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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Six Simple Words

I wasn't going to go there.
I mean...
What is there to really say at this point?
You know me.
 I just can't pass up something THIS good.
I mean... come on!
Something this awesome falls in my lap
I have to comment on it.
I always have some thoughts...



3. So Rob let it be known that he was indeed in
London last week.
We kinda knew that didn't we?
We kinda knew that even though he had to go 
back to LA before he flew out to Paris...
That he was there seeing his girl.
Excuses are coming fast and furious.
Even though just a few scant days ago...
There was all kinds of howling about how Rob
was NEVER in London.
How he NEVER wants to be with Kristen.
How he was seen in L.A. by their 'sources'
during the same time he was in London.

Really? (bible)

4. So people were analyzing the living fuck
(living fuck?)
out of the interview...
Trying to determine what Rob REALLY said.
There are some good conspiracy theories
(there always are)

a. Rob is goofed up on his days/months
He doesn't know what he is talking about.
not last week.

b. Rob said WEEKS
As in
"I was in London last WEEKS"
Because now apparently Robert
cannot speak proper English.
(Not to be confused with being
a proper English boyfriend)

c. Rob was in London
but it was for WORK!
Summit made him say that.
Never mind that he was not photographed once
Never mind that he stayed out of the public eye

d. Rob is a liar.
He's only saying this because he has to.
He gets a lot of money to lie.

Tell me you're joking...
f. Rob was ONLY in London
(if he really was in London)
because he has family and friends there!
Kristen probably wasn't in London at the same time!!

g. WHO CARES where he was??
Rob and Kristen have only seen each other
for like a day since Breaking Dawn ended.
That is not EPIC LURVE!!


Stupidity is FUNNY!!
5. Thing is...
We've learned a lot from these six simple words.
"I was in London last week"

(Ready for more?)

z. I've always said that Rob (and Kristen) have
no problem getting in and out of airports
and seeing each other
without anyone being the wiser.
This last London trip proves that point.
No one saw him come in.
No one saw him leave.
he admits he was there.
So how many other times do you think
that Rob and Kristen have managed to visit the other?
You have no idea.
Keep dreaming that they have only been together
the times you know about.
Rob has made it pretty clear that he will fly anywhere
to see Kristen.
Even if it means having to fly back to LA
and then fly right back out to Paris.
True Love.


x. what makes this even better?
Is you hear Robert say it with his own words.
No dubbing.
No excuses.
No "Weeks"


Can they be any more adorable?
This post is brought to you by 

because no matter what happens...
Laughing and smiling
always beats 
Pissing and moaning.

And its also brought to you by
Are you fucking kidding me with that?

And last but never least.
Tom Sturridge.

I could watch him laugh all damn day.

Because Tom gets it.

Bye for now


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bcaceres30 said...

rose i love your blog. i loved the new interview Rob gave to M6. He said he wants to have children that is so sweet. he gets more dreamy each day.

RandomGirl said...

Just....thank you.
You always say exactly what i have in my mind.
This comment is brought to you by WEEKS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Claire said...

In that gif Tom looks like he's drunk and has taken a couple of steps forward and is going to fall flat on his face. LOL

Where oh where are you getting these emoticons from Rose? I look forward to them every new post. LOL

Leni said...

Thanks Rose!
After a really exhausting day at work this was exactly what I needed! I'm still laughing so hard at these conspiracy theories LOL

Hi everyone!

Kay said...

I'm really loving BD promo so far...can't wait to see what happens next!! :D

Take care everyone out there in Roseland!

curls4derek said...

I don't usually comment but I LOVE your blogs!! They just crack me up! I'm dying to know where you get those smiley's from! They are awesome!!

I feel sad for those people who are SO delusional but it is quite entertaining! ;) Thanks for the fun!

Freddie said...

Another great post, Rose. If I didn’t know better, I would say that you are gloating. Ha ha. Thanks, as always.

I hope Rob is having as much fun as is possible on one of these junkets and that Kristen is well in England. I confess that I’m getting very eager to see them together.

DK – thanks for posting Watch What Happens. It’s so funny, because Sophie Milman just put out a new album and this song is on it. I’ve been listening to it for days. So it was such a coincidence to see you post it last night and nice to hear another version of it.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Stay well and talk to you soon.

Sydney said...

Rose, you're getting a bunch of new commenters. Must be doing something right!

I saw someone on twitter say that nonnie tumblrs were insinuating Rob was stoned or medicated and therefore had no idea what he was talking about.

The lengths they will go to, and the lies they will tell and then believe is astounding. So...Rob is an idiot junky who can't tell time nor speak the language his country originated. Okay. That's somehow preferable. Just...wow.

Anonymous said...

Perfect way to end a perfect post.

'Because Tom gets it.'

And before that, I love the,

'Because now apparently Robert cannot speak proper English.'

Anonymous said...

They always mention don't they that he's only been in London to visit his family. Of all the other times he's been in LA with Kristen, he could have been in London visiting his family then.

Also didn't he say his parents cleared his room out. So his parents isn't his home anymore. They probably did it so he'd move out, and get on with his life xD But still, his room is cleared out. He lives in LA, it'd be too damn weird to go bsck to London only when Kristen's filming. Why not when Kristen's in LA, so he can clearly get away from the girl he hates so much. ____SARCASM.

Rob could probably say he's with Kristen without someone's voiceover. And they'll still come up with excuses. They'll never believe because they don't want to believe. I don't know why they don't move on to someone else already.

Berry said...

Good Afternoon Everyone! Rose I LOVE the spray painting emotion!! Too damn funny! Really liking some of the questions and definately Rob's answers in these interviews! Yep Tom does get it!!! Keep em coming Rose!

dottie said...

