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Monday, June 6, 2011

Rob and Kristen- We Know.

I just feel like smiling...

I honestly don't know where the hell to begin.
I really don't.
SO MUCH happened last night.
All of it good.
Every single word.

Why you ask?
Because MTV figured out how to have an entertaining show
Let Robert Pattinson have as much screen time as possible
and let him ad lib.

I will admit that even I was thrown a bit 
by some of the things he said...
It's like his mouth just can't keep up with his brain
Not a bad thing...
But always quite charming.

Oh yes... he's walking...
Let's face it...
Robert has a bizarre, sarcastic sense of humor.
He says things that he thinks are funny...
(and they usually are)
but not always in the right place.
Take for instance...
What he said to Bryce...

"I ripped your head off and now your pregnant!"

I mean...
Oh Rob.
Did you see Kristen's reaction?
That was mine, too...
I was like... 
WTF did he just say?

And the speech to Reese?
Holy Hell.
I laughed... I cringed
(I mean.. the guy said "I fucked you" on national TV)
But he was so cute...
So endearing.
So sweet.
So earnest.
And Reese saved his ass anyway...
She was cool brilliance in her acceptance...
and she finished off Rob's mangled attempt
as a 'motherfucker' joke.

But it gets better doesn't it?
Let's go to BEST KISS shall we?

She looks pretty damn happy to me...
I can admit it.
I would LOVE to see Rob and Kristen just kiss.
But you know... then what?
They are actually kinda KNOWN for not kissing...
And I actually thought the running into the audience
and planting a big old kiss on Taylor's cheek
(forehead and hand)
Was rather entertaining.
I know a lot of people were irked
(Isn't irked a great word?)
But its all in the details people.

Did you hear what Kristen said to him
right before he ran into the audience?
"Honey... go get him"
I'm pretty sure she called him Honey.
Probably just out of habit...
And come on now..
Let's not forget what Rob said to her when
he came back on stage and grabbed her...
"I want to take YOU backstage."

They don't have to fucking kiss onstage.
They don't have to perform for us.

Taking her backstage... heh.

And for once and for all...
They are NOT hiding anything.
Not discussing their relationship...
Not performing for public entertainment...
Isn't hiding.
It's how they choose to conduct their very public relationship
in a non public way...
Do you REALLY blame them for not wanting to share
every fucking moment with the world??

Obviously a lot of people
99% of the Twilight fandom
Know they are a couple.
Even people outside of the fandom can see it.
And now this lame cliched line comes into my head...

"There are none so blind as those who will not see.
The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know."

I would say GLOWING with happiness...

Truth is fucking truth.
Rob and Kristen were giddy and silly all night long.
Especially Rob.
People were asking if he was drunk or on something...
But I don't think he was.
I think he was just pumped
and happy.
And he IS happy.
That much is certain.
And Kristen?
She was smiling and awkwardly charming.
And oh so happy.
I loved it.

People are always complaining that
if they were a 'real' couple there would be pics to show it
And there are SO many pics...
but when they are put out there...
They are dismissed as meaningless.
The ultimate excuse to explain away things
you don't want to face.

I wanna hold your hand... again.
So there were pics backstage...
where a more relaxed Rob and Kristen
were shown holding hands...
and then leaving together.
There were tweets from people at the show...
Who saw them holding hands on stage
(when the lights were low)
leaving the stage...
behind the stage...

There were all sorts of people talking about the after parties
and how close Rob and Kristen were all night...
How Rob never left her side
How they were totally into each other
laughing, dancing, cuddling
If you want to keep denying... that's cool
But don't say that it doesn't mean anything.
Because if it didn't mean anything...
You wouldn't be foaming at the mouth.
And for the record...
Holding hands can be significant in a relationship
Especially when its the same person you are holding hands WITH
and Again.

People keep regurgitating the tired bullshit
that Kristen 'clings' to anyone
 'I hold hands with friends all the time, doesn't mean anything!'
But see.
The one thing you are missing is consistency.
Rob and Kristen are consistent.
They have been holding hands for years now.
Paris Tarmacs.
Streets of Montreal...
Between takes on sets
In taxis
Exiting WFE premieres
and leaving MTV award shows.
And yeah... Rob and Kristen have 'held hands'
with other people on stages and on sets...
But show me anyone else Rob has held hands with...
Hung out with
outside of work?
Let me help you out...
Its just one girl.
That would be Kristen.

Falling in LOVE for the last time...

This Kristen.
(And didn't she look STUNNING??)
She is the constant in Robert's life.
She is the one who keeps showing up by his side.
She is the one he spends much of his time with.
She is the one whose hand he is always holding.
She is the one he kisses and cuddles.
She is the one who has been constantly in his life
for YEARS.
No one else is his constant.
No one else is sharing his life.
Kristen Stewart.

Because not only does she fucking own you...
She owns Robert Pattinson.
His actions speak louder than his words.
And his actions always bring him closer to Kristen.


This post is brought to you by the letter *C*
Rob and Kristen.

C for Clueless.
Funny movie
(Paul Rudd saves it)
Shitty way to go through life.

Green Sheep.
Can't help it.
I do.

Beauty and the Beast?

I had to add this picture of Tom and Sienna.
I mean...
The captions have been 
'Beauty and the Beast'
And while most of you might think Tom's beard
is a bit bushy and beastly
I'm kinda thinking I like it.
As long as he wears those sunglasses.
Those sunglasses make everything better.

Bye for now

It's only going to get better.


Kay said...

I love when they are giddy, silly, funny, goofy and above all themselves.....lots of hilarious moments last night...so much happy they were glowing with it. :)

Have a good night Rose and everyone out there in Roseland!

Fiorels said...

Oh Rose..
I slept one hour and half last night/this morning and was about to go to bed when I saw you posted..
So I'll blame on you if I fall asleep during exam tomorrow lol
just kidding of course.
Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL post!
It kinda made me tear up toward the end..
The "constant" part is just.. got me emotional..
Kristen was STUNNING, Rob was Brilliant and they were so fucking happy that I can't even...

They have now this tradition to not kiss lol which is fine after all cause to be honest i don't think i could really picture them going there and kissing..
I mean this was 3rd time in a row (which i'm pretty sure will be followed by the next two shows...)
so imagine if they had kissed everytime...
how could they come with a different kiss everytime??
Like this is definitely entertaining..you always watch it thinking "I wanna see what they come up with this time.." lol which makes me so curious already about next year lmao
What I could imagine is to save ONE real kiss for the last movie and for the last Best Kiss they'll get..
that would be so cool.. To have saved it all the past years for the best lol
Beside I think it was really sweet for them to "share" the award with Taylor.
Anyway.. I think Rob was pretty much the entertainer of the show LOL he was so funny and randomly just HIM. Robert Pattinson. Just him! LOL he's the only one who can make you laugh just by laughing himself hahaha.
And Kristen, omg, she was so cute. A little shy but always cool with everything..
Her reaction to Rob's joke was hilarious haha I wish we had a shot of what her face was to the "I fucked you" comment LOL
I think she did just great also thanking all the other nominies...
You could see all people in there were thinking she was the sweetest thing ever.. as was also pointed out by Jason in the very beginning..
"The lovely and talented kristen Stewart.."
You can tell he likes her a lot, don't you? LOL
But after all.. who wouldn't like Kristen?
Oh yea sure.. stupid foamers thinking she's ruining Rob's life and that she's too weird and awkward and can't act...
Whatever... gtfo and get a life!

