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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Are You Ready For Some TWIRLING?


I've been trying to 'catch up' with all the latest goings-on
And the fervor and fury surrounding a silly award show
has been incredibly entertaining.

Laugh out loud entertaining.

Why are people in such a fucking tizzy over this show?
I mean... from whatever side of the fence you are looking at it...
Why is it such a big deal?

1. If Summit does indeed have MTV in their PR pocket
(and let's face it, who doesn't Summit own? Bwahaha)
And the whole Twilight related awards
are in fact all fixed and just to sell a PR relationship...
Why is there so much damn foaming over it?
If it doesn't MEAN anything...
Why so angry?
Why so bitter?
Why so hateful?
I've read people are boycotting the show!
We can't watch Rob anywhere NEAR THAT GIRL!

"It's ALL rigged and fixed and doesn't mean a thing
but I'm going to vote and vote AGAINST ROB!"

Why would you bother if its fixed?
And you call yourself Rob's 'FAN'
yet you vote against him?
You must save him from the horror of Twilight!
It's up to the Foamers out there
to protect Rob from himself! 
He obviously has NO idea what he wants
and we all know it can't be THAT GIRL!
It just can't!
I won't allow it!

So many contradictions.

2. And lets say that Rob and Kristen DON'T win the Best Kiss?
Will it really matter in the grand scheme of things?
Because I'm thinking that it won't.
Oh sure...
It would be 
to see Rob and Kristen win that award
and go up on stage and have a big ol' kiss...
But at the end of the day
Even if they don't win
(although I can't imagine who would beat them)
and even if they do some awkwardly adorable
version of an Edward/Bella kiss...
or if they make out passionately...
Do you think it will affect their relationship?
Do you think that whether they are together
is riding on them winning some silly Best Kiss award?
If they kiss on TV it makes it more real?
What is more meaningful is what happens off that stage.
And sorry to say...
We don't get to see more than a few snippets of that.
And if you think about it...
Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?
People aren't supposed to have 24/7 access into 
peoples personal lives...
No matter if they are famous or not.

Just be happy that Rob and Kristen are happy.
They are sharing their lives...
(and their puppy)
and they have been making it work for over 2 years.
And come on now...
It's not up to you or me to decide
if they are handling their relationship the right way.
What works for them
is all that matters.

3. Where is Kristen?
Where is Robert?
They have been spotted everywhere the last few days.
Oh yes...
I love how its so believable when people tweet
Rob is anywhere but with Kristen...
But as soon as people start tweeting they are 
walking their dog...
or hanging out...
THOSE tweets must be LIES!!!
And to be perfectly honest...
Not one of these 'tweeters' have a pic to prove their story.

It has been proven on more than one occasion that people
make up shit on twitter.
People have agendas.
People want attention.
People like to stir the shit.
Go figure!

4. I'm looking forward to tomorrow nights show.
I really am.
Not so much for the kiss
(Come on guys, you can DO this!)
But just to see Rob and Kristen together...
It's been a while.
I mean...
The whole handholding/kiss in the limo at the WFE premiere
was fuck awesome...
Don't get me wrong
But it would be nice to see something else... Right?
Do you think we will get it?
Are Robert and Kristen ready to show the world
that they are really in this for the long haul?
Will they put all their cards on the table?
No more bluffing?
No more trying so hard not to give yourself away...
Just holding hands...
and kissing.

Whatever happens.

I think we will be surprised...

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Toronto.
Kristen was there.
Rob was there.
They will be there again.
You don't know
the why.
the when.
the where.
Just know that they are Together...

people keep trying to analyze 
how Rob and Kristen behave as a couple.
What's right. What's wrong.
Good thing its not up to you.

T for Truth.
You see things your way...
I see the TRUTH.
Always end up 
Because that's where they want to be.

T for Tomorrow
The sun will come out Tomorrow.
Tomorrow is another day.
And it just keeps getting better.
And better.

T for Tom Sturridge.
Shaggy, sexy Tom.

It will always be 
Green Sheep.

Bye for now
Oh yeah...
Are you ready for some TWIRLING???
Sunday Night Party??


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Groovie said...

Wonderful post for a beautiful Saturday/mtvma eve! :)
Love all the mtv pix! Very cute!

I'm excited to see Rob & Kris tomorrow. All my expectation is that they will show up, sit together & be their adorable dorky selves.
Any awards won, anything else on top of that is just a nice bonus.

I hope they have a good time and have some fun!

Hope u are all having a great weekend!

Freddie said...

I just stopped in to say hi and was pleasantly surprised to see that you had posted, Rose.

Not much to say today – just keeping it low key.

Penny – cute joke this morning. Thanks for the laugh.

Linda – it was nice to see that you posted. I’m glad all is well. I hope your kitty doesn’t bring you too many gifts (cicadas, frogs etc). Ewww.

Kenzz – if you look in, I hope you are having a great time with your daughter in the Big Apple.

Olivia – enjoy the end of the school year.

DK, Annie, IB, Rhonda, Hope, Groovie, dottie, Super, Birdie, Fio, 30, Melinda, Kay, Katy, Angelica, Liza, Sydney, Wania, Beaculen, Barbara, and everyone else in Roseland, I hope you have a good day.

Smitty said...

Rose I adore you but the chance of a make-out session are pretty slim babe. Unless it's Tay haha. Kidding. Miss you-

Hope everyone is good here-

DreamerKind said...

I'm tossing a coin and either side is a winner. Like you said, que sera.

Ha, ha, ha! Delightful to hear from you.

Heading out to sunbathe, my new recreation, see you later, buds.


Melinda said...

I've always liked the MTV Movie Awards b/c they are the least stuffy. You never know what might happen.

I'm looking forward to seeing the BD trailer and whatever the "surprise" is. It's funny to see what ideas people on twitter have as to what it's going to be. I think it's Twilight related and not R/K related personally.