Hey everyone!

Hard to believe that even now there are still those who refuse to give up on their deluded ideas. Oh well, it's their loss!

Another great interview and another happy Rose post... it's a good day!

Safe travels to Rob as he heads to his next destination.

PS: For those wondering, I survived the birthday celebration and am not walking like John W today. LOL

Groovie said...

The excuses & insane theories from *that* select group of crazies just keeps getting more absurd! Love all the pix of Rob making "wtf?!" faces, I'm sure his expression would be similar if he read this crazy bullshit!

Gotta love how Rob just lays it out there & shuts down their theories, and then they have to scramble to come up with a new excuse for what he said! Hilarious and incredibly pathetic!

Hope u are all having a fabulous day! I get to go into a team meeting and battle it out with a whiney, complaining, incredibly difficult person. I think she is pretty much what a nonsten is like lol!

Hope said...


LMAO!! You are too damn funny!!
Thank YOU for the laughs today...

PL said...

Am I the only one or does anyone else think Rob looks exhausted? He still looks good, but exhausted.

Mr PL is in a job where even in a social setting, if he is with people from work he feels that he has to be "on" all the time. It is not at all relaxing for him. I imagine meeting the press and doing these events must feel like that for actors.


Have you noticed that the extra facial hair on his chin totally accentuates The Jaw?

Claire said...

dottie - Tell Mr Dottie I am not impressed.

PL said...


Your comment just caused me to snort coffee. Very unladylike.

Claire said...

PL - Three Trans-Atlantic flights in a short period would take some getting over IMO.

I was absolutely destroyed flying to and from Miami, and that was just over the course of a week.

Rosey said...

Oh Rose. I'm PMSL. Sooo funny!!! You put the ninnie nonnies exactly where they should be - in some brainless b-l-o-o-d-y freak show. HA HA HA HA!

Kenzz said...

Rose: Such a funny, laugh-out-loud post today! I can picture your gleeful joy, as I share it :)

Those smiley spray-painting faces are too much... I can't continue reading your post until I watch them finish their writing LOL

Groovie, hope your meeting goes better than you anticipate

Hugs to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and Syd...You ALL tell it like it is! <3

Leni said...

What a shame your not walking like John Wayne ;)
Glad you survived it though LOL

Good Luck with your own personal nonsten!

Rosey said...

Rose. So sorry if I have posted multiple time, but the comment thingy got a little screwed. (Not referring to myself of course DUH!!)

bcaceres30 said...

@claire yeah three transatlantic flights in one week is exhausting. i am studying london and i fly to houston every four months and it just wipes me out.

PL said...


I agree. I think I would have stayed on UK time even when in the states.


Good luck with your whiney bitch.


Maybe we all have it wrong. Mr Dottie might have a little hitch in his giddy-up right now, since it was his birthday afterall.

Soleil Anne said...


R/K are both private persons.
They are informing us in a subtle,
classy, non-HollyWEIRD way that they are together.

How smart are they?
ANSWER: Very Smart

Love your blog.


Soleil Anne said...


R/K are both private persons.
They are informing us in a subtle,
classy, non-HollyWEIRD way that they are together.

How smart are they?
ANSWER: Very Smart

Love your blog.


Berry said...

Dottie you crack me up with the John Wayne walk but I hear ya!!! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Rose the only silver lining was I KNEW you would be all over it. I like the one where Summit is drugging him. I really don't give a shit except that it sort of impacts you but the whole thing makes no sense--not that it ever has. Who really are the nonstens anymore anyway? Is it just the candy chick who makes the porno manips and claims to fuck Nick or does she still have friends? Someone said she was claiming she "knew" agents and attorneys and they told her all kinds of interesting things. Even if you are the most gullible person ever, doesn't it dawn on anyone to ask why the fuck professionals would do that with some chick that is obviously wacko? Seriously, doesn't anyone ask her why that would happen?

Anyway, the rest of it, that he's too stupid to know the difference between a week and a month (well, actors are notoriously un-educated but I'm fairly certain he knows THAT at least) or that he doesn't speak English well and meant "weeks" ago (despite the fact that he is fairly precise in what he says every other time he opens his mouth. Why would he start using incorrect grammar at that particular moment?) My favorite is always that its PR. Trust that if it was, if Summit really controlled every little thing the cast did, the world would be a vastly different place for the cast. Summit isn't some evil empire--its a business and the cast does their jobs. Their jobs do NOT involve lying on cue and anyone who knows Robert at all, or even if you don't know him but are a fan, can you honestly see them trusting HIM to lie so specifically? Have you seen him give speeches? Have you seen how fucking nervous they are when he is handed a microphone. Should we review the whole "I cut off your head and now your pregnant" or the Re incident about fucking his mother--hahaha--is this a man you would ask to lie and pretend ANYTHING without the ability to edit first?

Ok I say I don't care but then I do because its insulting and because they continue to exist and annoy you Rose. Its just all so fucking stupid. I ask you this but really why the fuck do they care? Go lead your own life or something but they spend hours and days and weeks (and I mean multiple weeks hence the "s" at the end) of their lives arguing the most inane things about something that should not matter to them at all. Just so bizarre, I'll never get it.

I hope everyone here is good. I'm totally out of the loop. Happy Halloween everyone and be sure to do something fun that day!

Kenzz said...

Smitty: I was just thinking about you, and "poof"... you pop in! Sorry that this garbage gets to you... I can't imagine how frustrating it is to you and Rose (& the rest)... sorry :(

Hope everything else is fine & dandy with you

Sydney said...

Smitty, good of you to stop in. Hope you're doing well. Happy Halloween to you, as well.

