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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Sooner or Later

Oh good fucking grief.

Oh how I weep for this fandom sometimes.

Let's see....
1. Rob was at a wrap party for Cosmopolis last night.
And its like the floodgates of stupidity opened up!
Yeah. OK.
Hasn't he always smoked?
I know some people would like to think this is 
some sort of harbinger of doom on 
Rob and Kristen's relationship.
It was speculated that both Rob and Kristen
had tried to stop smoking (or at least slow down)
because neither of them were spotted with 
cigarettes in hand lately...
and if you follow Rob and Kristen
They always seem to have cigarettes in hand.
Yeah, sure...
The lunatic fringe wanted it to be about
Kristen being pregnant or some such nonsense...
she's prepping for a physical part in a movie
Surely a pregnancy makes NO sense?
Not that sense ever stopped anyone before.
So now that Rob was seen with a cigarette...
and Kristen
(oh this is good shit)
was spotted with a lighter poking out of her jean pocket
(by people who don't really LOOK THAT CLOSELY.. heh)
Surely this is some sign of the apocalypse... right?

And oh...
Let's not forget that Caitlyn Croneberg 
was seen in Robert's vicinity.
He smiled at her!!!
The guy just wrapped on a movie...
And he can't even fucking go out and enjoy a party
with the cast and crew
without the same lame fucking bullshit drama.
It seems there was some deranged asshat
who was tweeting Caitlyn a lot of vicious disgusting shit...
Just for standing next to Rob and smiling.
Hopefully the account has been taken care of...
and the person institutionalized
but one thing...
The person who tweeted that sickening bullshit
is NO fan of Robert's.
No way.
No how.
(But nice try.)

See Kris.
See Kris Run.
Run Kris Run.

See Kris
See Kris walk
Walk Kris Walk

The point?

Kristen is being stalked by very persistent paparazzi.
Going to get her passport renewed?
Do we need to see that?
Horseback riding..
While mildly interesting the first time...
Do we need to see it again?
And really...
Kristen gets rear-ended by a lady (driving a Jag, no less)
And its front page news.
I mean...
The guy just kept taking picture after picture
after picture.
Wouldn't a few have told the story?
Did you have to just sit there snapping away?
And really...
People think she calls the fucking paps?
Kristen Stewart.
Who has very vocally declared her intense dislike
of that particular base of human being...
And how they harass and stalk her.

I'm faced with this whole dilemma of posting these pictures.
It's like...
I love steak.
I really really love steak.
But if I actually sat down and thought about where
the steak comes from...
and saw what they did to get the steak...
I might not ever eat steak again.
I would probably become a vegetarian...
You follow?

I'm usually oblivious to the extremes that
Kristen and Robert are exposed to when stalked by the paps.
I mean...
We see the pictures...
and they look like they are just walking to a car...
or through an airport...
or down a street...
(run Rob run)
But when you actually see the videos...
It makes you pause... doesn't it?
The cameras in their faces...
The flashing lights in their eyes...
The people shouting and yelling
usually obscene things to get a response
They get so close...
And they don't care about them as human beings.
That time...
When Rob was caught in the street
determined NOT to let them follow him home...
And he just stood there
and they just kept taking the pictures...
and it didn't matter that they were all the same
they just kept taking the pictures...
because they could.
And even when Rob pleaded with them
(and God... Rob... pleading... breaks my heart)
They didn't fucking care.
They just kept taking pictures anyway.
If I think about that
If I think how the pics were taken
how they were obtained...
what they shouted at Kristen
or how they followed her to her parents home...
How they just sit there and keep shooting
even though she is just taking stuff out of her car
and putting it in another.
Pretty mundane.
Pretty boring.
Pretty ordinary.
Kristen can't do anything ordinary
without it being seen.
Being watched.
If I think about those details...
I might never post another pap pic again.

But I love steak.
So much.
I try to push where it comes from out of my mind.
Just because I want to have my steak
and eat it too...

But I won't wish for any pictures...
I won't long for that sneaky peek into 
Rob and Kristen's life
I will be satisfied with what they are willing to give me.
What they are willing to share.
I can do that.
I can try...

 So... we know Rob had part of his head shaved
for Cosmopolis...
Will he end up looking like this?
I don't have a problem with that.
Short hair.
Long hair.
Greasy hair.
Combed hair.
Is it Rob's hair??
Then I'm good.

I'm more interested in if we will see this sometime soon...
(After Comic Con)

Perhaps heading over to London?

You know that Kristen is going...
And come on now
YOU KNOW Rob will be there too.
It's just a matter of time...

Because sooner or later...
Rob and Kristen
end up together.

Oh yes indeedy
You know they do.

Oh my.
Someone sent this to me.
Isn't it all kinds of cute?

Tom and Dr. Teeth.

I love it.
I love Muppets.
I love Tom.

Ain't nothing wrong with that.

This post is brought to you by the letter *B*

B for blame.
Stop lumping the lunatics 
into any section of the fandom...
The loonies aren't real fans of either
Rob or Kristen.
They just want an excuse to hate.
And they use Rob and/or Kristen to do it.

B for Bwahahahaha!
Remember that time when they 
wanted to believe it was her BROTHER??

B for

Bye for now

Green Sheep.


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rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


Claire said...

Good post Rose

I've been offline for a few days and this is the first I've heard of Kristen's accident, I hope it wasn't serious.

I've just read your previous post and I see that the lunatic's website has shut down. Thank fuck for that, they've gotten away with too much for too long and they should be held to account for their actions, the fucking cowards.

Claire said...

Sorry about the foul language in my post, I get like this when I've had too much to drink LOL

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the post Rose. Love that picture of Rob with the shades. Quite yummy. I’m with you…long hair or short hair… it’s all fine with me.

Your comments are very appropriate Rose. I don’t think any of us really understand what they go through – the constant invasion of privacy, the constant harassment. I know for sure that I would go postal in a week. Kudos to them for dealing with it so effectively.

I’m amazed that the Cosmopolis shoot is over and that it went so quickly. I hope it proved to be a great work experience for Rob and that his memories of his time in Toronto will be positive ones. With filming done, I sure hope we get to see him at Comic Con with Kristen next week. Crossing my fingers. In the interim I hope that Rob (and Bear’s) trip home to LA is safe.

Well, it’s been a beautiful day here. I hope everyone is having an equally good start to the weekend. Take care.

A-M said...

Love it Rose,

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks, great post <3

I agree, I don't wish for the pictures either. I'm just happy with what they are willing, and feel comfortable, to share. The rest is not meant to be seen.

LOL! Tom & Dr.Teeth....adorable :)

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day.

Groovie said...

Great post!
Paparazzi are scummy fuckers that have no boundaries.
If a celeb invites them in & famewhores about calling them in advance & going to hot spot pap-friendly places...well then my sympathy is severely limited.
If a celeb does not enjoy that & goes out of their way to avoid it, then they have all my sympathy.
If Rob & Kristen are working, sometimes its unavoidable & inevitable, that is just the reality. But the papz seem to heave nailed down part of her recent routine & just follow her from there! Totally sucks and is invasive and she handles it well, I would have snapped & facepunched a fucker long ago!

hello to everyone and I hope u all have a great weekend!
Comic-con next week should be fun! I would assume Rob will be heading home to LA soon, if he hasn't already, hopefully he gets at least a few restful days before the craziness of comic-con!