Can't wait to see them happy and having fun!

I hope if they win best kiss they have fun whatever they do. Just go for it! ;)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. Tomorrow nights festivities will be a great end to the weekend!

Olivia- Congrats on another successful year! I hope you enjoy your summer off.

Penny- Loved the joke today!

IB- How many more days till school is over for you?

30- Hope you had a great birthday!

Groovie said...

Hey Freddie, hey smitty!
Hope u ladies are having a good day!

Smitty- I had an animal style last night, it was particularly good after coming from a tattoo shop & getting a piercing! Lol!

Smitty said...

Hi Dk-- u be careful of the sun plz! Hi Melinda. Groovie I was there too--lol- doing the veg but still good after a crazy night. What did u get pierced???

DreamerKind said...

Yes, ma'am, 30 minutes tops and one glass of red.

Melinda said...

Hi Feddie-
Low key Saturdays are the best! Hope you are enjoying it.

Glad to see you pop by! Hope you are having a great weekend!

DreamerKind said...

With pink hat on head, too! Lol.

Hope said...

Rose...I will be happy just to see Rob and Kristen! Hope they enjoy themselves and take home a few awards too.

Linda...yes, I saw that girl sing the anthem!! Like wow...where did they find her? Did you watch the game? Tomorrow night is Game 3 here in Dallas so I will be going back and forth watching BOTH shows!!

Hey Freddie, Groovie, Sunbathing DK, Melinda and of course Smitty!! Yay!

Freddie said...

Hey Groovie, DK, Smitty and Melinda - I hope you are all doing well.

Groovie - it sounds like you had a fun evening last night.

Hi Hope - how are things?

Melinda said...

DK- I read that as topless! LOL!

In and Out- they've gotta open some over on the east coast!

Groovie said...

No veg for me, I chowed down on a double-double!

I got an industrial piercing. Its like 2 holes in the cartilage of your ear with a bar through it. Its pretty cool!

Smitty said...

Awww dk wish I was with u. I'm arguing w people lol but my reinforcement is almost here.

Freddie said...

DK - have you found someone to take that picture of you in the hat yet? We're waiting....

Freddie said...

Groovie - it sounds painful.

Groovie said...

Hi DK, hope & melinda!

And yes, I did have a fun night. Almost got another tattoo but decided on the piercing on a whim lol

dottie said...

Hey everybody! What's shakin'?

Freddie said...

Melinda - the In and Out mystic has me really curious. I’ve never had one. We don't have any here north of the border either...

Hey dottie – is the move pretty much done? Are things somewhat normal now?

Groovie said...

Sup dottie?!

Freddie- not too painful, piercings hurt more than tattoos imo. Regular ear piercings are quick cuz they use the gun & it takes like 2 seconds. This one is done by hand & so it takes longer

dottie said...

Is DK still teasing us w/the promise of a hat pic??? She's like the little boy who cried wolf, that one! ;)

And Groovie & Smitty are teasing us east coasters w/in and out. No fair!

Melinda said...

Freddie- I liked the burgers because of the sauce they put on them. It reminds me of "big mac sauce" which I put on everything/dip my fries in. And the chocolate shakes....heaven!

Groovie- Okay that does sound painful! I just assumed that a tat would be more painful.

Hi Dottie!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Girls!

The story of my life...I'm always late to the party! Anybody still here???

Rose~I wish I had like an alarm or something that would go off on my computer whenever you put up a new post....I was so happy to see a new post when I just logged on!

DK~Do you flip in those 30 minutes or is it all on one side?

dottie said...

Hey Groovie and Freddie!

Congrats on the new piercing, Groovie. I don't even have my ears pierced anymore and would be too afraid to get a tattoo! (I'm a big baby)

Freddie - the move is nearly complete. Just a few pictures to be hung and stuff like that. I am still waiting for internet. (Monday is the day!) Currently I am sitting in the parking lot of a church that is next door using theirs. While I'm here I think I'll say a prayer about that whole Tay make out thing... hahaha

Freddie said...

Groovie - the way you describe it doens't make me want to rush out to get one. I think I'll stick with the single piercing I have.

Hope said...

Hey Freddie...we are having company over at 6:30...cookout time again...so getting ready for that.

What did you do today?

Groovie...another piercing? My 12 year old daughter told me she wants a second piercing and I said NO. LOL

Hi Dottie, IB

dottie said...

hey hey hey Melinda!

Hello IB!

Groovie said...

I have 11 tatts and they really didn't hurt at all. Its more of a dull stinging that isn't painful. And they don't hurt afterwards really either. Piercings take longer to heal and stuff.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Freddie! We finally catch up with each other! Hope and Dottie hope you are well!

dottie said...

Hi Hope! I love that name.

*I*Believe* said...


Melinda~13 days left!

Melinda said...

Dottie- I'll say a prayer with you. I don't want to sit through another 29 seconds. Had to bleach my brain the first time! Ha,ha!

Hey IB and Hope!

katy said...

Hi, Rose wonderful post!

Can't wait for the MTV awards to see Rob and Kristen! whether they win or not, I hope that they will have fun on the show.

Smitty, how wonderful to see you stopped by here. I hope all is well with you and that you are happy...same with Gruff.

Hi, Groovie, Freddie, DK, Melinda, Hope, Dottie, Believe, and everyone that I may have missed, I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

Take care

Freddie said...

Hi Hope - after a couple days of nice weather we were back to rain this morning, so it seemed like a good time to go shopping. After this morning, I've locked my credit cards away so I can't do anymore damage. I spend the rest of the day cleaning - oddly, it felt kind of good to get organized and get some things off my to-do list.

Hi IB - hope you are well. What's up?

