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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Open Your Eyes and See

Creepy trolls are creepy

Some of you people scare me.
OK... that's not quite true.
Most of you people scare me.

Nothing wrong with this picture.

October 23-24 Paris - Rob and Ashley
October 26 - Brussels - Rob and Ashley
October 28 - Stockholm- Rob and Ashley
OK... So?
How does this equate to the end of the world?
Can't find drama? Make it up!

Ashley filling in for Kristen on some 'Fan Events' ?
Why is this so horrible?
Much like Rob was working through much of Eclipse promo.
That wasn't so damn bad, was it?
So why is this such a big hairy deal?

Oh right.
People NEED to piss and moan.

We want Rob and Kristen!

I'm pretty sure everyone with common sense
realized that Kristen wasn't going to be as available to promote
Breaking Dawn as she has been in the past.
But come on ...
Surely you realize Kristen will be at the important events?
The ones that MATTER.
The MAJOR Premieres.
The ones where Bella and Edward will be seen
You get that right?
Plenty of smiles to come...
Do you remember the Eclipse premiere in LA?

Do you?
You're just too good to be true... Can't take my eyes off of you.
Do you honestly believe Kristen won't be there this time around?
Do you think that Breaking Dawn will have their largest premieres
without Kristen Stewart?
The "linchpin" of the series?

It's like in every picture... Rob is staring at Kristen and smiling...

Yes. She is really busy with SWATH right now.
Yes. She won't be as visible as she has been in the past.
Yes. Ashley Green will be filling in for Kristen.
You didn't expect any other member of the cast... did you?
If Kristen can't be there... it should be Ashley.
I like Ashley.
This is good for her.
Normally the other members of the cast don't get the attention
and she's a good Alice...
And she's a lovely girl.

Just because Rob is promoting with Ashley
has no bearing on his relationship with Kristen.
Repeat after me.
It's a matter of circumstance.
So stop with the unnecessary drama.
No points for whining.

November 14 - Los Angeles - World Premiere
November 16 - London - UK Premiere

I can't wait to see what Kristen wears!

Rob and Kristen always end up together!

 Final Thoughts.

1. Oh ye of little faith.
You really believe all those idiot trolls out there
who just go from board to forum
trying to stir up the angst ridden 'shippers'
who need constant affirmation
that Rob and Kristen are together.
Kinda sad... You know?
Rob and Kristen are like...
Two Peas in a Pod

Is that Bear in there with them?
All this negative bullshit doesn't affect them.
It has no impact on their relationship.
They don't govern themselves by the lunatic fringe
who call themselves 'fans'.

Open your eyes.
It's all right in front of you.
And keep looking.
There will be lots more to see.

More of this?

2. Thomas Sturridge.
You knew I would have to talk about him
Didn't you?
If not... then you don't know me at all.
Tom has a new movie coming out
November 4th in the UK.


That link will tell you a bit more about the movie
as it's playing at the BFI London Film Festival
October 21st and 23rd.

Let's listen to Tom talk about the movie...

 And um...
Excuse me while I listen some more....
Green Sheep.

This post is brought to you by common sense.
Obviously... it really isn't so common.
Life is good.
Open your eyes and see...
*does anyone else hear Queen?*

Bye for now


bcaceres30 said...

to be honest i am not the biggest Ashley fan. she rubs me the wrong way, but i am not upset that she is doing the promo with Rob since i understand that Kristen is busy with SWATH,and that Kristen will still be at the premiere in LA.

Anna said...

Dear Rose,

I just love, love, love this website. That is all I have to say today!

Thanks & Have A Great Day,

P.S. Hi to Rose Land!

Anonymous said...

Logical as always, Rose. Did people really think Nikki would be promoting with Rob? Good for Ashley. All is well.

Groovie said...

Wonderful, logical post!
Cute pix as always

Busy busy day for me! So just popping in quickly to say hi! Hope u are all doing well!

Soleil Anne said...


Our SW is busy working.
She cannot be "Bella" 24/7.
Sane fans understands & accepts.

Thanks again for being the
"voice of reason".
Isn´t K gorgeous on the Glamour
& GQ covers?! DDG!!!


Omoiyari said...

I'm not upset that Kristen is not doing the promo tour with Robert.But honestly I think that Ashley is not a good choise.because media,gossip and silly nonstens are ready to kick up a shindy.Rose you are smart and you know this is undeniably.
Why not with Bill,Peter ,Taylor or elizabeth?
Yes,Kristen had to promote key events with Taylor,but he is harmless ,he is like a little brother.

My eyes are open ,I don't see just the negative bullshit but the last photo with R&K together was in july.i miss them.
pathetic?yes,but i am honest.

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a good day.

I confess I’m not worried or angry about Kristen not being at some of the other premieres, just perhaps a bit disappointed. I fully understand that she is busy with SWATH and yes, it was the same situation last year with Rob and WFE – but I still feel just a bit of sadness that we won’t see them globe-trotting together. In any case, as you said Rose, there will be the major premieres to look forward to.

I’m a bit out of touch today, but it was great catching up with some of you over the last two nights.

Take care all.


Kay said...

My patience with the idiot, pot-stirring, lunatic trolls is about at an end.....I wish they would just STFU with their stupidity FFS and accept that RobLovesKristenLovesRob and nothing they say is going to change that.

Happy crazy, pissy, cranky Tuesday, everyone! :P

Sydney said...

Well personally, I'd rather have this kickass movie than a few dates of promo that I already know can be a drag for her. Of course I'd love to see the cuteness of Rob and Kristen together, but I'd rather have SWATH. So...

And OMG...the GQ pics? Seriously? Her beauty is simply timeless.

dottie said...

Wise words from Rose!

I guess it's understandable to be a little bit sad that Kristen can't be with Rob for all of BD promo because there aren't many more opportunities to see them together in that capacity now that Twi is winding down, BUT it's not the end of the world. Like Rose, I can't wait to see them both all dressed up for the premieres. It's probably not much fun for them, but they sure do clean up well! ;)

Hello Roseland! Hope you're all enjoying the day.

Fiorels said...

Honestly I'm just a bit sorry that Kristen is not doing the premieres cause I had planned to go to England for the London one... (since we are getting "you know who" in Italy....no way I'm going...).. but what can she do is she's working? it's not like it's her decision...
I really don't know what the problem is with this fandom...
I honestly like Ashley, I don't mind her and just think if Nikki was the one going with him. Now, that would have been nightmare... but anyway..
it's not an Ashley thing... it's a "any-breathing-girl-that-is-not-kristen" thing.
Even if Elizabeth or Dakota or any other was going it would be THE SAME cause this fandom just LOVE to make up drama... and I seriously can't take it today....

