"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Bright Are The Stars That Shine

I give her all my love...
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too...

I love her.
She gives me everything
and tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me

And I love her

  A love like ours...
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know a love like ours
Will never die...

And I love her.

Couple of Thoughts.

1. I love "And I Love Her" by Paul McCartney.
Love it.
Love him.
Since Kristen is such a big fan of the Beatles...
You think Rob ever plays this one for her?

2. I stepped away from Twitter/Blogs/Bullshit
for a few days.
It didn't do much good, I'm afraid.
I can't stomach the incessant whining
and constant foaming.
Over nothing.
It's always over fucking nothing.
It's like people really just want to fucking complain
about something...
So they just make shit up to agonize over.
This is on both sides of the fucking Robsten/Nonsten fence.
Fucking emo lunatics.
Really. Shut the hell up.
Self inflicted bullshit drama.

3. Take a good hard look at the pictures of Kristen
from the other night.
Look closely.
What do you see?
A vibrant, glowing...
Stunningly beautiful
Gloriously happy girl.
She's fucking radiating happiness.
It's oozing out of every pore.
So riddle me this...
Does she LOOK like someone who 
has broken up with Robert?
Does she???

Take into account how fucking happy her AND Robert
were just a few weeks ago at the MTV awards...
And how she is blinding us with her...
Dare I say it...
Robert Pattinson Intoxication??
And still people fucking insist that
must have happened because
Well guess what?
Sometimes we go MONTHS without seeing a picture of them
Even when they are working on the same movie
on the same set
in the same place.
Why do you think you will magically get a picture now?
Haven't you figured out they don't WANT pictures?
They don't fucking care if people NEED to see them together
Or if people are screeching and whining
Over their relationship.
I doubt they are in any hurry to parade around Toronto
just to satisfy some ridiculous desire some people have
to be constantly pacified and placated that

4.And people would rather cling to some random tweet...
saying Robert was here
or Kristen was there
Did you fucking see the tweet that Kristen
was heading to Toronto...
And she was going to cook a special meal for Rob...
Because he fucking LOVES her cooking.
Or the tweet about  how they are trying to figure out
The living arrangements while Kris (yes... Kris)
is in London filming SWATH?

You didn't see those?
Come on.
They were most definitely tweeted.

5. Do or do not... there is no try.

Yoda is wise.

So like I said before...
or Don't Believe.
There is no "I don't care"
There is no "This is how many fucks I give"
It's been proven that cares and fucks are abundant.
You participate?
You care.
You're reading these words?
You give a fuck.

Or No.

or Out.

I'm all IN.
All the way fucking in.
And until I see something that changes my mind
(and it's been over 2 years and I haven't seen anything 
remotely close to changing my mind)
I'm a believer.

Shaggy and Scrappy Reunion on the horizon!

Rob needs to be hanging out with Tom again.
Don't you think?
It will be good for Rob to be back home in London...
So so good.
And while I always hesitate to say I want to see pics of Tom
(because Sienna is somehow always attached)
I would love to see both of them all 
beardy and bushy
Shaggy and Scrappy.
And since they both love and adore Kristen...
It's Win/Win

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Toronto.
Maybe since shes staying longer than 36 hours...
Someone might actually spot her.
Or not.

T for Tom
And I love him.

T for Together.

Bye for now


Birdie said...

I'm in, all the fucking way!

felicity said...

i am in....all the way...

no doubt in my mind, that kris is there again with rob...he was so happy in the last pictures with his fans...no doubt he has his lady by his side again..

all this drama in the last weeks ...i can't see, why this is happening again! it was only a few weeks when we saw them smiling, happy laughin, all giddy...and now....all this drama?? what the h****

i don't need a picture ofthem, to know they are together! i would be happy if i would get one, but i don't need one!! they need their private life!!

hugs to you rose!! thx for your beautiful post!!

justme@31 said...

Thank you Rose for once again great post!
I like the way you write, without dramas and bullshits...Just simply and honestly you!
Once again...thank you:)

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

I hope you are well. You sound utterly fed up. I’m sorry things are getting you down. Your take on the situation is, as always, right on. For what it’s worth, your words are appreciated by me and others, and they do count.

The Beetle’s song is a perfect score to the pictures. I’m sure Rob would agree with the sentiment.

Wherever Rob and Kristen are, together or apart, I hope they are both well and happy.