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Groovie - Happy new piercing! We've just beend drawing my next tattoo :)

Smitty!!!We missed you :)

Hope said...

Groovie...11 wow. IF I were to get one, where does it hurt the least?

Dottie...are you on a first name basis with the Manager @ McDonalds???LOL
Does your new place is "home" yet?

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Katy!

Where's everybody's favorite walking pictures? I am so curious to see who likes which one!

Groovie said...

My youngest sister turns 15 in july and is trying to talk me in to getting her nose pierced for her bday so that way our dad can be upset with me & not her! Lol!

Thanks dottie! Its pretty cool, I'm liking it a lot!
And tattoos aren't scary! U can't even really see the needle and besides, u don't have to watch them do it if u don't want to!

dottie said...

Hi Katy and Angelica!

Hope, I dont think the McD's night manager wants to know my name. He just wants to know why I lurk in his parking lot late at night! LOL

Angelica, I haven't seen anything else about your back surgery. It that still happening?

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Angelica!

Freddie~Lucky you! Things around here are always a disaster in June when school is wrapping up bc I'm too busy there! Isn't it great when you get to cross things off of your to-do list?

Hope said...

Dottie..that would be "feel like home yet?"

Rushing here...30 minutes and need to change. Ha

Hi Angelica, Katy

Melinda said...

Groovie- 11! You are braver than I. I'm pretty sure I would have to be drunk or stoned to go through with it.

Hey Angelica- what number tat are you on? What is it going to be?

Katy- hope you have a good one as well! Take care.

Groovie said...

Cool! What are u planning to get?

Anyplace bony hurts more. My 20 year old sister got one on her foot and said "it hurt like a motherfucking bitch!" Lol!
I think areas that are more exposed to elements hurt less too, like hands, arms, legs.
That's where all mine are.

Freddie said...

IB - I'm with you on the walking picture. Good choice.

Hope - a cookout sounds wonderful. Is your hubby master of the BBQ? I've never undersood why men are so fascinated with BBQ's. I'm told size matters. LOL.

Hi Katy - how are you?

angelica1 said...

Groovie - I did that to my older sister when I was 14 and wanted my ears pierced a second time:)

Hi Dottie - I'm having another MRI in about 10 days, they think yet another disc has ruptured and the surgeon doesn't want to go in blind.They'll decide what they're doing when they get those results

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~That walking shot kind of reminds me of Keanu as Neo.

Freddie said...

dottie - your approach to internet approach is very creative.

Hi Angelica - how's it going?

Kay said...

Thanks for the nice Saturday post, Rose :)

Hope everyone in Roseland has an awesome Saturday night!

DreamerKind said...

One day, we'll fly away....Now for a beer! Fight for the right, the right to party.

Oh, if I only had the privacy, I'd be topless, but I'd have to worry about the paps, right?

Oh, Ye of little faith, tee hee.

This is a fun convo, and I'll be back after a little toast on my other side (backside).

You guys are great!

Will join you soon.

dottie said...

Angelica, I'm so sorry. You'll be glad when all this is behind you I know! Keep us posted please.

Hi Kay!

angelica1 said...

Melinda, Groovie - I'm on number 4.We've been sketching out some mythological designs. I think I'm going to extend the one on my right foot and shin up my calf,probably some kind of dragon

dottie said...

DK I will try not to give up hope! Enjoy the sun. :)

My word: dierat.... Should I be offended???? LOL

angelica1 said...

Groovie - I just saw your note to Hope - I have the top of both feet don, it hurts like hell and feels like bad sunburn for a few days after

angelica1 said...

DK - I was fighting for the right to party just last night. I won too!!

Melinda said...

Well that sucks (the news about your back)! I'm glad you have a doctor that seems to be pro-active and smart. I hope this will just be a distant memory for you soon.

As for the tat-sounds interesting.

Dk- paps can be sneaky rats! Watch out you just may be in the tabs one day. :)

Groovie said...

That sounds way cool!
I was thinking of getting a dragon...
I have a really cool Phoenix on my left forearm

Hope said...

Freddie...well, my hubby THINKS he is the master of the grill! lol
Actually, he is a great cook so we make a good team.

Angelica...an artist, huh?

Good night all!!

dottie said...

OK ladies I'm heading out. Have a great rest of the week end. Laters!

Freddie said...

Good night Hope. Enjoy your evening.

Smitty said...

Dk not about party... About shoes lol-- so fucking stupid. Hi Angelica- hang in w the back. Hi to everyone! I'm out have a great night!

angelica1 said...

Hope - My niece is my personal tattoo artist. Have a good night :)

Night Dottie :)

Groovie - I pondered a phoenix, I saw a girl with a gorgeous one across her shoulder and down the top of her arm a couple of months ago.

Freddie said...

Good night dottie and Smitty.

angelica1 said...

Thank you Smitty,enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Fiorels said...

Hello Rose and ladies! :)
Nice post Rose.. :)
I agree.. the thing I'm most excited is just seeing them together and to be perfectly honest it kills me much more Rob's adoring eyes to Kristen than any holding hands hehe.

Groovie, congrats on new piercing! :D
The only thing I ever got pierced were my ears... (2 times) and now I'm not even wearing earings anymore.. I think the holes are closing hehe.
I used to want to make a Tatoo (comedy and tragedy masks, the ones used as Theatre symbol), but then I desisted from it.. :/

30, hope you had a great birthday!
I left you my wishes on the post of that day but it was like the last coment before Rose added a new post, so maybe you may have missed it.

Hello everyone :)

Smitty- glad you passed by :) hadn't seen you here in a while.
Have a good night!

Melinda said...

I'm off to see the Wizard! :) Hope everyone has a good one!

angelica1 said...

Night Melinda,have fun!

Melinda said...

Fio- just saying hi before I take off. I agree the eyes say it all. :)

Groovie said...