Freddie- if you see this.. i was wondering how your Tommy is doing..?
My thought went to you these couple of days...
My dog has been ill.. got worse in two days and we had to put her down today...

angelica1 said...

It's always good to see them together but she's working, for God's sake. Why on earth is anyone surprised?

I think it's quite nice to have Ashley step in,Edward and Alice are meant to be close so in the absence of "Bella", why not choose her? Why there should be any drama about it is completely beyond me. These hysterical nitwits obviously have nothing significant going on in their lives to be able to put so much time and effort into obsessing about such ridiculous things. The sense of entitlement of these people amazes me.

Sydney, I agree I can live without Kristen at a few promotional events in order to get a great movie to watch instead :)

Berry said...

Hello Everyone, hope you all have had a good Tues. Thanks for this post Rose! I am so over all the bullshit about Kristen not being with Rob...people need to get over it already! I can not wait to see the movie and seeing Rob and Kristen together in LA at our premier is a bennie! xoxo

PL said...


I've been trying to stay away from all this stuff but stopped by to look at the comments and saw yours.

I am so so sorry about the loss of your dog. They are family and the loss we feel is just as real as if any member of our family goes away. Eventually, you'll cherish the memories but I know it's hard right now.

Kenzz said...

Rose, "right on," as usual! And I think I'm catching TomSTu fever, as I could listen to him speak all day long... There's just something about his cadence and timing, I feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for the next word to slide out... Actually he kind of reminds me of how Kristen speaks, as well, as she used to try so hard to find just the right word to express her sentiment. Love them both!

Ashley deserves a little of the spotlight, IMO. She's been a fabulous Alice! She's earned the right to more fame, which she appears to be quite comfortable with BTW!

OMG, the GQ close-up of Kristen with the black straps, red lispstick, and cat-eye type makeup? Sooo beautifully retro and old Hollywood glamour...

Awwww Fio, I'm so truly sorry about your dog...they really are such an important fabric in our lives, and I'm sure she'll be missed :(

Hugs to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and Syd... Big shout out to Freddie, Anna, bcaceres, laurio, Groovie, Soleil, Omoiyari, Kay, Sydney, dottie, angelica, Berry, & PL!

olivia said...

Hear! Hear!
You said it all Rose!
Words of wisdom and sanity.
I have never understood the shameful crazies and am at peace with the fact that I never will. Just feel sorry for them.
Thank you Rose and dear Roselanders for maintaining sincerity, sensiblilty and positivity in this "intoxicated" fandom.

(Rose, not only is Bear peeking out, but Jella is hidden in the corner. Love those cute little emoticons, smileys and captions.)

The major premieres with Rob and Kristen will be breathtaking.
The minor ones will be great opportunities to enjoy pictures of Rob and other cast members plus Bill Condon.
It is all approaching fast and furious. Hard to believe that we will be watching the movie next month!

Wow! Like Christmas.....even more lovely magazine photos with Kristen.

Rose, thank you so much for the link to Junkhearts. Looks like a dark and intriguing film for Tom. Will search for it when it comes stateside.

Am planning to purchase A Better Life on the 18th of this month when the DVD is released. Missed the very brief appearance that it had at the indie theatre in Austin and definitely wish to support Chris Weitz.

Finished The Night Circus and really liked it. A very sweet tale. First third is a bit slow but couldn't put it down during the last third. It will make an amazing visual fantasy of a film if it ends up on the big screen.

Fio, so very sorry about you dog. Our pets truly are dear members of the family. Hugs for you.

angelica1 said...

Fio - I didn't realise you'd lost your dog. I'm so sorry.

Sydney said...

Oh Fio, you poor thing! That is so terribly sad and I am so sorry.

Fiorels said...

Thanks you ladies...
I'm convincing myself it was the best thing... she would have lived only a couple of days more but would have suffered hell...
so it's better like this... and today is also S.francis day and he was the patron of animals, so hopefully he'll take her somewhere beautiful... I need to believe in that now...
I agree with you... they are like family, most of the times are better than people and it's just hard to deal with it...
thanks a lot...

And kenzz, I agree about the Tom fever, it's getting me as well and hie speaking also reminded me of kristen.

I hope to be back later... need to study... that's why i've been missing these days...
I hope to be more on after friday...

and Kristen just keeps getting more stunning everyday...

Leni said...

Great post, Rose!
I never understand these fans that need so much reassurance that Rob and Kristen are together.. seriously, you just need to open your eyes and you will see it right there in front of you!

I didn't see the troll's comments last night, because they were already deleted, but only reading what you ladies and Robert (you are ALL heroes IMO) wrote in defense made me even more furious at the troll!

We have never "talked" before because I'm new but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your videos and that I feel for you - I also have a dog, she is almost 12 years old and I don't even dare to think of the day, where I will not be having her anymore..

Hope said...

Fio...I am so sorry to hear about your dog. My heart is sad for you because it is like losing a member of the family. Sending you love and hugs.

Rose...thank you for another dose of truth.
Kristen has the world at her feet with all the wonderful things that are coming her way. So happy for her.

Hi Everyone!

olivia said...

should have been...
"your" dog

Robstenland said...

Thanks for your posititivity, I hope you're right and that at least in LA and London Kristen will attend. Half of Europe is waiting for this confirmation to book plane- tickets, and the non-confirmation sent in desperation, many, including me. I want so much to be in England, I'll take off from work to see them finally and perhaps it might be my only chance to see them together. Ashley is a beautiful person, I love Ash, she's always been a good friend of Robsten and I am happy for her and the opportunity that has been proposed. She will be beautiful as always!

ali mac said...

I really hope Tom has a good accent in this film, as someone from N.Ireland there is nothing more annoying than hearing a really bad version of our wee accent!!

Great post, it all makes sense when we look at it logically :0)

Robert said...

what is so aggravating is that it assumes that rob would cheat on his girlfriend the first chance he got

i mean, have you seen his girlfriend?

katy said...

Hi Rose,

Great post!!

I am fine with Ashley doing promo with Rob, of course I would prefer if it was Rob and Kristen in all these events, but she is busy working on SWATH. We all know Kristen loves these movies, so I am pretty sure she would be there if it was possible. Lets be thankful we had lots of AMAZING mag covers, photo shoots with Kristen for start.

I'm very happy Rob is doing so much promo, and honestly is there ever to much Rob?? I say NO. I miss him...I miss hearing him speak, I miss his smile, I want to see him being funny and I want to see lots of interviews with him. We are in a Rob drought (no magazines), so this is going to be to be fabulous. I am thankful.

Rob and Kristen will be together in the major premiere...just think of sweetest and cutest moments we will get. Cant' wait.

