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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Under Calico Skies

It was written that I would love you

So the other day I posted about good things
about Twilight... This fandom.
So today
I guess turnabout is fair-play?

There's no need to keep kicking that dead horse...
Which btw...
Is very dead.

From the moment I opened my eyes
But I do have some random thoughts...
And they may or may not kick dirt on that horse...
But hey...
Just my thoughts.

And the morning when I first saw you
Gave me life under calico skies.

Random One:
Can anyone tell me how Harry Potter's
(which I loved before Twilight)
Latest movie doing well at the box office
has any impact whatsoever on Twilight?
I'm glad that Deathly Hallows 2 did so well!
Yet there were so many people who were all about
"Eat shit, Twilight!"
And oddly enough...
It's always the people who don't like Kristen...
Who do this the most....
Harry Potter doing well will somehow negate
the fact that Rob and Kristen are together?
Nice Robert Fans.
Hoping BD1 and 2 fail at the box office.
And then when stuff was released to promote BD...
It was to offset Harry Potter?
Good Grief.
They should realize that there are a bunch of movies 
being promoted on a daily basis...
And they aren't all Summit movies.
Or are they?
(Cue sinister music)

I will hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life

Random Two:

I love when Bill Condon gushed over Kristen.
Another in a long line of directors who had only 
wonderful things to say about her.
They all seem to completely adore her.
And her talent.
It's good to see positive things about her
from people that actually KNOW her.

Always looking for ways to love you

Random Three:

Kinda annoyed with the 'superior fan' bullshit.
You know...
Their way of being a fan is the right way
YOUR way sucks.
Sometimes I get hate from people
who think I provoke hate.
(The irony is delicious)
I do point out the lunacy of some of the fandom...
Because it does exist.
And talking about it isn't promoting it.
It's exposing it.
Maybe even giggling a bit at it...
And watching the walls come crumbling down.
You don't have to watch.
If you can even see from your high horse
that is standing on that soapbox.

Never failing to fight at your side

Random Four:

Can someone tell me what a "Stan" is?
All these lame names out there.
Starting with Robsten.
Hate it.
I'm still not sure what a Krisbian is supposed to be...
And isn't 'shipper' kinda obsolete?
You can't ship two people who are together.
Sheep and Hyenas.
And I think I saw "Sten" somewhere too...
Although I guess I get that one.

While the angels of love protect us
From the innermost secrets we hide

Random Five:

We just got through another Comic Con.
I will admit that I usually cringe at the thought.
We always get fantastic pictures of Rob and Kristen
being all...
Rob and Kristen.
But good lord...
Having to deal with the screaming.
I will never understand it.
It just runs up and down my spine...
and kicks me in the teeth.
If you watch the panel with the fans...
the silly screaming over nothing.
Now, I will admit that its not as bad as the first year
When Rob just made a face and they screamed.
They showed the Summit logo and they screamed.
Rob blinked.
They screamed.
But I never understood how they could scream over
Robert answering a question.
He's talking.
And he puts such thought... into his answers.
And then you scream over it.
What. The. Fuck?
And I wish it were just the teenagers and kids who did
the majority of the screaming.
But we all know its not.
We all know it's not.
I'll hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life

Random Six:

And as we all know in life, 
it's useless to obsess about things over which we have no control. 
Rob and Kristen are together.
They have been.
They still are.
They will be.

I'll love you for the rest of my...
For the rest of my life
Random Seven:

Is Kristen on her way to London?
How long will it be before Rob joins her?
Rob was put on the list for the Teen Choice Awards.
More screaming.
More bored Rob.
More Rob staring off in the distance
when the camera catches him unaware.
Thank God Ashley, Kellen and Taylor will be there
to buffer Rob and Nikki...
If there is one thing that is undeniable?
It's the wall of solid ice that Rob has put up
between him and Nikki.
It's just so odd to see the naturally warm and open
and smiling Robert...
Immediately freeze up and get a serious look on his face
whenever Nikki is near by.
And no... I'm obviously not a fan of Nikki's.
(And I really don't mention her too much)
I see her as a major stage 5 clinger.
Who seems to like to bad mouth Rob...
And if Robert doesn't like someone that intensely
I'm thinking there are good reasons.
Let's just say...
Robert is extremely protective over Kristen.
And leave it at that.

Green Sheep.

“You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.
You are responsible for your Rose."
This post is brought to you by Calico Skies.
Thank You Paul McCartney.

Bye for now


dottie said...

YAY! Great post, ROSE! I love to read what Kristen's co-stars and directors have to say. It seems like everyone just falls in love with her.In addition to being beautiful, she must be very special and gifted to garner so much praise. :)

Hello to all the Roseland gang. Hope everyone is well and happy.

Am I 1st??? WooHoo!

Claire said...

Watching Rob at the TCA'S last year was hilarious.

Everyone knows he has what he's feeling written all over his face, and he certainly did that night.

The term 'bored shitless' comes to mind.

