...
who are caressing Kristen's face...
Belong to?

Mayhaps those fingers be these fingers?
That belong to that guy...
with that FACE?
(Talk about GOOD)

I cannot tell you how badly I need this movie
Must. Have. NOW.

And guess what?
Who da thought in this fandom??

LIFE Stills.
How adorable is Rob with the little boy?
How wonderful is the smile that lights up his face?
How anxious am I to see this movie?
When will we ever get a damn trailer?
Why does Rob look so good in a suit and tie?
So many questions.
Never any answers.
Such is LIFE.

This post is brought to you by
my endless adoration
Thomas Sturridge.
Always GOOD

He was there from day one.
Imagine the stories he could tell.
Not that he ever would.

"I don't talk about my friends behind their back."

“When you agree to be interviewed,
it’s an opportunity to review your own moronic-ness” he says.
“It’s OK if I come across as a complete idiot,
 but it’s not fair for me to describe or refer to anyone else.
 Anyone can be tainted by my mention of them”

Anyone that has Tom as a friend...
is very lucky indeed.

Until next time.

Bye for now.


MG said...

Great as always Rose. Hopefully the day will come when the delusional brigade will let it go.In the meantime let us enjoy the movies they give us & stop all of the drama.

Sheryl Hamblin said...

It sounds like these followers who you refer to as crazy or bad have walked into their own fan fiction and turned their backs on reality. To what end? And these are not wildly in love preteen or teen fans, these technically are adult women, some of advanced age. Love your Blog Rose-thanks for keeping it real.

Pattybg said...


Nisan said...

I'm so happy I can finally make a comment about your blog. I have followed you for quite awhile now and could never figure out how to do it. Yeah, I know, pitiful. Obviously I'm not computer literate and quite old to be honest. I'm a Twilight lover and a Rose lover. Thanks for years of wonderful posts and many mornings of smiles and laughter. I love your common sense approach to everything and your positive attitude towards life. As to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, how wonderful was that relationship while it lasted. They filled my heart with hope. People still can't figure out the phenomenon of Twilight and the passion for this couple as a result. What was so wrong with routing for love? We just wished that the wonderful love story told in the Twilight stories on screen spilled over into real life. Together or separate I wish these two LOVE.

Rae H. said...

Nisan, I agree with your statement. I just wished the beautiful love story on screen that spilled over into real life wouldn't end.

Now, together or separate I wish both Rob and Kristen love and happiness.

live guest said...

Hate Rob dropped out of Brimstone but Cit of OZ is coming up in August. I truly believe he dropped out and Twigs cleared her calendar until July 27 to get married. Wouldn't that be something if that happened? The whole internet would explode.

Cory Ogden said...

MG et al a polite message from a member of the delusional brigade. Hope your confident speculation on other folk's speculations on truth does not come back up like spoiled food. Your use of descriptive adjectives is charming,and speaks volumes
In the forum of public option about the private lives of 2 people who are actors we all enjoy,everyone is only speculation MG, I am more polite about it. It's way too easy 2be nasty isn't it

Super RN Gas Passer said...


ROSE. I enjoy Ks outfits. I would look awful in that dress but she on the other hand looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to some trailers for Rob....bring it on already !

ADD said...

Baby number two? People are insane. It's unbelievable.

Queen Of The Desert looks amazing but it's not my cup of tea, I'm more interested in Life.

Ps: I'm still waiting for the audio that proves that Jules has talked about Kristen. That "journalist" has no shame.

Rae H. said...

I am coming to understand that if there is anything at all still left between Kristen and Rob their fans are not ever going to be privy to it.

But I do care a lot about their careers and Kristen's is going well. I wish Rob would not stay committed to The Lost City of Z. Some fans are thinking it's going to start in August. So far only Charlie Hunnam as Percy Fawcett, Sienna Miller as Fawcett's wife and Robert Pattinson are listed as cast. This has been the case ever since Benedict left the project in February. James Gray projects have been known to take five to six years making it to the screen. I read the other day that filming may be put off until January 2016. To me its only recommendation is that Paramount is set for distribution due more to the book than the director in my opinion.

