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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Flawed Perfection

I still love this movie...

There's really not much to write about lately...
I'm finding that I repeat myself
but that tends to happen in a 'drought'.

What is there to say?
Let's see...

Rob is still working on Cosmopolis.
Kristen's whereabouts are still unknown.
And does Bear shit in the woods?

I'm guessing he does.

There has been all sorts of gossip about 
the Jeff Buckley movie...
 I'm thinking that if Rob wants the part?
It's his.
But that brings me to the fact that Tom Sturridge
also auditioned for this part...
I don't know if Tom can sing/play guitar
(Seems all these Brit boys can)
But my goodness...

I fucking LOVE this picture...

Tom really does have a real resemblance to Jeff...
Doesn't he?
I know there has been lots of talk about James Franco
(and for some reason Penn Badgley?)
And admittedly Franco does look the part too.
But damn.
If Rob doesn't do it...
I would LOVE to see Tom in this.
The only negative?
Tom would have to talk in an American accent.
That's a damn shame.

It will be interesting to see who really does get the part.

Simply Stunning.
There were some old/new pics of Kristen released...
My God.
She is so naturally beautiful.
I remember the whole hoopla when she did 
The Runaways
And she cut off her long "Bella" hair...

(And I'm just going to throw this in... because it needs repeating...
Summit couldn't keep Kristen from chopping off her hair.
Where she publicly admitted they tried to stop her...
They are able to get her to 'pretend' to be with someone...
and they control her life even when shes not working for them.)

But moving on...

Kristen chops off her hair...
Fucking KILLS as Joan Jett
And still manages to look gorgeous...
No matter what length her hair is...
No matter what color it is.
She fucking rocks it.

I decided to just post some of my favorite pictures of
Kristen Stewart.

'What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face
and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, 
or the people falling over themselves,
screaming and taunting to get a reaction. 
All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up by a flash...
A lot of the time I can't handle it. 
It's fucked. 
I never expected that this would be my life.'

“People always ask me if I’m dating Robert. 
It’s beyond annoying . . . 
What I say is, that, why would I want anything that’s private 
to become entertainment for other people?
This is what I wanted to show you on here.
People say that if I just tell them everything I’ll be left alone, 
but God, you think if I tell people they’ll leave me alone? 
They pick up every little scrap, and that’s much worse.”
"It's so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things,"
Stewart finally says in response to the iPod image.
"You want to be excited about something, 
normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too,
but it's such a different thing. 
It comes out as entertainment for other people."
"I can relate to Bella in that I think that
I would not necessarily choose the easy road.
I would definitely, if it felt right, and I was in love.
It wouldn’t matter what obstacle. 
I’d face it."
"It’s hard to actually take details from your personal life
and apply them to a scene because, 
as much as you can identify with a feeling,
you just get muddled.
As soon as you start bringing your own stuff in,
it’s like, 'No, that’s not right.' 
You’re playing a different person. 
You can relate,
but you have to leave that stuff at the door."
"I love Rob because he always wants to be the best.
He can be very childish. 
When Rob does something right or wins something
he talks with a different, little voice - like a five-year-old.
Rob is sexy, in a tortured artist way.
This might be because he is British.
He's tall, looks like he is thinking all the time and is incredibly funny.
I love the way he sings. 
It breaks my heart.
And don't you think he's just gorgeous? 
Rob's also a very bad liar, he just can't do it!"
Final thoughts.
I absolutely adore Kristen Stewart
(My feelings for Robert have been well documented)
Is she perfect?
Are you?
She's breathtakingly beautiful.
She's brilliantly talented.
She is awkwardly shy...
and sometimes she doesn't say the right thing
at the right time.
I find that to be part of her charm.
Because to me...
She is real.
She makes mistakes.
She flips off the cameras.
She would rather wear chucks than heels.
She cusses like a sailor.
She's uncomfortable in the spotlight.
Sometimes she doesn't smile.
So what?
If you like Kristen Stewart...
If you are a fan...
Those things don't bother you at all.
In fact...
It's those very things that make you relate to her 
on some small and distant level.
We love that she is quirky and not your
standardized Hollywood actress.
That she doesn't always care if she has make up on
and if her hair is combed just so...
She isn't perfect.
She is flawed.
Flawed Perfection.

If you don't like Kristen Stewart
and you're not a fan...
Why do you care?
Why do you bother following her so closely...
and obsessing over her every move
Her every word?

Oh yeah.
Because of Robert.
Because Robert Pattinson
chooses to be with 
Kristen Stewart.

"I hope you like disappointment"
Get used to it.

This post is brought to you by the letter *K*

K for Kristen
She stays true to herself...
and knows what is important.

K for Kiss.
How many times have Rob and Kristen
been caught kissing?

K for Keep Out.
If you don't like what I have to say...
Why oh why 
do you keep coming back here to read my words?

Green Sheep.
Bye for now


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Claire said...

Great post Rose

I'm not usually an aggressive person but what I wouldn't give to be locked in a room for 5 minutes with these people who hate on Rob and Kristen.

They have done nothing to deserve the bile that gets thrown at them.

Groovie said...

Enjoyed today's post, can't go wrong with showing Kristen some love! Great pix & quotes.

I have to be super brief, about to jump on another conference call at work. Oh joy! Lol!
I hope u are all doing well and having a good day, almost the weekend!! :)

CosmicGirl78 said...