Rose, thanks for the link to Junkhearts. Tom is cute. Love him too and wish is the best.

Hope everyone is having a wonderfil day. Take care.

angelica1 said...

Robert - That's what I find so ridiculous.It's as if he has absolutely no self control and would jump on anything with a pulse

Robert said...


exactly we're all just a bunch of brainless swinging dicks

katy said...

Fiorels, I am so sorry for your dog. I had to put down my dog a couple years ago, so I know how awful that is. It was one of the saddest days of my life.

Hugs sweetie

Leni said...

@ Robert and Angelica:
I also don't get that some of his "fans" are portraying him as some sort of man whore.. I mean seriously - I would not want to be a fan of a complete asshole..

katy said...

god, I meant I wish him the best, not 'wish is the best'

*I*Believe* said...

I totally agree with Freddie...I would have loved to see them globe trotting together.

PL~You surfaced, I was wondering how you have been.

Fio~Sorry to hear about you dog.

Hi Hope~How are you?

Birdie said...

Ah Rose, there you go again, making sense.
I kind of get a chuckle when I think of all the "it's PR" comments. Summit must not understand PR. All the moments they have "forced" Rob and Kristen to be together and now when they can really flaunt it, very limited time with the two of them front and center. What does this say about the PR theory? Can they at least put that one to rest?
I will enjoy whatever we get and what we get is always fun. Wow, some of those women need to lighten up!
I'm so sorry about your pup. It's a tough decision but kind to let her go peacefully.

Robert said...


being a manwhore never entered my mind [i'm not sure i know what the manwhore formula is anyway. . .

X = # of girls who aren't your girlfriend you have to sleep with = MANWHORE]

i just think the notion that he wont be able to resist ashley is unfair to rob

my 2nd post was just me ranting about a sore subject

Sydney said...

Leni...I know, it's always baffled me how they'd prefer he be a disgusting, sleazy manwhore (all evidence to the contrary). I guess they're hoping it would mean he was single and not at all discerning and that maybe they'd have a chance.

Acknowledging his interest in Kristen means they'd have to compare themselves to her. And since they know they'd come up LACKING TO THE NTH DEGREE, they've chosen the manwhore approach. I get it. But it doesn't change reality. Neither does cutting Kristen down.

And I like Ashley. She has her famewhorey moments, but she's the one with most potential outside the trio and I see no problem with her trying to capitalize. She, at least, has the potential to go somewhere.

DreamerKind said...

Good afternoon, all!

I am hearing Queen for sure, and Sunday In The Park With George tunes from the other day.
What's that you say so often?
"With acceptance comes peace."
I choose that.
Thank you, as always.

Seems like all is well in the BD and SWATH timelines. We'll likely be very satisfied in the end.

Kristen is so fit and lovely, which is glorified in Glamour & GQ, especially those swimming/swimsuit pics.

Tom is a character study in nuances, and oh, so fascinating. Can't wait for the Irish dialect to come out in that rich, vibrant voice.

So funny, that which you said about men. Factual and silly, are my favorite mixes.

We're with you, Hon.
In that special place, where the love for your dog remains, the loss will dim in time, while the memories glow brighter, in your heart and mind.
Great dogs live forevermore!

Robert said...


i'm sorry if that post came out wrong, i was trying to agree with you and it came out sounding critical


*I*Believe* said...

DK~Sunday in the Park with George!...one of my favorite musicals and paintings...have you seen the original at the Chicago Art Institute? My hubby took me to see it when we were just dating and I was awe struck! The original is so huge! We have a print of that very picture hanging over our fireplace.

Vangie said...

I like ashley green, but to me she is a bit of a talker!

Leni said...

Don't worry - it didn't come out wrong and I think your manwhore formula is really funny LOL

ITA with everything you said about Rob, kristen & Ashley

Hello DK, how are you?

katy said...


I agree, it's unfair to Rob. It pisses me off that people think so little of him.

Sydney, well said. Agree

Take care

Claire said...

Obviously we'd all love Kristen to attend all promo events, but this is a really great movie she's filming right now. It's her first film post Twi, and her first really commercial film outside of Twilight, it's a big deal, surely fans can appreciate that.

Kristen's career comes before a couple of fan events, surely? I'd much rather she skipped what she has to during promo and gives us a kick arse movie to watch next year.

As for Ashley, I'd much rather it be her promoting with Rob then say.....somebody else. LOL

Hi everyone.

angelica1 said...

Hi Claire - Quite right! Is he home yet?

Vangie said...

THESE day, twitter tail, both men and women same thing, always have to tweet, where they saw rob, and if he was drinking how many beers, what he was wearing, both male and female samething!

Claire said...


He got home this afternoon. We went for a nice walk, had something to eat, and then caught up ;D. All's right in my world :D

Leni said...

Happy for you :) I can't wait till my boyfriend comes home on Saturday - we also have lots of catching up to do LOL

Ok I'm off now - I got my Water for Elephants DVD today and of course I have to watch it immediately :)

Have a great day/evening/night everyone! Bye

Claire said...


'Catching up' after a separation is good LOL

Enjoy your WFE DVD, I certainly have.

ADD said...

Sorry for your loss =(

"what is so aggravating is that it assumes that rob would cheat on his girlfriend the first chance he got
i mean, have you seen his girlfriend?" Word! Kristen's beautiful inside and out.

*I*Believe* said...

Claire~Enjoy every moment!

DreamerKind said...

Hello, there!
Yes, I saw that painting many, many years ago at the AI. Had I moved downtown Chi as I'd planned, it would be a hangout for sure. Must get there again soon, thanks for reminding me.
You have it over your fireplace, and that is so cool, for no matter how long you look at it, you find something you missed!

Hi! I am very good, and busy with a paperwork project that I don't want to do, so I linger here. Would be so nice to be there with you, watching WFE.

Claire said...


I am LOL.

Talking on the phone or Skype is great, but you can't beat actually having a conversation face to face, I've missed it LOL.

I see Rob has been spotted at a recording studio today.

What are you up to Robert?

angelica1 said...

Claire - It's very intriguing. He seeems to be spending a lot of time in recording studios recently

Claire said...

He does angelica

It's unlikely to be for Cosmopolis, as he did ADR in Toronto last week.

I wish he'd throw us a bone LOL.

He certainly keeps us on our toes.

Freddie said...

Fio – I had to jump off after my earlier comment, so I am only now seeing your note about your dog. I am so very sorry. It is so hard to lose them. However difficult it was for you, I’m sure you made the right decision if it ended her suffering. All the good times you shared will stay with you, and I’m sure she knew that she was loved.

