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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Is They? Is They Ain't?

Somewhere in her smile, she knows... That I don't need no other lover.

It's been a weird few days...
Scratch that.
Let's face it
It's been a weird Summer.

So much speculation about Rob and Kristen.
Is they.
Is they ain't.
Of course they IS... they always IS.
Day in. Day out
Same fucking bullshit.

So Rob has been seen just about everywhere...
All you have to do is put #RobertPattinson
and a bar (like @ThirstyCrow) in your tweet
And you are immediately believable!
(Hell, you don't really even need anything but his name)
See how easy it is?
You can add in a mysterious blonde...
Or any female as long as its 'not KS'
Make sure you also say that Rob was drinking and/or drunk
and flirting heavily...
Or maybe say he was a 'JERK'!
Look at all the attention you will get!!
The sad thing?
How many gullible people out there fall for it.
Either because it fits their agenda and they want to believe it...
Or because they are needy shippers
who are never happy...
who are never satisfied 
unless they have something to fret about.
Don't you get tired of never getting anywhere?

Something in her style that shows me... I don't want to leave her now...

I'm not saying that EVERY tweet is a lie...
(only 9 out of 10)
Or that Rob hasn't gone to a bar and had a couple 
of beers with friends.
But come on people.
If you believe the haters...
Rob is out EVERY day getting drunk and partying.
And leaving with a different woman every night!!
These haters want to believe that Rob
is some mindless drunken whore
Because that means he is 'living single'
and doesn't care about Kristen.

But wait.
How does this IMAGE of Rob fit in with 
their whole PR scenario?
You know...
The Showmance?
Pretending to be with Kristen for the benefit
of promoting all the Twilight movies?
Because if it was indeed a PR relationship
Breaking up and living single...
Is the complete OPPOSITE
of what the haters have been spewing for the last 3 years.
And right before Breaking Dawn part 1 is released??
Wouldn't NOW be the time to amp up the PR??
How does that make any sense?
Oh. Right.
Never mind.
It NEVER made any sense.
It's always been just a convenient excuse.

And come on.
Use your brains, people...
If even a fraction of what was tweeted was true...
And surely...
If Robert were all cozy with some woman?
There would be more than a random tweet
and it would be all over the place.
 Besides the fact that anyone who makes a point to insult
Robert and call him a jerk?
A foamy, bitter red flag.

Something in the way she knows... And all I have to do is think of her.

We all know that the haters looked like this after
Kristen's interview in GQ...

I will NEVER believe a word Kristen says!

So what happens when Rob shows his face in London?
(Do we really know where he is right now?)
Then it will be back to PR... right?
So exit strategy when they are apart...
PR when they are together.
It must be nice to have all the bases covered... eh?

I don't want to leave her now... You know I believe and how...

I shouldn't even address this lunatic bullshit.
Believe me.. I know that.
Because it serves no real purpose.
(Although the entertainment value is priceless)
But my emails are full of it.
My DMs are full of it.
And it boggles the mind that people so easily believe the lame tweets
So gullible.

And its one thing to not think Rob and Kristen are in a relationship...
or whatever the fuck you want to think...
But to fucking disparage Robert and Kristen?
Call them names...
Make up rude disgusting bullshit about them...
And for what?
So you can WIN a silly argument
about a couple who will continue to live and love
no matter what anyone else believes.
Nice fan.
Real nice.

I will now try to convince you that I don't care!

By the way?
I care.
Never denied it.
And all I want is for Rob and Kristen to be happy.
It's nice to see two people so in love...
There's nothing wrong with that.
Can you say the same thing?
Or is everything you do or say about Rob and Kristen...
Based on anger, resentment and bitterness?
Think about it.
Happy. Smiles. Love >> Anger. Bitter. Hate

Thing is... Kristen was right.
It IS obvious.
Always has been.
It's ALL out there.
Open your eyes and see.
Rob and Kristen ALWAYS
end up together.

This post is brought to you by my complete
and absolute adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

I can't believe the idiocy either...

I miss his face.

Bye for now


Berry said...

Great Post! Could not agree with you more. You are singing to the Choir as far as the "Roselanders" are concerned! Have a good day everyone! xoxo

Groovie said...

Thanks for the great post Rose!
Logical and full of sense as always :)
Kristen is right, it IS so obvious! And many of us have been saying that going on 3yrs now, the pix u posted show jusy how clearly obvious it is!