Birdie - well put!

Best wishes to everyone in Roseland. Stay well.

Rose said...

SMITTY? I don't know if you will read this here (email might be easier?) but I saw your comments and guess what?
I miss you too!!
We need to talk soon.
Before you get all busy.

Kay said...

I'm in, obviously. Glad to see you weren't really kidnapped by a bear, Rose...you were missed. :)

Happy weekend, Roseland!

Hope said...

You're alive and well!! We missed you!!!
Killer post !! Love it!


pattstew63 said...

Boy did you hit the nail on the head!! I always wonder when we see Rob smiling after a long day of shooting if that is not a sign that Kristen is there with him in Toronto.

Marry said...

Rose, thanks for your beautiful post! You are amazing! They are together forever in the end, and that's all that matters.

dottie said...

Hey Rose! Sometimes a break is healthy. We miss you but we totally get it. I guess some people just love to have something to complain or worry about. I don't get it... happiness is so much better IMO.

Beautiful song, beautiful girl, beautiful couple, beautiful future...

Hugs to all my buddies! I hope everyone is happy & well. Remember those blueberries I picked the other day? Today I made blueberry muffins. So good!!! I wish I could share.

Rose said...

thanks ladies... but I wasn't gone THAT long... just a couple of days.
And whats this about bears?
The cute floppy ear kinda Bear?


dottie said...

Not the cute kind Rose, the scary "blueburry" eating kind!!! LOL Our imaginations run wild when you leave us!

May said...

As always, fucking excellent post,bb. :D

When it comes to this fandom,I came to an unbelievable conclusion after years of dilligent research.You ready?


From ppl living in hatred and bitterness to those who are drama fucking queens over nothing I can say just one thing - CHILLAX. And you can quote me on that, Rose. ;p

Kimberly said...

I'm in. Rose you are amazing ... brilliant in your logic and spot on with your honesty ... glad I stumbled upon your blog.

I'm a therapist - so, I have to ask you (because you seem to be a voice of reason in this fandom)why do people worry/wonder/hope? why is it so important? I have my idea's - but, I wondered what you might think (if you care to share).

elena said...

Hi, it is the first time i write here but i want to say that i love your blog. I like that every time you post there are some beautiful pictures of rob or kristen. On the other hand, I want to mention that i am really disappointed about the leaks (stills and vids), summit should do something immediately. I have no idea who is the leaker but yesterday night i already saw this tragedy in a blog, very sad. Sorry for saying this here but i feel that your fans hate all this illegal actions, constant intrusion of privacy and so on about these two people that i respect so much!

angelica1 said...

Rose, Smitty was worried you'd been eaten by bears since she couldn't find you :)

It should be obvious to anyone that Rob and Kristen are fine,I've rarely seen them look as happy as they have lately. If people really have nothing better to stress about, I almost envy them!

RKsoulmates913 said...

Just Reading your post brings a huge smile to my face!
Kristen is such a flawless and gorgeous girl. Gosh no doubts Rob was head over heels for Kris since day #1 when he first saw her, Jesus, those "big green eyes, as wide as the moon".
And yeah, T for Together and T for Truth.It's quite difficult for losers to get it " The Truth They(RK) are Together!!!"
I kind of like my sentence, lots of T. LOL

XOXO from Brazil

Brazilian love RK!!!

Hope said...

Dottie...love blueberry muffins!! Wish you could share too!

Freddie...Are you leaving tomorrow on your trip??
Hope you have fun!

Rose...you are right, it wasn't THAT long, but it shows you how much we appreciate you!

katy said...

Hi, Rose!!

We missed you!! Thanks for another execelent post.

I also am IN all the fucking way!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Be happy and take care

Claire said...

Great post as ALWAYS Rose

Just look at that woman's beautiful smile.

Infectious isn't it?

I asked the other day but got no reply, does anybody know roughly when Rob is due to wrap Cosmopolis? I just finished reading the book and can't wait to see how it transfers to screen.

irene said...

IN IN IN!!!!!!

Freddie said...

Hi Katy, Hope, Kay, dottie, Angelica, Kay, and Birdie.

Hope - yes, I'm heading off early tomorrow morning (assuming I drag my body out of bed on time). Thanks for the good wishes. It will be nice to see my folks. I hope you are having a good weekend.

dottie - you were productive today getting the pictures hung. I'm sure it looks great.

angelica1 said...