Kay said...

Really feel bad for Kristen and the constantly stalking paps...hopefully she will get at least a bit of a break from them when she starts filming. I'm glad no one was hurt yesterday....horrible that they felt it was appropriate to document every second of the incident.

Happy weekend, Roseland...hope you all have a good one!

Melinda said...

I just walked in my house, logged on and what do I find?? Another full of win post! :)

People need to simmer down. I can't ever imagine harassing people via twitter because they may or may not have some connection to Rob or Kristen. Boggles my mind so often the way people behave.

London sounds better and better all the time. The paps over there are seem to be much less bothersome.

Speaking of paps I recently read a quote by Gwyneth Paltrow in which she said to them (the paps) "you have followed me around, made my kid cry, and now you want me to smile and act like I enjoy this? Are you crazy?"

This is one reason why she is raising her family in London. They aren't bothered over there. Plus she and Chris are very private. I don't think he has ever walked a red carpet with her. Heh...

Well I hope everyone is having a great Friday night. Life is good!

Lindsey said...

I wish everyone could be as sane and logical as you! Amazngly awesome post! hope everyone is having a great friday

Hope said...

Rose...a perfect post once again!!

Thank goodness Kristen was not injured in the minor accident!!

Kristen has been calm, cool and collected during all of these papz incidents. She has handled everything like a pro....I don't know how she does it.

Congratulations to Rob for finishing Cosmopolis...seems like yesterday that he started on it.

Hey Everyone!!
DAY 14 of 100+ temperatures here!

Lindsey said...

Thats a really good quote from Gwenyth. Can't imagine how annoying that would be. I feel like there should be more laws against them stalking people in their private lives.

angelica1 said...

I don't suppose it occurred to these ridiculous people who analyse every single thing that, IF she's stopped or cut down on smoking,surely the most obvious reason is it helps her get as fit as possible for her upcoming,very physical role.I have no idea why anyone is fixated on the idea of a 21 year old woman with a burgeoning career,being pregnant, it's 2011,not 1911 for god's sake.

As for Rob well, I can barely contain my shock at him standing near a female who's not Kristen,his mother or one of his sisters.What was he thinking??!!

Rhonda said...

I agree with everyone in regards to the paps and their constant stalking. I can't even imagine dealing with that all the time. I think Rob and Kristen have handled themselves exceptionally well.

Claire said...

When it comes to the paps let's just say Rob and Kristen are better people than me. Because if they got in my face the way they have with Rob and Kristen they'd be getting kicked square in the gizzards.

I honestly don't know how they keep their cool. It's one of the things I really admire about both of them.

gwen said...

good post Rose! preach them(crazies) sister, lol

happy that Kristen is okay and congratulations to Rob, filming's over. Hope he gets to rest and relax.

Shout out to the ladies here, have a great weekend to all of you! lol

happy that Kristen is okay and congratulations to Rob, filming's over. Hope he gets to rest and relax.

Shout out to the ladies here, have a great weekend to all of you!

dottie said...

I agree w/all of you about the paps and about how well Kristen has handled the extra attention from them lately. The phrase, "grace under pressure" comes to mind.

ROSE, your steak analogy was perfect.

It's a bit scary to me when I see Kristen in those pap pics. I know it's silly but I want a big burly dude w/her at all times! Just the mama bear in me I guess. :)

gwen said...

oops dont know why is it like that lol.

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL..I love it!

"kicked square in the gizzards"

katy said...

Hi Rose, Excellent post!!!

I am also happy with what Rob and Kristen are willing to share...it's enough for me. Don't need pics documenting every single minutes of their lives...especialy if getting these pics means that they have to be harassed by papz.

I love that pic of Rob with the short hair. I'm thinking next time he seem him, he will be looking that...absolutely adorable!

Assuming that Rob is heading to LA...Wish him, Bear (and lets not forget Dean) a safe travel back home.

the pic of Tom and Dr.Teeth, made me laugh...cute.

Wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Take care and be happy

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROB...(in case you drop in)...Congratulations on completion of Cosmopolis!!!!! We are sooooo proud of YOU....and SO EXCITED...to see whats next...your very own cheerleading team! (Dont hold it against us if some of us might have cellulite)!!!!! We(as in my husband and myself) went to see Harry Potter....sigh...I really enjoyed it...what a long time....to see that to completion...and now Im ready to start getting reallly "psyched" up to see BD1!!! Enjoy your down time with your friends and family. We love you!!!!!

PL said...


Excellent post.

I don't understand this whole fixation on whether or not they are still smoking. Maybe they are cutting back, who knows, but equating cigarettes with the stability of a relationship is asinine, absurd, moronic, silly and just plain stupid.

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for the spot on post this evening.

Congratulations to Rob on the wrap of his wonderful Cosmopolis project. May he relax and enjoy some vacation time for a while with family and friends and then have some amazing new creative opportunities come his way.

Wishing both Rob and Kristen an escape from view and some exceptional private time together. C Con will be here soon enough and we will have some great pics and interviews coming out of that event. Until then, give them space, you rotten razzi!

Oh my goodness, the Tom/Dr. Teeth side by side is "highlarious."

Hope, I have lost count of the 100+ days. I'm afraid it will last all summer.

Hugs for y'all. Have a wonderful evening dear Roselanders.
Life is good!

PL said...


I see you just popped in after me. I meant to tell you I've read the first 3 of the Outlander series. They are good reads but the first one has some really uncomfortable stuff towards the end. I guess I lost interest waiting for the 4th one and never went back. They are long books but well written and researched.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi PL..I dont even know exactly how to respond to the smoking and connecting it to ...anything...Just when you think youve heard it all, something even more stupid and totally illogical emerges!


olivia said...

Thanks PL. Really don't know what to expect. Just in a few chapters so far and do like what I have read of her language and style. Will stick with it and see what I think at the end of the first book.
Take care!

Birdie said...

Whew! That was a mouthful Rose and I couldn't agree more. Years ago they would sneak a picture or two because they were printed in a few magazines. Because of the internet they take a barrage of pictures with no consideration of their subject. Soulless shits, that's for sure.
The "fans" that comb over these pictures,develop stories in their heads and then proceed to make judgement calls are just as parasitical as the paps. That said, fuck 'em all.
I hope these two are getting some down time PRIVATELY and we will see them soon at CC.
I really love shorn Rob. Tom's side by side is hysterical. Sorry Tom.
Hello all, it's the weekend!

olivia said...

Hi Super.
I guess I will add my two cents......
Both Rob and Kristen are adults and whether they smoke or not is their own personal and private decision. It is not my business nor my place to worry about their private habits.

dd said...

Rose, it's so refreshing to read your blog after reading the usual bullshit everyday (hey, it's everywhere, it's hard to avoid it), you ALWAYS say what needs to be said.

It's unbelievable how the papz have been following Kristen, but I'm really happy to see her handling it with such class.
Rob is looking good and he must be really proud of his work on Cosmopolis.

It's GREAT to see everyone calling out that pshyco harassing Caitlin Cronenberg (I've reported her myself), but I have to say that I find incredibly hypocrite that some Rob fans, who choose to be "neutral" and NEVER say a word regarding the hate Kristen gets everyday, are so active now regarding Caitlin. What's the difference? And what about the noonies, so shocked that Caitlin has been being bullied? Are you fucking kidding me? You, who spend every fucking day bullying Kristen, don't have moral to criticise anyone. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Still laughing at Tom and Dr. Teeth!