Once again loved todays post! your comments about Tom always make me giggle :) & the lovely things you have written about Kristen are great and also very true!

I absolutely love the quote about Rob where is that from??

Robsten don't let em get ya down, we love you

Sydney said...

Gorgeous pictures of Kristen, Rose. I don't know you can narrow it down. There are so many great ones. Her skin is positively flawless. I am so jealous of that. Not a stitch of makeup required.

And especially thanks for the quotes Rose, anyone who thinks someone that forthright is living a double life is only fooling themselves. And I don't even think they fool themselves anymore...the louder and more frequently they yell, the funnier it gets...the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

beaculen said...

I don't know why, but the green sheep cracks me up every time. Great post, really good pictures of Kristen. Like she could take a bad one lol. I keep saying this, but I really don't get all the hate for her. Maybe she wouldn't be so nervous all the time if she weren't afraid of some of the crazy people out there. Thanks Rose.

Lissa said...

I enjoyed your post as always Rose! Feeling optimistic that the 'drought' WILL be over soon and we'll see our amazing Kristen and Robert TOGETHER with bear!!

I also agree that Kristen is sooo naturally beautiful and talented. Thank you for your picture selection truly enjoyed them.
Love her quote "I love the way he sings. It breaks my heart." Imagine she has those amazing eyes looking at her when he sings to her. =) ahhhhhhhh
Have a wonderful day everyone in Roseland!!

Aninha Jeremias said...


Kenzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzz said...

Rose: What beautiful pics of Kris Tom (and that Buckley fellow was a handsome lad, wasn't he?)

Loving the days of quotes...

Happy Thursday :)

Hope said...

Rose...WOW... Tom's pic next to Jeff Buckley's shows how perfect Tom would be for this role. We all know Tom is a marvelous actor and I bet he can sing, play guitar or whatever the role demands. And after seeing his audition tape (thanks DK for posting) I am impressed.

Rob would be great too but it seems like Tom is a natural fit.

Missing Kristen too...beautiful pics!

Hi All...hope everyone has a happy day.

Kay said...

Sweet post, Rose. Happy busy Thursday, Roseland! <3

angelica1 said...

Great post Rose, she really is gorgeous.One of the things I love most about her, both of them in fact, is that you never know what they're going to do next - like most of us, it largely depends what mood they're in, in other words,they're real.How anyone could think any studio has a hope in hell of controlling them is way beyond me!

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

It’s nice to revisit Kristen’s words and the pictures are of course, beautiful.

Rose, you are right - If Tom did the Jeff Buckley part, we would miss hearing his lovely British accent. For the same reason, I’m eager to hear Rob do a part with his real accent as well.

I hope everyone is well.

Dottie – hope your son is feeling okay after his root canal.

Kenzz – Congratulations on the Bruin’s win. We Canadians are weeping in our coffee this morning… but, based on how they played, Boston deserved to win.

Stay well all.

Hope said...

Freddie- Sorry your team did not win the Stanley Cup.
Are you working from home today?

Kenzz- Congrats on the Bruins win! It is exciting when your team brings home the championship.

dottie said...

Beautiful words and pictures. Thanks for posting them, Rose. Love the new/old banner, too.

Hello to all the Roseland gang!

katy said...

Hi, Rose! Great post

I didn't know Tom had auditioned for the Jeff Buckley role?!?!

Ever since I heard that they were doing a Jeff Buckley biopic, I wished Rob would get the part and I have to say I would be over the moon for him for this, because, I think he'd be perfect for it, but if Rob doesn't do it, and Tom is cast, I will be very happy for him.

Love all the quotes and of course all the gorgeous pictures of the stunning and talented Kristen!

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Take care and be happy

LJ said...

Hiya everyone,

Great post Rose.

Gorgeous pics of Kristen....I love her too!

I've never really been that fussed by celebrities, don't get me wrong I love watching films and going to the cinema but I've never been overly interested in Hollywood etc. I guess I'm just not that easily impressed.

Kristen however is different, I think shes a brilliant actress and completely stunning....but I could also imagine going to the pub with her for a few beers. I can't think of anyone else in the public eye I can say that about.

Why do I care about someone I am never likely to meet? I have no idea. I just know that I do and above all I just wish her all the love and luck in the world.

Liza <3

Kenzz said...

Liza: You have summed up exactly what I, and I believe many of us on Rose's blog, feel towards celebrity in general, and Kristen Stewart in particular. (And if Rob & Tom want to join us in the pub, the more the merrier!) :)

Thanks for all the congrats for the Bruins...it sure was a fun series to watch (and Freddie, your Canucks played a great season!)

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks, awesome post! Beautiful pictures of Kristen, she really is stunning <3

Liza- Perfectly stated, I couldn't agree more. I don't know why I care about people I have never met either, but I do. And, like you, I would love to sit down with Kristen and have a beer. I think she's the kind of friend, a friend would like to have :)

Rhonda said...

Dottie- Yes, we had some storms last night, but all is well. Thanks for checking :)

Syd- Don't feel bad, I'm confused a lot of the time. It's nice to chat with you too.