Hi Freddie :)

Claire - I think it's supposed to wrap about July 21st

Freddie said...

Angelica - is your hubby back home in the same time zone yet?

Claire said...

Thanks angelica, it hasn't been a long shoot at all when you think about it.

I bet Rob is having a great experience working with one of the greatest of all time in DC.

Fiorels said...

"They don't fucking care if people NEED to see them together
Or if people are screeching and whining
Over their relationship.
I doubt they are in any hurry to parade around Toronto
just to satisfy some ridiculous desire some people have
to be constantly pacified and placated that

omg, this!!!
thanks Rose!
I'm sorry all I did was just copying and pasting but you said it so good that I dont know how it could be said better!

thank you!!

hello everyon!

PL said...


Isn't it lovely to be missed? I'm in because there is nothing worse that to be left out.


I'll match your blueberries with my fresh strawberries. They have just come in season and they are not anything like those huge, hollow, tasteless California strawberries. DK and Olivia and Kay know what I'm talking about.

Groovie said...

Wonderful, wonderful post!
Lyrics are fitting & pix are incredibly cute, loved it!
Very true words!
Hope u are all well with everyone!

gigi9598 said...

GO ROSE! Around of applause for you and your words of wisdom..... Well done Rose, well done.

angelica1 said...

Freddie - Yes,he's home for a week or so :)

Freddie said...

Hi Fio, PL and Groovie.

Groovie - glad your travels were safe. Enjoy your vacation.

Glad to hear it Angelica.

LindaTwigasm said...

Rose, I have been all the fucking way in since I first saw Twilight: 12-3-2008 - please don;t ever stop writing; I love your blog XX

Anonymous said...

Hi rose!!! I saw your note. Miss u too but I'm glad all is well. After the fucking week Tom had we are just kicking back thankful it's over. I just got a drunken call so good luck w that-- lol! I don't know ( or care) who these people are that say this stuff but I love your response btw. As always all i can say is get a fucking life. Maybe i'll start a petition urging them to grow the fuck up. Anyway...Our boy's sounding mighty fucking happy-- love that!! Have a great weekend! Love you and thanks for saying it so perfectly!

dottie said...

PL-I know what you mean about the CA strawberries not being good BUT when I lived in CA we would buy them from the farmers and they were out of this world delish!!! You just can't beat local produce, babe!

Hello everyone!

Freddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

i agree..we don't need and don't want this leaked illegal stuff from BD1...why is this happening again...i didn't see the new vids..i refuse..i want to wait till the movie is out!!

rob is done with cosmopolis at nearly the end of july just in time to head to london with kristen, that she can begin to do SWATH! great timing...

Melinda said...

Rose this post was brilliant! Between the worrywarts and stark raving mad bitches, well this fandom can drive a normal sane person batty.

Glad nothing is wrong with you and you just took a step back.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Rob and Kristen from what I've seen are good people. I'm glad they have each other's love and support given the crazy world they live in.

30 said...

Hello Roseland! I just wanted too say Hi!


MySoCalledLife said...

Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in a while, but have been a-lurkin'.
So glad to see that everyone is doing well in the Land of Rose. You are so lovely ;)

Rose - glad you can get away from the madness from time-to-time. Like everyone else here, I'm all fucking IN too!

I bet Kristen and Rob would never have imagined that they could cause such madness in people by simply being seen together... or not... wearing certain jewelery... or walking a certain dog.

Honestly, they are better people than me because if I knew I had this type of control over people that try to make my life hell, I would fuck with them ALL the time!

Vangie said...

HELLO Rose and all you wonderful ladies! Well today is my birthday, i turn 24, had an early dinner date,i want it that way, now i'm home happy, just imagine, my hubs yes we are happily seperated, spoke to me today, and never said HappyBirthday, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! well i am happy if rob is happy with the love of his life ;KRISTEN'

imloco2 said...

I missed you too Rose. Somehow it always seems longer than a few days. ;) Loved your post as usual.