Here is a pic of my phoenix tattoo

Fiorels said...

Mel- thanks for saying hi :) and have a good night!

Groovie- that's a good one!

Hello angelica!

angelica1 said...

Groovie - That's really nice!

angelica1 said...

Hi Fio :)

Emilia said...

Dreamer u are back! It's been so crazy I have not even been around here. I'm just like I can't stay long. I'm trying out this new recipe and lol it's not going so great!
But I'll try to be back tonight. Good night everyone!
Oh and the tattoo's lol I've been trying to get one for months but can't decide where to put it! Oh and piercings i have arrings and my belly button that's all I could take lol bye for real now!

Freddie said...

Hi Fio - hope you are well.

Belated good night Melinda.

Fiorels said...

Groovie, I was wondering. Did it hurt a lot? :)

Btw, just wanted to say I recently saw "The boat that rocked" and "Waiting for forever" and found them both amazing!
I'm actually sorry that they are not "that famous". The boat that rocked is such an energetic movie that it should have had more chances to be seen...
Waiting for forever is such a beautiful story.. the simplicity of love is displayed in such an heartbreaking way..
I loved the "I don't follow you; I go where you are" quote.
It really makes you think...

Fiorels said...

Hi Freddie! - I am well, thanks.
What about you?

Penny Lane said...

Wow, I go out for dinner and you guys all come out of the woodwork.


You know how you form a picture in your head of someone from the way they "sound"? Well, I have to change my visual now that I know you have 4 tatts. Not that it's bad, but now I have to alter it.


I know what you mean about the 29 seconds of 'that boy does not look like he knows what he's doing'.

Are you sure you all don't want to play the choreograph the kiss game again? It might be helpful, js.

Groovie said...

The tattoo? Nope, it didn't hurt at all really

angelica1 said...

PL - I will say that most people who know me are VERY surprised when they spot them, so your picture might not be too far out :)

Fiorels said...

Thanks Groovie :)

Hello PL

30 said...

Thank You Fio for the Birthday wishes. :)

Miss you girls! I have been so busy as of late with work and, well it's been so nice lately I have been hanging by the pool drinking Malibu as much as possible!

Motherhin said...

I almost made it into an In and Out Burger and thought of this group when we were attempting to go eat there. I was in Dallas (suburbs actually) visiting family and they had just opened an In and Out burger so we were all set to go and pull up and they literally have the DFW PD on hand to direct traffic. They also had a firetruck sitting out front. It was insane! The line was so long it looked like a concert outside. Needless to say, we didn't go, we had out babies with us and it was hot. Plus there are very few times I'm ever willing to stand in a line that has at least 100 people just for a burger. Some might say In and Out is worth it but I don't know..LOL

I'm glad Rose posted today. Cannot wait for the dress and SHOES tomorrow night. Love Kristen's shoes although I get the feeling the shoes are the bane of her existence in her celebrity life.

angelica1 said...

30 - Did you have a good birthday?

Penny Lane said...

Hi Fio,

Are exams over?


I left a joke for you earlier today. You said none of us contribute so I try to do my part.

Time to walk STFU again.

30 said...

Hi angelica! Well, I tried too have a good birthday but unfortunately some drama ensued with a certain person and it was just a "OK" one. :)

I just want too leave the link for ya all too vote. Just too be a bitch and piss off the nonnies that stalk Roses blog.

So here ya go Rob and Kristen supporters! VOTE! :)


Fiorels said...

30 - no problem :)
how was that day? =)

PL- not at all..
they didn't even start yet actually..
I have the first one on Tuesday, 2nd on Thursday; 3rd on the 15th..
and then 3 others going til the 29th of July... :/
I feel like I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown!

Freddie said...

Hi Fio (hope you are still here). Sorry for the delay in responding. I had to get some things out of the dryer. I am well, thanks. Nothing too much up with me. I hope the studying is going well. When are exams over?

Hi Penny - liked your joke from this morning. How is the finger?

angelica1 said...

30 - Sorry to hear that :( On a brighter note, I know quite a few people who've given themselves carpal tunnel syndrome voting for Rob and Kristen :)

Fiorels said...

Freddie- it's ok and i'm still here as you may see!
talked about exams on the post before hehe!
You know I always think about yout Thomas.. and wouldn't want to be annoying you always asking about him... but I really care about!

angelica1 said...

Fio - Sounds like a very busy month for you.I have to say I don't miss being a student.LOL

Freddie said...

30 - hi there. Sorry, I missed you when I was typing. Aside from the little drama, I'm glad you had a good birthday.

LIZ said...

Hi Rose and Roselanders!!!

I, for one, feel like a kid going to Disney World tomorrow. I'll have my popcorn and whatever other snacks ready to watch Red Carpet (RK prolly won't even DO the carpet thing) and then the awards. The nice thing about these awards is that MTV will replay them over and over for about a month so even if you don't DVR, it's okay.

I think they'll win the kiss but I don't expect them to do anything different than some little awkward skit, it's what they do, right? Whatever they do or don't do, it'll be wonderful just to see them together.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I found out this week that the fluoride in our drinking water is toxic, especially to babies...hmmmm...so my latest theory is that SOME PEOPLE(brain damaged ones....Nonstens would fit in that category)..have an acute sensitivity to this substance and that is why they cant think straight!

SMITTY...Hahahaha...I hope Kristen lays a BIG ONE on Tay if that wins! Then Rob will get some relief from the "peanut gallery"...not that he cares...nor do I....

Hi Everybody...HOPE....I like your avi....Edward Cullen WALKING ....yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find myself home alone again...hubby out of town....its a dangerous thing!

Freddie said...

Fio - Thanks for the concern. It is appreciated. I'll know more in a couple of weeks.