Perhaps I’m feeling really sentimental and soppy at the moment, but I wanted to thank all you ladies and gentlemen for your kindness and friendship. That may sound odd given the nature of this virtual world, but it is appreciated.

Special call out to Kenzz, IB, Hope, Katy, Kay, Angelica, PL, Olivia, Birdie, Rhonda, Annie, DK, Super, Claire, Melinda, Sydney, Leni, dottie, 30, Groovie, Berry, Liza, Tigerlily, Amara, Wildhart, Robert, Vangie, Bcaceres30, Anna, laurieo76, Soleil Anne, beacullen, Omoiyari, Gwen, Bren, Robstenland, ali mac, anyone I may have missed and of course, Rose, Smitty, Syd and Gruff.

angelica1 said...

Freddie - There's nothing wrong with being sentimental. It's always good to have the support of good friends,virtual or otherwise :)

Freddie said...

Thanks Angelica.

ADD and Emilia - sorry I missed you in my earlier post.

I knew I ran the risk of missing some people, so for those that I did miss, my apologies and please accept my earlier words of thanks.

Rhonda said...

Rose, as always, you are the voice of reason. Like you said, Kristen is working. Why anyone would have a problem with Ashley filling in for her is beyond me. It has no bearing on anything else.

Fio- I'm so sorry about your dog..((Hugs))

Freddie- That was a lovely thing to say, and I agree with Angelica. Friendship is friendship, no matter how it comes about :)

DreamerKind said...

How nice of you to make a special call out-and there are many we haven't seen lately. Hope they come by soon.
You are just perfect, exactly as you are, imo.

30 said...

Nice plug for Tom, Rose. :)

I would love to see this movie,unfortunately most indies do not come out down by me.It's a shame to Tom is a great actor.I would love too support his films on screen.

Claire said...



I might not be able to have you or the other ladies backs in real life, but I can here.

Rhonda said...

Claire- I'm glad you had a nice reunion ;)

DK- I forgot to say thanks for the song you did for Olivia, Kenzz, and I the other night :)

Hi everyone!

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Rhonda! Hope you had a good day!

Rhonda said...

IB- It was a nice day, thanks. Hope yours was too :)

dottie said...

Fio, I just read you comment. I'm so sorry about your dog. I remember pictures that you posted of your 2 cute pups. ((Hugs))

Claire, So happy your guy made it home and you're enjoy "catching up." ;)

PL, I'm sorry I missed you.

Hello to everyone else!

I hope Rose's post today reassured some nervous nellies-at least until the next thing happens to make them worry. I'm convinced that alot of them are actually some of the "others" just trying to stir up trouble. BTW R/K have proven time and again that they can travel unseen. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that they have seen each other more often over the last couple of months than any of us knows. Just sayin' :)

I heard that Adele has cancelled her tour due to throat problems. This is terrible news!

DreamerKind said...

Hey, Babe!
I read your funny posts on FB-great job. You sound happy.
We'll have to buy Tom's movies on DVD instead.

No thanks are needed but thanks, dear.

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~My day was ok...nothing spectacular....I had that early morning meeting and then my class had a substitute this AM so I could do individual assessments...yippy!

Claire said...

@Rhonda and dottie


Rhonda said...

IB- Hang in there :)

Dottie- I'm beyond bummed :(

dottie said...

Rhonda - I know you are and I'm so sorry!!! You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news. I'm worried about her. This is the 2nd time she's had to cancel shows. :(

On a happier note, son #2 & I found a recipe for Nutella Cheesecake. He just took it out of the oven and it smells so good! Son #1 is studying for a Music Appreciation exam. I can hear the beautiful music he's listening to. A lovely way to spend the afternoon.

*I*Believe* said...

@Dottie~My kids LOVE Nutella!

Rhonda said...

Dottie- Thanks :) She's an amazing talent, and I am disappointed, but I hope she takes the time she needs to get healthy. That's most important.

Enjoy the Cheesecake. Sounds yummy. I might have to borrow the recipe :)

dottie said...

IB and RHONDA, We love Nutella too! When my son saw the recipe he flipped. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Claire said...

''Whenever I get married or have a baby, everyone is going to want to know my kids name and I'm not going to say it for ages.'' - Kristen GQ


Don't fret ladies, Robert will spill it. PMSL

Sydney said...

Kristen's GQ interview is up. And it is so much more in depth than any others'. I feel like she is so much more comfortable with herself now. It's nice to see her sort of enjoying this side of her fame. She talks of her past, Twilight, OTR, everything...even Rob. Very good read.


Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post, as usual. I was disappointed to hear Kristen would be unable to help with the promotions of the movie, just because we don't get to see them together often, and I was hoping to see some good pictures. I know she is busy and can't help it and I know she will do what she can.

I am looking forward to BD, I think it will be a wonderful movie. Take care Roselanders.

angelica1 said...

Sydney - I think it's one of,if not the best,interviews of her I've read. She really does sound so much more at ease :)

Sydney said...

Angelica: She has a great sense of humor about it all. Which I think would be hard to maintain.

Hmmmm...I wonder however it is that she knows so much about the fandom. Interesting.

Claire said...

I'm shitting rainbows after reading that interview.

I love what her Dad says to her about acting ''Oh just go and sit in your trailer, practice your lines, and lie for a living.'' PMSL PapaStew FTW

angelica1 said...

Sydney - Yes,I wonder too...

Claire - With that one statement from her dad, we know exactly why she's so grounded :)

dottie said...

Lord have mercy! Twitter has exploded w/happiness. LOL

I love Kristen's interviews. She is such a fascinating and unique person.

Claire said...


*nods head*

Her Dad seems like he is a blast. His outfit to the Eclipse premiere showed just how cool he is. LOL

angelica1 said...

dottie - I can't believe "My boyfiend is English" is trending worldwide.LOL

Sydney said...

Angelica: I was just going to say the same thing about the TT. Kind of embarrassing. But it just proves how right Kristen is...people do care. And for better or worse, I am one of them. I am still at work because I don't want to miss anything in the car ride home.

Pathetic and I know it.

angelica1 said...

Sydney - Well lets be honest,none of us would be here if we didn't care, I'm just glad I care in a relatively sane way!

Claire said...


Couldn't agree more.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- I agree, one of her best interviews. Not only did she seem at ease, but she was funny, and insightful..I loved it :)

dottie said...

Angelica and Sydney, Kristen knew better than any of us what a huge deal it was. I'm really surprised that it is a TT. That's just crazy!

olivia said...

Wonderful interview in GQ/UK.
So happy for Kristen!

Claire said...

Wait a minute, isn't Rob.......English? OIC LOL

dottie said...

LOL Claire!

*I*Believe* said...

Sydney~Thanks for the link...the article is great!

DreamerKind said...