Hope Kristen is having a good time & enjoying herself working on swath & I hope Rob is getting some relaxation wherever he may be!

Hope everyone has a good day! I'm hoping this week flies by, I'm going on another quick roadtrip to Calif on Thurs, wooot!

dottie said...

Hi Rose! I missed you. There should be no more debate - They IS, WAS, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE! ;)

I've got a busy day ahead of me but wanted to pop in and say hi. Have a great day, everyone.

bcaceres30 said...

i think its disrespectful to Rob the way some fans of his want him to be a womanizer. Rob can not hide his feelings about Kristen.

angelica1 said...

Of course it's obvious Rose! Aside from that,I cannot understand why people get in such a state that when one is away working,the other doesn't go into complete hibernation until they're reunited. I can't see anything unusual abour Rob's (or Kristen's) behaviour,going out with friends is quite normal even if *gasp* they're of the opposite gender. These people who panic constantly must lead extremely strange lives!

Kay said...

Excellent post, Rose...you summed it up perfectly with "lunatic bullshit". I will never, ever understand why they are so angry and why they believe they can actually affect Rob and Kristen's obvious love and happiness with each other.

Robert - good luck on Wednesday, we'll be think about you.

PL - I still peek in...I may stick around some chatty night. :)

Hi Dottie, Groovie, Berry, bcaceres30, Angelica and the rest of you Roselanders out there...have a great day!

Hope said...

Rose....missed you.

It is a shame you have to address the 'lunatic bullshit'... but NO ONE does it better than you, that's for sure. Love how you tell it like it is each day!
I wish for Rob and Kristen's happiness too.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Andrea said...

In 4 days, it'll a month since they've seen each other and that means they are gonna be together pretty soon because they haven't been apart for more than a month since the begging of their relationship, so we'll have to wait and see
Great post!!!

Birdie said...

Calming the masses once again. Oh ye of little faith! I love Tom shaking his head,perfect. Love the pictures,those two are just too adorable together.
Hope everyone is starting their week out with a bang!
My son just moved back for a few weeks between apartments. He brought along a little stray kitten he picked up and they both have ringworm. Lovely, huh? Yes, starting out with a bang.

PL said...

I think people need to figure out if they are fans or fanatics.
The definition of a fan is: A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.

A fanatic is: A person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits. Most of these so-called fans are really fanatics and there is no reasoning with them so the best course of action is just ignore the noise they make.

“A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject".
Winston Churchill


You have the absolute worst luck with kids and pets. LOL.


I hope your day of hooking is productive.


Happy Thanksgiving!




Almost got through it but it ended with eliciting a huge exasperated sigh from me. Get it?

Hi to everyone else passing by.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

I honestly don't get all this debate about the status of their relationship. What's the point?
Some people believe, some people don't (or don't want to).

This endless debate is useless and annoying. At the end of the day, nobody really know for sure the real nature of their relationship.
The speculation will never end.
They are separated most of the time and when they aren't they avoid being seen or photographed together, they refuse to talk about it... even to promote their movie, they don't do it together anymore (again)... I don't think they care about what people think about their relationship. Or care about their fans fighting over the status of their relationship.
They don't want to share it with us, that's for sure.

Sydney said...

What I think is funny...Rob goes weeks without being seen anywhere (bogus tweets aside), and people really still think he's only gone to see Kristen once? Please.

angelica1 said...

Sydney - I share your amusement :)

katy said...

Hi Rose,

Thank you for the logical and wonderful post!

I have NO more patience with the idiots of this fandom and can't stand no more the bulshit that these vile disgusting people made up about Robert and Kristen. I wish they would just SHUT THE FUCK UP and I leave Rob and Kristen alone.

Like you, among other things, I Wish for Rob and Kristen happiness.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Take care

And be happy

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for the post. I appreciate your usual logic. Wherever Rob, Kristen and Tom are, I hope they are happy and well.

To fellow Canadians (who might be lurking) I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and that our friends in the States enjoy Columbus Day. To everyone else, have a happy Monday.

PL, Kenzz and DK – thanks for the good wishes for our holiday

Birdie – you do seem to have a challenge with your children and their pets. LOL. I hope this works out for you. It must be nice to have your son home for a bit at least

Hi to Hope, Groovie, Angelica, Sydney, Kay, dottie, Katy, Berry, bcaceres30 and everyone else in Roseland. Have a good day all.

Freddie said...

Oops - I'm just catching up on comments from the last post.