Anonymous said...

Ok.. Tom's beard needs to come off. ha It's starting to get scary looking! hehe

Annie said...

Good evening Roseland.......It's been a while since I've been here at this time.

I think Kristen is dealing with the paps nicely.....ignore the greedy bastards. They're trying to get a rise out of her and in all the pics so far, she's going about her business as if they don't exist and looking stunning along the way!

I may be wrong here but I think her ignoring them (although the urge to "kick them aquare in the gizzards" must be great - Thanks Claire) :) is the best way.

As for the fools still on Twitter believing that bullying people gets them points....It doesn't. Get a life!

wania said...

Thanks Rose! Great post! I liked it! You put into words what I feel when I see some photos and read bad things...but is necessary see this pics... feel the angst to Robert and Kristen ... is sad...but necessary see what size the evil...the envy...
The reason... they are together, in love for a long time, have success career...and most important... are delightful and captivating...rsrsrs...

I love this place! I love Rob like you! Roseland is like a home for me. I want always to be here!

DK, we have music?
Lot hugs for you...

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning!

Out of the ballpark-it's a homer, again!

Cheers, All!

Busy packing with my sister's help, and have to take advantage of that. We're hard at it right now, except for this little break.
(Where did all of this glassware and decorative stuff come from, anyone know?)

No music from me tonight either, but Saturday night, we'll be swinging.

Miss you all. Hugs!


LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Loved this post Rose!

This is the first I knew about Kristen having a prang in her car...so glad both parties were unharmed.

Hope you all have awesome weekends and the weather is better where you are than where I am! :)

Massive love to Smitty, I think of you lots and hope you are safe, happy and having fun <3

Love to the wonderful Gruff and Syd also.


sjjw said...

Good morning all! Wonderful, wonderful post Rose. Luckily, I was not aware of most of the bs swirling yesterday. WOW. The whole smoking thing. I don't get it, how that is a harbinger of doom for their relationship, but I think it's a good thing I don't get it. If I did,I would be crazy too!

Someone did tell me about that crazy "Kristen fan" who was stalktweeting Caitlin Cronenberg. Some "fan". I don't know if there is a padded cell big enough for that amount of crazy!

I get to help my mother move today - which will be truly painful. So wish me luck friends!

I am so glad there is this place of sanity, with real fans, good times and a great blog!

See ya,

Rosey said...

Hi Roselanders.
Been away for a while but came home to all the shit and fuckery on the websites. "scuse my language but WTH? Rob can surely enjoy his wrap party - he's been working his socks off to make this film a success and I for one can't wait to see the end result. Imagine being able to work with DC it must have been an amazing experience and one he would have wanted to celebrate at the wrap. Not to mention being able to say 'thanks' for the experience. As for not being allowed to speak to or laugh with Caitlin after working with her on the film without inciting the crap that has ensued - just leaves me speechless. This is NORMAL -jeez! Also poor Kristen being hassled by the sodding paps. She does not deserve this, but I am so impressed to see the classy way she is handling them. Ignoring them is maybe the best way - although they never seem to get get bored andd go away. There should be much stronger laws. Anyway Rose - great post. I wish I could put all my thoughts into the same concise post as you. Thanks, you are one great blogger!

Hope said...

Happy Saturday!!

Olivia...LOL...the weatherman announced on the news yesterday that we've had 14 days straight of 100+ temps. They are full of information...haha

Liza...welcome back home from your vacation. Sounds like you had fun!

DK...glad your sister is there helping you pack. Moving is a bitch.

sjjw...good luck helping your mom move...you are a good daughter!

*I*Believe* said...

LJ!!!! Did you eat all of those pies? Just wondering!

Rose, thanks for the new post...LOVE IT!

Not only should the nonnies SUCK IT but the paps should too. BACK OFF OF KRISTEN SUCKAS!

Hope all is well in your part of the world!

DK~If I lived near you I would help you pack...packing sucks :(

Melinda said...

Good Morning,

It's a beautiful Saturday in my part of the world. Hope yours is too.

Didn't say this in my last comment but I'm glad Kristen was okay in the fender bender she was involved in.

The thing that made me aggravated about it was the fact that in a couple of the pics the paps didn't blur out her license plate. In this day and age with hacking personal info, it really bothers me that someone could somehow get personal info from seeing her license plate.

Also love the Tom/Dr. Teeth pic. Too funny!

Housework is calling my name (trying in vain to ignore it ha,ha) so off I go.

dottie said...

Happy Saturday, Roseland!

The kitchen table I ordered a month ago finally arrived today & I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. :)

DK, I hope you and your sis were able to get all your packing done & had a few laughs in the midst of all the hard work.

SJ, You are a good daughter to help your mom with her move. Hope all goes smoothly.

Have a great week end!

LJ said...

Hi IB!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....I may be from the North of England and we like a good pie....but no I didn't eat all those pies. I just had one!


Thanks for the welcome back Hope!

Much love to all.

Freddie said...

Hi Liza, Hope, dottie, sj, Melinda, IB and DK. I’m just peeking in to say hello.

DK and sj - good luck with the packing.

Hope – hang in there with the heat. I hope you manage to find a cool spot.

IB – I keep missing you. I hope all is well.

Melinda – I’d ignore the housework if I were you. In fact, I’m ignoring it quite successfully myself at the moment.

dottie – congrats on the kitchen table. It’s always great to get new things.

Liza – nice to see you back.

I hope everyone in Roseland has a great day.

justme@31 said...

Hi Rose, Hi Roseland:)
As usual loved the post:)

beaculen said...

first, Tom and Dr Teeth? bwaahahaha, that is funny as hell. Can't you just see Tom and Rob cracking up at that pic?
Second, I totally get what your saying about the paps, and I totally agree. I remember the pics of Rob outside a hotel just trying to keep his head down til a car picked him up. He just looked so defeated. Paps suck! But I like steak too, and i love to see their pics, just not every frikkin second of their lives. Geez a little privacy would be great. Thanks Rose, for being the voice of reason...and poster of funny pics.lol

Rhonda said...

Cutiestar- Sorry for the slow response, but I've just read your comment about the pets. Most likely you're thinking of Birdie, and the array of animals her daughters have taken on recently...raccoons, rats, etc.

I'm sorry to read you've been ill, I hope all is well now. Take care :)

Hi everyone- I hope it was a good day <3

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND...

What a L O N G ...long day....I have been involved in all sorts of things today and babysat so Im just sitting down and watching the"This Is It" DVD...I love the re-makes of Thriller and Smooth Criminal...

Hi RHONDA and anyone else out there!

*I*Believe* said...

Popping in to say good night.

Yes, Freddie, we keep missing each other :( Hope you are well!

Carry on Roseland!

ADD said...

LMAO ! Tom and Dr. Teeth @courtjustice that's brilliant/hilarious/cute !

DreamerKind said...

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For those who are following me on Twitter; I am following you.

Don't expect anything wonderful out of our new relationship yet, since I don't know a damn thing about Twitter.

Old dogs can learn new tricks, but which ones and why, we'll discover when they happen.

Like Kristen, I need four or five weeks, of five days a week, twice a day, to learn what I am doing. Apparently, that's what you do when learning horseback riding. Twitter is probs. just as tricky and you end up sore in the end. Yes, that end.