I can't sit still-the room is twirling and my mind is whirling!

Even oblivious to the car selling show I have on in the background.

Cause I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it, lol.

Kristen, Kristen, Kristen!!!

Champagne is chilling and will soon be popping. Anyone toasting along with me?

Robert said...

let's not get carried now, I think she's dating paul McCartney

Kenzz said...

"I'm a 21 year old woman having a beer with GQ. I've arrived." Oh Kristen, have you ever!!

Freddie: I agree with some of the others, friendships cross many different lines, including on-line...We may not know "you" in an actual sense, but I sure as hell would say we've gotten a great taste of the flavor of your character by interacting here...Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself <3

DK: my hubs is somewhat in your neck of the woods...eastern Michigan (that's pretty close to northeast Illinois, isn't it?)

Kenzz said...

DK: I'm home alone (with just my thoughts and a glass of chardonnay), so I will gladly join in a toast... but to whom? The fairest in the land, perhaps, or her "British boyfriend"? :)

robert: How are you feeling...nervous or excited about the big upcoming day? More hopeful than not, I imagine!

Birdie said...

Thank you for the link.
Miss Stewart has arrived! Loved this interview. She is wise, honest, and totally on to all the BS! Oh, I'll bet there are a few women having tizzies right now!

Melinda said...

Truer words have never been spoken. I like seeing happy smiley faces on both of them.

Happy that Ashley will be doing some promo. She seems sweet. After Bella Alice is the next popular female character so only fitting, imo, that Ashley take part.

The naysayers will always find something to whine about. They are miserable wastes of cyberspace.

Tom's new movie, before I can say anything else...that man's voice. Tom as menacing and manipulative?? Sounds intriguing.

Love the latest interview (GQ) of Kristen's. Confident, true to herself, and just beautiful! She laid her cards out on the table and if haters don't like it well who the eff really cares.

Freddie/Angelica- Was reading your comments abt your fathers. So sorry you are both dealing with this type of situation right now. Memory loss (and aging) is tough. It's hard to watch someone you love go through it.

Fio- I'm sorry to hear that you had to put your sweet dog to sleep today. They are indeed part of the family and bring much happiness to our world. Hugs!

Claire- Woot! Your man is home! Bring on the reconnecting....

Rhonda (and Hope)- Bummed about Adele too! I hope she is able to rest and be back on the road to good health soon. It's more important than a canceled tour to be sure.

I hope all the rest of Roseland are a happy lot! So many good things to be happy about.

(how apropos that my word verification is fling-
who wants to fling the haters off the side of a cliff with their PR garbage, exit strategies, and all around BS???)

Robert said...

"carried away"

come on man pull it together [he said to himself]

Kenzz said...

BTW, don't we have a lovely gal or two who hail from down under? My daughter may be going to Australia and New Zealand this summer, and am looking for a few pointers weather wise and such... any takers with local info?

Hi Melinda!! Great comments/summarization!

DreamerKind said...

When Paul marries Nancy S, I'll toast him, too, but with some nostalgia thrown in.

For our never realized, only dreamed of, mutual love/desire, lingers still in my heart.

Take/carry me away...anytime, everytime.

Yes, eastern Michigan is fairly close, depending on how far north he is though. 2-6 hours approx.

Melinda said...

Hi Kenzz!- You just reminded me that I meant to include you because I floved what your husband told your son!! You've got a great guy there!

Robert- I believe you are on to something. Sir Paul is getting married soon and Kristen did say "when I get married"...LOL! Hope you are doing well too.

DreamerKind said...

(Fist pump!)

Sure, why not? To "My boyfriend is British.", and "it's so obvious" Kristen remarks.

At last we meet up for a moment!
Is that you on Robstenation? Left you a comment on there tonight.

Robert said...


truth is that even if the procedure is only 50% successful, the change in my quality of life will be so dramatic that it will have been worth it

like being able to type with both

yeah, i'm ready now

thank you for asking

Kenzz said...

@Melinda: Believe me, I know it, and appreciate him!

DreamerKind said...

I'm having a "tizzy" right now, and it's a humdinger, lol.

Changed to red wine, saving the champs for MORE (when BD arrives in theaters)!

Tigerlily is from Australia, and we haven't seen her recently, so Freddie called her out today.

Birdie said...

Hey DK! No that wasn't me. Is there another Birdie? Are you sipping the bubbly?

DreamerKind said...

Have you ever seen the PM's I sent to you? Just wondering, if we've cris-crossed..

Kenzz said...

Robert: Although we've never, and probably never will, meet "in-person," I think of you and your situation often. I genuinely believe that somehow, someway, the power of shared "good thoughts/best wishes/ prayers" are a truly potent force!

Robert said...


i'm right there beside you

two of us riding nowhere
spending someone's hard earned pay

on our way back home

Kenzz said...

DK: I was thinking Bren or Gwen was from New Zealand? I'm more sure than not that I have it totally wrong.. they're probably from Toledo and Baltimore! LOL

DreamerKind said...

OK, darlin'. Cool. Me, too.

@Bren is from NM, and Gwen the Philipines. Sapphire1231 is from NZ and she posts here once in a while, but mostly on Robsten Angels.

Robert said...


i truly believe you are right and that i am going to be just fine and that the people who have reached out to me on this blog will have plated a role in that when this is all over

Kenzz said...

DK: I am only slightly mollified that I remembered that someone was from New Zealand! LOL I'll keep an eye open for Sapphire123

Besides giving "our" Robert a run for his money in music history, what has been keeping YOU out of trouble? :)

DreamerKind said...

Yes, there is another using your name, so I commented to her. Wonder if she will answer me? Such fun, on such a happy day!

Rose is twirling on Twitter and maybe she'll write a new post tomorrow, full of well deserved gloat (not that she does, but earned the right).

Remember, the Smitty/Syd comments re: "find your happy and hang on to it"? That's the real deal.

Robert said...


i am not embarassed to tell you that while i have a PhD in modern american literature, i do not know what a PM is or how to open it

but please send it again i would hate to have missed it

yours truly

forrest forrest gump

DreamerKind said...

Not a damn thing keeps me out of trouble, but I try, I try, a little, once in a while, maybe.

Sapphire is Chrissie, which she openly uses, and I can get her email for you, if you'd like?


Birdie said...

Haha!I bet Rose is twirling! Along with many others.

DreamerKind said...

It's a "Personal Message", and I meant emails I have sent to yours.

Melinda said...

Kenzz- I believe that "Amara" that posts here some is from either AUS or NZ as well, so she maybe able to give you some tips. How exciting for your daughter if she is able to go!

Hello DK- You've played some fun tunes the past few days.

Time to fly the coop. Have a great one!