Is anyone dressing up? As what?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenzz-sorry I didn't mean to write a book. It didn't look so long when I typed it. It really doesn't get to me--although writing all that would make it seem otherwise but really, it just perplexes me. I so badly want to ask WHY they care? Why does it matter so much to them?

Things are good--not quite dandy-ha. How are you? Anything new here. DK was moving right? Hope that went well.

Did the other Robert have his surgery? How is he?

Hope you are well.

katy said...

Hi Rose,

'Laughing and smiling
always beats
Pissing and moaning.'....Very true. Much better to be happy.

Loved Rob's new interview to M6. My heart is melting to his, 'Definitely, I wanna have kids' answer when asked if he wants to have kids.

Wishing Rob safe travels to Brussels!

Fiorels said...

Hahahaha thanks for the good laugh everytime Rose :)

Hello Roseland...
just back home after a week away to a friend of mine...
how are you all doing here?
what's new?

Smitty- you said it best!
I was wondering about Robert and his surgery as well..
can anyone fill me in?

Leni said...

@Smitty & Fio:
His surgery is on Nov. 1st :)

bcaceres30 said...

@sydney smitty i find it insulting that some so called fans would say that Rob was under the influence of drugs when he said that he was in London or that he has bad grammar.

Fiorels said...

Leni- thanks for telling :)
how are you?

i have to say i'm glad i stayed away from any kind of drama they were able to creat during the first two days of promo...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Robert's surgery--I hope it goes well.

katy said...

Ohh, I didn' see you there Smitty. I am glad you stoped by and that things are good.

Leni said...

No problem :) I'm good, thanks.
How are you? Did you have fun with your friend?

Fiorels said...

Leni- totally. One of them lives kinda far away... I see her just a coule of times a year.. always hard to say goodbye...

Leni said...

No problem - hope it goes well too :)

angelica1 said...

Smitty - I know you're pissed off but your rant stopped my epic one dead and gave me my first laugh of the day, so Thank You!! You are, of course, absolutely right. If anyone cares to write a book of their increasingly bizarre and totally fucking ludicrous excuses, they'll be richer than Bill Gates in a month.Personally I'd love to do humanity a
great service and beat the shit out of them and their one shared brain cell,with a giant cricket bat

Kenzz said...

Smitty, no worries! I'm guilty of the occasional "overwriting" myself..

DK moved to her new place... sounds like she's already the "belle of the ball" there... and she's officially gaining a daughter-in-law to-be very soon

Our resident professor Robert had his surgery postponed, but I believe he's now scheduled for next Monday...

Everything here in Boston is great, thanks for asking. Kids are back "to" school or "in" school (Thank God), hubs got a promotion recently (Yay), and I'm busy doing whatever it is that keeps me running around all day! Hope you are on the mend (a little birdie told me you were in need of some TLC?)

And I agree with you re: the insanity of the nonnie's rationalizations... "week" vs "weeks"... PR... Do you think it will ever stop? I've got to believe that when this whole Twilight thing winds down next year, peace will be restored for all... Don't be such a stranger, we love to hear from you... (hugs)

Leni said...

I know what you mean - I have a friend since kindergarten which I see once a year. Glad you had fun :)

Fiorels said...

Kenzz- as long as i would be more than happy... I'm starting to doubt it will stop... not straight away at least...
it's like a mental illness or disease...

Leni- sorry for asking... where are you from?

Hi Angelica :) well said!

Anonymous said...

Bcaceras--Everything those people say is insulting. The good thing is its almost entirely nothing but lies. I get the idea of like a 12 year old crushing so hard and getting the Edward character confused and all that but from what I am told, she's an adult? What does that say about her? Seriously, she is perverted for creating the weird manips all the time but to make up lies about people's personal relationships....well, karma's a bitch and I'm guessing she'll learn that soon enough.

Angelica--hahaha--I'll join the line for just one punch. It would feel soooo good wouldn't it?

Kenzz--you sound good--congrats about the husband's job. That's awesome-especially with how bad the job and economy is and all that. He must be doing a great job!

Hi Katy!

Leni said...

I'll gladly help you beat the shit out of them ;)


Fiorels said...

Smitty- talking about 12 years old kids...
I happened to jump, few days ago, in a video where there was this 11-ish year girl who was explaining that she hated Kristen cause she stole her husband Robert Pattinson. *facepalm*
I didn’t know if to be relieved cause she was little and so naive and still in time for her brain to develop or frustrated cause if they start so young, what will it be later on...?

Fiorels said...

Leni- kinda neighbour lol

dottie said...

I keep telling myself that there's just a few of these deluded nuts still hanging on to their crazy theories. It is hard to imagine there are very many of them left.

Hello to all.

Kenzz I had been wondering where you were. Good to see you back. Super too.

Smitty, never feel bad for a long post. Especially when they are so true and good! I think we've all written our own versions of War and Peace here. :)

Leni said...

You're from Italy, right?
The sad thing is that what this girl said is exactly the same what a lot of grown-up women are thinking!

Leni said...

I think that there are few left, but they scream the loudest..

Sydney said...

Angelica: they have this view that they're much tougher than anyone. They always talk about punching "the sheep" at Rob's premieres. I would throw down.

Smitty: there's, oh I don't know, maybe 50 of them? Probably less what the repeat twitter accounts they all have. But they are super deranged. Did you know that Kristen may have adopted an identical dog as Rob out of the same litter, without his knowledge, so that the sheep would believe they adopted one together. Or Summit may have arranged it. But it is a PR littermate. I mean, how do you reason with people that would believe something like that?

Claire said...

Fio!!!!! Where have you been?