They looked beautiful, happy, relaxed and so in love..
and that's what matters..
seeing them happy and in love makes me happy cause I truly and honestly wish them all the best nd joy they can have!

But as long as I'd love to stay here and chat with the following ladies, i seriously need to sleep.
Talk to you tomorrow in the evening everyone!

Thanks again Rose.
You're the best with words! xx

Penny Lane said...


I love that you used the term of they who will not be named, THAT GIRL!

Hi Kay, we pass in the wind here.

LJ said...

I didn't see the awards, but pictures like these are one of the little things that lift my heart.

They look so happy I absolutely love it. Kristen looked amazing.

Massive love to them both.

Liza <3

Sydney said...

Tom looks Amish in that picture. Heeh.

So...last night. Wow, so much epicness. I had made this whole feast (only way to get the boys to watch) and then couldn't eat because I was so nervous all night. Turns out, for no reason. Jeez, I did not think we would beat Harry Potter so handily. Never underestimate Twilight fans.

And how irrelevant are the nonnies? Joining forces with the Potter fans and they STILL couldn't get shit accomplished. It's hilarious.

Anyway, Rob and Kristen both looked great, and were just as awkward as we thought they'd be. Though Rob surpassed Kristen times about 10 this time. But in the most endearing way possible. And Kristen, she is just adorable. So sweet and genuine it absolutely blows my mind that anyone could find anything to dislike about her. And Rob's adoration was obvious, as it always is. But she was obvious too this time and I loved seeing it.

Them not kissing on stage...I didn't think they would, so I was not the least bit disappointed. I thought what they did was a clever deflection and very funny. It was truly the Rob and Kristen show.

And Taylor? He used to kind of bug me, but now I just love him. He's so composed and mature and handles himself really, really well. Such a fun night.

Hope said...

Rose... Last night was pure WIN! Kristen was gorgeous. Rob, handsome but I did hold my breath a few times as he spoke...LOL...and Kristen's reactions were priceless. And the backstage photos were the best!

Loved the BD Part 1 Trailer...Bill Condon got it right!

MTV = Most Twilight Victories!!! Great line from the show.
Well... After the trailer...get ready for a clean sweep next year too!!

OMG...Beauty and the Beast ..lol

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I hope you are all well today.

Well, last night was an interesting night and has certainly evoked many different impressions. As my local newspaper noted (stating the obvious), the event is skewed to a younger demographic – as evidenced by the fact that they gave the Generations award to a 35 years old. So it definitely isn’t a high-brow event, as evidenced by some of the attempts at comedy.

Overall, congratulations to the Twilight team for clear domination of the event. I’m glad that Rob and Kristen’s fans supported them so wholeheartedly.

As the show ended, I was unsure initially how I felt about the whole thing – the “not kiss with Kristen & proxy kiss with Taylor”, Rob’s ever unique award speech (it had me laughing and cringing too) etc. But something that DK wrote put it all in perspective for me. We got something that was real. Rob and Kristen were real. And that’s why we love them.

On the whole "best kiss" issue, MySoCalledLife, I do understand your point. I can see how the people that supported Rob and Kris by voting so diligently might be upset. At the same time, I think their situation is a very difficult one. If they were just casual co-stars then it would be a no-brainer and they could kiss – it would just be another “acting” assignment. But they are a real couple. Their relationship isn’t an act. Given how much they try to guard what is theirs, I think it would be like losing something. It would be like putting your relationship on public display (akin to a circus act). And as much as some would say that all they want to see is Edward and Bella kiss, we know in our hearts of hearts that most people want to see Robert and Kristen kiss.

Now, I’m going to sound like a bit of a hypocrite here, given what I just said, but the things that made the night for me were the pictures backstage (something the public arguably shouldn’t have seen). The little shows of affection – the real shows of affection – far outweigh any public “best kiss” for me.

I hope everyone has a good day.

Groovie said...

Excellent post!
I truly enjoyed it, nicely done Rose :)

I loved the awards, I thought Rob & Kristen were hyped up and just being goofy and it was fun and great to see them just be silly & let loose a little.
Cute & sweet!

Wonderful pictures, Kristen looked stunning and Rob cute as always.

Good night all around!

Hope u are all well!

olivia said...

Bravo Rose, bravo!

sjjw said...

Hi Roseland! I just HAVE to say, I loved Kristen's dress! Omg, it was awesome. Like amazing. One, it was red, my fave color. Two, leather. Three, SAFETY PINS. I cannot even say how cool I thought that dress was. maybe it's the 80's child in me (Sex Pistols), but I can't get over it. amazing.

Rob was so adorable and made a painful show fun. I love Jason S., but he wasn't doing it for me. Rob saved it, as did Reese him! and I must say I loved Rob's hair. a bit British schoolboy look to it last night. Nice.

and finally, Kristen seemed sooooo comfortable. I loved that for her. she had a hot dress, a Hot man, and she owned it! What a fun night. So great to see them both enjoying themselves, on their terms.

That is all I have to say. I am a happy fan, b/c they are so obviously happy....

RKsoulmates913 said...

Sweetheart, you nailed it(as always).

Do you know WHY I DO love #RK?
Because RK are unpredictable.They NEVER EVER do what we think/want they will do.NEVER!!!
They are UNIQUE and adorable!
I love they do what they want to do.I love that RK give a fuck what we think or want. I love that they are showing PDA in PRIVATE, that's WHY it makes so damn SPECIAL when a story/pics appear.

And for our lovely Tom... He's our TomRREST GUMP (LOL- Yeah Tom Hamks-one of the best actors of all times)



30 said...

As always well said Freddie! :)

Lynne said...

I have been driving myself a little crazy.....I heard the "Go get him, Honey" thing too and replayed the video/audio several times. You are the only other person that has mentioned it that I have read or tweeted.
So many times last night I said..."Did I hear what I think I heard??" Not just that statement of course, there were quite a few.
I thought to myself, "Did I see what I think I saw??"
It was great and endearing and funny and goofy and smart and beautiful and edgy...okay you get my picture.
If any living soul thinks for one second that Rob and Kristen don't love and respect each other enormously, it is simple, they are BLIND and in serious denial.
And I am not talking about a river in Egypt!!
It would be so wonderful for you to blog about these two amazing human beings. For us all to appreciate them for what they are...talented, beautiful, gifted people and not have to defend or even give notice to those individuals that are up the proverbial river in Egypt without a paddle.
Kisses to you...on the cheek, forehead, and hand!

30 said...

Accept Christ in your heart.. all have sinned, and came short of the glory of God.. for the end times are at hand.. that's the Word of God.. Now is the time!

For some reason Toms pic above inspired me!! LMAO

Too cute! Lucky girl that Sienna!

Sydney said...

Totally agree Freddie, on the non-kiss. Well said.

Kenzz said...

Rose: What a wonderful way to start the week, reliving last nite's "event!" Next year they should just let Rob host the damn show, he was that entertaining!

I posted earlier today, but I hope it bears repeating...Smitty nailed it with her 'no on-stage smooching, unless it's with Taylor' "prediction"... you go girl, that whole thing was hilarious!!

Freddie, great comments...

sjjw, I agree with everything you said!

30 said...

Kenezz I totally missed that comment from Smitty, she did call it though didn't she? ;)

Kenzz said...