Rhonda, Hope and IB - thanks for the well wishes as well.

Robert - thanks for keeping us all up to date on your upcoming surgery. Like others you will be in my thoughts on Wednesday. Best of luck.

blessedby3 said...

Love your blog!!!!

What I don't get is all this junk about him leaving london because he can't stand her... He has family and friends there, so what would keep him away, if he even is,?! Work and other things for his job!!!;). They respect their careers and each other!!!

All the more to look forward to November!!!;)

DreamerKind said...

It was worth the wait! Certainly you shouldn't need to, but I'm glad you do. So many look to your blog for sanity and constancy. Me, too.
Happy Thanksgiving and Columbus Day for those celebrating, otherwise, Happy Day to us all.

Got carried away last night and did not return as I hoped. Maybe I was tweeted somewhere, where I wasn't, maybe not. :)

Leni said...

Thanks Rose for a great post!
Sometimes I wonder which side is worse - the haters or the ones that have no faith at all and try to create drama where there isn`t any!

Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus Day/Monday to all of you!

Melinda said...

People are strange. That's a fact. I don't understand why people worry so much about where Rob and Kristen are every second of the day. Are peoples' lives that empty??? If that's the case then I'm sad for them.

Love Tom's face in that gif. Very appropriate.

PL- Wise thoughts today.

Robert- I wish you much success on Wednesday. Come back and let us know how things went as soon as you are able.

30- Glad that the new relationship is going well. Happy for you!

Leni-Hope your guy made it back to you safely.

Freddie- Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you've had a great day.

Happy Columbus Day to my fellow Americans.

Wherever Kristen, Rob and Tom are I wish them nothing but happiness.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day/night.

Leni said...

Wow, thanks for remembering that!
Yeah, he made it back safely :)

I also can't picture what the lives of people must look like that worry every second of the day about a couple that they theoretically don't even know..

Motherhin said...

@Sydney, I guess people like to conveniently forget that the man is a millionaire and can pay for a private plane to take him unseen to wherever he wants to go. I suppose the only truth are the "tweets" that go out saying they saw him. I'll bring up yesterday as an example of someone saying they "saw Kristen Stewart" and it turned out the girl lived no where near LA, London, or anywhere Kristen might be yet she "saw Kristen Stewart" and had tons of followers and attention but finally came out with she saw someone that "looked like her."

I feel sorry for anyone that would resort to saying they saw a celebrity so that they can get the attention of strangers on Twitter. I mean really, life must be boring for you if that's your source of entertainment.

Rhonda said...

Thanks Rose, great post <3

It is obvious, and I love the fact that, while some people are carrying on with their "lunatic bullshit", Rob and Kristen are just continuing to live their lives...happy and together :)

PL- Nice comment. LOL I got it ;)

Hi everyone- I hope it is/has been a nice Monday.

Rhonda said...

Motherhin- I agree. It's a sad way to try and garner attention, for sure :(

Anna said...

Hi Rose! Great post! I would like to hope these idiots have finally understood the words Rob and Kristen are a REAL LIFE COUPLE, but they are just so idiotic I don't think they are capable of understanding. Yes, I said Rob & Kristen and not Kristen & Rob because I am just old-fashioned that way! If production was shut down on SWATH all last week and then again this week, I hope they are together and enjoying their time together! I seriously doubt it, but if Kristen has any regrets about that GQ interview, I sure Rob has made it all better by now! He probably had a smile from ear to ear just knowing Kristen refers to him as "her boyfriend" when speaking to others in general. It's all good people, don't fret!

Anna said...

@ SomeoneLikeYou,

"At the end of the day, nobody really know for sure the real nature of their relationship."

Are us Serious? Trolls cannot hide in Roseland. Just sayin!

Kenzz said...

Melinda: I'm going to make your introductory comment my mantra for the month... "People are strange. That's a fact." Seriously funny shit, and truer words have never been spoken. In fact, I think that should be the title of Rose's next blog post!

Birdie: OMG, not more "wild" animal woes :( Your local vet must now ne driving around in a Lexus!

PL: Your best wishes to IB for her day of "hooking" could really be taken the wrong way... LOL

Groovie: Have a fab road trip...

Freddie: Happy Thanksgiving...

Happy Columbus Day to many of us...

Rose, THANKS for posting today... I know I'm greedy and selfish, but I so look forward to your emoticons, pics, and your words of wisdom...

Rhonda: Yes, "happy & together," minus the drama!