By now someone like James Cameron would have had this filmed, edited and scored. I think perfectionists like Grey are their own worst enemy. At one point Brad Pitt considered the part (2009) He moved on and is now willing to back it. But you don't see him wasting his time waiting for this film to get made.

I've been researching this deal for a while now and I'd like nothing better than to be totally wrong. This film has been headed nowhere ever since it was first proposed in 2005. Cumberbunch is just the latest in a line to give this thing consideration. He decided no. I hope Rob does the same thing and gets on with something with a good plot AND a good chance of being made this year.

Rae H. said...

Sorry the project TLCOZ has been considered a project since (2009. Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson were attached to the project in 2013. After months had passed with not much visible progress B.C. departed the project in January 2014.
There is still no known official date to start filming.

Rob is well enough off to pick his projects I am well aware, but why he's still considering this project is a mystery to me. Good luck to him whatever he decides.

Caroline said...

Rose, accurate as always. You might want to know that your words from this post have just been lifted and placed as a troll post onto HKN's blog.

live guest said...

Lost City of Z has a filming date of 8/8/2015. This is a bigger role for Rob and will get a wider release. Wishing him good luck on that. Actors drop roles all of the time and I can't understand why all the negativity about Rob backing out of this role. He had his reasons and we should respect that. Rob has three films coming out now, QOTD, LIFE and COAL.

Flowergirl said...

Rae...I can no longer get excited about possible movie roles for Rob, no matter if his name is attached to them or not. For me, it makes more sense to wait until a film has adequate funding and he actually shows up on set.

DreamerKind said...

So good to see your post! Made my day. Hope all is well with you. :)

Rae H. said...

Flowergirl, You are right. They use Rob's name to create interest and draw backers and that has it's purpose I suppose but unfortunately the project changes or falls through and all people seem to remember about it is Rob's name was attached to the project because everyone reads and remembers every scrap of news attached to Rob's name.

So yeah you are right, we shouldn't expect anything until the finished product is in theaters. We shouldn't talk Rob's film to death but rather just go see them when they are released.

Flowergirl said...

Rae...so what's left for us then?

Rae H. said...

Flowergirl. You always make me smile with the accuracy of your remarks. Since some blogs now ban talk about Rob and Kristen's life and so much of their film careers ends up being wrong what DO we talk about.

Maybe we could just say what we think and get erased. That would make us trolls on some blogs. I guess that's how you and I ended up here. Rose still lets us voice our own thoughts. Kind of like another place we use to know. Ironic, don't you think?

Barbara said...

@Rae H. you are 100% right some sites erase out a post if we dare say what we are thinking, no matter that we are unwavering Rob and Kristen fans. We are almost sent to the naughty corner for daring to voice our take on a delicate subject. Holy Cow we can't keep reminiscing on how it used to be, they have both moved on and my feet are getting blisters trying to walk over hot coals.

Flowergirl said...

Babs...you and I go way back, but I respectfully disagree with your choice of the word "we" when referring to fans being unwavering. There is no question for me when it comes to Kristen, but as far as Rob goes, I am hanging on by a thread.

Barbara said...

@Flowergirl I understand. I still love and miss you and you will always be to me,
sweet flowergirl. xxxx take care.

live guest said...

You are either a friend of Rob's or not. There is no hanging on by a thread. What kind of fan is that. I admit that I am not a Kristen fan but will always be a Rob fan for as long as I can. So, why can't we talk about the one we are a true fan of. I would love to be able o come on here and talk about Rob without getting the feel that I am not welcomed to talk about him here.

Rae H. said...

live guest, flowegirl has been devoted to Robert Pattinson and a fan of his for years.
The state of her feelings as a fan are no body's business but hers. You are being rude to question the state of her loyalty. The state or her feelings is not yours to question.