30: when I initially read Smitty's comment the other day, I read it as kissing Tai (the elephant). After the "stunt," I went back and, lo & behold, her comment said Tay, not Tai!

Our Miss Smitty, she's a clever one, isn't she? The crowd sure loved it! :)

Freddie said...

Hi 30, Kenzz, Kay, Hope, Fio, Penny, Groovie, Sydney, Liza, Olivia, Sjjw, RkSoulmates, Lynne and all the other regulars who post later. I hope you are having a good day.

30 - LOL. Tom's turned you to religion...

Kenzz - glad you had a great trip with your daughter.

t said...

Ok ,I hate to do this but I have to make some remarks.I think that we must reach to the conclusion that what we saw last night was not Robert Pattinson but rather Rob Packerson.In my opinion he was on Cosmopolis mode just as Kristen was Joan Jett almost 2 years ago at the Comic Con...I hope you will see where I am going with this.At that time many-many fans bashed Kristen for being weird, on something etc exactly the way we were all wondering last night what exactly was going on.We have to admit that we cringed many times .So, this morning(european zone) I was expecting that all hell would break loose.To my surprise everyone was saying how charming,funny,so him and so on,Rob was last night!To add to my surprise I began finding comments about how awkward Kristen was(and not by the usual suspects)and how embarrassing her acceptance speech was and how she pushed him away..well you know the drill.I couldn't believe my eyes!Did we watch the same show?It was the first time Kristen was so much at ease with herself and the surroundings!!She was having a good time and we could see that she was happy.So what does that mean?The "fans" expect them to perform at a certain way and if they don't the bashing begins and it's always the easy target:Kristen(pcas any one?).So,I remembered the inteview that Rob-Kristen and Taylor gave to EW IN 2010.Here are some parts of it:
Pattinson: None of those associations came out and gave a statement [criticizing Kristen] without being called upon by the media first — who were doing it specifically to get hits on their websites. That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone. All they need is to get a salacious headline and people click on it, because it’s easy. And it’s quite good being part of these Twilight films because you have to give so many interviews all the time, you can defend yourself. That’s the only way. All of us stick together, as well. There are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs.

Stewart: See, if I said that? Crucifixion. You can say so much more than me. It’s insane.

Pattinson: That’s not true at all. When did I say anything {controversial}?

Stewart: You’re really good, but you could say, “I just took a s*** on the Queen’s face,” and people would be like, “Oh, I love him! I love him!”

Pattinson: That is so not true.

-Kristen, you obviously feel like you’re under more of a microscope.

Stewart: I’m a girl, and our fan base is primarily other girls. I would be the same way. I’d be like, “That b—- doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”
I wish I could express myself better and I would ,in my own language,but I hope you will understand what I was trying to say
ps I agree completely with everything Rose is saying

angelica1 said...

They just make me smile constantly.They're just so delighted with each other, they could have a very lucrative career as a comedy duo if they ever get bored with acting :)

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

katy said...
Hi, Rose!! Great post

I am not disapointed that Rob and Kristen didn't do the whole big kiss thing...had a feeling that they probably wouldn't. I honestely thought that what they did was great and funny as hell!!!

Rob was on stage pretty much the entire night and I am not complaining... He was his adorable, adorkable, funny and gorgeous self the whole night and Kristen, she looked Stunning, loved the dress, very Kristen...and I dare anyone to say she didn't smile. They both looked happy and it looked that they were having fun.

As for sweet Tom, I think it's time to get rid of that beard...such a crime to cover such pretty face.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Take care

dottie said...

Hey Roseland! First things first.... I have internet! No more McD's for me! Woo Hoo!

It was so nice to see Rob and Kristen enjoying themselves last night. They were relaxed and happy and having a good time at a fun event. It's obvious how happy they make each other.

I love that Kristen put on her comfy shoes as soon as she could. She is such a special and beautiful person. I'm glad she found a man who loves her so well. Rob is very special too. He deserves the best and he has her. They both do!

Fio made great points in her post. Can you imagine if they kissed every yr? They will be back on that stage accepting that award 2 more times. Imagine the pressure to keep topping the previous yrs' kiss?! No thanks! I like that we never know what they might do. And IF they were ever going to kiss, I think the very last yr would be the perfect time to do it. Go out w/a bang! heh

Rose, when I saw that picture of Tom I immediately wondered what you would say. Love the hat and shades!

Hello and hugs to all my pals!

sjjw said...

Thanks Kenzz! I'm just a happy camper...knowing these two people I don't know are also happy campers!

deb said...

Rose I enjoyed last night SOOOOOOOOOO much .It was FUNNY and loving and to see OUT 2 together and having FUN LOOK AT THE LOVE ON THEIR Faces and even Taylor had fun HO my God what Rob said to kristen You know he wanted to take her back stage and kiss her all over SHE LOOKED SOOO damn HAPPY. She didnt give a shit Robs her man and to hell with everything else. ABOUT DAMN TIME you go girl (KRISTEN)I think Rob mite had a little to drink BUT I DONT think he was drunk JUST HAPPY and why in the hell not LOOK AT HIM and who hes with for the whole world to see and she did say Honey yep she did NOW I cant wait for next year what do you think they well do then?????? THANK YOU ROSE love ya have a good day my friend and a big HI to all you guys . :) DEB.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

What can i say, I so loved the mtv movie awards-just because it was funny and exciting and because Rob and Kristen was there.

Rob and Kristen were perfect..
I think everything was perfect-even if some of the things Rob said were a surprise-but i think it's about time he has some fun

I loved it when Kristen say ' Go get him honey"- so endearing

Rob and Kristen will do what they want and when and where they want it--not to please anyone..

Twirling is really fun--i got so dizzy from all the twirling when i saw the Rob and Kristen

Have a wonderful day to all in Roseland

beaculen said...

I thought Rob was funny as hell, and Kristen actually didn't seem as uncomefortable as she can be. Him kissing Taylor, I took it as a "in your face". Your so right, they act like a couple they just don't need to call it to everyone's attention. Geez if I saw one more picture of Beiber with his hand on Selena Gomez's ass I was gonna lose it lmao. In a video of backstage, they were very relaxed, and holding hands looking like any other couple. People need to give it up, they're together whether you like it or no. Thanks Rose.

Rose said...

yawn indeed.

gwen said...

Great post! I did catch it last night. Rob stole the night, lol. I wasnt expecting him to kiss Taylor but it was so hillarious, best moment for me. R and K looked adorable, so much cuteness and they really were comfortable and enjoying the night.

ADD said...

I totally agree wit hitflix.

"Even after all these years, KStew and RPatt are still hopelessly awkward without scripts and characters to work with. In this age of media training and PR spin, we kind of love that about them. They're perfect together. Unless you do PR for them".

Rose said...

Oh dear. someone is really upset.

PipDancer said...

These two are so happy together it shines through their every pore. Rob doesn't look at anyone like he looks at Kristen. Still. After all this time. She's gorgeous. So is he. Beautiful couple. They don't do anything by Hollywood standards, including publicly posting sex tapes or nude pictures, wearing what's expected, or making their relationship details public. They're protecting their love and they should.
Tom... the new look must be for a film, right?

Rose said...

If you weren't such a complete nasty vile bitch, I wouldn't have to delete your comments.

The Divine One said...

Stating the obvious is being nasty and vile?? Really? The girl's bra was hanging out of her dress??? You are so in love with her you don't mention it. I mean LOOK--its horrible.

lulu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rose said...