Sean Kingston was performing (lip syncing) and the camera quickly panned to Rob and he had the most 'WTF?' look on his face. PMSL

PL said...


I love The Little Prince and love that quote, though I suspect you meant something else by referencing it.


You were first!

sjjw said...

HI Dottie, Claire and PL! I will be out of town when TCA airs, darn! Someone yesterday on twitter suggested a drinking game ~ you take a drink every time Rob looks bored! We'd all be drunk in short time, non?

Happy Thursday to you all. It's hotter than hell here, AGAIN. The Dog Days of Summer, for sure!


dottie said...

Hey PL, SJ, and Claire!

PL I feel like we haven't "seen" each other in a long time! I've missed you.

Claire said...


If we did that I think we'd all be flat on our back's by the time the first commercials run

Groovie said...

Great post! The lyrics/pix flow so nicely together! I love it :)

Made my smile even bigger & brighter than it was, so thank u!

Hope u are all having a wonderful day! I sure am! Today is my youngest sister's 15th bday & I found out this morning I got the promotion I had interviewed for at work..so double celebration tonight for me when I get off work! :)

Hope said...


Bill C. is our new BFF. Love how he has a crush on Kristen and admires her on every level.

Thank goodness Rob is so protective of Kristen (one of Rob's many fine attributes)...and I will leave it at that too.

Hope everyone in Roseland is having a great day!


Hey Dottie, Claire, PL, SJ

missy said...

well, people also said great things about Rob but you never mention this passionately.
you barely talking about Rob. What happened? come on now, you know what i'm talking about *wink*
It's not only you actually. The whole fandom is obsessed Kristen. and only Kristen. of course people care about Rob too. riiiight. 'boyfriend Rob' yeah, people only care about his boyfriend persona.

whatever. let's continue to pretend that fandom support Kristen and Rob equally.

FYI no nonsten. no robsten. just rob fan here. I'm just tired of it all. both sides sucked joy out of fandom.

PL said...

Aww, dottie, that is so sweet. It is your turn to plan the next Roseland event.


Congratulations on the promotion. I'm sure it is well deserved.

Even a drinking game could not get me to watch that awful show. I really feel sorry for anyone that has to be there.

angelica1 said...

Hi everyone :)

Rose , I will never get the screaming, I never have - even as a teenager myself I just felt embarrassed for people who screamed at everything. On the other hand, bored Rob is hilarious, Kristen's right, he can't lie!

Groovie - Congratulations on the promotion :)

Kay said...

Great pictures and post, Rose. :)

Hi Dottie, Claire, PL, SJ, Hope, Groovie, Angelica and the rest of Roseland...have a fabulous almost Friday!

Congrats Groovie!

Soleil Anne said...

I also cannot understand the HarryP. & Twilight comparison.
These 2 books/films are totally different from each other.

Love love R/K TOGETHER & separately.
Wishing them all the best.

Thanks for your thoughts Rose.
You always bring a smile to my face.

dottie said...


PL -- SOON! Start brainstorming party games ;)


Missy... nevermind... there's no use.

Claire said...


Sorry to be so blunt but, STFU

It's Rose's blog and she can talk about what/whoever she wants.

Kristen is Rob's girlfriend and is going to be mentioned whether you like it or not.

If Rose changed her blog name to Robert and Kristen Intoxication, and I as a Rob fan first and foremost wouldn't mind one little bit.

Hint, hint Rose LOL

Berry said...

Hey everyone! Great post as usual Rose! Love the Calico Skies song! I was just so happy to see Kristen be so chatty and not as nervous at CC! Rob was great also, of course! So happy to hear great things about them both from Bill Condon! Hope everyone has a good evening!

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

I love Random 6.

Rob and Kristen are together.
They have been.
They still are.
They will be.

sj – I saw that tweet about the drinking game for the TCA's. Sounds like a great idea. LOL.

Groovie – congratulations on your promotion. That’s great.

Have a great day everyone.

LIZ said...

Hi Rose and Roselanders, I haven't commented lately, RL gets the way but I ALWAYS read the blog, wait for it daily or whenever.

RK still send me twirling just seeing them so happy, can't help it. SWATH filming coming soon, hopefully Rob & Bear will be joining her in London and Rob will get to spend time with family and friends. Won't be long and they'll be in the whirlwind of BD promo, 100 cities in 10 days or some other such nonsense.

sjjw said...

Hi again all! Let's add something to the drinking game: We take a SHOT every time he ignores Nikki! Drink when he looks bored! Now, THAT would be Pattinson Intoxication. In fact, that's what we'll call it! LOL

I'm cracking myself up here...

angelica1 said...

sj - I doubt any of our liver's would stand that many shots

Sydney said...

Soooo...what's been happening? An HP vs. Twilight fight? To whom is that debate relevant? I saw the final Harry Potter...twice. I'll probably see it again, too. I loved it. Like you Rose, HP was my first love. And then came Twilight. Two very different animals. Both of which I love. See how that works? I will also see BD. One does not threaten the other.