Smitty - ''Have you noticed how nervous they are when he is handed a microphone'' I can just imagine them having palpitations. PMSL

Leni said...

@Sydney & Smitty:
And she also bought a collar with a "Bear" name tag for "Fake-Bear" LOL

Fiorels said...

Leni- My thought exactly!
When i see all those grown-ups women standing in lines at the redcarpets waiting for rob i cant help thinking many of them might be "those" ones... and Rob may know it as well yet he still has to smile and keep signing...
just like the time i had a hater next to me at the eclipse premiere... whose feet i "accidentally" stamped on a couple of times... or more... ehm...

yes, i'm from italy :)

Hi dottie!!!!

angelica1 said...

Sydney - I'm happy to go out on a limb with you and say, if I ran into any of them, they wouldn't be getting up in a hurry and I wouldn't even feel guilty. Maybe I'll head to LA and wait, it might be good stress relief and such a worthy cause :D

Claire said...

Ooh I hear thunder outside -__-

Leni said...

I love that you stomped on her feet!
Yes, Rob is always so nice to everyone although he probably knows what's going on..

Fiorels said...

Claire!!! *waves*
i have been at a friend's house for a few days... her sister was turning 18 and she gave a big party :)
how are you??

dottie said...

Sydney, Only 50 makes me feel much better. They are just so loud and I guess we (the sane majority) probably give them more attention than they deserve. It's just so hard to ignore a train wreck!

PL, Claire, Leni, and Berry - I appreciate your concern for my ability to walk today. I won't tell Mr D that Claire isn't impressed for fear he may try to impress her and then I would truly be in trouble! haha You girls are too much!

Claire said...

Fio - I'm as sound as a pound. 18th birthday party eh? I hope you all had a great time. I can't remember much of my 18th LOL

Leni said...

Me neither ;)

Claire said...

dottie - PMSL

Claire said...

Leni - :D

dottie said...

Hi sweet Fio! How are you? How are the new pup and White getting along?

Hmm 18th bday.... I think I may have been tossed out of a bar for being underage or something silly like that. :O

angelica1 said...

Claire - We have thunder too!! I think it's hilarious that while they're panicking about what Rob's going to come out with, we're all willing cheering him on :)

Fio - I hope you were wearing heels!!

Claire said...

Although I do seem to recall one of my male friends being handcuffed naked to a lamp post (it was his 18th too, double celebration).

Fiorels said...

Claire- glad to hear that :)
haha it was a kinda monumental (?) party... lol

dottie said...

Claire, I've always said it's not a party until someone is handcuffed naked to a lamp post. Glad to see that holds true in the UK as well! LOL

Fiorels said...

Claire- lmao! haha how did he get free at the end? lol

Angelica- i was... for 5 minutes :D hahaha

angelica1 said...

Claire - He had to carry me home over his shoulder on my 18th. I was semi-comatose for 2 days and my Mum blamed him, poor guy :)

Claire said...

angelica - Seriously, they should just let the bloke ad lib. I'm always sitting there with popcorn at the ready waiting for his word vomit.

Like the thing with Reese at the Movie Awards, some people were shocked, while I literally had cramps in my stomach from laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Alright guys I'm going to check out for the night. Sweet dreams everyone-

Claire said...

dottie - It's a must LOL

Fio - The police found him PMSL

angelica - So that's how he won you over eh? LOL

Claire said...

Goodnight Smitty

dottie said...

Sweet dreams Smitty! Glad you could come play w/us for a bit. :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I GET IT too, ROSE and I love it!

Poor poor little Nonstens...sniff...sniff...:)

Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Fiorels said...

Claire- lmao! haha someone should have made a video lol
And I agree haha I'm always already laughing thinking what might come out of his mouth haha

Sleep tight, Smitty.

Sydney said...

Claire: you need to write a book.

I'm sitting here thinking of drunk stories...and I have them, and they're funny. But not handcuffed naked to a lamp post funny.

Leni said...

That's funny - on my 18th two of my friends also got arrested PMSL

angelica1 said...

Night Smitty :)

dottie said...

Claire, We US kids have to be creative since we can't legally drink until 21. You UKers have it too easy! LOL

Fio, The thing about Rob is, he can get away w/pretty much saying anything because he is so charming about it.;)

Hey Super! How's tricks? You've been away too much lately.

Fiorels said...

dottie- as if the 21 years thing would stop you! lol

Super! hi!

Saphire1231 said...

Hello Roseland!

Oh Rose... You had so much fun rubbing the salt into those nonnie's wounds didn't you? LOL.

And I was right there with you, relishing the sting of truth as it hits them lol.

I am so often tempted to make comments on Twitter like "Wwould you care for some cheese with your *Whine*", whenever I come across those advocates of PR, or any other R/K put-down posts. However, I usually resist, as I am of the opinion that ignoring the stupid ones on twitter gets to them far more than challenging them.

Love the post Rose...

Loving the French interview I have been seeing this morning. (well it's morning here in NZ lol).

Rob makes it clear that he wants kids.. lots of them, LOL.
He also makes it clear that two homes, one in LA and one in London are his aim.

Ooooh I am loving all this R/K goodness and I am so happy for their happiness... it is a joy to watch it unfold.

Love Chrissie

dottie said...

Fio, Didn't I say we have to be creative??? ;)

Well friends, it's been fun but I need to go be productive now. Talk to you later.

Fiorels said...

LOL dottie. haha
have a good day! :)

Leni said...

Hi Super:)

Bye dottie!

Rose said...

I'm sorry I missed you, Smitts...
Well... I just miss you period.
I know you're pretty busy right now, but I hope we can chat soon.

Claire said...