As for you, when have you been hindered from speaking your mind here? Never so far as I can remember. So your question is trite and pointless. As for your last question there is already a Robsessed where women wallow in his manly adorableness. To me that kind of talk gets boring after the tenth or fifteenth exclamation on his perfection.

Rose is the only free blog left. So essentially your whole comment was just a lot of words telling Flowergirl to go away. We all get bugged from time to time on these blogs. So while we're exercising our rudeness let me say you have bugged me as often as Flowergirl has bugged you.

ALSO this is a Rob and Kristen site. There are many Rob only sites where you won't be bugged. Bored to death maybe, but not bugged. This site is open to all as I understand it for Rob AND Kristen So stop being so bossy, please.

Barbara and flowergirl's was a conversation not addressed to the whole blog but to each other between two friends who have known each other in this fan base for six or seven years. So please take that into consideration before reacting the next time if you please.

melina mf said...


Rae H. said...

melina mf, I loved Topher Grace in Predators where he was kidnapped along with a band of elite mercenaries and placed on an alien world to be hunted by Predators. He is an unassuming doctor so everyone thinks his capture was a mistake. Adrian Brody, and a star studded cast soon realize that he is the most dangerous one of them all.

Until I saw him in that it never occurred to me that he could be someone with a dark side even evilness in him. I loved him in That 70's Show and he just keeps getting better. So I'm excited about his role in American Ultra too.

Barbara said...

@Live Guest. No no you are wrong, my sweet flowergirl is a true fan I have always known she was more a Kristen than Rob fan but her respect for both was genuine and still is. Sweet flowergirl is as straight as an arrow unlike some of the fan flakes, with her you know exactly where she stands. she is my dear friend.BTW when we were on DIDY we all used to have great and robust conversations it was so much fun. xxxxx

live guest said...

Rae/Barbara, No where did I mention the name of Flowergirl, yet both of you think it is your duty to jump on someone for posting their opinion, just like you post yours. I have been coming here for years and have never been bashed for giving my opinion and I resent the fact that both of you are doing just that. If Rose doesn't like what I have posted, she can deal with it, not both of you.

Marsha said...

live guest: You quoted Flowergirl! That is calling someone out. Don't pretend here. Nice to see your comments Barbara, Rae and Flowergirl.

Barbara said...

@Live Guest. If you read my post I was not bashing you, that is not my style I was just saying that sweet flowergirl is more a fan of Kristen. We all have favourites, I am a staunch and unwavering fan of both Rob and Kristen. You know I was only saying some weeks ago how the fandom has changed,gone is the fun site were friends could come and talk about these two amazing young actors.That changed and was replaced by a bunch of constipated pontificating pi-arses.
Thank goodness for Rose and her no nonsense blog.
once again I was not bashing you.

Rae H. said...

Marsha...Thank you for your comment in support of Flowergirl, Barbara and me. It is appreciated by me very much

Flowergirl said...

live guest...you can talk about whomever you want...I don't care. If you think I'm not being a proper fan based upon your definition of whatever that is...I don't care about that either. I was responding to a couple of old pals from a now defunct blog that I knew would understand where I was coming from. It had nothing to do with you. Think of me what you will...once again I don't care.

live guest said...

Flowergirl, I apologize if you think I was out of line regarding your opinion, but it doesn't seem like anyone on here supports Rob, only talks negative about him when there is nothing really negative to say about him. He can date, if he wants, he can make movies, if he wants, he can live his life the way he wants. As a fan, I support him in his decisions. I don't question why or whom. If some of you are upset that he is engaged, why? It's his life to chose who he wants to marry and it seems he is going in that direction. I am looking forward to seeing three of his latest films, especially Life. That's where I am at as a fan right now.

...a fan said...

Nice to see something new Rose. I have been a little nuts or I would have thanked you sooner.

Liveguest did you actually call out flowergirl for not measuring up to your standards of what a fan of Rob's should be and in the same post - admit that you are not a fan of Kristen's. How is that different?

I have always been love her/like him. I make no pretenses that I am first and foremost a fan of Kristen's. One of the things I like so much about this place is that we can be the kind of fan we want to be as long as everyone plays nice.