And did somebody say Nikki? Ugh. There are so many things I could say about that girl. She's still EXACTLY like her character from 'Thirteen'. It's sad that she hasn't grown up from a middle school mean girl. Whatever...just being her is punishment enough.

How's everyone doing? I had a business trip that I managed to work into a mini-vacay with the BF, so that was fun.

I can't say I enjoy the TCA's, so for that reason alone, I hope Rob doesn't go. SJJW - I'm into your drinking game...and even though I can hold my liquor, I don't think even I could handle that many shots.

emmajlz363 said...

yo, love the post rose :) could anyone post links to the vid where robs lookin bored at tcas and his nikkireaction ? haha xxx

Kenzz said...

Rose: You are taking no prisoners, today!

groovie: CONGRATS on the promo...you go, girl!

sj: drinking game sounds like fun, but I'm afraid we would all be blotto within the first 30 minutes!

BTW: If anyone has Smitty's comments from the other day in regards to NR, could you forward them along to me, or simply paraphrase? I missed what I'm sure was a most interesting post!

Ladies, have a great day (or what's left of it)...

IB: Ifyou didn't see my note from earlier this morning, safe travels with your family to my neck of the woods!

Sydney said...

Kenzz..what Smitty comments??? I didn't see anything either?

*I*Believe* said...

To the tune of Happy Birthday :)

Congratulations to you,
Congratulations to you,
Congratulations dear Groovie,
Congratulations to you!

Fiorels said...

Hello roseland and rose :)
great post :)
I'm with Freddie, love the random 6

"They have been.
They still are.
They will be."

love this!
May i use it as a hint for a video..? lol

I also can't get the HP/Twilight comparison but it's to admit that it's always HP fans to take it so personal, making offensive comments or images or other stuff..
i don't get it..
HP is a great saga, I really like it! Seriously; but Twilight just seems to get you a little bit more... mora than a little personally lol
the thing with HP movies is that they are so well done but what's lacking is indeed a love story.. it's only "mentioned" and in the movie you can see that something's wrong with that..

anyway, is everyone already drunk here? lol
i won't enjoy Rob at the TCA cause i'm leaving tomorrow..
going on vacation finally.
2 relaxing weeks on my best friend sailing boat, but i'll have no internet, kill me haha.

Groovie- congratulations on promotion!!! and happy bday to your sister :)

I'm off for a while..
be back later or tomorrow for a lat goodbye before leaving ^^

Kenzz said...

Sydney: from reading some of the responses, I could see our sweet bb girl had stopped by and left some ... interesting ... comments re: everyone's least favorite co-star (I believe it was this weekend)...

Nosy thing that I am, I wanted to get at least a quick rundown from one of the regs who were on at that time ('Cause I was sooo mad I missed what she said- it appeared to shed some light on certain situations). Hope I've been vague enough :) lol

Kenzz said...

Fio: 2 weeks sailing? I'm terribly jealous, but hope you have a fabulous time! "See you" when you get back... :)

*I*Believe* said...

Rose~Thank you again for another post well done!!

Claire~I agree with your comments to missy

Kenzz~Yes, I saw your post. I am sorry I will miss you. Have fun in Maine and safe travels to you too!

Sydney said...

Kenzz...oh my! Very juicy. Not sure entirely what it's regarding, but anything that girl has insinuated or hinted at, I would never believe anyway! Can't believe Smitty weighed in though and I missed it!

katy said...

Hi Rose, Great post and love all the beautiful pics!!

SJJW, that sounds like a fun game! but I think with so many shots, by the end of the show we will all be in comotose state.

OK, Why is Nikki going to TCA?? Is she nominated for biggest famewhore?? biggest fake person or biggest jalouse bitch???
You know, one of my favourite moments ever at the Comic con was seeing Rob hug and greet everyone execept Nikki...it was SO satisfyng.(yeah, NOT a fan of hers either)


I know TCA is boring, but a least we will have more pics of Rob...wich is great because I'm thinking after the TCA the drought will be long.

Also, assuming that Kristen will fly to London in the next few days, wish her a safe travel and a happy SWATH filming start.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Take care

katy said...

GROOVIE, Congrats on your promotion!!

Take care

Rosey said...

Hey Rose. You go girl - tell it like it is! Great post, as always.

Tigerlily said...

Rose- great post! All so true ! You have such a great way with words..
Rob is protective of Kristen which is one of his many endearing qualities !

@Claire - I would be happy with a "Kristen & Robert P intoxication" heading too ;)

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to work :)

Claire said...


It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? :D

Freddie said...

Hi folks: dottie, Claire, PL, sj, Groovie, Hope, Angelica, Kay, Soleil Anne, Berry, LIZ, Sydney, Kenzz, IB, Fio, Katy, Tigerlily and all the other regulars of Roseland.

I finally have more than just a minute to pop by so I wanted to say hello.

dottie – I think you mentioned that your boys are home. I’m sure you are thrilled.

Angelica – I’m late to the party, but it sounds like you and your husband found a great compromise in Brussels (I think it was). It sounds like a great jumping off point for your other side trips.