Sydney - Everyone knew he'd end up flaking out (he's a lightweight when it comes to alcohol), so it was planned that when he did he'd pay the consequences. We had a sort of rule that if any of the guys fell asleep they'd pay the penalty. 'If you snoozed you loosed', that could be anything from eyebrows to pubic hair (I know, I know LOL). He just happened to lose all his clothing in the freezing cold weather whilst being cuffed to a lamp post. There are some hilarious pics floating about, you should see his face when he comes around. PMSL

Leni said...

PMSL I wish we would have been that creative - we were just stupid LOL

Sydney said...

HAHA Claire. My group of guy friends is the same. You would wake up missing eyebrows, or with a penis drawn on your face...or maybe you'd wake up mid-teabagging (if you know what I mean). Just don't pass out before the guys.

angelica1 said...

Claire, Sydney - The thing is, our guys have never grown out of it. We had a shaved eyebrow and a gravel rashed backside about 3 weeks ago!

Claire said...

Sydney - ''mid teabagging'' OMFG!! PMSL.

Sydney said...

Angelica: we haven't grown out of it either. It's just fewer and far between now that we're getting older and sometimes being more responsible.

They've taken to technology now. Make sure your phone is password protected, or they will text random people in the middle of the night. It's funny as hell when it isn't your phone.

Fiorels said...

Claire. Sydney- LMAOOOO! hahaha gosh how creative! haha bahahahaha
the worst thing here is to put toothpast on hair

Leni said...

The last time my bf went out with his guy-friends he called me and tried to play pranks on me - without supressing his Caller-ID *facepalm*

Claire said...

angelica - The same here, we're all in our mid twenties and still act as though we're kids. I'm really lucky that there has been a group of us, both male and female, who have been friends since we were about 13. OMG I fucking love them all so much LOL.

angelica1 said...

Leni - LOL! They do horrible things to each other. Mine advertised his friend's Ducati on ebay once because, of course that's hilarious!

Leni said...


Claire said...

Rob,Kristen and Taylor are going to be on Ellen!!!!

Leni said...

Just saw that too.. all three of them together, right?

Fiorels said...

WOW! I thought that would never happen!

Claire said...


Imagine if we got something like this again. LOL

Leni said...

I love that video so much.. I remember watching it over and over again like a crazy person PMSL

Claire said...

Leni - I can remember the first time I watched it, I was like WTF? LOL

Sydney said...

Claire: Did it say the rest of the cast as well? Good thing Ellen is an hour. I'd prefer just Rob, Kristen and Taylor, but whatever. Glad they're on Ellen at all.

Leni said...

I really love that about Rob - you never know with what he comes up next LOL

Claire said...

Sydney - Yes I think the rest of the cast are going to appear too.

Leni - He's certainly one of a kind.

Leni said...

Maybe it will be something like the Jimmy Kimmel Show last year - Rob, Kristen, Taylor first and then the others join them?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Sorry Guys...Hello again...I had to take care of my last client at the business...just now finished and waiting on a call from a girlfriend to go out to dinner..hubs is out of town....the mice will play!

I have been lurking but not posting so much the last few days...because I have been trying to accomplish TWO things....and I still have NOT finished EITHER....one is a book...the other is Season 3 of True Blood...11 episodes and I have only managed to watch 4...am going to attempt 5 and 6 tonight:)

I am just seeing I have missed Smitty coming by...Sleep well :)

Hi ROSE, SMITTY, LENI, DOTTIE, CLAIRE, ANGELICA and my dear FIO...so good to see you all here this "afternoon" here.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SYDNEY..I didnt mean to leave you out(hug):)

Leni said...

Hi Super :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi LENI...We have so much to look forward to the next few weeks!!! I have taken the whole week OFF from the hospital so that nothing can mess me up (fingers double crossed) to go to the midnight viewing of BD1!

Leni said...

That's great! I fortunately don't have too much work for the next weeks so I can keep up with promo but here the movie comes out on Nov. 24th - still so long to wait :(

Sydney said...

Hi Super!

Well ladies, yesterday in Denver it was 80*. Tomorrow we have a winter storm warning and 6" of snow coming. Gotta head to the grocery store.

Robert said...

thanks to everyone who asked; i promise to keep yall up to date

it is so cool that yall are talking about old friends and pranks

i am about to step out to have dinner with 4 guys i have known since we were 10 [nevermind how old i am, let's just say, not 10] these are the same guys who used to be in a band with me and when i told them i had parkinsons, it got real quiet and one of them says.."no problem, we'll just change the name of the band to shakyhead and the boys"

long ago when my ex wife was going through a phase where she felt like she was being too much of a pushover. one of them called the house, she answered and he pretended to be a telemarketer who wanted to GIVE her 5 tickets to 6 flags over texas. she was so sure there was a catch that he kept her on the phone for two hours saying mam i swear there is no catch these tickets are free, now do you want them or not

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SMITTY...Going back to your "WHY" question...They have to have the most miserable life imaginable to spend that much time with their mind " in the trash can"...Kristen has so much love and support in her life...and the love of one very special young man...things that they have probably never had in their life nor will they ever... Next to maybe substance abuse or child molestation ...revolving ones life around such hate and ill will...they have to be missing alot of good in their life...so sad.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LENI...That sounds good...BD is a great "present" for all of us hard workers...

SYDNEY...Haha..There you go...mother nature rules! Stay warm over there in Denver....here it will be in the 70's:)

ROBERT...Haha...funny prank for the Ex..I was at 6 Flags over TX once when I was 15...ahem...longer ago than I care to admit..Do they still have it there I wonder...:)

Leni said...

Hi Robert :)
How are you doing?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LENI...Where do you live? I am sorry you have to wait til the 24th

I am on my way out the door now to dinner....catch you guys later:)

Leni said...