I can never figure people out when they buy into a tabs made up stories or just pull stuff out of thin air to worry about. Since we have no way of knowing what's happening in their day to day lives it's pretty useless to read too much into stuff. And Hey, I've seen R&K when they were separated and lonely (RememberMe/Runaways) and I've seen them when they were having relash problems (Rome) and let me say the glowing, smiling, happy people (Kris and Rob) I'm seeing these days is nothing like that. I really like seeing things with my own eyes and figuring out what's true on my own. It's not hard to do. Although, it is kind of weird sitting back and watching people go nutso over nothing. I'm not sure whether to back away and run or get out the popcorn.

Anyway, glad you're still around being the voice of reason. Even after all these years it's still very much needed.

MySoCalledLife said...

@Vangie - Shut the front door indeed!! Hope you have/had/are having a happy birthday

olivia said...

Dear Rose,

Your post was perfect. The pictures, as always, beautiful and the song, just right! May they both be happy, healthy and surrounded by loving family and friends.

Thank you for always being the wise, calm, and grounded in reality person that offers fellow Roselanders ...first of all a voice of reason and also a safe and sane place to share our thoughts and our support of Rob, Kristen and Tom.

Please count me "IN" to the nth degree.

Freddie, have a wonderful week of vacay. Wishing you lovely weather, well earned relaxation and a great visit with family and friends.

Happy Birthday to Vangie.

PL, (and Dottie too), my mouth is watering for fresh bluberries, strawberries and rasberries, topped with sour cream and sugar, or topped with yogurt and granola. Oh my, now my mind is wandering over to strawberry rhubarb pie, red haven peaches and big yummy apples. OK, I have to stop thinking about fresh Michigan fruit. (When will the muskmelon be ripe?)

Hi and **waves* to everyone this evening. Sorry that I don't name everyone, I always seem to leave out a few, so a big hug for y'all. (Will sneak in a special hi for 30, have missed you.)

Big hug for DK, and yes, life is good. Keep it always half full.........so much better that way....even if it has to be lemonade : )

Smitty, love the idea of a petition to get certain people who are so fricking senseless to grow up. I agree, the craziness is so very damn annoying and unnecessary.

May peek back a little later. Take care y'all.

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I'm glad you were able to take some time away from the nonsense. I've no doubt it was much needed and well deserved <3

Awesome post, gorgeous pictures. Kristen looks like a woman in love, who's well loved in return.

Hi everyone- I hope it was a great day...((Hugs))

Rhonda said...

Oh, almost forgot...I'm in too!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I totally agree with everything you said. It happens everytime they have separate projects, the rumors start, and just get uglier and uglier. Kris and Rob both look happier than they have ever looked, and it is because they are so much in love. Kris is not dating anyone else, and neither is Rob---they are together where they belong. You give these people hell Rose, as only you can. I am behind you all the way--I am in, all the fucking way. Have a nice weekend everybody.

dd said...

Rose, I'm in! Perfect post <3
I can't imagine the lunacy you have to deal with... May the Force be with you! ;)

I have to say that is kind of amusing seeing these people all happy in their delusion that R&K broke up, or are cheating on each other, or whatever. I gave up trying to understand their twisted mind long time ago. Let them talk, the bigger the delusion, the bigger the shock... when R&K show up together again. That will be fun, lol!

Wherever Rob and Kristen are, I'm sure they're happy and not giving a fuck to all this drama.

DreamerKind said...

For Rose, We're All In!

I Won't Back Down

Tom Petty, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan:

Well, I won't back down
No, I won't back down
You can stand me up
At the gates of hell
But I won't back down

I'll stand my ground
Won't be turned around
And I'll keep this world
From draggin me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I won't back down

Hey baby
There aint no easy way out
Hey, I will stand my ground
And I won't
Back down

Well, I know what's right
I got just one life
In a world that keeps on
Pushing me around
But I'll stand my ground
And I won't back down

Hey baby
There aint no easy way out
Hey, I
Will stand my ground
And I won't back down
No, I won't back down

Thank you/scoobymick72

beaculen said...

I am sooo glad I don't follow Twitter, and I am alll the way in! thanks Rose.

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening!

@PL & Olivia
I've got those delish strawberries right here.

Happy to see you.

Enjoy your trip, will be thinking about you.

Heard you feel better, that's great. And decorating the new abode, too.
Lovin' all of the great comments today!


A-M said...