Gosh, this is fun, being ridiculous...sure am happy to compare my life experiences with hers, and Rob's, too, why not?

Saturday, is like that, anything is possible.

DreamerKind said...

I've been rear-ended by other drivers, twice in the past year, like Kristen. I was fine but got checked for le ole whiplash, and had me some to get treated. She might want to, too.

Like Rob, I laugh and giggle, repeatedly, (which is charming and disarming) and act like I am someone else when I am out (acting), making me, somewhat, like you.

It's always an after party for me, for a long time after. Only difference is no one cares, if I smoke, am on fire, or burst into flames! A plus or minus, vote, yea or nay.

@Syd & Rose
Turtles are greenish, too. Consider them as wedding mascots, those poor shy ones, that are often neglected.

A mind is a great thing, even when wasted, says a true believer.

DreamerKind said...

Give Love A Go After All



No matter how hard I try
You keep pushing me aside
And I can't break through
There's no talking to you

So sad that you're leaving
Takes time to believe it
But after all is said and done
You're going to be the lonely one, Ohh Oh

Do you believe in life after love
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, now

What am I supposed to do
Sit around and wait for you
And I can't do that
There's no turning back

I need time to move on
I need love to feel strong
'Cause I've had time to think it through
And maybe I'm too good for you, Ohh Oh

But I know that I'll get through this
'Cause I know that I am strong
I don't need you anymore
Oh I don't need you anymore
I don't need you anymore
No I don't need you anymore

Do you believe in life after love
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, now

Thank you/CherMusicForever

DreamerKind said...

Just know that I'm not going to last staying up late, much longer, unless I am lying to myself, again, which happens, all too often, as you all know.

Been busying myself, getting buff, with packing, moving boxes, and grunting, as I do. Grunting firms and tones the abs, of course.

Wait one second...beer is good for muscles, so I'll be right back.

DreamerKind said...

Hard Lessons & Beer, Too

Beer For My Horses

Toby Keith/Willie Nelson:

Well a man come on the 6 o'clock news
Said somebody's been shot
Somebody's been abused
Somebody blew up a building
Somebody stole a car

Somebody got away
Somebody didn't get too far yeah
They didn't get too far

Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree

Round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street
For all the people to see that

Justice is the one thing you should always find
You got to saddle up your boys
You got to draw a hard line

When the gun smoke settles we'll sing a victory tune
We'll all meet back at the local saloon

We'll raise up our glasses against evil forces
Singing whiskey for my men
Beer for my horses

We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
We've got too much corruption, too much crime in the streets
It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground

Send 'em all to their maker and
He'll settle 'em down
You can bet he'll settle 'em down 'cause

Thank you/willietribute2000

DreamerKind said...

Time to thank everyone for their kindly wishes for success with packing and then moving all that's been packed! You are so sweet to support me, and I needed some sugar these past days.

DreamerKind said...

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Def Leppard:

Step inside, walk this way
You and me babe, Hey, hey!

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on
Livin' like a lover with a radar phone
Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp

Demolition woman, can I be your man?
Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light
Television lover, baby, go all night

Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah

C'mon, take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon fire me up

Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough
I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door

Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah

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Pour some sugar on me
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Pour some sugar on me
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Pour some sugar on me
Oh, in the name of love

Pour some sugar on me
Get it, come get it
Pour your sugar on me
Pour some sugar on me
Yeah! Sugar me!

Thank you/captaintig

DreamerKind said...

Hope your mother's move was smooth and successful.

First class air ticket to Chicago is in the mail, so keep an eye out!

It was so nice to read your comments in both places.

@Smitty & Gruff
Play away!

Your decoder ring is needed to find a special message in tonight's songs.

Comic Con looks like real fun! BD1 and SWATH, on Thursday/Saturday.

I'll see you in my dreams.


gwen said...

DK - how are you and the packing?

sjjw said...

Hey all! DK, nothing is every smooth with my mother! And it certainly isn't easy....but, my darling hubby helped today too, so it was better! She doesn't actually move until Friday, just helping her pack, etc. I hope your move is going well. Moving is one of the worst chores in life, in my opinion! Good luck with yours...

Happy Sunday all!


Jacks said...

Tom's beard is looking formidableh, I hope that Rob can rise to the challenge and produce a even bushier beard. Beards = freedom, afterall, lol.

dottie said...

Happy Sunday! I actually took an afternoon nap. Ahhh! The hubs is out of town this week, so I have the house ALL to myself. :)

Rose, I see there was some twitter drama and for some reason your name was dragged into it even though it had nothing to do w/you. I'm always impressed by the way you let that stuff just roll off your back. You already know this but I just wanted to tell you that you are loved and appreciated by so many. Hugs!

Hope we can have another Roseland chat fest soon!

angelica1 said...

Hi dottie, I saw it, it looks like the usual - a spoilt child looking for attention.Unfortunately,it didn't gain her quite the kind of attention she was looking for :)

dottie said...

Hey Angelica! I'm just heading out now but I saw your post and wanted to say hi since we haven't chatted in a while. Hope you're well and that we are here at the same time again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys--some bitch kind of attacked rose.

Now, here's the deal. I don't know if its good to post this or not because if you all click on it that gives the bitch more attention but I hate it and hate that someone did this. I think some of you already tried to respond--I did too. I just am pissed this bitch thought it was ok to name her when Rose never does that to even the worst of those people. What is wrong with people? Seriously why?

So here it is


if it shouldn't be here than Rose or whoever just erase this or you guys decide.

Rhonda said...

Hi Smitty- I read it and I agree, it's ridiculous. Rose didn't deserve any of that...Wtf is wrong with people?

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for posting that. I'll take a look and support our Rose, too.

sjjw said...

HI Smitty and Rhonda. I had read that blog post earlier, and it was very uncalled for, in my opinion. You may have seen this, but PR Pro wrote an eloquent response. She says it all very well! Here it is for those who may not have read it:


sjjw said...


real pr pro said...

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial
> appearance of being right. ~Thomas Paine
Rose has the guts to tell people that just because we can't change certain opinion doesn;t mean we should let them stand without challenge. She stands up to the audacity of hate and for this she gets attacked?

Rhonda said...

Hi DK and Sjjw.

Smitty- I read your response, very well stated :)

Anonymous said...

do you guys think i should erase that post--I don't want to give the bitch more attention but i want people to tell her she's wrong about Rose you know? Fuck--someone tell me what to do--lol.

Rose if you see this just delete it if you want to--I won't care of course and just think it sucks it happened. You are a good friend and you didn't deserve it.

sjjw said...

Hi Pr Pro - I posted a link to your twitlonger, hope you don't mind! It was so well said. Standing up to hate is always important. You did a great job defending Rose. It's funny, this person saying "stop the hate" is herself being hateful. Hmmmm.

angelica1 said...

Hi Smitty,

I left a comment there earlier for that exact reason, what she did was just wrong. She completely undermined the point she was trying to make by making it personal. I find it ironic that she's probably generated more negativity in one day than anybody she was attempting to accuse has overall

Rhonda said...

Hi Real pr pro- Ditto, to your resonse as well :)

Anonymous said...

Real PR--I saw your thing and clicked on the little thumb up. You are good at this-I'm sure Rose appreciated someone so eloquent in her corner.

Rhonda said...

Smitty- I think you were exactly right in posting a response.