Kristen was stunning last night.
I bet Rob agrees.
(and Tom)

Berry said...

Last night was the best MTV awards show thanks to Rob! What a hoot he is! He definately should do SNL! The chemistry between Rob and Kristen is soo strong! All the smiles tell it all! Loved your post as always Rose!

Rose said...

Wow. That's awesome.
I love Kristen.
And Rob.
And Tom.

Lucky Me!

dottie said...

Why I am not surprised that jealousy reared its ugly head today? Kristen got so much positive attention, as she always does at these kinds of events, add to that the way Rob so obviously ADORES her & it was just too much for someone to take.

Good job of policing Roseland, Rose!

Kay said...


To me it looked like the foundation that the leather of the dress was attached to when it was made...unless you were right there next Kristen, how would you know?

dd said...

Hi everyone!

Really great post Rose, you said it all...

Rob kissing Taylor was hilarious, I wasn't expecting that, lol. I was like?
But I still hope to see R&K kissing on that stage some day ;)

The best part of the night for me was Kristen receiving her award. I know that she won for eclipse, but I think it was very well deserved given all her great performances from last year. She really is loved and she has the most devoted fans. And I loved her speech! "The popcorn is mine" Yes it is, LOL!
It's unbelievable how some people can't see how sweet and special she is.

And she was GORGEOUS! I absolutely loved the dress and I love that she always changes her shoes. It wouldn't be Kristen if she didn't do that ;)

Loved the backstage pics!
And I kind of love Tom's beard too, lol!

divine one... you're NOT. You're just a pathetic jealous bitch, go away.

angelica1 said...

Rose, it's the old action/reaction thing again. As always, the happier Rob and Kristen are, the more bitter these bitter harpies become. Since they were both ecstatic and Kristen is too bloody gorgeous for words, it's clearly a bitter pill to swallow.

dottie said...

Kudos to Kristen! She is on all the Best Dressed lists for her dress, hair, makeup, shoes.... last night. Everyone thought she looked DIVINE!

Freddie said...

Angelica - you got that right!!!

oh dottie - good one!

Hey Kay, dd, Berry and Rose.

angelica1 said...

dottie - she was gorgeous in the dress, she was gorgeous in the jeans. I might be annoyed if she wasn't such a swetheart :)

The Divine One said...
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LIZ said...

Hi Roseland,

I was so glad to see them happy. They are both so adorable and awkward and you could see that she was embarassed for HIM like he has been for her sometimes in the past, i.e. when she dropped her popcorn a couple of years ago.

Watching the backstage video is so fun, showing the two of them clinging to each other.

Why does it make some of us SO HAPPY just to see them happy? Perhaps if we ever discover the answer, we'll lose the magic. But for now, seeing these two young people so in love makes this old lady believe in magic.

Liz in NC

Kay said...

That was a good one, Dottie. :)

Hi Freddie!

Annie said...

Can I just add......Bitter, Jealous and IGNORED harpies.

Some people are just so obvious with their jealousy.

dottie said...

Hi Fredster,
I'm wasting time doing nothing while I wait for hubster to get home from a meeting so we can have dinner. I seem to have a knack for popping in at the wrong/right time. LOL

Rose said...

Sheesh... someone is desperate.
Poor thing.

Hope said...

Divine One...
Since you seem to be such an expert on fashion, please enlighten us and tell us your divine thoughts on Nikki Reed's get up.

Annie said...

All together now......


Rose said...

Hahahaha Hope! :))

wendy.griffin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hi Annie.

dottie - glad you popped in to add your perspective. I agree, I think Kristen looked beautiful.

The Divine One said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LIZ said...

OKAAAAAYYYYY!!! I know I've been away from her for awhile but where the hell did this "DIVINE" bitch come from? It this "Honey" in disguise?

WHY would they even come here and bother us? It's like swatting misquitoes. I'm sorry for even acknowledging but couldn't help myself.


Gotcha .............

Rose said...

Yes. Your life is so fucking awesome.
I'm sure.
Spamming blog comments the highlight of your day?

Annie said...

Hi Freddie! :)
Hi everyone!

dd said...

Isn't it amazing that all Kristen's dresses always make the best dress lists? Her look from last night was considered a HIT!

The Divine One said...

To answer the question, I think Nikki looked incredible last night and so did everyone else. She was dressed appropriately for the event unlike Kristen who looked like she was a teenage street whore.

The Divine One said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kay said...

You know, one of the things I like the most about Kristen is that she isn't FAKE.

Annie said...

Nikki was barely mentioned even with talk of an engagement.

Her choice of outifit didn't even register on any of the fashion reviews.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I thought Kristen looked so beautiful last night, and I have never seen her look so happy. Rob also looked very happy. I was hoping for a kiss, but can understand why they don't want to..what Rob did was very funny.

The Divine One needs to go elsewhere with her hateful comments. She is just jealous, because Kris is young, beautiful, sexy, rich, and she has Rob.

Take care Roselanders, and always enjoy your words,Rose.

Rose said...

Talk about Famewhores...
Who announces their engagement at the MTV Movie awards?

The Divine One said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Freddie said...

Annie - you're right. I just watched some of the entertainment shows and Kristen was mentioned on them all. Bryce got mentioned as well. Nobody else.

dd said...

Nikki Reed? Was she even there last night? Funny, I didn't notice her there... and I can't find her dress in any best dress list...

Anonymous said...

Love this post!

I am a fan of this couple (and yes...for Pete's sakes, they ARE a couple. George Stephanopolis just did a brief stint on the national news about last nights awards and he referred to Kristen as, "Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, Kristen Stewart," so you KNOW it must be true. LOL!)

Thanks again for this terific post...I've been lurking on your blog for awhile. LOVE it!

Annie said...

I think The Divine One needs a divine intervention before all hope for her sanity is lost.......Methinks she's already over the edge!

Hope said...

Well, how is it that I am not surprised by your 'divine' response. Amazing...never once was Nikki mentioned as Best Dressed or even mentioned at all. But Kristen....well, she is on EVERY BEST DRESSED LIST because she is gorgeous.

gwen said...

oh lol someone's losing it, slow down on whatever your taking...

Freddie said...

Oh and I forgot, Liz Reaser was acknowledged as looking beautiful as well.

dd said...

WTF? Nikki Reed is engaged???


How long is she with that guy? I didn't even know that she had a boyfriend!

LOL, that's too funny!

Annie said...

OMG.....Divine one: Are you actually quoting postings from comment sections? Seriously woman, get a hold of yourself and your sanity, what little you have left!

Rose: I need to use your ...Bwaaaahaaaa!
Good Lord!

dottie said...

I can see why others might be jealous of Kristen. She just has IT. When she is posing in any group your eyes automatically go to her. There are lots of beautiful women in HW but nobody looks like Kristen. And she just keeps getting better and better! I still want to know how she does that?!?!? Dang it!

Oh Divine One, leave it to you to go find comments from haters and try to pass them off as some kind of truth. The rest of us could spend all night posting positive comments from people whose opinions really matter -- not only about Kristen's beauty, but her talent and character as well. You don't want to go there.

Hope said...

Rose, Annie

How long has she dated her so-called fiance?? Well, she needed to get some attention, so why not announce it at the MTVMA.

dd said...

Why are we even talking about Nikki Reed? She's so irrelevant...

Annie said...