Hi Rose, love your post! As always! All I can say is that I've been IN long before a lot of people around me! I've even been called a dreamer and a fool by on of my daughter! At the beginning I didn't even know what Twilight was. I saw Rob on the red carpet at the Twilight premiere on the news and I remembered asking my daughters who that was! Duh! Where have u been living!?! They made me read the books and see the movie... and I was hooked! I could feel the attraction between the 2 of them! They were so made for each other (and still are!). So, what can I say! I'm a grown woman, hooked on 2 kids in love and I'm sorry, but my middle name is "worry"!! You bring me down to earth Rose, thank u!

DreamerKind said...

@Rose, as ever, you're the best!

Catching a flick and early to bed tonight (can you believe that?), so see you later.


wania said...

Hi Roseland!
Excellent Rose! Wise words! Perfect post! I love beatles...is so...so...ALL!!!!
After that, people don't knowing why Kristen doesn't like the twitter...She already said..."The twitter f...my life"...so...rsrssss...
Is funny...but I feel inside my soul... is much right for me...they are together, hiding in peace and laughing these bullshits all...rsrsrss...I can see it...and I laugh with that too...rsrsrss...laugh is good...

DK, my birthday went this week....choose some music for me?


gwen said...

Great post Rose, glad you're back. And to answer your questions, I'm all the way in (lol it sounds perv to me)...no I haven't saw those tweets coz I dont stalk twitter about where they are/were and what they do/did, LOL. Unlike some noonies do, I have a f*cking busy life.

DK- I've heard you're getting mad at me. Sorry I've been a busy bee these days and I just got home from an out of town work and had the worst flight ever in my entire life, thought I'm not gonna walked out of the plane alive. I'll make up to you guys these days.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Anonymous said...

I guess there won't be any songs today :( the DJ is sleeping!
I just wanted to apologize to Fio(I think that's what they call u here) I had to delete yesterday's posts lol someone thinks I talk too much! But she's having fun tonight and I'm not even home so I don't think she'll be checking :)
I thought I would find someone around here awake but guess not. Hope everyone has sweet dreams.
Oh! wanted to say that the post is really cool! Love the pics. Kris looks beautiful and happy and that's I love it!

Brewski said...

Believe! Trust! I'm in!

Suwi said...

Rose i am in, all the way =) =)
Love you BB!

Rhonda said...

Good Morning Roseland!

DK- Haha..I just read your comment about making me laugh :)

Vangie and Wania- Happy Belated Birthday to you both.

Melinda- Thanks, I'm hoping I can make the new date to see Adele, *fingers crossed*

Liza and Freddie- Enjoy your vacations.

Hi 30- I see you peeked in, it's been awhile.

I'm off to work. Have a great Sunday everyone. Make it a good one :)

DreamerKind said...

(Peeking in)

Still up and playing hard. Need to get to bed, and don't want to need that.

Sorry, only one song today, but it was a good one for Rose, and all of us. You sound very happy. :)

Will find some special songs for your birthday, Friend.

Rico Suave, ha,aha,ha. I get it now. You know I do not get offended, for I'm not to be taken too seriously. I know a little about very much music. <3

As some or several have said, happily for all, Kristen owns us. Well, as you said, you own me, all of you, and that would be true in my mind, too. Great minds etc...

DreamerKind said...

There's more to say...

Happy Birthday, lovely one! And hang in there, through those tough times you're are having now. Sending hugs your way.

Missing you here, too. Hoping you'll have a terrific vacation, and then post us a new avi (bikini pic), and enjoy the pies. ;P

I should look for you here, at this time daily, and not keep being surprised that I find you here, right? May your work day be easy and swift. We might need to lift a few, on your next day off, and toast good news!

DreamerKind said...

If you get up early, I'll miss you for sure, since my head will be on the pillow. So, happy Sunday wishes, Petunia.


Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..Good Morning..or should I say good night..sleep tight..dont let the bedbugs bite?!

RHONDA..Have a great day at work!

ROSE..I am so far IN that I cant find the door to get OUT! Thanks for the post..we do worry especially when a distressed SMITTY is looking for you and cant find you...

LJ..Have a great vacay..I look forward to hearing about it!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!

katy said...

Hello, Roseland!!

Vangie and Wania, Happy Belated Birthday.

Freddie and Liza, Wish you both to have a wonderful vacation.

Happy Sunday everyone

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Katy!

Ooops FREDDIE..I missed that you were on vacay as well...enjoy!

su said...

I'm IN. No doubt. For ever and ever, I'm IN. Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...