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica :)

angelica1 said...

pr pro - I know Smitty doesn't always agree with this and I absolutely understand her point of view but I firmly believe that turning a blind eye to something that is blatantly wrong,is tantamount to condoning it.

angelica1 said...

Hi Rhonda!

Anonymous said...

Angelica--what you said is right. She created so much fuckery you know? But god, Rose just like --she does NOTHING. Even when she calls them hyenas and stuff-its funny. I mean, they take shit SO fucking seriously and are so mean. She just makes fun of how serious they are--she's never attacked any of them personally.

The whole thing is so fucked up really. I mean, they are all upset about what? I don't get it. And it cracks me up when they say things like they know what is best for Rob? I am picturing some young chick in an apartment in like Iowa thinking SHE knows what he should do and how he should behave to promote his career. Don't they get that there are more than enough (ok, way way too many) people doing that already who actually know their shit? Its like thanks but I think I'll go with the professional with degrees and years of success as opposed to you who gets information from the National Enquirer or whatever.

I gotta shut up--lol.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Your response was very nicely put too :)

DreamerKind said...

@Smitty, Rhonda, Sj, angelica1, realPRP, dottie


real pr pro said...

Smitty -- you of all people do not have to shut up.
And your image gives them too much credit -- more like her parent's basement, surrounded by empty cartons of Ben&Jerry. See - I am way meaner than Rose. Why don't I get a blog attacking me?

Rhonda said...

Smitty- No, you're exactly right! I'm constantly amazed at how many people seem to think they have a say in Rob's life. I mean don't they have a life of their own to worry about?

sjjw said...

Smitty, I think many of us here, especially PR PRO, picture that same chick in Iowa and have a little chuckle. The number "experts" who know oh so much about what is best for either Rob or Kristen is funny, and really kind of sad. There are so many "experts" out there on PR, it's just amazing!

Annie said...

I just want to say that I support Rose and that person who attacked clearly has not read Rose's blog!

Smitty...Your comment should stand.

Real Pr Pro.....Your response as usual was brilliant.

Thank you both.

I don't have a Twitter account, so I can't leave a comment for her but suffice to say she is full of shit!

Rhonda said...

Pr Pro- LOL!

angelica1 said...

Smitty - Every time I read there "well-intentioned" career/love advice for Rob, I just picture Annie Wilkes

Anonymous said...


omg--that made me laugh. Thanks!

And ps--no offense to Iowa--I love Iowa. Just meant someone who has no connection to the business.

real pr pro said...

Dont forget they know all about contracts, too! Especailly the clauses that control an actor's personal life for 5 years.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Lol, I just read your Annie Wilkes reference. That's funny...and scary ;)

angelica1 said...

pr pro - That's cos they have their own "loyer"

Rhonda said...

Pr Pro- So true. I never realised when an actor signed on to make a movie they were actually signing their entire life away.

sjjw said...

Hahaha PR pro! I was waiting for you to weigh in with that. Yes, the legal acumen of some, especially in the area of contracts, is as questionable as the law degrees some claim to be earning.

real pr pro said...

Smitty -- just saw your kind comment. Happy to be in Rose's corner -- there's a lot of nice people there!

real pr pro said...

Angelica -- and she goes to "Fordam"
Imagine how embarassed I was to learn that I had been spelling it wrong the four years that my son was student there!

Claire said...


Just read that blog that Smitty posted.

That woman is uhm.....interesting LOL

Did she really accuse Rose of moonlighting with another blog?? LOL

Hello to everyone, I hope you've all had a good day

Rhonda said...

Angelica- I wonder if they went to the same law school as CK ;)

sjjw said...

Good nite all. Must be up early to take my sick dog to the vet. Lots of laffs, as usual, tonite!

Rhonda said...

Pr Pro- I didn't see your comment before I posted mine...we're thinking alike :)

Hi Claire.

Rhonda said...

Night Sjjw- I hope your dog will be okay :)

Rose said...



Claire said...

Hi Rhonda

CandyKizzes went to law school??


real pr pro said...

I'm off to sleep as well - have to be up at 5 for my commute to NYC. Thank god the Botox keeps my eyes open for me.

Rose - we love your power mad manipulative self!

Rhonda said...

Rose- we appreciate you <3

Claire- hahaha...not exactly :)

angelica1 said...

Rose - It was a pleasure :)

dottie said...

Hi gang!

If people can't see the difference in Rose's snarky blogs & the vicious hate for Kristen that is posted on a daily basis they are completely blind! Ignoring hate of any kind in the hopes that it just goes away is cowardly. The only way to combat hate is to shine a light on it. That's what Rose and others do.

Rose, I've already posted my support and appreciation to you but here it is again. :)

PRPro, your comments are brilliant! I want to be as smart & eloquent and as you when I grow up.

Hugs to Smitty.

Rhonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
real pr pro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claire said...

@ Rhonda

Care to expand??

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be LMAO

I gotta hear this LOL

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - I imagine so. I only wish my degree came courtesy of photoshop,rather than just from some university :)

real pr pro said...

I attribute it to being post menopausal. When the estrogen leaves your body, you gain clarity. I'm still trying to decide if its a fair exchange.

Brewski said...


My friend please don't second guess yourself for posting that link or reacting as you did. Anyone who comes here knows how special this place is. We understand your intentions and know your kind, loving heart. It's only natural to protect the ones you love.

Frankly, when I read her comments I saw pure desperation. Someone who's simply trying to get attention by trashing or putting down others. I'll never understand why people have to resort to hate, jealousy, and pettiness to make themselves relevant. It's such a shame.

I thought about going there to blast her with my comments, but decided against it. Simply because I choose to be the better person and follow our lovely friend Rose's example. She deserves the best. I find that sometimes not saying anything at all sends the loudest message. Don't you agree? Have a great evening Roselanders! Cheers!

gwen said...

ok i've read her post, i dont have to read all her bs. All i can is, she is a hypocrite...much. She should spend more time on valuable things other than hating (as for her) 'supposed' haters of the haters, lol

*I*Believe* said...

Wow, what a whack job!

What's her face wants us to sit around and sing Camp Fire Girl Songs with nonnies? Don't think so!

DreamerKind said...

Very nice, and imo, effective responses in support of Rose.

dd said...

Hi Rose and everyone else,

Rose, just dropping by to tell you, again, how much I appreciate reading your blog.
Ignoring the hate won't make it go away and it's dangerous if it stands without a response. I tried to explain that to that chick, but I'm not sure she gets it.
But I'm sure she's regretting by now attacking you in that silly post ;)

DreamerKind said...

Hi, girl!

Very insightful comment, thanks.

It's the day to day, support and alliance with Rose, that will win the day.

She has to go through lots of BS, a lot of the time, to have a pro-Rob/Kristen blog. For that she has my loyalty and lasting respect/admiration. I'm certain that there are thousands of others, like us, all for Rose!

Hello to you!


gwen said...

Hi DK! Wazz up, lol. Have you finish packing all that should be pack?be pack?

DreamerKind said...

Hell no! Lots more to shuck, truck and fucking give away.
Not the adopted ones inheritance though, as I haven't forgotten my darling Roseland sons & daughters!

So nice to be here with you. How are you doing?


dottie said...

PRPro-At least there's that to look forward to! LOL

DK and Super-I love seeing you on twitter. :)

Smitty is so gracious. Someone raised that girl right!