Motherhin: Thanks for pointing out the ease in which false sightings go viral (whether purposely instigated, or accidently misidentified)...If someone is perpetrating that lie purposefully, I agree with you as to what a pitiful life they must endure...

There's so much more I want to respond to here, as you all have such insightful or funny comments, but I'm afraid I've already "worn out my welcome" in my ridiculously long post... Suffice to say, Good Evening, my friends, hope you have a great start to your week :)

Saphire1231 said...

Hello Roseland!!

Hello Rose! Great post once more!

Loved the sarcasm (although I don't think the haters are evolved enough to know the difference).

I had a thought with regard to the mystery blonde....

Isn't that stalker CK blonde? ... doesn't she also have many monikers?

I am wondering if she was the poster who allegedly tweeted the sighting and the mystery blonde LOL! (The scenario fits the delusionsional character!).

Boy October has been aweome for all the R/K goodness. Although I have missed 6 days of it due to no internet connection. (I changed IP provider.... royal fuck up ensued.... took ages to sort out their stuff up! But all is well again now & I am in catch up mode!)

I felt bereft... NO FIX for 6 days LOL... well actually more like... Annoying family members moaning about no internet and nowhere for me to escape to lol.

Loved all the "My boyfriend it British/English stuff... and OH YES!!!! It is so obvious!!

Love & Rainbos to all... Chrissie

Kenzz said...

Saphire/Chrissie: 6 days without internet access...sounds like my definition of Hell! We lost electricity for a few hours this Fall during Hurricane Irene (?), and I thought I'd lose my mind :)

Your theory about the intelligence of the haters makes me understand why one of the troll patrol continues to occasionally post here in Roseland...they simply do not comprehend Rose's wit & humor!

beaculen said...

Why is decency so hard for some people? Thanks Rose such a great post! Mean people suck.

Tired said...

I have never posted a comment here but many times have read your post. Not sure that I believe that they are together but your lovely comments are certainly a bright spot in anyone's day. Saying nice,lovely things can never be wrong. Thanks Rose.

Saphire1231 said...

Hello again Roseland...

So who here has seen the latest rumour about Kristen's next possible movie?

Apparently it is called:
Taxonomy of Barnacles.
Jeff Bridges as Barry Barnacle
Anne Hathaway as Bridget Barnacle
Kristen Stewart as Beth Barnacle
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Bell Barnacle

The movie is based on a book. Here is the link to the book at Amazon so you can see what it is about.


As always... to be taken with salt until it is proven one way or the other.

Hi Kenzz: Yes I agree... no internet, it is some kind of hell LOL.

Oh my... I was just rereading my previous post and, 'horror of horrors'! Spelling mistakes!!! Well, I actually prefer to think of them as typist mistakes.... you know... fingers moving faster than the spelling portion of the brain lol!

The last paragraph should say 'is' not 'it' with reference to 'My boyfriend is British/English and the word in the sign off is 'Rainbows' not 'Rainbos'. Boy I sometimes wish I cared less about spelling and grammar... lol.

Tired... I do hope you get to know with the same certainty that most of us here do, that it truly is, 'Obvious' that they are together and, are a 'Real Couple'.

Bye for now Roseland

Love and Rainbows to all - Chrissie.

dottie said...

I was in such a hurry this morning, I forgot to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our Canadian friends & HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY to our American pals. Better late than never, right???


Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I missed you. I agree with every word you wrote. I stopped reading Twitter to avoid all the rumors. These people who are spreading these rumors are not fans. Fans do not do that. I don't know where Rob is (maybe in London), but I do not believe he is out drinking every night or out with other women. It would be all over the internet or those awful magazines.

Rob loves Kris and Kris loves Rob, and I don't think either one would do anything to jeopardize their relationship....just my opinion.

Take care Rose and all Roselanders.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, that book sounds like such fun, and I'll have to read it. Also, it would be a fine vehicle for several actresses, and esp. Kristen. Interesting! So glad you posted that link. Thanks, Chrissie.

Don't you dare stop writing your your deliciously long posts! Roseland isn't the same without them or you.

DreamerKind said...

Walk Through This World With Me

Tanya Tucker:

Walk through this world with me,
Go where I go
Share all my my dreams with me,
I need you so

In life we search
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I’ve looked for you
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New horizons I see

Come take my hand
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Thank you/SlightlyEdgy

DreamerKind said...