Hang in there with the studying. If I remember correctly, you plan on pulling a long night (or all nighter) tomorrow to watch the MTV Awards?

Fiorels said...

angelica- and you have a great point not missing it!
The thing is in all the Uni here you usually have 3 exams' sessions so that you can take 2 exam per time..
Mine doesn't work like that so we have to follow lessons from the beginning til the end and give them all together ;/

30- sorry it was in some way "ruined".. hope not that much..

Fiorels said...

Hi Liz and Super! <3

Freddie - always concerned to know news about him!

And yes.. I'm staying up all night of course! Since RC should start at 1:30 here so it would be useless to go to bed!
Luckly enough they changed my exam date of one day so that it's no more on Monday but Tuesday, so at least I can stay up late and sleep in the morning! lol

Freddie said...

Hi Super - what trouble are you planning to get into tonight?

Fio - good to here that they moved your exam.

DreamerKind said...

Glad you won the party fight. Wish you didn't have any pain in your life, too. Waving the wand for you. Tats sound lovely.

You find amazing places to get online, and are very creative. I see you on Twitter but haven't dived in myself, too clueless. Hanging pics already, damn, that's fast.

Still chuckling over the morning joke you posted. It is even more funny, for it could be so true. Perfectly timed eggs or loving? Which is more important? Depends on the raw goods used.

Shoes are worth some bickering but not as much as hats! For me.

Oh, my favorite walking shot, is the happy hand holding, on the tarmac, walking closely, divinely happy faces one.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FIO...Hi there!!!! I am glad to see you on tonight...

Hi FREDDIE...I also am washing clothes....so hopefully, I wont get in too much trouble! I have had some vodka and coke...(coca cola..heh)! Soo...ahem...I propose a "toast" to ALL ROSELANDERS..May we have a great, stress free weekend AND enjoy seeing R&K tomorrow night....just a little over 24 hours left!!! woohoo

Fiorels said...

Super- night is like the only "phase of day" i have some time to be on and chat properly :)
smart words! agree with you..
and am saying good night as well since I still have to finish reading a book...

talk to you tomorrow ladies!
have a great day!

Freddie said...

Super - good toast. Nice thought. Good luck with your laundry.

DreamerKind said...

We would, could and will get into so much trouble (danger) when we are together, that the world might shake around us. Isn't that exciting to think about?

I'm pondering Mexican food and a marg, if I can get motivated, after lazying outside, in the grass, reconnecting with nature (and brews).
Will wait until I am totally sober, if I do leave for dinner out, but maybe, will stay here and have fun with you darlin's. Is there a fiesta going on in Roseland?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FIO..Yes, I understand, and good luck to you! We are here whenever you can drop by.

Hi DK!!

FREDDIE...I dont think I will get in too much trouble washing clothes, but you never know!!! lol

Where is RHONDA? She should be off from work by now...

DreamerKind said...

I stopped drinking most water that has fluoride long ago, but you can't avoid it completely, if you use your local water for cooking, etc. Good point!

DreamerKind said...

You would be amazed at how clever washing machines and dryers are, when we are not watching them. They eat socks and buzz at us incessantly, you know.

DreamerKind said...

You are so talented, clever and energetic, that I have every confidence, you will very successful in all that you desire.

I'm going to stay home, eat a black & bleu burger, drink some white wine, and do some laundry from my trip. You are my inspiration.

Heck, if no one is partying here, I'll call you.

It's been a long time since we've all played games on here, like MFK?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Haha DK....I just KNEW
that these applicances had minds of their own! How the hell else can socks just disappear!???

I am right here all evening. Call me at your convenience...after all, you are in such "demand"!

DreamerKind said...

I demand satisfaction! And I usually get it, but it costs, too.

Don't like this black/bleu burger, tastes like sausage not beef. Oh, well, gotta live and learn.

Sure, I'm calling you now...be back here to post songs that have been on my mind, later.

DreamerKind said...

For Super:

You're My (Soul & Inspiration)

Righteous Brothers-1966:

Girl, I can't let you do this
Let you walk away
Girl, how can I live through this
When you're all I wake up for each day?

Baby, you're my soul and my heart's inspiration
You're all I've got to get me by

You're my soul and my heart's inspiration
Without you baby, what good am I?

I never had much goin'
But at least I had you
How can you walk out knowin'
I ain't got nothin' left if you do?

Baby, I can't make it without cha And I'm, I'm tellin' ya, honey-you're my reason for laughin', for cryin', for livin', and for dyin'.

Baby, I can't make it without you
Please, I'm begging you baby
If you go it will kill me
I swear it
Dear, my love can't bear it

You're my soul and my heart's inspiration
You're all I've got to get me by

You're my soul and my heart's inspiration
Without you baby, what good am I, what good am I?

Thank you/YCSMusic

Rhonda said...

Awww, see what happens when I work? I miss all the fun-

Rose, I agree. It's their life and their relationship. No one else has a say in it. It's always amazed me that some people believe they do, wtf??

Smitty- Sorry I missed you, but so glad to see you stopped by. I hope you and Gruff are both doing well. Lots of love :)

Groovie & Angelica- I'm very impressed. I love to look at them on other people, but I'm too scared of needles to get one of my own. That's ironic coming from a nurse, huh?

Hope- Enjoy the cookout.

Kenzz- Have a great time with your daughter in NYC.

30- I'm sorry your birthday wasn't as good as it could've been.

Super- I had to work over just a little :)

I'm afraid to do names today, so....Hi Everyone!

Rhonda said...

Sorry, that comment was entirely too long as it is, but I forgot..

Linda- It's been awhile, so happy to hear from you. I hope things are going well :)

Penny- That was a great joke this morning :)

I hope everyone has a great night!

dd said...