Good night dear people.

*I*Believe* said...

DK~I agree with you...Rose has earned her wings :)

gwen said...

DK- im good just always busy lol. What are you up to 'sides shucking, trucking and giving away things. Your adopted sons and daw on RL, will stay as is here :)

gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hi Guys,

I'm late to the party, but I've added my comments on the other blog as well.

I'm sorry Rose, that this unnecessary drama happened. I hope you don't feel discouraged. Know that a good many people really respect and appreciate all that you do.

Take care all.

gwen said...

oops sorry double posts

DreamerKind said...

We'll be getting our grooves on with Twitter, but to what effect, lol?

Thumbed up on your other blog response. Nice one.

Been too low key lately, must make a drink now, thinking gin & tonic. Can't hurt.

And having wings can make us fly away from the earthly chat, whenever we need to. So, the FGM says, speaking for herself and Rose, if I may. After all, I am a sillybilly, and that is just fine with me.

DreamerKind said...

Dang, it's trash patrol night again, and I have not made that drink nor put out the trash either.

Will be back to drink it here with anyone that's around, and post a few songs that are clambering to be heard.

DreamerKind said...

What Is And What Should Never Be

Led Zeppelin:

And if I say to you tomorrow
Take my hand, child, come with me
It's to a castle I will take you
Where what's to be, they say will be

A-catch the wind, see us spin
Sail away, leave today
Way up high in the sky
It won't, but the wind won't blow, We really shouldn't go
It only goes to show that you will be mine, by takin' our time
Oooh, ho-whoa

And if you say to me tomorrow
Oh, what fun it all would be
then what's to stop us, pretty baby
But what is and what should never be

A-catch the wind, see us spin
Sail away, leave today
Way up high in the sky
It won't, but the wind won't blow, we really shouldn't go
It only goes to show that you will be mine, by takin' our time
Oooh, ohh, oh-ho

So if you wake up with the sunrise
and all your dreams are still as new
and happiness is what you need so bad
Well, girl, the answer lies with you, yeah

Hey, ho, ma
A-well, the wind won't blow, and we really shouldn't go
and it only goes to show-whoa-whoa-whoa
Catch the wind, we're gonna see us spin
We're gonna sail, little girl
A-do-do-do, ba-ba-n-do, oh
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, yeah

Everybody I know seems to know me well
but does anyody know I'm gonna move like hell
A-baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, ho, I love ya
Baby, baby, babe, huh, oh, I love ya
Do, no, no, no, no, no, no, come on, now
I want you

Thank you/HighVoltageRobot

DreamerKind said...

Choose Again-Love Or Hate

I (Who Have Nothing)

Tom Jones-1974:

I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Adore you, and want you so

I'm just a no one,
With nothing to give you
But oh I love you

He, He buys you diamonds
Bright, sparkling diamonds
But believe me, dear when I say,
That he can give you the world

But he'll never love
You the way
I love you

He can take you any place he wants
To fancy clubs and restaurants
But I can only watch you with
My nose pressed up against the window pane

I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Must watch you, go dancing by
Wrapped in the arms of somebody else

When darling
It's I
Who loves you

I love you

Thank you/lmj22

Anonymous said...

Hey Dreamer I see that u are moving that's cool but packing sucks :(
I actually just finished packing too! I'm flying tomorrow lol in a few hours I mean n I has been busy so just got to it now!
Hope u r good!

DreamerKind said...

I am good, dear girl! Where do you go?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to California just a few days but still lots of stuff to take! how about u? R u moving close by or far?
I'm in the middle of moving too. Half my stuff is here already. but still like I spend a few nights here n others at home. I know! I gotta make up my mind soon lol

DreamerKind said...

Nah, you just go with the flow, and do what you want. At your age, that is best.

I will move about 40 miles closer to the City of Chicago, and although I had wanted to live there, fate intervened.

California, you will love it! Each time I go there, I swear I will move as soon as I can. Only love, and family back here in the middle of the U.S. keeps me here. Perhaps, in another life, I'll be a California girl.

Anonymous said...

Dreamer I love it!! Hahaha u should have a talk w my BF!
and u are totally a California girl! But I can see how u wanna be close to ur fam n loved ones!
U have made me smile ;) thanks! I was having a crappy night. I had a fight w someone that's really close to me so thank u!

Anonymous said...

Dreamer I should go. My phone rang n it woke him up!
Now he's all pouty cause I'm not in bed. I hope u have sweet dreams n I'll try to catch up w u when I get back.
Dont work too hard w the packing. It's good to take a break every few mins lol that's what I do! Bye!

DreamerKind said...

Love Is Where You Find It

Kathryn Grayson:

Love is where you find it
Don't be blind
It's all around you everywhere

Take it, take a chance now
For romance now
Tell your someone that you care

Spring love comes upon you
When it's gone
You feel despair

Soon though in the moonglow
You'll find that a new love
Is there

Love is where you find it
Fate designed it to be waiting everywhere

It may hide from you for a while
It may come tonight in a smile

Fan the flame of a new love
In the arms of a true love
Seek and you shall find

Take it, take a chance now
For romance now
Tell your someone that you care

Love is where you find it
Don't be blind
It's all around you

Thank you/varadero1839

DreamerKind said...

Be glad he is pouty, when you are not in bed. So much better than not giving a damn. Enjoy your trip and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

He is kind of adorable when he does that :)
Okay I should really go. kinda hard to type w one hand lol but I loved that song u just posted. It's so sweet. Nite!

DreamerKind said...

Joyful Conflicts In Love

Sometimes I'm Happy

Jane Powell-1955:

Ev'ry day seems like a year
Sweetheart, when you are not near
All that you claim must be true
For I'm just the same as you

Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm blue
My disposition depends on you

I never mind the rain from the skies
The sun in your eyes

Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I hate you
But when I hate you
It's 'cause I love you

That's how I am so
What can I do
I'm happy
When I'm with you

Stars are smiling at me from your eyes
Sunbeams now there will be in the skies
Tell me that you will be true,

Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm blue
My disposition depends on you

I never mind the rain from the skies
If I can find the sun in your eyes

Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I hate you
But when I hate you
Tt's 'cause I love you

That's how I am
So what can I do
I'm happy when I'm with you

Thank you/yossieokka

DreamerKind said...

DK Relates To This

Me And My Gin

Bessie Smith:

Stay away from me
Cause I'm in my sin
Stay away from me
Cause I'm in my sin

If this place gets raided
It's just me
And my gin

Don't try me nobody
Oh, you will never win
Don't try me nobody 'cause
You will never win

I'll fight the Army
Just me and my gin

Any bootlegger
Sure is a pal of mine
Any bootlegger
Sure is a pal of mine

'Cause a good ol' bottle o' gin Will get it all the time

When I'm feeling high
Ain't nothing I won't do
When I'm feeling high
Ain't nothing I won't do

Keep me full of liquor
I'll sure be nice to you

I don't want no floor
And I don't need no bed
I don't want no porkchop
Just give me gin instead

Thank you/DutchBluesfan

DreamerKind said...

Sure do <3, thick skin, and all, or maybe because of that. Hold hard, to that.


DreamerKind said...

Nite, las and los lovelies!
Got to roam and then cast my fate to the wind, which makes me sleep, oh, so soundly.

Birdie said...

I see you are still at it. Good girl! Pretty soon you will be in your new digs and everything will be in it's place.