Just sayin'

Barbara said...

@Live Guest. I just can't work you out, as I said in my earlier post there are some fans who are both Rob and Kristen fans some who are more Kristen than Rob fans that is fine. No one rubbishes either, the word is respect.
I am a fan of both always have been, but some time ago we went from a fun filled fan site to being invaded by the Pontificating Constipated pi-arse goat heads who if they were dropped into a bucket of tickle feathers wouldn't be able to raise a smile and anyone who did would be removed from the site. Wake up Live Guest loosen up. If Rose thought anyone on this site was being disrespectful to either Rob or Kristen they would be removed pronto.The world is losing the ability to smile and see the fun side of things, in fact in place of laughter everything has to be a drama even a fan site dedicated to two famous strangers.

Rae H. said...

live guest, Most Rob fans are young people who basically fell in love with his face first and then grew to appreciate his talent as an actor.

Most of Kristen's fans have been of her fans have been fans since Panic Room. In other words we were Kristen fans long before Twilight. Some have have been quietly watching her talent grow since her childhood. We just naturally feel protective of her because of that.

Then there's the group that fell in love with Kristen and Rob and their relationship during the Twilight films. When 2012 happened suddenly the media and a large portion of her fans wanted to destroy her. People hated her and were vicious to her. Every talking head on the planet had unkind and malicious things to say about her for rating hits. And this went on for years, long past what a man would have been persecuted for.

Most of the people on the old Justice for Kristen blog site (both women and men) were not her fans at all before they noticed the tabloid headlines that kept going on and getting worse and they became angry over the outrageous persecution of Kristen and the way it went on and on for weeks, months, years. It became the most popular game on the internet; who could say the most cutting remark about Kristen.

Read JFK, especially Just Checking In. You will see support for both Rob and Kristen. That's why we are so defensive of Kristen. We too adored Rob but a lot of people's allegiance and protectiveness went to Kristen.

Everyone knew Rob was going to make it as a star. For a while there it was not so plain that Kristen would. Just because we admired the way Kristen handled the pressure coming at her everyday, in no way meant we didn't also adore Rob's good heart and kind soul. We'll never tune either one of them out in our support for them together. It's also why we resent anyone thinking Kristen deserves less support than Rob. We don't just adore Rob's looks. We love how they stood against the world together. Their love for each other was inspiring.

If people treated Rob that way how would you feel? Wouldn't you resent him being treated as less than? We'll always hope for them together, until they officially announce that they are not. So you fan girl your way and let us old fans do it our way. We both want them to be happy. So what's so bad in that? What are we fighting for? Who loves Rob or Kristen best? That's silly. We'll always love them. They are Rob and Kristen. I find nothing to argue over in that. If you're hoping we'll someday be Rob and Twigs fans, that's never going to happen for us. Sorry.

MG said...

This is a response to Cory Ogden, I stand behind what I said. It is delusional to believe that a young woman would put up with her "husband" out and about with another woman. I believe they have both moved on in the direction they wanted. What was is no longer, and I believe we as fans should support their art and not intrude on their private lives. In closing I will agree to disagree with you. Have a nice day.

Barbara said...

@Rae H. Bravo well said. 2012 was very telling who can forget the Tsunami that we got on DIDY,the "fans" wanted Kristen burnt at the stake, the posts were the most disgusting vile and disturbing posts I have ever seen.The hate brigade out of control.They thought Rob would be joining them because he as well as Kristen, where MIA. oh how wrong they all were when at the Premier of "Breaking Dawn "part two Rob and Kristen appeared together smiling and Rob with Kristen's lipstick all over his lips and teeth both with their head held high.
I adore both Rob and Kristen I support their movies, I have all the movies they have made. The first time I saw Kristen was in "Panic Room" I love that movie.
As Rae said we will always love them, and I am sure in 20 or more years from now people will discover Rob and Kristen and will fall in love with them the way we did. Rae is so right they are Rob and Kristen always will be, and when you say their names it brings a smile to ones face it's like saying peaches and cream "Rob and Kristen a thousand sunny days" such perfection.

live guest said...