Hi Everyone- I hope it was a good one :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I loved the post today...a very thoughtful and insightful look into the life of an extraordinary young woman who just happens to be in the public eye and unfortunately despised by many jealous and hateful human beings because Robert Pattinson is in love with her. I have always fought for anyone that I feel takes undue criticism...Kristen Stewart has had to grow up under this unfair scrutiny...she will prevail regardless and I hope to cheer her every step of the way. Good Evening Everybody!

sjjw said...

HI Kay, Rhonda and Kenzz, DK and everyone!!!! Keeping it positive is definitely the way to go! If it's not fun to be a fan, isn't it just time to move on?? I'm thinking it's waaaay past time for some folks! lol Me, I'm just happy when people are happy. If you can't see that Rob and Kristen are happy, then you need glasses!

Cheers all! sj

sjjw said...

HI Super!!! Missed you before...

dottie said...

Let me just add my own "same here" to what Liza, Kenzz, & Rhonda wrote. I'd never paid much attention to celebrities or even posted on a message board! There was just something about Kristen and then Rob that drew me in and made me want all the best for them professionally and personally. Now that I've made so many like minded fun friends, it has become so much more than just supporting a celebrity or being a fan. It's about getting to visit w/all of you and others who brighten my days. :) We all owe Rose a huge THANK YOU for giving us this place to gather and visit w/each other. I hope Kristen and Rob can feel all the love and support that we send them everyday -- in between sharing recipes & discussing everything from DK's hats to sex after a "certain age", that is! LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi SJJW...I am so glad to see you! I saw where you had posted earlier...I am between cases at work....

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi DOTTIE...well said!

dottie said...

Of course it goes w/out saying we love and support our Tom too!!! I can't believe I left him out of my previous post!

LJ said...

Hi Kenzz, Rhonda, Super, SJ & Dottie!

Just wanted to add I think Tom would totally KILL the Jeff Buckley role, he is perfect for it.

Ok really going now...take care, BYE!


dottie said...

Thanks,Super. :) How's the grandson?

Freddie, Thanks for asking about my son. The dentist prescribed Lortab so he's feeling just fine. lol

dottie said...

Bye Liza! It was nice to see you here instead of that other place where I sometimes bother you. haha Take care!

Rubina said...

those are really sweet words about kristen!!

i think i saw an old picture of rob with that blue sweater tom wears.....or am i seeing things??!!

thanks for a great post!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post. I love the pics of Kris---she is so beautiful. I think we all love Kris because of all the reasons you named, she is genuine. There is nothing false about her. I hope Kris is with Rob and Bear in Toronto, but have heard nothing. Take care Roselanders, the week is almost over. I love your post Rose.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DOTTIE...Grandson is good..9 weeks old tomorrow!

30 said...

Lovely post Rose! :)

Here is a link about the Buckley project. It does seem Penn Badgley will not be doing this film and they are looking for more of a independent,low profile actor for the project. Again Tom Stu IMO would be perfect for the role he is a very talented actor from what I have seen, his eyes and facial expressions are amazing in every role also the link DK left with Toms audition, I was impressed as always. I am definitely excited too see who they do pick.Fingers crossed for Tom though. :)

30 said...

OOPS forgot the link! lmao


gwen said...

Hello to All!

Great post Rose. Kristen is really au naturale, beauty and personality wise. No wonder some deliciously handsome young man falls for her. I love that kiss during Twilight, nothing beats the(ir) first kiss :)

Happy Thursday to you all.

dd said...

Hi! Great post Rose :)

I've always had some kind of interest and curiosity regarding certain actors/actresses/musicians but I'd never looked for fan sites or posted in message boards until Kristen.
I think she's so relatable because she really doesn't pretend to be perfect. When I started noticing her I immediately empathised with her.
But what made me start reading more about her and posting about her was all this irritating and disgusting criticism and hate.
I wonder if all these haters out there realise that they helped (and continue to help) buiding her very strong and interventive fan base. Most people don't like to see someone being treated unfairly, and this is definitely the case.

Regarding Jeff Buckley I'm a long time fan so I'm very interested in this movie. I just read that, most likely, they are looking for a low profile actor "who can portray Buckley without the weight of any preconceived Hollywood expectations", so I really hope Tom gets the role. I think he would be perfect.

Birdie said...

I loved this little tribute to Kristen and share the same feelings as Liza. This too is out of character for me, but I think Kristen is a special girl. She is thoroughly lovely,but as Rose said, so real. The things people complain about is what I find endearing. When you think of other celebrities,say Angelina,there is just no comparison. Angelina seems untouchable and not really someone I would want to know or spend time with. I think the way Kristen and Rob have stayed true to themselves is admirable and makes me feel protective. I want them to be happy. Anyway, I hope they continue to have good things in their lives and I can't help but hope those good things are each other.

DreamerKind said...

Hello Everyone!

Been reading the comments as I could and shaking my head in agreement. Friday is just a few hours away.

You don't need my flawed opinion about perfection but I liked yours.

Bren and I may be on here earlier tonight, are you available to join us? Not sure what time, but will know soon.

I saw you earlier, dear one. Join us!

DreamerKind said...



Falling a thousand feet per second
You still take me by surprise
I just know we can't be over
I can see it in your eyes
Making every kind of silence

Takes a lot to realize
It's worse to finish than to start all over
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And as long as I can feel you holding on
I won't fall
Even if you said I was wrong

I'm not perfect
But I keep trying
Cause that's what I said
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I'm not alive if I'm lonely
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Making every kind of silence
It takes a lot to realize
It's worse to finish than to start all over
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And as long as I can feel you holding on
I won't fall
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When you're caught in a lie
And you've got nothing to hide
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Thank you/Smackers1313

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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wania said...