Well, lots of drama yesterday. I'm not sure I want to stick my foot in it. I think someone did that yesterday much to her dismay. Very hard to refute the printed word!
For what it is worth, we love you Rose and love this place. The loyalty we feel towards you is not without cause. Snarky is funny, but you are not mean and you never make it personal. We love your posts and the "fun" that being here brings. That is really what it is supposed to be, fun. As you have often said, "lighten the fuck up!"
Your friendship and loyalty to Rose says it all and we know that is reciprocal!

Happy Monday All!

Rhonda said...

Good morning all,

Birdie- I agree with you. Whatever motivation prompted this drama, it backfired miserably. I'm just sorry she brought Rose into the middle of it :(

I know many of you left comments on her blog, and I have to say, they were thoughtful and beautifully written. I didn't feel there was anything more for me to add, so I chose not to. I did, however, offer my support of Rose elsewhere, and of course, here.

I love this place too. Not only do we come here to show our mutual support of Rose, Rob, Kristen and Tom, but we've developed friendships along the way. I'm happy to be a part of it.

Have a great day everyone, lots of love :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND....

Hmmmmm...Well, in between packing last night(lurker status was all I had time for)I went over to that site that SMITTY posted...The same thing kept popping up in my head while reading it"Blah blah blah....Boring boring B O R I N G". (referring to her post).

ROSE...When people single you out in that way....you WIN...YOU OWN THEM...Heh...you know that you are doing something sooooo right when the you ruffle the edges of the crazy, jealous, oops...I digress "fringe"!!!!! ROCK ON! You know Im right!!!! LOVE YOU.

olivia said...

Dear Rose and Roselanders,

Was gone yesterday and sat down this morning with my cuppa to back read what I missed this weekend......am still a bit shocked by the drama that took place. Rose, I am on your side and support you and your blog.

Thank you Smitty...... being able to read the words and comments first hand allowed me to see how misguided, wrong and hurtful some people can be. You did the right thing.

Am very proud and grateful to the Roselanders who wrote such mature, intelligent, and insightful replies supporting Rose and her blog.

Count me in, always a believer. Rose and Roselanders are on the side of sanity and honesty.
Hugs for y'all. As Liza says....massive hugs for Smitty, Gruff, Syd and dear Rose.

Have a beautiful Monday. Even though, at times, there is a lot of crap to step over, life is good!

*I*Believe* said...

Good Morning Roseland!!

I totally agree and second everything you lovlies said...you all just say it so much better that I ever could!

Rose, we love you, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and the whole crew...that's the reason we come here....btw....this is the only blog I post on.....wonder why??


PL said...

Rose and Roseland,

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents on the drama. As many of you have stated, I think that misguided person is feeling a whole lot of regret right now. She had a good premise in wanting people to stop the ridiculous hate and name calling. But then she lost her way and totally negated everything she said when she singled out Rose.

I think she's probably having a Jerry Maguire moment right about now. I did not comment over there because as you all know, I sometimes make things worse instead of better with my opinions.


I commend you for defending Rose in a reasonable and kind manner. You set a good example by remaining calm and reasonable. You are a good person for defending your friends.

Have a good day everyone. It's a hot one here today and will be the rest of this week. Stay cool everyone.

*I*Believe* said...

DK~Notice all my exclamation points? lol

*I*Believe* said...

Hey PL~What's shaken?

PL said...


Since I'm still in pj's I think you can figure out what might be shaken.

Is it hot on the east coast because we are having record heat right now. I think it stayed near 80 all night.

*I*Believe* said...

PL~Well we make a pair bc I am still in my nightshirt and yes, there is a "whole lotta shaken going on" here too!

Yes, we are heading into an official heat wave on the east coast. It is suppose hit Tuesday to Thursday.

I am reving up Mom's Taxi Service over here (once I shower and dress).....drs., art lessons, cheer and a sleepover...am I crazy?

Fiorels said...

Hello Rose and ladies of Roseland.
I kinda missed the drama yesterday/today but after all I cannot even say that cause drama is ALWAYS there when talking about these people.

I remember that girl/woman who wrote the blog was complaining on twitter about how "fans" get desperate to see Rob and Kristen love cause they'll never find such thing.. which is pretty sad and discouraging thought but anyway I was also sent the link of the blog I had no time to read at all..
Then I was told what was happening here and have to say this is crazy..
It's crazy that people think to actually have the right to blame on someone like Rose, for what? Talking about it??
Isn't it what we all should do? Talk about it cause ignoring won't make the problem go away and maybe not even Rose's words make it go away but they are SOMETHING! And it's from that something that we should all begin.
PR pro- you made great points in that tweetlong. So very well put together with the whole antisemitism similar.
It's just the same with mafia and corruption.. I know that's on a much larger issue but that point is always there; you dont talk about it, it gets bigger and bigger.
So since you say you don't care about haters or nonstens why do you even make a post stressing the fact that you don't care..?
It totally missed the point saying that they should get together for the common love of Rob...
wtf is that?!
That's even worst thought than a hater thought. At least haters have clear ideas.. Jeez you can't support both Rob and Kristen and say how much you love Kristen and then pointing that Rob should be the harmony point..
that's totally fucked up...
This is an issue of mind's intelligence and it's not big deal to put two and two together, jeez.

Anyway, sorry for this shit to you Rose!

Hope you all have a great day ladies! xx

PL said...


I am so glad my taxi service days are behind me. I'm convinced that is why all teenagers get their own car when they turn 16, so mom doesn't have to drive everyone around anymore. Hang in there!

I think I'll be spending my days at the lake this week. I lead such a life of leisure you know.

*I*Believe* said...

You, PL, are a lucky lady...cool lake breezes and a glass of vino....life is good:)

Hope said...

Dear Rose,

Just finished reading the comments at
The 'Boobie' Network. (she should call it this if she wanted more hits)

I will second what Olivia and all the other wonderful Roselanders have said this morning in your SUPPORT.


Rose... NO ONE has shed more light on the hate than YOU. What is so special about you is that you express yourself with unparalleled humor, common sense and BRILLIANT WRITING skills.

Rose...keep on doing what you do! We love you and appreciate the person you are!

Smitty...Thank you for bringing this to our attention otherwise I would not have known about it.
YOU are a true friend indeed.

angelica1 said...

IB - Hang in there! I'm now getting the favour returned - she taxis me about sometimes now :)

katy said...


I just wanted to say to please not forget that you are loved and appreciated by many for everything that you do.( I saw that some wonderful 'familiar people' went to that Idiot blog to defend you, and to me, their opinions are the ones that matter)...so please don't feel sad or discoureged...keep doing what you do, because your writing is always full of truth and exactly whats need to be said.

Smitty...Rose is lucky to have such sweet and loyal friend as you.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Take care and be happy

Motherhin said...

I have always thought that Kristen should speak out against cyber bullying because she gets it so bad and it's becoming a real issue that people need to face. It's so easy for someone to sit behind the anonymity of a computer or phone to post something online rather than actually say it to that person's face. I'd say 99.9% of the women that say nasty, horrible things about Kristen would never say such things to her in person. People really need to realize that grouping together, making a forum with intent to bully, belittle, and demean another person is bullying in the worst way possible and it makes me sick when I see it. Oh No They Didn't is one of the worst places for celebrity cyber bullying but it doesn't help that this mean spirited way of taking apart a person, that's in the public eye, piece by piece like we own them in a way has become so common in the media now. I truly am sorry for those that are just trying to do a job and live their lives because they get caught up in a business that can tear a person apart and I really hope that doesn't happen to Rob and Kristen.