Kenzz – enjoy your upcoming trip to Maine.

IB – how’s the summer going? Safe travels to the Cape.

Hope - long time no talk to. I hope the heat has broken a bit and that you are well.

Oops – I realize that I forgot to put Rose’s quote in quotation marks in my earlier comment. I hate when that happens.…

I hope everyone else (including those yet to post) has a great day and I look forward to chatting with you sometime soon.

Barbara Fenwick said...


Great post today Rose, I love your random thoughts. I also love to hear about Rob and Kris. It is so nice to hear nice things about Kris from professional people she works with. I do believe she is a very special woman, and of course we all know Rob is special. I do NOT like Nikki Read, and would love to know why Rob dislikes her so much. I believe she did something to Kristen, and that is why, but don't know for sure.

I hope all Roselanders are having a wonderful Thursay. See you next time, Rose.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...Great post!

DOTTIE...FIO put me on to the fact that Kristen sings...so I just finished listening to a few numbers...she has a beautiful voice! Is there ANYTHING she cant do? Please...if anyone knows...:)

FIO...Please...enjoy your vacay but I fear you will be losing your mind not being near your internet. (I almost did when I was on vacay last week)...lol...

GROOVIE..Congrats on your promotion!!!! High five!!!!

It has been a long hot day here. Good Evening to All....I will be not long for this world and switching to lurker status...Love to ALL...Good Night!

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

how are you doing today?
it's been a while. I see i've missed much

to be honest, i purposely stayed away from the fandom since people kept saying mean things and the hate was too much.

But it seems i cant keep away from your post.

i dont know how you do it--but i'm glad you're still there--always defending Rob and Kristen

Still here--adoring Rob and Kristen

Have a nice weekened to all


30 said...

HI Rose! Hellllooo! Roseland!

I hope you are all well here I have missed you so.

Rose if you find out what a Stan is please let me know to. My god people with these names. Really?

I want to add my two sense in about Nikki Weed.I heard when a few media outlets wanted to ask about her and her "fiance" at Comic Con. It was a big no no and attitude. UM, wasn't this the girl who told about her engagement on the MTV red carpet to begin with? The more I see how she acts the more I get the impression she wants be like Rob and Kris to much or just BE them period.

Have a nice weekend all!

Hi Smitty and Syd! I hope you all are well, happy and safe.

30 said...

Kenezz you are being nosy..... Well fuck it I am to! I saw Smitty erase them and I new it had to have been good shit! lmfao
She has to leave a limit here a half a day then do a delete. lol

Kenzz said...

30: Great idea! We'll implement a 10 hr limit on Smitty's comments prior to deletion :)

Freddie: Many many thanks, my friend!

Syd, Smitty, and Gruff... a special goodnite to you all... safe travels and all that good stuff wished to you :)

TwiHusband said...

Terrific post. Sweet, informative, and funny.


*I*Believe* said...

Heeelllloooooo!!! Who's here?

Freddie said...

Hi IB - how are you? I'm just popping in before I head off for the night.

Fio - I forgot to congratulate you on finishing all your exams and I wanted to wish you a great vacation.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie!!! Don't know if you're still here but I am well...how are things up north?

Kenzz said...

Ib & Freddie: We've got half the Northeast Chapter on tonite...Hurray!

*I*Believe* said...

@Lulu~Knowing Smitty and what she usually posts, I don't think that is what she said. I missed her post but I know any message Smitty posted would never have THAT tone or insinuate anything of the sort~

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Kenzz! I think Freddie left :(

Freddie said...

IB and Kenzz - ladies, nice to see you both. I'm good thanks, just crazy busy at work. It's been hard to peak in as much as I would like.

So it sounds like you are both off on great vacations. Have a drink for me or something fun.

And don't you love how some posters re-write history?

Annie said...

Lulu....You're full of shit! Go away!

*I*Believe* said...

Yeah Freddie!! You are still here!!! Who left the door open for weirdos tonight???????

Freddie said...

Hi Annie - LOL. How are you?

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Annie!!!!!

Kenzz said...

Lulu: How very interesting that you stoped by... is that beard getting a bit scratchy?

Freddie said...

IB - you got that right. Is it a full moon?

Annie said...

Hello *IB*, Freddie and everyone else.
Groovie....Congratulations and good luck in your new position.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~I will most certainly raise a glass to good old Roseland and you!

Annie~Bet you're glad the heatwave broke :)

Freddie said...

Lulu - nice try, but you fail.

Kenzz said...


Actually, why don't YOU stop...

PL said...

Hi all!


You sure go through a lot of changes first you're male, then you're female, then not quite sure what the Divine One is.

Not sure about yourself yet?

*I*Believe* said...

@Lulu~We are a peaceful bunch. I, personally, am not up for games. Be nice or leave.

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hi PL - Lulu is undecided. How are you?

*I*Believe* said...

Hi PL and Kenzz!!!

Btw, Lulu, God should be an upper-case letter!

Annie said...

Hi Freddie and IB....i'm good thanks. Yourselves?