Hi Rose, thanks for posting. I always want read your post. Are good. I wonder about everything and this make me well. YOU can repeat yourself because your thoughts are interesting, your vision about people are wise.
So good you to post pics of Kris...her opinions...she is so mature...she is so special... sweet and true... is rare girl... every little thing she talks about Rob....means love .... is lovely...I'm her fan...and I love Rob more because he loves someone how Kristen Stewart.

So...we are in a 'drought'... honestly I don't blame Rob and Kris be mode "ninjas". Mode "ninja" is safe. Doesn't hurt. Is live in peace. I understand, is hard be Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
But... I miss them...Tom smiling in another movie... see Brit Pack ... and specially I miss Rob, Kris together...know where and how they are... think is normal when love someone...ok, I'm a curious person...rsrsss...

DK, thanks and enjoy your Friday!
Now listening Hedley... just perfect...

Hugs, Claire, Groovie,Cosmic, Sidney, beaculen, Lissa, Aninha, Kenzz, Hope, Kay, Angelica, Freddie, Dotty, Katy, LJ, Rhonda, Super, sjjw, Rubina, Barbara, 30, Gwen, dd, Birdie, DK and all who love Roseland

Bren said...

Holy Shit Batman!

Tom looks like Jeff.

I watched the video of Tom's audition,and was very much impressed....rattle, rattle, rattle.

DK, are you still hanging?

Bren said...


I just got your PM, see ya' later, when you are squeaky clean...lol

Going back to my packing, but will check back.

DreamerKind said...

Squeaky clean, or just plain squeaky, I am here.

Yes, Tom resembles Jeff. Many handsome, talented guys. One role to play. I'm not gonna call it, one way or the other. Aren't you relieved?

Never do get tired of the Kristen pics either, thanks to Rose and other sane, rational, fan sites, like ours!

DreamerKind said...

Hope you have some upbeat funny stuff to share with this kind of dour, unable to make decisions, curmudgeon.

Where are you?

Did I make a mistake? Thought you are off for a few days now.


DreamerKind said...

Of course, I missed my son's first winning softball game yesterday, cause it was early, it rained, I said hell with it-just for those reasons!

Maybe I am a jinx and shouldn't go to any games at all? Should I try and prove it one way or the other, like not going next week, and if they win, I'll know, I'm the curse?

My brother assured me that I was not bad luck at the casino, when I went with him last time. Within an hour, he gave me money to go away from him, and wished me well meeting non-players at the bar!

No respect, I get no respect, right Rodney, just like you didn't?

DreamerKind said...

In case you don't know who Rodney is/was, I meant Rodney Dangerfield (RIP), a great comedian who was always lamenting what I just lamented about respect, sort of a Sad Sack. Hopefully, you know what a sad sack was, if not google that, baby.

Really, I just want to get out of town and into a lake, a deep, cold, clear, Wisconsin lake, and swim for miles on my back. That would cure me. Don't you think so, Bren?

DreamerKind said...

So you're packing to go somewhere? Hopefully, you won't be escaping to MY lake, without me?

That would be disrespectful since I wrote here, that I want to do that, and I wrote it first, before you did, so I beat you at saying/wanting/needing to do that lake thing. Surely, you see that?

Bren said...


Loving the Kristen pics, as well...

No, you are not a jinx, sillybilly

What's the dilemma? moving?

Still waiting for your hat pic, I want to see what a cute little number you are, in it...

Bren said...

Of course, I remember Rodney Dangerfield, but thanks for thinking I was born in 2005, and in no way remembered him....

Bingo, the lake is where we are heading....the heat here is unbearable....there are eight of us going, so it will be fun...

DreamerKind said...

Why, I even turned down a free night at a casino hotel in Wisconsin Dells, with my bro/sis and the in-laws, cause I was being considerate.

There might have been one or two little differences, in what our ideas of having fun at a casino hotel, going souvenir shopping at Indian stores, doing boat cruises, eating at Denny's and stuff.

You may be assured that I am the easy-to-please one, for you know that!

Why, both sets of family, were fighting over, who would have me stay in their suite with them, I am THAT sought out as good company.

I am getting happier just talking about this, makes me see how pleasant life is, even if it doesn't help me make any decisions.

DreamerKind said...

Heat is unbearable in New Mexico? I can't believe that!

Heading to a lake? With a large group of friends? Well, don't that beat all?

Yes, it does beat all, and me, too.

Can I come? I can be there in 2 days.

There is nothing finer than having an odd woman out, in a bunch of couples, is there?

Bren said...

Let's talk decisions, little lady if that is what is worrying you...

Chicago or Wisconsin?

Or, have you narrowed it down to Wisconsin?

You keep going back and forth on this, so what are your thoughts today....

DreamerKind said...


Eight of you are going? Oh, Bren, 9 is the loneliest number, I would be number 9, if I could go, too.

Hats are part of the problem for they allude capture using photography equipment and my cute looks do, too. Sad to say so, yes, I am.

I will overcome...

Moving? Yes, that, where to? Let's take a vote.

Roselanders, where should Dreamer move to get away from these cornfields and flatlands?