Yep.....Man it has to hurt when you go to all the trouble to announce on MTV and not even MTV puts it at the top of their reporting on the show.

Insanely jealous, bitter panda, not a pretty sight!

Hope said...

dd...why don't you ask the Divine One?

beaculen said...

Divine One, shut the fuck up! I really hope you are too young to understand just how trashy and disgustingly desperate you sound. How can you EVEN say Kristen Stewart is a famewhore? Do you even understand what that is? Google it, I'm pretty sure Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber,and YOU will be pictured there. If you don't like Kristen Stewart that's great, go to a hater site so you can all commiserate on your pitiful lives together. Kristen did make best dressed for last night, she's fucking 20 and she rocked that dress, could you? ugh it's people like you that ruin everyone else's fun.You are a very ugly person, and you need to realize how serious it is to say defamitory shit like that online.

30 said...

There are SO many comments I could say about Nikki Weed right now, but am not in the mood. Maybe tomorrow! :)

VW: copsynd


Annie said...

Three months.....tops!

WordyGirl said...

Rob was priceless at the awards! Loved it! Loved Kristen's dress! Loved seeing them together. ...My husband and I never show PDA, and we've been together for many years. Team Robsten!

angelica1 said...

Why would someone with a wonderful life and if memory serves me correctly, a hot boyfriend with whom to have amazing sex, spend hours posting the same tired crap for us to laugh at, over and over...and over and Rose to delete over and over...and over....and over?

30 said...

High fucken five ROSE!

Her ring looked like it was a extra he found laying round in the garbage from a old cracker jack box! LMFAO

dd said...

Hope, divine who? Not seeing anyone with that name here! I usually don't pay attention to irrelevant people... because they are irrelevant!

Melinda said...

Hey all! Last night's awards were fun I must say!

I love when Rob doesn't filter. Anyone remember the "allergy" comment he made in Details??

Oh and two words: back muscles!!!!

Kristen- Her dress last night took over as my new favorite! Safety pins are the new bullets! ;)

They were happy, having fun and that's all I wanted to see!

I don't have more to add as everyone summed up the night wonderfully.

Freddie said...

Boy ...some people don't know when to quit. Boring!!

angelica1 said...

30 - Well you can't expect Tiffany. Does he even have an actual job? Talk about working your way to the bottom

beaculen said...

Thanks Rose, you always have our back lol.

Annie said...

TSK, tSK...........Jealousy is such a waste of a life.

It's always the same with you isn't it Divine One? You don't get your way and you have a temper tantrum that rivals that of any two year old child.

Here's some advice for you......You keep carrying on this way, you won't ever be happy and the people around won't be happy either!
At this point I can't see how anyone can tolerate you in real life.

Freddie said...

Hi Melinda - my last comment was not directed at you (I'll guess you knew that).

dottie said...

Check out this trending description of Kristen from twitter. Love it!

dd said...


And isn't it sad that she had to announce an engagement to try to be in the news (not successful, I have to say)? When you have no talent... you have to sell your private life. Except she's not selling it because no one cares, she's giving it for free!

Melinda said...

Hi Freddie-

No worries! I knew you were talking about the trash.

30 said...

So true Angelica! I mean talk about PR whores,both of them too announce an engagement on the "MTV red carpet" with a man she has been dating for 3 months???

W H O R E.

Or just WHORE will do it!

Annie said...

I would like to offer a toast.........To a love of life, lovely blog friends and sanity.
Roselanders...Thank you!

To vile, hateful bitches....Fuck off!
Cheers! :)

Freddie said...

Annie - well said. I'm with you.

angelica1 said...

Annie - I like that toast :)

Birdie said...

Good evening Roseland! Well, wasn't that a night! I am watching the rerun of the show and they are just as adorable the second time around. It sure is obvious that Rob and Kristen are truly loved by their millions of fans and deservedly so.
Did Kristen rock that edgy designer dress? No shit, Sherlock. There isn't anything she doesn't look fantastic in. THAT girl has got "IT"!

Melinda said...

As much as would love to stay and chat I still have to pack and be up at 4:15 AM to catch a plane.

I have a date with Mumford and Sons tomorrow night!!! Can't wait and super excited!

So I bid you all adieu. Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the evening.

dd said...

Cheers! :)

Hope said...

Angelica...I was wondering the same thing...maybe the sex is not so hot after all.


Dottie...glad you are now officially connected.

Annie...yes a toast to all of Roseland.

Penny Lane said...

I don't want to read through all these comments, so why are you talking about Nikki Reed and that spastic Idol wannabe?

Annie said...

@ The Divine One:
In 50 years, better yet in the next 50 minutes, I would hope that you would lose the hateful, vile insults because things are not going your way.

If Paul and Nikki are happy then I wish them well in life.
There are unions that last, no matter to some it may seem rushed. Who knows.

Freddie said...

Melinda - enjoy your concert.

Hey Hope - how are you?

dd said...

"spastic Idol wannabe"


Kay said...

Hi Penny!

It is just Roger and their god complex alias with the usual jealous tantrum....you know, same old attention seeking bitterness.

Hope you are doing well! :)

Birdie said...

I love the picture. Now, that is one happy girl!

Penny Lane said...


We landed here at the same time for once.

I'm good, the weather is good, no complaints.

Why does Roger/Divine always come out after positive press?

Hope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dd said...

Birdie, yes she is! Beautiful, super cute and happy! My favourite pic from last night :)

Freddie said...

Hope - LOL. I can understand. My mother helped organize my father as well. And on the few occasions he tried to do it himself, he kept on asking her where to find things anyway. So it was easier for her to help in the long run.

I'm sure your husband appreciates it.

Freddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said...


I'm glad you are enjoying your summer, now that it has finally made it up here! :)

I know, it has gotten pretty predictable, hasn't it? Wonder how many people they have sitting around with them that they are trying to impress tonight? Putting their vileness on display like that is pretty ballsy, I mean for someone so concerned about appearances and professionalism....

Birdie said...

Kristen just continues to shine. There isn't an event that she doesn't stand out from the rest of the pack unlike others who blend in the background.

Kenzz said...

Good evening, Roseland! I see the crazies are keeping Rose busy with the delete button...

It is amazing how jealousy always rears it's ugly head whenever someone gets all the attention, and someone doesn't get ANY! Poor, pathetic, and lonely girl seems to be pushed over the edge whenever she's reminded of how she can never measure up to Kris!

Annie said...

Hi Kenzz :)
I read about your weekend in NYC. I'm glad your daughter and I hope you and your husband enjoyed POTO and the weekend here.....There's nothing like seeing a show on Broadway and enjoying many of the great things/places this city has to offer.
You had fabulous weather weekend as well.

Sydney said...

Not everybody has the body to pull off Kristen's look. Some people have to drape themselves in yards of black fabric. Too bad really.

Not everybody can steal the show by just being. Some people have to resort to cheap publicity stunts on a live awards show for people to remember they exist. Sad.

Kenzz said...

Sydney: You said it! It looked like someone sewed together a couple of window sheers...and speaking of red carpet ugly, did you see how the idol-wannabe guy wore some crazy-ass bolero tie...Honestly, too funny. I actually felt embarrassed for Nikki Reed... how do you tactfully tell your date that he looks ridiculous?

no kidding, my word verif: 'schit'

dd said...

"Not everybody can steal the show by just being."

I love that, so true!

Rose, I love your delete button!

Kenzz said...