Kenzz said...

Lulu: perhaps your command of the English language is sub-par, but I have seen a verbatim copy of Smitty's comments, and I can assure everyone here that your synopsis is so far off-base as to be called...delusional (but I bet you get that a lot!)...

PL said...


I am good. We've been having storms so I'm fighting a headache.


Always the educator. Are you all packed and ready to go?

Freddie said...

Annie - all is well, thanks. Has the temperature broken for you? We got our first day of rain today in probably 3 weeks.

Hey Sydney - how are things?

Kenzz said...

IB: can you send her to the dunce corner for deception?

Annie: Another Nor-eastener!! How are you this evening?

Hi PL & Sydney!

*I*Believe* said...

Oh, Lord!!! I had a nice evening with my friends and a few beers and now we have to deal with Doo Doo, I mean LuLu. You're killing my buzz!!!

Rose~Rev up the delete button!!

Annie said...

I think Lulu is waxing crazy. Must be a full moon or something.


Freddie said...

PL - hope you're feeling better soon.

Kenzz said...

IB & Annie: I just knew when I read Rose's blog that the nutjobs would be out in full force tonite...mentioning the wicked witch of the west by name always incurs the wrath of the crazies...

Annie said...

Hi Kenzz! I'm good thanks. How are you?

Ah Lulu...We all know you're fishing. Not biting here. It's best to move on.

Sydney said...

I'm great Freddie. You?

*I*Believe* said...

Kenzz~Yes!! A major time out is called for and the dunce cap.

Doo Doo, or Lulu~It doesn't matter if you are praying or not God is ALWAYS spelled with an upper-case letter! Upper-case, by the way, has a hyphen!

Freddie said...

Annie - you got that right. Let them "stew" (no pun intended).

Kenzz said...

Why do they always think they come across as "helpful"?

Annie: things are good but super busy... packing for a trip to Maine... can't wait to see my sis & family...we only seem to get together once per year at the Lake house, so it's a wonderful treat for the cousins to interact... and memories made are of course priceless :)

Freddie said...

Sydney - all is good. Did I read that you just had some vacation? If so, I hope it was good.

*I*Believe* said...

Well, I'm in good company with Annie :) We New Yorkers will be rude together....bwaaahaaahaaa!

Sydney said...

I know three people who have vacationed in Maine in the past month. Looks like it's the hotspot this summer.

Annie said...

Lulu.....I'm rude? Really? :)

Let me warm up.......I'm haven't started on your nonsense at full force yet.

Now go away beforce it gets embarrassing for you.

Freddie said...

Lulu - careful, you're showing your true colours.

Kenzz said...

IB & annie: Please don't leave us Bostonians out... we can be as rude as the next person! lol

Honest to God, are the verif words for real? r e v r w a r k (Seriously, can they get any longer?)

*I*Believe* said...

Yes, Freddie, sooner or later they all show their true colors :)

*I*Believe* said...

Kenzz gets a gold star for remembering to upper-case God!!!!

Sydney said...

Freddie - yeah sorta. I had a conference in Santa Fe last weekend and my bf met me and we did some travelling throughout New Mexico. It was really fun, NM is very interesting.

what about you...any last minute summer plans?

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Annie, don't forget we live in cardboard boxes too! Oh, and we're 400 pounds...but at least we don't have a beard to shave :)

Kenzz said...

Oh IB, I graduated from a top-notch college... we pride ourselves on proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure ! haha

Unlike doodoo voodoo lulu, who clearly needs her dictionary and thesaurus to compose a simplistic rebuttal...poor dear, she's a very confused individual (even we patheitic hags can see that!)

*I*Believe* said...

Sydney~My aunt winters in AZ...she loves the southwest but not the rattlesnakes.

Annie said...

Cue... The usual. It never takes long does it?

Lulu....don't you have anything better to do?

Sydney said...

Sitting on a blog and picking on people you don't know? Hmmmm...now where is that familiar.

Can someone call a pap so NR has something else to do but comment?

*I*Believe* said...

Now, now, Kenzz, get it straight, we are 400 pound hags! Gosh!

Freddie said...

IB - yup, the rattlesnakes would be a non-starter for me.

Sydney - glad you got some time to enjoy the sights and that your boyfriend could join you.

ADD said...

So I guess you think it's not rude to call Rob "a manwhore" ? *troll alert*

Kenzz said...

Lulu: Rose knows...believe it!

Annie said...

Should I find it flattering that an entire comment is dedicated to me. Probably not...No.

Well this bitch is having fun at your meltdown Lulu.

Freddie said...

Annie - you're right. She's fishing.

Don't give her anything, folks. Just let her just get more frustrated.

*I*Believe* said...

Doo Doo~You should brush up on you reading comprehension! Kenzz never used the word "good" in her comment. Her grammar and sentence structure are totally correct. Where did you get your degree?

Why don't you just back off and go on your merry little way???????

Sydney said...

Oh, I'm sorry...can someone call a pap so NR's beard has something else to do.