Hi Rose and everyone else,

Wow, so many comments today :)

I will be happy just to see them, especially Kristen because it's so rare to see her these days (yeah, I know, good for her!). I suspect they don't give a shit about these awards but, still, I hope they win all of them.
It would be great to see them giving us a hot and sexy kiss on stage (nobody does it better, really), but I don't think it's gonna happen... people will be really disappointed if they don't kiss again, lol. But it would be AWESOME to be surprised...


Birdie said...

Thanks for the Saturday post, Rose!
I hope Rob and Kristen have fun as far as these events go. I love seeing them together in whatever capacity, as I said before,the rest is all gravy.

Hello to all you ladies tonight!
I have been out of commission with my daughter. Two down and one to go. Raccoon Girl graduated from high school last night. WooHoo! I hope they have a place in the dorm for her little buddies!
Sorry about your back.
All moved in, that's impressive.

All these piercings and tatoos,express yourself! You women are far braver than me.
Out in the daylight soaking up the sun? Minnesota rural life got to you,huh? Although the pink hat says "city girl".
How nice to see Miss Smitty pop in and hope she and Gruff have a great weekend!
Anticipation! Until tomorrow!

DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen, DK Says, Doesn't Matter What You Do


Michelle Featherstone:

I see you across a crowded room
I see you
Across a crowded room
I see you across a crowded room

And I'm paralyzed
I'm paralyzed
Cause you're perfect

I wonder if I'll ever get to talk to you

I wonder if
I'll ever get
To talk to you
I wonder if I'll ever
Get to talk to you

When I'm paralyzed
I'm paralyzed
Cause you're perfect

When you leave tonight
And your lovely smile
And the way you shine
It won't be mine

If all I get
Is just one day
I have to say
In every way
You're perfect

I wonder if
You'll notice
That you change my life

And I'm paralyzed
I'm paralyzed
Cause you're perfect

When you leave tonight
Your lovely smile
And the way you shine
It won't be mine

If all I get
Is just a day
I have to say
In every way
You're perfect

Thank you/Jesusv3

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Rhonda, I seem to JUST miss you lately..hope to catch up with you soon...I assume you will work tomorrow also.

BIRDIE...Congrats on the daughters graduation and the"exotic" animal count is slowly going down!

DreamerKind said...

What you doing tonight? Lots of good things going on in your family! You are a good shepherd of them and their animals.

I have been sunbathing the past few days, for when I was sitting on the deck on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, the sun enchanted me. Easy to forget the simple things that are free to us.

Now I feel I must be a part of it here, where I live, before I go somewhere else.

I now have 2 pink hats, ole city gal that I am.

Sure am sorry to have missed you, and hope we will meet one day. I admire you so.

DreamerKind said...

Cassie blasted in and out, with just enough time to have a quick shoulder rub (a dub dub).

Dryer is buzzing but I know it's not done making noise.

Nice chatting about things, buddy.

beaculen said...

Great post, as always. I can't wait for tomorrow to watch the MTV awards. I hope they just go, have fun, maybe flip off some of the haters out there lol. I hope they win, but if they don't it'll just be fun to see them. Hi everyone in Roseland, have a great Sat evening.

DreamerKind said...

You Are My Sunshine

Leftover Cuties:

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray

You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take
My sunshine away

The other night dear
As I was sleeping
I dreamt I held you
In my arms

When I awoke dear
I was mistaken
And I hung my head
And I cried

You told me once dear
You really loved me
And no on else dear
Could come between

But now you left me
To love another
You have shattered
All my dreams

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray

You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take
My sunshine away

Please don't take my
Sunshine away

Please don't take
My sunshine

Thank you/leftovercuties

gwen said...

I'm excited to see Rob and Kristen tomorrow, hope they win their respective awards. But I'm more excited to see Breaking Dawn's trailer!

Hi to all the ladies here in Roseland! Have a happy weekend.

DreamerKind said...

For Gwen:

I Remember You

Frank Ifield:

I remember you-ooh
You're the one who made my dreams come true
A few kisses ago

I remember you-ooh
You're the one who said "I love you, too"
Yes, I do, didn't cha know?

I remember, too, a distant bell and stars that fell
Like the rain out of the blue

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of it all
Then I will tell them
I remember you-ooh

I remember, too, a distant bell And stars that fell
Just like the rain out of the blue-Ooh-ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of it all

Then I will tell them I remember Tell them I remember
Tell them I remember you

Thank you/Nocaro

gwen said...

Hi DK! How are you. Did you enjoy your vacay? Im waiting to see some pics on FB.

gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I'm Confessin' That I Love You

Cody Wood & Ben Weiss:

I’m confessin’ that I love you
Tell me, do you love me too?

I’m confessin’ that I need you
Honest I do
Need you every moment

In your eyes I read such strange things
But your lips deny they’re true

Will your answer really change things
Making me blue

I’m afraid someday you’ll leave me
Say’n can’t we still be friends

If you go, you know you’ll grieve me
All in life on you depends

Am I guessin’ that you love me?
Dreamin’ dreams of you in vain
I’m confessin’ that I love you
All over again!

Dreamin’ dreams of you in vain
I’m confessin’ that I love you
Over again!

Thank you/thecodywoodshow

DreamerKind said...

Sweet one! You will not see pics of me on FB, at least not before you seen them here on Roseland.

What about your vacation? Did you go?

DreamerKind said...

Old Time-Like In Water For Elephants


I'm Confessin' That I Love You

Django Reinhard & Stephane Grappelli-1934:

Thank you/edmundusrex

gwen said...

DK- We're going next month. It wont do good as of now since too hot. We wont like it if we got back home toast, lol.

Ok we'll wait till you post it here :)

DreamerKind said...

That's good, don't want you to burn. Miss you, Bren, does too.

We might be on late tonight, will you be around?

gwen said...

DK- It's so long since last I came here. I see some new posters. Been really busy in real life lately.

gwen said...