Vote whenever, and often, and I'll take all votes into consideration.

DreamerKind said...

The world is almost to small for me, Bren!

I can move anywhere, give me some ideas, vote!

And what about me questions, answer them, billy.

Bren said...

What's that water called the one that falls from the sky?

We don't get it, anymore....

DreamerKind said...

I'm sounding a lot like Popeye right now and it is making me laugh so hard!

I ams what I ams, and that's what I ams and so forth, so on, et al.

Vote! Gin & Tonic or some champagne? Champagne tickles the soul and nose, eh, wot?

Bren said...


You are typing a mile a minute, and I have Robert coming in every 2 with a question..lol sorry, I am lagging behind....

Now, where were we....

of course you can be number nine, maybe we can hook you up with someone....what is your preference?
and don't say RPatz, cuz he is taken.....

DreamerKind said...


Oh, I can't live where there isn't any RAIN! New Mexico is out then.

Why don't they spray water from the lakes in NM (which they stole from the Rio Grande River) into the air, so it will evaporate, and ultimately cause some water (rain) to fall again?

Brilliant, and I say so myself, for myself.

DreamerKind said...

You are right, my fingers are flying, and you are busy.

So, put R on and let him tell me who is available for me, if RPatz isn't.

That would be the deciding factor on if I would be #9.

DreamerKind said...

I'll take pity on you and go to get a drink (champagne is winning), and be back soon.

More songs? That takes up my time, too and would extend your break so you can pack.

Too bad, that Birdie or Gwen won't join us, so they can distract me from emoting so much, isn't it?

Bren said...

I am a gin and tonic kinda gal....

but right now I am eating Blue Bell ice cream, and the flavor is Summer Berries...DK, it is delicious...Big ol' chunks of strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries...omg,it is to die for...

Bren said...


You can even make rain....how funny is that...

Bren said...

I'm on the phone...brb

DreamerKind said...

There you've had 7 minutes to yourself.

Eating ice cream instead of being here with me, okay, I'm hip to that jive. Blue Bell is wonderful of course.

I have made a new drink that I don't think will have mass market appeal.

I took my leftover fruit from sangria, with some leftover sangria, added some tequila and ice, and blended it.

Now you must also eat Godiva Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel, along with it, to complete the taste experience, as I am.

I'm here to tell you, that it is not bad, just not good enough, to make another one, or be famous either.

Yes, the FGM can make rain, if the ones who need rain, ask her to. No reasonable request can be denied, for after all, I am not the wicked queen from Snow White.

DreamerKind said...

How can I protest? I get those phone calls and say I'll be right back, but who can be right back, when life happens, right in that moment of being, right back.

Bren said...

OK, I'm back....

I know, where are Gwen and Birdie?

I would love to chat with them, when I am fully awake...like now, as opposed to 3am..when I am nodding off...lol

Bren said...

I watched Red Riding Hood this morning on VOD, what a train wreck...

That's all I am going to say , cuz I like Catherine...

DreamerKind said...

I'd say that Birdie went to bed cause she was tired, and Gwen is at work and cannot be stopped doing her work.

Would love to be proved wrong, anytime.

Word verf: resmack Re smack

I gave myself a resmack and said, "Get over it!"

DreamerKind said...

What can I say to convince you that it was quirky and beautiful in the theater, on the big screen, which drew me into that eerie town with its secrets and beady-eyed monsters?

DreamerKind said...

Here is me being considerate again..

You can be off, if you need to and I say don't let the door hit you when you leave! Cause I will not hold you here, if you need to be there, without my nonsensing.

We'll ketchup after your trip.

Bren said...

You liked it?

WOW. I like Amanda, and thought I would like it, but nope, just didn't..

That part with the rocks inside the body cavity was like soooo gross.

DreamerKind said...

One little, tiny bit that you thought was gross, made it a trainwreck or did you mean VOD, sucks?

Bren said...

OK Lady,

Full steam ahead....

I am a done deal...

Let's discuss you, and all your probs....

Where do we start?

Bren said...

Hilarious mama.....

Movie sucked and was a train wreck....

Rocks in body= grosso, mosso

VOD is great....

DreamerKind said...

Real Love

The Doobie Brothers:

Darlin' I know
I'm just another head on your pillow
If only just tonight, girl
Let me hear you lie just a little

Tell me I'm the only man
That you ever really loved
Honey take me back
Deep in my memory

A time when it was all very right
So very nice (so very nice)
So very nice

Here, Darlin'
Stands another bandit wantin' you
In and out your life
They come and they go

Your days and nights like
A wheel that turns
Grindin' down a secret part of you
Deep inside your heart
That nobody knows

When you say comfort me
Tto anyone who approaches
Chalkin' up the hurt
We live and we learn

Well we've both lived
Long enough to know
That we'd trade it all right now
For just one minute of real love

Real love
Hey, baby
(Real love)
I need to believe in
(Real love)
Real love, baby

(Real love)
Real love, darlin'
(Real love)

Well we've both lived
long enough to know
That we'd trade it all right now
for just one minute of real love, darlin'

Thank you/boswell69

Bren said...

You are not having FGM issues are you?

DreamerKind said...

Problems, what problems? I am now quite content to listen to you.

Tequila is the great equalizer and leveler. Fruit also is very good for you.

DreamerKind said...