Annie: we truly had the most spectacular time in the city... my daw absolutely loved PotO, and the weather allowed us to walk everywhere. The hubby was so accomodating for us...he's a real sweetie for going out of his way to ensure she had a trip to remember!

Annie said...

You know what they say........If once, twice, three, no wait multiple times you don't succeed you -

Wear black see through fabric.

Have newly minted boyfriend (all of three months) proudly show off engagement ring.

Say.."He's the one", not once but twice...with feeling!

Lose it completely when all your efforts don't even make it to the entertainment shows.


Freddie said...

I love it when I come back and see that Rose has taken out the trash.

Hey Kenzz - how are you?

Sydney - you're right. Kristen can carry off so many different styles beautifully - think the Oscar dress, the Met Gala dress, the Eclipse premiere dress - all different, but she rocked them all.

Kenzz said...

Hi Freddie: I'm great...enjoying this warm weather!

How are things in the northern territory? Did you have a good weekend?

dd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I see you've been busy taking the trash out, again :(

Awesome post, thanks <3

I haven't read all the comments yet, but Sydney, I think you nailed it!

Hi Everyone :)

Sydney said...

Kenzz..I actually thought NR's dress looked like an Old Navy version of Kristen's Chanel gown from LAST YEAR's Met Gala. Sweet racerback tank Nik.

Annie: if at first you don't succeed...imitate the girl people actually care about. And it still didn't work. Hence our surprise guest tonight. It would be funny if it wasn't so pitiful.

Where's Sgt. Syd?

Kenzz said...

Sydney, maybe she's finally left to go find Bolero Boy...

Kenzz said...

Hi Rhonda! How's things?

Rhonda said...

Hi Kenzz- I'm happy to hear you had a nice time in NYC. I'm doing great, thanks :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi RHONDA and All....

I had to laugh when I got home a bit ago, my husband informed me that he heard today(probably on Fox News because thats almost the only thing he watches)that ROB dropped the "F" bomb at the show last night. Hahahaha!!!

I am sick that I didnt have him record the show for me....I would love to see it again...it was great!

Oh... DIVINE ONE..I just got home from work..we just had to remove a mans infected finger and it had maggots all over it...I will think of YOU every time I think of that...maggots feed off of dead rotten flesh...you feed off of jealousy...very similar! Have a ROTTEN evening!!!!!

Hugs to Everybody else!!!!

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for pitching out the pathetic polynomial personification of pitiful jealousy. So very sad to see someone embarrass herself by foaming in public.

Sydney, had the same thought about the dress.

Noticed that JH cut away from someone on the red carpet rather obviously and quickly after a nap comment. Seemed like it annoyed him and that he is not a fan.

Kenzz said...

Super: ((hugs)) right back at you! Sounds like you had quite the disgusting "day at the office"...next time, warn us before you drop that lovely image here! lol

Good to see you, olivia :) Hope all is well with you...

Freddie said...

Hi Olivia, Super and Rhonda

Olivia - "polynomial personification of pitiful jealousy" - oh, I love it. Can I use it in future? Perfect.

Super - meant to tell you that I love your new avi. Very cute.

Rhonda - hope you had a good weekend, despite having to work.

MySoCalledLife said...

Evening - just popping in quickly. I didn't get a chance to read some of the troll's comments before they were deleted, but she sounded like a nasty little thing.

Speaking of... I was re-reading my comments from earlier today and yeah, they were kind of harsh. I've been in a crusty mood lately I guess.

Penny & Freddie - of course you are right. I know this about R/K and about twi-fans. Nothing will ever be enough so they do what they want. I realize how I feel is hypocritical considering what I love about them is their individuality. I was just annoyed. I get it... it doesn't make sense and I'm not entitled to anything... that was just my gut reaction. I'll chalk it up to me being a crusty bitch lately.

Although, apparently I missed half of the MMAs?! I missed the "Go get him Honey" (didn't hear it at all) and the backstage photos were really sweet. I did catch Rob's F-bomb, which was priceless.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Time for bed... night all!

olivia said...

Hi Kenzz, **wave** and a hug.

So great that the weather was just right for your trip. Being able to walk around the city and be comfortable is so very nice.

The weather here continues to be a scorcher. Yesterday and today were both 102. Way too hot for the beginning of June. Tomorrow will only be 98. Am a bit worried what July, August and September will be like this year.

Have a lovely evening. I am off to read. Am starting the Hunger Games. Lots of my students have read it and have recommended it to me, so I told them I would put it on my summer reading list.

Hugs for all the lovely Roselanders.

Freddie said...

MySoCalledLife - I fully understand and can relate. By the way, you didn't sound harsh. You had a thought and you bravely voiced it. I hope things go well. Have a good night.

olivia said...

Oops, hi to Freddie.

I didn't read to the end before hitting "publish". By all means, use the "pppj" label. I just didn't feel like typing out all the aliases so I thought that was an appropriate way to describe the lost soul.
Hug for you too! : )

Night y'all. Will peek in tomorrow evening.

Kenzz said...

olivia: That's way too hot! You must just go from one air-conditioned environment to the next! Hope the rest of your summer "chills out" a bit :)

I read the trilogy of the Hunger Games recently, as my daughter was reading them...They're pretty good, especially for a summer read! Hope you enjoy them, as well.

Seems like the troll patrol can relax, so I'll say goodnite to you all..Have a great rest of your evening!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi FREDDIE...I am good. Hi KENZZ..I will be try to restrain myself better in the future! lol
OLIVIA..High five!

Have a good evening everybody..

Rhonda said...

Hi Super, Kenzz, Freddie, Olivia and MSCL :)

Sorry for my slow response, lol, I'm still trying to catch up on comments :)

Freddie- Thanks. I had a busy weekend, but not bad. How are you?

Annie said...

Goodnight all.

Sleep well.

Freddie said...

Good night Olivia, Kenzz and Super.

Rhonda - I'm good, thanks. Just back at work today. There's a lot to get done over the next few work days, but that will make it go quickly. I'm going to head off as well. Have a good evening. Stay well.

Freddie said...

Night Annie.

DreamerKind said...

I agree. Fast cleanup, too.

Glad I was of help to you with my comments. When I am so giddy myself, I am often accused of being drunk, without a drop in me. Mirth will do that to me, giddy-up.

You are one awesome Mama, so adopt me please. :)

@To Roselanders, One & All
Sure do enjoy your comments and thoughts.


DreamerKind said...

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cutiestar said...

Rose, great post today. Spot on with everything as always.

Kristen and Rob were so cute, happy, and having fun. I’m glad they were able to just be. Kristen was GORGEOUS!!! I’m assuming that dress was custom made for her because it fit her like a glove. Edgy, eye-popping color, short and sweet. Loved she ditched the shoes. I would have done the same. Rob was hilarious and made the rather boring show entertaining, so thanks for the laughs and good times.

Also, it is great to see Rob and Kristen’s many months of hard work and undeniable chemistry paid off big time because the Breaking Dawn trailer was smoking hot. Headboards, sweet kisses, THE WEDDING, Jacob finally getting his butt kicked by Edward, all made for a fantastic trailer. I’m excited for this movie.

Well, I guess I missed an unwanted visitor tonight. So Rose, I think you should start off every post with one of your best lines ever:

“Because not only does she fucking own you... She owns Robert Pattinson.”

That line says it all. Straight to the point and no need to elaborate.

Have a goodnight Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

I Stayed Too Long At The Fair

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wania said...