DK- Ok i'll stay till later. Is Bren still came here?

DreamerKind said...

Jazz Got A New Lease On Life From These Guys

J'Attendrai (I Will Wait)

Stephane Grappelli/Django Reinhardt:

Thank you/k4hx1

gwen said...

DK- Ok i'll stay till later. Is Bren still came here?

DreamerKind said...

Yes, she comes by, when she doesn't fall asleep or I do. Let me send her an email. Be right back.

Listen to the great music I've posted while you wait for me.

gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I'm back and listening to the old music which is so upbeat. Let's see if she shows, she had a busy day.

Where are you going for that vacay? Do we need to worry about you?

gwen said...

DK- Nothing to worry we're just going to some beach resort, with friends. Where did you had your vacay?

DreamerKind said...

Well, it was a city about 500 miles north of me, where I lived for 7 years. It was not really a vacation but a time for remembering my bff's husband at a memorial and visiting places that mattered to her. I was happy to be of help to her and others, but glad to be home.

gwen said...

DK- I'll be back later, I'll just take a quick shower. I feel so sweaty and sticky, too hot in here...eww lol

gwen said...

DK- Aww reminiscing... I love that especially my youthful day though I'm still in my youth mind you. Hope she will heal soon, its not easy having death in the family.

DreamerKind said...

Lather, rinse and repeat, young one. See you later.

Bren said...

Yo Chicas,

What's shakin'...

Let me read, and catch up.

Bren said...

I am going surfing for a bit...

Will keep checking back...

DreamerKind said...

Gwen went to take a shower, and hopefully will return. I've been reading about jazz and eating an apple.

Got an idea for a song posting....

Word verf: sidsy
Sidsy is our favority.

Bren said...

I on the other hand have been reading the leaks to the BD trailer..all I can say is WOW, and I can't wait...

I am chomping away, as well...only difference is you are eating healthy and I am eating chocolate chip cookies...

What about jazz?

What's the idea for song posting?

Definitely, Sidsy is our favority!

DreamerKind said...

It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House

Dinah Shore:

It's so nice to have a man around the house
Oh, so nice to have a man around my house

Someone sweet who's glad he found you
Who will put his arms around you

And his kisses just astound you It's so nice

Oh, a house is just a house without a man
He's the necessary evil in your plan

Someone kind who knows you'll treasure
Any simple little pleasure
Like a full-length mink
To cover last year's blouse

It's so nice to have a man around the house
Oh, so nice to have a man around the house

Just a guy in pipe and slippers
Who will share your breakfast kipppers
And will help you zip your zippers,

Oh, a house is just a house without a man
He is the necessary evil in your plan

Just a knight in shining armor
Who is something of a charmer
Even though he may be someone else's spouse

It's so nice to have a man around the house
It's so nice
Jst about the most important thing I can think of

So put no one else above him
When you love him
Really love him

Though it's two to one,
You'll wind up with a louse
It's so nice to have a man around the house

So nice
So nice

hank you/ziggyfollies

DreamerKind said...

Well, I posted the song...

And, I am eating healthy after popcorn, wine, and beer. Tut, tut.

What leaks about the BD trailer?

Fess up.

DreamerKind said...

Reading about prejudice in jazz and living in the closet, even today.

Bren said...

I was reading the lyrics to your song, and I couldn't help but smile...my grandmother tells a story of my mother when she was like 8, and they used to go shopping, and I guess in the 50's they had stores where they sold only fur coats,and they were displayed in the windows,and my mom would tell my grandmother, I am going to buy you that mink coat right there..(I doubt it was mink), but I guess she thought it was. Do you remember stuff like this?

Bren said...

If you want to see the spoilers on tomorrow's trailer...you can see them on Spunk Ransom...

Some people don't want to know, but not me---I love spoilers. lol

Bren said...


I'm pretty sure you ate the popcorn without salt and butter, and isn't it clinically proven that wine and beer are actually good for the body?

There you go, you did a good thing, this night.

DreamerKind said...

I used to model furs back in the day, and owned a muskrat coat. Sounds fugly but it was beautiful and I didn't have a sense of being an abuser, since I didn't have any sense.

OK, I love spoilers, too, although I say I don't which is another anomaly that makes me, ME.

And, for your info. I would like a man around the house. One for all of those reasons and some others not mentioned.

And one who is a good cook, too. And doesn't make demands, and watches romance movies.

Oh, I give up already for I'm too silly for words, or only one word-SILLY.

gwen said...

DK- sorry I have fallen asleep.

Bren- wazz up! :)

DreamerKind said...

Dr. Oz, my god of all that is good and wise on television, says that wine and beer are essential for health!

You know that I had the butter and salt, since it was microwaveable popcorn, with extra unhealthy processing, but which makes it hot and delicious. So one must trade off, mustn't one?

Bren said...


You didn't fall asleep in the shower did you? lol

How is it going with you, girl?

Bren said...


Yes, one must...

DreamerKind said...

I knew you fell asleep, for you just had a shower and it is very hot where you are, so I would have, too.

Was just going to poke some fun at you, and then here you are, telling the truth.

There wouldn't be any fun in poking at the truth telling of a known thing, unless I could lie about it.

And that wouldn't be as much fun as I'd get doing it the other way.

gwen said...

Bren- LOL nope thank God. Well, I'm good. It's good to be back here today.

Bren said...


So you modeled fur...why am I getting a flashback of a model laying on the floor wearing nothing but a fur coat...that was not you, was it?

gwen said...

DK- Can't imagine myself waking up all wrinkling like a prune! Not liking it, LOL.

Bren said...

Tell me Gwen, do you still hate your job? Is catwoman still there?

What is new in the world of Nathan?

gwen said...