Freddie said...

Okay typo - "Just let her get more frustrated."

I'll correct myself before someone else does.

Kenzz said...

Lulu: I get that you don't comprehend sarcasm, irony, etc....So sorry to confuse you with literal vs figurative references...

Sydney: visited Arizona (Scottsdale) in the early 90's and could have packed the house up and had it shipped out West...Hope you enjoyed the ambiance, as well!

*I*Believe* said...

Well bust my buttons! I have a typo too! Your reading comprehension, not you.

*I*Believe* said...

@Sydney~ LOL LOL

Kay said...

"You all seem to enjoy being so rude and judgmental about her so please, all you gggggod fearing people, tell me what gggod says about judging others and hating.


I just love irony, ROGER.

Bored again?

Annie said...

Ha! Advice from Lulu........Gotta love it!

*I*Believe* said...

Did anyone else thing that Lulu should have played "God Bless America" with her last post? Could have received high drama points!

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzz said...

Lulu: As entertaining as this has proved to be, I wish only the best for you. May you find peace in your shortcomings, and acceptance of your authentic self. perhaps with this, you will finally find the happiness that your upbringing has sorely neglected to provide :(

*I*Believe* said...


Freddie said...

Hi Kay - how are you?

ADD said...

I find very hard to believe that anyone on this board would call Rob that.

*I*Believe* said...

@Kenzz~Here, here!

Lulu said...

Kay-I have NO idea what that means.

Add--That is what Smitty said the other night. I never called Rob that at all.

Kay said...

Hi Freddie - I'm doing fine, how are you?

Kenzz said...

IB: Honestly, it's low-hanging fruit!

And evidently, burned & bandaged fruit, at that!

*I*Believe* said...

DooDoo~Like I said! You need to brush up on your reading comprehension. Smitty NEVER said that....can...you...under....stand?

Freddie said...

Lulu - I haven't said a word about her. So check your facts before you level accusations. That will be my only response.

Annie said...

Lulu........"I" never called Rob that.
Who are you again? :)

Kenzz said...

I'd give ANYTHING to have Syd stop by right about now... hehe

Nobody squashes like Sgt Syd

Freddie said...

Kenzz - I agree with IB - here, here!

I'm good Kay. Glad it's almost the weekend. It's a long weekend here so I'm looking forward to some down time on Monday.

*I*Believe* said...

Kenzz~I was thinking the exact same thing!! Sgt. Syd would handle things!

ADD said...

I didn't read what Smitty posted but I don't believe in you. Period. I'll stop replying because I guess I'm giving you the attention you crave.

Kenzz said...

Lulu: not insulting, merely pitying...may you find the grace to forgive yourself and find happiness...even you deserve that...

Sydney said...

God, I love trash day.

Freddie said...

Ahh...fresh air. Thanks Rose.

Annie said...

Come on Lulu.......You said you never called Rob that....So what exactly did you call him?

I can't ever remember a Lulu posting here ladies. So, I want to know what "Lulu' means when she said she never said that about Rob.

This inquisitive bitch wants to know....come on Lulu help a girl out here.

Kenzz said...

Rose: We don't need Syd when we have you on clean-up!! Thanks, love!

Freddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

@Sydney.......I think I'm loving trash night! :)

Kenzz said...

Think I've struck a nerve...

Lulu: Didn't your Mommy love you enough?

Annie said...


*I*Believe* said...

The delete button works every time :)

Kay said...

Lulu - Not sure if you didn't understand what I meant when I said that I loved the irony of you calling people here "hypocritical assholes" in your speech about hating people that we don't actually know, or if you didn't understand when I called you Roger. You can play dumb, but I know that you are the troll "Roger", as well as many other names that you like to use when you come here to "educate" those you deem to need it. Understand me now?

*I*Believe* said...

Annie~Has the heatwave broke?

Sydney said...

Wow...that was Roger sized tantrum. Can we get a foot stomp with that?

Kenzz...your character is improving without you even doing anything. A defender of that doesn't like you? Makes you a better person automatically.

Kenzz said...

Deja vu...

Do they all think inside the box? A tiny schizophrenic box...

*I*Believe* said...

Let's have a sing-along!

Na na na na,
Na na na na,
Hey, hey ,hey,

Kenzz said...

Sydney: My parents will be thrilled to know that they raised a Harvard educated daughter!! :)

Annie said...

*IB*....It's back in full force tonight. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be brutal!
It's around 80 degrees right now.

*I*Believe* said...

Quit the games! Who ever is posting as Kenzz, the avi didn't show up so we know it's not her!

Do you think we're that dumb?

Sydney said...

Ah...and now we KNOW it's Roger. Stealing names and anger management issues. Looks like someone needs a refresher course on Cyber-bullying laws.

*I*Believe* said...

Annie~The humidity is brutal tonight.

Kenzz said...

Oh, this is fun... I guess I really struck a chord, since she's posting under my name now! Crazy, crazy, crazy...

Middle school shenanigans...

Freddie said...