For Syd (Come Back Little Sheba)

One Thing Of Beauty

Marc Cohn:

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Thank you/stepsofthemuseum

DreamerKind said...

I've been listening to Lara Fabian and as you said, she is quite wonderful. Where are my songs, babe?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE... This Tom(e) addiction I am totally getting it...lol...The Nonstens...they Cant have much love in their life...that they would begrudge the love that a young couple has for eachother...that is just sick...Im not a lawyer, but when they throw the line out in a law case....beyond a reasonable doubt...this is a classic case of THAT..All the EVIDENCE leads to the logical conclusion(eyeroll)..

KRISTEN and others interested in cooking...I picked up a mag at the grocery store last week called "Cooks Illustrated"....all the recipes listed have a picture..the writer showcases 4 or 5 recipes that he gives a history of how the name came about i.e. Chicken Tetrazinni was named after an opera singer...and then an in-depth tutorial on how to make the recipe to give the best result! This edition has some interesting "tweeks" to make some basic dishes more interesting...not far out stuff that you see sometime where you dont know what the ingredients are... but dishes like green beans with walnuts and cranberries for thanksgiving....anyway I thought it was one of the better cooking mags Ive come across in a while:) And speaking of mags...I had to laugh...I picked up the US Breaking Dawn mag...great pics from the movie and all the vampires pics...lots of new faces....but they have that pic of Rob and"you know who" at the awards show and the caption underneath says "she" was "gushing" about what a sweet person R was and how successful he will be....omg..(Well, yes, WE know that)...I wonder how much coughing and stuttering she had trying to get that sentence out of her mouth....lol

Have a great evening everybody!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..Good night!

DreamerKind said...

Cooks Illustrated sounds like a great resource. I'm interested and maybe will be inspired to cook.
Thanks, luv and good night.

*I*Believe* said...

Rose!!! Thank you, thank you for a new post!! I absolutely LOVE the flaming heart!!

Also, I agree with you Rose, I am happy that they are happy.

PL~Yes, hooking was very productive. I finished a stand-up Santa and started hooking a kitty named Floyd.

Kenzz~Get your mind out of the gutter, girlfriend...lol...I was rug hooking and I did some stripping, too, as we have to cut the wool into strips before we can hook it.

Everyone have a great short week!

wania said...

Excellent post Rose!
This was great!

"...Thing is... Kristen was right.
It IS obvious.
Always has been.
It's ALL out there..."

Kristen called all idiots who do not see the obvious, the truth ... what then?... just accept ...collapsed the wall of idiots ... Sank PR scenario of idiots ... exit strategy of idiots broke ... game over!

I also can not accept ... people disparage Robert and Kristen... is mean too much...
I just can't get... I hope I never find them in my way... or I will kick your idiots ass... sure...

Hey DK! I wish everything is ok with you, my friend ... kisses ...

All the best for everyone in Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

Lovin' You

Minnie Riperton

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Thank you/sonyagu

DreamerKind said...

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I know
I know

Thank you/jkintner25

DreamerKind said...

I'm in awe-go get them! You make people happy, I think so.

You're on my list.

su said...

I love "Something" Rose, and I've always thought in this song when I'm thinking about Kristen, Rob and love in general. I completely agree with Sydney: if you think they only see each other when we "know" then you are a perfect stupid, only saying. Great post, have a great day ;)

wania said...

DK, you're sweet ... thanks for great music...

Birdie said...

PL,Freddie and Kenzz,
Yes, we do have a time with the animals. HaHa! This is what happens when my mother never let me keep any of the strays I brought home. I am far to lenient with my children and theirs.
That is an excellent magazine. I have a cookbook of theirs "The Best Light Recipes". They have researched how to make recipes lighter with out losing the taste.
I have always wanted to learn how to hook(not as a second income). Someday when I have more time...
Fun tunes as always!
Have a great day Roseland. Smitty, Gruff and Syd,hope all is well in your world.

Leni said...

Hi everyone :)
Hope you are all having a great day!

Check out this interview with Kristen. It's only two questions but Kristen's answers absolutely stunned me. She is so wise and made me even more excited for BD & SWATH :)


dottie said...

Happy Tuesday! It's another crazy day for me. Hope all of you are well.

I've been catching up on posts & see that IB has been hooking and stripping. I've heard that stripping can sometimes lead to hooking... Anyway, I hope she's having fun! (sorry IB, I couldnt resist! LOL)

Have a good one, everybody!