Rae, and you don't see how Rob is being treated now. How he is mocked for his choice of a girlfriend. How he is mocked because he is not making films. The names he is being called on other sites that now hate him because he is not with his ex? It is still going on every day. Did none of you feel for Rob when the cheating scandal happened and he was humiliated in front of the whole world and had to dig himself out and still act like the gentleman he is. Have any of you thought about how he feels with all the racist and hate thrown against his girlfriend? I am not going to argue over this because I will remain a fan of Rob's not matter what but he has suffered also. The only way Rob and Kristen will be discovered again is if the Twilight movies have another run as oldies but goodies. But they will be discovered as the characters of Edward and Bella.

Cory Ogden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cory Ogden said...

And u MG r well,entitled to your opinion,without bashing another's different one. Where in my text did I give u even a crumb of opinion that I do not support their careers? Rob and K have a long journey of creativity ahead.They r still developing as actors,especially Rob. The only difference I have is I believe they r doing it 2gether. They will be an actor power couple and any friv.folk who bash either one for their private choices of mates,are as shallow as the text they spew.

Rae H. said...

live guest, I seldom look at tabloids and I certainly don't believe what they say about Robert Pattinson; and I hate that stupid Save Rob Now thing. It's a sarcastic swill site. They don't care about Rob. They just enjoy batting Rob's name around with their lies.

Rob doesn't need saving. He has three films coming out soon and one lined up to make.
As for the films that have fallen through for like of financing or public interest, so what. The same thing has happened to Kristen to Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt. It's just that Rob was so busy for so long people think something wrong because he doesn't have 3 or4 projects lined up.

As for how I feel about Rob, I hate it when they make hateful remarks about him. But by staying away from tabloids and TV tabloid news I don't have to hear it. As for Rob in real life, I think he's doing fine and taking care of his business quite well. I don't worry about his career. He has professional people to do that for him.

How ever their life plays out in the future I think Both Rob and Kristen are going to do well. But yes I do hate all this negative spin they have going using rumors about Kristen and saying T is hurting his career which I don't believe. This is 2015 not 1955. Crazies. So there in a nut shell is my views on Rob.

If you would stop reading that negative lying crap, perhaps you would not view comments so narrowly and be so angry and ready to fight. I ignore the negative and try to only say positive things about both Rob and Kristen.

Have a good day, It's storming here so I must go...Rae.

Barbara said...

@Live Guest you really are angry what more do you need when we have already said some of us are unwavering Rob fans, believe or not.What I was saying is in 20 30 years time young people will discover Rob and Kristen in "Twilight" re runs of old movies and they will rediscover not only Edward and Bella but the two gifted stars from the movies and will once again fall in love with them.
One thing I have to say is you are so stitched up over two famous strangers. a tip you should take is Stay Away From The gossip tripes their motto is "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

lemoine idiane said...

{The Man Who Can't Be Moved}

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live guest said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not angry, just aggravated that everyone seems to want Rob to live his life the way they want him to. I am also not "stitched" up over two famous strangers, whatever that means. I have no thoughts about Rob's ex and have no desire to. I support Rob and his decisions. I am his fan and will continue to be. He seems to be enjoying himself in London right now, doing normal things that people do. I wish his movies would hurry and get to the states.

Barbara said...

@Live guest. just to let you know stitched up it's another way of saying someone just can't see the fun in anything. They take every thing so seriously, they would cause trouble in an empty house. They are also described as the constipated club, when Rob was here in Australia to film "The Rover" he fell head over heels in love with the Aussie humour, he fitted in perfectly because his humour is pretty much like Aussies and he loved it and we love him. So loosen up life is far too short to be a fully paid up member of the constipated club,even Rob would tell you that.

Rae H. said...

Why are the comments made on some blogs deemed the gospel and these same truth sayers say the comments on a different blog is mindless drivel.