Kenzz said...

@DK: I'd appreciate her email if you have it handy...like Robert, I'm obtuse when it comes to understanding these pm's, dm's, and I even have trouble accessing someone's email off their blog profile (I keep getting a message that I haven't set up?) I seem only able to respond to emails people send to me. Unfortunately, unlike our Robert, I'm not brilliant, heroically courageous, nor a PhD!

DreamerKind said...

Man, it is so hard to choose between a NYC premiere (if there will be one for BD), and meeting the NE chapter or going to Ft Myers, Fl in the dead of a Chicago winter. Hmmm. Can't seem to do both, unless I win the lottery.

No doubt, it is wild on Twitter, and I mean wild with happiness, and I even made a few comments, silly ones for sure, but straight from my heart. Let's meet over there sometime, and be baptised by fire. What do you think?

Robert said...


i did get one. i just checked, dont know how i missed it

very sweet

were there more?

Birdie said...

Does twitter come with an instruction manual?

DreamerKind said...

I do get carried away with posting "my idea of fun" tunes, and sure do appreciate you're liking them. Rest well.

OK, I'll email you, from my email, with the email address, when I get the OK from Chrissie, okay?
PM's & DM's are emails, no matter how mysterious their initials.

Robert said...


mine came with the words "do not open" on it

so far so good


i'm blushing

DreamerKind said...

Yes, the first instruction in the manual is "Dive in, and you won't drown, cause you can't say anything that hasn't been said, nor make a fool of yourself, unless you think you do." LOL

I don't recall how many I sent (certainly I am not stalking you, am I?), but I don't always comment to you on here, since I have even more silly/delightful things to send via your personal/direct message email.

I watched "Avatar" recently for the first time, and to you, tonight, I say, "I see you." Hope you know that.

Let me pop over to Twitter and see who's having a tizzy, and getting dizzy, like I am. Be right back.

Kenzz said...

DK: I'm way too tired to decipher your clever prose, so I'll just assume I'll get her email eventually :) Have a wonderful evening, my friend! Thanks for all you do hear in your FGM capacity!
Have you heard the newest from Adele and /or Lady Gaga? Can't remember whether I've mentioned their latest songs or not!

Kenzz said...

*here* not hear

I really am tired! Robert's going to think I'm uneducated! :(

Birdie said...

I'm leaning towards Robert's manual. Easier and I am so easily confused.
I will give it a closer look, DK. I truly am clueless.

Robert said...


if you were stalking me it would be the first case of desired stalking on record

email me any time

Birdie said...

Goodnight all.
I will look for you in the morn. I have a feeling you will be twirling about tonight.

Kenzz said...

Goodnite Birdie!

Robert said...


you know i would never correct you [not that you ever need it]

unless of course you start saying things like "impactful"
or spelling the word "definitely" like this: "definately"

then i would be forced to step in

Kenzz said...

@Robert: Well, "impactful" seems rather redundant, and I am certain I have spelled definitely as "definately" on occasion! :(

My biggest grammatical peeve is affect vs. effect...

Kenzz said...

BTW: Kristen commented in her GQ-UK interview that she was failed by her teachers in High School...I would hazard a guess that if she had enjoyed the classrooms of the couple of teachers here in Roseland, she would have had a completely different HS experience!

Robert said...


you spelled occasion right [i always get it wrong]

impactful drives me nuts because it's not even a word

Kenzz said...

Robert: I always need to double sheck "occasion" on dictionary.com... doesn't it seem as if it should be spelled as occassion?

Kenzz said...

Now I'm laughing at myself...meant to spell *check*... my typing sucks

Robert said...


i couldn't agree more

she's obviously very intelligent

the thing with teaching is you've either got it or you don't and the students suffer

Robert said...


can't keep up

can't stop laughing

can't stay awake


DreamerKind said...

If I was being clever, that is a surprise! Really, just saying that I will first ask Chrissie if I can send her email to you. Should have said that in the first place. Since the NZ earthquake, she has been dealing with so much, and I think I should ask.
I haven't heard the lastest Adele or Lady G. and don't usually post the new stuff, because I figure most of us here, have heard it. However, I will gladly do so, if it can be done.

@Dr. Robert
Consider it done. I'm your stalker, by our common desire. So lovely.

Nothing new on Twiter, same old, same old, lots of glee, twirl, squeeing, and such. Slowing down now since it is getting later.

I must go back into the closet soon, and look for the paperwork that will make all of the difference to me, when I find it and do what needs to be done. Lots of boxes to be moved, looked into and done something to, in the end. I created this mess, myself.

Word verf:

"Syd e dol" sydedol

Either it's cause "Syd e's a doll" or it's a citadel (sydedol) that one can hardly ever reach, but is so worth the effort in trying.

Geez, you are absent too long, must dedicate a song, to you.

Kenzz said...

Robert: I had a very long blog post, but discretion reared it's ugly head and forced me to delete my comments...suffice it to say that I have a GREAT respect for the teaching profession, but have also felt let down at times.

Kenzz said...

DK: In a more lucent moment, I will attempt to decipher that last post... I feel like you are my own personal DaVinci Code!!

Seriously, you bring such pleasure, humour, and ciphering to our simple blog! :) Just post what moves you...we all enjoy your ecclectic, advanced, historic song lists!

Where is Tom??? I'm feeling rather discarded...

DreamerKind said...

So, while being clever and silly, I have scorched a ribeye steak, thus, the smoke had to exit out the patio door. Ate the steak (yummy) on a poppyseed roll with butter, and poured one more glass of wine.

Robert is falling asleep-goodnight.

It surprised me when K said her teachers let her down because they didn't want to do the extra work, to help her keep up.
Then again, I have friends with special needs kids, who had similar trouble, and had to fight for their rights under federal/state law.

As Dr. R said, it depends on the teacher.

One thing I believe, teaching should be one of the highest paid professions, since their influence on our children is so profound. Not that money is the definition of a good teacher, but rewards for excellence are needed, always, by all.

(Soapbox put under chair for now)

Bye for now. Hope I am wise enough not to be up around 530 when you are, but we both know, that is not likely.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, ah, I am totally thrilled that I am that interesting to you. As you are to me.

Take your time with decoding my words, and I look forward to creating many more for your amusement, sweet one. Can hardly stop myself, sometimes.

I do confess that the song choices go very deep at times, and that I am guided not by my taste, but by divine inspiration.

FGM's are like that. Think of Edgar Cayce's readings, and you'll know what I mean or hope I do.

Word verf:

I am Di and I just had stake. Thanks, Edgar, for the heads up.

#1 Sillybilly.

DreamerKind said...