I feel good lol that's like rare but things are a little complicated for me. Someone told me I shouldn't think too much and I'm trying not to :)
I haven't slept yet!!! Spent the night listening to music and doing stuff. My BF has to work today so he was out early. I was supposed to wake him up a while ago but he looks so peaceful that i couldnt. it's just nice to see someone sleeping that way. I'll wake him soon. Hope u and everyone else has a happy day! Bye

Berry said...

Rose, you can count me IN! Great post!

olivia said...

Beautiful Sunday morning dear Rose and Roselanders,

Happy Birthday to Wania!

Hugs for y'all

*I*Believe* said...

Rose!! Smitty is going to be so happy that you surfaced :)

Of course, I believe!

I'm with Rose~sick of the drama!

Hope said...

Hi Roseland!

Freddie...thinking of you as you head out this morning. Safe travels and check in and let us know you arrived at your folks.

Liza...have a marvelous time on your vacay too. We need a pie update! lol

IB...hope you are enjoying your first weekend of freedom from school!

Joining in with birthday wishes for Wania and Vangie!!

Tigerlily said...

Well said Rose! You write so well!
Along with all in Roseland
..I'm most certainly IN.. ;)

Love the "Shaggy & Scrappy Reunion" :) .. That is a nice thought!
Hope all here enjoy their day of work or pleasure!
I'm off to dream as it's 12am! Time for some zzz's
Bye for now!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

Most definitely IN! :)

My sincere condolences to Leo on the passing of his mom.
I'm so sorry.

To those with birthdays and other celebrations....May life always give you lots of reasons to celebrate.

Those off from school and on vacation...Enjoy!

Those travelling...Happy trails! Be safe!

*IB*....Hi there! MIL visiting....Just breathe! :)

Everyone, have a great Sunday....However you choose to spend it. Cheers!

Hi Smitty! :)

sjjw said...

Hi everyone! I hope all are having a wonderful weekend! Just picked son2 up from the airport - he's back from his Grand Canyon adventure, and he lived to tell about it! hahaha

Again, I hope all in Roseland a safe, happy wonderful day!

samantha mulder said...

ive just discovered ur blog.i love them both.hope they stay together 4ever.great words!take care!

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

I'm all in, been all in, and will always be all in.

Fiorel I hope you got all your files back on your computer. Watched "Fucking Perfect" this morning. Just Awesome.

So sorry to hear about Leo's mom. I hope he is doing okay and my thoughts and prayer's are with him.

Hope Syd is okay also. He should know we all love him.

Miss everyone, and wish you all the best, real life has been busy and eventful lately.


DreamerKind said...

Linda, so nice to hear from you! I'll be in touch over the next few days. Knew you'd be IN, all the way!

Off and running to a fun time, so have a great day and see ya!


DreamerKind said...

No one is mad at you, especially me, although I did say that to get you here (imp that I am).
So pleased that you checked in, and not that you almost checked out on that plane ride. Phew! Quit that job and make pies, as you want to do. ((Hugs))

felicity said...

hi roselanders...i really hope you have a good day...

i have to stay away from twitter these days...the place is getting nasty!!

just saw the news, that rob might be at the BAFTA Gala on the 9th of july in LA! hope he will bring his lady with him...but we know it is really unlikely! have a good day

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Super RN Gas Passer said...

FIO..I just watched your new video!...I was "awed" by the beauty of it....the music and the quotes as well...like I said before, you are a very talented young lady! Hope you have had a great day...I am watching "Letters to Juliet" and thinking of you!

Sierra said...

Hey Rose I havent been up here and posted anything or commented on ur page since the 1st of May..im back..college is out and im enjoying my summer. tho i havent posted ive seen & heard about everything! I for one am totally in! As we all know i am the die hard Kristen fan! I actually recently just got a letter back from her that i wrote to her a few months ago. I was soooooo happy. but they looked so happy at the mtv awards. totally love it!

Boogie with Stew said...

it's been many moons, hello all, in good ole Roseland... well hell I have always been "in" and damn it I've always been a believer..
Love always finds a way... I'll pop in later peace and love to all..Boogie with Stew aka MJ alias

Kenzz said...

HI Rose: I'm in, because I see what I see, not what anyone else says...

Gawd, isn't that the truth... "People just want to f***ing complain about something."