Bren- I still can tolerate her. The only thing that's making me stay long is because of my friends and work. Maybe the bucket isn't full yet :)

Bren said...

Did you guys see how Chelsea Handler, Rob and Patrick Dempsey are presenting the generation award to Reese...

CH is Reese's bestie, and soooo rude when she speaks of Kristen, it would be nice if Rob gave her a little nudge off the stage...

Bren said...

Gwen, you are so right, when the shit hits the fan, you will make your move...lol

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

No, those would have been the Playboy models, and I wasn't one of them.

Although, I once had a chance to go to the Playboy mansion when it was in Chicago. That would have been my big break, but into what was what, made me hesitate and not go.

I wore furs at a furrier to show customers, how they would look, which was called informal modeling.

It was summer and hot, but I wore clothes underneath the furs, for the customers sake, not mine.

gwen said...

DK, Bren- im excited for tomorrow's MTVMA though the sad part is that its a Monday morning here and Im at work. I really should go home early to watch it on youtube.

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bren said...

If you had the chance to go to the mansion, you were a HOT model...

You might have been Mrs. H....

gwen said...

Bren- its about 37C hotness here and the humidity is terrible.

DK- a playboy model?

DreamerKind said...

Well, then it will be very interesting to see Reese get her award.

I'll wait in anticipation, to see if any heinous deeds are done in fun.

That should perk me up while watching the show, and make my head buzz, along with the wine I'll have had, quite nicely.

Bren said...


What time does it show there?

Sorry Kristen, but I hope Rob plants a big one on you...

gwen said...

hey the teams have a game today but i stayed indoors. Im contented watching here at home.

DreamerKind said...

Yes, Playboy, like in the nudie magazine that changed the world for the better, since they had such good stories and jokes, which all of the smartest peeps read faithfully every month. No one looked at the photos of the women, not if they were truly cool, of course.

Was I hot? I was sixteen, so most likely I was, but didn't use it.

I was pretty streetwise, and knew what was what, and how to not do the what, that wasn't what I should do, if I knew what I was doing, like I did, so didn't.

Word verf: theent
Thee'nt, didn't, did thee?

gwen said...

Bren- maybe 9 or 10am so Ill be at work :) Ill keep in touch via twitter, i think

Bren said...

I remember that --I buy Playboy for the articles...uh, huh

ok, smarty pants...word verif.
sneshoto..what is this?

Bren said...


high humidity is a killer...indoors is much better..

DreamerKind said...

You got that right..I might have been Mrs. Hefner, if that brunette gf of his hadn't lasted so long, but not long enough for me to grow up, to be at least eighteen.

Plus, I was already married by then, so a divorce would have been necessary, and Hef to have paid for it.

Which means it would not have been worth the effort for him or me, cause I was blond and he was in his brunette period back then.

Wrong time, wrong place, face was pretty but the wrong face and hair, ta da.

No regrets on my part, but I can't speak for Hef.

gwen said...

DK- honestly i havent touch or seen what's inside a playboy mag, an FHM i had seen in my bro under his bed, lol.

Cant wait for what's in store for tomorrow.

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...



S'nes hot, O!

Glad you won't miss you game or the MTV program.

DreamerKind said...

Well, I guess since I was married, I knew how to trot, so to speak, and did know everything I needed to know, to do it.

Ha, under his bed, eh? Funny.

DreamerKind said...

Spunk must have taken down the trailer leak, for it was there, and then not. Bet it was a fake anyway.

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bren said...

No, it's still there...

Here's the link, red hot mama...


gwen said...

DK- lol yep i accidentally saw it under his bed. You could be Mrs Hefner! But thank God you didnt or you wouldnt be here right?

gwen said...

DK- Really?! Did you marry at sixteen? Wow you must be a hot young wife.

Verif: sunme...

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I'd probably still be here, since I would have been cast off by Hef as soon as I turned 30!

Saw the description, thanks. No surprises if you read the book.

Bren said...

Yeah, just the scenes that will be in the trailer...

DreamerKind said...

There was a war going on, and he could have been killed.

Perhaps I would have been left with a child, without legal rights.

Was best to marry, since we loved, and so we did. No children resulted, then or at all, which twas sad in a way, but what cannot be changed is better accepted.

I had a good life...many blessings.

gwen said...

DK- true,true lol. that man spoke money even if he's already old.

So you excited about the trailer tomorrow? I have already plan to watch HP on imax next month.

DreamerKind said...

Not excited about the trailer, but am about the Trio (K/R/Tay). Love those cuties, and like seeing them.

gwen said...

DK- yep its been so long since we saw them together.

Bren- you still up?

Bren said...


I promised myself, that if I came back on the board on a regular basis, I have to quit by 2am...it is now 3...

I have some running around to do tomorrow/today, and then I want to watch the livestream, I believe at 4pm, my time zone.

So I have to get some shuteye, sometime..lol

Gwen, it was great talking to you, and I hope we get together all the time, like we used to...

Hi to Birdie, and Super...sorry I missed you...

DK, sorry, but it's been a long day...

We'll have a lot to discuss tomorrow night.

Over and Out.

DreamerKind said...

~ "We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows." ~ Robert Frost

gwen said...

DK and Bren

i think it time for me to be out of her now. Time for preparing dinner. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

DreamerKind said...

Fine with me, sleep well. I am yawning myself and Mr. Sandman is almost here for me.

It was a real joy to have us all here again. See you soon, I hope. We will have lots to talk about.

Toodle loo, chicka. Sorry to have missed ya.

DreamerKind said...

Oops, forgot this..

Linda, thanks for your comment today and I'll be in touch very soon. Miss you.

DreamerKind said...

Now IS The Hour

Fly Me To The Moon

Olivia Ong:

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars

Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forever more

You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

Thank you/nostalgjiku

DreamerKind said...

Peace out.


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