Tom is probably with Sienna and/or making another movie or doing theatre, as he desires. He discards many, I'd bet my usual hundo, except for Rob & Kristen, and perhaps dear Rose, if he knows her love for him, from her blog.

Now, if I didn't know better, I'd say more, but less is called for, when I am drinking such delicious wine and avoiding the closet.

DreamerKind said...

Just a quick description of the closet..

It is 8 ft deep and 5 ft wide and has about 60 boxes/plastic bins stacked from floor to ceiling. My whole life could be contained in them, or as the leasing agent said, I could fit a double bed in there.

Yet, I cannot sleep in a space without a window, bed or not. Can anyone? Well, maybe on submarines but even space shuttles have a view, right? Quite a remarkable view!

Better post a song for Syd, to lure him back for a while, as if I could.

DreamerKind said...

For Syd & All Dreamers

I Have A Dream


I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination
Makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness
Still another mile

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale

You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels

When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream

Thank you/mozpiano2

DreamerKind said...

The Way Old Friends Do

Faryl Smith:

You and I can share the silence
Finding comfort together
The way old friends do

I always turn to you for guidance
We stand up for each other
The way old friends do

Times of joy and times of sorrow
We will always see it through
Oh I don't care what comes tomorrow
We can face it together
The way old friends do

We can face it together
The way old friends do

Thank you/mike118117

DreamerKind said...

Since it is still early on for me, I'll book out for a while and go into the closet in search of my paperwork gold.

Will stop in later, to post more songs, or to say adieu.

I'll post this here, tonight, although I know you are elsewhere. Give me a sign.

Fiorels said...

Morning ladies...
Wo, you write so much lol
I'll read every comment later..
just wanted to thank you for your nice words.. thanks..
And Freddie, so sweet of you.... <3

Now, the Kristen interview, was one of the best interview ever...
and not cause of the "my boyfriend is english" thing...
Just the way she speaks and stays true to herself...
Kristen does know everything around and what's behind this fandom... and that being a TT on twitter is just the material proof..
Like we actually needed her to say that...
need what? It's not like we need anything or have the right to need anything....
I'm sorry, but everytime i read stuff like this I can't help feeling guilty for something.. And sometimes I wish I didn't care as much as I do...
Kristen is so right. It's her life, their lives and it souldn't be half-of-the-world business...
I hope they know there are fans who don't just WANT something from them..., not even a "statement" like this, not a pic or anything... that are not expecting anything but just wishing them the best and hoping they are together and happy just cause they are two amazing people and they deserve it...

Again, best interview in my opinion.
Also the journalist did a great job.

bcaceres30 said...

i just read the GQ interview. my favorite kristen interview she is so funny and so real. i am proud to be a fan. funniest is how she knows about the robstens, the nonstens and the dont carestens lol.

Saphire1231 said...

Hello Roseland

Rose I enjoyed your post immensley (as I usually do), succinct and to the point as always!

As for the lack of Kristen at BD1 premiers... I for one, am not overly worried... I believe she will be at the bigger (important) ones, (i.e. L.A. London). I know she is working on SWATH, but I believe the BD premiers would have been written into Kristen's contract at the commencement of the SWATH filming and she will be there.

Ok it would be nice to see Rob & Kristen do Paris together (if only for the fact that it is reportedly the city of love LMAO, but also... I guess for me it is a bit of nostalgia, i.e. 1st hand holding pics on the tarmac lol). But I am a realist and I know there will be lots of goodies for all of us to oggle and swoon over in whatever premiers they do together.

What about the latest pics of Kristen... that GQ shoot is something else! and as for the interview.... WOW... how great was that... to read "my boyfirend is English"... from her own lips no less... is just awesome... and the non believers and the unevolved, arguementative types can just "suck it up" -- because when else has Kristen confirmed her and Rob's relationship??? (even if it was by accident.. lol).

I am one very happy camper tonight... I have a grin from ear to ear on my face and my family all think I must have a secret stash of whacky backy hidden somewhere ROTFLMAO!

Love and Rainbows to all

Birdie said...

DK, you in da house?

Beautifully said and I agree. They don't owe us anything. I think they are special and want only the best for them. I am glad they have found comfort in each other.

DreamerKind said...

I am in da house, and bet you are not. Have a great day, and we'll have another chance to meet.

Right on the mark. She's herself in all ways.

Nice to see you here with us other happy campers. No wacky backy was needed either. Me, too-ROTFLMAO, along with you.

Thinking I'd better get some sleep, for the closet still awaits my special attention.


(Word verf) zjing end

Zing! The end.

*I*Believe* said...

The GQ interview is awesome! It is my favorite one so far. Kristen did a wonderful job and, as always, was true to herself!

Now, about the "English boyfriend"...SUCK IT NONNIES!!!!


angelica1 said...

IB - LOL! Apparently one of the dumbo's says "Rob's not English, he's British" As a born and bred Brit, I can confirm that London is in fact in England which is in turn, part of Great Britain, thereby making him BOTH English and British :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Just imagine all the other idiotic excuses they'll be trying to come up with..LOL..it's so stupid!

IB- Have a good day at school :)

DreamerKind said...

Good morning, Rhonda, *IB*, angelica1!

You've gotten me laughing, again. Such a great abs workout.

Check your email.

Best wishes for a good Hump day Roselanders.

For real this time, it's zzzz.

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- Sweet dreams :)

angelica1 said...

Morning DK :)

Muse said...

Helloo Roselanders!

Open your eyes.
It's all right in front of you.
And keep looking.
There will be lots more to see.

Rose, Rose *sigh* prophetic words…and then Kris' GQ interview came!
Type as many BWAHAHAHA you feel like and twirl, twirl, twirl the blog is YOURS!
Besides looking absolutely gorgeous, Kristen's consistency throughout the years makes.me.proud.org
*waving at Robert* in MVUO Summit shld enroll Peter F & Billy B for BD promo…and hv an Isle Esme premiere with R&K *yeah, a lady can dream*
@DK Abba? A-B-B-A? THUD
@ Fio sometimes I too plead guilty for reading/caring for what it's obvious! only they own...I do believe they know there are fans who wish them to live a long and happy life together.
And that is enough.
Yes, am paraphrasing Twiward's last scene *wink*

My heart goes out to you, I still grieve f/my 2 girls

Wishing you you all a good twirling day!

dottie said...

Good morning/evening... take your pick!
I've enjoyed catching up on all that was posted while I was sleeping.

Happy Hump Day!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!
I have a smile on my face that's a mile wide!
Can I again say how awesome I think Kristen Stewart is and how lucky Robert Pattinson is to have her.......Yes, I sure can! :)

@Angelica: LOL. Well holy shit! So, Rob isn't English, he's British? Correct me if I'm wrong but being English means you're from English and being British means you're either from England, Scotland or Wales or any British colony.

angelica1 said...