Rose, brilliant post! You said everything! Perfect way to talk about all the things happened in MTMMA! Many people crazing about Rob and Kris after the show MTV ...the best kiss... all be fake ... ... Rob and Taylor gays... OMG! Many things insanes... Makes me crazy! Wow!

Well...I especially loved how it was developed ... how Rob and Kris received the award for best kiss in MTVMA. Why? As they continued to be themselves, they are not sold, not sold their relationship "as Kristen and Rob- always try to find it clear. They remained faithful to the idea that your privacy is not a public spectacle to entertain the public and if they won the best kiss is because they did a great job and have fans who admire the work and cheer for them .
I liked Rob's performance, because it was fun, different, unexpected and creative as him and I like them on the stage especially when he kissed Taylor was funny and playful, he finished all an affectionate kiss on the forehead and hands of Taylor, a "little brother" of Twilight " abetting with them, these years latter.

And the better, closing the mouth of many who have criticized the two, claiming they are false, Rob and Kris backstage at MTV's , laughing, hugging, holding hands and caresses, a couple normal not changing anything in their lives kissed or not.

So this is what matters, they are always together, accomplices, very very happy, a normal couple and one who is really a fan should be proud to see two talented young actors are so honest in their lives and faithful to their ideas to the point of not selling their lifes the industry of Hollywood stars like many couples posing for paparazzi..

This is not them. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are rare and unique that world, a role model. And perhaps a model that should be rescued by most couples ...
And as said Rose: "..." There are none so blind to see Those Who Will Not ... "

Tom Sturridge...I like him...huuummm ... is he okay? ... I don't know ...

Rose, I think I exceeded, sorry for this and sorry for my english, but I felt the need ...

Kisses for All

OCD56 said...

I have not read all the comments, but I would like to add this about Nikki and Paul. I know that relationships in Hollywood are more difficult, but my husband and I got married just three months after we met. We have been happily married for 36 years. Yes, these quick relationships can work. I love Rob and Kristen and all I want for them is be happy! I thought Rob was so adorable, hilarious, and real last night!

OCD56 said...

BTW I just wish all the people who always have to say something negative all the time would just go somewhere else.

DreamerKind said...

Good day to everyone! Rest well.

I've stayed too long at it all, after all. But oh, it was something else, worth something more.


Twi_Chic said...

Hi All in Roseland!!

Very fitting title and great post Rose! At over 150+ comments posted here, I am well late to this celebration robsten-ness - what a weekend to have limited internet access!?!

Only got to watch the awards last night, and I LOVED IT. It was totally their night, Rob's especially. But even with all this adorkable ness and awkwardness I LOVED it. Can't remember who said it, but they said along the lines of "Rob is totally comfortable in his own skin and proved it on the night", and I couldn't agree more. With the random jokes - kissing Taylor for best kiss - (look at Rob's face when he is kissing his T's hand he looks so damn proud to have pulled off the joke!) And then when he got back to Kristen on stage "I want to take you back stage" I loved it....

But as Rose and some many of you have said on here, none of this is news to us - we have KNOWN that Robsten is for sooooo long, about time the non-believers caught up! I think its cool they didn't cave either and kiss on stage - because it wasn't needed to prove anything, just looking at the two of them just being themselves around each other speaks VOLUMES!!!

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the many gifts and giddyness that MTV VMAs bought us!!

Rhonda said...

Good Morning Roseland!

I'm still smiling over the MTVMA, I loved it. They looked so happy. I thought Kristen's dress was killer, she looked amazing!

Rob, was hilarious. I know I've said this before, but I don't think he realizes just how funny he is. I would love to see him on SNL :)

Fio- Good luck with exams.

Melinda- Have fun at the concert, safe travels.

I hope everyone has a great day!


RobstenSparks said...

It's true. All of it. It's nothing but the simple truth. Rob and Kristen are HONESTLY together and HONESTLY private and HONESTLY in love. You're EXACTLY right. That's what I thought. When they didn't kiss up there, I stood up and applauded. Does anyone realize the kind of strength those two have for NOT kissing up there and NOT doing what the whole world wants them to do and just get it done for the satisfactory of the public? They REFUSE to perform. Because they don't WANT to perform. They're REAL. They're in a real relationship and it's not for show. They just want to have fun and be together and go hide in a corner somewhere. I just couldn't help but cheer him on! I feel like Rob is just sick of all the crap and sick of all the Jacob/Bella bullshit and especially sick of everyone trying to pry into his life with Kristen. So...let's do JAKEWARD, why don't we?!? God, I'm telling you, the man is NUTS. He's BRILLIANT. He just has this wild and totally crazy sense of humor and he'll let out something or do something absolutely drastic and then you don't know what to do or say! It's like he totally stumps everyone. He pummels it. Him and Kristen are brilliant. They handle everything amazingly. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how they still hold their ground and keep their distance from the public. It's not like the public doesn't know, it's just that it's THEIR relationship and they're not going to give the press and reporters what they want. Because they don't have to! I must say, Rob and Kristen...they are like nothing else. It's hard to find words. All I can do is cheer them on. They are nothing but pure truth. And that's the end of it.

Fiorels said...

Mmm i'm sorry ladies, I think I might have missed the "divine" side of the DIVINE ONE.
Would anyone be so nice to enlighten me?
Cause in my opinion I think she should actually go to church a bit more often and realize she must have misunderstood Evil with Devine..
so there you go.. everything is explained, EVIL ONE!
I'm kinda sorry for you haters actually.. all the time, all your life, frowning and yelling and complaining.. I mean it must be a really sad life, isnt it?

What can I say that you smart ladies didnt say already?
Loved all your posts...
Lucky us cause we love "LOVE"... we recognize it and are happy for such little things..
just lucky us... so happy to be born and grown like this..
World is already too full with wars and hate to even take time and spread it on such a lovely, amazing, stunning, smart and really beloved girl...
What a sadness to think there actually are people enjoying doing it...

Rhonda- thank you so much :)
I was just back from the first one and got 27/30, which is really good considering it was the most difficult one and I was expecting something like 23/30 LOL

btw, tonight's the UK glamour Awards...
Cant wait to see our little star shining again!
She has been so glowing lately that I can't even say it.. awwww

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FIO...Congrats on all your hard work at school. It will take you far in life the more you learn! I am having lunch at the local Thai restaurant. I wonder if there are any Thai places where you live. Have a good day!

Fiorels said...

Super, thanks so much!
And nope.. have no idea what a Thai restaurant is..
or maybe I just assumed it's Thai food haha how lame I am..
Anyway, nope. The best we can get where I live is Chinese..
but I'm pretty sure there are such things in Rome or some other big cities hehe.
Enjoy your Thai food and let me know what it is like :)

Rhonda said...

Fio- Good job! I'm sure you'll ace the next one too :)

Fiorels said...

Thanks Rhonda :)
how you doing?

Frances said...

Wouldn't it be great if Rob and Kristen were "really married", for real, in the Breaking Dawn movie marriage ceremony?
Kristen did call Rob "honey" on stage at the MTV awards. That's a "married" word in my book.

30 said...

A+ On this dress Miss Kristen! :)


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi 30...Im home a little early this afternoon. I LOVED "the dress"...I wish I had a pair of legs lthat could rock a dress like that but alas...I never did and never will! lol

FIO..Thai food is similar to Chinese but the spices are different and the sauces are more like gravies...they have a sushi bar but I usually eat California rolls which are rice rolled over crab and cucumber and you dip it in fresh ginger and a green paste called wasabi...very hot..as in spicy...love it! I also like the hot saki(wine) and their soups and salads.

wig4usc said...