I'm off to bed now..have fun at dinner :)

Fiorels said...

Robert- glad you stopped by!

I'm off to sleep.
see you tomorrow everyone!

Claire said...

Robert - LOL @ your friend <3

DreamerKind said...

Oh, dang! I haven't been able to join in with all of the fun, and missed Smitty, too, since I'm deep into engagement party planning today, on telephone calls. Yikes, but it's so joyful!

You are all so funny, great stories, what a night!

Shouting out to you all. Back soon.

DreamerKind said...

I want to call you but have to leave right now. Catch you soon.

Rhonda said...

Excellent post, Rose. I'm laughing right along with you :)

Smitty- I enjoyed reading your comments, you are exactly right. This nonsten stuff is beyond stupid--it's pathetic, really, and I don't understand it either. It's hard for me to comprehend people taking hours and hours away from their own lives, just to try and disprove someone else's. I don't get it??

Anyway, it's great to see you stop by. I'm glad you're doing good, and I wish you a Happy Halloween, as well...Take care :)

Angelica- If you don't mind, I'll join you too, and throw a few punches of my own ;)

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a nice day. Lots of love...

Claire said...

Rhonda, angelica, Smitty, and Leni - Do you mind if I tag along? angelica can bring her cricket bat and I'll bring a baseball bat, we can kneecap them. LOL

*I*Believe* said...

Dagnabit! I missed Smitty, as usual :(

Hi Claire and Rhonda!

The nonnies can just suck it with that candy psycho!

*I*Believe* said...

lol...that is supposed to be a sad face but the computer split it up

Rhonda said...

Claire- Sounds like a plan ;) LOL

Hi IB- How are you?

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

Looks like the joint was jumping today. I missed Smitty also.

Smitty - I hope all is well with you and yours.

I've been catching up on Rob's recent interviews. Maybe I haven't heard him speak in a while but does he sound a little more English at the moment? I remember Rose saying that he doesn't sound quite as British as he used to, but at the moment he sounds great to me.

DK - I left you a message above re: a song you posted last night. Thanks for it.

IB, Rhonda - hope you are both well.

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie- He sounds great to me too. I hope you are good. Is work still busy?

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda - yes, it's still wacky, but I guess it pays the rent. How about you?

Hi Claire - I didn't mean to miss you on my earlier comment. I hope you are well.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm doing very well, thanks. I hope things will slow down for you soon :)

How is Tomas?

olivia said...

Hoping y'all have a lovely evening.

Smitty, always wishing you the very best.
Hugs for y'all,
for Smitty, Gruff and Syd, too.

Freddie said...

Rhonda - apparently his kidney disease is fairly stable, but he's lost some weight which has the vet a bit worried. She's not sure if the weight loss is a symptom of something more serious or just a function of him not eating his "healthy" food. Time will tell. In any case, he's a real love. Thanks for asking.

Kenzz said...

Freddie: Paying the rent's not all bad, right?!!

Glad to see so many of you Northeast gals on here tonite.. Freddie, Rhonda, IB...

Hi Super, DK, Claire & angelica (you two are meant to be your own duo!), dottie, Fio, Leni ("Welcome!"), Sydney, and lots of those I've missed... You girls were hysterical with your "drunken 18th" bday stories :)

Chrissie, I'd like to pick your brain about your wonderful country, as my daughter will be visiting there this summer...

Rose & Smitty, so nice to see you pop in tonite :)

Freddie said...

Hi Olivia - I hope you are well.

Are you cheering for the Rangers?

Freddie said...

Hi Kenzz - how was your day? Oh, and congratulations on your husband's promotion. That's great news.

Annie said...

Good evening all! :)

Rose said six simple words but I believe it's ten simple words.....
"My boyfriend is English and "I was in England last week."

At this point the nonstens delusions and desperation are glaringly apparent.
They are the laughing stocks of not only Twitter but the internet as a whole. They've lost all sense, common or otherwise.

I missed Smitty earlier (Hello, Hello) but I agree with every word she wrote.

Freddie said...

Hi Annie - I like your 10 words. LOL. How are things?

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hope you are all having a good week so far:)

Annie said...

Hi Freddie: :)
Not bad here....Loving the cooler weather.

How about you? I'm now reading what you wrote about Tomas.....Glad he's doing ok.

Annie said...

Hi Super. :)
So far, so good!

*IB*: You still here?

Freddie said...

Hi Super - glad to see you here, as opposed to lurking. I hope you had a good dinner out.

Annie - thanks. I'm liking the cooler weather as well. It's been a bit rainy here over the past week, but for the most part we've had a great fall.

Kenzz said...

HI Freddie: Glad to hear about Tomas... stable is OK? :)

HI Annie, Olivia, & Super... Hope all is well outside of Roseland!

I really feel bad for Smitty, and wish she wouldn't take to heart the crazies out there... She's got such a sensitive soul, and you can see how these idiots get to her after awhile (I guess that's why we're here to prop her back up!! <3) As she said, karma will come back to bite them in the ass sooner or later (hope I'm around to see it!)

Annie said...

Hi Kenzz:
I don't think Smitty is taking it to heart.......I think like the rest of us she is hard pressed to understand the outright lunacy behind what is said by the crazies.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE...Dinner fell through...lol..my friend got "stuck" in a meeting at her church...she "volunteered" to be the accountant this year...I might go with her to a dinner meeting tomorrow night with some of her friends:) It was leftovers for me..woohoo:)

PL said...

Hi everyone,

I've been kind of laying low lately, family and things getting in the way. I see Smitty stopped by and I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents which is worth about that much.