Ah, me Matey, the FGM is not always omnipotent, and some folks are suffering, which makes me sad. Putting things in the hands of the Man, Bren.

Bren said...

That's the only way to go, lady..

Loving me some Doobies....

Are you enjoying your brew?

Bren said...

Check this out...


DreamerKind said...

Also, from Robsten Dreams:

"FYI...Rob's co-star Charlie Bewley made the list at #22 and his friend's Andrew Garfield at #6 and Tom Sturridge #30 (also Kristen's OTR co-star and pal)
and Kristen's Yellow Handkerchief co-star Eddie Redmayne at #32."

They've got a majority going, don't they? Love lists, but prefer voting more, my own.

Rob # 1
Tom # 2
Andrew # 3

My drink is a goner, but I am prevailing.

Bren said...

I agree with your picks, but I have to be a goner myself....

I best get some zzzz's now, as I do have to be up early....

You know you are always welcome to hitch a ride and come join us...

DreamerKind said...

I saw that earlier I wrote, that hats "allude" and they do, for they alluded to me, the fact that they eluded the camera, when I manned it.

Hats can be quite difficult, when they are in a mood to elude.

Why there are four of them, on top of a feather trimmed lampshade, and ceramic lamp in my bedroom.

All night long, they wake me up with sounds of puffing and huffing.

Perhaps the fan, to be in on the fun, encourages them with its constant blowing.

Maybe they are just troublemakers or unhappy with the perch, they're on.

They did not help, but rather hindered my taking their pics.

So, huff away, hats at play. I'll get pics another day.

DreamerKind said...

Sweet lady, get your zzz's and if you see me at the lake, and don't recognize me; I'll be wearing one of those huffy/puffy hats I just mentioned, to stand out.

Keep your eyes peeled. Have a ton of fun!

Bren said...

Hilarious hat story....

Let's see how it goes,knee is still bothering me today...

I'll look for the gal in the big hat...

If you don't show, see ya' Sunday night...

Over and Out.

DreamerKind said...

Bren, I'll Be There!

Hitchin' A Ride

Vanity Fare (1969):

A thumb goes up, a car goes by
It's nearly 1 a.m. and here am I
Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
Gotta get me home by the morning light

I got no fare to ride a train
I'm nearly drownin' in the pouring rain
Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
Gotta get me home to my baby's side

Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride
Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride

Long distance call I got today
She sounded lonely so I'm on my way
Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
Gotta get me home, keep her satisfied

Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride
Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride

A thumb goes up, a car goes by
Oh, won't somebody stop and help a guy?
Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
Been away too long from my baby's side

Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride
Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride

Ride, ride
Ride, ride

Thank you/Bacmaster

DreamerKind said...

We did it! We've ended our play early, for the cat (Bren) must away to play somewhere else.

The mouse's mouth is :X for the while.

Think I'll watch a sillybilly movie and then wander.

Keepin' it real love.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, Why Not?

Last Goodbye

Jeff Buckley:

This is our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it's over

Just hear this and then I'll go
You gave me more to live for
More than you'll ever know

Well, this is our last embrace
Must I dream and always see your face

Why can't we overcome this wall
Baby, maybe it's just because I
Didn't know you at all

Kiss me, please kiss me
But kiss me out of desire, babe
And not consolation

Oh, you know it makes me so angry
Cause I know that in time
I'll only make you cry
This is our last goodbye

Did you say, "No, this can't happen to me"?
And did you rush
To the phone to call

Was there a voice unkind
In the back of your mind saying
"Maybe, you didn't know him at all
You didn't know him at all
Oh, you didn't know

Well, the bells out in the church tower chime
Burning clues into this heart of mine

Thinking so hard on her soft eyes
And the memories
Offer signs that it's over
It's over

Thank you/jeffbuckleyVEVO

Tigerlily said...

I'm very late to the party- but terrific post Rose(as always).

Gorgeous pics of the beautiful Miss Stewart! She just seems like a wonderful person & I love that she is SO loved by so many :)
So many Roselanders summed up how I feel so no point repeating it all! Except to say I totally agree.

DK- love your song choice in - 'our last goodbye'
Jeff Buckley's music is very special! I still miss him..

Sweet dreams/ or good morning to you all :)

ItsMe_Chic_ said...

Hey Rose,

Another great post - loved the quotes and your input. You know what I think is what I love the most about this post and all those on here, is that as much as we support Rob & Kristen we do not "Idolise" them or put them on some impossible pedstal. As Rose stated about them - they are not perfect - but WHO is??

Have you all seen the new level of low and instanity the Nonnies has gone to? There is actually a petition for Rob to get rid of Kristen!! Its iditoic to say the least - these people should be ashamed of themselves.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a weekend! I am off to see another of my favourite Robs this weekend ( Robbie Williams) back together with Take that- Wooo hooo - can not wait!!

*I*Believe* said...

Happy Friday Roseland!

Rose~WOW! What an awesome job!!! Kristen Rocks! I love Kristen because in all the madness,


I also love snarky Rose at the end of the post:)

Carry on everyone and have a great day....the end is near only one more week of school :)

Annie said...

Good morning everyone! How are you all?

I must say that Rose's friend's words on Wednesday's post were wise, sweet and right.

Yesterday's post - "Rob and Kristen--Flawed Perfection" was ......perfection!