Annie: we're here for you as a break from the mil visit!

DK: what's to say but LOVE sent your way every day!!

Wildheart: Great to see you, Linda...it's been awhile!

Hi sjjw...another kid on a summer trip...I can't imagine the packing you've had to do! :)

IB: congrats on surviving anoher year...have a great summer...

Liza: wishing you a wonderfully fabulous vaca...Majorca (we'd hate you if you weren't so darn sweet!!)

Got back from the Taylor Swift concert last night with the kiddos and 52000 of her closest friends! Great show, my son in particular enjoyed it and we had great seats (undercover during the torrential storms that blew thru!)

What did I miss about Syd's bad week? We cannot have that! I believe he's already received offers to be DK's roomie/son, or my cabana boy (and I know Super would put him to good use somewhere!hehe)

I'm sure I've missed a bunch of you lovely Roselanders, but my best goes out to each and everyone of you...

((hugs)) to the hilarious Smitty, the extremely-entertaining Syd, and the hard-working besotted Gruff.

Birdie said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Back to the grind...

Freddie and LJ enjoy those vacations while the rest of us toil away. To those of you already gone, I hope you are having a blast.

30, Linda and Annie,
Nice to see you back!

Welcome to all the new posters this weekend.

I have a very easy blueberry sauce (for ice cream) if you want it.

Glad you and your son had fun at the TS concert.

A normal night's sleep?

Rose,Smitty, Syd and Gruff,
Hope you have a stress free week!

Melinda said...

Swinging by to say hello and I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Short and sweet this morning. Hitting the ground running (which is a pretty site)! Today is going to be manic.


dottie said...

Ugh! Monday!! Double UGH!!

I'm hitting the ground running w/Melinda. So many things to do when all I really want to do is go back to bed! Wah wah wah...

Birdie-YES PLEASE for the blueberry sauce. Sounds yummy!

Kenzz-TS, eh??? Aren't you just the coolest mom ever? Glad you had a good time.

Have a good one!

Annie said...

Hi Roseland!
@Birdie........:) I wasn't absent that long.

@Kenzz.........No MIL to visit me. I was saying just breathe to *IB* because her MIL is visiting. :)
Glad your son enjoyed Taylor Swift......... She was to be part of a free concert here in Central Park but very bad thunderstorms put a stop to that a few weeks back.

Have a good afternoon everyone. I have the afternoon off but I'll be spending it doing laundry and errands. .....Happy, happpy, joy, joy! :)

Birdie said...

Here is that recipe-great cold or warmed up on anything you like with blueberries and keeps forever in the frig.

Blueberry Sauce

3 cups blueberries
2 tsp molasses
1/3 to 1/2 c sugar(I use 1/3)
1 tsp cinnamon
juice of 1 lime to taste

Rinse berries and put in saucepan with water clinging to them. Add molasses, cinnamon and sugar. Bring to boil,stir occasionally.Berries will break down to make sauce. It won't be smooth(you can strain it).Stir in lime juice.

Another easy recipe for peaches when in season.
Slice and peel peaches. Put in bowl and add a fair amount of brown sugar(play around with the amount). Let this sit at room temp. for a few hours and it forms a sauce. Spoon sauce and peaches over ice cream.


Kenzz said...

Good morning/afternoon Birdie, Melinda, Annie, and dottie!

Annie, sorry about the mixed-up comment..sometimes I need a scorecard to remember what's happening in whose life!! While you're doing your errands today, hope you can enjoy some of the nice weather we're getting in the northeast <3

Happy Monday to Rose and Roseland...

Melinda & dottie: Happy running today... :)

PL said...


Those sauce recipes sound really good and easy. I don't care for cooked fruit generally but my family does and for some reason they like blueberry sauce on pancakes.

Since its fresh fruit time, does anyone know how to make freezer strawberry jam? All the recipes I've seen call for so much sugar.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL...I would use half sugar and half xylitol or truvia in any recipe...I don't think one could tell the difference.Unfortunately I have never felt inclined to make jams or jellys. Good luck! And KENZZ...I am sure I could...haha!

justme@31 said...

Thank you for the good welcoming;)

Joie said...

I love Rob and Kristen. And Bella and Edward. And each character they have played and will play.


Enjoying your blog...And just realized that Rob and I have the same Nike's on (well, him in the photo and me...right now. LOL)