I firmly believe these few remaining nonstens are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They know their twitters are stalked and they love it, otherwise they would go private. I really don't think, with the exception of crazy CK, that they even believe the things they say. They have found a chance to have someone notice them and they won't let it go.


So glad you Tomas is stable. Our pets are our children.


Again another funny comment from you. I do so enjoy reading your words.

DK, Exciting times ahead for you with a wedding coming.

Anna said...

Yes indeed! Love today's post too!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, thank you for such lovely words. I was thinking the same things. Honestly, some of the things people come up with are utterly ridiculous, and they must not think much of Rob to even think them, much less say them.

Take care Roselanders. I have enjoyed this Paris trip, but I miss Rob and Kris and will be so happy to see them together again.

Anna said...

Yes Indeed! Stooping to calling him a liar is sick!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LENI...I know you are off for the evening but I didnt know you were in Austria...wow..thanks for joining us!

Freddie said...

Kenzz - I hope Smitty knows that there is more good than bad. I truly believe that. The lunatics are just very loud and annoying. But as Rose pointed out yesterday, their ship sank a long time ago. They are really irrelevant. But if there are times when it gets her down, we're always here for some perspective or a good laugh. I mean who wouldn't laugh at our resident comics like Angelica, Claire, Leni et al.

Super - sorry about your dinner. That's a bummer. But it means you can drop in here with us.

PL - thanks. Yes, they're definitely family. Has STFU been chasing any weird critters recently?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi PL...I know how RL gets so busy.... Its good to see you!

Freddie said...

PL - I hope that RL settles down for you.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Guys...I bought a new mattress last week and it is so comfy...it is calling me to give it up for the day and go to sleep.

Its been great seeing everybody on the blog tonight.

Take care.

DK....Congrats on the sons engagement. I am so excited....cant wait to hear all about it:)

Freddie said...

Night Super.

Annie said...

Goodnight Super.

Annie said...

Goodnight all....I'm out too.

wania said...

Amazing post Rose! A sweet pleasure read this post.

OK...These six simple words... "I was in London last week"... huumm... feeling a delicious sensation... "washed soul" Há!

Surprise? Nop!.... Of course not! Daaaa...
"...We kinda knew that he was there seeing his girl... "
It's obvious!! Kristen already said...
But idiots no see the true ... calling Rob goofed, liar, stupid and "sold"?
Really? Rob deserve more than this... Specially respect!
But don't matter... idiots always exist ...
But when Rob said he was indeed in London last week...
Laugh a lot...
Like Tom in this pic... laugh tasty ...

Yeh, Rose ...Stupidity is FUNNY!! ....

I'm ready for more... much more...

Cheers for true love!

DK, lovely friend... I know you are ready for more... always ready!

Hugs Roselanders!

Rubina said...

rose, thanks for always making me smile! love it all as always!

Birdie said...

"I was in London last WEEKS"
Because now apparently Robert
cannot speak proper English.
(Not to be confused with being
a proper English boyfriend)"

Loved the post,Rose and no you couldn't pass this up. Do you think these women realize how absolutely ridiculous they sound?

Enjoyed all the comments today and always wonderful to see Smitty and Rose stop by.

I thought he was proposing on Halloween or did I imagine that? Congratulations on the soon-to-be-new DIL!

Off to bed. Have a great day tomorrow,Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for pointing out the comment you made about Watch What Happens, and that Sophie has a new album with it on there. (Got to check it out.) There are lots of versions of that song, but I liked the duet from 1966, for grins.

You got it right, that my son is proposing this Saturday at their Halloween party, where we'll all be in costume.

Then, soon we'll have an engagment dinner with the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. As for the actual wedding, they will set a date I believe, for Summer 2012 or early Fall.

Hope I'm not driving you all crazy with my overflowingness!

DreamerKind said...

I have moved, as Kenzz said, and am happy I did. Thanks for asking.
My happiest news, is the upcoming marriage proposal by my son, to his lady of almost 12 years. I'm beside myself with joy.
Most folks do get Rob's edgy, outrageous humor, and those who don't, never will.

Say hello to Gruff and Syd!

wania said...

Rose ... I forgot to say ... I love the animations of the little yellow ball ... very smart and cute! Indispensable!

DK, congratulations! And keep sharing the news with us! Love it!

DreamerKind said...

See More, Crawl Out

In Front Of Me

Infected Mushroom:

Why can't I see
What's in front of me
I see the doors that I can't open
Adding locks from time to time

When it opens something blocks me
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Did I take the step I wanted
Was it just a state of mind

I feel sorry for myself
Every time I close my eyes
And I fall into a hole
And I can take no more

Why can't I see
What's in front of me
What's behind the door I wonder
Must be brighter than my past

Will I feel a little different
When I take myself across
Was it really worth the turning

Was it just a foolish task
I feel sorry for myself
When I open up my eyes
And I fall into a hole
And I can take no more

Thank you/Lenningx

Karen said...

This may be somewhat of a stretch to answer the Nonstens but do any of them stop to think that Rob now has a dog, Bear, to take care of? Sounds like he is doing quite a bit of traveling to see his lucky lady and stay a responsible pet owner and not pawn his dog off to some kennel or family/friend. GAH...those folks need to take a break

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roselanders! Its the late night crew here! One of the Nonnie responses I heard was "great, Rob was in London and Kristen wasn't, ha!ha!". Suggesting that even if K wasn't in London proper, they wouldn't get together...huh? Earth to Nonnies!

Whatev....I can't wait for all the BD promo goodies, Ellen, Jimmy, etc!!

DreamerKind said...

Lying Tells The Truth About You

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Thank you/frank11262

DreamerKind said...