It amazes me that people spend hours and hours that turns into days then months, then years and therefore a large portion of their lives, denying something exist and then puts out a petition for something they have loudly declared does not exist!

Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity?


Have a fabulous Friday Roseland!

Penny Lane said...

Happy Friday! The work week is almost over.

I see you're back to spinning all night long again. It's time for rest now.

It's so strange that you are still in school. School here has been out a week already. Keep calm and carry on.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..Are you saying there is fruit in tequila or are you adding fruit to your tequila?! Such questions MUST be answered by the FGM! lol

Good Morning Everybody!

Melinda said...

TGIFF!! Hope it flies by so the weekend can begin!

Great thoughts Rose about so many things on this post.

I'm glad you did a comparison picture of Jeff and Tom. Pretty amazing how they resemble each other.

I would be happy if either Rob or Tom got to play him. To be honest, I'm just happy that his story is being told. I was just shy of 19 when he died. I remember thinking what a shame b/c I felt his music career was just starting.

SYD- thanks for sharing that link. His rendition of that song is my all time fav. Very raw and honest.

I enjoyed seeing Tom's audition. It was very interesting to watch.

Kristen Stewart...what can I say that hasn't already been said by so many others?

There is something about her that brings out a wide range of emotions in people that's for sure.

As a fan I have enjoyed seeing her journey so far. I will cheer her on from the sidelines for as long as I'm able. I wish her all the happiness and the best life has to offer.

Twilighters Malaysia said...

I love Kristen!!! She's a bad ass!! :D

Btw, you should put an fb like button here. Just an opinion. I would very much like to 'like' this post!

Thank you ROSE!! <3

Suwi said...

K for Kiss.
How many times have Rob and Kristen
been caught kissing?
so what is the answer? =)
i love kristen i she is berfect to me! =)

Suwi said...

i don`t gnow because i`m from Finland and so yeah :)

DreamerKind said...

Glorious Friday at last! Best wishes to everyone, for good times and health.

@Penny Lane
Thanks, I rested well. My nightowl cohorts are MIA, so it's only me spinning & twirling. Of course, anyone/everyone is welcome to join in, any night!

I added some tequila to the fruit from my sangria. Not bad, not good together, but separately, they are winners.

You'll be seeing me here, as the sun sets or rises..

DreamerKind said...

@Twilighters Malaysia, Lissa, Suwi, ItsMe_Chic

Welcome All!

And, so many international visitors posting great comments. Just lovely.


A-M said...

Hi Rose! I'm new to this but I love reading you! You give me hope! But one thing's for sure... I'm worried... Where's Kristen?

wania said...

Hi everyone!

Rose, reading again your post, wondered for me how much crazy emails you have receive about " where is Kristen Stewart?"...the conspiracy theories... if you could share with us ... sometimes it is interesting to consider different degrees of insanity...rsrsrssss...

DK, see you later... to hear beautiful songs...friday is the day!


Kenzz said...

Good Friday evening to all the lovelies of Roseland!

Rose: If Bear shits in the woods, does he make a sound? (Sorry, that was my stupid attempt at humor!)

A-M: Kris is exactly where she's supposed to be, don't worry!

DK: I too am enjoying the international flavor lately in Roseland...what an interesting group Rose has cobbled together in this unique and funny community... Your musical musings evidently translate thru all languages, DK! Keep up the entertainment...

Seems a bit quiet tonite, perhaps I'll bbl after attending to a few responsibilities here on the homefront... Peace :)

Jane said...

On the Jeff Buckley picture, I think Rob has the eyes and eyebrows going for him, along with the beard. But they want to give the part to an unknown which was what Rob was four years ago. How ironic is that.

Anonymous said...

hello roseland and rose

hows everyone?

I have a problem--keep smelling updog and its horrible.

Anonymous said...

where's evuoyone and rose ??

nobofy is her?

Anonymous said...

ROSE???where are you???\\


Ok-umst be my breath. HA night all

Anonymous said...


I think your all wondruful people and am so glad to know u guys. Well i dont know all of you but the ones I do I tihnk are just great. I m sure the ones I dont know are lovely as well.

Kenzz said...

HI Syd:

Sorry Rose isn't here tonite, I guess! Keep checking back, and I'm sure the ladies will quickly surround you..you know how we love you!!

What's our favorite Roseland policeman up to tonite?

Rose said...

Nice.... ;)

Rose said...

OK... how drunk are you, syd??


Kenzz said...

Oh, hey Rose!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Kenzz said...

Rose, don't make fun..you know how much we adore drunk Syd!

Anonymous said...


I SMELL UPDOG don't know what to do

Freddie said...

Hi Syd, Kenzz and Rose. I hope you are all well.

Syd, the feeling is quite mutual. We think you're pretty wonderful as well. Are you having a good night?

Kenzz - any thing new?

Rose said...

Yes... Syd is very wasted...

Kenzz said...

Syd: you've lost me... what is UPDOG?

Kenzz said...

And why does it smell?

Rose said...

Oh geez...here we go...

Anonymous said...


Not muchh wats up with you???


Kenzz said...

Hi Freddie!! Things are great... how 'bout w/you?

dottie said...

Is this where the party is??? I am so very bored tonight!

Freddie said...

Kenzz - I was wondering the same thing.

Syd - we'd be pleased to help. We're just not sure what you're referring to.