Lulu - stealing other people's monikers so that you don't get deleted is pathetic.

Freddie said...

Sydney - you are right - she does need a refresher course.

Kenzz - you really did strike a chord.

*I*Believe* said...

LOL Kenzz! Middle schoolers are smarter!

Kay said...

Lulu - Call me delusional all you want, I really don't care....doesn't change the fact that anonymity on the internet is tough to come by.

Annie said...

@*IB*....It is!

*I*Believe* said...

It must be Kenzz's Harvard degree that makes you know who like her so much!

veri word-butism

Don't be such a butt-ism!

*I*Believe* said...

Well, well Doo Doo knows how to copy and paste avi's too!

Annie said...

Come on "Lulu"............What was it you never said about Rob? :):)

Sydney said...

Omg...the maturity level is...I have no words.

Never argue with an idiot. They will lower you to their level and then beat you with experience.

Kenzz said...

How tiresome, I evidently need to change my avi...

Rose can go in and delete anything not from my IP address.. I'll change my avi when I get a chance... Since it's almost midnight here,and I have a lovely family who needs my attention first thing in the morning, I'll say au revoir, my friends! I'll try and say Hi over the weekend from North country! :)

Freddie said...

Ladies - as much as this is "entertaining" (and I use that term loosely), I have to call it a night. If I wasn't a 400 pound, grandmother I might have a productive life to get to in the morning. Oh wait...I'm not and I do.

Kenzz and IB - have great vacations. Safe travels.

Annie, Sydney, Kay, PL, ADD - take care and talk to you soon.

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Kenzz! Safe travels!

Annie said...

*IB*.......I was never a fan of foot in comment disease BUT tonight, in "Lulu's" case I'm forming a unique appreciation of it. :):)

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Freddie! Be well!

Annie said...

Goodnight Freddie and Kenzz! :)

Sydney said...

Nite ladies. I'm about done here too!

*I*Believe* said...

Annie~A troll, is a troll, is a troll! They always do show themselves sooner or later.

*I*Believe* said...

Well Annie, it looks like someone is playing with your name and avi now.

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Sydney!

Annie said...

Ha! Priceless!

I have to check with blogger and report users who impersonate other users... As far as I'm aware it's a crime.
Be careful with your bullshit Lulu.

*I*Believe* said...

If you're going to use my name, at least get it right! Dolt!

Also, let's talk about who has nothing better to do than whom. I think the pot is calling the kettle black!

Annie said...

No need to wonder about the maturity level.

*I*Believe* said...

Good night Annie and Roseland....looks like the little troll left.

Sleep well!

Annie said...

Goodnight Roseland, *IB*.

wania said...

Lovely pics, wise words, a great post Rose. Perfect!
Rob is right, keep the distance is better!

Wonderful Friday for all!

wig4usc said...

Sorry I missed poking the troll earlier! I also will never understand the screamers and shriekers - have they not noticed how much Rob HATES that??

This place is a life preserver in the wacky ocean that is this fandom???

Birdie said...

Good morning,Roseland. Ah, the weekend is here!
Loved the pictures and lyrics. Love how these two love each other.
How unfortunate that Rob has to attend the TCAs. They really are hard to watch and I would imagine that this is one part of the job most of these celebrities would prefer to skip.
There has certainly been an abundance of pretty that came out of CC. I don't know how he does it, but watching and listening to Rob is such a treat,hair and all. Kristen, well she just becomes more beautiful with each appearance. I wish them all the best on their next adventure in London. SWATH is going to be amazing!

Way to go!!!

Off to work, have a great day everyone!

angelica1 said...

Morning everyone! I see I missed lots of fun last night, glad the duty guard had it so well in hand!

Hope said...


Freddie...Sounds like your job is keeping you busier than normal. Hope things are good for you.
We are in DAY 26 of 100+ degree heat. There is a chance the streak will end when Tropical Storm Don hits land and the temp may dip down to 99! LOL
We have been busy entertaining company and enjoying the summer break. K starts back to school in 3 weeks!

IB, Fio, Kenzz...Wishing each of you loads of fun on your vacations.

Olivia...are you headed out too??

DK...did you find a new place yet in The Towers??

*I*Believe* said...

Good Morning Roseland!

After last night's visitor, I have changed my avi. This is perhaps my most favorite picture of the dynamic duo.

Have a great day!

Melinda said...

Another great post Rose! Love the song choice from a man who really loved his wife.

I finally watched the BD CC panels in high def (so much better than the fan videos out there). Rob and Kristen are too cute! They make me smile.

As for Ms. Reed. She seems like she has lost her way. It's up to her to find her way back though.

Kenzz, IB, Fio- Enjoy your vacations.

Groovie- Congrats on your promotion at work!

Freddie- I hope things calm down at work soon for you.

DK- Thanks for playing the Jenny Lewis tune the other night. Love that whole album. Good luck with the move.

To everyone else- hope you all had a great week.

Finally to the person who can't seem to let go...

“If you are attached to any event, this will prevent you from moving on to better things. It is like a fence that keeps you inside your past.”