Claire said...

I saw this pic of Rob leaving Toronto on Friday for anybody who hasn't seen it.

Boy is looking GOOD, look at those pecs LOL

Dean also lurking on the plane PMSL


Have a good day ladies

Sydney said...

OMG - did yesterday really happen? I was at the pool and read it all on my phone, I would have commented yesterday on her blog had it not been for that, so I guess I'm glad I didn't. I don't want to give her any more attention, but I'm glad you guys all went over and defended Rose.

I completely understand her point, the hate is OUT OF CONTROL. But letting the nonstens off the hook because we'll never change their minds is just WRONG. Maybe her Momma didn't raise her to stand up for injustice, but mine did. No matter how ignorant and stubborn they may be, I will NOT stop trying. How could ANYONE read/hear that crap and not say anything?

I don't think she's very familiar with Rose's blog...which she completely states. So...in what way on earth is she qualified to offer her opinion on the subject?

Anyway...on to better things. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I saw Harry Potter on IMAX 3D and Holy Shit, is all I have to say. I didn't enjoy the first installment of this film, but was BLOWN AWAY by the final one. I loved it. Such a great way to end the series.

justme@31 said...

Hi Rose and all of you in Roseland...
Just wanted to say I love love your blog and the way you write. You write with feeling and from the heart and for that i only can say THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

You are probably not as bothered by the insulting piece that appeared yesterday as my friend but I thought I would remind you that you are a lovely friend and provide such a warm place for everyone here to chat.

Keep calm and carry on --hahaha

:) (do the little smiles work here?)

LJ said...


I'm not sure what that person was thinking naming you personally in her blog, I can only think she hoped it would increase the number of hits for her site.

I hope she now realises it was a mistake (but how she ever hoped to be taken seriously with a name that sounds like boobies I have no idea!).

Lots of love to you Rose. You know that the people who really matter in all this love and respect you and what you write and even more importantly you believe in what you write...thats what counts.

Liza <3

Rhonda said...

Hi everyone,

Just peeking in to say hello. I hope it's been a good day so far.

Gruff- It's nice to see that you stopped by, I hope you're doing well.

Liza- Are you back in the swing of things, or still in vacation mode?

LJ said...

Hi Gruff, I prefer this------>


Hey Rhonda, definitely back to reality now...I need another holiday already :)

Sydney said...

Liza: I'd prefer just 'drink and carry on'.

Nice to see the whole gang rushing to Rose's defense.

That poor girl totally and completely missed the point. When you send something negative into the universe, you get it back threefold. I think she learned that lesson. Or hope she did, at least.

Rhonda said...

Liza- I know how you feel, vacations never seem to last long enough. I'm counting the days until mine.

Lol...I prefer that one too ;)

angelica1 said...

Liza - I'd just go with "drink wine" and leave it at that :)

Hi Rhonda and Sydney ;)

Hi Gruff!

Sydney said...

Rhonda: Did I miss this? Where are you going on vacay?

Hi Angelica!

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica- Haha...even better ;)

Hi Sydney- I thought HP was really good too :)

Rhonda said...

Sydney- Sorry, I didn't see your question. We're going to Pawley's island in SC...can't wait!

Fiorels said...

Hello Roseland :)

katy said...


Where is Rose??

Waves Gruff, so great to see you stopped by here. Hope all well with you.

Hi, Liza, Rhonda, Sydney, Angelica, Fiorels, I hope all is well with you all too.

Take care everyone

Sydney said...

Ugh, Rhonda - I'm so jealous.

Freddie said...

Hi Katy, Fio, Rhonda, Angelica, Liza, Sydney and Gruff. I hope you are all well.

Gruff – I’m sure Rose will be very appreciative of your kind words. It was thoughtful of you to pop by.

I hope Rose isn’t discouraged by the nonsense yesterday. It was unnecessary and is best forgotten. That said, I hope she knows how many people appreciate all that she does.

Oh and Smitty – I’m not sure if you will see this, but I just wanted to say in response to one of your comments last night, that the ladies of Roseland DO know what is best for Rob. Her name is Kristen. I mean, the boy sure does smile a lot when he’s with her….

Have a good day all.

angelica1 said...

Katy :)

Sydney, I wasn't impressed with the first part either but this part was great

Rhonda said...

Hi Katy, Fio and Freddie :)

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda - how are you? You sound excited about your vacation. I'm glad.

Fiorels said...

Hi angelica, Rhonda and Freddie :)

love your answer to Smitty, Freddie :)

I also loved Harry potter..
the one part that left me a bit unsure was part 6 lol
but it's a great saga! hehe

angelica1 said...

Hi Fio and Freddie :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie- I am excited, thanks so much :) How are you? Has work settled down?

Freddie said...

Hi Fio,

I saw another one of your videos this morning. It was quite beautiful. I seem to say that a lot, don't I? Kudos.

How are exams going? They're almost over aren't they?

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda,

Actually, my interim work assignment just got announced today so I'm busy getting meetings scheduled. I'm not quite sure what I've gotten myself into, but I keep telling myself that it will be a great developmental opportunity. So, it's going to be busy for a while.

Fiorels said...

Freddie- thanks a lot! :)
guess you refer to the collab with HoneyBuzy..? lol
i'm glad you liked it! I'm kinda proud of that video lol

Exams are almost over yeah..
i'll be done in 10 days exactly but don't know how these last 2 i have will go.. cause I had not so much time to study them hehe
Anyway if the one on Thursday end badly I'm gonna cheer myself up with CC! I cant wait lol

how are you? and your Thommy btw?
havent heard you talking about him for a while now..

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Well, hang in there. I'm sure you will do fine..((Hugs))

Fiorels said...

Freddie- i'm sure you'll do fine as well :) as long as it's something you like :)

well i'm off ladies!
talk to you tomorrow xx

Freddie said...

Fio - thanks for asking about Tomas. Not to bore you with all the details, but the last round of tests suggested that his kidney disease is in the early stages and is progressing slowly, so we're going to try to treat it with diet for the time being and monitor it regularly.

Hang in there with the exams. I suspect you are acing them.

Fiorels said...

Freddie- was about to go, good enough i refreshed the page again (hard to get out of here lol).
I'm glad thomas is still hanging in there!
Pray for him that it'll all pass and will be just fine! <3
*warmest hugs*

sjjw said...

Hi everyone! So glad to see the happiness is back here today! Thanks for the wishes for my dog. She has a herneated disc, which isn't good. She's a Yorkie mix and quite adorable. I'll post a pic if I can find a good one. (they're all good, honestly!) So, we'll know by Friday what's what. Keeping my hopes up for a recovery, b/c the other option is not a good one.


sjjw said...

Hi everyone! Here's my new profile picture...my dog Mollie!

Freddie said...

sj - really cute picture. I've never heard of a dog having a herniated disc, so I hope he will be okay. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both.

sjjw said...

Thanks Freddie. It is common in dachshunds, and my silly dog has a bit of dachshund in her! She was a rescue. If you can imagine, someone abused that little face...

Freddie said...

sj - no I can't imagine anyone abusing her. The thought is sickening. I'm so glad she found a good home.

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