I guarantee that if Rob and Kristen read any of our comments, they'd consider every post by everyone of us as mindless drivel.

There are no truth sayers because no one but Rob and Kristen know the truth of their life.

Every comment ever written by a RK fan for the past seven years has been writing what they think and what they hope. It's all speculation. It's just a question of which kind of speculation we best identify with. Which clues we wish to follow.

It seems that Rob and Kristen the OG and the BP have been in London for days. Especially since the 27th when Rob went to the opening of Tom Sturridge's play.

Everyone wondered what the event that involved all these friends and family could be. We wonder, we speculate, we comment. We don't have a clue and never will.

Perhaps that's part of the fun of following RK. Because what we don't know we can always guess about. That's OK. But saying you know. Have clues or know the truth is just wrong. I write what I think. What I observe. But I don't call anything I write a fact or the last word.

I am a well wisher, a hope scrounger and a Rob and Kristen fan. In my opinion we're all clueless and all believers because we want to be. We want to see them succeed. We're their cheering section and for many they're the best game in town. Certainly the most interesting. I don't know why. They just are...Rae.

live guest said...

We saw pictures of Rob in England and Tom, Marcus, Bobby, and Twigs. I haven't seen any pictures of Kristen and her OG(I have no idea what that means) and I presume the BP is the Brit Pack. What makes anyone think she and her gang are in England? Oh, I get it now, speculation, right?

Rae H. said...

If you don't know enough about Kristen to know who they are referring to when the OG is mentioned you are too far behind for me to explain it to you. How is it that we know more about Rob's fake fiance than you know about a woman he lived with for years?

Because you believe what you want to and the tabloids are short on facts. They really do make people stupid because if you are a Rob fan you should know these things. These people were and are a big part of his and Kristen's life.

Even if you only count Kristen as a friend these people are just as relevant to the Rob and Kristen story as the Brit Pack ever were. They're Kristen's childhood friends. Good grief!

live guest said...

Rae, If you still want to believe that they are together, that's your privilege, but I haven't seen anything to indicate that in over two years and that's really impossible with the life they lead, but I have seen plenty of pictures of Rob and T together and a ring on her finger that she only wears after taking her other rings off. There are reputable reviews with reputable media outlets that I believe, so I guess you believe what you want and I believe what I want and that should make everyone happy.

Rae H. said...

live guest, That's cool by me. Live and let live.

Pamella said...

Rae H. I enjoyed reading comments!

Rae H. said...

Pamella, thank you for your kind comment to me.

Rae H. said...
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Marsha said...

Right (and write) on, Rae H.!!

Rae H. said...

I believe something big is happening for Kristen and Rob. All of Kristen's friends and some of Rob's. Plus Julianne Moore who costarred with both Rob and Kristen and Taylor Lautner (5 time costar) are all in Paris. And happy Rob has been photographed three times with fans.

I'm waiting for whatever comes next. Some days it's really fun to be their fans.

live guest said...

It is Paris Fashion Week after all and the ballgame in England. Rob seemed to have work with Corbett for COAl and then rushed back to London. CJ already had a trip planned to London and then went on to Paris for Fashion Week. Most of the tweets are of CJ, Riley, K, and Sasha being together. Julianne is there for fashion week also.

Rae H. said...

Yeah, I see your point. Kristen always brings practically every friend she has to Paris Fashion Week. Same old same old, so why are you bothering to point it out.

If all these coincidences were happening in the vicinity of Twigs the Sessed would be planning their honeymoon.

I don't rain on your parade. I'd appreciate it if you don't rain on mine. You know fan girling my way. Live and let live. Thanks.

DreamerKind said...

London! Paris! Fashion! Film! Rob! Kristen! A lovely day!

CoryO ForRK said...

Way to go Rae, you are not alone. A bit quiet here, the crickets are audible!

...a fan said...

It's only quiet here because there is no drama. If you don't hate her, don't care who she is "doing", don't believe she is the mother of two and the wife of one... the insanity level is pretty low.

gotta love that about this place.

live guest said...