I loved the show, loved what I saw, and LOVED it when they forgot to bleep Rob during his part for Reese! And yes, I caught the "honey" comment from Kristen, love it!

Fiorels said...

Super- sounds yummie! :D
I wish I could try once..
I heard of wasabi sauce... and also the gravies are like my favourites! when I was in England I was ordering beef or chicken with gravy all the time! LOL so if its pretty much like that I would like it! haha
thanks for the "retrospective" and excuse me for my English tonight..
I'm a total mess after all the time on books, and between English, French and Arabic it seems like I can't even understand Italian anymore lol.

How beautiful was Kristen tonight?
Again.. she just got it..
And her look kinda reminded me of Twilight premiere.
Dress: German premiere.
Hair: London one.

She was stunning..
Ok, i'm gonna sleep..
talk to you tomorrow everyone! xx

30 said...

Hi Super! I have too agree, I think the one in the above link is one of my favorites too date. :)

I could have worn that her age.... now I probably could still, but I would need a "few" sizes bigger. LOL

DreamerKind said...

Nothing Can Come Between Us


I always hope that you remember
We'll never really learn the meaning of it all

What we have is strong and tender
So hold on
In the middle of the madness

When the time is running out
And you're left alone
All I want is you to know that

It's strong still
Can't pull us apart

Nothing can come
Between us
Nothing can pull us apart
Can come
Between us

So it truly is a good thing
And I always wanted you to know
There is always this
And this is everlasting
Hold on

It's about faith
It's about trust, yeah yeah
It's about faith
It's about trust

Nothing can come
Nothing can come between us
Can come
Can tear
Can pull
Us apart

Thank you/missbham205

DreamerKind said...

Don't Stop Believing


Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere

Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train going anywhere

I see her in a smoky room
I smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers, waiting..walking down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night..
Street lights..people..
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night..

Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Betting anything to roll the dice
Just one more time

Some will win
Some will lose
Some are born to sing the blues
Oh the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

Don't stop..believing..hold on to that feeling..
Street light..people..
Don't stop

Thank you/kylar7

DreamerKind said...

More Than You Know

Billie Holiday-1939:

More than you know
More than you know
Man of my heart I love you so
Lately I find you on my mind
More than you know

Whether you're right
Whether you're wrong
Man of my heart I'll string along
I need you so
More than you'll ever know

Loving you the way that I do
There's nothing I can do about it
Loving may be all you can give
But honey I can't live without it

Oh, how I'd sigh
How I'd cry
If you got tired and said good-bye
More than I'd show
More than you'll ever know


DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen-Thanks!

I Get A Kick Out Of You

Jamie Cullum-Live:

My story is much to sad to be told
But practically everything
Leaves me totally cold

The only exception I know is the case
When I'm out on a quiet spree
Fighting vainly the old ennui

Then I suddenly turn
And see your fabulous face

I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you

Some get their kicks from cocaine
I'm sure that if I took even one sniff
That would bore me terrifically too
That I get a kick out of you

I get a kick every time I see you
Standing there before me
I get a kick though it's clear to me
That you obviously do not adore me

I get no kick in a plane
Flying too high with some gal in the sky
Is my idea of nothing to do
But I get a kick out of you

But I get a kick
She gives me the boot
I get a kick out of you

Thank you/pshevel

DreamerKind said...

One More Jamie, For The World

If I Ruled The World

Jamie Cullum:

If I ruled the world
Every day would be the first day of spring
Every heart would have a new song to sing
And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring

If I ruled the world
Every man would be as free as a bird
Every voice would be a voice to be heard
Take my word we would treasure each day that occurred

My world would be a beautiful place
Where we would weave such wonderful dreams
My world would wear a smile on its face
Like the man in the moon has
When the moon beams

I ruled the world
Every man would see the world was his friend
There'd be happiness that no man could end
No my friend
Not if I ruled the world

Every head would be held up high
There'd be sunshine in everyones sky
If the day ever dawned
When I ruled the world

Thank you/whiteaika

DreamerKind said...

Some wine is worth getting a headache from drinking too much of it, don't you think? Well, I can say that I am, and do.

This wine, which is red and very delicious, is a Tempranillo from Spain. It was going to be a gin & tonic night, but I was swept away to sunny Spain, since it was so hot here today, and the idea of it delighted me more.

Why I'll just pour another glass, and another one of fresh water to go along with it, and say "adios" for a little while.

My toast for you is:
'Salud, Amor, Dinero...y tiempo para disfrutarlo todo'
(Health, love, money...and time to enjoy it all)

Am reading a wild and wanton version of Pride & Prejudice, (OMG) and can't wait to read about some wild wanting.

Be back later...


Annie said...

Good morning Everyone!

Kristen looked stunning in another Balmain creation at the GlamourUK Awards last night.


It's going to be a record setting day here temperature wise today and tomorrow..........Heatwave!

Take care everybody.

@Dk: You make me want to pull out my copy of Pride and Prejudice now too............Enjoy! :)

*I*Believe* said...

Good Morning!

Gotta laugh!! I love how the nonnies call Kristen a "clinger"...I mean what the heck?? Kristen is the strongest, most level headed, "I know who I am" young actress in all of Hollywood!! They are soooo desperate to tear others apart....so sad! LOOK IN THE MIRROR NONNIES AND BACK OFF...JEALOUS MUCH???

Annie~I will be sharing the record heat with you but I will be stuck in a unair-conditioned classroom with 21 other bodies! Today and tomorrow are suppose to hit 95!

Super~What an adorable little man your grandson is!

DK~We r ships passing in the night :)

angelica~Thinking about your back.

Everyone be well!

30 said...

Good Morning my sweet Roseland!

100 degrees it will hit today here at the Jersey Shore. So the mommy that I am is letting my daughter take a day off of school and off too the water park (Hurricane Harbor) we go!!

I hope you all have a great day and stay cool if the weather is the same for you. :)

Kenzz said...

Good morning, Rose & Roseland... So good to see Kris all decked out again...sweet pics of her reunion with Garrett. Why is it just about every person who works with bb girl can't help but sing her praises? :)

30, you're a great Mom for taking her out of school for a day of "hooky"... the memories you make will be worth the lessons missed in the classroom... Also, thanks for posting all the links...I feel like you keep us all up-to-the-minute! <3

Speaking of classrooms, IB must be almost done...hope you and your students can get through the next two days of HEAT...my daw's Health teacher told the kids not to come to school tomorrow because 101 degrees was not conducive to learning!

Annie, the difference between us is...DK inspired you to go reread Pride & Prejudice; DK inspired me to go pour myself a glass of wine! lol

DK: loved your song selections last nite...I can't get that Journey song out of my head now!

Fio: keep studying and acing those exams!

Super: I love to hear about your recent culinary adventures, like the Mexican and Thai restaurants (2 of my faves)...Yummy!

Hi to Rhonda, Freddie, and lots others! Happy Hump Day...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KENZZ...hahaha..DK inspired me to drink more also!!!!!! and my culinary expertise is unfortunately VERY LIMITED.....lol

DreamerKind said...

Funny, insightful new post by Rose, so I'm heading there right now, come along with me.