Post by heathers-Robsten Angels

Song For The Road

David Ford:

Well the day casts down
Lengthy shadows on unfamiliar towns
I drove 300 miles
From the place I call home
And I tip my hat
To the angel of the North

And the sun has set fire
To the heavens
On the hills over Sheffield tonight
And I'll sail over this countryside
With new friends and old
And we are nowhere
But man, we're alright

So you can keep your belief
In whatever
I'll wear my cynicism like a tattoo
And while poets try to engineer
Definitions of love
You know all I can think of is you

And I can't wait
To see you on Sunday
Far from the traffic
And the smoke and the noise

For this evening I will
Play back every message
That you sent
So I can sleep
To the sound of your voice

No I don't like to use
Words like forever
But I will love you
Till the end of today

And in the morning when I remember
Everything that you are
I know I'll fall for you
Over again

I know someday
This all will be over
And it's hard to say
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Just give me one way
To spend my last moments alive
And I choose this, I choose this
I choose this

I choose this, I choose this
Yeah I choose

Thank you/MrPzhamz

DreamerKind said...

Yes, exciting times all around us and for me, too. You've been too long gone and missed that long.

Ready, set, go, like you said I always am, and you should know, for you go, go, go!

Claire said...

HQ Pics of Rob and Ashley at Brussels Press Conference


They must have been up at the crack of dawn

There's also a fan event tonight

*I*Believe* said...


Hi to the "old timers" Rhonda, Freddie, Olivia, PL, Super, Annie, DK, Barbra F., Kenzz and any of you lovelies (borrowing from DK) that I missed.

Hi to everyone else too!

Our cheer gym now has wi-fi!!!
Woo hoo!! I was checking in from there last night.

Speaking of cheer, where has 30 been?

Weather is crappy...cold, damp and wet.

Kenzz~How about that house on the Cape for the NE Chapter meeting?

Cannot wait for more BD promos and info!

Rose, Smitty, Gruff and Syd...be well and happy!

Roger, Willco, over and out for now!

Leni said...

Thanks for the welcome!

@Super & everyone else:
Thanks for letting me join! All of you were so nice to me right from the beginning so THANK YOU :')

Of course you can help us beat them up LOL
Thanks for the Press Conference Link, can't look at it now because my lunch break is almost over but I'm all ready for the fan event tonight :)

This is apparently Rob's reaction to the "Bear, Kristen & English Boyfriend" Poster LOL


Have a good day everyone!

DreamerKind said...

Mae Gives It A Twirly Whirl

I'm In The Mood For Love

Mae West:

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Most romantic mood
And your attitude is right, dear

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All my reason takes flight

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I'm in the mood for love

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We've put our hearts together
Now we are one, I'm not afraid

If there's a cloud above
If it should rain, we'll let it
But, for tonight, forget it
I'm in the mood for love

Thank you/engreena

DreamerKind said...

@*IB*, Leni, & Claire

Good morning!
Great links and pics, thanks.

Been partying with Mae and need to lay it down, nice and easy.

Cheers Team!

angelica1 said...

Claire - He look so tired, poor guy. I just want to give him my spare bed for about a week

Claire said...

And the word vomit has started ladies LOL

He's in full troll mode OMG!!!

Leni said...

French Fries LOL

Leni said...

This is just too much:



Claire said...

Leni - I will never look at cream cheese the same way ever again Thanks Rob.

Leni said...

I was thinking the same..this picture is now burned in my mind LOL

Claire said...

In amongst all the lulz worthy stuff he said, he came out with this gem

''Girls often say Edward is so perfect, he's not. I don't like people who try to exert control in a relationship where there is an imbalance.''

Couldn't agree more.

Leni said...

I never understood these types of relationships were one partner is in control and the other is kind of the weak one..

Mint said...

I saw the interview, Rose.
So 100% he said it loud and clear.
"I was in London last week" with the "k" at the end and with no voice over at the time. ^_^

angelica1 said...

Claire, Leni - He gives us a classic quote every time! But no, I'm never eating cream cheese again.LOL

Claire said...

angelica - He's an interviewers dream. Just let him go and you will have tremendous results. LOL

Claire said...

Leni - I agree. If there is a dominant, overpowering presence in a relationship it equals bad news. Maybe not in the short term but definitely in the long term.

Claire said...


Live steams for the Brussels fan event

Claire said...

That should read *streams* not *steams* LOL

Leni said...

Thanks for the links!

Claire said...

That whole event was fucking great.

Rob signing inflatable boobs 0_o LOL

The amount of fanboys that attended was a surprising.

Rob's answer to the question about who would he save out of his family or his true love.

''Your true love becomes part of your family''


Him giving that fan three kisses on her cheek for her birthday was adorable.

And just how attentive he was with the fans in general while signing and taking pictures.

Never change Rob.

Leni said...

I think he signed about everything and took lots of the pictures himself while smiling and being polite the whole time.

His answers were so funny and cute like that the love of your life becomes part of your family :''')

The live stream was amazing!

Leni said...

The fanboys surprised me too.. sooo many LOL

Claire said...

I paraphrased before

It was actually ''What if the love of your life was one of your family''

Sydney said...

Claire: the highlights you've chosen are my faves as well.

Really smooth, well planned event.

I am so impressed with Rob and Ashley and the grace with which they handle the crowds and the signing and the screaming. Can you imagine that? I line of people a football field long, and about ten deep all taking pictures of you and screaming your name. They were both so sweet.

I just wished someone would have asked Rob about his future projects and/or goals. That's what I'm dying to know. Why do people squander their questions?

Claire said...

Sydney - I really want to know what he's doing next. Like REALLY want to know. LOL

Leni said...

@Sydney & Claire:
Me too

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