Rose - any idea?

Kenzz said...

Rose: I fell stupid and like I'm missing something obvious...help me out here!

Anonymous said...

DK IM sory i love you

fuck these words
turm that oof ROSE--obey hahhahaha

Freddie said...

Kenzz - I'm good. I just finished working and decided to look in before I head off to bed.

Hi dottie - hope you are well.

Rose said...

OK Syd... damn.

dottie said...

Kenzz, YO! What's up dawg?? LOL Get it?

Hey Fredster, Rose and Silly Syd :)

Rose, I've been thinking of you. Are you ok?

Kenzz said...

Syd: we all love DK...she's very talented, as well as witty and of course, speaks in riddles!

Rose, can you turn off the word verif for Syd for a bit if you're still around...I'm feeling like being entertained tonite :)

Rose said...

Syd is drunk... and is not making sense...

Anonymous said...


Like people say helloo

Like ""what up dog"

Like urban slamg???

you know "WASSUP DAWG"

only I madde ouy say it--HAHAHA

Kenzz said...

dottie: HI right back at ya', dawg...I'm feeling quite reminiscent of Randy on American Idol!

Anonymous said...

why is rose not ok?? wat is that about

Rose said...

Thanks Dottie... I'm good :)

Freddie said...

dottie - thanks for translating. How are things?

Anonymous said...

wasthe thing wi

Rose said...

Syd. I'm good...

dottie said...

Good, Rose. I always feel a bit guilty when I think about the junk you put up with while we enjoy the fruits of your labor. lol

Rose said...

Yeah... sometimes things bug me... but I'm ok now.

Freddie said...

Hang in there Rose.

Kenzz said...

dottie: well said, I couldn't agree more. Rose, I so respect what you've established here, and I adore the "friendships" that have come from this community!

Syd: thanks for the translation...kinda like "Dude", right?

Kay said...

You know we love you, Rose. :)

Hello and goodnight everyone - have a good one!

dottie said...

Things are good Freddie. I'm staying out of trouble ;)

How about you?

Anonymous said...

anyone want too maaake a bet with me?

Rose said...

Thanks for all the kind words...

Freddie said...

Hello and good night Kay. Have a good one.

Kenzz said...

Rose: if you're ever feeling really "bugged," please remeber how much joy you bring to complete strangers (and some friends now) with your humor, wit, snark, loyalty, and brilliance!

Kenzz said...

SYD: what kind of bet?

dottie said...

Hello and good night to you too Kay!

Just what kind of bet, Syd???

Freddie said...

Ummm sure, Syd. What are we betting on?

Anonymous said...

Ok--I can make you type 15

Kenzz said...

SYD: ready...

dottie said...

Should we be nervous, girls?

Freddie said...

dottie - I'm good, just busy with work stuff this weekend. I'd much rather go shopping...

Kenzz said...

Freddie: one of my fav sports!

Freddie said...

I'm on the edge of my seat...

dottie said...

Syd I don't get it ???

Freddie said...

Kenzz - it's a sport I excel at.

Kenzz said...

Syd: did you forget the punchline? You're still with us, aren't you, cutie?

Kenzz said...

Must be those stupid word verif things he's struggling with...I'll admit, they are a PAIN!

Anonymous said...

ok sorry
SO I bet you i can make you type 15

Anonymous said...

first wahts 20 plus 10???

dottie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzz said...

Syd: we're all ready...lay it on us!

Sorry, that sounds kinda dirty...

Kenzz said...


Freddie said...

Okay I'll bite....30!

Anonymous said...

ok knezz

whats 30 plus 10?

Kenzz said...

I wish "30" was on tonite..she's always such good fun... :)

Anonymous said...

ok knezz

whats 30 plus 10?

Freddie said...


Kenzz said...


this seems to easy...

Kenzz said...

"too", not to

hate typo's... :(

Freddie said...

Did we lose Rose and dottie?

Anonymous said...

OK good

40 PLUS 10?????????????

Anonymous said...

I GOT orse on this before.


Freddie said...

50! There's a pattern here...

Kenzz said...


(still not 15, though)

Ooops, Oh, you're right, you just got me to type "15"!

dottie said...

I'm still here. Just got distracted for a minute :)

Kenzz said...

Syd, what's all that gibberish?

Anonymous said...



Freddie said...

Oh Kenzz.....

I tried the link Syd, but it didn't work...

Rose said...

WTF is the link, Syd???

dottie said...

Kenzz he got you! Or you got yourself, I'm not sure. heh

Freddie said...

You win Syd!!!

Kenzz said...

Syd: you are definitely a winner!!

PS Thanks for the Jeff Buckley link the other day...what a fascinating story! And what a nice part for a certain cute Tome... :)

Kenzz said...

Rose, how do you stand the cuteness? :)

Freddie said...

Yes, thanks for the link Syd. I loved his version of Hallelujah.

Rose said...

Syd is all kinds of cute...
No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Nope Kenzz but thaks. Not for me. Im goint to move anyway to ococococococoocmow

dottie said...

Cute and so much fun. A great combo!

Kenzz said...

Freddie, is that the same song that Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris performed for the Haiti fundraiser?

Kenzz said...

Syd: you would have been brilliant (And Rose agrees, I think)! What are you moving on to? A place, or a part?

Rose said...

Oh my.

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