James Gray seems very excited to start filming on Lost City of Z. It has been five years in the making. Rob must feel very close to the script in order to hang in there. Really like the combination of Rob, Charlie and Sienna.

Barbara said...

@...a fan.
well said and yes the insanity level is pretty low here.Sadly the haters are still out there pounding their chests while eating raw meat.Rob and Kristen are still living their life the way they always have no deep in depth interview with a chat show, their private life is off limits and always has been.

Rae H. said...

I'm loving the great news about Rob's new movie Good Times. It's about a bank robber who the police are steadily closing in on. Going to read more. Bye.

live guest said...

When Rob went to the brothers premier of the movie that is out now, I wondered if he was networking, having his picture made with them. This sounds like a movie Rob would have a great character. Good news.

Rae H. said...

I've nothing to base this on except that LIFE is basically where the focal point is just two people and American Ultra is too. I think LIFE will do as much for Rob and Dean D. in their in depth character study of James Dean and that whole Hollywood era
as Kristen and Jessie minute to minute action film: And that is to showcase the ability and diversity of Rob and Kristen's Dean and Jessie's talent.

A lot of people see Kristen as drawn to someone like Nick Hoult just because he's handsome. I don't see that. I think Kristen is drawn to unique people more than looks.
And I have to say Jessie Eisenberg and Robert Pattinson are two of the most unique, quirky and driven people among her peers.JMO.

Rae H. said...
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coleandrey60 said...

Can't wait for American Ultra. I bet you we see a side of Kristen we really haven't seen previously. And very happy for Rob as well. Looking forward to Life and good luck with Good Times...

Rae H. said...

coleandrey60, I agree. I'm looking forward to Kristen in an action and romantic role; and I loved her in Adventureland. American Ultra looks to be ten times better. Plus the more I see of Jessie E. the more I like him.

From the sound of it Good Time will be a drama. And so is TLOZ. Rob seems to be stretching his dramatic art from The Rover to MTTS to LIFE. Queen of the Desert is a small look at his wittier side and I think and I'd like to see more of that.

Rob's promo talks for The Twilight Saga often had me giggling out loud back then so we all know he can do comedy and I'd like to see more of that from Rob in the future.

Cory Ogden said...

I agree Rae, I can"t help but believe if ROB turned into his inner dork,it might work. It would certainly distance his character work from the stoic,pessimistic Edward. If that was his MO. Never sure if he is concerned with type casting
His various different roles to date does not indicate it has effected him. Gotta wait and see. I know he is ambitious,hardworking,but he laced a bit of confidence which I hope will dissolve with experience. Just need 2 see him on the big screen again,miss him

Cory Ogden said...

I agree Rae, I can"t help but believe if ROB turned into his inner dork,it might work. It would certainly distance his character work from the stoic,pessimistic Edward. If that was his MO. Never sure if he is concerned with type casting
His various different roles to date does not indicate it has effected him. Gotta wait and see. I know he is ambitious,hardworking,but he laced a bit of confidence which I hope will dissolve with experience. Just need 2 see him on the big screen again,miss him

Cory Ogden said...

I agree Rae, I can"t help but believe if ROB turned into his inner dork,it might work. It would certainly distance his character work from the stoic,pessimistic Edward. If that was his MO. Never sure if he is concerned with type casting
His various different roles to date does not indicate it has effected him. Gotta wait and see. I know he is ambitious,hardworking,but he laced a bit of confidence which I hope will dissolve with experience. Just need 2 see him on the big screen again,miss him

DreamerKind said...

Happy, happy, happy. R & K, shining today, in their way. Making hay while the sun shines, we may.

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live guest said...

I don't think I have ever seen a no Rob banner as long as I have been coming here but it's your blog.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Thanks for putting up my favorite pictures of Bella and Edward "ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN "

Woo Hoo lol

After all this is a Rob blog..I mean how could we not have a cover pic that didn't include him? Oh right because there he is !