“Let go of your anger. Your anger is holding you, but you are holding your own anger, too. Once you let go, the anger will let you go.”

30 said...

Jesus Christ, seems I missed the fun again. "Lu Lu" just cant seem to get enough of here "IT" must come by and read EVERY post of Rose I assume.


Fiorels said...

Hello Roseland :)
just had a very busy day. 2 am and it's not over yet ;/
I was supposed to leave tonight but there was a change of plan and since i' leaing tomorrow morning i was just passing by to wish everyone a great summer :)
hope you enjoy it :)

talk to you in about 2 weeks :)


DreamerKind said...

Happy Day Everyone!

Busy packing stuff with my oldest bff and then taking breaks for eats/drinks/naps, you get the pic.

Miss you all, but don't miss some other things, that shall not be named, that came by.

Music later....


Suwi said...

take gare Fiorels!!!! Mis u!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning Roseland...

DK...Not much longer til moving day!!!

DOT...I have to work in the OR this morning...starting at 10am:( Other than that, a run to Columbia to go to Earth Fare...they are building a Whole Foods store right down the street from Earth Fare...so I am happy about that...just wish I didnt have to drive 40 miles to get there..

Hi to 30,IB,PL,WIG4USC,HOPE,ANGELICA,MELINDA,Sydney,Kenzz,BERRY,FREDDIE andanyone I may have missed!

Hope everybody has a happy and safe weekend.

30 said...




Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi 30:)Give Sigmund a hug for me!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Friends!

Just a quick in and out. We made it safely to the Cape. Weather is beautiful...sunny skies, warm ocean breezes and NO humidity!

Hope things are lovely in your neck of the woods!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB..Hi...Glad to hear there is some decent weather up there. It was 102 here today and the humidity is "opressive"...Enjoy and have a lovely weekend:)

DreamerKind said...


I have bots in computer, in spots, so won't be posting anything, until after, I kill those rots.


emmajlz363 said...

love it rose, hit the nail on the head as always. wheres the next one???withdrawls!!! in anticipation of robsten drought :(

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

I'm just popping my head in to say hello and to wish everyone a good day.

Take care.

Melinda said...

Hello everyone,

Boy has this weekend flown by! Just stopping in for a quick hello. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

IB- Glad you got to the Cape safely.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hellooooooo...Is anybody out there tonight? Things seem mighty quiet this weekend....I will try to talk very quietly(whisper)........

Tigerlily said...

Hi all - hope everyone has had a great weekend!
Looking forward to your next post Rose.. Whenever you have time :)

I'll go back to watching True Blood...

I'll tiptoe out - in keeping with your whispering Super as it is very quiet in here ;)

Claire said...

Hello peeps

I see Kristen is in my time zone to start work on SWATH.

It must be very exciting for her to start work on a new project.

Now all we need is to here what Rob is working on next, probably something next year with all the promo he'll be doing at the end of the year.

I hope you all have a good day.

DreamerKind said...

DK Misses Rose & Roselanders:

In Still Of The Night

Al Bowlly:

In the still of the night
As I gaze out of my window
At the moon in its flight
My thoughts all stray, stray to you

In the still of the night
While the world lies in slumber
Oh the times without number
When I say to you

Do you love me
Just like I love you
Are you my life to be
That dream come true
Or will this dream of mine
Will it fade way out of sight

Just like that moon growing dim
Way out on the rim of the hill
In the still of the night

Thank you/IrRrIS1l3nt

DreamerKind said...

Happy Day Everyone!

Hopefully, my silly computer will be fixed tonight. Sneaking in against the General's orders for a little fun.

So happy to hear that Kristen is in London safely, and traveling with a fab guitar. Best wishes for her happy filming. Rob and Bear are surely happy, too.

Like I said, it's a happy day, isn't it?

Regards to Smitty, Gruff & Syd!

Back soon.


DreamerKind said...

It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day

Jack Payne & His Band-1939:

It's a hap-hap-happy day
For you and me for us and we
All the clouds have rolled away

It's a hap-hap-happy day
The sun shines bright and the world's so right

It's a hap-hap-happy day
Four and twenty sunbeams
Are dancing round my face
Four score and twenty more
Are dancing every place

It's a hap-hap-happy day
You can't go wrong if you sing this song
It's a hap-hap-happy day

Thank you/jackpaynefan

DreamerKind said...

It's August 1st!

Happy birthday to everyone with an August birthday.

Let's celebrate your coming into this world together, with a song. Just tell me what day....

tufenuf55 said...

Have watched the Comic Con 2011 video of rest of cast joining condon, rob, kristen and taylor. When Nikki Reed comes on, she first hugs Taylor, then stands for a few seconds, Kristen makes the first move and hugs Nikki; Rob is just standing there...like not sure what to do...waiting to see if Nikki wants a hug. NOPE! Nikki snubs him big time. What a B*&ch! Rob and Kristen don't need her. I like her take on Rosalie in Twilight, but she does put Rob down a lot.