See Annie? You get it!!! LOL

katy said...

HI everyone,

Loved Kritsen's GQ interview....my favourite so far!!

Freddie, that was really sweet of you to make a special call out. Thank you. :)

Angelica, forever laughing at that nonnie comment. Such stupid thing to say.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Take care.

Fiorels said...

LOL next step will be looking desperately for something proving Rob was not born in England or searching some other English guy possibily linked to Kristen.
How stupid...

Anyway, i love this sentence in the article.
"There's nothing remotely "Hollywood" about Kristen Stewart."
So spot on!

Hello again to everyone!

Annie said...

Angelica: Oh God! I'm laughing at myself here. I meant to write " being English means you're from ENGLAND!"

Annie said...

If any comedian gets hold of that nonnie comment, it'll be a gold rush moment!

Perfect example of how important it is to pay attention in school! :)

Rhonda said...

Fio- Exactly. That's one of the things I adore about her, she remains true to herself no matter what.

Hi Katy & Annie

Annie said...

Hi Fio, Katy and Rhonda.

@Fio: I'm so sorry about your dog.

@Rhonda: I agree. It's one of the many fabulous character traits that's so appealing about Kristen.

Melinda said...

Happy Hump Day all! Thank God the week is almost over.

"I hope they know there are fans who don't just WANT something from them..., not even a "statement" like this, not a pic or anything... that are not expecting anything but just wishing them the best and hoping they are together and happy just cause they are two amazing people and they deserve it..."

That perfectly sums up what many of us think! Thanks Fio!

Angelica- You really truly can't fixed obtuse stupidity! See it's that kind of stuff that makes me laugh.

Did you see the PSA that TNB put out? Suggested that MF was the English boyfriend. What nerds (to quote the real boyfriend).

The whole lot of them are bitter harpies...

Gotta get to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

angelica1 said...

Melinda - Yes I did see that during her meltdown last night. I have passed comment before on my perception of that group's level of education and they insist on proving me right time and time again :)

Fiorels said...

Agree Rhonda.
Mel- good day.

Annie- thank you... <3

lol at verification word "nonstion", reminded me of something else...

midnightmunster said...

Hey rose! I just hopped on the site today hoping you would be twirling your confetti around as
Robsten has FINALLY been confirmed by Kristen HERSELF IN GQ!!
Her statement "my boyfriend is english"
is trending on twitter!
FINALLY nostens can STFU..not that they will because they are so in denial by this point its insane.
But I praay Kristen does do soome promotion, I love the outfits she wears to them :)
Buts its all good, as long as ALL 3 can promote the last one, most importantly!

PL said...

Good morning ladies,


I have not disappeared. Everything in moderation, you know.

I have been enjoying the meltdowns of some of the stupid. It was particularly amusing to see one go from saying:

"She's a lesbian, she meant her Girlfriend is English"

Then "It's all PR since she can't do promo. We knew this was coming."

Then "Isn't Marcus English? I think she meant Marcus."

Logic completely flew out the window as they tried to rationalize in any way possible.

Annie said...

I'm so tempted to say:
"When you're fucked and you know it .............". :)

I just did, didn't I? Have a great day everybody!


Leni said...

Hi everyone!

The GQ Interview was great! I feel like the interviewer really "got" her - if you know what I mean.

@Freddie: Very sweet what you said and I agree with others that friendships online are not less important than the real-life ones :)

Sydney said...

Rhonda: I saw this gem, and I believe it is from none other than the lovely, perfectly sane, CK: Rob is British, not English.

I'm sure Claire and Angelica will have a field day with that one. Even as an American I know the difference between United Kingdom, Great Britain and England. By the by, Rob is BOTH British and ENGLISH (and United Kingdomish).

And Fio: Loved your comment. Indeed, I think that is the common denominator with us here at Roseland. We adore them both, we know they are together and happy, and we do not require any more than that. Granted, the little morsels thrown our way from time to time are delightful, but not necessary.

bcaceres30 said...

@Sydney poor CK and her delusions. Rob will never be hers. he is dating the beautiful Kristen Stewart

Claire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claire said...


Ahhh CK is still as deluded as ever I see.

Robert is indeed both British and English.

The fact that she and her friends are even trying to find discrepency between the two tells you all you need to know about them.

Fucking lunatics o_0

angelica1 said...

Sydney - LMAO!!! I addressed that little nugget earlier. I had no idea it had come from the legendary CK :D

Sydney said...

Well, we really have reached the absolute depths of delusion with this interview. You know how someone you know may exhibit some eccentricities...and you think they're borderline crazy. And then something happens and they go off the deep end and even though you may have expected it, you're still like "whoa, holy shit." That's what I'm experiencing right now.

They are literally trying to quantify the use of the word English. And that the term English is used to descibe an object. British is used to descibe a person. And that since she used English she was most likely talking about her vibrator made in England. No joke.

Also...I read that since Amish people call anyone not Amish, English. That Kristen may be Amish. Yeah.

Claire said...



No words

Sydney said...

And with that example of I don't even know what to call it because crazy doesn't begin to cover it anymore, I am no longer looking. It was kind of funny, but now it's just wtf?

Claire said...

Kristen on British GQ, Taylor on GQ Australia, GQ US........?

Too optimistic?

angelica1 said...

Sydney - Oh.Dear.God. To clarify: If someone asked me if I'm British, I'd say yes because as a citizen of Great Britain, I am. If however, you asked me where I'm from, I'd say England,if you asked me what nationality I am, unless it's on an official form where British is the only option, I'd say English. On those occasions where I might choose to describe myself as British, I still reserve the right to be considered English. The last time I checked I was not an object - an object is in fact, less likely to be described as English as those items that are manufactured here are normally stamed "Made in Britain/GreatBritain/United Kingdom"

Another fact on which Claire can probably back me up,I have known several pregnant ladies who found it amusing to wear t-shirts with "Made in England" emblazoned across their bumps, I have never once seen one printed with "Made in Britain"

I won't venture too deeply into vibrator territory lest I incriminate myself but I think you might struggle to find one "Made in England", China maybe, Taiwan....

Sydney said...

Angelica: I know. There is the brink of insanity, and then there is the abyss (to quote a brat pack movie). To say that is to suggest a Scottish person would respond with 'I'm British'. Which, knowing several Scots, would NEVER happen. They are Scottish.

I can't even believe we are having this conversation. Just goes to show they will do positively ANYTHING to deny it. Just wow.

Claire: I like your reasoning and we can only hope for another GQ cover for Rob.

Claire said...


I love those 'Made in England' t-shirts LOL